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Current Happy birthday to me Iā€™m 29 now lol
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*Sacrifices Lurking Shadow to the said ancient evils* :P
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If there is an issue with anyone, just be an adult and talk about it instead of hiding behind walls.
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@ammokkx You know those already exist right? Lol they are over 1,000 bucks to order.


Hi there, a little bit about me I am 28 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners, though most days I am usually doing group RPs.

Skyrose RP Universe Created & GMed & Co-GMed by: @Morose,@BlueSky44

Knight RP Universe Created & GMed by: @Kirah

Nexus RP Universe Created & GMed by: Me @Nallore!

Tales of Asgard, Beyond the Storm 1x1 with @AngelBites15

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Callie Johnson

Location: Washington DC, On the Road Again
Skills: N/A

Callie looked at Jack and nodded slightly as she turned and focused on the road ahead of them as she started to drive down the street while looking at Veil asking to take the longer way back. "The scenic route back home it is then." Callie said as she continued to drive, taking mostly back roads and taking wrong turns as well on purpose. She looked out of the rearview mirror and side mirrors as Callie looked for any suspicious cars driving, she couldnt help but shake the the feeling that they were actually being followed right now. Though she remained calm as best she could for right now.

"Just in case we are getting followed, could you do your invisible trick with the car I kind of get the sense that we are being followed right now?" Callie asked Veil, if they took the long way back and being invisible as well at the same time would help cover their tracks rather quickly. "You know it still isnt to late to try and shave your head to right?" Callie said teasingly towards Veil, her hair was a complete mess a lot of the time and sometimes she wondered if birds tried to make a nest in it to.

Kristina Smith

Location: Mutant Underground - Outside
Skills: N/A

Kristina nodded towards Sapphire as she watched the members of the Brotherhood starting to fly off, glaring at Pyro for a moment she was glad that she didnt have to fight him again. She looked down at her clothes and some of the burns that were on her skin and winced slightly as she touched them. Kris walked over towards the others as she knelt down slightly looking over at Echo, now getting a good look at what had happened. She couldnt help but wince seeing the metal shard sticking out of his back, and reached over to gently rest a hand on his shoulder.

Kristina did find him a little bit annoying, but he was a good guy though anyway and she did respect him for his help during the fight the day before. "Is there anything you need me to get?" Kristina asked looking over at Sapphire, she didnt know what to do at all and none of this was her area of expertise at all she was still willing to help pull her own weight around here as well.
@Belle Gold Hi there and welcome to RPG. :) If you ever want to RP or chat sometime feel free to ask! :)

Nadia Petrova

Location: Hotel Valhalla: Floor 21, -> Lobby
Skills: N/A

"So, are you okay?" Nadia asked looking over towards Runa for a moment while it was just the two of them, as she adjusted her pack somewhat full of climbing gear and whatnot. She started to think about the quest as her mind had gone back to home for a moment she really did miss her family. Nadia also started to think a little bit about her cousin as well, remembering her mentioning that she had gone to some kind of special camp which sounded a lot of fun. As they waited for Klara to show up Nadia turned her attention towards her friend, with a bit of a weird sight seeing her cat curled up on her shoulder wielding a knife in it's mouth. "You are bringing Betty along with you?" Nadia asked, it was both funny and cute at the same time as well, seeing the massive cat on her shoulder.

"Anyway lets head over to the lobby now." Nadia said as she made her way towards the elevator and pressed the button once everyone was in then pressed the lobby button. Nadia leaned back slightly as she reached over to pet Klara's cat and looked over towards her for a moment and smirked slightly. "Are you going to bring an army of goats with you to?" She asked jokingly hearing a huge prank had gone off having something to do with goats but it was before her time in the hotel.

Arnora Skadidottir

Location: Hotel Valhalla: Lobby
Skills: N/A

Arnora brought out her axe as she leaned back slightly looking down at it, running a hand over the runes on it for a moment, it was her favorite weapon that she actually owned. Arnora was enjoying the quietness for awhile the quest was also on her mind a little bit as she thought for a moment if they did fail then it would be the end of the world. When Arnora heard the elevator going off, she stood up seeing that it was just Elizabeth and waved at her. "Heya." Arnora said as she waited a little bit more seeing Lara coming out as well and waved at her and smiled. "I'm ready once the others get here we can be on our merry way." Arnora said.

Arnora heard the elevator going off as she saw the last three were coming out of the elevator now as well, she stared at Klara as she brought her cat with her and laughed slightly seeing the knife in the cats mouth. "I'm sure that your cat will be able to prevent Ragnarok from happening." Arnora said laughing a little bit as she picked up her pack of supplies.

Kiera Donovan

Location: Argo III Upper Deck -> Lower Decks Galley
Skills: N/A

Kiera stared at Demetri for a moment crossing her arms over her chest as he kind of went off on Mary, she looked at both Leda and Mary for a moment, and then Mary ended up going off on him which she smirked slightly. She watched him turn off and head back down into the lower decks of the ship. "You think he wanted to talk about a wet dream about a girl and wanted advice or something?" Kiera asked laughing slightly as she felt her stomach starting to growl some more. "Lets go and grab something to eat then." Kiera said giving Leda another kiss on the cheek before heading down below deck and towards the galley with some of the others.

Lauryn looked between Jason and Andy for a moment and saw Arthur coming into the room, she knew that dreams were pretty common when it came to demigods she had a few when she was going on a quest to. But she had slept pretty soundly throughout the night which was a good thing as Lauryn went to sit down. "I slept like a baby, weird dreams are kind of common though when it comes to us it gives us glimpses to what could happen in the future, or events that are currently happening." Lauryn said as she took a plate as it filled up with some food she watched as Demetri came down and waved towards him and shortly after Kiera as well, as she pulled up a random seat and sat down. "Hey guys." Kiera said as a plate of food came up filled with scrambled eggs and bacon as well as some water.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Base of Mount Othrys
Skills: Roman Mythology, Greek Mythology

Madalyne literally wanted to facepalm right then and there, they needed to show unity and that they were working together as a single unit trying to find information on Atlas. Throwing insults and curses at each other in front of the Goddess Diana was not a good idea at all as she turned to look at them all. Nancy was her best friend and pretty much her sister, while Waverly was blood related having the same mom pretty much, she hadnt known Waverly for to long aside from teaching her how to use her abilities. While she knew Nancy for literally years even before the others were born from being in the Lotus Hotel & Casino for so long. "Will all of you be quiet and not argue right here!" Madalyne finally said sighing slightly before turning around to face Diana, the huntresses and Prometheus. "I am really sorry for that milady.." Madalyne said looking at Nancy for a moment, hoping that she knew that she would always have her back.

Diana looked at the group of Romans in front of her, she focused on Nancy for a moment as she started to relax some while the other huntresses were focused on Prometheus at the moment. "You may pass, we found Prometheus here about to enter when we caught him." She said, as remembering his role during the Second Titan War. "My huntresses will escort you all there to see him, I'd like to talk to my niece alone for a moment though please if you dont mind." Diana said, Madalyne looked at Nancy for a moment gently resting a hand on her friend's shoulder, hoping that she wasnt in trouble or anything. "We'll be nearby." Madalyne said towards Nancy as she started to walk away as some of the huntresses walked away.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: Bus Ride (Dream World)
Skills: Spear Fighting

"Like hell I would give you what you want!" The girl yelled, as the dream suddenly started to change, and now it looked like it was a scene out of The Walking Dead. The girl started to freak out now as a zombie started to shamble its way towards her, and drew out her knife and stabbed it in the head. "So she's scared of walkers?" Kristin asked looking at the two of them as she smirked a little bit as the zombies also started to focus their attention to the three of them. Kristin took out her spear, and thrusted it forward only to hit the zombie's stomach and stumbled backwards.

Two of the zombies started to reach for Zeke and tried to take a chunk out of his arm, the girl while freaking out managed to kill one of the zombies that tried to grab onto Zeke. "Fine, i'll take you guys to her, just wake me up!" She yelled as a zombie tackled her to the ground and started to struggle to get it off of her.
@Archangel89 Hi there, glad that you showed interest in the RP if you can make a CS within the next week or so I can easily bring your character in.

1. The RP itself is based off of a book series called Magnus Chase: and the Gods of Asgard, it's a fantasy trilogy but adds in modern day elements and references as well to. You do not have to read the books to be apart of the RP if you dont want to, I can answer any questions you may have or the wiki could easily answer any questions as well to.

2. If you are making a son of Odin he or she doesnt have to necessarily be a spear magic user, as long as he has 2 abilities of Odin then that would be fine. But feel free to send me a PM for any questions you may have. :)

Carolina Reed

Location: Xavier's Mansion - Blackbird Hangar
Skills: N/A

Carolina watched as the monkeys then suddenly had knives in their hands they all let out a loud screech as everything started to breakdown into pure chaos as the monkeys attacked again. They tackled members of the team, before feeling the wind getting knocked out of her and slammed to the ground. Carolina felt sharp stabbing pains going through her arms, and legs as the monkeys started to stab her groaning out in pain as she felt blood sliding down her arms and legs.

She started to use as much strength as she could, as she pulled off some of the monkeys off of her, as she started to feel some of the weight going off of her. She yelped out in pain as another monkey stabbed her arms, as more blood started to go down her arms she didnt think that they would end up loosing to a bunch of monkeys. She watched as the monkeys had tackled Neil and they started to stab him, seeing a knife going into his stomach. "Hey get off of them!" Carolina yelled, hoping that the monkeys would focus on her rather than Neil.

Bethany Bell

Location: Xavier's Mansion - Blackbird Hangar
Skills: Shadow Manipulation

"Whats next the monkeys are going to start talking and wielding guns like they are from Planet of the Apes?" Bethany asked as the monkeys pulled out knives and started to attack the group. She looked over towards Mary for a moment asking if she could shadow travel the monkeys out of the room. "I dont know if I can do that many but I can try." Bethany said, just as the monkeys tackled her to the ground as well, yelling in pain as the monkeys started to stab her arms and legs. She curled up into a ball hoping that would at least protect her somewhat, when the weight came off of her.

She quickly got back up to her feet groaning a little bit as she watched blood sliding down her arms and legs, she looked around at everyone who were still being dogpiled by the monkeys. She watched as Mary got stabbed she turned to look at Ed, the only other person who could heal was Klara and she was under a pile of monkeys right now. "Ed go and heal Mary if you can!" Bethany yelled as she moved her arms over using the shadows around the monkeys surrounding Klara and pulled them all off of her.

Cassandra Reed

Location: 616 169th Street, Queens
Skills: Hand to hand combat, enhanced condition

"I'm a lot tougher than you think." Cassandra said towards Captain America as she watched Matt coming into the room, and attempted to try and paralyze him. Only to be blocked by Cap's shield, as she was about to attack again she felt Hawkeye's arrow harmlessly hit her turning to look at her former team leader. "Has it ever occurred to you that we do needs accountability for everything that we do, like damage New York, and Cardiff?" She said as Falcon started to attack Bonnie, she knew that her best friend could handle herself but she started to think of something seeing Matt and nodded getting what he wanted to do.

Cassandra quickly helped Bonnie back up to her feet again, looking at her for a moment as she saw an arrow hitting Matt's shoulder.She instantly went in and picked up Falcon and attempted to throw him at Captain America. But he dodged her throw as she charged in and tried to kick him, only for him to block her attack with his shield she stumbled backwards and stared at him. "You guys need to stand down, and turn yourselves in." She said.

Maria Novikova

Location: Mojoverse -> The Astral Plane
Skills: N/A

"Oookay note to self dont touch things that you arent suppose to touch." Maria said mostly to herself as she looked at all of the screens and people as well. She didnt want to be here any more than she needed to be at all as Maria looked down at the cube seeing one side that she was touching was glowing green. She inspected it somewhat some more as Maria touched the other side of the cube looking at the scenery once more.

Before Maria found herself in yet another new location that she had never seen before at all either, she looked around everything looked really ghostly looking as she looked around a little bit confused again groaning to herself as she stared at the cube again wondering which one would actually bring her back to the normal world.

Sierra Finley & Layla Hood

Location: Camelot, The Lake

"The city is surrounded by guards on the walls as well as checkpoints to get into the city as well. They will ask what our purpose in the city is, we stay together and dont do anything that draws attention towards us. When they question you, just answer that we are visiting some family for a wedding within the city." Merlin answered Rose as he looked over towards her. "There is an inn where we will find some allies operating in there." He also answered her, as they continued to walk down the road Isabella watched as Megan handed her rapier over towards Jack. She always saw rapiers in movies and TV shows as flimsy little point sticks that didnt do much damage at all, as she shook her head slightly.

Layla would occasionally look over her shoulder at Mathew and Colby in her opinion the two of them were the least experienced and could get themselves or others killed as well. But she didnt say anything and just wanted to drop the subject all together as well to whats done was done now anyway as well to. She listened to Merlin and nodded slightly sounded like a good plan as long as no one screwed anything up at all either. Taylor would reach out and gently pet Lucky who had decided to drop the bone inside of the bag and would lick Taylor's hand as well as Rosalia's.

Sierra decided to take a few steps back and started to walk alongside Colby and Mathew she felt a little bit bad about the others attacking the two of them. "Are you two okay?" Sierra asked both Colby and Matthew as they walked seeing a sign that spelled out Camelot they were getting closer now as she noticed some other travelers as well. As they got closer towards the city she noticed the rather large walls and towers as well as some soldiers just outside of the gates. They would occasionally stop a few travelers, those with stage coaches or wagons carrying supplies the soliders went to inspect what was in them.

Carolina Reed

Location: Xavier's Mansion - Blackbird Hangar
Skills: N/A

Carolina watched as Lance started to freak out about Runa's staff as it seemingly didnt hurt him at all as she looked between Lance and Runa. As she started to put two and two together that Lance was somehow Runa's soulmate, she remembered that the two of them were really close in the House of M Reality. "It looks like Lance is Runa's soulmate or something." She said as she looked at everyone else in the room as Iris came back into the room. She gripped her stick tightly again as Iris rolled, she started to get a bit paranoid and started to expect another fight to breakout.

She would occasionally look over at Neil for a moment and gave him a smile, as she stood close to him she didnt really have any combative powers like the others on the team had, so she relied more on other skills to. "I'll watch your back if you watch mine." Carolina said to Neil as she looked at Annie waving her over. When monkeys started to suddenly appear in the room, she looked at all of them, she kept her guard up when a monkey got to close to her Carolina swung the pointy stick she brought with her from the game world and wacked the monkey hearing a sickening crack as it injured the monkey.

Bethany Bell

Location: Xavier's Mansion - Blackbird Hangar
Skills: Shadow Manipulation

Bethany looked around at the others in the room and Lance as he freaked out about holding Runa's staff, she wouldnt have held it like Elizabeth did. She crossed her arms over her chest as the turn was now Mira's and Iris' turn to roll the dice as she started to prepare herself for what was to come next. Just was the next riddle appeared in front of them an army of monkeys appeared and started to attack, a group of them focused on Iris. Seeing the girl starting to laugh she shook her head slightly Iris was really weird and she couldnt even understand why.

Bethany closed her eyes and focused on the shadows surrounding Iris and then held out her hand as she forcefully took the monkey's off of Iris. "You should probably pay less attention on getting high and actually start fighting the monkeys? Also you are welcome by the way." Beth said as she watched more monkeys starting to appear.

Callie Johnson

Location: Washington DC, Outside of Jack's Apartment
Skills: N/A

"Alright then lets get going back home." Callie said as she started to feel a bit better again enough to drive, she just hoped that another spell like that wouldnt happen again while they were driving. She waited until everyone else got into the car and started to pull out and started to drive. She looked over her shoulder towards Waverly and Veil for a moment, she wasnt sure what was causing Waverly to experience pain like that. "Are you guys okay back there?" Callie asked looking over at them as she continued to drive while looking over at Jack as well to.

"Is there anything else you remember from last night?" Callie asked Jack, maybe he could remember something else and maybe get some answers to as well. Callie wasnt sure why Emma Frost wanted to mess with Jack's mind for either she just hoped that Luna wasnt loopy at all for them to get into Jack's mind.

Kristina Smith

Location: Mutant Underground - Outside
Skills: Laser Vision

Kristina could feel the fire snake's grip around her start to lessen a little bit as she continued to groan out loudly in pain as the fire continued to burn her. She started to focus on Pyro again, as she aimed more at his head and unleashed another eyebeam directly at Pyro hitting him in the face. Which instantly knocked him out, and the fire snake finally disappearing, fire started to spread and burn more of her clothes crying out in pain. Carolina started to drop to the ground and rolled around in order to try and get the fire to go out, until it finally did.

Kris looked down at her burns it really hurt as her burned clothes to smelled like she was laying on a grill for a long time, she noticed Magneto and Polaris both coming out of the Underground. "Are we just going to let them go?" Kristina asked looking over at the others, sure they may have taken Polaris, but that was all Havok's doing honestly as well to.
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