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What Crusader said. Cecilia was just reacting, nothing else. xD
Cecilia Feilding

The weird shite was just continuing to roll over her like waves. Most of that was not in a good way. Cecilia had suspected that her strange, exceptionally revealing costume was far more ‘armoured’ than she thought, and could probably hold up to a lot of trauma, but it was nice to get some amount of confirmation.

Even if that confirmation came via being directly attacked and hit by a large club.

The adrenaline of being assaulted kept her carrying on more than anything; even if her attack was rather lackluster, a sharp enough weapon still did enough damage and she was well on her way to cutting the rat-creature down before it was immolated for her.

The bikini-clad girl backed away from the burning carcass, deciding to process the implications of everything… for later.

There was still a third creature, after all. If Cecilia’s hunch was correct –and her hunches usually were—they’d have to finish it off. She was genre-savvy enough to suspect that these creatures were hostile to humanity and rarely gave quarter, if they could even properly communicate. She gave her voice towards finishing it off.

Before any of them could make good on that, though, someone else appeared. Not another rat this time, but a girl. Someone that she could understand… another isekai’d woman? No, she sounded ‘native’ by the way she spoke and dressed. If she had a costume, it was more practical fantasy in nature than the ridiculousness of what she or the others was wearing…

Cecilia ran her fingers through her hair and groaned.

“Yes, we’re a group. Yes, we’re lost. And yes, we ‘beat them up’. Were you looking for these creatures?” she responded, before her attention was taken as Charlotte took the opportunity to blast away the last ratman. Well, that solved that.
But did it involve stepping on legos?
Polina Laye
Farisian Maid

Polina struggled to suppress a wince as Lord Havershel executed the hapless demon maid. Nonetheless, it was warranted. She hadn’t even been aware Axolotl –demon maid versions or not—were able to open their mouths that wide. It was a little disconcerting.

The Farisian maid had her mild suspicions, but she was still taken aback when the man introduced himself as a demon lord. That… changed a lot of things. It certainly explained the man’s vices that Polina so disliked, and the way he hard-countered any of her avenues of attack. Of course, she wasn’t the church, and even with an introduction like that, she was hardly going to attack. Not without hearing a proper explanation, at least.

And really, what a doozy it was.

“I have so many questions,” was Polina’s simple reply, but for lack of time and information, she accepted his offer to walk and talk after giving Lulu a look. She wasn’t the best demonologist, but she knew the name, at least.

“Well, I suppose we can drop the pretense… Since our intelligence is apparently so flawed, who is your wife, and the demons that have kidnapped her? And what's your relationship with that demon in the idol?” Polina didn’t mention his wife’s request, though she wondered what happened to the maid that had approached them.

Nonetheless, she had a to frown a little despite needing to ask. It grated her on a professional level that they’d come in with a seriously incomplete picture on the situation, and even more so that she had to ask what was ostensibly still an enemy to fill them in.
My bad, I've just been very distracted and didn't realize I hadn't said anything til now. xD
I also may or may not need to post late for this round because I've been traveling this weekend. xD
Polina Laye
Farisian Maid

Yeah, it was fairly obvious to Polina that they had a deficit in intelligence for this mission. Whether or not that was a personal failing of her own, the maids, or something engineered by Havershel or another party, that was moot. This situation demanded a solution, now, but she didn’t have very many good options.

With the tools she had, it was impossible for her to stop the lord. She supposed she had to eat some crow, there. Polina had been badmouthing the man verbally and in her thoughts for the better part of the day, after all.

On the other hand, the maid was a demon, even if still a somewhat cute one. She felt more inclined to trust the cute axolotl demon maid on account of her dress, but she knew better. Not every demon was going to be like Eliz, as acerbic as she was. Polina grumbled, but decided it was better to communicate here. Information, she needed information.

“If you have the time to badmouth the Maison, you have time to explain. Now.”
Late, but better than never.
Cecilia Feilding

Unfortunately for Cecilia, not hearing anything didn’t mean that there wasn’t anything there. As she quickly found out, together with Aria and Da’Niyah, they were not actually alone in this forest. The silver-haired woman was only starting to get her bearings on her environment, and get a grip on what she was wearing when the weird beast rat creatures showed up!

Ironically, it was the clearly fantastical, strange beasts that showed up that made things fully click for Cecilia.

This was clearly some two-bit, incompetent light novelist’s ill-conceived isekai world. Likely an exceptionally stupid one, given how obnoxious that fake-god was. After all, there were some books published to real print that were really stretching the boundaries of being fit to print. Really, anything that got horny teenagers to buy a copy was pretty much good to go these days, even if it was stupid. As stupid as putting… her… in a… skimpy… bikini. Goddammit.

There was a theory that any story or world ever written or conceived of existed in the multiverse, somewhere. Cecilia was quite sure she had just confirmed it.

Well, if she was now in a shitty isekai novel’s world, then it was likely she had a power of some sort. Given the way she had read that message from earlier, it was certainly associated with the bloody bikini, and a bit of introspection confirmed it…

…How the hell did this thing provide so much protection?

She wasn’t going to question it. Certainly not, when the rat things were suddenly charging her and the other girls with weapons!

But Cecilia was pretty sure she could tank it. It was just a bit of wood, after all, and she had a forcefield thing. She decided she wasn’t going to go by feel, though, and quickly drew the longsword that had also been at her side. She dearly hoped that the stupid costume gave her the intuition on how to use it, but she raised it nonetheless to fight the equally silly rat thing.
Polina Laye
Farisian Maid

The Farisian maid had been expecting a few things, but certainly not for Havershel to eviscerate the chandelier together with her plate shield. Polina drew back slightly, if only in surprise, before narrowing her eyes. This man was hardly as harmless as he had presented himself. No, he rather dangerous, and it took only a split second for Polina to realize that her skillset matched very poorly with how this man apparently fought, especially when she hadn’t prepped the area, nor had her full combat kitout. She didn’t want to test how well his blades held against whatever foul magic he was relying upon, and there was little else in the room harder than her steel.

Nonetheless, she couldn’t let him escape, or allow him to harm the other maid—especially when they dearly needed more information.
Although she knew it was likely futile, she didn’t need to be reminded by Lucrecia before she threw everything she could at the man. Everything, being whatever else in the bedroom could be moved and thrown at the man, in addition to some of her blades she had stored upon her body. If anything, it would distract and slow him down.

Let’s see how he likes getting a mattress in the face.
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