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Current Honestly, a Trauma Center x Toyko Ghoul (with or without Code Lyoko in it) sounds like a phenomenal concept.
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"The devil went down to Georgia" means that the U.S. is geographically located *beneath hell*.
9 mos ago
But are you filled with *D E T E R M I N A T I O N?
1 yr ago
@Yam I Am The Virgin Mary was around 10-14 when she had Yeshua, therefor the bible is a loli doujinshi as well.
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"And how smart you are only determined which way you fall."


"Time whether wasted or well spent is still time." - Rise Against (Zero Visibility)

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I'd need a bit more info on the powerset stuff, but I'm interested if you get this off the ground.
Congrats all! Have fun!
Gotta ask, which Persona game is the one that is an absolute must to play besides 5.

Both 2s.
Honestly I'm happy and surprised that someone voted for Scarlet lol.
May Galaxy

"Clockmon." The usage implied that it was a name, and it fit the theme of the names of the other creatures. Ending with "mon" seemed to be the norm. The back-and-forth of the siblings revealed more than they probably wanted. "Necrowisemon." It was a little jumbled, but it sounded like this being was the reason for their distress. And perhaps more? "Torturing my brother" and "he's not so bad" conflicted, and painted a picture of something May didn't like. And the last thing she heard, "he's a psychopath." She wanted to follow them, to make sure they would be okay, but the fact of the matter was that the two sibling seemed at odds about this person. It probably wouldn't go very well if they gave these devices to someone labelled a psychopath, but maybe they knew something the humans didn't. Well, other than apparently everything. At the end of their talking over each other, Marineangemon ran away, quickly followed by his sister. May turned to the humans to see their reactions.

“Might as well follow them. For Digital Monsters, they seem pretty harmless and helpful.”

Then the redhead's apparent partner took off after them, the human in tow. Great. The decision was made, then. She couldn't let someone run off in an unknown world by themselves. She'd just have to hope that they were headed towards this "Clockmon" that was mentioned. She turned her head back to the other humans. "You don't have to follow, but if you don't, stay here." she told them before running after the redhead and his worm. With any luck they'd either catch up to the siblings or lose them completely before meeting whoever they were going to. She made sure to pay close attention to her surroundings in case she had to find her way back for the others when they were done.
Over 100 posts in... *checks watch* about ten hours. Not bad at all.
Might as well throw this up then.
Lemme know if anything isn't good enough or wrong or something.
(I know we didn't have to get specific with the skills of the Persona but I did anyway)

I'm assuming that the female uniform comes with a skirt due to the mention of cropped ones, or is that an addition that some make?
Practically double-posting but I whipped this together quick after seeing the trend. Took a rare Arcana and a pretty powerful Persona, but anyways...

Persona: Echidna
Personality: Born of the "Faith" Arcana, Echidna represents belief in oneself and others. Being the child of the gods of the sea and the mother of all monsters, Echidna is one who puts her faith in her children, her creations. Nonetheless, she is the mother of monsters, and can represent that role quite well.

Ultimate Form: Tiamat, the personification of salt water and primordial chaos. Another mother of monsterkind, Tiamat can be considered one that does not deserve trust as the inverse of the "Faith" Arcana might represent.
Might as well go big or go home and try out for Tiamat...
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