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Time: +6:15 hrs
Location: Space, a very far way from Earth

Location: Water Processing Room
Skill: N/A

The being hit their head with a sickening thunk and for a moment Tessa worried that Vinnie had killed them. But then they blinked. "Look I don't mean you any harm. I'm just a technician. Please." Tessa winced. They needed answers, but maybe almost killing technicians wasn't a good way to do it. "You can search me. I swear I don't have any weapons."

"What about that weird device you've got?" Tessa asked them. She didn't bother trying to search the technician, Vinnie had them securely pinned.

"That's just a computer. It stores information about the systems in here. It gave me an alert that a water valve had been shut off. I was coming to check pressures anyway and then you lot were attacking me." Tessa bit her lip at that answer and looked at Vinnie.

"Maybe we take them with us back into the pipe to the rest of the group." She was convinced that what had transpired was a misunderstanding. She didn't trust the capitol Them, but this person was just a technician, a grunt. They probably didn't have a say in the kidnapping of the group even. Tessa realized she didn't know the being's name and felt weird about calling them the being and so on in her head so she asked, "What's your name?"

"My designation is Y92-6." They said the dash. Tessa frowned, was Y92-6 a robot like the one girl in their group had been?

"Hey, either of you got your steak knife still? See if they bleed green like the robot did?" Y92-6's eyes widened in fear.

"Wait please don't hurt me. I swear I'm just a technician." They begged.

Location: Galley

With Cal's help, the group was able to get the camera taped to the grabbed Roomba. They soon had a makeshift set up and set the robot down. It returned to its hidey-hole and the group could watch on the monitor at the end of the line. It was dark in the tunnel, but thankfully the camera was equipped to handle that. At first, it was just a straight line, then it t-sectioned.

"Turn left." Luke said forgetting that they didn't actually have control over how the Roomba moved. It turned right instead. Luke frowned but soon the view showed the Roomba joining several other Roomba in what could be best described as a charging room. There was a door though. Large and round. They had a route to an exit. There were now two doors the group could try, but getting to either would be a tight squeeze.

Manny entered the room at that moment. "Zarina found someone. There apparently is a scuffle going on. What are you lot up to?"


Manny nodded and moved away from the opening. As he made his way to the Galley he noticed Noah. "Hey, can you fit inside the pipe? You're small." Noah looked up at Manny. Several emotions crossed his face before he finally shrugged and stood up. Manny kept going and went into the Galley.

"Excuse me Raynor, Sophia. Let me see if I fit." Noah said.

Location: Hotel Valhalla: Feast Hall of the Slain

Dalisy nodded at the dead guy's friend. Well, they were all dead technically. Just the guy she had skewered was more dead at the moment. She picked up the knife that he eyed and the extra dead guy's napkin. She used the napkin to clean up her sword before resheathing it. Back at her spot, she smiled at Arnora "Well sometimes I do it and you never even know."

Beth joined as well. Dalisy at first gave a small shrug at her comments and then added after she remembered the girl was blind. "It was cathartic. And sort of like a warning shot. If he bugs me again I'll make his afterlife Hell. Also, some people are like animals if you don't make it obvious why you are punishing them they don't get it. You got to strike while the iron is hot or some other such nonsense that people say."

There was little belief in what Dalisy said in her voice. She knew that she didn't believe any of that. She knew she had snapped and was taking it out on the man. Dalisy was always that close to being murderous, it was nothing new.

Location: Steve Roger's apartment -> the Roof - Quinjet

The few precious moments of alone time on her way to the quinjet Niah took a few deep breaths. She didn't know if she was doing this the right way or not. Everything was messy. Niah considered the SHIELD team Secret Warriors her family, but it was the core group that was that family. She cared about everyone who had been there for the Age of Ultron. For her, that was the team that mattered, and so many of those were dead. She needed to keep them together. Needed to get them to agree. She wanted a plan, but nothing was coming to her. How could she hope to make this work?

The team started getting onto the jet, minus the group that had gone to Agent 13's apartment. Niah wondered what was taking them so long. "He probably hates it because he prides himself on having good computer security and you keep getting through it." Niah shrugged slightly. She wanted to say something about where she stood on this situation. To tell the team that she was with Captain America, she felt like she was lying. She looked at the back of Bonnie's head knowing she was upset with Flynn. Niah wanted to fix it, make everything better again. She rubbed at her temples.

"What happens if we fail to bring in Captain America?" She asked, mostly directing the question at Cass.

Location: Agent 13's apartment

Matt sighed frustration rising in him at Agent 13's response. She was being flippant. Matt wondered how far off Kwassi's assessment was off. She was definitely hiding something. If all else she probably just agreed with Rogers. There might be more there, it wasn't unheard of but was really unprofessional. Matt was going to leave when Kwassi went off about Flynn.

Flynn was difficult to work with, but the guy did a good job. Matt frowned at Kwassi, was he defending Flynn? Agreeing to be against Hill's laws? He admitted to being a vigilante in the past, which was just that - the past. It was like hearing two things from him. He thought Flynn was an idiot but agreed with him. That was an odd combination. Matt agreed Flynn was hot-headed and figured it just came with the territory of being a fire user.

"Thank you for your time." He told Agent 13. The situation needed to be de-escalated before Flynn could kill Kwassi. "How about we discuss your differences on the quinjet and not in the apartment of an undercover agent?" Matt said and started toward the door.

Location: Argo III - Wheelhouse

Andy heard the scuffle and saw nothing on the monitors. She saw that Alannah was working on pulling a spear out of a monster. Had the monster come to them knowing they could help? Was it a nice monster? Andy decided to keep her distance she wasn't the help the monster type of person. Her experience so far had been defend against and fight monsters.

She was worried about Arthur. He had good reason to be sad, but she wanted to make it better. She thought about his birthday that she now knew and how Jason had a birthday close to her paperwork one. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the slightly damaged candle that was there. It had never been lit and was in the shape of the number eight. That had been the night she ran away from the foster home.

It was one of the reasons she hated her birthday. She had had a fight with the foster parents and she had blown up the microwave and several fuses. Her power had been so out of control that in her anger she had almost burned down the house. Andy took a deep breath and put the candle back in her pocket. She went back to watching the monitors.

If everyone on deck was distracted by taking care of the monster there wasn't anyone watching the sky for danger. She could at least help by doing that. If something had attacked the monster it might be still after it, meaning this could be a trap. If something hadn't attacked the monster it meant it was a trap. Andy didn't like the situation one bit.

Location: Camp Jupiter: New Rome, Senate Building

Niah wasn't surprised at how the vote landed but was thankful they had just enough votes from the present senators to move forward with it.
She couldn't dismiss the meeting, but as soon as Nancy did she stood and joined them. They all had separate quarters so they wouldn't be able to walk together long.

"Off to pack then. I'll get my armor." Niah smiled as she mentioned the armor. It had been an accident that they had found it, but she had become fond of it. The armor allowed her to essentially fly. It also was armor that they had found as a group and had gotten them to Mount Rushmore. It had saved so much travel time for them. With six people she doubted they'd be able to pull off the same set up they had for that trip though.

Location: Camp Jupiter: New Rome, Augury
Skills: Psycology

Emily smiled at Marco as he rubbed her hand. She loved those little things. The moments of brushed attention meant more to her than any loving outburst. It was the small acts. The tiny things. Those were like skywriting for her heart. She returned the gesture. But as Marco wrapped his arm around her something seemed off about him. She looked and could see worry and a bit of fear in his features. She couldn't blame him, and though it would make sense for the fear to be about the future Emily knew Marco as well as her own mind. He was remembering the Battle of New York. All the talk of previous prophecies was forcing those memories forward. He had been so young and had no idea who he was then. No one could blame him for the trama or his reaction to it.

She, however, did not pick up on Alexandra's stress. Emily was a kind person, when not provoked, so she said. "Thank you very much for your assistance. I hope you're able to get a good break. Sorry for disturbing you." She didn't want to push for more answers about who was talking with Atlas, but at least they had something.

"We should go pack and prepare to meet the others." She said and with her arm around Marco started out of the Augury and to the barracks. It was nice that all three of them were in the same cohort.

Ed Penior

Location: Xavier's Mansion - The Danger Room
Skills: Thamaturgy: Force

With his spell finished Ed took a deep breath. He nodded to Neil in recognition of the thanks. He felt bad that he hadn't been able to help Banner at all. Especially since his green was showing. They did not need that added to the chaos mixture that Loki had foisted upon them.

Two people had rolled in the time took him to finish his spell, that meant two things they had to deal with. Carolina and Elizabeth had been taken by the board to who knew where. That was worrisome. He racked his brain at what he remembered of the movie, but he had seen in so long ago he wasn't certain much of it was true. The second roll led to more immediate danger.

Ed didn't technically need his staff to channel a force energy blast, but it made aiming simpler. There were some hyenas that were close for comfort, even with the fire that Iris had conjured. Ed took aim and knocked the hyenas back, four of them to be exact. It wasn't perfect, but it at least gave the group a bit more breathing room, which considering the fire was a good thing.

Normally Ed would care about winning, but right now he just wanted the game to end. That would be as good as a win in his opinion. He looked at the board and took a guess of how many rounds they would be at this from how far along the farthest piece was on the board and the average roll of a pair of d6. The best possible outcome would be six rounds total, but that would also be impossible. Dice didn't roll double box cars every time. That also wouldn't save Carolina and Elizabeth. This was not good.

Location: George Washington University -> Transit -> Mutant Underground: the van

"Cops are stupid." Andy agreed, but then the green-haired girl kept talking. She stared at her. Andy had no clue what half the words were. She got that Midgard was apparently some other name for Earth, but the rest was basically gibberish. "You make no sense." She said when the girl finished. "Half those words aren't even real words. No one talks like that."

When they stopped for gas Andy considered getting out of the van. This group of people was strange. She was glad she hadn't though because when Justin Bieber came back out he gave her caffeine, which was one of her favorite things of all time. "As long as you keep supplying caffeine I promise to not call you Justine Bieber anymore." She told him as she cracked the can open and took a long deep drink of the sweet heavenly nectar.

Andy winced when Veil said that someone had died of M-Pox. She had been lucky in not getting sick from the disease, but she had seen it ravage the mutants in DC since her arrival. If she hadn't felt like an outsider in this group it became starker that she was at that moment. She didn't even know the dead guy in the back. The group was mourning for people she didn't know and she felt she didn't belong. Those weren't her dead. She chewed on the Slim Jim.

When the arrived at the lot she got out as quickly as possible and followed whoever was the first into the Mutant Underground. That did not make things any better. There was a girl about her age crying over what looked like the other corpse. Andy wished she could disappear at that moment.

Andy continued up the stairs. She didn't know where it went but it had to be better than being around corpses and crying people.

Time: +6 hrs
Location: Space, a very far way from Earth

Location: Pipe -> Water Processing Room
Skill: N/A

The tall being's head hit the catwalk, but they were able to keep conscious. "Hey!" They shouted and tried to reach for the radio but it was just far enough out of their reach. They did push Zarina off of them just as Tessa stumbled out of the pipe and almost slipped. She grabbed the railing of the catwalk, then also grabbed Vinnie and pulled her so she wasn't so precariously placed.

"What the heck is going on?" Tessa asked. But before anyone could answer she was already putting it all together. She dashed over and grabbed the radio before the alien being thing could. A quick glance told her that this was a different model than the one Zarina and Raynor had but worked on the same principle. That explained why Raynor and the being had been able to communicate.

"You are not supposed to be here. How did you get out?" The being looked upset. Tessa wondered if they were male or female and realized it was too hard to tell. Their voice was soft and deep and their features muted and mixed.

Location: Galley

"If you need some time, take it. It isn't like we are going anywhere." Luke shrugged. Hell if Cal wanted to just get a drink and sit this out he wouldn't blame her. They had been through a lot in the last few hours and it would be unreasonable in his opinion to expect people to be going at 100% "And honestly I'm a bit hungry. Wild what drowning will do to you." He tried to joke and went over to the machine and made himself a sandwich.

He set about trying to make the equipment that Cal recommended and what ended coming out was a disposable camera. He stared at it. How was that supposed to help them? Gordon snorted. Luke shot a glare at him. "Do you want to do this?"

"Yeah I'll give it a go." Gordon typed in some things into the machine and a camera with a long lead to a display came out. It reminded Luke of the cameras that were used for medical procedures. The tape that came out was washi tape. It was Luke's turn to laugh at Gordon.

"I don't think that'll work." Luke took over and this time the tape that came out was some double stick scotch tape. "We might be able to get that to work." He said wincing. Kyle rolled his eyes and from one of the other machines ordered a tea for Cal, and then a cup of water.

"Here, drink this. My mum always made me tea when I was upset." He said shrugging and then spilled the water on the ground. A little bit later a Roomba came out of the cubby and started cleaning up the mess. Kyle picked it up and held it.


There was no response from the radio. Raynor wouldn't know why.

Noah stayed in his little spot staring out into the void of space.

Manny attempted to climb into the pipe. Frustrated that they had no idea what was going on. But he couldn't get into the pipe without potentially hurting himself. "Sophia! What is going on?" He yelled up the pipe, she was the last one visible to him.

Rose Buckner

Location: Camelot

Rose nodded as each person introduced themselves. It wasn't everyone, but she had a better idea of who she was dealing with. And not everyone said who their parents were. That was interesting. She found another thing interesting that the parents were a wide range of fairy tales from old ones to more modern and some were barely tales. Like Goldielocks and her own mother. Heck her mom didn't even have a proper name from the original fairy tale.

She grabbed some clothing that looked like her style and of course something red. She found a tunic that was red. The rest was generic medieval-style clothing, which thankfully she didn't mind. Her leather jacket she folded up and put in her backpack. There was no way she was losing that. When she came back from behind her own bush she asked Merlin, "Is there a way to disguise my backpack. It has a bunch of my stuff in it and I don't want to lose it."

Colby Jackson

Location: Camelot

Colby picked out some clothes. He didn't really care what he wore, but he aimed for something cohesive in appearance. Muted colors that could blend into a crowd or a forest. He was decent at stealth so he wanted to make sure he didn't stand out still. He was not losing his underwater though. So when he changed he kept his boxers on. There was no way he was gonna go commando in scratchy medieval-style.

When Colby came back out from behind the bush he was holding back a laugh. One of the guys in the group had the same name as his cat. He considered making a joke about it, but in the end, decided against it. He figured it might be funnier in the future. Colby looked at Merlin and waited for him to answer Rose's question before asking his own questions. "If King Arthur isn't in town where is he? Are we going to be meeting up with him? Or for that matter any of our parents? Do they know we are coming back? Are they all alive?"

Location: Hotel Valhalla: Feast Hall of the Slain
Skill: Longsword

Dalisy had been doing a good job of keeping her cool. Honestly, it was surprising she had lasted this long without joining a fight or punching someone. The mashed potatoes to the back of the head was the straw that broke her though. She looked at the man who had tossed them. Glaring at him. She was going to kill him. He'd be back by breakfast and if she so desired she could kill him again.

Dalisy leaped over a row of tables, tumbling, but getting back up and made it the rest of the way to the offending Einherjar. "Laugh at this asshole." She said and drew her sword from her back and drove it into his chest. She reached back and wiped the potato off the back of her head and flicked at the dying man. "Would you like to join him?" She asked the friend of the man.

Location: Steve Roger's apartment

Niah shrugged at Bonnie's question about why Captain America would go to Queens. She hadn't picked that up with her psychometry. "Couldn't say. Maybe there is an explanation on his phone when we get that charged up." She wanted to say something about Flynn and make it better. Niah felt guilty as she was the one who had pushed Bonnie to date him again after the timeline had been reset. Had that been a bad choice? But she agreed with Flynn, maybe not his methods, but the sentiment. His outburst hadn't been out of character, she would have been surprised if he hadn't been so dramatic about it.

Niah's hand went up to her neck, she realized again that the necklace she used to take comfort in touching was gone. Her sister was alive. She turned the motion into scratching at her neck. "Well unless you think we will find something else here we should probably get moving to the address in Queens. We shouldn't let him have much more lead time." Niah turned to leave and pulled her glove back onto her hand as she exited the room.

Location: Agent 13's apartment
Skills: Perception

Matt frowned. Wasn't Agent 13 supposed to be monitoring Roger? She seemed reluctant. "Right, so you have no idea where he might have gone?" Matt knew what it meant to be undercover. He had done his fair share of infiltration back in his SBS days. "Do you have any information that would help us?" He bit back a meaner comment.

What was going on with people? It was like everyone had decided to quit but keep pretending to work. At least Matt understood Flynn cause he wore what he was feeling on his sleeve. Her question to Flynn dissipated Matt's frown, but she was deflecting. If Flynn's reputation proceeded him then she might even be intentionally poking the hornet's nest. Hopefully, the rest of the team got something useful from Roger's apartment.
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