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Current Today I learned Canada has homeowners associations. Not as common as in the US but just as evil
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What exactly would a cultural dress be in Britain
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u can split a long post into parts . the problem for me is just the expectation of always being on
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Yeah just cold enough to swap pants for shorts
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I too am Canadian enough that I opened my front door and a pile of snow fell in.


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rewatched arcane with my so and now dreaming of something in LoL/Runeterra/Arcane setting once more
If there is space I would like to try this out.

Hi, check out the main thread wherein we have a discord and such roleplayerguild.com/topics/191819-dea…
Very well @L C

Not all that used to discord so its barebones but I don't think we need much more than just a chat:

@L C@LanaStorm@Sylvan@OldManMountain

Did a small introduction in the IC to give people a taste for how we'll start. When we got a few characters in we can get started. For now, I was wondering, if I was to make an instant messenger what would people prefer? I am most acquainted with slack for chats but I know most people like discord.
Part 1: The Cradle of Humanity

One by one, these souls would awake from the rubble of Earth. They were different from the thousands, millions, billions that opened their eyes to a new world. Their minds, their bodies, they were broken in a way far more literal than all the other who had suffered the great war that had finished mere hours ago. Their arrogance, their folly, it would be a cause for them to begin mourning sooner than everyone else, and without the celebration of victory that came first.

These were the agents of Cerberus, the self described vanguard of humanity. Did I die? The question would not be uncommon for them. The technology almost all of them had implanted within to some degree was quite abruptly malfunctioning. Servoes still whirred, hydraulics still pumped and tiny circuits still let electricity flow. Yet suddenly there was freedom from the discrete but ever present influence of the Reapers on each person that bore them. But though liberating, every person that felt the severed connection would suddenly be unable to escape the sensation that something was missing from them. Was it a part of their consciousness they had come to call their own? Or was it perhaps that the last months, year or even longer were not done in their own minds? A portion of their lived experience was done by the hand of another being, their brains spectators on behalf of a consciousness that had lost control.

Reactions to this were different. Some fell into a sudden despair, running off in madness until shot or captured. Others decided to retire by sticking a pistol up the roof of their mouth and pulling the trigger, while far more decided to raise their hands and surrender to the nearest Systems Alliance troops.

But the greatest portion knew that, even if they had failed, if they had been in great error, their duty to mankind remained. Or at least, that is what they said in many cases simply fearing the great prison sentences and other reprisals for their activities admist the Reaper war.

Whatever their reason for not casting off their old loyalties, these people were many.

Lagos 6:28AM

Cimourdain awoke the third time within the hour. He was not himself. The man stared at the ravine mere centimetres from his feet, coming to the realization if he would have come to consciousness any later he would have been dead. The elderly fellow gasped as he looked further down, hear a crack on the surface. It was some sort of crunchy rock, likely dirt subjected to superheating from any amount of advanced weapons let loose on Earth's surface in recent history. A few panicked back-steps were taken as the surface Eric stood on mere moments ago fell into the earth's deep wound.

On instinct the agent wiped his runny nose with the back of his hand, only paying attention to his actions as he saw the red of blood smeared on his glove. "No." he whispered, not really sure what he was denying.

He wandered aimlessly about the ruined city, every so often helping somebody up, or hurriedly rushing away if they paid attention to his strange bionic eyes. Eventually he decided it was best to find a set of sunglasses to ensure a moment of peace.

The sun rose, and smiling as its warmth touched his pale skin Eric could finally remember his name. With that more memories flooded in, and the realization came that he had a job to do at the same time as he stared into the eyes of a young man. The fellow had half the skin of his face missing, exposing the glowing blue cabling he knew too well mirrored his own.

Eric motioned for the lad to follow him, as he activated his omnitool and sent a message on every Cerberus secure connection he had access to. They were to rally at a bombed out apartment he was confident nobody was in, and with that lead the other operator to their new shelter.

Hours passed, and sitting on a chair missing its back Mr. Lasalle looked upon the assembled people. More than he feared, less than he had hoped as was so commonly the case. He wasn't exactly sure what to say, and if he even ought be the one to say it. Was he the highest ranking one present? He hadn't spoke to enough of the people present to really know. Eric hoped that at least he could bring guidance to these lost people. If somebody looked on edge, perhaps he would give them a talk. Truth be told, most of the people present didn't at all seem even functional. Some were gibbering madly, others simply clutching at their heads or sobbing. Nobody knew what to do, but they had to do something.

Standing up, he decided to slowly walk towards a staircase open thanks to a missing wall, from where he would have elevation to address all present. Before arriving at earth, he was one of many officers to receive a small file that detailed what to do in an event like this should command break down.

The war had just ended, and yet there was now another battle to fight.

Some of us were cops, doctors, scientists. But a lot of joe-schmoes, real nobodies too. Accountants, code monkeys, construction workers. But in the end we were all soldiers, brought together by one fact. We wanted to fight for the future of humanity.

They hated us for it.

Hi! I'm Bugman, this is a check for an RP I have had planned for quite a while. Dead Men on Burning Stars is an RP set in the Mass Effect universe, namely following a moderately good Control ending. The players will take the role of members of a cell of Cerberus, which shall eventually be united as a crew of a ship. While this will chronicle the adventures of the team as they travel the stars to accomplish goals of Cerberus and eventually uncover a galaxy-spanning threat to mankind they are suddenly thrust into resolving, there will be just as much focus on the interpersonal relations of the crew, their lives. Thoroughly damaged, traumatized, and probably not exactly good people, the crew will nonetheless be people with real wants and desires, regrets and struggles that they have to face the demons of together. Very heavy inspiration is thus drawn from the styling of the Mass Effect game series, but also from similar "crew-based" media namely Firefly but Star-Trek and the likes too. The main difference being of course, is that we are somewhere between anti-heroes and anti-villains rather than being true protagonists.

But if you dreamed of an RP where you can be on Santa's naughty list in the Mass Effect universe, this is for you. This is very heavily inspire by ME2 being my favourite installation in the series, with the aesthetics from art to sound design to individual characters of Cerberus being some of the coolest stuff in the setting to me.

I will want and welcome diverse characters, though I will want everyone to be useful and sufficiently sociable (sorry lone wolf enjoyers!) such that I or my co-GM are able to include you in some ongoing RP (though of course, it will be encouraged that at least in between large missions people make their own RP between each other).

I will not have a specific format of character sheet I have in mind. Instead, I will experiment a little and allow you to include simply whatever YOU personally think is necessary for the GMs and other players to know. A few things like maybe some knowledge of their appearance, how they got into Cerberus and what role they serve in the team, as well as their standing in it are of course critical, but beyond that? Its up to you. Just remember some critical things. As a member of Cerberus, you are not an ordinary person, you had implants that were brainwashing you in the name of murderous death robots and inevitably you are a traumatized, and deeply flawed individual. But still a human with hopes and dreams. Preferably (but not necessarily) you would also have some shared story with at least some of the other characters people would put forth.

For an example, here is a character I will play within the team.

Now, half of the fun of Mass Effect is aliens and the like, and I am understanding of that.

But as a TL;DR of that, I will only allow at the beginning just 1 non human character that I will be very nitpicky over so make it good.

Ideally, people will try to have some shared background in their characters. To that end, here is some homebrew lore for the Theseus cell which would be a good origin for characters.


1) Follow the site's rules ofc

2) Be nice, kind, respectful, etc. of me and your fellow RPers. This is for fun, don't compromise that.

3) Any and all issues you might have with me or other players should be raised immediately and publicly or in DMs with me.


5) Also as with most RPs I would prefer you to be 18+ because the same content from violence to drugs to intimacy as is in the source material of the setting will be covered.

In the long run, I also do plan a spin-off RP in the same sub-setting where another team (currently undecided, maybe spectres, maybe just a coalition of citadel race special forces/interest groups) is dedicated to hunting Cerberus and the team of this RP, though perhaps eventually working together with them as they run into similar issues.

With that, I am very eager to see what characters folks might cook up.

If you have any questions, feel free to address them to me here or in DMs :>

Every soldier must know, before he goes into battle, how the little battle he is to fight fits into the larger picture, and how the success of his fighting will influence the battle as a whole.
Bernard Montgomery
Hey guys, thanks for the interest, I'll make the OOC next Friday (I have a first post ready to give people a vibe for the start). I will also make an IM maybe Google chat maybe discord maybe Slack once we have characters up for quick communications
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