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Current My cat keeps wanting to play... At 2:00 AM every night... Sooo tired...
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2 Hours of sleep, 7 hour workday + laundry day... Mine body doth protest, sir!
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I see you, work-week! Sneaking your way closer... I hate you so much.
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Itchy eyes are the worst


I work at a grocery store.
Weekdays I'm usually online from around 3:00 PM, GMT+1/CET.
Weekends I'm usually online from around 10:00 AM GMT+1/CET.
My Steam name is the same as here, so if you want to add me and chat, go right ahead.

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Pfft, Graft..: The man who has test-tubes and copper-wires sticking out of his back, chest, sides and possibly his posterior... The man with ashen skin, blotches and fake limbs... THAT Graft? Bitchplease! Nobody care wha' dat foo' thinks~ Monster-grils are da bomb. Even if they do look like the nightmare-rendition of Gardevoire...
And it was published by Disney.

I mean, have you seen old Disney movies? They were pretty racist... So a song like that doesn't seem too far out of their ballpark. xD

Besides, kid-oriented Nintendo published a game where one of the main characters litteraly calls another main character a "one-eyed monster", lolinnuendo...1

And hey, who doesn't like monster-girls?
This Roleplay is no longer active.
Thanks guys, really, it means a lot to me to hear that you had fun and enjoyed this RP. I really did try my best to both plan it out and keep it moving, so to know that you enjoyed it means all that effort wasn't entirely in vain. :)

I hope to have the opportunity to be in an RP with you again too, Duoya. You're awesome!

And thanks, 'rodey. If I ever start things up with DanMachi again, I'll be sure to inform you. :3
Don't worry though, the Goblin Slayer RP is still healthy and going strong, but if someone has to leave, I can always give you a nudge. ^^;

Thanks again, both of you, and all the peeps who've already gone. It was a good time while it lasted.
Welp, I have some further bad news.

Vertigo has sadly informed me that they'll be dropping out of the RP as well. They felt that keeping up with the one post per week time-limit simply wasn't working for them, and they needed to cut back on the amount of RPs they were currently in - sadly, Alter Oration was one of those. With this, we're now down to Triss and Torran as the only remaining characters of this RP.

To be completely honest, I feel really demotivated right about now. When I came back to the Guild, I was full of energy and rally felt the urge to write and read how people responded to my posts, it was a nice, nostalgic feeling like back when I first started out those many years ago. Sadly, over the course of this roleplay, the trickling loss of the players who expressed initial interest in it, the continued disregard for the once-a-week posting rule, the almost complete absence of any OOC interactions between fellow players... The longer this roleplay has gone on, the more my enthusiasm has drained.

Which is a real shame, because I really, really enjoyed the story when we started out. I loved all the characters that joined and the way they interacted and viewed the world, it was a lot of fun and each time I read someone's post, I actually laughed and smiled out loud. Until the aforementioned dceline, at least. Now, this is not anybody's fault really, things like this happen. People join RPs, they spend a little time in it, and then they move on (for whatever personal reason). Unfortunately, this was a project I really wanted to do, something I had spent a lot of time working on, planning for, discussing and debating over with others. It was something I had wanted to do even before I left the guild on my several-year hiatus from all writing. And now, to see all that effort just drain away into the proverbial sewer, well, it's not fun.


We've lost more than half the people and I've lost most of my drive to keep this thing afloat. As sch, to the two remaining people who've actually stuck around until this point, I have two options for you.

Option #1: I will PM one, or both, of you all the relevant information about the story, the various planned arcs, the various important NPCs, and anything else you might need in order to keep the RP going yourselves. You'd have to either recruit new people or move on to a 1x1, but at least this way you can keep the story going if you so want.

Option #2: We put ol' Yeller down. Sad as i is, sometime you just have to close your eyes and bite the bullet. It sucks to let effort and time just go, but hey, sometimes there isn't anything else to do.

So, I leave it up to you two. I'm okay with either option and will adhere to whichever you prefer. Even if just one of you want to continue the RP, that's perfectly fine, I'll help as much as you need me to get things rolling again. But for me, personally, I'm just not feeling this anymore. I'm really, truly sorry.
The Druid Girl watched, with sideways glances, as the big, red behemoth stripped down toh is... Whatever that cloth covering his ... Whatever lizards had down there... and then bounding for the stream. It may have been a trick of the light, but the caramel-skinned girl could have sworn she saw the big brute smile when he entered the water. Maybe it reminded him of home? Or maybe he was just happy to get the gunk of nastiness off? That being said, she took a look down at her own body. Her hands and forearms were covered in dried critter-blood, dirt and mud - and her stomach had blotches of the same. Her hip-wrap skirt had suffered some tains, as had the bandeau around her chest... How troublesome, it wasn't like she kept a set of spare clothes in her tiny travelling pouch.

The words of the sagely lizard rang in her head like an echo. Always good to be prepared, yeah... Maybe she should've considered that not everyone was willing to spend their hard-earned money on heated basins of water to wash off after a day's labor.. Though, to her, that was perhaps one of the few good things about living in a town. Still, her contemplation was broken as the archer spoke to her - the words bringing a somber smile to the druid's face.

"Killing is a natural part of life, we as well as animals kill to keep ourselves fed and safe, there's nothing wrong with that." She mused, looking out at the swimming reptile as he sloshed about contently. "Even stocking up on supplies and killing in order to prepare for hard times is something I understand and accept. But, I just don't see the value in ending the lives of other creatures who have done no wrong, just to make our own sitation slightly better for a short while." She paused, looking back at the fire and the nomad girl, smiling gently. "Those boars had lived for many seasons, grown and reared a family, yet we could've undone all that they'd accomplished in no more than a few moments... Well, our Lizzie-poo could've, anyway." She laughed once. "It just seems like an incredible waste, especially since we didn't need to do it. But, that's just me, and I'm still just a naive girl after all." She ended off her little open-air monologue.

That little bit of personal philosophy off her chest, it was time to get to what really mattered! Washing up. Yup, she had to get this yuck off her, less it cause her to catch a disease or infection, or both! She might know a healing spell, but that would do jack-diddily against plague, lepresy or some other nasty contagion, which she would much prefer to avoid if possible. So, stepping a bit away from the campfire, she took off her hooded vest-jacket, slid her skirt down her legs and, finally, carefully removed the bandeau while at the same time covering her herself to preserve whatever modesty she could. While she was wearing undergarments for her lower body - and thankfully they hadn't gotten stained - she was not wearing any for her rather plump upper bits... This fact, coupled with the knowledge that there was a male present, as well as the fact that she wasn't used to being near buck-nekkid infront of peiople wasn't overly familiar with, caused the girl's cheek to flush with a tinge of red and her eyes became nervous.

Taking a deep brea, she quickly moved down to the stream, dipping one sandaled foot into the darkening water... Cold, as expected. Afternoon, close to evening-swims were not exactly pleasant, but this was something that had to be done. Steeling herself, she waded into the flowing stream, biting her lip gently in order to squelch a cry of discomfort. Once submerged to her shoulders, she quickly began moving her arms to and hands to brush and scrape off the goo. This really needed to be a quick bath, a real quick one. SHe could already feel her body temp falling and getting goosebumps all over. How the lizard could look so comfortable while swimming around in this place was beyond her comprehension. Thick ... scales, maybe?
Lol, them images... xD
Is he a physical, magical, evasive or resistance tank? A mix? Generally, "tanky" characters have high Phys.Def and/or Mag.Def, average Phy or Mag.Atk, below-average Agility and varying degrees of Resist. It all depends on what type of "tank" you want him to be, really.

Also, as Tree said, stats aren't really that important, they just look pretty, really. Just look at the stats of the other, already-approvedd characters and consider what you think is fair and appropriate. :)
How dare you! Ashara grooms herself at the shrine, that hair is not hers! D<

And Ashara isn't passive-aggressive! She's just not tactful or considerate about what she says, she dun mean notin' by it! :<
Nibbles? More like, a breeing pedigree... xD

As for getting along... I mean, if you look at the characters in the Overlord series, many of them squabble quite a lot. In particlar, Sebas and Demiurge, Shalltear and Aura, Shalltear and Albedo, Albedo and pretty much any other female(s), most of the Pleiades are jealous of Narberal. That said, they might not outright hate or detest each other, but they certainly don't always get along. Ashara is polite and gracious, so she would never stoop to outright disliking or scorning someone - less they somehow upset her nigh-infinite patience - but that doesn't mean she 'gets along' with everyone. :P
After all, she is very honest... Very, very honest, and - as per her creator - has preferences and opinions of others.

"Ah, Director Graft, good morning~ *bow* My, you are looking as grotesque as always, I shall pray for your body's swift recovery."

"Oh, milady Chuunithulu, a good evening to you. Oh dear, the stench of tobacco is really thick around you this eve, a lady should take a bath every once in a while. *friendly smile*"

You get the idea. :3
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