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Maximillian Gray

Location: Hellfire Club: E3 > D5 > E1
New Outfit

A lot appeared to be going on at once, Emma Frost was down, the girl I'm the fire fainted, Havok was on the ground thanks to Sapphire, the annoying mutant who seemed to do nothing in this fight except talk was no longer squirming around, and shots were just fired. Max noticed the change in tide and wanted to make sure that this mission wasnt a complete wash, his first had to succeed. He turned on his heels and ran for the computer set up he noticed earlier. A simple HDMI and power plug connection, no other clutter of wires or deal with, perfect. Max took out the plugs, cradling the modem to his chest as he now made his way towards their convenient escape, with everyone down or grappled no one was able to grab the slippery twink. He heard as Havok sounded like he was coming back to his old dickish self and called out to him and Sapphire. "Get Veil out of here! She didnt want a fight so let's go! Oh, and thanks Frosty"

He finally made his way to the slide and took a leap of faith. Sliding down onto it, gripping the computer still as the slick slide allowed his descent to be a smooth transition. cold cold cold cold cold cold Even through the layers of clothing the ice bit at him as he went down, nipping at his cheeks and back until his feet found purchase on the ground. Max took in his surroundings and attempted to see where he was in relation to the parked car they took, recalling it was in the back of the building. His hopes were that no one would stop him, and if they tried to he wished they wielded guns and not powers, at least the kevlar would keep him safe from that.

Peter Jackson Bernard

Location: Hellfire Club: C5

As Anastasia fell down, Jinx rolled his eyes at the two womans display in this battle. So easily downed by ice and parlour tricks. Requiem on the other hand was working exactly as intended, invisibility held no sway if they could still hear his honeyed words, and that gave his teammates openings. Jinx had hardly noticed his was bound again as his attention was fully caught up by the flames that now licked his fallen partner. Many thought that his powers were simply used to bring bad luck to others, an ill omen to cross paths with him on a sour day, but in truth his powers brought bad luck to all. Why jinx someone to get hurt when you could simply do it to the shelf above their head? His mind went and did just that to the flames around Anastasia, putting it out before any real damage could be done. Now the real fun could begin, he saw the blonde haired boy rush passed him on the other side of the table and Jinx went to go stop him when it finally hit him that he was bound once more.

Casper you better have a good reason for not replying to me, I could've really used your connections right now. Annoyance ran through him as he was unable to do so much as a single blast at the woman. His focus quickly switched to her as he attempted to jinx her mind into faltering with these childish binds so that they could fight like men. It didnt hold, feeling the powers slip away from her as his patience grew even thinner. "Just you wait Little Britain, I'll find you wherever you go and your life will be nothing but one big curse after another. You think yourself a hero but all you'll do is wreak havok wherever you go!" As soon as this was all over Jinx would have to find out where that damned druggie of a mutant scampered off to so he could give him a lesson on timely responses.
Maximillian Gray

Location: Human Resistance HQ: New York City, New York.
Conjuration, Magic.New Outfit

Max felt as his bone mended itself, snapping back into place while his muscles reattached and helped to form the bone back into its proper position. He knew he was placing a lot of faith into James when teleporting to him, having seen him struggle with even minor aches like black eyes before, but something inside of him told him that he could trust his old friend or die trying. As Max lay there waiting for the healing to fully take place he watched as the battle ensued, new faces emerging from the castle, walls toppling down, Magneto now fully out of the fight, and Runa holding her own against the Scarlet Witch. It seemed to him like the battle was going in their favor, that is, until Lorna and Summers showed up. A bright flash of brilliant energy flew towards the pair of mutants and slammed into his barrier, blocking much of the impact until shattering and hitting him and James. Luckily the repairs were done and Max was back in the fight and ready to roll. He stood up and scanned the area once more, watching Runa get her ass handed to her as she lay there unconscious on the ground, Hawkeye sent smoke arrows into the fight calling for a retreat and Max felt more than happy to oblige.

Concentrating as much as he could, he thought of all those who were with him and that he wanted to help save. Klara, Runa, Lance, James, and all the others that had come with him on this suicide mission, those save for the stealth team who were no doubt still doing their work as theyd heard no sign of them. As he locked on to each individual, personal portals would form behind them all at once and slide forward, passing them forcefully through and them immediately closing up so no others could make it in. The group was teleported en masse back to the Resistance headquarters and Max just sat back down on the cold hard ground as his eyes flitted across the lives he managed to save but there was one more that he needed to check up on. Max closed his eyes and focused his breath, steadying it as he attempted to locate Casper for James. Got him. His eyes opened back up as he addressed the room. "Sorry about that, but it seemed that a speedy retreat would do us better than the chance to get murdered in a metal death can of a car with the children of Magneto. Speaking of...the way Wanda was she capable of having done this? More importantly, how do we stop her. She seems so...godlike. Oh and James, Casper's fine, he's somewhere in Louisiana but if we play our cards right then he'll be back in your arms once this nightmare is over."

Interacting with: @Obscene Symphony@Hero

Salem awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck, a slight pain as the split skin on his knuckles closed in on itself. He kept his smile on and bright to help assuage any of her feelings towards the matter. He listened to another one of Aaron's lies and had decided now wasn't the time to call him out on it. After all, it gave a good platform for which Salem could work with. Salem spoke in a hushed tone so as to not have Aaron's conversation interrupted, or distracted while also keeping his unheard.

"It's not a huge deal Lillie don't worry. I did mention this was a punishment, we could only assume that something of this caliber were to come from it. Besides, you forget I work at, and own, a clinic. I can tend to my own wounds but should gather some bandages as it's all I'll need. If anything I feel this experience has brought me closer to understanding Aaron."

Lilie's frown only grew, her concern scribbled all over her face. "How?" She asked quietly, confused at his newfound understanding.

"It's simple. I now know why he's such a wound up kid." Salem laughed at his jest but knew it to be wholly true. "I have one of his instructors as my etiquette teacher and it's like being able to glimpse into Aaron's past and understand what he went through to become the mage he is today."

Stealing a glance at the blonde as he spoke, Lilie seemed unsure for a moment. After a few seconds she looked back at Salem, shaking her head. "Salem, you're bleeding, this can't possibly be okay," She protested. "And if Aaron went through this--it doesn't matter what you did, it's supposed to be a class, not a punishment!"

Salem watched as she remained concerned for the time being and his mouth scrounged up into a frown. "Its fine. Honestly. I'm just looking at what positivity I can gleam from an otherwise ill situation. Now if we can press past this I'd like to hear about your ideas for this picnic I overheard, and are we inviting our Law partner Max to it? Maybe have him warm up to us so we can work well together?"

Lilie's jaw dropped as she stared at Salem, seemingly offended. "I can't just ignore you being hurt. It doesn't matter what you did, that isn't right," She insisted.

This was clearly going to be an uphill battle and Lillie had the high ground. Salem thought for a minute on how to respond and decided to try and deflect once more, this time with a new subject. "Hey, do you think we could use Aaron? He seems pretty chummy with Max, maybe we can use him as bait to get Max to warm up to us?" It wasn't his finest work, but it was all he could think of on the spot.

Struggling with a response for a few seconds, eventually she seemed to give up as she got the hint, shoulders slouched in defeat. Picking up her phone from the table, Lilie looked over at what she had written. "Yeah, I guess," Her previous enthusiasm seemed muted as she swiped around.

By this point in time Aaron had finished speaking to Max, finally, and was looking to move things along as well. Salem looked at the deflated water mage and then back at the retriever and just let out a defeated sigh as he knew he couldn't win either battle. "I'm ready when you are. We can talk about what Max wanted on the way there."
Maximillian Gray

Location: Hellfire Club: D/E 1/0 > E3 facing the balcony (between table and sofa)
Conjuration and MagickNew Outfit

The fight continued to ensue as Max nervously floated about the ground, several floors up. He used the chaos that ran rampant as a distraction to allow himself an attempt to get back onto safety. He closed his eyes and focused for a moment, feeling the flow of his magic as he willed himself to fly onto the balcony and then let go. His feet gingerly hovered above the ground, one foot touching solid floor then the next. Max opened his eyes and saw Havok turning coat, or was it sapphire? It was so hard to tell when everyone was fighting each other. Knock out and run. Those where the orders given to him. Max held both hands to his side, as if running with a two handed sword. He began to run towards Havok, figuring that he would knock him out to show some faith to Sapphire and then knock her out afterwards. Double tap after all.

As he sprinted forward cosmic energy began to swirled around his hands and form into a long recognizable shape, something he had assumed was familiar to him. Unfortunately in the heat of the moment, instead of conjuring a cane (which he had the misfortune of leaving back at the Underground) he conjured an oversized candy cane that was black at base with pink, blue, and purple swirls with flecks of white splattered about. It wasn’t what he intended but it may still work. He channeled his years of training in Martial Arts and swung the cane swooping across Havoks head and hitting right above the ear, hearing a loud crack. Max thought it was the sound of Havoks impact before he realized it was the cane breaking in half instead. Damn spiritual weapon. He tossed the two pieces onto the floor and held his fists up turning his body so that he was in a position where he couldn’t be blasted back out of the window.

Peter Jackson Bernard

Location: Hellfire Club: C4 > C5

Jinx could feel his control coming back to him, his mind his to control again as his arms sprung free from the bind. Oh it felt good to be back. He immediately jinxed Glimpse once more, making her movements more clumsy and thus allowing her defenses to falter if struck. He felt his power click into place and settle within her being. Perfect. Jinx dropped low to the ground in an attempt to leg sweep her so that she would fall prone, yet the movements were too sudden after the bind and it only caused for him to fall back onto his tush as opposed to her. The clumsy display was quiet shameful to him, being practically raised in a carnival you would think this an easy task for him, yet there was always room for errors to occur.

Jinx grunted to himself as he stood back up, pink energy crackling around his right hand as anger seethed through him. This puppet was about to be minced meat. He jutted his hand towards her stomach, wanting to launch the psybolt as it connected with her but instead setting it off too eagerly causing a light hit against her abdomen in place of the powerful blast that was meant to send her backwards. Jinx took a couple steps backwards away from her, trying to gain some distance between the two in case she had some sort of super strenght or energy punch or something. It was always better to be safe rather than sorry in fights like these. His eyes darted slightly towards the blonde boy as he rushed in and summoned a giant sweet, finding his powers of fire and candy to be rather...odd. Maybe he wasn’t such a threat after all.

Demetri Rowan Howell

Location: Wyandotte County Lake Park

Jupiter huh? So both the Roman and Greek pantheons existed except it seemed as though they were the one and the same, just different aspects of the gods. If anything about all this made sense it was that. A lot of cultures, especially back then, didn’t worship gods per se. It was more of worshipping aspects of those gods that in turn made it appear as if they worshipped the entire entity. This was something he would need to study further. Demetri recalled Aster saying something about how he knew that Demetri wasn’t a Roman child but a Greek one, how does one tell the difference? And does it truly matter? They went on to explain of another child, a hunter that was rarely seen. Sounded like a mythological child of Artemis, a skilled huntress who was only ever seen when they wished to be. Demetris stomach began to rumble as the scent of cooked fish wafted through the air, it looked good enough to eat and made him wish he had bothered to scout for herbs to use.

He grabbed his fish from the Ares kid, holding it with the sleeves of his shirt as he gently blew on it. The night was crawling upon them and it appeared to be a tranquil one, all save for the worry he had for his parents. He took a small bite of his food, hoping that it could distract him a bit from the worry as the warmth of the flakey fish filled his mouth and traveled down through his body. ”Not bad. Could use a bit of lemon but still...” His mind wandered off for a bit, staring up at the sky through the openings of the natural canopy above them. Zeus huh? Another bite. ”So if I’m the only child of Zeus recently...I guess I must be pretty special huh? Only joking ofcourse, after all how special can you be when you’re surrounded by the children of gods?’ That point didn’t sit right with him, he was more ready to believe that they were all wizards or mutants or quiet possibly anything that didn’t directly relate to a being of supereme power over the cosmos. His legs curled back up, pushing dirt towards his back thighs as he sit there with his arms and head rested upon his knees, staring blankly at the fish. ”Does anyone have a phone i could use? My parents must be worried sick about me and I’d like to give them some ease of mind.”

Milo Thatch

Interacting with @Hero

Another man walked up towards the bar that Milo had resided himself to, tall guy, built quite well with a nice brunette head of hair. Without turning to look at him, Milo side eyed the man, scanning him up and down judging his appearance as well as how he was carrying himself. He wasn’t much of a drinker which stood in contrast to this strangers order for straight whiskey. He was cute enough, and seemed to be in his own little world as Milo was just moments before. Milo continued to look towards the crowd before him as he spoke just loud enough for Ray to hear.

”Whiskey, now that is neat huh? You don’t quite seem like you want to be here, and quite frankly I don’t blame you. I’d much rather be at home cuddling my little fur baby but...well I’m here. The names Milo, or ThatcherLo on all social media platforms if you follow that sort of thing. I’ve been a YouTuber since before they decided to call themselves content creators and have decided to film my experience here at this...soirée. Which is being made difficult as i cannot film others without express permission so it’ll be a lot of after party vlogging most likely. You’re more than welcome to join me in making a video however.”

Milo didn’t bother extending his hand out for the man to shake, nor would he accept one in return, keeping a good two body widths between them so that he wouldn’t have to worry about personal space. After all, in a party full of fragmented, personal space could save you from being one touch away from a fight. Even now that he witnessed a few romantic bonds form, he was certain that it just wasn’t true. You couldn’t just love somebody like that, that took time, time that corporate companies loved to strip away from base workers and then attempt to feed hope during capitalistic oppurtunites such as Valentine’s Day. No, he was quite certain that what the reunited felt was infatuation, not true love. He turned slightly to face Ray now, a small display to show the man that he was indeed speaking to him.


River lay in a bath of warm water, soaking his bones and attempting to relax the days struggles away. He glanced over towards his gear that lay neatly folded to his right, his monster book atop it all with a slight sheen from the light catching the leather. He sat there and thought about how he would need to approach things from now on in this floor, stealthing up to monsters like usual to record his findings one them, while also having to slay them to add to his repetoire of transformations, of which he was allowed two at the moment. His head leaned back against the tub, body sinking lower into the water until it covered his mouth and soft bubbles formed from him pushing out air. Pepper lay at the foot of the bed, curled up and asleep while the genie rested snuggly in his lamp. What sort of creatures would he find on this floor? The botanical life suggested beings of massive size, the climate was hot and humid with steam rolling off the ground and sticking to ones skin while the coastal area was nice and cool.

He sunk further down, now fully submerged into the water as he lay there and thought about the climate, creatures, and plant life. A giant being who rules over lightning and storms huh? I wonder if i could take the form of that... His thoughts wandered away as the bubbles slowly made their way to the top, a bit of water splashing as he arose with them to get some more air. Godzilla huh? The climate does seem appropriate for reptilian-esque creatures. Perhaps dinosaurs or pre-man creations? Or maybe giants to dwarf over the goblins of the first. He could definitely see how the goblins green skin would blend nicely into these surroundings making them harder to hunt. The tall foliage would also help giants to hide behind until they need to strike. Too many possibilities with not enough answers. It was then that Cecilia had messaged the guild with some rather odd screenshots. He flicked through them curiously and noted the strange writing.

Hey Ceci, I’m sure we can take a look at those markings and room later. Maybe there’s a library or some location where we can pick up a book on the native language to manually translate it. Aside from that I’d like for you and I to stealth on the poison sac mission so i can gather some notes on them before we slay them to gather what’s needed. I need to delve into the forest anyways to find some suitable creatures whose form i can take. I’m about to turn in for the night but your room is number 4. I’ve left the key with the innkeep and instructed them what you look like as well as your name so that you can gain access to it.

Interacting with: @Obscene Symphony@Hero

The class felt like it had gone on for an eternity. Salem’s ruthless teacher seemingly making excuses just to batter him with a rod. Your bow was a degree off. You took three and a half steps not three. Your second knock was too soft. and so on. It was absolutely ridiculous. If he didn’t know any better he would say that his teacher was an Astorio and chalk it all up to being a sadist to some degree, who knew? Maybe that was still true. Salem would have to ask Aaron later. With every crack of the rod, his knuckles pained more and more until eventually it just went numb. The skin was split and blood trickled out, running down the sides of his hands, into the crevices, and on his palms. By the time that he was finally dismissed, there was a raw feeling to his hands, a burning sensation around the cuts but no longer on it. He stood up silently, letting the blood drip down his fingers as he held his head low and walked out of the room.

Salem didn’t bother attempting to use his hands to open the library door, opting to simply press against it with his shoulder and use his weight to swing it open for him. His right hand shakily reached into his pocket to pull out his phone in an attempt to send Lillie and Aaron a message letting them know his class was over. His hands however had a different idea. The shook and gave way to the weight of the phone, dropping it as Salem just stood and watched it hit the ground, bouncing twice before landing on the backside of the phone. It was a good thing he had a case. A long exhasperated sigh harshly flew out of his mouth as he bent down to pick up his phone, attempting to use both hands so that he wouldn’t drop it again. Salem slid his phone into his pocket and just looked up to the night sky, watching the stars twinkle and the moon shine for just a moment before gathering himself. He took one step forward and then saw Lillie and Aaron just sitting there not too far off. Had they seen the spectacle just now? It didn’t matter, at least now his fingers could rest for a while.

Salem made his way over to the pair, his hand waving in the air, the cold night breeze both soothing and irritating the fresh openings on his skin. Some blood trickled down his arm as he greeted the pair and made his way to the table. ”Well I sure hope you guys have had a more eventful time than me. Who knew etiquette could be so hard.” He forced a chuckle to try and make light of recent events, not wanting to worry Lillie too much but knowing that Aaron would know better of the situation. There was no use hiding his bloodied knuckles however, seeing as how any attempt to do so would just be futile as they would inevitably notice. ”I was going to say i need a minute at my dorm to clean up but...who knows where my stuff is now, or if i have it all. I’m still up for hanging out though” He attempted to give the pair a warm smile as he tried to steer his mind away from the pain and need for medical attention. All his bandages and equipment was in his previous dorm, he would need to see if it was transferred with the move.

Milo Thatch

The day had finally arrived, one that Milo was dreading ever since Ana had told him about her brilliant idea. His eyes glanced over his room once more, looking to see if he had forgotten to pack anything, then taking to check his vintage leather suitcase to ensure he had enough clothes for the duration of the stay. A small sigh slipped out as he ran his hand through his hair wondering what he was supposed to do for a whole week. He glanced at his leather and gold watch, a gift from his father, noting he still had plenty of time before he had to drive out to the airport and had come to the conclusion he could do a bit of filming before he left. Milo took his camera, tripod, and controller over towards his usual filming spot, his grey fabric couch that was nestled between two large windows, large indoor plants, and right before his brick wall interior. He sat down before the camera and stared at it blankly, this would be his second coming out video. One for being gay, and now another for being fragmented. He reached his hand out and clicked the controller telling his camera to begin recording, another sigh releasing as he attempted to find the words.

”Hey guys, it’s me Milo. So todays video is going to be somewhat different than my usual postings. As will a series of other videos that will be coming out later. You may have already guessed it by the title but...I am fragmented. Now don’t worry, I’m not Lost and I’m sure some of you may be concerned but I’m fine, really. Turns out some extremely wealthy Reunited have decided to throw the party of parties in an attempt to get as many Fragmented to Reunite as they can. I doubt it’ll be anything like the movies and I’m sure enough not holding out any hope for a Romantic bond, but I’m sure Goose would love another friend to visit him at the house. Isn’t that wight whittle buddy? So I welcome you all to my series that i will be starting, ‘Fragmented, But Not Broken’, where i will document myself, the party (as much as I’m allowed to), as well as my own personal experiences and feelings to help shed some insight on what it means to be Fragmented, Reunited, and hopefully not Lost. After the series has finished airing I will take to Twitter, Instagram, and Ofcourse the comment section below for some Q&A questions submitted by you guys in an attempt to answer as much as i can about this world spread phenomenon. As always, this is your friendly neighborhood Milo signing off.”

Milo sat in silence for a moment after the camera had turned off, staring at his reflection in the dark lense. He gave Goose a few more pats and chin scratched before grabbing his luggage and heading out. Ana was more than glad to be taking care of his cat while he was gone, she was over all the time anyways so it was the least she could do while she stole his Netflix and Hulu. His trip to the airport was uneventful and he spent the entire flight on his laptop, editing the footage he had just made so that it could hopefully go up later that night or the next morning. A bit of a time crunch all things considered, but it would be week long project just to get a film in every night and hopefully get the videos up once a week or if possible every other day.

Once he had arrived at a station where he could choose to be lifted off or driven to the estate, there was a small room in which guests were allowed to change for the evenings cocktail party. He quickly swapped out of his typical garb and put on some dark tweed pants, a cotton grey button up with his sleeves rolled 3/4 of the way up his arm and the top button undone, some black suspenders, and a pair of dark leather oxfords. He came out ready for adventure and chose to take the helicopter up to the estate, deciding that some aerial shots would make for great content. Milo took the seat closest to the opening of the chopper and had a steady cam ready, filming the trees, mountains, and beautiful scenery as the flew up and across the owners land, opting to exclude any building or private residences so that no one could attempt to find the owners after the series was released.

”What an amazing view! Do you suppose the whole stay will be this breathtaking?”

”One could only assume. I tried googling them before accepting and not much had come up. Anyone able to be this much of a social media ghost must have wealth beyond comprehension. Names Jerrod by the way, what’s yours?”

If Milo were to turn, he would see a tall thin framed man with pale skin addressing him. He had raven dark hair that contrasted the fair complexion and rose red lips. Some could say he was a real life Snow White. Milo ofcourse did not turn to look as he was busy grabbing some b-roll for his upcoming videos.

”Names Milo, also known as ThatcherLo across all social media platforms. Don’t worry about the speech by the way I’m gonna dump the audio and add some non-copyrighted music to the background for some b-roll fillers between shoots. Figured if I’m gonna be here I may as well make a documentary on Fragmented to see if all are like me and try to get some guest stars that may want to appear in a video.”

”Sounds cool. I may hit you up later on that offer depending on how this party goes.”

The helicopter ride finally came to an end, landing them near a security checkpoint that was more efficient than a Chink-fil-a drive thru line. As Milo stepped up, he placed his hands out to his side so that they may scan, pat, or do whatever was needed before giving him the go ahead to press forward. At this point his luggage had been taken but he held on to his DSLR camera and a collapsible tripod which was currently in his pocket. He filmed the grande exterior as well as the ornate mosiac flooring, taking in every detail that he could before he spotted security and quickly put the lense cap back on. Milo was handed a universal translator, one far more advanced than the one he currently had equipped, replacing his own with it and hearing the cacophony of sound burst to life as it was all intricately translated to his language. He pulled his camera out once more and turned it towards himself, filming his reactions as he waded through the crowd. His eyes stopped for a moment and his jaw dropped as he stared off into space the camera couldn’t quite reach.

”Oh my gosh, what’s this feeling? It’’s...boredom. Geeze, I’m gonna go grab a drink and mingle. Can’t film at the moment but I’ll be back on as soon as I’m able to.”

Milo made his way over towards the bar and ordered a Long Island iced tea. Taking his metal straw out of its case and clinking it into his glass. He sipped on his drink as he watched a few people become reunited. Some people felt the need to suck face, something that Milo really didn’t understand, while others embraced in longing hugs as if they were best friends who hadn’t seen each other in years, a few created great tension in the air as they stared aggressively towards one another before storming off in opposite directions. There certainly was no shortage of emotions here, and no shortage of wealth either. The twins were clearly something akin to Mr. Hammond from the Criton series, sparing no expense for their little project. As time passed by a garish display was pressed before him as the twins made their arrival. Milo couldn’t help but roll his eyes and wonder how long he would last at such an affair.
Maximillian Gray

Location: The Palace Assualt Team: New York City, New York. C5>D5
Conjuration, Magic.New Outfit

Max watched as Wanda closed in on him, preparing himself for either death, or at the very least a bad time. Out of nowhere Wanda had reached out and grabbed onto nothingness, seemingly choking some sort of invisible entity that may have tried to get the slip on her. He’d hoped this intrusion would allow him a moment to sneak away, slowly backing himself up inch by inch before finally getting up and turning his back towards the Scarlet Witch. That would be a mistake. She tossed Max up into the air like a kid tossing a hacky sack, his body reaching the sky then falling into a free fall as he plummeted towards the ground. There wasn’t enough time to react, his fall less than graceful, and his leg breaking on impact. This fight clearly wasn’t on his side, and it showed. Invoking the wrath of the Scarlett Witch was dumb, sure, but if it helped keep her focus on him then it was all worth it. Wanda’s hand still held firm against the invisible force and Max wondered how long they could hold out, it did however tie up one whole hand.

Before he could even utter a spell, Runa came to his aid and seemed to press her hand against Wanda’s chest, doing absolutely nothing. Max began to wonder what she attmepted, and if perhaps this fight would doom them all in the end. The goth sorceress repeated her previous endeavor, causing Wanda to lose grip, and appear to be unconscious for a short amount of time, time that Max would not waste. ”Thanks, hold her off until i return.” Max slammed his good arm into the ground, an arcane ring forming beneath him and then lifting up, his body disappearing with it. He was glad that the Scarlet Witch was knocked out during this, or she may have had sense to stop him. The ring reformed before James, sliding down and bringing Max’s body right before the healing mutant. ”Long time no see. Be a dear and heal my broken leg will you? It’s making it a bit hard to fight.” He spoke through gritted teeth and sharp breaths as the pain of the broken leg was hitting him. He muttered a few more words of power and placed his hand upon the ground once more. An invisible force sprung up around them, forming a dome over James and Max to keep them safe from any attacks while he was being cared for. Once complete the barrier shimmered and then went invisible once more. ”I’ve created a magick barrier for us to hide in while you patch me up. Focus on healing, I’ll focus on keeping us safe ok? The sooner we can get my leg working the sooner that I can get back to trying to take down The Scarlett Witch and help Runa.”
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