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1 day ago
Current most like wednesday or thursday my dad and boyfriend are meeting since my dad gf and i are both back from our trips i just hope things go smoothly since i really like this one alot <3
5 days ago
waiting for medicine to kick in so i am listening to nf i would love to see him in november but i do not know anyone that would go with me since alot of people i know or around dont like rap
7 days ago
yesterday i have known my boyfriend for a year and tomorrow i get to hang out with him and a friend of his and we are going to watch wrestling money in the bank
11 days ago
had a great time in nashville last week i am sorry i was not on much but the internet in our hotel sucked and then we were busy like crazy. ready for sunday to see my boyfriend
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27 days ago
looks like i might be seeing my boyfriend before i go to nashville i might be seeing him tomorrow pray that my little vertigo issue and stomach issue goes away. i need to see him before i go,


my name is angel
I love roleplaying and have been doing it for several years. it helps me let my creativeness out and lets me play out story ideas. I like to write stories.

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one tree hill
wrestling (wwe)


singer and fan

a singer and a make a wish person
a movie star and a fan
a movie star and a make wish

i have several ideas for forbidden love i have ideas for
rival gang
high school
soilder and civilian
body guard and the girl

single dad x single mom

rules only
use real pictures
i can type one line to at least two paragraphs depends on if i have writer block or not
i am not a grammer police i have issues with that and spelling so i am not going to hold that against anyone.
post at least two or so a day
i really want to do like a country singer (male) and a fan one (female)

or a country singer (male) and new rising star country singer one (female)
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