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4 days ago
Current to old to play child-ish games with a boy claim to be a man but it just a little boy in a man size body
8 days ago
i hope everyone has a good first day of august and welcome to the eighth level of jumaji hopeful this will be the last level of this crazyness
21 days ago
slowly but surely will be healing
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24 days ago
i have surgery in am. so i will be on and off alot the next few days.
1 mo ago
i have a few drs today and a few errands to runs i will be on for a while and then offf for a while and then on again later if the weather work with me


my name is angel
I love roleplaying and have been doing it for several years. it helps me let my creativeness out and lets me play out story ideas. I like to write stories.

i am in a wheelchair i am very unique and i am tired of guys acting all friendly and then a few months later or a while later the truth comes out. i am tired of being use. i am a good girl yes i have problems name someone who dont. but at least i do not let my problems control me.

love in movies books and music. i just want love i am not asking for a lot i am just asking for what everyone wants to be accept for who they are. dont pity me i do not need your pity

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i got me a strawberry milkshake since i had my widsom teeth remove last friday and two other teeth that were going to cause issues
i have a metal rods in both of my legs
In hi. 17 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
i am kind of use to my health issues it just makes me unique i might mess up on spelling and things because i am not the greatest speller and plus i am partly blind due to alot of eye surgery on right eye alone. i like talking to people so you guys can always message me i am not shy. i just ask for respect and no rude or uncomfortable question meaning if you would not want someone to ask you something then you shouldnt ask someone the question.
In hi. 17 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
i might give that a try i love writing grant i am not the biggest spell and sometimes i mess up on my english but it is more because of medicine or lack of sleep that cause a lot of mistake.
In hi. 17 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
thank been here for like five years i like typing out story ideas and due to alot of health issues i cant really do a whole lot and with this covid-19 thing i am stuck at home more
In hi. 17 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
i had a few going and now i have less going but ok i guess
In hi. 17 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
teenage drma even through i am not a teenage anymore lol.

fanasty like
fan and singer
movie star and fan
tv show actor and fan
wrestling and fan

In hi. 17 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
i have been here a while like two years or so. i call my self wheels vecause i am in a wheelchair and i sometimes use a walker to get around. i like to meet and talk to people and most of the time i am on here. if i am not then i am at the doctor or my dads house since cant do a whole lot because i have several health issues and with the covid-19 thing i am stuck at the house more
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