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After the Dwarves listed off their planned contributions to the war, a silence briefly overtook the room. One of the wizards pulled out a watch lazily before whispering to Antonidas. The old Magus groaned and shifted himself in his seat as the room very slowly started to fill with more and more smoke from the Dalarani delegation's pipeweed.

Antonidas began to rummage in his robes, one of the Council of Six in the meantime popping off to offer the Dwarven emissary some smoking too having heard on one of his many great lunchbreaks that the short folk were quite fond of smoking too. "'ere, its lovely stuff. Grimm's finest, if the merchant's to be believed." The fellow intoned, walking across the room not particularly caring for any decorum at the moment. As the errant Councillor returned to his seat, Antonidas at least procured what he was going to show to the rest of the envoys.

"Well, we too of course shall give what we can to beat back the scourge. Manpower's a bit lacking what with our other pressing concerns, but we shan't forget our commitment to the alliance." After the sentence, the old man glared briefly but meaningfully at the seat where Gilneans would take their seat when they arrived. "We have something far more valuable than a few swords to offer. Something that has been severely lacking in the war effort thus far. Intelligence!" he said, at last presenting a great big crystal ball, and setting the thing down on the table. As the wizards behind him began and failed to suppress guffaws at the perceived insult to the rest of the assembled representatives the Archmagus swiftly corrected himself. "Military intelligence. You see with such a contraption depending on particular example can see the movements and actions of the enemy as far as hundreds of kilometres away. It can find movements of the scourge's forces far faster and more accurately than any scout or watchtower. Nooks and crannies along roads can be preemptively checked for lurking gargoyles and banshees to prevent ambush. Strength of enemy forces in strongholds can be determined, so on and so forth. These aren't exactly easy to make but we'll be sending specialists bearing these beauties to the assembled armies to ensure we can provide a magical eye wheresoever it might be needed.

To demonstrate Antonidas pushed the ball to roll in the middle of the table, the magical sphere correcting its own path as it moved and stopping the moment it was in the centre. He reached out with his staff and struck it on the ball a few times. Eventually an image was produced. Where exactly this was it was hard to tell, but it showed perhaps thousands of ghouls, zombies, and necromancers tending to their fleshy army. With a few circles in the air over the ball, the image moved faster than the eye could keep track of to a location quite far away from the blighted assembly. There stood a skeleton archer, hiding amidst bushes on a road. Now a wave, and it moved again to a picket fence with alliance soldiers shouldering rifles aimed at approaching undead. Antonidas was about to speak, but now Modera whispered into his ear. He sighed, and moved aside slightly to allow the woman to wave her own stave over the ball. In the image, balls of ice fell from the suddenly turbulent clouds to hundreds of undead. Clearing his throat, Antonidas again took the spotlight of the Dalarani delegation. "Well, its an approximation of the great effort we will put in to help our united struggle against the evil the plagues the Eastern Kingdoms.

Location: The Under - Ash Lake || The Soul Sanctum
Words Written: 1100
XP Gained: 2
Current XP: 7/10
Mentions: Kamek and the Koopa Troop @DracoLunaris, The Octopath Travellers @Yankee, Rubick @Scarifar

Powers Used: Guerilla Warfare

As the group collected itself, Teemo looked at the green pipe with some suspicion. "After you." He'd mumble to nobody in particular. The intent with it was clear to him, but its not like he was going to trust it right off the bat. He'd gone through similar things on the summoner's rift, but similar wasn't the same. Still, one by the party descended down it and eventually with an exasperated sigh he stood on the precipice over the tube's black abyss that seemed to be so much closer than that of any other bottomless pit. Still standing on the green edge, he turned and with a salute announced: "Bombs away!" before with a slight twist of his heels fell backwards and head first into the hole. Much to his personal annoyance, the physics defying nature ensured that rather than a graceful downwards glide his bulbous form simply spun through the void until he came out the other end.

When coming out the other end, the plunge into water was certainly unpleasant. While he could stomach getting his fur so thoroughly soaked, Teemo wasn't lying when he commented on his nautical skills before. Briefly bobbing up and down out of the water in a vain effort to keep his head above it and not drown, he knew cries for help would probably take a while to materialize any support. Thus it was that he took a little yordlish magic to blow into his pipe so that his breath coming out of it would propel him through the water like a jet stream. He wasn't anything resembling a caster, but all yorldes could do a little bit of magic and he could muster enough to not die here like a toddler left alone in a pool.

He did eventually make his way out, and in this new city he did find some solace. It was civilization experienced for the first time since Teemo had been forced into this world. Unfortunately, he had little in the way of money to spend herein. Still, he passed the time until the party once more rendezvous'd by going aroudn any shops with books and going through them as stealthily as he could to read the contents of whatever histories he could find without a shopkeep shooing him out at broom-point; a serious threat for any bookish yordle. Snacks were found in small bits of vermin that to Teemo were just delectable morsels, particularly when contrasted with stuff like dead worms he might have had to eat in the wilds on missions. Though the nature of his new life still confused the ancient furball, the many books his eyes touched at least gave him a better idea of what to be confused about. Progress! His ignorance was given direction, rather than being outright ignorance. Topped with Browser's impromptu if quite painful lesson, he felt eventually he'd really get the hang of it all and be a great hero of this place. Maybe, just maybe, he could even make his way home after all this. His cold heart was loathe to admit it, but he was feeling home sick. It was one thing to be hundreds of kilometres from bandle city. It was another in entirety to be not just in another universe, but in this place that was both a jail and a crossroads of universes. Truth be told, the fact this place broke a fourth wall didn't make Teemo feel any better as he slowly came to understand it. He wondered if somehow he would manage to make it back home, if things could in any way return to normalcy with all his knowledge and experiences received in the world of light. Probably not he reckoned. But a bunch of old guys (at least, for humans) with really big beards that did a lot of meditation told him change could be good. Besides, normal was always changing. He'd be alright the Captain told himself, even if a feeling gnawed at the back of his mind that he was just assuring himself now that he felt uncertain for the first time in his existence.

At last reunited with his new friends, their assembly as a party lead Teemo to encounter a lady that having petted him on the head crossed what was taboo for many yordles. Still, not exactly being in a position of privilege Teemo decided not rage like Kled or one of his other hyper-violent cousins might have. Instead he simply frowned deeply, and then even deeper when he was disappointed in his furry face failing to provide a truly negative expression. "Captain Teemo." he grumbled, introducing himself as curtly as he could.

With Nadia taking the lead, Teemo found that this place couldn't stop fascinating. While the personalities were all modulations on some sort of multiversal archetype he had already encountered in his home-setting, the vistas were truly something new. Even when crusty, musty and dusty they were still quite interesting (admittedly thanks in no small part to their visual styles being completely different to anything he had experienced before).

As Nadia lead them inside of the building, Teemo remarked "Fuck, I think that's bad guy music!" the first word bleeping itself out just like any other swear from the yordle before the syllable was finished. As they went inside, Teemo wasn't exactly happy with the first wave of enemies they got. They were small and ethereal making them difficult targets for marksmanship while Teemo's darts were not infinite. Or were they? Well, it didn't matter. These things weren't threatening enough to shoot and while a quite poor combatant in melee, he was confident enough in his companions that he simply bonked the little wisps on the face with his blowpipe when they got too close.

As they engage the patients, Teemo started to find himself getting annoyed at the puns. But, it also wasn't the time to start sorting out relations. Anyway, these new enemies were at last worthy of shooting. Thus he loaded of his blowpipe and aiming at their malformed heads let loose the projectiles. Much like Nadia he ran when he couldn't kill them on time. Unlike her however, he had the luxury that if his kiting brought him to a dead end where he couldn't escape them he could simply stand still and turn invisible to get rid of the aggro. It was in one such stealthy moment he witnessed the interaction with the horrible dog-like think to his astoundment, and in his invisibility he turned to watch the proceedings with fascination wondering what would come of it.

Location: The Under - Ash Lake
Words Written: 632
XP Gained: 1
Mentions: Kamek and the Koopa Troop @DracoLunaris, Primrose @Yankee, Rubick @Scarifar

Powers Used: None

Teemo chuckled a little sardonically as the interaction between Asgore and Rubick, putting a gloved hand over his mouth in an ineffective effort to mask the sound; though not exactly kind, the high pitched giggles wouldn't betray any malice either. Teemo did sympathize with the strange fellow's tragedy, even if somewhat warily. In Runeterra there were any amount ruined Kingds, and from what he knew, most of them tended to be the sort who killed more people than your average volcanic eruption outside a city. Still, given that he seemed amiable enough the Yordle wasn't going to draw his blowgun once more on him.

Though Teemo was quite partial to the snacks that he received from the horned King, the mirth still left the furry lad as they got to business. Crunching thoughtfully on the cookies he listened to the information that would guide the party on their next step. He stood mouth agape as Asgore transitioned to telling his own story, the fuzzy warrior entranced by the tale of all that he lost. "Well, we yordles are immortal!" Teemo announced proudly once the topic took the matter of lives fading away. But quickly an existential dread overtook him when by the words of the ruined King, the Captain gradually began to realize that this probably didn't quite apply anymore. If he went out now, that was it: finality. A fearful shiver briefly overtook him as for the first time somebody who previously could not die now experienced fear of death. But just as any other challenge, he decided it must be taken with bravery. Sure, even if yordles were immortal as spirits that simply came back, they could still suffer and otherwise find loss. This was no different he reasoned internally, simply the stakes were a little higher. Well, much higher. But no point dwelling on it!

Teemo's face soured even further however when the story of all the sacrifices made by Asgore was expanded upon. Wiping away a tear, he saluted the King. "Sir, we absolutely will not let them get away with it. Or we'll die trying!" he said, his eyes nervously darting sideways as he hoped to avoid the awkward situation that his companions didn't share this noble sentiment out of a desire for self-preservation.

Seeing what Bowser was up to, Teemo gasped. Seeing the shelled King's expression he knew there was no dissuading him so he simply ran as fast as his stubby feet would take him to be safe from the backlash of his ill advised actions. Cowering behind a rock, Teemo hid as quietly and as compactly as he could with his hands over his skull to protect its precious contents in the even that Bowser's power-trip resulted in the whole damn place collapsing. It wasn't likely it seemed, but with the powers expended Teemo didn't quite rule it out either.

"Phew." he said, appearing out of his hiding spot somewhere between Rubrich and Primrose. While certainly Bowser's gang seemed to provide the most might to the party, the fact that it had multiple heads in its count didn't detract from the fact the group's brains were mostly amassed elsewhere.

The soldier nodded his head vigorously at the words of the Dancer, her suggested course of action the one that most upheld traditional values of heroes like justice, freedom, and blah-blah-blah. Further, he most certainly agreed with her sense of curiosity. "Oh, that's unfair!" he said when Asgore insisted they weren't ready to hear the truth. "I'll hold you to that!" he continued once the King said that he would tell them after they completed their quest. "I've been here less than a day and there's already so many question with only like...." he paused, counting fingers on a hand. "A quarter of them answered!"
I find both appealing though lean to the former. AoS unfortunately gets a lot of hate so interesting to see it at last appear somewhere for rp. I'd be most interested in the former to do a Runesmith from Barak-Thryng trying to combine super traditional Dwarf rune stuff with the Kharadron way of life.

Location: The Under - Ash Lake
Words Written: 512
XP Gained: 1
Mentions: Kamek and the Koopa Troop @DracoLunaris, Primrose @Yankee, Rubick @Scarifar

Powers Used: None

Teemo nodded his head as alternate paths that didn't take the group through water were discussed. It wasn't really surprising they did not want to go for a swim either. While some of them did in fact have shells, he suspected they would not be able to swim like a turtle at all. Watching the antics of the Koopa-Troop Teemo simultaneously found himself both dumbfounded and also gradually realizing just what sort of a place this was both in the absolute sense and in the abstract.

As the mechanics of the World of Light began to be demonstrated to him, he perked up somewhat. This was not too dissimilar to how itemization worked in the summoner's rift. He reckoned he'd be adapting to it all pretty darn quick. "No, they didn't show me." he replied to Primrose. "But it makes sense. Kind of." Turning his head then to Rubick who demonstrated his own take upon this, Teemo thought he had sufficient demonstration.

"Alright, alright, I got it!" he announced proudly. Like a soldier on parade he held his blowpipe in reversed arms and marched over to a pretty if noneetheless mundane piece of coral on the shore. With a kick of a tiny foot the coral was sent airborne and then caught by a gloved hand. Inspecting it Teemo then shouted a triumphant "Hyah!" as he smashed it over his knee. For a brief moment he stayed in his tableau of pride, only to open a single eye after he got a suspicion that nothing really happened. "Hmmm. Oh, I see now!" the yordle exclaimed, now running to what looked like the spine of some long dead megalodon. He stumbled a bit under the weight as he picked it up, his balance heaving him here and there a few times until he finally caught his footing. Again a proud shout emanated as he planted the spine down into the sand like a flag once more expecting some grand effect to be produced. This time he opened both eyes right away, his poncho clad shoulders sagging a little. "Oh." he mumbled with a disappointment, kicking a rock lamely in his frustration as he returned to the party.

"Didn't want any stuff anyway." he finished, following the party silently for the moment. He simply held close to the rest of the gang, until the horned fellow was spotted. In Teemo's personal experience, the guys with horns were the bad ones, and thus he preemptively dove for cover behind the nearest wall and prepared to fire until a friendly Howdy was heard. As quickly as Teemo prepared for violence he emerged from it to politely introduce himself. "Captain Teemo." he stated, before continuing with his selection of tea. "Honeysuckle, if you ain't got black. I'd love some of this ash gorse stuff, if you got spare. Even if I can't drink it, maybe it'll give some nasty a real stomach ache if you catch my drift. Oh, any snacks while you're at it? Shrooms are tastty, but can't form a diet just on them."

Location: Dripstone Cave
Words Written: 391
XP Gained: 1
Mentions: Kamek and the Koopa Troop @DracoLunaris, Primrose @Yankee, Rubick @Scarifar

Powers Used: None

Bowser took the lead against the basilisks, the troop doing the bulk of the lifting in killing them. Unfortunately the terrain and the dexterity of the foe meant he could do little in the way of his usual stealth and trickery, and instead simply fired his blowpipe at their easy targets while moving away from them defensively if they got too close.

However, while Teemo was ready to display quite the bloodlust to the basilisks, he felt much less confident about fighting the giant enemy crab. For one, he found it was quite unlikely any of his darts would penetrate its shell. But rather importantly even if they did its not like they would do much without any poison on their tips.

"Not sure we should fight that." He stated, twirling his blowpipe a few times to keep his hands still warmed up. Deciding to heal off some of the damage he had, he would take a nibble of one of the many mushrooms he had hoarded, even the tiny morsel consumed ballooning his chipmunk-like cheeks with the effort of mastication.

Surveying the rest of the scene, he frowned disapprovingly. The increasingly aquatic environment troubled him, for his frame wasn't exactly well built for the world of the nautical. His head, bulbous in comparison to the rest of the body didn't have much buoyancy and he didnt have any good limbs to paddle with underwater. While being fast on the ground, he knew he couldn't mount a great speed if he was submersed. Further, his apparel and other items would probably make him sink, assuming he could properly even hold onto all of them underwater. "Umm, not in the mood for swimming either." he said, knowing that this only left one clear avenue to go down. However, he certainly also wasn't about to go alone, knowing that these people were his guides in the new world. Thus, while he did advise the group on his own abilities he wasn't about to countermand them if they desire to go elsewhere. "Maybe we can make a quick bridge to that...." he suggested, pointing to the great structure both borne up by and made of the roots nearby. "Gotta be something around. Maybe more pieces of roots and stuff. Those fish don't look like something you'd keep in a family-friendly aquarium." The yordle finished.


Location: Dripstone Cave
Words Written: 692
XP Gained: 1
Mentions: Kamek and the Koopa Troop @DracoLunaris, Primrose @Yankee
Powers Used: Guerilla Warfare

The bugs were no match for the motley crew's assault, to little surprise of the Yordle. This was no solo mission where whole columns of enemies could be flattened in second by a carefully planned rockfall. Every dart had to be aimed carefully to be delivered into the small frame of a bug. Though it was no careful composition with bans and agreed upon picks, the comrades Teemo had unexpectedly found himself among definitely seemed to not only hold their own but also fill quite a variety of roles that he could rely upon them to fill out his deficiencies in the moment. Be it the beefiness of the one with the really big spikey shell, to the guys with staves, he felt that at least at the moment he probably wasn't going to die. Well, insofar as a Yordle could die the little badger chuckled mentally, for now oblivious to the different rules of life and death in this new realm.

He turned once addressed. Saluting with thumb, index and middle fingers to his fuzzy forelock he gave the short but accurate reply: "Captain Teemo."

Truth be told, having only now gained some semblance of sobriety following the consumption of mushrooms that - whatever its real name was - would most certainly be illegal in any civilization that came upon them, he was quite confused. But he saw the Koopa Troop rushing off to meet new foes and reasoned that if they had saved his life they must be allies. Thus he made the decision to go over to help out. The new foes seemed if anything to be even more minute in scale compared to the last ones, a problem that ensured his dartsmanship was made all the harder with their zigging and zagging. While he was confident he could hit them even from this distance, the occasional miss still wouldn't be worth exhausting his admittedly finite supply of darts, particularly given his lack of any poisoned tips should a more threatening foe appear. It was thus that he focused on once more hiding behind any stone he could find to make use of Guerilla Warfare, launching fast but deadly salvos once the new enemies were much closer to be hit with more accuracy and eliminating the possibility they would dodge the admittedly slow projectiles that the darts were.

Not having had to contribute much given the apparent competence of the turtle folk, Teemo went on to collect any darts that weren't shattered by impact after the fight was over, muttering "Waste not, want not." to himself as he did so. While obviously he needed these people to survive, his discomfort at being in what wasn't exactly a solo mission was already coming into some degree of play. But for the sake of himself and others he like, he knew to damn well shut up about it rather than being a lone wolf drama queen.

As he followed the party, he frowned at some of the words being spoken. They mentioned others, and paths taken, events he wasn't privy too. "You guys have one hell of a story to tell when we're safe!" he said, looking around. "I reckon wherever this is, its quite far from Bandle City." he added, now back to muttering grimly.

With the march not ceasing, the sight of items for the taking my have lured the eyes of the rest of the party, but not recognizing any of them he turned his gaze towards the mushrooms instead. He certainly did not recognize these either, but a mushroom was a mushroom. Be it for eating or for slaughtering, a mushroom could always find use. Though he wouldn't eat them quite yet, he made sure to grab as many to hide in his satchel as he could, only ceasing when his tiny frame became all but comically oversized with the sudden intake of baggage.

After listening to one proposal of how to proceed, he nonchalantly pointed his blowpipe towards the basilisks and lizard people, and even more nonchalantly given the contents of his words made his own suggestion: "If we got time let's kill those guys. All of 'em."
I don't know why my hider isn't working.

You have an unclosed h3 tag beginning at "what do you bring to the table"

Here is the most of the sheet. Depending on how much creative liberty we have for how we can describe the events that lead to the character appearing on the ship, I might slightly change the life in the crew section.
Having just finished rewatching cowboy bepop im absolutely interested

Would want to play a cyborg doctor/scientist%engineer fella on the run after a little unethical experimentation
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