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Current Man screw cancelling "cancel culture" let's just cancel culture period.
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"My complaints are my complaints because I'm an obstinate douche-bag." - Markiplier
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My specialty is coming up with tactics that only aren't war crimes because nobody is evil enough to have thought of them.
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Some year, this'll be the day I die. Happy Kagerou Day everyone!
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I hate to be "that guy," but I'm in a crowd and you don't know my name.
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<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: Are they generally techniques we can learn on our own?
*Suzy can make an aura around her hand, but not of much finesse or detail. Samantha on the other hand looks to almost be wearing gloves for those who can sense it.*

*The ki becomes visibly bright as it gets stronger*
Yes, they're fairly basic, but some experimentation would lead to you learning many of them.

A few seconds passed in silence as Shion decided what to do. Finally, she spoke aloud so that everyone could hear her. "Mama bird? Please, you're not even an aunt ant." Shion couldn't help herself, she began laughing at her own joke. Her laughter became louder as time passed, reaching a hysterical level quickly. As it died down, she wiped an imaginary tear from her eye and put an arm around Elecmon, about to speak before Zuba spoke up.

"Ay, I've gotta piss like a Lighdramon on a flat rock, where's the bathroom?"

"Equally important question: Did you know that you're not as strong as Vi-Elecmon are? What do you even do here?"

Shion paused. "Good question, what do you do here?"

<Snipped quote by The World>

Samantha: Sounds easy.
Suzy: I have to meditate mooooorrre? Bugger...
*Regardless of enthusiasm or the lack thereof, both of them set to work on getting a feel for ki. Samantha seems to be the first to bring it to the surface, with Suzy only being a few hours behind after some fidgeting.*

That's the gist of it, really. Try to envelope your hands in it next. But really from this point all there is to learn are techniques, you've got the process down.
<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: Neat.
Samantha: So what's the first step to learning Ki?

You've already learned it. The meditative state you learned to begin with. Enter it and feel for your life energy. That's the basis of Ki, which you then need to learn to manipulate. It'll take some time, but Ki comes pretty naturally to those who can use it.
<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: Makes sense.
Samantha: Does each imaginary energy draw from its own reserve or are there cases where two types of imaginary energy feed off of a similar source or one another?

They all draw from their own sources, but similar ones exist. And emotional state often affects them, so someone with EE has an advantage over other people when it comes to controlling them.
<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: Coolio. Meet you there.
*Heads back to Where Samantha is.*

*Follows* Now, there are some things to know about Ki. Ki has a secret weapon against the other kinds of Imaginary Energy, namely that it can be used to control plasma. To compare it to the other three energies you three have, it's very effective against EE because it can't interact with plasma, a non-organic matter, like it can with Ki itself. So a clash of Ki-infused plasma with stop an equal blast of EE but the plasma will continue on beyond the contact point. Similarly, Spiritual energy cannot interact with Ki, though it can interact with plasma, so an equal blast between them will leave the Ki going to the target. Spirit Energy on the other hand can interact with both Ki and plasma, so it's the best suited to fight it. However, since all three of you can use Ki, the best response to a Ki-based attack is another Ki-based attack.
<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: I guess we head back to my sis and start training since this is done, right. *Puts my hands behind my head in a relaxed demeanor.*

<Snipped quote by souleaterfan320>

*Shakes my head.* I need to try new things anyways, so lets get the crab dip.
*A waiter comes up to our table.*
Waiter - Hi, I'll be the one serving you today. Is there anything you need and/or have you decided on your order?

<Snipped quote by The World>

Suzy: I am, but it's just a little disappointing.

By the time the Elecmon glared at them, Zuba and Ludo had already eaten all but two pieces. They looked at each other and shrugged. Shion winced, then took on a wicked glint in her eye. "I'll gut you alive IRL... That sounds like, like-"

"Oh no."

"Like something only a villain would say! What kind of person would gut someone for not showing up at her stupid concert!?" Shion was yelling at this point and flailing wildly to accent her words. "Where is she, rodent?" Shion asked the Elecmon.

Zuba stifled a laugh. "Sorry bro, but we haven't heard of this 'Muse' thing. Must not be sharp enough to matter."

Shion took the news in stride. Of course, if there were a hollow as strong and intelligent as a Vasto Lorde in the Soul Society, it would make sense for it to be able to hide. She looked around, and unfortunately it seemed that her own Captain was still too busy with her mission to have arrived, even late. That meant that the duty of organizing the Stealth Force would fall to her.

"If it's alright, I'll remain alone for now and lead the Stealth Force in a search for this infiltrator. Once Captain Kawagana returns, I'll pair with her to search more intensely."
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