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Current After rewatching The Hunger Games movies I want to do a 1x1 RP with it now.
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@GhostMami I know right?! Been thinking of doing one at some point.
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If anyone is interested in joining Hotel Valhalla feel free to apply we are open for new players. :)…
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As a McDonalds worker, on the McRib, I make these every single day and they are messy as fuck and the sauce gets everywhere. And your fresh quarter pounders arent really fresh and thawed and are nasty
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The dumbass Cheeto/Oompa Loompa is finally gone yay!


Hi there, a little bit about me I am 28 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners, though most days I am usually doing group RPs.

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The kid seemed to be interested in the magic trick that Colby had done and clapped his hands and smiled towards him. "Another please!" The child said happily, as the parents looked towards Willow and Maddie nodding slightly. They were alive and well, and just wanted to get back to safety.

Tinker Bell took a moment to stick her head outside of the wagon seeing that they were getting closer towards Agraba's walls now, guards were on alert ocasionally stopping a traveler or wagon, for inspection and questioning. Similar to how it was done in Camelot as well the line seemed to be going really slowly however though. "We are getting pretty close now." Tinker Bell said towards the three of them, as she went and sat back down stretching her legs out slightly.

Sierra Finley

Location: Atlantica
Skills: N/A

The two looked a little bit weirded out that the girl had carried a skull with her, but one of them grabbed it and inspected it as well to check the condition of the skull. Though the skull was a morbid looking item, bones and skulls were used for various things here such as alchemy and magic. They whispered again before nodding a bit and accepted the skull and stuffed it into the shoulder bags that they had on them. When Jack handed them a pocket knife as well the frowned slightly they didn't seem to be really interested in the same exact thing and handed it back towards Jack. "Something else?" One of them pretty much demanded, Hansel quickly stepped forward and handed over his crossbow he had as well as arrows. "That should be enough for him right?" Hansel looked a bit bruised and beaten but alright for the most part.

They looked the two items, and nodded, accepting it in place of Jack's knife Gretel handed over a short sword that she had on her towards the two of them which they accepted. "We will make the preparations, come back here by sundown." They both said before walking off to do whatever preparations that they needed to do. "So what now?" Sierra asked looking over at Hansel and Gretel, Hansel turned off and headed back towards the bar to rest his bruised face. "As around and find out whatever we can on whats been going on here." Gretel suggested, as she headed towards what looked like some docks.

Layla Hood

Location: The Moors
Skills: N/A

Rapunzel gave Rosalia a smile and chuckled slightly as she ran a hand through her hair slightly. "The stories do tend to exaggerate a little bit it grows a lot faster than it should and cutting it is a hassle to. If you want we can talk privately." Rapunzel said to her daughter, Robin Hood smiled gently ruffling Layla's hair and Cassiopeia's as well. "Sorry I missed out on just about everything in your lives, I promise i'll make it up to you." Robin Hood told the two girls Layla smiled slightly and punched his shoulder. "You better, where is mom anyway?" She asked Robin Hood and Rapunzel frowning as well as they looked down at the ground. "She's being held prisoner by Maleficent and Flynn Rider as well to right now."

Red smiled gently resting a hand on Rose' shoulder and looked towards her daughter she was glad that they were able to reunite more of them together. Then Merlin coughed slightly to get the others attention mainly Rapunzel's and Robin's attention, Robin turned to look at the old man and sighed slightly. "We can brief you all on whats been going on here lately if you all want. We were about ready to ambush her people and free some prisoners." He informed them all.

Nadia Petrova

Location: Hotel Valhalla, Outside Lobby Elevator
Skills: N/A

Baldur looked at everyone else as they started to explain what they were doing exactly as he closed his eyes and sighed to himself eyeing Arnora who had been injured in the attack by the looks of it. Seeing the blood staining the shoulder but the wound itself was healed for the most part. Nadia looked a little bit nervous she was half expecting Baldur to just lock them all up inside of their rooms which was the last thing that she wanted to do. She watched as Baldur crossed his arms over his chest and rubbed his beard somewhat as he thought about what to do.

Nadia went over and gently rested a hand on Runa's shoulder seeing her friend looking down, and tried to cheer her up. "Everything will be alright." Nadia whispered so only Runa would be able to hear her, she really didn't want to be punished just by simply helping, she thought about mentioning saving Baldur from Helheim but decided against it. She didn't really want to end up getting on any gods bad side, she read a lot of mythology stories, sometimes gods were really petty and spiteful.

Arnora Skadidottir

Location: Hotel Valhalla, Outside Reception Elevator
Skills: N/A

Baldur took a moment looking over at Runa seeing her looking down like she was ashamed for what they had done, though he couldn't blame the group wanted to try and make things safer around here. And also to find out what exactly was going on here right now as well to, he sighed and this group of ladies did help save him. And he was especially proud of Runa even and went over and gave his daughter a hug whether Runa wanted one or not he was actually very proud of her.

What Baldur said next did surprise Arnora. "I was already aware of what was etched onto the table, but didn't know that someone else was in there, thats why I had Heimdal taking a look into it. I'll allow you all to look into this with the others who are searching for clues. but if you are in a situation that you cannot handle come to find me or the Thanes, or your fellow Valkyries." Baldur said as Arnora looked towards the others for a moment before looking at him and nodded. "Of course Lord Baldur." Arnora said bowing her head towards him.

It was around nine fifteen in the evening, now the rest of the day was pretty much uneventful, Persephone left shortly after meeting with Chiron, and Mr. D finally showed up around two hours ago. Though with the whole situation between the gods wasn't any better than the last few days ago. Both Annabelle and Lauryn had approached Demi around dinner time to hand him back the two projects that he wanted the two of them to do.

Mr. D didn't really bring up his visit to Olympus, only Chiron really knew through him on what was going on up there, the Greeks were finishing up the last few songs of the night for their nightly sing along Chiron had extended that time for the Roman's to finish their senate meeting. There were going to be a few announcements as well to that evening, word around camp quickly spread that there were three quests that had been issued by Rosie, and Alexandra also had witnessed the same prophecies as well to. The Romans were requested to join as well to, but the Senate was currently in session to figure out what they wanted to do with Leandra as well as their little Eidolon problem.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Arena.
Skills: N/A

Kristin was sitting with some of the others mainly next to her half sister Alannah, she had gotten her arm fixed up by Bryan, she leaned back slightly as she listened to the Apollo kids playing and singing. She usually did find it rather relaxing and ocasionally did sing along as well. Kristin took a moment and looked around before spotting Stella, the had finished the tour around dinner time, she managed to get a schedule for the camp, and made her way over towards her.

"Hey there Stella, how are you finding everything alright?" She asked giving her a smile as she handed Stella the copy of the camp's schedule for the younger demi god. She had gone back after doing the tour to help out with the next capture the flag game, with Alannah she looked towards the center of the arena where Chiron was talking to Mr. D and Rosie as well to.

Kiera Donovan

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Arena
Skills: N/A

Kiera was sitting next to her girlfriend, looking at her for a moment and smiled towards her, she had decided to go ahead and pay for their quest. Being the only child of Poseidon she would be one of the ones to go on this quest, she knew that Leda was going as well, playing the prophecy in her head more than once. She was still a little bit nervous and wasnt sure what to do exactly other than leaving for New Rome back in the summer Kiera hadn't left the safety of camp since she had gotten there.

"So do you want to sleep in my cabin tonight?" Kiera asked looking over at Leda and gave her a slight smile, she wouldn't mind the company either really. But if she wanted to sleep in her own cabin with her half siblings she was just as fine with that as well to, Kiera turned her attention towards the Apollo kids who were still playing. She was curious what the Romans were doing right now as well and what they were talking about in their senate meeting.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Roman Area, Senate Tent

Madalyne sat in the center of the Senate tent that they had for their meetings, though it was a lot more smaller than the one that they had in New Rome. It was enough for them to conduct their business Madalyne swore to Niah earlier that she had not been possessed at all, she took a moment and looked down at the desk with her notes in hand on what they were going to talk about. Alexandra had the same prophecy that their Greek counterpart had, as well as the notes she had taken earlier about the Eidolons being somewhere in camp didn't bode well with her either. They were all asked to attend the Greek's meeting once they finished their little singalong.

They also had their Leandra problem they would have to put up a vote on what they wanted to do with her, the senators and the members of the Legion were now slowly starting to gather into the room. Madalyne played with the four little boxes in her pocket that she had the time to make the gifts for Nancy, Arthur, Niah and Andy. She knew that she would end up in the Pit during this quest but she wasn't sure if they would work or not though. She did look rather tired as she rubbed the bridge of her nose, and was a little bit more than a bit stressed out about everything, but hadn't addressed the Senate yet a lot was on her mind right now.

Cassandra Reed

Location: The Raft
Skills: Engineering, Physics, Molecular Science, Perception, Computers, Computer Coding Small Aircraft Piloting

Cassandra had at least come somewhat prepared, she wasn't sure if a drone would have been of any use at all or anything, as she kneeled before the case she brought in that contained the drone. She looked over her shoulder at the strange swirling anomaly, she wasn't sure why or not it even appeared or why had appeared in the middle of the Raft in the first place either. "Looks like something out of Star Trek." Cass said towards Amelia, she was a big nerd growing up and watched a lot of sci-fi shows as a kid. Cassandra frowned slightly when Raynor, or even Niah weren't able to figure out what the thing actually was. Doctor Doom and Luminous both escaping was never a good thing at all, the two of them were really dangerous and she didn't want to see others suffer from those two either.

Cassandra started to install the rotors and propellers into the drone, and started to run a test to see if the instruments were all working properly. "Well hopefully we'll learn more from this guy." Cassandra said as she stood up holding what looked like an RC controller with a screen attached to it. "Lets fly her on through." Cass said, she thought this was the safest route to do she didn't want herself or her team to step through at all. As Cass looked at the screen she couldn't see the weird portal thing itself through the camera which was really weird to her though she could see the thing in person. She started to fly the drone through until it disappeared from sight. As soon as it went through the signal went completely dead. Cass let out an annoyed groan as she tried to get the signal back, even going as far as to shake the controller and checked the batteries, they were completely fine moments ago. "Well we lost the signal.." Cass said letting out a sigh as she set the controller down.

Maria Novikova

Location: The Raft
Skills: N/A

"Well looks like we lost probably a thousand dollar drone down the drain." Maria said teasingly, as she leaned herself up against a nearby wall, ocasionally looking at the strange anomaly itself. Maria took a few steps forward to get a better look at the strange thing itself, she wondered what was actually on the other side of this thing and was tempted to find out what it actually was. Maria stood up and stretched slightly letting out a yawn as she looked between Niah and Raynor.

Even they didn't know what exactly that thing was, Maria took a moment to fix her hair getting a bit of an idea. "We could like write a letter and attatch it to an arrow it to an arrow and see if we can get a response from that?" Maria suggested looking over at the others for their own input. She wasn't sure what or who was on the other side of the strange portal either.
Cassandra Reed & Mathew Moss

Only once before had Matt had this conversation with someone. It seemed right to do now. Even though he and Cass hadn't been dating a full year, it felt right. He hadn't gotten a ring or anything. This conversation was just testing the waters. He had asked Cass to join him on a date out to the Chinese Restaurant they had had their first date at. He was dressed up and walked to her room and knocked on the door.

Cassandra was finishing up getting things ready for their date, things managed to slow down somewhat after the Skrull's tried to invade so any downtime was nice. She perked up a little bit when she heard the knock on the door and made her way to toward it opening the door she was wearing a black dress. "Hey, there how are you?" She asked leaning in and giving Matt a loving kiss.

Matt kissed Cass back. Kissing Cass was very pleasant, and Matt considered asking her back into the room for dessert before dinner. "You look fantastic." He said when they finally parted coming up for air. "Ready?" He offered his arm, when she took it the pair of them walked to the garage. They drove to the restaurant chatting about random things. Once there they were sat at a small table since it was just the two of them.

Cass smiled at Matt as they got into the restaurant and sat down across from him, she was happy to just be out of the HUB for a little bit and spending her time with her boyfriend. "Thank you for the date, you look great by the way as well." She said gently reaching over to gently hold onto his hand.

"Thank you." Matt smiled. He enjoyed Cass's compliments they always felt sincere. "I wanted to have a talk with you. Sort of testing of the water and see if you were happy with me and if you wanted to consider the future." Matt figured being straightforward for this type of talk was always for the best. Communication was an important part of relationships and you couldn't beat around the bush when talking about the future.

"Your welcome." Cass said to Matt as she smiled towards him, as he went straight to the point which she did admire as she gently gave Matt's hand a squeeze. "I am really happy to be with you, and I do see a future with you." She told him, she was being honest she did love Matt and she was always happy to be around him whenever they didn't have to save the world from either aliens or groups like HYDRA trying to take over the world.

Matt sighed and a happy smile spread across his face. He lifted Cass's hand to her to his lips and kissed it gently. "Good. I am happy being with you too. I want a future." He paused and gave her hand a squeeze back. "You know I can't have children right? The gender reaffirmation surgery takes away the ability to carry them, and doesn't give me the other side of the coin." He wasn't certain how to say that without being crude so he went for the metaphor. "Do you want children?" It was an important question considering both Bonnie and Sparky were having kids now.

Cass gave Matt a loving smile as he kissed her hand, and then the topic of children came up she knew that Matt couldn't physically give her one, and due to her skin being impenetrable. It kind of made medical treatment for her extremely hard needles would simply break and fighting against Folly confirmed that as well after getting slashed by her daggers multiple times, before going for the eye. And even getting the M-Pox cure out of her was really difficult. "I do want to have kids someday, but any kind of medical intervention would probably make it difficult to carry a child to full term." She knew that Maria just had her baby, and Sparky's was pretty soon, and Bonnie was expecting now as well to.

"Would you be alright with adoption then?" That really was their only option left. Matt didn't know enough about artificial insemination worked, but it probably required needles. "I wouldn't mind adopting." His smile, he hadn't given much thought to children for most of his life.

"I'm completely fine with going through with adoptions." Cassandra said, she thought it was a really nice thing to do taking a child who didn't have parents and were in the system for a better home she was glad that they were on the same page as well to.

"I suppose that takes us to the next important question. Do you want to look at rings?" There were some more questions Matt wanted to ask, and he wasn't entirely certain he was going about this the way some women would like. He hoped that Cass was alright with it. He had done the cute thing with his ex-fiance, he didn't feel it was necessary now. They would also need to decide where they wanted to make their home. With their current work, San Fransisco was the only option. But that could change. Would they want to stay in the US? They both were from London, would they want to raise their kid there or here in the US?

Cass was a little bit surprised when he asked if she wanted to start looking for rings, which made her blush some more as she looked into his eyes before leaning in and giving him a loving kiss. "Yes, I would love that a lot." She said as Cassandra gave him another quick kiss, as she sat back. She wasn't sure where she'd want to actually settle down in, though they could figure all that out together as well, maybe getting a place in the city instead of living on base all the time. "Maybe we could find an apartment together in the city somewhere?" She suggested.

Matt returned Cass's kiss. He was happy. He was excited too. "I suppose I should do this properly later." He gave Cass a crooked grin as she settled back into her seat. "I think an apartment here would be nice. We're going to have some decisions to make." At this point the waiter came by and took their order. Matt took Cass's hands into his caressing them gently with his thumb. "I'm excited though. I haven't been this happy in a long time."

"I definitely expect to be surprised when you actually do." Cassandra said teasingly as their waiter came over and took their order, while still gently squeezing Matt's hand. "I'm excited to and i'm really glad that you are happy." She said softly while tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "Do you have any other surprises in store for tonight?"

"Well I know some people don't like it to be an event. Good to know I can make it one for you." Matt grinned and soaked in Cass's beauty. "If I told you that would it still be a surprise?" Matt laughed. "That is to say I don't have any more hard hitting questions. We know what we need to talk about going forward." He leaned back in his seat some. "I do however have plans for dessert so keep some room."

Cass smiled some as she leaned back in her seat and laughed slightly. "True it wouldn't really be a surprise if you did tell me." She said as she smiled. "I'll be sure to have enough room for some dessert then."

The rest of dinner consisted of the two of them talking about random things. Some of it was their ideas for the future, others were about their friends and their excitement for the ones who were having (or just had) children. Matt paid for dinner and then led Cass outside. "Do you want to walk or drive? It is about a mile and a half, which since it is San Francisco and they don't believe in flat streets will take about thirty minutes. There is parking where we are going too." He told her.

Cassandra spent their entire dinner smiling and enjoying just talking about their future plans, as she finished up eating the rest of her dinner, she looked over towards him and thought for a moment. Though walking would be more romantic she didn't have the right shoes really to walk that far. "I'm fine with driving there." Cass said, as Matt went ahead and paid for their dinner and stood up offering her hand and smiling.

Matt held her hand until they got to the car, there he opened the door for her. Once both of them were in the car he held her hand again. It was so lovely just spending time with her. They drove to Ghirardelli Square and found parking in the lot nearby. The downside of parking in San Francisco is it cost a lot, but it was better than the hike would have been. "Are you ready for the best hot chocolate of your life?"

Cass smiled as she held onto Matt's hand the entire time it was a really lovely night as they drove, when they got there she turned to look at him and smiled. She did love having hot chocolate, especially during the winter. "I am ready to get some, my sister and I would always get some whenever it was cold out."

"I didn't know that. Should we have invited your sister too?" He grinned, clearly joking. It didn't help that Cass's sister lived on the other side of the United States. Inside they were greeted by the warm smell of chocolate wafting from every corner. The place was busy, even for the hour. Thankfully the line was pretty short, but it did take them past all sorts of packages of different chocolates they sold. "Do you want any for later?" He asked.

"I'm pretty sure she isn't like Pietro or anything like that." Cass said with a slight laugh as they entered the shop, taking in the lovely smell of the chocolate in the room. "Trying to fatten me up spoil me already or something?" Cassandra said giggling a bit before wrapping her arm around his. "I'd love some to take back."

Matt was glad she thought his joke was funny and even continued it. "I'm definitely trying to spoil you. Speaking of your sister. I think I should meet her before the whole getting engaged and married thing happens." He said leaning into her arm and kissing her on the cheek. Since they were about the same height he couldn't kiss her on the top of the head which is what he wanted to do. He silently cursed his genes for not making him a bit taller. "I know she's been through a lot lately, but I think we should fly her out for Christmas." Thanksgiving might work too, but that was such an American holiday Matt had never really celebrated it. This solidified his plan though. He knew when and where and how he would ask Cass to marry him.

"I'm glad that I'll be treated like a princess then." Cassandra said to Matt as she smiled as he kissed her on the cheek and thought for a moment. "I'm sure she'd love to come down and visit here, we could video call her sometime that way you can get to meet her too if you want." She offered. "Christmas would work perfectly, we can work on getting her here then too." She said.

"Yeah, we should do a video call." It would be good to meet Carolina in a somewhat neutral way first. He did not want his first impression for Cass's sister to be Christmas. He should also make sure he got her a good Christmas gift. He let Cass pick out some chocolate and then they made their way to the front of the line to place their hot chocolate order. There were other options like sundaes and milkshakes, but Matt had really wanted a good cup of hot chocolate. Once the order was placed, he was given a receipt with a number on it and they moved out of the way. "Hopefully we have a quiet Christmas." Matt chuckled remembering the previous year's Christmas had been quite an adventure.

"Or actually we could fly out to New York Carolina and I actually share the same birthday, just a few years apart that way you can meet her in person to." Cass suggested looking over at Matt as he went ahead and started to take their order, she picked out the kind of chocolate that she wanted giving Matt another kiss on the cheek. She shook her head slightly remembering that Deadpool had ended up crashing their little Christmas party, which was both annoying and kind of funny after having to chase him all around town. "I hope we don't run into Deadpool again anytime soon honestly."

Matt gave a bit of a chuckle again. "I was thinking basically the same thing. At least we know my paralytic works on him." He smiled at Cass. "I didn't know you two had the same birthday. That had to be annoying as kids." Matt had a sister, but their birthdays were fairly opposite of each other. "I should take you to visit my parents and sister too." He said thinking about them. It was a good supportive family. He just hadn't seen them since he had joined SHIELD.

"It really wasn't all that annoying growing up, we were pretty close growing up we still are." Cass said to Matt and gave him a smile, her family wasn't really well off growing up poor but they still made the most of things pretty well and her family was close as well. "Well my parents still live in London so maybe we could have a family get together or something."

"That's a good idea. My family is there still. My sister got married a few years back too, but she doesn't have any kids yet. She's only 25." Matt had a sudden funny thought and said, "We both grew up in London but had to travel halfway around the world to meet." Their order was called and Matt got their hot chocolates before stepping out into an outdoor seating terrace. Since it was nice it didn't give the best view, but you could see a bit. Matt wrapped one arm around Cass looking over the railing at the city and the bay. There was a park in view, but there didn't seem to be much activity. "I'll contact my parents and let them know what we're thinking. They'll be ecstatic."

"You think that they all would like me?" Cassandra asked him as she looked over towards Matt as he went to grab their order, and followed him outside she looking over at the park below. Feeling Matt's arm around her waist she smiled and leaned against him slightly feeling very relaxed and content. "It is kind of funny that we didn't meet until now. I'll call my family to and set something up and we can all meet they'll be really happy.

Matt kissed her cheek, "They'll love you. My parents are fairly chill and understanding. It's the only reason I survived my childhood really. They'll be happy to know I've moved on and settled down again." His sister had threatened to punch his ex. "But they'll think you're awesome. You're badass and smart and a fantastic leader. And if they don't guess we won't visit them." He spoke very seriously. He wasn't worried they'd not like her, but he also would stay with Cass even if they didn't like her.

Cass gave Matt a loving smile and leaned in and kissed him as well, she was glad that his parents would accept her. "My parents will like you to, they are really nice people." She told him and smiled towards Matt when he said she was badass, she was more of a computer geek, but the job was great and made her into the person she was now.

Maria Novikova & Dominika Novikova Ft. Baby Diana

Novikova was extremely exhausted. She had ended up needing an emergency C-section, but thankfully everything had turned out fine. Little Diana Niah had successfully come into the world on October 20th, just eleven days away from Halloween. "I can't believe Doctor Strange delivered our baby," Novikova murmured to her wife, Maria. Yes, the emergency C-section had ended up being performed at the West Coast Avengers Headquarters by Doctor Strange. He had been over chatting with the Scarlet Witch about some magic nonsense. They were lucky he had been there. "He's almost my co-worker," Novikova then added, a little hopped up on pain killers.

Maria sat in a nearby chair holding little Diana in her arms sleeping rather soundly in her arms, making sure that she wasn't making direct skin contact with her newborn daughter. After killing the Empress Veranke with her powers she wanted to be extra careful handling her, she turned to her Novi she was glad that Dr. Strange was actually there. "I'm just glad that he was actually around when you went into labor, seems like he's everywhere a lot of the time." Maria said, moving a little bit closer to Novikova. "How are you feeling want me to get you anything?" She asked.

"Vodka?" Novikova asked. She was too out of it to realize that vodka wasn't really going to be much of an option - same thing with coffee, sadly. Breastfeeding more or less meant that whatever she had, little Diana would end up having a little while later.

Maria shook her head slightly as she reached over to run a hand through Novi's hair and shook her head slightly. "Sadly you can't have anything thats alcholic still for another couple of weeks while you are breastfeeding." Maria pointed out, she wished that she could have reversed roles, but her powers would have killed the baby if she ever did become pregnant. "I could order us some food if you'd like?" Maria offered.

Novikova whined, not liking the denial of alcohol. This entire pregnancy thing really sucked. Sure, baby Diana was adorable and everything, but her body had been put through the wringer with all of this. Novikova didn't even know if her body would ever feel normal again. "Fine, then cheeseburgers," Novikova requested, a bit like a petulant child.

"Once we ween her off of breast feeding, we can get Diana I can ask and see if Niah would be willing to watch her. And i'll take you out to as many bars as you want deal?" Maria said to Novi and nodded as she looked towards their daughter still sleeping comfortably. "Do you want to hold her while I put the order in?" She offered, seeing her pouting like a child was kind of cute.

Novikova perked up a bit at that. "Deal," she said. She then nodded, holding her arms up for her baby - she was far too exhausted to get out of the bed to hold her kid, and Diana was sleeping anyways, so she figured she wouldn't mind.

Maria smiled at Novi as she perked up after that. "It's a date then." Maria said as she got up and moved over to gently hand Diana over to Novi's arms. She then pulled out her phone and started to do the order, as she looked over Diana started to wake up slightly and moved her little arms and legs still looking a bit sleepy.

"Aren't you supposed to go on the date before getting pregnant?" Novikova deadpanned. She smiled slightly as Diana started moving around. "Hello, my little pumpkin," she murmured, twirling her finger in front of Diana's nose and then booping her gently.

Maria smiled slightly and shook her head. "Trust me if I could trade places with you I would." Maria said with a slight laugh as she watched Novi holding their daughter Diana would move her little hands to grab Novi's finger after being booped. "She certainly likes you it looks like." Maria said as she finished putting the order in.

Novikova chuckled, letting Diana hold onto her finger. "I'd hope so. She almost got to come out of my vagina," Novikova joked. "In all seriousness though... I think she likes you too."

Maria laughed softly as she watched Diana trying to gum on Novi's finger now. "Of course i'm going to be the fun mom." Maria said jokingly as she looked at her wife for a moment. "Did I miss anything while I was being held by the Skrulls?" Maria asked looking over at her, she was glad that she was able to be there for the birth of their first born together.

Novikova's smile faded. She didn't like being reminded of the fact that her wife had been replaced by an alien and she hadn't noticed. Yes, skrulls were basically perfect shapeshifters but still... It made her skin crawl with shame to think about. "Not really. Things were more or less quiet," Novikova said with a shrug. "There was a Civil War, but I chose not to participate."

Maria reached over with her gloved hand to gently hold Novi's and looked towards her seeing the smile fading. "Well I don't plan on getting kidnapped by aliens anytime soon again." Maria said giving her wife a smile, at least try to anyway she wasn't sure if the Skrulls would end up retaliating for killing their former empress. "I heard that happened to, i'm glad that you didn't join in on that."

"I'll remember that, for the next time aliens abduct you," Novikova promised. "And yeah..." she yawned slightly. "It wasn't really my vibe, you know?"

"Plus you were holding our little one still inside you, I wouldn't want you to get hurt anyway." Maria said giving her a smile seeing her yawning. "I wouldn't have participated in it either if you weren't anyway."

"Scared you'd have no one cool to talk to?" Novikova teased.

"Of course and it would have totally sucked." Maria said teasingly as she looked down at her phone feeling it going off, seeing that their order was on the way now. "The food should be here pretty soon."

"Yaaaay," Novikova deadpanned, but she smirked slightly. She was pretty hungry, even if she wasn't eating for two anymore.

"I'll go and get the food i'll be right back love." Maria said gently running a hand through Novi's hair while she held Diana and headed out of the room to grab their meal.

"Thanks babe," Novikova said with a slight smile, before her stomach growled to punctuate the sentence.

Callie Johnson

Location: Hellfire Bay
Skills: Electricity Manipulation

Callie watched as the others started to take on the invaders, they seemed to have things under control now by the looks of it, she wasn't sure who Waverly was talking to exactly as Callie turned her attention towards the giant rock troll man. Marrow seemed to get a good slashing in on him seeing the stone man bleeding gravel by the looks of it. It was really weird to see, as she started to charge up another thing of electricity in her hands.

She released another bolt of lightening at the rock man, which sadly didn't even do much at all to him, groaning a little bit. The giant hammer wielding person tried to take a swing at Sunshine luckily missing Sunshine as she turned towards Waverly and Echo. "You two do your sonic stuff or something." Callie told them, as Sunshine was able to take off the Leo Valdez wannabe down without to much of an issue.

Kristina Smith

Location: Roof of Magda Memorial Housing Complex
Skills: Flight

"Welcome to the party." Kristina said sarcastically towards Jack and gave him a slight wave as she watched the Tic Tac Man just took out the forcefields that Veil threw at him dissipate just like her eye beams did. "Really that isn't fair." Kristina said as she noticed that Veil was having trouble and noticed that the floor was starting to cave in as well. "Help her if you can!" Kristina said as she was about to try and attack the Tic Tac Man again, only for her to get the wind getting knocked out of her and she started to go into a freefall and started to fall to the ground.

Kristina closed her eyes as she tried to stabilize her fall, but she couldn't at all which wasn't good at all seeing the ground getting closer a lot quicker now as soon as she opened them. She tried again, but continued to fall, until she was just barely able to save herself from becoming splatter arc on the ground just mere inches from the ground. "That was close.." Kris said to herself sighing in relief.

Bethany Bell

Asgard, Bifrost Bridge
Skills: N/A

Bethany turned to look at Ed as she thought for a moment she mostly had just done short distance shadow traveling, the furthest she had done was when Galactus was trying o consume the Earth and they were on his ship. They had encountered a Xenomorph on the ship, and she shadow traveled it out into space. Bethany eyed the large palace in the distance Asgard still wasn't really familiar to her since it was her first time being here. "I'm not sure, I could try doing that." Bethany said after Ed pointed out the approximate location where they were.

Beth quickly turned towards the building at the end of the bridge seeing a light coming from it, and then four people were talking as they left one of them pointed them out. "We are friends of Klara and Runa, we kind of got separated somehow." Beth informed them, hopefully they won't attack or send them away. "They might be at the palace or something." She said.


Inside of the wagon that the group had gotten in there was what looked to be a small family, an elderly man was laying down on his back with a blanket covering him, a younger woman, and man along with a child maybe around three or four years old maybe five at the latest. They looked rather tired as the elderly man was sleeping, they also looked rather thirsty as well to. The caravan started to move forward again, slowly towards the city, the younger man turned to look over at the group and waved towards them. "Where are you all from?" He asked deciding to make some small talk.

Tinker Bell looked towards the others for a moment making a follow my lead like motion before turning to face him. "We are from a village further away, hoping to do a little bit of trading but a sandstorm came through and we ended up getting lost." She told them, the man eyed the four of them for a moment before nodding slightly. "We are on our way home our wagon ended up getting raided however." He told them.

Sierra Finley

Location: Atlantica
Skills: N/A

They both whispered amongst themselves before looking at the three of them. "Each of you can give us something valuable first as collateral then you pay us when we get there, then you can get them back once the transaction is done." One of them said, as Sierra looked towards the two of them for a moment. She did have some stuff in the real world she had brought with her, but it really wasn't valuable the most money she had on her was fifty dollars, but she was pretty sure that US currency wouldn't work here.

Sierra pulled out her pocket knife and then moved the blade out to show it off and how it worked before closing it and handed it over towards them so that they could look at it themselves. "Will this do?" Sierra asked they both seemed to be pretty interested in as they worked it while whispering amongst themselves once more and nodded while looking at the other two expectantly. While the guards finished they headed back inside of the bar, Gretel berating her brother, before smacking them and making her way towards the group seeing them doing their transaction.

Layla Hood

Location: The Moors
Skills: N/A

Robin Hood and the woman were having a rather heated discussion before Merlin coughed to get their attention, Robin Hood and the woman turned around to face the group the woman seemed to recongize Rosalia rather quickly and started to smile at her, while Robin Hood looked at his two daughters and smiled as well to. Layla looked towards her sister as she squeezed her hand, feeling the rather tight grip she wanted to pinch her sister to let her know that she was hurting her a little bit. But she was excited to as well, before Merlin took a step forward and addressed them. "It is good to see you again Robin Hood, and Rapunzel." Merlin said, as the two walked over.

Layla looked at the woman for a moment, she wasnt really expecting her to be Rapunzel, sure she did have some pretty long hair, but she was expecting it to be a whole lot longer. "It's nice to see you dad." Layla said smiling towards him as he returned the hug as well. Red stood next to Rose and smiled some gently patting her on the shoulder.

"It's good to see you again as well." Robin Hood said before turning his attention towards Layla and Cassiopeia and pulled the two of them into a hug. Rapunzel approached Rosalia she wasn't sure if Rosalia would hug her or not, but she knew that she had a lot of questions. "I missed you so much, I know you probably don't want any affection or anything from me and you probably think I abandoned you as well to. But I am sure that you do want answers I can help answer them for you if you want."

Nadia Petrova

Location: Hotel Valhalla, Outside Lobby Elevator
Skills: N/A

"Yeah there really isn't anything to see here." Nadia said looking over towards the crowd who were still there whispering amongst themselves whether or not they should fight them for disobeying Baldur's rules or not. Nadia was getting a little bit nervous looking over towards Astrid, Lara and Dalisy wondering what they should do when she heard someone walking down the hallway and past reception, both Runa and Klara would see Baldur coming over.

"Everyone scatter." Baldur said as the group started to disperse, Nadia was about to leave, but he held up his hand looking at the three of them, and then over towards Klara and Runa motioning for the two of them to come forward as well to. "Whats not to see here and what happened?" Baldur asked calmly Nadia looked a bit nervous she wasn't sure what to actually say to the god himself.

Arnora Skadidottir

Location: Hotel Valhalla, Outside Reception Elevator
Skills: N/A

Arnora rubbed her sore shoulder, she was glad that both Lara and Nadia were able to heal her shoulder, as she looked towards the blood that was on the ground. She noted that there was blood on the elevator button panel, she was about to try and use her ability when she heard Baldur's voice and quickly turned around. Just in time to see the other Einherjar were scattering and leaving now, just leaving her Lara, Dalisy, Nadia and Astrid in the hallway as well to she noticed that Baldur also waved Runa and Klara over as well to.

Arnora looked rather nervous, they did manage to lie to one god already and she had a feeling that it wouldn't really be to smart to either really to lie to Baldur himself. "We were just trying to help and find out what's actually happening, and we started with Helgi's office, when I was attacked." Arnora said gesturing towards her shoulder. Baldur closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose slightly looking at all of them. "Why would you all decide to take it upon yourself to investigate this when your lives and Valhalla is at stake?" Baldur asked them.

Camp Grounds:

"I'm doing pretty well thank you, aside from my arm anyway." Alannah answered Demi as she turned her attention towards Zeke and gave a slight shrug. "I just took some nectar for the pain I should be fine here pretty soon, just a sprain and dislocated shoulder." She told him as Bryan looked at Cassian and rolled his eyes slightly, the flirting was a little bit to much for him turning towards his half-brother. "I'll be in the infirmary, Zekey can take care of your eye problem to." He told him patting Zeke on the shoulder a little bit roughly than normal before making his way towards the infirmary he was going to start doing some inventory for the infirmary and whatnot anyway as well to.

Climbing Tower:

Persephone looked between Andy and Arthur for a moment asking about the Doors of Death, and that they were trying to save a friend of theirs from death. She thought about it and where they were, even though she was also the Goddess of the Underworld Hades sometimes didn't tell her everything sometimes. "Hmm, i'm not sure where they are right now sadly, I know their last location was in the House of Hades, a site from the Ancient Lands, or modern Greece for you mortals, so i'd probably start there for any information, thats more of Thanatos' area than mine." Persephone informed them. "Was there anything else I can help you with?" She asked the two of them.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Arts & Crafts.
Skills: N/A

Kristin turned to look at Jason seeing that he was more into sports than any of the artsy stuff. "Well if you want to play some games sometime i'm always down for a little sports game or two." She said towards Jason and gave him a slight smile as she looked over at Mary as she told her a little story whenever she was younger and remembered that as well to. "Those were fun times back then." Kristin said to Mary as she listened to Stella, she assumed that she was talking about her parents which they seemed like they were very nice to her growing up. She knew that sometimes the kids here didn't really have a good upbringing.

"Your parents seem really nice." Kristin said to Stella and smiled some towards Stella, the girl was really nice it seems. "We can head on over to the stables now if you want, and I can get you a camp schedule later from Chiron and give it to you if youd like that." Kristin said, there was a little schedule for the day which would occasionally change from time to time as well to but for the most part people kind of did their own thing as well to.

Kiera Donovan

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Camp Store
Skills: N/A

Kiera smiled towards Leda and smirked a little bit. "Well I certainly don't mind cuddling at all." Kiera said towards her girlfriend as she grabbed a new backpack and eyed the sleeping bags for a moment, and shook her head she did have blankets in her cabin that she could use as well to. "I have some blankets in my cabin that we can use." Kiera said as she grabbed herself a water bottle as well to from the collection of water bottle there, she grabbed an orange one with the camp's logo on it. "Toothbrush and toothpaste shouldn't be an issue I have those as well to."

She looked at what she had gotten and turned towards her girlfriend. "I think I have everything that I need actually thank you love for the help and advice." Kiera said as she leaned in and gave her girlfriend a kiss, before heading over towards the checkout counter, Tammy was at the desk ringing up some other campers, looking at the two of them. "Got everything that you two need?" Tammy asked as Kiera nodded as Tammy looked towards her half-sister to see if she had everything she needed while ringing up Kiera's stuff in.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Roman Side of Camp, Praetor's Tent

There was a slight wisp that had left Leandra's body after she had gone left, there was a really chilly feeling around Niah words only she could hear in her head. 'You may have bound me, but there are more of my brothers and sisters and you don't know who or what we have possessed be wary of your friends Oath Binder' The Eidolon hissed at Niah, before the air around Niah would warm up again, she had oath bound only one there maybe more in camp than they realize.

"Maybe, who knows we'll bring it up with Chiron our concerns and Bacchus whenever he does return." Madalyne said towards Nancy as she reached out to gently pat Joanie as the little dragon cued at the attention. "I can talk to Arthur about it or any of my half siblings both Greek and Roman if they'd be willing to help." Madalyne said as she watched Leandra's body going limp, seeing that Niah had actually done it.

Leandra finally came to looking confused and looked at the three of them and then looked at the chains and glared a little bit, the last thing she remembered was the day before. "What happened, and why am I chained to a damn chair?" Leandra demanded, Madalyne rolled her eyes a little bit. "You were possessed by an Eidolon." Madalyne said simply she turned to look at Niah. "Are you alright?" Madalyne asked Niah looking a bit concerned.
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