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Current @GhostMami I know right?! Been thinking of doing one at some point.
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If anyone is interested in joining Hotel Valhalla feel free to apply we are open for new players. :)…
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As a McDonalds worker, on the McRib, I make these every single day and they are messy as fuck and the sauce gets everywhere. And your fresh quarter pounders arent really fresh and thawed and are nasty
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The dumbass Cheeto/Oompa Loompa is finally gone yay!
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Happy birthday to me Iā€™m 29 now lol


Hi there, a little bit about me I am 28 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners, though most days I am usually doing group RPs.

Skyrose RP Universe Created & GMed & Co-GMed by: @Morose,@BlueSky44

Knight RP Universe Created & GMed by: @Kirah

Nexus RP Universe Created & GMed by: Me @Nallore!

Tales of Asgard, Beyond the Storm 1x1 with @AngelBites15

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Callie Johnson

Location: Omega Building: Renegade's Apartment
Skills: N/A

Callie looked over at Veil as she gently squeezed her hand and gave her friend a comforting smile, maybe they all would be safe here and this would actually be the safe haven for all mutants around the world. As she followed Renegade into the building she looked down as her outfit changed from the white spandex hospital clothes to something normal. She now had a leather jacket, and a black tshirt with a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of boots. She turned to look over at Max for a moment and gave him a slight nod grateful for the outfit change, she didnt really feel comfortable wearing the tight fitting spandex anyway. She still had no clue how they would have changed her clothes while frozen in a block of ice.

"We should probably ask about housing or something so that we all can stick together if it's possible." Callie whispered to Veil, it wasnt that she didnt trust this place, the whole group was pretty much a family now at this point now. And if this place had any of the bad mutants who had attacked them in the past then they would be better together. As they entered Renegade's apartment she looked around to see some of the pictures seeing ones of both Jack and Casper. "You two looked cute as little babies." Callie decided to tease them a little bit.

When Renegade kicked over the chest she went over to see her clothes that they had before being frozen along with her wallet, she opened it seeing that none of her things were taken and slipped them into her pocket. She also lifted up the clothes she had with her tossing them over her shoulder and her old shoes in her hands. "Thank you for keeping our things safe." Callie said towards Renegade she turned to look over her shoulder towards Havok who was eerily quiet and made her way over to him. "Are you going to be okay?" She asked him.

Kristina Smith

Location: Omega Building: Renegade's Apartment
Skills: N/A

"I'd definitely would love to go there at some point if you don't mind showing me around that is." Kristina said to Sunshine giving her a bit of a smile, this place looked so peaceful and amazing as well to. She followed the others into the building when she looked down as her clothes suddenly changed to a simple blouse and skirt as well, glad to be out of that tight spandex hospital clothes. She didnt know who this Forge guy was as she entered the building it felt really nice and comfortable to be inside actually. Eventually they made it into Renegade's apartment and looked at the trunk that she slid over letting Casper, and Callie go first before making her way over towards it.

Kristina pulled out her purse and went to make sure everything was still in there while ignoring Zari going off about her things, she was satisfied that all of her things were there. She was about to grab her clothes, seeing the bloodied shirt she was wearing she hadn't had a chance to actually change when she was recovered from the gunshot wound when they went to go and disable the terrigen bombs. Kris decided to leave the shirt in there and grabbed the rest of the clothes she was wearing before draping them over her purse. "Thank you." Kris said to Renegade.

Bethany Bell

The Kyln
Skills: N/A

Bethany turned to glare at Mary for a moment and rolled her eyes towards her. "Well at least i'm not going in guns blazing without an idea or anything." Bethany said towards her as she watched Guin coming down the stairs. "Sorry about that Guin." Bethany said as she quickly stood up and started to make her way towards the panels watching Mary getting shot in the arm and winced slightly. Bethany could hear all of the gun fire going off, as she made it to the panels and started to look at all of them before opening two of them. They didnt really look important at all really to her before going on.

When she got to the next one it looked totally different from the other two as she looked over towards Guin. "I think I found it." Beth said as she reached into the opened panel and yanked out the battery of sorts. As soon as she did that all of the power had gone off. Then red emergency lights come on and then loud alarms started blaring. "I hope thats the right one." Beth said as she backed up slightly.

Nadia Petrova

Location: Helheim
Skills: Sword Fighting

Nadia swung her sword again and managed to decapitate one of the dragurs as she looked over to see Runa making a run towards Baldur's cage, if they freed him then maybe they would have a better chance. "I'm alright, we gotta break out Baldur right now." Nadia told Klara as Betty took down some more of the undead while watching Hel sitting on her throne with an amused look on her face watching the fight unfolding before her. Nadia rolled under one of the dragur who tried to take a swing at her and stabbed it through the chest as she quickly made her way towards Runa and helped her up.

"I got your back go get your dad." Nadia told Runa as she side stepped out of the way from a sword that a dragur was holding, a dragur tried to take a swing at Klara but missed and then five of them tried to climb onto Betty trying to slow down the massive cat. Another dragur tried to swing at Runa only to cut the side of her cheek slightly but nothing major really.

Arnora Skadidottir

Location: Niflheim
Skills: N/A

"The caves we found earlier we could try and find those and hide in to try and warm up." Arnora suggested as she looked across the water seeing that the giants and dragur were busy trying to chip away at the massive ice wall that now encased the entire ship. "We need to get going now." Arnora told them as she looked over her shoulder towards Elizabeth's body one last time before making her way back the way that they had came from. She could see their foot prints in the snow from earlier which was a relife then as she continued to move forward while helping Lara and Astrid.

Then she could feel the ground shaking slightly as she saw a giant had noticed them and started to chase after them, and quickly made her way into the tree line and started to see the enterance to the cave earlier. She just hoped that the giant wouldnt cause a cave in, as she saw the trees moving as the giant started to search for them. "Hurry and get inside." Arnora told them as she stood just outside of the cave making sure that they went in first.

Sierra Finley

Location: Camelot, Forest
Skills: N/A

Sierra gave Rose a nod and smiled, she was okay still having a fish tail was really weird since she had gone swimming back home and that never happened to her at all really. She blushed slightly at Willow and gently patted her friend's hand as she turned to face Merlin who seemed to agree with Rose' plan. "Alright then." Merlin told her as he slowly stood up and started to do a quick chant before doing the spell and everyone was now invisible.

"Stay close and be quiet and pay attention to your surroundings." Merlin ordered everyone, as Sierra nodded. "Sure thing boss." Sierra said as she slowly stood up and started to follow behind Merlin just as the patrol had gone past them. Merlin walked along the wall and noticed a weak spot in the wall and quietly started to push on the loose brick as it gave way and made the hole just big enough for all of them to get through one at a time.

Layla Hood

Location: Camelot, Forest
Skills: N/A

"Got your asses in the back then." Layla said as Merlin made them all invisible and started to follow everyone from behind once everyone started to move, she had her knife drawn out and looking around so far there wasnt any patrol coming by yet which was a good thing then. She saw the hole in the wall as Merlin pushed it forward just enough for them all to slip through one by one. She waited a little bit before making her way forward as well and stepped through seeing the small yard in between the wall and house.

She noticed two guards standing by the main entrance of the compound and looked around for a moment, she wasnt sure how many were actually inside or where the other guards were on this end. "So where to?" Layla whispered to Merlin as quietly as she could, as he gestured towards the back of the compound and nodded slightly as she made her way towards the back. Seeing that there wasnt any guards there which was a relief then to her.

Merlin's Tower:

Red decided to go out with the two of them just to make sure that none of them were going to do something stupid with the spells by revealing their location. As she leaned herself up against the wall, and wondered if her daughter was alright or not and hoped that their mission with saving Jack from Rumple would go smoothly. She watched as Colby decided to take a crack with the spell book as he started a spell and summoned a serval. "Well at least it isn't a demon rabbit this time." Red said with a bit of a laugh seemed that the cat wasnt hostile at all.

Rumple's Hideout:

"Thank you so much." The other prisoner said as one of them gave Jack a hug before letting go and started to head up the flight of stairs and quietly started to look around. Rumple wasnt there it seemed which was a good thing then and they were starting to make their way towards the back door seeing the door slowly opening and they didnt see anyone as the door opened and the group started to get a little bit terrified as they went straight to hiding behind a nearby counter.

Apollo's Cabin:

Bryan was in the Apollo's cabin getting a few things out from his trunk nearby which was some armor he kept there as he started to put it on just as he heard the cabin door opening. He noticed Zeke coming into the room and waved towards him, seeing that broody look and wondered what was up. "Hey Zeke whats up?" He asked as he was fiddling around with some of the armor straps as he turned to face his half brother. "I was gonna hit the climbing wall or to the arena for some sparing wanna come with?" He offered his half-brother, he didnt really have to much going on and was hoping for a little bit of company as well to. "Also whats with the grumpy old man face?" Bryan couldn't help but ask.

Camp Store:

Tammy the head counselor for the Iris cabin was working at the camp store usually it had just about everything from weird little nick nacks here and there, to some ambrosia, to nectar as well. Along with camping supplies, and food as well for anyone who was going on a quest and clothes for both warm and colder climates to as well as a bunch of art supplies to. She was leaning forward slightly reading a random book while eating a powdered doughnut. The store was kinda dead at the moment right now as she was reading away mostly just out of boredom as a few campers occasionally stepped in and looked around.

Kiera Donovan

Location: Camp Half-Blood, The Shrines
Skills: N/A

"Alright we won't go to her then we can just make something cool and simple or something nothing fancy?" Kiera said as she was mopping the floor of the shrine as she turned to face Leda, and nodded slightly. "Sorry didn't mean to open up any old wounds or anything like that." Kiera said softly knowing the history that her and Rebecca had shared she didnt want to bring up something that would make her girlfriend upset as she continued to mop the floor some more.

She stopped cleaning for a moment setting the mop down and leaned up against the wall slightly as she thought about potentially meeting her half-brother. "I mean i've thought about it but i'm not sure maybe if I had some company or something to?" Kiera said giving a slight shrug, they lived in the city from what she knew. "It might be weird to just randomly show up and say 'Hey i'm looking for my half-brother.'" Kiera said though it would be nice to get to know him and sometimes sleeping in the Poseidon cabin alone did feel lonely to.

Kristin Reynolds

Location: Camp Half-Blood, The Big House -> Dining Pavilion.
Skills: N/A

"It's not really often that they just randomly show up at camp, usually something happens shortly after they come to camp to why Apollo is here I have no idea." Kristin said as she noticed that Stella was claimed by her mother and smiled gently patting Stella on the shoulder. "Congrats, your mom is Demeter." Kristin said as she gestured towards all of the kids over at the Demeter table was they all returned the wave as well when Mary showed up and smiled towards her friend. "It looks like you have a new half-sister." Kristin said to Mary as she stood up for a moment and stretched.

Kristin noticed the bandages on Mary and wondered what had happened. "So what happened to you Mary?" Kristin asked mostly out of curiosity Kristin saw the kid Cassian was talking to Andy and Arthur, she hadn't known him that well really as he had come to camp pretty recently to and knew that he was one of Mr. D's kids but nothing really more than that either. Kristin wondered what Apollo and Nancy were actually talking about as well occasionally looking over to where the Sun Chariot was parked right now.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Dining Pavilion

"I'll pass along the message then." Madalyne said to Zeke as he sort of huffed and walked away wondering what that all was about as her attention turned towards Niah asking what was in the box she knew what it was right away just by looking at it. "It's the Physician's Cure supposedly it can bring back someone from the dead if administered quickly enough it's one of the things that Jupiter forbids the use of it was made by Apollo's son Asclepius. Last time it was used was during the whole war with Gaia a few years ago." Madalyne told Niah.

"If Apollo gave it to Nancy then something might happen to someone probably something what Nancy had seen." Madalyne said she had no idea why Apollo would allow anyone to get it either, she looked over towards Andy and waved towards her niece some new face was talking to her who she didnt really know and wondered who it was.

Cassandra Reed

Location: Quinjet, Medical Area
Skills: N/A

Cassandra nodded to Sparky for a moment as she tried to think of a way to switch between the settings, before coming up with a potential idea. "Maybe a subdermal implant connected to the eye? I know that you can't really cut through the skin but with the big gapping hole where my eye was right now, you could maybe put it in there and just a simple touch where the implant is it could switch between the settings?" Cass suggested if Bonnie could draw blood from the same area when she had M-Pox then they could install the implant just under the skin. Her attention turned towards the President as he came in, she was actually glad to see him, and maybe help Niah and Bonnie with their problem.

Cass turned to see Alex inspecting the area hearing the news wasn't good at all as she listened to him explain that it was a demon that was there somehow. She then watched as Alex quickly bolted off to grab some salt this was nowhere near her area of expertise at all and felt a bit helpless that she couldn't really help Niah at all. Alex came back with a bag of salt and nodded towards Bonnie as she told her to get some restraints.

"I'm on it." Cass said as she left the infirmary towards the brig running past Raynor and Spider-Man as the two of them entered the infirmary. Cassandra entered the brig and started to look around before finding a set of restraints and quickly came back just in time to see Spider-Man covering Niah up in webbing. "I guess we won't need these then." Cass said sarcastically as she went to set the restraints down on a nearby counter. "What can I do to help?" Cass asked looking at Alex and Bonnie, just as Amelia poked her head in to see what was up. "It's Niah's leg has gotten worse theres apparently a demon on her right now." Cassandra told Amelia.

Evelyn Holder

Location: Missouri - Barton Homestead
Skills: N/A

Evelyn followed the others into the house and looked over at the birthing setup that Oliver had made for the soon to be mother alien cats, she leaned slightly up against the wall. Listening to Mar-Vell explaining more about the flerekens as she caught some movement in the corner of her eye seeing that it was the President running with a huge back of salt. While turning to look over at Amelia asking about it, she didnt know why the president needed that at all.

"I have no idea honestly." Evelyn said as she looked towards the others for a moment and decided to join Amelia and started to follow her towards the Quinjet seeing Amelia standing just outside of the medical area. She overheard what Cass had said, and apparently there was some sort of demon on Niah which didnt sound well at all.

Maria Novikova

Location: Training Area
Skills: Power Absorption (Skrull Shapeshifting)

"I didn't think it would actually work." Maria whispered back to Flynn as she followed the Princess towards the training area as she looked down at the princess. "Sorry about that Princess." Maria whispered to her she probably had a feeling that the Princess didnt like to be touched by a compete stranger. She looked over her shoulder towards the guards for a moment and looked at Flynn, since she was able to shapeshift now she could stay and watch.

"Flynn why don't you go in and train the princess a bit, i'll make sure that they don't enter the room." Maria suggested as she stood by the door, she just hoped that none of the other skrulls would go and investigate the training area. "I'll come in and let you guys know if something happens."

Bethany Bell

The Kyln
Skills: Shadow Travel

Bethany looked over at Annie and nodded slightly. "Yeah i'll live just a headwound nothing new really." Bethany said towards Annie as she heard the gunshots going off and noticed some guards were now opening fire on them. Luckily none of them had good aim at all really as she listened to the talking Racoon about his plan and nodded. "So we go to the battery panel or whatever and shut it off got it." Beth said as she felt her headwound healing again, and gave Ed a smile and nod. "Thanks doc." Beth said as she watched Mary recklessly jumping off of the railing and onto the ground below.

"I'll go after her, cover me if you guys can." Beth said as she shadow traveled herself to the ground floor and instantly the guards started to open fire on her. She looked around for a place to take cover seeing a wall of vines that Mary had made she quickly made her way towards them to hide behind. "What panel is it?" Bethany yelled out to Rocket seeing that there were a lot of them.

Callie Johnson

Location: Emma Frost Memorial Hospital - Terrigen Ward -> Outside the Magda Eisenhardt Memorial Housing Complex
Skills: N/A

Callie looked at Zarina as she protested about people messing with her machines she was pretty sure that she'd end up killing or hurting anyone who did end up doing that to them. And then Sunshine flipping out on Jack again she really wasnt sure why Sunshine still hated Jack this much and Renegade scolding her in what probably was French. When it was finally time to go Callie started to follow everyone out of the hospital, she stood by Veil and Harry mainly just to comfort and make sure that her friend was alright as well to. She turned around to look at the hospital named after Emma Frost obviously and then some other building where all of the egg heads apparently worked as well to.

As she continued to follow behind Renegade as she pointed out the other fancy looking buildings seeing the one called the Hellfire Manor, this place was definitely been backed by the Hellfire Club. Which made her a little bit weary of this place right now as well to as she gently rested a hand on Veil's shoulder admiring the land it looked so vibrant here and peaceful for all mutants which she was actually happy to see. "This place looks amazing." Callie said as she could see the apartment complex coming into view now as well to, and wondered if they already would have a place set up for all of them somewhere.

Kristina Smith

Location: Emma Frost Memorial Hospital - Terrigen Ward -> Outside the Magda Eisenhardt Memorial Housing Complex
Skills: N/A

Kristina looked towards Max for a moment, she wasnt sure how he actually did know Flynn really though she hadn't actually met any of her sister's teammates really she only knew them by name. Except for her sister in law Dominika she had met a few times in the past before her sister did get married, she just needed her cellphone and call her sister and tell her to pass along what happened to Sapphire to Flynn. "I can get my sister Maria to pass it along she works with him I believe." Kristina said to Max, she listened to Sunshine trying to press Jack's buttons by the looks of it or something by arguing with him.

It was time to get going now as Kristina slowly got up to her feet and stretched slightly again and followed them out of the building, as soon as she got out Kristina squinted her eyes for a moment. Having them closed for so long and being frozen for months it was a bit hard to adjust to the natural sunlight. As she followed along with the others she decided to walk along side Sunshine, she didnt really know the girl all that well and she didnt really want to know what was going on with her and Jack. She listened to Renegade as she pointed out some of the landmarks and turned to see the large set of apartment buildings and couldnt help but admire them. "So you've been here for awhile, are there any cool places to go to?" Kristina asked looking over at Sunshine.

Madalyne Crane

Location: Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.
Skills: N/A

"Thanks Nanc." Madalyne said giving her friend a smile as she took the flask and uncapped it taking a sip from it tasted like coffee to her as she started to feel the strength coming back and her nose stopped bleeding. Madalyne capped the flask again and tossed it back towards Nancy and nodded towards Niah. "I'll be fine that usually happens when I strain myself to much, concentrating on keeping your grip from falling and using magic to catch your fall took out quiet a bit more than I would have liked." Madalyne said as she slowly stood up and stretched out her back while cracking her fingers a bit.

"Should we take a breather and figure out what to do with the dragon?" Madalyne asked both of her friends, while looking at the entrance to a nearby cave that led deeper into the mountain. They were pretty close now dragons were extremely dangerous and they would definitely need some kind of plan to deal with the massive flying fire breathing lizard.
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