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Current "What is life if not a chance to make more regrets?" - YourMoonstone
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"It's not my fault that god didn't make you guys in his image." - IBeatPandas (Twitch Streamer)
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Finally back on my own computer.
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Honestly, a Trauma Center x Toyko Ghoul (with or without Code Lyoko in it) sounds like a phenomenal concept.
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"The devil went down to Georgia" means that the U.S. is geographically located *beneath hell*.


"And how smart you are only determined which way you fall." - a dream I had once
"Court should be adjourned because the jury are fools, and the judge can't decipher his left from his right or his right from his wrong." - Streetlight Manifesto (The Hands That Thieve)
"Time whether wasted or well spent is still time." - Rise Against (Zero Visibility)
"Your honor, I think there's a discrepancy. Apparently, the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, but the First Amendment only guarantees freedom of speech on condition that you do not speak." - RC

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Absolutely, I can barely understand him and it's adding to the experience lol
"The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma."

The music Tsubomi mentally listens to, all day every day.

Tsubomi, for her part, barely managed to stay awake through class today. Which wasn't exactly an uncommon occurrence, but that she didn't pass out was slightly rarer than her doing so. Tsubomi's peers kept a running bet on whether the youngest member of the Detention Club would fall asleep in class or not. There was even a bonus for if she hit her head on her desk when she did. Her classmates believed that she didn't know their secret, but the truth was that she just didn't care to influence it. After all, she wasn't getting anything out of it. It wasn't as if she could get away with transforming to fully siphon their excitement or anger at the results, and proper gamblers were a better source anyways.

She was already watching the clock for the two minutes before the class ended, making sure not to let herself be startled by it. So when it came, she stood up slowly, grabbing her class materials to put in her bag and stretching to try to wake herself up. Chances were that the Club would have to do something today, so it wouldn't do to not be ready. Still, she waited until the rest of her class had left before moving from next to her seat and-

Her phone buzzed in her pocket just as she finished her near-minute-long stretches. Finally standing up properly, or as properly as you can when you hunch over, she checked the message.

Rainbow! ^-^ Wanna do me a solid and get to the club room ASAP? <^o^>

Tsubomi blinked slowly. Was something wrong? Would Suki send those faces if something was wrong? ... Probably. So she picked her bag off of her table and headed out the door, speed-walking towards the club room. That would probably garner some attention from the other students, that the slow girl would be moving at anything other than a snail's pace, but luckily nobody tried to stop or speak to her. However, it seemed that a few of them were trying to sneakily follow her... She didn't bother stopping or slowing down, or even try to lose the ones trailing her. If something was wrong, it was in her best interests to get there and fix whatever it was.

When she finally arrived, she didn't bother to set her stuff down or talk to the three students who had kept following her while the others had given up. She immediately started looking around, only to see nothing out of the ordinary. It even seemed like, for the first time ever, she was the first one to arrive to the Club. So she pulled out her phone and sent Suki a message of her own, speaking into her phone.

"I made it, what's up? ... ... ... Did you know how weird it is being the only person in the club-room? I don't like it." Finished speaking her text message, she hit 'send.'

Ah, sorry I didn't write it clearer then. I'll try to fix that in the future.
It looks good. I was just confused is all, sorry.
I'm slightly confused, didn't Miyuki and Lham Dearg start fighting the cyclops, not the Virtue? It's fine if they switched, I just wasn't sure if that was intended or by accident.
Hikari Kana

Hikari payed little attention to the others in the area as they began to fill in. Absentmindedly she noticed that some of the people there had been on television before, but she didn't think past that. As far as she was concerned, the music that was playing in her head was more important. When one of the other people nearby questioned her appearance and that she was carrying travel bags to the meeting, she simply shrugged and gave a lie about being from a far away place and not trusting the hotel to keep her things safe. That seemed to be enough for them to leave her alone.

Unbeknownst to her, Akane was paying much more attention to the area, though she seemed almost as unimpressed as Hikari. As the human girl stood against a tree, Akane was already laying in the branches, watching the other humans. Despite not knowing that she was there, Hikari assumed that if she was, she'd probably be paying enough attention to the others for both of them. Hikari didn't recognize the leader of the group when he went up to speak in front of everyone, but she had the thought that she might have seen him before. The strangest thing was that shortly after those seated began chanting, the statue in front of them began to glow. Hikari couldn't help herself, she pulled her eyes away from it before it got too bright and looked around to see if anyone else was reacting to it. It seemed that everyone else was entranced by the light, to the point that they seemed unaware of anything else around them.

Tsk. Stupid humans... Akane thought. She looked down to her so-called "partner," and smiled when she noticed that Hikari wasn't focused on the light. Not bad. As her gaze returned to the other humans, so too did Hikari's. They both saw when a certain blonde girl shook herself out of the trance that the others were in, and both glanced towards the source of the "Jack Frost" shout to see a man wearing all black being held back by some of the cult members. While Hikari stood still and watched, Akane smirked once again.

Finally. Time for some action.

Akane gave a lazy look at the snowman who appeared next to the man in black, and Hikari mentally stopped her music to focus slightly more on what was happening. It looked like she wasn't the only one with a demon partner, nor the only one with the mark on their hand, which she noticed when the man attacked the cultists between him and their leader. As the two other demons appeared, she looked towards Satoshi to search for a mark on his hand, but found none.

"LHAM DEARG!" came from the blonde girl. Another person like the man and Hikari? Was saying the name of a demon what summoned them? As Hikari wondered on that, she saw the other girl being attacked by a cultist only for her to swiftly defeat him. It would probably be smartest to leave this to those two, and she would have left it at that if it weren't for the blue... angel? The strange winged creature with a glowing heart in its stomach seemed to notice that Hikari wasn't in a trance, and that appeared to be unacceptable to it.

The blue angel spread its wings and from between them countless small needles flew towards Hikari. She was lucky, very lucky, to get out of the way of all but one. That needle was stuck in her lower leg, still sticking out, blood flowing from the wound. The Virtue paused to prepare another attack. As Hikari clutched her injured leg with both hands, she shouted out. "Hei Long!"

Akane leaped from the treetop as she appeared, managing to take the Virtue by surprise. [Crush Claw] connected with its right wing as she fell from her jump, her other arm gripping the angel by its left leg. With the angel distracted, Hikari began to pull the needle out of her leg. Or at least she tried to, to no avail. In her desperation she pulled her knife from her pocket and dug it slightly into her own leg, barely managing to dig the needle out, causing much more blood to flow from the wound.

Akane didn't even spare a glance at her partner, too deep in blood-lust to care that the human girl screamed out from the pain.
Kari Primrose

Kari took a closer look around at the others. Aside from the one boy who was singing, it looked like everyone else was freaking out quite a bit. Some of them seemed to have it mostly under control, but seeing other people acting that way only reinforced the thought that she was not dreaming. As several thoughts ran through her head, the more masculine of the two... angels? How did she not notice there were angels in the room with them? The two angels spoke to each other, saying something that Kari didn't understand.

When a ball of light came flying towards her, her first instinct was to dodge. Her second instinct was to push the nearest person out of the way in case the sphere would harm them. It was her third instinct that she listened to, staying still and trying not to react to the strangeness at all. A moment later she was glad that she did, as she found herself able to understand the angel now.

"This answer might be difficult to believe, but right now you're in the Heaven of the Digital World."

Oh. Oh good. I freakin' died.

... Not exactly where I was expecting to end up, if I'm honest.

It took a moment before she made the connection to the email she received. It had mentioned a "digital world," hadn't it? Apparently that message was genuine. Kari simply stood and watched, she didn't have any questions that she didn't think were obvious enough that the others wouldn't ask anyway, so she stayed quiet for now.
Kari Primrose

Kari sat up in her chair, her arms above her as she stretched from being hunched over in her chair. She had gotten carried away and lost track of time playing the MMO she'd most recently found. With colleges in session already, she felt that she had plenty of time to waste before having to get serious about thinking over what she wanted to do in life. What time was it, anyway? Closing the game, she looked at the corner of her screen to see it was... about noon!? She really had gotten carried away helping those newbies out, she'd been in-game for ten freakin' hours!

"Ugh... Alright, nap time." Kari stood up only for her stomach to growl at her. "... Alternatively, food." And so she went to her fridge and got out leftover pizza from the night before. Taking it and a soda back to her computer, she started pulling up something to watch while she ate.

Twenty minutes later she remembered that she was going to go to sleep and slowly pulled herself away from the videos she had been watching. Was there anything pressing that she had to do before bed? She couldn't think of anything, so the last thing to do was just making sure she didn't have any new texts or emails. Grabbing her phone and swiping the unlock pattern on it, she opened her messaging app and saw only a text from her mother telling her that Kari's parents were hoping she'd come by for a visit in the coming weeks. She replied to it that she should be free for that, and then switched over to her emails. There were only two messages, and it looked like both were just spam.

"Find hot singles in your area... No thanks." -Delete-

"The Digital World Needs Your Help? What, another game?" She glanced at her computer. Did she have time for another game? Yeah, probably. She clicked on the message to open it. "Let' see... 'Evil is afoot, save the innocent... protect those who can't protect themselves...' Jeez, have these guys been buying my info or what?" She stood for a moment, only a moment, before sighing and clicking the link. If it trashed her phone somehow, she'd be p-

There was a flash of light that made her close her eyes, and when she reopened them she was standing in a room that could really use some redecorating to add some color, where there seemed to be some other people in various states of confusion.

Oooookkay... Apparently I fell asleep without realizing it. She jumped. Nothing. She tried again. Still nothing. ... That usually works. She glanced at her hands and groaned. They looked perfectly normal, which was rare for a dream, and that usually meant she wasn't going to be able to influence it much. New plan.

"Hey, so... Where am, err, where are we?" She asked, directing her question towards the group of others as a whole.
@Fish of Oblivion Approved, go ahead and post it in CHAR.

I'll get to working on an opening post.

EDIT- Changing from the Truck-kun idea. How do you guys like weird emails in your inbox?

That depends. What the subject?
I'm okay either way. I mean, I love Dorugoramon, but an assigned one would work fine too, especially if it's something that twists the concept somehow.
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