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If there is an issue with anyone, just be an adult and talk about it instead of hiding behind walls.
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@ammokkx You know those already exist right? Lol they are over 1,000 bucks to order.
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I am offically back home now, will be replying to everything tomorrow or mostly everything monday as well.
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In 12 hours i'll be on a flight for my much needed vacation cant wait! :D
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Good morning, good evening, or good afternoon my friends and stalkers! Yes I see you all who stalk my profile how goes it?! And welcome to my profile!:D Also here's some music while you read!

A little bit about me I am 24 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I work full time and around 40 hours a week, I am always on here no matter what, that and i'm to lazy to press the logout button lol. :P I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners.

I prefer mainly doing FxF plots as well as MxF though I am more inclined to the latter, but either one is totally fine. :) I am not a grammar Nazi and like I said above just no oneliners and I will do the same. :) There maybe sometimes that I might be to tired to post some days since I am mainly working 6AM-2PM at my job but I can still post multiple times a week.

In no order with what so ever and love you all equally and those who I have been RPing with over the years! And you all get the gropes all the time!

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Wichita Kansas Willow's & Annabelle's Houses:

The traffic wasn't bad at all, and Annabelle would get there fairly quickly as well without any real issues, over at Willow's house there was another knock on the door and Willow's mother poked her head in again. "Is there anything else I can get you sweetie?" She asked her daughter. There was nothing else other then her parents adoption paper work, and the envelope with the key inside, nothing else would really stick out for her right now either.

Wichita Kansas Outside of Merlin's Warehouse:

Merlin held the door open letting Megan and Jack enter the warehouse, inside looked like it was somewhat stocked and containing some living spaces as well once Jack stepped inside Merlin closed the door and locked it as well. There were a few other people in the room, mostly older people for the most part around Merlin's age. "Can I offer any of you guys something to eat, or drink?" Merlin offered, as some of the people in the room whispered to one another, while others went about their duties.

Merlin nodded a little bit, he knew that they were being watched pretty closely right now as well which had started to become more frequent in the last few weeks. "Yes some of Maleficent's people have been watching pretty closely, which was why I had sent out the letters to all of you." He said as he made his way over towards a nearby table and pulled out some chairs, motioning for the two of them to take a seat. "And I am sorry for what had happened in the park as well." He said.

Sierra Finley

Location: Trail Head.

Maleficent and Pandora had appeared, seeing the two girls nearby and hearing Rose talk she quickly waved her hands slightly and then they were invisible now, to Pandora she would look a little bit transparent as well. "Just remain close and observe for now." She whispered to her daughter as she watched Sierra and Rose on the trailhead starting to move now.

Sierra looked over to where Rose had gestured to, she couldn't see anything at all either which made her wonder what was actually there or if Rose was just being paranoid. "I don't see anything, but alright i'll stay alert though." Sierra said, after what she did notice at the park she was also a little bit alert now as well. She thought for a moment about Willow and how she was actually doing, after all she did find out that she was adopted just a few minutes ago as well.

"Soooo, hows your dating life?" Sierra decided to ask as she started to make her way down the trail, and started to look around and eventually picked up a stick nearby and hefted it up in her arms and twirled it around slightly in her arms and smiled. "It kind of reminds me when I was little I would play in the woods whenever I went camping with my parents and i'd play with sticks and pretend that they were weapons, which was fun." Sierra told her

Layla Hood

Location: Chinese Restaurant

Layla watched as Tinker got up and left, letting out a little bit of an annoyed sigh as she watched her leave and turned her attention back over towards Colby, Mathew and her sister, and shrugged slightly. "I don't mind giving you guys a lift to wherever you want to go." She said as she started to finish up eating the rest of her food and when their waiter came up. "Can I get a box?" She asked, he nodded and then headed off to grab a box.

"I think a maine coon or something like that, he's a red furred cat." Layla said as she rubbed her hands together when their waiter came back and handed them four boxes to take their food with them. Layla started to put her leftovers into her box, looking at the two of them and nodded at her sister. "Yeah just be careful with what we have in the car." Layla said, luckily their food had been paid for she quickly snatched her sister's car keys and stuck her tongue out slightly. "To slow, i'll meet you guys at the car." She said as she started to make her way out of the restaurant now.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: Manhattan Bus Depot

Kristin looked at Janelle for a moment as she thought of a way to answer her question, monsters always did find ways to appear and attack them at anytime. She didn't think that they could attack any traveling demigods while on a moving bus, but it could be possible as well as she rubbed her neck slightly trying to think. "Monsters to normal people will most likely just look like regular people, or animals depending on what kind they are the Mist protects them from what we see daily. But if they do somehow get onto our bus, and attack us we can recognize them pretty quickly, and we just try and get out of the bus as quickly as possible, and fight them if we have to." Kristin answered her.

When Zeke came back with their bags of snacks and drinks she smiled and accepted it and opened up the bottle and leaned back slightly in her seat handing Zeke's ticket over to him. "The ticket guy said that it leaves in about twenty minutes." Kristin said as she looked down at her watch now. "Actually make that ten minutes from now." Kristin said, as she started to get the feeling that they were being watched as well as well as Janelle to. Though she couldn't see whoever it was either, she remained calm still hopefully whoever it was wouldn't get onto their bus and attack them there.

Kiera Donovan

Location: The Argo III, Crew Deck, Kiera's Room

Lauryn eventually came down from the wheelhouse and opened up a cabinet pulling herself a glass and it started to fill up with water all on its own, carrying with her a rolled up map and started to set it down on the far end of the table. She looked over towards Andy and smiled towards her. "How are you doing, find your room alright?" Lauryn asked her, as she put a few other cups to hold down the paper to keep it up from rolling up on its own, which had their flight plan marked already and Alannah coming in shortly after her. Both Rebecca and Arthur would be able to catch a brief glimpse of Ash, who was standing there and heading up the flight of stairs to the upper decks of the ship.

"Alright then, i'll wait right here for you." Kiera said giving Leda a smile as she leaned herself up against the side of the door just outside of Leda's room, as she watched some of the others who were either settling into their own cabins or just leaving theirs. She would smile and wave towards Rebecca for a moment, she seemed to be really nice from the little interactions she had with the daughter of Hecate. Though she didn't see what Rebecca or Arthur saw either, her eyes wondered over towards the armory for a moment curious what weapons that they had stocked up in there.

When she saw Leda coming out of the room, she gave her a smile seeing the little tense look in her eyes, for a moment and looked into her room for a moment, she thought about talking to her privately or something. As she awkwardly rubbed the back of her neck slightly, she wasn't sure what to really say at the moment. She took a moment and looked into Leda's room, she didn't like the colors really either as she thought a little bit. "Do you think that we will have sometime to stop, and maybe do some shopping or something for the rooms?" Kiera asked. "Oh, and want to hang out later and talk maybe?" She asked, softly.
1. Beautiful With You - Halestorm - The Strange Case Of...
2. Happy? - Mudvayne - Lost and Found
3. My Precious - Lifehouse - Stanley Climbfall
4. One Light - 3 Doors Down - The Greatest Hits
5. Roadside - Rise Against - The Sufferer & the Witness
6. Get Me Through - Daughtry - Leave This Town: The B-Sides EP
7. There'll Come a Day - The Letter Black - Hanging On By a Thread
8. Hunger - Amaranthe - Amaranthe
9. Next Go Round - Nickelback - Dark Horse
10. So Cold - Breaking Benjamin - We Are Not Alone

Bethany Bell

Location: Galactus' Ship, Central Room -> New York City.
Skills: N/A

Bethany's visor was pulled off her face and rubbed her forehead slightly, looking down at her bloody hand a bit which brought back memories for what she did to Annie and Carolina when Mesmero messed with her head. Which was something that she still regretted doing to her, she hadn't messed with either of them since then. When she heard Mary speaking into the radio and hearing Mr. Fantastic voice on the other end. She could easily hear the fighting going on the other end as well where the others were fighting the real Silver Surfer, and then a few seconds later they were all back in New York City.

Bethany looked around seeing the destruction reminded her a lot of the news that she watched during the Chitauri invasion, she looked at Iris for a moment and shook her head slightly. "Of course she needs medical attention right away." She said as Bethany listened to Guin suggesting where the best place was to show Galactus where the Nullifier was now in their hands. "Stark Tower works for me, I can get there quickly and bring us all there if you want." Beth suggested.

Carolina Reed

Location: Galactus' Ship, Central Room -> New York City
Skills: N/A

Carolina looked around the destruction of New York City, she instantly remembered the Chitauri that were on Galactus' ship, and shuddered slightly which reminded her of that day pretty easily. She looked over at Annie as she moved the visor to reveal her face and tried to reassure her friend that it was going to be alright. Then her attention turned towards Warlock and nodded towards him, she remembered the area pretty well.

"Theres a hospital a block away from here, hopefully they can do something there." Carolina said looking over at Annie and smiled a bit again. "After we take Mira to the hospital Annie and I could try and save the civilians." Carolina suggested before offering to take Mira off of Warlocks hands. "Follow me." Carolina said before flying off down the city block as quickly as she could, finding the hospital that was there and quickly entered looking for some kind of help.

Evelyn Holder
Casey Frazier

Location: Unknown
Skills: N/A, N/A

Evelyn and Casey both followed the others through the archway, Evelyn looked around covering her eyes slightly as they adjusted somewhat and looked around at the city that they were all now in. At least they were all out of their weird reality show which was a good thing as well, but they were all still kids. "I'm still an awkward little redheaded kid.." Evelyn said mostly to herself, looking over at Watts for a moment, and then Longshot. Who managed to cut himself free, she was half expecting Spiral to come out now at this point and help them again but she hadn't made her appearance again when Belladonna spoke up.

"Yeah, not killing him Spiral wants him back to normal which he is now unless you want to remain a kid and be here forever." Evelyn said, as much as she didn't like Spiral right now, she then looked over at Longshot who was probably there longer and maybe knew of a place where they could get off of the streets. "Any ideas on where to go then?" Evelyn asked Longshot.

Casey looked around at the new scenery that they all found themselves in, hearing Elara swearing meant that they weren't in the little show that they were in now just moments ago. Still finding herself in her child body she wanted to get back to normal as soon as possible, crossing her arms over her chest and looked over at Longshot. Evelyn did have a point, and maybe he did even know a place where they could hide from Mojo. She didn't want to end up like.

Casey looked up at the sky, seeing a spotlight going overhead attached to some kind of craft, eventually it passed and spotted an alleyway close by looking over at the others. "Theres an alleyway close by." Casey said, and looked around the area she didn't have any intention on staying by the streets much longer, and she didn't really trust Longshot just yet either as she made her way across.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Hogwarts Express, Compartment One
Magic: N/A

Madalyne looked over at Talbot, she didn't really know him all to well she knew that he was mostly a loner in the school and rarely ever hung out with anyone in his year either. "Oh c'mon Talbot, it's going to be really fun." Madalyne said, as Felix crawled up onto her lap and started to make himself comfortable again like always. Her cat really did hate being cooped up in a cage all day, when Penny answered her question and smiled towards her. Penny was really popular within her year after all she wouldn't have a problem finding a date, though she did play with the thought of asking her as well.

"That would look so cute on you Penny!" Madalyne said, as she gently pet Felix and thought about what she would wear for the dance, she really didn't know either really. "I'm not really sure to be honest, something red maybe." She said, looking at Penny for a moment. "I'm not sure who i'd ask yet." Madalyne answered, though she also did like someone approaching her and asking her to be her date for the Celestial Ball, but she wouldn't mind asking anyone out either.

Cassandra Reed

Location: Kirby General Hospital - NYC, The Mirror Dimension
Skills: N/A

Cassandra looked at Strange and nodded towards him for a moment, and listened to Bonnie her best friend's opinion mattered a lot more to her and Bonnie did risk her own life to save hers. She closed her eyes as she started to think for a moment, if she got exposed again it would be very lethal to her as Strange did say. But everyone else on the team were outside risking their own lives, and potentially exposing themselves as well if they got injured at all.

Strange confirming what Medusa and Crystal had said what had happened to Atilian was going to happen back down on Earth wasn't good either and they were most likely down on Earth right now for all she knew as well. She thought of something she did want to continue to fight, but Cass knew that if she over exerted herself again she would go back to how she was like back in the Throne Room back in Atilian looking at Strange. "If my health gets worse than it was back in Atilian could you send me back here? I'll continue to fight then and help the others, i'll stay close." Cass knew that she was going against Bonnie and Strange's suggestion, but she couldn't stand here helplessly while the others continued with the mission.

Maria Novikova

Location: Attilan, Quinjet
Skills: N/A

Maria looked at Theresa and nodded towards her and smiled a bit. "Alright then, just let me know and I can send a text or something." Maria offered, before making her way back towards her seat again and strapped herself down as tightly as she could, while Raynor flew the Quinjet through the atmosphere. She looked at Raynor for a moment and listened to him as he spoke they just needed to protect this Thane guy from Thanos and his men. "What if we send him back to Atilian he could be their problem to protect him once we find the guy?" Maria said, since they were so willing to sacrifice the mutant population, while empowering their own people.

Maria gripped the sides of her seat, she did wish that Novikova was still with them and wanted to be there for her as well she wasn't sure if Novi had been exposed yet or not she couldn't help but be worried about her wife. They eventually landed and Maria stood up dusting herself off, and grabbed her bow and quiver of arrows again, making sure that her suit was still sealed up tightly. Looking at Raynor again and making another jab at Oliver letting out a slight sigh. "Give him a break, he fucked up we all know it give him a chance to redeem himself at least." Maria said, sure she was still really pissed off at him for his reckless move but he could still fix what he did wrong when Tinley spoke up and nodded towards her. "Hows the air outside anyway?" Maria asked Raynor who was closest to the controls within the cockpit.

Callie Johnson & James Kingston

Location: Mutant Underground, Training Area

As soon as it came up in conversation that Callie knew kickboxing, James couldn’t stop himself from asking her for a few friendly practice rounds. The group training was great and all but they didn’t quite give him an opportunity to push himself as far as he did in his personal workouts. He’d mostly reestablished his routine by now or as much as he could without the machines but he missed having a person to spar with on a regular basis. So when she agreed, he was ecstatic.

Now, looking up at her from where she knocked him flat on his ass, he couldn’t help but laugh. It started out as kickboxing but when she added a few other moves he didn’t know about, he’d asked her for some lessons. His pride was a little hurt at how quickly she managed to get the upper hand but the sting faded as quickly as the one in his back. “Mind if we take a quick break? I think I need a breather after that one.” James asked with a chuckle as he shoved himself back into a sitting position. “Where did you learn how to fight? Oh, actually before that, any bruises or aches you need me to patch up?”

Callie was actually glad to have a new sparring partner, sure the little training sessions with the others was nice and all but it was good that she had someone who knew kickboxing pretty well. Though she did have a lot more experience with fighting, and she didn't really go easy on James either, and she would occasionally add a bit of electricity to her punches as well, just enough to smart and not to injure either. "Sure thing." She said as she grabbed a nearby towel and wiped some sweat off of her face, finding a nearby water bottle and tossed it over to James and grabbed herself one.

"I spent four years at Xavier's school, there was some training there, my uncle is also an MMA trainer and would occasionally show me some moves that he picked up as well." She said as Callie walked over and sat down next to James and took another sip from her water bottle and shook her head slightly. "I know the healing takes a bit out of you, if it isn't something life threatening I usually just learned to walk it off mostly." She said.

“Thanks!” James said as he caught the water bottle and took a swig. He had to say, it was fun sparring with her. She kept him on his toes and he appreciated how she didn’t hold herself back too much. The first time she added a little electricity, he nearly knocked her in the face reflexively but he appreciated the opportunity to get used to fighting someone with some added oomph to their punches. “Yeah, the healing does but we have a rough enough time here as it is. No need to suffer any extra if you don’t need to. Offers always open.” He shrugged at the concern.

“So you trained with the x-men, huh? Why did you join the Underground, if you don’t mind me asking.” James watched her for a reaction carefully.

"No problem." Callie said as she went and sat down next to him, and cracked her neck slightly, and gave him a nod. "Yeah, actually my mom knew Xavier and Magneto a few years before either of the X-Men or Brotherhood were founded, well she hooked me up on going to the school there more than anything." She said as she leaned back a little bit, and thought about it for a moment. "Well you know the people we rescued from Sinister's lab? The X-Men cant be everywhere at once, and other groups probably could care less about politics and mutants, when I got approached and the whole pitch was something I was more than willing to join in, haven't regretted the choice either."

James nodded along as Callie explained. He had come to that conclusion after the Professor’s visit clarified how many people were connected to the group. Originally, he’d been under the impression the Underground was just a bunch of well meaning mutants unaffiliated with the major groups. He’d been half right and it still rubbed him the wrong way. If you made an effort to visit your organization, why wouldn’t you help out with supplies? It made no sense to attempt to remove yourself that far when the Underground perpetuated the criminal stereotype about mutants. But he wasn’t in charge, he just fixed the place and the people. If everyone else was content with this, so be it.

“Makes sense. Easier to help people when you have a certain degree of anonymity I guess.” James agreed. “Are you planning to stay here as long as you can or do you have a goal in mind for the future?”

"Yeah that's why we don't really have to much support from Xavier, and have to mostly rely on the other cells around the country for support. Since we have to keep hidden when we are moving others around safely, cant have to many well known people around either for to long." Callie said as she took another drink from her water bottle, and shrugged slightly. She hadn't really thought of anything else really other then working with the Underground. "Veil confides in me a lot, I am the second if something happens, or if she's not in the HQ. Or if another underground cell needs a new leader i'd move." Callie said shrugging slightly. "Though if I wasn't, probably go back to my old job as a car mechanic."

“Oh shit, really?” James beamed at that little tidbit. “Before this, I was saving up to open my own shop actually. I’d kill to get my hands on an engine again. Don’t get me wrong, patching up generators is fun and all but nothing like getting under the hood of a car. I miss the noise of a busy garage the most though, you know?” James shook his head fondly, taking another swig of water. He had a lot of fond memories in his father's garage “Where you’d learn to work on cars?”

Callie smiled a bit, it was actually really nice to hear someone, she did have her own car she uses to drive around town, though its small and not really good for making runs. "Patching somethings up around here isn't to bad, really. My dad, though he is a cop out in New York he learned it from my grandfather, and kind of passed it down onto me." She answered. "I have my own car outside of HQ, I sometimes will just work on whenever we aren't busy."

“That’s awesome.” James replied with a smile, capping his water. He’d been asking all the people who didn’t just stumble across the Underground why they’d joined rather than doing something else and the answers gave him a lot to think about. But that was for later. For now, he had a sparring session to finish. So he popped up onto his feet and held his hand out for Callie. “Ready to get started again?”

Callie took another drink from her water bottle before closing it, and nodded towards him as she took his hand and stood up again cracking her fingers a little bit and her neck as well. "Yep i'm more than ready to go one more round." She said, as she walked over towards the center of the room again getting herself into her fighting stance.

Wichita Kansas Willow's Home:

If Willow looked through the papers there was a small envelope that was inside of it contained a small key attached to what looked like a small chain as well. The key looked rather old, but on the end of the key there was Willow's initials though WJ, but there was also the letter A on the end of it as well. On the envelope also had Willow Figlia di Aurora written on it with what looked to be in very good cursive handwriting.

Wichita Kansas, Maleficent's Lair:

Maleficent gave her daughter a smile and nodded towards her, she wanted to bring as many of the kids to her side as much as possible and soon. She knew that Merlin was already in the works with gathering a lot of them, and stood up looking over at Pandora before speaking. "We just need to bring as many of them to our side as possible. And then we can go back home, and once there you will inherit everything and learn everything that I know." Maleficent said.

As she heard her phone going off and made her way over towards a nearby table and picked it up, which was a text and started to read through it and smiled a little bit looking over at Pandora. "Theres two of them in the woods just outside of the city." She said, as she held out her hand towards her daughter, and then teleported the two of them over towards the closest location.

Wichita Kansas, Streets:

"Yeah I tend to avoid the shelters as much as possible, I only really use them during the winter." Taylor said as she gave her a slight smile, that she could actually keep the chair as well. "Theres also to many old, and creepy men there to." Taylor said shuddering slightly at the thought of having to talk to them sometimes. "Nice to meet you then Eva." She said as she looked around the road, and played with the idea of pickpocketing someone, but decided against it. She did have to agree on her thoughts on the girl earlier, Taylor really did hate the stuck up rich kids. "So, what did you have to do to get an apartment did you have to kill someone or something for it?" She asked curious, since she didn't have an idea how someone actually did get an apartment.

Wichita Kansas Outside of Merlin's Warehouse:

"Yep sure thing, don't have to much fun without me." Isabella said, before hanging up, and a few seconds later there was a text from Isabella to Jack with the address where the apartment actually was. The warehouse looked pretty old and creepy looking, there was an elderly looking man looking at the two of them for a moment before heading down a corner, and quickly closing the door to the warehouse. There were also a few men who looked like they were apart of some kind of gang eyeing the two of them. Though they were suspicious looking they didn't make any kind of move towards the two of them.

A few seconds later the door opened again and Merlin stepped outside seeing both Megan and Jack there and smiled towards the two of them once more. "It's good to see you again Megan, sorry I had to leave the way I did." Merlin said and turned to look at Jack and smiled towards him and nodded. "It's good to see you again as well, i'm sure you two have a lot of questions." Merlin said as he held the door open for the two of them.

Sierra Finley

Location: Trail Head.

Sierra closed her eyes and enjoyed the little rush of cool air going through her hair as she rode behind Rose watching the traffic going by. She still did feel a little bit nervous going on a motorcycle since they weren't enclosed at all, and Sierra felt like she could fall off if Rose turned to quickly. But she didn't complain at all, she noticed the park for a moment which was now clear at this point and seeing a news van there probably covering that scene now as well.

When they finally got there Sierra handed back Rose her helmet and fixed up her hair a little bit as well, and started to tie it into a pony tail so that it wouldn't get to messed up or in her face again. She looked at Rose and gave a slight shrug, Sierra didn't recognize any of the faces at the park. "Nope, I didn't recognize them at all despite growing up in the orphanage." Sierra still did keep in contact with some of her friends there who also were lucky and found their family, though she started to get the feeling that they were being watched right now.

Layla Hood

Location: Chinese Restaurant

Layla took another bite out of her food and her lunch she looked towards her sister for a moment, they both had survival skills so they would be pretty fine living off the land for a bit if it did come down to that for some reason. Tinker Bell looked down at her phone again as she got another text, and looked at the four of them for a moment. "I have to go, but here is the address to meet me at." Tinker said as she took out a pen and wrote down the address on the napkin. and dug into her wallet and then passed the money down onto the center of the table.

"Lunch is on me, just swing by once you have all of your things in order." Tinker said as she got up and left, Layla looked confused for a moment, wondering why she had to leave so suddenly. Which she thought was pretty weird as well, and looked at the two of them for a moment and her sister. "My cat is named Fuzzy." She said shrugging slightly as she remembered adopting him very clearly and he was an awesome cat and she'd really would have been upset if she left him behind. Layla would reach out with her phone and took a picture of the address so she wouldn't really forget it.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: Manhattan Bus Depot

Kristin thought for a moment and looked over at Zeke when he asked what she wanted. "Some doritos would be awesome, doesn't matter which flavor so go ham on the choice, and a coke would be nice." Kristin said towards Zeke as she walked into the bus depot, and looked over at the ticket counter. "I know that you cant really see, but some monsters sometimes will appear as normal people so if someone approaches you and you have a bad feeling it's probably a monster of some kind." Kristin told Janelle, she smiled though. "You could use an Iris Message to call your brother and check in on him, i'm sure he'd like to hear and see you." Kristin said, as she walked over towards the ticket counter pulling out some money.

"Three tickets to Houston Texas please." Kristin said as she slid the money over towards the ticket counter clerk who nodded and started to process the transaction, and produced the three tickets. "The bus leaves in about twenty minutes from now." He said, as Kristin nodded and made her way back towards Janelle and handed her a ticket. "We have sometime to kill before our bus leaves." Kristin said towards Janelle as she found a spot close by and sat down. Over in the corner where the vending machine was, Zeke would get the feeling that someone was watching him though the bus depot was pretty filled as well at the moment.

Kiera Donovan

Location: The Argo III, Crew Deck, Kiera's Room

Seeing that everyone was now scattering and getting settled into their own cabins, Alannah looked at Demetri for a moment when he spoke to Jason made her shake slightly when he asked to be roommates. "You might have a hard time sleeping in a small single bed, you'd be more spooning than anything." She pointed out before turning and making her way back up the stairs, before stopping and looking at the two of them. "Also once you are all settled in tell the others to meet up in the galley okay?" She said before heading up again towards the wheelhouse.

Each of the cabins were all identical in appearance, a single bed with an orange bed sheet, an orange carpet, a desk with small chair and a dresser, the windows were small but you were still able to get a good view of the ground below and the clouds. Kiera took a moment as she leaned back for a moment and looked outside for a moment which was a nice little view. Though it would occasionally be blocked by one of the moving oars that helped move the ship through the air.

She then decided to go and check out the other cabins a little bit and see who was settling in on their own, as she started to head down the hallway she noticed Leda looking for a room and gave her a slight smile. "I'm already settled in, did you find a room yet?" Kiera asked, she knew that Leda really didn't like that Janelle the newest camper was out on her first quest already. She took a moment and looked over her shoulder seeing Mona and Rebecca coming up as well and waved towards the two of them.
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