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I am feeling better so I hope to get working back on all my RPs
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Coffee and Music. With their powers combined, I am able to write.
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Burning of Volstryggr hmm? I might relaunch it if I get some free time. Would need to iron out a few things
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Sometimes I to imagine what my characters are up to in their respective worlds
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I would never want to live in the fantasy world I created because I would be the first to die


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Are you really looking at my bio? What are you, some kind of creep? Well if you that interested, I suppose I can indulge you a little. I am college student currently studying Digital Forensics but I have a deep passion for writing and making stories so naturally role-playing has been a favorite hobby of mine. I love to explore worlds created by others' imagination and create them as well. To me, there is nothing better than getting lost in a good story with meaningful character development. Magic tends to be my favorite concept to write about and play with though I like a little bit of everything. Since I'm in college, I enjoy role-plays that generally have about 2-3 paragraphs a post and nothing much more than that. I played a lot of video games and watch plenty of anime since I'm a sucker for engaging stories.

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Vey addressed the curious Anubis with a rather direct answer as she walked passed him with a slight sway in her hips "You can't get even a sliver of information from him about it. It's almost like he wishes to pretend it isn't out there." She spoke rather casually, as if the mystery did not intrigue her in the slightest.

She turned deftly on her right heel and faced them once again, only to notice that Mirithal had morphed to copy her form. Admittedly she was rather flattered and at the same time uneasy. It's speech and movements were rather strange but Vey happily smiled "I am called Vey, nice to meet you Miritahl." Her nose wrinkled slightly as the smell of warm food began to drift through the air which coordinating with the small movements of the wolf-like ears on her head. Vey shook her head lightly then turned back to Ar'oa "You can tell me your name on the way." She said strongly, looking up at the tall being. A part of her wanted to meet this spirit to see what can of wisdom it could gift her in her fight against the oppressive Dremorian Empire. A piece of knowledge that could her help her people reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

@GrizzTheMauler@Landaus Five-One

A wave of relief washed over her as the two individuals did not reject her request and she sat next to Stephanie at the table "N-nice to m-m-meet you both. I am C-Cisna." She said meekly, purposefully avoiding meeting either of their gazes. Vilkas had said they were talking about enchantments and natural magic, which she had some knowledge in as her family was very adamant in giving her a well-rounded education. It became even more relevant during her short time in the service of the royal army. Light magic was the primary and most powerful magic that Anserians typically could wield, though they were not limited it strictly.

The small feeling of warmth she felt was diluted by the expression that suddenly overtook Stephanie's face, as if she remembered something rather horrible. Once she spoke up about it, it was something that Cisna could readily sympathize with "That must be pretty awful. I-I had to run away from my home as well. I...I just couldn't be...what they wanted me to be..." It was a topic that she had only discussed in detail with Vey. The truth behind her identity and the reasons why she had to abandon everything. If she hadn't arrived here, she doubt she would be alive.



"I couldn't help but overhear the two of you."

A lush, female voice called out from behind them with belonging to the Wolf-Amali known as Vey. The sounds of her foots tapped lightly against the floor as she moved closer, a smirk laid out across her full lips as if to elude she knew something they didn't. Her attire was rather simple as it consisted of nothing more than a blank, cloth tank-top and dark-brown, leather pair of pants. Vey stopped a few feet from them and crossed her arms in front of her chest, looking upwards at the much taller beings.

"You two haven't been here long I take it?" She asked without expecting an answer "I'm sure this beautiful creature here can help, but I heard you were looking for a spirit?

Vey lets out a long, silent yawn as she stretches her arms upwards into the arm before bringing them back into position. The pair of wolf-like ears on the top of her head move slightly with each passing sound while her black, fluffy tail gently sways behind her. Both her tone of voice and posture seem to suggest she is rather open and confident in herself.

"I've been here long enough that I heard from a couple residents about an ancient spirit that wanders the outer perimeter of the Sanctuary. R won't talk about it though."

Vey shrugged without any real opinion on the matter. Everyone came here for some reason or purpose, that much she understood. At best, R would only offer a guiding hand to those seeking help. The majority of assistance came from other residents or from the Sentinels that roamed the many halls.

@GrizzTheMauler@Landaus Five-One

Voltaire had disappeared into the mess hall barely acknowledging Stephanie's last words. After receiving his food, he went to the table farthest in the corner to eat by himself as he did everyday. Meanwhile, Cisna sat at her usual table awaiting her instructor, Vey, to come and eat breakfast with her. A faint smile and soft eyes did much to conceal the aching pain that her headache was bringing her. She ate slowly taking only small amounts of food in at a time. Her blue eyes that normally shined like brilliant sapphires had a dull quality to them as she stared blankly at the table. The sound of Stephanie and Vilkas's voice stirred her from the idle trance she had been in. Her attention was mostly directed at Stephanie as she listened silently to her. Her pearly white wings drooped a little at the last thing Stephanie said and her eyes looked down at the ground. Her father had tried and succeeded into making her a killer, another piece in his game for political power. Cisna knew just by looking at the look in Stephanie's eyes that they felt the same. That they had both been pushed to become something they were not meant to be. The difference was that it was far too late for Cisna. These small, delicate hands of hers were stained with more than their share of blood.

"E-excuse, d-d-do you m-mind if I...sit here..with y-you?" Her voice was soft, almost quiet.

Cisna stood next to the table Vilkas and Stephanie sat at, using what courage she could muster to approach them holding her plate of food. Her wings formed an almost protective shell around her allowing a small opening in the front. Vey had told her that sometimes you had to be bold and take a chance, whether in battle or in life. Cisna could feel every part of her wanting to pull away and her skin crawl with anxiety as she stood there. However, this Stephanie seemed like she was just like her and the one next to her seemed rather kind.
Voltaire had to simply trust his senior's experience and followed her lead "G-got it." His voice was a little shaky from his nervousness. The muscles in his hand were beginning to cramp from gripping the dagger too tightly, and it felt harder to breath as they stepped into the chamber. Voltaire gently shook his head trying to shake off the nerves and changed into a more determined expression. It didn't matter what he told himself in the end, this was for all for his own selfish desires.

The fact nothing changed as they moved further and further into the room only put him more on edge "I bet as soon as we open that chest." He tried to sound more assured than he actually was. The tension was working down on his nerves. A part of him just wanted to get things started already and skip all this build-up. It gnawed at him like a ravenous animal until finally he snapped under the pressure "ARRHHHHHHHH!" He yelled out as he darted way from Koph and recklessly charged towards the chest like he had been possessed. Without hesitation, his hands gripped the opening of the chest and flipped it open with a bright smile.

Both the ground and walls began to rumble the moment he did so. Kobold after kobold began spawning, filling the room around them with a wave of bodies. Amidst these monsters, a larger kobold spawned as well with darker colored fur and gold-colored claws. It snarled angrily with razor-sharp teeth as it stared the two of them down and let out a ear-piercing howl. The normal-looking kobolds seemed to respond to this and began running towards them.
William had simply nodded in response to her request, seemingly unfazed by her words. At the car, he closed the door once she was in and got into the driver's seat. The engine came to life and purred like a cheetah as they departed from airport on their way towards the French Alps. They rode in silence for a few minutes until they got onto the highway, where William pressed a button on the dashboard of the car. A panel on the roof slide away to reveal a monitor that unfolded into view.

A video began to play as it turned on, showing the Director of the GIB standing against an black background "Allow me to avoid the pleasantries and cut to the chase. I am Director Chardin of the newly founded Global Investigation Bureau. Anything I tell or show you beyond this point is strictly confidential. I trust you understand what that means." There was a momentary pause. "There has been a sharp increase in reports of paranormal creatures and activity across the globe, along with cases of missing people. The governments of the world have done their best to keep control the situation but the truth is none of them are prepared to deal with his global crisis. Take a look at this video and see for yourself." The screen cut to what appeared to be footage from a body-cam of a person named Sakurai Yasutake with a time stamp of 18:47 November 21st, 1983.

The footage begins with Sakurai bringing up the rear of five other individuals dressed in dark-blue fatigues and black body armor. The six of them are walking through what appears to be a small village but no one else seems to be around. Sakurai approaches a car with its lights still on while the rest provide security. His flashlight shines on the mutilated corpse of the driver with several large puncture wounds through his chest and lacerations around his face. The sound of a metal can being knocked over causes him to pull away quickly and aim his weapon down the street and all of the others are clearly on edge. A few tense moments pass before a number of inhuman shrieks pierce the air and spiders the size of large dogs begin to crawl out from every direction. Flashes of gunfire illuminate the faces of the soldiers as the monstrous spiders charge at them, all while yelling unintelligible words. Three of the soldiers are swarmed as they attempt to retreat, their chilling screams overtaking the audio. The fight continues until the last of the spiders are dead, with only Sakurai and one other surviving the mission. The video ends with Sakurai and the other soldier being extracted on a helicopter while fire bombs are dropped on the village.

The screen returns to the video of Director Chardin "That remains the only credible footage of paranormal activity thus far. I believe that if we do not get to root of its cause, those large arachnids will be least of our worries. That is where you come in. It will be your duty to investigate sightings of unusual creatures or track down a member of several dangerous organizations we are also monitoring. Much to the dismay of many of the Council, we have full jurisdiction in all member countries. It is safe so say there will be little red tape to hinder your investigations. The same can not be said about our equipment." A irritated look flashed in his eyes for a moment "Any questions will have to wait until you reach our Headquarters. Until then." The monitor screen went black and folded back into the roof of the car, where it was covered once more.

Saul was still processing everything that he had just heard. It was true that they had been getting a few more odd reports than usual in the Intelligence Corps, but he never expected this. One more secret the top brass had been hiding, not that it really mattered now. He felt the signs of headache coming on so he lowered he his head and pinched his forehead between his thumb and pointer finger. After a deep breath, he was able to compose himself. He thought about one of those horrific spider creatures going after his family. That was enough to reestablish his conviction.

A quick look outside and he could see the beautiful French countryside. He faced forwards and let out a small, controlled laugh "I guess this is what they meant when they said I'd be 'serving a greater purpose'." That was something they said when they recruited him. That he would serving a greater purpose than just his country. If he hadn't seen that video, he would have been far more skeptical. Even now, he wasn't sure he entirely believed it...or maybe he just didn't want to believe.

Its a pretty good show. It's a superhero show where the superheroes are a bit messed up. Anyway, this RP made me think of the two government agents in the show.
William's attention seemed to be grabbed by someone else behind Saul as he smiled politely "Ah. There she is now." Saul turned around just in time to see Maria approach them and his training in the Intelligence Department began to kick in. Her choice in much more comfortable attire led him to infer that she preferred utility over form. It also suggested to him service in the active military. The lack of expressed emotions led him to two possible deductions. She was special forces or she had suffered some kind of significant trauma. It could very well be both, he amended.

Saul kept a straight face as he took her hand and shook it firmly "You would be correct, but you can just call me Saul." He rather detested being called "Mister" outside of official business. Now that he had heard her voice, Saul was inclined to she was one who would speak the brutal truth. Time would tell if he was correct. The strength in her grip was clear, which in Saul's eyes was a good sign. Admittedly, his hands had gotten rather soft with paperwork that had been forced on him leading up to this offer. That was something he hoped to remedy. Field work was where he belonged.

The Chauffeur shook Maria's hand, still keeping that polite smile A pleasure to meet you, mademoiselle. My name is William." He straightened up and placed the sign underneath his right arm "Shall we depart then? The drive to the Alps is quite scenic, I assure you." William did not wait for a reply before he went through the airport's main exit. Parked just outside was an brand new black BMW 5-series with tinted side and rear windows. He opened right-side door with a audible click and held it for them to get in.

Saul followed close behind William and thanked him as he stepped into the back of the car, after placing his two suitcases in the spacious trunk. His eyes began to trace over every inch of the interior. While a lot of work had been done to conceal it, he found signs indicating the vehicle's chassis had been reinforced. It was a safe bet the the windows were bullet-resistant as well. Still, as he looked around he figured he wouldn't mind taking one of these out for a drive.
I'm feeling a bit better. Well enough to write a little.

Side question: Have you watched Umbrella Academy on Netflix?

Yeah I am, just been sick with the Flu. I think it will be a couple days til it clears up.
Saul had spent the majority of the flight from New York to Grenoble, France reading a copy of 'Flags of Our Fathers' since he had been rather close to finishing it before he had received the 'call' from the GIB. He stepped off the plane wearing his best navy blue suit with a matching tie and a black pair of dress shoes that had a keen shine to them. The fact he had been told very little about this organization had made him curious but cautious. IF there was that large of a global threat he should have already been aware of it but then again other agencies loved to keep their secrets.

His sharp, steel blue immediately spotted the chauffeur holding a sign with his name and another on it. It appeared he was not the only one on their list. Whoever it was he doubt he would have to wait long to meet them. It would be rather annoying if he had to stand wait another hour just for one person. Without further delay, he approached the man "Bonjour, vous devez être Monsieur Saul." The gentleman replied courteously with a strong accent and Saul nodded, rolling his luggage to a stop "C'est vrai. Je suppose que tu es notre chauffeur?" French was one of the many languages Saul spoke. His photographic memory made it rather to easy which was beneficial when you work in military intelligence.

The gentleman nodded approvingly "Yes, you may call me William. Mademoiselle Silva should be here shortly." Like that most traces of his accent disappeared. Saul couldn't say he was really surprised though he was curious about this Silva "Perfect. The sooner she gets here the sooner I can get some answers." The name sounded Hispanic but what caught his attention was the fact she must be a woman. The fact that she was asked to be here the same as him always convinced him that whoever she was she must be a tough one.

A flight on a public plane had been arranged for Maria destined for the United States where she would land at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Both her and Saul boarded the same flight unaware that they were both there for the same reason. It was a rather uneventful trip to France where the headquarters of the Global Investigation Bureau was located and their new home. They are one of few personnel recruited by the GIB to be their agents in the field to find out the truth behind the unusual activity being reported across the world and ultimately put an end to it.

Standing by the airport's entrance was a older gentleman dressed in a black tailored suit with a blue tie along with a black chauffeur hat and white gloves. He held a white signs withe the names Mr. Saul & Ms. Silva written on it with black marker while he looked in their general direction.
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