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Current Posts for HoC, SNW, and TWD will be up later this evening.
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7 more days until my birthday!
6 days ago
@MetaDude well thanks for the very distrurbing image of a victional beast anally raping to death lol.
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15 days ago
I can think of a million things to do right now, but right now I'd rather just sleep hate working at 6AM!
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4 posts down just gotta update Wolves now,
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Good morning, good evening, or good afternoon my friends and stalkers! Yes I see you all who stalk my profile how goes it?! And welcome to my profile!:D Also here's some music while you read!

Halo 2 Theme

A little bit about me I am 24 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I work full time and around 40 hours a week, I am always on here no matter what, that and i'm to lazy to press the logout button lol. :P I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners.

I prefer mainly doing FxF plots as well as MxF though I am more inclined to the latter, but either one is totally fine. :) I am not a grammar Nazi and like I said above just no oneliners and I will do the same. :) There maybe sometimes that I might be to tired to post some days since I am mainly working 6AM-2PM at my job but I can still post multiple times a week.

]In no order with what so ever and love you all equally and those who I have been RPing with over the years! And you all get the gropes all the time!

@Zhaliora My sexually pervy friend love ya and love our 1x1's together!
@Damo021 Another awesome friend though you so slow with posting still love ya anyway! Also been in Wolves since day one! :)
@ChaoticFox My cute little foxie friend I love ya as well and fun to chat with! :)
@BeautifulSnow Snowie my other great friend whos been in Wolves since day one and all around great person! <3
@Lady Amalthea Best GM ever and great person all around also LLA's secret lover. And why you rip off my right arm?! I need that thing! :P
@Sigil Also one of the best GM's I've ever played with great person!
@Charnobylisk My Char! You always deny my love and gropes by charging me but love you anyway! :D
@Angel Vicky I miss you so much and miss our RP together, and I seriously hope you are alright and wish you to come back and thanks for helping me play a male for the first time!
@datadogie Love ya like a little bro best friend and great person to chat with!
@Aewin Annie! My shipper friend love you and i'll grope you whenever I feel like it! :D
@kittyluna45 One of my BFF's love you and love chatting and we need to do more group RP's together!
@Kirah Miss our RP together in Mundane you are a great person and RPer and wish we can RP more together!
@rivaan Awesome RPer and awesome drawer and a good friend to talk to and enjoy our two RPs together! :)
@Andromedai I've known you for such a very long time an awesome RPer and an awesome friend to chat with we will be friends forever! :D
@SouffleGirl123 You are such an awesome lady love chatting with ya whenever we are on the Chatzy together, also another Halestorm lover and love ya for it! :D Also my Mickey D's warbuddy only you know what I go through. :P
@Morose Such an awesome writer and love just chatting and shipping our two characters, and you are fun to chat with! :)
@FantasyChic Such a great writer, you make some of the best characters and you make such lovely posts all of them great to read, also a great person to talk to! :)

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@Peridot Day 6

Location: Qasr El Nil Barracks

Lauren gave a slight smile and nod when Vera mentioned that it was Peter who had given the flowers, at first when she mentioned Lord Keystone Lauren thought it was her uncle however. Flowers were usually a pretty good sign when someone was trying to show how they feel to a person she remembered when her husband back home always gave her some flowers whenever they were first together. She did miss everyone that she knew back in the States. The private dinner was certainly a romantic thought, though Lauren wasn't going to pry much further into it however, she was curious though how that would turn out though with what happened with William earlier.

"Please take your time." Lauren gave Vera a friendly smile as she looked over towards Nora as Vera started to write a letter back to Peter she assumed that was who she was writing to. "So how have you been Nora?" Lauren asked looking towards her friend giving her a friendly smile as Neema went to setting up the tea. Lauren gave the elderly woman a friendly smile as she requested a lemon and a little bit of sugar with her tea, she wasn't that hungry yet from earlier she had breakfast back at the barracks.

Lauren looked between Neema and Nora when Vera asked her what she had learned, she was pretty curious as to what it was, and if they were connected to her dreams in some way.
I'll have a post up tomorrow after work.

Actually fuck it gonna do it now lol
@HushedWhispers I'm sorry to see you go but had fun writing with ya and hopefully we can RP sometime in the future. :)
@BlueSky44 Day 6.
@Morose I'm loving Scarlett already lol. :P
@CuddleKitten Well aren't you the cute little bundle of energy! And welcome to RPG if you ever want to RP or chat feel free to ask! *Picks up and smothers with cuddles*
Post will be up tomorrow.

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