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Current I am back! I missed you all! <3 Old friends feel free to PM.
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I am no longer available for roleplays. I am sorry but things in my life have reached a point where I just can't be on here reliably enough. If you have questions please direct them to @kittyluna45
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Kirah is bored right now

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I'm in. :)

Location: Outside the Dancing Queen, in front of creepy murder house
Interacting with: @Nallore Olivia, @McHaggis Robin Marshal

"Nice horse Declan." Heather was doing her best to not laugh. She did turn to Olivia and said "I request not being basement group." Heather was going to add that she would take watch for the group when the PI guy came out.

She recognized him from seeing him at the cafe. He warned them the house wasn't safe and showed off a covered wound. Heather didn't much care for the idea of going into the house before this development now she really didn't want to go in there. She looked to Olivia and then glanced at Finley. They were the driving force behind this trip. It was up to them. Though Heather still would much rather be the look out.
@Siaya Dragalorn it is intentional feel better!

Now that she lacked the extra layers, the true Elenore shone through. She was wearing a bright orange shirt over hot pink pants, her mismatched socks peaked over her shoes.

"Then I continue to have excellent timing. Will the two of you do well as roommates or shall I fear another murder?" Elenore smiled and didn't entirely seem like she expected a murder to happen but at the same time the way she said it implied that there had been at least one murder during the operation of the school and she wouldn't be surprised if it happened again. "After dinner, Kade will take the several new children and give them the orientation, and from there therapy. For now, take Ryker with you to meals and class. I won't force the two of you to sit with each other of course, but please introduce him around. Sound fair."

"Oh, one last thing. Ryker none of the teachers are aware of where students have been, we like to keep that from them. But outside of class, you are welcome to be yourself. I just ask you stay on the school grounds."

After you post @Saltwater Thief I'm going to do a bit of a time jump since it is morning. I'm going to get everyone to dinner and then have Kade take the new kids to orientation.

Location: Backseat of the Dancing Queen
Interacting with: @Nallore Olivia, @McHaggis Robin Marshal

Heather was thankful as they pulled up to the creepy house that at least the rain didn't seem like it was trying to drown her anymore.

"So, what is the plan Oli? What are we looking for?" Heather asked, looking at the stranger's car ahead of them. "What if that is a cop?" The thought crossed Heather's mind seconds before she asked. This was technically trespassing, and most assuredly also tampering with an active crime scene.

Heather made a fist with her left hand as a new fear introduced itself to her. What if she was caught and someone figured out what she had done? Had she made sure for certain no one was watching when she had healed the plants? Why had it started now?

Location: Cafe parking lot next to Dancing Queen
Interacting with: @Nallore Olivia, @FantasyChic Finley Alestair, @McHaggis Robin Marshal, @Infamous Auror Declan O'Connor, & @Damo021 Miranda Burke

"I'll totally pay for your next dinner Oli." She watched Declan run off into the woods. That seemed like a bad idea to her. Had she missed something?

"I don't want to get anything important wet." Heather frowned looking at Dancing Queen. "Declan has a point. You sure you're okay with me getting into the van this wet?"

Location: Cafe
Interacting with: @Nallore Olivia, @FantasyChic Finley Alestair, @McHaggis Robin Marshal, @Infamous Auror Declan O'Connor, & @Damo021 Miranda Burke

"Thanks for brunch Oli." Heather blew a kiss to Olivia. Then turned to Finley. "I've seen you around but I'm sorry I don't remember your name."

"I was just about to offer to drive." Heather smiled. "But I'll take a ride in Dancing Queen." Heather offered Miranda her jacket back. "Much appreciated. I'll grab an umbrella out of my trunk, and maybe a flashlight." Heather jogged out to her car, and out of the trunk rooted around for a flashlight and umbrella. She came up short only finding the flashlight. "Guess I'll just be wet today." She sighed to herself and then joined the rest of the group as they gathered at the Dancing queen, holding up her flashlight. A small black maglight that her dad had given her when she first started driving, it was part of her roadside safety kit.

Ill post tonight. I started a new job yesterday, but will have time today to post. But it will be after work.

Interacting with: Pearl (NPC), and a text sent to Alistair @Mchaggis and Theo @MiddleEarthRoze

The text from Theo came in first, so Abby responded. Sounds good. With Alistair's text following shortly after Abby glared at the phone. "Why do you have to make my life so complicated?" She asked rhetorically. Abby took a deep breath and texted Theo again. Open invite to Sly Fox from Alistair at the same time. If you don't want to join, I can meet you after. She added a quick text to Alistair. I'll be there. Might have my cousin with me.

"Pearl. We have lunch plans. At a pub." Abby rolled her eyes. "At least it is Sly Fox."

"What's special about Sly Fox?"

"It is owned by one of our kind. One thing I can give Europe at least is children aren't shunned from establishments like that." Abby grinned and came into the kitchen where Pearl was finishing pouring the hot water into cups with tea bags in them.

"Will you need me then?" Peal asked as she played with her tea bag.

"I think it'd be good to have you there, just in case, besides this involves you too." Abby's phone buzzed. Glancing over told her that something was up. There were several texts and a couple of emails all coming in. "Oh," She sighed deeply. "I'm going to get dressed. It is getting worse. You have got to be kidding me."

"What happened now?" Pearl furrowed her brows in worry.

"Turn on the news. I'll listen while getting ready."

Kaytlin Devlin

Kaytlin let her form go. Her sister and brother-in-law were on their way to work. Travel was a tedium Kaytlin had happily gotten rid of from her life.

She was at the office. A familiar place. She had put it together herself, purchased the curtains, tables, and filing cabinets herself. Kaytlin enjoyed the quiet before her co-founders would arrive. When she was alive, she would turn on the lights and do other menial things. Now, it was a waste of her energy to do that.

They would need a plan. A way to let the Others know they existed, and a way to make it safe for them. Kaytlin wasn't happy about the idea of just opening the doors to strangers, so she would rather have it work by word of mouth. Alistair would be a good point of contact. God knew how many Others he knew. Kaytlin realized how few Others she knew. A few vampires, a handful of ghosts, and an even smaller group of Dhampirs. It was a frustration, but maybe she could increase her social group. That would require socializing. The best person for that job was the fellow ghost, Amara.

"Beat us here again Kaytlin." William joked putting his hat on the coat rack. Kaytlin smiled, humoring him. "Did you solve world hunger while we were coming the tedious way?"

"No, sadly. Though I did come with an idea. It is a terrible one, but it will make a friend of mine very happy."

"Oh?" Evelyn asked. Kaytlin grinned again.
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