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Current I am back! I missed you all! <3 Old friends feel free to PM.
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I am no longer available for roleplays. I am sorry but things in my life have reached a point where I just can't be on here reliably enough. If you have questions please direct them to @kittyluna45
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Kirah is bored right now

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Location: Dancing Queen -> City Hall
Interacting with: Robin @McHaggis

"That's a tough question." Heather started. How much did she want to tell Robin? Heather took a deep shaky breath. "How about you come over for some tea and we'll do a proper catch-up later? I want to focus on this." She pointed up at the city hall.

Once Robin had parked Heather got out of the Dancing Queen and headed inside the City hall. She looked for someone who could give her directions, a woman about her age behind the reception desk, and asked "Where could I find records about property owning history?"

"The archives room will have deeds to past ownership of buildings and property."

"Thank you." Heather smiled and went into the room the woman had indicated. "Okay, the older records are probably what we want. Anything on that house or Sigfried." She told Robin.

Niah Bautista

Location: The Framework
Skills: Sense enhancement - Sound
Personailty: Energetic * Picky * Friendly * Competitive * Observant * Pedantic

Niah still had her focus on sound, which made the voices from her teammates almost unbearably loud. She nodded when Agent Reed told her to stay close. She was thankful for that. Before the others could move though Niah held up a hand and closed her eyes. It wasn't necessary, but for some reason, it felt right. It helped too if only as a psychosomatic, especially for trying to tune out Billy Joel. Why was that song playing anyway?

"Two are next to the door, Toad, and Scarlet Witch." She whispered. "A third, Plasma, is by the fume hood. That would be where the virus is. And," she paused the fourth was different. "Magneto. He is in the middle of the walkway. You got this Agent Kelley." She grinned at the guy she didn't know and hoped he really did have it.

She hoped it would be enough to help Agent Kelley. They had so little time left there was no way they would finish within the time limit, which frustrated Niah. She had wanted to prove she had been a good choice for this mission. Her plans to become a better field agent option were being dashed it seemed. Though even as a field agent she would be a non-com. That wasn't going to change anytime soon, and Niah wasn't certain she wanted it to change.
Sumi and Hannah shared a smile. An unspoken conversation passed between the two girls over their bread rolls.

A table over a couple of the "happy" world girls were whispering to each other. Sumi watched them and when one of the girls looked their way she shot them a dirty look. The girl shifted and refused to look at Sumi again.

Hannah's hand shot up and she waved over another person, a beautiful young man carrying a book. He gave a slightly exasperated sigh and came over. "Yes, Hannah?" The young man's voice had an Oklahoma twang to it.

"We have new students," Hannah said and gestured at Astrid.

"Surprisingly I knew that. Since you know I'm the one who does orientation." He then turned and smiled at Astrid. "I'm Kade Bronson."

"He is also Elenore's nephew, but he didn't go to the same world as her." Sumi added.

Niah Bautista

Location: The Framework
Skills: Sense enhancement - hearing

The blonde Agent, that Niah was certain was called Johnson, died in her hands, her very bloody hands. A part of her brain screamed and she shut it behind a very heavy door mentally. She was not a field agent, she hadn't been trained for this kind of thing. Why had she decided to volunteer for this experiment? She had been the one to convince Antonie to join her, though neither of them would have joined without the other. They must have been desperate indeed. She shut that part of her brain away too, that was something to unpack while not in a mission.

With Wonderland out, thanks to Agent Novikova's power, everyone else was free of the illusion. Niah appreciated Agent Reed's compliment and nodded when it was given.

Reed took control of the situation and the group, now missing one Agent not your fault you were too late to help, started down to the lab that would have the virus. It would be up to Niah to figure out how to neutralize it, with Agent Novikova's help. Maybe if she could actually get her focus on her sight to work she'd be able to tell what was in the virus and with that information counteract it. She wasn't an epidemiologist but she was good at chemistry.

As the awkward group made their way down the stairs Niah decided to give her hearing a shot. With it, she would be able to know if someone was coming down after them, though she knew that wouldn't be enough if that someone was Quicksilver. She also still had the radio on her, so anything announced over the radio would be heard by the rest of the group.

Sound enveloped her, and her mouth lost the taste of concrete thankfully. She could hear the heartbeats of the group and their footsteps as they made their way down the stairs. She counted off theirs and listened for any extra sounds coming up behind them. There didn't seem to be any additional heartbeats or footsteps.


Location: Inside Dancing Queen
Interacting with: Robin @McHaggis

"Guess it is just us." Heather smiled and hopped out and moved to the front seat. "Thank you by the way. For sticking with me in there." She felt ten times better just not being in the house. Now that she was alone with Robin she had the sudden urge to tell him everything that was going on with her. Her mother's deather. Her father threatening to cut her off if she didn't move back. The plants this morning. Right, that had happened. This had been an excellent distraction from that. She sighed heavily.

"How have you been? What brought you back? Seems like a bad time to be here unless you're going for your amateur sleuth badge for Egle scouts."

Location: Outside of the creepy murder house
Interacting with: Robin @McHaggis, Miranda @Damo021, Finley @FantasyChic, and Olivia @Nallore

"Yeah, I have time. Thank you." She let Robin take the lead down the stairs. Once she was out of the house Heather let out a huge sigh of relief. It had been oppressive in the building and the air had been so polluted that she was thankful to be back outside. She climbed into the Dancing Queen. "We're going to go to City Hall and check out the public records about this place. Hopefully, we can find something about the creepy guy."

Heather wasn't certain what they would find, and considering how old the photograph was she wasn't certain it would give much information. She wondered if the town had a museum that would have the odder records. She'd check that out after city hall, most likely by herself. She doubted the others would want to join in a dig through records like that.

Niah Bautista

Location: The Framework
Skills: Sense enhancement- Taste (oops)

Everyone was gone, but she could hear everyone. Another glitch? Her power? No, this was Wonderland. It had to be. She focused on her vision, but instead of things snapping into place her taste buds went into overdrive. Some grit from the concrete was there and it had several flavors to it. Niah knew she was tasting the chemicals. In exchange, she lost sensation on her skin. Her hand went reflexively up to touch her necklace and while she knew by the pressure that her hand was against her chest right where the necklace would be she couldn't feel it's familiar orb.

However, Niah could see everyone else again. She gave a small puff of thanks and reached out to grab Agent Reed who she had been close to before everything went dark. "It worked Agent Reed. I can see." She wasn't going to explain how it worked. She didn't feel like making a fool of herself for failing to focus on her sight yet again. Agent Reed's eyes seemed to focus. Niah smiled at her and reached for the next nearest person. She kept an eye on Wonderland ready to warn anyone outside of her own reach that they were in danger.

Her hand touched an Agent she had seen around but didn't know very well. Niah thought her name was Johnson, but she wasn't certain. "Agent you're bleeding hold on." Niah pulled her pocket knife out and cut at her shirt to get a strip of cloth hoping to wrap it around the woman's arm to keep her from bleeding out.

Niah Bautista

Location: "Front entrance" - The Framework
Skills: N/A

Niah trailed behind the others walking up to the building. She knew there was very little she could do before or during a fight. She was about to be sad she didn't have a kit with her when she realized her powers made her a walking CSI kit. Now wasn't the time to start playing around with what her senses could do. But she was very curious about how well she could see when she did. Niah already knew she could hear heartbeats, and smell at least mild chemical makeups. She hadn't tried to smell anything more than what the others had on, but she had been able to tell the types of metal in the GSR. So it stood to reason if she wanted to she could have figured out the exact chemical make up of the soaps and perfumes. That was amazing and would save a ton of time in the lab if it was reliable. She grinned, she was going to have to do some testing!

Niah's thinking had gotten her to the door and through Agent Novikova's hacking into the system, but the sight of Adder and Wonderland through some purple thing that disappeared to leave a gaping hole that they could easily walk through. Her known power was useless in a fight, and her skills were useless in a fight. So she did what was easily the smartest thing for her to do and ducked around the wall so she wasn't in the way of anyone.

Niah noticed one of the unconscious guards and saw a radio clipped to his hip. She grinned and pulled it off his hip connecting it to her own. She wondered as she set it up if there was anything else that would be useful on the guard, but she knew they had bullets in their guns and that was a lethal weapon. She also was not experienced enough with them to use.

The radio chirped. Niah paused worried that the Brotherhood knew they were there. <So glad Quicksilver is back on our side> That was about Pietro Maximoff, she had to warn the others. If he was working with the Brotherhood it was a curveball. Agent Reed had said very clearly that Quicksilver would be here but as part of the x-men.

She turned around and joined the group back up as they were dealing with Wonderland and Adder, still keep herself out of the line of fire behind the wall. She waited for a moment when Agent Reed wasn't occupied and told her "I just heard over the radio," She held it up to explain. "That Quicksilver is working for the Brotherhood."

Location: Inside of the creepy murder house
Interacting with: Robin @McHaggis, Miranda @Damo021, Finley @FantasyChic, and Olivia @Nallore

"Thank you." Heather said to Robin and then held the photos so he could see them both easily. "We could try city hall. They probably have records. We can look at who has owned this house." She opened the back of the photo frame again in the off chance there was something important in it. Again there wasn't and she closed the picture and put it back down where she had found it.

"Let me do a quick sweep of the other rooms, check the closets. Then we'll go." She was ready to go now, but they were here to check the house. They might as well do a complete job of it. Mind you she wasn't going to be checking the floorboards for hidden boxes, but she did want to make sure there wasn't anything obvious. The group doubted that the PI had gotten to the upstairs, but that didn't mean the cops hadn't so it was likely that the upstairs had been cleared of any other actual evidence. That thought made her start to doubt that Sigfried was important. She checked the other rooms quickly but didn't find anything that stood out to her.

"Okay let's go." Heather said and started back down the stairs slowly.

Niah Bautista

Location: "Sidewalk in New York City" - The Framework
Skills: Enhanced sense - Smell; Jack of all (science)

Agent Reed had barely answered their questions and people started doing stuff. It all sort of just broke into chaos. Niah ducked and was covering her ears already when Z told them to cover their ears, and she was thankful she was. Earth was churning and Z was screaming and bullets were flying. It might be a simulation, but it felt all too real. When the guards were down in the front, Niah gave a nervous laugh "Well that answers my question."

Niah looked up at the building trying to see if maybe someone was watching from a window. As she looked up everything went black, was it a flaw in the framework? She tried to contain the panic and since no one else was reacting she had a feeling it was something with her specifically. Especially since as everything was dark, she could smell the churned Earth and pick out the difference between the cement and asphalt. She even was picking up the GSR, and the individual metals in it. On top of that, it was like she was swimming in the smells of everyone's soaps, perfumes, and blood.

A Channel, that had to be Tinley. She could smell Dove soap, there were a couple sources for that but without sight, she couldn't tell who it belonged to. Blue Seduction, mixed with various other incense, that was Z she would know that even without the strangely enhanced sense of smell. There was also a strong smell of ozone, Niah had a strong feeling that was coming from Agent Sparks. There was some irony there.

Ah, it made sense. Her hearing when she first woke up and now smell, but she was blind in exchange. What had she lost for the hearing? Then she remembered the taste in her mouth and how it hadn't been there at first.

"I have enhanced senses, or at least I can enhance them." At will? She took a deep breath and let the sense go, vision returning to her. She was thankful that she was no longer being assaulted by smells, though it felt like some of them were still stuck in her nose, though that just might have been the dust from Agent Novikova's Earth manipulation. "Also a bit of a toxicology nerd so I'll see what I can do about the virus, however, I am not an epidemiologist." Not that she was an actual medical professional or an immunologist but she didn't think anyone in the group was either.

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