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Sometimes I to imagine what my characters are up to in their respective worlds
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I would never want to live in the fantasy world I created because I would be the first to die
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There will always be a few people in the world who are unhappy with your decisions. The only thing you can do is push forward and make the best of your situation.
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"Even as the archer loves the arrow that flies, so too he loves the bow that remains constant in his hands."
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The brighter the light, the greater the shadow it casts


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Are you really looking at my bio? What are you, some kind of creep? Well if you that interested, I suppose I can indulge you a little. I am college student currently studying Digital Forensics but I have a deep passion for writing and making stories so naturally role-playing has been a favorite hobby of mine. I love to explore worlds created by others' imagination and create them as well. To me, there is nothing better than getting lost in a good story with meaningful character development. Magic tends to be my favorite concept to write about and play with though I like a little bit of everything. Since I'm in college, I enjoy role-plays that generally have about 2-3 paragraphs a post and nothing much more than that. I played a lot of video games and watch plenty of anime since I'm a sucker for engaging stories.


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It was a relief to R when Stephanie appeared to take his words to heart and smiled beautifully. There was hardly anything more precious than a honest smile from someone who has suffered greatly. To find the strength to deal with such suffering was one thing, but to become heal and move past it was something even more difficult. R sincerely believed that Stephanie was capable of healing now that she was here. Her attitude spoke enough of the strength of her character to be so vulnerable and kind after what she must have been through. However, if she chooses to return to the normal world than she must prepare herself for future tragedy.

R was genuinely pleased that his name was well received and decided to remain silent in response to Mirithal's offer and choose to simply nod in return. The first days of this Sanctuary he turned any notion of thanks from people but he changed his mind when he observed that giving thanks made them more comfortable. He could not really speak on Mirithal's offer to bring the green here. It was a far more complex issue than he could elaborate at the moment.

Tania's reaction the spell couldn't have been any better and it seemed the teleportation had caught her off guard. He grinned underneath the ask as Tania introduced herself as an entertainer. It was was interesting cover story, one that he wouldn't mind playing along with now that she had been taught a small lesson.

"I'm sure you will." He said cheerfully. With his free hand, he snapped his fingers and the spell dissipated in an instant "I can assure that Tania is an expert at her craft. You will be hard pressed to find one with her skills." He addressed to the rest in a honest tone.

R hadn't exactly lied with what he said. though it perhaps was a tad deceptive. That was for them to figure out however. Now that he addressed that issue and had received all of their names, it was time to show the rest of the castle to them. Each of the Sentinels that had been present had since left as it was not like R particularly needed their help or protection. The entirety of the Sanctuary bent and conformed to his will so there was no one better than himself to give a tour.

"Now, if you would all kindly follow me I will show you around the Sanctuary."

The first stop was the large mess hall located just off the central chamber. Inside there were six long, heavy wooden tables with red table cloths with a golden trim running down their length. Each was decorated with centerpieces filled with exotic flowers. The tables were set with a fine assortment of silverware and porcelain plates, each with a unique design. Across from where they entered were five long windows that faced towards out to the main entrance, though they had not been visible from the outside. The left side of the mess hall was a large fire place complete with a few chairs for lounging and a small coffee table in front. The opposite end there was a kitchen that could be seen through an opening in the wall that acted like a window. R stated that the kitchen is free to use though most of the meals provided by the Sanctuary would not be made there. There were others inside the mess hall and that included a Wolf Amali by the name of Volfango, a half-elf named Voltaire, and a Draeni called Arton Yule. Volfango and Arton offered a warm introduction while Voltaire barely gave a nod in regards to the new guests. R voiced that there was three set meals throughout the day but they could come at any time for food. After bidding farewell to the three that were in the room, he took them to their next destination.

Traveling a bit farther into the Sanctuary, R led them into the what was the library of the Sanctuary. A network of staircases provided access to the five levels of the room. Its size seemed only a tad smaller than the central chamber and every walls was lined with bookcases. Multiple desks and fireplaces were located all throughout the library marking it as both a place of study and relaxation. R mentioned that one of the duties of the Sentinels was to collect information from the outside world and this library contained information from even before any of the current kingdoms existed. Everything from the most mundane of subjects to the very cutting edge of science and magical theory was located here. As a demonstration, R took a book from a shelf and held it under his hand that set ablaze. The book did not show even the smallest scorch when he took it away and placed it back on its shelf. He explained that a powerful enchantment was placed on each book that came into this library that made each of them near-indestructible, as knowledge is far more powerful than any weapon could ever be. R introduced them to Dragon Avatar, Cezzin, that was essentially the primary curator of this library and the individual that allowed the residents to take books from the library. He expressed great joy upon seeing Vilkas and even further so at the revelation he was a student of Dromon. Cezzin bid Vilkas come to speak with him after the tour so that he may hear from him about the current state of the dragon's homeland.

The next area that R showcased was a long hallway that he called the 'Hall of Worlds'. He revealed that each one of the doors led to the place marked above the door. Rather than explain it further, he opened the first door they came upon that read 'ocean'. The moment he opened it the unmistakable taste of salt entered the air along with a cool breeze. Through the doorframe, they could see waves crashing against a long stretch of sand with a brilliant sun high in the sky. Besides a few palm trees, there was no other life visible. After everyone had gotten a look, he closed the door and stated that there were many more just like this. R also said that there were four rooms that were reserved for training, one shooting range and three combat arenas. Each of the rooms he stated were able to be configure to any environment they so choose as long as they asked a Sentinel, or himself, to change it. R went to open the room that was marked 'shooting range' but the moment he so much as creaked it open a loud thud was heard hitting the door. He laughed lightly and explained that the room was currently occupied.

R took them to an area that resembled one of the academies in Altamea or Armintium. He announced that it was here that the Sentinels of the Sanctuary held classes on a wide range of subjects from cooking to casting high-level magic. It was here that he expressed to Vilkas and Asri that what they sought to learn could only be taught from him however. R also mentioned that some of the other residents took on the role of instructor as well. A warning was given that if any of them decided to take any of the combat courses from the Sentinels that they would be pushed to their very limits.

After the classrooms he took them to the workshop and laboratories where they could conduct experiments and craft anything they could think of. The walls were covered in half-finished projects and tools. All different kind of flasks were spread out on several tables, though it looked they had gone unused today. Above them in the center of the room the roof curved into a glass dome where light poured in from above. The center of the room was left bare except for a raised circular stone that had a complex and unreadable carving dug across the top of the stone. R stated that the circle was for containing any volatile creations. Any material within reason would be provided and there was a guarantee that they would always have what they need. The equipment here would be considered expensive and top of the line by any expert.

Along the way to their next destination, R decided to clear a few things up. The first was that the Sentinels were artificial constructs and what appeared to be armor was actually their body. The next was they were free to leave at any time. After he stated that there was not a strict set of rules that they needed to follow, except that any serious, unwanted physical or mental harm would be severely punished. His tone was quite serious even and though his mask hide his features it was clear this was not a joke.

At last, he took them to the final location of their tour. There were a series of doors in a row down a hallway, much like the Hall of Worlds. R asked that everyone remain where they were and proceeded to go down the hallway. Each door had a diamond-shaped metal plate on the front. He stopped at the first one and pressed his right pointer finger against the plate and slowly carved the name "Asri" into the center of the plate like he was playing with wet clay while he spoke a phrase in a unknown language.

"Uhrs rurzsiusiy e'ase ufuuhrs se'a zairsse'ar re'ahuhsr." His voice was but a whisper but every syllable spoken sent an subtle wave of power from the master. Each word flowed seamlessly into the next making it near impossible to separate them.

A white pulse of energy burst from the center of the metal plate and spread like a wave across the surface and disappearing as it reached the edges. R proceeded to perform this ritual to several more doors down the hall, though each time with another one of their names. Everyone present felt a slight headache after the last ritual was completed, the affliction had grown everytime he spoke those strange words. He walked back to them when he had finished hopeful that they would enjoy their own, personal slice of the Sanctuary.

"I apologize for any feelings of discomfort you may be feeling but I assure you that what you are about to see is quite worth it. I ask that you all stand in front of the door with your name on it, and place your palm on the metal plate." He turned to Mirithal "I would suppose a branch or vine would be sufficient." His voice kind before returning to the rest "Afterwards, please open your doors. From here on, you are free to use any of the Sanctuary's facilities. I will in the library if you have need of me." With one arm tucking behind him and the other held across his waist, he gave a brie bow "I do hope you enjoy your time here." He expressed happily before walking down the hall.

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R listened intently as the group began to offer their names to him, placing them in the great expanse that was his memory. The first to give their name was the champion identified as Asri and that was all she had to say at the time. He preferred it that way since there was a conversation that they needed to have. After her was the human girl called Stephanie Viola Delia-Mira, a traumatized individual if he had ever seen one. Here she would not have to worry about watching her back. Next was the Anubis who announced himself as Ar'oa with the steel composure characteristic of his race. If R did not have hundreds of years to practice he doubt he read him like he could.

"Asri it shall be then. It suits you." He gave a nod in return.

"Do not cry for the past young Stephanie and instead smile for the future you have." R was firm but kind, a understanding and sympathy extending through his words.

"I will indeed. One I hope to speak often." If his mask was not present, he would have offered a smile.

As the rest continued, he noticed a particularly mischievous aand familiar energy source above them. It didn't surprise him that Tania was present for their new arrivals as he doubt she could miss a chance to mess with someone who was not aware she prowled the halls. However, it seemed she once again tried to pull one of her infamous pranks on him. No matter how many times he countered him she remained determined to make him one of her many victims. That kind of drive in the face of the impossible was something he could admire. R effortlessly deflected the spell and its effect without moving a single muscle and sent a spell of his own in return. It was a subtle spell that was near-undetectable. Slowly but surely her vision would begin to rotate degree by degree with the end goal being her vision completely flipped upside down like a carnival mirror. By the time introductions were finished, if he timed this properly, the disorientation should be having a strong effect on her. The vertigo alone would be enough to cause Tania to be quite nauseous he imagined.

Moving on, R was faced with the first Veidish he had ever seen in the Sanctuary and he was undeniably excited to see the results of her work. His fascination, which was hidden by the mask, was enormous as he watched it move and speak. It seemed to be wary of him which only peaked his curiosity more as this was his first time meeting one as aged as Nidghogan in person. Like a molting insect, the tree being appeared to shed its large shell for a far slimmer form that seemed capable of producing proper speech patterns. Pride swelled deep within him at the sight like a happy grandfather. However, something R was doing seemed to bother the creature greatly. Carefully he thought, bringing his arms from behind his back and gripping the bottom of his mask with his right hand. An epiphany dawned on him and suddenly the white color he gave off was briefly replaced by an vivid, sharp green for a brief second before succumbing to the white once more. A token of his good intentions.

"Do not fret. You not seem to be a being deserving of a red name." R paused for a moment as his mind was filled with possibilities. "From henceforth, You hold the name of Mirithal(Mere-eh-thaw). A name holds a special kind of power and I hope that this one serves you well."

The last person to introduce was no less interesting than the previous especially with the greetings he brought and with it the eyes on the mask returned to their original shape. R knew that Dromon would never break the accords so he could only help but wonder what the young Dragon had been taught. As long as Dromon lives, the island where the Dragons live is the safest place next to the Sanctuary. Asri and Vilkas. Two omens of times to come. R also observed that once again he could hear the young human speak without so much as moving her lips. What a troublesome thing. Speaking of which...the spell he placed on Tania should be starting to really affect her right about now.

"That is good to hear. It has been some time since we have last spoken." His calm voice hiding a devilish intent.

"Now that I have your names, we can begin a tour of the Sanctuary starting with the mess hall. But before we begin, I would like you all to meet one of the Sanctuary's finest residents." A slight sarcasm in his voice.

R held out the palm of his left and began to trace a pattern on it with his right while uttering words that were unable to be heard. Immediately, a bright light engulfed Tania alerting any who were looking that way to her hiding spot before the same light appeared in R's left palm. The intense light faded away to reveal Tania in his hand, her vision having been shifted by a whole 90 degrees at this point likely rendering any attempts at proper flying impossible. Every time Tania tried something like this he always had a new trick to try on her. This one was an old favorite of his, as it was harmless and the results were always rewarding

"Why don't you say 'hello'?" A smirk curled at his lips under the mask as he looked down at the Aetheri, before turning his attention back to the rest "She has been rather eager to meet you all."

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Train to Amone - Trial by Fire

Daniel's nodded "Thanks." He said simply, his eyes searched the seating of the cabin and sat across from Diana with a good bit of space separating him from Kalisa "Hey." Sentences beyond a few words seemed out of his reach now. He was honestly quite surprised she was allowing him in the first place with so little resistance. To say he was uncomfortable sitting in that cabin was an understatement. That didn't change the fact that there was no slipping away from situations like this. With his promotion came the understanding that he would have to deal with female squad mates. There was no physical pain he couldn't endure but mental pain...that was an entirely different beast. Which is why he tried put himself in the least amount of danger.

He couldn't meet Diana's eyes but he could see the way she was reacting to him. There seemed to be something that she wanted to say to him. That he was an utter ass? That he hurt her feelings? He sat back against the seat, his eyes meeting hers for the first with a look of surprise that quickly shifted back into his usual look of cold indifference "It's not something I really wanted." He replied coldly. Once he said it, he bit his tongue inside his closed mouth before continuing "...but thank you." Kalisa also expressed her congratulations, to which he let out a short chuckle looking down at the floor between his boots "That I did. I'm good with a rifle, but I am better fighting up close." He avoided mentioned his first thought of how similar yet different fighting in the trenches was to fighting in back-street alleys.

Everything was going better than he had hoped and Kalisa's words had gotten him to relax just a little. However, the question that Diana had every right to ask forced him to tighten up again. For a brief moment his eyes burned intensely at Diana with a ember of that anger, before he took a deep breath. Daniel closed his eyes and crossed his arms "Because some of us weren't born with a golden spoon." His tone was pensive but he did not go further as a silence filled the air. There was something about the fact she was so care-free that pissed him off.

His eyes centered on the rifle on question and was grateful for the distraction. Barely Passed? The idea that a soldier like her even existed was all incomprehensible yet at the same time it...was somewhat sad. He didn't expect to feel that. Daniel without a word reached out and took the rifle from her hands and examined it closely. Dirt and grime covered the mechanical parts which could cause a jam later on the field, an event that could end her life "Alright, pay attention." He said strongly with a heavy sigh "I will show you how to properly clean your rifle. It could cost you your life." A jammed weapon was much harder to clean when you were being shot at. He took the cleaning process nice and slow, explaining to Diana all of the steps and proper procedures. The entire time his anxiety towards woman seemed to fade away. It wasn't until they stopped that he finished, giving here back the rifle looking a little beat-up but almost good as new "There. Now you know." His voice still was expressing much emotion, but it had noticeably lightened up.

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Voltaire stared into the large space of the room, the hair on the back of his neck began to stand up. Did he want that treasure? Absolutely. However, he also was not stupid. Why did they leave it behind? It may be a trap but a party of experienced adventures should have been able to deal with it easily enough. They didn't leave it for them since they met them afterwards, but perhaps they left it for the weaker adventurers. But why? The hand on his dagger tightened to the point his knuckles turned white. Despite all the warnings, if they managed to retrieve its contents then they would be bringing glory to Amaterasu-sama not to mention giving them something good.

He nodded at the single sound Koph made "Yeah. Too good to be true right?" A faint grin on his lips as he glanced over at her, then back at the expanse before them. There was no telling what would happen when they went for that chest. It could be the end of their adventure before it began though what was adventure without a little risk? Ever since he stepped inside this dungeon, he's felt more alive than he ever has. The temptation began to override his more rational way of thinking. They could always run if the situation got out of control, right? "I think we should try. We work together like we've been and it'll be a piece of cake." He semi-joked. Admittedly, he felt the need to prove himself. Seeing those other made him realize he was nothing but a pup to them. Voltaire wanted to change that. He wanted fame. He wanted fortune. He wanted adventure. Though if Koph strongly refused, he wouldn't go after the chest.

Train to Amone - Lone Wolf Leader

An endless grey stretched out infinitely in all directions. A perpetual void of color. A world of nothingness save for single, cowering child. Confused. Scared. Where was the color? The warmth of red? The chill of blue? He could could see nothing but the forsaken grey. No matter how hard the child tried, he could not create a single color on the grey canvas around him. He dreamed and hope for a day when the color would find him. Eventually, he grew accustomed to the grey and his confusion and fear vanished along with his dreams and hope. The child wandered the endless grey aimlessly. He began to doubt that any of the fabled colors truly existed. That was until one day in the distance he saw it. Every color he ever imagined and more shining like a beacon. At first, he hesitated. The grey had become comfortable. Familiar. Why should he discard it now? However, he could not tear his gaze from this beacon of colors. He ran for it. The closer he got, the more engrossed he became in the colors. Every step brought him nearer and with it a renewable of the lost hope in him. He couldn't let it slip away, not when he had been waiting for so long. When he finally got close enough, he reached out and took the color into his hands shaped like a orb. Every color he could imagine was contained within. Without warning, the orb and all its precious color began to melt. The liquid seeping through the gaps in his fingers onto the grey floor underneath him. Frantically, he dropped to his knees and began to desperately scoop the liquid color off the ground. Every time he got some in his hands, it would again slip through his fingers. Each time there was less and less. All the color faded into the endless grey. The child pounded his fists against the ground. Dug his fingers into the grey until they were raw. Realizing he could not get the color back, he laid against the grey floor curled up over where the color had disappeared. Broken. Confusion and Fear once more made its way into his heart, but this time accompanied by sorrow and anger. A pain he had never felt before crippled him so there he stayed. Laying motionless on an endless sea of grey nothing with eyes' half open, becoming indecipherable from it.

Daniel was a lance corporal. No matter how many times it passed through his mind he still failed to fully comprehend. He never wanted such a position. He was half-tempted to throw the position back at Middleton's prick face if he didn't believe it would get him shot. How in the hell was he supposed to make sure he survived this mess when he had to look after others now? The position would force him to think from a entirely new perspective. His well-being was always placed several times higher than those around him. It had kept him alive so far. Now he had basically no choice but to look after a bunch of sentimental fools who froze up or cried every time something horrible happened, with a few rare exceptions. Daniel was a lone wolf. People skills were not his strong point and he didn't have any intention on improving them. People will always hurt you. One way or another. Now they would be looking towards him for leadership as well. He felt a brief coldness on his right shoulder as he entered the train. This weather was nearly as awful as the rest of the day.

He stood in front of one of the windows in the carriage just after the one in which Diana, Kalisa, and Jean had been talking. His eyes gazed at the scenery around the train station, still struggling with the reality of his promotion. What others might have considered a gift, he considered to be nothing more than a curse. Daniel would absolutely kill for just a single cigarette or a shot of gin. It didn't matter which, just something to take his mind off everything. He wanted to say that he would be just fine on his own. That he could take on anything this war threw at him, but that wasn't true. Looking out at the countless men and women in federation uniforms, he knew that this war was more than any one man could handle. It wasn't a back-ally fight or a bar brawl. This was a systematic killing of other human beings using terrible weapons.

The train had began to pull away from the station leaving one battle behind and heading straight for another. Daniel had enough time to think about where to start regarding his promotion. Daniel still held his own preservation above all others, but that didn't mean he didn't care about the lives of others. Their lives were now partially in his hands and he was determined to get as many through this war. He would be the biggest bastard in the world as long as it got them through this. Kindness doesn't win a fight. Innocence doesn't get you through tough times. Naivety will only get you killed. Humanity doesn't matter if you are dead. These were lessons he planned on instilling in each of his troops now under his command.

He heard the door to his cabin open and none other than the newly appointed Jean came through it. Daniel could only imagine the kind of reaction Jean had to his promotion. As of right now, he was sure they didn't care very much for each other. Daniel had seen what happens when two people in charge start up a feud. People get hurt or they die. He didn't want to see that happen. Daniel wasn't sure they could ever become friends, but at the very least they could have an understanding. That was his reasoning as he approached and stopped Jean as the corporal moved down the carriage "We need to have a talk, just you and me. Find me later when you have time alone." His tone was serious, but non-threatening. Daniel waited for Jean's response, before walking in the direction Jean came from. It was a hunch, but where Jean was that air-head of a girl must be as well.

Daniel came to the cabin where both Kalisa and Diana where, his heart was pounding strongly in his chest the entire time he walked. Every muscle in his body urged him to walk the other direction or pass them entirely. He forced himself to think of Elizabeth and the words she gave him on the battlefield. They gave him just enough strength to convince him to follow through with his foolish choice. Before he was able to enter their cabin, Jean came this way yet again and threw his scarf into the cabin with a wide grin on his face. Daniel watched him walk further away before making his move. While Jean did whatever he was doing, there was one other person to make amends with. He had no intentions of apologizing, but he could at least clear the air. Honestly, this entire idea was making him a tad sick. Nevertheless, he had to persevere.

It took every ounce of his control to stop from running away as he appeared in the doorframe, his eyes not meeting any of theirs instead hanging just above their heads "Can I...take a seat?" The last few words he strained to say. Half of him hoped that Diana would resent him and refuse his request and he could just continue on his way. This took more of his courage than charging up the hill. It felt as though a revolver was pressed against his chest with the trigger nearly depressed. As long as they didn't do any of that...girly crap to him he might just make it.

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Health: 3900/4100
Mana: 1880/2900

Kira looked around her as the lesser minions were effortlessly mopped up by her companions. These pitiful creatures never stood a chance against her, let alone all of them here. They should be thankful towards the great demon Akumi for ending their pathetic lives. Kira moved away from Karuu and stared down the Goblin Trainer with murderous intent that radiating off her like a black aura. Its stubborn refusal to succumb to her blade was a blatant mark of disrespect. She would only be happy with the monster's absolute destruction so when Cecilia suggested to let it go, she refused. This was her prey and she wanted the sweet satisfaction of its death.

"Its only destiny is to meet the afterlife." She yelled back, tightening the grip on her swords.

She followed after the attack from Prome, which gave her a clear opening to exploit. A sharp burst of laughter escaped her lips as she began her annihilation of her target. The swords in each of Kira's hand move with near-lighting fast speed, slicing into the digital body of the goblin trainer. Her flurry of strikes was followed a series of regular strikes, the motion of the blades ensuring that she never gave a opening. There was no reason for her to hold back any longer. The great Akumi did not hesitate. The great Akumi did not know fear. The great Akumi was strong...unlike that girl Ryu.

A sharp battlecry shot through the air as Kira moved for her kill. She pushed off her legs and brought both blades with all her force down on the goblin. Once her feet had touched the ground, she planted her right foot and launched forward pushing the tip of her blades into the chest of her enemy. Kira was on the full offensive and would not stop until the goblin trainer was dead. It did not deserve to escape nor did Kira believe they needed it to find the totem. The bet with Karuu also lingered in the back of her mind. The goblin trainer would surely count for all the wargs combined! Thus making her the winner.

- Flurry on Gobin Trainer
- Six normal attacks on Goblin Trainer (Three with each sword)
- Strike Down on Goblin Trainer
- Lunge on Goblin Trainer


Thorin did not budge a single step from his position no matter what movement Nidhogan made, simply looking up at the creature. The Amali shared a close relationship with nature however he was unsure if he was ready for the affection to be returned. He never would understand why the maiden of the sacred grove would ever create beings like this. Apple after apple bounced off the metal carapace of the construct like it was nothing more than a normal rain. He and the others were not created to handle situation like this. The best he could was to utilize the master's teachings. If anyone could properly understand the Veidish being before him, it would be the master. He did reason however that the cascade of apples was the creature's way of greeting or a gift to show its good nature.

"I thank you for the gift. However, please do not do it inside the castle." He kept his tone relaxed.

A mental sigh was released as Thorin complied with Nidhogan's wishes and walked over to Suriel's position along with the other guest. It appeared to be capable of at least rudimentary speech although with the maturity of a young child. The Anserian sentinel seemed to be just about finished with her work, the wounds of the dragon were barely noticeable at this point. The Veidish seemed to be extremely interested it her magic, which was understandable since it was the similar magic of life that flowed within Nidhogan. Thorin decided to turn his attention to Suriel for the moment.

"How is the young dragonling?" It asked with light sarcasm.

Suriel made let out a slightly annoyed sigh, and she would have rolled her eyes if she had them "Alive, of course. He should be waking up at any moment." Her response was quick and a bit harsh.

What was unexpected was the transformation into a human form that left the dragon's new body looking particular exposed. Suriel did feel a bit of pride being called an angel, however the mention of Dromon brought her focus back on Vilkas. Gramps? That would be in severe violation of the accords. No, if this was even the Dromon she was thinking of then he would never do such a thing. But if this child was a pupil of his, then... she was ripped out of her thoughts by Vilkas standing up. Suriel stood up herself and watched him to make sure there were no lingering effects of his wounds. She turned to face him while Thorin waked up to the back gate. The scars and markings on his body gave more credence to the possibility he was Dromon's student. All doubt was removed as Vilkas dropped Dromon's full title.

"You are a funny one, but you are welcome Vilkas." She began by accepting his thanks, nearly laughing at his naive notion "The Old Way? So that is his plan. I see." She thought out loud "That is correct, child. What you seek is here...along with a fresh wardrobe."

Thorin watched as the three interacted before observing Nidhogan making its way towards the door with a strange, expectant demeanor. Like a child, it did not have the slightest idea of the sanctity nor power of this place. And like a child, it would need to be instructed in proper behavior. All in good time. A resource that was very abundant here. He gestured for Suriel and Vilaks to come along and follow in the Veidish's large footsteps.

"It is time to enter the Sanctuary and join the others." He voiced strongly.

The wolfish construct approached the door and laid his hand upon the center where a noticeable exchange of energy was conducted. After removing his hand, the sound of several mechanisms moving preceded the actual opening of the large, single door. This entrance also lead into the central chamber, where they would regroup with Bradamante and the rest.

"Be sure to follow me and do not wander off. Without the master's blessing, you will find this place to be quite difficult to traverse." He gave this as both a warning and a piece of wisdom.

Thorin entered first and if Nidhogan had tried to rush in without him, he would had paralyzed him with magic before would get one branch in. A brief inconvenience at most. Suriel on the other hand would be the last one to enter. If one would take notice, none of the constructs made that much noise with their movements as one might expected of a person wearing full-plate armor. After a short walk into the interior of the castle and the central chamber, the four would join with those already standing in the center of the room.

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Bradamante gaze shot directly at Tania after she cast the spell and ultimately caused the young Stephanie to faint at the sight of the illusionary snake. One fact that Tania knew after staying here was that no spell cast escaped the senses of the Sanctuary's elite guard. His gaze returned quickly to the group as they reacted to Stephanie. It was always fascinating to him to observe the actions of others when another is in need. One of the directives that drove him and the other sentinels was a code of minimal interference. They were supposed to refrain from using their magic and powers from assisting guests when at all possible. Everything that he observed pleased him. The compassion they had all expressed was very admirable. It would make their time at the Sanctuary all the more easier. However, not all who came to the Sanctuary were as open-minded as these three. From behind, he felt the presence of four others enter the Sanctuary and turned around to meet them. It seemed that Thorin and Suriel had managed to secure the missing guests.

"It appears the rest have arrived. Excellent. The master shall be here at any moment."

No long after he said this, a figure began to descend from the top of the large staircase. He was dressed in a black vest with a intricate pattern resembling vines just a shade lighter, with a white dress shirt underneath. Masterfully-crafted black leather gloves covered the entirety of his hands and were pulled over the sleeves of his dress shirt. A pair of high-quality, black pants covered his legs and a pair of black leather shoes were worn on his feet. The incredibly quality and craftsmanship was not nearly as the mask that covered the entirety of his face. One side was black while the other was white. Each side had an eye of opposite color that seemed to expand and contract to reflect the wearer's emotions. For anyone that could sense magical energy, he gave off an aura no more than a regular human. The master finished walking down the stairs and made his way over to the new group of guests and stood right next to Bradamante.

Every step he took was with a subtle elegance as there was no wasted energy. His back did not slouch for even a split-second nor did his muscles tense. Physically speaking, he was not that imposing or impressive for a human. Rez only stood at an average five foot eleven inches and while his body was clearly fit, its muscles were barely expressed. The only true remarkable feature that the group could see was the thick, well-groomed silver hair on his head. Even so, every movement he made seemed to carry with it a power of its own. The deep feeling that with a simple flick of his wrist could send any one of them into oblivion. His gaze drifted from the right to left, seemingly taking in each of the people he saw before him. Nidhogan would not see any yellow, red, blue, or green from this person. Only white. Rez placed his hands behind his back as he adopted a slightly wide stance, preparing to speak to the new children of his home.

"This is a rather large and diverse group I see." The eyes formed into crescents, with the two points of each crescent facing downwards "I am the master of this castle, that you may call the Sanctuary. I am pleased that after your long journey you can now find safety..." His attention shifted quickly to Stephanie, Vilkas, and Nidhogan "...and the answers that you seek." This time his attention turned towards Asri and Ar'oa, then looked at the group as a whole "You may call Mister R, Master R, or just R if you so choose."

Now this was the most interesting development in the Sanctuary for very long time. A group as large as this was rare on its own but never had he seen such a wide cast of individuals. The magic located in the necklace belonging to the human girl was clear to his eyes and its very presence irritated him. The invasion of one's personal thought was an extreme injustice, and to project such privacy to the world was unforgivable. It was clear to him just by examining her expressions that this was not the only torture she had gone through. No matter how much you try to hide it, that kind of life leaves behind permanent signs. This he knew.

Next was an Anubis of unusual size. His presence would surely cause Ve'tal to be ecstatic with a member of her kin in the Sanctuary once more. Rez could feel the mark of a powerful curse upon the young cub, one that was surprisingly strong. It was only sensible to assume that he had come here seeking to free himself of its influence. Rez could remove the curse in mere minutes yet that would not be nearly as beneficial if the Anubis managed to purge himself of the curse. The act of doing so would open more possibilities for the Anubis. Reading their expressions still proved to be a bit of a chore for him.

The presence he felt from the half-breed woman was the first time in centuries that he felt an genuine sense of unease. She did not need to speak or even make a gesture for Rez to understand the message she brought with her. There was only one other time he had felt such a presence. Already she appeared to be an accomplished warrior which would make the next months that much easier. As it turned out, she was not the only that had him reminiscing about the past. Rez could see right through Vilkas's human disguise and the mark that Divine Dragon Dromon has placed upon him. If his old friend was indeed training a disciple, then it appeared that time was coming. This place was the only one left in this world that could accomplish both of the goals held by Asri and Vilkas.

Upon seeing Nidhogan, Rez felt a feeling similar to a person seeing a treasured pet that they had not seen in a long time. It was not often one had the chance to see a new race emerge from the earth and grow. Green magic, or the Magic of Life as he knew it, was beautifully woven into the very essence of the one known as Nidhogan before him. The birth of the Veidish bent the very rules of the accords by which he was bound to, yet it so masterfully avoided breaking them. A spark of hope from the slight sorrow he felt from Asri and Vilkas.

"I would be grateful if you would all give me your name before we begin." He asked pleasantly.

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