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Current It's a secret to everybody.
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I, too, am probably a dick.
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Something prophetic for another day. Keeping in mind in mind yesterday's tomorrow is imperative. Jump left by five}, right by three[.
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For the sake of our wishing we wished for a world without dreams.
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Kill Article 13


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<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: *Hisses my next words out as I focus.* Thanks for the info. *I eventually get the blood to stop flowing out of the wound as I work on closing it.*

<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: Owwwwwwwww... *Clutches my arm with my unstabbed hand and forces EE into the wound as well as the area around it.*

Also it's something to learn to force the blood to continue flowing as if there was no wound, by making a pseudo-vein for it.
<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: *Looks far from enthused, but does so begrudgingly.*

*Pulls out a knife and stabs through it, leaving a two inch long, .1 inch wide hole in it* EE is naturally attracted to wounds, so use it to heal up. Since it's intertwined with organic matter, you should be able to stimulate and force cells to divide and recover the damage.
<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: ... I'm definitely gonna be saying ouch and owwww.

That's fine, hold out your hand.
<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: *Sighs.* What will we be doing then?

I'm going to stab you, then you're going to use your EE to heal it.
<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: *Looks quite unenthused.* You're kidding me.

<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: *Tries again, gathering a little more this time, but disperses it before I lose concentration. Continues to do this as a cycle, over and over again for the next couple of hours, my progress starting out as only a little bit more each time. But as it goes on my progress seems to settle into an exponential rhythm, and by the end I've managed to gather and disperse the energy quite well, making an aura each time.*

Alright, the next step is going to hurt quite a bit.
<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: *Gives it a shot, but at most I can only get it to cover my fist before losing concentration.*

Keep trying, but expel it all every so often.
<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: *Loosens my restraint and the energy bursts around me like a torrent for a while before shrinking in size until there's nothing left to push outwards.*

Now try to build it again using the ambient energy in the air. It's a lot harder, but that'll give you a taste of the difference between your own EE and the EE naturally in the air. An interesting trait of it is that once it leaves a person's body, it changes into a more neutral state. You can't control another person's energy, but once it leaves them it's fair game for anyone with EE control.
<Snipped quote by The World>

I appreciate it. I'll remember this.

Cupid: Well that's not ominous. See ya some other day~

<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: *Does so this time, forcing the energy to surge around me without letting it disperse into the air.*

Good. Now let it all disseminate into the air. If you're a fire, burn out all the heat you can until you die out.
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