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Kamehameha, Destructo Disk, Special Beam Cannon.

Prep time

How long does it take to pull off the attack. Energy gathering, motions, words, ect.

Instant use -6pp (1 second)
Quick -3pp (6 seconds)
Average (20 seconds)
Slow + 2pp (60 seconds)
Long charge +5pp (180 seconds)

Energy type






Additional effects

Undetectable visual (minor) -4
Undetectable ki (minor) -4
Must Recharge after +2
Can be charged -2
Once a day + 4


Age: 17
Race: Half Orc
Gender: Male
Talent: Nature
Born to a travelling troupe Avall saw much of the land before he was even old enough to remember.
His conception was not that of the stereotypical violent union between some savage orc and a helpless human but instead one comprising of two loving, compassionate and caring cast out half-breed parents.
Seeking a better life for their child they left him here where his story begins. All he knows is of the town he grew up in but he often dreams of the adventures that lie beyond the mountain walls.


Kaio-ken, energy shield, Four Witches Technique

Power Up's enhance one or more of your characters attributes and/or abilities for a limited time. This can take on any physical incarnation you like, from flowing energy to minor transformations. One star is a minor improvement while five is massive.
(Max is 10 star not yet available)

Prep time

How long does it take to pull off the attack. Energy gathering, motions, words, ect.

Instant use -6pp (1 second)
Quick -3pp (6 seconds)
Average (20 seconds)
Slow + 2pp (60 seconds)
Long charge +5pp (180 seconds)

(Choose amongst the following and using the PP prices give a score of 0 to 4 *'s)


These give or cost extra points.

  • Exhausted afterwards +2
  • Once a day +4



Also since we're free-ballin power levels in this game gotta be careful of enemy progression in the arcs. That is if you want to hold onto any semblence of consistency. Can't go from universal hero to home town conflict. So if we beat an advanced robot army or defend against an alien space invasion then local laws and police suddenly mean nothing.

A treasure hunt would be good as it sets multiple little challenges across various locations but let's not make it dragon balls.
Country v country conflict. A neighbouring King / ruler suddenly wants all his ancient family heirlooms back and he is threatening to invade if they are not returned to him. Problem is, it's unknown where they all are.

Some are lost, others owned or hidden. In safe places, forgotten places, protected places, dangerous places.
A secret organisation wants war and for the artefacts to stay hidden.
Greedy people want to steal and sell them for their own gain.
Others just want to keep what belongs to them and won't give it up easily.

And of course there are two militaries accidentally or deliberately getting in the way all the time.


Name (Move name as decided by you or its inventor)
Type (Attack/power up)
Total cost (total PP spent on making the move)
Sub type(list all 'options' chosen)
Attributes (list the selected attributes and levels)
Extras (list the selected extras chosen during creation)
Details (write up a detailed description of the technique)


Power Points

What are power points?
Earning power points?

Spending Points

Ways of spending
There are three stages of spending power points when learning any new move.
'Options','The build' and 'Extra's'.

This determines the shape and type of your technique. You will be presented with multiple options and required to pick one.
Sometimes this might just serve as aesthetics while other times it will be accompanied by various benefits/flaws and costs.

The build:
This is the heart of 'move creation.' Here you shape and define your move by choosing what attributes to spend your power points on. The more you spend in one place the stronger you make one aspect or attribute of a move and the more expensive it becomes to improve that detail. The strength of a certain aspect of a move is represented by *'s. At the start these are measured between 1 and 5.

This is where you add finishing touches. You can pick as many or as few as you like as long as they don't contradict one another. 'Negative' Extras actually reduce the total cost of your move.

Improvement Costs

During The build phase.
Most attributes of a move or technique will use the following score and cost system.
(first point cost 2, second 3, third 4, fourth 5, and so forth.)
Score Example
* -2pp
* * -5pp
* * * -9pp
* * * * -14pp

Final form

Now you know how to select from the available options and apply any given modifiers.
You can sink extra points into your new moves making them unique with their own strengths and weaknesses.
And you also understand that you can pick some things from the extras to add that final touch.
All this will give you a new move with a final pp cost.
If it is within your budget the move is nearly ready for review, you just need to use the scores as a guideline to build the moves description.

Hi @Azereiah!
Just wanted to say I'm floating around.
Weren't we in a similar game together before?

Anyway I'm thinking of going for a more bulky and strong, less pretty monster character. Just trying to find a suitable image.
Points are fun, it's recording, scoring, comparing.
Gives the chance of mastery.
Your choices actually matter and mean something, because you are bound to restrictions and limitations. You have to be clever and choose wisely. It stops it from being a one man story.
Introduces variations and rewards the long term players.
It's good on many levels.

The only thing it limits you from doing is pulling out a new move every time the old one suddenly doesn't suit you. (Stops batmaning)

I personally love a structured game with visible and calculable results/rewards.
Everyone gets to see the characters development.
How you use the skills is still entirely up to you.
How the technique appears visually is still up to you.
How you physically fight is still up to you.

You just have a limited move set that you can choose to expand on or improve on throughout the game.

20 point example.
Shadow shroud
This defensive escape manoeuvre instantly surrounds the character in an inky dark fog that hides their movement and hinders all incoming attacks. Only lasting a short time it gives the user a small boost to their speed.

Speed * -2
Endurance * * -5
Evasion * * * -9
Duration * -2

Instant use -6
Once a day +4
Anyone interested in a point buying system for moves?
I can whip something up for perusal if anyone is interested.
Doesn't mean it has to be used, just good way to record and compare.

I imagine different people going human may like to go down different transformation paths, ideas to cover this could be;

  • Different heritages/bloodlines.
    Back in the day people of the north grew massive when entering combat. Those of the south islands shone like a star. Since the great peace no one has used a transformation for 100s of generations and since the mingling of tribes very few know what powers their heritage holds.
  • Schools of training;
    Having exposed your mind and body to a unique chi and rigorous training regime your transformation is set by your study. It is a unique thing that few are able to achieve but many strive for.
    While extremely rare it is possible to master two different schools and own two different transformations if one can dedicate himself to and upkeep two different schools of martial arts.
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