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Hi there, a little bit about me I am 28 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners, though most days I am usually doing group RPs.

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Seven months have passed since the Fall of New Rome, the survivors of the Legion regrouped at Camp Half-Blood much to the dismay of Mr. D, he allowed them to settle in Camp Half-Blood. Chiron provided the Legion with tents and any supplies that they needed to, he contemplated on offering them to split the cabins, but thought that it would lead to a lot of drama to the campers and legionnaires. The Romans ended up settling in the woods not to far from where the Greeks had their cabins. The Greeks were asked to remain in camp due to heightened monster activity across the US, as Satyrs brought some new campers, while others never came nor their wards that they were assigned to protect. Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood also had been working on doing some joint War Games together, and the Romans participating in the Greek's events like Capture the Flag and Chariot Races so that they could try and work together with mixed results.

The Legionaires reserves were also put on standby the ones who had fulfilled their service to New Rome and Camp Jupiter as well, and would come to Camp Half-Blood on request. One Probatio Waverly Watts had chosen to leave the Legion in their most desperate time of need, and branded as a deserter and exiled from the Legion and any and all services to Legion were revoked and cut off from her.

During the Winter Solstice where the Greeks were allowed to go to Olympus, however tensions between Zeus, Hades and Poseidon werent good at all really as the three brothers. There wasnt a reason why they were arguing but the visit ended up being cut short, weather started to become much worse blizzards across the east coast, and wild fires over in the west coast as well. It was now the dead of winter in Camp Half-Blood, inside the camps barrier a light snow was coming down unlike the outside as it snowed heavily thanks to the camps protective barrier from Thalia's Tree, the Golden Fleece and Athena Parthenos keeping the harsher weather and monsters out of camp.

It was the early morning as the sun was barely rising as well, a Satyr and a young girl were running through the snow some roars could be heard from the distance but couldnt see due to the heavy snow outside of the barrier. "Just a little bit further you'll be safe here." The Satyr told Stella as they could see the boarder of the camp coming into view now.

Kiera Donovan

Location: Camp Half-Blood Poseidon Cabin
Skills: N/A

Kiera slowly yawned and stretched out slightly as she looked up in her cabin, one of the perks of being the only kid of Poseidon she had gotten the whole place to herself. And her girlfriend could sneak in or crash anytime she wanted to as well, and enjoyed the company as well to. She had a thicker blanket with her as well as some warmer PJs, there was a small fire place going on as well keeping her warm due to it being cold.

Seeing the sun slowly coming through the windows Kiera walked over towards it, seeing a light snow coming down it did make the scenery rather pretty as well to. Kiera went to her trunk and pulled out her clothes for the day as well as her jacket, slipping them on as Kiera was getting ready for her day. The camp had been pretty busy the last seven months since the Romans had been crashing at the camp, not that she really minded either as well, they needed somewhere to stay after they lost their home. Kiera headed into her bathroom and brush her teeth before heading out.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: Camp Half-Blood, Athena Cabin -> Dining Pavilion
Skills: N/A

Kristin slowly woke up looking over at her brothers and sisters, some of them were just waking up, while others were sleeping in some and while others were working on various things like any kind of school work they had. Or even working on some designs and whatnot, as she stretched out, Alannah was just coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her forehead to dry out her hair somewhat. "Good morning." She said as Kristin smiled and nodded as she stretched slightly, and got out of her bunk sharing it with a younger camper. "Morning." She said as Kristin opened up her chest pulling out her clothes for the day and headed into the bathroom getting changed, deciding to take a shower later, Kristin went to brush her teeth.

"Wanna head to breakfast?" Kristin asked looking at her half sister and nodded giving her a smile. "Sure thing." She said as they both left their cabin, Kristin putting on her jacket and hat making her way towards the dining pavilion. Seeing some other campers there as well as some legionnaires who were sitting in their own designated spot. Kristin started to grab herself a plate and glass, some toast, scrambled eggs and bacon appeared as well as a glass of water. She sat down in the Athena table, wondering what she wanted to do today, as Kristin started to eat Alannah joining her with a plate of pancakes and bacon and a glass of orange juice.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Roman Side, Praetor Tent
Skills: N/A

To say the last seven months werent very easy for Madalyne dealing with the Fall of New Rome, as well as dealing with her curse and having to shift during every full moon was never fun at all really in her opinion which was really hard. She managed to get some control and able to shift at will but always having a hard time controlling it. Though she did like the small perks of having heightened strength and senses as well were helpful to.

She slowly woke up and stretched out slightly, she and Nancy shared a tent while the cohorts had to stay in one large tent together Madalyne cracked her neck slightly looking over at Nancy, her pet dragon was curled up just above Nancy's head. An occasional puff of smoke coming out of it's nose. "You up Nanc?" Madalyne asked as she stretched out and cracked her neck slightly, luckily everyone had beds in the tents as well to make them comfortable. The Greeks had offered some clothes for the Legionaires as well to Madalyne looked at the hideous orange shirt that the Greeks wore and cringed slightly. She really did prefer wearing the Camp Jupiter shirt way more as she went to get herself ready and check on their fellow legionnaires.

Madalyne Crane
Nancy Parker
Niah Bautista

Date: July 5th
Location: Camp Half-Blood
Skills: N/A

It had nearly been a month since Camp Jupiter had fallen to the army of monsters, the surviving members of the Legion had regrouped and were allowed to have a place to stay at Camp Half-Blood by Chiron. The Legion set up an encampment just outside where the Camp Half-Blood cabins were, Madalyne had been more or less focused on finishing setting things up for her fellow legionnaires.

She totally had forgotten about the werewolf bite that she had gotten moments before the battle had taken place. She sat in a chair in the largest tent that they would act as their temporary Senate Building, Madalyne was looking over the chains that some children of Vulcan had requested to make that way she wouldn't hurt anyone when she would turn.

Nancy hadn't taken the events of the fall of New Rome lightly. She spent all of her time working for the Legion, and when there wasn't anything else to do there, she trained at the archery range. She rose with the sun each day, gripped with guilt over how spectacularly she had failed Camp Jupiter. She hadn't taken the vow to join the Hunt yet, as she couldn't just turn her back on the Legion, not when they were at their weakest point they had been in years.

Nancy came into the tent, carrying three sack lunches. She tossed one of the bags to Mads - the other she was saving for Niah. "Do you want to talk about it or is it more a brooding mood?" she asked Mads.

Niah hadn't taken the fall quite as badly. But she hadn't been the one in charge. It hurt though. New Rome had been her home for years. It had been the only home other than her Father's. She wished they could have done more and sometimes she stayed up late thinking of how they could have done things differently. However, today was not about Camp Jupiter or New Rome. Today was about one of her best friends. They hadn't been able to help her. Tonight she would turn and all Niah could do was watch.

She made her way to the tent that was Mads. Entering and smiling upon seeing that Nancy had beat her there. The smile carried a lot in it. There was a lot of pain and worry. She took a seat. Deciding to not say anything. For now her presence was there and that was what she could offer.

Madalyne jumped slightly when the bag of lunch was tossed in front of her, she was more focused on what was going to happen tonight that she hadnt heard Nancy or Niah came in. "I'm not brooding, just thinking really.." She said softly as Madalyne thought for a moment, she wanted to get outside for a bit. "Could find somewhere private and eat there and we could talk about things?" She asked, the whole Legion knew at this point after it was pointed out loud to everyone when they debriefed the Senate on what had happened back at Mount Othrys.

Nancy tossed Niah her bag of food next. She didn't try to return the smile. She really wished that there was a way to fix things, to restore New Rome and Camp Jupiter and remove Madalyne's curse. It wasn't fair that she would have to live her life as a monster. It was cruel and unjust. Madalyne had done so much for so many people and when she died, her soul would go to the Pit... "Sounds radical. I'd suggest the forest, or if you want seating, no one seems to go into the Diana and Juno temples - erm, cabins."

"Whichever works for me." Niah said catching the lunch. She wasn't surprised by Nancy's lack of a return of a smile. Though a part of her didn't mind the forest since there was a river there. It gave her a good feeling to be near rivers. She was for whichever Mads wanted.

"I dont think Juno or Diana would appreciate us eating in their cabins honestly." Madalyne said with a slight laugh as she set the chains down on the table grabbing the bag of lunch. "Somewhere in he forest would be nice though." Madalyne said, and figured she would have to get used to the woods soon every night during the full moon. "What did you make anyway?" She asked getting up and headed out of the large tent.

"Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches," Nancy said, following Madalyne out of the tent. "There's also a box of raisins and a small bag of peanuts, and a water bottle," she added. She did like the idea of eating in the forest. She wanted to explore it more. If she didn't need to sleep, that would be what she'd spend her nights doing - learning every tree, every bird, every rock and creek.

"Forest sounds good then." Niah said stepping out of the tent. "Thank you for lunch." Peanut butter was still weird to her, but she liked it. There were a lot of people bustling around Camp Half-blood. So many people misplaced. It hurt to know why.

"PP&J is always the best." Madalyne said smiling as she watched a mix of Legionnaires and Greeks both geting along by he looks of it, she made her way into the forest and eventually found a small creek nearby as well and shaded. "This looks like a good spot." She said as she sat down next to a tree, hearing the birds singing in the background and the moving water was actually pretty soothing.

"Don't worry about it," Nancy told Niah, forcing herself to smile. She relaxed slightly as they left the campgrounds and went into the forest. She always felt calmer amongst the trees. She could step away from the role of praetor here and just be Nancy Parker, rather than the demigod child of Apollo who failed to save New Rome. When Mads found a spot she liked, Nancy couldn't help but agree. It was so peaceful and calm here. It was hard to imagine that titans and giants were awake and moving in the world here. She took a seat on the ground, and in a moment of being spontaneous, Nancy took off her shoes and socks, letting herself feel the dirt and twigs and grass beneath her feet.

Niah sat down with her best friends. She thought about the time she first really interacted with the pair of them. The tension and sadness were palpable. She could only be there for them. Niah took a sip of her water. "I have an idea." Niah stood up and went to the side of the river and started searching for something that could be transformed into three beads to add to their bracelets.

Madalyne watched as Niah got up and headed over towards the creek wondering what she was looking for there, as she unwrapped the sandwich and looked down at it. It was relaxing to just step away from being a Praetor, as she leaned back resting the back of her head against the tree letting out a slight sigh. She started to rub her arm slightly it was healed but there was still the scar from the bite as well, she didnt really want to talk about it but she knew that Nancy probably did.

Nancy glanced up, seeing that Niah had gone over to the creek. She would have thought it was a little random, but Niah's mom was a river goddess, so she figured it checked out. The thought caused Nancy to turn her gaze upwards, looking at the sky and wondering if her father was watching her. A small part of her hoped that he was looking out for her, but she doubted it. He hadn't noticed when she had been trapped in the Lotus Hotel, there was no reason for him to notice now.

Niah found what she was looking for. Three shiny smooth pebbles. Just the right size. "I was looking for this." She held out her hand with her prize. "You guys are my rocks. Without you, as my friends, I don't know where I'd be. I'm going to add these to our bracelets." She moved away from the river and sat back down near Nancy and Mads. She put the rocks her pocket. She'd add them later with some string. Maybe the Hephestus kids had something she could use to make the pebbles into beads. That seemed likely.

Madalyne watched as Niah managed to find something in the stream and leaned forward to get a better look at them seeing three pebbles that looked really pretty actually and smiled. She played with the bracelet that they made together for a moment when they were on the quest together as well. "I really like that, and I'll always be there for the both of you." Madalyne said giving Niah and Nancy a slight smile. It was a bit ironic now that she had the curse now and their bracelets had some werewolf teeth added to them. "How are you two doing?" She decided to ask.

Nancy's eyes actually teared up slightly as Niah held up the rocks, and she turned her head away so that way Mads and Niah couldn't see. She blinked her eyes aggressively until it stopped. "Aww, that's too sweet of you, I swear you're going to give us cavities at this rate," Nancy said, looking at them both. "I'm fine. Not entirely in love with Bacchus being so near, but that's life, isn't it? A bunch of things we aren't comfortable with."

Niah laughed at Nancy's joke about her giving them cavities. It made her feel a bit better. She was able to give her friends a bit of the love that she felt for them. "I'm doing alright." She had a lot of feelings about being around the Greeks, but she wasn't going to go into it. She really didn't like how disorganized they were. Niah was used to being in a military unit and the Greeks were more a free for all.

Madalyne smiled slightly as she played around with her bracelet on her wrist for a moment, she felt like she could be more herself when she is around Niah and Nancy. Though she was a bit scared of changing and hurting either one of them turning to look at the two of them for a moment, and sighed slightly. "I'm a bit nervous and scared that I might hurt someone tonight though honestly.." She said as she shook slightly a lot of things could go wrong, the chains could break, or a greek or legionaire could get hurt if they stumbled into her changing.

"Well, if it was a Greek that got hurt, you might be doing the world a service - teach them all to toughen up a bit," Nancy joked, trying to get Mads to smile. These two people were the ones she was the most comfortable with in the entire world, the only ones she could loosen up and just exist with. "But you don't really need to worry about any of that - Niah and I won't let any of that happen. You're going to be fine. And in the morning, when you're back to yourself again, we'll see about borrowing the van and we can go get Dairy Queen or something."

Niah snorted a bit at Nancy's comment about the Greeks. They were frustratingly disorganized and had poor tactical training. It felt like their fights were free-for-all with little coordination. "We'll stay up all night watching over you." Niah said. She liked the idea of getting DQ the next day. Hopefully, they had coffee if that's what they did. Niah reached over and touched Mads gently on the shoulder. She wasn't much of a toucher, usually letting them initiate contact if they wanted it, but she wanted Mads to know how much she meant to her.

Madadlyne laughed slightly at Nancy's joke which made her smile a bit towards her and nodded, though she was grateful that they allowed the Legion to stay here for as long as they needed. But the Greeks she had to agree that they werent trained well enough she didnt even see a single camper who was an adult either. She leaned slightly against Niah as she gently touched her shoulder feeling comfortable that her friends would be able to watch over her. "DQ sounds actually really good." Madalyne said, she always ended up getting their chicken tenders, fries and toast combo that was always really good in her opinion. "Though if you guys can just keep the whole wolf thing a secret from the Greeks, i'm not sure how they would react."

Sierra Finley

Location: Camelot, Pub
Skills: N/A

"I did assess the whole situation and it ended up with someone getting kidnapped." Sierra said to Cassi crossing her arms over her chest slightly as she shook her head slightly, Jack was now missing and probably dead or something now at this point as well to for all she knew. She looked at Megan for a moment she didnt really say anything to her but she had a feeling that the woman was fuming because her brother was kidnapped. Lucky stuck its head out and looked up at Megan for a moment and licked her hand and barked happily looking up at her expecting some pets as well to.

Sierra watched as the guard continued to question the elderly woman, and really did want to help, but she knew that it would end up drawing attention to themselves which was something she didnt want the others to get or herself. "Thats good." Red said giving Rose a friendly smile as they started to get closer towards the city gates.

Layla Hood

Location: Camelot, Pub
Skills: N/A

In the corner of Colby's eye he would be able to notice a rather strange looking cat with odd markings following Colby in the distance and ocasionally hiding behind either people or some other obstacles that were close by. Layla rolled her eyes slightly at Cassi as she gave Sierra some advice on how to handle the situation. It was something that they probably werent prepared for really either. It was kind of a dumb move trying to do that on Sierra's part as well to.

A few seconds later the group would be at the outer edges of the city and getting closer towards the walls, Layla would notice the heightened security now after the prison break which was understandable after all. When a guard would approach Megan grabbing her by the arm to stop her. "What is your name and reason for leaving the city?" The guard asked her, as Merlin stopped and then approached the guard as he was about to speak, but the guard stopped Merlin from talking. "Please answer the question." The guard asked Megan as Layla and Sierra looked a bit worried.

Rumple's Hideout

"Well I can't spoil the secret really where would the fun in that be?" Rumple asked smirking slightly as he took another drink and leaned back slightly as he looked at Jack and frowned slightly. "Well if you say no I can't protect you from her, but if you say yes I can easily keep you alive, maybe even Arthur's daughter if you say yes i'll protect you and her." Rumple offered, as he stood up slightly and stretched. "Are you hungry? I certainly am." Rumple said as he snapped his fingers and two plates of food appeared on the table one for him and one for Jack.

Nadia Petrova

Location: Helheim
Skills: N/A

Nadia looked up at Runa for a moment as she managed to hold a hand for her to grab onto and slowly pulled herself up, sighing slightly she didnt want to know what dying again permanently would actually be like. "I'm okay, thanks for the save Runa." Nadia said to Runa and smiled towards her and nodded towards Klara. "I'm also buying you a gift basket with a bunch of modern stuff then when we finish this." She said teasingly as she looked up and noticed a ladder of sorts not to far from them. It looked a bit old but enough that it looked like it would be able to support their weight one at a time though.

"Theres a ladder, we just need to go one at a time." Nadia said as she started to slowly climb up the ladder, until she was at the top, she stuck her head up slightly seeing the giant standing there blocking or allowing the undead to pass was in front of her. Its back turned towards her as she looked around for some more cover and noticed a large boulder that could be used for cover. She looked down at the others below her, it would be able to allow them to sneak past. "Just stay quiet and we can hopefully pass." Nadia told them, as she climbed up and made a beeline straight towards the cover and she wasnt seen which was good and waited for the others to come up.

Arnora Skadidottir

Location: Niflheim
Skills: N/A

"Well lets just figure out what we want to do after we get out of this cave." Arnora said to both Astrid and Lara as she looked around for a moment there wasnt any sign of the undead still which was a good thing then. As Arnora held up her torch and looked up at it, to see where the flame was heading. There was a slight breeze pointing towards the right that would hopefully lead them out of the cave rather quickly. "This way." Arnora said as she quickly started to head towards where the breeze was heading towards and started to follow it, the cave started to get a bit narrow though as Arnora navigated through it.

Arnora then noticed some light was well to which was a good sign then as she looked over at Lara and Astrid waving her hand towards them as she managed to get out of the cave. She looked around the area as she noticed the wind had been picking up a bit and snow was blowing around everywhere. She couldnt really see much and it looked like the coast was clear as well to which was a good thing then as Arnora waited for the others to come out.

Cassandra Reed

Location: Hawkeye's Homestead - Missouri
Skills: N/A

Cassandra looked at Kwassi for a moment and nodded slightly, he hadn't really made any good impressions on her since she had met, at least Amelia had gone off and helped Sparky find Raynor which made her trust more than Kwassi right now. She listened to the others speaking about the sensors it was good that they were just at the entrances to the White House then. She gave Sparky a smile as she came up with a plan to and nodded the devices should be easy to make, she needed to have her eyesight back as well to.

"The watch thing should be doable then, lets go with that. Also having a Secret Service Agent with an eyepatch would draw a bit attention to. So Fury, Sparky and Niah stay behind and run interference on security tech then while the rest of us do the swap in the White House." Cass listened to Mar-Vell speak and mentioning more cats like Goose, that would be entertaining she wasnt sure how Goose would react though with others of his kind. But if it would help screening the skrulls at the convention it would help, since only Niah Raynor and Goose are the only ones who had the ability to do that to.

Evelyn Holder

Location: Hawkeye's Homestead - Missouri
Skills: N/A

Evelyn looked at Bonnie for a moment, and shook her head slightly she wasnt talking about the White House, she was meaning when they got to the convention. "I meant the convention not at the White House, the plan is solid there." Evelyn said to Bonnie as she listened to the others talking as they thought of ways to get into the White House. The others talking about tech wasnt really interesting to her, she wasnt much of a tech expert either.

She smiled slightly at the idea of having a cat army trying to sniff out the skrulls at the convention though that would be an entertaining sight to see a bunch of cats running around there. For the most part they had a plan on getting the President there and she didnt have to much else to input at the moment.

Maria Novikova

Location: Skrull Prison Ship
Skills: N/A

Maria looked over towards Hope for a moment seeing the wet spot where the princess had been crying at, feeling really bad for what she had done to the skrulls on the bridge. "The Bridge is secured, Flynn, She-Hulk and I switched to non-lethal I can't say much for the others though.." Maria said softly as she turned to face the princess, she wasnt going to hurt the princess anymore than she had aready, and they needed her on their side as well to coming up with an idea. If she could use her power to absorb the shapeshifting ability of the skrulls she could try and act like their leader.

"You have my word that none of us will kill anymore of your people." Maria said to Princess Anelle, trying to gain her trust. "If you can tell me where your leader is right now, I might have a way to get them to stand down. I have the ability to take others powers, so I could use your shapeshifting ability to play as her if they listen to me I can tell them to not attack any of us. That way we both win, we won't hurt them and they won't attack us." Maria suggested hopefully the plan would work and no one else would end up getting hurt.

Bethany Bell

The Kyln
Skills: Clairvoyance

Bethany looked around the room as she heard a booming voice over the intercom and their cell door slowly opening, she turned to look at Runa for a moment. It was their chance to hopefully find the others, she took a moment and closed her eyes as she focused on using her clairvoyance ability to search for the others. She managed to pick them all up, but she wasnt able to find an exact location on where they all were letting out a slight sigh before turning to face Runa.

"So good news is that everyone is here, but bad news is that I am not sure where they all are but they are close by." Beth said as she cautiously made her way out of the cell. They werent going to get to far if they simply just stood there in their cell they needed to go and search for them. "Lets go and search for them." Beth said, she had her powers thankfully the guards were dumb enough to let them have their abilities still she then left the safety of their cell following the other prisoners who chose to go out to the recreational area.

Callie Johnson

Location: DC, Sewers -> Mutant Underground
Skills: N/A

Callie listened to Veil as she told the group what had happened to Glimpse and looked down for a moment letting out a slight sigh, if she was still in the collapsed sewers she was probably dead. Or killed by some trigger happy SHIELD agents, or she managed to escape without dying, or captured and taken out she had no idea. Callie turned to eye the ice cube that Kristina was sealed in and stared at James, she wasnt sure how much energy he had in him still to try that. And the other thing was how to thaw her out actually as well to, Sapphire seemed to be really out of it.

Callie knelt down next to James for a moment gently resting a hand on his shoulder and looked over at Sapphire. "I know you are really tired right now and this is a huge ask, if you have the energy could you try and heal her?" Callie asked while looking over at Sapphire unsure if she could actually thaw someone out. "Is it possible to try and thaw her out slowly while James heals her?" Callie asked, just as Sunshine and Zarina came up saying that they had found the bombs. At least that was some good news as she turned to look at Veil to see what she wanted to do about the bomb situation and their human popsicle.

Sierra Finley

Location: Camelot, Pub
Skills: N/A

"I didnt think he would Force Push me or anything like that honestly.." Sierra said to Rose and gave her a slight smile and nodded as Rose left to go and get her things, she was okay for the most part just a little bit sore at the moment as soon as Rose had gotten her things she put them over her back. "I'll be fine though really." Sierra said as she watched Merlin along with Hansel, Gretel and Red had gotten some things as well to, looks like they were going to be joining them as well to which was good then more numbers the better anyway she thought.

Taylor glared at Rose for a moment and gave her a bit of an annoyed look agreeing with Rosalia, jumping in like the way Sierra and some of the others did was kind of dumb in her opinion. "He could have turned you into a fish or whatever, we don't know what other stuff he has up his sleeve either. Kind of bringing a knife to a gunfight scenario to, the gun would always win." Taylor said shrugging slightly she was a bit annoyed to honestly.

Layla Hood

Location: Camelot, Pub
Skills: N/A

"Looks like you got your ass kicked." Layla said jokingly towards Sierra as she had gathered her things and was met up with the others, she wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. She was a bit paranoid that more guards or something would end up showing up and trying to arrest them or something like that. "Lets get going now yeah?" Layla asked looking at Merlin as he nodded towards her and stared at Megan for a moment at her comment, he wanted to make sure that everyone was okay and safe. "Lets go." Merlin said, he didnt want to use magic in the middle of the city, it was still a bit to risky as he looked to see the last remaining bits of smoke from the prison break from earlier.

"Are you okay?" Red asked looking over towards Rose for a moment as they walked down the street, bringing the hood over her head so that way no one would be able to recognize her face really either. The city was on alert right now as well to, after the fire and prison break as some guards were occasionally stopping people and questioning them. One of the guards getting a bit rough as he shoved an elderly woman to the ground. "Stay close and don't draw attention to yourselves." Merlin said to everyone as they made their way towards the gates.

Rumple's Hideout

"I'm not a villain at all, everyone just simply thinks or says that I am one." Rumple said, Jack would get the sense that he was actually lying about that however as Rumple leaned back and took a sip from his drink while looking at Jack for a moment. "I am here to protect you believe it or not, you are my son after all. See Maleficent here wants you all because you are special to her, she has plans for you all. Merlin just wants to raise you all as his little toy soldiers to try and defeat her." Rumple said as he took another drink while looking at Jack. "I can teach you how to protect yourself from her. You are able to use magic since you have gotten here correct? All you have to do is stay by my side and I can tell you everything I know." Rumple said giving Jack a slight smile.

Kiera Donovan

Location: New Rome - Argo III Top Deck
Skills: N/A

"Well worse thing you could get an infection so it could be serious, so stay in the infirmary." Kiera said to Demetri, she didnt have to much medical knowledge really but there was a big chance it could get infected. As Kiera went over and searched around before finding some bandages and then used them to wrap around the missing eye Demetri now had. "You'd make a perfect pirate now though just saying." Kiera said teasingly as some random roman girl with purple hair or something and went to check on Demi. "I'll leave you two love birds free then." Kiera said deciding to go and check up on Leda.

She was just glad that her girlfriend was okay, and they managed to make it out of the city safely, she took a step to the side as a few more injured were either taken to the infirmary or the cargo hold where the makeshift triage was right now. "This is all a bit crazy huh?" Kiera asked both Mary and Leda, she then felt the ship shifting slightly as it took off into the air now, they were now leaving New Rome behind and headed back home.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Camp Jupiter - Argo III Top Deck
Skills: N/A

The main deck was still in chaos as Alexandra climbed up shortly behind Nancy followed by Marco, seeing the injured being taken to the lower decks, she quickly scooped up the documents and books that Nancy had dropped. She looked around for a moment, before entering the wheelhouse setting them here for safety for now.

Madalyne was holding up the shield around the Argo III as best as she could as some of the monsters were firing at the flying ship, her nose was bleeding slightly from the overuse of her magic. As soon as the last remaining legionaires were loaded up onto the Argo III Alannah quickly got the ship up into the air. Madalyne looked over at the city of New Rome as it burned in the evening sky green flames covered Camp Jupiter as well to, as soon as they were out of range seeing the smoke in the distance Madalyne's legs gave out as she collapsed onto the deck as well the shield dropping along with her to.

Every part of her body was aching from the overuse as she took a few deep breathes and whipped some blood from her nose, the legionaires manning the guns were still on high alert from any monsters. Gryf would snuggle up next to Andy and nudged her slightly with it's massive beak as she tended to it's wounds. The little dragon that Nancy had found landed back onto her shoulder as well looking at her expectantly for some food.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: Houston Space Center
Skills: Spear fighting

"Hey, I didnt know that you were poor so i'm sorry." Kristin said as she slowly stood up rubbing her arm slightly as she watched the remaining monsters starting to panic and quickly bolted off in different directions. It reminded her slightly of some aliens in a game that she played when she was younger, after their leader died they would scatter and flee. Kristin sighed slightly she was really hoping that they would get some information out of her. But it looks like they wouldnt at all as the mother of monsters burst into dust in the staircase she had tried to escape into.

"You did really good Janelle." Kristin said looking over at Janelle resting a hand on her shoulder and turned to look at Zeke for a moment and sighed slightly, she did hate complimenting Zeke as she felt like it would inflate his ego. "And I guess you did good as well to Zeke." Kristin said, now the main problem was that they needed to get back home now to. "We should probably figure out a way to get home now to." Kristin said.

Nadia Petrova

Location: Helheim
Skills: N/A

"Really, you never heard of it?" Nadia asked looking at Klara for a moment before forgetting that she was way older then she or Runa were and wasnt to much aware of the times again. "It's a show, about a virus or whatever that brings people back from the dead. And when you get bit you end up turning into one, or if you die without getting bit you somehow end up turning as well to. Unless your brain gets destroyed then you are dead for good." Nadia explained she remembered her cousin Kristin liking it a lot. She slowly crossed the lower span of the bridge while looking up. Occasionally seeing some bits of snow and ice falling off just above them everytime the gatekeeper used it's massive club thing to smite whatever was worthy or not worthy.

As Nadia shimmied her way across the lower span she looked down for a moment, seeing the blackness below wondering what would happen if they ended up falling down there it looked like it would go down forever. She would then be at the other side, and looked around for a moment before seeing a ledge that she could grab onto. She was about to reach out for it, before Nadia ended up slipping, but barely managed to catch herself from falling. "A little help here?" Nadia asked looking back down for a moment panicking slightly.

Arnora Skadidottir

Location: Niflheim
Skills: N/A

Arnora looked around the area some she didnt have anything liquid that could easily catch something on fire, and she had a feeling that anything that was liquid would be frozen by now anyway. This was the coldest place in all of the Nine Realms after all as well to, as Arnora managed to find some rocks, and inspected them slightly and knelt down. She started to smack the two together before a few sparks would come out. Arnora quickly searched around before finding a stick big enough to use as a torch turning to look at Lara for a moment and smiled.

Arnora then used a portion of her shirt and started to tear it off, and wrapped it around the stick and smacked the stones together a few times, until she was able to get a small fire going. She stood up turning to see Astrid holding her phone flashlight out at least it would be pretty useful. "There would be a lot of dragur and giants there, so taking out the crew would be really hard, so we'd have to damage their supplies or sneak onto the ship and damage it from the inside." Arnora explained as she entered the darker part of the cave, noticing that it was a large cavern. She couldnt see or hear anything else in the cavern as she turned to look back at the two of them for a moment it was clear. "Stay close." Arnora said as she entered the cavern.
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