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<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

Do you have any potential ideas to help her continue from here on out?

Yes, but I think she can figure it out on her own.
<Snipped quote by First>

Wait, really?!

You're more than welcome to try.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

First: slow going. Little to none, actually. She has figured out how to keep a small portion of herself intact, but the rest of her body reacts to the area still.

What what that old adage? "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?"

*Arrives in the dimension*
I hate to intrude, but I'm curious as to your current progress. How much headway have you made in the last three months?
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

That is fair.

Enjoy the life.
*Steps out*
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

Oh... alright, then.

Access to Tier Five at all is a rarity. The chain of command exists for a strategic reason.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

Also, If I may ask, is there any way we could set up a better communicstion system other than going through select members of the Tier Five that we are already friends with, such as special granted permissions?

Consider yourself fortunate that I leave even that avenue intact.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

Hmm. Understood. Sorry for my misunderstanding, again. Dealing with time related occurences can get pretty messy and complex quite quickly.

Mmm, yes.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

Ah. Interesting. Who is in this System?

Every being is part of the System.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

So, what happens now?

Only time will answer that.
*Steps toward the door*
And for your mental peace, The Conqueror will not exist in this timeline.
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