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Salem walked into his dorm, undoing his top buttons as he opened the door. The lights were off, save for the purple hue that radiated from the bottom of his door. As soon as he closed the door behind him, he played back against it, sliding down to the floor, hands trembling as they reach up towards his face. He felt something wet against his hands, did he forget to turn the misters off? That must be it...he outgrew crying, his father told him so. He wiped away the strange liquids as he sniffled his nose a bit.

“His mind wouldnt be so easily tainted if he wasnt so weak!”

The words echoed in his head as he once again felt the streams trickling down his cheeks. He shook his head as he lazily got up, shuffling his feet into this bedroom after kicking off his shoes at the door. "Hey Cricket." his voice was low and horse, with no energy. He flicked on the lights, stripping all the way down as he searched for some Pajama pants to wear. After a moment he found a white pair of pajama pants with little cartoon potted cacti, and potted plants, and a black shirt with a little acorn that said "See'd ya later". His feet felt heavy as he made his way towards the bathroom to take down his hair. Long curly brown locks flowed onto his shoulders as he undid his hair tie and looked into the mirror. A brief flash showed the face of his father, disapproval in his face.

“Your weakness has burdened us. If only I had a stronger son.”

His gaze fell down onto the sink, turning on the water as he let it run between his fingers for a moment. Letting the heat sting his hands until he finally brought it up towards his face and began to splash it on, attempting to clean the weakness with it. No, he wasnt weak, and he wasnt about to become someones pawn. Salem reached and grabbed a hand towel to dry his face off and made his way back towards the front hallway. He knocked Lucans door for a moment, leaning his head against it. "Hey, Lucan?" Silence fell throughout the house. Had Lucan heard about the evenings events? Was he ignoring him? Salem knocked again and the door cracked open revealing an empty room.

A long sigh escaped him as he began to walk around the dorm looking for something to do. His stomach began to growl. Although he just ate, his potion earlier also accelerated his metabolism, making it feel as if he hadnt eaten all day. Salem walked towards the kitchen, opening the cupboard to grab a bowl, cereal and then some milk. There was a small amount of satisfaction with being the first open a box of cereal, he shook it loose and onto the bowl, then adding the milk and making his way over to the living room to watch some t.v.

As he sat there on the couch eating his cereal, the only sound resonating in the house was the t.v. and his spoon against the cereal. He couldn't seem to focus on anything around him and the loneliness began to sink in. He pulled out his cell phone and began to flick through his contacts, realizing there wasnt anyone he could contact due to the now pending investigation. Well, almost no one. He decided to go ahead and give Aaron a text.

As Salem went to text Lilie, uncertainty beginning to brew inside of him. He looked back over at his two displays and then towards his phone. He started texting her, asking if she was up, leaving that blinking cursor on the end of the message having never hit send. Salem made his way back onto the couch and laid down, head buried in the pillows as the t.v. continued to play and the kettle began to scream, drowning out any hint of sobbing...if there was any.
Maximillian Gray

Location: Millenium Plaza Comic Store
Skills: Perception

Murlocks? Who are they? Suppose of Sunshine seems happy to see them, they must be good. Grey flicked his hand towards the sewage water, the fire hitting it and fizzling out with a wisp of smoke curling into the air. He began to approach the pair as She continued the conversation with what may be the only people she respects. Or not, asking what happened to someones face? Not cool. Though he seemed to take it in stride. Grey's expression quickly changed at the mention of food and a bath? Sign me up! Anything could be better than gorging on meal supplement bars. His smile only grew as Blink asked for their code names. Finally, time to shine as a hero.

He extended the hand that was previously lit with flames, first towards BlinK, then towards Erg. "I'm Tome, as in the large scholarly books. It's a pleasure to meet you Blink, Erg." Grey shuffled about nervously for a moment before deciding to ask "So...whatre your super powers? If I may ask that is. I'm a bit new to all this" he said, gesturing to all the mutants. Grey took the cane back into his right hand, choking it by the handle as he walked, so as not to create anymore noise than necessary. He followed the Murlocks as far as they would lead, curious to see what they had in store for the trio.
@Letter Bee Samesiez
@Dark Light
Noble Arms image is broken on my end
<Snipped quote by Trainerblue192>

Noble Arm Ranks for PCs are E to B; No As.

Class Rank is by default 1000 or lower.

Well I figured no A's was more looking to see around where you see mine would fit? Also aside from that my CS is done
CS is basically done

Just need Student Rank and NA Rank
@Letter Bee while I have you, idk how to determine NA Rank nor Class Rank
@Trainerblue192, Not the template on the OOC OP, but it looks good anyway.

Thanks. Sorry, that's what I was asking about earlier when I asked about the CS
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