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First draft, tear it apart.
I'll format it a bit probably, once it's accepted.

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I'm on the road all day today, as such, I'll try to write it while I'm in the car and post as soon as I get home.
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Would it break your game for my character's power to be seeing the future?
In Our Game 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Interested, mind if I make a sheet?
The match is with Morholt, I believe
@TheHangedMan What kinda time are we looking at for your next post? Who're we waiting on?
Aaand Melody is staying to help Hilda once she's been brutally maimed.
Melody winced as she stumbled to her feet, Luna being nice enough to return her to reality. She watched on at the ensuing chaos, between Alex's summon suffering heavy damage, and all the fighting going on, she was relieved when the enforcers finally came to stop this. She was shocked then when Morholt managed to intimidate even them. She closed her eyes and was about to try to put an end to this when Morholt actually issued a duel to a girl. She breathed a heavy sigh and dropped her aura, knowing she couldn't interfere anymore. "You really don't have to do this you know..." She said to both of them, mostly the girl though. She hated being forced to watch people struggling, unable to help.

The overall energy of the room had dropped considerably from when the night began. Even if she were to try to fight, or interfere in any way, she'd be just as strong as the average human, and wouldn't be much use. She put a considerable distance between her and the imminent fight. She would at least sit this out, and make sure to be there for the girl if the fight goes as she imagined it would. She hadn't thought she'd be spending her first night back playing nurse, but if that's how it was going to have to be, so it was. She looked back at Luna and company, realizing that Luna still had her jacket, meaning she'd have to track her down later.

Even though she was always tried to be optimistic, she also wasn't that delusional. She'd heard tales of Morholt's opponents, and it never ended well for them. Melody wasn't even convinced she could stop Morholt one on one. Not that she was the most powerful witch, but she always figured if she had to fight, being able to thoroughly calm down her opponent could at get them to surrender, or make them unwilling enough to fight to the point of it being trivial to beat them. But between Morholt's strength and his apparent unending amounts of rage, it made for a deadly combination that might only be defeatable through brute force. She took a seat at a table, and turned it to face the fight, not expecting this to take too long.

@TheHangedMan@Jay Kalton
And what about interference? Would Melody be under obligation to drop her aura/leave the fight be?
Yo, what are the exact rules of a duel?
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