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Character Summary

Name: Call me Natsu.
Aliases: There are those that call me Roger. It's not my real name buuuut...
Age: 19
Birthday: 29th of April.
Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Location: Western New York.
Gender: Non-binary, male pronouns.
Major/Minor: Software Engineering.
Occupation: Student, Upcoming Google Intern this Summer.
Languages: English, C, Java, Ruby, Python, HTML, CSS.
Current Bio Theme: I'm a sucker for FFX.
Years Rping: At least 7, mostly not here though.
Preferred Rp Section: Casual for sure.
Rp Level: Casual to High Casual.
Dedication Level: Pretty high, I like to think.
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: Oh god world building without GM permission. Moderate grammar errors I can take, but I'll lynch you if you overstep your bounds.


Height: 5"11'
Weight: 270 pounds
Build: I have a bit of a stomach bulge, but besides that pretty even everywhere else.
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Skin Tone: Kinda just pale?
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: Hahahahaha No
Personal Style: Whatever I pull out of my drawer in the morning, irrespective of temperature. I don't feel cold or get hot in the same way you do, so I can dress however I like year round.


Logical * Cold * Intelligent * Obsessive * Protective * Defensive

Sexuality: Asexual
Relationship Status: Single
Personality: Oh god um shit. Well.
Hi there, I'm an asshole. Gonna put That one up front. I'm also a nerd, and sadly those thing can go hand in hand a lot of the time. I often say things i don't mean, especially around those who know me well, so if you've just met me and I'm nice, give me like... a month. I say mean things, probably as some kind of defense mechanism to stop me from getting close to people. I try to fight it, but it's there. I promise I rarely mean to hurt you, and if I do, let me know. Please. Outside of warnings though, I'd say I'm a pretty decent human most of the time. I have some necessary struggles with morality that are interesting. Now don't worry, I'm not a murderer, but I think a lot about the nature of right and wrong, to the point of infuriating those around me. I don't like to take things at face value, so I may openly question the nature of the morality of murder in front of you, and work through logical implications of different stances. My current state on most moral beliefs is not knowing, in fact. Subjective morality to me is pretty obvious, I think killing and stealing and torture are all things I don't wanna do, but that all stems from me not wanting to go to jail/ not wanting to hurt people. Whether or not there's some ultimate morality that's true independent of me, is what I want to know more about.

Outside of internally and externally debating the nature of the universe, I also spend a lot of time doing homework because hahahahahaha STEM majors. I can get into the "I have more homework than you" game. Watching my engineering friends die doing Thermo is almost painful. A lot of my not RPing free time is spent up either on games, programming, or math. Yes I'm one of those weird fuckers who likes math. Some might think this weird, but honestly until you see the beauty of complex exponentiation, or modern number theory, you just don't understand man. Look into it, I promise you'll cry when you see the light. Besides that, I cook a lot when i can, I live in dorms now but you should see what I can do with a gas stove and a knife. If I have an art, it's food.
Habits: I don't drink water from the tap. Ever. I don't care if it's cold or not, I'm going out in shorts and you can't stop me.
Hobbies: Cooking, Programming, Overwatch, Magic the Gathering, Math, Rubik's Cubes, DnD.
Fears: Being left Vulnerable, Failure.
Likes: Fluffy animals, When the dice favor me, Games, Scaly animals, Math.
Dislikes: Sad doggos, when the dice hate me, outside, cruelty.

Cards On The Table

Rp's Currently Gming: None
Rp's Currently Enjoying: Breakfast University of Magic, Darker than Black, Our Game.
Other Places Of Interest: I used to bounce around on the Nerdfighteria Vanilla Forums and it's various predecessors.
Favorite Posts: Still the best thing on the guild.


What Brings You To Role Player Guild: The death of my first Roleplay Site
Life Before You Came To Role Player Guild: Oh Jesus. So there was this site, orignally known as Your Pants. It was wonderful, and any Nerdfighters probably know what I'm talking about. My first Roleplay's were on that site, and I was S H I T. The worst you could imagine. Oh god part of me is glad that the old site is buried and lost to time, in a data shredded pile that can't ever be recovered (STAY AWAY FROM THE WAYBACK MACHINE IF YOU LOVE ME). Any way, that site when through a couple iterations, from site death to revival to death to revival. The people rotated and left and returned until one day, we all were gone. I found the site somewhere between my departure and the overall death of that site's RP section. Good friends were made, lost and died there.
Life Since You Came To Role Player Guild: Bit less Nostalgic and more cheery for this part then. Guild's been nice, and I've been on and off as life got harder or easier at different points, but I think I've stabilized on something good where I am now.


Quotes or Sayings: "What do you mean I can only have 7 shots of Espresso?"
Theme Song: I'm a sucker for jazzed up versions of childhood songs.
Advice To The World:
Anything Else: I think people shoot for happiness, and while that's good, I don't think you should ever achieve it. You need to keep upping your standards, and never become complacent.

Most Recent Posts

Miss Creme
Location: Music Room - Entrance
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 3

Creme watched in a bit of surprise as Envy walked away without even addressing her. She'd understand if she were to decline her offer, but to leave without a word was almost absurd to her. She almost thought she might've offended her somehow, but she couldn't but a finger on what she possibly could've said that would provoke that kind of reaction. She stood there, visibly confused for a moment, processing, this course of events, only for her to be rocked out of her stupor as she saw Envy get smacked in the face by a large bird. This was especially unexpected, given that they were, of course, indoors.

She weighed her options for a moment, not wanting to subject herself to the people in that room, but at the same time, she didn't want to leave Madam Envy on her own after what just happened. Siding wither her better self, and worse judgement, she followed after Envy, and a scream escaped her lips at the sight of Mauve with a bloody dagger in hand, and Rave on the ground, trying to clean up a bloody wound with a handkerchief. She stood there, her hands over her mouth, and tears starting to well up in her eyes. She could feel her body shaking at the horror that was this sight. She couldn't bring herself to words, and could only stand in abject terror as fear for what was in front of her took her over.

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location: Ville au Camp (Main House) - Carnival Setup
Skills: Healing

Bart nodded at The Hat's command, and knelt down next to Jonesy, "Let me take a look." He said, inspecting his leg. He still didn't like gore or blood at all, and his head was dizzy at the sight, but he had a job to do, and if he did it right, it'd be gone soon. Laying his hands on the wound, he felt that familiar tingle in the back of his mind as the wound started to stitch itself back together. It was slow at first, and Bart just sat there, trying to focus his eyes on anything other than the gash into her leg. He quietly said, "Shouldn't be long now, just hold still for me, okay?" The tingle in the back of his mind started to die off as the leg finally finished healing, leaving only a small scar on the leg.

"There we go." He said, finally taking his hands off the man, and turning to face Ben. "And I'm Bartholomew Rosecliff, MD." He said jokingly with a smile. Seeing that things had calmed down, he snapped his fingers and said, "Oh!" and reached into his pockets, pulling out the wooden pegs. "I almost forgot, right before the wheel came down, I found these on the ground." He explained. "Do you recognize them?" He asked. If he had to guess, these were part of whatever was supposed to hold the wheel together, but that didn't sound right to him, wooden pegs holding together a massive Ferris Wheel like that. It was probably nothing, but it would be remiss of him not to ask anything, given the circumstances.

Adalene Jones

Location: New York, New York
Interacting With: Emmie Adams
Abilities being used: N/A

Adalene pursed her lips as she thought. Honestly, she wasn't even sure what they might have in common. Given what she knew about Emmie, Adalene assumed she hadn't much time for leisure, or access to it in the first place. "Um..." Adalene said, trying desperately to come up with something so they wouldn't be sitting in awkward silence. "Well what kind of stuff do you like to do for fun? Do you ever wanna get out of New York?" That seemed like a good enough place to start. It looked like it was time to get used to get to know her new roommate. She didn't want to hamper on too much about powers or stealing things, she wanted to actually be friends with Emmie.

Adalene smiled at the Waitress, and quickly thanked her, as she turned to pour over her menu. She'd be fine with something light, throwing up didn't put her in the mood to eat too much. An ice cold coke and nachos sounded great to her, and her wallet, right about now. She closed the menu, and picked up her drink with one hand, leaning back in her chair, and taking a slow sip, as she met Emmie's eyes, waiting for a response before saying anything else. She swallowed and smiled, glad to have the taste of vomit flushed out of her mouth completely.
Arthur Stanford

Arthur followed quickly after Ash, a bit of swagger in his step as he walked. This was going to be fun, he hadn't played with his sister in awhile, and this was sure to help him blow off some steam. It did say something about the Hades kids, that instead of getting up and getting some breakfast, they decided to have at each other first thing in the morning. A little bit of sparing never hurt anybody, but sometimes it seemed like the two of them were too ready to have a go at each other. Arthur wouldn't have it any other way though, it helped stop conflicts from happening between them. Working through your emotions by mercilessly beating up your friends was a surprisingly effective coping mechanism, you couldn't rightly be angry with somebody after knocking them flat on their butt.

As they came upon the training arena, He saw the Ares and Athena kids sparing. That was sure to be an interesting fight, the two aspects of war colliding. He gave a polite nod and said, "Likewise." Since he wasn't in the mood to horribly deform his step-sister's, he also grabbed a practice sword, testing it's balance in his dominant hand. He much preferred fighting at range, but he wasn't about to start throwing knives in a sparing match. Grabbing a medium shield, he turned back to face Ash, "Always Athanasia, I hope you are as well." He said with a small smirk. He squared up in front of her, sword and shield brandished, and closed the distance between the two of them, sparing now time to hit her right in the chest, knocking her to the ground. "Guess not." He said in a playful tone, holding himself steady in case she might want to knock him off his feet in kind. "Still a little sleepy, sister?"
Miss Creme
Location: Breakfast Room
Skills: Persuasion
Hit Points: 3

Creme gave a look of careful consideration. She didn't want to let on too much about herself, "I've been at a few parties, but the scene isn't quite my cup of tea." She explained, not wanting to share any more than that. She didn't know how much she was supposed to keep secret about herself, but the more she could, the better she'd feel. She made a mental note of Envy's own response, thinking of different things she might be in her day to day life. The Madam was certainly fond of talking about herself, and Creme was happy to let her, loving to hear about the lives of others. Her eyes raised a bit at Envy's answer to Creme's other question. That was a lot darker of an answer than she'd expected.

Her face fell at Envy's suggestion of going back to the music room. She pursed her lips, and said, "I... I suppose I would go if you did, but I'd much prefer to go... anywhere else." She said. While she'd love to hear the quartet's show, she didn't want to be around either Plum or Mauve, and certainly not together. She didn't want to say this out loud, for fear of sounding rude or causing some kind of trouble. Neither of these people had done anything to her, so it wasn't right for her to call them out, but that didn't mean she had to go out of her way to spend time with them. "Would you want to um... see the rest of the estate with me instead?" She asked hopefully. She wasn't going to be exploring this place alone for sure, not with the some person who ought not be here running around.

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location: Ville au Camp (Main House) - Carnival Setup
Skills: N/A

As the wheel began to come down, Bartholomew started to back track away from it, giving some space. He wouldn't be able to heal anybody if he were a splattered mess on the ground. He did, however, pause in awe as the wheel froze in midair, and the people on top were safely moved to the ground below, albeit a bit unceremonious. Completely clearing out of the way, he kept his eyes locked on the three that'd had'd been place on the ground, making sure no debris from the fallen wheel injured any of them. Once the danger passed, and the wheel had crumpled in on itself, seeming to avoid hurting anybody on the way down. He hurried over to the three on the ground, and looked at all of them. "Is everybody alright?" He asked, looking over all of them.

His eyes lingered on Ben for a moment. He'd never seen anybody climb like that before, and given what just happened, he wouldn't be surprised if there were something odd about this group. He hadn't had time to think about it, but the fact that people were here in the first place didn't seem to make any sense. As far as he understood the timeloop, new things like this really shouldn't happen. Unless Eve had been gone making new paradoxes, and this was a new batch, he didn't understand how they could be here in the first place. "Sorry to be rude but... who are you people?" He asked, a tone of surprise in his voice as he tried to work out what could possibly be going on. He tacked on at the end, "My name's Bartholomew." He said slowly.

Adalene Jones

Location: New York, New York
Interacting With: Emmie Adams
Abilities being used: N/A

Adalene pursed her lips for a moment, guilty at making Emmie say that. She was happy that Emily was willing to start putting up some money for them both, but she felt gross about having it come out like that. She followed after the waitress, and slid into the booth, sitting near the window, across from Emily. She smiled at Emmie and thought for a moment. Helping her get a job would eat up a bit of time, but it'd be worth it in the end. "I can try to lend a hand. Yeah." She said. Given what she knew about Emmie, it wouldn't surprise her if she'd have a pretty hard time finding one on her own.

As the waitress came back, she nodded at her waitress and said, "If I could get an order of nachos, and a coke, I'd appreciate that." She said, and turned to Emmie, waiting for her to order. She thought about job options for Emmie, and frowned. If she had to guess, she probably didn't have a copy of her birth certificate, or know her Social, and that'd mean they'd either need to find a way to get their hand son them, or she'd need to be working under that table, which would limit the jobs she could do considerably.
Miss Creme
Location: Breakfast Room
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 3

Miss Creme though for a moment, and then carefully said, "I don't know if I'd say that." She told her. She knew not to share much about who she was, so she thought it safest to hold onto that herself. She did like Envy though, so she didn't mind her inquiry. She was sure it was just out of kindness, to want to get to know Creme. She responded, thus, in kind with a "How about you?" She didn't know how Envy would respond, but she hoped she wouldn't mind her asking. Creme was still waiting for Blush to return, any was starting to get worried. She didn't know the woman too well, but she still wished for her to be well. With the theme of the night, she didn't know how safe any of them were.

As Penance and Tack made their way in, she did make her way closer to Envy, freeing up space in the room for the two of them. She didn't say anything, as they didn't seem very interested in the two of them. Instead, she simply continued talking with Envy, in truth being a little put off by the type of people who would march into a room and go straight for the bottle. She cleared her throat quietly, and continued to say. "What are you planning on doing thew rest of the night?" She asked, keeping her voice low as to not disturb the new couple in the room.

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location: Ville au Camp (Main House) - Front Porch ⇢ Carnival Setup

Screaming ripped through the air, and Bart started to follow off after Alexandra, before stumbling for a second. He was tempted to "go find an adult." As it'd been put to him earlier today. However, this apprehension was quickly assuaged as Gil yelled after him. Jumping back into action, he found himself hurrying after him. He got The Hat's meaning, screams could mean danger, and danger could mean injury, and Bartholomew Rosecliff has magic hands. "Gotcha Gil." He said, finding himself soon not far behind Faith. His eyes were drawn upwards to Colossus, and it was as if his brain shorted out for a second. This was new for sure, and he had no idea what was going on to have caused the situation in front of him.

Seeing nobody was immediately injured, he stepped out of the way. There were people better suited to mitigating the damage that could occur here, he needed to stay out of the way and be ready to take orders. He took a quick look around on the ground before him, and saw a collection of broken wooden pegs. Keeping his eyes on Jonesey, he bet down, and picked up one of the pegs, planning on investigating once this situation passed. For now, however, he prepared himself for Jonesay's fall. If they couldn't help him, Bart wanted to be ready to rush in and hopefully stabilize them. He didn't think they would die instantly from that height, but he was sure it wouldn't be fun. Bart's face contorted into a frown, and he took a few steps closer to be adjacent to where Jonesey would fall if they couldn't rescue him, wanting to be able to help as soon as possible.

Adalene Jones

Location: New York, New York
Interacting With: Emmie Adams
Abilities being used: N/A

Adalene laughed a bit at the idea of this somehow being magical, "I mean we can't really know can we?" She asked, stepping inside the restaurant. For all they knew, magic was real and they were some kind of new breed of wizards. They were really just children bumbling around in the dark, and no matter what they speculated, without some type of way to either study themselves, or somebody to explain to them what was going on, it would all be practically baseless. There was no way to rule out anything. She was surprised Emmie would be so quickly dismissive, given the astounding abilities she herself possessed.

Once in the restaurant, she quietly said to Emmie, "I should be able to cover you, this time." She didn't want to keep paying for Emmie forever, but as long as she still had questions, she didn't want Emmie to run off. She knew she didn't have any answers, but she figured that there being two of them doubled the chances of them getting some kind of answers. Maybe the math didn't work out that way, either way, she wanted to stay ahead of this. Knowledge was power, and she planned on dominating.
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