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Current "My dreams are big, they're just not moving."
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Gods fucking damnit can everyone chill the fuck out? Can I get a concise statement on what actually happened?
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"The only refuge from this shit is alcohol and porn. At least in alcohol and porn shit makes sense." - My best friend 4/24/2020
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It's really too bad that beyblade can't lend itself well to RPing because it would be pretty cool to see the gimmicks people came up with for it.
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Violet turned around and grabbed a few ingredients. "One 'Diabetes Praline,' coming up!" She took 1 part honey to 2 parts cherry vodka and mixed it half and half with 1 part lemonade to 2 parts blueberry syrup, throwing it spinning into the air a few times to mix it before flash-freezing it and shaking it profusely to break it up into a slush. Finally she poured it into a glass and slid it to Misty.

"New recipe I thought up, you're the first to try it." she said with a grin. Her voice dropped to a whisper and she leaned in to her friend. "You've got to be more careful. Especially with the gov. trying to pull this new testing shit. If they pulled their heads out of their asses long enough to think about people's powers more than two seconds, people like us are screwed. Congrats on getting into the rumor mill though, finally."

Violet turned away for a moment to serve another patron a drink before returning. "So, got any fun plans?"

Violet awoke to the sounds of of twenty-year old music, the last time music had been good in her opinion, blaring from her alarm clock at exactly 3:13 p.m. Unfortunately for her, it was one of those new "robot" alarm clocks that runs around the room like a headless chicken, so she was forced to actually get up and catch it to turn the damned thing off. Fortunately, on the other hand, by the time she caught it she was wide awake and less angry at the machine, meaning it got to live another day. This left her with just enough time to eat a frozen pizza, uncooked, and get dressed in her usual outfit of a black shirt, jeans, and a red coat before she had to leave. On the way out she grabbed her weapons, a pistol placed in a holster, tacked on as part of her coat, which sat just above her butt, a katana that was attached by wire upside-down to her hip, and several small canisters both full of liquid and empty that she placed inside her coat.

She jumped onto her so-called "vehicle" a contraption that was made by sticking together four skateboards, a motor, and a garden chair with a lot of hope and the dreams of small children, and began rowing her way to work. She passed several students on the sidewalks heading in the opposite direction, on their way home from the Education District, many of whom she knew on a first-name basis. But now was not the time, now was the time for getting her workout and getting to her workplace, so she switched sides and continued rowing with simply a wave to those she knew. She managed to make it to the bar with 30 seconds to spare which was plenty of time to park in the grass behind it, run inside, and take over for the current bartender.

It was about an hour later that she sighed and mentally cursed out her friend. First the government wanted to do more testing, and then on top of that she had to worry about that lovable idiot? The death in the news didn't phase her, but she was upset at pretty much everything else she'd heard so far on the job. She'd have to chew her out later.
A Flower in Bloom (Part 4)

Shion said nothing as she grabbed the next book in line, the one that apparently belonged to Venusmon, and started back towards the portal. She only made it a few feet before she stopped and turned around. "Wait a second. Are you guys even able to go through the portal we came from? Or should we try to leave through the entrance to the library?"

"If we are unable to leave through the portal, so be it. It-" Renamon replied before being cut off.

"No. Think about it, we're not able to get weapons, if we were attacked for these books then we wouldn't be able to defend ourselves. You made it sound like you can get stronger, strong enough to protect us and these books if we stay together. So we're staying together." Shion turned towards the others. "So unless one of you is willing to test the portal first, we should leave through the library's exit."
<Snipped quote by System>

Ooookay then. I'll expect it.

<Snipped quote by Disdain>

Given the purpose of this gathering, it may or may not be premature to assume I've won, but I'll save you the discussion until after the proceedings have concluded.

<Snipped quote by Disdain>

Recently, the combination of the NAN Sector and the rest of Existence has finalized. This was the reason for Yander's plan to recreate the original Trigger and restore it to the Original Generator, something you all have likely forgotten. Unfortunately, being at it when it happened resulted in the loss of two of us, Yander and Mikial. Regardless of this, the split that occurred in the first place has resulted in two versions of history. The combination of the two has resulted in the history I'm from becoming the true history, in layman's terms. There's more to this, of course, but that's the basis you need to understand.

In this history, the was a species-wide war between Codi. We all were dragged into it, though you Codex as always remained elsewhere. Eventually, however, we all gained Codex powers. This made the war very... different. There were two main factions in the end, and the leaders of the two are now setting their sights on the rest of Existence. When Baphumet killed two of us, I and another became Codex. That brings us to now.

*Appears behind Xirqiae-Ulthar*
That's right, little Codex~ It's tempting to simply be rid of you now, but where's the fun in that? Now that Azy is gone... Well, the idea of her becoming a Codex is slightly alarming. So I'll leave you free for now. But know this: There will come a time when you must choose to join me, or perish. See ya~
Trying to decide which book would be the most ironic/fitting for Renamon. On the one hand, Plutomon is the god of the underworld, so darkness is attributed to him and Lilithmon is obviously dark and part of the digital underworld as a demon lord. On the other hand, Dianamon has the moon, which is associated with romance, and Lilithmon is a corruption of that. But then again, there's Venusmon, the goddess of love, whereas Lilithmon is lust. It's hard to decide, so I'll wait until the others post and pick books.

Whatever works best for managing us, I guess.
None of us plan to do any of that? You're seriously overreacting, but you have the right to do that, I guess. Sorry things didn't work out.
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