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Location: Hotel Valhalla: Floor 12

Dalisy laughed at Arnora's joke as she climbed into the kayak, catching the oar deftly. "Still stuck in the past I see." She said tapping the wood on the kayak. Dalisy didn't actually mind, she had used the older style plenty of times. Basically any time she did this with Arnora. But she liked to tease her friend. She glanced at the body, and not recognizing the person ignored them. They'd wake up in their room come morning. It just didn't matter.

Dalisy sat in front of Arnora. She liked the front of roller coasters and basically anything that gave a jolt of adrenaline. If she was this needy for feeling alive at only five years of being dead she didn't want to know what it would be like to be as old as Arnora or some of the others. She refused to fade though. Dalisy would go out in a fight, the proper and only way for an Einherjar to die.

Rose Buckner

Location: The trails

Rose had been running. Had being the operative word there. She was now struggling against a plant that was wrapping around her like something out of Harry Potter. "What?" She looked at the vines and then up seeing the jogger and her daughter. Fear flashed through Rose's mind and body. She had been uncomfortable about the lady and now she knew why. The woman looked like an accurate cos-player of Maleficient. Rose for a second was impressed by her attire, and then she realized that this was who Merlin had warned them about at the park.

"Merlin said the same thing. And he didn't have to tie us up to get us to listen." Rose glared at the woman and then her daughter. "Guessing your names were lies too." Fear was starting to grip Rose even tighter. She was terrified of what Maleficent could do, and she feared the fire spreading and being unable to escape because of the vines. Two of her greatest fears were surrounding her. The fire that could spread, and having her agency taken from her.

Anger at Maleficent surged through her beating back the fear enough so she could think a little clearer. She moved and wiggled until she was free of the vines, and then moved over to Sierra to help her friend break free of her own vines. Rose's stomach was twisting with anger and fear still. Rose was able to pull the vines off of Sierra. Her fear abating. If that was Maleficent's worst they had hope. "Come on, back to the Ranger station. I have a feeling she won't attack us around other people." She grabbed Sierra's hand and started to run back to the station.

Colby Jackson

Location: Merlin's warehouse

Colby nodded and stood next to Matthew. He gazed around at those gathered, uncertain. Colby's eyes paused on Annabelle, he apparently wasn't the only one ditching school to be here. He rolled his eyes. She was an annoying, too perfect, girl who didn't like cats.

He wasn't joking when he told Matthew he didn't trust people. He reached up and gave his cat, Jack, a scratch behind the ear. He looked at Merlin intently. Or at least who he assumed was Merlin. All those that had gathered so far were looking at the same dude. He didn't look very...Merlin-y in Colby's opinion.

"So what is your plan from here? Are you able to just open a portal and send us all through? Or do you have to wait until the time is up from the letter?" He had been surprised they were even meeting this early. With a whole bunch of twenty-somethings. Colby felt like he was one of the youngest in the room. An explanation for why he was adopted out so early and some like, Matthew hadn't been. Babies were easier to adopt out.

Location: George Washington University: Lisner Auditorium (Ladies room -> Lobby)

Andy was impressed, and honestly a little off-put by the bathroom in the college hall. It was a lot. What public restroom, even limited public, had actual bars of soap? And real towels instead of paper ones? With embroidery. She looked around the bathroom to check if there was anyone else with her in the bathroom. There were a couple of university looking kids, but they didn't seem super interested in her. Once she finished using the bar of soap, she shoved it into her pants pocket. No one said anything even if they had seen her pocket it.

It didn't seem like knife-y dude had decided to follow her into the ladies' room, which was very courteous of him. Or he had a more important target in mind. As far as Andy was concerned, that wouldn't be hard. Or maybe he just had been staring at her. He might not even know she was a mutant. Not every knife-wielding weirdo was out to kill mutants, right? She fixed her make-up, holding onto the hope that knife-y dude wasn't going to chase after her. Maybe she could blend in here, even if it was for a little while.

When she finished cleaning up, Andy went out to the lobby area, drawn in by the sweet smell of coffee. Ah, it was like a piece of heaven on Earth. She poured herself a full cup of black coffee and grabbed a muffin. Out of a desire to not be near knife-y dude, Andy stepped into the auditorium itself to listen to the lecture that was seemingly open to the public.

She almost instantly regretted as the conversation turned quickly to the 'inhuman and mutant problem.' But with her options being knife-y dude outside or an argument of whether she deserved to exist or not. At least here she could drink her coffee undisturbed. Andy took a seat a few rows from the very back and tried not to listen too carefully. She did agree with the angry guy in glasses.

Jamie and Ash had tried to teach her to live peaceably with humans, and she liked to think she'd be capable of it if the humans could act peaceably and stop murdering people she loved. When humans tried to control mutants, it ended badly for both parties. People got hurt, people died. There was enough of that on the television that she knew her story was repeated over and over. Yeah, the lady was right; there probably were a fair amount of mutants that didn't want their powers. Andy wasn't one of them. It had saved her life, even if she knew several of those times, it had been the reason she had been in danger in the first place. Andy didn't trust humans enough not to keep the powers. Heck, she didn't trust mutants enough.

Andy blew on her coffee a bit before sipping at it carefully, trying not to burn herself, and then started pulling apart the muffin. Eating the base first and saving the top for last.

Time: +3:15 hrs
Location: Space, a very far way from Earth

Group breakdown

Round 3 Search
Kyle (9) & Cal (8) - Done Searching
Sophia (4) & Vinnie (12) - Search room 10
Manny (6) & Luke (10) - Search room 8
Tessa (2) & Noah (7) - Search room 9

Z (11) & Raynor(1) & Gordon (5)(chilling in the galley being awesome)

Location: Galley -> Room 8
Skill: N/A

Manny once again assigned rooms for everyone. Since two of the last three rooms that needed to be searched were Kyle or Cal's he let them off the hook this round. Gordon grinned at Vinnie and said, "You look good in my hat. Though, may I have it back." He held out his hand for the hat back.

Manny and Luke went to room eight. As Manny searched the bed he found a small void where something might have been at one point, but otherwise, the room was clean. Luke came up just as empty-handed.

"Was all this searching really necessary?"

"That's to be seen." Manny replied. He could only hope someone had found something of some use. Or that gave them at least an idea of what was going on. He sighed and headed back to the Galley. He hated being trapped. He hated not knowing what was going on. He could feel his training itching to get out and get moving and fix the situation, but as far as he could tell there was no fixing it. Manny was impressed that the kid had gotten her hands on a screwdriver somehow.

Location: Galley -> Room 9
Skill: N/A

Tessa had smiled at Vinnie, there was something itching at the back of her brain about the hipster girl and she couldn't place her finger on it. It was sort of driving her mad. It was like she had seen Vinnie on the back of a milk carton or something. She knew she knew her but had no idea why.

Her and Noah's search of their last room only turned up a climbing harness from the drawer. Tessa had a feeling it was missing some important bits, but she also had a feeling she had never climbed before. She knew what the harness was but not how to put it on.

"Think we should take this back?"

"I bet Manny would have an idea of what to do with it. Yeah." Noah nodded and let Tessa carry it back to the Galley. They were just about to sit back at the table when Manny and Luke came back in.

Galley Group

"I'd like to think I'm capable of doing a good search of a room. I can only hope we just didn't miss anything." Kyle said to Cal. "Though I am no Sherlock." He grinned. He didn't particularly think of himself as Watson either. He lacked some of the necessary training he believed. Manny was more like a Watson, military, and a doctor. Or at least that's the vibe Kyle had gotten from him. Cal's nickname of calling Manny General didn't feel too off.

Niah Bautista

Location: Amtrak -> Great Northern Bicycle Company - Fargo, North Dakota
Skills: Mist

"That actually might work." Niah said, as she looked at the monster following them. "This one is going be immune to your music." Niah looked back at Nancy as they slipped into the bike shop. She blushed slightly as Nancy sang compliments about them. They needed another way out. Niah looked around and spotted the back exit sign.

"Let's go out the back." She tried to conjure up copies of the three of them, but that failed. Nothing happened. At least she could say she tried. Niah took one of the bikes and started toward the back exit. "Mads, think you can make them think we left a different way? They have super bad eyesight, and are polite to a fault." She hoped she had said enough that the other two got what creature she was referring to without saying its name. She didn't want to draw more attention than necessary.

Location: Ravenclaw Tower - Fifth Year Dorm Room
Magic: Pocket Sneakoscope

"Hello Rowan. Thank you. I'm pretty nervous about it all, to be honest." Mary asked her roommate. She was a sweet girl, and Mary had picked up on the girl's weirdness. She was thankful her hair was long it meant Rowan would be a little less grumpy. Mary let Fuzzclaw sniff her hand and then gave the kitty some scratches. She liked cats well enough, but she was happy to have an owl, especially since it meant it could fly around with her.

Mary wasn't certain if she was needed to help the first years, but she wanted to make sure Apollo made it into the tower okay before running off to help the professors. "I'm going to talk to Zelda, make sure we aren't supposed to be doing something right now. I haven't seen Niah. She's the Head Girl this year. So I bet she's off helping the professors." Mary explained. As much as she didn't care for Zelda, the girl was older and knew the protocol for what prefects should be doing. Though everything was in disarray right now. "I'll see you at the feast if not before then." She smiled at Rowan and then headed down to the common room.

"Zelda, should we be helping with the first years or anything?" She asked. Zelda was surrounded by the quidditch team, so Mary could only hope that her voice would be heard through their clamoring.

@Nallore Emily for your approval

Niah Bautista

Location: San Francisco Hub: Panic room (Panicking)

Niah's jaw had dropped and her attention was completely and utterly on the screen showing the hanger. There was no denying it. Maybe, just maybe if she didn't remember the world that Wanda built she could blow it off as coincidence. But she had been staring at the photo of her sister on her phone She knew exactly what an adult Dalisy would look like. She reached forward her fingers brushing the screen. "That's Dalisy." She looked at Bonnie tears in her eyes. "She's alive" The tears fell streaming down her cheeks, and with the suit on there was no way to wipe away the tears. She had succeeded, but at what cost? God at what cost? Her heart wrenched.

Flynn was talking, yelling at Dalisy, and somehow complimenting her? But then he literally lit Dalisy on fire. "Hahabulin kita." It wasn't clear if she meant Flynn or her sister. She glared at Oliver but was thankful he didn't hit her sister. She opened the exit and bolted from the room. The place was a maze, but Niah followed signs and soon was in the hanger.

Matthew Moss

Location: San Francisco Hub: Hanger
Skills: Paralytic touch

"I'm gonna set you down on the stretcher again, so I can get the inhibitor." Matt said, setting Tinley down. He searched the quinjet for an inhibitor. He found it and hurried over to Dalisy, who was literally on fire from Flynn, not that he blamed her. He noticed as he approached her that Strange and Novi were unconscious. What had happened there?

"I'm gonna put the fire out." He told her as he approached. Hoping she wouldn't try to punch him too. She let him, which was good, and he slipped the inhibitor on for good measure. Then let some of his power flow through his fingers as he did it. She dropped to the ground.

As she did Niah entered the room and ran to her sister's side. Matt looked to Cass he wasn't certain what Niah was going to do. And she looked pissed. He didn't have a clue who she was mad at, he just hoped it wasn't him. It was equally as likely it would be Flynn and Dalisy.

Dalisy Bautista

Location: San Francisco Hub: Hanger

"Kung ano ang tunay na impiyerno!" Niah yelled as she entered the room. She went to her sister's side. Looking more furious than anyone in the room had ever seen her.

"Okay ka lang?" Dalisy said, swallowing hard to talk past the paralytic. Her face relaxed a little more though as she saw her sister. Even angry it was obvious to Dalisy that her sister only cared.

"Oo tulala. What are you doing here?" It was clear there was a lot more Niah wanted to ask her sister. A lot unsaid in the look she gave her.

"Rescuing you?" Dalisy said, trying to smile, but failing thanks to Matt's power.

"From what? I'm fine. You have a whole fucking lot to explain. You blew up my work! I cannot protect you from the repercussions from this." Niah said sitting back on her heels, still next to her sister. "Tulala" She muttered under her breath. "How are you..." Niah trailed off, but Dalisy knew what her sister was asking.

"Ginawa mo ito, hindi ko alam kung paano." Niah blinked at her sister's response.

"I shouldn't judge." Niah said looking at the fire slinger. Dalisy didn't understand that, but she had a weird feeling it had something to do with what the man had been yelling at her before he had lit her on fire.

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