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Heya. Getting back into text based RP after a long binge of DND/Pathfinder as it's more schedule friendly and I happened upon this lovely site.

Down for most roleplays as I'm looking to improve my writing ability and connect with other cool people. Only really draw the line at erp as that's just not my cup of tea.

If you wanna chat, shoot me a dm! Would be more than happy to entertain anyone who stumbles upon this.

If you've got any recommendations about the site, that'd also be lovely to know! I'm very new here after all!

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I've always been an organized person. From the moment I became a man, I've kept rules in place to prevent untimely things from happening to me, as well as the company I keep. This all seems to have fallen apart the moment I found myself dispatched to Mandelein with a rather unsightly group of people. My company was... interesting to say the least. A tarlonese suunei, and a rural one to boot from the swamps of Qari'muuna seemed to be entangled in a relationship, which I found particularly interesting to observe given that it seemed inherently unhealthy. Jealousy abound from one side, and a lack of understanding from the other, alas, they clinged to each other all the same. It proved ample entertainment throughout the mission. Then there was the rest of the group. Then there was a foreigner. A shy thing, very reserved with plenty of secrets that she was very unwilling to share. I never bothered to probe. Of course, there was Jamboi. A rather consistent thorn in my brain, though one I was growing fond of having around. For as ever gross as he was, something about him told me he knew more than he let on. Like he could... see more than others? A drudgunzean couple as well, though I could definitely sense something strange. It seemed as if every pairing of students among the groups was strange, but perhaps it was because I had never attempted to engage in such things as love, at least not yet. A strange alchemist and a quiet lad with eyes as red as blood were also to boot, but there wasn't much to be had about those.

Although most of this mission, I had been lounging around the inn we had been staying at, observing both my 'comrades' and the foreigners we found along the group, when the town had fell victim to a seemingly never-ending army of Wildbloods, I was called to action. I happened to be with that accursed nun, and the quiet lad. My first instinct, would be of course, to run away from the conflict to preserve my being, but having spent time observing this woman, she would have rather cut me down than an enemy if I had engaged in such a play. So, I stayed and fought, placing my life on the line for this pointless cause. We held in a church, alongside a priest who gave us aid. More and more of them came, until there was one that seemed to hold more humanity than the others. It directed them, and I thought that it may be the end. Alas, we continued to hold, and I bled for the first time in many years, pushing my skills to the brink. One was taken down by a spell from the quiet lad that seemed to eliminate the wolf from existence, and it made me shudder. Shortly after, a priest came in and dispatched them all, falling to the ground in a pool of blood.

Now, we sit here, healing him and waiting for the next swarm. Truth be told, I believe I am shaken. It is not only men and women that are being transformed, but also children. Perhaps I could dispatch one of these beings, but I feel greatly ill at the mere thought of dispatching children. Something is telling me that I'm not as strong as I think I am, and I'm beginning to believe that voice ever so slightly. Self doubt is a step towards defeat, I learned that before I came to this academy, but I fail to understand how blood comes to these students so easily.

I must be brave, lest I meet the same fate as these unfortunate souls.

Ghost of the Lednikrayva

Event: Cold Comfort @Tackytaff / Characters: Yuliya, Penny @Force and Fury

“Something’s bugging you.” Penny stated it matter-of-factly as they walked, her voice barely more than a whisper as she glanced over at Yuliya. Both were at the back of the group but, while she had the very reasonable excuse of having one leg, the Vossoriyan had no such explanation for her loitering. Yuli scratched her head as she dragged her feet on the trail. She had to talk to someone - or they were all going to be misled by this dumb kid's plan to hustle them. She hushed her tone, to hide her words from the yasoi and the hegelan who were presumably of better hearing than her human counterparts, all the while keeping a watchful eye on the runt. “This is a swindle. This kid want the begemot for himself. I think he will lure it back to hegelan land and kill it there, make himself small fortune.”

Penny narrowed her eyes. It made sense, but it also seemed a little farfetched. A lot had to go right for that to work, and he hadn’t exactly been the most approachable until quite recently. There’d have been better ways to convince them to help him if this really was some sort of swindle. It was Yuliya, though, and Penny was loath to just ignore a warning offered in good faith, or so she would assume. “That’s… alarming,” she admitted. “What makes you think so?”

“Begemot tusks are worth lot of money. Even to us. Any that get near mountains are hunted.” she whispered, pondering a moment before speaking once more, a little more opinionated this time. “It annoys me that he might trick us, but it annoys me more they want to save this beast. These people starve, their grain gone, and if my suspicion right, all we do is line pockets of some hegelan crafter.”

“Maybe it’s a trick,” Penny admitted. “If it is, you’ll see me push a kid off a cliff myself,” she snorted. “No word of a lie.” She did not like being doublecrossed or deceived and if she had learned anything from her father it was that poor faith actions needed to be dealt with in exactly one manner: with ruthlessness. “Problem is, if he was really trying to gain our trust to hoodwink us, why steal our food? Why go after Nazih with vein-bulging rage?” She shook her head. “It just doesn’t make sense.” She pursed her lips for a moment. “A lot of things don’t make sense here, actually.” The Perrenchwoman let out a groan. “Uuuugggghhh. It would all be so much simpler if we could just blow up the villains and be done with it.”

Were it not for the hunger she was currently experiencing, Yuli might have let out a giggle. Alas, she was stone faced and contemplative. ‘Why’ indeed. It would be easier if they could just smash some shmuck’s head in and be done with it, but they were stuck in a rural trail, following some hegelan kid to lure out a fucking begemot. All the while, those two tree huggers were making the job so much more troublesome as they were so insistent on keeping the beast alive. Hell, Yuli was a big fan of the beast as well, and she didn’t exactly enjoy the idea of killing it needlessly, but people would always come before beasts in her eyes, no matter how majestic. “Even if this isn’t scheme, these people need food. We need food. I don’t care about keeping animal alive when 200 people are hungry. And I don’t feel like helping kid who stole our dinner, or making lovebird feel good about themselves”
“Well, then what say we turn the tables here: use the kid to lure it out and then pound it to pieces?” She shrugged. “I don’t like it any more than you do, but it is us and not other creatures who are made in the Gods’ image, and if people are threatened, their wellbeing should be our primary concern.” Penny slowed up to hop over a little rocky ridge. “If the townspeople ask why they should give us their grain or meat, then we just tell them the truth: we need to lure the beast out in a predictable place - somewhere safe - so we can deal with it.”

Yuli sighed. Not a sigh of exasperation, but at annoyance at her peers that weren’t Penny. Why couldn’t all people be so reasonable. Alas, it was only those 2 that had sense currently in her eyes, and she thought for a moment that perhaps they would be able to handle it. It was then - she remembered - that a 5 moons wildblood Zarina could barely take one, and often was on the receiving end of a beatdown. They would need help, and probably to use at least a few of the manabrews that they had on hand. “It’s good idea. But just us two can’t take it, especially if they sabotage us. Maybe Marz could help. I feel better about giving him tusk than random crafter in city. Maybe the other Parrenchi? Is he strong? ” she looked at Penny, hoping deep down that the answer was yes.

Penny smirked. “He’s Perrench,” she bragged, “‘Course he’s strong.” She waited a moment for the mirth to die before nodding. “He is, and he’s f- a friend. I know him. I…mostly trust him.” she snorted, finding the need to cover for her earlier slipup. She’d almost said ‘family’. She hadn’t come clean to Yuliya completely yet. She wasn’t sure why. “Haha!” she laughed, “You know, I almost said, ‘and he’s friend’? Your speech patterns are rubbing off on me, Yuli.”

Yuli cocked an eyebrow at the ‘slipup’. Perhaps it was the way she suddenly shifted to a comedic approach, or the fact she was so nervous, but it didn’t sit exactly right with her. Were they secret lovers? No, no shot. And no-one would just pick up on her broken avincean. Especially not a smart girl like her. Eh. Whatever she was hiding, she’d get it out of her later over some booze. “Then let’s get him. I will talk to Marz, you talk to Yevin? Yavin? Why so difficult name? ” she spoke, frustratedly toward the end as she struggled to grasp Parrench linguistics. Alas, they had a plan in motion. Perhaps they could grab more, but the rest seemed vehemently opposed to killing this beast and leaving the village to its fate after it was lured away.

“Four of us is still risky,” Penny admitted. “Worse comes to worst, if it’s either help us or the village gets trashed, I think at least Silas, Nazih, and Esmii will help.” She made a pensive face and lowered her voice further. “Still, it’d be nice to have a backup plan or a bolt hole, no?” She regarded Yuliya questioningly, hoping that her friend possessed answers that she currently didn’t. The Vossoriyan hushed herself a bit more than normal, as she wasn’t exactly sure that she should be sharing her abilities in this, but alas, she trusted Penny with her life to be frank. “I can teleport us. I am not confident in moving other people, but I think I could. I have been practicing. We have some ace in sleeve though.” she spoke, as she pulled her anti-magic box from her breast pocket, and a bandolier of mana shots from inside her thick coat. “With these, I think we can. Me and you are strong, and if your friend half as strong, it might be enough.” she whispered far more confidently than she felt on the inside. The images of watching Zazzy fight one still flashed through her mind, but they had numbers. It wasn’t a bad bet.

Penny pursed her lips and nibbled on the lower one for a moment, running some scenarios through her head. “Then that’s what we’ve got… hopefully. I think it’ll be enough.” She shrugged. “Dami knows it has to be.” They were stopped now, as the others in front of them had come to a halt. “You go convince yours, I go convince mine?” “Da.” spoke Yuliya, nodding and wandering over to the hegelan she liked far more than the brat. Penny took a deep breath and headed towards her cousin.

Location: Hoch Dorumvir // Characters: Yuli, Penny @Force and Fury, @Tackytaff

It was hard for the girl to contain her excitement. She was going home! It was under tenuous circumstances, sure, but this was a break from it all. The stupidly hot weather, the all too annoying avincean grammar lessons, the drama, having to run the business, it was a brief respite. And all the while, she got to visit a hegelan city. Three out of five was a pretty good tourist checklist, and it felt all too fitting that she was in Hoch Dorumvir, the 'City of Wind'. Her hegelan wasn't seamless, but it was better spoken than her Avincean, and the small linguistic differences between the cities didn't seem to trip her up as much. For the first couple hours in arrival, she opted to explore the city, and regroup with Penny later for a bit of shopping. That way, she could act as a tour guide twice over.

On her travels, Yuliya notices two of her school companions near a peculiar statue, on the other end of the street however, a commotion demands her attention. A pair of magnificently bearded hegelans were arguing about matters of inventory and humans being a problem in that regard, but her presence on the scene clear stirred them into more of a fervour. The slightly taller of the two pointed at her as he continued to shout with enough force to send spittle flying. The other, whom had appeared more calm at first, ended that assumption by hammering his partner square in the forehead with a fist. The first spat on the ground then, and made a gesture in Yuliya's direction that made the rest of the spectators gasp, then look away. When things had quieted down enough the shorter of the arguing men approached Yuliya with a polite smile.

"Sorry," He began in terribly accented Vossoriyan. "Bad manners, you south move? You take?" Yuliya would look down to see a paper in the small man's hand, sealed with a wax seal bearing a set of initials in her own language's alphabet. "Please," The man remembered to add, lifting the paper still higher for Yuliya to take. She would look in moderate confusion at the man. She took no notice of his poor accent, as she was all too familiar with being on the receiving end of scrutiny in that regard. Instead, she would regard him in Hegelan, looking down at the paper and the man with scrutiny. "No need for apology, you weren't the rude one. You need help?" The mans eyes bugged out for a moment, and as quickly as he'd procured the paper, it disappeared again somewhere behind the mass of beard that reached nearly to his knees. "You speak well!" He appears overjoyed, if a bit nervous. "Zoldur is a stupid old git with more hair on his ass that sense in his head. Shopping around? I'll offer you a deal, best in town, three prime shots only 3 of your little hats." There was a brief discourse by Yuli in order to attempt to retrieve the contents of the letter, but he seemed adamant in not handing it over to her. Alas, she relented and took the all too juicy deal of some prime shots. After all, they may be useful in the coming missions. She was more than aware of how effective they could be going forward.

Following this, Yuliya went to find Penny. The two enjoyed the trip around the city, buying clothes, mana brews and various supplies from around the city. She was half-tempted to convince Penny to commission herself a hegelan item, seeing as Yuliya already had a couple in her possession, but she did not insist upon the matter. What she did insist upon, was a night of drinking and revelry. The two danced, sung and partied throughout the night, with Yuli eyeing up several potential marks for a drink before their departure. Penny soon retired and gave Yuli a wave, and she found her hunger stirring. There were a few people out on the night, but she settled for a well dressed gentleman who sauntered into a nearby alleyway, sensing the man had sufficient mana to quench it. What followed was a more than quick affair. As the man 'emptied the tank', she had more than enough time to close the gap and sneak up behind him, completely unawares as the man was in a drunken state. And for once, a hunt went off without a hitch. She silenced him almost as soon as she came upon him, the drink was swift and filling, and the man was left sitting in a puddle of his own urine. She left satisfied and filled from the night, and went to conduct her final activity before the morrow was upon them.

That man who held the note - she'd marked his address. The hour was late, and there was little chance of her being spotted, and even if she were, she was more than empowered by her recent drink of both blood and manabrews. She quickly found an entrance to the home through an open shutter window, and was able to rifle through the mans belongings, finding the note without much effort. She quickly left, as to not allow herself to be caught in the thievery, and went back to her room for the night, in which she read the note both to confusion and worry. It did not keep her long however, as sleep found the girl with a full belly and a night of good experience. She only hoped the rest of this expedition would go as planned.

Player Magic Specialization

Start of Arc Four

❖ Yuliya Ilyanovich Vasilieva: 2 3 0 0 3 2 0 2 0 0 0

Magnetic (+2) Arcane (+1) Binding Chemical Kinetic Atomic (+2) Blood Temporal (+2) Dark Command Primordial

Semester 1: Arcane, Magnetic
Semester 2: Atomic, Magnetic
Forked Tower: Temporal +2

Event: The night of the aberration apocalypse and the assassination of Hugo Hunghorasz. | Characters: Yuliya, Zarina @YummyYummy

Chaos had taken the city. So many had died, and even more succumbed to terrible ailments. The black sky of the night was tainted with the orange mark of the flames that lingered in some of the buildings that hadn’t been tended to yet. Most of it was under control, or so that’s what the authorities wanted the confused and ill-informed masses to believe. In truth, the greatest defence of the many was gone, and many were now unknowingly going to be the cogs of a changing world, whether they wanted to or not. It would be overwhelming if anyone could have seen what Yuliya had seen.

Zarina was patiently waiting for the young Sanguinaire’s return to her quarters, which were adjacent to the Virangish’s own. Back against the wall with the same-faced coin being continuously flipped and caught. She definitely was trying to have style here, but her dishevelled look and the lingering smell of fish-guts that couldn’t be easily removed even with good magic somewhat put a wrench in her introduction. Nonetheless, she shot a half-lidded glance toward Yuliya and forced a small smile, “You survived.” she went straight to the point, “I was worried. So was Nibbler.” he was not with her.

By the time she got back to her dorm, she was not the same person as when she had left. Yuliya had a lot on her mind, both from the day and the night that she had experienced. Obscene acts of magic, reality warping, strange fishes and witnessing the strongest beings from around the globe clashing, not to mention the death of the paradigm. And while her emotions were normally in control, she was at breaking point. Stress, anger, fear and sadness swirled around her mind like a vortex, but when she saw her friend standing beside her door, trying to put on a brave face, it made it go away for a second. She couldn’t help crack a small smile herself, but it quickly faded following what Zarina said. ”Survived? We both did. Today was crazy. Like lednikrayva, but without drink.” she spoke as confidently as she could muster, but her voice was trembling and to be frank, she didn’t know why she was attempting to hide it. There was a part of her that knew Zarina knew, and she just wanted this formality to be over with. But to spill the beans herself, after what she saw. If the mind reading monster that was Hugo could be felled, who knew who was listening? Who knew whether they’d be instantly smitten for talking about what happened. To be frank, she was terrified.

“We did.” Zarina nodded, going along with Yuliya’s misdirection,“We can consider ourselves lucky, I guess.” there were more students that walked through the halls of the dormitory, prompting Zazzy to gesture toward the door, “Mind if I come in? There is something we need to discuss.” the softness of her tone wasn’t undermining the solemnity of her words. Whatever Zarina had in mind, it was serious.

”Sure. My room messy right now. Don’t judge me.” she spoke, unlocking the door. And indeed it was a state. There were clothes scattered, books all over the place and nary a free spot to sit down, save for the bed and the chair stationed at the corner desk. She waited for Zarina to walk in, before shutting it quickly behind them, locking up the latch in a panic and putting a sound dampening bubble around the room, like she was escaping from a pursuer, except, she wasn’t. She was just talking to her friend, but she couldn’t make herself act naturally. Not now. She was still on edge. She barely mustered the strength to speak once more. ”So, what we discussing?”

Yuliya’s mannerisms, uncharacteristic and conspicuous as they were, did not fly over Zarina’s head. No, they were actually expected to an extent, although there seemed to be something off. When the Sanguinaire turned to address Zarina, the latter tilted her head slightly, chin raised just a tad as if she was indeed judging Yuliya. On what remained unclear for the blonde, “I won’t mess with you or be polite about things, I respect you enough to skip all that.” she seized the corner chair and took a seat, legs open with her hands clasped between them as she leaned forward, “You felt something invigorating you when they tried to hurt you, right?” before Yuli had a chance to even try an answer, Zarina continued, “Nibbler looked out for you. I guess he does remember what happened in the forest. Did you know it was him that was aiding you?”

Yuliya looked uncomfortably around the room. Incredibly so. She couldn’t hide it anymore. She knew. She’d practically admitted it. So what was there left to hide. She closed her eyes and counted to three, taking a couple deep breaths and leaving the room in a moment of silence, before heading over and sitting on her bed. ”I didn’t know it was him. I never saw him. I guess I owe him. He might have saved my life.” she spoke, looking at Zarina. She wanted to trust her, but she had wanted to trust Augusto and that had turned horribly. She hoped, prayed, that Zarina wouldn’t betray her trust in the same way. Her gaze met hers before she spoke once more, ”But, where were you? You two like peas in pod.”

With confirmation that it was her, Zarina’s tilted head straightened itself. She let out a light exhale from her nostrils as she nodded. Then, she whistled, prompting Yuli’s Raspberry dragon to emerge from whatever clothing den it had made itself and trot its fat body over to her and meet her presented hand for a pet. She had trained this thing, after all, “With Marci, behind the pack of angry Eskandish.” he answers without hesitation, “I did not know it was you until after our teammate got rid of us all.” her eyes briefly shifted toward Yuli’s distressed being and then returned to the animal she was caressing, “But, I don’t think I would have connected it if it weren’t for what Ingrid and her Southern brethren’s had to say about the ‘Sanguinaire’ that attacked the twins.” again, she nodded and just slowly raised her eyes without moving her head, staring right at the identified bloodsucker, “They’ll figure out it’s you soon, Yuli. Do you know what you’re going to do?”

Yuliya sighed in relief. It was over. The tension was gone and the cat was out of the bag. IF anyone found out, she was glad it was Zarina. Because if she couldn’t trust her, then who could she really? The best friend she’d made since arriving. She cast aside her doubt and regained her composure, before letting out a bit of a grin.”You’re too smart for your own good.” Zarina snorted, “A dormouse figured it out before me. Please. I usually act before thinking. Hence-” she opened her arms to illustrate her presence in the den of a Sanguinaire, alone and exposed. ”You think I would hurt you?” Zarina shrugged, “Maybe. I hope you don’t. I’ve hurt people for petty things before. And this is a big deal. But if it reassures you, I’m not here to harm you, or take advantage.”Yuliya rose from her bead, and looked at Zarina, unblinking. A couple of seconds passed, silence hanging in the air before she began to walk toward her without saying a word. And in a moment, she wrapped her arms around the seated girl, barely having the height advantage while Zarina was sitting down. ”You promise?” she sniffled slightly, attempting to hold back tears. Today was too much. She didn’t have any strength left to hide behind.

Zaz flinched as Yuliya approached. For all this strength and stoicism she was displaying, the Vossoriyan enigma remained a genuine threat. One that took down twins that were definitely not weak. Her entire body clenched up, but then came the hug. She could hear Zarina’s heart racing - she was surprised by all of it. If only she knew just how much this terrified Yuli had gone through, she’d understand far more, but as it stood she believed the Eskandish mob were the cause of her pain, “Yes. I promise.” she hushed herself into a whisper, idle hands slowly lowering themselves to caress her blonde hair and the middle of her back, “Did you hurt them?”

Yuli suppressed a sob. She wanted to grab on tight, but she stopped herself. She could feel Zarina’s heartbeat, she was obviously scared. Yet, she did not push her away. Zarina trusted her. And that meant the world to her right now. ”Yes. But I spare them. It was after roses and neskals. I was pissed off and hungry. Are you friends? I don’t mean to hunt your friends.” she let go of the embrace and looked Zarina in the eye, still remaining close. ”You know what I am? What sanguinaire is? Or only stories?” she spoke the clearest she had all night, her eyes still slightly damp.

“Not friends but-” Zarina pursed her lips and peered to the side, “They’re close enough to Marci. Which makes this a problem. But not the main problem.” both hands rested upon Yuli’s shoulders, and slowly the Sanguinaire was pushed back. Not in a shove, but so they could actually look at one-another when talking, “I’ve only heard stories, and the stray ‘hunts’ going on here and there. That’s it.” she idly reached down to the red little dragon that was put on standby and hoisted her up onto the Zazzy-lap for extra pets, “You’re going to need one hell of an alibi.”

She frowned slightly. ”I don’t think it’s possible now.” She would not hide the truth. It was pointless. ”I… I would have killed them tonight. They chased me, and I had plan. I lure them into warehouse, and I was going to use this .” she placed a hand in her pocket and out emerged the magic dampener. Zarina chuckled at the sight of the box, “Well shit, glad I’m such a great inspiration.” a bit of the sauciness added to the otherwise outrageous confession. Still, it sounded like kill or be killed. A notion Zarina was unfortunately familiar with, even if she wasn’t a murderer. ”I switched it on for second, but something happen tonight. Something big. Augusto stopped it, and then, and then..” she couldn’t help it anymore. She looked at the floor, trying to resist the urge to cry, but it was pointless. Why did Zarina have to see her like this? She hated it. All she wanted right now was to be home, in her own bedroom, but she was here, vulnerable, sobbing like a child in front of one of her only friends.

She mustered the strength to talk after a few seconds, and what followed was a tear filled rendition of what had happened prior to her arrival here. Down to every grisly detail, Zarina learned about the death of Hugo Hunghorasz, the perpetrators and the involved parties, and how Yuliya had been completely and utterly powerless to do anything. Both Zarina and Kalyna stared at her wide-eyed, overwhelmed for completely different reasons. “Uhm.” Zarina blinked, “What?” what did she get herself into? “So wait, Augusto’s not dead? But Hugo Hun- The Twice Paradigm, is dead?” she needed a moment to process it, “Killed by guys in masks and …” she retreated back a little, sat straight on her seat, “Karan and your Kin?””Yes, Augusto and his sister too. They use me as bait. But now, they know… I took the box as reward, and if you figure out, then is only a matter of time.” the tears had stopped and mild distress had taken its place. She knew blatant murder was off the table now. Yuliya knew Zazzy enough for that at least.

Zarina’s head lowered a tad with her head shaking, not in a manner that said ‘no’ but instead it was as if she was ‘reading’ everything she was told. It felt made up, and yet Augusto’s flex of power barely an hour ago made this feel all too possible. Then a quick shake followed, snapping her out of the daze, “Right. Let’s just- Yeah, focus on that. You.” her hands come together for a single clap, and with that her thoughts were straightened into a realm she had a better grasp of, “These people, Augusto, Karan, and whatever else, nothing we can do about them. But if they wanted to get rid of you, they’d do it easily themselves.” now that this was established, she considered the active problem, eyes fixated on some discarded clothes - not that they were particularly thought-provoking, she just look at anything too distressing, and Yuli was stress incarnate, “The Eskandish. We gotta clear your name.” she glared at her friend, “And keep it clean afterward.”

Kalyna was put down so that Zarina could stand. Pacing helped her think. “You were with me during Roses and Neskals, after the grand celebration. There were loads of people. I’m sure someone can be greased up to back up my claim.” she wagged her index finger when she announced her simple plan, “Claim you were here recovering from an aberration headache. No real proof you weren’t.” the sombrero was nearly stomped by Zarina, but she did pause to seize it and set it right, “... Why do you drink people, Yuliya?” she inquired all of a sudden, arms crossed without looking at her friend.

”Because I have to. If I don’t drink, I shrivel up and die. My father… after the death of my mother… he stopped drink. He grew old, and feeble. I don’t think he has long left. ” she spoke somewhat wistfully. She had admitted more in the span of this conversation than she had to anyone her entire life. It was both refreshing and exhausting.

Zarina nodded, “You need it. And you gotta take it.” she then shrugged, “Why not just drink from someone that won’t get pissed? Like, another one like you?” a brow was raised, but she took a while to realise the position she could be putting herself into, “Actually, I can’t think of anybody who would want to.” hands on her hips and lips pursed, she shook her head, “Okay, I get it, your situation sucks.” Yuli pouted, just a little. It wasn’t that bad. At least, to her, all she had to do was find some unsuspecting sucker and knock 'em out and life was easy. ”It not so bad. It makes me strong. Like you. You remember our arm wrestle? Normal person shouldn’t be able to win, but I suppose you are different.”

For the second time, Zarina flinched, but this time by Yuliya’s words and not her actions. Did she know? Zazzy’s own dirty little secret was still up there, so easy to sniff out and eventually a truth she couldn’t hide, “Different? Ehhh, too angry to lose is more like it.” she feigned confidence with her arms crossed under her chest, “Anyway.” she was quick to divert the subject, “Stick to the story. And you find a new method. Too much fucking around, and now you’re finding out.” Yuliya pouted once more. ”Zazzy.” she spoke, more serious this time. ”I know what you are.” Zarina didn’t stop, “Huh? What? So- You’re gonna have to probably spread out your hunts …” at this point it was pretty obvious she was being avoidant, Yuliya was done being sad at this point. She was irritated. Here she sat, bawling her eyes out and opening up and yet her friend didn’t want to talk. Could she trust no-one? ”You think I care about what you are? We are friends! Do you even know yourself?” she spoke accusingly.

“That’s right.” Zarina responded to what can be best described as aggressively. It was quick, dry and came with a scowl, “I don’t fucking know. I mean, I know, but I don’t.” the Virangish wildblood extended her arms and then let them drop to slap against her sides, “That day- it feels like a dream, Yuli. It doesn’t feel real.” pacifying gestures were abundant, her forehead started to sweat intensely, “It’s called Wildblood. And it’s tied to the moons. And it hurts. That’s it. I’m going to that Tower to learn more than these three things.”

”Zazzy. You help me, I help you. What you know is right, but there is more. What happen that day? Did animal bite you? This matters a lot. ” Yuli spoke softly and sternly to her friend. She couldn’t help feel sorry for the predicament her friend was in. She’d been burdening her, sobbing and causing a scene while her friend had been going through so much. She had the privilege of knowing what she was from the days of her childhood, but Zarina did not. And it would take time before she would become accustomed to the price of the power she now had.

There it was, the big question one couldn’t simply answer. Zarina clicked her tongue and kept a conspicuous silent linger in the air. Both her hands were now on her hips and the pacing had ceased, “It was-” another pause. Her eye itched and her left hand couldn’t help but scratch. The horrid memories were resurfacing, the monster they had unleashed to the world and what it had done to her. There was no doubt about it. “A Sand Wyrm. Met one after the race and it got a bit too close and personal, I guess.” her jaw shifted from side to side as she eventually made eye contact with the blonde again. ”Ah. They are big, strong creature. Explain why you hit like truck now.” she scratched her head slightly.”Now, about moons. I’m sure you notice, but the more moons, the more symptoms appear. Just like I need alibi, you need plan for when there is 5. Someone strong to deal with you. Jocasta maybe? Do you think you can trust her? ”

Crisis averted, somewhat. Perhaps, by a stroke of luck, this lie was actually the truth. She was beginning to convince herself of it, anyway. Zarina’s entire figure relaxed a little more and she nodded, “Yeah, One le-” she closed her eyes and cleared her throat, “I mean, Penny told me, yeah. She knows, too. Figured it out when I got a bit too spicy.” Now comes the plan. Zarina paced toward the messy nearby bed and took a seat once more, supporting herself with her arms extended behind her, “Yeah, I thought of something like that. Jo’s powers might be best.” she nodded, “I trust her, anyway.”

”With your life?” Yuli asked, rather seriously at this point. Her knowledge of this subject was mostly from word of mouth and books, but what she had heard about the wildbloods indicated that being on 5 moons required a degree of care, especially if it was something as dangerous as a royal sandworm hybrid. “Bit dramatic, no?” Zaz raised a brow, “I trust her to do things well and what she’s gotta do.” she twisted her body a tad to allow her to point towards Yuli, “I trust you to not let her kill me when the time comes, though.”

”I got you, and you got me. Not bad arrangement.” she spoke, as she shuffled around the room looking for something. Moments later, she found what she was looking for. Something she’d been saving from back home, a bottle of rather expensive Vossoriyan vodka. She’d been saving it for a party, but a night like this called for something to cut loose a bit. ”I was saving this for special occasion, but tonight sucked and I kinda wanna forget it. You in?” she spoke, uncorking the bottle and pouring two shots onto the desk.

A tempting offer, one that would conflict most Hexaics. There were actually many temptations beckoning Zarina, tugging her further away from the tenants she had once held dear, almost zealously so. Yuliya was right, this day was sucky and the entire trials were life changing to a few, including Zaz. There was almost no hesitation in the thumbs up she’d give her Vossoriyan friend once the booze was out, “Looks like water. What is this shit?” she gestured for one to be passed, clearly unwilling to get her rear off the comfy bedside.”Specialty from my country. It strong. Be careful.” Yuli spoke as she passed her the shot. Never in her life did she think she would be serving another person drinks, but alas, here she was. It made her chuckle to herself slightly as she grabbed the other one and gulped it down. It tasted like home. A memory she very much needed right now.

“Hmmm.” Zarina pinched her shot glass with thumb and index finger, eyeing it while Yuliya took in her first. Keen on participating in this party, Zazzy imitated the method, only to regret it almost instantly, “Oh fuck.” first came a light cough, “Awh FUCK!” then came the coughing fits, “What is this poison? BLAUGH!” she didn’t vomit, but she sure sounded like she was about to. She then presented her glass for a second, “You just swallow it. Got it. Ugh.”

Yuli almost burst into a laughing fit as she watched how Zarina handled it, barely calming herself down by the time the glass was presented for the second. She may have been weak of body, but she was not weak of spirit that night. ”Hah! You are like me when I first try it! Not drink much before Zaz? I thought you handle prime shots well!” Zarina grimaced in a bout of petulance toward Yuli, “I’m not used to drinking piss-water, no. And this is piss water laced with toad vomit.” still, she took the shot and her reaction was about the same as the first, “Raaaahhh! At least the small people TRY to make it taste less shit.”Another chuckle escaped her lips, but she couldn’t deny she was slightly offended. ”It supposed to warm you up and get you drunk. Taste doesn’t matter. That’s for prenchies!”

“Guess I’m a pansy Prenchy, then.” cheers. Zarina withstood a staggering three shots before throwing the towel, and soon after the aforementioned heat really hit her. Not enough to start yammering about things that shouldn’t be mentioned, but enough to have her speak obnoxiously loudly and laugh for a good bit before potentially knocking herself out. Yuli had much more than her darhannic friend, but she was far more used to the substance than Zarina was, so it took a good deal before she surpassed her friends level of buzz. A fun conclusion to an otherwise horrifying night was had, and she too joined Zarina in the land of slumber in the girls first ever sleepover.
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A Call to War!

The southern half of Constantia had been in a stir for the past few weeks, not solely because of the war between the two great empires that had been wracking the continent, but because a supposed miracle had happened. A force of Parrench raiders had come to Meldheim with fire and sword, and had almost succeeded with their goal to burn down the city. However, the “miracle rain” had come in the city's hour of need, stifling the fires and saving the sacred tree from becoming ash and dust.

The streets of Alshofen were bustling. Not just with the normal commerce and ongoings of such a large city, but with an army who stood on the streets, banners fluttering in the wind. Many on Wulfric’s council had advised him against a war, to simply bide his time and wait, but he would wait no longer. The Kressians, the Hendish, the Huulish, and many volunteers from throughout Drudgunze had come to serve. Even members of the legendary Aeresvaktr were present. For, while the Parrench might have succeeded in some of their goals with their raid on Meldheim, they had also ignited the religious fervor of those who followed the old gods, those who had not yet turned to the Pentad, and saw the miracle rain as a sign that they needed to stand up and fight for what they believed in.

This war was no longer a national affair, it was a war for the survival of their beliefs, of their ways of life, and to them, the increased presence of the Quentics and their orders within their lands signified darker events on the horizon. This army was an army of the gods, and they had come together to strike down the wolf that so hungrily gazed at their lands. Dietrich, once an ambassador and a diplomat to the Eskandish, was chosen to lead this army and join forces with their Eskandish kin in eliminating this scourge from the lands, and he was all too happy to do so. And when he stood in front of the address, of the thousands of soldiers waiting for their order, he felt an immense sense of pride and duty to save his people. It was an honor that he had not foreseen, but it was not a chance he was going to turn down. He thought it might have been the cowardice of Wulfric, to blame him if it all went askew, but he knew it would not go wrong as the gods were with them. How could they not be, after what he had seen in the land of his ancestors.

King Wulfric rose from his chair to address the crowds. The blonde haired, long bearded man had an impressive build for someone of his age. He looked imposing as he stood on the balcony of his nearby palace, and gave a quick nod to Dietrich who stood at the head of the ranks, before speaking. ”Children of Drudgunze! Long has our home been the subject of scrutiny from those who live north of our borders. They belittle me, and call me Duke. No more! I declare myself Bretwalda, protector of our people and King of the lands from the Rhengel to the Haskell!” he declared with an unshakeable confidence, his booming voice enhanced by his gift traveled throughout the streets, met by a mixture of applause from the masses below, and a look of fear from nobles around him. They knew that such a move would invite ire from their ‘brother’ nations

Dietrich stood to address the army he had been given, the men and women with whose lives he had been entrusted. And he couldn’t help but smile. He had been waiting his entire life for a moment like this, and the gods had given it to him. A chance to save his people, and prove himself to the heavens. And so, he turned to address the masses.

”Brave warriors, let me tell you a story. I witnessed the wunderregen, from the Kongesalan itself. I watched the gods save our lives, so that we could save theirs. For if we were to lose this war, it would mean the end of them. So I ask you, great warriors, to join this righteous war, where it is just to conquer their green lands and meet the visitor at his table, to ascend to Grünehalle! Remember the example of your forefathers, who once sailed up the Askell and put Avince to the torch, who brought the hammer of Bruder onto the Avincians! I ask you now followers of the Femrigr, to abandon doubt and fear, and join me to seize a kingdom given heat by the sinful souls of the Quentics who shovel coal in Rotehalle!”

Two Sides of the Coin

It had not been long since Osanna had landed with Asier and Snorri. The three had parted ways, heading in different directions following the victory of the Meldheim raid, and the injuries of her battle had healed. But it was said that a Black Rezandian never sleeps, and so not long after she had arrived in port had she received new orders. In the large town of Saint-Jean de Glane, her client awaited her at his townhouse on the morrow. She had but one night of sleep before her next mission began

On the morrow, the jaunt was surprisingly quick. A quaint abode in a largely residential area stood before her, with a surprisingly well decorated garden. A few knocks at the door and she was greeted by a man who simply introduced himself as Benedict. He prepared them a cup of tea, and took her through the house into a back garden, away from onlookers. A gardener was there, hooded and trimming the hedges ever so carefully.

“Lady Osanna, I congratulate you on your success. What you were able to accomplish in Meldheim was no small feat. However, there is still much work to be done, for the sake of our faith.” he spoke prudently, sipping occasionally at the cup of tea that was still far too hot. Every so often, he would redirect the gardener to cut a hedge or rose a certain way, and there was no fuss made from the hooded man.

Osanna may have had her suspicions, but she could not say for certain who this man was until he removed a glove from his hand, unveiling a signet ring that revealed him to be a bishop, before proceeding once more. “This task is of the utmost importance and secrecy, and for that, I am regretful that we must work with a heathen. But, much like this garden, some weeds must be allowed to stay, so that greater threats to its beauty be unable to enter.” he spoke solemnly, clearing his throat. “Your mission is to assassinate Duke Wulfric of Kressia. I have been given assurances and tools to make this a possibility. It shall be no easy task, but there is none more suited for it than you.” he stated confidently, before finishing his cup of tea. He directed the gardener to pick a single rose, and he handed it to Osanna. “Hand this to a tall blonde woman waiting at the docks. You might recognize her from Relouse. You’re to travel together until you need to part ways, she should serve as a good cover while you travel through heathen lands.”

Benedict then reached into a bag below the table, and pulled two items. The first of which was a signet ring. It looked to be of Drudgunzean make, and was supposed to be a guise for her assassination. The second was a heavy bag of coins, explained as payment from her previous mission and funds to use in this one should she need it. Soon after, she was sent on her way.

The Great City of Solenne

Long had been the travel of the returning heroes from Meldheim, and words of their deed had spread. The ones that had burned the Grontempel and stolen the youngest prince of Eskand. They had many stops through the Parrench countryside, and Asier had been reunited with his squire, who had come from the steppes of Tourrare. The three of them had shared tales of their triumph, and many other discussions, but the destination remained the capital of Solenne.

When they arrived, the reception from the common people was warm but confused. Solenne had largely been saved from the horrors of war at this point, and many of its people wished to know how Arcel and his Grand Armee had fared in the battle of Relouse, and furthermore. Alas, they did not have time to enlighten these people, for they had a more pressing issue at hand, the mobilization of the Kressians and the advance on the southern front. The city would soon be in peril, and so they had the task of enlisting the many nobles that remained within this city to join the cause and defend their home.

In the throne room, the seat remained vacant but hungry eyes occasionally glanced at the empty space for far too long, and there was an uncomfortable air about the place. The trio were met by a council held by some of the most prominent figures in Parrench society, to share their tales and news of what was and what potentially would be.

The Village of Juvignac

Whilst the taming of the dragon had been a successful affair, and Maerec had managed a great many triumphs on that day, he had also brought ire upon himself when he had consumed the Ambrosia of Oraphe-Sept. The day had been filled with triumphs and tribulations for the young knight, but he had a task at hand now. The army of Eleanor and a large contingent of the volunteers had headed northeast to Chamonix, to aid Arcel in the battle against Hrothgar and the majority of the Eskandr force. However, he was unable to go, as he now had the task of restoring this great beast to its former glory, as a weapon that could be used against the invaders.

His brief flights upon the dragon's back had brought him to a village named Juvignac, where many of the locals were initially terrified at the sight of such a creature. Many refugees from the surrounding areas had gathered here precisely to escape the dragon, but were now curious as to why it was amicable and no longer filled with unholy fury. Before long, he would find himself pelted with questions, of how he was able to triumph, of what transpired on those green fields, and of why he was not headed north to aid his king. There were not just the affairs of humans to consider either. Monsigneus were hungry creatures, let alone one of that size, and the injuries it suffered did little to sate its appetite. To feed a dragon was no small task..

“You are clearly not a coward,” Inga shouted at Dietrich, “so I don’t know why you are so keen on doing nothing!” She’d had to be held back from entering the rubble. Even now, the energy images of Ositha, Asi, and Snorri were fading into the distance. Above, however, was another energy, far larger and simpler than those of people. It was licking at the timbers of the Kongesalan, hungrily licking, and soon it would feast. Inga turned on her heel, twin braids whipping about like ropes, and darted off in another direction. “The tree!” she cried, boosting herself with force magic unusually advanced for a twelve-year-old. “We must get there!”

A heavy sigh filled the catacombs, from a man who’d had enough today. A small wound dripped blood ever so slightly from his right arm, and it stung, but it did not sting as much as knowing that he had lost the second son of Hrothgar the Black to the Parrench. And now, this impetuous child was determined to do the same, to throw herself into the fire and emerge a hero like some facetious fairy tail protagonist. He went to sigh again, but he realized that would not stop the teens running, nor would it quench the fires that threatened to burn the sacred tree.

“THINK, GIRL! WHAT CAN YOU DO?! THE MIGHTIEST WARRIORS OF YOUR EMPIRE ARE GATHERED HERE, AND YOU THINK YOU CAN RUN UP THERE AND SOLVE THE PROBLEM WITH BRUTE FORCE?! WITH HEROICS?! USE YOUR HEAD!” roared Dietrich, his accent slipping and his voice echoing through the tunnels. He took a second to breathe, and calm himself, before speaking again. “What is something only we can do here, Inga? What advantage do we have?” he spoke, calmer and far more grounded. He prayed that this girl had half the potential that Snorri did.

Inga whirled on him as he caught up. “I am not so stupid as you think, Kressian.” She all-but spat the last word. “I am two and ten years old and have had my first blood. In our family it is the eldest son who inherits the throne, and it will be that fool Ulf, but the eldest daughter inherits the tree.” Having slowed up a bit, she began moving again. “That is my aunt, Frida, but it shall be me when I come of age. I will not have the guardian of our people burn before she is mine to care for and, besides,” she added cryptically, “she has ways of caring for us.” Her gaze took on a royal sort of reproach as she met his eyes, somehow looking down at him from below. “You are either assisting me or you are in my way.”

Dietrich let the girl speak. She spoke of birthright, and inheritance, but did not speak of a plan. Truth be told, he was all about ready to give up on the girl before she met his gaze. He witnessed it. The arrogance, nay, pride required to be a ruler. Perhaps she wasn’t as bright as Snorri, but she had such a strong presence, at such a young age. And even as his blood still dripped down his arm, he felt compelled to help. He opened his mouth once more.“I will help you, Inga. But, we must be cunning. These tunnels surely lead to a point we can ambush those Parrench fucks, and send them to shovel coal. Let’s not fight like northerners.”

“It is others who will make them pay. My mother will,” Inga assured him. “Perhaps you will. I must go to the tree. The Livetstræ will save the city and, if not, I will save its seeds so that it might be born anew.” She swallowed. “I know the route there. These tunnels have been my plaything since I was old enough to walk.” She started running once more. “Follow or be lost. If you can be my sword and shield, I will be in your debt.”

Dietrich wanted to sigh, but then he realized. He’d beaten an incredibly proficient assassin today, what was a bunch of fire. The Aeresvaktr were surely there by now, and there shouldn’t be that many strong combatants. The Parrench couldn’t spare them. He could do this. He would do this. Perhaps this was his mission, not just to save the royals from abduction, but to save the tree of life. He smiled a cocky grin, for the first time tonight, not just because he was confident in himself, but because the girl was finally using her head. “Then let us go, Princess. I will fight for you.”

It was a veritable labyrinth of tunnels and they moved through it at a dizzying pace, Inga’s and Dietrich’s arcane magic lighting the way. It could not have been more than another minute before they arrived. The girl clambered up a rickety wooden staircase and burst into a small supply closet. “Out there,” she whispered,” there are men. If we have sensed them, they will sense us.” Beyond, was the Livetstræ. Its colossal energy image was unmistakable, but the palace was now on fire in earnest and the flames were very close to reaching it. “Can you cover me?” Inga prodded urgently. “We have to reach it!”

Dietrich wasted no time. They were outnumbered, but they had the element of surprise and certainty that they were stronger in the gift than their numerous opponents. DIetrich began to draw from the roaring fires in the palace, both to try and mitigate them, and to prepare for his assault, before he would emerge from the small room they were in.

“Stay close, and use your range. The Visitor would not forgive you dying a pointless death here, Inga.” he spoke, before he began his assault. “I would not dream of it,” she assured him. A vast conversion from the arcane to thunder was internalized, and he unleashed his wrath first upon the unknown foes before him, strange in appearance and mana. He did not know what they were capable of, but he could not hesitate if he wanted to win here. A fierce bolt of lightning emerged from the scepter, leaping from target to target, as he directed it to a new foe every time it struck true, all the while moving forward and trying to make space for the young royal.

Inga was merciless, drawing from the flames and the radiative heat of Dietrich’s thunderbolts. With a look of grim determination, the girl drew, converted, and pounded human and Sea person alike into the ground with invisible fists of force and fury. She did not cover the range that Dietrich did, and the bloody attacks were less refined and elegant in their deadly nature, but no less effective. Raiders were smashed to a blood pulp or lay broken and wailing on the ground. Through it all, she rushed unerringly for the tree. The sheer scale of it was impressive no matter how many times Dietrich had set eyes on it over the past few days. The stained glass windows surrounding the hole in the ceiling where it emerged had largely shattered and still more were breaking, hot sharp pieces of them falling the twenty yards or so to the floor. It was history, heritage, and culture and it was dying in such a was as to make it murderous.

Then, with starling swiftness, a group of six sea raiders converged in a semicircle and a colossal wave of Force lifted the hundreds of pieces of glass from the ground and sent them arching, slithering, screaming towards Dietrich but, most especially, Inga.

There was a choice to make. A split second decision. He’d only drawn enough to fully cover one person, and for a moment, he panicked. But his mind ran clear with purpose. Should the child fall, this venture would be lost. Should she live, he would have a debt from all of Eskand. He would not die from a few measly glass shards. He pointed his scepter at the glass headed towards Inga, and tossed them aside, before attempting to hastily piece together a binded barrier to protect himself, but it would not do him much good. His binding was always lacking, and barely had any mana to use, so much got through, and he was cut for the second time tonight, far worse than the assassin had given him, but still a ways from anything lethal. Adrenaline pumped through his system, and he felt strange as he felt that same cocky grin form on his face. So this is what it means to risk your life, huh?

Inga had twisted and was facing him. He could feel her magics, still fading. They had assisted in his shield. She gave him a grateful nod, eyes turning concerned for a moment, before running off for the tree. “Mother Inga!” one of the cowering priestesses called, the age difference between them making her address ironic, “You should not be here! It is too dangerous!”

“It is my duty, Sister Gertrude. You will assist me or get out of my way.” For all the efforts of Dietrich and Inga, for all of the fire that they had siphoned off, there was still more. It had blown in on a rising wind and now it threatened the Livetstræ directly. “The rest of you,” Inga demanded, some sort of bloody angel or dove in her brilliant white dress, “Join us. I command it, for this is our purpose.” The preteen sank to her knees before the tree as flames neared, closing her eyes and stretching her hands out in prayer. Sister Gertrude took one of them, and then another sister took hers, then a third, fourth, and fifth. Inga, golden hair catching the highlights of the flames, stifled a cough and placed a hand against the great tree’s bark.

A couple of the raiders made a charge for them, but Dietrich dealt with these easily. Most had vacated the area, so intense had grown both the fire and the counterattack. They made off with their trinkets. A prayer rose from the six women and a deep, vast thunder shook the heavens, as if the wrath of Father and mercy of Mother themselves had been stirred.

Then, a lick of flame appeared on the Livetstræ and the clouds opened. A colossal bolt of lightning, far beyond what any mortal man could muster, split the sky, and then a second, a third, and a fourth. All present could feel the power in their chests. Rain hit them in sheets, pounding the broken glass and the ancient stone floors. Throughout Meldheim and the surrounding regions, a downpour took hold. Where the city had been burning there now was water enough to quench it. Inga continued praying, not once opening her eyes, her small voice squeaky compared to the grown women around her, but she was smiling.

Although the city was impossibly loud, all Dietrich heard was silence. The sea people lay as dust on the ground, and the rain felt cold on his skin, a relief from the inferno that he had found himself in prior. He looked to the women giving prayer, and to the smiling inga, as he witnessed bolts of lightning streak through the sky. There was no doubt in his mind, the gods were real. There were no clouds in the sky, they were supposed to die here, yet the rain had came after they had joined themselves in prayer. Sound returned to his ears, and they were filled with the sounds of thunder. A sound of two homes, both of his own, and of his ancestors. Prayers followed, the voices eerie and haunting yet there had never been something sweeter to his ears. He joined Inga in smiling, and spread his arms out to the heavens, more blood dripping from his wounds. They stung, but the pain was nothing compared to the strength he now felt.

“You were there all along, and I never truly saw. I will serve you to the end, Femværger” he spoke, joy filling his voice. They had come in an hour of need. This war was righteous, their cause was just, their will be done. He let the rain wash his face for just a moment longer, before standing up and staggering to the door, to witness the city. From the height, he could see the fires extinguish, like stars retreating at the sight of the morning sun. The world would hear of this event, the proof of their existence, the Wunderregen.

Event: After the Melon Derby

The hour was dark after the melon derby. Though silence had not fallen upon Ersand'Enise. Instead, a night of celebration took its place. The tavern was packed, drinks were had and a rather rowdy brawl took place. Yet Yuli, despite enjoying all of these things, was not present. She was wandering the streets, reflecting on what had gone wrong. She knew she'd messed up - and revealed a little bit too much of her character towards the end. She thought about who'd seen it - and what she'd done, and eventually re-assured herself that everything was going to be alright. And by the time that came - she ended up at the remnants of the row. Supposedly the yasoi, the hegelans, the eeaiko and the humans had all fought against each other, and Yuli happened upon the interior of a tavern with people unconscious on the floor. She surveyed, and waited for no-one to be watching before picking a target to drink from. She happened upon a revidian with sweet tasting blood but was unable to acquire anything from it other than a satisfying meal.

Soon after, she found herself at an auction. It started out as a fun little gimmick, a few rocks being sold and people paying outrageous prices for them, but there were a few items that caught her fancy. The first was an aphrodisiac, but she was outbid severely by a smug noble boy who mentioned something about Djamantese parties. She would research it for sure, but it didn't change her frustration about not getting the item. Another, that caught her eye, was a music box. Something old, from before the avincean empire. She bid on it. But she noticed that the price went up and up and up. She was happy to compete with this agent for a while. She was goaded by a couple of girls into bidding higher, but she mostly wanted to score a win on this uptight little turd that beat her for the previous item. That was, until it got to the thousands, and he continued to bid. She watched the price skyrocket as a bidding war began between 3 camps. And before long, the item went to the back to be sold in a private auction. It was a mystery to her, and perhaps she thought she might have done a disservice to her country by not pulling in with the rest, but she simply didn't have the funds at hand, nor permission to use state money with reckless abandon. Her personal funds were great, but they were nowhere near what the final price of that item ended up being.

In the deep night, she went to strike again. And this time, she chose the wrong target. His blood was sweet smelling, and she knew there was a rare blood in there somewhere, but he was strong. A fierce fight took place, and for a second, she thought he might have an advantage. She did not fear that she would die to him, but she feared that the swinging of a fiery sword and the screams of his strange northern language might attract others into the fray and jeopardize her position. And so, she ran. And for a moment, she thought that she could have taken him out, but she vanished into the night. There would be no risk taken tonight, but she would remember his face. And perhaps, she'd go for him again....

Event: Hegelan Drinking!

It had been an interesting choice for the group. Yuliya had convinced her team of Shortlisted. She knew of the potency of hegelans, the mana brews and the wonderfully crafted items they held. After all, she had one! And, got together they did. In the morning before the Dragon, they had drunk mana brews. Yuliya had consumed 2 prime shots, and had convinced everyone else to give them a go. Zazzy didn't keep hers down well, and neither did Kaspar, but Augusto and Jomurr took to it well. By the end, they'd all had some significant increase in RAS though. She felt particularly strong, and she got the same vibe from Augusto after the drinks that she did from the ice king. Just a well of unimaginable power. She had to stop herself from drooling. He was her teammate after all.

For the race, she chose Street Hoghs, and was partnered up with Korin. The two had come up with a fashion related strategy - if she wore a red shirt, the other groups would avoid her in fear of losing time spent on the race, and so it was that before they were to begin. Korin had herself dressed up. The two had gotten along quite well and shared quite a bit of banter. It was nice to be with someone she could easily converse with, even if it wasn't her first language, she felt far more confident in her spoken Hegelan than she did in her Avincean. She felt confident, and determined to do much better than the derby. And she felt something new, that she hadn't quite felt before - an urge to win not just for herself, but for Zazzy and the others? Was this normal? She'd have time to think on it after.

Event: High Stakes

Yuliya felt comfortable. For it was the dead of night, and the heat of the ensolian sun wasn't beating down on her. It was these hour she felt at most peace with herself, but she wasn't up to her usual night antics. There was a hunt for a sanguinaire, and of course this had drawn her attention because she herself was a sanguinaire. Yet, there was zero suspicion towards her in this group, aside from small glances from the paladin she'd encountered the night before. Every time he looked over, she simply smiled and maintained eye contact. It was almost comical, to hear him retell the tale of her attempting to drink from him, in front of her, while being completely oblivious.

Khaliuns warnings were noted. If this was a true sanguinaire, or even a high, then this mission was a death sentence. She thought of her brother, and of her father, and of the strength they bore. It was worlds apart from even the strongest students here, and even some of the zenos. And so she took Khaliuns warnings to heart. She would wait, she would observe, and only if she thought she might win, would she strike. So she responded, in a hushed whisper to Khaliun.

"Если они хотя бы наполовину так компетентны, как мой брат, все здесь будут мертвы к восходу солнца."

As they got closer and closer to the scene, Yuli shuddered. Not out of fear like the others might have, but out of annoyance. No-one worth their salt would leave a trail like this. They didn't NEED to eat this much to be full, yet they did anyway. Who was this.. hedonist, and why were they fucking around at Ersand'Enise. This was going to bother her peaceful life, and quite frankly, that bothered her. It bothered her immensely. She felt her grip tighten around the hilt of her axe, and part of her wanted to disregard the warnings and go and brutalize this fool while she was still juiced up on the prime shots she'd had earlier, but she would wait. Because she wanted this dumbass out of her school, and out of her life. And perhaps she wanted to finally get a good drink. It'd been far too long.

"I'm going to cover exit, you go ahead. I won't let escape." she sighed in frustration, as she traced around the sides of the proving grounds, looking for possible entrances and exits. It was a cover, but she wanted to know if there was a way in to surprise this fucker if it was necessary.

"держи меня в курсе. мы наносим удар, если вы думаете, что мы можем победить." she said aloud into the air. This would be a good test for both her and the sentry.

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