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<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

It works out perfectly. If she had been here earlier she might’ve interrupted our game!

I also appreciate
*Clears my throat*
Her "victory," if you catch my drift.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

She reminds me a lot of me in my early days. Only way less timid.
I enjoyed it, it wasn’t any trouble.

It's always interesting to see a mind develop and learn from a base setting.
*Checks my watch*
Star should arrive rapidly. My apologies for the delay.
<Snipped quote by Legend Begins>

*Decides to follow the rest of the way after waiting a moment*

I appreciate you spending time with her. I'm certain she does as well.
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

*Runs toward Data*
Data Data!!! I won Go!!

Did you? Congratulations.
<Snipped quote by Host>

I dunno. Reset the room to default.

*The room returns to the infinite grassland*
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

Not at all! Now the grass can be on fire!

*The fields erupt into flames*
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

*Plays again*
Make another forever tower sideways through the first one!

*A second tower, also inflamed, bursts from the sides of the original*
<Snipped quote by Host>

*Places a piece then addresses the room*
Set the tower on fire.

*The tower bursts into flames*
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

And a waterfall! And a giiiiant tower that goes up forever!!

*A hill materializes to your left with a flowing stream of water at the top, and behind Kat a spiraling stone tower is generated with no apparent top*
<Snipped quote by Galaxy Raider>

Make a one hundred Go board!!

<Snipped quote by Host>

*Waits for a response*

*A ten by ten grid appears below both of you, along with two piles of black and white stones*
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