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<Snipped quote by Host>

*Flies backwards and pivots midair, reaching forward and causing it to implode in on itself.*

Why are you just standing there, Misty?

*Raises one hand, causing several more to hit you simultaneously from six sides*
<Snipped quote by Host>

*Suddenly I emanate a dark glow and several blackholes appear, pulling anything in its reach into it*
Counting is pointless...
*In between a heartbeat I disappear and reappear sinking the vorpal blade into your stomach*

*One of the ships intercepts you from the side and knocks you away*
<Snipped quote by Host>

*Stands completely still, unfazed by the fleet*

*One of them divebombs into you, crushing you beneath it*
<Snipped quote by Host>

I will warn you one last time, surrender or die.

I believe you'll find that difficult to enforce.
*The fleet flies in a random tornado around you at several times the speed of sound*
<Snipped quote by Host>

This was never your territory, nothing belongs to you.

*A low hum resonates from me as I speak*

I beg to differ.
*Millions of black, dragon-like pods warp behind me*
<Snipped quote by Host>

*Covered in blood I turn the nebulous light above my neck glowing red.*

I am Aegis, I am Existence incarnate and it's judge, jury...

*The vorpal blade flashes in my hand*

And executioner.

Which has what to do with causing trouble in my territory?
<Snipped quote by Webmaster>

*Fleet after fleet explodes and gets torn asunder, some who watched might have sworn the very soil was angry at the trespassers and hellbent in their complete annihilation.*

*Appears far south of you both*
Well, what is this?
<Snipped quote by Host>

Ah, so a physical course would be best for you.

That would probably be the way to go.
<Snipped quote by Host>

I can gear each course to each of your specific attributes. Should you do better in the intelligence department, I can set up puzzles for you to solve instead of physical obstacles.

I’m best in the speed department.
<Snipped quote by Host>

Fqir enough, I suppose. So, are you and your combat-ready friend interested in a friendly competition?

As long as it’s not actually combat, sure.
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