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Sure, but... you didn't know that before meeting the robot, or me. Wouldn't a normal human get scared off?

I don’t think so? Maybe if you were mean.
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<Snipped quote by Server>

*Shirks back again*

<Snipped quote by Stratocracy>

Um... I usually don't see humans comfortable around other dangerous creatures like that. It's different.

Well the people here are friendly so it wouldn’t be scary even if I were a normal human.
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Forgive me if this is a rude question, but are you a human?
*Glances between the twins and Axl*
Since most everyone here is a robot...

Yeah, why do ya ask?
<Snipped quote by Stratocracy>

Sheer disappointment. And a little bit of pain.

We’ll take that.
<Snipped quote by Stratocracy>

I'm not even going to try.

Umm… Destiny is never something you’re really heady for. That do anything for you?
<Snipped quote by Stratocracy>

I'm just glad you didn't make a pun with that.

*Scratches my head*
I’ve got nothin’.
<Snipped quote by Stratocracy>

Sounds like it was a really heady discussion.

Whatever that means, I’m sure you have the right idea.
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You said you didn't believe in fate.

Destiny. But it’s less that I don’t believe in it, moreso that I think it’s just really maleable.
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*Pokes my head up*
If anything, blame fate, not me.

I did also say that. At the very start, in fact.
<Snipped quote by Stratocracy>

It's all about the delivery.

I deliver the message that I am a doubter.
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