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*Follows you through*

*Sets the pocketwatch on a table and crosses my arms*
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*Opens a warp back home and enters through it*
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Let's get out of here. Nothing more to see.
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I don't know. That's why I asked.

Solving mysteries is part of who I am. And if I'm going to do it, I'm going to be the greatest at it who ever lived.
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Not really. I just wanted to know if your reason has changed.

What did you think it was going to change to?
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Mm. I suppose.

Was there anywhere you were wanting to go with that?
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Mm. Why do you want to be a detective?

I want to solve mysteries. And if I can help people who need puzzles solved along the way, even better.
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Mm. Sometimes you can. And a lot of people think that carrying on their memory makes them immortal, in a way.

Not by worrying about it, though. And what good does an immortal memory do? Have I done anything for them by showing up, other proving that I’ll do something sort of inconvenient if it makes them happy?
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Yes, but there's often a spiritualist component. There's also much more chance for pageantry with a burial, and there's a specific place to visit for their memory. Many find it distasteful to burn bodies, which leads to traditions such as burials when a species develops its cultures.

It just seems like a waste to me. If someone’s dead, you can’t change it. No point in sitting around, thinking about it.
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Mm. Depending on the species and culture, there are various reasons. The process of decomposition and the attempt to prevent disease are the most common among sapient species.

Composting or burning would be more effective to that end.
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