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Hey~ Sorry about the massively late response to much of anything, but I've dropped out from the roleplay unfortunately. Had some stuff that came up way back, and I really haven't been feeling it since.
Narcissa had felt a bit irritated that she had not been delegated to lead any sort of force. Even if she had fought on the other side in the past, she had a significant amount of experience under her belt commanding forces, and so felt that it was a bit of a slight to have the role delegated away from her. Most of her picks had been reasonable, but Sir Gerard, although the definition of a combat veteran, was still only a simple mercenary. She quite disagreed with his temporary appointment. In this case, though, the knight-captain’s inexperience gave her an excuse, and she went along with it, despite not being entirely satisfied. She knew full well that on the battlefield command decisions were not to be publicly challenged, lest the confidence in leadership be destroyed. “It would be only right for me to take the van. I’m with you, knight-captain.” She consigned herself to join the main force under Fanilly. It was the only proper place.

Their advance continued in earnest, and as they marched on, Narcissa took the time to readjust her equipment after the earlier skirmish, tidying herself and her weapon, although taking care to remain alert as she did so. Soon enough, they had reached the camp, and she narrowed her eyes, taking stock of the situation in front of them. Remaining hidden behind the treelines, Narcissa, along with the rest, could see the bandits in their camp, protected by makeshift wooden structures and a rather large bonfire. Most importantly, they seemed to be at rest, unaware of their presence; it seemed that none of the ambushing party or its scouts had been able to make it back to the camp, after all. Perfect.

It was simply up to the knight captain to give the order now. She waited with trepidation, spear and shield at the ready, before the young knight’s word arrived. “Forward!” Repeating the word of others, she charged forth. In a moment’s notice, the knights came crashing down towards the camp. Sprinting forward with her lance in hand, she wasted no time ruining the meticulous care she had just given to the weapon moments prior.
Just got back from a trip overseas, so I'll see to a post as soon as I can.
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The battle was, as expected, an unequivocally a one sided curbstomp in the favor of the Iron Rose knights. Fighting alongside Larette and Forina, and several other of their fellow knights in that part of the small battlefield, Narcissa had made short work of her enemies. She frowned as she finished off the last of the injured bandits, spearing the man in the heart before pulling out her bloodied lance and wiping it on the side of the man’s rough spun tunic. Like Forina, she gave kicks and prods at the bodies she passed, nudging them with her lance to see if any survivors remained. Regardless of their state of injury, they were lanced, a mercy to the dying, and to Narcissa, a mercy nonetheless even if they were not.

“I agree,” she nodded at the redhaired knight. “It would be faster by far to simply save one and execute the remainder, lest we be caught with our pants down again bringing these prisoners back to camp. Our baggage train is already strained by the conditions to begin with,” Narcissa frowned, giving consideration to how far ahead they had traveled ahead of their supplies and retinue. “One is more than enough to get information out of.” This was even if their captain criminally neglected to properly interrogate them, but with a glance back at another one of the prisoners, it seemed her other redheaded comrade in arms was already on top of it and pressing the man with a proper questioning.

Although Narcissa couldn’t warrant it –they were just ragtag bandits that had been lucky up until now, after all—she still felt odd about the entire situation. Something felt off, as if there was more to the entire occasion, but there was nothing now that gave rise to any additional caution. She shrugged, cleaning the now drying blood off the tip of her lance.

“We should get moving. We can’t be sure if we caught all of the bandits, so the sooner we get to their camp before they have sufficient time to prepare, the better.”

See, Narcissa solves the problem by just making sure all the bandits she fights are dead, or otherwise corrects that issue.
Imagine being wed by a loli vampire paladin and priestess.
With the foliage density increasing and the increasing difficulty of traversing up the path, many of the knights in the column, including Narcissa, were getting ready to dismount. After that, according to the captain’s plan, they would split off the scouting party to search up ahead. That plan had been barely formalized when it was shattered; just before the group was going to dismount en masse, the wreckage of a small cart came into view, accompanied by a dead horse and a bloodied body alongside. Narcissa remained alert as she took the opportunity to dismount, but she wasn’t too concerned. If it was a man simply left for dead, they would just move on. If it was an ambush, they could easily fight it off. Either way, it was prudent to establish a small perimeter around the area before inspecting the wreckage, and Narcissa was about to open her mouth to give an order to that effect, the idea so obvious to her that she didn’t think the Knight Captain needed to deign herself with it.

That was, until the young captain literally jumped from her horse and sprinted up to the man, walking right into what was an obvious ambush after all. “Idiotic!” She muttered, watching as Fanilly barely dodge a volley of arrows and then a engage with a concealed bandit. The call to arms was sloppy, with no plan, but in a proper order like the Iron Rose, a well-trained group of knights didn’t need one to effectively respond and counter an ambush. Hastily adjusting her equipment as more bandits emerged from the forest, Narcissa quickly rushed forward with spear and shield to reform the van around the captain.

A man armed with sword and buckler got in her way before that objective could be achieved, but immediately sensing his disadvantage against the reach of Narcissa’s weapon, attempted to disengage. Not giving him the chance to run, she immediately jabbed for neck but was blocked by his shield. The bandit, forced back into an engagement, swiped with his sword, but bounced harmlessly off her kite-shield, and a second thrust downwards caught the bandit in his foot, causing him to stumble to the ground with a yell of pain. Not hesitating, she swung her spear down once more with another jab, delivering the coup de grace before charging in again.

One of the other noble knights, a Larette, had somehow made it ahead of her, rallying for a spear push. In a split-second decision, she agreed the decision was expedient, and pushed in towards her. “Larette. I’ll cover your rear.” Announcing her intentions, she engaged another bandit just off to her side, deflecting an axe before replying in kind with a skewer to the torso, only to be immediately engaged by another one immediately afterwards...

The battlefield was quickly getting messy, but Narcissa still remained fully confident of their superiority. She only had to take one look at the fear on their faces when they realized they were being engaged by knights.
Narcissa made a frown, the halting language of her inexperienced commander not lost on her. Still unconvinced, she was yet patient, and nodded at agreement of sending a forward scouting party. What she might lack in experience, at the moment she seemed to make up for it in listening to and taking good council. Even if she were green, those were still the qualities of a good leader, as long as they didn’t entirely lean on them as a manner of conduct. Hearing the words of another of the knights, Sir Renar, she nodded. Narcissa only had a passing knowledge of his background, but even if it was dubious, he was cut from the same cloth as her, and he also tended to have sound judgement.

Tactfully ignoring the Knight-Captain’s second stumble, she raised a gloved hand to volunteer. “I would not have made the suggestion without offering, and I can lead it, if that is your wish. I’m more lightly armored than the others in full plate, and I’ll be less noticeable in on foot and in the woods.” If anybody had noticed, she had carefully danced around directly referring to the fact that she was small, and short. There was no denying that those were advantages in a stealthier scouting operation, though. She considered her weapons in that case; with a fair bit of reluctance, she realized she would have to leave her lance behind with her horse. In the thickets and woods, it was unwieldy, and would also stand out, so she would have to default to sword and shield. She internally grumbled, making a small grimace as she made a brief glance to suss out who had also volunteered, before looking further on down the road. Druncarde's words were a bit long-winded for the scenario for her taste, but they did have merit. Being ambushed in the thickets was a very real possibility.
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