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Current I am back! I missed you all! <3 Old friends feel free to PM.
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I am no longer available for roleplays. I am sorry but things in my life have reached a point where I just can't be on here reliably enough. If you have questions please direct them to @kittyluna45
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Kirah is bored right now

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"Perfect." Sumi had a huge grin on her face. "Now the perfect quest team." She said tapping her chin. She glanced over the couple of Giselle's with their hands raised and ignored them. It was like a sports event. "All right Astrid, Alexander, Katalina, Hannah, Christopher and Kade." Kade raised an eyebrow his hand wasn't even raised. "What we need 'adult' supervision?" Sumi shrugged. There was a collective groan from every other kid Sumi didn't pick.

Eleanore seemed to be able to sooth all the roughed feathers with a simple wave of her hand. "Very well Sumi. This will be nothing like the trip to save you though. You'll be passing through serious dangerous areas. And the group will be lacking the sugar transport beads you required last time."

"That is true," Sumi said turning around to face Eleanore. "But does the index line even have sugar?"

Kade sighed. "No. We need to go into the in-between to get there." Kade seemed unhappy about the prospect of going to the 'in-between'.

Niah Bautista

Location: Playground
Skills: Psycometry; enhanced hearing

As Abercrombie scanned minds Niah listened to everyone's heartbeat. Nothing alarming caught her attention though. Niah reached out and touched each of the phones. She frowned as Hawkeye announced that Kennedy was the mole. That was disconcerting. She had to make sure. Just in case Kennedy had recruited anyone else into Hydra since Phase Three, as unlikely as that was.

Everyone's phone seemed clean, but she paused on Jim's phone. "Everyone is clear, through this. I just, well, almost everyone." She held up Jim's phone, "I'm not getting enough off this to say you're clear, but if Agent Abercrombie thinks you're clear then you're probably good. I also didn't hear anyone's heart racing during all of that."

A frown flashed across Eleanore's face, but she quickly turned it into a smile. "Those happen, they are called micro-storms, which explains why this one is so intense. Astrid why don't you and Alexander get the younger kids settled." She gently placed her hand on the girl's shoulder. There was a group of five kids that were probably 10 years old up to the oldest of 13 who seemed like she didn't want to be with the group. The younger ones of the group were messing around, one was crying and her tears got more violent as the storm intensified.

Sumi marched up to Eleanore and loudly demanded an explanation. Eleanore surprisingly smiled at Sumi, glanced at Kade and cleared her throat. "I have reason to believe the index line has been misaligned." Sumi's eyes narrowed slightly and then realization crossed her face.

"What can we do?"

"We can hope it fixes itself." Sumi frowned at Eleanore.

"No wonder you can't go home." She turned around and faced the group. "Who wants to go on a quest?" A dozen hands shot up.

"No quests," Eleanore said.

"And what was bringing me back to life?" Sumi asked over her shoulder. She was facing the group so she failed to see Eleanore's smile that beamed proudly down on Sumi and then vanished.

Niah Bautista

Location: Playground
Skills: N/A

Niah's eyes flashed with grief as 'the recovered remains' was mentioned. She was going to remain silent after that, soaking in what was happening and what was being said, but it seemed her words had been taken wrong. "I didn't mean that Hydra didn't know now what our powers were. But that the wouldn't have known before we were changed. Whoever is the mole in the group most likely has been since before Phase Three. It, however, is possible they recruited her before phase three and got lucky with what her powers ended up being. I just don't see that as the most likely thing to have happened. That does, however, mean that someone connected with Phase Three is a mole. Heck for all we know it could be one of the doctors." Hawkeye left the room, as did Agent Chase and Reed.

She turned to Agent Abercombie. "Scan my thoughts, clear me, and let's get through this as quickly as possible so we can take these assholes down." Only Maria would know Niah well enough to know she didn't cuss often, anyone else who would have known was dead. She was clearly pissed, irritated and frustrated. Though considering Maria's current mood she might not even catch the anger in Niah's voice. Then another thought came to Niah, could she use her psychometry to see if anyone in the group had been contacting people.

"Also everyone's cell phones on the table. I have an idea." She pulled off her gloves, they were short gloves. Short enough that her sleeve had been pulled up to expose just enough skin that she had gotten visions from Sami. Visions she still needed to talk about, and considering the current conversation, she wasn't comfortable talking about it with anyone.
Sumi & Hannah

"She said we were if the power went out," Hannah said, still laying on the floor. There was a thunder crash and the lights flickered and then went out. Hannah let out a huge groan, stood up and went into the small bathroom they shared with the girls in the next room. She washed her face and looked at Sumi. "There am I presentable?" Sumi nodded, took the candle that had been given to them, lit it, and went to the dining area with Hannah.


She had just stepped back into the house from the lake and telling Cora to come back inside, seriously why did that girl think it was a good idea to swim during a lightning storm. Elenore shook her head, as the lights went out. Cora, soaking wet apologized and dashed upstairs to change. "Meet back at the dining room Cora." She smiled at the girl and went to the dining room to check on how preparations were going.

Niah Bautista

Location: Playground
Skills: N/A

Niah didn't bother with the pomp and circumstance of pretending to eat. She didn't have a plate in front of her. She had taken a look at the wings and quickly decided her body wasn't going to appreciate food at that moment. Niah had however found a blanket and was wrapped up under it and had her legs curled up against her so she could rest her chin on her knees. She agreed with most of the points being made. Especially the parts about hitting Creed Financial. She was pissed at that woman for killing her friend, and it was possible that Sami's uncle was actually there. Between that and curiosity about why Fury would order Sami to kill von Bardas.

"It is unlikely Agent Abercombie is a Hydra agent. If she was they would have recruited her before she was changed and wouldn't have known what her powers would have manifested as. Since then we have had little contact with people outside our group." Just enough that Sami had heard from his uncle and been told to call his mom. Something Niah planned to follow through on. "However, if you think a second person assisting would be a good idea I volunteer. I can listen for changes in heart rate." It wasn't perfect against a trained lier but it would be an added layer, and whoever had been the mole was directly responsible for Sami's death. It was the first time she could honestly react to the death of one of her friends.

"Jack's favorite type of weather." Christopher nodded and led Alexander down and opened a closet door under the stairs. There were shelves of candles, and a box labeled 'Wolcott'. Christopher pulled out the boxes of various candles, handing two boxes to Alexander, a pack of strike anywhere matches, and plastic propane lighter. "I'll take the even floors you take the odd. Meet back in the dining room?"

Sumi and Hannah

Sumi nodded. "Yeah I just, I'll get her to put it together enough. The Giselle's would tear her apart in this state." Sumi rolled her eyes. It wasn't the first time Sumi had used the term "Giselle" before so most of the students would know it was her way to make fun of the super happy girls from rainbow worlds. Angela is the main antagonist in that group (since she literally had run on rainbows in her world). "Elenore is nuts trying to get all of us together for a sleepover." She shook her head and stepped back into the room.

Hannah's sobbing had reduced from hysterical to mild. "Chill." Sumi said throwing a stuffed toy at Hannah's head. Hannah glared at Sumi.

"You know you're going home." Hannah spat at her roommate.

"So?" Sumi shrugged. "I don't know when I'm going home."

"Yeah and I know I never can go home. Stupid girl has the chance to go home and she's being dumb about it." This time Sumi kicked her in the side.

"Stop moping. We are all meeting in the dining room, wash your face and let's go down." Sumi told her. It seemed like she was not caring what Hannah was going through, but she knew the extrovert girl needed to be around people to get over her pity party.


Elenore found the source of the crash. A statue, mostly there for families coming to visit, was shattered on the ground. She searched the debris and couldn't find the top half of the bust. From there Elenore went out to the pond to collect Cora.

Niah Bautista

Location: Outside
Skills: N/A

Niah had a lot to unpack mentally from what she had seen when she had brushed Sami with her bare skin, something she was going to have to be a bit more careful about. It was an intense experience and the first time it had happened without her intending to trigger it. She looked at Hawkeye and then at Agent Abercrombie. People were dead, or unaccounted for. And more terrifying some were in the Quantum Realm. She had heard of that, but it wasn't her area of expertise so she hadn't gone out of her way to learn more about it. She felt useless.

"I couldn't bring both of them. Agent Abercrombie, later I need to speak with you about something I saw." Niah looked at Sami's body and just couldn't summon any more energy to get him into the vehicle. "Can someone help please?" Once he was secured she got into the vehicle as well. She took in the faces around her knowing some, or at least the names attached with them, and others she had no clue. That was for later she decided and curled her legs up so she could rest her chin on them.

Location: Dining Pavilion
Interacting with: Marco and Anyone in the dining Pavilion that would wave back to her (looking at you Brynn)

Emily nodded along with Marco as he talked to his brother. She agreed with Marco. The kid might not feel like he was hurt, but it was possible some internal thing had been damaged. "Love you too." She whispered back when he kissed her cheek. She definitely wished he was kissing her mouth, but that would be inappropriate at this time. Mostly she was just happy he was here. She had missed him over the last few months.

"Yeah and we're gonna destroy you guys." She grinned at Eva as she watched Marco walk away for a moment, enjoying the view before she ran off to the dining pavilion.

Emily was a little startled by the crowd, she waited to grab bacon and bagels until most of the crowd dispersed on purpose. She shook her head amazed but grabbed food for her and Marco real quick. She saw Brynn and had to double take. Brynn was blonde! "Nice hair! I love it." She grinned at her friend. Emily wrapped up Marco's share of food and put it in her pocket. Then started her apple with a quick wave at her friends. She needed to get Marco's food to him so she could get her cabin started on their KP for the day, then over to the training field. They also had a round on the climbing wall, but that was after lunch, but before CTF.

Niah Bautista

Location: Castle Level 1 Master Suite -> Outside
Skills: N/A

Niah took her hand's friend to stand and nodded at her. "I can't leave him. Them." But Maria was already gone. She looked between the two corpses.

Niah was stunned, but she could put the pieces together. Sami had been upset the last couple of days, this explained that. She hadn't pushed because she couldn't handle his emotions on top of what she was dealing with. And now everything was worse. Luminous was gone now too so she couldn't even take it out on her. Not that she had any ICER bullets left so it didn't matter.

But Agent Abercrombie was yelling at them to evacuate. She wasn't going to leave them behind. There was no way she could get both Sami and Lee out. She felt bad, as little as she had known Lee he had seem nice. She owed Sami though. Niah grabbed him by the collar and dragged him out of the castle. Her head was spinning when she finally stopped.
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