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Man screw cancelling "cancel culture" let's just cancel culture period.
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"My complaints are my complaints because I'm an obstinate douche-bag." - Markiplier
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My specialty is coming up with tactics that only aren't war crimes because nobody is evil enough to have thought of them.
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Some year, this'll be the day I die. Happy Kagerou Day everyone!


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<Snipped quote by The World>

Ah I see. So at the most basic of levels Code is within the "empty" spaces in Existence whereas the Outside has none? Just want to be sure I understand this correctly.

Actually no apparently? Sorry, I was misunderstanding what "Outside" was and ended up describing something slightly different.
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

I must ask though how specifically empty space would repel something. Or is this just one of those things where it's Outside things and don't look too deep into it?

It's not "empty space" for one, it's absolute emptiness. Normal "absolute emptiness" is still a state of Code, this has no Code whatsoever.
<Snipped quote by Fractured>

Hmm I see. Well the info gather aspect would really happen regardless with such an idea, in the off chance it does get wiped out. As for the barred part, maybe this Outsider did something to an existence or something to offend the others and was banned from interacting with realities for a certain while, during which time they just decided to live in a sort of self imposed exile as a means of atonement, only watching and eventually recording out of boredom. Of course by that point they could theoretically enter a reality, but choose not to at least personally anyway.

Either way, it's just a thought I had.

That couldn't really work because there's no "control group" for a Scale. Each Plane either does or doesn't have one, but the Planes themselves don't have anything that would be able to bar something from entering them, other than the insane difficulty of entering one other than your native Plane. Even the control group of a Plane couldn't kick you out of it, really.
how do I make a character sheet?

Oh thank gods that worked. Okay, so. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the site as a whole before working on a sheet. I suggest going to the home page and the introduction section, just introduce yourself as an RPer to everyone, but Legend (Several of the accounts on this RP) can help guide you through everything.

<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

Fair enough. It resides outside existence as its own plane, then?

I mean... It would be more like a buffer between Existence and Outside, wouldn't it?
<Snipped quote by The World>

Musta been quite the trip. But if he did it by deletion then it must be true that there is more than one way to do it, since deleting became impossible post-Triggers.

I mean... I don't know that there is. Again, the only people who might know are Blake and maybe Techi. Nobody else is really Outside often enough to have maybe figured anything out.
<Snipped quote by The World>

Where did dark learn it from?

He did it on accident when he was fucking around with his deletion powers.
<Snipped quote by The World>

I’m sure the knowledge isn’t quite that limited. Unless we’re just talking about people from our cast who know it.

I mean... Maybe some of Techi's other subjects know, but as far as I know those are the only three still living people who know. That's specifically how to enter another Plane, not just know about them.
<Snipped quote by Source>

I must not remember what Scales are very well then.

Existence is a Plane, other Planes exist. All of the planes parallel to Existence are collectively known as a Scale. There are Scales "above" and "below" the one with Existence in it. When Dark died some people went to the buffer between Existence and the higher up Scale, and Dark's kids made it to the actual next Scale.
It's literally impossible to go between Scales, and nobody but Dark and maaaaaybe Blake and Techi know how to get to other Planes.
Man, this is one of the times I hate the fact that I suck at making CSs. I feel inadequate compared to everyone else. Also, reading everyone's sheets after finishing my own, it really makes it seem like I stole everyone else's ideas lol.

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