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I have begun work revising my old "Burning of Volstryggr RP". I hope to have it ready by the end of the month.
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I am feeling better so I hope to get working back on all my RPs
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Coffee and Music. With their powers combined, I am able to write.
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Burning of Volstryggr hmm? I might relaunch it if I get some free time. Would need to iron out a few things
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Sometimes I to imagine what my characters are up to in their respective worlds


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Are you really looking at my bio? What are you, some kind of creep? Well if you that interested, I suppose I can indulge you a little. I am college student currently studying Digital Forensics but I have a deep passion for writing and making stories so naturally role-playing has been a favorite hobby of mine. I love to explore worlds created by others' imagination and create them as well. To me, there is nothing better than getting lost in a good story with meaningful character development. Magic tends to be my favorite concept to write about and play with though I like a little bit of everything. Since I'm in college, I enjoy role-plays that generally have about 2-3 paragraphs a post and nothing much more than that. I played a lot of video games and watch plenty of anime since I'm a sucker for engaging stories.

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Time: Dusk
Location: Alexei's
Interaction: None
Jams: "All our times have come, Here but now they're gone..."

Helene wrapped her own arms around herself as she got back on the asphalt roads of Ember Grove, a nervous look in her eyes as she avoided the gaze of every person that walked past. Her movements were twitchy as though she had consumed a large dose of caffeine. Phantom voices whispered in her ear and formless shapes threatened her from the corners of her eyes while the growing hunger inside her pushed her more and more to satisfy it. Her mother had taught her to be a respectable lady in every situation but she couldn't help it as she was just so scared. Dread loomed over the inevitable decision that she would have to make. Her life or someone else's. Helene wanted it to be as painless as possible. The thought of making another suffer was almost too much.

That was why she decided to make her way into the center of town to Alexei's, where a number of back alleys and drunken patrons would give her ample options. There was no way she could be like her mother and seduce her target into a false sense of security before striking. If she tried to get to know her...victim, then she doubt she would be able to go through it. Every step she made she felt she was being watched from afar by a being with killer intent, yet she could not hear or see anything which made it all the more terrifying. After a long, grueling walk she arrived in front of Alexei's almost stumbling like she was already tipsy. "Helene...daughter of Catherine of the Sinclare can do this." She whispered to herself for encouragement.

Helene walked through the front doors and was greeted with her first ever sight of an American dive bar. This already would have been a lot under circumstances. She gave a faint smile to the man who stood at the door and gave her the bracelet, informing her of its purpose. She nervously held her hands to her chest as she made her way to table off to the side, constantly looking over her shoulder as pictures and objects on the wall would shift and distort before snapping back to normal "Hello, welcome to Alexei's! My name is Sierra. Here's a menu as well as our special tonight! Can I get you something to drink?" The bubbly waitress said, catching Helene off-guard as she forgot for a moment where she was "Blood!" The word slipped right from her mouth, before she realized what she said and looked at the drinks menu in panic "A b-bloody mary, p-please!" Helene quickly corrected herself, though the waitress gave her an odd look "You got it, be out in a bit." Helene nodded quietly as Sierra left her table, desperately trying not to fidget in her chair as she could almost feel the blood coursing through the waitress's veins.

Time: Crepuscolo
Location: Volfango's apartment ----> Sorrel's Apartment
Interaction:@Tae - Sorrel
Jams:"Put the devil to the side, got an angel on my shoulder..."

"You...are the most beautiful, most magnificent creature Volfango has ever laid his precious eyes upon. A body chiseled to perfection, a smile brighter than the largest star! Truly, the heavens have sent an angel to Earth." The words rolled over each other seamlessly through his accent. "Tonight...shall be a great night."

Volfango stared at the reflection of his bathroom mirror for a few seconds longer looking for any faults in his image but of course, there was none. He already slipped into one of his tailor-made, custom suits that he liked to wear for special occasions like this. There was supposedly an art exhibition at the University and he figured it would be the perfect date, though he it would be his first time at such an event in America. A little cultural indulgence followed by some fine wine and dinner then letting the night go as it pleased. Just as he was about head out of his apartment and make way for Sorrel's, he felt a sudden and quick pain through his head that caused him to fall forward and brace himself on the sink. When he looked into the mirror, his eyes had changed into a bright yellow and his canine teeth had grown in size. Volfango gritted his teeth and forced himself into a normal state, but the implications were frightening even for him. His transformation was going to happen regardless of how fiercely he resisted its call. There had to be someone else that could help him. He steadied himself and fixed the collar of his shirt, it would have to wait until tomorrow. Volfango was never someone to keep a hot date waiting. He left his apartment and went to retrieve his ZR1 Black Corvette, but not before blowing a light kiss to the receptionist on his way out. A real handsome, charming fellow he was.

The streets of Ember Grove were bustling as usual but that did not prevent him from arriving to Sorrel's apartment on time, parking just outside the front entrance. The driver side door of his corvette lifted up with a soft hiss as he stepped out, confidence in every step as he walked forward. Excitement and anticipation fueled him as he lifted his hand and knocked three times on the wooden door, the other hand holding a bouquet of red roses "The most handsome and magnificent Volfango has arrived for the beautiful and sweet Sorrel." His voice called out.

Time: Sunset
Location: Beach
Interaction: None

Helene stood barefoot on the wet sand as the icy-cold water gently rolled over her toes while she inhaled the unmistakable smell of the sea. The sunset here was just as pretty as the first time she stepped onto this beach but it was missing something special. Her lips turned into a small frown as she thought about Boris and the promise they had made. There had been so much that had happened to her today, from getting the audition to selecting some more "appropriate" clothing. A black leather half-jacket covered her shoulders that would otherwise be exposed by the dress she wore. She loved the way it started red at the bottom and faded into a faint pink at the top, adorned with a floral pattern she found quite cute. Her hands turned into fists so tightly that they began to break her skin as a burning anger consumed her. He had promised! They may be different but it shouldn't matter! Helene fell to her knees and began to pound the sand with her iron-clenched fists "Why? Why aren't you here?!?" She cried out into the air as tears began to gently fall down her cheeks "I need you to be here..."

Her body froze as she heard another pair of footsteps just behind her. Cautiously she turned around as there he was, the only true friend she was able to make in this strange new world she found herself in "I-I wouldn't break our promise..." His said with that shy smile of his. Helene excitedly leaped to her feet and ran towards him "I knew you wou~" Just as her arms were about to wrap around him, he vanished into the air. Helene trembled as he looked down at her hands and saw nothing " he was right there..." She muttered to herself. It suddenly began to feel uncomfortable in her own skin as panic began to set in as well as the hunger. The nature of herself she was so desperately trying to avoid. Boris was not going to come and it wouldn't be long before the hunger drove her mad "I...can...I can...hold on a...little longer. I..." Helene didn't want anyone to come to harm but it was the reality of her species. She was not obvious as to the consequences. It had been roughly two days since her last meal and the effects were near debilitating. The only option was to find a made it quick while she still had some faculties.

Helene began to walk off the beach, retrieving her shoes that she had tossed in the sand. A growing feeling of fear took hold of her as she considered that once she begins to feed, she might not stop. All she wanted to do was sing and play her violin for people to enjoy and bring them closer together, but tonight she might end up tearing someone apart.
Still needs work on history, but figured I'd put it here for now.

Time: Morning
Location: Sweet Keks
Interaction:@Tae - Sorrel

A bright smile shown on Volfango's lips as Sorrel continued to impress with him with the energy and spirit in which she returned his flirting. He could tell that she was someone that would be a lot of fun to be around and he was sincerely hoping she would agree to his humble offer! Between Genesis and Sorrel, Volfango figured that if there were more fun and wonderful people here than it would making living her not seem so much like a death sentence. "Das ist großartig! Volfango's father is from Deutschland!" He said with excitement as he took his card back and placed it into his wallet, before signing the slips with beautiful calligraphy with his cellphone number at the bottom as well.

He was on the edge of his toes as he awaited Sorrel's answer and felt absolutely delighted when she accepted "Volfango would be deeply honored and you will not be disappointed by Voflango's impeccable hospitality!" His hand laid across his lower back as he extended a hand above his head and leaned over into a bow, the hand that had been above his head coming across his chest in one smooth motion causing his thick lockes of hair to cascade in front of his face before being flicked backwards as he stood straight once more. Volfango was going to make sure that she had the time of her life, no matter what they decided to do. He was used to living every day as if it was his last and so was very good at making the most of his time and those that accompanied him, even though he now had much more time than most.

"Sorrel." Voflango said as he purposefully rolled the R's together "A name that sounds just as sweet." A half-grin exposed his pearly-white teeth as he took hold of his coffee in his left hand and the rest of the hornchen in his right. "Volfango shall be counting the seconds until our date!" He decided to grab the nearest open table to the counter so that he may still be within sight of her while he ate the remainder of his tasty hornchen and paired it with perhaps the best coffee he's had so far in the States.
@Sho Minazuki

I'll just go with my backup of making a wolf beastkin princess with the same attributes if that is alright
@Sho Minazuki

I am still interested in playing an elf but if it would flow better for the story I can play something else.

My concept for my character was that she was a princess of an Elven kingdom/country where there was an assassination attempt on her family's lives, with her being the sole survivor. She was born blind at birth but with the ability to 'see" the aura of living things through magic. One of her abilities is to read people's emotions through touch which can evolve into telepathy/mind reading far down the line. Her magic is focused primarily on buffs and healing, with AoE spells being her only true combat magic. In she finds herself in a physical fight, she uses a weapon with a wide-arc to compensate for her lack of sight.
Spring break is here for me so I'll be able to work on making my CS
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