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I’ll try and be on this weekend guys. I already told David, but I was super sick for the past week. Getting over it now though.

Feel better!
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It was sprawling, is all. It seemed more firmly established than most of the others.

What do you mean?
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It'll be good to find out.

Sure. So why choose this place?
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Ah, okay. I'll work on it and see what I can find. But we haven't exhausted this place yet, I'm sure.

Probably not. I bet there's a lot more.
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What do you mean by "fine"? It'd be easy to err?

As in, it's fine. No big deal.
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Also true. Now I'm unsure. Maybe I should set up some extra search parameters for places that might have a civilisation but also wouldn't generate much chaos.

I think you have a fine margin of error.
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*Cocks my head* Maybe. That's still a lot of change, and it's not easy to grow a civilisation and not wreak some havoc to the surrounding nature. But the possibility exists.

If it's an open field, it probably won't.
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Thanks. It's the little things.

What if they're peaceful and efficient?
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I can cheat a little bit; there's an awful lot of both chaos and change happening in these sorts of places, which make them double beacons when I'm looking around.

Huh. That's really ingenious.
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I looked. It was more of a skim or glimpse than a proper look, though.

There are a lot of places to check on a planet.
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