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12 days ago
Current Doing that is a good way to get your bed, and therefor your body, dirty instead of your hands. Just use your hands and wash them, or wear gloves.
21 days ago
Back when people were complaining about BLM "protests" being violent, I was saying "Well, let's wait and see how peaceful YOUR riots are." Now we know.
26 days ago
Happy New Year
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1 mo ago
"The only thing we'll fight for every day is a better seat on the crashing plane."
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2 mos ago
"Simply shrugging off your problems only proves you'll never change." And on this day I have been personally attacked.


"Time whether wasted or well spent is still time." - Rise Against (Zero Visibility)

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I don't mind either way on the discord. Also, I'm probably not gonna be able to fluff out a full post from "Stel stays in place trembling" so go ahead without me this round, if that's okay.
Crystal followed the group up into the refreshing air of the city. At least, it was refreshing after what had just happened. Once they were all in the car, she kept her gaze out the window towards the subway, until Captain Wei called her over. Some quick bandaging was applied and her hand was cleaned of blood which helped settle her mind. She quietly took inventory of what she had on her and what she had to leave behind. Her phone was still with her in her back pocket, though she wouldn't be surprised if it had been damaged when she rolled on it earlier. Her favorite headphones were gone, as were her sketchbook, though luckily it was unused so there was nothing of value lost. The most devastating blow, besides the headphones that is, had to have been the backpack. She had dozens of packs of gum in it, all varying flavors, all different tickets to different mindscapes and now it was like she had lost the keys to her own mind. Hopefully the school would be near a few candy stores, but she doubted it. Even if there were it wasn't likely that she'd get the really good stuff. She wistfully placed a hand on her right pocket where the last of her gum stash was; a pack of basic bubblegum and a pack of watermelon. Good for introductions but not for much else.

She was awoken from her reverie by the sound of something smacking against the glass window. There had been talking until now but it had just been drowned out by her racing thoughts. She glanced over to the source and saw Selma looking rather upset. Sounding rather upset, if her groan was any indication. This was followed by the markswoman for a moment until she burst into something about zombies? Crystal never was good at remembering languages, but that stood out to her. Finally, someone asked the important question.

"Those... masked people that attacked us. Do you... does the military know anything about them?" It was Chie who asked the captain, but it echoed Crystal's curiosity as well. Further, why were they after them? It made sense to go after recruits because they'd be easier than trained Ars Magi, but why capture them, as the figures seemed to want? They had to know that recruits wouldn't have any intel. Then there was the question of the one using, what appeared at least to be, magic. If it was an Ars Magi, what were they doing trying to go against the NOI, by extension of attacking Nova Lux recruits? And if it wasn't... Well, it wasn't too much of a stretch to think of Nox being used by a creature made of the stuff in a way similar to magic, was it? But she kept these thoughts to herself and planning to, even if she never learned the truth, to make a story about the concept.

She turned her attention towards Captain Wei to wait for her answer.
<Snipped quote by Dynamics>

What do you mean?

You'll probably see soon enough :P
@Dynamics Dark had a similar backstory to Dedregen as they were both human at one point, also he was the Dark Trigger correct?

Apocalypse Trigger, but yeah.
@Dark Cloud

Because you meant to corrupt her but that's an excuse to age her up :P

Did you use his corruption power or the Dark Power?

Also this is my alt so you know.

So is he a bigger threat than your other bbgs?

Depends on the circumstances, really.
<Snipped quote by The World>

Part of the reason I ask is because I don't know what other characters look like and such. So I might have a hard time gauging how my character would react to them.

Most of us use our Avatars and Titles on Guild as our characters. For example, right now I'm set to play as Nyarlathotep, and my avatar is what she looks like.
<Snipped quote by Blackmist16>

I take it your character is some kind of undead? owo

Also is there anything I need to know about other players' characters before I start posting? I can't seem to find any info in the Chara tab.

We don't use the character tab, we learn about characters from their words and actions, more like real life than like a roleplay, if that makes sense.

The only reason we need a basic introduction of new characters by new players is to make sure we can fit them into what's currently going on.
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