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Dragan Meszaros

The Last Age

The lord of this land fell to one knee, his mace clattering from his hands as battle wounds, silver, and holy smites took their toll upon his ravaged form and rent armor. Numerous paladins surrounded him in his throne room, each mightier than he had been in his mortal life.

"It is over, Death Knight." One particularly mouthy champion uttered from within his bucket helm. "The shame you bring upon your church, upon your brothers, upon my order, shall be ended at last."

Ah. That explained it. They'd been pledged to the same deity at some point in time. Separated by centuries, of course, but the sentiment apparently still stood. Self-righteous fools.

"Allow me to extend my congratulations, brothers and sisters." Dragan chuckled mockingly, ripping his helm off his head. It wasn't as if he had any need for it anymore. Not with his unlife fast approaching its end. "In slaying me, you have doomed the people of this land. In assauging your precious egos and pride, you have stripped away any bastion of safety and security that any person within this kingdom could have had. After I butchered their mad tyrant of a king, this is the first time that this realm has seen stability and peace within decades. And you've all just stripped it away. No armies defending their borders. My presence stayed the hand of vampires that would have been worse than myself eyeing this territory."

A bitter, rasping laugh escaped his lips even as his vision blurred.

"But by all means, crusade onward. Leave the shattered lives of an entire kingdom behind. You've more creatures of the night to slay, after all..." Dragan spoke his last, the final dregs of his strength expended as his body succumbed, collapsing.


Present Day

Dragan rose, and was given succor. An unfamiliar setting greeted him, and he frowned from...beneath his helm? A quick inspection of his body revealed that he was still wearing his armor, damaged as it was from his final battle. How odd. He could have sworn that he'd at least died without his helmet on. Still, while the plate was servicable in its current state, it was far from acceptable. That would have to be fixed after he got a handle on his surroundings and dealt with the thirst creeping up within him.

He was in...the middle of a city slum? This certainly wasn't where he'd died. Someone had moved his body. Their bodies, judging by the forms of the occupants of the other two sarcophagi rising from their torpor as well. And yet...ah. A familiar sight at last. The Cathedral. They were in Alavaris, then. Safe ground, at least in theory.

The Death Knight removed his helm as he beheld his two compatriots, tucking it under his shoulder. Well, well. He was at least familiar with the other two. The love martyr, and the shadow witch. Dragan certainly could have had better companions at the moment. Still, he could also have had worse. After all, neither were the Blight Lord, though that was certainly an admittedly low bar.

With no one else saying anything for the moment, it fell to him to break the ice.

"Well met, the both of you. Our goddess has given us a call to answer. Shall we oblige her?"
Vyandar Urthac

Damn it all, why had he agreed to be out here again? Vyandar grumbled in displeasure as he trudged along the riverbank, his eyes peeled for any sign of the unusual. The question was rhetorical, but the sheer tedium of the investigation was still getting to him. He'd thought that overhearing the guards the previous night meant that there would be imperial soldiers out and about in the farmlands, but so far, there'd been nothing.

The dragonborn let a small wisp of flame loose from his lips in irritation as mud continued to splash over his greaves. It would have been one thing if he'd had a mount like his fellow Envoys on this case did, but he'd never been much of a rider in the first place. He'd spent too much time in his youth learning both clerical magics and martial combat as it was. Adding riding and cavalry training to the mix wouldn't have been feasible. Plus, not many mounts could hold a large dragonborn with full harness in the first place. In any case, hopefully either Kyra or Aurelian was having better luck in the search.

Vyandar continued to slog along the riverbank upstream, resisting the urge to waste magical power on casting a sending spell just to check in with either of the other two.
Valeriya Zhukova

Well, that entire affair had been a considerable waste of time, all things considered. Shou may have been tolerable, but Valeriya had been very unimpressed with Ryuuko after that absolute debacle with the Manbat. So when the Japanese girl simply left the island after the trial, Valeriya was about as sad to see her go as she had been with Jeanne. In other words, she practically celebrated by having a few drinks and hopping into someone else's bed for the night.

Speaking of beds, the news that Lucretia was moving out of her dorm and rooming with that Mesmerology hack Franz took Valeriya by surprise as much as anyone else. Given how socially stunted the girl was, she hadn't exactly given Val much warning about what she was going to do. Not that Valeriya was going to take offense. She didn't have all the information, and for all she knew, the little German was rooming with the Austrian because she needed someone more pliable or pathetic to dorm with. Oh, well. At least privacy issues were much less of a concern now that she had an entire dorm to herself.

Once everything with the trial was said and done, Valeriya dutifully drafted another coded report back to the Motherland, sending it off as soon as she was able. Within it was a brief summary of the situation, as well as details of the major players that she'd been involved with. So the Manbat, Shou, and Ryuuko.

Days after everything had settled down, Valeriya returned to her ideal routine. Working on her projects, experiencing world cuisine around the island's restaurants, and generally just enjoying herself as she awaited further orders from her handlers.
Nakano Nagi

Mentions: Asumi@Ambra, Munehisa@Solace, Masashi@Zombehs

"Yeah, yeah, my bad." Nagi grunted in response to Asumi, still just rolling with this cover story. "What can I say? Mune's goddamn hopeless sometimes. Anyways, Chen's dad a better cook than me, then? Don't do much Chinese, myself."

She sighed to herself as Masa clearly didn't buy their excuse and took the opportunity to fuck off. Probably gonna have to make it up to him, just so he didn't have something to hold against her for whoever knew how long. Whatever, she'd get him food or something later. For now, there was still other shit to get done. Like accompanying Asumi to see...a half-dead crow, if hers and Masa's words were any indication.

"Uh..." Nagi raised an eyebrow as she let Asumi drag her along. "Asumi, I know you wanna be a vet and shit, but if this crow's as fucked up as Masa was making it out to be, shouldn't you have taken it to the actual vet? Also I ain't really a bird girl. More of a..." She paused, tapping her chin with her free hand in thought. "Shit, what animal do I like? I dunno, fuck it, Buchimaru's a panda, so that, I guess. Anyways, we're here, so let's see your fuckin' crow, then."

Generally, I would say having some skill in blood magic plus a secondary affinity would be a good idea.

Also Rune:

"why everyone take blood magic"
Nakano Nagi

Mentions: Asumi@Ambra, Munehisa@Solace, Masashi@Zombehs

Well, wasn't this a cavalcade of fuckups? Nagi closed her eyes and suppressed a groan as Masashi described how the rest of her friend group and associated hangers-on somehow got themselves involved with what sounded like a serial killer case. Son of a bitch. If anything, this kind of shit was just going to make the fucking curfew even worse. And wasn't that just a bundle of fun?

Of course, Mune beating her to the punch on making up an excuse was bad in the immediate sense. Asumi would buy that godawful story just from her nosy ass wanting to set her best friend up with someone. Masa, on the other hand...well, they'd known each other long enough that he could most likely smell the bullshit from a mile away about that being hilariously out of character for herself. At least that part Nagi could salvage a bit.

"Oh, for fuck's sake. Let's not get it twisted." Nagi sighed, running a hand through her hair. "Translation: I conned Mune into buying me food. He asked me for dating tips and I told him to stop being a pussy and go to the gym until he had a six-pack and some arms. The end. Let's get back to the important part. No one said anything stupid when you were being questioned, right?"


Possibly interested if you still have slots. No worries if you don't.
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