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Character Summary

Name: Call me Natsu.
Aliases: There are those that call me Roger. It's not my real name buuuut...
Age: 19
Birthday: 29th of April.
Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Location: Western New York.
Gender: Non-binary, male pronouns.
Major/Minor: Software Engineering.
Occupation: Student, Upcoming Google Intern this Summer.
Languages: English, C, Java, Ruby, Python, HTML, CSS.
Current Bio Theme: I'm a sucker for FFX.
Years Rping: At least 7, mostly not here though.
Preferred Rp Section: Casual for sure.
Rp Level: Casual to High Casual.
Dedication Level: Pretty high, I like to think.
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: Oh god world building without GM permission. Moderate grammar errors I can take, but I'll lynch you if you overstep your bounds.


Height: 5"11'
Weight: 270 pounds
Build: I have a bit of a stomach bulge, but besides that pretty even everywhere else.
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Skin Tone: Kinda just pale?
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: Hahahahaha No
Personal Style: Whatever I pull out of my drawer in the morning, irrespective of temperature. I don't feel cold or get hot in the same way you do, so I can dress however I like year round.


Logical * Cold * Intelligent * Obsessive * Protective * Defensive

Sexuality: Asexual
Relationship Status: Single
Personality: Oh god um shit. Well.
Hi there, I'm an asshole. Gonna put That one up front. I'm also a nerd, and sadly those thing can go hand in hand a lot of the time. I often say things i don't mean, especially around those who know me well, so if you've just met me and I'm nice, give me like... a month. I say mean things, probably as some kind of defense mechanism to stop me from getting close to people. I try to fight it, but it's there. I promise I rarely mean to hurt you, and if I do, let me know. Please. Outside of warnings though, I'd say I'm a pretty decent human most of the time. I have some necessary struggles with morality that are interesting. Now don't worry, I'm not a murderer, but I think a lot about the nature of right and wrong, to the point of infuriating those around me. I don't like to take things at face value, so I may openly question the nature of the morality of murder in front of you, and work through logical implications of different stances. My current state on most moral beliefs is not knowing, in fact. Subjective morality to me is pretty obvious, I think killing and stealing and torture are all things I don't wanna do, but that all stems from me not wanting to go to jail/ not wanting to hurt people. Whether or not there's some ultimate morality that's true independent of me, is what I want to know more about.

Outside of internally and externally debating the nature of the universe, I also spend a lot of time doing homework because hahahahahaha STEM majors. I can get into the "I have more homework than you" game. Watching my engineering friends die doing Thermo is almost painful. A lot of my not RPing free time is spent up either on games, programming, or math. Yes I'm one of those weird fuckers who likes math. Some might think this weird, but honestly until you see the beauty of complex exponentiation, or modern number theory, you just don't understand man. Look into it, I promise you'll cry when you see the light. Besides that, I cook a lot when i can, I live in dorms now but you should see what I can do with a gas stove and a knife. If I have an art, it's food.
Habits: I don't drink water from the tap. Ever. I don't care if it's cold or not, I'm going out in shorts and you can't stop me.
Hobbies: Cooking, Programming, Overwatch, Magic the Gathering, Math, Rubik's Cubes, DnD.
Fears: Being left Vulnerable, Failure.
Likes: Fluffy animals, When the dice favor me, Games, Scaly animals, Math.
Dislikes: Sad doggos, when the dice hate me, outside, cruelty.

Cards On The Table

Rp's Currently Gming: None
Rp's Currently Enjoying: Breakfast University of Magic, Darker than Black, Our Game.
Other Places Of Interest: I used to bounce around on the Nerdfighteria Vanilla Forums and it's various predecessors.
Favorite Posts: Still the best thing on the guild.


What Brings You To Role Player Guild: The death of my first Roleplay Site
Life Before You Came To Role Player Guild: Oh Jesus. So there was this site, orignally known as Your Pants. It was wonderful, and any Nerdfighters probably know what I'm talking about. My first Roleplay's were on that site, and I was S H I T. The worst you could imagine. Oh god part of me is glad that the old site is buried and lost to time, in a data shredded pile that can't ever be recovered (STAY AWAY FROM THE WAYBACK MACHINE IF YOU LOVE ME). Any way, that site when through a couple iterations, from site death to revival to death to revival. The people rotated and left and returned until one day, we all were gone. I found the site somewhere between my departure and the overall death of that site's RP section. Good friends were made, lost and died there.
Life Since You Came To Role Player Guild: Bit less Nostalgic and more cheery for this part then. Guild's been nice, and I've been on and off as life got harder or easier at different points, but I think I've stabilized on something good where I am now.


Quotes or Sayings: "What do you mean I can only have 7 shots of Espresso?"
Theme Song: I'm a sucker for jazzed up versions of childhood songs.
Advice To The World:
Anything Else: I think people shoot for happiness, and while that's good, I don't think you should ever achieve it. You need to keep upping your standards, and never become complacent.

Most Recent Posts

Arthur Stanford

Location:Dining Pavilion

Arthur was not surprised that Desdemona would decide to check things about, which perhaps was part of the reason he asked. For all the things he knew about her, she did not seem like the type of person to shy away from danger, in any circumstance. Getting up and following after her, he nodded at her affirmation. Getting ready to fight monsters for the first time left him feeling uneasy inside, though he was not one to make that apparent. Monsters were, by there very nature, something that invoked fear, and given that these ones specifically wanted to eat him, and were real, it was only natural that he wasn't excited to charge in to face them.

As they neared the barrier, Arthur had already come up with a way to help out, so as Mona as how they could help, he decided to put his training to real use. Sticking a hand out, he tried to rend some skeletons from their earthy tombs, but something in him wasn't feeling it. Maybe it was the fear of facing the monsters, or just him still getting used to his powers, nothing rose to help. Clearing his throat, he tried to nonchalantly fold his hands back behind himself, "Yes, is there anywhere we can grab weapons from to assist in that?" he asked.
Arthur Stanford

Location:Dining Pavilion

Arthur blinked as Aster blew the two of them a kiss. He certainly was an animated individual, much more open than himself. Unsure of the proper way of responding to such a gesture, he simply nodded back to him after a brief second. The news of monsters showing up at camp was a much more pressing matter. Though, he didn't know if he wanted to check that out. He could defend himself a bit better now, sure, but he also felt a level of apprehension. A pit in his stomach at going to see things that would actually want him dead. He felt safe at camp, but his first run in with them left him scarred.

He looked over to Mona, gauging her interest in heading over. If one thing was for certain, it was that he wouldn't be going without somebody he trusted. "If that's the case, um... do you wanna go and see if we can help?" He voice was less confident than usual, obvious that he wasn't eager by any means. He couldn't just stand by if people were needed to help, but frankly, he was looking for an excuse not to go. As dense as this week had been, it'd still only been a week, and as in control as he tried to be, he was still only twelve.

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location:PE Fade Between
Skills: N/A

A flicker of hope was in Bartholmew's eyes as Kyra confirmed to him that the Emendator she'd met could have been Eve. It wasn't certain for sure, but still, it was something. He was a bit surprised that the places here had names. Was there some kind of established power in this place? Was that whatever Justice was? Some kind of ruler of wherever this was? In any case, a six day walk would be a lot to do, but they had literally nothing else to do. He was concerned about her knowledge of the Destruere though, naming them as soul eaters. If she'd know them long enough to have a name like that for them, he considered that she might know a lot about this place.

At Gio's comment he centered himself, taking a moment to do as he was told, and take a breath. Going off the handle and battering the new people with questions wouldn't be a good way to make friends, and the last thing they needed right now was dissonance between them. Survive and establish a home base, preferably with the other Paradoxes and Emendators, were the number one goals. If they were all thinking as he was, wherever they were, he hoped that they'd all be moving towards each other, which could hopefully cut down on the amount of time it would take for them all to congregate.
Arthur Stanford

Location:Dining Pavilion

Arthur wasn't used to be laughed at by people, but even so, he wasn't about to get angry over these people's opinions. It seemed to daughters of Aphrodite were as vapid as they were attractive, and that meant they were of little interest to him. Still, Mona defending him made him smile, it always being a good feeling to know that the people he trusted were ready to defend him. He quietly responded, "I'm sure Ash and I would appreciate having you at the Hades table, if you're in the mood for a change of venue." He offered. He was by no means attached to staying around these people.

It was at that point that Aster decided to join them, and he found himself smiling outright, and he said, "Not at all, I just thought the Aphrodite cabin could use a touch of class, Mona can't make up for her sisters alone, can she?" As he said this, he returned Theresa's smile with one of his own. He normally wouldn't be so direct, but given the current tone of the table, that was a relatively tame comment. Around that time, the horn went off, and he gave a quizzical look to those around them, unsure of what that meant. "What's that sound mean?" He asked, hoping to be filled in.

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location:PE Fade Between
Skills: Alertness

Staring off to the horizon, Bartholomew was satisfied to see that the beasts out there seemed uninterested in them, or at least unaware. This was, of course, good. He didn't want to go looking for a fight with these things, when they were still trying to get their bearings in the first place. "We don't have much to worry about from them for now, it seems." He said. Still, they were directionless, short of the pull the Emendators were feeling for one another. It was as good a plan as anything to follow it, but once they were together, it wasn't like everything would just be fixed. There was a long road ahead of them, that was for sure.
***** Snapping *****

The first sign he got that something had changed, was the voice that was totally foreign to him. Quickly turning on the spot, he looked and saw that most of the group had disappeared, replaced with strangers. Gritting his teeth, he was visibly upset for the first time in a long while. He couldn't do anything to keep his fellow paradoxes and Emendators safe if he wasn't with them. Still, he wasn't totally separated. With The Watch still here, hopefully they'd be able to regroup. Following lead from him, he said, "Bart Rosecliff." Looking immediately upon the wolf sitting in the girls lap. He'd never seen an animal behave like that before, and he wondered if she might have some kind of ability, akin to that of a Paradox or somebody from Babylon's world. As she appeared to communicate with the wolf, that was confirmed to him. If she was to be taken at her word, then she'd met either Nancy, or Eve. With a touch of urgency in his voice, he asked, "Was she on the shorter side, or closer to average, if I may ask?" Zeroing in on Kyra. If she'd met Eve before, that might tell them a bit more about where she'd gone off to before everything went to shit.
Arthur Stanford

Location:Dining Pavilion

Stepping into the pavilion, Arthur was looking forward to lunch. Having spent most of the morning practicing his necromancy, he'd worked up an appetite for sure. This was the most productive he'd felt in a good while, not having much of an outlet at the pathetic excuse for a school, he was happily taking advantage of the new freedoms afforded to him by this camp. While the summoning of the dead would not normally be considered healthy for anybody, it seemed to work for Arthur, it not being as profane as one might take disturbing the rest of the dead.

Seeing his sister had already found herself a place to sit, and considering he'd spent a good chunk of this week with her already, he decided to see about having lunch with somebody else. Somebody he'd let his relations slip with since coming here was Mona, and he thought it best to check in with her. If things were hard for him and Ash, he could only assume that the same would be true for her, especially considering her disposition towards the Goddess of Love. Grabbing some food and drink to sustain himself, he made his way towards Mona, sitting himself across from her. Shooting a small smile her way, he started. "Hey there, how's the week treated you?" He asked simply, as he dug into his food.

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location:PE Fade Between
Skills: Alertness

Bart though it a tiny bit odd that Sophia would attempt to answer his question about the Emendator's etymology surrounding their titles, when the two of them were right there in front of them. Listening to a bit about Gil's origin, he looked on to the world opening up in front of them, the landscape being quite unlike anything he'd seen before, and to him, was almost beautiful in a way. Awesome, in the biblical sense would probably be a better descriptor, but either way, the smell of sulfur in his nose told him to exhibit caution, especially since this is exactly what Cairo smelled like right before collapsing. A part of him was worried, thus, that whatever was there, had followed them here.

At the direction of Gio, he agreed internally that the prospective threat in front of them was a much more immediate and important concern. In a sequence of thought new to Bartholomew, he rested his hand on the knife at his side, ready to grab at it in case of the advancement of these monsters upon them. Being prepared to defend himself in any way he could, he kept his eyes trained on the shadows roaming the landscape in front of them, prepared to warn the group if he noticed their advancement towards them.

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location:PE Fade Between, (Walking towards Tree)
Skills: N/A

Bart tilted his head as he listened to Judgement speak, and his eyes almost went wide at her calling herself the Dice. This woman didn't remind him of Eve, and by the way she spoke about herself, she seemed much older than eve ever made him believe her to be. He had so many questions he wanted to ask, but alas, she was gone as quick as she came, not giving him a chance to have his curiosity sated. Instead, it seemed he was left questioning more than he was before her arrival. The Hat too, seemed to not think she was Eve either, but that left the room for further speculation.

Reflecting on this knowledge in his head, assuming that wasn't Eve, and she wasn't lying, the only reasonable answer he could find would be that the Emendators respective roles were somehow inherited. Even that though didn't quite click with him, since the Emendators were ancient. To correct for that, he though that, perhaps, due to the time traveling, universe hopping nature of the group, they could exist in parallel with one another. Maybe, there were somehow concurrent Emendators, and they simply had never met before. Or, maybe just later on, after they die, eventually they're replaced. Judgement seemed like more than your run of the mill Emendator, by the way they were talking they seemed like something on the level of a deity, just from how they spoke of the nature of life and death.

While he went through this analysis, he followed after Gil, thinking of only one question he could reasonably ask from their interaction with Judgement. "Gill, and Gio too, if I may ask," he started, "How did you come about your titles? The Hat and The Watch?" That was the biggest outlier to him, most of all, not that there could be multiple of each Emendator, but that if there were, they seemed to all have the same titles. Maybe insight into this would help him better understand the situation.
Arthur Stanford / Andy

Location:E6 (On the ground) -> Medical Tent

Being led to the medical tent, Arthur didn’t have much to say. He was really working on processing his own emotions and getting himself to a point that he wouldn’t explode the next time he was in a confrontation with Andy. He knew he was in the wrong a good bit, the pushing was too far, but so was electrocuting him that badly. If he could go back and do it over, he wouldn't have, but that wasn’t quite how things worked. He’d need to admit that he messed up, and get himself to be able to apologize for his actions. That wasn’t gonna be the easiest thing in the world though. Fortunately, or unfortunately, he was given the opportunity to do so, being seated in the bed next to Andy. It was everything he had not to glare at Eva, but he contained himself. Resting on the bed, he gave a quite look over to Andy, unsure of what to say. Tapping his feet on the side of the bed, he finally settled on. “So um. How’s your arm?” His tone was dry, almost free of emotion, not quite able to let himself feel things at the moment.

Andy was irritated and tired and her arm hurt. It did hurt less at least the weird food square that had tasted like chicken soup had worked. But Kristin was insisting Andy get checked out at the medical tent anyway. She trudged along and sat on the bed accepting this even though she only wanted to go to her stupid empty cabin and curl up in that musty sleeping bag. She looked up at Arthur when he spoke realizing he was there. ”Not broken.” Andy said through a half sniffle. She had mostly stopped crying. She was mad at Arthur still and wondered why he was there for a second before realizing she had hit him pretty hard with the electricity. Andy looked back down at her hands. She felt like she should apologize but he had hurt her first.

Well, she wasn’t damaged anymore, so that was good news. Apparently the magic squares healing abilities were well past anything the muggles have cooked up. Still, he looked away for a moment, simply saying, “Well, that’s good to hear.” He knew now was the time to put emotions aside, and act like the mature and responsible twelve year old he was, but that was difficult on account of him being twelve. Pursing his lips for a second, and started. “I...” Before exhaling, and murmuring. “Shouldn’t have pushed you. Sorry.” It came out muffled, if sincere. His lips were pulled taut to the side of his face, clearly not happy that he was in the situation, mostly due to his electrocution.

Andy blinked as Arthur apologized. ”I’m sorry I electrocuted you so bad your hair curled. I didn’t mean to do it that strong. I didn’t want to actually hurt you.” The apology came out in a blur of words all sort of jumbled and tumbling but it was the truth. She hadn’t wanted to hurt Arthur. ”I just,” She paused and took a deep breath. ”I put all the pain I was feeling into it and it made it really strong.”

Arthur looked back at her, now that both of their apologies were out there, everything was supposed to be better right? If that were true, why did he still feel embarrassed? He messed up, and even forgiveness from her didn’t really help the fact that he let himself get out of control, and ended up hurt because of it. “I forgive you...” He said quietly. And he really did, right now, he was more angry at himself than anything. Forcing a small, hopeful smile onto his face, he asked. “Do you forgive me?

Relief washed over Andy as Arthur said he forgave her. It felt nice, a weight lifted off of her and she smiled at him. And when he asked if she forgave him it was an easy answer, though she paused for a few seconds before responding trying to get her words in order. ”I do. You didn’t know it would break my arm, and if it hadn’t I wouldn’t have been so mad.” She didn’t know how to explain everything else she was feeling about Arthur but at least they weren’t mad at each other anymore. They could be friends, and that would be good.

Arthur gave a sigh of relief, happy to have made it through his first day at demigod school without making a mortal enemy. Resting back on the bed, he relaxed, and said, “I’m glad, thank you so much. I promise I won’t ever do anything like that ever again.” He said, slowly returning to his more relaxed, proper demeanor. Hopefully next time they’d be playing on the same side, but even if not, he’d beat her properly next time, without the broken limbs.

One of the campers in the tent looked at Andy’s arm and wrapped it with an ace bandage. Andy looked over at Arthur and was smiling. ”I’ll try not to ever electrocute you again, but I’ll be honest I don’t have the best control over it.” That was very true...uncomfortably true. Andy decided she would be spending her time at camp getting that power under control. She didn’t like that it could hurt her friends and that she couldn’t control its strength.

Arthur returned the smile, “Hey, if you’re strong enough to shock me like you just did, you’re a lot more capable than you know. Proper control will come in time.” He said kindly. They were all in a horridly new and foreign situation, where certainty was a far off dream for them, and after his behavior, kindness was one of the simplest and most essential comforts he could offer to Andy. He hoped that it would bring some level of reassurance to her.

For a second Andy felt embarrassed and she didn’t know why. Her face was warm. She slid off the bed. ”Thank you.” How did he know exactly what she had been thinking the entire game of CTF? That she wasn’t good enough to be a child of Zeus. That she had so much to live up to and had no idea what she was doing. It seemed like the camp just expected them to step into the role of their birth and she didn’t even know what that meant really. ”Maybe I’ll save your life with the electricity someday.” She said mostly as a joke. ”I’m gonna go to cabin now. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location:PE Fade Between
Skills: N/A

Brat frowned at Gilbert's remark, the idea of this place being some kind of metaphor not quite sitting right with him. After all, metaphors necessarily had intent surrounding them, somebody would have had to set them up. If that were the case, it meant that they were expected to be here, and that there was some force that must've been a lot more in control of the situation than they were. Perhaps this related back to the forces of Light and Darkness Siduri spoke of, after all, if it really was the end of the world, this would be when such things would more blatantly reveal themselves. In any case, his initial idea was all but confirmed to him when the figure ahead appeared.

Looking upon the woman who'd revealed herself, Bart nodded. This person must've been expecting them, or at least somebody. However, she didn't immediately pose a threat, which was nice, but the scythe she was wielding gave him pause. In the choice between peace, which, thinking metaphorically, probably meant death, and punishment, which he assumed meant continuing on this ceaseless path of loss and devastation, he could only pick the latter. They'd gone too far to give up now, and hey, he was sure death was still on the table if they picked punishment. "I'd have to agree with Andromeda here, punishment seems like the only actual way forward." He remarked, not taking his eyes off the scythe she was wielding.
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