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Salem made his way around the room, taking in the splendor that was offered until he caught a ghostly image by a window. The outfit alone made him think twice as to who he thought it was, but much like Aaron, that hair was unmistakable, or at the very least not something he'd seen elsewhere on campus. As he strode on over towards her, Salem pulled out one of the dime bags of sproutlings and held it in his right hand.
"It's good to see you again Lilie."

The voice pulled her out of her thoughts as she turned around, surprised. She didn't think she was going to see anyone she knew, but seeing a familiar face was always welcomed. Lilie beamed at Salem, hands behind her back as she turned towards him. He was so dressed up it was hard to believe it was the same person!

"And a Happy Revel to you!" She grinned. "You look great! I love the flower!" It was a little biased and she didn't recognize the type, but the shape was unmistakable.

"I'm glad to hear it. I brought one for you in hope that it would match your dress." He had expected her to wear something plain or white, nothing golden and glitzy but luckily he hadn't given Aaron his flower so this would work out better than previously anticipated.

He plucked the sprout gently from its soil, shaking free and dirt that may be left before holding it near her gown. Salem could feel his magic extending outwards, leaving a trail for the roots to follow as they spiraled their thin roots around the threads holding the lace in place, weaving themselves in so as to not fall off. Soon a white Lily would bloom, the one previously meant for Aaron to compliment his golden hair.

"I have another, golden hued like mine if you'd like it in your hair, though I think your mask is marvelous enough." There was a slight shift of his mask as he winked at her playfully.

Salem's display made Lilie's jaw drop, though it didn't stop her grin as she looked at the blossoming lily. It added a nice touch to her dress, the white petals resting peacefully on the lace. She looked up at Salem with a bright smile, though her hand went to her mask first. It was already decorated with a variety of jewels and feathers, she would feel bad that no one would really see the flower.

"Oh, you're too sweet, but I wouldn't know where to put it. I appreciate the thought, though," Lilie told him sincerely. "You're really getting along with your magic! I'm going to have to work harder to catch up.""[/color]

"Thanks. It helps that I did have some minor training before entering the academy. Now then, I believe this is a masquerade ball is it not? Let's go out there and dance." Salem extended his hand out to Lilie for her to grasp so that they may begin.

Lilie looked out at the crowd before looking back at Salem, blinking a few times. He was right, but watching the gracefulness of everyone else made her uneasy. She teetered on the spot for a moment before making her choice, nodding. "Okay!" She agreed, taking his arm. Should she mention this kind of dancing wasn't something she was used to? How hard could a waltz be, anyway?

He pulled her in close. Holding her much the same he did Aaron just moments before. "Don't worry I'll lead you. My hips will dictate left and right, lean against my hand on your back so that when I step forward your body naturally moves back with it." He gave her a kind smile, knowing full well that the daughter of a Baker most likely felt out of place in such an environment.

"Shall we?" Salem initiated the dance, taking the water mage into the fray of the dance floor and hoping her fluidity would translate into their waltz. "I wanted to say I'm sorry for how absent I've been aside from our training. I...I haven't been getting much sleep to be transparent with you. But that's luckily all over now."

There was little time to ask how he knew she didn't know what she was doing, but as he pulled her into the dance, her chance was gone. It was just counting to three, right? She hoped Salem would be talented enough that she could just follow along without too much of a hassle, but she felt herself stumble just a little. She was definitely overthinking it. Fortunately, his apology let her think less about her feet and more about him, frowning as he confessed that he hadn't been sleeping.

"Why haven't you been sleeping?" She ended up asking, clearly concerned.

"I've been having nightmares for the least two weeks. Well, nightmare, the same one playing on repeat every night. Every night that is except last night. I slept soundly and feel better than I have in ages. I just...i didn't want to worry you unnecessarily." He looked down, trying to avert his gaze as he felt ashamed for lying to his friend.

Lilie's frown deepened, contemplating her response. She would've liked to know, especially if it was affecting his well being. She had taken his word for granted before when she had asked if everything was okay, though she didn't want to press him on it at the time. After a few seconds she sighed, shaking her head at him. "Mmm...I'm just going to have to really look after you going forward, I guess," She mused out loud, taking a misstep and accidentally treading on his foot. "Oh--sorry, sorry--but that's what you get for keeping things from me!"

Salem couldn't contain his laughter as Lilie attempted to both apologize and reprimand him within the same breath. "I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Though I have no intention on keeping anything from you, I just didn't want to add an unnecessary distraction into your life while you're attempting to adjust to a new sleep cycle, juggling classes, as well as learning how to manipulate your affinity. No doubt you'd have lost sleep over it and I can't vers well have that happen now can I?"

Lilie pouted, dissatisfied with his response. "But that's what friends are for!" She insisted cheerfully. "I mean it. Please, even if it's just venting, I want to help you out. Okay?"

Salem let out a defeated sigh. "Ok. Ok. I'll make sure to do so more often now. But really I'm fine now and tonight is such an amazing night."

She seemed a lot happier to hear that, nodding enthusiastically. "It is! I'm so glad to see you here," She told him. "It's funny, I've always wanted to go to one of these things, but I should've known it would be better with more familiar faces."

"You're not wrong. Maybe we could gather a few more? I saw Aaron not too long ago and I'm sure Max is on a leash skulking someplace nearby. We could try to find the cul de sac kids and hang out of you'd like? I could look for Max since you're closer to Cassandra than I am"

Looking around the room, Lilie wondered if that was a good idea. She didn't see the blonde anywhere--though that was easier said than done considering he probably had a mask on--but as much as she thought gathering up with everyone would be fun, she felt she should at least try to make an effort here. Mariette wanted her to mingle, so she should.

"Maybe later, I think I'll try to meet some new people and socialize or whatever," She grinned at Salem. "Maybe I'll meet some more excellent dancers.

Salem leaned in and kissed Lilie on the corner of her mouth. "Enjoy becoming a socialite then, anyone would be lucky to be graced by your presence and dancing. I'll go and see what else this festival has to offer, maybe try and see if I can pull Max away from Eris so he can enjoy his night as well."

Her eyes widened at both Salem’s action and words, and for the first time that night she was glad she was wearing a mask. She could feel her face getting hot, averting her gaze from him and nearly tripping over herself. Was he flirting with her? No, he was just being friendly. Right? She dared herself to look back at him, torn between asking and not wanting to make a fool of herself.

”That sounds--sounds good, thank you,” She inwardly screamed at herself, wishing she could just be cool for once.

Salem lead her back out of the dance floor the only way one could, by dancing their way through it and ending it at the edge. He bowed his head at her as he stepped back. "Enjoy you're night Lilie. My phones always on if you need me."

Interacting with: @Obscene Symphony

Salem had fully expected to be woken up by those plaguing nightmares once more. Prepared with a special brew of tea he had learned to make thanks to his tia, a combination of lavender, chamomile, a few other calming herbs, and typically a harder hit of Bella Donna but the investigation and change of scenery saw to it that his supply was kept with the plant mages. His electric kettle that he had purchased after he ruined the last, sat there unused next to the sachet, pot, and cup. Salem strechted his arms wide, yawning as he wiped the sleep from his eyes and realized he hadn’t had the nightmare again. This was definitely something to speak to Aaron about, see if his also suddenly stopped. His phone lit up with a small rainbow dot in the corner telling him he had notifications he must’ve slept through. Upon checking it he saw that two packages had been delivered to his front door. Excitement coursed his body as he sprung up and ran towards the door, unable to wait to open up the parcels.

Box were in very boorish brown boxes, taped and labeled fragile, giving Salem a bit of a laugh. He took them to his room and finally opened them up revealing several reflective boxes backdropped with a royal blue, green peacock motif, and golden foil lining the feather design. Elegant to be sure, but it brought a tinge of sadness to the plant mage as it was a reminder that he was unable to get his tailor due to the investigation. Hopefully this one would do fine till then. As he lifted the lid and unfolded the delicate green and blue silk that it lay atop, he saw his a stunning golden-white shirt, seemingly vintage yet tailor made just for him. The arms were sinched above the elbow giving the sleeves a classic puffy look to them. Aside from that the collar was high, hiding his neck from sight with a small ruffled center where the ivory buttons lay going down the length of the garment. He moved the box aside and opened the next, the same design plastered on the lid, as he removed it to find his waist coat. A double breasted, earthy green waistcoat with satin golden-white lily’s sewn into the pattern and accented by golden beads and embroidery for the stamen, coupled with a subtle golden embroidery pattern throughout the garment. The inside was lined with black silk and cool to the touch, bringing a wide smile to his face. In the other boxes he would find his black pants accented with those same lily’s but smaller on the corner of the pockets, his belt and accompanying shoes, and finally a half cape that would drape over his right shoulder showing off a similar design to the waistcoat and used to help balance out the masks asymmetrical look; all made as he requested.

Now it was time to move onto the second package, the smaller of the two. As he opened the brown box he was met with a simple leather case. He opened it up to reveal a black satin setting and porcelain mask set perfectly in the middle. The cushioning beneath was molded to his faces likeness as was his mask, allowing it to sit on his face comfortably. The half mask was a cracked white on the lower half, and golden up top. Golden lace was placed throughout the mask, lining the edges, top, and down the bridge of the nose. Above the eyebrows were two pearls set into the mask to help break up the gold. The left half had a large peacock feather that swooped just above the mask, and two others pinned to its side with a small opening between them. Salem had requested for a special design, one that would allow him to grow a flower within it for the evening.

Salem made his way over to a small pot he had started growing a flower in earlier this week, before all the madness had set in. Gently moving the sprouting and soil into the opening in the mask and then concentrating on his magic, which was admittedly easier with a full nights rest, and causing the flower to root itself within the porcelain crevasses and blooming to a lovely white lily to help match his attire. He grabbed two small baggies that contained other sprouts he had been working on, one for Aaron and another for Lilie. He made his way to the bathroom, his clothes now laid out along the bed, and showered and then began to work on his hair. Salem braided the left tightly, wrapping it around towards the right where it would fall loosely giving him a faded look on the left to allow the flowers to make their presence, yet allowing his natural curls to spiral and tumble onto his shoulder. Dressed and ready to go he made his way towards the ballroom where the masquerade was happening.

The ballroom was a sight to behold, magic was in the air and tonight there was no ivestigation, no training, no studying or looming nightmares, only the Revel and beautiful wonders to behold. Parties hosted by others typically gave Salem anxiety, causing him to have his embarrassing outbursts of aroma. Tonight however he prepared, calming herbs stuffed within the nose compartment of the mask to help soothe him, and if that didn’t work he downed three shots of gold tequila before leaving his dorm. Nothing would ruin this night for him. As he made his way into the ballroom and looked around, he spotted a familiar tuft of blonde hair and a suit too pristine to be anyone else’s. Salem made his way over to the light mage, grabbing a glass of sweet white wine before taking a sip and presenting himself. ”Care to dance Mr. Starag?”

Demetri Rowan Howell

Location: Camp Cafeteria

Demetri could feel their eyes burrowing into him; sharp daggers stabbing his back as he essentially babied two demi-gods. He looked around and noticed the amount of people heading towards the barrier, they all said it could withstand the assault but it didnt appear that they had much faith in their own words. Better safe than sorry I suppose. As it stood they were in ome of the safest spots in camp, he had his weapon and powers at his disposal should any unruly beast try to make their way into the camp grounds. As he stood there, eyes peeled, mind in full spaz mode, a skeleton appeared near him and he nearly cut its head off. Stopping only when he heard Athanasia speak to it and give it commands. Right, demi-gods. And aggravated sigh forced it's way out of his throat as he kept staring towards the camp barrier while speaking to Andy and Athanasia behind him. "Sometimes I forget that you're the children of gods with these amazing mythical powers."

His leg began to shake in impatience and anticipation of the battle to come. His mind darted from subject to subject as he recounted several ancient greek mythos to himself, trying to prepare himself for what ever unsightly being may be trying their luck today. Then there was a sharp stinging scent. This could be a stroke, or a sign, or both, but it smelled like ozone, burning his nostrils as he recalled his sisters prowess for what could only be described as Sith Lightning. Another sigh. "If you want to fight then we can go, ita not far. Stick by me and shout if you need me. We dont need any little heroics today that could cost you your life ok?" Demetri waited for a response and would gladly follow the two intod battle if they so wished to.
Maximillian Gray

Location: LeBeau Casino
ConjurationUpdated Outfit

Max tried his hardest not to roll his eyes at Maria’s jab towards his cane. Sure she didn’t know him and as far as she was concerned he was just a mutant with magic but not everyone had the luxury of lugging around a bow and quiver where ever they went. For example in this instance she was now unequipped and forced to deal in hand to hand combat if things get dicey, which they very well could depending on a number of things. He on the other hand had a weapon he could use, his powers weren’t always reliable and so having his cane handy always helped him if a brawl broke out. He simply gave her a polite smile and made his way further in, glad to see that she did the same and immediately found someone she knew. Max and James also found some of who they were looking for and he would be more than delighted if it wasn’t for James running towards the guy like a love sick puppy and making a scene of themselves. He on the other hand just briskly walked towards the pair offering a smile to the two and turning over to Jack.

”I’m glad to see you again, even more glad that you remember us as well. From the sounds of it we have a major problem, and we require a massive team to get what’s needed done. Now, the odds are slim and the stakes are higher than ever, put I honestly feel like we have a fighting chance. We’re looking for the X-men, Rogue, Gambit, you two, and a few others that seemed to be lingering around you guys in this area. We already have one of the worlds brightest minds, are looking to acquire a second, and also apparently we have the earths best wizard which is in and of itself super cool. So what do you say?” Max gently punched Jacks arm in a playful manner, hoping that he could help them find the remaining people for the team and not cause all of mutant kind to go extinct. He had specifically decided to leave that part out, as well as any mention of the infinity stone that Casper told him about earlier. If those stones were as bad as they said, then a Casino is the last place you’d want to mention an item of immense power for control, after all what else would these greedy assholes want?
Maximillian Gray

New Outfit

Max slowly stood along with Waverly as she made her way up, her head still facing the ground the whole way up. She mentioned she was speaking to the police, an odd thing considering what had just happened, and he hoped they couldn’t trace the location back to here even if they were about to change places of residence. A short sigh and wondering mind was all he had as he thanked the idea of potentially having Shaw be investigated by the proper authorities while he wondered if they would actually help them any. The matters at hand seemed like their forces would focus more on a mutant hunt than attempting to get the appropriate warrants to investigate Shaw, especially with no real pretenses that Max knew about. He watched as she made her way towards some long haired boy, friends perhaps? He was still too new here to quite know all the relationships that went on within these concrete walls.

As he made his way towards a free space along the wall, Max rested against it, letting his head drift back as he heard Sapphire give another roaring speech about the power of friendship and how she doesnt need it. It seemed quite clear cut that anyone who went with her would need to fall in line quickly and listen to her ideas lest we have another incident like the previous night. It appeared the option to help the kids go north was out of the question, leaving only the recon mission at the bar. Now Max knew a thing or two about reconnaissance, gather evidence in ways they could use and being somewhat subtle about it. Veil’s invisibility would help immensely with it. He didn’t, however, know if anyone here actually knew what that meant given the last days escapade. Max simply closed his eyes and made his own option after hearing what everyone had to say. ”I think I’m going to stay here. If there’s another attack like yesterday then i could be of help. You watched me fight and hold my own against the Hellfire Club so perhaps this may be the best place for me while you guys do what’s needed.” What he wasn’t saying however was how he wanted to stay behind because he was afraid of using his powers again. He was afraid of taking more lives than he already had, and even those few felt as if there was a weight on his shoulders, literal ghosts gripping him and holding him down as their blood ran over his hands.

Peter Jackson Bernard

Location: Hellfire Club HQ

”Alright Alright, fine you win I wont give you a hug. It truly is a great pleasure to see you though Polaris, and I’m digging that new look oh so much, honestly.” Jinx backed up a few steps and sat down facing the kings and queens who graced the room. Now, a small part of him was insulted that they asked Requiem for his deductions and not him. Did they think he didn’t have thoughts on his own? Or simply their minds were too...small to follow the complexity that was the inner workings of Jinx’s mind maze. Regardless of the reasoning, for once he was glad not to be the center of attention because that seat was too hot and he did not envy Requiem one bit. He began to take a bite of his bagel once more as he waited and listened in to hear what Requiems thoughts on all of this mess was, hoping that they shared the same conclusions but that he wouldn’t be so dumb as to share them out loud.

As Jinx took a sip into his Grapefruit juice, Reqiuem was concluding his findings and he just spat it all out in a spit take. He could not believe that he just did that. He was sure that he was the dense one and yet here Req was, boldly telling the King and Queen that they are prime suspects numero uno. Not that he disagreed but still. Ana spoke up next and in a string of stupidity just blatantly asked Shaw to confess. He had no idea what would happen next but whatever it was he need the big players to be removed from the playing field and fast. Jinx tried to jinx Emma Frost, hoping her powers would fail and thus weakening any chance of her entering the fight. She did however resist his powers and so he moved on to the next subject, Shaw. Luckily this one stuck and rather easily, he could feel his power settling inside of the potential traitor and messing up his chances to get any of his abilities to work. Of the two mutants, Shaw was who he hoped the most to get.

As River sat on the bench in the carriage, his small legs dangling in the air, he glanced around the group he was with, noticing the chummy relationship budding between the other mages in the group River had opted to keep to himself for the time being. His moment would come when he would inevitably make his introduction but now didnt seem like the right time. As he sat there, legs swaying, he began to get bored of the silence that was building up and thusly took out his book to study up on some more complex geometric designs that he had been having trouble with as of late. His head tilted down, hidden by the book, he began to smile when a familiar song broke out between two of the miqo'tes on the carriage. If it wasn't so close to home he wouldve opted to drench the sorry lot and ask them to pipe down, but the melody was fond and the entertainment lively so he kept his peace with a hidden grin behind his tome. As time pressed on the music lulled him into a deep slumber, his head bobbing ever so slightly as he continued to hold onto his book, only awakening when the chocobos came to a stop causing his book to jostle and fall on the floor, jolting him awake from the sound.

River wiped his tired eyes and took notice of his new surroundings, seeing that he was now located at some waterside bazaar. He blinked slowly before finally hoping off the carriage and making his way towards the group, missing Lyvs exasperated display of dizziness and only catching her when finally able to make full sentences. It appeared that more than just the home was now being stolen and this caught their leaders attention, calling her away as she left the newly formed party behind. One miqo'te ran off while being followed by another, a lancer of sorts. The others stood idly by with the exception of the Thaumaturge and White Mage, both of whom seemed to make their way towards another Lalafell. Surely they couldnt be trusted but they could be a wealth of information. River began to wonder if strong arming a few denizens of this bazaar might speed things up? Or would it simply end with the guards hot on his heels. Safety was key for this mission so he decided to follow the Thaumaturges lead and speak with this kikipu. His head peeking up behind the right leg of the padjal.


Rivers eyes grew wide as Cecilia mentioned a "gig" for him back in town. He blinked slowly and then again as he stared at her a bit confused. A nervous chuckle escaping him as his cheeks turned a pale pink. "Well...let's hope this venture into the forest will help with that then. I was reading over the abilities and it appears I need to slay a creature of my level or lower in order to obtain that form. So as of now...I have no shapeshifting, not till we enter a bit of combat. But I am a bit curious...what exactly is this job you have for me back in town? And why does it require a shifter?" To say he was perplexed would be a massive understatement, but he was also extremely intrigued on what the details of this possible quest would entail and what sort of reward it may get them. They already had so much on their plate that he wasnt fully sure how many more quests they should gather up, but at least it kept them busy.

As Holly approached them, River gave her a wave as he smiled towards her. It seemed they had a few members all gathered and waiting now, just a few more and they could venture out into the unknown and learn what sort of land they have awaiting them. At the mention of Prome Rivers face fell amd a sigh followed. "Promes a grown kid, I'm sure he can handle himself...I hope...but we cant keep looking after him like this, it cant be healthy for any of us you know? We don't need him to develop a dependency on us and begin to start functioning on the basis that he can go at it like this. I know its harsh to say but it's the truth." He shook his head slightly, clearly not wanting to deal with the situation at hand as he shifted his weight onto the other leg and changed the subject "Anyways, If you have any further information on the new quest you accepted that would be grand. Any bit helps to survive you know?"

Demetri Rowan Howell

Location: Camp Cafeteria

Demetri's eyes glanced at Zekes arms when he mentioned showing off his muscles. The threat of a swoon looming over him. "If its entertainment you want then him showing you his 'muscles' surely will do the trick. Really now Zekeypoo dont you think if she wanted to see two toothpicks she would conjure one up on her plate?" Demetri chuckled at his own joke as he clattered his tray onto the table to sit next to Zeke. "Don't worry I've had all my shots, and if not then maybe you could ask dear old dad to toss me an arrow and heal me up." He stuck his tongue out ayyyy the blonde boy, their visages clear opposites of one another; a blonde preppy jock sitting next to a dark haired emo teen. They couldnt be further apart. It appeared that Kiera and Zeke were distracted by some girl at the Hecate table, who was for some reason staring at them. It was honestly a bit creepy. Demetri was about to comment on what she was doing and ask who she was when a loud horn began to blow. Being that there's no games currently going on, he assumed from the many movies hes seen that a horn signaled an attack. His eyes quickly darted towards Andy, Arthur and Athanasia and he stood up and ran towards them, summoning his dagger in his hand. "Dont know what going on but stay behind me."
Maximillian Gray

Location: Human Resistance HQ: New York City, New York.
ConjurationUpdated Outfit

Max had gotten up rather early, the words of Dr. Strange keeping him tossing and turning for a portion of the night. Visions of things yet to come kept playing over in his head like a nightmare. He stood there weilding a cane with deep red jewel set atop it, and five other coloured gems surrounding the base of that jewel. Max tapped the butt of his cane onto the ground and a surge of energy flew out, rippling across the world and reverting back to how things were, or at least how he viewed they should be. The only person missing seemed to be Wanda Maximoff, though an incredibly lifelike and detailed statue of her stood a few feet away from him with s look of anger plastered on its face. When Max awoke he was certain of one thing, nothing good hardly comes from his help and nothing good could come from him using a stone to revert reality. He slipped in his suit jacket and got his cane, ready to take on New Orleans.

Max was thankful for Klaras assistance with the portal, having him use up too much energy so soon could be bad if trouble brewed up. He thanked her as he walked through and immediately began sizing up the place, a whistling tune ofd amazement subconsciously making its way through his lips. His hopes were thst he wouldnt stand out, his new Louisiana-esque high roller suit giving him credibility to both enter and slip through the crowd with ease. He locked arms with James and pressed forward into the Casino. "I agree. Finding those two should be easier than looking for people we dont know. Let's get to it then." They strode inside and Max began scanning the scene for a glimpse of Casper or Jack to see if they could reunite and hopefully help find the rest of the X-men located here.
Maximillian Gray

Location: Car > Outside
New Outfit

Max sat away from the rest of the group, close enough to hear but far enough to not appear a part of them. His eyes were glued towards the floor, hands clasped before him out of focus as he looked past them attempting to ignore the deep red stain that was etched into his skin. Why wouldnt that damn spot out? He hadnt noticed Veils eyes flicker towards him, but he did feel a sense of anxiety begin to well up inside of himself as she spoke, knowing at some point they would need to speak on what he had done. He silently listened as veil mentioned a supply run, promoting Max to slightly open his mouth before immediately closing it and remaining silent. He'd be more hurt than help, so wasnt bother volunteering? More and more missions were brought up, another information and possible rescue mission, helping kids and others transfer to Canada, as well as some Lorna mutant who has gone missing. Max uncharacteristically stayed silent throughout all of it, never once offering his aid, his face still facing the concrete floor. His attention was caught when he thought he overheard Waverly mention a nail. He began listening closer and confusion riddled him when he thought he heard her state it was one of Shaws men, it cant have been what he thought she was speaking of then.

As the meeting pressed forward, it inevitably came down to what Max had been dreading, the subject of last nights murder. He watched as Luna made her way towards him and pressed her arm against his, showing some form of moral support. It was weird, he did such a horrible act and yet for some reason quite a few of the underground were treating it like it wasn't the end of the world. He single handedly helped give the world a reason to fear mutants enough to bring up talks about a Purifier Police force. Suddenly there was an acidic scent throughout the air. The smell of vomit and coffee permeating the air and burning his nostrils. Hr didnt need powers to attempt to comfort someone. Max stood up and made his way towards Waverly, placing a hand on her back and attempting to hold her hair back. "You ok?"

Peter Jackson Bernard

Location: Hellfire Club HQ

Jinx woke up feeling refreshed and amazing. He stretched his arms up high and gave a smile to his phone. It was about time to try and contact his little druggie again and see how to proceed next. He took a shirtless selfie of himself with his tongue sticking out and sent it to Casper with a following text.
"Hey I'll be busy the next few days, so if you want a hit let me know soon. Ttyl Jinxypoo"

Satisfied with his message he sent it and began getting ready for the day, pulling on an olive green button up shirt, blue jumper, and black skinny Jean's before heading over towards the mirror and making sure his hair was the right amount of uncoiffed.

As Jinx made his way towards the breakfast area grabbing himself a bagel with thinly sliced salmon, lettuce and a refreshing lemon schmear. He snagged a grapefruit juice and metal straw as he made his way towards the meeting room to meet Ana and the others. As soon as the doors opened he nearly dropped his bagel out of his mouth and onto the floor as he saw Magento standing there with Lorna. He threw his arms wide, bagel in one hand and drink in the other as he exclaimed out to her. "Lorna! Darling! It's been too long. How've you been? Love the new headdress it's very intimidating."
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