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*Shrugs and goes to find him*

*Follows both of you*
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I'm sure dad will want to figure things out too.
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That's everything I wanted to do. Good luck, have fun.
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Bite me.

Whatever. You've retained at least some factual memory. I'm not sure if I'd rather that or the opposite.
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With a small wire between them instead of a gap.

You know, close enough. You're obnoxious about it though.
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It works, doesn't it?

I don’t know if I would call it a lightbulb, but it works. How do normal ones work?
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You run electricity through a small gap in wires and it gives off light.

Arcing? If you want to kill your wires, sure.
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I do.

Explain it.
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Because the light overloads the fish's brains. You said they're blinding, so they're strong enough to give the fish seizures.

Do fish get sei— you know what, never mind. Do you know how lightbulbs work?
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