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Well let's hope Soren knows how to do it then, cause I doubt we'll get much if we run into one of these restrictions.

Yeah. I'm really bad with computers.
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Basically just stopping Monika from going insane and getting all the girls except maybe Yuri?

Wow, so even better than the original. It recognizes best and worst girls.
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A New Day or something.

What is it about?
There is actually a good DDLC mod that even mentions the other game.

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If it's just a computer and wall, then yea. But what does the word hack mean? I've seen it pop up in a few of the things I've found, but could never understand what ment in or out of context.

It's something really smart bad guys do to break into computers. I'm not really sure how it works.
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Oh... *calms down.*
Wait a sec, that kind of stuff is possible?

It depends. If it's just a computer in a locked room, we break the wall. If you have to hack it or something, I'll be totally lost.
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Wait, What?!
*looks both somewhat confused and concerned*
Why would you want to break a perfectly good e-library?!

Break access restrictions.
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About like you'd expect for the circumstances. Pretty stressful though.

I can imagine. At least things are on their track back to normality.
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Who knows? From what I've found on my own about e-libraries, there are supposedly "public and governmental access settings, each with their own sub levels of clearance". *makes air quotes as I say this.*
I don't really know what some of that means, but my guess is that we might not get any useful or accurate info without the right "access."

We can just break it.
Iiii'm back. But now I'm playing catch up with what I couldn't accomplish before I had to go, so rip me.

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