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The urge of hitting your co-worker in the back of their head with a four-pack of frozen salmon-cuts... This was my day.
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Undead Eyes is like the best person ever. Like objetively as good as chocolate!
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Steppe Archer made a good point, at least in Druid Girls' earw and mind. They had no idea what the cave was like, and even if she herself was at home in any natural enviroment, there was no telling what these greenlittle thieves had done to the place. There might be traps, given that they'd stolen rope, or they could have set up unnatural barriers or fake walls. It was certainly possible.

Big Red also made a valid suggestion. Assuming this was athe only way in and out was a bit native. Most larger caves had multiple entrances and exits, and if the cave was home to multiple creatures, it would stand to reason that the place was no mere bear's cave, but something bigger. As for discussing formation though... That seemed a bit redundant to the nature mage... Their lizard friend was obviously the frontline, their foreign huntress was obviously fire-support and she herself had the role of support. But if the big, red and scaley one wanted to mix things up, she'd at least humor him.

"Fine then, let's look around and see what we can discover. We can talk about where to set up and how to go about things once we've surveyed the area, right?" She half-stated, half-asked, half-assumed.

The raven-haired young lady wasted no time. She at once walked over to a nearby tree and managed to call down a small, blue bird. After a bit of talking, it flew off, apparently doing some kind of favor for the druid. Next, she called up a family of squirrels, but she didn't have them do anything, instead she merely asked about the lay of the lands and then thanked them by giving them a bit of trail-mix she had left over in her bag.

Next, she moved on to the main event... The source of the foul stink. Honestly, she'd prefer to stay away from any sort of festering, unsanitary cesspool at all times if possible, but they needed to make sure there wasn't a hidden hole or emergency escape route at it. OTherwise, they might be the ones getting ambushed.

Clearing her way through some tiny bushes, Druid Girl came upon the source of the stink with relative ease - it wasn't hard to follow the increasingly unpleasant odor after all. However, both she and Lizard Fighter had been wrong in their assumption. It wasn't a latrine, more than anything, it looked like a garbage-dump. It was a medium-sized hole, cruedly dug, filled with all manners of foulness. Rotten meat, urine, feces, bones, mangled carcasses of small creatures, broken objects, rotting wood, regurgitated bile, a shoe and other things of no worth or value. There was no apparent chutes or holes, no doorways or small crevaces, just a shallow pit filled to the brim with crap. Figuratively and litteraly.

Druid Girl made a discontent face as she circled the area for a bit, looking behind trees and stones, in stumps and under large tree roots, but eventually she returned to small clearing with the mossy cave. She hadn't found anything, and the squirrels from before had told her that there wasn't any other nearby caverns or openings into the ground.

"So, goblins have refuse piles? I did not know this." She said, jokingly, as the discovery was less than beneficial, and she had put herself at risk of catching some horrible disease just by being in proximity to that bacteria-spewing, unsanitary heap of decay. "Let me help you gather though." The girl said to her fellow female, gignerly jogging up the side of the treeline, bending down and beginning to pick up sticks, twigs, grass of acceptable length and fibre-durability. The only taps she knew how to make herself were pitfalls with sharpened sticks in them - her father used those to help keep vermin and undesirable critters off the farm back in the day.

After a bit of rummaging and foraging, the caramel-skinned lass dropped off her supplies with the arher, and returned to look at Big Red over her shoulder.

"Well then, how do you want to ste things up? There're no big boulders or rocks to hide behind here, at least not near the entrance itself. We could take cover in the treeline, or sit atop the cave and attack them from above when they come out?" She suggested two alternatives. Truth be told, she wasn't exactly a military or tactical genius, her skill-set wasn't focused on efficiently dealing with groups of tiny, ill-tempered humanoids. after all.

Sad as it was, she also couldn't exactly offer any kind of extra support. Had she been more skilled, she might have been able to convince of the stronger forest animals to fight alongside them, but as it was, even if she asked they wouldn't be inclined to help an inexperienced druid like herself. Suddenly, there was a tweet from above, and the girl's head snapped up. The tiny blue bird had returned, flying in a circle overhead, before swooping down and lending in the druid's extended palm.

"Well, how'd it go my little friend?" The bird flaired it's wing, cocked and titled its tiny head and tweeted and chirped a few times. "So, you couldn't find anything like another cave or crevice either? I guess that means this is the only real in and out for this place... At least for any reasonable distance." With that, she gently gave the bird a small peck ontop of its head, and the avian sang in joy, before taking off into the air and flying off - obviously not staying around, possibly due to sensing the imminent struggle about to take place. Druid Girl turned to her allies, smiling. "Seems we don't need to worry about being attacked from the rear or sides though. That little one said there weren't any other locations nearby that looked like exits, so this one here's probably the only way they can come at us." She paused, and tapped her chin. "Unless, of course, some of them are out right now and plan to return later... Then they might come up on us from behind.."
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Hopefully with this, Serafaye has redeemed herself in the eyes of those who think she a damsel in distress. :P

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Forgotten Ruins, eastern alley #46201

"How did y- Bwuh?"


It was an impresive feat, sending a fully grown man wearing a set of full light plate, flying across a stretch of distance as if he was nothing more than an empty, unwanted beer bottle. The blue-plumed officer didn't have time to even respond or react, before the mighty brute of a lizard was upon him and knocked him aside with ease and brutally proficient rage. The armored Imperial clanked and clattered along the street as his body tumbled, rolled and eventually came to a stop when it collided with the side of a building at the far-end of the path they were all in.

Initially, the soldiers who had flanked the officer, along with those in the spear-wall, and the archers behind them, stood silent and dumbfounded. None could actually believe what had just happened - some giant lizard came barreling out of gods-know-where and just smacked their commander aside as if he was made out of a burlap sack filled with chicken feathers. Of course, momentary confusion didn't last long, and soon the call for the archers to fire their arrows came. Unfortunately for these men, before they could release their arrows on the numerous targets now popping up, a blinding light suddenly burst forth and managed to catch the eye of every damn bowman aiming down the alley.

It was a huge success!

Well, sort of. They still fired their arrows, but at least not while aiming properly or actually seeing what they fired at. In fact, some of their arrows struck their fellow soldiers in the back of their helmets or the insides of their shields, while others harmlessly snapped as they collided with the walls of either side of the alley. Naturally, a few arrows did make it towards the intended targets. Notably, Kaze.

Being big and tough and tall meant you could smack others around, but it also meant you were kind of a walking target with a sign on your back and stomach that went: 'Can you hit the broad side of a barn?' Luckily, the lizard's half-plate was enough to deflect any real damage, but he would still be pulling one or two projectiles out of his scaly hide tonight. Luckily, the Empire didn't poison their arrows.

Another person to feel the sting of arrows ws Serafaye, who got one straight in the forehead. However, just like when the officer had slapped her face, it felt about equal to someone lightly tapping a drinking straw towards her forehead, and the projectile bounced harmlessly off her skull. The girl blinked. First she'd been hit by a guy with the strength of a starving, malnourished kitten, and now she got shot in the face by an rrow that couldn't kill a fly? What the heck was this. No, seriously, what? Were these people all made out of cotton and silly-string? They could knock each other around just fine, cast magic and command little blob-monsters... But they couldn't do jack-shit to her, even though she couldn't use any weapons or cast any magic?

Serafaye just sat there, on her knees, arms now dropped along her sides, staring at the growling and snarling horde of Imperial troops infront of her who were cursing and shouting after suffering momentary blindness. Meanwhile, the four guards who had accompanied their officer all turned to Kaze and charged, well three of them did. The fourth ran over to the fallen commander and was trying to shake and call him back to the realm of the awake. Though judging by the dent in the side of his armor, he likely would need more than just a good shake and shout to wake up.

The spearmen, at this point in time, began to slowly advance. Walking shoulder-to-shoulder, shields interlocked and spears pointed forward. It seemed they were intent on perforating their enemies by simply balking and backing them into the ends of the alley... Or something. Honestly, it seemed a bad idea to approach a girl who was an immovable, indestructible object, and a lizard that was basically the miniaturized version of Godzilla. But they were soldiers, and they did what they were trained to do.

Die. Fight.

The fortuitous bit about all of this was that, with the archers and spearmen now focused on the enemies straight ahead, perhaps they wouldn't notice a person or pair sneaking onto the rickety, decripit roofs above! ... Unless there were archers in other alleys nearby, or in the buildings all around them... Then it might be a really bad plan...

Serafaye, meanwhile, came to an important realization. The lizard-bro had charged in and smacked that guy away right after she got bitch-slapped by the weakest slap in all of slapistory. Had he charged over to avenge her honor? Were lizardmen like that? Huh, too bad she never read any of that lore-bullcrap back while playing Oubliette... Or maybe... Maybe he was trying to be all alpha-male and impress her by being all macho and muscles and top-dog? ... That'd be kinda sad... And gross...

Rising from her position, the girl looked around for a moment, then stared down at the slowly advancing wall of soldiers. Tik-tok, like perfect tin soldiers, they walked in rehearsed and disciplined order., careful to keep their formation and momentum synched. Well, that is, until Serafaye dcided that she might as well try something. She'd been slapped, and nothing happened, she had been shot, and nothing happened... So, by that logic, could she be impaled and nothing happen too? Approaching the spearmen, she stopped right in their way. Egged on by the brazen brat's defiance, the soldiers zoned in on her and...


The advancing spear-wall stopped. Completely. The men stood dead in their tracks, staring t the horned, purple-haired girl. Before her, at her feet, lay the top-halves of three spears, broken off from their hafts. The girl merely looked down at the shattered weapons, a non-plussed expression on her face.

"Huh... So that really worked...? I guess my level of one-twenty still counts for something. If you guys can't even hurt me, you're all below level 60, huh?" She stated, to nobody in particular except maybe herself.

She then proceed to move forward, towards the line of spearmen. The soldiers shook off their stupor and assumed defensive positions. But even with all their spears pointed out and aimed at Serafaye, as soon as she just walked into them, they got pushed back, bent and eventually snapped like toothpicks. One after another, the snapping of wood and clatter of metal on stone could be heard through the narrow street. And then, as she finally got within close enough range of one of the soldiers in the wall of large, broad shields, she let out a sigh and took a deep breath, closing her eye momentarily, before shouting:


... And delivered the most girly-looking punch you could ever dream of. Seriously, She just raised her arm and fist up next to shoulder and then did a little forward arc-thing, a turly and goodness-to-honest sissy-punch of fable-worthy documentation... And yet, as the blow connected with the shield of the man infront of her, the fully armored soldier went flying backwards. His shield dropped to the ground, with a large small-fist-sized dent in it. The other soldiers, now staring in fear and disbelief at what had just happened, could not even move to fill the gap left by the man who had just been flung away by girl-power.

"Well, that's the same." She said. "Can't use weapons, but the difference in levels seem to still work the same." Serafaye laughed a little, though not menacingly or condescending, but more in a 'A-ha! I'm so stupid for not realizing this!'-sort of way.

Murmurs and unsteady mumbling could be heard from the ranks of the Galanon soldiers... This was probably not how they had expected things to go...
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Did Vani consciously ignore that Locke was with Yinha and Sera, or did he just miss seeing him btw? :o

Yes... Yes... YES! Go, get up on those roofs... Do it. >:3
"I'll do what I can to help you out." Druid Girl said in reply to her archer-ally. "Some of the local animals might've seen the goblins too, so I could always ask them." She added.

Soon enough though, Big Red rejoined the two girls, and Druid Girl welcomed him back in a friendly manner. After hearing what the lizardman had gathered in terms of information though, the caramel-skinned girl wasn't exactly sure how to feel about it. If goblins were active during dusk and night, that meant that right now - during the middle of the day - they were most likely asleep, or at the very least resting. This meant that they were probably holed up in their nest or whatever home such creatures made... Which was both good and bad for the trio.

It was good, because all the goblins would likely be in the same general area. The bad news was that all the goblins would be in the same local area.... She'd heard tales and rumors about the little creatures before, like how they were weak and stupid and most adventurers didn't even bother dealing with them, because they were filthy and not worth the effort to bring down. Still, if they stole from farmsteads, and if they were indeed responsible for that woman over by the road, then wasn't it just as plain as day that they were a threat and danger to people? Sometimes tthe girl had a hard time understanding her senior fellow adventurers and their unique way of weighing what quests to take...

Still, the lizard had asked a question about being ready to go, and Druid Girl for one was more than willing to get off this decripit farm as soon as possible.

"I'm all set, we can leave whenever." She said, a bit of energy back in her voice when copared to the sour mood she had been in earlier.

~ Later ~

Once all was said and done at the farm, the three would set off and march their butts first north, then north-west, following the shallow tracks made by tiny feet. Throughg the combined efforts of the druid and the hunter, they were able to - not too often - lose their way and keep on point with their hunt. A few stops for asking the local wildlife, like crows and squirrels, if they had seen any goblins, along with a mandatory potty-break for all of them, were all the interuptions afforded.

Still, even with their skills at tracking and their ability to inquire animals, the group did not locate the goblins' hideout until mid-afternoon. Not yet dusk, but not far or many hours away from it. The sun was lower in the sky, noticeably, and the tinge of the sky had begun to change slightly far off in the east. Still, theyh had found what they were looking for - and fortunately, they had encountered no sentries or guards to warn the residents inside of the approaching trio of would-be-threats.

The goblins hidey-hole was, in all fairness, nothing more than a mossy mound and cave, with a crack roughly the size - slightly bigger - than your average doorway to a human house. Bushes and trees stood around the cave, and if the group hadn't been approaching from the south-east, they might not have spotted the opening at all. From any other side, it just looked like a small knell or hill. Even if they weren't clever, they still seemed to know how to pick their lair, those crafty goblins.

A quick survey around the immediate outskirts revealed no traps or alarms. It seemed this group of goblins were confident enough in their natural camoflaughe that setting up any sort of perimeter defense or security wasn't needed... That, or they simply didn't know how to do such things. One thing was for certain though, somewhere not too far off was the source of a foul, piercing, eye-watering stench. A mix of amonia and rot and what could only be feces caused a foul-wafting aroma to permiate this otherwise pitoresque area of woodlands. Druid Girl wrinkled her nose and grimaced slightly.

"I'm not one to be all fussy about the smell of dung, animals leave that sorta thing behind all the time... But, this is a bit much, even for me." She said while trying to get into a position that was up-wind from the stank. "Still, what do you two think we should do now? It's getting close to dusk, and they'll probably be scurrying out of the cave soon-ish... We could wait to ambush them... But if there's too many, we might be better off sneaking in and dealing witht hem while they're sleeping or resting, right?" She proposed the two most basic options.

From what she and Steppe Archer could tell of the tracks, there had only been maybe two or three goblins that made those prints, and neither of them seemed to have been lugging anything around. Still, there was no telling what was waiting for them down there in the dark, musty depths of the mossy cave...
And the post didn't say she charged straight. It said if she charged straight, that's what would be waiting for her. ;)
You can always regroup, just run towards where everybody else is. :P
[center]Forgotten Ruins, east roads & alleys.

Yinha, Locke, Serafaye:

As the buxom elf dragged the befuddled and thought-addled dracokin along, the horned girl's head rose at the question posed by Buzz Killington. He had asked something really bizarre. Had she forgotten how to cast magic? No. She hadn't forgotten, the issue was that she had never actualyl cast real magic, her avatar had, and it had done so on her input. In that sense, one could say that Serafaye, as she were, didn't actually know how to cast magic at all... Whcih was depressing as all hell, considering she was supposed to be a bad-ass level one-twenty sorceress...

"No, I haven't." She blurted out, in a manner that sounded both irritated and dismissive, but also contemplative. "The way I used to cast magic just seems to not work in this wo- place." She said, halting a word to repalce it with another.

Honestly, what was she thinking? Revealing that she couldn't cast magic to this strange, masked possible pervert? For all she knew, the guy could pounce on her and the big tittied elf, if he thought he had a chance to overpower and pin them down. Especially now that they were in this dark and dreay alley! Serafaye could feel a bead of sweat form on her brow, and she narrowed her eye at Locke, keeping a suspiscious and watchful eye on the masquerade mask-wearing mage... Which left her blind to what Yinha had just pulled her along into.

"Stop right there!" Came the loud, deep voice of a man.

At this point, the trio were forced to stop, as a proverbial wall of steel and spears barrd their way forward. The imperial troops had taken up position in this small backstreet as well it would seem, and now they were face to face with one another. Behind the row of spearmen, with their broad shields and pointy sticks aimed at the new arrivals, there was an Imperial officer with a blue-plumed helmet - a lower rank officer. He looked stone-faced and serious.

Either Locke's fairy had taken a different turn somewhere along the way, and failed to spot these goons, or it had been taken out by the row of archers standing behind the spearmen... Speaking of, said archers were all aiming their projectile weapons at the three stooges.

"Put down your weapons, dispel your sorceries and surrender! Fail to comply, and we won't hesitate to kill you! This is your only warning!" The petty officer roared, in practiced and rehearsed manner. He'd probably done this sort of thing lots of times.

Serafaye was... Perturbed... By this turn of events. Now she didn't just have to worry about Buzz Killington trying to molest her and the elf, who was still holding her hand for some reason, but all of these new guys... What if they all decided to have a good ol' fashion genital jamboree with the laides? Not like they could possibly hope to stop them! There were at least two dozen of 'em crammed into this alley, and with no side-paths to take, and the only other way to go being back, they weren't exactly in a position to run away...

"Hm? You! The one with the horns!" The Imperial Officer then bellowed. "Step forward and kneel down, hands behind your head!" He ordered.
"Uh... M-me!?" Serafaye meeped.
"Yes, you! Move up here and get on your knees, now! Do it!"
"Uh... Uhm... W-Why? What're you gonna do?"
"Get. Over. Here. NOW!"

It didn't look like the guy was inclined to share his intention. And seeing as Serafaye didn't want to cause any trouble for the elf who had tried to bring her to safety, but ultimately led them into the jaws of their enemies - albeit unintentionally - the dracokin let go of her ... Acquaintence? hand, before moving up closer to the Imperial spearwall and slowly sitting down on her knees. She felt like she was being accosted by corrupt cops, accised of criminal acts she hadn't even committed.

The officer, motioning for his men to make room, passed by his own defensive line, flanked by four additional soldiers, who all approached the young girl. The man stared at her with aq very strange glare.

"What are you?" He asked. The question seemed strange, but genuine.
"I said, what are you? Yo look human, but you have the horns of some... Creature." He stated, bluntly and rudely.
"Ho- Oh, yeah. I do. All dracokin do, I suppose."
"Drak... What? Make sense, girl!"
"S-sorry! Uh, a kind of human with dragon's blood in them."
"... Are you mocking me?"
"Do you really think I'm that sutpid! Dragons and humans can't conceive children! Stop wasting my time and answer me!"

The man gave a firm, full-on-from-shoulder-height bitch slap to Serafaye's face. The resounding smack was quite impressive. However, what was more impressive wasn't the sound, but the fact that the officer's hand stopped dead in its track on contact with Serafaye's cheek. The girl's head didn't even budge or twitch at the impact. Rather, the officer's eyes were wide and his mouth slightly agape, as he both stared at the young lady he had just struck - with no effect - and his own hand, which had come to an abrupt halt.

"W- Wha... Ho-" He fumbled over his words, understandably.

Travelling along the main east road would prove a short-lived excursion. Not far ahead form where the group had just previously been, the full force of the advancing Imperial army slowly advanced in unified and well-practiced formation. Spearmen in the front, swordsmen behind and archers in the back, with the officers barking orders and commands from the rear. Any attempt at negotiation or communication would simply be met by harsh orders to dismount, lay down arms and surrender unconditionally.

Annabelle, Cecilia, Kaze, Vani:

Noises came from the alley, and angry shouts and questions could be heard. It would appear that the group that the scout had detached from earlier had now caught up to, and found, their knocked-out ally. The sounds of armored feet racing across the dirty cobblestone streets would begin to grow ever closer, and it was only a matter of seconds now before the reinforcements would round the corner and rush out into the street where the backmost members of the party were located.

Their options were fairly limited though. Either follow the elf, Serafaye and Locke into the alleys, or dash ahead on the main road along with Artemisia and her horse. Running back was no longer a viable idea, unless they desired ot engage more Imperials in a fight. It seemed things were just getting worse with each passing moment.
In case anyone needs clarity for their next post:

- Running back towards the Plaza will land you in Imperial sights.
- Staying put will cause new Imperial scouts to 'spawn'.
- Heding up along the east main road will lead you to slowly advancing Imperial blockade-force.
- If you head into the alleys, you'll eventually run into Imperial spearmen in Shield-Wall formations, blocking the path.

Basically, your options are not limited to "How are we going to get out without being spotted?", but rather to "How do we want to be spooted, and where do we want to be when that happens?". :P

Just in case any of you were trying to conjure up some crazy scheme on how to avoid conflict. You can't. The Empire has pretty much taken the entire city and are moving their forces about in such a way to purposefully disallow anyone to escape. So don't feel intimidated, just pick a path and drag everyone along. :)
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