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<Snipped quote by Host>

Let me be that for you! Put your faith in me!

*Coughs up more of the black liquid and then passes out*
<Snipped quote by Host>

I can't let you be like me. I was a monster, too. I killed. I slaughtered. I couldnt change myself. I.... I was helped. Someone stuck with me, through it all. Forced me to rear my head at the ugly wrongs ive commited. Ive been atoning since those days....

*Bellows a guttural, animalistic cry before shaking uncontrollably*
<Snipped quote by Host>

*immediately suspends you before it goes all the way through*

You're not allowed to die! I swore Id keep you safe. Even from yourself. I wont let you be like me!

*several thousands of layers surround you to the point where you cant move*

*Clenches my teeth through the pain until they crack and shatter as tears stream down my cheeks*
<Snipped quote by Host>

.... Ill knock you out, but I won't kill you. Theres another way around this.

*Contorts my face in agony*
*Gasps for air*
*One final spear emerges from my back as I impale myself through my heart and drain my own life force*
<Snipped quote by Host>

*tears well up in my eyes*

.. is this really what you want... death before anything else..?

*Hunches over, grabbing my stomach*
So... hungry...
*Puts my hand over my mouth*
<Snipped quote by Host>

Mierno: .... we can help you. Please. Let us try.

*my voice shakes a bit, clearly upset about the current events*

*Coughs up a black liquid and speaks raspily*
Do it now. Better me than someone else.
<Snipped quote by Host>

*you bite into nothing, as the hand becomes non-physical before you bite into it*

Jade... p-please stop this... this isnt you... not the you I knew..

*jumps back, and traps you in an energy field*

*Bangs my fist once against the field before a look of pain shoots through my eyes and I kneel over*
Kill me.
<Snipped quote by Host>

*darts toward you, hitting you in the face with a decent ammount of brute force*

Doc, I could really use some assistance with this. What do I do?

*Bites into your hand and starts to eat it*
<Snipped quote by Host>

*thousands of minor cuts start appearing on your body, but not enough to bleed*

Stop. Now. I don't want to do this.

*Looks at you for a moment and then lunges at you*
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