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Eulysthrah Eriusiell: NO... no you won't! hahahaha, in fact there's so much knowledge and wisdom here, that there are still Arch-Primordial Numakhiim learnign them... and they are O-L-D old! Witnessed googols universes born and die, and are still learning... there was one crazy Numakhiim who is said to have wanted to learn all there is to learn and become another God on his own, he created so much chaos in Heaven, that him and all those who followed him were cast out... probably you know the story of Lucifer right? i mean you are human? other know him by different names to their appropriate languages and species, but his name was basically "The Light Bringer"... and yeah...

I can't say I'm familiar with that tale... It does sound like a mess of chaos though.
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Eulysthrah Eriusiell: Yeah, they are usually built on the surface of a colossal planet orbiting the central white hole of every heavenly galaxy, massive penta-dimensional libraries with TOO much knowledge if you ask me... And yes, black holes in the material universe are white holes in the spiritual world... Which is quite neat in a way...

In other words, I won't be able to scratch the surface.
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Eulysthrah Eriusiell: i guess that depends if you want to or not. It's like trying to imagine a flower or a landscape, depending on how you do it it's up to you, but here it should just come natural with no effort...

So shall we go first to the Akashic Records of the Milky Way galaxy? I know the Akashic records are the go to place for most new souls who want to learn stuff and every galaxy has one!

Do you have them for other galaxies as well?
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Eulysthrah Eriusiell: Oh silly me! I forgot to tell you that you don't need to use your mortal gifts... flying here comes in tandem with imagination, like a lucid dream, you can do what you think... for the most part... that is, you just fly because you want to!

If this is all I know when it comes to flying, would I be able to imagine it any other way?
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Eulysthrah Eriusiell: Yes, there are many souls who can chose to ascend to oneness with enlightenment and ascendancy and become a Numakhiim, but most are just created by God or Grandfather out of their primordial light essence. And you pronounce it Nuh'Mao'Ka'iim... you'll learn.

Okay then let's go *She proceeds to begin flying expecting you to also just fly*

*Creates a copy of myself above me, but as that barely separates from my original self, it also creates a copy, whereas the last duplicate is reabsorbed into the one in front of it, enabling me to fly and leaving a short trail of duplicates behind me whenever I move*
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Eulysthrah Eriusiell: HAHAH! Yeah! no kidding... i remember when i first arrived here from my home after an asteroid hit my colony... eons before i was made into a Numakhiim, it was such a confusing place!

You got made into one of those? I don't think I can pronounce it, my apologies.
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Eulysthrah Eriusiell: He's probably gonna lose his mind when he will hear fish talk and actually understand them and their language... *She giggles at the thought* Not the first time that happened to newly arrived in the eternal rest. It is always fun seeing it though

Wow... at this rate, he may just want to stay.
<Snipped quote by Memory>

Eulysthrah Eriusiell: What is there to see? oh... oh boy... there's a reason this is called paradise, picture a nexus of a multitude of universes from all across an entire infinity set, all merged in a realm where all planets around all stars are full of life, space is breathable, death does not exist... and too much to say...

Also about your friend, not even if he tried, death does not exist here, you cannot injure yourself, you cannot injure others, you do not age, you do not get sick, etc... etc... he might find himself sharing space with the souls of fish and amphibians but he'll be just fine...

With any luck, he'll be out there making new friends.
<Snipped quote by Memory>

Soldier boy: OH I'M WAITIN' ALRIGHT! *I shout still sat half way in the lake*

Eulysthrah Eriusiell: Indeed... well, would you like to get to know this place for a bit in the meantime?

Soldier boy: Oh don't tempt him lady! He's all about exploring and recording!

Eulysthrah Eriusiell: *She giggles at my tantrum*

I would love to. What is there to see?
*Juts a thumb toward Soldier Boy*
Also, he won't be able to down in that lake, right?
<Snipped quote by Memory>

Eulysthrah Eriusiell: You mean Grandfather? Yes, he's also there grooming his son and communing and working together, but this particular heaven is that of Yaldabaoth as the universe you come from was crafted directly by him...

Ah, I see... well, nothing to do but wait in that case.
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