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Thanks. :) And I know i've been to lazy to update it and whatnot lol.
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Today is my 31st birthday so yay!
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And don't let it discourage you from joining a group RP, :)
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@LadyAdiraa Its not really a rule depends on GM to GM and how they run their RPs, but you could always ask a GM what they do to PC's whenever the player leaves. Communicate is always key to me.


Hi there, a little bit about me I am 28 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners, though most days I am usually doing group RPs.

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Carolina Reed

Location: Limbo, Green Eyed One's Home
Skills: Divination

Carolina closed her eyes and let out a slight sigh as she looked between both Jack and Klara and shook her head slightly as Klara decided to be a little bit petty and just healed herself in front of Jack. Though true she could have done a lot more to help Klara and she did feel responsible for her loosing her soul. "And I am sorry for that and I should have done a lot more to help." Carolina said as she heard the two horses demanding their attention and to be let out. "They are good, they'll help us." Carolina said to Jack as she started to head outside and made her way to Mercymourn and Butter Rum. "We are ready to get out of here." Carolina said to the two skeletal horses as she untied them from where they were.

Carolina closed her eyes, they needed to find a way to get out of here, the only lead that they had was her girlfriend October who had died so many years ago. She got the sense that she was somewhere within Limbo but not a specific location, Carolina tried again and managed to find a location. She could see a castle on top of a massive mountain. "The only lead we have is Witchfire, can you take us to a castle thats on top of a mountain?" Carolina asked the two of them and looked at Jack and Klara. "Are you two coming?" Carolina asked as she went to get their chariot set up again.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Limbo, Castle Dungeon
Skills: Sword Fighting
Grimoire: Soul Sword, Demon Form.

Madalyne flinched slightly when Sym spat in her face and glared at him, she really wanted to murder this demon and wanted to make sure that he would never be seen again. Ananym's screams became much louder now, and then silence happened she looked down she regretted not helping her at all and felt helpless. Madalyne cried out in pain once again as Sym brought down his club onto her knee, it hurt like hell as she watched the demon bringing his club above his head to go down on her head. When she heard another voice and her eyes turned towards a demon who appeared just outside of her torture chamber. Apparently there were more Sorcerers Supremes out there that would be able to help. However Sym had other plans for her and pulled out some kind of potion, he forced her mouth open and poured it down into her mouth and forced to swallow it.

Madalyne tried to resist whatever it was but eventually her mind went blank and Sym released her, as he ordered her to lead the demons outside to attack her fellow sorcerers outside. She waved the demons to follow her outside and stood in front of the castle, her eyes turned to face the ones that were outside. "Kill them all!" Madalyne ordered the demons to attack the others and she set her eyes on Runa seeing the elderly woman who looked very frail to her and an easy target.

It took her two tries but she managed to summon her sword and quickly charged forward and swung her sword at Runa aiming to kill the old woman only for her to block her attack with her staff.

San Fransico, Amtrak Train Station:

"Well since the fall of New Rome happened monsters, both Giants and Titans have been making themselves at home there for awhile now. And you three might end up facing some Giants there, and you need the help of a god against them at least." Persephone said to the three of them as the traffic started to get congested now as they entered the city proper, the driver didn't seem to really be interested in the conversation going on really which was probably a good thing then.

It took awhile but they were now crossing over the Golden Gate Bridge as Persephone had been petting Arbor and giving the little pup some plant based treats as well to. She turned her attention back to Niah wondering more about what she had said and needed some more details as well. "Is there any other information that you could tell me about your sister? That way I know what to ask." She asked her as they quickly crossed over the bridge now.

Kiera Donovan

Location: Atlantis
Skills: Hydrokinsis.

Inside the palace Poseidon had led them into a massive dining room a large meal had been prepared for the three of them, he wanted to spend sometime with his daughters before sending them back home. There were a few paintings of another boy that was wearing a Camp Half-Blood t-shirt in them. It took a moment until she recongnized who it was, it was their older brother Percy if she remembered right he was spending most of his time in college now or something like that with his girlfriend.

Kiera turned her attention back to her father, as some of the servants were setting up the table now and setting plates down full of seafood funnily enough. "Hercules had spent sometime here before with the other cyclops in my care he's free to stay here with me if he chooses to it is entirely up to him though." Poseidon said, as Kiera started to dig into her food while looking back at her father it was hard to tell if it was day or night down her with the water being pretty deep.

"If you two would like as well you are welcome to spend the night here." Poseidon offered as Kiera turned towards her half-sister, she didn't mind staying the night it had been a very long day after all. "That would be nice." Kiera said to her father as she ate her food.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Labyrinth
Skills: Mystiokinsis

Madalyne was getting tired from all of the running as she started to cross the bridge now as well to as she started to dig into her pocket and pulled something out of it. It was the gem that she, Niah and Nancy had pulled from their quest a long time ago that started up their friendship. When Leandra tried to steal it before they all left she didn't really trust anyone else at camp other than her friends to keep it safe.

A monster managed to hit Madalyne in the side as one of them managed to catch up to her with a sword, she cried out in pain as she turned around and swung her sword at it as it burst into dust. Some blood started to drip from her side as she caught up to Mary and Andy she grabbed Mary's hand and handed it to her. "If anything happens to me make sure you give it to Niah and Nancy when you see them again." Madalyne said as she used her magic and started to form a barrier blocking off the monsters again.

"There that should buy us sometime.." Madalyne said as she started to move again, she noticed that her wound wasn't healing properly now which was odd. They just needed to get out of here as soon as possible and finish their quest she could hear monsters howling and making noises from behind them.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: Las Vegas, Lotus Hotel & Casino
Skills: N/A

Kristin watched as both Nancy and Zeke finally started to appear, she was half expecting Demetri to either slap Zeke or start some kind of shouting match about him leaving the group. However that didn't happen surprisingly which was good then maybe they would be okay or something like that. The cat Sunshine just rubbed it's head up against Janelle's cheek clearly claiming her as it's little hooman forever and meowed demanding more pets from her.

Alexios was a little bit nervous and annoyed that a fight didn't happen between Zeke and Demi and a little bit disappointed as well to, but he decided to not say anything really as he stood there a little bit longer when Kristin started to speak up. "Alright then everyone lets head inside and stick together and don't get separated from each other either." Kristin told them offering her hand for Janelle if she choose to take it before heading inside.

Once everyone was inside the hotel the whole place was pretty loud they could all see people some dressed in modern clothing while there were a few others their clothes appeared to be much, much older. Someone quickly approached the group and offered them a plate of cookies, the frosting on them clearly resembling a lotus.

"Good afternoon y'all! Would any of you all like a cookie?" The woman said having a southern accent to her voice, everyone was drawn to taking one of the cookies on the plate. The only two people who weren't affected by it was Janelle and Nancy however. Kristin was reaching for one of them she always did have a thing for cookies.

Sierra Finley

Location: Rapunzel's Tower
Skills: N/A

Sierra turned to look at Willow as she approached her and asked if she was nervous and nodded towards her, she was actually pretty nervous she never really thought about joining in on this fight until now. But they were all fighting for their homes right now both here and where they had initially grown up. ]"I am pretty nervous actually." Sierra answered Willow and gave her a slight smile she was hopeful that they all will be able to win.

Lancelot followed shortly behind Megan, he knew he was in pretty rough shape at the moment and was still in a lot of pain at the moment. "I don't intend on fighting, just providing any aid for the ones who will most likely get injured in the fighting." He answered her as Gabriella looked between the two of them, and then at Megan. "I'll meet you on the other side." Gabriella said as she left and entered the portal as soon as Merlin opened it up and started to summon her undead army now.

Sierra could see in the distance as a massive portal was opened up and everyone was starting to pack up and head through it now and turned to Willow. "I'll be right next to you the entire time alright?" Sierra said as she took her hand and quickly met with her parents as they started to enter the portal.

Layla Hood

Location: The Moors
Skills: N/A

"Hopefully it won't come down to that at all, but I have your back while we are in there though." Flynn said to Rosalia and gave her a smile gently patting her on the shoulder. He then started to follow the rest towards the portal and onto the other side with the rest of their army now, a small group of Robin Hood's men were going to sneak in as well to as backup.

Layla looked at her sister and girlfriend, they were pretty cute together as she followed behind everyone else seeing that Merlin had finally opened his portal and all of the troops were going through now. "Meet you two love birds on the other side." Layla said giving them a smile as she managed to catch up to her father and his men now as well to onto the other side of the portal.

On the other side of the portal once everyone had stepped through the portal was closed behind them, on the other side was Maleficent's castle. They had time the night before to summon up their own defenses the draw bridge was quickly pulled up and an army was there to meet them and catapults were quickly deployed as they sent massive boulders down onto their forces, and the fighting had quickly started luckily none of the children were hurt yet as the group who were sneaking in quickly started to head in and sneak through the side entrance.

Diana Novikova

Location: Avenger's Academy, Training room B
Skills: N/A

Diana had spent most of the evening in her dorm, she had teleported back to her home briefly to stock up on as many normal and trick arrows that she could. She spent some of the time making sure that her bow was in working order and made sure that she had some spare bow stings on her as well to. Diana didn't really get much sleep the night before really she was excited to start the qualifiers and wanted to prove to her team this time that she wasn't a fuckup like the first day of training Diana before leaving the room she grabbed her usual quiver of arrows, along with the quiver of arrows that Agatha had gifted her back on the first day and left to get something to eat.

Luckily classes were all canceled for the day which was nice Diana had gone to the cafeteria and grabbed a bit of breakfast thirty minutes before they needed to go to their assigned training room for their match. She was one of the first to arrive Diana was actually surprised to see some of the more well known heroes were playing as the judges. Seeing She-Hulk, Rogue and Blade himself were sitting there, her eyes turned to look at the team that they were going up against. The Unity Squad, Diana only really recognize two of them Momchil looked like a Rito from the Winder Waker Zelda game, they could fly and was also a skilled archer like she was. It'll be interesting going up against her, and then there was Jyoti Singh another flying who could manipulate weather.

The rest Diana wasn't really familiar with when the match started the lights quickly went out and she was immediately hit with a blast knocking her backwards and slammed into the back wall of the training area. Diana groaned as she slowly started to stand up she held her chest and winced looking down at her clothes they were singed a bit. She had opted to just wear her training uniform over anything else she turned to Victoria. "I'm good." Diana said, as she ran for cover thanks to Leah she wasn't going to let a burn get to her. Diana quickly drew out her bow sadly she didn't get a good line of sight thanks to Leah's barricade. So she angled her bow into the air, enough so that she could get her shots off, they needed to take Abby out so that they could see again.

"If you got weather sensors in that fancy suit of armor of yours, Jyoti Singh she is a weather manipulator. Momchil is an archer like me." Diana said to Victoria she hoped that information was useful as Diana fired off five explosive arrows in quick succession over the barrier and over to the other team's side. She wasn't sure if they had hit targets or not however.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Avenger's Academy, Training Room C
Skills: N/A
Grimoire: Eldritch Blast

Madalyne had stayed up for awhile last night talking to her bestie and roomie April about the qualifiers the next morning she had also spent some of it just practicing some of her spells as well to. The next morning she had gotten up early and grabbed some breakfast, and eventually met the rest of the team in Training Room C where they would be going up against their opponents. Madalyne eyed the judges seeing that they were Iron Man, Black Widow and the Hulk. They definetly did need to be at the top of their game if they wanted to get their attention during these matches.

Her eyes turned to their opponents, Madalyne only recongnized two of them Theda Papadopoulos was a Siren and could manipulate people like they could do in myths with their singing Theda also had an identical twin sister. Micheala was also a senior with some kind of cosmic powers like the Pheonix thats about all she knew however. And Madalyne also easily recognized Megan Pendragon back during their first day as well to.

When the match started The New Defenders quickly sprung into action she turned to Mary-Sue. "Create a barrier or cage of some kind around the golem to make it harder to get to them." Madalyne suggested as she noticed the speedster luckily April managed to slow him down and she can manipulate the water and turn it to ice. "April handle the Speedster and keep him on ice and away from the golem with Mary." Madalyne then started to chant a quick spell sending an eldritch blast directly at Theda.

Sadly the first shot had missed but luckily the second blast hit her and knocked her down breaking the Siren's concentration. "Gideon! Turn your focus on Megan. Have her direct her anger on you. Theda i'll take her on. And Andy you focus on Micheala." Madalyne suggested, the team didn't really have a leader assigned to them and usually switched it up, or if anyone did offer to act as the team leader during their training sessions. She turned her attention back to Theda, she would help out wherever they needed.

Carolina Reed

Location: Blackbird
Skills: N/A

Carolina managed to get to where the explosion had happened, and looks like that everything was resolved though she was on alert when she spotted Magneto himself there along with Exodus there to. But by the looks of it no one was really fighting at all which was good then, her attention quickly turned towards Max though who was just leaning up against a wall and glared at him. He just up and left them all alone with who knows who else that straight up hated the X-Men.

"What the hell Max, you just up and left the rest of us behind with who knows how many other people that hate us or want us dead. Why the hell didn't you just teleport all of us with you, have you ever heard the saying never split up the group?" Carolina said sounding really annoyed and pissed at him she was really tempted to just slap him right then and there. Carolina then turned to Magneto realizing that they were his people here as well to. "Are our people that were brought here free to go?" Carolina asked him when she looked over her shoulder seeing Bethany had caught up to them all now.

Bethany Bell

Skills: N/A

Bethany managed to catch up to the others just in time to hear Carolina ranting about Max for some reason as she took a few deep breaths and leaned against a wall nearby. It seems that Magneto wasn't attacking the group which was a good thing then most likely they just needed to find Mary and the others and go home.

"Is everyone here okay?" Bethany asked looking at everyone else, Lance and Guin looked like that they were both injured. So far it looked like Magneto wasn't going to attack them all just yet but she was ready for a fight just in case things did end up turning into a fight. But for the most part things seem to be alright for now as she eyed the others.

Carolina Reed

Location: Limbo, Green Eyed One's Home
Skills: N/A

Carolina started to look around the room to see if there was some kind of bandage for Jack, unfortunately she couldn't find one as her attention turned to Mercymorn and Butter Rum. The two demon skeletal horses seemed to be awake and well which was good then when she could hear one of them speak into her mind. Which felt a bit unnerving and weird. But Carolina knew that this place was far from normal really as she continued to search for some kind of bandage.

She managed to find a patch of human skin, and shook slightly as she picked it up and turned to look at Jack and Klara who was pointing a sword at him. Carolina could understand Klara not being happy really at all after what had just happened to her mere minutes ago, she then made her way towards Jack. "Klara if you could heal him please, we need to work together here we were taken from our homes for no reason the sooner we work together the better our chances will be to get back home." Carolina said and then handed the creepy patch of skin to Jack. "I couldn't find any real bandages, I know it's creepy and weird probably maybe it'll help." Carolina said to Jack.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Limbo, Castle Dungeon
Skills: N/A
Grimoire: Demon Form.

Madalyne had never heard of Witchfire at all it seems like this person had taken over for Belasco she looked up and continued to glare at Sym as she was quietly chanting spell that could hopefully get her free from here. She suddenly would let out a loud cry in pain when Sym brought his club down onto her left ankle. Feeling the surge of pain going through her ankle and the rest of her body she looked down at her ankle it hurt like hell however there weren't any bones broken which was a good thing then.

"You hit like a four year old toddler c'mon I know you like a good challenge release me and I can kick your ass fairyly." Madalyne said hoping that Sym would just let her go. "And nope I am still not interested in helping you at all." Madalyne told him.

The Novikov(a)s Sibling Bonding

Diana Novikova

Location: Avenger's Academy, Stark Hall -> Santa Monica Pier.
Skills: Quantum Teleportation

Percy Novikov

Location: Avenger's Academy, Stark Hall -> Santa Monica Pier.
Skills: N/A

Diana had been spending some of her time in her room she was getting kind of bored at the moment as she stretched slightly letting out a slight yawn. It was the weekend and she wanted to get off of campus it was a few days since her team's first session now and she was still a bit annoyed being the first to die in the simulation. Diana decided to see what her brother was doing and figured she'd check in on how he was doing at the academy now. Diana left her dorm and made her way down towards her brother's which was on the sixth floor of Stark Hall as she made her way towards the elevator. It didn't take to long as she found her brother's dorm and knocked on the door leaning against the side of the door waiting for Percy to answer.

Percy had been tidying up the room. Now that Teddy was feeling better, he was doing a deep clean of just about every item, ensuring there weren't any lingering germs left behind. His roommate hadn't given him too many details on what was happening, but he was barely around anyways. Percy had a feeling he was going to end up being one of those students who basically had a room all to himself, even if officially he had a roommate. "Coming," Percy said, hearing a knock at the door. He set down his lysol wipe container and intended on teleporting himself to the hallway, in order to greet whoever the person was.

Instead, Percy's teleportation went somewhat disastrously wrong - he teleported directly into Diana, knocking himself and his sister to the floor. "...Hi."

Diana waited by the door hearing her brother when he spoke through the door, she felt the wind getting knocked out of her as she landed on the floor with a loud thud. "Oww.." Diana said as she slowly started to stand up, and offered her hand to help her younger brother back up to his feet. "Bumping into me is better than getting yourself split in two like what happened to me during training." Diana said with a slight laugh. "I was wondering if you wanted to get off campus and get some real food my treat?" Diana offered, hoping he would say yes.

Percy accepted Diana's hand, getting up and brushing himself off. Had it been anyone else, he would've been mortified. But this was his sister - he could lower his guard around her a little more. "You'd think I'd have the hang of that," he muttered, irritated with himself. He wanted to have much more precise control over his powers than he did. He did raise an eyebrow though at what Diana mentioned, but given that she wasn't dead, it must not have been a huge deal. The coaches seemed to be pretty intense in the training anyways. "Did you have a place in mind?" Percy asked. He was new to the school, whereas his sister had been attending for a few years.

"My team tends to spend a lot of our training in the Framework thats where it happened actually." Diana explained as she thought about where to eat. "We could try one of the restaurants on the Santa Monica Pier if you wanted. Theres a place there called Maria Sol there that sounds good if you want some mexican food."

If Percy had been being honest, he’d been hoping to find a good deli or something nearby. But he figured he could ask his sister for her recommendations later - hopefully there was a place that had good coffee as well. He’d like a little local haunt he could go read in, with some comfort food and a good cuppa. ”Sure, I could go for a quesadilla,” Percy said with a shrug. ”You’re lucky - Nemo likes to send us off on the wildest errands all over the place. And physically endanger us. I’m starting to suspect he didn’t retire from the TVA, and that he was actually fired for being incompetent.”

"Cool, did you want to teleport over there or the good old fashion way and take the bus over there?" Diana asked she had used the bus a few times going between the school and into the city but she did prefer teleporting over there since it was a whole lot quicker. She then smiled slightly getting a bit of an idea. "If you want we could sneak into his office and see if there is anything interesting in there, i'm sure he has some information or whatever in there totally up to you."

"Teleporting's fine," Percy said. He was used to traveling that way with his sister. He didn't know if any of his peers had caught on yet, but Percy's teleportation range was somewhat limited. He could only reliably jump about fifty feet or so - any time he'd tried to go further, well... He ended up accidentally traveling a week into the future, freaking out his family. He didn't have the long range control his sister had. He smirked a bit though at her suggestion of spying on Nemo's office. "Lunch first?" he suggested. "Then we can heist."

"Teleporting it is then." Diana said as she gently took her brother's hand and teleported themselves, but instead they both landed onto a wall and groaned slightly. "Thats embarrassing sorry Percy." Diana said to him as she teleported again but only a few feet down the hall, not saying anything at how embarrassing the situation was. Normally she was really good with her teleporting but today seemed to be one of those days where her powers didn't work the way she wanted to. On the third time however they teleported to their intended destination and landed at the front entrance to the Santa Monica Pier. "Here we go finally lets get some food." Diana said as she headed down towards the restaurant.

He didn't judge his sister much for her difficulty teleporting - Percy's own aim wasn't perfect. However, that didn't mean he wasn't going to tease her about it. "Maybe they need to implement driver's ed, but for teleportation," he suggested dryly. "Do you think you'd pass?" he then added with a smirk, following after his sister as she led the way to the restaurant. They were at the pier now and the crisp ocean breeze hit Percy's nostrils. It was a nice change after the dustiness of the academy.

Diana looked over at the Pacific Park on the other end of the pier she had been there quiet a few times by herself during her time at the school. But she was pretty hungry and wanted to get some food at the restaurant at the end of the pier itself her attention turned towards her little brother's teasing and rolled her eyes. "I would totally pass you'd probably have to do the whole thing multiple times." Diana said teasingly and nudged Percy playfully as they entered the restaurant together, a hostess was at the front counter. "A table for two please." Diana said as their hostess nodded and started to lead them over to an open table that was on the outside.

Percy fake gasped. "I'll never forgive you for saying that. I'm amending my will to include that you aren't allowed to attend my funeral," he told Diana bluntly. He did have a will, of course, and it never struck him as odd that a high school student might have one. He had thoughts and opinions as to what should become of his belongings, and he didn't trust his family to sort things out should the worst occur. He had even had the will notarized.

He followed the hostess to the table, taking a seat. It was still sunny outside, and he popped on his sunglasses. That was much better. He then put a huge grin on his face - the sort of grin of a sibling who was continuing their offensive against the other one. "How's your love life, sister dear? Still dead?"

"You are so not getting anything in my will then." Diana said jokingly back towards her brother as she sat down across from her brother, Diana didn't have a will yet. She did think about it however from time to time in case she did actually become a hero and she did die at some point at least her family would get some of her belongings and whatever money she had to. Diana shook her head slightly when her younger brother asked about how her love life is going. "No i'm not dating anyone yet." She answered honestly she decided to keep the whole Artemis thing to herself for now. "What about you any cute boys yet?" She teased back to Percy.

Their waiter came towards their table sometime later and looked at the two of them. "What can I get you two to drink today?" They asked as Diana thought for a moment. "Just a coke please." Diana said as they nodded turning to look at Percy.

"Horchata, please," Percy requested to the waiter. He put on his award winning I am friendly and sweet smile, although often it just made him look like he was gloating. As the waiter left to go fetch their drink orders, he returned his attention to his sister. "No, unfortunately - this school seems to be overflowing with lesbians, and not a single gay man in sight," Percy lamented. "I think I'll die alone. Just me and my books." His mind had slipped to a certain cute boy, but that cute boy was quickly becoming his mortal enemy.

"I'm sure there is someone out there for you, besides you are young still no need to settle down and get married yet." Diana said with a slight laugh, she hadn't really dated anyone either since she had been attending the school there were a few cute boys and girls though. A few minutes later their waiter came back with their drink orders and set them down onto the table. "Are the two of you ready to order?" Their waiter asked as Diana nodded. "I'll have the Baja Fish Tacos please and a side of fries." Diana said as their waiter turned to Percy.

Percy wrinkled his nose at the idea of getting married. Maybe one day, but definitely not any time soon. He was barely fourteen years old after all. "I'll have the chicken quesadillas, thanks," Percy requested. The waiter took their orders and went off, placing them with the kitchen. Percy sipped his horchata, staring at his sister. "What do you think our moms are up to, now that we're both gone?"

Diana leaned back as she took a sip of her drink and watched as their waiter headed off to put their order in, then turned her attention back to Percy as she thought about what their parents were doing. "Probably planning a new vacation or something. That or they are probably helping to prevent the next world ending event to." Diana said, since they were Avenger's as well to they always did have to leave from time to time to help out the rest of the team.

"You don't think they're remodeling?" Percy asked. "Isn't that what people do, when their kids go off to live somewhere else? I'd be surprised if we still have bedrooms come this summer. You very well may be sleeping on the couch. I'll take the guest bedroom, of course," Percy proposed with a smirk. He liked to try to rile his sister up, although Diana rarely gave him the satisfaction.

"Oh i'm sure they are going to move all of your things into the cold dark basement and I get the guest room instead if they are planning on remodeling. That or they are planning another baby so that way you aren't the baby of the family anymore." Diana teased and smirked back at him. She did enjoy teasing her little brother and he rarely ever did get her riled up, she did wonder what they were actually doing right now while they were at school. A few minutes later their waiter came back to their table carrying the tray with their food and handed it to them. "Was there anything else you two would like?" They asked as Diana shook her head.

Percy shook his head. "No thank you," he said. The waiter then left, before adding that the siblings just should wave them on over if they needed anything else. Percy chuckled a bit though, thinking about their parents having another baby. "I think they're a little old for that - and besides, they can't improve on perfection," he reasoned. "Besides, what if the baby came out straight?" he then hypothesized. "I don't think the family would be able to live down the shame if that happened. I'd have to change my name."

Diana giggled slightly at the thought of their mothers having another baby, they were getting pretty old well their mother Maria seemed to still appeared to be really young still due to her healing factor and life absorption powers. "Well then they would be breaking the cycle for once." Diana said as she took a bite out of her fish tacos even their aunt Kristina was also bi like she was which was cool.

Percy nodded, before trying the quesadilla - it wasn't half bad. It was nice to hang out with his sister too. This school was pretty lonely, and while he'd protest he didn't need friends, it was good to have someone to talk to - especially someone that he didn't have to put on a cool front around. "We should do this again," Percy proposed. "Maybe you'll even teleport better next time."

Diana smiled at her brother and nodded. "I really enjoyed it just the two of us. We definitely should do it a lot more often." She said back to her brother, she had a lot of friends at school but she felt a lot more comfortable around her younger brother and she could confide in. She shook her head slightly as she took another bite out of her taco and a sip of her drink. "If I remember correctly you were the one to teleport into me first." She said with a slight laugh as she simply just enjoyed the meal and hanging out with her brother.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Avenger's Academy, Library
Skills: N/A
Grimoire: N/A

Location: Avenger's Academy, Library
Skills: Enhanced Reflexes (Passive), Electrokinesis

Madalyne had decided to spend some time out in the library of the school, she tended to spend more of her time in the magic section of the library. Madalyne always did enjoy the library quite a bit and it was always quiet which was also always nice too. There were a few students who were busy either studying or doing some homework as well to. She had her earbuds in and listening to some music. Her best friend and roommate April was somewhere else at the moment, she had some homework she was doing as well but she was just about to finish and was about to get up and leave to head back to her dorm.

Andy had some homework to get through. She didn't have the best study skills or anything. She hadn't been to school much before this. Her education was a bit behind in the normal high school classes. Her room was fine to study in most of the time, since her roommate had left the school and was straight up in the Avengers now. Wild. It was nice to have a room to herself. But she also needed some resources and didn't know where to start. After nearly twenty years of tech advancement and history, she had a huge gap in her knowledge. So to help with that Andy went to the place where she knew had all the resources she could want, and if they didn't they'd help her find them. The library. Entering the library it was cool looking. Very advanced. She was looking around a bit amazed at that when she bumped into Madalyne. Thankfully no skin was touched. "Oh, I'm sorry." She said quickly. "I just haven't been in here yet and was amazed. How are you doing?"

Madalyne bumped into Andy as she was just about to leave she closed her eyes for a moment and sighed slightly, she was glad that she didn't make skin contact with Andy. She didn't want to risk going into that form again like she had done in their first training session together but she gave Andy a friendly smile. "I'm doing pretty well thank you how about yourself?" Madalyne asked Andy as she looked back at the library and smiled. "I always enjoy coming here it's pretty quiet as well to, they have just about everything here you could think of book-wise. Were you looking for something here?" She asked her friend.

"I'm doing good. I have an essay to write for Ancient History class, and I need to find a subject for it." She had considered doing an essay on Ancient Greece, she had a first-hand source in her room for that. That'd be interesting, but also she didn't want to push her luck with Selene any more than necessary.

"Thats good to hear." Madalyne said to Andy giving her a smile as she wondered what kind of essay that Andy was working on. "What were you going to write for specifically maybe I can help you out? The library has a pretty good selection of books on ancient history." She offered.

"Well, to be honest, I'm not certain. I was thinking Ancient Greece, but I also want to be a bit contrary." Andy was honest. "So I maybe would do Egypt." She added. It was still ancient history, but it wouldn't be Greece. That'd keep her mom from trying to give notes.

"Both ancient Greece and ancient Egypt are pretty cool actually. Ancient Rome is pretty cool as well too." Madalyne said, ancient history was actually one of her favorite non-hero related subjects at this school. "I'm sure we can find something you are looking for to help out." Madalyne said as she started to head towards the ancient history section of the library.

"Thank you." Andy smiled following after Madalyne. She was impressed with the library. No student would ever have the time to read all the books here. Andy could see herself getting lost here. She hadn't ever really sat down to read. She struggled a bit with it so the idea of reading that much sort of stressed her out. Between undiagnosed dyslexia and undereducation, Andy wasn't good at reading. "I wouldn't even know where to start."

Madalyne started to look through the ancient history section until they were at the subjection that just dealt with ancient Egypt she gave Andy a friendly smile. "No problem, it's the least I could do for what happened during training." She said to her as she looked around at the books. "Were you doing like mythology or just history itself?" Madalyne asked, as she thought for a second. "Did you ever read the Percy Jackson books growing up?" She asked, it was one of the book series that her mother got her into and read all of the books and most of the spinoff series as well to.

"Oh, that totally wasn't your fault. We had no idea that would happen. Now that we know, we know to avoid it." Draining someone of their soul was easily in Andy's top five fears. There were of course things that outpaced that...like her mom escaping her prison. "Uh I think just history. The prompt was to write an essay about a part of ancient history that interests you. I don't know a whole lot about ancient history to be honest." Andy didn't want to explain that this was the first time she had been to school in ages. "They sound familiar. The author's last name is something a little strange right? There was a really bad movie too?" Andy had actually seen the movie and never cared to read the books after that. Not that she would have anyway.

Madalyne smiled she was glad then that Andy had forgiven her for pretty much stabbing her. "Air hugs from now on then." She said with a slight laugh as she looked at some of the history books that were there. "I can lend you my copies of the books next time I am home I can grab them for you if you want to read them." She offered and started to grab one of them. "The movie is really bad it's nothing like the books at all." Madalyne said. "These books should be good has some general information on the Pharaohs and stuff."

Andy wasn't surprised to hear that the movie was bad. She had made that assessment without the books years ago. She wasn't certain how to respond to Mads offer to lend her the books. Would she even get to them? School was taking a heavy toll on her free time if she was honest. She couldn't see having the time in the first place to read them. Then add that she just didn't like reading that much. "If you're okay with me having them for ages. I don't have much time to read for pleasure, and honestly, I read pretty slowly. My education was pretty sporadic growing up." She might as well be honest. That all being said while Madalyne handed her books. She looked over the stack and figured she might as well check them all out. "I'm going to stay here for a bit. It'll be nice to study away from the room. Even without a roommate, it can be difficult to keep concentrating on my work in there. Thank you for your help." Andy smiled brightly at Mads.

Madalyne smiled at Andy. "I don't mind I read them a few times already you can keep them if you want to take your time with reading and just do it whenever you can." She told Andy, having read through the books multiple times she was fine with giving them away to a friend she had chosen four books for Andy that might be able to help with her project. "I spend a lot of time here so if you ever want a study partner or something let me know to."

"Okay." Andy smiled brightly. "Both for study partner and borrowing the books. Especially, if you can help me with some of the magic homework. That's overwhelming sometimes." And asking Selene for help was a dangerous game. She probably would help happily but it'd come at a cost.

Madalyne smiled and nodded at Andy she did help do a little bit of teaching when Agatha was teaching at the school and thought about becoming a TA officially for her classes before she left for Strange Acadamy. "I can definitely help you out with any of your magic classes. Madalyne said to Andy.

"Thank you." Andy smiled brightly. Then started to set up her study area at one of the tables. She was going to be here for a while trying to figure out what she wanted to write her essay about and then writing it. "I'll see you around."

Madalyne smiled at Andy and nodded towards her. [color=7FFFD4]"No problem, anytime you need help you can call on me." She said to her as she gently patted Andy on the shoulder. "I'm gonna head out now, but I wish you luck with your essay to." Madalyne said to her as she started to head out of the library.

San Fransico, Amtrak Train Station:

Once everyone had gotten into the cab the driver quickly started it up and they were now on their way towards Mount Tam. Persephone looked at Stella and gave her a loving smile as she gently have her sister a hug. "Oh just came by to visit you and help you out a little bit." She said to Stella as she looked at the other two that Stella was on a quest with, they seemed to be pretty nice people. "How are the two of you doing?" She asked, the drive so far was going well as they could see the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance now.

Kiera Donovan

Location: Camp Fish-Blood
Skills: Sword Fighting, Hydrokinsis.

Kiera looked at Sera for a moment as she started to wonder about that as well to Hercules seemed to take the news not that well which was understandable. "We could bring it up with father see where he wants him to go." Kiera suggested as she moved the hippocampi as they started to head out of the camp and towards their intended destination back to Poseidon's palace. She kept going back to the image of seeing her girlfriend dying in front of her as she tried to get the image out of her head.

It didn't take to long until they were back in Atlantis, as they were taken directly back towards the palace and the palace guards quickly came to greet them along with their father. Kiera climbed off of her hippocampi as soon as it landed and took the trident as she approached her father and handed it back to him. "I believe this belongs to you father." Kiera said giving Poseidon a smile as he gently accepted it back. "Thank you, both of you." Poseidon then noticed that they were missing one of them.

"I'm sorry for your loss, lets get the two of you in and talk if you'd like." Poseidon said as he gave the two a gentle hug and waved the two of them to follow him as Kiera looked at her half sister and shrugged slightly. "Lets head in." Kiera said as she followed her father inside along with the palace guards.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Labyrinth
Skills: Mystiokinsis

Madalyne smiled at Andy as she could sense the magic that she was using hopefully it would last long enough for them to pass, as she started to head up where the map was showing them where they needed to go. "Stay close, that is a Giant there i'm not sure who it is but since we don't have a god with us it's best to avoid it as much as possible." Madalyne whispered as she headed up a flight of stairs that led them to the bridge of sorts that took them directly over it.

However their luck seemed to end rather quickly as Andy's magic failed and they were now visible once more the giant below them instantly picked up their scent and started to look around and then up. Madalyne looked down seeing that it was looking directly at her before yelling very loudly. "After them now!" It yelled as Madalyne started to panic as she quickly helped them across the rest of the way using her magic to push them forward to the other side. And several monsters quickly started to head up where they were from the way that they had just came from and were slowly crossing the bridge now. She used her magic again and sent a fireball directly at them sending one of the monsters on fire.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: Las Vegas, Lotus Hotel & Casino
Skills: N/A

"Yeah hopefully they'll show up soon." Kristin said as she leaned herself up against the nearby wall, the area was really hot but then again Vegas was in the middle of the desert pretty much anyway to. She turned to look at the group, she forgot that this was Demi's first quest and Janelle's second. And they probably didn't know anything about the hotel really as she looked at the two of them, she hadn't experienced the hotel like Nancy did only the stories from other campers along with Percy and Annabeth's encounter with the place.

"So from what I know about the hotel itself it makes you not want to leave at all, no matter what you do once you enter you don't want to get out. And time acts differently in there as well to, so a day in here could mean like a week in the real world out here." Kristin explained, hopefully they understood what it was now.

Over at the hotel Sunshine the cat that Zeke had named quickly woke up and stretched out letting out a loud meow and yawn before it quickly bolted for the door. It waited by the door for the two to follow and meowed wanting them to follow it and leave the hotel that they were staying in. It would eventually lead them to the group, and the cat approached Janelle letting out a meow and demanding pets from her clearly.

Sierra Finley

Location: Rapunzel's Tower
Skills: N/A

Sierra was glad that there was some weapons that they were being provided by her parent's army for those that needed it, she didn't really want to be apart of the argument on who else is going where. "Lets go and get geared up." Sierra said looking at Willow and smiled towards her as she gently patted her on the shoulder and headed outside. Outside there was a good number of troops from Atlantica, enough that could fight against Malefiecent's army. She headed towards a cart that looked like it was a mini armory of sorts and the merperson manned it smiled as they waved her over. "We'lll fit you up with the right armor and weapons you need." They said as they motioned towards someone else who was working with the armor.

Gabriella smiled slightly as she snapped her fingers and a set of bone looking armor along with a blank torn looking cloak and a staff that was made with bone, a skull with green looking gems were in place where the eye sockets should be. "Shall we get ready then?" Gabriella said looking at Megan as Arthur and Guinevere headed out of the room as well to in order to get changed as well to. A door could be heard opening as Lancelot came out of the room that he was in, still injured but it looked like he was doing better than he had been while looking at Megan.

Layla Hood

Location: The Moors
Skills: N/A

Merlin was glad that Colby decided to go with the distraction team they would certainly need someone else with magic on there as he turned to look at everyone else that was in the room. "If you are going i'd suggest getting set up then. I'll open a portal to the front of the castle once everyone is set and ready to go." Merlin said as he started to head out of the tower and he started the spell to get the massive portal started.

"C'mon lets go sis and Rose." Layla said as she started to get up and started to follow shortly behind Sierra where she was getting fitted for some armor. She definitely preferred lighter armor more than anything really there she was started to be fitted with it and started to grab some more throwing knives as well as a bow to. "Are you ready Jack?" Belle asked her son looking over at him, as everyone seemed to be getting ready now, Flynn quickly snapped his fingers and left and headed into a nearby room and came back handing Rosalia a rather nice looking dagger.

"Hopefully you won't need it but just in case you need to use it." Flynn said even though he knew that she wasn't really much of a fighter she did need to defend herself. Rapunzel was seen as she was gathering as much medical supplies that she needed as well to, she was going with the distraction group but she would stay behind and help with the wounded. Those that were already outside Merlin could be seen opening up a rather massive looking portal.
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