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Current I am back! I missed you all! <3 Old friends feel free to PM.
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I am no longer available for roleplays. I am sorry but things in my life have reached a point where I just can't be on here reliably enough. If you have questions please direct them to @kittyluna45
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Kirah is bored right now

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Location: Outside The Cafe/Walking home
Interacting with: N/A

Heather was tired. The day had been a long one between getting home from her travels and then the sudden shift at the cafe she was ready to sleep. Though she had a dreading feeling that sleep would not be kind to her. As she walked tears welled up in her eyes. Often she would call her mom while walking home from work and it was pressing down on her that this was not an option anymore. She was tempted to give Olivia a call, but it didn't feel right.
It had to be Karilis that had gotten the pair of them flagged for (Gwyn wouldn't call this arrest as much as it felt like) arrest. The two of them hadn't been traveling together long. There was little trust shared between them, though something resembling respect had started to grow. Karilis meant potential trouble. Though, Gwyn was confident her secret was safe especially this far from the Islands where she had exalted.

She clutched her sketchbook tightly; it was the dirty, dingy one she wrote and drew in first before transferring it to the oilskin-wrapped book. That was the only sign she was freaking out. Sven knew though and moved slightly, putting his head near an opening in her clothing if he were needed he'd be ready to strike.

The regal woman's eyes paused on one of the others that had been brought up. There was something uncomfortably familiar about her. Gwyn couldn't quite put her finger on it at first. She was pale and had red hair, much like her travel partner. Were they related? She'd get back to that thought.

Her focus darted over the others. A literal green haired man with.... prehensile feet. She had seen weirder in the caves, but it was one of the stranger things she had seen in the last couple of months of heavy travel.

There were two children, boys, couldn't be older than 16, an old man and someone who looked stoned out of their mind. Why had this group been gathered? Both the non-Karilis red-haired woman and the monkey man asked the regal woman that question. No point in asking it as well. If the woman wouldn't respond to them, she wasn't going to answer Gwyn.

In response to her question posed to the group, Gwyn lifted her sketchbook. That sketchbook had gotten her places before, nothing forbidden, but it had always been a conversation opener. She would have to explain it better if the woman wanted, but it was her way of saying I'm here for business certainly not for whatever things you consider pleasure.
@Siaya Dragalorn@kittyluna45@Saltwater Thief@Feisty-Pants
I will try to get everyone together soon. I figure at least for lunch, then after lunch Lundy Kade will take all the "first" day students into the therapy room and have a chat with you guys with lots of chalkboards.

SIDENOTE TO Siaya: Would you like to start a doc real quick so I can have Elenore chat with Ryker's parents?
@Saltwater Thief@Siaya Dragalorn *cough* anyday *cough*

Location: The Cafe
Interacting with: Manager

Heather gave a small wave goodbye to Abe and Kosora as they left. "Oh, thank you. I'll clear my tables and leave then. Thank you for the shift. I think it helped more than I thought it would. But I want to stay home tomorrow. I have some laundry and stuff to do. I haven't unpacked yet even." Heather did just that. She cleared the two tables that patrons had vacated and took them into the kitchen. Heather clocked out, said goodbye and started to leave the cafe, maybe 5 minutes behind Abe and Kosora.

Location: The Cafe
Interacting with: Customers, Kosara @rivaan & Abraham @Nallore

"Thank you very much," Heather said pocketing the tip. She appreciated his words of comfort more than the tip, but it would help pay a bill she might not have been able to otherwise. Heather went back to the other customers. When she got a break, she made herself a cup of tea, a calming one with Chamomile. It did help being at work she paid more attention to getting things done than to what her heart ached over.

She realized as she sipped her tea that that was what the Walker family must be going through as well. Heather felt a need to do something for them, but the best she could do was make food or tea. Maybe if they needed someone to pull weeds, she could help them in that sort of way. Heather decided that tomorrow she would go to the b&b and offer her help.
@Siaya Dragalorn
Easy question first: headers don't matter for single characters. I have npcs to worry over so that's why I will use them.

Alex is with her on the porch. So yeah react appropriately. So didn't catch that. Of if we want we can have saltwater bring him out behind Eleanor at this time so your next post they would react to him.

Also omg my phone hates this website. It doesn't matter how slow I type it will change words and sometimes downright delete them. So sorry for any errors in this post
I'll move Gwyn over to CS page if you want then. @sola
Post is up. I had it written up yesterday and fell asleep before posting it.
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