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Current I am back! I missed you all! <3 Old friends feel free to PM.
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I am no longer available for roleplays. I am sorry but things in my life have reached a point where I just can't be on here reliably enough. If you have questions please direct them to @kittyluna45
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Kirah is bored right now

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Name - Hannah Haig

Birthdate - 3/3/2001

Gender - Female

Age - 16

Parental involvement - uninvolved


Compass - High nonsense High Virtue

Short history/personality

Hannah's world allowed her to shift between human and creatures. Now that she's back on Earth she can't do that and it frustrates her to no end.

Hannah was missing for 6 years, she did not de-age when she returned. Her parents while happy she was back at first realized she was a very different person than they remembered. Hannah believes if she had to have done 6 years over again she might have been able to deal with her parents, but they have distanced themselves from her completely.

Hannah was kicked out of her world (unnamed as of yet) because her nemesis sent her back. Hannah has been out of her world for 6 months and at the school for 5. She has hope she'll find her door again.

When Hannah left she had gone through a door that had appeared in her closet. When she returned through it she startled the new residents of her old room. She went to the police station and there they discovered she was a missing child. Her parents picked her up and quickly realized her "kidnappers" had really messed her up.

I'll add more later
I won't be making character sheets for the NPC/CC's, but I do want to have a student that isn't canon so I will be making an OC.
Character Sheet Basic Design



Age (12-19)(did you have to re-do puberty)

Parental involvement (did they dump you at the school never wanting to see you again? or are they hoping for their child to return to them as you once were?)

Appearance (did your world change you at all)

Item (did you bring back an item from your world? If so what is it? what does it do? What weakness does it give (i.e., without it you will die) If you are looking for examples of items let me know)


Short history/personality
Here we are.
Alice found Wonderland.
Dorothy was swept away to Oz.
Roland, Helen, Nicholas, and David found Elidor.
Coraline found her other mother.
Wendy, John, and Michael are flown to Neverland by Peter Pan.
Milo drives to the Kingdom of Wisdom through the Phantom Tollbooth.

You found a door. It led you to a world that called out to your heart. You belonged here. You saved the world, or maybe you were destined to save the world. But something happened and you were sent home. Maybe you broke a law of the land or said you needed to say goodbye to your family before staying forever, or maybe you're a political exile, or there was some bad luck and you accidentally stumbled out past a light post. Any reason it is, you are stuck back in the world of your birth until you find your way back home, to your real home. In the meantime you are going to a school specially made just for children like you. The school is run by Elenor West, a woman who looks maybe 70 years old but supposedly is nearly 100 years old. She is just like you, she has a door and is waiting for a time when she can return home.
Excellent I'll set up OOC tonight. :)
For the curious this articleexplains how the worlds fit on a "compass".
Also, I guess for those of you who played Northwood ... it is a similar concept... but the children would be very different from Northwood's confused students who didn't know about their powers at first. Instead of powers all of the children have wandered into a different world from our own (I'll work with everyone about the worlds). And then for some reason have been thrust back into this world. You all want to go back "home", not to the place your parents are, but the place you finally fit.
I'll make it clear knowledge of the book series is not required, but helpful if you want to play a character that has been back in the human world for a while.
Now to just make you read the books. Though I read all three of them in ... two days. So You'll be fine :)

(The first book was a re-read)
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