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Character Summary

Name: Call me Natsu.
Aliases: There are those that call me Roger. It's not my real name buuuut...
Age: 19
Birthday: 29th of April.
Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Location: Western New York.
Gender: Non-binary, male pronouns.
Major/Minor: Software Engineering.
Occupation: Student, Upcoming Google Intern this Summer.
Languages: English, C, Java, Ruby, Python, HTML, CSS.
Current Bio Theme: I'm a sucker for FFX.
Years Rping: At least 7, mostly not here though.
Preferred Rp Section: Casual for sure.
Rp Level: Casual to High Casual.
Dedication Level: Pretty high, I like to think.
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: Oh god world building without GM permission. Moderate grammar errors I can take, but I'll lynch you if you overstep your bounds.


Height: 5"11'
Weight: 270 pounds
Build: I have a bit of a stomach bulge, but besides that pretty even everywhere else.
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Skin Tone: Kinda just pale?
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: Hahahahaha No
Personal Style: Whatever I pull out of my drawer in the morning, irrespective of temperature. I don't feel cold or get hot in the same way you do, so I can dress however I like year round.


Logical * Cold * Intelligent * Obsessive * Protective * Defensive

Sexuality: Asexual
Relationship Status: Single
Personality: Oh god um shit. Well.
Hi there, I'm an asshole. Gonna put That one up front. I'm also a nerd, and sadly those thing can go hand in hand a lot of the time. I often say things i don't mean, especially around those who know me well, so if you've just met me and I'm nice, give me like... a month. I say mean things, probably as some kind of defense mechanism to stop me from getting close to people. I try to fight it, but it's there. I promise I rarely mean to hurt you, and if I do, let me know. Please. Outside of warnings though, I'd say I'm a pretty decent human most of the time. I have some necessary struggles with morality that are interesting. Now don't worry, I'm not a murderer, but I think a lot about the nature of right and wrong, to the point of infuriating those around me. I don't like to take things at face value, so I may openly question the nature of the morality of murder in front of you, and work through logical implications of different stances. My current state on most moral beliefs is not knowing, in fact. Subjective morality to me is pretty obvious, I think killing and stealing and torture are all things I don't wanna do, but that all stems from me not wanting to go to jail/ not wanting to hurt people. Whether or not there's some ultimate morality that's true independent of me, is what I want to know more about.

Outside of internally and externally debating the nature of the universe, I also spend a lot of time doing homework because hahahahahaha STEM majors. I can get into the "I have more homework than you" game. Watching my engineering friends die doing Thermo is almost painful. A lot of my not RPing free time is spent up either on games, programming, or math. Yes I'm one of those weird fuckers who likes math. Some might think this weird, but honestly until you see the beauty of complex exponentiation, or modern number theory, you just don't understand man. Look into it, I promise you'll cry when you see the light. Besides that, I cook a lot when i can, I live in dorms now but you should see what I can do with a gas stove and a knife. If I have an art, it's food.
Habits: I don't drink water from the tap. Ever. I don't care if it's cold or not, I'm going out in shorts and you can't stop me.
Hobbies: Cooking, Programming, Overwatch, Magic the Gathering, Math, Rubik's Cubes, DnD.
Fears: Being left Vulnerable, Failure.
Likes: Fluffy animals, When the dice favor me, Games, Scaly animals, Math.
Dislikes: Sad doggos, when the dice hate me, outside, cruelty.

Cards On The Table

Rp's Currently Gming: None
Rp's Currently Enjoying: Breakfast University of Magic, Darker than Black, Our Game.
Other Places Of Interest: I used to bounce around on the Nerdfighteria Vanilla Forums and it's various predecessors.
Favorite Posts: Still the best thing on the guild.


What Brings You To Role Player Guild: The death of my first Roleplay Site
Life Before You Came To Role Player Guild: Oh Jesus. So there was this site, orignally known as Your Pants. It was wonderful, and any Nerdfighters probably know what I'm talking about. My first Roleplay's were on that site, and I was S H I T. The worst you could imagine. Oh god part of me is glad that the old site is buried and lost to time, in a data shredded pile that can't ever be recovered (STAY AWAY FROM THE WAYBACK MACHINE IF YOU LOVE ME). Any way, that site when through a couple iterations, from site death to revival to death to revival. The people rotated and left and returned until one day, we all were gone. I found the site somewhere between my departure and the overall death of that site's RP section. Good friends were made, lost and died there.
Life Since You Came To Role Player Guild: Bit less Nostalgic and more cheery for this part then. Guild's been nice, and I've been on and off as life got harder or easier at different points, but I think I've stabilized on something good where I am now.


Quotes or Sayings: "What do you mean I can only have 7 shots of Espresso?"
Theme Song: I'm a sucker for jazzed up versions of childhood songs.
Advice To The World:
Anything Else: I think people shoot for happiness, and while that's good, I don't think you should ever achieve it. You need to keep upping your standards, and never become complacent.

Most Recent Posts

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location: Ville Au Camp, Oak Tree
Skills: N/a

Her... mother? Bart raised an eyebrow surprised as he shook her hand. This confused Bartholomew for a moment, as he reflected on her words. He knew Lady Eve was the one who brought them back to "life", so maybe she was referring to her? He didn't take Evelina as the motherly type, but quickly processed it. She was a Paradox like them, if he understood her meaning properly. He didn't know how to take the whole "mother" metaphor, he certainly wouldn't be thinking of Evelina as such, but to each their own, he supposed. He gave an uncertain smile as Belladonna responded to Faith, and released his hand. "Likewise..." He said, his words hanging for a second, before folding his hands neatly behind his back. She seemed to be an odd one to say the least. He was a little bemused by the hats insistence on saving treats for the kids, noting mentally that he, by far, seemed to be the kindest of the Emendators he's yet been acquainted with.

And there is was again, a mention of "walking dead" He gave a look over towards Sophia. "I'm sorry, about that..." He said, "What exactly is going on with all that? I've heard your timeline described as... What were Lady Eve's words? "Undead infested?"" He said,trying to remember the exact words, and giving Sophia a sideways look, "That's some kind of metaphor right?" He asked, confusion in his eyes. He'd believe if it wasn't at this point, but he wasn't going to start completely throwing away everything he knew about the world in some Descartes-esque fit of madness. He refused to simply roll with the punches to that degree. If they were being serious, as bad as things had sometimes gotten where he came from, nothing was quite as bad as that, so he'd honestly have felt a little relieved to have lived through a time where undead weren't a concern.

Adalene Jones

Location: Streets of New York
Interacting With: Emmie Adams
Abilities being used: N/A

Adalene watched with a kind of indifference that would have seemed impossible yesterday, as Emmie waved and disappeared into thin air. "Madison it is then." She said, and strolled out of her apartment, locking the door behind her. She sighed as she slung her purse over her shoulder, and pulled out her phone to get directions. She typed in the location, and nodded as she familiarized herself with the directions. She slipped her phone into her pocket, and started to walk. She glanced around as she walked, trying to keep her eyes out for anything weird that might happen, this was New York after all, and there was possibly a murderer on the loose. She smiled as she walked through the city, she really did love it here, crazy as it could be.

She turned on a corner, and groaned a bit internally, it was at least another 20 minute walk. Part of her wanted to get a car, but that was an expense she really couldn't afford. She'd never change the path she decided on, but hell, the path of going from a starving artist to a thriving one was not a fun one to say the least. She didn't want to bug her father for money, that'd be demeaning for one, and while her dad put up a front of supporting her, she didn't want to push him in any way. She just sighed as she kept walking, she'd get there one day, she hoped. As for now, she just had to take it day by day, which was getting harder to do as shit like what she was in now continued to pop up.

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location: Ville Au Camp, Garage -> Oak Tree
Skills: Healing (Involuntary)N/a

Bart looked at Alicia in surprise, seeing the degree to which Alicia's leg had healed, and his face lit up. "You mean, that's not normal for Paradoxes?" He said, excitement in his voice. Of all the powers he could of gotten, he was really thankful it wasn't some kind of head exploding or some kind of touch of death. This was something he could live with, being essentially a white mage. He could genuinely help people with this, though he never wanted to be a doctor, this way he could heal people without needing years of study and practice. That of course, didn't mean he wasn't going to scour the library for as many books on medicine and human biology as possible, but it was certainly still a perk. He wondered if knowing anything about medicine would improve his ability at all, but as is, it seemed to be pretty strong. He took another glance at the wound, impressed by his own work.

He looked back at Gio as he was dismissed, and shrugged. He didn't need to listen to Gio reprimand Alicia. He had literally all the time in the world to bombard Emendators with questions, and Gio either was not in the mood to be bothered by Bart's questions, or was entirely not the person to be questioned. He can't say he hadn't met that type before, he didn't particularly like people like that, but he could understand the very basic tenet of "Don't piss of the leaders of the people you're stuck living with." To Gio, Bart was undoubtedly just a prattling child, which, in all fairness, he practically was compared to him. He gave a happy smile and nod to Alicia, sure that anything Gio could say to her wouldn't particularly phase her. She didn't at all seem the type to get scared easy. He did scratch his head for a second, making a mental note to ask her what exactly had happened in Cairo.

Stepping away from the Garage, he could see several other Paradoxes congregated near the Oak Tree, and headed near them, along with a couple of Emendators, and a woman he didn't recognize. He slowly approached, seeing Alexandra and finding his place near her. He had a certain familiarity with her more than the other Paradoxes at this point, and figured she'd be easiest to talk to, and quickly recognized the pastry that had been handed out as Alexandra demolished her. Twinkies! He'd practically grown up on those, junk food more than commonplace in his childhood home. The were certainly a soft spot for him, still being one of his favorite comfort foods. He gave a look between The Hat and the new woman, and waved, "I don't think we've met yet Miss, I'm Bart." He said, figuring she might be another Emendator, or at least a Paradox like himself. His eyes rested on her, clearly curious about who she might be.

Adalene Jones

Location: Apartment, New York, New York
Interacting With: Emmie Adams
Abilities being used: N/A

"Yeah, I'm right by Tompkins Square Park." Adalene said, the location only being around ten minutes from her place. "If You don't know there well enough to do your thing, Madison Square Garden is about a midway point." She offered. She hadn't been there in awhile anyway. Granted, Krispy Kreme was the least of her priorities, but hell if she wasn't a slut for some good doughnuts. She smiled, waiting for affirmation from Emmie on where she should head out to. "Just let me know what's better for you, and I'll be on my way." She said, resting her back against the front door.

Adalene briefly wondered about how she should, or if she should go after the apparent others like them. On one hand, it was a definite risk to start revealing herself to more people, but on the other hand, there was security in numbers. Especially if those numbers included super powered people under the threat of potential death. She didn't know what she was gonna do with Emmie, since she really couldn't afford to feed and house her long term. She briefly played with the idea of encouraging her to steal for what she needed, since she was pretty sure teleporting would made that trivial for her, but she didn't like the taste of that. Then again, there were a lot of shitty rich people in New York, even if they were powerful, they weren't super powered, and good luck proving in a court of law that she had teleported in and stole something. She really didn't know how she felt about robin hooding, but even so, there were a ton of potential uses for Emmie's powers, so she assumed having her as a friend would be a potentially amazing asset. Thinking of people in that kind of light wasn't necessarily the nicest thing, but it was certainly something to consider.

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location: Cairo, Egypt -> Ville Au Camp
Skills: Healing (Involuntary)N/a

Given the direction he asked for, Bart nodded, before feeling his hand go warm, and a light tingle in the back of his skull. Feeling uncomfortable with this, he closed his eyes and made a face, very vaguely reminded about the symptoms of shock, but that didn't quite make sense. Just wanting to get out of the heat, and back to camp. He looked at Gio expectantly, unsure if they'd need to go back to their point of origin, or how this worked at all, but was pleasantly surprised when the camp appeared on the wall near them. He felt like he could maybe bring Alicia to the portal on his own, but he was thankful for Gio's help nonetheless. Happy to be almost done with this ordeal, he got himself ready to get back to camp. In the back of his head, he wondered if he'd have a chance to sit and talk with The Watch over the concern he levied before finding Alicia. Taking a quick look at Gio, he nodded and got a move on.

Taking a moment to reflect, this wasn't the worst thing in the world. He didn't like the idea of dealing with injuries on a regular basis, blood not at all something he was a fan of, but hey, maybe every mission wouldn't be like this, and even if it was, he wouldn't go on every one. He took a look over at Alicia's leg, noticing the bleeding stemming off. "Huh." He said, He guessed Paradoxes healed a little faster than normal humans, Evelina did mention that death didn't come as easy to them. A useful side effect, he considered. Didn't mean he'd be going around getting himself stabbed, but it was nice to think that there was a bit of insurance on the second chance of 'life'. He stepped through the portal, breathing a sigh of relief as he felt the considerably cooler air of a Halloween night.

Adalene Jones

Location: Apartment, New York, New York
Interacting With: Emmie Adams
Abilities being used: N/A

Adalene gave a sigh of relief when Emmie dissuaded her fears of being tracked by the FBI. "A drug lord huh? Welcome to New York." She said, cracking a smile. Adalene gave a hmm when Emmie gave her her location. "Okay, You're like, an hour away from me." She said. She wasn't one for spontaneity, but extraordinary times called for extraordinary measures. "Alright, I'll head To Central Park Zoo entrance, we can meet up there after you uh... blink out of existence." She said, lacking a proper term for whatever she'd be doing. As Adalene talked, she slipped her shoes on, and walked ducked quickly into her room to grab her purse. "Does that sound alright to you?" Adalene asked.

She didn't like the idea of wondering the streets when she could very well be in danger, but she figured that, one, she wouldn't be attacked in broad daylight, and two, she was far from defenseless. From the switch blade in her purse to her well developed self defense capabilities, she didn't even need to worry about bursting into flames to keep herself safe. She was probably overthinking that though, as reasonably she'd be perfectly safe, she just needed to get out of her own head. Adalene looked back at Emmie, "Or hey, just spitballing here, you said you can only teleport places you've been before right?" She asked, "Have you been anywhere near here? Just to cut down on travel time." She asked. That was a question of pure convenience, since it was still raining out, and she didn't actually own a raincoat.

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Bart didn't like being ignored, but for him to pretend for even a second that he was by any metric brave enough to continue to question Gio would be a gross misrepresentation of the truth. He shook his head, and figured he might find a way to more tactfully look for concrete answers. In the mean time, all he could, and should focus on was getting out of this heat and finding Alicia. He looked at Gio, trying to get a read on the Emendator, see if he was angry or upset with him at all. If anything, he looked slightly annoyed, which Bart considered to be least unfavorable outcome. That didn't mean of course, that he would press thew issue. It was about this time, that he finally did speak, causing Bartholomew to jump a little where he stood. He was initally confused by his words, but that subsided when he saw her.

There she was, up against the wall, with a plank digging deep into her side. He cringed, look away for a second while Gio rushed over to her. Swallowing hard, he steadied himself, and got on Alicia's side, gingerly kneeling down next to her, ready to help get her up when she was ready. "I-I'm sorry." He said looking between Gio and her, "Tell me how best to help, I uh..." He looked back at Alicia's eyes, not usually somebody to be uncomfortable around blood, but the extremity of the situation was frankly almost too much for him. "I've never been around anything like this." He could smell the metallic scent of her blood, even if he was actively look away from it at this point. He felt dizzy, trying to keep focused, but finding it too abhorrent to manage. He looked for anything to distract himself, his discomfort almost palpable.

Bart's mind briefly flashed back to one of his college days. The closest he'd even been to something like this, was when he found a student at the bottom of a stairwell, having apparently taken a spill. The kid was bleeding out of his forehead pretty bad, and he ended up with a concussion, but that's wasn't half as gory as this. Alicia looked like something out of a movie, at least to him. If there was one thing he knew, however, it was that throwing up right now would have been the worst possible thing, from the threat of contamination, to the sheer annoyance he would surely elicit from the two of them if he showed such weakness. He just tried to steel himself best he could, and force himself onto autopilot, just needing to get the three of them back to camp as soon as he could.

Adalene Jones

Location: Apartment, New York, New York
Interacting With: Emmie Adams
Abilities being used: N/A

"Not technically here?" Adaleme asked, confused. "What do you mean? I see you in front of me." Then again, whatever she meant probably had to do with Crystal not noticing here. "Look, you're here. I can touch you." Adalene said, poking here on the arm. "See? no problem." Unless there was something freaky going on, she wasn't making too much sense. However, the far more interesting thing she mentioned was the involvement of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That was immediately very worrisome.

That was, in all fairness, new information to her, which she was looking for. Talk about not knowing what she was asking for, Jesus. Still, now she was convinced she couldn't lose this person. "Are you far from here?" She asked, "I could come and pick you up if you're too far to walk." Adalene offered. A slightly darker thought come over her in light of the FBI's involvement. Not that she was distrustful of the government, her father served for godsake, but she understood that the fundamental nature of any government was to maintain order. And people running around with fire shooting out of their hands was not good for maintaining order of any kind.

"Do you have any idea what their meeting was about?" Adalene asked. "Was it about people like us?" She had a grimace on her face. She realized that, if the FBI wanted to find her, they'd probably be able to do it. That meant running wasn't really an option. She didn't think they'd go as far as killing her, but she assumed if they found out about her, she wouldn't be allowed to stay in New York. Worst case, detention in a black site for the rest of her natural life, and best case she'd become an Avenger. Which honestly did sound kind of kick ass. But still, she didn't join the Military for a reason. She wanted something more out of her life.

Bartholomew Rosecliff

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Bart's head jerked towards the direction of people running, smelling the smoke of the fire, and seeing the panicked look on everybody's faces. He fumbled through the streets, stepping to the side at awkward times, and trying everything he could to keep up with Gio and not trip up.He knew he shouldn't speak, but this was precisely the type of thing that'd been worrying him since their departure. It almost made him angry, the callous disregard for the lives at risk, even though they could very possibly do something to help. Bart didn't know anything about what he personally could do, but he was pretty certain time manipulation would help to stop a building from burning down. That was why, even though he was expressly told not to, he quietly asked Gio, "Why don't we lend a hand?" He asked quietly, concern ringing through. "Couldn't people get seriously hurt?" Bart frowned, his eyes drifting towards the fire.

Bart almost felt a little scared, going directly against an Gio's request, and you could very easily see that on him. Personal confrontation was not something he was used to at all, and was quite honestly something he went out of the way to avoid most of the time. He had a bit of a quiver in his step, and his hands found their way into his pocket, and he find his body hunching in a bit. He'd like to lie to himself and say he was sweating from the heat alone, but the stress of the situation was getting to him. He gave a heavy exhale, trying to force himself to keep his eyes on Gio, even if he was upset with Bart, he didn't want to get lost in Cairo. Still, he wouldn't be comfortable with himself if he let fear dictate his actions. He just didn't understand how Emendators, old as they were, could lack compassion with those in need. Did time make them all bitter? Or were there deeper, more fundamental issues outside the scope of his understanding. Either way, he couldn't stand by without at least saying something. If there really was something preventing them from meddling, he wanted to know what, or at least be told that there was some larger reason. He knew he was very much a newcomer to all of this, but he at felt as if he had to know the terms of his service with these people.

Adalene Jones

Location: Apartment, New York, New York
Interacting With: Emmie Adams
Abilities being used: N/A

Adalene blinked, in the same breath the girl a) told her that she was homeless, b) Could teleport, and c) asked for her address. If, as Adalene assume, she teleported in here, she figured that she had already teleported here, and could simply go outside and see the address, but there must be something more than that, otherwise she wouldn't be asked. Adalene hesitantly repeated her address to her, before slipping her phone back into her pocket. "Yeah, you can come over whenever you like." She said. She didn't really want to open her house up to the city's vagrants, as she was very much in the business of not being stabbed, but this girl had something to do with the insanity her life was becoming, and she would not turn down an opportunity for answers. She then continued to ask, "But what do you mean, "Come over"? You're already here, aren't you?" Adalene raised an eyebrow at her. She had a few hints, that Crystal hadn't noticed Emmie, that this girl could apparently teleport, yet it appeared she was here by some other means, but Adalene couldn't put the pieces together.

Adalene crossed her arms, and looked at the girl, hoping that she had some answers or insights the Adalene herself was lacking. In the worst case, there was some killer on the loose with head implosion powers, and in the best case, she was slowly going insane. "I need to know everything you know, please." Her eyes honestly looked pleading, begging and needing information and safety. The most important part of defending yourself is knowing your enemy, if she was crazy and it was herself, she could get herself checked in to some mental facility and get help, but if, as she feared, she was totally sane, she'd need to know who might be coming after her. Having a teleporter helping her would be a good step towards that, but she knew there was at least another girl like her, even if she had threatened to burn her to a crisp, if somebody was going to come after them, banding together might be the best way to keep everybody safe.
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