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Current current shitpost level: writing about how your favourite taiwanese puppet shows experiment with narrative for graded academic work
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But god knows how many hours I've sunk into my collection of main series Pokémon game, so it's like making me pick between my children. :'D
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I mean, I write MUCH more Digimon-related stuff than I write Pokémon-related stuff, so I guess it wins by default in this context.
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@Metadude: Por que no los dos?
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It's got some narrative and pacing issues, since 12 episodes really wasn't enough for it in the end, but it's definitely worth the watch even if you're not that big on ice-skating.


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Not quite done with updating these guys but might as well shove them up so they're out in the open:

Hey there! I'm interested if this is still being supported. Question - what purpose does the 'feral digimon' on our sheet serve? I understanding RPing our tamer + partner, but I'm not sure what this third-party digimon is for.


This is very much still happening, we're just working on collating ideas and getting characters written up in-between work and other life responsibilities; last I checked in with RBY, we're aiming to have the formal thread and an opening post up next week?

As for feral Digimon, they're allied Digimon that'll be encountered over the course of the journey? Like Leomon and Ogremon from Adventure or Bokomon and Neemon fron Frontier, albeit with more potential for long-term relevance depending on how things develop.
Alright, third time's the charm. Let's do this.
The initial attack had worked to cut the creatures off from escape - one was flung to the side from the blow with the tail, the other - the other had been holding a digimon. It had fallen during the chaos, but rapidly got back up on its feet.

"Blazing Fire!" The little digimon cried, pelting the monster with sparks and embers that made it lower one arm as a shield. The little digimon spoke again, words that it neither cared to nor could understand, not before it was attacking again. The dragon lowered its hand to block the Terrier Tornado, snarling and swiping at the little digimon.

Large ears whipped against his body as he spiralled backwards through the air. “Rrrr…” Terriermon growled, clenching his teeth in the most ferocious manner he could muster through his little body. He wanted to look and make sure that his trainer had made a run for it, but there was no time. The big bully was going to need a lot more of his attention than he had hoped, “Blazing Fire!” He bolted, again.

But as the small flames fell upon the beast they merely charred its scales as their oily-slick surface dispersed them. The flames danced thinly but otherwise left their mark undamaged, and the dragon simply hissed in contempt. These constant interruptions and futile struggles were becoming increasingly tiresome, and as it felt one of the morsels trying to run away that frustration approached the limit- and broke through it with a fierce roar.

Giga Crush!

And with its front arms slamming down, a fissure trailed after the fleeing one, not big enough to fall in and be lost, but more than enough to catch their ankle. Feeling the specific rhythm of their escape break down into a panicked stumble and then a tell-tale slam into the ground beneath them, it allowed itself a moment to look for the Terriermon- and as the tell-tale green fire gave their position away, it made its move.

While the dragon’s claws were powerful, bolstered as they were by the pistons it had accrued upon evolution, they weren’t its primary limbs for burrowing. Those were the limbs located above the beast’s shoulder blades, and their power came not from mechanical adaptation, but pure muscle. Strong enough to tear through Huanglongmon ore and whatever other stones and crystals were put before them, they bore something so vast through the ground with frightening speed and ease.

And with the full force behind such an ability, it slammed one of those arms down on Terriermon.

The little horned digimon’s body crushed to the ground. He felt crunches throughout him, and everything went dark. All Terriermon could think about was Ryan. He had to open his eyes to save her, but there was too much pain pulsing through him. He thought he could hear her voice, but he was certain she had gotten away. She had to have. He promised himself she wouldn’t get hurt. He promised himself. “r… y…” And, with one more stretch of consciousness, reassuring himself that Ryan was safe, Terriermon felt himself slip away into small pixels.

The dragon lifted its paw and brought it to its mouth as it approached the human, raking its rough tongue over the data spots left behind. The small digimon’s remains were... slightly fulfilling, but tasted nowhere near as good as the morsels here did. It spared the D’arcmon-like creature one last glance and then seized it in one hand. Even if it were a digimon conscious and capable of speech, it had no words to spare for its new meal. Instead, it brought them closer, stretching its jaw to fit them between its sharp teeth-

-and froze.

Its eyes darted about as its jaw trembled, and it became clear: it had not chosen to stop. Something else had forced it to stop. And, as its vision strained to peer over its shoulder, the answer became clear: there was a scarecrow, around the same height as the two teenagers, both stick-and-straw arms raised and aimed at the draconic digimon. Despite the painted face, the scarecrow was clearly grimacing, pushing all the energy it had into this feat of somehow keeping the monster’s jaw from slamming shut.

“Delta!” the scarecrow shouted before falling to one knee. The beast turned, a distorted growl rising in its throat-

“Mega Dash Impact!”

Which became a startled-cum-indignant yell as something new still came hurtling towards it from just out of the range of its vision, lunging from the cloud of debris it had kicked up to crash into it with the force of a runaway Trailmon. Tightening its grip on its hard-won morsel, it swept a claw in the direction of the scarecrow before it turned to confront the latest pest to interfere with the hunt; but as its eyes narrowed with a fury against the light and the bruise and punctures left in its side by the attack, it saw nothing but dust.

A split-second later, however, it did feel something simultaneously stab into and snap shut like a serrated vice about the muscular flesh of its shoulder. Unable to see their assailant, the beast let loose a strangled roar, instinctively loosening its grip while trying to reach for the digimon now giving it so many issues. Those on the ground, however, would see what appeared to be a creature halfway between a ratite and a theropod doing their best to savage the far-larger creature, a jaw-like beak locking tight onto the base of the arm holding Ryan as it responded to their target’s movement by digging the metallic claws of its talons deeper into the beast’s flesh.

The scarecrow seemed to see its chance - the beast snapped at the quick Champion now, while its claws were pried off the human, letting her fall to the ground. The scarecrow glanced at the other human, who looked out of it, while a plush crow descended from the forest canopy and alighted upon her shoulder.

“Get back to the start- of.. the...” The scarecrow’s voice trailed off as she looked behind them, where the dragon had cracked open the earth to emerge from its burrow. She seemed to be doing quick calculations in her head, shoulders slumped and plush bird looking despondent. “Actually, stay down. It mostly detects movement.” She sighed, drawing an arrow with a smouldering cigarette speared on its head. “By the Host, if they knew this is what we were gonna die for... Derision Crow!” And she raised the plush crow, who laughed with far more confidence than she demonstrated a moment ago. It didn’t wipe the stiff resignation from her pose, nor the fact that the running raptor-bird hybrid was merely distracting, not damaging the massive lizard digimon.
As the draconic digimon pounced upon the strange D’Arcmon-like creature who had so generously and obliviously offered themself up as their next meal, it had dimly expected an experience much like that of the other strange beast from before. Digital prey was hardly unsatisfying, but as their taste lingered the dragon’s ravenous hunger deepened; there was something about these creatures that spurred it to go beyond and eat its fill.

That rapture, however, was disturbed as something moved with breakneck speed into the path of its attack; and as its jaws snapped shut, what was torn from the creature before it was not the intoxicating meat of before, but something more mundane.

The beast ran its tongue over the torn flesh to confirm, and as it dissolved into code in its very mouth, it growled and narrowed its eyes to focus its struggling vision upon the being that had put themself between it and its meal. Once the sudden obscuring light about their form faded, there was no mistaking the wounded Renamon for anything else, nor the severity of the wound left upon them even as the attack forced them to revert. So it wasn’t alone in this strange space. The other Digimon seemed to have taken an interest in the creature it had tried to snap up; perhaps they had been stalking the creature themself, and wasn’t content to let their prey go without a fight.

A low sound halfway between the growl of a prehistoric beast and the rumble of an engine rolled out from its jaws, challenging the Renamon to take what it had claimed-

"Pinewood Pummel!!"

In the past, the beast had been hit numerous times by trees as it rammed through the vegetation, with them falling upon it as they were bent and snapped from their trunks by its rampage, but they had done little but tickle its thick hide. This managed a little more than that; this time the splinters of wood that came flying at it from a distance came with sufficient force to embed themselves between oily scales and sting into the flesh beneath.

With speed unbecoming of such a vast form and sufficient force to kick up a dense cloud of debris with the tremorous impact of its claws against the ground, the dragon turned with a snarl towards the interloper. This digimon was... different. It was reminiscent of an Ogremon, but something about its coloring and proportions were all wrong. It snapped its jaws in irritation at the new digimon, only to then register something large and heavy hitting the ground nearby, past the not-Ogremon. Yet another digimon.

Bloodlust briefly abated, instincts superseding the beast’s desire to gorge upon the strange meat of the D’Arcmon-like creature. Regardless of the alluring flavours still dancing upon its tongue, this was wholly too much of a struggle for such a meagre meal. Were it more desperate, it’d be happy to tear these other digimon to shreds and feast on them after setting upon the peculiar morsel. Was it desperate yet? It closed its eyes, focusing on the minute tremors of the ground and smashing its tail into the ground to kick up further debris and dust for cover. What else was around?

There. To the south. At least two moving forms that seemed unaware of its presence. And though it couldn’t be sure, the way in which their movement disturbed the ground beneath them was much like that of the D’Arcmon-like creature.

Without a single moment of hesitation, its second set of arms stretched, flinging the log off towards the Renamon and D’Arcmon-like entity through the debris cloud. The others could have them, provided they were willing to scrape their pulped remains off the ground and the tree’s bark. Both sets of arms flexed before it began to dig.

By the time the dust settled, the Groundramon had left only a massive crater of a hole in the middle of the trail.


For a digimon literally made to burrow through bedrock and caverns, the real problem was digging deep enough to prevent collapse before it reached its prey. The path had already begun to collapse behind it, and the lizard-like monster adjusted itself. The sources of the vibrations had yet to move away, and it picked up speed, readying a charge-

Behind Riku, Ryan, and Terriermon, the ground exploded in rock, dirt clumps, and dust. The earth shook, and a fissure, maybe 12 meters long and 4 meters wide, now blocked the trail from the rest of the city. One well-muscled arm swatted at Riku as if he were little more than an insect. Another curled behind Ryan and Terriermon as an enormous jaw snapped at the two.
can i join

We are still open! Feel free to write up a character sheet for consideration,@RBYDark and myself will get back to you when we can?
@RBYDark, is this anything like the game you were running five years ago? Asking for Briza.

Oh shit, Briza lives!

Good to see you alive and well; like RBY said, PV might be a while and we're shameless character recyclers ourselves, so if you want to jump in with Ryan you're more than welcome! We have a lot of awful awful children on the way that I'm sure she'd 'love' to meet 😄.

Regardless, it'll be fun to talk again.

And speaking of, here's a relink to the Discord for any newcomers or fresh applicants? Gonna keep the invites temporary so do prod me if you find it after the fact!

Digimon- [T̼͕͜h̢̟̼e͇̝͜ U͚͎n̦̘c͚͓͇a̠̫͎n̼͍͍n̻̻̙y͚̦͚ F̞͚͇r̢͜o̡͉͖n̡̢̦t̢̙i̺̼̟e̟͇͖r͓̫͔]

Tokyo, Japan, 2019. Over the last fifty years, rumours have spread around the world about how the ever-forward march of technology has brought man into contact with beings outside of our understanding of the world. Perhaps among whispers of moth-like humanoids haunting small American towns and plesiosaurs who survived the K-Pg extinction event to thrive in a Highlands loch, you may have heard of Digimon; monsters of all shape and sizes from a world just out of our reach, where matter is digital rather than analog.

The truth is, if you’ve heard of one, you’ve heard of the other. Though they long predate the Digital Age, recent technological developments have brought us back into regular contact with these beings, a state of affairs that the powers that be in both the Analog and Digital Worlds have come to an uneasy accord in order to navigate. Though this accord holds steady for now, the fact remains that both worlds fear this convergence as an omen of some great cataclysm; for as the boundaries of our worlds become blurred, so too do the boundaries between their inhabitants…

The Rules and Such

  • 1- First and most important rule, be respectful towards other players both in and out of character. OOC-wise, disagreements can and will happen and we're presumably all grown-ups here, so we'll only prod you if we think you're seriously crossing a line. IC-wise, besides the usual warnings about godmodding and powerplaying, if your character interacts with a character controlled by another player, please allow them an adequate chance to respond before moving your character on.
  • 2- Myself and @RBYDark are perfectly happy for everyone to get creative and passively build the world with their characters, but in return for this respect we expect that a) you check with us beforehand about anything that would majorly affect other players and their characters, and b) if we ask you outright to drop a certain idea or stop doing something, you listen to us (we're perfectly happy to hear you out 99% of the time, but we will be firm when we need to be).
  • 3- Like we said in the Interest Check, this RP is going to have a significant horror theme and approach some fairly heavy subjects, but we will be doing our best to avoid crossing the line from 'dark fantasy' to 'edgefest'. When in doubt, keep it PG-13, but generally try and keep away from excessive foul language, violence or grodiness for the sake of grodiness: you're welcome to ask us if anything you have planned or ready to post is inappropriate, but we'll keep to gentle reminders otherwise unless you're consistently crossing the line.
  • 4- Canon is wildly inconsistent with the power levels of certain Digimon and the official profiles from the Reference Book are prone to some pretty remarkable hyperbole. As such, certain Digimon may be nerfed while others might be buffed above their showings in canon material; please understand that this is for the sake of maintaining a steady internal balance and avoiding situations that might seriously derail planned plotlines.

Background and Lore

Character Sheet Templates

If any edits are made to the rules or content of this post, they will be noted here. Until then, good luck, and have fun, all!
Hi all, sorry for the radio silence: was at work all day yesterday and was basically comatose by the time I got home. Set up the Discord, link's set for a day so if anyone's joining after than and ahead of the OOC going up, give me a shout and I'll update it!

With that done, a few specific responses:

@Sifr Absolutely not a problem; life comes first, if you're interested in joining and sticking around despite the absences we can always factor it in and help you figure something out to work around it!

@JDubs Got your PM: I didn't get the chance to respond yesterday but rest assured, I filled RBY in and there are some definite keepers in there! Give me a shout when you're on and we can talk through, I can see a few of those ideas working well as introductory arcs.

@Duthguy Ben provided a great rundown and RBY followed up, but last word is that while we are drawing heavily from that series (and others- you'll soon see), we're endeavouring to make it all work sensibly in a new context; so long as you're familiar with the basic concept of Digimon, we'll catch you up on everything important through the RP itself?
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