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Character Summary

Name: Call me Natsu.
Aliases: There are those that call me Roger. It's not my real name buuuut...
Age: 19
Birthday: 29th of April.
Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Location: Western New York.
Gender: Non-binary, male pronouns.
Major/Minor: Software Engineering.
Occupation: Student, Upcoming Google Intern this Summer.
Languages: English, C, Java, Ruby, Python, HTML, CSS.
Current Bio Theme: I'm a sucker for FFX.
Years Rping: At least 7, mostly not here though.
Preferred Rp Section: Casual for sure.
Rp Level: Casual to High Casual.
Dedication Level: Pretty high, I like to think.
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: Oh god world building without GM permission. Moderate grammar errors I can take, but I'll lynch you if you overstep your bounds.


Height: 5"11'
Weight: 270 pounds
Build: I have a bit of a stomach bulge, but besides that pretty even everywhere else.
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Skin Tone: Kinda just pale?
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: Hahahahaha No
Personal Style: Whatever I pull out of my drawer in the morning, irrespective of temperature. I don't feel cold or get hot in the same way you do, so I can dress however I like year round.


Logical * Cold * Intelligent * Obsessive * Protective * Defensive

Sexuality: Asexual
Relationship Status: Single
Personality: Oh god um shit. Well.
Hi there, I'm an asshole. Gonna put That one up front. I'm also a nerd, and sadly those thing can go hand in hand a lot of the time. I often say things i don't mean, especially around those who know me well, so if you've just met me and I'm nice, give me like... a month. I say mean things, probably as some kind of defense mechanism to stop me from getting close to people. I try to fight it, but it's there. I promise I rarely mean to hurt you, and if I do, let me know. Please. Outside of warnings though, I'd say I'm a pretty decent human most of the time. I have some necessary struggles with morality that are interesting. Now don't worry, I'm not a murderer, but I think a lot about the nature of right and wrong, to the point of infuriating those around me. I don't like to take things at face value, so I may openly question the nature of the morality of murder in front of you, and work through logical implications of different stances. My current state on most moral beliefs is not knowing, in fact. Subjective morality to me is pretty obvious, I think killing and stealing and torture are all things I don't wanna do, but that all stems from me not wanting to go to jail/ not wanting to hurt people. Whether or not there's some ultimate morality that's true independent of me, is what I want to know more about.

Outside of internally and externally debating the nature of the universe, I also spend a lot of time doing homework because hahahahahaha STEM majors. I can get into the "I have more homework than you" game. Watching my engineering friends die doing Thermo is almost painful. A lot of my not RPing free time is spent up either on games, programming, or math. Yes I'm one of those weird fuckers who likes math. Some might think this weird, but honestly until you see the beauty of complex exponentiation, or modern number theory, you just don't understand man. Look into it, I promise you'll cry when you see the light. Besides that, I cook a lot when i can, I live in dorms now but you should see what I can do with a gas stove and a knife. If I have an art, it's food.
Habits: I don't drink water from the tap. Ever. I don't care if it's cold or not, I'm going out in shorts and you can't stop me.
Hobbies: Cooking, Programming, Overwatch, Magic the Gathering, Math, Rubik's Cubes, DnD.
Fears: Being left Vulnerable, Failure.
Likes: Fluffy animals, When the dice favor me, Games, Scaly animals, Math.
Dislikes: Sad doggos, when the dice hate me, outside, cruelty.

Cards On The Table

Rp's Currently Gming: None
Rp's Currently Enjoying: Breakfast University of Magic, Darker than Black, Our Game.
Other Places Of Interest: I used to bounce around on the Nerdfighteria Vanilla Forums and it's various predecessors.
Favorite Posts: Still the best thing on the guild.


What Brings You To Role Player Guild: The death of my first Roleplay Site
Life Before You Came To Role Player Guild: Oh Jesus. So there was this site, orignally known as Your Pants. It was wonderful, and any Nerdfighters probably know what I'm talking about. My first Roleplay's were on that site, and I was S H I T. The worst you could imagine. Oh god part of me is glad that the old site is buried and lost to time, in a data shredded pile that can't ever be recovered (STAY AWAY FROM THE WAYBACK MACHINE IF YOU LOVE ME). Any way, that site when through a couple iterations, from site death to revival to death to revival. The people rotated and left and returned until one day, we all were gone. I found the site somewhere between my departure and the overall death of that site's RP section. Good friends were made, lost and died there.
Life Since You Came To Role Player Guild: Bit less Nostalgic and more cheery for this part then. Guild's been nice, and I've been on and off as life got harder or easier at different points, but I think I've stabilized on something good where I am now.


Quotes or Sayings: "What do you mean I can only have 7 shots of Espresso?"
Theme Song: I'm a sucker for jazzed up versions of childhood songs.
Advice To The World:
Anything Else: I think people shoot for happiness, and while that's good, I don't think you should ever achieve it. You need to keep upping your standards, and never become complacent.

Most Recent Posts

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location: Underground Tunnels, Cairo, Egypt

As James shifted into him boar form, bard looked on with a mixture of bemusement and surprise. Andromeda riding him at this moment seemed like a choice that might have negative repercussions. If she had fallen off, she could've gotten hurt, or if there was anybody in the barracks, this would force a confrontation. However, he was not going to try to tell the two of them what was best for them; he'd just be here to watch on, and be ready to act if something went wrong. Trudging along the path, he hoped that them searching for a Destruere was at least actually a step towards them preventing the End Times.

As the voices of the others drifted towards them, he immediately peeked up to the sound of Nancy; the Emendator actually being here was very good news. Them being all together, sans Faith of course, was such an important step. Not being scattered to the winds would mean they could actually present a unified front at whatever was to come. Then, he heard Alicia, a voice of a person he had thought was departed from them. Could this be more weirdness from the Haze? Or somehow a past version of Alicia? He didn't know, but this conflict between what he thought to be true, and what appeared to be stopped him from running up immediately. Instead he stuck close to the group, and continued advancing with them. A hopeful smile spread across his face though, if Alicia was alive, it'd be good to have their friend back.
Arthur Stanford

Location:E3 -> E4

"Sorry if I'm defenseless." He said, making conversation as they trudged along the creek. He was sure she knew that he was not exactly in a position to help too much, but either way, this would open the door for some tips on how to actually keep himself safe and be useful. "If I may ask then, any advice on protecting myself?" That would surely help both her and himself, if he could be a fast enough learner to actually implement any advice given.

As he walked, he looked over the water, and wondered if this was the place for them to be. He figured that children of Poseidon might be able to hide very well in the water, but then again, maybe there weren't that many Sea godlings. He hoped that they wouldn't be too vulnerable if there were in fact any of those halfbloods around, but then again, he was with Kristin. He was sure that if there were any major risks to them right now, the child of the Goddess of Wisdom would account for them.

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location: Underground Tunnels, Cairo, Egypt

Bart weighed Andromeda's point that somebody may need to keep him safe in the case of a Destruere attack, were he unarmed. That was, to him, a more solid point; he couldn't expect people to take care of him in order to keep everybody else safe. Something like that would quickly devolve into a "Who will gaurd the guardians" type of thing, and that wouldn't end well for them. Moreover though, he did still have the weapon the Gil gave him, so to say he was totally defenseless would be a mischaracterization. "I perhaps should have noted that I do have my knife on me at the moment, so I'm not totally defenseless." He shared, knowing that keeping the group aware of their present resources would be a crucial component for maximizing their chances of survival.

That being said, Gio was right, that they should focus on getting to the weapons first, instead of debating how to split up a hypothetical cache that was to short on resources. Out of what he could wield that was any good at range, he had options. Between spears and bows, if they were maximizing for power, he had to assume the deadlness of any kind of bow at range exceeded that of a spears, once you accounted for the reusability of the weapon. That being said, the spear could sort of double up, and keep him defended if something got close, though he supposed his knife might do a better job of that than anything else.
Arthur Stanford


Ash got stranger the more Arthur got to know her. Why would her mother insist on such a thing? Especially in terms of defending oneself with a weapon; it seemed strange, and suggested to him that her mother might not be the sanest of all. Granted, apparently they were sired by the god of the underworld, so his mom had to be at least as eccentric. He couldn't assume the way a person would have to be to knowingly have a child with a literal deity. That would be a conversation he would never be having with him mom, not thinking he'd be able to precisely handle it.

"Yes, that's fine. Let's go." Arthur agreed, ready to focus on just about anything else. Going around the creek was better than wading through the icy cold water. He honestly understood why they were splitting ash and him up; even if they had useful abilities from their godly patron, they weren't trained at all, and the idea that they'd suddenly be able to masterfully defend themselves was patently ridiculous. Keeping the two of them with more experienced campers was a good strategic move, one that he could respect.

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location: Babylon Fortress Cairo, Egypt

Bart nodded at the Hat, relieved to know they were on the same page, and that he was thinking about this situation roughly correctly. He nodded along with the plan of getting their hands on armaments. Being able to defend themselves was important, and given their lack of time to get anything from the plantation before they took off, this was a necessary step in keeping themselves safe from the Destruere. Even if their plan was to avoid combat, if it came to that, this was far preferred to them simply being defenseless against what would doubtlessly want each and every one of them dead.

Even with that though, he figured Andromeda shouldn't be weaponless, regardless of her natural proclivity towards combat granted to her by her powers. "No, if there isn't enough, I should go without, not you." Bart said, shaking his head. He was a healer, even if he might be able to hold his own in a fight, he'd be best served staying out of direct combat. "If it came to blows, I'd be better spent on keeping you all alive, rather than trying to kill off whatever was assaulting us." He was going to do everything he could to keep them from dying; the way he saw it, if any of were lost, it was going to be his fault. He couldn't live with that kind of blood on his conscious. As he was saying this, he continued forward with the group.
Arthur Stanford

Location: E2 ->E3

Arthur gave a funny look at Ash, "When did you learn how to stab people?" He asked, surprised. Not that stabbing was a very hard thing to do, but it was an odd thing for Ash to say. Especially considering that she was a little girl, this struck him as particularly concerning. He figured that if he tried to stab somebody, he'd have at least a little bit of trouble, even if just from having to work up the nerve to hurt somebody in that way.

"Yeah, I don't mind getting my feet wet." Soaked socks were far from the best thing in the world, but he'd need to build up a bit of resilience if he was going to be a running around with demigods, and wet feet seemed like a good place to start. He followed her to the shoreline, ready to step in when it came to that. He took a quick look around, starting to feel a little bit on edge from the game, wondering when they'd start to see their opponents.

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location: Babylon Fortress Cairo, Egypt

"I just think it's a good idea to reassess when things change." Bartholomew said uncomfortably. Given the growing panic, he was worried that them being separate from the group could lead to more problems arising. If things got to chaotic, he could see it being difficult to reunite with their comrades. "I didn't mean to seem that way Gil, just worried about the effect the haze might be having on these people." He hoped that would make sense to The Hat; if it was following them around, they would be serving Cairo best by getting out of dodge as quickly as possible. He was relieved, however, to see that Gil was intent on going back to the group now.

Following after the Emendator, not minding Gil's more upbeat attitude as much as his fellow Paradox did. Morale was, as Gil said, important, and he trusted The Hat to be level headed enough to not let it actually effect his decision making. While he didn't have a problem presenting conflicting ideas to the Emendators at large, he thought it best not to question their actual behavior or goals at large. They knew how to cope with and deal with this stuff much better than any of them, and though it took time for him to cede himself to them, now that he had, he tried to trust them best he could.
Arthur Stanford

Location: 1F -> E2

Following Kristin, he had a bit of a surprised expression on his face. Cutting or piercing their fellow campers seemed like a bad way to make friendships, but he assumed that people went out of their way to not have to actually hurt people. Not that he expected to best anybody in combat right away, but it did lift a load off his mind to know that if he had the chance, a space cut or scrape on somebody wouldn't be out of line.

"How long have you been doing this?" He did wonder what the average age of campers was here. This sort of life had to be dangerous, which meant that, as uncomfortable as the thought was, kids might not stay here long once they actually got themselves here. In any case, surely a game like this would help improve the odds of survival. However it was, he was determined to stay alive as long as he could, not one to become a statistic. "I just hope Ash and I aren't a burden on the team, you know?"
Arthur Stanford

Location: Armory -> 1F

Arthur thought for a moment. The spear was an interesting proposition. Certainly better for defending oneself in close range, but could be thrown if needed. More so, it let you engage in combat while keeping your enemy too far away to hit you, if you knew what you were doing. It seemed, actually, like a very good proposition. He'd be experimenting with defending himself in such a way. Tonight though, he thought he may try to use his dagger. Pulling it out, he ran his fingers over the blade; the metal cooler than it should be on a summer evening. The only way he'd actually know what he was good at was to try things.

"So... we're allowed to use weapons on the other campers in this game?" Even with access to magical healing food, that seemed... surprising. He'd never do anything lethal of course, but being inexperienced with weapons, he didn't trust himself to hurt people in a safe way. In any case, he looked at the armory, and decided getting his hands on a shield would be a good idea. Even if he didn't know how to use one, having one was better than not, obviously. Selecting one from the assortment, he strapped it to his non-dominant hand, and tried it out, tapping his blade against it, getting a feel for how it worked.

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location: Babylon Fortress Cairo, Egypt

Looking around to see the haze coming back, he frowned, The people were definitely panicking from the onset of the haze. This meant, he assumed, that it was somehow following them. If that was the case, he hoped that if that was the case, that it was dependent upon their continued presence in a location. The haze spreading to all corners of the Earth and time would have to have dire consequences for the timeline. Even if it was directly related to them, that would almost make conduction their missions impossible. If they caused this kind of chaos wherever they went from now on, keeping things discreet would be almost impossible.

"Splitting up may have been a questionable decision." Bartholomew admitted uncomfortably. He didn't want to directly go against the idea The Hat had, since he was infinitely more experienced than Bartholomew, but splitting them up in these troubled time seemed like a very dangerous move. They were split into three groups right now, and if any of them were attacked, it was much more likely that that group could be picked off without the protection of the rest of the group. "Heading back might be a good idea." He found himself agreeing, and nodding his head The Hat's suggestion. He didn't want to seem like a yes man, but he really did think heading back was a good idea.
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