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8 days ago
Current an elf slighted me once
23 days ago
I have it on good authority that Guts with a shotgun washes all of them
29 days ago
1 sleep until i get to rewatch Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya again. Hard times this holiday season, but I'm glad I can still keep this little tradition going.
1 mo ago
i am nice man with happy feelings all of the time
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2 mos ago
going to be the best goddamn news chevron of the decade, look out brian cornell. your lawn is TOAST


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I can hop into interactions with another character after the post, if it'll help take a load off.

Speaking of other characters, I hope everything's going well with your internet @jdh97, Jerel's posts are always interesting to read
Nobody’s normal here
Might have undersold Tristram, then, considering he has the same background as Gerard save for jumping at the chance to be a knight after raiding the slavers. Bet I could chalk it up to difference between plinking from the back and being in the front lines.

Or simply taking a slow pace to start things off with the adventuring career. Bet it won't matter since their niches are wildly different.
does any other party need a sniper please
see i’m very environmentally conscious— a proud tenant of Reduce, because i’m not looking to start dying out here
There's practically nobody to flirt with anyway
sigi i think he called us goofs

if you want a nice person go to thaln and find gerard
tristram ain't pulling punches
I'm watching my smug prick turn into a beleaguered goofwrangler in real time and I can only roll with it
i'm going to have to keep everyone in this damn game away from my stuff
Even better that she can’t see his face when he just casually drops references to it and “Thaln being full of nutcases”
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