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Current This link expires in two days, but if anyone is wondering what combined with writer's block has been occupying my time recently, I don't think this'll dox me: streamable.com/o13hsy
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"What is life if not a chance to make more regrets?" - YourMoonstone
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"It's not my fault that god didn't make you guys in his image." - IBeatPandas (Twitch Streamer)
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Finally back on my own computer.
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Honestly, a Trauma Center x Toyko Ghoul (with or without Code Lyoko in it) sounds like a phenomenal concept.
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Marrie Knight

Marrie stood still, ready to attack the nun if she moved. At least, that was the plan until she caught Cerberus looking towards the ground where-

Fuck. Uh... espers could survive losing a limb in esper form, maybe she'd be okay? That was the only thing she could hold onto to stop the sickness. She nearly puked anyway, before she was engulfed in smoke and found another apparent esper holding her by the shoulders.

Alright dumbass, time to get moving. The wind wielder tried to move, but she felt... off. Her muscles were weak. Something was wrong, the smoke? They're going to kill you, Marrie! Get moving! It was about then that the nuns said something about selling children.

Right. She'd only tested it once, but now was the time to try it. Pulling her Melody together, she felt herself fade away into the wind, forcing her Instrument's chain to grow to its full length and throwing it over the head of the nun behind her and running forward as she did.

{Tempest: Silver Touch - Damage X}

The instant she re-materialized 8 feet away from where she previously stood, she channeled her Damage X note through her Instrument as she stabbed towards the eye-patched Sister. In the same moment, her chain would materialize around the back of the other nun, and she retracted it to pull her forwards, hoping to either pull her off balance or hit her with the Damage X, were it able to flow through her chain, or ideally both.

"Please just die or run away, I'm sick of people like you!"

Marrie Knight

"Oh, fuck, OFF!" Marrie shouted to no-one in particular and everyone all at once. How she managed to not run into any group this heavily armed before, she didn't know. As soon as the rabbit-woman's voice rang out, she cast a melody.

{Cold: Silver Self - Flight - Storm}

With the tempest around her hopefully deflecting the bullets from reaching her, she flew straight through the smoke to the inside of the church, getting below the firing squad on the left of the entryway, where she took a second to catch her breath. The winds whipping around her helped to clear the smoke, and soon she could see her objective, namely Cerberus, and an unknown... Esper, presumably. She couldn't see a whole lot else through the twisting smoke, but she saw enough. She found herself taking the last few moments of flight to go towards the three girls inside the church proper.

Landing just a few feet away from the unknown woman, she drew Apexer from her sleeve, just in case. Maybe this would be the first enemy she could successfully parley with to prevent a fight? She doubted it. A glance over her shoulder made her worry for the male Freelancers, but she could only hope they would be able to handle themselves, since leaving Cerberus alone with a potential enemy wasn't going to happen.

"Hey, Nun lady!" She leveled her Instrument to point towards the woman's neck. "Friend or foe?"

"As your legally appointed therapist, I think you may have an issue with that girl."

You're not qualified to be a therapist, Acid.

Acid Drop's ear twitched. Something had happened back with the other two girls. There was a powerful rage coming from there, worse than she'd felt in a long time. Plus, the sound! It was a little tough to figure out Oros' feelings as she felt them with how strong the anger was, but Acid Drop managed somehow. It could have been worrying, if she could be worried, that Oros got so angry herself. When her partner finally turned to address her...

"I don't think they're 'talking,' at this point." The last question caught her slightly off-guard.

"Mm..." It took her a little while to think about it. "I remember them being annoying, but I can't say I like how slow I am without magic now. I do miss some of them, I guess. But it's hard to miss them without them, you know?" To her, it was some sort of paradox. Could you be happy that you don't have emotions? What about sad? Sure she could pretend she did when she was Acid Drop, but that wasn't the same, was it?

She tried to think back to what it was like before, but it was muddy. Was she a happy girl before? An emo, a goth, a cheerleader type? Maybe she was the same as she is now... Though she doubted that. Maybe she was just a normal girl before. "I guess I don't know for sure. Why do you ask?"

"Can robots move like that? Are there magical robots?"


A blazing fireball came flying over her head and nearly collided with Earthshaker, but Acid Drop knew that the two other girls could handle whatever that was. But something was wrong. Oros wasn't following behind the flames. Looking further in the direction she had gone showed several more dragons in the air, though these appeared to be paper rather than metal. Had something happened? Did the dragon girl already beat Oros? Doubtful, since she wasn't acting like she had even seen her. After a glance over her shoulder towards the flower shop, she decided to press on, leaving the potential fight to the others.

It was a bit more jogging before Acid Drop caught up with her partner. She seemed to be transfixed on a girl holding the dragon kites. A girl who looked familiar, a schoolmate? Tsubomi never bothered to learn names even when she was at a high enough mental processing level to be able to, but this one was a popular girl, wasn't she?

"Heya. The girl you made a collage of showed up. Though her dragons are made of metal." Honestly, Acid Drop wasn't sure what Oros would do. And if she preferred to stay here, watching the kite holder, that would be fine. But at least now she knew that she hadn't gotten into a new fight that would be drawn in to the others.
In Secundi Lux 23 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

In the weeks that followed the field readiness exam, Crystal had spent a decent chunk of her time recovering from it, and twice as much trying to make up for doing so and take her mind off of it by training. The girl didn't know why Mara had acted like her family name meant something to her, and perhaps she'd never know. Still, she hadn't been foolhardy enough to try to wean herself off her crutches despite the now-blooming thought of trying to do so. Crystal would never admit it, especially to Mara, nor would she ever thank her for it, but simply surviving the ordeal got her thinking that maybe she actually did have the strength to overcome her mental handicap. She had never considered trying to do so to be a good idea until her exam instructor had shown her that it was, however minutely, possible to do so at all. But with the increasing possibility that lives would depend on her functioning at a proper pace, the needed time to experiment with that possibility was nonexistent. And so the days leading to the storm she made the decision to use her coping methods more effectively, rather than less often.

As the storm raged, the twin-tailed girl had a strong need to politely but firmly reject Liam's kind offer of coffee. While she didn't particularly care for the stuff, she knew that the caffeine would likely be useful... unfortunate then that she had chosen citrus as her passcode in the time leading up to it being presented to her. To be faced with such a (literal) storm of Nox would put many of her fellow Nova Lux students on edge. It was enough that she herself felt the need to preempt such feelings with such a choice. She didn't have time to lament or feel bad about it; she had to be ready to go at a moment's notice.

The call to mobilize came, and Rivka led them through the door. Selma gave her usual reassurance, both via her words and her clear confidence. Stick close echoed in her mind as she transformed in a brilliant flash of azure. As she passed through the door herself, she chose to swallow the now nigh-flavorless confection she was known to be addicted to, rather than waste further time being proper.

Standing just outside, where the rain could reach her, she breathed in the chilly air slowly, holding it for a moment before an equally deep exhale. "Right." A glance was cast over her shoulder towards the non-combatants who would be remaining behind Kheper, and as Hiems materialized in her loose grip so too did a light smile on her lips.

"Consider it safe."

"This just in, Violet is an AI."

I didn't know you watched much youtube, Tsubomi.

"Friendly is relative." That seemed pretty true. Most things are relative, at least to Tsubomi. Though she'd never really thought that way before, it certainly fit. The thought stuck in her mind as Suki seemed to fumble her way through her own thoughts. Suki was already running off to chase the dragons when Nyxia's new nickname registered. Another flower, huh? Then came the recognition of Suki leaving. Oh snap, dragons were here. Glancing down she could see Nyxia, Violet apparently, slowly getting ready to follow now-Oros. Looking just past that point showed Earthshaker jumping well into the air to do so as well.

Time seemed to speed up for Tsubomi as she herself transformed into Acid Drop. Like shaking off a fantastic sleep, or at least a portion of a good nap, her mind cleared somewhat. She wasn't sure why that happened when she used her magic but she figured it had to be related since it always happened. It integrated well with her need to act when in Acid Drop form, so she never really thought of it as a bad thing. Tiring maybe, but not bad. Maybe if she wasn't so overfull she might be more aware of the feelings of others... Months of hoarding doesn't leave much need for that, though. And with the NTOTUR around chances were that she wouldn't be offloading anytime soon, at least in regular hunting.

She jumped down, taking the opposite approach to Earthshaker, and began speed-walking towards where her partner had gone. Not too fast, not too slow. Without the Boss there to give commendations or reasons to not fail, the biggest thing to watch for was Oros' safety, so...

She began jogging instead.
Marrie Knight

Marrie almost sighed, though in relief or exasperation she wasn't sure, but caught herself. She was so worried about not letting the cat out to normies that... Oh well. It's not like Oros wouldn't have known they were coming anyway. Then came the redhead, who started with guns pointed at them but seemed to recognize them enough to put them down, which was nice. When Cerberus came around too, Marrie recognized her from the Diver incident. Not a lot of memories from that, but she at least remembered that she had been there too.

"Honestly, I- ... Hmm." Did it matter? Marrie wasn't here to give advice, or to pontificate about what she thought she might understand about Oros' personality. She was here to try to keep everyone safe, even if she was only payed for the GEMINIs' safety. So she shrugged and allowed Apexer's chain to fall from around her arm inside her sleeve, at about three feet of extension. She really didn't think she would have a chance in a fight, but who knows if Oros would even be the enemy here? With her luck, it'd be some sort of animal-based gang that lived in the building and subsisted on the flesh of those stupid enough to enter it. Probably mantes, this time. Actually, would they even eat outsiders? Don't they eat their mates?

A few seconds after that thought her focus... came back into focus, and she... focused, mostly, on the mission.

Marrie Knight

Sigh... Was this fate? The job mentioned a possible run-in with Oros, which was... conflicting, for multiple reasons. On the one hand, she wasn't sure what went through Oros' head, at all, but especially when it came to interacting with her. On the other, Oros seemed to at least tolerate her. On the other-other, she anticipated that if things went a certain way, then Oros would probably try to call in the favor from not killing that guy who saved her. The other-other-other hand held the thought that she really didn't have any conflict with Oros. And this was mostly just a mission to make sure things didn't break into a fight, which was at least somewhat beneficial to her.

Of course, helping GEMINI was a mixed bag too, and she'd rather be helping Maverick if she had to choose between them, but they hadn't posted any jobs that she felt qualified for recently. Plus, now she had to wonder about the Inquisition and their opinion on monsters, which she had to assume was not particularly generous towards them. She sighed again and got on her bike.

By the time she arrived, transformed into Esper state, someone else was already there. Something, at least, since it looked like it could easily be a monster itself. Maybe they were friendly, but the chances of GEMINI caring about that were low.

"Oi!" She had to shout somewhat from a few yards away to avoid startling the guy. "Monster, Esper? And why are you here? No worries regardless, but I should warn you that this place isn't going to be great for monsters pretty soon." She checked her phone's clock. "Or already, actually. But if you're an esper..." The thought that he might be a cosplayer crossed her mind, but if he were, his effects were immaculate. "Then are you here for the convention or are you lost?"

Was that good enough code, good enough obfuscation? Did it matter at this point? Would a regular person even be able to show up to a place Oros was supposedly at?

"What do dragons eat, anyway?"

I dunno, they're probably not vegetarians.

Tsubomi found herself being dragged along by the wrist, which made for an interesting moment when she was led to a rooftop by Suki. Sitting there with her she watched the sun as it was slowly setting, making for what some might consider a rather beautiful scene around the flower shop. So Tsubomi watched as the other girls, specifically not Suki, chose to not use the various effective viewing spots and instead to focus on the store itself. She wondered somewhat if they were expecting the shop owner to be the girl...

"Feels like it’s been months since we did something together, heh! Did you want to do something later? I mean, we never played that arcade game. We should do that if you’re not busy after this.”

Blink. She tried to think back. Had they not played an arcade game? Had they even talked about doing so? If they did, it was hard to remember. But the simple fact was that Tsubomi wasn't busy after, or ever really, so she nodded slowly. "Mm. Okay."

Maybe she should have transformed for this? Sure, she didn't feel especially different when she did, but her mind was always in better shape with her hair different colors, and when she was transformed she could certainly act. Trying to do so when in her natural form was too troublesome, so she didn't bother to try. Would it even be interesting to play a game with her if she was as slow as she usually was? She didn't know the answer. By the time she finished these thoughts the sun was notably lower than when she started them.

"Do you think she'll be friendly?" It took some time, but she asked her question. It would probably upset the others if they recruited a new girl to the club, though they never seemed to show up lately, so maybe it would be okay. But who would be the dragon girl's partner? Would she get one? Did her dragons count as a partner? If she attacked, would she be able to handle four of the club members? "I don't think she'll be friendly."
"Really should have gone with this, instead."

Hindsight is 20/20.

It would be an impressive feat to gauge Tsubomi's reaction from her expression. She stared at the recreation of the potential magical girl for what likely seemed to the others as too long, but to her felt like the appropriate amount of time. To say that thoughts raced through her mind would be a lie, but they did go at their usual pace towards a conclusion. The flower shop? Dragons? ... Snapdragons? She'd like a nap, dragon, she decided. That was all the motivation she needed; catch the girl then go to sleep, an excuse to skip out and hit the hay earlier than usual, since they'd have done extra credit.

By the time she finished thinking these few things, the others had already voiced their affirmatives. So Tsubomi nodded once and did the same. "Okay." She stood up, ready to go, and then sat back down a few seconds later when she realized that it wasn't time yet. Lazily she rolled her head from side to side before looking towards the door, wondering if any of the others would be there today. When nobody else showed up, she drifted her head back to Suki. Like a tickertape, a new thought crossed through her mind. She'd spent months without letting out her built up energy from her magic... Would this dragon girl be what finally got her to spend it?
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