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*Smiles affectionately* Thank you sir! So who should i help first? Who is in there already?

@Threads of Fate @RoadkilBanana @Memory

You should definitely go after the copy of Prism... the slim amber glowing eyed individual dressed in holiday attire... and the copy of Benjamin with him. They seem to have already spotted a trace of a soul and a strong anomaly detected by the Nu-Orb
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Do you think this place is alive?

Possibly by what we are seeing thus far. Yes... it definitely does act like a living organism so it should not be a surprise. Though a living organism that is a dimensional derelict shard of a broken universe? More like a corpse made alive by the force of the outer void...
@Threads of Fate @RoadkilBanana @Memory

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*Looks at the rift through the doorframe of the habitat* I presume that is a liminal indentation you are talking about?

Should i go in there and see what's what sir?

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I presume as much since... you know... the condition of this universe and my being called here.

*Gently caressing her cheek* You just took the words traight out of my mouth. With your skills you might be the only being that has the right levels of power and can go into one of those places without triggering its immune response...
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*Back at camp another bright light flashes near Lumyiell as a striking entity with nearly equally imposing aura and demeanour as Lumyiell himself appears, a beautiful redheaded woman with yellow glowing blazing eyes, and a near predatory aura*

Theme for Eklipsis --> Dead By April — Outcome

I finally arrived sir, the rest of the troops are not that far behind, but what seems to be the mission here? *I ask directly and with a dutiful tone*

*Turns towards you with a serene smile* Took you long enough darling! Yeah, this universe is a pile of cosmic rubble and we are facing off against... you know... HIM...

@Threads of Fate @RoadkilBanana @Memory
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That’s unnerving. No indications of what the anomaly might be?

No kidding, kid! Be careful, whatever it is, it is seriously out of place... but then again... the outer void entities fit that description too well...
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It’s glowing. Is it supposed to be doing that?

The glowing part is not what concerns me, it is glowing by default. when it stops glowing it means it is dead, what concerns me is the crazy alarm thing. It only goes like that when there is a serious anomaly nearby...
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*It begins beeping like a fire alarm*

Aaaand... that took way too little time for it to go bonkers... what are you seeing people?
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What are all its capabilities?

Picture it like a police dog type of thing. It will "smell" out spiritual essence and signal when something is abnormal or unnatural. It also has a 'first aid' mechanic that is built in to repair souls that are scattered in pieces or half eaten or... you get the picture...
@Memory @RoadkilBanana

*proceeds to manifest what looks like a perfect sphere of pure glistening gold as i drop it on the ground and it immediately jumps in the air making a few clicking sounds as it jets out into the rift and approaches us*

There... that should add in an extra hand in this research project...
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Do you think we can rig the scanner up to it?

I don't think they would be compatible, despite them operating on similar principles. I created these devices with fundamentally different ethereal mechanics than the more quantum based magics of Alexander's weapon...
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