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Isami quietly drummed his fingers on a travel mug of tea in front of his hands as he watched his classmates steel themselves for their dive into the woods. He gave a smile as Tsukino quickly asserted herself as the defacto team leader, her boistrous and excitable personality standing in start contrast to Isami's currently reserved self. He breathed in the crisp midnight air, and glanced around the group. Out of everyone, he was well aware of the fact that he was the last person people would expect to be here, and honestly, he himself wasn't sure why he made himself join these guys. While he didn't especially believe in ghosts or spirits, at least in regards to ones that directly intervene in human life, the woods at night were nevertheless dangerous. It was a risk for him to be here, but some part of him couldn't let him end this chapter of his life without some kind of adventure. Every story needs and ending, and he may as well make this one a damn good one.

Isami's gave trailed on Kiyabu, and he pursed his lips. While he didn't dislike the boy, he seemed to stand as a foil to Isami in many regards. Isami figured that, should anything happen on this little excursion of theirs, good or bad, it was be somehow consequential of Kiyabu's actions. From what he could tell, he was one to act first, and ask questions later, and that mentality did hit a worrying chord in Isami. It meant that Kiyabu would be a wildcard, that he could cause an eventuality that he could not hope to plan for.

"So...we've got break coming up. Any plans?"

Isami took a sip of his tea, and let the smooth, dark flavors wash down his throat as he listened to everybody's answers, "Finalize my college plans, and I've been working my way through Shakespeare's Sonnets, so maybe finish off memorizing those." Isami said absently, as they began to creep into the tortuous paths of the Forest of Silence, "What about you Masami-san? How do you plan on spending your break?" He asked in a light, polite tone. Isami bent down the pool of water as they passed it, and gently tapped his finger on the surface, enjoying the small ripple across their reflections. "It's nice out here at night, people shouldn't be so scared of it..." He mused.
Yup! I was actually gonna write up tonight. Sorry for the delay.
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Isami Hironaka, 17 years old


Analytical, polite, quiet, and overly cautious.


Chess, violin, and memorizing poetry


Isami plans on moving on to college following the end of school, and is planning on majoring in mathematics. He managed to have top marks all through school, so it was always apparent to him that he’d be continuing his education after high school. He’s been considering these plans for a while now, and found that he did well enough in his mathematics classes, and enjoyed them enough that he wouldn’t mind doing it for the rest of his life. Though he’s confident he’d be happy enough doing this, it isn’t scintillating to him in the way that he would prefer. He really can’t put a finger on anything that he’d both be passionate about, and would worthwhile to devote his life to. More than anything, he wants to find something to satisfy this niche for him. He doesn’t want to settle, but with the clock running out on when he needs to make a final choice, it’s becoming increasingly apparent to him that he may have to. For the first time in his life, he’s wrought with total indecision, and wishes he could just do something that would lead him to living a productive and happy life.


His biggest fear would be of slipping away into nothing. He wants his existence to matter, and the crippling realization that he could mean very little in the grand scheme of things is gut wrenchingly horrifying to him. This drives him to push himself, and have a very low tolerance for his own failure. Upon returning to the world, Isami will be particularly skilled in spirit adaption, with the ability to create orbs of spirit energy around his body in a five foot radius, which can be moved freely in that area, or launched out of it towards targets. Isami will also be proficient in spirit strength, but lacking in spiritual awareness.
Thank you so much for accepting me, I can't wait to start.
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Lore question, are the events of Yu Yu Hakusho canon to the RP?
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