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Current outlanders be like "morrowind combat is bad" my brother in vivec you made the build
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hey buddy I think you got the wrong thread, the leather club's two pages down
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diablo immortal is p2w garbage, to literally no one's surprise
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wew lads
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Ranbu no Izayoi

Frankly, Izayoi was impressed, despite herself. Even considering how much slower she was compared to her prime, it was still quite the feat to actually come this close to ending her life. Of course, no amount of respect for this redheaded Skaelian's abilities would overrule the absolute fury she felt at herself for growing weak enough to allow such a blade to reach her. That fury influenced her next decision by a significant amount.

Out of spite, Izayoi only tightened her grip on her sword and drove it ever so slightly into the side of the man's neck to pierce skin, sneering at the new woman as her victim whimpered.

"Go on." She said quietly, her gaze unwavering. "Fire. My blade will still find its mark. Will you let your countryman die for this?" With so little left to live for besides vengeance, she felt no compunction about wagering her own life in this standoff. The rest of her party's actions were immaterial to Izayoi, even as she took note of them from the corner of her eye. In this moment, all that mattered were the next few seconds.

But the tension was cut with the Edrenian king finally moving to stop the brewing feud. Hmph. What an unsatisfying finish. Izayoi waited patiently for the first offender to back down before she looked back to Eliane.

"Your countryman threatened our compatriot's life first. I merely thought it appropriate to respond in kind." Was the only explanation Izayoi gave as she slowly lowered her sword from the man's neck, watching dispassionately as he ran off to rejoin his party. Judging by the sudden smell in the air, he may have even soiled himself. With everything settled, she deliberately turned her back on the Skaelian gunbreaker, meeting the gaze of the king's knights in challenge for a moment. For obvious reasons, it seemed several had their attention on her specifically. Once upon a time, she would have decided to rattle them a bit. But now, the prospect held little interest to her. So with a dismissive huff, Izayoi sheathed her sword, glancing back at Eliane briefly.

"Skaelian. Reaching my throat with a blade proves you are not without worth. Consider joining us, rather than those bleating fools." Her piece said, Izayoi started trudging back over towards her party.

"You are unharmed?" The samurai asked Neve as she approached, briefly looking over where the Unicorn idiot had pointed a blade at her. No apparent injuries. "Good. Try to get some rest." She advised, turning to return to their chambers herself. "The journey ahead will be long, and the roads are not without peril these days. It would be best to save your strength."

She started to walk off, but a particular thought ran through her mind. Ugh. Of course. They should have established this earlier.

"One last thing." Izayoi turned around to face the group. "We must establish a clear chain of command. One among us ought to lead." She took in a breath, closing her eyes. "It will not be me." If her regrets on her chosen path coalseced in a singular moment, it was the doomed last stand she'd dragged good, loyal men into to satisfy her own shattered pride. Never again. Her eyes opened, gazing at one person in particular.

"I nominate the dragoon. You have command experience, do you not, Lord?"

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Theodoric Branden Marlon

At last. Irinduil. Between his father and Gwendolyn's tales of the place, Doric had been waiting for years to finally set foot within its walls. This was where the path to his future was decided. With all the expectations placed upon him already, Theodoric knew that nothing short of excelling would be tolerated by those who would judge him and his worthiness as Marlon's heir in the future.

The ride from Mordlind had been fine. He'd not seen Parthenia in some months, and it was always good to catch up. Though they'd been told there would have been three within the carriage, and yet the third had never showed up. The caravan had waited for some time before eventually giving up and moving on, so as to not let the remaining passengers be late. Given that it seemed both houses had an equal number of students, perhaps there had just been alternative arrangements made?

Speaking of catching up, it had been good to see Sherry and Roland again as well. There hadn't been an opportunity to actually speak yet until now, but it seemed other people were monopolizing the conversation. Sherry being named house leader was...not unexpected. In a way, Doric was thankful for it. There was enough for him to deal with already without the added pressure of being the face of the house. The caveat was that, well, Sherry was herself. Capable enough in a formal setting, but casually? They were friends, but from an objective standpoint, Sherry's temper and rashness were a recipe for disaster when it came to leadership. He'd not seen her in half a year, but Doric doubted much had changed.

Thus, when an absolutely massive man that was somehow a student decided to begin to rib Sherry, with others following shortly after, Doric simply chuckled under his breath. Hopefully, something would even her temper out eventually.

"A brave man, to provoke the ire of Galbia's hellion. No offense, Roland." Doric clapped briefly, genuine in his compliment of Andrion. "Just watch out, though. She'll be furious at you for about a week before something else sets her off, and then her grudge with you will be all but forgotten. Personal experience." He stretched a hand out for the absolute unit to shake, still chuckling.

"Theodoric, of House Marlon. But please, call me Doric. The same goes to the rest of you whom I'm unfamiliar with, of course."

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Renar Hagen

As Fionn and Nicomede returned, Renar briefly noted that they only had one additional knight in tow. Between the three of them, they'd roped in double their original number as reinforcements. That was fine. He hadn't been expecting too many to be available on a moment's notice at this hour of the night.

"A half dozen will be enough. The Knight-Captain deployed with about the same number." Renar nodded to Fionn's inquiry before moving to a chestnut rouncey. He didn't recognize this particular one, but that was a moot point. At this hour of the night, it didn't particularly matter which steed he took. It would be returned before dawn without its owner ever knowing.

"Saddle up. Speed is of the essence here. We make through the city, toward the Cazt tombs. Slow for nothing. It may make the difference between arriving as timely reinforcements or arriving to put down the freshly raised." He made sure his poleaxe was strapped snugly to his back before cracking the reins on his borrowed steed.

Once everyone was mounted atop their horses, Renar led the charge, steadily speeding his steed up to a full gallop as they started making their way through the city streets. The distance to the crypts was short enough that they didn't need to ration the horses' stamina, and even if it had been necessary, they were still on a short timeframe regardless.

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Salvator Rasch

The ride over hadn't been bad. He'd never ridden in a Unztadtlige​ warform before, but it still beat a good portion of the rustbuckets he'd had to commandeer over the years. Hell, the fact that they even had a ride was more than was expected sometimes. Still, the squad couldn't stay in the tank forever. They had a job to do, and if a warform could've gotten it done, then the Intransigence might as well have sent conventional infantry.

As Rasch disembarked, he paid polite attention to the ZRF trooper, even as he briefly swept the area. If the locals were content to think they were mercs, Salvator wasn't going to contest that. Less trouble maintaining a cover that way, even if the prospect of being assumed to only be in it for the money offended him. Judging by the quality of the locals' gear, though, these were some poor bastards. Up-armored mining and hazmat gear. The bad old days.

The voidhanger simply nodded at the tarrhaidim that continued speaking, even as the squad approached the rendezvous.

"Don't concern yourself too much about us or our contact. We get fragged, not your problem." The veteran rasped in response. By all rights, they wouldn't be staying with this squad long. That said, Rasch turned to glance at the rest of the team he was saddled with.

"Taking point." Was all he said, keeping professional. Carbine raised, Rasch stalked forward, keeping to cover as he followed the footprints leading to one of the buildings.
Kayliss Lambert

As the briefing finished, Kayliss folded her arms in front of her from her position in the back corner of the gathering, her brow furrowed in thought. Necromancers. A vexing enemy for her, all told. Certainly, the mages themselves were but mere men if they were taken off guard, her skillset and tools didn't quite work for dealing with actual undead. Blades and poison designed to cut to a living target's vitals weren't exactly effective when dealing with deadened veins and shambling bones. Fortunate that the Lions had so many heavier fighters better suited to dealing with undead chaff.

Of course, that didn't preclude the option of their superior officer already having an idea of what to do with her. So with that in mind, Kayliss silently wove her way through the gathered crowd and to the front, waiting patiently some distance away from the camp's nem merchant while she made her appeal. The Crownsblade briefly narrowed her eyes down at the side of Lirrah's head. A walking equipment caddy, and requiring an escort? Kayliss had her own opinion on that, though she wouldn't give it unless asked. A waste of resources and men that could be utilized more efficiently. If the merchant thought her stock would be useful, then she could at least be bothered to hand it out to those who would actually be getting their hands dirty.

Regardless, as the...girl? Woman? Nem of an age Kayliss couldn't quite distinguish finished her appeal, the assassin simply appeared in Velvetica's peripheral vision, bowing her head to the Steel Princess.

"Any specific orders, my lady? Otherwise, I assume I've your permission to embed myself within another unit?" While she'd prefer Cadmon and Istvan's aid thanks to familiarity and the fact that they would know how to properly utilize her, it wasn't exactly Kayliss's choice.

Nakano Nagi

Whatever the hell was going on with Strange Gospel, it was definitely making her stronger when she was pulled over to the other side. Or maybe she just got juiced up as her Echo did. Either way, Nagi's punch certainly wouldn't have hit these monsters that hard even a month ago. Hell, it slammed back a good distance away. Not that she was going to complain about it. The piece of crap was dying. Time to move in for the kill.

Or at least Nagi would have, if the thing didn't decide to offer up some last-ditch resistance. Her first instinct was to just evade the grasping arms and weave through them to finish the fucker off, but some part of her brain remembered that Gotoh was still in the back. Fuck. If Nagi dodged, it might go for her instead. And as annoying as the girl was, Nagi really didn't want Yuzu's death on her conscience. Oh, this was going to blow.

A mental command had Belial returning to her, arms outstretched protectively in front as both of them charged forward, one behind the other. Hellfire surrounded her Echo as they made a mad dash, aiming to reach the beast before it could do too much damage to Belial. Her Echo's flames weren't that strong compared to its claws, and enough of the monster's arms grasped it to the point where Nagi was feeling a good amount of pain, but she powered through, Belial grasping the monster with its own arms and spinning it around to pin it in place.

"Eat it, shitbag!" She bellowed, leaping up onto the monster and holding on with her left hand as her right began to mercilessly pound into it. One punch. Two. Three. Before long, nothing was left of the beast besides blood and black ichor, some of it splashing on Nagi and staining her clothes as she landed back down on the ground, Belial hovering menacingly next to her. She stayed there for a moment, taking in a few gulps of air as she caught her breath and checked on her own condition. The fuckwit had gotten a few hits in at the last moment there, but she could still keep going. She'd been in worse shape after taking on those punks from across town a few months back.

"Alright," Nagi stood back up, glancing back towards her charge. "C'mon, Gotoh. We've still got somewhere to be. Get your ass in gear. And don't worry about the stains, they kinda just disappear once we're out of here." She beckoned Yuzu forward, starting to move towards her objective again afterward.

Renar Hagen

Good sense bid Renar to not retort to Tyaethe with the first thought in his head, which was that by all rights, she was technically in charge with the Knight-Captain's absence. Goddesses knew that was how it ostensibly went in the two years he'd been here before Captain Fanilly's ascension to her role. Still, at least the vampire had the good sense to allow Renar to run off and join the fray.

As expected, Fionn took the hint and readily agreed to join them, even inviting Nico along for the ride. Renar nodded towards both of them, already starting to make his way toward the armory.

"I've armor enough from the castle's stock. I'll only need to retrieve my poleaxe, which shouldn't take long. Gather at the stables, and recruit what knights you see at this hour to the task. I'll be doing the same." He said towards both of his fellows before taking his leave. On the way to and back from Candaeln's armory, he managed to rope two knights that were still awake at this hour with a hurried explanation that was summed up with "necromancer in the Cazt mausoleum, the Knight-Captain and some fellows are confronting him now".

About ten minutes later, Renar arrived at the stables with his poleaxe strapped to his back, and the duo of knights he'd found at his side. Hopefully, the other two had better luck recruiting men for a second wave to assault the necromancer.

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Sheet's up. Changed Theodoric around to be dabbling in Faith magic over Reason this time, given how no one apped a Faith user last time lmao
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