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One week out from my vacation! :D


Good morning, good evening, or good afternoon my friends and stalkers! Yes I see you all who stalk my profile how goes it?! And welcome to my profile!:D Also here's some music while you read!

A little bit about me I am 24 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I work full time and around 40 hours a week, I am always on here no matter what, that and i'm to lazy to press the logout button lol. :P I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners.

I prefer mainly doing FxF plots as well as MxF though I am more inclined to the latter, but either one is totally fine. :) I am not a grammar Nazi and like I said above just no oneliners and I will do the same. :) There maybe sometimes that I might be to tired to post some days since I am mainly working 6AM-2PM at my job but I can still post multiple times a week.

In no order with what so ever and love you all equally and those who I have been RPing with over the years! And you all get the gropes all the time!

@Zhaliora My sexually pervy friend love ya and love our 1x1's together!
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Riley Ridgeway

Location: Headland, Alabama: E. Main Street, (E8)
Skills: Handguns

As the rain started to get worse and worse, Riley took into account for the wet road, which would make her footing a lot harder than it should be. She also took into account if she were to do a little bit of kickboxing practice on the walkers Riley might end up falling on the ground and a walker would be on top of her in seconds. Even if Ashton said to not use guns, it was the only thing she could think of using right now. Amelia had her bat, and Battle Nun had her fancy god smiting sword, so she went to her holster and quickly drew out her Heritage Revolver.

Riley pulled back the gun's hammer and aimed it at the closest walker, and pulled the trigger but when she did there was just a simple clicking sound. "Just fucking great.." Riley said as she started to try and unjam the gun, and yet nothing happened no matter what she did nothing budged. Riley heard the Battle Nun yell, and used the sword seeing her take down one of the walkers rather easily with her sword, just the way she spoke certainly showed that she was very religious. Which would be interesting to deal with Riley looked over towards Amelia hoping she would take out the last of the walker, Riley made sure she wasn't close to any of the walkers that were close by.

Erica Monroe

Location: Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia (D4)
Skills: N/A

As Erica looked over she noticed that Preslee was looking a little bit weak as she turned around to face the woman, a part of her did think that she may have been pushing her a little bit harder than expected. Erica wasn't paying any attention, until it was a little bit to late as a walker suddenly snuck up on her. Erica reacted as she tried to hold back the walker feeling the full weight of the dead man on her. "I need help!" Erica yelled out to Preslee as she watched the blonde quickly get up, and instantly felt the walker getting pushed off of her.

Only for Preslee to slip, with her grip slipping and heard the girl scream out as she was bit in the neck, Erica quickly dove forward, as Preslee used the last of her strength to knife the walker who would have taken a bite out of her. Erica was in shock as she watched the girl die in front of her. She slowly started to make her way over towards her and then knelt down, as Preslee choked on her own blood, she was grateful for her protecting her.

"I'm so sorry.." Erica said quietly as Preslee took her last few breaths, the least she could do was prevent Preslee from turning. Erica then took out her knife and thrusted it into the back of Preslee's skull, leaning back as she wiped away a few tears. She was the only company she had in the last few days. She closed Preslee's eyes and then turned towards her pack, she then turned towards the body as well she could use the supplies as Erica started to search through her belongings. Then looked towards the swamp, she needed to go seeing the group of walkers still stuck. Erica decided that it wasn't worth taking her things and started to move forward again.

Saturday, August 18th, 2018
New York City, New York

@rivaan "Alright then lead the way then boss." He said giving her a slight smirk as he started to get ready putting away his bag of food and drinks away as well as Claire started to drive along the roads. People did their best to get out of the way so that Claire could drive through the busy New York traffic. It took them no more than ten minutes to get to the location, there was an elderly woman standing by the side walk. And then a couple they were young as they started to argue over something, the woman was about three stories up through out stuff through the window. The rookie turned to look at Claire once they were on scene the elderly woman was still on the phone and turned when she heard the sirens going off and quickly put her phone away she was the one who put in the call it looked like.

Saturday, August 18th, 2018
Seattle, Washington

@BlueSky44@FantasyChic Trevor forgot that he had his cards on him and quickly handed it out towards Jason as he shifted slightly where he stood. Trevor still didn't seem to have noticed Quinn at all in the room with the siblings at all he was more focused on talking to them. "I am just trying to some studies. People seem to have gotten very sick recently and strange things have happened around them at least in some news stories in the newspaper." Quinn would be able to hear every word that Trevor was saying from where she stood as well.

Olivia Johnson

Location: New York City/ Scott's Apartment
Interacting With: @Morose Scott Rydzynski

Both of the officers accepted the two mugs of coffee and took drinks from them as the woman officer finished her's rather quickly and continued to finish up her notes. "Thank you for the information, and the coffee." The woman said, she was satisfied with his answer at least for now, there wasn't really much evidence and the man that did call on the assault was still getting over being drunk the day before when Scott hit him. "Here is our card, if you need us for anything or if something comes back please do call." She said, before motioning for her fellow officer to leave finishing up his coffee as well and set the mug down on the nearby table and they both ended up leaving Scott alone with Olivia.

Olivia stood there listening in on the officers as they spoke, it wasn't really her place at the moment to say anything she technically wasn't even there anyway. Once they left Olivia then started to walk around a little bit in Scott's apartment before looking over towards Scott figuring that he was also like her as well. "So, yeah this is a bit awkward." Olivia said looking directly over towards Scott wondering what his deal was. "So whats with the cops?"

Riley Ridgeway

Location: LA
Interacting With: @rivaan Amelia Payne & @Jasonhero Fumiko "KuΔ«n" Nakamura

Riley turned around and made her way towards Amelia while Fumiko went and did her thing as she sat down next to her roommate and friend and gave her a friendly smile and nodded. "We could go together or something?" Riley offered she really did want to get out of the apartment for a little bit as she finished the rest of her own breakfast. "We could go do some clothes shopping as well if you'd like?" Riley offered figuring that Amelia could use some new clothes if she wanted to at least.

"Or we could get some more art supplies whatever you'd like for you room." Riley started to like Amelia even if they had only met not to long ago, and Riley did want to treat her well and wanted her to make sure that her room was nice and comfortable for her as well Fumiko could come if she chose to as well.

Emmie Adams

Location: New York City, New York
Interacting With: @Natsu Adalene Jones

Emmie smiled slightly towards Adalene and nodded. "Sure thing, though just letting you know I've never used it with someone else before." She had never tried using her power to have someone teleport with her as well. Once Ada had her things Emmie grabbed onto the older woman's arm, and then one second they were in Adalene's apartment the next they were in an alleyway. Emmie had hit quiet a few stores in the past, it was a cheaper looking grocery store which was what Emmie usually frequented when she needed to 'buy' somethings. But once they were in the alleyway Adalene would feel very nauseous and she would end up making her vomit.

Emmie quickly stepped aside from Ada as she did that and rubbed the back of her neck slightly, she did have that same feeling when she used her powers before. But she used them frequently so she was used to it now at this point and then pointed over towards the grocery store that was on the other side of the alleyway and across the street. "Are you okay?" Emmie asked looking over at Adalene.

Cassandra Reed

Location: The Bus, C.O.'s Office (Level Three)
Skills: N/A

Cassandra walked into the C.O.'s Office seeing Nick Fury on the TV screen that was there and took her seat across from the table and turned to look at Kennedy as he entered along with Abercrombie as their briefing started up in good old Fury fashion. Cass leaned back in her seat, they were going to Latveria, Serbia it instantly reminded her of Quicksilver who was from there. Lucia von Bardas was selling weapons to various people like the Brotherhood. "I would have thought that the Brotherhood would have at least changed after the whole thing with Jakobson." Cass said giving a slight shrug.

"Any idea what kind of weapons they are trying to sell off, and where they are located?" Cassandra asked, it would help that they would know what kind of weapons that they were selling and if they decided to use them against the team. She then turned towards Kennedy, since he had been to Serbia before he ended up getting his powers. "And whats the weather and terrain usually like there?" She wanted to get as much information as possible.

Maria Smith

Location: The Bus, The Lounge (Level Two)
Skills: N/A

Maria had spent about the last hour catching up with her sister for a little bit over the phone, eventually she had to hang up she of course didn't tell her younger sister anything about what she did in SHIELD other then that she recently just finished training. She of course couldn't see her as much as she'd like to anymore as Maria stretched out slightly and left the safety of her very small cabin. She looked around before heading into the lounge seeing both Niah and Dominika there as well, she smiled as she started to approach the two of them.

Maria vaulted over the couch and sat down next to Dominika while she listened to her music, she couldn't really hear what she was listening to, Maria then lifted up one of the headphones off of her ear. "So hows it going?" Maria asked before leaning back looking over at Niah as well wondering how she was holding up as well. She remembered hearing what happened with Nikolova and then a few of the other agents leaving to do other missions. But they had a few other fresh faces to the group as well, more experienced agents who knew what they were doing which was probably a good thing.

Maria was getting a little bit antsy as to what their first mission was actually going to be, they would be cooped up in the Bus for awhile not to mention the cabins were fairly small as well. She could have sworn hearing Sparky and Raynor going at it, it didn't make her uncomfortable or anything Maria couldn't really touch anyone unless they ended up passing out. "So Sparky and Raynor have gotten rather friendly."
@Morose Day 7
Captain Moss
Location: Shadowell Manor Gate
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 6

Captain Moss, jumped when he watched a chair with a woman suddenly shot up high into the air, which made him worry that maybe this was the worse idea in his head to even come here. Seeing the chair go up to a hundred feet or so in the air, Moss started to back up some more looking quiet worried and stressed out at what he saw was unfolding. Seeing Cassius move up next to him, as Owen the gatekeeper was panicking at what had just happened. He really just wanted to go back home now at this point, but he was here now and he was extremely cold and tired from the traveling that he had done all day.

Moss then watched as the chair finally ended up hitting the ground, seeing the bloodied remains of a woman in the chair which made Captain Moss want to turn around and look away. He hadn't seen to many bodies in his lifetime but just the way it happened was just a little to hard to take in. One of the men even joked about it which made him shudder even more seeing what had just happened Moss then turned towards Owen, still holding his invitation in his hand while looking over at Cassius. "Are all of the chairs going to do that?" Moss asked looking at the group of people that were there.
Princess Luna

Location: The Castle Infirmary
Skills: Castle Legends, Diplomacy, Persuasion

Luna turned to look at Becky when she denied her to leave, but she technically didn't have the authority or right to keep her there, unless it was direct word from the Queen, Chief Scribe, the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, and the Castle Alchemist. But she never wanted to act rude in front of the woman either, she was looking out for the best of her. Then Skaoi came into the room, she remembered her quiet well growing up before Becky became their doctor. "It's good to see you again." Luna said softly towards her as she shifted slightly in her seat on the bed while the woman went to tend to Myrus.

Luna then bit her bottom lip when Skaoi asked her further about her family's medical history dealing with mental illness she started to think of a plan to get out of the infirmary and get some answers. But for now she would entertain her doctors with what she knew about the family's history with mental illness. "The most famous one happened centuries ago. Queen Etheldredda. She nearly killed her own daughter, Princess Esmerelda, as she tried to drown her so that way no one could succeed her to the throne so that she could continue to rule.." Luna answered as she rubbed the back of her neck and the voice pipped in once more. "Ah, I do love that story quiet a bit." Which made Luna shudder slightly she didn't want to end up becoming like that ever.

"Then the most recent one in history, Queen Alys would behead just about anyone who disagreed with her rule whether it was true or not. Her reign being the shortest and most bloodiest one, there was even a children's rhyme off of it as well went something like this
'Red Queen Alys loved her axe
Gave Prince Julen forty whacks
When the Scribes drew what she'd done
She gave the Princess forty one.'"

Luna said, which probably made them even more worried about her and Myrus, the voice spoke once again. "Ah another good story as well." Luna shook her head and turned to look at the two women. "I need to go, really the people need to know that I am safe. I'll take a guard escort of needed or one of you two can come with me, if something were to happen then you can take me back to the Castle for further treatment." Luna said as she started to stand up she was going to leave no matter what, hearing Myrus muttering about Golds again she needed to find out what was going on exactly.

Riley Ridgeway

Location: Fisher & Sons Funeral Home, Grimm, Indiana
Skills: N/A

Riley started to dust herself off once Cyril finally put her down, looking over towards the others that were there. And yet there was another bombshell that was dropped in front of her as Ryan’s brother walked over towards the door. There were two kids that entered probably around the ages between five and ten.

The boy seemed to sound like he was older than he looked the girl did give her a bit of a creepy vibe. As they went to sit on the couch on either side of Cyril. Ryan said that they were his niece and nephew Riley wasn’t even sure what to say or think right now. ”I’m going to need a little bit go ahead without me for now.” Riley said and headed outside for some fresh air.

Carolina Reed

Location: Stark Tower
Skills: N/A

Carolina would occasionally look over her shoulder seeing the fighting going on as the other continued to fight against the Sentinels, she wasn't paying attention until it was a little to late. One of them had their sights on her, as it shot out a laser at her Carolina would let out a very loud scream in pain. As she hit the ground, looking down at her side smelling burnt skin and clothes as well where the laser had hit her. Some of the kids stopped and turned to look at her with a worried look, taking a few deep breathes as Carolina started to get back up to her feet again. Using the wall for a bit of support, she waved the kids forward to continue they were her current priority right now.

"Keep going, the main staircase isn't that far.." She said as she started to move forward once more while holding her side, wincing with every little breath and movement that she made. She wasn't sure how bad it was exactly as Carolina continued until they were finally at the main staircase. Carolina wasn't sure exactly how the Sentinels worked, if they were controlled by a single computer or someone in some kind of command vehicle somewhere nearby.

"JARVIS, how are the Sentinels being controlled do you know?" Carolina asked, there had to be some kind of way to take them down, she continued to go down the flights of stairs stopping the kids whenever debris started to fall and made sure that they were all safe going down she didn't want to lose anyone. Her injury was a bit worrying for her as well, but she needed to focus right now with the task at hand.

Bethany Bell

Location: Stark Tower
Skills: N/A

Bethany looked towards Lance once they were somewhat out of fire, she watched as he took off his shirt and nodded slightly. "Alright, do what you have to." Beth said calmly as she took his shirt, once the piece of debris was removed Beth quickly held down and put as much pressure on Pietro's wound as best as she could. Feeling the blood soaking through slightly, until Lance started to get himself ready and removed her hands once Lance pressed his hand onto Piet's wound.

She looked away as she heard him scream in pain as the wound was cauterized, looking down seeing the burn wondering how long it would last and then turned to look at the speedster for a moment. "I'm sure you will get an awesome scar, I think Guin would like." Bethany said jokingly, as the two made some kind of star trek reference, which she didn't really know. Once they were ready to move Beth helped get Pietro to his feet and continued to move forward.

That's when she could hear a loud supersonic scream happen, looking over her shoulder as the new girl Mirembe had something explode in her hands. Knocking two Sentinels down for the count, then there were several others who ended up getting hit, Lance being one of them in the back. There was a place of broken wall that they could use as cover for now and quickly pointed it out towards them looking between the two of them. "So any ideas?" Bethany asked once she quickly got to the cover.

Future Carolina Reed

Location: Jakobson's Campaign Office
Skills: N/A

Future Carolina turned to look between Nina and Mary for a moment and shook her head slightly, this really wasn't the time to argue whether bringing Folly with them or not, before finally speaking up. "We trust Folly enough to travel with us, besides she could heal and she's strong. And this is what Jakobson really wants, to see us argue like this." Future Carolina said looking between the two of them, sure Folly did scare her quiet a bit when she ended up going into one of her episodes. She knew when to stay clear, and she was here to save Mary from being killed while similar to her own goal not letting Cassandra die.

She watched as Sara went and tried to copy her own powers, and then used Rickey to try and attack Jakobson which didn't end up all that well seemed the man saw through her. She paced around a bit in the room as she really didn't like the idea of being here anymore as she watched Folly and Future Pietro leave the room. She started to think of a plan, maybe not possess his VP running mate and try to go for Jakobson.

She started to use her ability, but just as she was about to Future Carolina yelled out in pain as she hunched over Jakobson's table feeling the burn happen in the same exact spot where she had been hit as her younger self. Future Carolina lifted up her shirt and looked to see that there was a bad burn there and turned to look at her sister for a moment. "We really need to go back to Stark Tower now." Future Carolina said, listening to Jakobson his plan seemed to be really well thought out on just about everything.

Cassandra Reed

Location: Jakobson's Campaign Office
Skills: N/A

Cassandra rolled her eyes at Nina and Mary this really wasn't something that they needed right now they needed to work together, but she didn't say anything when the future version of her sister spoke up about it. Then Sara came back in and tried to attack Jakobson as Rickey but that failed miserably managing to knock her back and Rickey seemed to snap out of it and left. There was that plan as Cassandra listened to Guin then speak to Jakobson when she tried to grab for his coffee mug.

"If I remember correctly you aren't the one who killed Hel when she stomped through your HQ two years ago. It was a mutant no less that killed Hel, what if that somehow were to be made public?" Cassandra said she may not have been there when it happened but still. "Not every single person that isn't human is evil you should know that." Cassandra said as she then turned to look over when she saw Carolina hunch over and scream in pain.

Cassandra quickly went to her side and took a look at the burn it looked bad, and that made her worry Carolina was at the Tower still she wasn't sure how bad things were at the tower now. Two of the future counterparts were injured now looking back towards Mary, Guin and Nina, they needed to go now.

@Dragoknighte Harry would be able to hear Mrs. Walker talking on the phone, it was her sister who lived on the other side of the state, he would get bits and pieces of what they had found out so far. Which wasn't much on her end, Mrs. Walker did sound a bit upset but remained hopeful. Then the conversation went on for a few more minutes to other things, before she ended up hanging up Mrs. Walker turned to look over at Harry and gave him a slight smile. "Hows your day been going so far, find anything out from Halsey?" She asked as she went to the kitchen and grabbed herself a bottle of water.

@FantasyChic "I'm sure he'd be willing to at least point you in the right direction for help on becoming a PI or something." Declan said as he looked up at Finley's grandfather when he said dinner was ready, he did feel quiet a bit hungry now as he turned to see Finley for a moment. "I'd like to, hopefully I wont be a bother or anything." He said as he started to follow behind Finley down to the dining room where they had dinner set up. "Ah good, hopefully pot roast is good with you guys." Finley's grandmother said smiling at the two of them, there was already a plate set up for Finley and Declan as well. "Pot roast sounds great." Declan said as he took his seat, once Finley took her seat her grandfather spoke up. "So are you two dating or something?" He asked, which made Declan shift slightly feeling uncomfortable at the sudden question.

@Kirah@McHaggis&@Morose@BlueSky44 The walk from the townhall to the mine wasn't that far, there was a trail and some signs that would also lead towards the same location. There wouldn't be any roads just small trails from behind the townhall to the silver mine itself, they could drive or walk there Lydia and Jenna would be able to see a small glimpse of the kitten that was Robert running off through some bushes. Once they were at the silver mine it looked the same it did several days ago when Jenna, Finley and Declan were there last and friends. But they would be able to enter unhindered since there wasn't anyone who was in the group was a werewolf or a shifter.

Olivia Johnson

Location: Abandoned house
Interacting With: @Damo021 Miranda Burke

"Alright then lets go to my place." Olivia said giving Miranda a soft smile as she stood up and started to stretch slightly and then looked back towards Miri blushing once more. She did want to say something, but didn't want to make things awkward than they already were she dug into her pockets and made sure that she had her house keys on her and her phone as well. She looked down at the screen for a moment, the sun would be down in a few more hours from now so they had some more time to do things, she diecided to quickly text Finley and make sure that they were still up for going to the lake later.

To Finley:
Hey, going to grab some dinner at my place, then head out to the lake after that still down for that?"

Olivia hit send before making her way towards the front door and bit her lip slightly. "We are going to take your car over to my place or did you want to walk there? It isn't that far down the road." Olivia said as she leaned herself up against the side of the door and stretched slightly, she didn't mind going either way. "Though we probably should take your car whenever we do head out to the lake." Olivia said.

Abraham Serafin

Location: Red Lake Townhall/Library
Interacting With: @rivaan Kosara Koleva

The room continued to shake while Kosara was doing the exorcism against Siegfried, it seemed to start to work now as the demon started to get weaker and weaker. The lights continued to flicker in the room as well, before looking directly at the two of them before him and gave one last smirk. Then there was a loud cry in pain, as several bones started to break Siegfried was going to kill the host rather than answer any of Kosara's questions and before she could do anything. Then there was a large thing of smoke that came out of the body before it went down directly into the floor leaving a black scorch mark in the floor.

The room smelled like sulfur, Abraham quickly went over towards the body and knelt down to feel around for a pulse, and rested his head on the body's chest. There was a very, very weak pulse Abe looked towards Kosara, then there was small movement as the man started to draw down the number five in blood then he died. Abe sighed as he stood up and turned to look over at his niece then eyed what he had drawn on the floor. Abraham sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose and started to pace around the room and tried to think what it could mean.
Sophia Harris & Giosue Zino

Location: Ville au Camp Destrehan, Louisiana, USA (1943) -> Tokyo, Japan (1953) -> Ville au Camp (1943) Destrehan, Louisiana, USA
Skills (Sophia): N/A
Skills (The Watch): Time Portals, and Knowledge (General Human History)

This morning, Gio was standing by the tree as usual, and for a change he was actually wearing his usual set of clothes and didn't have any immediately visible gear or props to hand out. It was just him standing underneath that tree, patiently waiting for his new student to show up. But today was a bit different, he was humming a little tune to himself, tapping his foot in time. Everyone else so far had done a passable job of being punctual, he could only hope that Sophia would do the same.

Sophia got up rather easily as she stood up from her bed, seeing the letter from Gio, telling her to meet him at the Oak Tree at the center of the grounds. She got dressed for the day, and started to head out of her room and the main house. There she spotted Gio in front of the Oak Tree there and quickly made her way over towards him. "Good morning, how are you doing this morning?" Sophia asked Gio and gave him a friendly smile.

"I'm doing quite fine. Thank you very much for asking, Ms. Harris." Gio returned Sophia's smile in kind. Effortlessly, he produced the Watch and opened up a time portal on the tree behind him. "For this test, you'll mostly be needing your body, grit and wits, so there's no need for an extended introduction. Furthermore, we're going to a time merely a decade in the future, so you don't even need to make a change of clothes. Lady's first." The Emendator stepped aside and gestured for Sophia to make her entrance through the portal.

"That's good to hear." Sophia said, as she looked at the time portal that was set up behind him, and then her attention turned towards Gio once more. They wouldn't be going that far which was a good thing then it would save time for her having to change into something else, she smiled towards him and nodded. "Thank you." She said, before stepping forward through the portal once more and turned around to look at Gio once he stepped through.

And stepped out in what was clearly an urbanized area. Solid concrete was beneath her feet, buildings towered far above her head in every visible direction, piercing the cloudy red skies. On the ground level, people were panicking all around Sophia, running past her to some unknown destination. The streets were packed with cars, stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, unable to leave their position. There was much honking, and some people decided it was better to try their luck on foot, abandoning their vehicles.

"Welcome to Tokyo," Gio's voice chimed from behind her, the calm cutting through the chaos that surrounded them. He weaved through the crowd to step in front of Sophia. "Your task today is to deliver a particular item to a particular place and drop it off." From his vest he produced a green, translucent disc for Sophia to take. On the side she couldn't see, when she grabbed the item, there would be a folded up map of the area, translated in English.

"Take this disc to Chinzan-so and place it under the fifth bench to your right from the entrance then make your way back, then you'll be done."

Sophia looked at her surroundings for a bit, she had always wanted to go to Tokyo though not in this time but still it was always somewhere she would have liked to go to. She noticed that there were a lot of people panicking and cars were gridlocked, when Gio stepped in front of her, she stopped and looked at the green translucent disk for a moment and inspected it. And then accepted the map that was given to her. "Why are the people panicking right now?" Sophia asked, the task itself seemed fairly simple, get the disk to its destination then return. "Also is there any sort of time limit on this as well?" Sophia asked wanting to make sure she did it right.

"No time limit, although if you end up taking too long I might have to assume you're dead," Gio replied to Sophia "So let's put a maximum limit of 6 hours. Any longer than that and I'll return to Camp. It begins when you decide to leave this spot. Try to avoid getting hopelessly lost. You do have a map." If Sophia took another look at the map, she'd see circled in marker both her starting location and the destination, but it was kind of hard to make out in the current lighting.

Sophia looked towards Gio for a moment raising an eyebrow slightly at his comment, but didn't say anything she didn't want to make him angry or anything. "Six hours than got it, i'll meet you back here before then." Sophia said as she took another look at the map once more squinting slightly, before turning around and started to make her way towards the marked location on the map. She also remained alert as she tried to avoid the panicking people that were running about.

Sophia was able to weave through the crowd pretty easily, and looking at the map, she could see that there were about 3 viable routes to the garden. She could go ahead and follow the main roads, which were the simplest to follow, but had the most number of people around. Then there was down through the subway tunnels. They probably weren't running at the moment given the chaos, and they cut through the buildings in a way the roads couldn't, but she'd need to go a bit out of her way to get there. Finally, she could weave through the alleyways and side streets. They were the least direct route and the one for her to most likely get lost in, but they potentially had the fewest things to get in the way.

She occasionally looked down at the map, noting the three routes that were there that she could go to she noted the subway tunnels, but she doubt that they would have enough light down there for her to see, and it was a bit off the trail. Then the various alleyways that could take her there, however they would be considerably longer and she didn't want to end up becoming lost. So she then just simply opted to go for the most easiest going down the main streets, she would rather deal with the chaos of the people than getting lost.

Sophia managed to work her way through the crowd, but there were lots of people, and she had to spend almost more time moving out of the way than going forward. The garden was maybe half an hour away unobstructed if she looked purely at distances on the map, but it could end up taking double the time if things kept up like that.

Sophia rubbed her eyes for a moment as she continued to weave in between the group of people she took out the weird disk again and eyed it once more wondering what was on it exactly or what it was used for. She simply continued to move as quickly as she could occasionally bumping into people and apologized to those she bumped into she wondered what exactly was the lesson for the task she didn't really get it.

While she was making her way down the street, she could see some movement just ahead through the crowd, but not actually apart of that. It was only when she started to hear even louder yelling that things came into focus: someone in their car decided to stop waiting in line and pulled up onto the sidewalk and gun it. Sophia was able to just get out of the way, but she lost hold of the disk, which slid off into the road and out of direct sight.

Sophia instantly started to regret taking the disk out again to look at it, when the driver decided to drive over the sidewalk, more concern for her own safety than the disk itself she rolled out of the way. When she dusted herself off she realized that she had dropped it, looking around she quickly started to look around. "God damnit." Sophia muttered to herself as she desperately started to look around now she needed to find it which would be a lot harder now.

With a couple sweeps of her eyes, Sophia was able to cut through the chaos around her and locate the disk. It was laying right underneath (within arm's reach even) the car right next to her, which unlike the guy who'd just rushed past her, remained perfectly still. With a look inside she could see it was actually abandoned, the door left ajar, and the keys still in the ignition.

Seeing the disk there under the car Sophia took a deep breath and knelt down and quickly grabbed it with her good hand before getting back up to her feet dusting herself off slightly. Seeing the door wide open and the cars still left in the ignition, looking over her shoulder slightly. She was tempted to take the car, but Sophia had a feeling that it wouldn't be blending in if she took the same route driving along the sidewalk to her destination. And she didn't want to hurt anyone at all either or even worse possibly killing someone and quickly turned around and made her way back to the sidewalk as she opened her map up once more, and continued going forward towards the destination.

With disc in hand, Sophia was able to begin making progress once more, although it was slow going. After crossing the street, she had to stop from a sudden shudder through the ground, but that was it for the moment. She still had to shove her way through a river of people down her current route, but if she checked the map she's see that she was roughly halfway there.

Sophia quickly tucked the disk safely away so that it wouldn't end up falling out of her hands again, she was grateful that it didn't end up falling down a sewer drain. She stopped for a few seconds when she felt the ground shake suddenly, but stopped as quickly as it happened, deciding that it was better to move a little bit quicker occasionally pushing her way through some people as she tried to get to her destination faster.

Sophia was able to push through the crowd more quickly than before and still maintain a grip on the disc. It seemed that the number of people were starting to thin out, creating less resistance. In the span of about 10 minutes she got to where her destination was in sight indicated by a large break in the building line. To her left were a line of cherry blossoms and out from the garden a tower poked out looking quite anachronistic from the rest of the city with its multiple layers of curved, tiled roofs and wooden walls.

Seeing her primary objective now finally in sight she noticed the crowd had finally thinned out and quickly entered the area, looking around her right, until she was finally there at the fifth bench. Sophia looked around for a few seconds, it seemed that no one was interested in her just yet. Not wasting anymore time then she needed to now Sophia quickly stashed the disk under the bench, and then turned around making her way back the same exact route that she had just came.

Leaving the park, there were no more people to get in her way. At least as far as she could see. The Paradox was free to move about as she please. But there were other things that drew her attention. Sophia felt the shudder again. A few moments passed. And then again. Stronger. Closer. And then a sound. It was not heard as much as it was felt. She could feel it all through her legs, chest and neck. Another shudder. Even closer. It was coming her way.

She stopped when she started to feel the shaking around her, she turned around trying to find out where it was coming from, but it felt like it was going for her. The people were all gone it seemed and it started to worry her quiet a bit and decided that she needed to get back to Gio right away. Now as she started to run now going as fast as her feet would take her looking back at the map once more to make sure she was going in the right direction.

Pushing as hard as her feet would propel her, Sophia was able to dash through the city streets back the way she came. The shuddering in the distance continued to grow closer, and she could begin to hear distinct noises of destruction from behind her. If she turned around, she would be able to see clouds of debris maybe one thousand yards behind her, and through the fog the silhouette of something gargantuan. An entity that dwarfed many of the skyscrapers that surrounded her. Hauling ass as she was and unimpeded, Sophia had managed to make it about halfway back.

Sophia wasn't even sure what she was even seeing as the ground continued to shake rather violently seeing and hearing the destruction coming just behind her. Seeing the cloud and debris everywhere now, she could see something huge hidden behind all of the smoke, but Sophia didn't want to stop and see whatever the hell it was as she ran forward. Feeling her sides hurt slightly from all of the running seeing that she was just about halfway from where she had started. And instead just focused on going forward rather than looking back to whatever the thing was.

Fueled by adrenaline, Sophia was able to push herself beyond her normal limits and sprint the rest of the way to the starting point, the whole time, the shuddering and noises grew stronger, as if whatever the source of the problem was chasing after her specifically. But like a beacon of saftey Gio stood tall in the middle of the sidewalk, tapping his foot to a rhythm only he was privy to.

"Ah, good to see you've returned, Sophia. Well before the 6 hour time limit, if I might add."

Sophia leaned forward slightly as she took a few seconds to take a breath as she looked up at Gio and then back towards the way that she had came from. "Theres something big coming this way we should head back, the disk or whatever it is now where it should be." Sophia said as she finally started to relax a bit now.

When Sophia looked back, she could see more: smooth, slimy flesh, long grasping arms, flailing tentacles each thicker than a train, and a single beady eye looking right her way.

"That would be what you'd call a kaiju. Real pest in this timeline." Gio opened up a portal and beckoned Sophia to step through. "Wouldn't want to stick around, she's going to level the entire city. No point in staying to see it all. Unless you've some hidden misanthropic streak."

"Yeah not to keen on being food for Godzilla junior or anything like that.." Sophia said, seeing the thing looking directly at her, just as Gio opened up the portal once more back to their home. She couldn't help but shudder slightly if she ever did end up getting killed by one of those things. "Thanks for holding the door by the way." She said before quickly going through the portal itself.

Gio followed behind Sophia back into the morning light of Ville Au Camp. He looked as if he was about to say something, but then stopped himself and paused for a moment, looking over the woman.

"You know, you look quite dreadful. I wouldn't be surprised if you suddenly started feeling quite worse given a bit of time to calm down. Why don't you return to your room, wash-up and relax. You did well enough for the day, a bit of rest would do you good. Unless of course you want to keep going?"

When they got back she turned around to look at the tree then turned to face Gio once more, she certainly did need a little bit of time to rest. "You are probably right, I am going to take a few hours to relax. I think i'm good enough for the day though, i'll see you later, thank you for the training by the way." Sophia said, before turning around she certainly did have enough for the day running as fast and hard as she could and started to head back towards her room.
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