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Update, feeling better than I was i'll start posting everywhere tomorrow and Friday.
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My cat of about 19 years may pass away tonight or tomorrow, I wont be posting in anything till wednsday evening or thursday evening at the latest.
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Dog fights are always the worse.
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@Undead Eyes it looks cute on you. :)
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Good morning, good evening, or good afternoon my friends and stalkers! Yes I see you all who stalk my profile how goes it?! And welcome to my profile!:D Also here's some music while you read!

A little bit about me I am 24 year old female from Pennsylvania I have been RPing for the past seven years or so originally starting in WoW and then moved onto forum RPs and found this site back before the great crash of the old site. I work full time and around 40 hours a week, I am always on here no matter what, that and i'm to lazy to press the logout button lol. :P I am a casual writer and will usually write up to three or four paragraphs though I always match what my partners will usually write to me, though you will never see me write any kind of one liners.

I prefer mainly doing FxF plots as well as MxF though I am more inclined to the latter, but either one is totally fine. :) I am not a grammar Nazi and like I said above just no oneliners and I will do the same. :) There maybe sometimes that I might be to tired to post some days since I am mainly working 6AM-2PM at my job but I can still post multiple times a week.

In no order with what so ever and love you all equally and those who I have been RPing with over the years! And you all get the gropes all the time!

@Zhaliora My sexually pervy friend love ya and love our 1x1's together!
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@Sigil Also one of the best GM's I've ever played with great person!
@Charnobylisk My Char! You always deny my love and gropes by charging me but love you anyway! :D
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@FantasyChic Such a great writer, you make some of the best characters and you make such lovely posts all of them great to read, also a great person to talk to! :)

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Locations: Long Island Sound, & various other locations
Time Frame: June 3rd, 2020
RP Tags: Modern, Slice-Of-Life, High Casual, Advanced, Large Group, Fantasy, Superpowers, Survival, Mystery, Romance,
Goal of RP: The goal is to find out, what exactly is going on around the world and finding others, and banding together against a common enemy and save the world against those who would want to destroy Western Civilization.
Character Age Requirements: 9-19.


It has been eleven years since the Second Titan War, and ten years since the Second Demigod Civil War the peace has held up since then. Thanks to Percy Jackson, and his friends, Camp Half-Blood has tripled in size since the Second Titan War, all of the gods now claim their children at the age of Thirteen. And are all sent to Camp Half-Blood for training, to become the next great generation of Heroes. The demigods train very hard every day, whether you are a year round camper or only a summer camper you spend your days at the camp. Two days ago Camp Half-Blood's newest Oracle mentioned the next Great Prophecy.

"Upon the day a child is born after a great battle,
a world of darkness shall bring all of the gods to their knees,
an act shall bring the rise of four empires together and
a random act shall usher forth the restoration of balance, or destroy it all."

There are rumors among the gods that there is another war is brewing on the horizon, though they do not know what exactly will happen or who their enemy is. Some of them think that it is the Titans stirring again, while some of the gods have gone to check on their status and their whereabouts since after the Second Titan War. There has also been a surge of monsters out in the world as well, some of which have rarely been seen by others. But the summer has just started of course, and new quests and adventures to go on with some of your best friends.

Camp Grounds


  • Divine Cabins
  • The Big House
  • Dining Pavilion
  • Amphitheater
  • Camp Store
  • Grove of Dodona
  • Cave of the Oracle
  • Camp Borders
  • Thalia's Pine Tree and The Golden Fleece
  • The Athena Parthenos
  • Training Grounds
  • Armory
  • Climbing Wall
  • Sword Fighting Arena
  • Archery Field
  • Volleyball Court
  • Camp Forge
  • Arts & Crafts Center
  • Bunker 9
  • Grove of the Council of Cloven Elders
  • Pegasus Stables
  • Myrmeke's Lair
  • Geysers
  • Strawberry Fields
  • The Forest
  • Canoe Lake
  • Half-Blood Hill
  • Maenad Party Area
  • Zeus' Fist
  • Euros Creek
  • Zephyros Creek
  • The Beach

Greek Gods, Goddesses, Demigods, Cabins, NPCs & Armory List

  • Population: 226 campers
  • Zeus (Cabin One) Occupants: 0 (Genders: 0 boy 0 girls)
  • Hera (Cabin Two) Occupants: 0 (Honorary)
  • Poseidon (Cabin Three) Occupants: 0 (Genders: 0 boys, 0 girl)
  • Demeter (Cabin Four) Occupants: 10 (Genders: 5 boys, 5 girls)
  • Ares (Cabin Five) Occupants: 14 (Genders: 7 boys, 7 girls)
  • Athena (Cabin Six) Occupants: 13 (Genders: 7 boys, 6 girls)
  • Apollo (Cabin Seven) Occupants: 15 (Genders: 7 boys, 8 girls)
  • Artemis (Cabin Eight) Occupants: 0 (20 Hunters of Artemis none in camp currently) (All women)
  • Hephaestus (Cabin Nine) Occupants: 15 (Genders: 8 boys, 7 girls)
  • Aphrodite (Cabin Ten) Occupants: 17 (Genders: 7 boys, 10 girls)
  • Hermes (Cabin Eleven) Occupants: 20 (Genders: 10 boys, 10 girls)
  • Dionysus (Cabin Twelve) Occupants: 5 (Genders: 2 boys, 3 girls)
  • Hades (Cabin Thirteen) Occupants: 2 (Genders: 1 boy, 1 girl)
  • Iris (Cabin Fourteen) Occupants: 10 (Genders: 5 boys, 5 girls)
  • Hypnos(Cabin Fifteen) Occupants: 13 (Genders: 7 boys, 6 girls)
  • Nemesis (Cabin Sixteen) Occupants: 14 (Genders: 7 boys, 7 girls)
  • Nike (Cabin Seventeen) Occupants: 10 (Genders: 5 boys, 5 girls)
  • Hebe (Cabin Eighteen) Occupants: 12 (Genders: 6 boys, 6 girls)
  • Tyche (Cabin Nineteen) Occupants: 15 (Genders: 7 boys, 8 girls)
  • Hecate (Cabin Twenty) Occupants: 10 (Genders: 5 boys, 5 girls)

Crystal River School, For Troubled Youth

Crystal River School, For Troubled Youth is a school for well troubled youth some the school is very strict with rules in order to reform troubled kids around the country, and a strict school uniform as well. Some teachers are very kind while some however are very strict with their rules. The kids are sent here, it is also one of the many places where demigods are also recruited from by satyrs from Camp Half-Blood, before monsters end up finding them out as well it is located just outside of Granite Falls North Carolina, and it is where some of you will begin your journey.

Accepted Demigods:

    NPCs Of Camp Half-Blood:
    • Mr. D aka Dionysus Director of Camp Half-Blood, Greek God of the Vine, Grape Harvest, Winemaking, Wine, Madness, Religious Ecstasy, and Theatre.
    • Chiron Camp Activities Director, Trainer of Heroes, Son of Kronos, Member of the Council of Cloven Elders.
    • Argus Camp Half-Blood Security Chief
    • Grover Underwood Lord of the Wild, Chosen One of Pan, Leader of the Council of Cloven Elders
    • Peleus Guardian of Thalia's Tree & The Golden Fleece.
    • "Coach" Gleeson Hedge The Eccentric War Hungry Satyr
    • Rose "Rosie" Ellis Oracle of Delphi
    • Eva Vaughn Head Counselor of Cabin Demeter
    • Jace Wright Head Counselor of Cabin Ares
    • Alannah Benton Head Counselor of Cabin Athena
    • Bryan Phelps Head Counselor of Cabin Apollo
    • Lauryn Klein Head Counselor of Cabin Hephaestus
    • Juan Mcclain Head Counselor of Cabin Hermes
    • Tammy Weeks Head Counselor of Cabin Iris
    • Issac White Head Counselor of Cabin Hypnos
    • Scarlett-Rose Coffey Head Counselor of Cabin Nemesis
    • Kevin Villegas Head Counselor of Cabin Nike
    • Dana East Head Counselor of Cabin Hebe
    • Clifford Tyler Head Counselor of Cabin Tyche

    The Armory:
    All campers have access to the armory, if they are going in to grab a weapon or a set of armor. They will have to sign in on what they took, and how long they will be keeping it there always is a ledger inside of the armory and what is in stock currently. It is usually maintained by members of the Athena cabin.

    • Celestial Bronze Swords: 100
    • Celestial Bronze Axes: 100
    • Celestial Bronze Spears: 50
    • Celestial Bronze Shields: 50
    • Celestial Bronze Daggers: 50
    • Celestial Bronze Whips: 5
    • Celestial Bronze Knives: 50
    • Celestial Bronze Arrows: 600
    • Celestial Bronze Crossbow Bolts: 300
    • Crossbows: 50
    • Bows: 100
    • Handguns: 10
    • Shotguns: 5
    • Celestial Bronze Bullets: (5 boxes)
    • Celestial Bronze Shotgun Shells: (3 boxes)
    • Box of Rubber Rounds: (10 boxes)
    • Paintball Guns: 20
    • Paintball Rounds: (10 boxes)
    • Celestial Bronze Paintball Rounds: (5 boxes)
    • Magical Weapons: 10 (Various types)
    • Stygian Iron Sword: 1
    • Stygian Iron Dagger: 1
    • Heavy Armor: 100 (sets)
    • Light Armor: 150 (sets)

    Quests & Personal Character Quests

    The RP will mainly be centered around with the characters going out on what are Quests, throughout the RP you will be given random quests for your characters to go on. You can also request a personal quest for your character as well for them to go on.

    There will mainly be three character's per quest, sometimes there will be more but no more than five and very rarely there will be seven. If you are wanting to have a personal quest for your character feel free to message me privately about it and will be more than happy to add it into the RP. Quests could last through an entire arc or less depending on how well things will go.

    Character Sheet

    Relationship Sheet

    *Rules are enforced and you will be removed if you break them.
    • Gm Is Goddess
      • Gm has final say on all matters
      • Gm does check on posting and log in habits
      • If you are holding up the RP and joining other Rp's you will be called on it
    • CS Sheet Provided Must Be Used
      • Use code provided below
      • Do not submit WIP's - Final CS's only
      • Post CS for approval in OOC
      • Only GM approved CS's allowed in CS Tab
      • Change color code to one not in use
      • If you have problems with changing out the color code or any of the coding, just pm it to me and I will take care of it for you.
      • May not use default CS color, any colors currently in use by active characters or that are close to another characters color
    • This is a slice of life rp
      • Real Life cause and effect will be in place
      • Realistic Character Sheets Only
      • Things like jobs and skills must fit with characters back story
      • Don't go overboard - seriously, enjoy not knowing things and learning as you go.
    • Language - No Filters
    • Gore - No Filters - This will get gross
    • Taboo subjects will be crossed but will be maintained to fade to black if needed
    • Romance is allowed but this is NOT a Romance RP - Pg-13, then fade to black
    • Follow All Forum Rules
    • Communication is Key
    • The world is controlled by the GM - All NPC's, weather, what you see, what you find, what happens, everything. So if it isn't in my post, it didn't happens
    • If you wish your character to have "connections" please run it by the GM first to ensure it is acceptable and isn't already being done by another.
    • Randomization and LLA are used in this RP - Please refer to Lady Amalthea's tutorial for a description if you are new to this concept
    • Posting Habits

      • Minimal of 2 well developed paragraphs per post
      • Must IC post once every 7 days (It is your job to keep up with when you need to post. Your last post hits Day 8 and I remove you from the RP.)
      • I do not accept no inspiration as a reason not to post
      • Keep up with all IC and OOC posts
      • No word in IC or OOC after 7 days is grounds for removal from the RP.
      • If you need additional time to post you must notify the Gm by day 5 of your counter. Extensions will not be granted after that.
      • No spamming OOC
      • Minimal 2 posts between your last
      • There is no additional time granted due to forum glitches unless the forum is fully down. A week to post is plenty of time even if the forum glitches a day or two
      • Collabs may not be started after your day 5 counter
      • If you are collabing and your partner vanishes or does not reply, you must finish the collab and post it before the timer runs out
      • If your collab partner vanishes you are granted temporary minimal bunnying privileges to complete the collab
      • If your collab partner vanishes, you need to make the Gm aware so it does not count against you
      • Know your personal posting limitations before applying to join
      • If you cannot post, you must contact the GM and make me aware, you will be granted extra time to post (do not take advantage of this) - I realize real life comes first but you know your schedule better than anyone, if you join it is your responsibility to keep up and not hold up the rest of the Rpers. I will work with you, just let me know what's going on
    • Spots are not first come first serve
      • Gm will review completed CS first
      • Gm will review previous Rp's and posting habits
      • Gm will then notify you if you are approved
      • Character deaths will happen, no one is safe - it will be randomized and you will be notified when your death approaches. (This does not mean you are out of the RP, it will mean however you need to make a new character should you wish to continue - I recommend having Back Up Characters Ready)
      • I am looking for long term highly dedicated Rpers.
    • Once Cs's are approved, relation sheet will go up and must be completed and added to CS
    • Rules and Cs sheet will be added to and changed as need be depending on problems or points that come up.
    • Under Extras in your CS please post a link to a post you have done in the past to show you have read the rules. If You submit a CS without this it may be declined. Also list your favorite Pantheon as well as your favorite god and or goddess from that Pantheon put this in the Anything Else Section of your CS.
    • Special - To New Comers To The Guild - Pm The Gm for a tid bit to add under extras instead

    Riley Ridgeway

    Location: Grimm, Indiana, Ramada Inn -> Outside of the Ramada Inn
    Skills: N/A

    Riley pressed the elevator button once more as she looked over towards the window noticing that the slight haze going on outside, remembering that it was most likely caused by the plane crash just outside of town. Still she couldn't believe that it had happened in the first place as well. It felt like that the bodies were starting to pile up here again, which Riley didn't want to witness again as she waited for Pyira to come over. Looking over she saw Pyira again coming out of their room and gave her a slight smile, and nodded a bit, she personally would rather have a nice scar than a bruised up looking nose any day.

    "Once we get to the station i'll go out and buy you some makeup to cover up the bruise anyway." She offered, as soon as the elevator came up to their floor Riley stepped in. She then pressed the lobby button once Pyira got in, and headed down to the first floor once the doors opened she looked at the receptionist who was still at the main desk. "We will be heading out for a little bit, but i'll see you later." Riley said towards the receptionist there and headed back outside, seeing the haze more clearly now she remembered the place pretty well as she headed to the car rental place.
    Lauren Ridgeway

    Location: The Ferry - Main Deck
    Skills: N/A

    Lauren looked over her shoulder towards Nora at her suggestion which she didn't really like the idea of at all, although she really didn't have anything of use or interest. Just some clothing, that was lend to her by the military barracks thanks to the Lord Major as well as her own clothing and a small bit of money but nothing large as well as some of her family's brew. "I don't think they would have found anything of use in my room honestly." Lauren said shrugging a little bit as she made it to the main deck as her eyes scanned around a little bit until she found Lady Munn, The Lord Major, the very loud and annoying corporal as well as Josephine as well. "They should get back onto the ship quickly before the hippos or the crocodiles then." Lauren said softly she didn't think that they would come close to the boat or not but she didn't know.

    "Vera your things are in my room now." Lauren said towards Vera as she looked at the rest of the group that was there, she wasn't sure who fell and she couldn't see in the dark either. "Anyone know who fell off the ledge?" Lauren asked she made sure that she didnt stay to close to the ledge as she could continue to hear the alarm going off, and raised an eyebrow when she heard the captain's response but Lauren didnt really say anything. Sure some Americans had done some stupid things, but Lauren wouldn't jump overboard to try and save a person really.

    Cassandra Reed

    Location: P7Y-496: Village

    Cassandra nodded slightly as she followed Kahlan through the small ship, getting a good look at the cockpit before following the Tok'Ra into the back of the ship where the hyperdrive and the bomb was set up. She took a moment to look at it as she set her things down on the ground and made her way towards the device. She started to inspect it just a little bit as she eyed Kahlan as she removed the panel seeing the crystals within. She listened to her as the Tok'Ra explained the process, as Cass ran a hand through her hair letting out a slight sight.

    "So underfire by aliens, dismantling an alien bomb, on an alien ship, on an alien planet, right no pressure at all.." She watched Kahlan remove the first crystal as she started to do the same thing. She quickly stopped as she heard a humming sound and symbols also appearing on the sides of it. Which didn't seem like a good thing at all, as Cassandra nodded slightly as she went to remove the next crystal.

    Callie Johnson

    Location: Mutant Underground D.C. Station
    Skills: N/A

    Callie leaned back in her seat as she looked out the window noticing the car in front of them with the Purifier bumper sticker, which made her roll her eyes slightly. "At least it's not a MAGA bumper sticker." She said sarcastically as she looked at both Havok and Sapphire as the two of them sat next to her in the back. She shook her head slightly as she could feel the back get a little bit cold, but Callie did say or do anything yet as she looked back out the window. It didn't take to long until they were at their location as Callie climbed out of the back seat.

    She looked at the apartment complex that was just a block away, as she looked over at Veil and gave her a nod looking at Havok and Colossus and gave them a slight wave. "Good luck boys." Callie said as she started to follow Veil alongside her and nodded slightly, she wanted to use her powers but knew that it wouldn't look well for them right now. She wasn't sure what would be waiting for them inside of the apartment complex once they entered it. "Lead the way boss lady." Callie said smiling at Veil.
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