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14 days ago
Current everybody saying we need to come together and stop conflict is blind. soldiers nut all the time dumb assholes, it does nothing to stop their lust for blood
1 mo ago
disrespecting men in 2019 like i disrespected women in 1302; gotta keep the score even.. sorry gents
2 mos ago
if the thai man trains his shin by kicking banana tree until he bleeds, i, the american man, will train my shin by kicking lamppost until it shatters. we go hard as fuck here little man, get owned
2 mos ago
if you aren’t going to fly me to the moon at least let me play amongst my ass hairs, netflix. real gamers will agree
2 mos ago
the beast has been silenced by my tumultuous chakras and utter disregard for actually finding where it lives, the night continues in peace once more
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Let's hope we never meet anything with acid blood.

we’ll keep the spears for that one, let him leak for a bit
And I bet all of their shins still feel pain
I feel like a Boxing or MMA club would definitely fit Kasemchai the best, but I’ll leave it open in case any player-to-player recruitment is done. I assume there’s a good chance the former exists already, they’re a pretty common archetype for these things. All comes down to how things shake out in-game.

Now then, which club wants knee like killing people?
Alright. Lemme know if it’s needed.
If that’s what’s stopping my approval, I’ll just fully join the boxing club or something. Or perhaps an aforementioned general Martial Arts club— Whichever, really.
what DIDNT fuko do
he cant keep getting away with it

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