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Current "The thing that you lack when you're looking back is the pressure, the feeling that you have to act."
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Honestly, a Trauma Center x Toyko Ghoul (with or without Code Lyoko in it) sounds like a phenomenal concept.
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11 mos ago
"The devil went down to Georgia" means that the U.S. is geographically located *beneath hell*.
1 yr ago
But are you filled with *D E T E R M I N A T I O N?
2 yrs ago
@Yam I Am The Virgin Mary was around 10-14 when she had Yeshua, therefor the bible is a loli doujinshi as well.
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"And how smart you are only determined which way you fall." - a dream I had once
"Court should be adjourned because the jury are fools, and the judge can't decipher his left from his right or his right from his wrong." - Streetlight Manifesto (The Hands That Thieve)
"Time whether wasted or well spent is still time." - Rise Against (Zero Visibility)
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@Big McLargehuge
Horray! I was afraid I'd overdone it, lol. Safe to move them to the char tab?
Took a little bit of liberty with the setting and such, so please let me know if I overstepped or did anything wrong.

Finally, more digimon.
I think the idea is that people play on their phones, and the two who are in the rumor give out the two types of actual digivices?
To expand on this, maybe a summon system? You can summon out a digimon from a farm for a single attack, then need it to recharge both the ability to summon and, for a longer period of time, that digimon in particular's ability to be summoned. DiM cards would then let you do this with digimon you don't actually have on an island and with more regularity, less time to recharge the ability itself and somewhat faster recharge for the DiM than for the digimon on the farm. Maybe a special combo attack if you have two compatible digimon on the farm or on the farm and a DiM card? Doubles or triples the summon recharge, but is exceptionally powerful. Maybe another benefit of the VB digivice is the ability to use a combo attack with two digimon on the farm AND a DiM card, for an extreme attack once a day or less, giving tons of variety to manage against the combo attack of a SP that boosts the combo attack's damage anyway.

Though saving the previous stages on the digivice seems counter-intuitive in terms of an actual game based on digimon that's similar to Pokemon GO, since it disincentivizes players to get multiple of the same digimon, thus spending more time and/or money on the game.

@Big McLargehuge
I have another question that I forgot to ask: How much digimon media exists IC, and how does it differ from IRL digimon media? Obviously D:E is different, but do the anime and/or manga exist, or the video games, or the card games?
@Big McLargehuge
Sure, just need some ideas of what you need help with and I'd be down for helping.
@Big McLargehuge
All that sounds perfect~

Though I'm assuming the collected data makes a random egg instead of an egg of the digimon the data is from? Or is it basically scan data from the Story games?

Also, are there any banned digimon to start with? Obviously stage locked, but for example (I don't plan to use these but it's an OP combo) Zubamon and Ludomon? Or what about duplicates like two Salamons? Is Jogress even going to be a function, and what about the Digimentals/DigiArmor "Eggs"? Are they rare drops, one of a kind, or not a thing?

Sorry to ask so many questions, I just want as good an idea of the IC D:E game as possible to prepare off of.
Yeah, this sounds great.

As for questions, could you expand on the Emergence game and what that involves? I assume it's somewhat similar to Pokemon GO, but what's the gameplay like? How many digimon are there for each tamer? Do you raise your digimon like a VPet/Re:Digitize/Next Order, or do you just fight them like a digivice toy? If the players of the game get multiple digimon, are there Farm Islands?

What's the rule on digivolution routes? Is it restricted to exclusively shown in canon routes, or can a possible but never shown in canon route be used?
I'll read through this as soon as I can, (tomorrow) but since it's digimon, I'll throw in interest blindly lol.
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