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Demetri Rowan Howell

Location: Zeus Cabin

The past months were a whirlwind of emotions. Demi had originally thought about asking Zeke to go on a road trip with him for Summer, just the idea of them not being a year round camper for once, but he knew how hard it would be to pry him that far away from Nancy. So he didn't bring up the subject. The services were hard, some he barely knew, but Ledas hit too close to home. She always seemed too fast to catch. An invincible rainbow light that brought positivity around camp where it needed it most. Now all those colors seemed to fade. He knew Arthur was just with his father, but felt that something should've been made for him still, even if just a farewell ceremony.

All things aside though, he had his little sister and he had Zeke. He took every stolen moment he could manage when his boyfriend was around. Having found several times since New York in which they could find themselves alone. He was dreaming of such a time when Coach Hedge suddenly began knocking on their door. Andy was the more responsible of the pair, having gotten up to answer it as Demi placed a pillow over his head and mumbled something inaudible into it. He heard as she left after Coach, and Demi tried to steal a few more moments of sleep. After all, his dream was just getting to the good part. There was another knock. Demi tossed his pillow to the ground, grabbing the other as a weapon as he began walking up towards the door as he spoke. ”Hedge for the last time it's just me in here. Andy told you…”

He stood there shirtless and in sweatpants, instantly using the pillow to cover his lower half as his free hand pushed back his tangled mess of hair. ”Oh uh hey Z. Sorry, I thought it was Hedge again. Mind giving me a moment while I get ready? You can come on in Hedge has already been here so it's free game now.” Demi stated as he turned around and began making his way towards his trunk where he kept most of his belongings.


Hermes checked himself in the mirror within the sun visor of the car. Noting there was still a bit of blood present on his clothes from when he was cleaning up in the nurse's office. Not bleeding. It's from self defense, the other guys blood got on me. He replied back a bit more slowly than usual, a few of the words having been new ones he'd rarely used or practiced. He glanced at his phone when Mandy did hers, seeing his uncles message and rolling his eyes a bit with a sigh. He knew he was right, chances were they'd be all over the news after this and his mother would find out either from the radio or a nosey neighbor. But he didn't want to deal with it all just yet, he just needed time to breathe.

EMTs Began to arrive on the scene, and his new TA was telling them to stay put until a headcount could be made. She knew he was safe, where he was, and who he was with. Wasn't that enough? He debated on lying to Mandy, telling her they were allowed to go, to grab lunch and forget any of this even happened. But as his hands went to sign, they began to shake. What if him leaving caused the school to call his mom and tell them they couldn't find him? He didn't want that kind of worry, nor did he need his Italian mom tearing apart New York just to find him. Even less so being dragged by his ear all the way home. Hermes let out a deep breath before calming down his hands and signing to Mandy once more. They just said we should wait here. Need to do a headcount before I can leave apparently. I didn't mean to interrupt lunch I'm sorry.

Location: Camp Half-Blood

Andy had been so tired since coming back to camp. She had gone through all the normal camp motions when she had to, but she didn’t want to. Only Stella made it possible. Her brother was missing, Arthur was with his dad, and her aunt was in Tartarus. Andy was friends with several people at camp, but she wasn’t close with them. Not like she had been with Ash or Arthur and both were gone now. With her brother missing it was even more difficult. They just didn’t know the outcome of what happened, and that was distressing.

Then Nancy and Janelle came to camp. In all the chaos there was no Demi or Zeke. Andy heard some of what happened, but in the end she wandered away. She was tired and her brother wasn’t there.

It was late at night when Demetri finally made it back into camp. Having parted ways with Zeke and making his way towards his own cabin. He hesitated before the doorway, the thought finally settling into his mind that not only had they been missing for over a month, Andy hadn't heard from him in just as long. Demi paced for a moment before the doorway, until finally deciding to make his way in. He tried to be quiet, in case his sister was asleep.

Andy was asleep. But she was dreaming of Mads falling. She was dreaming of being helpless, and the weight of the sky on her back. It had been a shared burden but that hadn’t made it light. She was dreaming of missing friends and vengeful gods. Andy was curled up into a ball, sweat beads falling down her forehead. Chocolate lay on top of her trying to comfort her. He licked at the sweat and when Demetri entered the dog gave a little woof.

”Shh. Down boy, or shit I don't know dog commands.” Demi whispered harshly as he placed his hands out trying to placate the dog. He looked towards Andy to see if she stirred at all the commotion. That was when he noticed the streak of white hair on her head. He knew she didn't have it before but…did she get her hair done while he was away? A sudden pressure pressed against his shoulders as his lower lip quivered. Did she have so much faith in him that she didn't think the possibility of losing him was real?

That much confidence in him made him feel both elated and terrified. Like he wasn't allowed to make a mistake. He couldn't fall down now because if he did it would be that much more devastating. Demetri pinched the bridge of his nose as he sat down in front of Andy, his new winter coat abandoned off the the side as he watched his little sister.

A sob wracked Andy, and as she woke from the nightmare Chocolate licked her face. It took her a moment, small arms wrapping around the dog to get herself under control. She didn’t notice Demi at first, her face buried as it was. When her tears ended and she was going to lay back down that was when she noticed the other person in the room, she froze for a second before registering it as Demi. ”You’re here.” She whispered almost unheard. The tears she thought had stopped, started again as she untangled herself from the dog and sheets to hug him.

Demi held her tightly, shoving his face into her hair as his own tears began to run. ”Yeah. I'm here. Sorry it took so long. Time moves differently where I went. That and that Roman has a few issues that held us back on travel.” He tried to say with a chuckle to help lighten the mood. ”But I'm back now, and you, me and Arthur can all hang out tomorrow and spend some much needed quality time before any of us are dragged away.”

Andy kept crying, but through the tears said, ”Arthur’s gone. His dad took him.” Andy slowly got herself under control again. Chocolate was pressed up against her back. ”I met Persephone and she told me he was there. She took Jason with her after Atlas killed him and Stella and I had to hold up the sky. Mads fell into Tartarus. So much happened and you didn’t come back.” She sounded so much like the little kid she really was. She was only eleven.

His heart froze, the next thud feeling more like a hammer than a beat. A lump formed in his throat as he tried to wrap his mind around what it was that Andy was saying to him. ”Is he…did he…” Demi didn't want to finish the sentence let alone the thought. ”It's fine. We know where the Doors of Death will be in a month. And my fiance is trying to find Thanatos, so one he does we can talk to him about giving us Arthur back. Right?” He couldn't even begin to touch everything else that was said, still mulling through the words in his mind.

Andy pulled back a little, still holding onto Demi. ”Fiance? She knew the word but it didn't make much sense. Had Zeke and Demi decided to get married?

Then the thought about the doors of death distracted her. ”Oh! We need to be there then. Where?” She hoped it wouldn't be far. ”Mads is there. We have to save her.”

”I guess a lots happened with me too huh? Zeus and Aphrodite made a pact. An arranged marriage of sorts. I am now betrothed to the God of Parties Alexios. He's handsome, but he's no Zeke. Though…they have a lot of similarities. Anyways, he's searching for Thanatos to see if we can reclaim the Doors earlier, other than that we have some time. It's not till independence day, and there was a stranger there as well. Nancy knows more about it…but getting her to talk about anything is hard.”

Demi let out a sigh of frustration. Hating how all of this played out. Before something clicked in his mind. Jason was dead. Janelles brother. Taken by Persephone. ”Jason died…you held up the sky?!”

Andy nodded, listening to what he had to say about what happened to him. ”Were you compassionate?” She asked. Andy knew that Nancy had a lot of responsibility, and was scared for her friends. Who wouldn’t be? But Mads and Niah were her best friends and they were separated and she was sent somewhere super scary for her. Andy couldn’t imagine being sent alone without her best friends anywhere, though now that had sort of become a reality. She supposed if she went to the Labyrinth again with strangers she’d be upset too.

”And yeah. Atlas had given it to Terminus but we needed his help so Stella took it, but she couldn’t do it alone so I helped her. That’s why this happened.” She pulled the rest of the way out of the hug and twisted the strands of white in her fingers.

”Here I thought you just really liked Rogue.” He joked as he looked at the strand of white hair. He tried thinking about what all had happened back there but he honestly wasn't too sure if anyone could say he was compassionate or not. ”I mean I tried to be. Even before leaving camp I've tried to be. But anytime we talk she just blows up. She won't listen to me or any Greek kid really. I understood that she had some trauma holding her back, and I know that this quest brought up a lot of it…but…in the end she pushed everyone away, endangered the quest, and was a total bitch. I don't blame her for it though, but she makes it hard to want to help.”

”The Romans are different from us. I mean I’m friends with Mads because she’s my aunt on my mom’s side, but the others are difficult to understand.” She patted Demi. ”Did you meet Stella before we left? I know she was super new and I only briefly met her.”

”Strawberry girl. Yeah. Didn't really get to know her much. Is she…is she OK? Did something happen?” Demis head was spinning. He wasn't even there for Arthur, like he was for Ash. He didn't see it happen, he couldn't stop it from happening. He felt like a failed guardian, even if it was a position he'd appointed himself to. His hand tightened around the silk fabric of his shirt.

”She’s okay. We held up the sky together and she’s been my friend. We’ve been hanging out and stuff. She stayed here a few nights but they couldn’t let us stay here for a long time.” She smiled, wiping her face.

”OK Hercules. How exactly does someone hold up a sky? Let alone two people at once. Did you fly? Jump real high? A ladder?” Demi was fully interested in hearing about all of Andy's exploits while he was gone. The friends she's made, goals she's achieved, all of it. Anything to keep his mind off of the fact that he'd lost another person in his life. To keep himself from realizing that even when they all had help from the gods themselves, they couldn't prevent a single loss on their quests.

Andy giggled a bit. ”No, a really tall mountain.” She felt better. Everything that had happened had been so much but her brother was here and that made her feel safe again. ”There is this spot at the top of Mount Tam in San Francisco area. That’s where Atlas is supposed to be. But he stole Terminus from the Romans and he was holding it. And we fought him. He had the Master Bolt. We got it back and I returned it to Zeus.” She explained. ”We also were in the labyrinth for a long time and found a lost camper and brought him back here. We got Hades’ sword. And when Persephone joined us at Mount Tam she took the sword.”

Demi whistled, impressed at her tale. ”So there's a mountain up there so tall it reaches the sky enough to hold it? That must've taken soooo long to climb. Not to mention the vertigo of it all.” He tried imagining what it was she was telling him, his hands splayed out behind him as he leaned back on them on the floor. ”And you got the Master Bolt and a lost camper? Who is he? How longs he been lost? Who's he a child of?- He gasped before he continued ”Is he Stella's boyfriend now?”

”What?” Andy asked super confused. ”No, his name is Damon. He was missing for a while, like a couple of years. Living in the Labyrinth alone. I think the mountain reaching the sky is just...magic. Like how the Empire State Building reaches Olympus.” She didn’t remember who Damon was a child of so she couldn’t answer that question.

”I'm just saying, finding a boy in a place can bond two people in ways they wouldn't know. Maybe even help develop a crush if he was like super strong or smart in a bad situation. But if you say they're not dating then I'll take your word for it.” Demi said with a shrug. ”So was this like…a maze made by Atlas? Or the Labyrinth. Ya know, Ye Olde Minotaur Cage.”

”She wasn’t with us when we found him. Stella went via a train with Jason, and Niah.” Andy tried to clarify. ”And the labyrinth was made by Daedalus a really long time ago. It apparently got broken, but it works now sort of. We got into it here in New York but ended up in San Francisco where we met up with Niah, Jason and Stella. At that point we had already gotten Hades’ sword and Mads had fallen and we had Damon with us.” She explained.

”Wait there's a tunnel from New York to San Fran? Where was this shortcut when we had to go from New York to Las Vegas? I had to ride a train until we got attacked by a Minotaur, which is very hard to fight when the only arena is a straight narrow tube. After that Nancy and Zeke all but abandoned us and I was stuck with Janelle, who by the way hates me, and Kristin who was basically on Janelle's side. Cassian was there too but…” His words trailed off having forgotten that he was now trapped in Tartarus as well. ”He was just annoying as always.”

”It was not a shortcut!” Andy yelped. ”It was scary. There were meat eating horses.” Andy explained. ”Why does Janelle hate you?” Andy remembered Cassian, she didn’t know him super well. ”That sounds like a lot too.” She yawned. ”Are you ready to sleep?” She asked, she was still sitting next to him.

Demetri didn't want to think about how man eating horses even worked. The idea of it was enough to give anyone nightmares given the size of a horse in general. He imagined a blood stained Clydesdale with sharpened teeth. ”Apparently she had a thing for Zeke, and the same day we got picked for the quest was the same day Zeke asked me to be his boyfriend. And when she found out through someone else she kinda put it all on me and him. Really I think if she wanted to date him enough she should've just asked him out. Though…then I'd be mad.”

Andy frowned. ”Do people get that hung up about people they want to date?” She asked. She knew she liked Arthur but didn’t know if it was date him like or what. ”How do you even know if you want to date someone?”

Demi blew out air between his teeth. ”Pshh. Beats me. I didn't realize I liked Zeke until at least my fifth time in the infirmary? And he realized it waaaaay later that he liked me…or guys in general. It's hard to tell to be honest, and even today after he and I went on a date in the city…it isn't easy. There's so much whimsy and light heartedness mixed with anxiety and nerves that you might mess something up. Like being afraid to lose someone or a part of yourself. At least, that's how it is for me anyways. I'm no love expert sadly.” It was late, but he didn't have an ounce of tiredness to him, no matter how much his body protested.

The days events still swimming in his head and keeping him smiling even in dark times. ”Why? Is there a boy you like? Who is he? I'll beat him up if he makes you cry.” He teased.

”It’s too late for that.” Andy sighed. Tears welling in her eyes. ”I don’t know, but I like Arthur. I like him a lot. I don’t know what to do without him.” The tears started to fall.

Demi pulled her in close, hugging her tightly before speaking after a moment of silence. ”Hey hey hey hey, none of that now. We're Demigods, if anyone can kick ads and bring back people it's us. Maybes he's just visiting there, no one's said he died he just left right? There's this cute Roman I know, Marco, he has this magical compact that allows him to talk to anyone. Oh wait!” Demi rummaged through his adventuring pack and pulled out a small prism he had. ”It's not as discreet as a compact mirror, but it does the same thing. Have it. Use it to talk to Arthur anytime you want. It'll be like he's just in another state. And if you ever want to visit him, I'm more than willing to go through the Underworld to visit him with you.”

Andy nodded. ”Yeah I know, but I miss him.” She took the prism. ”Thank you.” She put it in her backpack near the end of her bag. And whipped her face clean again. ”I’ve been crying a lot. I’m sorry. I thought I was stronger than that.”

”And what is that supposed to mean?” Demi straightened up and looked her in her eyes, placing one hand on her cheek as he wiped away a stray tear. ”If you listen to anything I ever say, listen to this. Crying is not a weakness. Holding back your emotions doesn't make you strong. It makes you vulnerable. True strength comes from embracing your emotions and working through them. Anyone tells you otherwise and they'll get a clean right hook. I'd like to see them hold back tears with a broken nose.” He joked.

Andy smiled. ”Thanks. I missed you.” She says leaning in for another hug. She had missed her brother. Without him she had felt lost. She had been alone. Stella had done her best and without Stella Andy probably wouldn’t have survived the month. She had come to camp a fighter without anyone to have her back. Here she had learned to have friends and trust people. But trusting meant letting people in and that hurt when they left, for any reason.

”I missed you too. Now go on, get some sleep. Otherwise you'll end up short and cranky like Coach Hedge. Don't want that stunt your growth do you?” Demi rubbed the top of Andy's hair, looking at how much she'd matured since they first met, as well as the physical changes like her white streak. Proof she held up the world.

”Pretty sure I’m already gonna be super short.” She said and gave one more tight squeeze before crawling back under her sheet. ”I’m glad you’re back.” Her voice cracked a little. Chocolate curled up next to her and she wrapped her arm around the hellhound.

Demi stood up and began to make his way towards his bed. ”Im glad you were here for me to come back to.” He said before sitting on his bed and removing his shoes just before speaking softly to himself under his breath. ”I'm glad I made it back too…”


Maximillian Gray

Location: X-Mansion
Skills: l
Current Outfit: Header Image

Third times the charm he guessed. Max was glad to see that Klara had no recollection of him. A third fresh start, hopefully not one that would end up pitting them against each other or having one of them lose their souls. This Klara, however, seemed much more relaxed than the others. A clear mixture of the visuals of Wandaworld with a mentality leaning towards Limbos Klara. ”Have to agree with you there. Love practicing my magic…when it doesn't go horribly wrong that is. Ed you're more than welcome to join us. You can even dress up too. It'll be fuuuun.” Max sang.

”As for the rules. I figured we modify it. There may be a killer amongst us still, but that's for the danger room to decide and us to find out. Maybe have it so that whoever is the killer should try and throw off the trail. Add their own red hearings, or purposely make false deductions to throw off a scent. All while the others attempt to figure out not only who the killer is, but if it's one amongst us or not. I think adding that element of the unknown could help keep everyone on their toes.” Max said, nodding in agreement to Perry's question. But really it was all dependent on how well the Danger Room could handle such a situation.


Hermes felt his phone vibrate as he was about to put it away. Seeing the text from his uncle and then shooting him back a quick response. “No need to tell her. I'm fine and Schools gonna be canceled for the day anyways. Don't need her worrying over nothing, you know how she gets.” He put his hands up, shrinking into his shoulders as the Nurse began to kick them out for not needing any of her attention. Tch. He didn't even want to visit her in the first place, but no one ever listens to the students. Adults always know better. Hermes fought the urge to roll his eyes at them as he made his way out, spotting Elio in the background attempting to assault others.

”Uffa ma Dai! That worthless rent-a-cop went and let him loose onto the school! No wonder everyone's in a panic. Let's go this way so we don't cross his path” Hermes offered as he began to go the opposite direction of where he'd seen Elio. They were about halfway out when his phone went off again, a video call from his cousin showing him where she was. ”Mua! Ciao Hannah, my cousins here. She's just outside but keep in contact OK?” He said as he bolted away from the pair and towards Mandy. He mouthed “on my way” into the video as he bolted towards the doors outside. His hands too preoccupied to sign as he opened the doors and held the phone with the other hand.

Hermes glanced around and spotted her car, lightly jogging before getting into the passenger's side of the car. He quickly began to attempt to sign at her, but his hands were shaking and all he could manage to get out was ”Crazy Kid in school is attacking others. Bit security guard hard. Just gotta get out for a bit sorry.”
Maximillian Gray

Location: X-Mansion
Skills: l
Current Outfit: Header Image

”Peacock Perry you look absolutely divine tonight.” Max retorted back as her clothes changed into the blue flapper style dress. Mira's outfit began to shift as well, having gone after the color green, and putting her into a pantsuit. ”Sharp attire Mira, and what a magnificent dress Jaclyn. I must say we are one good looking group.” He said, punctuating his statement with a quick tug of his coat's lapels. His posture changed, almost closing in on itself as Ed and Klara approached them all. It seemed he was doing introductions, just how much memory did she lose? Max wondered as he waited patiently for his own moment to speak. He gave her a quick wave, unsure what would happen if he extended his hand for a shake.

There was an uneasy tension in unknowing. Would she flip him over herself and recall all the bad blood? Would she take it without a care and be happy to meet him? Would such a reaction rack him with guilt if it happened? Max didn't know, and he didn't want to know. So the small gesture was all she got from him. ”Nice to see you again Klara. Where's Runa? I thought I'd heard her voice earlier.” He asked, his hand motioning behind him with a flick as a portal opened and bridged the space between the hallway they'd all congregated in and the doorway to the Danger Room where they were about to play Clue. ”You guys make it sound so mysterious. Which I guess is on brand. We're just playing Clue…but in real life.”
Dorian Gray

Location: Mario World
Skills: Work Out Fit

Dorian let out a small giggle at Sabines jest. Noting how both her and Mary Sue seemed to glue on to him. He'd forgotten that she, like Danni, was not a fan of Horror. Now here she was thrust into a game all about psychological horror. The unknowing of when or where the ghost may appear, or if it was friendly or hostile. He tried to give her a measuring smile before hooking his arm into hers and leaning in. ”N'ayez pas peur mon chère. You've got two very useful items. The crucifix is used during ‘aunts. If you see t’e ghost approaching someone or yourself, simply toss t'e t'ing in between t'e two and t'e ghost will stop tryin’ to kill t'em. It only works twice t'ough. As for t'e salt, while typically it does ‘elp with wardin’ t'em off in t'e real world, in t'e game it's used to ‘elp identity t'e type of ghost.

See some ghosts can leave behind footprints or fingerprints but not all. So when we find t'e right room we place t'e salt somewhere t’e ghost may cross and if it leaves footprints t'en we ‘ave one more clue towards what we are dealin’ wit’. T'ere's no excursin’ t'ough. In fact fightin’ t'e ghost and aggravatin’ it is bad. T'ats 'ow you insta die. Mary t'e UV is used t'e same way as salt. T'ats for fingerprints t'at may be on doors, windows, t'e like. Anyt’in’ t'e ghost may touch. Especially light switches if we start turnin' t'em on.

Gideon, you got a camera to take pics of the ghost and a book to communicate wit’ it. Like askin’ it to draw pictures or write or well whatever. But again…please don't aggravate t'e ghost…it can kill us all. Anyways, Foyer is a dud, lets go to the next room.”
Dorian announced before holding out the thermometer and turning it back on. If Mary Sue and Gideon wished to stay with him as well then they'd have to follow. He couldn't have both arms tied up around others and Beanie easily took priority. So they made their way into the Living Room proper, passing under the archway as Dorian read the temperature, waiting a moment in case the thing was slow to read. No change. That was fine, plenty of other rooms in this house.

As they hooked right into the twin room, Sabine was forced to take a turn about the room as he checked for more changes in temperature, but again nothing happened. With hope yet, they waltzed into the Master, clearly that had to be the active room, but again the thermometer read no changes in degrees. Dorian let out a frustrated sigh as he tapped the glass on the digital reader. ”Four rooms and no change? Merde I'm losin’ my ghost ‘unting touch.”


”Hey! I'm not a Zombie nut, I'm a Supernatural nut. Cryptids, Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, you name it I love it. Probably why I liked Elio so much…before all this. He had a certain vibe to him ya know? Almost fae like. Or vampiric. Hard to tell when the eternally young all derive from similar tropes.” Hermes corrected Hannah. Perhaps a major part of it was the history and ties that monster flicks and stories had intertwined with queer culture. A way to express oneselves beyond the normal means. He thought as he took the wipes from the nurse and began to clean off the blood of his coach off of him. When he finished he tossed the used wipe into the nearest bin. Looking towards Carver as she asked him if there was anyone else he'd care to contact.

Suddenly the rent a cop came barreling into the nurses office, bloodied arm as he apparently got bit. So much for the warning Hermes had given him. The alarm began to sound in the school, and Hermes looked towards Hannah and Carver before quickly pulling out his cell phone. ”I'll call them. It's my cousin Mandy, she's older than I am and can pick me up if need be. But she's deaf so I have to video call her.” The phone rang a few times, as Hermes anxiously rapt his fingers against his leg. ”Pick up, pick upm.” If this was an outbreak that could be spread by bite, he didn't want to he around to find out.

Mandy didn't like to text and drive, but she saw the message from her classmate pop up. She smiled a little and finished the drive home. Once she had parked she responded to her dad, "Home! Mind helping me bring stuff in?" Then she sent another quick message off to her classmate Kristian, "Hey yeah. I saw some crazy stuff on the news. How true do you think it is? Think it’ll be like 2020?”

As she started to put away her phone it rang, this time it was a call. She looked at her phone and saw it was her cousin Hermes calling her. Shouldn’t he be in class? Mandy picked up, making sure the camera was on her, "What’s up?” She asked, one handed, her middle finger brushing along her chest upward. Her eyebrows slightly furrowed.

Hermes propped the phone against the wall on the floor, sitting down criss cross as panic filled his eyes. He held one hand palm up, with his fingers pointed towards the right, the other hand palm down and perpendicular to it as he tapped the two together twice before taking his right hand and pointing his index finger towards his ears and twirling the finger in small circles around it before continuing to sign some more. Schools crazy. People are dead and security was attacked. I don't want to worry mother. Please help.” His signs had improved over the years, but some were still sluggish and clearly required some thought before acting them out. Grammar all but forgotten as he focused on getting the message across.

"People are dead!” Mandy exclaimed. Her dad was coming out of the house to help her get all the stuff she had bought. "Let me tell dad. I’ll come get you.” Mandy climbed out of the car enough to talk with her dad, but the phone camera was still on her, and the kitten she held with her left hand. With her right hand, she told her dad, "Hermes called me, he needs me to pick him up from school. People are dead. I’ll be back.” She considered having him take all the stuff and kitten inside, but he was asleep on her arm so she didn’t want to bother him.

Hermes held his right hand up, Index finger out while the rest were down and his thumb rested on his middle. He turned his hand around with a bit of a swoop before then reiterating the back handed single finger. Just one. My coach. Figure I should go before the number climbs. He looked around behind him, watching the officer who got bit for a moment. Worried about what might happen next.

Her dad did a quick sign of “Drive safe.” Mandy nodded, and climbed back into the car, buckling back up. "OK. I’ll be there shortly. Wait for me somewhere safe. I’ll call you when I get there.” She started the car back up and drove toward Hermes’ school.

Hermes placed four fingers against his lips and then moved them away before ending the call. ”My cousin is on her way to pick me up. She's with my uncle too if that helps any. Just need to wait for her call again until then.” He said towards Carver. He looked at Hannah trying to force a smile. ”Fuckin’ wild first day of school huh?”
Dorian Gray

Location: Mario World
Skills: Work Out Fit

Dorian floated silently for a moment, watching as both Gideon and Mary Sue had fallen into the lava. It was only for a second, but it stretched on for what felt like minutes. Suddenly there was a familiar sound as both of them glitched back onto the platform. He flew down towards them and as he began to approach, the scene shifted. The game had changed. Winning didn't guarantee an immediate out, only a new location to play in. His body now stood firmly on the ground once more, Sabine, Mary, and Gideon all back to their normal selves. Dorian wrapped his arms around all of them, squeezing them tight. ”You guys did amazin’ back t'ere! Clearly t'ere needs to be some trainin’ on all of our parts for last second power usage, I feel like t'at'll come in ‘andy for t'e future but, anyways we made it! To…uh…”

Dorian looked around at where they were, it was a small room, metallic and rectangular. The hum of an engine could be heard idling just outside the walls. A generator? Screens littered a metallic desk on the far end as the wall to his left was littered with devices and objects that seemed both commonplace and high-tech. The right a screen that projected some statistics for them, and to the left of that screen was a pinboard with information. Andy Lensharr, responds to everyone. His eyes lit up, quickly running over to the opposite wall. ”Gideon as much as I'd love to be in an episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved, t'is isn't t'at. We are in Phasma!!! It's a ghost ‘untin’ game and one t'at ‘elped start my streamin’ career. People love seein’ a ghost boy gettin’ spooked by virtual ghosties.”

Dorian grabbed three things off the wall, the same amount the game allowed. One strong Flashlight, honestly who used the regular ones anymore? One Spiritbox, and the thermometer. ”Name of t'e game is identify t'e ghost. We should all ‘ave logs to help us decipher what it is we are dealin’ with. I've got temps, speaking, and a Flashlight. I suggest everyone grabs a Flashlight and two other items. Use t'is info to determine what kind of spirit it is and if it's friendly or…can kill us. It seems Arcade ‘as a t'ing for Magneto given t'e ghosts name. Probably an attractive made us son of ‘im or somet'in. Like anot'er Pietro. Anyways, t’ree biggest rules. One: if your Flashlight flickers you eit'er run out t'e front door or turn it off and ‘ide ASAP. T'at means a ‘unt ‘as started and we angered t'e ghost. Two: If you find devices IN t'e ‘ouse; i.e Oujia Board, Monkeys Paw, Tarot Cards, leave em be till we all ‘ave discussed it. Sometimes t'ey mean instant death. Trois: Try not to anger t'e ghost.”

Dorian then ran off the van and entered the house. Pulling out the digital thermometer and turning it on before inspecting the initial doorway and first room before him. Walking around the space it stayed steady, an even 75° the entire way as he let out a sigh. ”Hey! So two t'ings. Eith’er A. We are in easy mode where t'ere is a bit of set up time before any real activity. Or B. T'is isn't t’e room for Magnetos kid.” He called out from the doorway to the others.
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