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I normally kill it, but if I can't, then I have several evasion strategies.

Killing it isn't always an option.
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True. Which is why being able to change into anyone, or anything, is quite useful.

Just be willing to flee if you run into something that wants you dead.
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*The smoke swirls back into his form, several feet away.*

Technically, I've everywhere at once.

There are foes that aren't fazed by that kind of ability. You have to be careful.
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I just do this.

*He explodes into a plume of smoke*

But are you still here?
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I think differently, because I've lived in war for most of my life. It's just how I am. I drink blood. I slaughter my enemies, because otherwise they'll kill me.

Some of that will come in handy, but you have to know how to retreat.
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You noticed?

Very much so.
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They're in my way.

I think we're going in circles.
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If I flat out rip someones limb off, is it torture, or fighting?

It depends on why you're doing it.
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It's not torture. It's fighting dirty.

Depends on how it's done.
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It depends on the situation, and the person in question.

I don't think torture is exciting, even for enemies.
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