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Is shilling for Iwaku banned? Because a site that actually takes user donations instead of shutting down for months on end is nice. Yes, I'm still mad about that.


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Alisa Sokol

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Well, that was a bit of a commotion. Something screaming about a Magnemite, apparently. Sheesh, whoever it was sounded high-strung too. After a moment of deliberation, Alisa rose from her seat. Whatever that was about, it would probably be more entertaining than just sitting around here.

"Cmon, boy." She waved Lanza over to her side, the Honedge floating next to her with a "BOOP" sound. "Whatever that is, beats sitting here waiting for something to happen."

Alisa watched and waited while someone else approached the commotion first, taking note of the Noibat perched atop the Magnemite as well as the other girl spoke up first. Carmen...? The name sounded familiar, and now that she thought about it, so did the look. Wait...

"Wait, I know you!" Alisa piped up, pointing a finger at the girl from behind. "Yeah, that's right! I've seen a few of your battles on the internet. Not bad, actually!" She grinned, giving both Roxanne and Arthur a wave. "Name's Alisa, by the way. She ain't wrong, either. Nothing to get worked up over yet. What's your name anyway, buddy?" She inquired towards Arthur in particular. "The Noibat yours? Rare choice for a starter, but I guess I can't talk, considering Lanza here." Alisa chuckled, jerking a finger at the Honedge, who simply bobbed up and down in midair in response.
Alisa Sokol

Really, she would have preferred to still be out in the streets, dancing and partying the night away. Still, Alisa bobbed her head to the beat that could be heard from within the stadium as she reclined on a couch next to Lanza.

"Sheesh. Kind of sucks we have to be in here instead of out there, huh?" She remarked offhandedly to the Honedge, who only hovered up and down for the moment before giving a "BOOP" sound. "Oh, well." Alisa continued on, her mouth lifting up in a slight grin. "It's what's after tonight that matters, anyways. This's what we've been training for!"

Alisa's attention turned towards the same display a certain Dragon trainer was watching, tilting her head in thought. She did remember following last year's Gym Challenge closely, as she had every year since she was a kid. Sure, that bunch had been spirited, but the last few gyms just filtered them out too well. Ah, well. She, Lanza, and whatever Pokemon they teamed up with along the way would just have to train hard enough that they didn't meet the same fate.

"You hungry, boy? I know there's not much negative emotion around tonight for a Ghost like you to feed off of, but maybe some of the other competitors're nervous enough to count." She glanced back over towards the Honedge, who quietly shook back and forth horizontally, mimeing a 'no' motion. Really, that was the convenient thing about Ghost types. Most fed off some kind of emotion, not needing much in the way of solid food. A good battle would generate enough for Lanza to feed off of, but she supposed they had to behave themselves tonight. Alisa sighed at the thought.

"Man, this sucks that we have to wait around in here..." She whined out loud.
@Lightning Fast Image link's broken, chief
I'll be getting a sheet up soon, rolling with Honedge as a starter
it's ya boi
Hey, sorry, but I'm going to have to drop out of this RP. Irl shit came out, and I'm just on a mental block for writing too.
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