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NGL I haven’t roleplayed in years but I still log in every so often to see if any friends from the old days hit me up. It’s nice to see that every once in a while
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I'd dropkick my 14 yr old self
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People who get excited to talk about music are my favorite kinds of people
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Positive vibes time! I hope you get that job you're applying for! I hope you pass that test coming up! I hope ya'll achieve what ya'll set out to today!
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It's nice being thought of. If you're ever thinking of someone, tell them. People appreciate that shit.


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Once again, this is Free Mode, so post to your heart's desire. If you would like to interact with any of the NPCs mentioned, whether at the pavilion or in private, you can either start the interaction or we can collab via PM or discord. You also have creative freedom on what you see/do at the festival if what I listed wasn't quite to your tastes. Use this opportunity to interact with one another as well, if you so please. If you have any questions, let me know.

Side Note: Every Shinigami has killed at least one hollow in order to graduate, so that's always something to play around with as well.

An ancient power once existed in this universe. A small, bluish-purple orb that birthed destiny and fate itself. This power, the cause of many ancient wars. Crumbling, and shattering into a thousand pieces after one use, it has since been long forgotten in this world…


Somewhere in Hueco Mundo…

Nine figures of various races sat in white chairs across a large, black, round table. Some appeared bored, others waiting expectedly, while some just looked annoyed.

#10, green haired male: “Does anyone know what the fuck we were called here for? I mean, seriously, it feels like we’ve been here AAAAAAALLLLL FUUUUUUCKIN DAAAAAAAY!”

#3, white haired male, crossed arms, eyes closed: “I would suggest speaking with more respect.” He opened his eyes. “Don’t forget he’s the reason you live, so the least you can offer is your time.”

#8, red-haired female, giggles with her fingers to her lips: “And it probably doesn’t help that you’ve been complaining since you got here… the last of us to get here.”

#5, black-haired male: “Plus it’s only been thirty minutes… it’s not like you’ve got anything to do anyway.”

#10 slams his hands on the table: “Oh, look who wants to speak up! The literal fuckin’ baby!” #5 raises his left hand to show the number five tattooed in black ink. He then lowers all his fingers except his middle, which got chuckles out of even the most stoic of members.

“Ah, you got fuckin’ lucky!” A green disc of spiritual energy emerged from #10’s left palm as he stood. “I can take any of you, any day of the week!” #5 was more than happy to oblige. He stood up as well, and in his right hand emerged five floating orbs that look to be made of ash and soot.

“Alright my children, that’s enough out of you!” A voice emerged. A purple mass of spatial energy sprawled across the ceiling as two figures stepped out and stood upside down in the air. “Save your energy for our inevitable fight with the Gotei 13.”

The two figures took to the floor and sat in their respective chairs. #2 sat in between #1 and #3 while the other man sat at the head of the table, looking over everyone. “With those Shinigami being slaughtered,” he shoots a glance at #10, “It’s only a matter of time before they catch on. Nevertheless we still have the advantage.” He smiles a warm smile, placing half an orb covered in blood on the table. It glowed as an immense power emanated from it.

“Time to enact Step Two…”


Hikari Shinrai

An arm, severed from a body, flew into the air as Hikari dashed forward and withdrew his blade from its sheath. ‘Did I miss?’ Hikari used the same momentum to spin around. To his surprise, his enemy, with one arm, was right upon him. His remaining arm, striking in a punch with the power to rip through space and time itself. Blood splattered across his face as a figure, clad in absolute metal, jumped in front of him to shield him from the blow.

The blood would fall down his face, into his eyes, before dissolving into the face of a pink-haired woman. The same woman that would kill him if he ever dared called her hair pink, instead of Reddish-Blonde. Her bright blue eyes glared angrily at him, asking why he was staring at her instead of responding. Was that the moment he realized he loved his lieutenant? In a dainty restaurant he and Kenta grew up stealing food from in the 80th district. It was funny, being known as a romantic by everyone except the woman he fell for. She made him nervous, so nervous he bluntly professed his love and sat in shock. Her cheeks turned red as she gave him a warm smile, putting dango up to his lips and feeding him. She would bluntly tell him that he was cute but needed to work harder to earn her love.

Hikari opened his eyes, blinking a few times and shielding his eyes from the sun. “Huh?” He cleared his throat. “That’s weird…” He wiped a single, wet, substance from the left side of his cheek. “It must have been raining while I was sleeping…” Hikari raised his bottle to his lips and to his surprise, not a drop was left. He yelled angrily as he tossed the bottle off the tree he was laying in.

“Great, now I gotta meet these new brats sober…” Hikari sighed and stood up, dusting himself off before preparing to attend the ceremony.


Welcome To The Gotei 13!

In the capital of the Soul Society, a vibrant and energetic festival took place in the Seireitei to celebrate the new graduates. It was dusk, and the peak of cherry blossom season as they flew across the city. Lanterns of various designs adorned the sky, accompanied by the occasional fireworks of Kido. Shinigami performed traditional dances under the moonlight as taiko drums and flute music played. There was an area where Shinigami could display their unique Kido and Zanpakuto spells, anyone could hop on stage to try and impress the crowd. Different cultures across the world, as well as within the Soul Society, were represented in a masked parade that marched across the city. Many stories were told within this marching parade, including the regaining of the Seireitei by the Captain-Commander. Food stalls offered a variety of traditional soul-based foods, meals infused with Spiritual Energy that boosts flavors ten-fold, all for free.

A pink-haired woman, by the name of Sio, served tea to guests surrounding a pavilion. She gave a forced half-smile with every pour, just to roll her eyes once they turned their backs. “Every graduate is here to listen to this speech, and the Captain-Commander is…” She raised an eyebrow.

“Enjoying his own festivities?” The Squad-Ten Captain, Takehiro, responded as they laughed.

The new graduates were told to arrange here in order to meet the Captain-Commander, as well as representatives from different Squads. They stood within the pavilion, adorned in special cloaks that had their Division and Rank engraved. Takehiro represented Squad-Ten as Captain, although everyone knew him by now. Sio represented Squad-Four as 4th seat. Representing Squad-Eleven as its Captain, standing at six-seven, stood the Kenpachi Goten. His dark black hair fell over his purple eyes as a purple mask encapsulated his jaw. Representing Squad-Two as 3rd seat stood Aya, a woman at average height with blue hair and hazel-brown eyes. Her garb was significantly different from the rest. Seki represented Squad-Three as its Lieutenant. Her long, brown, hair swayed in the wind as her eyes pulsated yellow with a continuous glow around her. Her spiritual energy was continuously pouring out, yet had a calming effect to it. Finally, there stood the off-putting Captain of Squad-Six. An extremely pale man by the name of Umeki. He had short black hair and various piercings across his face. He wore an intense, bizarre, look as he scanned over the crowd with the occasional “Kekeke~”

When things were beginning to feel too-awkward to stand around, a voice bellowed from the sky. “WELL HELLO EVERYONE!” Hikari landed suddenly, and then made his way onto the pavilion. “I’m sorry to keep you all waiting, but when duty calls it can’t go unignore-” Takehiro cleared his throat as Hikari matched his eyes, trailing down to the bottle still in his hand.

Hikari chuckled. “Oops, well, you guys can’t have all the fun!” He shrugged. “Well let me get straight to it since I’ve kept you all waiting. I know you’re itching to get back to the festivities.” He scanned the crowd, locking eyes with each and every graduate. “I know some of you are itching to get out in the field as well, but I implore you to enjoy this night and take it all in for what it’s worth. You have dedicated yourself to becoming Shinigami, dedicated yourself to long days and long nights. This may very well be your last calm day.”

“To be a Shinigami is not to be a Hero. Our one and only goal is to maintain balance, by any means necessary. I know you have heard stories of what I’ve done to maintain this balance, to bring peace… but that’s what I’ve done. That’s the past and we’re living in the now. From this moment on I want you to make a promise to get stronger, and find your own way to maintain balance and peace. The future is in your hands, New Generation, and now you have your own story to tell.”

“I realize that probably wasn’t worth the wait to hear me say so little, but formalities and blah blah blah-” Hikari put the bottle to his lips and downed the entire thing in one go, letting out a ferocious burp. “Oh yeah, use this as an opportunity to get to know these wonderful people up here. You probably won’t have another opportunity later.” Hikari began walking off without a care in the world, waving goodbye. “I’ll be around, so catch me if you need me…” Takehiro sighed as Sio facepalmed, and to think the speech was actually getting good.

The various Squad Members would wait around and interact with all those who approached, while the festivities continued on throughout the night.
@Xaltwind do your dirty work yourself and throw a bomb in there



Ox-Boy Tahada Pt.2: Ox Harder!

Hikari accepted the recovery mage’s magic with a warm smile. He looked down at his hands, and just as he thought, permanent marks to remind him of this day. However, they weren’t nearly as bad as the other scars and burns that riddled his body. He watched the other contestants while he awaited the next match. There was a lot of great magic here, but Hikari couldn’t help but think that if he was gifted with their destructive powers that he would make much better use of them. The next test would begin and Hikari listened thoroughly, although when the official was finished speaking, he didn’t hesitate to ask just how violent can they get? In which the official stated, with more emphasis, no lethal force. Hikari shrugged and ignored the rest of his words.

Hikari prepared himself on his broom, and once the test began, he remained still. He would watch and calculate everything. How fast the limited amount of balls moved, who moved gracefully and who was clumsy. He would trace his eyes over every magical ability he spotted, plotting, and planning. This wasn’t going to be easy and wasn’t meant to be easy. Confidence never wavered, as flying on a broom was the first piece of magic he practiced.

Triss, the woman who took him to get his Grimoire, was known to fly even when inside a building. That’s how they got to the ceremony in the first place. He would close his eyes and remember her words of passion dedicated to flying, feeling the wind blow her hair, how it made her feel alive. He would trace over her mannerisms when flying, his mind flashing back to that night. The same night that left him without a family. He would spend an entire day traveling back to his town and lived with an old friend of the gang in exchange for doing all the house chores. In his free time, he would take the same broom he’d do chores with, and practice flying. No matter how much he trained and practiced, he was only efficient at pushing forward at a high rate and making one turn before he’d keep trying and inevitably speed into a tree.

He laughed. Who knew this would come back to bite him in the ass? But this time, he had a plan. His eyes shot open, and, in an instant, he shot forward at a high speed, colliding heads with another boy as a resounding THUD! Echoed throughout the air. The boy began falling as Hikari quickly reached downward, snatching for the sphere but narrowly missing it. Fuck!’ He watched it fly past him. He locked eyes with another boy. They had the same idea. They both shot forward at a high speed, shoulder to shoulder, arms stretched out towards the sphere. Out of anyone here, this person matched his wingspan best. However, as his only skill was going in one direction and turning, it gave him the slight edge as he took a gamble. He lowered his left hand onto his broom, and stretched his right arm out as he pivoted to the right. He matched the curve the sphere took, as he calculated earlier that this one took a sharp right or left at random after a certain amount of time going straight. He caught the sphere in his right hand, and clotheslined the boy off his broom, although not intentional it still made Hikari laugh and point at the boy. “Dummy!” He laughed more before he flew off.

He ignored the barrage of magic around him. Arrows, slime, poison, lightning. Hikari would have liked to analyze it all further, but sadly there was no time for that. He wanted another one, and he would take advantage of the ensuing chaos. As he shot forward, for almost no rhyme or reason, he would do little things like bump into someone already fighting or swat someone's hand just as they were about to grab a sphere. He would laugh every time, as he made his way to his actual target. It was a spatial mage; a skinny kid by himself using portals to send the spheres to him as he attempted to catch them, though they kept managing to slip out of his hands. Hikari would wait in anticipation, up until the perfect moment where he would shoot forward and intercept the sphere flying out of the portal. The boy gasped as Hikari turned to him, his fists balled as they gripped the spheres. “You got a problem with that kid?”

“He might not, but I do!” A yell would alert Hikari alongside two burning sensations smacking against his ribs, causing him to wobble but regain his balance on the broom. It was the same lanky, long, kid he clotheslined earlier. How did he manage to get back up? ‘Guess not everyone is a pushover.’ Hikari let out a laugh before shooting forward. The kid shot after him, hot on his trail.

The spatial mage let out a sigh of relief, wiping his forehead. ”Whew, close one!”

Hikari felt the heat of multiple fire blasts whizzing past him, the occasional blast striking his torso or leg. Despite his general inability to change directions on a whim, he would try to move side by side to at least minimize the impact. The blasts themselves didn’t pack much of a punch, possibly due to him around having a resistance to heat, but they were rapid. Rapid enough to know this guy had plenty of mana and he couldn’t keep getting hit. So, he had to end this chase soon. ‘I didn’t want to show too many abilities but hey, I got myself into this mess.’

Hikari would take a few more shots as he closed back in on where several fights were taking place. He would take perfect advantage of the chaos, and the barrage of heat attacks flying at him. As he chuckled and kept moving forward, steam began pouring out his nostrils leaving a trail behind him that expanded into a large smoke screen of steam around the battlefield. Then, the steam would begin heating as the barrage of fire blasts flew through it. Screams of pain could be heard through steam; although maybe more exaggerated by how sudden the pain was, than the actual pain itself. Hikari could manage the heat, at least longer than most. His plan was to hide here until the match was over, as no one would be able to see him but he could see anyone who dared approach. After all, he was being a nuisance and had two spheres in his possession, so he knew it was possible someone else might try to find him.

@Theyra That's fine, don't feel rushed. The beginning will be for introductions, mainly, so nothing important will be missed. Just informing you guys instead of just starting
@RoseKnightJason It's fine to do it that way, it's essentially the same thing.

IC will begin in a day or two, everyone. So, I'm doing a headcount for people that previously expressed interest to let them know we're advancing forward: @Theyra@DarkHasayoVA@Product@Vertigo@mattmanganon (Vert, I know you're still here with us )
@BurnDaWitch Welcome!
I’ll keep my eye on this.
@Xaltwind still here no more WIFI problems so I should be back active. I got a post done I’ll throw up once I’m off work.
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