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Ahhrrggghhhhh! Can't find a decent game to get immersed in! This place is just making me more grumpy lately...
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I'm so Fuckin' broken...


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Hard to say, hasn't really been a post in a while lol :p
Arden stood wracked with nerves, a small young insignificant figure before the grand ancient tree. His hands slightly trembled, knees felt weak and his earlier meal turned in his stomach. So many powerful mages had stood here where he was now and completed the ritual without fail. Would he be the first to let them all down? He wanted to look away, look down and hide his face, but it was too important that he watch closely the two opposite him, holding opposing corners of the pentagon shape they had created around the tree.
While it was never said, he felt as though he was the top of the pentagon and held a crucial point. Right or wrong, for better or worse, it's just how he saw it. With that thought came an extra two tonnes of metaphorical weight on his shoulders. It wasn't until the third repetition of their entry movements did it drift away as he found a meditative trance.
His eyes were open but he no longer used them to see, but instead feel. He felt the intentions and movements of those around him, he felt the patterns and paths of those who danced here long ago, he felt the unheard rhythm and silent song, he felt a unified synchronicity that was unparalleled...

And then it was all eventually over. Arden had completely lost all sense of himself as his empathic nature was on overdrive and his own emotions and thoughts gave way to an accumulation of all those around him. He was still in this hyper sensitive and open state when Tomo began to talk. Before Arden could regain himself something vile and unholy occurred.
Every faint fear, haunting doubt, horrid nightmare and slither of negative emotion Arden had ever experienced or bared witness to suddenly erupted within him frantically gnawing to the surface of his skin from deep within.
Hitting like a thunderous wave it sucked the warmth from his body leaving him feeling hollow and cold. This only shook him and sent him staggering for a moment before passing, it was a second later after looking around stunned, confused, wide eyed and in shock that the sudden happenings kicked in and took full effect. It sent Arden down hard and fast to the floor in a violent uncontrollable spasmodic fit.
@Mr Rage I appreciate the reminder ;)
I had seen the update then simply forgot to reply. I'm working on it now but struggling a bit. Hopefully soon.

Sorry, tonight :)
Azerus eyed the Telkit with equal parts caution, intrigue and disdain.
"Beneficial indeed." he replied much later once the scenery around him had washed away and was replaced with one vastly different. He was no longer in the same place as before and the only students around him was that of his team.

"Alright, so what can you guys do?" Azerus asked the others reluctantly as he quickly swept up his share of supplies and began moving forward, wasting no time he loaded and checked it over while on the move towards the town.
He didn't pause or wait for the others, instead holding his urgent pace and calling back as he stormed onward to his destination.
"Keep up, keep alert and most importantly don't die."

If any of this amazed, startled or even interested the hybrid, he showed no signs of it. He remained completely flat, calm and nonchalant regarding the whole matter. Just treating it as another job that had to be done. No excitement, no fear, just work. His eyes remained focused on the scenery unfolding before him.
So can we use PM's for this as to not disclose Tactics and locations?

Commander Carver

14:48 <Commander Carver> I'll be up and with the vanguard as soon as possible.

Ahh, Canada is awesome! I was there for a few weeks last year. Loved it.
I'll need a recap what's going on IG when you get back. But all good, enjoy your thanksgiving festivities!
I'm still here.
Just NPC it until someone wants to fill the role.


"As much as I enjoy that hand on my shoulder." Azerus flatly replies with a dry sense of sarcasm as he moves only his eyes to look at the large fingers pawing over his shirt.
It was only a moment later did he realise the duality of his mistake. Berke most likely failed to interpret the sarcasm of his voice and now probably believed Azerus enjoyed physical affection and just as much wanted to be teamed with this oaf.

It was too late and difficult to explain or argue otherwise. Azerus simply sighed. He did need a team after all so he allowed the giant to think what ever he wanted. He may prove useful in a physical challenge after all.
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