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Current Laptop charger broke. Going to have to buy a new one I'll be using my phone and tablet for the next few days till a new one can be bought.
4 days ago
Just wish that it would be 8:45 now then I can just go home shower and watch the new season of Game of Thrones.
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I'll have posts up for my 1x1's tomorrow after work I'm like super crashing now.
11 days ago
Spider-Man: Homecoming was amazing!
15 days ago
Just finished with my Halo themed bio! :D


Good morning, good evening, or good afternoon my friends and stalkers! Yes I see you all who stalk my profile how goes it?! And welcome to my profile!:D Also here's some music while you read!

Halo 2 Theme

A little bit about me I am 24 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I work full time and around 40 hours a week, I am always on here no matter what, that and i'm to lazy to press the logout button lol. :P I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners.

I prefer mainly doing FxF plots as well as MxF though I am more inclined to the latter, but either one is totally fine. :) I am not a grammar Nazi and like I said above just no oneliners and I will do the same. :) There maybe sometimes that I might be to tired to post some days since I am mainly working 6AM-2PM at my job but I can still post multiple times a week.

]In no order with what so ever and love you all equally and those who I have been RPing with over the years! And you all get the gropes all the time!

@Zhaliora My sexually pervy friend love ya and love our 1x1's together!
@Damo021 Another awesome friend though you so slow with posting still love ya anyway! Also been in Wolves since day one! :)
@ChaoticFox My cute little foxie friend I love ya as well and fun to chat with! :)
@BeautifulSnow Snowie my other great friend whos been in Wolves since day one and all around great person! <3
@Lady Amalthea Best GM ever and great person all around also LLA's secret lover. And why you rip off my right arm?! I need that thing! :P
@Sigil Also one of the best GM's I've ever played with great person!
@Charnobylisk My Char! You always deny my love and gropes by charging me but love you anyway! :D
@Angel Vicky I miss you so much and miss our RP together, and I seriously hope you are alright and wish you to come back and thanks for helping me play a male for the first time!
@datadogie Love ya like a little bro best friend and great person to chat with!
@Aewin Annie! My shipper friend love you and i'll grope you whenever I feel like it! :D
@kittyluna45 One of my BFF's love you and love chatting and we need to do more group RP's together!
@Kirah Miss our RP together in Mundane you are a great person and RPer and wish we can RP more together!
@rivaan Awesome RPer and awesome drawer and a good friend to talk to and enjoy our two RPs together! :)
@Andromedai I've known you for such a very long time an awesome RPer and an awesome friend to chat with we will be friends forever! :D
@SouffleGirl123 You are such an awesome lady love chatting with ya whenever we are on the Chatzy together, also another Halestorm lover and love ya for it! :D Also my Mickey D's warbuddy only you know what I go through. :P
@Morose Such an awesome writer and love just chatting and shipping our two characters, and you are fun to chat with! :)
@FantasyChic Such a great writer, you make some of the best characters and you make such lovely posts all of them great to read, also a great person to talk to! :)

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Post will be up later tonight.
@Morose Cecily better return them feelings! :P lol
Riley Ridgeway

Location: Roy's Safe House

Riley looked up at Roy and sighed softly and gave him a slight nod, he did have a point pretty much her face was pretty well known and anyone would pretty much recognized her if they knew her music. "Alright then i'll be here I guess." Riley said as she leaned back on the couch and looked up at the ceiling. Before sitting back up and started to take out her phone, tucking a few strands of hair behind her hair and then took out Brinne's card from earlier. She forgot to add that in as well, sending out a rather quick text to her letting her know that she had dropped her phone and got a new one and to get any information on Felix and how he is doing. Riley then started to send out a text to Cecily and Marc as well.

To CeCe:
"Heya, just wanted to let you know that this is Riley using a burner phone Roy gave me. I'll be able to talk more freely now with this one, hope you are okay and love you."

To Marc:
Marc please be careful, I lost my sister and one of my friends today, I don't want to lose another. Please call or text me so that I know your okay. If Ada found out you died somehow, and I knew about it she'd probably end up gutting me.

Riley hit send sighing rather loudly, when she heard the door opening which made her jump ever so slightly and saw that it was just Roy with several bags of food. "I'm starved, and I don't mind either lived on Chinese and Mexican food for the longest time after my parents disowned me." Riley said as she got up and pulled out a taco from one of the bags, as well as a box of rice and quickly started to dig in and joined Roy on the couch. Riley simply just took the time to relax as best as she could, she looked at Roy and gave him a nod though he should have taken the bed. "Hopefully we don't get killed tomorrow." Riley said softly.

Riley watched as Roy finished eating his food, seeing him pretty much just pass out right there on the couch with the chopsticks in hand still and a plate in his lap. Riley gently took the chopsticks from his hand, and took the plate as well setting it down on the table next to the first aide kit. Riley looked at Roy as he slept peacefully in the bed, putting the first aide kit back where she had found it originally. Riley yawned slightly as she searched around for a blanket, and eventually found one drapping it over Roy as he slept so that he would be comfortable.

She made her way to the front door and made sure that it was locked, before turning off all of the lights then took off her shoes and socks. Riley then climbed into the bed pulling the covers over herself and rolled onto her side letting out a soft sigh as she closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep.
@Skrubsetsu Hi there and welcome to RPG! :D If you ever want to RP or chat feel free to ask! :)
@Grec remove the . In the hr parts of the CS to add in the lines. :)

Interacting With: Carolina Reed & @Morose October Crypt
Location: The Zephyr

Cassandra looked towards Bonnie for a moment with a somewhat surprised look on her face that her friend would actually stick her neck out for her like this, Bonnie was more by the books kind of person for as long as they have known one another. "I could make out with you right now, thank you." Cassandra said softly as they made their way towards the engine room of the Zephyr, putting anyone that she knew family or friend on the index if they had powers or not was always a bad thing and usually did tear them apart.

When they made it to the engine room Cassandra stood there seeing everything was either destroyed or pulled into the wrong position, biting her lower lip for a moment as she watched some of the sparks flying across the room and some smoke. "I can fix this." Cassandra said to herself, as she quickly grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher putting out the smoke that was building up that would most likely cause a fire.

Then that's when she heard her radio going off, it was the guard that she had personally assigned to guard her sister and friend. "Uh Agents Reed and Chase we got a problem, our guests just started to set the whole lab on fire and melted the door." He said, Cassandra looked more annoyed and stressed more then anything she turned her attention towards Bonnie. "Fuck, okay Bonnie I got this, go and secure my sister and her friend. Ice them if you need to, cant have them running around the plane use Coulson to get them under control. Do not kill them put them in a containment unit if you have to." Cassandra ordered as she quickly then went to work on getting the repairs to the engine room, at least a temporary fix or something would do. This would most likely end up having them being put onto the index by now, there was most likely no other way getting around that now.

Interacting With: @Morose October Crypt & Cassandra Reed
Location: The Zephyr

Carolina stood back as October started to produce a ball of flame into her hand as she watched the ball go from orange, to blue and then pure white. She wished that she had October's power to her it was way more useful then just fainting and using her spirit to go around and simply scouting out areas. Or going through walls and opening doors, as Carolina noticed the floor starting to melt from the amount of heat she could feel the heat building up within the room as well.

Once the flame was at a very toasty and warm temperature she watched as October got up and started to melt away the doorknob to the lab as the door started to open somewhat. Then the guard started to radio in her sister and Bonnie to tell them what was happening, Carolina quickly moved towards October with a concerned look on her face. She could easily see a bright shine of sweat over her face and clothes, Carolina quickly nodded as she got up and made her way to a nearby sink. Carolina grabbed a nearby empty beaker and started to fill it up to the top with cold water, then made her way back towards October. "Here take it easy now." Carolina said softly gently laying a hand onto her back looking at her with a worried look on her face.
@Morose Working on a post now. :)
Cassandra Reed

Location: Wraith Cruiser
Interacting With: @rivaanClarice Rosefort & Rush Anderson

"Well if the ship doesn't disappear maybe we can get some time to dissect the ship further once we learn and find out more information on their tech would probably be the best." Cassandra suggested as they walked further into the bowels of the cruiser, holding out the life signs detector out before her. She watched as the pinging started to get louder and louder until they were right in front of a door, Cassandra looked down at the door as she looked at the panel seeing the thing looking like it was completely organic. As far as she knew about Wraith tech was that everything that they used technology wise was made out of some kind of organic matter.

To her it was something that was pretty fascinating, Cassandra watched as Clarice took out her knife and stabbed into it a few times, though she was pretty sure that doing that wasn't the smartest thing to do. An alarm could have gone off if they were trying to get into a more secure system then a simple door.

Once they were in Cassandra looked around what looked to be some form of operating room, seeing various looking tools, that looked like were used for some kind of surgery. Cassandra explored the room for a little bit as Clarice approached the rooms only inhabitant, as Clarice tried to wake up the woman in the feeding holder thing. The woman slowly started to come to, before letting out a muffled scream when Clarice quickly put her hand over her mouth, looking around with a terrified look on her face. As Clarice spoke to her she quickly gave two nods, she didn't want to be there any longer then she needed to be knowing exactly what would happen when they came back to put the tracker inside her.
lol imagine Roy and Cecily dressed up at like ComicCon or something. :P
Emmie Adams

Location: Coventry PD, Records Office -> Fair Grounds
Interacting With: @Morose Aloise Zamora, Andromeda Aldrich, Fairfax, Folly Valeska & @Witch Cat Eudora Erebus.

Emmie gave Fairfax a friendly smile as they started to make their way through the police station, she would look over her shoulder at Andromeda seeing her looking at each individual officer's face that was frozen in time. She didn't even know what would cause any of this as they finally got out of the police station. "Maybe your father knew something that Mephistopheles knew that he wanted your father murdered for?" Emmie suggested, she wasn't really sure if it was or not but that's the only idea that she could think of the walk to the fair grounds wasn't that far.

Once they were there Emmie stood close to Andromeda as she paid for everyone's ticket looking around, she didn't like the circus very much as Emmie then took a moment to look around at everyone that was there. A part of her wondered if Folly would actually be there to help them out or not, she knew Folly did kill Alex fearing her own safety more then anyone else's. And Folly seemed to be more out for herself more then anyone else, she looked towards Andromeda. "What happens if she isn't there to help us?" Emmie asked softly, knowing that it would be a possibility.

Olivia Johnson

Location: Coventry PD, Morgue
Interacting With: @Morose Aloise Zamora

Olivia accepted Aloises' credentials as she looked them over it seemed pretty much legit to her as she handed them back over towards Aloise. "Thank you, feel free to have at the body." As she walked over towards her bag of fast food that she went out to get, before the attack on the police department that she wasn't aware of what happened yet. As Olivia started to eat away at some French fries, she turned her attention back towards Aloise raising an eyebrow slightly when she asked if there was sulfur on the body.

Olivia walked back towards the file, she couldn't remember every little detail on the bodies she worked on but she did take notes as she pulled out the other results that were on Fiodora's body. Olivia glanced through them before nodding and then slid the notes towards Aloise, as she finished another fry. "Sorry long hours, went to grab some food before you came over. But yeah there was some sulfur found on Ms. Valeska's body." Olivia answered.
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