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I would never want to live in the fantasy world I created because I would be the first to die
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There will always be a few people in the world who are unhappy with your decisions. The only thing you can do is push forward and make the best of your situation.
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"Even as the archer loves the arrow that flies, so too he loves the bow that remains constant in his hands."
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The brighter the light, the greater the shadow it casts


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Are you really looking at my bio? What are you, some kind of creep? Well if you that interested, I suppose I can indulge you a little. I am college student currently studying Digital Forensics but I have a deep passion for writing and making stories so naturally role-playing has been a favorite hobby of mine. I love to explore worlds created by others' imagination and create them as well. To me, there is nothing better than getting lost in a good story with meaningful character development. Magic tends to be my favorite concept to write about and play with though I like a little bit of everything. Since I'm in college, I enjoy role-plays that generally have about 2-3 paragraphs a post and nothing much more than that. I played a lot of video games and watch plenty of anime since I'm a sucker for engaging stories.


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Push. Faster! Go Faster! No looking back. I said faster dammit! Kill them first! No backing down! Avoid running in a straight line!

Daniel ran at what the limitations of his body would allow and then some. He didn't even manage to notice that there was no one following him anymore. They were all pinned down in whatever cover they could find or dead, lying face first in a mixture of their own blood and mud. He was going to take this hill and kill every last imperial in it. There was nobody else he could rely on to do this with him. The sounds of bullets whizzing past did nothing to halt his advance. A silent rage burned within him directed at the enemy before him. Daniel wanted to do more than kill them. He wanted them to suffer. Once again he found himself alone...which was fine by him. That was until he saw, just out of the corner of his eye, a small, round object fly through the air and land off his right side a few meters away. There was no time to react as a ear-shattering explosion knocked him clean off his feet while his consciousness faded away.

Daniel's eyes flickered open revealing a flat, completely white landscape...far from the endless sea of brown mud of the battlefield. He slowly rose to a sitting position where, to his surprise, he found he was no longer in his uniform. A loose white shirt and pants had replaced the green fatigues. He took a survey of his surroundings as he stood up, looking around in all directions. Daniel's heart nearly dropped as he saw her, the love of his life, emerge seemingly out of a white mist "Elizabeth?" His voice suddenly felt weak as he ran over to the smiling angel and wrapped his arms around her. A few tears fell from both their faces as the two embraced with a word being said.

" is this possible?!" Daniel finally broke the silence

Elizabeth simply stared up into his eyes "Listen, we don't have much time.." Her voice sounding like before the disease took her.

Concern immediately gripped his face "Wait, what do you mean?!?" He was not prepared to say goodbye a second time.

She simply shook her head at his question "It is not yet your time, my love. Please, just listen to me." Slowly she slipped out of his arms and instead held both of his hands "You're not going to be able to do this alone. You need their help, and they need yours. Don't just throw your life away! You promised me! You promised you would live on! Put your faith back in people, please...for me." Her words rang out strongly causing Daniel's arms to shake with the raw emotions he felt.

Tears flowed from his eyes down his cheeks "I can't...I want to stay here with you!" he almost yelled back at her. Elizabeth responded by moving closer again and cupped his face with both of her hands, bringing his forehead down to touch hers. Daniel laid his on top of hers as the tears continued to fall for both of them "Not yet...not yet, my love." As soon as those words were said, her body became transparent and Daniel could no longer feel her touch. The white mist returned and Elizabeth began to slowly be pulled towards it.

"! Don't leave me again! I need you!" He cried passionately, reaching out for her but unable to move his feet forward.

A sad smile spread across Elizabeth's lips "We'll see each other again. But until then, live on. Live a full life. Trust in your brothers-in-arms. I love you so much." An unseen force pulled on Daniel's body, dragging him backwards as Elizabeth faded from view "Elizabeth!" He screamed at the top of his lungs as the white scenery was pulled away, including the floor, and he was left falling in a dark void. Daniel could see a small light below him that was coming closer and closer. He had to close his eyes as he neared it due to the intensity.

The first thing that Daniel became aware once he passed into the light was a concentration of pain centered around his right arm and the center of his back. Next was the complete absence of sound except for a strong ringing in both of his ears, though the right was far worse. When he finally opened his eyes, he found himself staring at a gray sky. It wasn't until the flash of a bullet flying overhead that he remembered where he was. He immediately rolled over, luckily finding all his limbs intact, to see where he was positioned. It was difficult to see anything with the disorientation, but he could make out the ruins of some building to his left.

His body ached and he couldn't hear for shit, but he managed to pick up a rifle next to him and stand up. It took some effort but he began to run for the ruins, the words of his dear Elizabeth still fresh in his mind. She was always right, but that didn't make it any easier. By some miracle, he managed to avoid direct fire and made it to the ruins where he was surprised to find others of his squad including the two lance-corporals. Everything they said was muffled to the point he could barely make it out, but it sounded like some kind of plan. With his back against some stone rubble, he used the time to check the rifle he picked up. Everything checked out but he just wished the ringing would die down.

It didn't take a genius to figure out what was going on. The entire squad here seemed be readying for a charge from this position. That was something he could get behind. Just this once, he would listen to her advice and work with the others instead of on his own. It was unfair she made him promise to live a full life. However, there was never an argument he could win against her. After a quick check of his gear, he was ready to go. He might actually respect the writer a little more if this plan actually worked.
Kiera nearly jumped out of her skin as she finally saw the lieutenant suddenly in her field of vision. The clipboard fumbled out of her hands and fell to the ground. A look of shame flashed across her face as she bent her knees and picked up it up. When she came back up, she nodded at Sara's suggestion "Yes, I s-suppose you are right." Her voice sounding slightly defeated as she began to walk away. She had embarrassed herself in front of the Angel of Humanity! It was awful! That thought passed through her mind just as Sara called her name, causing Kiera to stop and turn around to face her "Yes?" She quickly responded before hearing the small words of praise. It was fortunate that Sara turned around again at that moment or else she would have seen a bit of color rush to Kiera's cheeks. The memory of her little slip-up seemed to vanish in the joy she felt "Thank you, Ma'am!"

She clenched the clipboard tightly against her chest as she left the underground dungeon. If the lieutenant said it, it had to be true right? The sight of seeing her patients pull through was reward enough but it felt nice to know she was doing her job well. This feeling remained as she made her way to her house, a place cluttered with books, papers, and different vials. The mess didn't bother her at all since she lived alone. Once she hit the comforting embrace of her bed, Kiera was out for the count.

After hearing where he was, Eren moved his arms rattling the chains a little as if to confirm what she said. A brief look of fear seemed to grip his expression at the word 'trial'. However, the gentle approach of the lieutenant appeared to soothe this worry somewhat. The 'Angel of Humanity' was one of his heroes and she was here speaking with him. He had nothing to hide and knew he better answer "My name is Eren. Eren Yeager." He responded as calmly as he could.
Two soldiers of the Military Police stood on guard at Eren Jaeger's cell, their muscles tensing up as Sara made her way down the poorly lit corridor to his cell. There she did indeed find Keira exiting the cell, the creaking sound of metal filling the air. Despite the exhaustion slowly hitting her, she was doing her best to keep upright. None of the top brass wanted any civilian doctor to come in contact with the titan-shifter, so naturally Commander Erwin assigned her to take care of him. Right now, his body temperature was a litter higher than it should be so she had been placing a rag with cold water on Eren's forehead. Every time she came she would check it along with his pulse and heartbeat.

Her eyes were half-closed as she held a clipboard in front of her "Let's see....blood major changes." Each word was spoken with a heaviness "Ah, that is good too. Fresh signs of internal damage......." Her mouth opened wide with a silent yawn, completely unaware of the Lieutenant making her way to the captive. With her free hand, she rubbed both of her eyes on her forearm "...small amounts of thrashing in his sleep...and the high surface temp are the only things out of the ordinary." All of this was said to no one but herself. Saying her thoughts out loud was helping her keep focus on the job given to her by her unc-, she meant commander.

Behind her, the once unconscious boy began to stir. By the time Sara had arrived, he was moving into a sitting position on the bed. His eyes searched the room clearly disoriented, a blank look of confusion expressed in his face "Where..." He began to speak " I?" His attention turning towards Sara as she entered into his field of vision.
The sound of Sara addressing her caused her to refocus on the situation at hand, facing the lieutenant and giving a proper salute "Of c-course, Lieutenant!" She said respectfully before moving towards the boy and his two companions. Keira should have already been tending to them but she let her thoughts take her away from what needed to be done "Excuse me, I need to check on him." No time was wasted doing a second check-up on Eren. It was certainly easier to do when there was not a threat of a titan attacking them.

What astounded her the most was the signs that his body was already starting to recover. There were still a small amount of burns on his body that she used a slightly-green colored salve on. After she ensured Eren's condition, she moved onto the two cadets by his side. Besides a few bruises and scratches, there was no real physical injuries she could observe. She didn't need to be wise to know that there were scars deeper than flesh in both of them. Time was the only remedy for that. Keira returned to monitoring Eren's health but she couldn't say he would wake up. Titan physiology was beyond her field of expertise so she could only observe, treat, and speculate.

This entire operation was a success because of this one boy with the power to become a titan. There were too many questions she just didn't want to think about. It was easier just to do as she always done and treat her patient.
A quick motion of her hand wiped away a few, small beads of sweat from her brow as she finished treating the young cadet. It was true that she could have given a stimulant to wake him, but given the circumstance she thought it was best he rest for now. She was grateful that Mikasa was understanding, as it would of make it hard to treat him otherwise. Kiera put what was left over from treating Eren into her bag. A lot of what was in her bag came out of her own expenses, though a few of the other scout chipped in every so often. They practically had to force the money in her hands though.

Securing her bag, Keira followed Sara's lead waiting for the two other cadets to go first. The view as they moved up the wall sent a sorrowful chill down her spine. Countless lives lost and very little gained. Kiera couldn't imagine how many others were injured. She had to shake her head free of these thoughts lest she fall into darkness. The Scout Regiment was here to ensure Humanity kept moving forward, so that was what she must do as well.

She watched carefully as the lieutenant laid the shifter down and propped up his head with her cloak. Kiera's patient was stable and that is what mattered. Now it would be a simple waiting game to see when he would wake up. She couldn't help but worry about what might happen to him. The sight of his friends by his side gave her hope that he would be just fine.

A bit of color rushed to Keira's cheeks as Sara met her eyes, giving her the gift of her praise. Immediately she felt a lightness throughout her whole body along with a wave of embarrassment. The Angel of Humanity just said her last name and called her a doctor! "T-T-Thank you, Ma'am!" She just managed to blurt out, the confindence in which she spoke to Mikasa completely gone. Guilt then replaced the brief happiness those words gave her after Sara went to look over the edge of the wall. Here she was, happy to receive such words from a person as amazing as Sara when there was still people fighting for their life. She truly was an awful person. She lowered her head and mumbled something under her breath, that Sara might just be able to hear if she listened close enough "I can't get ahead of myself." With that, she clenched her right first tightly in front of her.
Keira's head shot up immediately upon hearing the commanding and familiar voice, then looked towards where Sara was indicating. Right at the strange boy who had turned into that monster of a titan, just like the lieutenant. Her heart raced with a strange feeling, a mix of different emotions as she repacked her bag quickly. The Angel of Humanity had just given her an order and she would not refuse her. Especially when it was to help people like those three in the distance "Y-yes, Ma'am!" She projected outwards.

She followed Sara's lead, her hooks taking her on the other side of the street that they zoomed across. The entire time it was difficult for Kiera to pull her gaze from the flying angel. Simply seeing her in action was enough to give Kiera, and many others, hope for victory. It was Kiera's deepest desire that someday she could lift people's hearts and spirits like she did. For now, Kiera had to focus on one person at a time trying the best she could.

A moment after Sara landed, Kiera dropped down as well following behind her. Her first priority was to assess the physical state of each of the cadets, and then attend to the worst among them. Watching the Lieutenant handle the blonde-haired boy, she determined he did not need immediate assistance. Words of courage and comfort were beyond her capacity. Once she got sight of the one who was unconscious, she rushed over to him while releasing her bag from the straps that fastened it to her body. The boy was important, that much she could gather. Now she had the task of making sure he would live through this battle won by his heroic deed.

However, the sight of the the black-haired girl caused her to pause momentarily. It reminded her of dog when it's master dies, but she was here to make sure that didn't happen. Fearless, Kiera approached Mikasa with her bag in her hand and crouched down to her level "Miss, I need you to let go of your grip on him. Do as I say, and he will make it back to you. I promise." This was the one time when Keira shed her anxieties, speaking with a hidden strength. To validate her promise, Kiera opened her satchel of medicine wide enough that Mikasa could clearly see, if the red cross was not evidence enough.

Kiera was already making her observations about the shifter's condition. Head trauma was likely and, with the blood around his forehead, would need to be treated fast. That was why she did not wait for an answer from the black-haired girl, and moved up to Eren's side. From there, she lifted his eyelids to see if there was any reaction. She then retrieved a roll of bandages from her bag and, while gently lifting his head, began to wrap it tightly around the forehead. Luckily, the rest of his body seemed to have been spared of any serious injuries.

The words seemed to startle him "Y-yes, my king!" His voice almost quivering as he continued to assess the overall damage. His eyes went wide as he realized the extent of the injuries, perhaps wondering how anyone could remain standing in this state. Soon you felt a slow but steady flow of healing energy enter your body, a low-tier spell called 'Mend' it would appear like "Y-y-your self-regeneration s-should be boosted. I-I am sure you will be walking out of here shortly.." He shakily said.

Garlock's clever ruse seemed to work on the Alskyra, who ceased his work after seeing the majority of the surface damage done. He backed away and dropped onto his right knee, bending his back downwards "I-I believe I have done all I can, your majesty. I shall send my prayers to Tyris for your complete recovery." He said with fear and reverence, remaining kneeling on the ground. Something that came to your attention was that the medical tent was surprisingly empty save for you, Alskyra, and the border captain.

The heavy footsteps of the captain could be heard long before he spoke "My liege, I sent two men to deliver a message to Prince Desmond and Prince Dante. They will likely head for Armos and await your return." Once again, his right fist was placed over his heart.


The shock of so many powerful creatures began to wane on Lucius's mind, as if any ounce of hope that remained was crushed. It was as if the reality of this situation was something he was struggling to comprehend. It was only upon hearing Star's question that he really began to react at all "I..I am King Lucius of the Dremorian Empire..." There was clear disdain in his eyes as he looked at Star, the look of a man's pride reduced to nothing but ash. The revelation that all of these beings served under the same master seemed to strike him, as his face drained of any expression.

He had no power to resist Tatter even if he wanted to with the state of his body. A bit of color came back into his face as his body was cleansed of any and all damage, even restoring his energy completely. He held out his arms in front of him in amazement then let them to fall to his side, as he took a more dignified stance. His eyes narrowed and gaze flickered to each one of the beings before him, examining each one of them for a few moments "Forgive me for not expressing my gratitude, Tatter. It is difficult to be grateful to a group that slaughtered so many of my toys." He seemed to regain a little of his boldness with the energy lent to him. However, he did not seemed to be preparing to escape.


The woman in white stopped as soon as you appeared, her eyes and expression unchanging. No matter how much closer Helena got, the woman did not make any movement whatsoever. Her gaze remained locked on the road ahead and didn't follow Helena as she walked around her, like a predator to its prey. However, when she heard the words a bit of sadness seemed to seep into her face as she looked down towards the ground slightly. When Helena made her way in front of her again, the woman in white stepped forward and without a word took a hold of Helena's hand in a speed only other guardians could muster. Her grip was soft as it could be, just like her skin. Both of her eyes closed for a few moments, appearing to be in a kind of trance. After those few moments, her eyes opened fully and her hand slipped away.

She glanced at the ground before you while furrowing her brows, then looked up into your eyes "I am a messenger." She spoke with a monotone, but beautiful voice. Now that you were closer, you could see that she was actually blind. Her silver eyes bearing the same traits of one who could not see "You are confused. A fear resides within you, hidden behind a steel composure. Do not be afraid. I do not intend to harm you, or the others of your party." She did not show any signs of being dishonest "I was given the name Priscilla. May I ask yours?"


Nearly each corpse was covered in several mortal wounds centered around the chest along with several signs of massive burns. However, the good majority of the corpses seemed to be in a relatively good state showing only a few hours of decomposition. The armor consisted of the same black metal on the two survivors with Volaris and we were all in a similar state. There was one item in particular that showed up on nearly all of the dead bodies. It was a silver metal object, in the shape of a small shield-like badge. There was an inscription on the top that read: "Through the Fires of Hell, We are Reborn." . Under that, was a insignia of a pair of black wings against a wall of fire. Along the bottom read another inscription: 1st Gen. Nothing else of value came up in the search.

Blood was splashed against every wall that Elizabeth passed. Remnants of a makeshift barricade were scattered across a hallway leading to a spiral stair-case. Every room that she passed had its door forcibly broken down and the splatters of blood made it obvious what happened to the people inside. It looked mostly abandoned except for the signs of the recent battle. That was until Elizabeth reached the room the barricade was meant to protect. A table was leaning on its side with only two of its legs intact. A mostly intact map with a small blood splatter on its bottom-left corner laid on the floor.
Yeah I will give it a go
Keira secured the satchel to her that held some of her medical supplies, a red cross stitched on the olive canvas. It was only thanks to Commander Erwin and Captain Levi that she even had permission to carry it with her on the field. Her left hand clutched the bag to her side as she prepared to leave the rooftop she was on when she heard it. Heavy footsteps that every member of the Scout Regiment could recognize from several meters out. Her heart began to quicken the closer it got. She slid both of her blades out of their sheathes, but it was already too late.

The sound of high-pressure gas hissing behind her caused her to look back, only to just catch Sara soaring over head. Just like the angel everyone called her. For a few moments, she simply stared in awe before the titan that had been coming her way was cut down. Snapping back to reality, she nodded towards Sara even if she wouldn't see it. Keira pushed off the balls of her feet and launched her hooks forwards at a tower that jutted up from one of the buildings. The way she landed her hooks had her shooting over the top, performing a spin as she crested over the tower and launched them once more.

All the titans had to give humanity was pain and suffering. That was why she decided to join the Scout Regiment in the first place. There was only so much she could do with stitches and some pain relievers. Her time in the Scout Regiment had been relatively short, but she had already grown up quite a bit from being a cadet. The vibrations of a titan's footsteps reverberated in her eardrums. It was time to carry her own weight in this fight.

As she drew closer, she used her ODM gear to zoom between the buildings low enough to practically touch the ground with her hand. She shot only one hook onto the building that marked the corner of the street, and used her momemtum to swing her self around the corner with lighting speed and up in the air. The grotesque face of the monster before did not slow her down. She quickly shot both of her hooks into its legs, effectively allowing her to slip through and launch high in the air behind it. There she spun around and began her twirl of death, slicing cleanly through the nape of the neck.

Keira just noticed how badly her hands were shaking, how her heart beat heavily against her chest. Knowing it wasn't safe to remain on the ground too long, she returned to the nearest rooftop to survey the situation around her. With the breach sealed, the number of titans in Trost began to dwindle. It was only a matter of time before they secured the area. After assuring her immediate vicinity was safe, she knelt on the ground and placed her bag in front of her.

Meticulously she checked each and every one of the contents, notably the injectors for the home-brewed stimulant and pain-reliever she made. These were two of the most important items in her bags, besides the tourniquets and bandages. A single dose of either could give a soldier the ability to either fight on or move to a safer place. Silently, she wondered how Sara was doing. Keira doubted she would ever need her services.
Bodies of both civilians and fellow soldiers littered the broken district of Trost, all visible from Kiera's vantage point on top of a roof. It was only five years ago that her old home was obliterated by these monsters along with several of her old friends. However, she couldn't afford to dwell on their memory when the man she was currently hovering over needed her immediate assistance. A garrison soldier, named Allen, had already lost enough blood and was missing most of his arm.

He coughed harshly "D-Don't...worry about me. At the very least...I get to die seeing a lovely face." His laugher was cut off by another cough but with this one came a splurt of blood. Her bright blue eyes darkened upon the realization he was indeed a goner. Internal Bleeding. Her relatively short time in the Scout Regiment forced her to understand when and who she could save. Sadly, this man was not one of them. Instead, she gripped his remaining hand and looked him in the eyes "Don't be afraid. Nothing will hurt you anymore. You will be free." Her soft words of comfort seemed to eased the man's worry, and he nodded once. A mere four seconds later, the last light of life vanished from his peaceful eyes.

A single tear was shed from both eyes as she felt the strength in his arm go limp. Carefully, she laid the hand across his chest and moved her hand up to his eyes where she closed them shut. It was never easy watching someone die under her care, even though there was little she could do with titans still lurking about. That was when she heard the near ear-pounding roar of one such monster a few buildings away. She turned her head to see Sarah move to the back of its neck and immediately put it down with a grace befitting of one with her skill. Ever since she joined the Scout Regiment, Kiera had looked up to her for the strength she displayed...wishing that even a small part of that would rub off on her.

Her eyes spotted the human-titan hybrid being carried away. In her mind, she was still unsure what to even think about it. It didn't make any sense, how could a person become one of those monster?!? They did seal the breach however, and that made her hope that it was good omen. Now the task of cleaning up this district fell to the Scout Regiment and what remained of the Garrison forces here. She would make sure to take one down for Allen...and all the innocent lives lost here.
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