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That's fair. Happy to help. *Smiles back*

Riiight. "Help."
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Sorry. Trying to.

Well, you owe me dinner tomorrow as punishment.
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Not really.

You're not making this very easy on me, you know.
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Any, like, starter ideas?
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Well, we're talking about one. That's a good start.

Yep. What's next?
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*Shrugs* Just means I need to find new things to want to do. But because I've done... pretty much everything, making you happy is the biggest constant I can go to that continues to make me happy.

Then I want you to find new things you want to do. That would make me happy.
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I've already done everything I wanted to do. Including marrying you.

I might not be as experienced at this whole “life” thing as you are, but that’s a really sad thing to say.
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Then we're fine because I told you what I want that's other than what you want. I don't see an issue.

You need to make some kind of Christmas list but for life.
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I've already told you what I want, though. Plus, it is all about you, because I want you to get what you want.

I want what you want too. Other than what I want.
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Do you want me to say "hey, we should make kids right now" or something? You get to make the decisions because I want you to be as happy as possible. If it would make you happier to have me make decisions, just let me know and I'll start doing that.

No, I just want to know what you want. Not everything is about me.
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