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23 days ago
Current Though I might have a concussion
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23 days ago
I fixed everything yay
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23 days ago
Getting jumped in school is so much fun even more so when you find out someone stole yor identity on snapchat to talk bad about people
1 mo ago
Busy busy busy busy busy busy
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2 mos ago
Inside My mind: scrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaccchhh/outside: everything is fine


"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds"

-J. Robert Oppenheimer,
Father of the atomic bomb after witnessing the first test

Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching. Satchel Paige

A bullet can have your name, but a grenade simply says "to whom it may concern"
Meme by foster

A hero need not speak for when he is gone the world speaks for him

The pen is mightier than the sword. The world as your canvas, what you paint on it beware.

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@underworldqueen good wbu
@The Revenant I'm fine with it and I have two monsters
@BoyMom69035yeah red and blue tend to argue alot
@BoyMom69035 that's the point lol it is meant to be silly I can be overly kind and respectful and criminally insane all in the same post^^
I can do two at once if you want to
"red I need control of the gun for a moment, I was able to repair it a-DONT ASK JUST DO!" with that the minigun fell open once again pointed at the door as K12 successfully removed one of the year has container by dismantle it and throwing it back out the window. "You slime lady if you would kindly open the door." K12 said as the barrels started spinning.
@BoyMom69035@Dealdric@Dark Light
"whoa bzzrtthat can't be Real, red what did you do to our eye this time" K12 said staring at the clone. It started to walk towards the ice to touch it to see if it's Real. K12 got close enough to touch it as it used one of its legs to reach out and tap it, as metal touched ice K12 jumped back.
One panel of armor plating began sparing as loud grinding sound was heard like steel ripping through the steel suddenly a chunk of the armor shot off as the grinding died down. A light blue Droid crawled out of the hole in the wreckage, seemingly arguing with it's self. "It was fun blue let's do that again! bzzrt no red you just caused an imperial ship to go down! It was a beautiful ship and you killed it" the small bottle crawled along the side seemingly unaffected by the red hot metal.
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