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<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>


Simple. We've known of it since the beginning. Tier Five is an intricate System and only the perfect balance will allow it to function optimally. As for the lesson...
*Approaches the device*
Isn't that correct, Data? Enjoy analyzing the monologues. Remember, Protocol UL2.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>


Do not blame yourself; no provisions were made for you to have any ability to succeed in the first place. Rather, Welter Rite,
*Points my knife in your direction*
You will never become a Tier Five. Learn that now and apply your life toward some goal more fulfilling. In fact, consider it a gift, as you only received this opportunity in order for me to teach another individual their own lesson. Now, you're free to stop stalking Mary's activity.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>


As much as I hate lectures...
You lack the qualities of an administrator. Tier Five is not a rank—it is a responsibility. No individual who strives to attain Tier Five does, and many have no desire to participate at all upon receiving the offer. Your inward-focus is detrimental to the aim of developing a seamless team. Your ability relies on the strength of others that you will not always have. Tier Five makes use of special-case abilities, but not when their only strength is utilizing that which others already have; if I want the power of others, I will recruit them instead. A Tier Five exercises authority, influence, and control, not power. Every test you were graced with the chance to approach was failed. And you are one of the few who receive any sort of test in the first place.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

I... I mean, of course it would turn out like this. You're part of the Top Five! Surely I've proven my strength, and risk I can learn quickly!

You would not have even found me had this not advanced my own goals and intentions.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

*Stops myself a few meters away*
What just...
*Looks down*

*Your shirt rips open, revealing a dripping red wound*
For an aspiring Tier Five, you are quite idealistic in the naive sense. While there are a range of personalities, from reckless to hypercritical, each is able to properly evaluate risk.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

...Very well.
*Blackness coats me from within and streams out from your abdomen*
I won't hold back!
*Rifles into you with enough speed and force to begin cracking the dimensional boundary around me, aiming my hand into your heart*

*Bends backwards with speed much slower than yours, early enough to allow me to avoid your attack entirely and plunges the tip of my knife into your check, forming a deep gash as you propel yourself forward*
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

I know that you're the Great Strategist. I aspire to have that same kind of forethought. As for my ability, I do want to make a point that it becomes much stronger with additional souls. But even on its own, I believe its formidably approaches even Tier Five standards. And with the Tier Five power boost—

Mmm, but even the Tier Five power boost would fail to show me what your ability is capable of when you insist on chatting.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

Yes, but... I also know that it is returning. Stronger. And I want to be a part of that.

You do keep your nose in our business. Show me the greatest limit of your power here. Where the only souls to feed you are mine and your own.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

I expected nothing less from The Legend.
My ability dramatically increases in strength with the variety of souls that I add, as well as their individual strength. Given the size of Tier Five and its capabilities, surely you can see how it would be useful!

Someone so familiar with Tier Five who is unaware of the destruction of the Tier System?
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

*Looks at my fist*
I don't want to hurt y—
*Stops myself*
...Very well.
*Plunges my fist into your chest, generating a shockwave that crumbles the terrain around us*

*Has the butt of my knife where your fist lands before you begin, intercepting the punch and absorbing any shockwave that would reach me*
Is that all the strength my soul gives you? Honestly, I expected more than that.
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