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Current @Miss Gallagher your art work is pretty awesome at least the ones i've seen from your interest checks. :)
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@StarLordess theres always Mickey D's lol
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@Miss Gallagher god I miss playing Pokemon Yellow feels like an eternity since I played it last lol.
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@rabidrabbit Mechassault 2 Lone Wolf I remember it way back when such a fun game.
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Thank fucking god I can finally access my PMs and profile page once more! :D


Good morning, good evening, or good afternoon my friends and stalkers! Yes I see you all who stalk my profile how goes it?! And welcome to my profile!:D Also here's some music while you read!

A little bit about me I am 24 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I work full time and around 40 hours a week, I am always on here no matter what, that and i'm to lazy to press the logout button lol. :P I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners.

I prefer mainly doing FxF plots as well as MxF though I am more inclined to the latter, but either one is totally fine. :) I am not a grammar Nazi and like I said above just no oneliners and I will do the same. :) There maybe sometimes that I might be to tired to post some days since I am mainly working 6AM-2PM at my job but I can still post multiple times a week.

In no order with what so ever and love you all equally and those who I have been RPing with over the years! And you all get the gropes all the time!

@Zhaliora My sexually pervy friend love ya and love our 1x1's together!
@Damo021 Another awesome friend though you so slow with posting still love ya anyway! Also been in Wolves since day one! :)
@ChaoticFox My cute little foxie friend I love ya as well and fun to chat with! :)
@BeautifulSnow Snowie my other great friend whos been in Wolves since day one and all around great person! <3
@Lady Amalthea Best GM ever and great person all around also LLA's secret lover. And why you rip off my right arm?! I need that thing! :P
@Sigil Also one of the best GM's I've ever played with great person!
@Charnobylisk My Char! You always deny my love and gropes by charging me but love you anyway! :D
@Angel Vicky I miss you so much and miss our RP together, and I seriously hope you are alright and wish you to come back and thanks for helping me play a male for the first time!
@datadogie Love ya like a little bro best friend and great person to chat with!
@Aewin Annie! My shipper friend love you and i'll grope you whenever I feel like it! :D
@kittyluna45 One of my BFF's love you and love chatting and we need to do more group RP's together!
@Kirah Miss our RP together in Mundane you are a great person and RPer and wish we can RP more together!
@rivaan Awesome RPer and awesome drawer and a good friend to talk to and enjoy our two RPs together! :)
@Andromedai I've known you for such a very long time an awesome RPer and an awesome friend to chat with we will be friends forever! :D
@SouffleGirl123 You are such an awesome lady love chatting with ya whenever we are on the Chatzy together, also another Halestorm lover and love ya for it! :D Also my Mickey D's warbuddy only you know what I go through. :P
@Morose Such an awesome writer and love just chatting and shipping our two characters, and you are fun to chat with! :)
@FantasyChic Such a great writer, you make some of the best characters and you make such lovely posts all of them great to read, also a great person to talk to! :)

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@Peridot@FantasyChic You two are on day 5
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Location: Unknown Underground Facility, Lab

Two jumped the instant she hard heard a gunshot going off, she tried to scan through the smoke that was around them, but she couldn't see anything still. She then could hear a slump of a body falling down to the ground, she chalked it up as one of them getting a little nervous and tried to shoot them but shot someone else. Though Two still wasn't able to see who had died before the smoke would clear up, Two kept her gun at the ready as she tried to find the others that were in the room. But still wasn't able to see anyone, but Two continued to listen to the man who had answered her question finally they had a name of the group who most likely put them into the pods in the first place.

She ran a hand through her hair as she started to mull through the information that the man was more then willing to give, crossing her arms over her chest. Two figured that the guy who was providing the answers was simply following orders and trying to do a job, she watched as a figure (7) approaching the man who was answering the questions. "So what do we do now then?" Two asked finally lowering her gun, she didn't know who exactly she could trust.
@Yippie Kayak Hi there and welcome to RPG if you ever want to RP or chat sometime feel free to ask! :D

Carolina Reed

Location: The Lab, Stairwell

Carolina watched as her planted suggestion was working, but she still looked between Guin and Scarlet Witch it was really looking weird for her as she watched the two fighting each other. But she had a mission to complete as she started to get up and started to make her way down the hallway looking over her shoulder when she heard the elevator doors opening and saw Pietro and Nina coming out of the elevator which she was relived to see. They could do this they were so close they was just one more door most likely that they needed to get through.

As Carolina watched Marygold asking Pietro to grab Guin and take her to safety, she listened to Wanda (Guin) speak, she still wasn't sure what to believe. She waited over by the door as she thought about using her ability to sneak in and maybe even try and possess Magneto but decided against it and waited for the door to be opened.

Cassandra Reed

Location: The Lab (First Floor)

Cassandra listened to Pietro on the other end when he gave her directions on where to go, which was good looking towards the body of Oshea once more. She really wished that he was alive still, and take them down to the bottom floor as quickly as possible. But sadly Sabertooth had taken him out, which left them to try and get to the bottom floor as quickly as possible. As she entered the stairwell and proceeded to get back down towards the ground floor. Her attention went back towards Charlie who asked what would happen if they bumped into Magneto, which was a good question.

As far as she knew Magneto was far more powerful then she was, and if they had any metal on them, then they would be pretty much dead. "We try and take him out as quickly as possible." Cassandra said as she continued to make it down until she was back onto the ground floor, she then went back to the radio. "Thank you Pietro." Cassandra said as turned left and headed down to the third door which lead them down the stairwell. "We are on our way now to the elevator." She stated.
@Lionhearted Since you are on day 6 i'll give you a 4 day extension and if I remember right you are still traveling, so if you need more time or have lack of internet let me know ASAP and will work on it with you if need be.

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018
Time: 12:00PM, New York City, New York

@FantasyChic Once Quinn had gotten up to the street level her work place was about two blocks away, she could hear the traffic in the streets like normal. But there was a large puddle of water nearby from the rain there was a car that was driving rather quickly through the greenlight. She would be able to get out of the way from the sudden splash of water, and several other people who were standing to close very wet. But other then that the walk towards the office would be uneventful, and she would be there just in time as well.

@Natsu The woman gave Adalene a slight smile as she opened the door, rubbing the back of her neck for a moment before biting her lower lip as she thought about what to ask. "Uhm yeah do you happen to have any spare laundry detergent?" She asked, she was always pretty forgetful and would usually come over and ask to borrow somethings from time to time, but she always would bring it back about a day or so later and always came off as a pretty friendly person.

@Damo021 Sandra looked towards Aaliyah for a moment raising an eyebrow towards her wondering why she was on the phone in the bathroom during work hours anyway. But she did remember that Aaliyah was out sick for several weeks a few months ago, and figured that it was most likely something private now. "Well if your sick I can cover your shift if you'd like." Sandra offered before looking at another waiter who was taking several orders. "Better get back to it." She said giving Sandra a friendly smile before heading off back to work and left the kitchen area to serve other tables. "Aaliyah, could you take this to table 3?" One of the chefs in the back asked on there was someone's order ready to be served.

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018
Time: 9:00AM, Seattle, Washington

@Morose The people there stared at him and then quickly fled back into their apartments after Scott had yelled out to them, of course they had seen an apple watch before. But still looked weird to them but they didn't want to confront the man with fucking guns everywhere. When Scott called the police tip line they were skeptical but they would look into it, before they could get any details they weren't able to since Scott had hung up on them. The weather seemed to be clearing up now as well as the sun started to come out of the clouds.

@BlueSky44 There were several people going on about their usual business as they started to do their own shopping for the day, they would occasionally look at the pair of siblings seeing that they were soaked from head to toe with rain water. There wasn't much going on in the grocery store while Jason made the call to Cynthia. People went back to doing their thing pushing carts and making idle chatter and so on nothing interesting. It would be about seven hours before Cynthia would be free and meet up wherever they decided to go.

@AmethystDagger Keith gave her a strange look and held his hands up and just gave up on trying to ask Cynthia out and went back to his part of the office while Cynthia had made her call to Jason on the other end. She would be able to hear the pushing of carts and occasionally people stopping by for idle chatter on the other end. The other works and interns at the office continued to go on about their work. So far the office has been fairly quiet as well nothing big is going on in the office now.

@SouffleGirl123 Johnathon looked towards Lucinda for a moment, it was a good enough excuse for him then he turned his attention back towards the other reporters and editors that were in the room. "Alright you guys get back to work." He said before making his way back towards his office. Before she had the little visiting session with Amelia Lucinda was able to get a number from the ME in Philadelphia who was the one who was looking at the woman's body.

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018
Time: 9:00AM, Los Angeles, California

@rivaan There was an electronics store on the other end of the park that Amelia could enter if she chose to go into it, the sold various things from older electronics to newer and used ones. They also did have new and used phones as well as burner phones until Amelia could get a proper new one. There was a dog that quickly ran up towards Amelia and barked loudly, it looked like it was a stray and had no collar on it, it looked up at Amelia with an expecting look for food.

Olivia Johnson

Location: Claire's Apartment, New York City, New York
Interacting With:

As Olivia sat patiently in the lobby of the ME office, she took out her phone looking down at the time, it was a good time to get out and have a meal. She ran a hand through her hair as she let out a slight sigh looking over at the receptionist at the desk who was tending to some paper work. When she heard the door to the building open Olivia stood up and saw that it was Claire, and she was actually hallucinating at all. Olivia gave her a friendly smile and nodded as she started to make her way over towards the cop and extended her hand towards Claire. "Nice to see that i'm actually not crazy." Olivia said jokingly.

When Claire did shake Olivia's hands she would start to read her mind, a lot of stuff was going through her head, like she was relived that she wasn't going crazy, and occasionally mentioning her healing ability in her own head. "Please lead the way." Olivia said giving Claire a friendly smile as she turned and headed towards the outside when she started to get wet from the constant downpour outside.

Emmie Adams

Location: FBI Field Office, New York City, New York
Interacting With: @Lionhearted Lana Allaire

Emmie looked at Lana then Grant when he closed the door behind him, her attention turned back towards the woman, feeling like she was now in the middle of an interrogation now. She crossed her arms over her chest as she started to think if she could trust the fed or not, Emmie knew she was in the NYC field office. "Emmie Adams." She finally said as she started to think about her next set of questions and sighed slightly and shrugged slightly. "Got really sick several months ago." Emmie decided to leave her powers out for now she still was slightly nervous being with the FBI woman.

"And I have no clue, one moment was in a dollar tree now i'm here in the middle of that conference room. And maybe I am your long lost sister from an alternate reality?" Emmie answered the last bit sarcastically as she eyed the woman once more. "And what about you, who are you, and why am I here?" Emmie asked she was just as confused as she was as well to everything that was going on around her.

Riley Ridgeway

Location: LA Highway -> Lair Recording Studio, Los Angeles, California
Interacting With: @Lionhearted Lucas Myers

"Well I don't have anything to show you that i'm real, but I am." Riley said looking over at Lucas she could see that he was having some kind of weird mental breakdown. She was freaking out herself as well. When she looked at the back seat she noticed that the other man had disappeared from the car. It was now just the tow of them, Riley looked out the window seeing the traffic was crazy like always in LA, then her attention turned back towards Lucas. "Well I was at the Lair Recording Studio, theres a restaurant about a block away from it, meet me there alright?" Riley said, then closed her eyes and slightly muttered something to herself.

"Make sure you write it down i'll give you my number and DONT give it out to anyone had people leak my number before and it aint fun at all." Riley said as she started to say her cell phone number, just as she had given her last part of her phone number Riley disappeared as well leaving Lucas in his car alone. If he had a GPS in his car he would be able to type in the studio name and find it there in the lists of the area.

Riley then looked back she was back in her studio giving strange looks at by the people and then her bandmates, she quickly stood up eyeing her friends for a second. "I'm going to grab a bite to eat i'm not feeling well, so just record your parts without me i'll reschedule later." Riley said as she quickly left the recording studio behind and headed down the street as quickly as she could.
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@POOHEAD189 Lol all good saw ya lurking and thought i'd say hi if your interested in joining feel free to join or ask questions. :)
Yo whats up? @POOHEAD189
@Kirah@rivaan@Damo021 I'll give you guys a 4 day extension since you are on days 5 or higher so that you have more time.
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