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Hi! I'm pidge aka pigeonpal. The name is kinda just a mix of a funny typo I saw at a store and the word pal. Anyways! Pleasure to meet you all, always love meeting new people and doing fun things with new people. For simplicity's sake I'm gonna just do a bullet point for some the things I'm into.

- Starwars (huge starwars fan.)
- Warhammer 40k (dont get me started on this topic)
- Romance (kinda a sucker for it, can't help it!)
These three are by no means the total amount of things I enjoy rping about, they are just the only things I could think of right now.

On a personal note I enjoy being friends with the people I write with, and while I have rped some before it has been many years and I'm still relatively new to the whole thing. I'm looking forward to meeting you all, have a pleasant whatever time of day it is. =D

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I can also make the sister if need be.

Which cs do I use? There seems to be two styles here.
Hello, I was wondering if there is any open spots available.
Hello! Hows it going? I would be interested in talking about doing something together. If it's cool, I can dm you later since I'm in the middle of work.

Edit: also sorry I should ask if you are available to rp. Let me know if you are I suppose.
Hi! My name in pigeonpal, it's nice to meet you all. I hope we can all have some fun writing together.
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