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Anything that can be brought over to the physical world?

Yep! Most things that aren't clearly reliant on the net have analogues.
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Is there anything unique to here that you wouldn’t find most other places? That’s like the number one criteria to a souvenir.

Uh... battlechips, pet viruses, programs? I'll have to think about it—my friends and I like to go shopping for clothes since you never have to try anything on.
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Boy, aren’t you persistent? I’m sure we’ll find something I like, don’t worry.

Good. Where do you want to go first.
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Well that’s why it would ‘t just be you, eh?

Okay, we can get something to surprise Tempo if we get something for you too.
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How about we get some things for people who aren’t us? Can you think of anything to surprise Tempo with or something?

I think surprising him would be a difficult thing for me.
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I’d pay to see it.

You know, I think I'm okay.
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That makes sense. The picture in my head at first was of ol’ farmer X tending to the virtual crops.

Phh, dad wouldn't be caught dead doing something like that. Mom might not mind though.
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That sounds more like hunting to me.

Yeah, but the idea comes from video games way back in the day, where you would farm for money or experience.
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Farmers, huh?

Virus farmers. But not like the kind that make friendly viruses, but the kind that attract viruses and delete them for cash.
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You know what I mean. Just trying to describe stereotypical retired life.

I definitely don't have that much cash. Our farm is decent but not enough to stop running it.
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