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<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

That is fair.

Enjoy the life.
*Steps out*
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

Oh... alright, then.

Access to Tier Five at all is a rarity. The chain of command exists for a strategic reason.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

Also, If I may ask, is there any way we could set up a better communicstion system other than going through select members of the Tier Five that we are already friends with, such as special granted permissions?

Consider yourself fortunate that I leave even that avenue intact.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

Hmm. Understood. Sorry for my misunderstanding, again. Dealing with time related occurences can get pretty messy and complex quite quickly.

Mmm, yes.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

Ah. Interesting. Who is in this System?

Every being is part of the System.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

So, what happens now?

Only time will answer that.
*Steps toward the door*
And for your mental peace, The Conqueror will not exist in this timeline.
Tired. Night all.

<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>


Hmmm. I withdraw my previous accusations. My apologies.

Apology accepted.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

Can someone explain to me what just happened.
Because in split seconds everything went from fine to bad and then back to fine again.

I saved her existence. I said that I would if the need arose.
<Snipped quote by Legend>

*Had taken a stance only to end up looking as confused as you are.*

<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

*The fading stops and my presence is restored*

You judge me too harshly. I am held to a higher standard than those around me.
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