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16 days ago
Current Ayano's Theory of Relativity: All of your relatives are going to die.
19 days ago
Shintaro Kisaragi. He's a silent guardian.A watchful protector.He is...a neet.
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1 mo ago
This debate is like watching a venomous snake trying to bite a poisonous frog, but both of them are missing their frontal lobes.
2 mos ago
"If you feel I was wrong about something, let me know so I can correct you."
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3 mos ago
Happy Kagerou Day, everyone!


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I love all the eeveelutions and eevee itself, so it was an easy choice for me.
A little rushed, but I think it turned out okay.

I'm interested.
Hey, don't worry so much about it. They haven't been ignoring this, they just haven't been online, so it's probably irl stuff. If they come back, you'll still get your game.
Sorry to butt in like that, I'm subscribed to this thread in case Crow comes back so I can try to join.
Congrats on the people who got in. Hope you don't mind if I follow the RP to read it.
Momentai. Whatever happens will work out. No use getting upset about it either way, we can only voice our opinions and then go with the flow.
Hopefully this works and doesn't step on any toes, especially for the people who are still writing their CSs.

Stel jumped at the thought of an alien Orbital being found so soon. Or she would have, if she weren't in a cockpit. The things she could learn from studying it... If only the science crew would let her when they were finished with it. Or any of the apparently dozens other ones they were standing on. A grave, not just of anyone, but of warriors. Giant, metal, very powerful warriors. Whatever took them out did so without obliterating them completely, so it had to be both mobile and several times more powerful than they were. And now something, quite possibly that very destructive force, was moving towards them. Michael turned towards the approaching red dot on its radar and opened its horizontal wings in case a quick movement forwards would be necessary.

I'm gonna need that kid to not talk about euthanasia so casually like that. she thought to herself.

<<Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but take a bite of this apple... We're on an alien planet, so giant forms of life we're familiar with is unlikely, unless evolution is particularly creatively bankrupt. And the thought of something that could take out a squadron of alien Orbitals is not something I want to deal with, so I'm personally just hoping it can communicate somehow and we don't have to fight.>>

Not the least of her reasoning being that she wasn't sure she knew how to fight in her own Orbital, but she kept that to herself.
If this is still recruiting I'm interested. I'll get to work on a CS and hopefully there's still an opening by the time I get done with it.
How away from real world can we get? Is magic in the world allowed, or super advanced tech, or supernatural forces? Like... Would the worlds of the books of Nicholas Flamel/The Alchemist, or RWBY, or Mekakucity Actors, or Gundam, or any similar levels of extreme advanced tech., magic, or otherwise be allowed as an origin world, or are they not allowed because they're supposed to be timelines of the same world?
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