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The various comments, and compliments, of her companions amde the girl smile a bit bashfully. It was nice of them to encourage her efforts, even though she was aware herself that she probably still wasn't ready to go toe-to-toe with a real enemy using these techniques and what-have-you... The comments about her stomach she could've done without though... And when Big Red mentioned the possibility of her trying to eat them, the girl's face went beet red and she let out an indignant gasp.

"I would never!" She stated quite seriously... As if she actually believed that the lizard fighter were under the misgivings that she would... At least, for a bit, before she started laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of that possibility.

Heading back into Palisde Town, the guards at the gate gave them lazy glances and wordless nods. of recognition The streets had died down in terms of bustle and hustle, with now only a few pedestrians milling about still. It wasn't a big settlement to begin with, so what constituted 'busy' for the frontier settlement was probably what residents of a bigger city would consider a slow day.

As they came closer to the area where the market stalls for groceries - and street foods - were located, the trio could spot a gathering of people. A lot of murmurs and low, whisper-y chatting was going on, as all eyes were focused on a single point ahead.

Druid Girl, more concerned with stuffing her face than with whatever ruckus was going on in the local market, was quick to by-pass the crowd and zip straight to a stall selling freshly cooked beef skewers... And she ordered quite a few of them... Like, a lot. Her eyes sparkled like gemstones as she watched the savory meats fry on the grill and get placed on a small ceramic plate. The young girl could barely contain herself, like a vamished puppy ready to leap and grab its food before it even landed in the bowl.

That aside, if either of the other two adventurers were to go investigate the scene with the small crowd, they'd soon learn the reason for its formation. One of the local nobles were petitioning at the market, trying to get people on-board with signing some kind of coument that was to be submitted to town hall. Apparently, this form would allow the town gates to remain open at all hours - even during the night. The noble aruged that sealing the town off at a night was not only inconvenient for locals who had planned to travel, being unable to go at whatever time of day they so desired, but also a hindrance to travellers and visitors from out-of-town.

The noble preached that by allowing the town to stay open at all hours, commerce would increase and so would the flow of both merchants and potential new residents, which would help the town flourish and grow. Some people seemed skeptical and disinterested, but there were also a few that seemed genuinely swayed and supportive of the proposal, eagerly lining up to sign their name on the dotted line of the coument.

Perhaps this was a good thing for the local adventurers too? It would mean that if the bill was passed, they could go on adventures any time of day and not have to worry about getting back to town too late and being locked out! Of course, it also meant that shady folk could more easily move in and out of Palisade Town, and the town guard would need to hire more guardsmen to stand watch at all times.

"Mmmmmmmmmm! Scho guhd! Omno-noms-noms-nom!"




... Some individuals seemed more interested in stuffing their face full of foood and mimicking a hamster though...
Old lady Elmwood became increasingly more red across her entire face while listening and talking to Alice. Though it was more like a one-sided scolding from the little werewolf and the old human woman couldn't seem to gain any ground or make any worthwhile come-backs to the various questions and blatant facts that were thrown in her wrinkly, reddening face. Eventually, it seemd like she'd had enough as she clapped her cupped hands together loudly, twice in quick succession.

"Well, oh! I never! Is this how you speak to the people who pay you to do your job!? Rest assured, little girl, I will be filing a complaint to your superiors, good day! Francoise, come!"

At the calling of his master, Francoise confidently lifted his head and strutted past Alice, head held high and tail fully erect, as if he was some kind of champion or war hero, walking down a street during a parade. It was rather infuriating to watch the mischievous and indignant pooch act so snorky and pompous... But he was more than likely going to get an earful from his owner once they left, so Brandy didn't hold it too much against him for trying to put on a brave... face...?

As soon as the Royal Aulderian Poodle crossed the threshold into the house, the door slammed shut - causing the nearby windows to quiver slightly from the forceful impact. A cricket chirped as silence fell on the two girls standing outside the larger-than-average-house-which-would-be-considered-a-manor-in-a-tiny-village-like-this. A woodland dove cooed as well, further driving home just how quiet things had gotten after the discussion had ended so abruptly.

That is, until Brandy almost doubled over from laughter. Leaning forward, holding her arms over her stomach and laughing so hard that her already barely-covered breasts bounced and jiggled dangerously close to popping out of her top, the satyress seemed to be very, very amused.

"Maa-haa-haa-haa~!! Man, that was awesome! Al, you're so cool! You totes ripped that old harpy a new one! Maa-haa-haa! Maa-haa-haa! Did you see her face? It was as red as a tomato! Maa-haa-haa~!" It seemed at least the little satyr was very impressed by the werewolf's ability to overcome their client in this discussion.

Once she calmed down, an d wiped the tears of joy from the corner of her eyes, the beige-haired caramel cutie managed to straighten herself up and put on a sunny smile.

"So, like, we did the stuff and things, right? Do we just go back to the raccoon-lady and get our pay now?" She asked, excited about the prospect of finishing her first job with blatantly no concern for what Elmwood had said, or how their reception back at the Guild Hall would turn out.
"Alright then, let's do this! Wooh!" The druid girl exclaimed, in very obviously forced-out excitement that sounded particularly fraudulent.

The following minutes, she would suffer defeat after consecutive defeat, having her branch smacked out of her hands, failing to properly block the incoming strike or not standing in the proper state. Her offense was even worse, not managing the footwork very well at all, as she couldn't quite seem to grasp the the concept and way to move, making communication between her feet and brain spooty at best... Which resulted in rather hilarious unfortunate situations, such as the poor girl tripping over herself, looking like she was about to take a huge dump nose-powdering break while approaching her opponent, or just genuinely looking like the most amateurish of amaterus.

Moments became whiles and whiles became hours. Although she earnestly tried her best and, as well as she could, followed the instructions of her two tutors, the girl only made marginal progress. This isn't to say she failed ot take any steps forward - not at all, her stance at the very least was improving and becoming more in line with what was being taught, but by no means was she close to beomg able to put it into practical or actual use in a life-or-death scenario. It wasn't like she was a star fighter with latent, hidden potential in martial prowess. Back home, at most, she'd only ever swung a hatchet in defense of the homestead, and that was only against wild beasties or much lesser variety.

Plopping down n her butt and letting out a sigh after their little sparring and training session, the raven-haired girl looked both pouty and upset. Branch lying next to her while both hands were planted in the grass next to her so as to keep her upright, she seemed a bit upset that she hadn't managed to make as much progress or grasp these basics very well... The sun had moved a fair bit and it was safe to say that noon and midday had come and gone and soon evening and dusk would be here.

"It's... A lot trickier than I thought..." She said, hands closing to tug at the starws of grass in her palms. "It's a lot to keep in mind... Your posture... How you move your limbs and body.... I always thought fighting was just, y'know, swinging the sharp end of something at the baddies. Didn't think it was this much... Technique... involved in beating others up." She mused, obviously contemplating the implications of her own underestimation of the art of melee-combat. Her goldne eyes lazily sacanned the sky above, before looking at each of her compatriots.

"Thanks for the lesson, you guys. I learned a lot of things I didn't know... And things I didn't know I didn't know." Her words were kind and sincere, although she did look a bit upset still - at her own lack of skill. "Anyway, who taught you guys how to fight? Did you have an instructor or learn on your own? Or by watching? Back in my village, the only fighters we had were the local militia, and they were just some of the bigger, brawnier fellows who volunteered to act as guards... Doubt any of them had a single day of actual fighting-practice in their entire lives."


Druid Girl's face turned beet-red and her eyes went wide as saucers... And were moist for some reason... It seemed she had grown rather famished due to all this rigorous practice... Her mouth was also shaped into a rather humorous squiggle-like configuration and she didn' seem quite sure what to do with herself, as she sat on the grass, frantically moving her hands and arms in an indecisive fashion that swapped between trying to cover her stomach and her face...
Druid Girl did her best, both to allow Steppe Archer to re-align her legs, and to listen to what the nomad was saying. Honestly though, she didn't really get it. Nor did she feel entirely convinced that standing a specific way would prevent you from not being toppled by a much larger and stronger opponent... But then again, she knew virtually nothing about martial combat, so perhaps the lioness and lizardman were correct and this little bit of practice could actually be immensely helpful!

Big Red commented about the value of repeatedly doing physical labor to improve one's strength... A notion she was already aware of, being a farmer's daughter and all.. And even more reason why she didn't feel like doing sit-ups and push-ups for a single day would net them anything except exhaustion... It wasn't like they were going to have days like this for a long period of time. No, more than likely, they'd find a new quest tomorrow morning and set off on the road or in a wagon or some-such. But perhaps the lizard wanted her to start a rigorous and daily training regiment? ... That was a bit much to to ask for...

Regardless, once she was in the appropriate stance, well, as good as she could manage at least, she looked to the others. Apparently, they were now going to demonstrate how this all worked... By having Big Red smack Steppe Archer with a branch... While the giant stated he wouldn't be using his full might, Druid Girl still worried that his hulking arms would just cause Steppe Archer's stick to snap and land a blow right on her face...

Big Red also tried to explain his actions as he moved in to strike... But, honestly, such a thing was futile. Druid Girl couldn't really pick up on anything about how to move your legs and arms in tandem, or how to sync your limbs... To her, Big Red's lunge looked just like any other lunge by any other fighter... Human, goblin or otherwise... Her untrained eyes and lack of knowledge when it came to fighting made the entire 'lesson' more of an 'in through one ear and out the other'-sort of experience for her. Which showed on her face, as she simply looked at the pair and tilted her face, looking as if she wasn't sure how to respond once the branches clashed.

"... I .... See...?" She stated, uncertainly. When the question about having her try it out though, she wrinkled her forehead. "... I'm.... Not sure exactly what I'd do... Or how to do it... I honestly really didn't get any of what you just said." The black-haired girl said, bashfully scratching the back of her head.

It would seem that if her compatriots wanted to teach her anything about battle, they'd have to spend a lot of time - and effort - in order to bring the poor lass up to speed.

"... But sure. I can give it a try, I think? Maybe it'll be easier to understand if I try myself! ... Maybe..." She added, not wanting to seem ungrateful or unwilling to learn.

The day continued to be a lazy and uneventful day, with the sun shining and slowly travelling across the sky, while silky and slender clouds sailed above without a care. Birds sang and chirped from the nearby woods and the noises of the town could be heard, even out here - though they mostly came from the gate's direction. It didn't seem like anyone was going to come and bother them though, so practice could continue without any interference or meddling - at least for now.
Druid Girl laughed herself once she heard the nomad snicker at her silly posture.

"Hey! Don'├Ąt laugh!" She blurted out, before putting her leg back down on the ground.

She then listened intently to Big Red's words of wisdom once more... He claimed that a day's worth of physical excersise could still achieve something... A rather remarkable statement, considering she'd worked on a farm and was used to hard labor, and knew for a fact that you didn't develop muscles or stamina over-night for just one day of hard work. But she decided to stay silent. Perhaps lizardmen anatomy worked differently and they developed faster? She really didn't know much about the species really, apart from what her Master had told her and what little Big Red had shared... And honestly, they didn't seem too pleasant so far...

Next up was the stance. The caramel-skinned young lass watched carefully as Big Red demonstrated. It looked... Peculiar... To say the least. But the giant mass of red assured the two girls that using this posture would disallow others from tackling him to the ground... Not that she understood what the point of that was, since in most fights with weapons you didn't actually tackle someone, you tried to bonk, bap, slice or poke them... But hey! It might be good for if a tavern-brawl broke out, or an unarmed rapist tried something in a dark alley... Or some other very specific situation where weaponry wasn't involved....?

"Errr.... Like this?" She said finally, attempting to mimic what the lizardman had done... Though, not quite getting it right... Her knees were angled inwards towards one another and she looked more like a newborn calf trying to stand up for the first time... Or like she really, really, really needed to go and take a little tinkle in a nearby bush...

"So...? Uh... How do we, y'know, fight while standing like this? It's a bit awkward..." The raven-haired girl stated, trying to adjust her knees and feet to more closely resemble what Big Red had shown...

Alas, she was a not but a former farm-girl, without a single day's worth of training in any sort of martial or even basic combat-arts What she knew of fighting she'd learned herself, or by watching her Master. Trying to teach someone like that how to use martial arts was going to be a bit more work than just showing her what to do...
Alice only needed to knock a single time on the wooden door of the large house. In an almost instant, the door - quite litteraly - flew open, and standing in the now gaping, looming, dark and somehow foreboding doorway, was none other than the wicked witch of the east old lady Elmwood, giving the pair a glare. A glare of the kind that made the camera shrink back and make the old woman look much bigger than she actually was, along with a dark shadow being cast over the top part of her head, and a disapproving scowl on her face that would make a baby soil itself by being in her mere presence.

Even Brandy, who was oblivious and unconcerned with most things, had her ears twitch and eyes blink a few times - looking rather perplexed by the arms-crossed, glaring-daggers old Elmwood-woman. Either she hadn't expected to see her in such a menacing state, or she wasn't quite sure why she was in such a state... Let it be known that Brandy certainly wasn't going to win any awards for coherent thought.

"... You..." Was the first thing to come out of the old crone's mouth. At this point, one could amost envison the elderly woman being accompanied by black, swirling clouds that unleashed ominous thunderbolts and a harsh, biting wind causing her clothes to billow dramatically. None of that was actually happening, mind you, but it certainly felt like it! "... What did you two do...?" Shge more demanded than asked, to be fair.

Francoise, who had resumed his rather snooty and arisocratic (aristodoggy?) behavior, suddenly seemed perturbed by his master's behavior, and began to shrink back... Now hiding behind Alice and beginning to whimper somewhat pathetically.... For an Aulderian Royal poodle, he sure didn't seem all that brave when faced with the angry presence of his mistress.

"Uh... Hi, Mrs... Elkword!" Brandy said, shrugging off the imminent aura of doom and greeting the woman - with the wrong name - as if nothing was amiss in the world. "We brought ya yer pooch back! Safe and sound too!" She boasted, puffing out her (rather ginormous) chest with pride and giving it a soft bop with her closed fist, causing said chest to somewhat wobble and jiggle. "He got a little crazy at first, but we managed to-"

"IMBECILE GIRL, SHUT YOUR TRAP! I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOUR PRATTLING!" Not surprisingly, it seemed Mrs. Elmwood was not in the mood to deal with the nonchalant satyress and her obliviousness. "Now. Tell me. What. Did. You. Two. Do?" She seemed to be seething with rage ad she was speaking through her teeth... Which were probably fake anyway, but still. "While you two were away, walking my Francoise, I was visited by a fair number of townspeople. And do you know what they said? They claimed that you two had chased my precious Francoise through the town, tearing down laundry and assaulting the local huntsman. Not onlt that, but you also stole his wares and fed it to Francoise." ... Either Mrs. Elmwood had been wrongfully informed, or she had somehow managed to either misunderstand, or misinterpret, the story and series of events... Regardless, it was clear that currently she was under the impression that Alice and Brandy were the root cause - and the main perpetrators - of today's eventful events...
Druid Girl internally noted that these tow really were from different cultures than her own... Normally, she was fine with trekking through mud and dirt, she was a farmer's daughter after all, but even they didn't wander on out into the fields and start getting all sweaty and gross after a bath! Granted, baths back home were usually done at night,a fter the day's work was done, but still... That being said, she didn't exactly have any better ideas and perhaps - if she was sneaky - she could do more of the talking and less of the training... Though given how Big Red was, he'd probably get grumbly about it if she tried...

"Right then. If we're gonna train, I suppose we should head out one of the gates and do it on some grass. Dirt and gravel, or cobblestone for that matter, don't exactly make the best for softening a tumble or fall." She said, with a slight laugh, before gingerly strolling on, towards the east gate of Palisade Town.

A few minutes later, the group was outside the walls yet again. Not too far from the place where they'd done their very first job together actually - though no boars were in sight this time. Druid Girl pitter-pattered about for a while, checking the ground and shoo'ing away smaller woodland creatures such as mice, birds and a curious squirrel. After making sure there were no brambles, thistles or other pointy and/or hazardous plantlife in their immediate area, she turned back to the other two.

"Alright, so what should we be training?" She asked. "I doubt things like push-ups or sit-ups would do us much good if we're just doing it for today... And the same could be said for running... Oh!" She suddenly realized somehting. "You said something about training balance?" The girl inquired, looking over at the muscular behemoth of red scales. "How do we do that? ... Stand on one leg like this?" The raven-haired girl said, lifting one leg up and balancing on her lone one... A bit wobbly, but nontheless managing to stay upright without hopping aobut or falling over.
"I can make some basic salves with the herbs, sure. But it won't be anything nearly as potent as an actual healing potion mind you. At best, it'll help close up small cuts and such." Druid Girl replied when Big Red asuggested she use the plucked plants that their plucky pal from the steppes had pouched from the pesky woods outside of Palisade.

Upon hearing, and seeing, the archer's reation and vehent unwillingness to do the sewer-crawling job, the nature mage simply nodded in agreement. She wasn't going to argue or persuade her friends to go through with it - especially since she didn't have any desire to really do it herself in the first place. The question was; What to do with the rest of the day though? It was a bit into the afternoon, but there weren't any jobs available that they wanted at the guild. And they'd already gone shopping for both supplies and gear, as well as visited the bank.

They could go eat again, that was an idea... One that the druid almost blurted out with questionable eagerness - but she managed to restrain herself before the suggestion exited her lips. What else was there? Walk around Palisade and enjoy the scenery? Not like the place was a marvel of culture or archietecture, so there wasn't that much to look at. Go drinking at a bar? Druid Girl had never been much for imbibing spirits or alcohol, nor was she fond of taverns where drunks and other riff-raff hung out... They had a tendency to try and get handsy with her...

They'd already bathed as well, and while going for a stroll through the nearby woods would've been lovely, Druid Girl somehow doubted that the branch and leaf-covered Steppe Archer - who had just spent her time running around collecting plants - would be up for more hiking, even if it was just for leisure. So what could they do then...? She rubbed her chin slowly in deep thought, before a proverbial light bulb finally sparked above her head.

"So! If we're not gonna go crawling in the sewers and smashing bugs, why don't we do something fun? All work and no play is bad for you, as my dad used to say! ... Even if he never followed that saying himself... A-anyway! What do you two when you got time off? Anything particular you like doing? Like say... Uh... Butterfly catching? Hoprse-shoe tossing? Wrestling?" She paused and looked at Big Red. "... Sharpening your weapons...?" It was rather obvious she didn't exactly know how lizardfolk spent their - if any - leisure time...
"Maa-haa-haa-haa~! You jerk, take this!"

It was clear Brandy was enjoying herself. After having been splashed in the face and tickled herself, she seemed to be in a very good mood indeed, playfully splashing small scoops of water back at the werewolf. Once the alchemist started talking though, the satyress - amazingly - listened intently and politely, without interrupting or trying to use the moment to take advantage of, and attack Alice. Instead, she just paddled about in the river, ears twitching and perking up as she took in what her companion was saying. When the werewolf was done, Brandy smiled brightly and her eyes twinkled with excitement.

"Wow! I have no idea what you just said, but it sounded 'totes amazing, Al!" Yup, she hadn't understoof a single thing. But at least her brain was capable to fathom that there was a lot of things and work that had gone into making the stain-cleaning powder, so at least she could appreciate just how smart Alice was... Seemingly.

Francoise eventually began to lose steam, and paddled his way back onto the edge pf the river. Clumbsily climbing out of the water, the pooch did the doggy-deed of shaking his entire body, sending droplets of water in every which direction. Once done, he barked happily and wagged his tail, before calmly padding over to where Alice was sitting, plopped his butt down next to her and just... Sat there... Perfectly content with just being a dog, sitting next to another half-dog. It was kinda cute, or so Brandy thought at least. After a bit more swimming on her own part, and failed attempts at catchign river-fish with her bare hands, Brandy eventually got up and out of the water too. Unabashed and uninhibited as always, the little satyr got up and out, and didn't show any signs of modesty or consideration, not being bothered at all to put her hands and arms in places to cover up any bits that might cause a cesnor-editor to drop his jaw and slap a big, fat 'R' or 'M' onto the work in question. Lying down on her back, spreading her arms out and letting out a peaceful, satisfied yawn, Brandy smiled as she stared at the clear blue sky above, while the sun lazily dried her glistening, curvy and supple body.

"So, Al. Whaddya wanna tell the old bat when we get back to her place?" Brandy asked, slowly turning her head to look at the other girl. "I'm not sure, but I think those mean bitches who bonked you mighta already gone and spilled the beans to that frowny-faced prune." She ask-said, while still smiling. "We could always just, y'know, leave Frankie on her porch, knock on the door and leg it... Maa-haa-haa~" Apparently, being responsible wasn't high on Brandy's list of priorities. "... Oh! Or maybe we could go back to the guild and get that glasses-raccoon to come with us? She seemed smart, so I'm sure she could smooth things over, yeah?" The satyr suggested, seemingly very pleased with her own brilliant plan...

Once dried off, Brandy slipped on her clothes, adjusting and brushing them off, then taking a bit of extra time to make sure everything was where it was supposed to be and that nothing was out of order. Finally content with her visage, she bounced over the Alice's saide and grabbed the other girl by the wrists.

"Welp! Let's go tell thecrone that she's raised a real ill-mannered mongrel!" Brandy exclaimed, excitedly, for whatever reason.

Francoise barked happily, wagged his tail and jogged on over to the two girls - completely oblivious to Brandy just having insulted him.
Druid Girl watched as Steppe Archer ran off, apparently having something to do while she and Big Red went to do a potion-run. That girl was certainly full of energy, all the time. It brought a slight smile to the nature mage's face. Then Big Red spoke up, again sharing his wisdom of the world with the girl. However, this time, she felt compelled to counter some of his 'lessons' with knowledge and common sense of her own.

"Alcohol might burn well, but it's dangerous to use. It's very hard to actually see the flames, and it burns out reallly fast. Plus, it's not like anyone around here would be seeling alcohol that's pure enough to use for fuel... Unless you think watered-down ale and wine'll do the trick." She laughed slightly. "Also, torches might be good for swminging around, but you're just as likely to set yourself on fire doing that. You might not have to worry about it, big guy, but me and the arhcer? Well, we got plenty more flammable bits on us..." She said, gently reaching back and tugging softly on her long, velvety, jet-black hair.

"Also, not sure what kinda lanterns your people have in the swamps, but the ones here we got here are just a brass frame with glass on all sides... They shed more light and reach further than a torch, plus they last way longer." She explained, while they walked. "Besides, if I'm not mistakaen, my Master told me something about open flames and certain gases that can interact and cause huge explosions... What was it again...?" She tapped her chin and seemed lost in thought for a bit. "... Err... It was somehting like meth... math...? Moth? ... Some kind of gas, anyway. And apparently, that kinda gas is generated by... Well... Poo." She made a grimace that was clearly a mix of disgust and embarrassment, having to talk about litteral feces with someone. "And if that gas is down in the sewers too, we might accidentlaly go ka-booom! if we swing a lit torch around, y'know?" She paused for a bit. "Come to think of it, I think Master also said that the same gas was common in swamps and bogs too... I've never actually seen it myself though, but it sounds dangerous." She continued.

Druid Girl would continue to speak freely and merrily, all the way to the store. The pair eventually arrived at the same shop that she and Steppe Archer had visited before, and after purchasing their desired items, they were off once again. This time to the noble district of the town, where they entered the local bank. After convincing the staff that Big Red wasn't there to rob the place, they were able to successfully convert their money. Druid Girl even opened an account and squirreled some of her earnings away. After this, it was back on track to the adventuring guild. Amazingly, despite all their running around and rather relaxed pace, they still somehow got back to the guild hall before the archer.

"Pfft....! We just bathed, and now look at you." Druid Girl said, covering her mouth and stifling a laugh.

The poor poofy-haired nomad was covered in leaves, twigs and petals. She looked like she'd been running full-speed through the thickest undergrowth around, with reckless abandon and not caring what was in her path.... Actually, that sounded pretty much spot-on for this little bundle of energy. Druid Girl couldn't help but laugh at the thought of the nomad archer running through the woods, screaming like Tarzan. It was a very amusing mental picture. Still, once she calmed down, the druid noticed the bundle of herbs in the nomad's hands.

"You want to sell those?" She asked, tilting her head and raising an eyebrow. "I'm sure some pharmacists would pay you for them, but that's a fairly common ingrediant... Which means most alchemists already have a decently large stock of them on hand..." The girl explained, not wanting to overly rain on the other's good intentions. Still, most alchemists knew where to gather those plants themselves, and those that had apprentices or employees likely would just send them out to fetch the herbs for free...

"A-anyway!" Let's have a look at that quest boa-" Druid girl paused and looked at the single scrap of paper hanging from the board. "-oh... Roaches, huh?" She said, blinking and looking at the notice.

80 Measly copper for killing 20 giant bugs... While crawling arorund in an amonia-smelling, feces-wafting, dark, damp and unsanitary mess, right after getting cleaned and freshened up...? Well... That was 4 coppers per dead bug... And they couldn't be that big, right? Druid girl stared in silence at the posting, trying to find reasons and justifiable arguments to actually motivate herself enough to take this job on.

It didn't go too well.
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