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Current… If anyone is interested feel free to apply. :)
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*Sacrifices Lurking Shadow to the said ancient evils* :P
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If there is an issue with anyone, just be an adult and talk about it instead of hiding behind walls.
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@ammokkx You know those already exist right? Lol they are over 1,000 bucks to order.
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I am offically back home now, will be replying to everything tomorrow or mostly everything monday as well.
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Hi there, a little bit about me I am 28 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners, though most days I am usually doing group RPs.

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Sierra Finley & Layla Hood

Location: Trails
Skills: Throwing Knives

"She tried to kill me, while the other held me down." Sierra said looking over at Willow and gave her a slight smile as she stood next to her, and then looked at the others again who were there. "Yeah after you tried to kill me i'm not joining you at all." Sierra told Maleficent and Pandora as she crossed her arms over her chest, seeing Rose starting to panic from the green fire that the woman had made set her on edge as well. Merlin then created a fireball of his own and threw it and it was sent flying, through the shield and hitting both Maleficent and Pandora. Maleficent shielded herself with her own magic, however Pandora was sent flying hitting a nearby tree Sierra winced slightly seeing the girl getting hit rather hard and her body flopping onto the ground.

"If none of you wont join me then so be it." Maleficent said as she used the fire surrounding the barrier to become much larger now and starting to slowly get closer to the shield that Merlin had made. Layla wasn't to phased with the fire as she looked between her sister and Rose rolling her eyes slightly seeing the two of them flirting by the looks of it. "You two need a room together or something." Layla said seeing that Merlin was looking a bit strained now with the fire and noticed the shield looking like it was starting to crack as well which wasn't a good thing. "I cant hold the shield for to long." Merlin said.

"Alright lets do something here and now then, and not joining you either you weird crazy lady." Layla said as she pulled out one of her throwing knives and threw it, seeing that Merlin's fireball had gone through his shield she figured that she could throw something through it as well. She threw three of her throwing knives, letting out a groan as she saw them all miss and embedding themselves into the tree behind the two of them. Sierra quickly reached over finding a nearby heavy looking stick to use as a weapon and stood next to Willow.

Cassandra Reed

Location: the Triskelion - Conference Room
Skills: N/A

Cassandra still wasn't to sure about the mission, as Oliver spoke a bit out of turn directly to Director Hill's face really wasn't a smart move she could easily stuff him into a dark cell or something. But he did have a good point though they needed a good reason to actually go after him as well. Cass didn't like the way Hill spoke to Oliver really either but she didn't say anything as she remained quiet for the most part. Captain America had some sort of contact or protecting someone by the name of the Winter Soldier she had heard of before but didn't know much details about him when a newer face came in.

Agent Asokho came into the room, as she looked at him who was late for some reason to the meeting which was a bit odd since if you were called by the Director to come in you had to right away. When he spoke though Cass was reminded a little bit of the kid James in Wanda's House of M reality that she had made for everyone. Luckily she didn't remember anything that she had done in that reality and just theirs which was probably a good thing she didn't want to know what she did while working with the Red Guard. Cassandra gave Agent Asokho a friendly smile however and nodded towards him as Matt introduced her, before turning to Director Hill. "Any kind of leads on where Captain America is currently?"

Maria Novikova

Location: the Triskelion - Conference Room
Skills: N/A

"Thanos kind of destroyed Cardiff, and one of the reasons the Inhumans suddenly got their powers to." Maria whispered towards Amelia as she turned her attention over towards Oliver for a moment as he spoke out. Maria didn't like it but Hill had her reasons why he had gone AWOL though she didn't like the idea of going behind her wife and not telling her the specifics of what they were actually going to do. When Hill mentioned the Winter Solider Maria heard some of the stories that he had done and was one of the worlds most deadly assassin's as well.

"I'm in." Maria finally said, since Niah, Bonnie and Cass were in she trusted the three of them easily. Even if she really didn't like their mission at all it was what they were tasked to do as well, when a new face showed up turning to look over at him. He was really late for the mission briefing, though she wasn't sure if he was really new and just didn't know where things were or he had just come in late. Maria gave him a friendly smile and nodded towards him though but didn't really say anything else towards him.

Carolina Reed

Location: Xavier's Mansion - Neil's Room
Skills: N/A

Carolina waited for a moment, until she heard Neil's voice on the other end and opened the door up and gave him a friendly smile. "Last I checked I didn't have red skin, horns or a spaded tail or hooves for feet." Carolina said jokingly and giggled slightly as she noticed that he looked back into his room, curious she looked in as well seeing the candles that Neil had made and were still burning. A part of her did remember a little bit of October, she had been really into witchcraft like Neil was as well.

Carolina missed her and she had been so happy in Wanda's reality that she had made and October was alive and well back then to and they were married, a part of her really did miss that as well. "What were you doing anyway?" She asked Carolina, she thought for a moment Sara did hurt Neil really badly as she turned to look over at him and smiled. She didn't really have anything in mind and things have been really uneventful as well.

Bethany Bell

Location: Xavier's Mansion- Kitchen
Skills: N/A

Bethany looked over as she watched Annie coming into the room and gave a slight shrug she didn't order anything at all, and the letter just randomly appearing on the doorstep just didn't make sense at all. Unless someone else ordered it as well that was also a possibility as well. "Nope it wasn't me who sent it." Bethany answered her as she walked over to the cabinet she grabbed herself a glass of water and started to fill it up. When Iris came into the room, internally groaning to herself Iris just annoyed the hell out of her she was just to perky and way to carefree as well in her opinion. And then Lance coming into the room she hadn't seen him in a really long time and seeing him looking a lot paler then usual like how she was.

"How have you been Lance?" Bethany asked, she wasn't going to really poke him on where he had been which wasn't really any of her business either as well, when both Iris and Lance asked what was in the box. "A game by the looks of it." Bethany said, as she paused for a moment and saw an envelope inside of the box and picked it up and started to look at it before opening the letter itself and read through it. The more Beth read through it the more worried that she got, Bethany remembered Loki all over the news when he invaded New York with the Chituari army. "So does anyone know where Mary and the others are?" Bethany asked as she showed everyone the letter.

Sophia Harris

Location: Atrium
Skills: N/A

Sophia turned to look at Zarina as she freaked out at Cal apparently remembering something, and then freaking out before leaving over towards the Galley. Sophia wasn't sure who to even trust, except for maybe Vinnie despite how overly annoying she was at times, she was at least related to her somehow. "Well for one Zarina just jumped in there, so I couldn't really have stopped her if I could." Sophia said turning towards Cal, and then stared at Vinnie as she jumped to a conclusion again groaning slightly and shook her head slightly towards her. "She hasn't done anything to harm anyone of us yet, so there isn't really a need to do that." Sophia told her, she didn't trust anyone here fully yet really. "I'm going with no on the locking up thing at least for now." Sophia said giving a slight shrug.

As she started to think of something, she wasn't sure why 'Them' as everyone started to call these people or aliens that have taken them onto this ship. Sophia watched as Luke went to dive under the water and Manny holding the rope so that he could dive, Luke seemed to know a lot about diving and stuff. "Maybe we compare skills, at least the stuff that we remember maybe they need people with certain skillsets?" She asked shrugging slightly
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Kristin Reynolds

Location: Comedy Club, Houston, Texas
Skills: N/A

Marsyays stared down at both Leda and Zeke as the two of them spoke and instantly shook his head, he knew what they were actually doing and he wasn't going to fall for it at all. "Noooope, nope, I am NOT falling for that i'm not vain like all of your moms and dads are at all." He said, as he looked at Calliope who still remained calm for the most part despite her current predicament. Kristin looked at Zeke and Leda letting out a little bit of an annoyed sigh as she started to think of an idea. "At least let us speak on her behalf then, it's only fair." Kristin said, as Marsyays thought for a moment before relenting and nodded. "Fiiiine." Marsyays said, as he motioned for three of the cyclops to grab them. One of them was grabbing Zeke by the back of his shirt and plopped him down right in front of the crazed looking satyr.

The other two cyclops gently set Kristin and Leda down by the bound Muse, but they remained rather close to the three of them, just in case the two demigods did anything suspicious. "While they are dancing, and distracted then we break her free." Kristin whispered to Leda, as Marsyays stared at Zeke and smirked a bit. "Since it's my show i'll go first, and if you do anything you three are cyclops food." Marsyays said as he burst out into a breakdance as Kristin watched she was actually impressed since he had hooves and all which she assumed made moving around really hard.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Fargo, North Dakota, Junkyard
Skills: N/A

"Would you like the string tied around your ankle or wrist Niah?" Madalyne asked Niah jokingly as she watched Nancy starting to look for something, and managed to find an inflatable raft still in it's box. She started to look around for something and instantly found an electric air pump and smiled a little bit as she pulled it out of some junk looking over at Nancy. The plan was a little bit crazy and weird in her opinion but it also did sound pretty fun as well. "I like the weird and crazy Up idea actually." Madalyne said as she looked around for some rope, sadly she didn't find any at all.

She was able to find a power outlet as well and plugged the air pump, then took the inflatable raft from Nancy and turned it on as well as hooking up the raft as it started to fill up with air. "So, I cant find any rope though we can do a flight test or something before we leave if you guys want."
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