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3 days ago
Current when your dad says the truth and at the same time it hurts your feelings but you know he is just telling you the truth and he has nevver been one to sugar coat anything #reality
9 days ago
have to go do a mri later not looking forward to it at all. this year start off sucky 2020 was bad but 2021 is just blah right now blows
9 days ago
ok it is official so far 2021 blows. hopeful things get better but right now it just blows
16 days ago
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19 days ago
i walk 3,194 laps this year and 600 this month.


my name is angel
I love roleplaying and have been doing it for several years. it helps me let my creativeness out and lets me play out story ideas. I like to write stories.

i am in a wheelchair i am very unique and i am tired of guys acting all friendly and then a few months later or a while later the truth comes out. i am tired of being use. i am a good girl yes i have problems name someone who dont. but at least i do not let my problems control me.

love in movies books and music. i just want love i am not asking for a lot i am just asking for what everyone wants to be accept for who they are. dont pity me i do not need your pity

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wrestling (wwe)


singer and fan

a singer and a make a wish person

a movie star and a fan

a movie star
and a make wish

i have several ideas for forbidden love i have ideas for
rival gang
high school
soilder and civilian
body guard and the girl

single dad x single mom

rules only
use real pictures
i can type one line to at least two paragraphs depends on if i have writer block or not
i am not a grammer police i have issues with that and spelling so i am not going to hold that against anyone.
post at least two or so a day
i really want to do like a country singer (male) and a fan one (female)

or a country singer (male) and new rising star country singer one (female)
What about bodyguard/ girl?
I would like to discuss ideas if you are interested!

Yeah I am still interested
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