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<Snipped quote by Meta>

So has the identity of the first person to figure out the wizard theory.

You're going to get yourself killed over something entirely not worth the effort. The other models work just as well as Warlock.
*sends data the details via a cellular device*

There, you should recieve the details, soon.

*looks to the others*
Good job, spectre.
And sven, I'm with you on this one. They've always been a predominately evil group. Ruling with an iron fist, killing anyone that doesnt conform.

Noted. Thank you.
<Snipped quote by Host>

Fix for your mics whut?

If you listen to the episode, my audio is really low quality despite me using a good mic.

<Snipped quote by Efficacy>

Uhhhhh it'd have to start sometime in the next hour-ish or I won't be able to.

Yeah, I'd have to do it later, unfortunately.
<Snipped quote by whizzball1>

What David said, unless you guys would want to do one today. I certainly wouldn't mind. Doesn't take long to get set up.

I potentially can tonight. Any fix for our mics yet?
<Snipped quote by Host>

So I hope you'll have that imprisonment of yours ready soon.

<Snipped quote by Host>

But they really are very unruly.

As is expected.
@Valiance Are you guys doing a podcast today?

We do it Tuesday.
<Snipped quote by Host>

Less than ten thousand imprisoned soldiers. With that, I should... be done. Warships are off the planets.

<Snipped quote by Host>

I don't see any sort of correlation between your last two statements, so I'll assume that you're complimenting me. A hundred thanks.

One thousand welcomes.
<Snipped quote by Host>

It's literally a retcon plothole. Just like it was in GT. They wanted Gohan to go SSJ but it was established that he couldn't, so they decided to ignore the plothole in GT and staple on a dumb excuse in Super to retcon it. Further, it's debatable if Super is even canon at all, since it's not directly from Akira and doesn't follow the original manga. (Since there isn't one for Super at all, the Super manga is by someone else and comes out after the anime but is much better regardless.)

Not in this universe, collectively.

AT has plenty of input and even works on it.

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