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I have begun work revising my old "Burning of Volstryggr RP". I hope to have it ready by the end of the month.
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I am feeling better so I hope to get working back on all my RPs
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Coffee and Music. With their powers combined, I am able to write.
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Burning of Volstryggr hmm? I might relaunch it if I get some free time. Would need to iron out a few things
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Sometimes I to imagine what my characters are up to in their respective worlds


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It is a time of celebration for you and your fellow adventurers. Your time in the continent's most prestigious adventuring school, Invictus Academy, has come to an end. Three years of intensive training and education have finally come to a close and your are ready to start the next chapter of your adventuring career. As the newest adventurers in the guild, it is standard to work under on of the guild's veterans. Due to the ratio of new adventurers to veterans, it's normal for a veteran to have multiple pledges. The goal of this system is to improve the life expectancy of new adventurers while expanding their teamwork in a party.

You will be under the leadership of Arton Yule, a Draeni shieldmaster famous for his unyielding endurance and indomitable will. Your journey will begin in the human kingdom of Crux-Redentor, the birthplace of the paladin order.…

Helene spent the entirety of the shuttle ride to the Bronzebeard in silence staring out into the window with a stern, but determined look in her lavender eyes. The captain's words about being free to whatever they wanted elicited a short laugh. Sparing room, shooting range, practice sims...that was all she cared about doing on the ride there. The team drills was something she was excited for, show that jackass of a corporal a thing or two. With her elbow on the against the window and her head cradled in her hand, she looked out into the stars and back at Mars. This was to ensure humanity's future amongst the stars. This was to show the aliens' how wrong they were to target Earth.

Helene followed after the corporal with head straight forward despite her desires to look around and took her place in the line-up, making micro-adjustments to her posture to ensure it was perfect. Her eyes darted side to side as she examined the other squads, noting their wider variety of personnel and equipment. It seemed like Ox Squad's had a more, defined purpose. The over-bearing presence of silence was impossible to ignore and it always indicated someone rather important was about to speak. When it is revealed just who that is, Helene feels her heart skip a beat for a moment.

Her body is like a frozen statue as she focuses on the words being spoken by the Brigadier General, an overwhelming pride in herself and humanity taking over her. Pride in knowing that it has been part of the Weisser duty to protect Earth and all of Humanity from this alien threat. A future that was won by soldiers like her grandfather and will continue to be fought for by people like her and her older brother. Her eyes wide as if finally snapping back to life as the Brigadier General draws attention to Ox squad, to her. The importance and seriousness of her new squad's mission hitting her just then. While she remained in her statuesque posture, the tips of her fingers began to twitch in long intervals. Being the center of attention always uneasy.

Helene shoulders lowered as she relaxed, walking behind the Captain and taking in all the sights she could see. This was all that she had been working hard for and more. At last she could finally take the torch from her grandfather's hands and carry it properly into battle. To ensure that everything he fought for wouldn't be lost ever again. She took a few minutes to take in the sight of the barracks as she stepped carefully into it, as if she was some intruder "Understood, Captain. You won't have to worry about a thing." Helene replied confidently, though as she glanced over at the corporal the embers of her anger with him reignited. She quickly went about unloading her things and claiming a bed, using the menial work to take her mind off his words and those images.

Having worked quickly, she was nearly done when she heard the Captain called for her. Helene promptly dropped what she was doing and stepped into his office. Her expression was blank save for the twitching of left brow. Was she going to hear yet another personalized lecture? Helene looked forward standing with her hands behind her back, firm and unwavering. She gazed at him suspiciously, hesitating for a couple moment wondering if it was appropriate to speak her mind "Sir, Corporal Renser's targeting of myself was grossly uncalled for." Helene began, her voice formal as if giving a report "Ria...*ahem* Specialist Blackwell failed to understand what XCOM stands for. XCOM is not about one person's interests, it is about protecting Humanity! I have worked twice as hard as anyone just so that I can be worthy of the same patch my grandfather once wore, not just because we bear the same name." Her eyes flickered and widened realizing that her cool, monotone voice had gotten heated and she let out a small cough "Good soldiers follow orders and trust in their squadmates. That is all I have to say, Captain." Even though she considered the Corporal an asshole, she didn't believe in badmouthing superiors. Military doctrine was her code and being in XCOM was her way of connecting to the man once faced a seemingly unbeatable enemy and came out on top.

Time: Afternoon
Location: Ember Grove Mall
Interaction:@princess - Emelie
Mentions:@13org = Ylva

Lucius had just entered the mall after taking care of a couple of chores. The walk with Emelie and Ylva was surprisingly uneventful as he unfortunately did not find an opportunity to reveal more of his true-self. One front at a time. The hour was nearing and his followers were putting on the final touches and getting into positions. His eyes swept through the crowd, spotting familiar faces every so often. Speaking of which, Lucius spotted what appeared to be Emelie sitting across the way. A brief glance at the watch on his wrist and he shrugged. Now it was a matter of flipping through the various spells in his head.

His shoulders dropped, his steps slowed, and he beamed brightly as he finally moved into her sightline "Millie? Didn't expect to see you so soon again!" He enthusiastically said, still bearing his Luke persona though its time was running out by the minute "Mind if sit next to you?" The voice was polite, but Lucius did not wait for even a moment for a response. With a few inches between them, Lucius inhaled deeply looking out towards the crowd and not once at her "Luna tacet." He turned his head towards her "A bit of an outdated spell, but it should keep our conversation to ourselves." Every word dropped in tone and lost its previous owner's luster "I had wanted to talk more earlier, but the little puppy wanted to play as well." A light chuckle left his mouth.

Lucius has had a small number of 'apprentices', enough to count on his hands, through his life. Their lives tended to be volatile, but their services have been incredibly valuable during that time. The political climate of Ember Grove was deteriorating, and fast, even without his direct intervention. Emelie had drawn his interest enough that he considered her a possible candidate. If anything, it was interesting to see what these new witches could do with his knowledge. Routine is the enemy of progress after all and no person was innocent of its crime.

Drachen's words had provided additional assurance that they'd be able to get along just fine. Words without actions to back them up are simply hollow and meaningless. She followed his gaze to their corporal, who instead of speaking right away moved to the holotable. Helene sat up straight, her hands resting on her thighs as her fingertips pressed lightly down. Her expression was blank but her eyes stared at Damian with suspicion. A pit began to form in the middle of her chest as he began.

Two short summaries of her comrades followed by a brief pause. She gritted her teeth as she felt uneasy which was quickly validated as the corporal spoke. The muscles in her shoulders tensed as she strained to remain silent amongst his mocking remarks like he had any idea what her ideals or beliefs were. Pressure continued to build between her teeth because, unwilling to admit it, some of it was at least partially true. Helene's right foot slid back against the hard concrete, making a slight twitch forward as he called her an idiot to her face. Luckily, she knew how to restrain herself. It wasn't a good look for the military to have psionics flying off the handle. However, the moment he mentioned Blackwell's name and the squad her anger with him was put on standby. Helene sat back as the video played with a furrowed brow.

Nothing that happened during the video appeared to resonate with Helene as she sat there with a coldness in her eyes. However, she never once turned away from what was happening on the screen. Helene continued to stare at where the video had been playing even after the corporal had removed the usb. It was until he spoke her name that she finally deemed it necessary to look up at him. The Blackwells were close family friends of her family's as her grandfather had served under and alongside Colonel James for the majority of the war. Helene was once good friends with Ria, but that all changed shortly before they went to the Academy. They hadn't talked for a few years when this incident occurred, though she never knew the exact details about her case.

Helene couldn't hide her disdain for the corporal as she sat there and quietly mouthed various procedures from her military code. It was all she could to refrain from a outburst. Then there was Devries, who was grinning like a fool next to her. Did Devries enjoy the corporal going off on her? It was enough to make her blood boil just as much. Helene quickly picked up her duffle bag and wasted no time in heading towards the spacecraft "Understood, Sir." She simply said, not deigning to the give the corporal another look as she walked past. At the present, she wouldn't mind if he ended up getting pull off by some bug.
@Lunamaria Hawke

I apologize for the confusion. It was just something Helene's grandfather was saying that she was remembering at he moment.

She could tell she was going to get along very well with the man named Drachen. A hint of acknowledgement, a note of respect sparkled in her violet eyes when she looked at him. It was nothing he said but the attitude in which he carried himself that she found interesting, though his faint German accent sparked a bit of extra camaraderie. However, the question he asked wasn't something that mattered much to her. Her grandfather never cared about how many there were, just that he had to keep fighting for Humanity's future. Now it was her turn to help forge Humanity's destiny among the stars!

The other member of their trio was a woman named Marcia and well...she looked at her a bit stunned for a moment as she asked her questions. That soft, gentle look in her eyes to the way she spoke did not convey the mannerism of someone she expected to see in XCOM "Sure, we put our lives on the line every mission but most dangerous of all...we risked our humanity to defeat them." The words echoed in the back of her mind of a hesitant and sorrowful voice. Helene looked at Marcia warily, but would hold judgement until they got into combat.

Helene leaned forward in her seat, focused solely on the image on the table her mouth slightly open. Old configurations of alien bases were often used to help teach and instruct new recruits, but this was the first time she had seen something like this. The fact they were in charge of assaulting this place in actual mission and not some mock battle made it almost surreal. She became engrossed in its design, trying to commit it to memory when the corporal interrupted and drew her attention away. So the real plan was for the others to take care of the fortifications while they slip in to neutralize any high value targets. Her fingers curled against the fabric of her uniform, tugging at its edges. She couldn't wait to get started.

Attention was shifted back to the display that now showed their vessel. Helene didn't react to the news of their special accommodations as it still felt like a dream. That was until their new captain approached them with their new patches. Helene reached out and took her patch with both hands as if dropping it would cause it to shatter. The overflowing happiness that was almost enough to break her decorum was halted by the words of the captain, so much that a chill raced down her spine "Do not worry about us, Sir! We shall not let that happen!" A crisp, quick salute was accompanied by a fierce look in her eye. The day she had imagined so many times as little girl was here. As her eyes drifted down to the patch, the fingers on her right hand smoothed over the patch to confirm its authenticity. She couldn't wait to send a message back home.

Helene was so lost in thought that she barely heard what the captain said, looking up just as he was already in the process of leaving. Was she sure she heard that right? 'Get to know each other'?Helene looked around still holding the patch closely, her face tense and her eyes unsure. As Damian spoke, she couldn't help but think this wasn't how she expected her career in XCOM to begin. Why waste time playing 20 questions? She just wanted to get things started already. That didn't stop Marcia from grabbing Helene's attention. Probably much to her dismay, her quick onslaught of information had give Helene the exact impression of an airhead. She didn't know taking out this so-called boss in 5 minutes was impressive but she made it sound like some grand achievement. Somehow, this sweet woman was recruited into XCOM and she was going to find out why.

"That is certainly an...interesting list of hobbies. Well it is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Devries."

Hobbies? Likes? Dislikes? These questions all revolved around her least favorite topic "I was born back on Earth. Cologne, Germany." Helene crossed her arms, looking at the rest of the group but not directly "I certaintly dislike talkin about myself, but if it is the captain's orders. I like to hike and camp while watching the stars. There's some places on Earth you can't tell a war ever happened." Helene looked down looking unsatisfied with her own answer, then looked back up "I can't stand people who are all bark and no bite." The pressure between her teeth was enough to snap a tree log. Her brow furrowed as she finished, looking annoyed. With a mission like theirs, she would rather be making preparations than play nice.

Weisser's Combat Log, "Shipping Off"
"My PSO(psychic support officer) insisted that I start a journal before I ship off on my first deployment off this rock. I mean, I didn't even have a diary as a little girl. Too busy listening to pap's stories instead I guess. My hands are shaking as I write this. Not sure if its nerves or excitement. Probably both. Nearly shocked Rodriguez in the shower when I heard the news. XCOM wanted me for some new initiative! Best of the best! I got a gift from home, from pap actually. Don't know how he knew, but he did. An old ballistic pistol from just before the invasion. Said it was a 'good luck charm'. Not sure if I deserve to carry it. I'll try my best. Should probably try to sleep. Gonna be a long day tomorrow. Can't wait!"

Hartford Military Base
New Star, Mars Colony
1100 hrs Local Time

Hartford. It never stopped to amaze her or fill her with a strong sense of pride at its image painted against the harsh, red sands of Mars. New Star might be the promise of a place among the stars for Humanity, but it was Hartford that made that promise a reality. The will not only to settle new worlds, but the power to protect them from hostile invaders. Helene took uniform yet brisk steps as she followed behind the MEC, dressed in her most pristine and tailored uniform that bore the insignia of her psi-ops program on the right shoulder. Technicians and soldiers stared at them as the three passed by. Helene never once gave them a second glance. Her left hand reached for her shoulder and she gently rubbed it, fingers tracing the stitch-work of the insignia. Her other hand held the synthetic-fiber duffel bag that contained her combat gear.

Her muscles tensed up as they entered the hangar, eyes immediately focusing on the two individuals that appeared to be waiting there though her attention was redirected to the older man in the room. A soft sigh was released as he spoke with authority, glancing over to the younger man that he indicated. Helene remained standing while Corporal Renser introduced himself, hands behind her back with her right thumb pressing against the palm of her left. Once he had finished, she picked up her duffel bag and sat in the farthest seat from his setting the bag at her feat. Helene eagerly looked back at the older man, now introduced as Captain Gardner. A soldier who looked like he'd seen quite a bit of action. She sat up straight, hands smoothing out her uniform, as she continued to listen with full attention.

Helene kept still as a statue except for the slight movement at the edges of her lips that was stubbornly beyond her control. It was an honor, no, a privilege to be given such an important role in what could be a monumental offensive. This was her chance to continue the legacy of the respected Weisser name. Each member of her family dedicated their lives to serving and protecting Humanity. There was no way she could ever return home if she failed. After the captain had finished, Helene left her seat in one fluid motion and stared at him with determination "Only one, sir. When do we set off?"
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