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Julia: *Doesn't follow.*
*When you get there, about half of those that were sitting in the room before have left, with only a few people remaining. You can see Madelin treating a cut on a small child's hand.*

Hi. What can I do to help?
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Julia: Out in the waiting room. Some of our supplies are in the room opposite of it if you need them, but try not to use more then what's necessary.

*Starts heading toward there*
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Julia: No problem. Another hand to help is always appreciated, even if it's just in passing.

Where can I start?
How dare you make me type that with my own two hands

"Akashic Records"
Really cool premise, poor pacing, needs longer second season that it'll never get, just like every other LN anime.
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Julia: *Quizes you on a few other things before putting everything away.*
You seem to have everything down, so I'm fine with letting you help out.

Great! Thank you so much!
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Julia: *Nods again.*
How would you go about doing that?

We would do the same with the previous injury, keep it elevated to allow it to drain, and wait until the swelling is down before doing anything with the bone.
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Julia: *Nods as I slip a band with two broken lines onto the lower part of the wooden leg.*
How about a broken bone that hasn't pierced the skin?

*Creates a stint and begins to set the break*
If there's significant swelling or bruising, it could indicate internal bleeding and require more delicate care. We would have to stop the bleeding first.
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Julia: *Looks impressed* Antibacterial cream is a rare thing to find, let alone make. The best we have here is purified water.
*Pulls the band off and puts another one with a larger line on it over where a major artery would be*
How about a tourniquet and then treatment with the available materials?

It's easier to make in some climates than others.
*Elevates the arm and starts tying the tourniquet around the upper arm, places a stick around the ends of the cloth, and twists*
We can stop the bleeding, apply heavy pressure to the wounded region, and wrap it.
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Julia: No. There isn't much of a reason to unless a problem pops up.
*Slides a band with a small line on it onto the lower part of the wooden arm.*
How would you treat a basic cut?

*Speaks while working on the wooden arm*
First I wash my hands. Then I examine how bad the wound is. If necessary, I apply a small bit of pressure until the bleeding stops. Then I clean the wound, apply antibacterial cream if available, and then dress the wound.
*Finishes it up*
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Julia: A few real kits are stored here, with others being stored near the mine, by the guild, and at the various guard rooms along the wall.
That's the only training kit we have though. *manages to pull out a few colored bands out of the closet before shutting it.*

Do you use them very often?
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