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21 days ago
Current i do not like with family. family you trust family you support family has your back. the only one that has my back is my dad and my friends.
26 days ago
i really want to do a wrestler/fan or a singer/fan rp.
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2 mos ago
Just saw something start to think love ain't in the cards for me
2 mos ago
cant believe it is already july wow this year seem like it has flown by now we just need for this covid shit to go away people get vaccine if you think it is right wing left wing thing then wow.
4 mos ago
for the fifth month in a row i have complete all three walking goals i have set for self at the beginning of each month


my name is angel
I love roleplaying and have been doing it for several years. it helps me let my creativeness out and lets me play out story ideas. I like to write stories.

i am in a wheelchair i am very unique and i am tired of guys acting all friendly and then a few months later or a while later the truth comes out. i am tired of being use. i am a good girl yes i have problems name someone who dont. but at least i do not let my problems control me.

love in movies books and music. i just want love i am not asking for a lot i am just asking for what everyone wants to be accept for who they are. dont pity me i do not need your pity

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cheesecake with strawberry and white chocolate or cotton candy cookie dough strawberry shortcake ice cream

ice cream or cake or cookies
dragons i do not know why i think it is because it chinese zodaci i was born in the year of dragon so yeah

tattoo your friend dares you to get back you have no idea what it is


a tattoo as a rememoral thing like someone who has past or pat name or something
i dont really use it so yeah

drive a fast and furious car or be one of the rock movie character side kicks
the guy of my dreams. celebrity are good looking and have the money and everything but i am not actresses i am more writer then anything even through my mom does call me drama queen only because she favors my siblings more then me

meeting your favorite sport player or getting to play in the game with him or her
both and it depends on which one but most of the time both

annabell or chucky
i have not seen either one.

nightmare on elm street or halloween
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