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Oops, missed a few things, I'll go↓

Right 3, down 1, right 8

<Snipped quote by RoadkilBanana>

My other self follows right behind you and rests just one square behind

You both cross past the wardrobe door and enter into what looks like a living room like space mixed with an office space and a bedroom with only half a bed?...
<Snipped quote by The Odeoron>

*Activates a handful of runes and starts flying upward next to the wall*
I’m going to see if it has any sort of end.

*The building wall begins to vibrate in response to your defiant flight*
@Threads of Fate @RoadkilBanana @Memory

@Memory As you keep flying upwards, the only thing you see is that the building... well... id definitely doesn't stop or end, and you would reach such a high place that if you were to turn around you would see this terrain is seemingly an endless plane of pines that as it expands further away from the complex the terrain becomes increasingly odd and contorted, with hovering islands, senseless blobs of land and water mixed in with foliage, and also the pines seem to also increase in size in truly gargantuan pine trees on which smaller pines seem to grow almost like a mad fractal.
@Threads of Fate @RoadkilBanana @Memory

Going outside, past a small line of trees, it is indeed revealed that this is a paradoxical "outdoors" place of this liminal space, and the building is going up endlessly into the sky, past the tallest trees and into the blue fog of whatever is trying to emulate an atmosphere here.
@The Monitor 2
That color is really hard to read, it's a darker shade than it has been in previous posts.

Yupsies!... Apologies for that! Usually selecting the text helps with that but will try using a brighter color in the future for text.
@Threads of Fate @RoadkilBanana @Memory

*As Benjamin opens the door, it is revealed that indeed, the building corridors end, and what appears to be an outdoor environment begins, all with a sunny sky and beautiful tall pine trees...*

*Sounds continue and you all feel like your legs are beginning to sink into the carpet, despite that fact only seeming to be a mental illusion*

*Out of the depths of the corridors there seem to come some contorted echoing vibrating noises almost like the sounds of an earthquake sung from a cathedral organ @Memory @RoadkilBanana*

<Snipped quote by Alex McClain>

I’ll do you one better.
*Signals one of my copies to bring the device into the distorted reality and remerge with me*

*As you turn around with the weapon, the eyes are gone, and the darkness is now illuminated by your spell*
<Snipped quote by Memory>

So no more cozy feelings like before? Yeah...

*Starts creating some bright spheres of burning light in both my hands as preparation as i move closer to you*

So no more cozy feelings like before? Yeah... Yeah... Yeeeeaaaah...

<Snipped quote by The Odeoron>

Well... do you want to investigate?

Well... do you want to investigate? ... investigate? ... invesssstiggaaaaahhh....
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