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Current Millions have trembled in fear before my pink armor!
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Damn it, Nappa!
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Spent an hour trying to get a 3-scoket armor to appear in the shops... Only to realize later that said armor only has a max of 2-scokets...
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When the going gets tough.... Give up?


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With the arrival of the bugs, both of her allies seemed to agree that discretion was the better part of valor - which is to say, they fled. A completely acceptable tactic in the face of cockroaches the size of your average sneaker. So in response ton this development, it did not take many moments for Guard Lady to turn about and chase after her two comrades - one of which was screaming like there was no tomorrow - again, understandable.

Unlike her two nimble and agile friends though, the half-elf had to not only lug around her polearm, which wasn't exactly designed to be a weaponn you ran with, in addition to her armor. Now, leather armor didn't weigh particularly much in and of itself, but the many bits and pieces of metal she had added to it on her own accord eventually added up. In addition, she simply wasn't as fast a runner as the other two adventurers, resulting in the culmination of her lagging slightly behind her comrades.

Guard Lady could feel beads of sweat forming on her forehead and her breathing grew hurried and uneven. The constant skittering and crawling of the mass of insects behind her was unnerving and grotesque, to say the least. The hooded boy shouted out his plan to lead the insects into a group of rats, which was fine - provided they could outrun the little monsters long enough.

As they rounded a corner, Guard Lady's eyes widened slightly - she had misstepped and caused herself to become unbalanced. With an 'omph!' and a clattering thud, she collided sideways with one of the sewer walls. Momentariily stopped, she shook her head and began to run anew. Alas, this short litle delay had caused some of their pursuer to have somehow managed to catch up with. With chittering mandibles, the foul things leapt and managed to latch onto her back! At first, she didn't notice due to the adrenaline and frantic situation, but soon enough she realized something was moving along her backside.

"Wha- AAAaAaAh!" She let out a surprised, as well as painful, cry as one of the bugs took a bite on her neck. The sensation was not dissimilar to someone pinching your skin - hard - between two long, sharp nails - but without letting go. Using the hand not holding her weapon, she swatted at the creature and managed to knock it off her shoulder, but alas others still remained on her body. One crawled lower and took a nice chomp at her posterior, while the other tried to crawl over her shoulder to get at her upper exposed chest.

Their legs felt like tiny needles whenever they touched the skin and their bites were horrible. Again the girl swatted at the one on her shoulder first, followed by one assaulting her romp. Now free of the trio that had managed to latch onto her, Guard Lady did everything in her power to keep pace with the two friends in front, hoping that Shade's plan would work out well. The two bites on her did sting quite a lot though...
The Roaches are comign! THE ROACHES, OH MY GODS!
Letting out a sigh of relief as the last of the giant rats bit the dust, Guard Lady got back onto her feet slowly, using her polearm as a maekeshift leverage device. When the archer rushed to her side, asking how she was, the half-elf smiled - though it was a smile of a somber and apologetic nature, rather than one of happiness.

"Ye- Yes, I'm fine, thanks." She answered, feeling a bit frustrated, a bit ashamed and a bit relieved. "I'm sorry I didn't stop them in time." She continued, looking at her feet. "They were a lot faster than I thought, and a lot more... Evasive then I expected." Of course, this was only her really first, actual battle, so mistake were bound to have been made - though this fact did little to comfort the girl.

Moving her free hand to feel around the area where she had been bitten, Guard Lady let ot a puff of air as she found the hole the rat had made in her armor. Luckily, the leather had been strong enough to not be bitten through, but it would require repairs if to remain useful once they left this awful place. It waas somewhat ironic though, the rat had leapt and aimed for her chest, but her ample... Assets had caused the rat do bummp its head in them and instead bite down on her stomach-area - rather than her upper-exposed endowments. Perhaps she should consider buying a chestguard that covered that particular area next time...

The boy with the hood then disappeared for a bit, stating tht he was going scouting. For the duration he was away, Guard Lady kept a vigilant eye on the path behind them, determined to not let any more rodents sneak up on and ambsh them. Still, she had the time for some small talk and couldn't help but want to thank the arhcer properly.

"Thanms again, archer." She said, still peering behind them into the gloomy darkness. "You were really impressive back there. You moved and acted like those big, nasty things were nothing. You even saved my clumbsy butt." She let out a slight, forced laugh at the last part, again feeling somewhat ashamed and useless in the big whole. Both the archer and the boy had managed to take down marks of their own, yet she had been knocked on her ass and had to been saved. Sure, things like that could happen to anyone, but that didn't make her feel any better about botching her job.

When Shade returned and informed the two girls that there were more rats, Guard Lady only nodded. Of course this wasn't the end, they still had to find the nests where the rats bred and destroy them... Well, at least three of them. But where could they be? Rats usually just dug holes in the ground or hid in cramped, dark places... So what did a rat's nest look like? Especially one for giant rodents like these.


"Wh- What was that...?" Guard Lady turned her head away from the hooded boy. Something sounded... Strange. Like raspy, scratchy fingernails rapidly scraping across a hard surface. It was different from the skittering of the rats, and sounded far more... numerous? Plentiful? Peering back towards the path behind them, from the faint glow of the lantern on the floor, Guard Lady saw it... The horror.

"Insects!?" She exclaimed in both surprise and alarm. And yes, insects - huge roaches to be exact. Cockroaches the size of regular-sized rats to be even more precise. A vast number of them too, marching in a mass of black, revolting scratching towards the party. But why? Had they heard the noise from the battle? Or did they sense the smell of blood and fresh meat from the dead rats? The reason wasn't really important now, what was important was that there was a horde of giant cockroaches approaching them that numbered more than two dozen. Even if they stayed and fought, insects weren't like animals. They didn't back off or hesitate, they just pushed on and on, forging ahead mercilessly. Even if her halberd took out five in a row, the boy killed several with quick slashes and the archer took some down with her own blade, there would still be more than enough to reach and overwhelm them!

"This is bad! We can't stay here!" The half-elf exclaimed, feelinga shiver run down her spine. But where to go? The path only led in two directions, and according to Shade, there were more rats up ahead. But going back meant running through the black, jumbling army of roaches. What were they to do?! Regardless, Guard Lady took her halbered in both hands and entered into a firm, staunch stance, waiting for the other two of her allies to decide what to do.
Everything's coming up Torran.

I like how Triss is either oblivious to the fact that he stepped on a Goddess, or is just plain ignoring said fact. xD
Rats! Litterally and figuratively!

The little monsters had cleverly laid an ambush, clearly using the pile of bones as bait to draw in unexpecting prey, only to pounce on them with the all the cunning and skill of a master assassin! ... Or, perhaps not... Regardless, the situation was nevertheless very real and very dangerous. With one of the vermin rushing straight past Guard Lady, the half-elf turned as quickly as she could in order to intercept it. Alas it was too late, the little mongrel had already begun attacking the hooded boy. What a failure on her part, or so she thought, she had been in charge of front and yet she had let their very first enemy just slip by her, shameful.

Still, there was time to redeem herself yet! A second rat from behind was dashing towards their archer-friend, hell-bent on catching them from behind. Even if she were to try and help the boy fend off his attacker, her weapon wasn't exactly suited for small, precise attacks and chances were that she'd take the head off her companion just as well as the rat if she tried swinging for it. Thus, she decided to move infront of their forgeiner-friend, placing herself between the other girl and the oncoming rat. With a swift, determined movement she raised the polearm and brought it down sideways in an attempted horizontal slash.

Sadly, the rat - while much bigger than usual - was able to see the attack coming and somehow managed to evade the cleaving swing. Having missed her mark, Guard Lady became unbalanced and had to recover from her failed attack. This moment of disarray allowed the huge vermin the chance to counter, and so it did - leaping into te air and biting down on the girl's torso. HEr leather armor buckled and deformed slightly under the large frontal fang of the rat, but it was durable enough to withstand being pierced through at the very least. The sudden addition of weight on her torso was enough to stagger the half-elf though, and in a clumbsy backwards motion, she dropped her weapon and fell on her bum, trying with all her might to pull the beast loose from herself, all the while cursing under her breath.
Cool beans, Duoya. Looking forward to it. :)
Taking point, Guard Lady began to lead the other two down the western pathway, her leather and metal-reinforced boots clinking gently against the stone walkway. Apart from that and the noise from the flowing sewer-water just to the side off them, there really wasn't much eTlse to hear.

The archer brought up a valid point though. A place like this was full of filth and anything that lived down here was likely just as filthy. A bite from a rat that drank sewer-water and ate rotting, decayed refuse was probably not the healthiest or safest injury to suffer, and the halberdier silently reprimanded herself for not having had the foresight to buy some sort of potion or medicine just in case. Then again, she wouldn't have had the money for the lantern if she'd done that, so it was either a choice between having a source of light and being able to perhaps see the attackers before they struck, or have no light and a high risk of being bitten, but having the means to mend it... Neither was particularly favorable.

And she couldn't blame her party-members either, they were all porcelain ranked after all, so none of them likely had much in the way of disposable income to begin with. No, she would just have to protect them and ensure they all got out safe and sound so they could get paid and be better prepared for the next time!

After rounding a corner and walking in relative silence for a whilea, Guard Lady stopped. The light from the lantern was just enough to illuminate something off a short distance, slumped against one of the sewer's walls... A pile of bones, with ragged, torn scraps of dirty cloth clinging to it. Swallowing a lump that had jumped into her throat, and taking a deep breath, the polearm-wielding girl walked closer, careful and vigilant with each step. Once within reach, she gently lowered her weapon and gave the pile of bones a poke. A rattling sound resonated as the pieces and bits of the heap shifted, and a skull rolled off the top. A human skull.

"Dear gods..." Guard lady exclaimed, slightly taken aback. Although she had trained fighting and knew that one day she would need to strike someone or something down, this was actually the first time she had seen an honest-to-goodness corpse, at least of a human. There were small marks all over both the bones and the skull itself, as if something had scratched the surface repeatedly... And given the lack of any flesh or organs, and the state of the tattered rags it wore, it was likely that this person had been ... Eaten...


A sound echoed from up ahead. Guard Lady stepped back, raising her weapon into a readied position, staring daggers down the dark, gloomy hallway. The sound of skittering, tiny feet could be heard now, coming from up ahead.

"Something's coming... Get ready." She warned her companions. "Make sre nothing sneaks up on us." The girl added, knowing that there would be nowhere to run if they got surrounded in this linear tunnel.
"This is not a socia-glurfghf!?!" Athena's reply to Dahlia was cut short, by a sandal-clad foot stepping nonchalantly on her face.

At this point, the young pallum woman next to Grentiloch burst into tear-filled laughter, holding her sides as she nearly toppled over. Grentiloch himself had to raise a hand to his bearded face and cough once or twice, to cover up the apparent snicker that might have escaped his lips otherwise. As if insult to injury, the offender of said foot-to-face-planting now squatted down next to the Goddess and requested to join her Familia, all the while the heap of humanoid limbs and mouths wailed and flailed hopelessly.

"Enough of this! Everyone calm down!" Athena's patience was indeed plentiful, but even she had her limits when it came to chaos and disarray. Surprisingly, at the behest of the Goddess commanding voice, all voices simmered down and all movement slowed to a crawling, eventual halt.

After some careful, meticulous unravelling, the lump of bodies untangled and freed itself from its singular state, allowing all nine individuals to finally breathe and stand on their own feet. However, this brief respite did not last for long, as the six brutish ones soon began pointing fingers and hurling accusations and angry, hurtful words at the fox-girl who had been the first through the door.

The renard, on the other hand, looked deeply insulted and denied any allegations about her having called the half-dozen adventurers various names and insulted their pride. As the squabbling grew louder, the mistress of Warrior's Rest rubbed her temple before speaking up, loud enough to be heard above the other voices, but not loud enough to be shouting.

"Listen. I do not care if this girl insulted your mother or your Familia, you are all strong adventurers, are you not?" She had one eye closed and the other open, looking at the group with a furrowed brow. "Surely you can agree that meagre words are not enough to warrant you breaking into another Familia's home and assaulting a Goddess?" At this, the majority of the offenders grew pale faces and averted their eyes, scratched the back of their heads or mumbled something incoherent.

"I think we can all agree that this incident is best left as it is, no harm was done, and no harm needs to be done. To anyone." Saying this final piece, the adventurers bowed their heads, apologized in uniform loudness and then rushed out the door just as fast as they had arrived. Athena sighed and rested her forehead against her palm, looking rather exhausted. "Honestly, don't the others know how to raise their Children properly?" This was said more as a musing to herself, rather than to anyone present.

Turning around, there were still three newcomers present. The girl, Dahlia, the renard who had bee the initial gate-crasher, and the Pallum who had sought fit to walk over a cluster of people rather than around them. The red eyes of the goddess rested on the trio for a bit, before speaking once more.

"Now that things aren't so complicated, why don't we go ahead and introduce ourselves, properly?" She suggested, her expression less than amused. "I am Athena, Goddess of this Familia, and these two are Tiramis and Grentiloch, two of my children." She motioned towards the pallum girl and the chienthrope senior.

"Yup." The old man said, nodding.
"Nice to meet'cha! Just call me Tira, okay?" The littler female said, winking and smiling as brightly as the sun.

the fox went ahead, apparently thinking she was so entitled because....... Reasons? Apparently she was called Ayame and hailed from a distant region, and apparently the Athena Familia was lucky to have been graced by her arrival. Although she spoke very politely and was good at presenting herself in an appealing fashion - to Athena - she had a somewhat snooty and arrgant air about her, especially towards the others. The fox-girl then requested to join the Familia, apparently assured that she would be a great boon to their ranks, though how and why was never clearly explained...
After joining up with her hooded friend, and their special ally the archer again, Guard Lady was relieved and grateful for rceiving the herbs from the latter. She wrinkled her nose slightly at the thought of shoving these two sticks up into her nostrils, given how silly it would look, but the thought of having to actually smell sewage, refuse and wet droppings quickly dismissed any silly notion of worrying about ones appearance. And so, with two quiet 'plops!' she stuck the things into her own nose.

Watching Shade open the manhole next, she thought the young man was very skilled. Of course, she wouldn't praise or commend him, as skills such as that were not exactly something decent and law-abiding nor upstanding citizens should know - but she couldn't deny its usefulness, and as such, would let him off without a scolding... This time. However! The fact that the boy went down the open manhole first was another matter entirely. Surely he had seen and been aware of their Archer-friend's new dress, not to mention the lack of ... Cover... for her very own posterior, yet he had still ventured down into the hole first, and now had an apt opportunity to stare up said hole while both girls descended.

Not that she thought the hooded lad to be a creep or lecher in any way, but you never knew with men. It would have been far more courteous to wait for the ladies to go down first, but perhaps he was just excited for the adventure? Or worried there might be enemies right below them? Still, she herself had far more armor and protection than him, so it would have made more sense for her to go down first. As such, the half-elf pouted a bit, watching as the archer gingerly descended next.

Her own climb down waas a bit more cumbersome. Not only did she had to slowly lower the halberd from ladder-step to ladder-step, so to not drop it, but she also had to avoid tipping the newly bought lantern. Thusly, her climb down was far less agile or graceful than that of her companions, and would one have looked up while she descended, they would have gotten a good eyeful of the pretty young thing's rear.

Eventually though she made it down. Finally unhooking her halberd from the ladder and resting it against a nearby wall. Reaching into her little bag that hung on her belt, she withdrew a small piece of metal and an equally small rock. Smacking the two items together a few times produced sparks, and soon the lantern was aglow with the warm, reassuring light of fire. Putting the items back in her bag, she picked up the lantern and grabbed her waapon once more, moving over to her allies as they were now discussing something important.

The archer had a point, out of all three of them, Guard Lady's weapon had the longest reach out of their weapons, and she was the most protected from the front. The archer girl's concern about bugs was a bit unusual, as the half-elf thought it obvious that icky, gross insects would prowl the depths of a place where decay and waste were plentiful.. But given the girl's outrageous response to a fly buzzing near her, she found it best to not confirm this truth for now. Scratching her arm casually and looking around the roughly hewn and mortared stone bricks that made up the sewer walls, Guard Lady replied.

"I'm fine with going first. It'll be much easier for me to protect you that way, plus you can watch my re-" She paused."... My back. Watch my back. But I can't really carry the lantern with my weapon drawn." A simple note was made. Her wweapon required both hands, so she couldn't well carry it as well as fight at the same time. She could give it to the archer, but the other girl also needed both hands in case of having to draw her bow and arrow. That left the boy, and lo' and behold, he only wielded a one-handed sword! Perfect!

"Do you mind carrrying it for us?" She asked, smiling friendly - with those two sticks in her nose - extending the arm and hand with the lantern towards Shade.

Nearby, the slow-flowing sludge-water of the sewers made itself apparent, yellowed and brown in discoloration. The sound of dripping and their slightly echoed voices was all that could be heard for now. Where they were now, there were two ways to go, either towards the east, or to the west. From here, and with the limited light of the torch, both ways seemed fairly similar. The eastern path though, far off still, split into a crossroads further ahead, with paths going in all directions. The western path only seemed to have a single turn in it further ahead.
I've read through Triss Honeyforge's character sheet. I see no problems with it and will contact you with the details about his stats and skills, as well as how to proceed after that.


Thank you, Vertigo. Very good of you to let us know. Of course Ayame can be made into a somewhat background-ish NPC for the time you're away, free to pop up whenever you got the time to make an actual post. So don't worry, you just focus on your trip and we'll see you again in October. :)
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