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Current After rewatching The Hunger Games movies I want to do a 1x1 RP with it now.
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@GhostMami I know right?! Been thinking of doing one at some point.
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If anyone is interested in joining Hotel Valhalla feel free to apply we are open for new players. :)…
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As a McDonalds worker, on the McRib, I make these every single day and they are messy as fuck and the sauce gets everywhere. And your fresh quarter pounders arent really fresh and thawed and are nasty
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The dumbass Cheeto/Oompa Loompa is finally gone yay!


Hi there, a little bit about me I am 28 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners, though most days I am usually doing group RPs.

Skyrose RP Universe Created & GMed & Co-GMed by: @Morose,@BlueSky44

Knight RP Universe Created & GMed by: @Kirah

Nexus RP Universe Created & GMed by: Me @Nallore!

Tales of Asgard, Beyond the Storm 1x1 with @AngelBites15

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Callie Johnson

Location: The Grove
Skills: N/A

Callie turned her attention towards Selene for a moment she couldnt help but be a little bit disturbed with her pulling out some random skull, and her claiming it as some sort of emotional support animal. She turned to Veil and Jack, and made the crazy gesture towards Selene, Callie didnt really care of Selene saw that or not. Sure the woman had helped found Genosha for sure, but even Callie had to agree that Selene had a few screws loose in that head of hers. Then Mr. Sinister made a suggestion turning the people who were emotionally, mentally and physically hurt during the attack. "Yeah, no the three of us had already encountered your hounds before hard pass on that suggestion." Callie said towards him as she turned her attention over towards Esma as she made her suggestion of throwing a gala to help with morale.

She didnt need to use her powers to really feel those around her that they were all hurt by the attack by the Children of the Vault, and they needed something to uplift everyone's spirits. Callie looked between Veil and James as they raised their hands in favor for the Hellfire Gala she raised her hand in favor of it as well to. "A gala I think would be perfect." Callie said looking over towards Esme and smiled towards her.
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Carolina Reed

Location: New York City Building Interior
Skills: N/A

Carolina looked up at Ed and gave him a slight smile as he was able to patch her up. "Thank you, i'm Carolina it's nice to meet you." She said towards him, as she watched Guin turning off and making her way down towards the sewers where they had been staying. Carolina followed shortly behind her and Pietro and started to climb down the ladder and eventually made it to the bottom. She headed further down until they were in their little makeshift home of sorts.

"How are things here?" Carolina asked looking over towards Ben as he, he seemed to be on edge with their three new guests as far as she could tell she trusted them. She wasnt sure where Thor or Bruce Banner were further down, she wasnt sure what they all were doing really.

Cassandra Reed

Location: New York Streets
Skills: N/A

Cassandra was grateful that Ed was able to patch her sister up, and she was back up on her feet again, her attention turned towards Jade asking if it was just them or if there were anymore. "There are only three more of us around." Cassandra said, she'd have tried to call for more help herself. But she was pretty sure that SHIELD had considered her long dead by now, she was technically just an ordinary human at the time before the virus was unleashed. "Lets get going." Cassandra said as she started to follow the others down as well to and into the sewers.

Cass got off of the ladder and made her way towards their little home seeing Ben Grimm coming over and was instantly questioning about their three new guests. Cass still wasnt super sure if these people could be trusted but if they were here to help take down Magneto then she was willing to listen to what they had in mind Thor and Hulk were both apparently further down in the tunnel doing something.

Nadia Petrova

Location: Outside of Loki's Cavern
Skills: N/A

Nadia didnt like the fact that Loki and Eris had gotten away, as she looked over towards Baldur for some more answers. "I'll have to contact Mimir and have him set up a meeting with someone from the Greeks." Baldur said as he watched Dalisy summon the Bifrost for all of them to go through. He turned towards Lara asking why Eris had helped them he truly didnt know why she even helped Loki out in the first place, something big was going on by the looks of it. "I do not know it'll be something that we will have to find out together." Baldur said to them as he made his way over towards the bifrost turning towards the others.

"Lets get going and return to the hotel." Baldur said as he entered the bifrost that Dalisy had made for them, Nadia looked at Klara and nodded slightly. "At least none of us got killed I guess." Nadia said as she turned towards Runa and gave her a quick hug, she was glad that Runa was able to get herself freed Loki's grip. "It wasnt your fault that Loki and Eris had gotten away, so don't blame yourself for that." Nadia told her before heading into the bifrost.

Arnora Skadidottir

Location: Outside of Loki's Cavern
Skills: N/A

Arnora was a little bit annoyed that Loki had managed to break free and escape, she closed her eyes and sighed as she leaned herself up against her axe. "Well thats just great he got away." Arnora said, though she didnt blame anyone of them for what had happened, they were technically mortals outside of Valhalla and they could die if they were killed outside. Arnora watched as Dalisy opened up a portal with the bifrost for them to go through to get back to the hotel.

"Thanks again for patching me up." Arnora said to Lara and gave her a slight smile her leg was really hurting as she started to limp her way back over towards the portal and stepped through to the hotel, and immediately took a seat on a nearby chair as she watched Baldur heading off to meet with the Thanes and Odin to probably tell them what has happened,

Meanwhile some unknown location...

Loki and Eris had barely managed to get out of the cavern thanks to the pesky group of Einherjar, he leaned back slightly as he recovered from the wounds as well as Eris. In the distance there was a mixture of cyclops and jotunn, they were dragging what looked to be massive animal crates containing various kinds of monsters and other creatures. "The others won't notice right?" Loki asked Eris as she turned towards him and nodded.

"They are a bit to busy with whats going on in the Pit and fighting amongst each other to notice a few monsters here and there go missing." Eris answered and smiled as she unrolled a map setting it down on a nearby table it appeared to be a very large arena of some kind with various pictures of monsters on certain areas of the map. "Good, we can focus more on our project more closely then we just need to find the right number of contestants." Loki said smiling evily.

Cassandra Reed

Location: SWORD HQ, Hallway - Earth 257
Skills: N/A

Cassandra quickly changed and grabbed her gear as she looked towards the others and nodded slightly, she couldnt help but sigh and rub the bridge of her nose. Celestine had done something stupid and put herself and members of her team at risk, making a note to talk to her once they had a free moment when they werent being held in this place. She hoped that Oliver and Amelia would be able to handle it on their own until they could meet up with the others. Cassandra took a moment and stared at the armor that magically appeared on Bonnie and gave her a confused look. "When did you get that?" Cassandra ended up asking, before shaking her head slightly, and wanted to refocus on what was going on now. "Never mind lets get going." Cassandra said as she quickly headed out of the evidence lockup, she tried to catch up with Raynor's dagger, only for her to loose sight of it.

Luckily the others were able to keep track of it and managed to catch up to the others, Cassandra was glad to see that Flynn, Raynor, Maria as well as Matt were all okay, Sparky had jumped into the fray already fired off a lightening bolt at one of the Iron Legion members noticing the swords. Cassandra quickly handed Maria her weapons and gear, taking a moment and looked towards Matt. "Are you doing okay?" She asked him as she then turned her attention towards the two iron men, she just hoped that she wouldnt bump into her doppelganger anytime soon.

Maria Novikova

Location: SWORD HQ, Hallway- Earth 257
Skills: N/A

Maria turned towards Matt when two Iron Legion members with swords came out of nowhere and tried to attack Matt, why they had swords was beyond her, since their armor already had a lot of other weapons on them probably. Maria turned to look at Folly as she explained the weapons that they had on them were deadly enough to kill her and nodded. "Don't get hit by the sharp thingies that can kill you, got it." Maria said when there was a flash of lightening and Sparky came rushing out to attack one of them along with Cassandra who was holding her gear.

Maria was really happy to have her actual gear back as Cass handed her bow and arrows back to her. "Thank you." Maria said smiling as she quickly swung her quiver over her shoulder pulling out two EMP arrows, getting into her usual stance. One of them missed the soldier but his armor had already been temporarily disabled, while the other fly true and managed to hit one Iron Man suit. It quickly started to discharge before the suit itself was shutdown.


Aurora thought for a moment as she took her seat and looked towards her daughter. "Maybe for the last ten years or so, while I was fleeing I bumped into these two." Aurora said to Willow as she gestured to both the Mad Hatter as well as Cheshire, Hatter turned towards Maddie and gave him a slight frown and looked down for a moment. "Maleficent's forces invaded Wonderland and we had to run for it, she was taking some people against their will for who knows what. So Cheshire and I have been on the run ever since, and eventually met up with Miss Aurora here." He told him.

When a young waiter came over he wasnt much older than any of the three of them and handed them all a menu. "What can I get you all to drink today?" He asked them, as Aurora, Hatter and Cheshire all ordered some water. The waiter then turned to look between Willow, Maddie and Colby as well to see what the three would want to drink. The menu had various kinds of alcohol, and the food all appeared to be middle eastern as well to.

Sierra Finley

Location: Atlantica
Skills: N/A

Arthur looked towards Megan wanting him to explain what Maleficent wanted with all of them, he took a moment and leaned back as the others started to head out of the cabin. "As Merlin had said, he wanted to make sure that all of you were safe, so thats why he sent you all to Earth. He was probably going to wait until you and the others were reunited with us to tell you all this, but what Maleficent really wants to do is expand her empire and have Arcadia merge with Earth as well." Arthur said while looking over towards Megan to gage her reaction.

Sierra leaned herself up against the nearby wall gently rubbing her shoulder and winced as it was still painful to the touch as well to, she turned to look at Jack and gave him a slight wave. Both Hansel and Gretel were going around the permitter of the cabin making sure that none of Hook's men were going to sneak up on them, Belle eventually found a nearby chair to sit on the porch turning to look over towards Jack. "What has your life been like?" Belle ended up asking him, mainly she wanted to get to know what her son was like growing up and how he was treated as a child as well to.

Layla Hood

Location: The Moors
Skills: N/A

"I'm going to go and get answers, if any of you want to come with me you are more than welcome to." Robin Hood said to his two daughters, but also offering it to the others if they wanted to come with as well to. Rapunzel was finishing up working on the bandage to Rose' wound and looked over towards her. "You are good to go now, just come here in the morning to get a clean set of bandages." Rapunzel said to Rose as she had gone to tend to the other wounded in the attack. Layla looked towards Rosalia and held her hands up and sighed shaking her head slightly. "Alright, just don't come crying to me if you are feeling worse." Layla said jokingly as she looked towards her father as he left the tent.

"I'm going to go and check things out with dad." Layla said to Cassi, she hoped that her sister would join and help find out who attacked the camp. "How are you feeling?" Red asked turning to look over at Rose, with a bit of a concerned look, though whatever salve that Rapunzel had used for the wound dressing the pain was nearly gone now, it would just feel a little bit sort and stiff.

Demeter's Cabin:

Over the night both Mary and Stella would both get two really strange dreams, for Mary she was in what looked to be the labyrinth and she would be able to see both Andy and Madalayne her two other quest mates on the quest. There was what looked to be a sword stuck inside of a pedestal of sorts, with the symbol of Hades on it, and it was being protected by a giant with grey eyes, and hair and a pair of dragon like legs that were also white, and wore a tattered tunic of sorts as well to. It looked like he was talking to someone through a mirror of some kind but it was to dark to see and make out to see the figure in the mirror itself before Mary would end up waking up.

In Stella's dream she would be able to see the ruins of New Rome, there was an army of monster that ended up setting up shop in the ruins of the Roman's city. They would eventually travel up to Mount Orthyrss, the Titan's equivalent to the Olympian's Mount Olympus, she'd be able to see Atlas sitting on a throne of sorts with Terminus holding up the weight of the sky with the literal weight of the sky on the god's back he appeared to be very weak. Atlas was holding what looked to be Zeus' master bolt in his hands. Both Mary and would wake up to some yelling in the distance where Zeus' cabin currently was who ever was yelling clearly wasnt happy at all.

Ares' Cabin:

Jason would get the same exact dream that Stella would have and he would instantly be able to recognize the ruins of New Rome, without to much issue. Atlas was sitting on the throne tinkering with Zeus' master bolt, and he would use it and aim it at the ruins of New Rome, causing a massive bolt of lightening to come crashing down destroying one of the buildings within New Rome. Jason would then suddenly be waken up by his half-brother Jace with a slight laugh, yelling could be heard in the distance. "Looks like Coach Hedge found some campers sneaking around." He said as he went to go out and see what was actually going on there.

Hypnos' Cabin:

Over in the Hypnos' cabin everything seemed to be fairly quiet for the most part, some of Janelle's cabin mates were slowly waking up and getting ready for their day. She'd be able to hear some kind of commotion going on outside of her cabin as some of her cabin mates were just waking up as well to, a little bit tired and disoriented. Some kids in the Hypnos Cabin were always known to be pretty lazy for the most part. Isaac the head councilor for the Hypnos cabin turned to look over at her. "Did you sleep well?" Isaac ended up asking her to lighten the mood up a bit and to make some conversation, clearly just tuning out what was going on outside with Gleeson Hedge.

Dionysus's Cabin:

Over in the Dionysus cabin everything would be pretty calm for the most part as some of Cassian's half-brothers and sisters were waking up and were getting ready to head to the dining pavilion for some breakfast. Like the other parts around the cabin's Cassian would be able to easily hear some yelling going on. And if he were to look out the window he'd catch a glimpse of a rather short and stocky satyr entering Zeus' Cabin with a baseball bat in hand, and the yelling getting much louder as well to. Dean couldn't help but laugh a little bit at what was going on, he wasnt sure who exactly Gleeson Hedge had set his eyes on but it was going to be really funny to see.

Zeus' Cabin:

Over at Zeus' Cabin both Zeke and Demetri would be in for an exteremely rude awakening, at first it was some loud banging on the door to the cabin. When that didnt happen the door was opened, it was Gleeson Hedge, a satyr that sometimes took his job a little bit to seriously and would make sure that the campers were always on good behavior. Hedge quickly set his eyes directly at Zeke and glared at him, and took his baseball bat and started smacking Zeke with it, though the hits werent extremely hard they would still hurt quiet a bit.

"Kel and Howell! Both of you should know better to be sleeping over in cabin's that aren't yours!" He said angrily, as he went in and gave Demeteri the same treatment as well to. "This is against camp rules, you have five minutes to get back to your cabin Kel, or you'll go straight to Chiron and Mr. D!" Coach Hedge said smacking Zeke and Demi one more time each, before Coach Hedge turned and left the cabin.

Hades' Cabin:

Over in the Hades Cabin where Andy and Arthur stayed the night, the two of them would also end up getting dreams just like the others who were going on a quest. For Arthur he'd be under water in the ocean with both Kiera and Leda, there was what looked to be a camp similar to Camp Half-Blood by the looks of it with merpeople who were defending the camp from Oceanus himself. He was carrying Poseidon's Trident in his hand while attacking anyone who would attack him. Arthur would wake up shortly after this and he'd be able to hear some rather loud yelling.

Andy would get the same dream as Mary and Madalyne would, they were in the labyrinth himself, with a giant talking to someone and a sword sitting on a pedestal nearby. She'd also be able to see a rather large menacing looking spear as well to close by to the giant's side while he was distracted and talking to someone in the mirror. Her dream would suddenly end rather quickly and she'd hear the same yelling as well to, if both Arthur and Andy looked outside the two of them would see Coach Hedge storming out of Zeus' cabin it looked like he was getting ready to inspect some more cabin violations.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Athena Cabin -> Outside of Hades Cabin
Skills: N/A

Kristin slowly started to yawn a little bit and stretched out as she went to get herself ready for the day, she made her way over towards her cabin's bathroom and started to get changed. As well was doing a quick little shower as well to. After Kristin had done that she went to brush her teeth. Which didnt take long for her to do at all and came out of the bathroom, to get fully changed, when she paused and heard Coach Hedge's voice, Kristin sighed and shook her head slightly. The old satyr was always a stickler for the rules, luckily she was good at staying out of trouble for the most part.

Kristin started to make her way out of the cabin, Hedge had gone to one of the other cabin's she decided to check on Andy and Arthur, she didnt want either of them on Coach Hedge's wrath either. Kristin knocked on Arthur's door before sticking her head in to see Andy was there. "Good morning, I hope you two had a good night sleep. Coach Hedge is on the war path it seems so Andy you may want to sneak out of here before he swings by." She warned her.

Kiera Donovan

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Poseidon Cabin
Skills: N/A

Kiera and Leda both would have the same dream that Arthur had, the three of them were under the ocean and they were in what looked to be an underwater version of Camp Half-Blood. The forces of the camp and her father's were fighting against Oceanus' army who had Poseidon's trident within his hands, which was a bit terrifying to her before the dream suddenly ended. Kiera slowly opened her eyes and looked over towards her sleeping girlfriend and leaned forward and gently laid a few gentle kisses along her neck. "Good morning." Kiera said to Leda as she gave her another kiss on the cheek as she started to slowly sit up and stretched out.

Thats when she heard Coach Hedge's voice and she quickly got out of her bed she went over towards a nearby window seeing Hedge coming out looking rather annoyed leaving Zeus' cabin. "It looks like Hedge found some violators, you should probably sneak out before he comes over here." Kiera said turning to look over at her girlfriend and joined her back in bed and kissed her lovingly once more, she was still a bit nervous going on this quest.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Roman Portion, Praetor Tent.
Skills: N/A

After spending most of the night with Nancy and Niah walking along the beach by Camp Half-Blood was rather nice, and just relaxing it was probably the most normal thing she had in a really long time. They had moved Leandra into the Cohort tent and each member of the legion took turns watching over her. After talking into the wee hours in the morning Mads eventually crashed for the night before getting a strange dream much like she did on any other quest though. She was in the Labyrinth with Mary as well as her niece Andy, seeing the spear nearby and the giant though she couldnt tell or hear what it was talking to through the mirror but she knew that it wasnt good at all.

Niah would get the same exact dream that both Stella and Jason would have, getting a brief glimpse of their former home of New Rome in ruins as an army of monsters made themselves home there. And then seeing Atlas sitting on the throne holding Zeus' master bolt in his hands and Terminus being held there to hold the weight of the sky up on his back just as the dream had faded away. Madalyne slowly woke up and stretched out slightly, she looked over at Niah and Nancy still there. Joanie was sleeping on top of Nancy's head sound asleep as well to. Mads went up to get changed, taking a moment and stared at her Praetor clothes neatly laid out knowing that she wouldnt be wearing them for a long time now.

Bethany Bell

Westchester, New York, Xavier's Mansion Foyer.
Skills: N/A

"Well hopefully we can find you a map somewhere around here then." Bethany said towards Ed, as she took a moment and stepped back feeling a surge of memories going through her head. She remembered being raised up in an orphanage after her family was killed, and she was the sole survivor of her family. Beth remembered getting a visitor and talking and getting to know her as Sage, and was offered to join The Hellfire Club which she took it without much convincing and she wanted revenge against the people who were responsible or similar groups and leaving the orphanage with Sage.

When the memories faded she could hear some movement and then the holograms addressed the figure overlooking the foyer, when Beth got an easier look she realized that it was Danger as hologram Mary said hi. Danger sent hologram Mary off, and she noticed that Danger herself looked pretty damaged and worn as well. Bethany jumped slightly as holographic spikes appeared around her and Ed, she reached over to see if they were real or not. When she felt that they were soldi Beth quickly turned her attention towards Danger, she didnt like the idea ofbeing skewered on the holographic spikes finally spoke. "Ed and I were just passing through and stumbled onto this place." Beth said, when Danger looked like she didnt believe a word she just said quickly spoke the truth. "This is Edus, and i'm Bethany we come from a different reality, our ship crash landed in the lake just outside and we got seperated from our friends and we are looking for them." Beth said truthfully.

Callie Johnson

Location: The Grove
Skills: N/A

Callie was finishing up her breakfast, some scrambled eggs, a piece of sausage and a biscuit as well as a cup of coffee when she had gotten the mental call from Esme to come to the Quiet Council. She wasnt sure what they actually wanted from her Veil or James, but she had a feeling that it was really important, and joined them there. It was the first time for her being in the grove where the Quiet Council was, and she had to admit that it was really impressive looking to her. Callie eyed each of the people there who sat at each of the tables, noting that one of the tables was rather empty when Reeva spoke up.

Callie couldnt help but be taken aback a bit when they offered the three of them a seat on the council, she was the co-leader for the mutant underground when it was a thing for awhile, and just leading their little family to help the mutants who were in need of help and getting to safety. She looked between Selene as well as Mr. Sinister the two people that rubbed her the wrong way, she decided to ignore what the two of them had said. And there was the other woman on the council who wore the strangest clothes as well as a face mask covering her entire face.

Veil took the offer, and then Magneto asked if she and James wanted to have a position which she nodded it felt like it was her duty to help however she could. "I honestly don't know much about politics, but if Veil is in then I am as well to." Callie said as she went over and took a seat down next to her friend.
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Carolina Reed

Location: New York City Building Interior
Skills: N/A

Carolina watched as the strangers approached, the only guy from the new group approached her sister and yanked out the rebar that was in her sister's gut wincing as it was pulled out and hearing it clanging to the ground. She was still a little bit weary of them still as she turned towards the gas mask woman noting that her accent was british like herself and Cassandra were. Then the news about the US government just going full scorched earth and just wanting to nuke the entire city wasnt smart at all in her opinion.

"Uncle Sam seems pretty stupid then if they think that sending some nuclear missiles at the city where Magneto is a pretty dumb plan." Carolina said wincing slightly as another shot of pain had gone through her and looked down at her wounds, she was really feeling the pain now. They did really need to get out of the streets and back into the tunnels as well to before more of magneto's mutants came after them all.

Cassandra Reed

Location: New York Streets
Skills: N/A

Cassandra nodded slightly towards Ed as she closed her eyes and took in a deep breath as Ed quickly yanked out the rebar, feeling blood starting to come out, just as Ed started to use his magic to heal her wounds. She took a moment and sighed as she looked down to see where the rebar used to be and a scar now had formed there now. "Thank you." Cass said towards Ed as she looked over towards Carolina who was still in pretty bad shape right now to. "Could you heal my sister to if you don't mind?" Cass asked him, as Jade spoke up, and looked at her as she mentioned about the US government sending out nukes to the city which was bad.

She looked towards Guin for a moment she had to agree and wanted to know what the time window for this was, going up against Magneto would be really hard. "I'm assuming that they aren't sending in anymore aid now are they?" Cassandra asked them, she was also curious how they got into the city in the first place. "I have to agree we should head down into the tunnels and discuss more there."

Bethany Bell

Westchester, New York, Xavier's Mansion Foyer.
Skills: N/A

Bethany watched as Ed started to use his ability to find out where the others were, she was glad that he was able to find that the others were separated into separate groups at least that made things a little bit easier. "If you could get an exact location I could try and shadow travel us all over to them." Bethany said towards him, though she had done really only short distance jumps nothing to big, she didnt want to end up traveling into a wall or anything like that would really suck.

Bethany nodded slightly as Mary quickly bolted off down one of the flights of stairs, she wasnt sure what Mary was looking for after she tested that the mansion did have power. Beth continued to watch the holograms as they went about their day pretty much, though they seemed to be really glitching out, as she noticed a hologram version of Mary which was kind of weird to her. "Maybe someone is actually here." Beth said towards Ed.
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