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Julia: It's not much of a problem, but thanks. *We pass by the waiting room and you can see the girl that ran out earlier helping some of the people in there.*

*Looks into the room*
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Julia: I don't really know, but between Madelin's knowledge of plants, Zel's knowledge of metals, and Neil's collection of info, I willing to trust them when they say that we don't have the materials to make a strong, non-poisonous binding agent for the pipes.

That's unfortunate. I hope you find something.
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Julia: As far as what I've heard from Zel and Madelin, there isn't anything lasting that wouldn't also poison us.

Ouch. What would poison you?
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Julia: A few, but over time the pressure forces them apart again.

Nothing you can find that totally fixes it?
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Julia: Some of them, but we try to avoid replacing them until it's necessary, since the pressure usually just forces them apart.
*We pass by an open room where you can see someone cleaning a few instrumentals and parts with hot water.*

Have you discovered any way to hold them together?
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Julia: *Starts moving back down the hall in the direction we came.* They used some of the ores they found to make a pipe system that would let us transport hot water through the building. It can't stand up to it's own pressure for too long though, so we try to schedule the things we need it for around the same time.

That's great. Do you have a way to replace the pipes if they wear out?
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Julia: Understandable. If it weren't for the craftsman's quarter at the guild, I don't think we'd have the choice of heating up water for the building.

Really? What did he make to make it possible?
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Julia: We try to keep a small one going when we can so we can get the water heated when we need it, but not always. Why do you ask?

I was just wondering how you kept it so warm.
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Juila: I don't really know specifically how many people live here, but the best guess I've heard is around 172 or so.
*We end up outside a kinda hot and fairly humid room, which explains why the humidity increased the closer we got.*
This is our heating room, which we use both for keeping this place warm during the winter and for making hot water that we use to clean things.

Do you keep a fire burning around here?
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Julia: There's on average about a dozen or so small injuries and one or two larger ones on normal, calm week with nothing going on.

Out of how many people?
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