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<Snipped quote by Meta>

You will!

Okay Gajeel, let's see your plan succeed.
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You will be fine. Don’t worry about me too.
*looks at the building*
Lemme set up the place first, will only take me ten minutes.

I assume that I'll know when it's time?
<Snipped quote by Meta>

Got stage fright?

That's one way of putting it.
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In a few hours, but when we set the stage, it will begin shortly. There are many people already inside.
*a scouter like device slowly appears on my face*
Almost full to be exact.

And you're sure you want to do this?
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*smiles widely*
Ghehehe! Thank you.

When does the event start?
<Snipped quote by Meta>

Then this should be no problem.

*Ponders for a moment*
You are some manipulator, Gajeel.
<Snipped quote by Meta>

I do, but I want to make sure you are in better place than I am.

I am more than capable of holding my own.
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Confusion, split the people. Its not just terrorizing, its breaking them apart on their own.

I thought you preferred direct solutions.
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*places a piece of paper very large and bold letter that says “Strength in Faith” on you back*
Its being broadcasted, and you will be safe.

Gajeel, I really don't think this is going to work. If he's going to be here, you'll immediately be exposed as a fraud. Why the extra steps?
<Snipped quote by Meta>

*teleports us to a large building that is almost stadium-like*
There was a recent notice that he is going to do a huge show here.

Why terrorize a stadium when we can just wait for him to show up?
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