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Regular weekends are too short. We needa get four day weekends instead.
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If you're a mother, or if you've got one you love; Happy Mother's Day
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It's not even the first month of summer yet and it's already too hot...
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First mosquito bite of the year... Gaaah!
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Micro-one-day-vacation? Yes!
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Southern District

Wayland Keep

Vanessa raised an invisible eyebrow at the rather underwhelming intricacy of the keep's wards. Were these things really meant to keep unwanted intruders out? They seemed almost too simple, which hinted at one of two primary options: The first being that their purpose was in fact just a deterrent, and they weren't actually meant to be anything more than a nuisance or very basic alarm-system for the Lot Knights. Alternatively, they were a trap. though in what regard, the dark mage couldn't say. She couldn't sense any hidden or concealed wards or magic cicrles elsewhere in the castle and there didn't seem to be any human mages on monitoring duties. Honestly, it all felt a bit too lax. Was this really a military facility? Then again, they probably weren't expecting someone to just come waltzing in, looking to cause trouble all while being unseen.

Still, Vanessa did make the call not to tamper too much with the Ortusian magic wards. She opted to simply take command of them and alter them to not pay any mind to herself or Iskah, while leaving them as they were otherwise. After all, her lizardman employer had competition, and if taht masked Salamander and her foreign tanuki-merchant cohort showed up here, well, let's just say it'd be good to have a heads-up. Not to mention having all the Lot Knights focus their attention on those two would be quite preferable. Not to mention, altering the wards of a kingdom's military without proper authorization may or may not be considered a rather outrageous act of law-breaking, and Vanessa wasn't exactly keen on ending up in a court under charges of sabotaging a country's military power.

Regardless, the two monsters continued on towards their destination with no real or important interference!

Inside the Keep

They were in, and Mission Impossible's theme music started playing.

the pair got closer and closer, eventually standing mere feet away from the gathered knights who were all seated at a table and discussing... Something... All while wearing their helmets. Indoors. Wait. Why would you wear a helmet inside, indoors when you're not under attack? Sure, you did it when you were on duty or whatever, but this was a mess hall wasn't it? Who the heck kept a face-concealing helm on their head while in a place meant for eating!? What was wrong with these men? So silly.

Still, before springing to action and pouncing upon Aun like a paack of starving jackals, Vanessa actually took a minute to simply observe and listen to their conversation. As well as scope out the surroundings and the room itself. After all, she didn't want to get flanked by soldiers hiding in the corridors or foyers or other nooks and crannies that might not be immediately obvious. The men were seemingly discussing some topic about sending Aun and some other knights to some location, without the aid of any spellcasters. It was rather hard to grasp if the one knight who voiced the matter was actually concerned about that fact, or relieved. His behavior was a bit... Mixed..

Still, Vanessa wasn't here to listen to the tactical plans or strategies or troop movements of the Lot Knights. She was here to nab a man, for another girl. And that was exactly what she intended to do. The little speckled beelte that had been leading Iskah this whole time suddenly took off from the ground, flying onto the table where the soldiers were gathered around.

And then it exploded into a blinding white flash that bathed the entire room in illumination so bright that you might as well think someone had lit an entire barrel of magnesium on fire. Fortunately for Iskah, it seemed that Vanessa had taken the time to control her little magic familiars from earlier, and as soon as the bug-turned-flashbang lit up, the little winged bug-bird-things dropped their concealment and positioned themselves infront of Iskah's eyes - well, her entire face to be exact - and momentarily shielded the lizardman from being as blinded as everyone else likely would end up.

Once the brief flash ended, the familiars zipped away up into the ceiling, to stay out of reach of the Lot Knights, whereas Vanessa had now also broken her invisibility, standing a small distance away from the gathered gentlemen, staff in one hand and a big smirk on her lips, looking straight at the Incubus Knight.

"Hello boys~ Don't mind me, I'm just here to grab someone real quick, so don't feel the need to stand up or anything." Her voice was charmingly playful and free of any malice or hostility. It more sounded like something a slightlky mischievous girlfriend would say when she barged into her boyfriend's 'boys only'-night... Or something along those lines.

What Iskah would notice though was that her invisibility had not yet been broken. Which likely meant that the dark mage intended to use herself as a distraction to get the attention of the gathered soldiers. Which left the lizardwoman to do whatever she felt was the best course of action for herself. Now, optimally, Vanessa's plan was to just subjugate or render Aun unconscious or stunned, grab him and then get the heck outta Dodge, but she somewhat doubted things would go that smoothly. Instead, she opted to prepare herself for a fight, and if any of the other knights, or indeed Aun himself, were to make any moves or take any action against her, she'd be sure to return the favor in kind with a nice little binding spell. The good thing about being indoors? There wasn't really room to do a lot of fancy jumping and moving about like when running down a wide open street. Plus, walls and ceilings could serve just as well to create obstacles or hindrances from.

And if any of these fine specimens managed to get too close... Well, she could always use a 'Blink'-spell to short-range teleport somewhere else in the room.

The stage was set and the game was about to begin! The dark mage, still looking straight at Aun, gave him a wink.

"You're coming with me~"
Southern District

Wayland Keep

"I found your hubby. Seems he's having a bit of breakfast with some other strapping gents." Vanessa relayed the sighting of Aun to her employer in her usually playful tone. "Still, there're a lot more defenses here then I'd originally anticipated. No mattter, we'll just deal with them as they get in our way. C'mon, follow the leopard bug~"

As Vanessa said the final line, Iskah would notice that a small, beetle-shaped insect suddenly appeared some feet infront of her. It looked just like a regular-ass beetle, except that it had some dark specks or spots on it. An unassu8ming bug otherwise, which weren't likely to draw attention. However, whenever Vanessa moved, the little critter started to crawl, or used its wings to take off and fly-hop a short distance, following in its summoner's footsteps. Likely, this was a means to keep Iskah appraised of roughly where the dark mage was, and where to go, as the lizardman would otherwise not have been able to, y'know, actually see where her coimpanion was or were going.

The bug was also clever enough it seemed, as it avoided landing infront of any of the patrolling knights, and tried to crawl or move in places where they weren't actively looking. Not that most people would even care if a random insect was buzzing about, but you never knew. Perhaps someone at the keep had a fear of bugs? OR thought it might be a khepri in disguise?

Still, Vanessa pressed on, staying surprisingly quiet. Her goal was to get to the building where Aun was having his little chat with the other men. As for any wards or other magical obstacles that got in their way on the road there...

The dark mage would attempt to weave her own magic into any obstructing ward and either briefly disable it, or overwrite it - thus effectively allowing her to set the parameters and conditions for it... Which, obviously, would just be changed to not react to either her own energy and presece, or Iskah's. Failing that the ward couldn't be disabled or converted, she'd go with the brute force option of simply dispelling it. Naturally, Vannesa being a dark age of some decades, was pretty well-versed in magic, so unless these wards had been set up by some old-as-as-earth archmage or prepared by some famous hero, chances were good that she could manage them.

As a back-up though, she'd tell Iskah that if anything were to happen, such as causing one of the wards to go off and alerting the entire castle to their presence, the lizardman should just stay quiet and keep following the leopard beetle, as it would lead her to her knight in not-so-shinining armor.

Hopefully though, all would go well and the dark mage could accompany her ally all the way to their destination.

Then they just had to blow open some doors, catch a man and then be off into the sunset!
May I ask what turned you off? :)

Mostly the plot in and of itself. I'm not really into, nor looking for, a fairy tale-like adventure at this time. If you want all the specifics, feel free to send me a PM. ^^

Otherwise, again, good luck with this to you and everyone else~
[@Circ Rawr]
Thank you for the answers~

And with that, I shall politely take my leave and let others take my place.

Good luck with this though. :)
A lot of personality to this one, especially the world-building. I might be interested.

Given that you've tagged this as "Large Group", how many players are you looking for?

Given the nature of Fable Magic, can it be used to forcefully cause other Player Characters to feel, act or be otherwise influenced?

What kind of art-style when it comes to face claims or NPCs are you going to use and/or prefer?

What will the focus of the story actually be. You've mentioned that we're going to this Festival of Breaking, but you didn't really answer what the main theme would be. Is it an action adventure? A slice of life? A sandbox-do-whatever-you-want-and-explore-this-world? A political/social drama? Psychological and/or Horror themes? I'd like to know what I'm signing up for before I invest time in making or thinking up a character.

Other then that, this looks really neat and well put-together. :)
Thanks for the answers~
Hmm, but I think I'll pass on this one. Kalso is one of the regions I've got the least familiarity with, and it's been years since I watched the X, Y and Z anime (although Serena is still best girl, fight me!). I do wish you luck though and hope the RP goes well. :)
I might be interested.
Though I - personally - feel that people going on a "Pokémon Adventure" when they're 18-19 or older is a bit... Out-of-character for the pokémon-verse. Of course, I understand that most people don't really have a desire to play as 10-12 year olds (myself included), but from what we see in the anime at least, most people who're past their mid-teens either have jobs or careers, and the only "adults" that go on journeys are either the region champions, the elite four or random-ass characters-of-the-week who we never see again.

That said, what exactly is the focus of this RP? Are we just trying to be group of friends who're trying to re-live the excitement of their first journey (apart from André who never wnet on one)? Are we going to be doing the gyms/contests? Are we aiming for the pokémon league? Is it just gonna be a "wander around and get into random mischief"-type of deal? I really prefer to know what the story's plot is before I sign on for something, y'know? ^^
Linirea: The Lunar Capital

Southern District

"Well, I could certanly give them a big welcome if I blew the gates off their hinges, but that seems counter-productive when we've come all this way to grab someone BEFORE we make a stink." Vanessa laughed, amused at Iskah's question about how they were intending to proceed now that they stood face to face with the Castle of the Lot Knights.

The first thing Vanessa did was close her eyes however, reach one arm out infront of her, causing a small, semi-transparent circle of blue light to appear and slowly rotate counter-clockwise.

"Detect: Magic. Eye of Oros, grant me sight." A slightly more verbal and lengthy incantation than Vanessa's usual one or two-word spells, which may indicate just how much more advanced it probably was when compared to the ones she'd shown Iskah and Aun prior.

However, instead of a being flash or massive surge of spectacular lights and natural phenomenon... The circle simply... Disappeared? Vanished, like a popped soap bubble. Of course, the spell hand't failed - it was just that, unless you were a trained mage or one of the very magically inclined species of the world, you were very unlikely to even notice what the spell's effect was.

When the small circle 'popped', it released a dome-shaped wave, that spread out in all directions, washing over both the castle keep and the city and areas to the side and behind of both Iskah and Vanessa. Like a scan-line at a cash register, or soemthing similar. In any sources of magic, items that contained magical energy, individuals with particularly potent mana or magic constructs/wards/devices were now being 'scanned' by the dark mage. In her mind's eye, thaey would appear, both in their shape, their location, their facing and their purpose or properties. Of course, the spell didn't give her a full, three-dimensional map or anything like that, but any sources of sorcerous qualities would now be known to her. And knowing where and what she was dealing with before going in, well, that was half the hard part right there!

Those who were magically sensitive would be able to sense that ... Something.... had just passed them by. Sort of like when you can feel that someone is looking at you from afar, or you get that feeling that someone or soemthing's staring at you from somewhere. However, without knowledge and training in spellcraft, and more specifically in counter-magic, that was all you would be able to sense, and it would've only lasted for the briefest moment. If you were trained in magic though, you could probably do some kind of counter-divination to locate the source and origin of the spell. But again, what were the chances that a bunch of human knights had that kind of caster on their payroll?


Vanessa opened her eyes again and looked to Iskah.

"Next, we just call on my little helpers again." The same spell she'd used in the town before, the dark mage unleashed her myriad little ... Bug... bird... familiar... things! However, instead of letting them zip off as she'd done before, she made sure to gather them all around herself... And then;

"Mass Invisibility."

And then, Vanessa was gone.

And so were her little minions.

Come to think of it, Iskah wasn't there either.

They'd gone invisible! Completely invisible! Which... Come to think of it, might not be too pleasant for the unprepared lizardman, seeing as, she couldn't see herself anymore either. Like, if she tried to look at her arms or hands or feet, they weren't there anymore. It was like she'd become a disembodied pair of eyes, floating aboe the ground. It could be ... Unnerving... to first-time victims.

Vanessa seemed fine though, cool as a cucumber and not saying a peep. Other then making some kind of motion - which made the air swoosh a bit - and then, the sound of the little magic drones taking flight and disappearing off into... nothing... Even though they were already unseen... So... Theyu became more... unseen... Uh...

"There we go. Now we just wait for them to find Aun and for me to suss out where to go, what and who to avoid, and then we'll be in and out before the day's over."

Vanessa disemboided voice spoke up out of nowhere. Hopefully, iskah wouldn't do somehting silly, like throw a panicked fit and run off somewher or in some direction... It'd be a major headache to try and find her again... At least until the spell wore off.
@Xaltwind I think that particular picture is suppose to be for a beach scene. I assure you, she does wear pants, as I'm sure your character doesn't trot around in their undies all the time.

No, no... Haha... Of course, of course she doesn't... *cough*
I just noticed when clicking the enlarged picture... Why does Isra not wear pants...? XD
I'm not complaining, not at all, just curious.

After going over my CS and comparing it to everyone else's though, I've come to the conclusion to do a full revision of it, and probably start over from scratch. All of you guys sheets make me smile and excited about seeing your characters and how they'll interact. Then I read my own CS and it's just: Blaaaaaaaeeeeehhhhhhh, uninteresting mary suuuuue...

So, yeah, Morp.
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