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Double-post, err mer gerd!
A little collab by me and the Carrot. :3
Tiffania & Oriel

@TheNoCoKid, @Silver Carrot

As she was about to step out of the chamber where all the Otherworlders had been... Gathered? Awoken? Dropped? Whatever! The place where all the non-Vectans had assembled, her offer to the others caused only one individual to pipe up. It was... The tiny one. That little midget-thing who'd managed to figure out the whole deal with the magic smartphone before anyone else. Good, she seemed bright - in the sense of being smart, that is - so she'd be a welcome addition to walk and talk with. Plus, she was tiny and cute too! Tiffania couldn't help but smile a little as the smaller otherworlder came fluttering over to join the elf.

Once the little one had made her way over and seemed ready to start heading out, the blonde elf with sparkling blue eyes began moving once more. Though, she seemed to have slowed her stride a bit. Probably because she didn't want to out-pace her new travelling companion who, due to her physically diminiuitive stature, would have to put more effort into keeping up with any being that had longer legs than herself. So, she was just being considerate. Plus, it didn't really look like the little munchkin had quite gotten the grasp on how to fly about just yet.

"Great, let's go." Was all Tiffania said in response to the other girl's reply to her invite.

As they left the chamber where the high priestess and the other otherworlders were though, Tiff almost immediately flipped a swithc to chatty-mode.

"So, nice to meet you and stuff. I'm Tiffan-- Ah, right, I guess I'm Tiffania now." She half-laughed, half-snorted her introduction out. "I was a model back on, y'know, our world" She made the assumption, with no basis what-so-ever, that Oriel was from the same world and reality as ehrself. "before the whole... Dying, thing." She took a moment to look at her own left hand, inspecting it on one side, then flipping it over to look at the other side.

"So like, I'm an elf or something now, 'cording to that magic smartphone-thingy we all got. Honestly, I don't really know much about this fantasy-stuff." She let her hand fall down by her side again, then looked over at Oriel. Eyes twinkling curiously. "What about you?"

"Oh, me?" Oriel replied as she hovered beside Tiffania, sheepishly. "I was a student, who worked a little tech support on the side to pay the bills. Nothing as glamorous as a model. Do you look anything like you used to? Wait..." Oriel trailed off as her eyes grew wide, and she frantically looked around. She spotted what she was looking for; a fountain, and zipped over to it. She peered down and looked at her reflection. She pawed and prodded at her face. She was....so cute! Her hair was green. Her entire facial structure was different. It was a surreal experience, staring at her reflection and meeting the eyes of a stranger. Not just a stranger. A nonhuman fairy. She beckoned Tiffania over to the fountain.

"Hey, do you want to see how you look now. If we both got summoned the same way, you don't know what you look like either, right?"

A student? That wasn't very specific. A grade schooler? Middle? Junior High? College!? Oh well, it didn't really matter one way or the other the elven squire guessed. The little fluttering girl's retort-question gave Tiffania cause for pause though, and she did stop. Thinking about it... Her hand was a lot paler than she remembered. She grabbed a strand of her own hair and held it infront of her face... Yeah... That color wasn't right either... Finally, she looked down, and was rather surprised that her view was blocked by... Welll... A pair of much enlarged twins.

"The heck...? How'd they... Get like... This? Huh?"

In her slight confusion, she watched the green munchkin zip over to a fountain they were passing b... Wait, who put a fountain inside of a church or whatever!? Well, no matter. The tiny thing poked and prodded at her own face for a bit, then called Tiffania over. The much talelr girl strode over, still a bit shocked at her sudden growth--spurt in the chest-area, but nontheless took a peek into the clear surface of the water-ornament. And she blinked. And blinked. Tugged at her cheek. Blinked. Smile. Frown. Poking tongue out. Giving a seductive smirk and wink... Yup... That was her alright.

"I... Look nothing like I used to." She said, staring at her reflection. "My eyes, my hair and my skin are all different... Also, these two grew too." She answered finally, turning over to Oriel and giving a casual poke to one of her own blouse bunnies. She then looked back into the water a final time. "Still good-looking though. Thank you, Goddess." Tiffania smiled happily and gave a quick thank you and hands-together-prayer-gesture to show her gratitude.

Then she started walking back away from the fountain and towards the exit of the temple. She turned back and called for Oriel to come along.

"So where're you from? Before you got here, I mean. My family and I were living in the U.S., California."

Oriel had been averting her eyes, partly in envy, as the elf beside her was posing and poking at her own sizeable cleavage. She was very relieved when they finally left the fountain and began to make their way into the town properly.

"Oh, California, huh?" Orial answered. "I always wanted to visit San Francisco one day. I'm from Tokyo myself. I wonder if the others were all from other parts of the world."
I'm fine with whichever, its not really an issue. :P
Pick whichever you want~

So... Are yours and my character related then, since they have the same last/family name?
Well, I finally scarped somehting together. Took a bit. Hopefully, it'll do.

"Huh? What do you want? I'm busy, ask someone else. Oh geez, why're there so many stairs...!?"

Full Name: Sylvie Maple

Age: 20

Year at the Institute: First Year, Freshman

Favorite Color: Aquamarine

Thesis Subject: The Appication and Amplification of Pokémon and Power Stones.

Appearance: Sylvie is a shorstack, standing only at around 5'1" (155 cm) tall. Her reddish brown hair is almost always messy and all over the place and she dresses fairly casually most of the time, prefering to wear comfortable attire over fashionable ones. Her eyes are brown as well, and she wears a pair of large glasses. When she removes these, her face has been known to look quite "villainous"... She only wears a lab coat while working on projects at the institute or when when doing field-work or on official trips. She has a plump physique. Some people call her 'thicc'.

Personality: Sylvie is a reclusive person. She often shies away from large groups or crowded events and seems to generally avoid large gatherings of people whenever possible. This isn't to say she can't communicate or talk to others, far from it, she just prefers things to not be noisy or crowded. So, it should come as no surprise that she dieslikes loud, noisy, pushy and/or obnoxious people, those who like to or frequently cause a scene and drama, or those that feel the need to stand out and be seen/heard.

She's also sensitive and very defensive, often misinterpreting peoples words or actions as jabs or flak aimed at her person. She can be prickly and sharp-tongued, and doesn't seem to be concerned with other peoples' thoughts, feelings or desires. In that regard, she's selfish and can be rude or curt with others, and she's rather impatient too. A bit of a slob as well actually.

Sylvie's also a scaredy-cat, being easy to frighten or surprise, which will lead to her being furious - or panicked. She doesn't handle scary stories or horror themes well at all, and will get very small and mousy when exposed to such things. She also has a very hard time accepting compliments or praise, becoming very shy and conflicted if given such. Basically, a bit of tsundere in there. The young woman does undeniably love pokémon though, and is very friendly, kind and thoughtful with and towards them. She never litters in nature and she's conscious enough to pick up trash in the wild if she spots it.

Her low self-esteem is the main reason she acts the way she does towards other humans. She always believes they're judging or ridiculing her, for one reason or another, whereas pokémon don't judge based on appearance - which is why she loves them. That said, even Sylvie isn't cold-hearted or jaded enough to turn a blindd eye to those in need. And if someone can endure the porcupine quills and crack that wall she's built around herself, one might find that she's actually a genuinely sweet and kind, but frighteningly shy soul.

As a final point, she has a rather quick wit and is surprisingly bright, despite her disheveled appearance and thorny persona. She can laugh at jokes or silliness... As well as others misfrotune... She keeps an facade of confidence up and talks a big game, trying to puff herself up. When she's focused on a task or something she's interested in though, she goes into some kind of hyper-focused trance and is barely able to perceive or respond to things around her. When in this state, she's probably the most earnest and honest you'll ever see her. She likes tinkering with and building things you see, and that eats a lot of cous - which means she doesn't have any to spare on being snarky.

Bio: Born in Hoeen to a dad from Unova and her mother, a Hoenn-native, Sylvie is of mixed heritage. Her father travelled to Hoenn on business, met her mother, fell in love, got married and had their daughter. Unfortunately, his work required him to travel around the world a lot, so Sylvie's upbringing was left for the most part to her mother. For the most part, they lived peacefully in Oldale Town, with Sylvie attending basic school over in Petalburg City.

Sadly, Sylvie's childhood was rahter sad. She was shy and awkward, and the other kids often made fun of, or pointed out, her weight. This only got worse with age and eventually caused Sylvie to shy away from humans and prefer the company of pokémon, and the anonyminity of the internet. She also happened upon an injured Ralts not too far from their house one day, broguht it back home and nursed it back to health. This would become her first pokémon, as it refused to leave once fully recovered.

Spending time with this Ralts, it became her best friend and most precious pokémon. It was also around this time that she started developing her defensive mechanisms to deal with other humans. Tongue-lashing those who looked at or mocked her, becoming overly prickly and hard to approach, etc.

When the time for Sylvie to set out on her own journey finally came, her mother noted that the girl didn't seem the least bit excited. And she wasn't. Having been an indooors-kid for most of youth, she found travelling incredibly inconvenient and tiresome. Being challenged by other trainers was exhausting and irritating. Spending time in the crowded Pokémon Centers gave her headaches and challenging the gym leaders or the Pokémon Contests felt so pointless. Needless to say, Sylvie never got her eight gym badges or her five ribbons. She returned home well before that.

Surfing the web, reading and learningabout pokémon in books, magazines and while watching the TV, Sylvie led a slow, peaceful and uneventful life. She became particularly fond of stones at this time, especially evolution stones. She also became an avid fan of Unova's Elesa. But back to the stones, she began to bug her mother to go all the way to Celadon in Kanto in order to buy some... Which she later regretted deeply once there, as the place was packed with people... But hey, at least she got that stone...

Following this, she'd save up her allowance and take her pokémon outside - on rare occasions - to search for more pretty rocks. Rocks were great. They didn't say anything or make noise, they didn't look at you funny or make comments about your appearance. And they were heavy! Something they had in common. Thus, she spent a few years like that. On her 15th birthday, her dad returned briefly, bringing with him a new addition to their family. A young growlithe. This made Sylvie very happy. A few months later, said Growlithe found that stone she'd bought in Celadon... And, sort of accidentally bit it... And turned into an Arcanine. This made Sylvie less happy. Now she was down one stone and had a dog that no lognger fit in her bed.

As the years dragged on, her mother was actually the one who brought up the possibility of the Institute. During one of their dinner-time discussions, her mom was concerned about Sylvie's future and what her daughter wanted to do with her life. Sylvie, being ever the couch-potato, had no goals or aspirations to speak of. Worried that her daughter would become a useless lay-about, her mother borught up the institute, saying that since Sylvie liked evolution stones so much, loved pokémon and didn't want to move around a lot, she could become a pokémon professor and spend all her time inside a nice, cozy lab... Complete with AC, and get paid for doing it! This, obviously, was quite the wily way to motivate her slug of a child, but unsurprisingly it worked.

Of curse, Sylvie had a very hard time deciding on her thesis. She liked stones and rocks, but didn't want to go around cave-diving or mountain climbing... Way too exhausting. She loved pokémon, but she didn't want to go out into the wild and search for them, or spend long periods of time roughing it in the underbrush or sleeping in a tent on a foldable bed, or worse, a sleeping bag. She needed to come up with something that would allow her to study both things, but not make her need to run around or do a bunch of exhausting field work. Then, it finally hit her. She got her idea, and wrote it down.

Some months later, after having submitted her thesis and applications, she got a response from the institute. She'd been accepted. Just as planned...


  • Stress Eater: As apparent by her physique, Sylvie is a stress eater. When things get hectic, she eats. When she's stressed. She eats. When she's peckish, she eats. And she eatas a lot. She be a foodie.
  • Admirer: Sylvie is a big of Elesa of Nimbasa City. She has pictures, posters and even recordings of the Gym leader/Super Model doing poses. She gets very embarrassed and flustered whenever someone else finds out about this. Which often leads to a lot of incoherent explaining and pointless gesturing on Sylvie's part.
  • Collector: Sylvie loves pretty stones, and has a small collection of various ones. Which includes evolution stones. However, due to an incident with her Arcanine, she now stores them in a special, secure case to prevent accidents. Still, she gets very excited whenever she can add a new rock to her collection.
  • Prepared: Despite what one might think when looking at her, Sylvie is surprisingly well-prepared. This is because she always carries a bag with her, stuffed with various useful things like medicine, antidoes, paralyze heals and other items. Scissors, rolls of bandages, bandaids, sunscreen... She even has her swimsuit tucked away in there at all times! And she never goes anywhere without her bag.
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It would seem you are not a favored child of Auril, pity. :(
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