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Current Something prophetic for another day. Keeping in mind in mind yesterday's tomorrow is imperative. Jump left by five}, right by three[.
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For the sake of our wishing we wished for a world without dreams.
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Wynter Lobos

Business District

"O-oh..." She said sadly. She didn't like that Archer felt that way, but there was nothing she could do about it. Regardless, she followed along with Archer. "I don't need anything, no, but let's find you a good -" She was cut off as the command seals on her wrist began to burn. "Oh no. Archer, there are other Masters somewhere. I don't think they're particularly close, but... maybe we should hurry up here. Let's find you a hat you like."

Six Coins Rider

Seine River - Following the river east - Latin District

"So, Master. What exactly is your wish when we win? Just to escape that woman you hate?" Small talk wasn't Rider's forte, but he felt the need to break the silence.
If this takes off, I'm interested!

David don't you fucking even do that.
Interested if this takes off.
Six Coins Rider

Eiffel Tower - Moving North-East
"Not personally, no. But what you are has little bearing on who you are, I've found. As for a operational base, you're right that we should be searching for a good place as well. Perhaps if we can obtain a map of the city we can find a good area." He thought for a moment, looking at the frozen spider in his hand. It certainly appeared wooden. "Could it not be lacking heat due to being a karakuri creation? Once again, I am no mage and I'm sure you'll figure out whatever the truth is once you have enough time in a protected space." Rider smiled gently. "Nonetheless, figuring it out will have to wait."
"I hope that we can become friends over these few coming days, yes. Even so, please refer to me as 'Lancer' for the duration of the war. It would be best to not even use my name in private, just in case. And keeping my class a secret may net us an advantage somehow. And if you wish for me to take the lead now, I believe it would be best to follow the river east until we find a map and a place to set up a base."
Six Coins Rider

Eiffel Tower - Comforting his Master

Rider was stunned for a moment. He certainly wasn't expecting his Master to come on to him like this and it was altogether unsettling. However, he knew that something like this, at least as little as a simple kiss, was both necessary and reasonable of his Master to ask of him. So after a moment's hesitation he conceded and gave her a kiss, just long enough to sate her before pulling away, embarrassed.
"Please refrain from getting yourself in such a position again if possible, Master. While it's my duty to protect you, I'd prefer to keep our relationship as platonic as possible." He shook his head to clear his thoughts. "I feel we should use this night to garner allies from the other Masters. My Noble Phantasm works best with allies, after all. Tomorrow we can get that bike you want me to use, but for tonight let's search around and see if we can't befriend anyone. I'll leave it to your discretion where we go."
Six Coins Rider

Eiffel Tower

Rider stopped himself as he reached his perch. Something was wrong. It felt as if he didn't have the clothes he'd put on anymore. Quickly materializing he realized that he had left them behind by entering spirit form, and immediately returned to spirit form and went back. Naked was no way to make a good first impression, after all. With inhuman speed he returned to Rei's location only to find her being "attacked" by a wooden spider. At first he was concerned, but as he materialized (a bush thankfully hiding his lower half from his Master) he noticed that the spider was incredibly inept, crawling all over her clothes but unable to bite her. Rider couldn't help himself, he laughed at the scene in front of him.
After a minute or so of laughter he finally composed himself and once again dressed himself in the clothes Rei had given him before walking over to her and grabbing the spider by its abdomen and held it away from himself, tempted to break it before he had a better idea. "Master, you should freeze this with your magic into a block of ice. It may be worth keeping somehow; perhaps it could lead us back to its owner if you dissect it and trace the magic in it? I'm unclear on how these things work, but as a mage I'm sure you can figure something out."
<Snipped quote by The World>

You can't say that physics works differently in other dimensions but blessings don't. =/ There are alternate valid definitions of blessing already.

<Snipped quote by The World>

In this particular rendition of holy water. There's nothing that states they have to all behave the same way.

By definition holy water is water that has been blessed. Blessing work the same way consistently. If it is holy water, it behaves the same way or else it's something else.
<Snipped quote by Legend>

The first makes more sense. Maybe the holiness was burned into the bullet as it heated up? Fire is associated with holiness and purity after all, at least in Judeo-Christian beliefs, so that might work.

<Snipped quote by ZAVAZggg>

Yeah, exactly. Plus, who knows how this particular brand of holy water works?

That's not how it works. Holy water can be used to bless something like a bullet, but it acts as a catalyst for it rather than a transfer from the water to the thing. Burning up holy water that was on something would only get rid of the properties, as opposed to boiling something in holy water which does actually transfer the water's blessings onto the thing boiled.
Wynter Lobos

Montmarte, moving towards the Business District

Wynter followed Archer as they went through the business district towards the Opera House. As they passed through the open-air markets she spoke up. "... So... What all do you want to do, now that you're alive again? Things have obviously changed quite a bit from your era, plus we're in a totally different country... Oh! What should I call you, anyway? We should probably hide your class and of course your name is a no-go, so..."
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