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Heya. Getting back into text based RP after a long binge of DND/Pathfinder as it's more schedule friendly and I happened upon this lovely site.

Down for most roleplays as I'm looking to improve my writing ability and connect with other cool people. Only really draw the line at erp as that's just not my cup of tea.

If you wanna chat, shoot me a dm! Would be more than happy to entertain anyone who stumbles upon this.

If you've got any recommendations about the site, that'd also be lovely to know! I'm very new here after all!

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Open invite to you all. Don't feel obligated to join but I'd be glad to have any of you on board.

The Eternal City of Caligo

They say the world wasn’t always so dark, that we needn’t rely on aether lanterns to warm our homes and our streets. Before our people moved to this place, the ‘sun’ shone above the land and warmed the surface for half a day. A beautiful thing, supposedly, but not one that exists. For if we, the last vestiges of mankind, have not found it, then it is surely a myth no more real than dragons or angels.

Now, our society thrives in spite of the setbacks thrown at us. A sprawling city of twenty million souls. Starvation is a rarity, and nearly all have a home. But what if I told you a secret - one that very few people knew? What if I told you the lanterns that lit our streets, the trains that travel throughout Caligo, and the world we live in is fueled by the ‘gifted’. An ironic name, in truth.

You see, these ‘gifted’ possess a much larger pool of Aether to draw on. The fourth dimensional compound, they call it. We can’t see it, smell it, feel it, hear it, or taste it, but it’s there. There’s a reason we trade in gold, silver and jewels. For they are the conductors. The ‘gifted’, however, do not need these earthly things. They can use it. They can bring it to life, in what many describe as magic.

However, they are dangerous. A lack of control springs disasters to life, and kills hundreds of people. Whenever you see a news report about a ‘gas leak’ or an ‘earthquake’, it’s unlikely to be the truth. It’s usually that a new mage was born, and taken into custody, to the places that fuel this great metropolis. You see, this aether is not a naturally occurring substance. It is something directly harvested from these people, who live in vast prisons hidden throughout our city. Some are disguised among regular buildings, others are underground, but none are known to the general public.

I bet you’re wondering how I know this. It’s because my job is to hunt these people down. A selective program upon our police force is in place to find these hunters, though we’re known by the term Venators. It’s not an easy duty to accept. These people, aside from their strange eyes and hair, look, act and feel like us. But when you see the destruction that they’re capable of, and the benefits they bring to the rest of society by being in chains, it’s easier to become resistant to compassion when it serves no purpose.


1. The Story - This is a story about a mage outbreak - a rare and incidental occurrence. Within this city, the ‘gifted’ are either not known about, or heavily stigmatised. And those who know what is good for them, hide their gifts to avoid the ‘Venators’, a force designated to hunt and capture renegades and freshly born mages. Will you adapt to the world or rebel against it? You will either be playing a group of ‘gifted’ or a group of freshly recruited Venators.

2. Character Creation - This roleplay is evoking middle fantasy elements, steampunk inspirations and a number of other things. It is however, not a wish fulfillment RP nor is it a high fantasy one. There are methods and systems to how things work, and they should be somewhat feasible, not simply hand waved away with “muh magic.” I’m fine with edge, melodramatics and whatnot but don’t overplay it. This isn’t supposed to be some insane anime plot where you killed your entire clan, I’d like to maintain a good degree of potential realism to the world.

There’s a lot of options in regards to races, though blood is often heavily diluted and rarely comes through heavily, so for the most part, you’re humans. As for art, I’m ok with anime art, but fantasy art is preferred to better reflect uniqueness.

3. Conduct - This is not a high activity RP, but one where I’d like people to be able to take time out of their day once every two to three weeks and make a good, well written post that serves a purpose. I don’t really think there’s a place for metagaming, powerplaying, asspulling, though it’s bound to happen to some degree with all of us because people are incapable of not doing it at least subconsciously.(myself included). That being said, this is a collaborative storytelling exercise, and if we have disagreements, we can usually solve it or result to the whims of the gods(a discord dicebot)

4. Death - It’s not something I’m looking to make happen, but if you make consistently bad/risky choices and get unlucky as a result, then it can. Like I said, asspulling and wish fulfillment are not the name of the RP. Should it happen though, we can always bring another character into the story within reason.

5. Magic - The system I’m going for is not largely concrete nor understood by the people of the world fully. I’m taking inspiration from things like Hunter X Hunter, Jujutsu Kaisen, Bleach, and trying to add a level of realism to them to make it feasible. Sometimes, I will not succeed in this task, though know that I am trying. This being said though, there is no asspull powerups. There is no gold experience requiem, or time reversal, or any other world breaking power that needs another world breaking power to defeat. That’s my primary goal in this experience.

The World

The world that the roleplay takes place in has a lot of mystery behind it, and I’d like to keep a lot of that to OOC as well so that when reveals take place, there’s a greater degree of ‘oh shit’ than normal. However, there is plenty to be shared, especially general stuff about this city and the denizens who dwell within it. The general tech level that’s occurring is around the 1950s-1980s, with some things further along due to technology that utilizes Aether, and some are further behind. Expect trains, blimps, neon lights, skyscrapers and a sense of urban adventure to this dark fantasy.

A defining trait that is known by all is that the world is quite literally dark. There is no sun in the sky, only the stars and the aether lamps that both heat and brighten the city. In some private, richer districts, they have lamps so bright that they act as artificial suns but those are few and far between, and reserved for the wealthiest among society. Besides that, homelessness and hunger are not common happenings within Caligo. In spite of the land, the main problems that plague society are inequality and drug use. Homelessness and famine are lower than even todays standards in modern times simply due to the culture in place.


Character Sheets

It's not all bad. I'm told when to wake up, when to eat, when to shit, and when to sleep, but I'm alive and fed. The walls are white, blindingly so. And the collar is too tight sometimes. I've developed a new method of sleeping because of it. If you don't get your 8 hours, you tend to drop. I've seen a few people go that way, newbies and kids. Never seen what happens to the bodies, but if you've got a vivid imagination, you can take a guess.

These inner conflicts I've been having with myself - was it really my fault? Aside from having a strange tint to my eyes, and a few streaks of red in my hair, there was never any signs to it. I was a construction worker, like everyone else. Supposedly, I manifested it later than others but was I really responsible for their deaths? I went to work on the new buildings in Eltmer Square like everyone else that day. Had my lunch, some banter with the colleagues. James and Mike were always a good chat, they were ribbing me for not asking out the receptionist at Fergusons. I got embarrassed about it and told 'em to stop. Stubbed my toe on a toolbox. Next thing I knew, I woke up to corpses on a scaffold and I was surrounded by people in suits.

Turns out I have aether in excess. They say I'm 'gifted'. Living like this doesn't really seem like a gift though. If I killed them, why did I do it? It's easy to say you're a good person - but I am, or was? I lived responsibly. Looked after my grandma. Fed stray cats on my way to work. I refuse to believe I'd ever do that - and if they know how to supress this 'gift', then why am I still here? I miss the outside world, the lights, having a drink with my friends. Could I not wear this big cumbersome collar at my own house? Why am I living like a chicken in one of those highrise farms?

I know the answer, and it's one I'm not comfortable accepting. This is how the city runs. They need people like us to fuel it. And I think I've come to realize I'm not the good person I thought I was. So long as it didn't harm me, I was alright doing shit for others. But, I can't live like this, treated like a stray dog that'd bite the hand of others. The others are arranging a breakout, and I'm joining them. We've been planning it for months. Some of the others know how to use their gifts. They've made techniques - spells - magics with them. Supposedly, it can be controlled. And if I get out of here, perhaps I can go back to a normal life. Maybe I'll see that pretty receptionist again. Or maybe I'll be hunted down like a dog by those people in suits. Whatever it is, it's better than this. I'm tired of living in a cage.

THE HUNT is on. Prepare yourself students, to help this strange warrior from a foreign land wreak vengeance upon the one who wronged him.

Yuliya was not wrong about the fighting continuing. She had little time to waste as they begun their search for the boxes and the marbles. They bounded through the city, Penny being left behind as they made their way to the center with Volti in hot pursuit. It was a Magusjaeger that had earned her ire though, one that had continuously stumped her. She'd been on a breakthrough of using her temporal magic, getting those boxes back to the only place she could trust, her concentration was shattered by a bullet that did not wish to stop. She was forced to leap aside, letting her teleportation spell split. The first of many frustrations as the group began their counter offensive against this marauding group of terrorists.

They fought well. The Volti were absolutely no chumps, and even the weakest of them were putting dents and cracks in their armor and plans. The weakest among them had been reduced to deaths door, as had Yuli by the continued assault by Soldato, a man she'd swore vengeance upon. Time and time again he had laid eyes on her with the rifle, the grenade, etc. and he had almost always found his mark. She was bleeding, rather profusely through the armour, until Khaliun had time to spare her binding wisdom upon her, which rejuvenated what was left. Then came Sven's berserker rampage, as he tore through ranks of Volti until reaching the Magusjaeger. A beatdown ensued, but he collapsed to the strength of the wildblood before he could finish the job. There he stood, lifeless as the body of Soldato snuck away, the group seldom making a gain as she attempted to cast the same spell that Penny had in vain. It was then she begun to realize her own mortality. That death was in reach of her. That was when she resolved to use it, the ultimate weapon.

And so, she pressed Khaliun for hers first, but her hand was forced to use her own as another bullet came her way. She plucked it from the doll and looked at that Magusjaeger as time slowed, aiming carefully as she flung the bead of pure destruction his way. Collateral damage was not in her mind. It had never been in her mind. That was why such trouble had occurred during the fight with Brother Ash. The marble found its way past the oncoming bullet. The Magusjaeger lept into it, hoping to block the damage. And then, time stopped. Even she was caught unawares.

And when it came to once more, she saw her ancestor. Radomir, the legendary protector of Vossoriya, standing before the remaining volti, telling them to leave as the body of the magusjaeger made its way into the ocean. Were she not so deep into a survival focused mindset, she would have laughed. They'd won! But, had they? His appearance could only mean one thing. That there was a genuine threat, one more insidious than a bunch of Volti that they had managed to stand on somewhat even footing with. Where was the rest of the council, or the progenitor? A shiver ran up her spine as she looked up at him, pleading for confidentiality and answers, only softly speaking in her native tongue.

"Почему ты здесь, сэр??"(Why are you here, sir?) she kneeled as she spoke. To any who knew her true identity, such a gesture would seem proposterous, but this man held great reverence in her heart. And of any Vossoriyan who would recognize his face. A man who had saved this country from destruction more than once, earning the worthy epithet "The Legendary Protector."

When Yuli had gone to this monastery, she had expected good, godly men to face her and provide answers and explanations. What she found instead, was a disgusting farce. Pretenders, hiding answers, keeping a friend under lock and key. She was ready for the fight, the manas returning her sense of clarity, her body no longer fighting against itself but working in unison, as it should. A mana brew aided her vessel greatly, and she felt strong once more. In fact, feeling was not necessary. She WAS strong. As was Penny. The battle had begun in earnest now, as the monk attempted to eliminate her friend.

A fierce fight ensued. There was an even number of combatants, but the difference in strength between them was palpable. The hegumen and black cap were by far the biggest threats, but even they struggled to defend themselves against the fierce blows of Yuliya, Khaliun, Penny and Yvain. The other, less strong members of the group had held out well as well, covering for each others weaknesses and preventing significant injury. However, a most interesting phenomenon occurred. Penny had made use of the gift from the gods they had been bestowed, and a monk fell to injury. She seemed horrified, but Yuli was proud. A baptism in blood, there was no more fitting use of this gift than to remove the false.

More monks fell in what was quickly becoming a slaughter, and most of her comrades were horrified, but Yuliya was not. Many years had passed since her first kill, and her stomach had long since settled at such a gory display. Her eyes met a familiar pair when Yvain 'poached' her kill, but she recognized in him a similar expression. One that had no qualm with the death of others. She nodded at the boy, but she had no time for words or trouble with the theft, as a runaway explosion had quickly begun. And their magic had disappeared. Fear set into her heart for the first time in this battle, but just as quickly as it was gone, it was back. And boy was she glad that she had taken such a notice in this school, else she may not have survived the ensuing carnage. And when it was over, she looked not to her friends first to check for their safety, but for the body of that Abbott, to make sure he was dead for good. She would ensure he would be remembered in infamy. And when she did not find him, she turned her gaze to Marz, as hegelans emerged from the salt and smoke of the collapse, wielding a great glowing warhammer that seemed to shift and warp reality. Thank Oraff she thought, as the tension left her body and she sat down in the rubble, the tension finally leaving her. She was sure that this would not be the last of it, however.

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