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There will be.

*Stares, wide-eyed*
Are you kidding?? I trusted you!!

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<Snipped quote by Meta>

*the blue strings come out of the book and slowly wrap up you, freezing the parts it touches*
You are merely an asset that has escaped.

*Pulls forward against the bindings*
I will embed this moment so deep into my soul that not even Melody will ever forgive you!!
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*Grits my teeth*
I hate making enemies.
<Snipped quote by Meta>

Not even the important part! I can’t have someone out there wandering around who has the intention of hurting their mom!

<Snipped quote by Zeal>

*The device warps you into the lab between me and Harmony*
I made up my mind about you from the start. The only thing that changed is how it’s going to be done.

You lunatic! There is no Melody without me!
<Snipped quote by Meta>

Not that promise. The one before. “If you cross us. If you run away. If you hurt them...” Ring a bell?
*The lights dim here in my lab as it enters a lockdown state, red lights flashing in a silent alarm*
How about what you said afterward? Or what you proceeded to do to them despite my pleas for you not to. Practically begging.

*My jaw drops in incredulity*
I hit a pause button, and you’re stabbing me in the back?!?
<Snipped quote by Meta>

I made a promise. A promise about what would happen following me sparing you, depending on a course of action you took.
*Taps the bottom of each key with my hands and they disappear*

And both of us kept our sides of the deal. No bad blood.
<Snipped quote by Meta>

… Do you remember what I told you? Before I gave you the Purge fragments, in the web.

*Looks up*
Honestly, no.
<Snipped quote by Meta>

*Silently turns the keys over in my hands as the Darwin Box from earlier floats from around my back and circles them*

*Turns and raises a hand*
<Snipped quote by Meta>

That so?

*Tosses the keys to you*
These can be used to remove the backdoor, or you can use it yourself for whatever reason you want.
<Snipped quote by Meta>

*Bends over and puts my hands on my knees from the sheer relief I exude*

Since you managed to talk that mysterious person into letting us go, I’ll even sweeten the deal for you.
<Snipped quote by Meta>

I’m sick of them. I’m ready to be done.

So am I. As promised.
*A green and red key materializes in each hand*
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