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Did I just so happen to make the choices that led to the intended path or did the choices mean nothing? Must begin study...

It's super linear, but there is a good ending. But if you want to give back, you can put everyone's .chr file on a flash drive and carry it around.
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Do you have to leave it running that long or just play it thirty years later?

Just play it thirty years later.

I was wrong. I forgot that DDLC does have special content if you let the game sit for 30 years.
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You should not.

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Don't tell me what I'm thankful for, you swine.

It's funny because it's also a soda.
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Mine was being thankful for my hilarious an awesome friends.

That includes all of yall.

Even you, dark.

Happy thanksgiving, all!

Same to you friendo.
Merry thanksmas!

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Grateful for all I have all the time. Thanksgiving as a specified day to be thankful for something is nonexistent to me. Just a reason to eat nice food with family.

Or should I say, what's Sven up?
happy thanksgiving everybody
What's the first thing you can think of to be thankful for today? Mine was being alive.

Living in Texas.
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Shinji: because this.

*a dark swisp of energy swirls around me *
Mordecai: heyo. Its been a while since weve done this attack.

Shinji: oh yeah. Im pumped. Gravity Drop!
*the wisp darts toward my hand, swirling and changing color to a volatile platinum as it spins faster, and i flash to the ground, hitting it with the intensity of a nuke, killing several hundred basic units, damaging others*

*over the comms*

Alright, David! Lets see what those swords can do!

Connecting Endgame to 50% Central PaMDA Computational Engine.
*The suit and the swords are granted access to a wave of unparalleled computing power*
Soul Edge, begin destroying suits. Do as much damage to them as you want, but leave the ones inside fine; they're useful to us. While you're at it, analyze every last detail about their suits and upload it to the shared database. Use that and the output from the learning algorithms to determine the fastest way to destroy these things. Soul Caliber, after Edge has destroyed their suits, immediately incapacitate them and download all information about their appearance, condition, etcetera. At the same time, if you find anything interesting we can do with whatever scraps Edge leaves in its wake, absorb those into your structure and increase your strength.
*The Endgame suit deconstructs itself around me and reapplies itself on the Soul Blades*
You have been granted access. Go!
<Snipped quote by Host>

Shinji: alright.
*clicks the comms on*
Alright, guys. Addition to the plan. My daughter nire thought it owuld be a bright idea to steal her prototype suit from my lab and join us. Someone please take her home, i did not authorize her for this mission.

*clicks them off, then gears up*

...alright, lets give 'em some hell.

*jumps through the portal*

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