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"Misgender all transphobes" - TJ Kirk
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Crystal was nearly beside herself. It was hard enough to find a pair of pants in her size, because she would most certainly not be attending a dance of any sort in a skirt, nevermind that she left on the stockings that were part of the girls' uniform underneath the borrowed pants, but she was specifically and explicitly told that chewing gum would not be allowed. Yes, she understood that the purpose of the Ball was entirely appearance, she'd of course been to similar pointless events before, but it's not as if she couldn't hide the fact that she had a piece in her mouth! She was a master of the art of making it seem like there was nothing there when she was in fact chewing gum, but the risk presented with practicing this art was too high, this time. And worse still, she was forced to let her hair down for the first time in public since being accepted to the Academy, solely because she knew that at the least a representative of her uncle would be there, and Hell would take her before she let it get back to her father that she still wore twintails when able.


Perhaps her new teammates were a bad influence, for her to be so upset. She could feel the very air around one of those teammates radiate with metaphorical, and perhaps even literal, heat. Though the ban on her favorite coping mechanism was certainly not helping, nor was the very real raised heat from the bodies in the hall. She was very tempted to use what magic she could without transforming to cool herself down, but decided that that too was a risk too large; should it be necessary to show her magic for some likely meaningless but impressive folly, she would be remiss to have already used it up for her comfort. Though her reasoning ability was certainly wavering, likely due to a double dose of her medication that morning in preparation for this event, and the temptation was growing stronger.

Still, she sat there dressed impeccably with the full outfit required of her, albeit mismatched between the tie, top, and stockings of the female uniform but the pants of the Officer Academy; she even had on a read hairbow to keep her hair tied to at least fifty-percent of the level she preferred. Unlike how she was certain her teammates felt, Crystal did not mind the tie. This presumption was proven at least partially true by Rivka nearly tearing hers in her attempt to get it off as soon as the speech ended. And the speech! As bland and pointless as any she had been forced to endure before. But at least it was something to take the attention of the other four at her table away from her, or away from anything more likely, so that they likely wouldn't notice her apprehension growing as the speech went on. It was natural; the more the speech went on the closer it was to coming to a close, and the closer she got to having to present her ideas to her team. Luckily Rivka took her earliest opportunity to leave the table and took the approaching event horizon with her. If her whole team wasn't there then she could put off the reveal until they were all together again, which she hoped would be the end of the Ball. Giving her a thumbs up in response to her smile, Crystal took an opposing position to her fiery teammate by choosing to remain seated. If there was any need for her to interact then let it be not by her own choice, especially not in the state she was in. Nervousness and manufactured calmness were fighting in her enough to not need to worry about anything other than keeping the latter at more force than the former.

And so she sat.

Crystal was at her wit's end. Rivka, who had requested a team logo, was certainly full of ideas, but while the girl was similarly of the artistic persuasion, her disposition was firmly rooted in music, rather than the visual realm. Some of them were even good ideas, though those tended to be far too complex for an emblem. Simplicity was key when designing something that would represent oneself. Crystal, meanwhile, found herself in a creative rut. She couldn't help but keep going back to the group's magic, and that was going nowhere. It was easy enough to think of things that could represent the other four; it was Crystal who was the problem. After all, their Elementum complimented each other well. Fire and water? Simple, steam, or a rise to a boil. Earth and gravity? A diamond fit perfectly. But neither of these would work, because it would be too easy to be seen as Crystal having too big an ego. Diamonds? Diamonds resembled crystals, and putting her own name on the symbol was obviously a no-go. Steam? That's fine by itself, but her mind wouldn't allow her to think that logically. It was too close to the effect of dry ice in her brain, especially when combined with a diamond that could be confused for the very same dry ice.

No, she was the problem, and it would be so much easier if she weren't there, she knew. And that thought echoed through her mind nigh constantly in the time since their first lunch as a team. She had felt this feeling before, far too often as she was well aware, but now she was an Ars Magi, and such thinking was not acceptable. She found herself spending much of her free time away from the other four, away from everyone, hiding away on the rooftop of the school in her transformed state, letting the feeling of power fuel her as she sketched the surrounding landscape. The power of being an Ars Magi was not only a rush of feeling that could combat her melancholy, but was also a very physical and very real reassurance that she would survive a fall from such a height, similarly combating her natural phobia. It was an opportunity to see things from a new viewpoint, both metaphorically and literally for her, and she would not pass it up.

Finally though, inspiration struck. What was another combination of earth and gravity? What had two sides as polar an opposite as fire and water? Magnetism, a magnet. But not just any magnet. No, now the train of creativity had stopped in Crystal's own mind, but only just long enough for her to board before flying forward at breakneck speeds. Names. Selma Rosmarie, Chie Masuzu, Rivka Sokolov, Aoife Sturmgaard, and of course herself, Crystal Caelestis. Three S's, three C's, two R's, one A, one M. The only obvious word wouldn't work, as "Mars" was already too large a cultural factor. No, once again her own self was getting in the way.

Remove all obstacles.

She struck out her own name from the list. Scar? No, too likely to be taken. Which left...

Several hours passed, the moon was now high overhead and she was exceedingly late to bed, but she had a rough sketch done. A to-be golden scarab, a Chrysina gloriosa made of jewels and metal much more literally than its name was meant to be taken, mid-flight, an overhead view showing a to-be ruby and to-be sapphire wing on each side, the jeweled top of its thorax a to-be emerald and its eyes a to-be amethyst. A representation of all four of the others' strengths, a plus on the left wing and a minus on the right, mid flight to represent its ability over gravity, a blazing flame embroidered around the minus on the sapphire right wing, and a flowing river similarly running through the plus on the ruby left wing. A tree trunk of silver stone on the top of the thorax, visible beneath the open wings, and a distorted effect around the carapace to represent a simple well of gravity completed the ensemble. It was perfect, a perfect show of the four, a strong yet graceful animal that lived both high in the air and low in the dirt. It even had circular polarisers, completing the magnet theme. The only thing missing was... her. She stared at the image for what felt like hours, before finally deciding to add a small detail. The elytra soon became covered in small lines, and the final product was of a crystallization of the shard, which would be lightly colored a soft azure.

Finished with the sketch, Crystal jumped from the roof and transformed back to her mundane self. The emblem wasn't complete, but it was workable for showing the others. They still needed a name, according to Rivka, and Crystal's mind was filled with only one candidate: the regal symbol of old Egypt, the symbol of existence, manifestation, development, growth, and effectiveness: Team Kheper. She would spend all of her free time refining the piece and bringing it to color over the next few weeks until the Inaugural Ball, where she would reveal her creation and name to the other four and see what they thought of it. If it was a flop, at least it was a good art piece, and if it was well received, all the better.
Stel could do nothing but watch, horrified, as the other pilots and their Orbitals fought for their lives against these two enemies. When she tried to move, she found herself unable, her body unwilling to follow her commands. Yet soon enough, the battle was over. Bedwyr had done the job, finishing one of the monsters with the wrath of God, to Sodom with love. She didn't have enough wherewithal to take stock of everyone's damage.

As she was starting to come out of her stupor, there was a flash of lights as her display lit up.

[UPDATE: Data Transfer f̵r̵o̵m̴ PANDORA completed. Cached tactical data dumped to PANDORA.]

What? But how did... Stel was instantly on high alert. As the explanation of what just happened came through, she once again got a cold feeling in her chest. She was already out of her depth here, and it was starting to show that she might not be the only one.

<<Looks like I stole Nebula's thunder. Just remembered Michael was the one that was supposed to roast an alien. Hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.>>

<<... No complaints from me.>> was all that she was able to choke out. Rather than embarrass or endanger herself longer, she began to fire up the rockets that would send her back to the ship. Soon enough she was back onboard.
I need to reread the entire RP to get me back into a posting position. I'll try to do that and hopefully write something tomorrow.
Sorry for the massive delay.
Ah, well I couldn't recall.

Turns out blitzing 44 activities in a CompTIA course burns out one's memory.

No worries.
Well I know he can't exactly beat Aizen, so maybe he just kind of finds a way to wander out of there or something. I dunno.

I did leave a character there in case you wanted to just nope out or something :P

Me being Threads of Fate
<Snipped quote by The World>

Honestly, I forgot and then remembered but wasn't really sure on where to take him.

Fair enough. If you need ideas lemme know and I'll be willing to help.
The Bleach OC for consideration. Gonna be playing it close to how the abilities are listed from the CYOA, as I don't know Bleach lore in-depth enough to deviate too far from the selections I've taken.

Also please disregard the second-person format, it was just more convenient to type.

Gundyn Vranair.

Finally, for those here who do know more concerning the lore, feel free to correct any mistakes I may make.

What happened to your hollow btw?
Am I limited to one character per account or can I make more characters?

You can make as many as you want, it's just easier to have an account set to one for if you interact with yourself. You could just use the character's name and a colon to represent different characters on the same account.
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