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Hi there, a little bit about me I am 28 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners, though most days I am usually doing group RPs.

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@Ember Sparrow Howdy and welcome back. :) If you ever want to RP or chat sometime feel free to ask! :)

Kiera Donovan & Madalyne Crane

Location: Fields of Mars
Skills: N/A

By the time the Argo III entered the area just outside of New Rome the sun itself had just set, the landing pad of sorts had just been finished construction for the Greeks, Lauryn and Alannah both had gotten their armor on as well. "Well this should be a whole lot of fun." Lauryn said jokingly as she rolled down the climbing ladder, everyone would have gotten the call to depart once they had landed. Kiera had adjusted the bulky looking greek armor that she was wearing it.

But it did fit her rather well but she still felt that it was a bit to bulky for her which she wasnt used to. Kiera looked towards Leda and gave her a smile and leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek before following shortly behind Alannah and Lauryn once they were on the ground they were greeted with a group of Romans already. Kiera recongized the two of them as the two Praetors from earlier in the day.

Madalyne stood next to the Centurions from all five cohorts who were there, she eyed the rather large greek ship that had just touched down, looking over towards Nancy who she wanted there to greet the Greeks as well. She was of course still worried about the bite that she had received earlier, but right now they needed to focus on the battle was right in front of them right now. She looked at Nancy for a moment and gave her friend a reassuring smile to let her know that she was okay right now.

"Welcome to New Rome, i'm Madalyne Crane one of the leaders here and this is Nancy Parker." Madalyne said looking at the group of Greeks who had climbed out of the ship, she was hoping for more of them at least to help with the battle that was soon to come. "I wish it was under better circumstances, if you would follow us to the Senate Building and we can debrief you all there?" Madalyne asked, she had been getting reports every few minutes on the status for the defense of the city, everything so far was in good order so far.

In the sewers most of the Fifth Cohort were kind of getting annoyed with the music that Waverly was playing as they all were busy with working on building the defense down there. The sewers were rather extensive as they led to every important part of the city, in case someone tried to infiltrate the city then the enemy would be surprised to have it defended. Both of the Centurions of the Fifth Cohort were topside right now for the meeting with the Greeks. One of the more senior legionnaires had taken charge in the meantime overlooking the construction of traps and barricades. Though the older legionnaire gave Waverly a bit of an annoyed look at the music crossing his arms over his chest giving her a stern look.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: The Highway -> Outside Walmart, Pasadena, Texas
Skills: N/A

The next few hours werent to bad they ended up having to make a quick stop to refuel before the car ended up dying in a parking lot just outside of a walmart. Kristin wasnt sure how to fix the car sadly as she got up and tossed the car keys into the driver seat of the car and closed the door. "Well it looks like we are on foot from here." Kristin said as she made sure that the car was locked once everyone was out and looked at both Zeke and Janelle. She closed her eyes for a moment trying to remember the dream that they all had she did remember seeing the Houston Space Center logo in it.

"We shouldnt be to far, we just need to make our way over to the Space Center from our dream." Kristin from what she knew that would be where Echidna was right now, she looked at Zeke and Janelle. "So you guys got any money left on you or anything? I used mine for the gas a few miles back." Kristin asked hoping that they had the money otherwise it would be a rather long walk to where they needed to go.

Nadia Petrova

Location: Nidavellir
Skills: N/A

There was another dwarf that entered the room, Runa would notice that his shirt had the words 'Big Boy' on them as well and went over and sat down next to Runa near the set of tools. He looked at her for a moment and smiled towards her as he leaned back slightly and watched the game going on. Nadia leaned back slightly as the dwarf finished dealing with all of the cards, her sword was at the edge of the table and smiled. "Feel free to start then, if I win I get the stuff you won, if I loose then you can keep my sword." Nadia said as the dwarf nodded.

Klara would also notice the dwarf sitting next to Runa now as well, and quickly reaching for the Brokkr's set of tools and started to sneak out of the gambling parlor rather quickly as well. Nadia was mostly focused now at the game now as well to, that she hadnt noticed the dwarf had stolen the tools that they were tasked with searching for.

Arnora Skadidottir

Location: Niflheim
Skills: N/A

Arnora went and searched around for her sleeping bag and managed to find it and started to roll it out, and leaned back slightly as the fire started to get warmer now. "A nice hot meal sounds good right about now thanks." Arnora said towards Lara and gave her a bit of a smile as she leaned forward and started to get comfortable by the fire. She looked up at the sky it looked like it was going to be dark fairly soon.

"We will leave first thing in the morning sound good to you guys?" Arnora asked looking at both Elizabeth and Lara, they still had a lot of time left still before the Ship of the Dead could sail out to. So far nothing seemed to come out from the treeline which was good as well, they needed to rest up some if they moved out right now then it would just make things even more dangerous and so far Elizabeth to her seemed to be really eager to just move out quickly back at the hotel.

Sierra Finley

Location: Camelot Streets

"Lets just keep going, we dont want the guards to find out that we were the ones to set off the distraction." Gretel said looking at the others as she handed the scroll of sorts over towards Merlin which he quickly hid it under his robes. "I'd rather not get caught either getting jail time doesnt sound fun at all really." Taylor said as she quickly started to follow behind Gretel, the fires started to get worse now as well, going over to some nearby store stalls and catching stuff on fire over there as well. Sierra looked down for a moment regretting that she had decided to use the fires as a distraction.

"Yes thats who Rumpble is." Merlin said towards Colby who asked who he was, as he noticed some guards now coming over from further down the street to help out with the blaze. "Just stay close and stay within sight of everyone." He said as he turned down an alleyway just to get out of the streets Sierra was doing the same as well, hearing some people yelling for help, feeling guilty for being apart of the blaze that was now growing.

Layla Hood

Location: Camelot Sewers -> Prison

Red was sitting in the corner of her cell, she perked up a bit seeing Rose there and smiled as she started to stand up and recognized her daughter. "It's really great to see you, I really missed you, you probably have a lot of questions i'll answer them when we are safe." She said as she gently reached her hand out to touch Rose's cheek.

Hansel came over towards Red's cell and smiled towards her. "It's good to see you again." He said as he started to pick at the lock with the lockpick he had on him. A few seconds later the cell door opened and Red went over to hug Rose, one of the prisoners looked over at Megan and shook his head slightly. "If you count stealing food just to feed your family as murder then sure." He said sarcastically as he quickly stepped out of the cell, as the other prisoners were being let out they started to head down the hallway when about ten armed guards started to come through seeing the prison break of sorts happening.

Callie Johnson

Location: Inside the Glitter Factory
Skills: Electricity Manipulation

Callie gave Casper a smile and nodded towards him as she entered the club, she looked around at all of the party goers, seeing some of the male pole dancers she shook her head slightly. Callie was never really into guys at all and never found them attractive in her own opinion, Echo had gone off to investigate the club again. Which Callie didnt think that was a good idea at all after he had gone off to try and find Max and Sunshine. A few seconds later Echo came rushing out saying that it was a trap which she rolled her eyes slightly towards him, Callie had a feeling that this was all some sort of trap.

Then Callie heard a gunshot going off, and then turned her attention over to the floor seeing that Casper had been shot and James tried to patch him up with his power and he couldnt for some reason. Callie quickly went over and knelt down, she had done this once to herself when she was shot by a Purifier. "Move." Callie said to James as she got Casper up into a sitting position and removed his shirt. "Just to give you a warning Casper this will probably hurt like hell." Callie warned Casper, as she set both hands on the entry and exit wounds and closed her eyes for a moment as she used her electricity to cauterize the wound itself. Smelling the burnt flesh Callie took a step back while looking over at James for a moment. "There that should stop him from bleeding out quickly go get him to the car right now." Callie told him.

She stood up as she got out of the way of the stampeding crowd, Callie held out her hand and shot off a bolt of lightening at the attacker, seeing him stumbling backwards. Callie shot out another one this time a bit harder, seeing the damage that she had done to him, hopefully he would either give up and run away or the others would take the attacker on.

Kristina Smith

Location: Eisenhower Building - Lobby
Skills: N/A

"Sounds like a plan to me then." Kristina said softly towards Luna and continued to follow the others into the building itself, she gave Andy a bit of a look. Sure she knew that Havok was being a bit of an ass, but in the middle of a mission that wasnt a smart move at all their cover could have easily been blown because of that.

But she didnt really say anything at all about it, as she watched Veil picking up a map and went to get a better look at it. "Lead the way." Kristina said to Veil as she walked behind her, while occasionally looking around, hopefully the cloaking thing didnt end up failing.

Carolina Reed

Location: Liberty Island
Skills: Astral Projection, Possession

Carolina watched as Annie started to run off towards where the others were, she closed her eyes as another fit of giggles came but they werent as bad anymore. As she took a few more deep breathes she started to calm down now, turning to look over at Neil blushing slightly when he said he would stay there with her until she was feeling better. "I'm okay now I think.." Carolina said as she started to stand more on her own, holding her sides still hurt a lot from all of the laughter. "Lets get to the others now then." Carolina said as she started to make her way over to where everyone else was just in time for the group to get hit by a ball of fire created by Loki himself.

"Good thing that we werent there then." Carolina whispered to Neil as she started to get a bit of an idea looking at Neil for a moment. "I'm going to try something." Carolina said as her body went limp, as she astral projected herself over towards Loki and tried to possess him, she was able to gain control over Loki briefly before being kicked out. She tried it again for a second time but she wasnt able to at all on the second try.

Bethany Bell

Location: Liberty Island
Skills: Shadow Manipulation

"Yep no problem at all old man." Bethany said as she winced as she was hit with a large fireball created by Loki and quickly got back up to her feet again, looking at some of the burns and burnt clothes that she had. Bethany saw Carolina and Neil coming over towards them, and gave the two a slight nod, as Bethany noticed Loki going limp for a moment as Carolina possessed him briefly.

She turned her attention over towards Loki and glared at him as she extended her hand out towards him, and started to use her power and started to throw Loki around several times hitting him on the ground before releasing him. Bethany looked at all of the Avengers who suddenly all decided to show up now which was good then. "Well about time you all actually showed up now." Bethany said sarcastically as she took a few steps away from the others so that way she wasnt so grouped close to them in case Loki decided to use another large fireball again.

Cassandra Reed

Location: Quinjet
Skills: N/A

Cassandra stared at Kwassi and shook her head slightly, she turned around and took a step to the side as Bonnie came through letting her do her thing. Though right now seeing that Kwassi was fine he didnt need any kind of medical attention, she went over and took a seat in one of the nearby chairs. "You could always just make your own AI for that to thats if you know how to make your own anyway." Cass said to Kwassi as she fixed the eyepatch slightly, it was annoying that she could only see out of her only good eye right now when she felt her phone going off to see that it was from Niah.

She was glad to hear from Niah and hoped that it was the real Niah and not a skrull either they would really need her as soon as possible to clear everyone from being a potential skrull. She turned to look out the nearby window hearing Hawkeye's announcement that they were now at Serval Industries. She didnt want to be anywhere near Folly right now after her stabbing and eating her own, she leaned forward slightly and looked over at the others for a moment and hoped that no one else from Serval was a skrull either.

Kiera Donovan

Location: Argo III Top Deck > Cargo Hold
Skills: N/A

"We have sets of armor in the cargo hold, so help yourselves to them to, theres also a few barrels of greek fire to might want to get those set up and be careful with that stuff." Alannah said towards Leda, as she headed back into the wheelhouse to focus on things in there Kiera turned her attention towards Demetri as he came back up asking what the iris message was all about. "The Romans are getting ready for battle and we should be there pretty soon." Kiera decided to answer him, as she looked over towards Leda for a moment and smiled towards her.

"Mind helping getting me fitted into some armor?" Kiera asked winking at her, so far there wasnt any sign of any monsters which was a good thing then. Kiera started to head down the stairs past the crew deck and down into the cargo hold, seeing both Andy and Arthur along with the Gryphon. "Hey Andy and Arthur, you guys should get some armor on soon we should be at the roman camp pretty soon." Kiera said as she walked into the little armory of sorts seeing a few sets of armor in there along with some weapons.

"There should be some bandages up in the infirmary, medical stuff isnt really my forte though just so you know. I'll get them though." Lauryn said as she went and headed up towards the crew deck where the infirmary actually was to grab the bandages that they would need

Madalyne Crane

Location: Camp Jupiter, Madalyne's Villa -> Senate Building
Skills: N/A

Madalyne closed her eyes for a moment and sighed as Waverly made her way into her villa, sometimes she did wish that there was some sort of way to not allow people in without an invitation. Madalyne walked over towards the kitchen and took up a seat at the island in the kitchen letting Waverly brew up the tea. "Well from what I know it's a curse made by Jupiter himself, so i'm pretty sure that the king of the gods wont just willy nilly take it off of me." Madalyne said letting out a slight sigh as she ran a hand through her hair as she accepted the tea and took a sip from it but smiled slightly. "I'm up for trying anything, i'd rather not be a monster honestly." Madalyne said as she realized that she pretty much had abandoned both Niah and Nancy to handle things.

"You should probably report to your cohort the Titans should be on their way now, I need to go see Nancy." Madalyne said as she stood up and gave Waverly a slight smile. "Thank you, and i'll be okay." She said as she went to lead Waverly out of her Villa and locked it up, before making her way back down towards the senate building.

The Second Cohort nodded and quickly would get to work, Niah would find a good place to start setting up a mine field around the Fields of Mars, the largest open field in Camp Jupiter and New Rome where they usually would have their weekly wargames go on. There was also a rather large fort that was ready, and could be used as either a good place for a forward base, or could be set up for a trap as well to.

The Fifth Cohort was already getting things and traps set up within the sewer system, it was pretty small but it would be big enough if an invading armory wanted it could be used to flank the members of the Legion. There were mines and tripwires as well as a few bear traps being set up there to slow the monsters down incase they did go through that way.

Alexandra nodded towards Nancy. "Sure thing boss lady i'll go back to gutting stuffed animals for the two of them." She said giving her a sarcastic salute, Terminus nodded as he quickly disappeared to do his task and recruit some of the reserved and retired members of the legion to help. A few seconds later Madalyne entered the Senate building looking over towards her friend and made her way over towards Nancy. "Sorry I didnt mean to leave you so suddenly to tend to things by yourself." Madalyne said as she made her way over towards the war table that was set up. "Whats the game plan?" She asked.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: The Highway.
Skills: N/A

"Well there is always the volks wagon beetle game, whenever you see one you call out the color and then punch them or something and say punch buggie whatever color it is." Kristin said looking over at Zeke for a moment it was a good little idea and it could give her a reason to actually punch him for fun. Kristin went and drove over to the next lane and continued to drive while listening to the music playing over the radio.

"And have you seen your hands? They always look really nasty and dirty like all the time." Kristin said looking over at Zeke again and smirked at him. "But also the quiet game works pretty well to so I dont have to hear your annoying voice as well to." Kristin was having fun just insulting Zeke she did always found him to be annoying as hell in her own opinion.

Nadia Petrova

Location: Nidavellir
Skills: N/A

"I'm not much of a gambler either, but i'll try." Nadia said as she thought for a moment on a gameplan she looked at Runa for a moment and shook her head slightly. "Nah dwarves tend to really like the tools that they use and probably would know that they arent his tools to." Nadia said as Sindri slowly rolled onto his side and laughed drunkenly. "Yep my bro likes his tools, he'd be pissed if they arent his." Sindri said as Nadia rolled her eyes slightly. "Just get sobered up and go home we will take them back to your brother." Nadia said as she motioned for both Runa and Klara to follow her.

"I'll distract him if you two can swipe the tools." Nadia whispered as she entered the gamblers den of sorts, in the room was a dwarf counting his money, in he corner of the room were Brokkr's tools setup on a table. "So, what can I do for you ladies?" He asked as he leaned back slightly. "Want to play a round?" He asked, the other dwarves in the room shook their heads slightly but stayed in the room to see how the game would unfold. "I'd like to play." Nadia said as she took her sword setting it onto the table, the dwarf nodded as he started to shuffle the cards and started to hand them out.

Arnora Skadidottir

Location: Boston -> Niflheim
Skills: Cryokinesis

Arnora slowly moved their boat towards the shore as she looked over towards Lara and Elizabeth, she started to search around for some supplies finding some food and blankets as well to. "We set up camp for now and rest up a bit before we head out." Arnora said as she got off of the boat and made her way onto the shore, seeing the World Serpent still encased in ice in the distance. "The Naglfar should be somewhere near a body of water and it should be heavily guarded by the Jotunn and dragur to." Arnora warned as she started to gather some fallen wood on the ground.

"Also you two should find something warmer to wear Niflheim is really known for the cold to." Arnora said, she didnt really have any issues with the cold and was pretty used to the freezing temperatures as well to. She went and started to count some of the supplies that they had on them as well to.

Sierra Finley

Location: Camelot Streets

The animals started to panic as the ones who were untethered from their stalls started to stampede out of the stables and started to rush down the streets. Some pedestrians were quickly getting out of the way as some of the guards quickly went to get buckets of water, Sierra turned to look at Rosalia calling her a hypocrite with setting things on fire. "I'm sorry, I didnt see what else could set the animals off.." Sierra said softly as some of the other horses were panicking, Sierra went over to untie the others and then they quickly got out of the stables.

"Get away from the fire!" A guard came into the stable, he didnt think that anyone of these people had set the fires off, Sierra looked over towards the others and then started to leave the stables as the fires started to get much worse now. Gretel came out from behind the stables as well. It looked like she had a high ranking guard knocked out and motioned for the group to get behind the alleyway, Sierra walked over seeing the guy there. "Why do you have him?" She asked.

Merlin walked over and knelt down searching the unconcious guard before pulling out a scroll and started to read it over, before looking at everyone else before showing everyone else there to see it. "Rumpelstiltskin is who is one of Maleficent's right hand men is here as well to oversee the execution. We did our part, we need to get going now Hansel would be able to get the others back." He told them as Sierra looked over towards the prison hoping that they group was okay.

Layla Hood

Location: Camelot Sewers -> Prison

Hansel saw the fire was getting bigger now which was a good thing, he turned towards the others before he managed to open up the grate. The guards were getting distracted by the fire and chaos going on outside. "Alright lets get going." He said as Layla nodded and started to get out of the grate as well and stretched slightly. Layla offered a hand to help out her sister, and quickly started to follow behind Hansel and into the prison itself.

"You lot shouldnt be here." A guard said, as Hansel quickly got up close and personal before knocking the guard out, and started to search the body before finding a keyring with a bunch of keys. "Might as well start a prison break while we are here." Hansel said as he took off individual keys and started to hand them all out to everyone. "Find a cell and open it." Hansel said as Layla took hers and nodded as she started to head down the hallway and opened one of the cell doors.
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