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<Snipped quote by Zeal>

With the amount of pain she causes me? She must think I have a death wish.

Maybe so.

<Snipped quote by Zeal>

Think of yourself as the magician’s assistant. Totally fine for you to be absolutely clueless!

Yeah, I guess so.
*looks around*
I’d say I’m a quick learner though. ‘May be from old age or plain ol’ experience.
<Snipped quote by Zeal>

Yes, we live there for now.

Sweet gig then, those suites are hard to get. You must be special to that woman.
<Snipped quote by Zeal>

I’m not a kid.

*chuckles and raises my free hand in apology*
Force of habit, my apologies. When you get to my age everyone is a youngin’
<Snipped quote by Zeal>

So you’re saying she’s trying to get us killed?

No, I am saying you are trying to kill your self, but the pay is one of the highest.
*looks at you*
You are the kid who has that suite in her Tavern, no?
<Snipped quote by Zeal>

Then recommended. She always has jobs for us.

*snaps then points a finger gun at you*
<Snipped quote by Inimical>

*Looks up and shouts*
Hey, you on the speaker! What do you have to say about all of this?

<Snipped quote by Zeal>

What's the difference?

She asking you directly is recommending the other is posting it on the board.
<Snipped quote by Zeal>

She recommends jobs for us. Like this one.

Did she recommend you to do the job or did she ask you? Cause I reckon that it is the latter.

<Snipped quote by Zeal>

Concert's over. This is a totally different kind of performance!

Mmm, never was a showman myself.
<Snipped quote by Zeal>

I thought she would know better than anyone the kinds of jobs we like.

She just posts the jobs, she isn’t a Handler.
<Snipped quote by Session>

That depends entirely on what you do with your five minutes of fame! And remember-
*My tone shifts to one of a more ominous tone while maintaining the grandeur of performing to a crowd*
Your career could count on it.

I hate concerts.
<Snipped quote by Zeal>

Yeah, so well known nobody bothered to tell me.

Do you take all of her jobs?
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