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I boguht a tiny nougat-bar for myself. I feel I desrve it
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I suddenly got an urge to play Frogger 3D again...
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Going to the store to do some recycling of cans and bottles. Back in 20 mins-ish~


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"Oh yeah, for sure. I can just repair them whenever I want, 'cuz there's just an absolute abundance of spare parts and materials on this, what was it you called it again, Curry? Backwater?" Relica replied with an exaggerated and ratherpainfully obvious faux-optimism at the hornet's comment about her just needing to fix up her damaged toy. She then looked over her shoulder, gave the two rescued peasants a once-over and then looked back at her friend. "Lives aren't replaceable, no, but not all lives are worth the same. Damaging my equipment now to save two extra mouths to feed, who won't do or add anything to furthering our goals, and not being able to save a group of twenty or more later because I didn't have all my gear also isn't a very good trade." Relica commented, making her stance on the matter clear.

And in truth, she was still miffed about all this. Those two peasants didn't look like anything special, and while it may be wrong to judge a book by its cover, the fact was that according to that Ayu-woman back at the temple, the resources and provisions they had to work with were already meagre. Adding two potentially useless extra mouths, who could neither fight, craft, build or do any other sort of useful task or duty, aside from plowing a field, wasn't exactly a good idea in Relica's mind. True, they'd be helpful after the Varjans were driven off, since they could help replant and regrow food for the population, but right now that future seemd like a pipe-dream.

At the Automaton's words though, Relica's ears perked up and she turned to face the one named Eula.

"Don't you worry 'bout that. Even if it was against my better judgement to come here, it was ultimately me who agred to it... And had no real say in the matter... Anyway, Eula, huh? Hah, that's a cute name." The gremlin assured their new sister-at-arms.

Then the monkshowed up, and relayed a bunch of information. A bunch of really strange and inconsistent information. If the disease didn't spread or wasn't infectuous, as he had said back at the temple, then why had those two peons deemed it necessary to leave? If the illness had only arrived after the Varjans stole all their food, then it wasn't a disease at all, but rather starvation - and that was hardly somehting a simple monk or healer could address by going there. Finally, Kerry voiced a valid concern, which Relica quickly agreed on.

"Yeah, you say that the disease isn't infectuous or doesn't spread, baldie... But how do you actually know that? You haven't been to this place before, right? I honestly would've prefered if you hadn't sent those two off to the temple without letting someone examine them carefully first." The gremlin said, folding her arms under her plump chest and giving the man a disapproving frown.

Then came the real issue. The monk offered Eula to come along on their journey. It was, at this point, that the horney mercenary made a comment that drew Relica's attention to Eula. Spotting the damaged and patchwork-repairs of the automaton's arm, the little green-haired lady zoomed over to the side of her new acquaintance, grabbing hold of her scarred arm with her own, tiny gloved hands. Though, she did so gently and without pulling or yanking, like she was grabbing onto something brittle and delicate, like a glass sculpture or something.

"... How in the heck did you suffer all this damage? ... Jeez, I really wish you'd told me to take a look at this as soon as we met." Relica said, a somber chime to her otherwise snarky voice. Pulling down her goggles, she gave Eula's arm a good, thorough look-over, using her octo-arms to inspect the arm near the shoulder and armpit, where Relica herself couldn't reach due to her stature. Finally, she sighed and pulled up her eye-wear.

"Askin' me, Curry? On a personal levle, I'd want nothing more than to return to the temple and get Eula fixed up. To give you an idea, she's basically walking around with what would be equal to a mangled arm with a deep flesh-wound in the case of you or me. She can use it, but it ain't pleasant, or smart. You've done some self-repair I see, but that ain't going to hold forever you know." Relica said first to the hornet, then to the automaton herself. She placed a gloved hand on her chin and thought for a bit, then looked back up at her damaged monster-sister. "Look, I can't do anything about your damaged arm here. Not right now, I didn't bring any of my tools or supplies on this trip because I didn't think I'd run into you right as I left... Didn't expect you to be this banged up either. Still, if you can just wait until I get back to the workstation at that temple, I'll get you sorted, right as rain! ... But, if nothing else, I think it'd be a good idea for you to come with us." Relica said, a concerned and genuine expression on her. "Not to hlep us fight or anyhting, no. Leave the grunt-work and meatshielding to this idiot." She motioned with her thumb towards Kerry. "No, I'd like you to come along so i can keep an eye on yer condition, so things don't get worse. Is that alright with ya, Eula?" She finalized, asking strangely plitely considering how she'd been talking to Kerry and the monk previously... But perhaps that was just how she was around actually wounded individuals? Or perhaps she just played favorites.

When Eula picked up and ate some of the Varjan scrap-gear though, the gremlin made a face.

"Ew, no, Eula! Don't eat that! You don't know where it's been. Well, i mean, you do. But that actually just makes it worse. If ya wanna snack on somehting, eat one of Curry's spears. They come back on their own anyway, so it's fine."
I was jus' bein' silleh, bruw~
Nooooo, dangit! How dare you post before me!? Now I can't have Relica whine and mope about the whole "just repair them"-spiel I'd planned out in my head... How dare! D:<

Well, I mean, I still could. But, y'know.. The principle and such. *cleans monocle*
"Great! So we'll go back and tell the raccoon-lady and the lil' hat-girl that we got their letter delivered, yeh? Hah! I can't wait to see the look on their faces when we tell'em we beat up a whole necromolester!" Brandy excitedly exclaimed, loud enough to be heard outside the room, which ndoubtedly got some of the other gusts to question just what the girls had been up to recently.

At Sofia's interjection of the two other girls being her 'chosen party' and 'seniors', Brandy cheeks flushed, her eyes sparkled and a big, impossibly wide smile spread across her face. And then she bounched from where she'd been standing, leaping the entire length of the room, landing next to the revenant in her fluttery new skirt, and glomping onto her... While still not wearing a bra or shirt, rubbing her cheek against the undead's own.

"D'aaaaaawwww, Sofers~! You're just like, the most adorable thing ever! I could just eat ya right up, maa-haa-haa~!" The satyress shouted happily... In the revenant's ear... And loud enough to be heard outside their room. Again.

After a bit more skinship and female bonding, Brandy was eventually unglued from Sofia's side, and returned to the bed. She rummaged around in the covers and underneath said bed, finally locating her shirt that she'd so carelessly torn off and tossed aside after yesterday's drinking festivities. Getting dressed, she scampered over to a mirror that was hanging on one of the room's walls. Checking her face, she gingerly adjusted and fiddled with her hair, inspected her horns, took a good, uncomfortably long stare at her own face, and finally checked the inside of her own ears. Once happy and satisfied with the results, she returned to Alice.

"Alright! So, we gonna head out straight away, or you wanna get some meat in ya first? I'll go get the short lady to cook up something if ya want. Oh, Sofers, you had something wiht ya, right? Maybe Al can just chow down on that? Oh crap, I gotta go hit the pee-bucket, back in a flaaaaaaaaaaash~!"

The sound of a race-car once again resounded as the eneergetic satyress rushed out of the room, somehow leaving a cloud of dust behind her despite the room being relatively clean. It appeared that Alice's coffee had had a somewhat adverse effect on her insides, and she was in need of a lavatory. Or perhapos she just needed to expel all that extra liquid she'd imbibed from the night before. Regardless, let's leave the detail of her visit to the little girls' room up to the imagination for now.

Some minutes later....


"I'm back!" A happy Brandy with flitting ears slammed the door to her and Alice's room open as she re-appeared after her call of nature. "I 'totes forgot, you two! But before we go, could we stop at a store I saw earlier? I'd like to get a lil' somethin'-somethin' to remember my first visit in the big city, y'know?" She was bobbing up and down on her little hooves, hands clasped infront of her and ears twitching. It was kind of adorable really.

Of course, the shop she had mentioned was nothing special, just your average general store. What possible kind of souvenir she was expecting to find there was a mystery to anyone but Brandy. But knowing the satyr, it was porbably something that most other people wouldn't consider a proper memento... or just proper in general...
Is it Caroll/Alice's goal to do it with every single one of the pretty monster girls in the Taskforce or something? xD
Shizuka and Io (and Yuki), sittin' in a tree... Uh... Monster-humbing all of the three~(?)
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes incurable undead disease and a quick stuffing into a graveyard carriage~!

Fair enough, not that I was trying to start anything by explaining my thoughts and views. I'll make sure to not make commentary-jokes every time we get an update.
Fisrt of all, let's get the PC response out of the way to that @Enkryption:
I apologize for making you upset and feeling like my jabs at the Shizuyama people is done out of spite and petty malice towards them and their culture. Since it bothers you, I shall refraim from doing so in future OOC posts.

Now on to my actual, personal thoughts on the matter:

These aren't real people. They're fictional beings ina fictional world. I don't know how much you, as a roleplaye,r immerse yourself in the setting, but I personally don't get overly invested or drawn into a world.

As for them being "pressed on all fronts", coming from a perspective of what reasonable people would prioritize in a war-situation, I don't feel like my comments are unwarranted. They've lost the vast majority of their warriors in a sungle battle and are now short-handed, yet instead of trying to form some kind of semblance of resistance, they waste their resources on pursuing goals and beliefs which will, in the end, net them absoluitely nothing. This isn't just a mockery of them and their beliefs, it's a commentary on their lack of understanding what is actually important to prioritize. Especially since its the Vrjans who are harming, stealing and subjugating their home and people.

But hey. That's just me. I'm sorry you were offended by silly/stupid joke, and since you've aske,d I'll make sure not to make them again.

Sound good?

Wait, wasn't the "I was sick that day"-guy referring to Yuki and Io as being Shizuka's wives? Did I misunderstand that? :o
Shizuyama peeps are so smrt, aren't they?
"Hey, we're being invaded by another human kingdom and their army of 100,000, but there's a group of five monsters! LET'S GET'EM!!"
*Gets wiped out and further weaken and lower their own chances of driving the invadrs off*

Also, am I the only one sitting here with a smirk, waiting for Kikijo to arrive and see the aftermath, and the inevitable drama that'll ensue? Yes? Well, guess I'm just an unpleasant little bastard then. :3
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