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Current Though I might have a concussion
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I fixed everything yay
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Getting jumped in school is so much fun even more so when you find out someone stole yor identity on snapchat to talk bad about people
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Busy busy busy busy busy busy
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Inside My mind: scrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaccchhh/outside: everything is fine


"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds"

-J. Robert Oppenheimer,
Father of the atomic bomb after witnessing the first test

Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching. Satchel Paige

A bullet can have your name, but a grenade simply says "to whom it may concern"
Meme by foster

A hero need not speak for when he is gone the world speaks for him

The pen is mightier than the sword. The world as your canvas, what you paint on it beware.

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@Phantomlink959@LightningMaiden"Dragons I thought they didn't exist?" Mason said curious now. He nodded listening to Rost explaining what would happen. "so where we going doc" shadow said laughing weakly.
@Phantomlink959@LightningMaiden "Who would take over if it was an extraterrestrial supernatural being" Mason said with noticible amounts of curiousity. Mason listened to Amaya explain how her life has been and how she got information before saying "So you were an impartial jury then you have the info but you need to decide what to do with it "
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"firstly I'm not normally hostile, red on the other hand all he is is a rolling ball of red murdery intent. bzzrrt YAH" k12 said staying at a distance. "we are k12 a weaponised spider repair droid. Intentions other than rearming and repairing ourself nothing other than keeping red from killing everything" k12 said not moving. "Give uS some time and we will be gone"

Blue was trying to defuse the situation, but he was also fighting red for control to keep him from attacking.
"well where is it then or do we Not know that?" Mason said walking along side Rost before seeing the car. "um do the police know of the organization or will we be on our own with this?" Mason said before sliding in beside Amaya trying to not take up much room. He looked around the interior of the car noting it looked relatively normal besides the bullet proof glass.
@Phantomlink959@LightningMaiden Mason nodded in agreement on passing the armoury this time. "you driving seems like the best choice" Mason said following Rost and Amaya. "what all would we need to look out for with this,um is case The right word?"
@Phantomlink959 sorry about the Wait life got busy for me again I should be free tomorrow
@Phantomlink959 "no I haven't, so that would be appreciated." Mason said in response to Rost question. "[color=]what all does a field kit containñ[/color]" he asked with a hint of curiosity in his voice.

(sorry for the wait and the shortness of this post I have been busy settingup a Halloween party)
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As the combat soldiers entered the bay they would here the sound of two voices arguing with each other, one more calm and collected while the other more chaotic and deranged. "Congratulations red, you stole a star destroyer by throwing it into jump drive yet you didn't know how to fly it btzzt Shut up blue! I wanted to have fun and you wouldn't let me so I made my own." k12 said as it rummaged through on of the many ammunition crates trying to find the right caliber bullets for its chain gun. It's glowing red camera flicked around the crate. Not noticing the lights approaching due to its bickering it climbed back out of the crate only to stare at the men after a few awkward moments k12 spoke up saying "I take it you gents aren't here for a cup of tea? zzrt Of course not blue you idiot!"
Mason was quick to follow Rost into the elevator, he nodded to Richard to say good morning without actually saying it. He didn't want to find out what accidently touching Richard might do so he tried to stay as far away as he could. Noticing Amaya scoot closer to him to make room Mason also tried to move aside to make room.
@KatherinWinter sorry for the long wait I'll post shortly
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