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Ok, 3 is enough to get things started.

For character creation I’m thinking of the following, you get to pick any three and I will pick the rest.
Let me know if you think there should be any other headings or options.

Age: 18-24, 25-34, 35-49, 50-69, 70+
Sex: M, F,
Height: Tall, Short, Average
Physique: Slim, Slightly padded, Lean, Body builder, Overweight.
Skin tone: Fair, Olive, Light brown, Dark.
Talent: Educated, Mechanically minded, Combat instincts.
So.... here’s the premise for an idea I might work on drumming up on further detail if I get a bit of interest.

4 or so characters awaken groggily onboard a spaceship. Standard alien abduction. Little to no memory of themselves or their past, just brief flashes which I will hand out.
But!!! The big bit is that your oppressors/ captors are gone or dead. A few of you might recall some vague interactions with them but they are no more.
You have an immensely huge and alien spacecraft all you yourselves with no idea how to pilot or control it, oh and it is still travelling through space.

There will be encounters and secrets both from within and from without the spaceship (aka your new home) as you slowly learn or redifine who you are.


@Dark Light
You still with us?

Sorry guys, gonna have to drop this.
All the best
Oh’len felt pity for those around him who couldn’t see in the way he could. For all those that didn’t know the aura of this Artefact above them, this miniature sun, in the same way he could.
There were patterns within patterns and colours of colours swelling from its core and emanating out brightly in the likes that even his eyes had never before seen and they burst forth to coalesce further in new ways of unfathomable brilliance. It held a wild harmony in its own completely unique and unpredictable way. A string of sorrow tugged on the man’s heart as Ohl’en realised he could never really truly talk about or share it with anyone. It would be like trying to discuss one of the most complex pieces produced by the greatest orchestra with a deaf man.
For as far as he knew, no one else had eyes like him, which in times had caused him to question if what he sees is reality or pure insanity. It had definitely sounded like insanity to those of whom he tried to describe it too. But that wasn’t a conundrum to solve right now.

Realising he had lost time to the hypnotic light, Ohl’en quickly packed away his briefcase of high tech gadgets and sensors that he had been using to get some readings and research on the power core, then rushed off to meet Orion waiting nearby the entrance to the club.

”Guess it’s time to go meet Gnabik.”
Oh’len told his acquaintance without apologising for his tardiness. His brows furrowed as he stepped towards the archway and was enveloped by the thudding bass and strobing lights.

Still here, just waiting for a point of entry

Sorry it’s taking so long.
Please feel free to have a look at my incomplete ramblings and let me know if anything needs to change.
Sorry for the delay! Got a thing up ;)
Oh’len nodded appreciatively back to Orion, both for his service and advice. He gave him that familiar yet friendly odd stare before speaking his decision on the matter, always proper he spoke elegantly with his formal diplomatic tongue.
”E-Rade’s lounge sounds like it could be either of those places that’s why I’d like you to come with me. It’s a risk but I have a small job there.
While I could say I need the contacts and connections this opportunity offers, which is true if it holds such things, the truth is I am too curious to turn it down, even if I have a bad feeling about this.”

Oh’len whips open his jacket and in the brief flash that his hip holster was exposed, a gun flew straight into it from the table nearby before the fabric could fall back down in place and conceal its presence. Oh’len spoke once again as if his psychic display was mundane. Although he knew it was not.

”I don’t like such things and am not trained in their use.” He said speaking of the gun. ”but every negotiation has its tool. I would still appreciate your assistance. The payment is yours but if we get the chance, the relic is mine. Nothing can compromise our first mission though, my brother remains our priority.

Oh’len had given him a choice yet was speaking with a hefty confidence as if Orion had already given him an answer. Vaskians...

Oh’len would reply to the message and organise an approximate time for their meeting. He would quickly study up on the happenings around Jurroc III. (If told about it he will study the drive booster too.) Next he familiarises himself with local customs and searches for information on their meeting place and surrounding area. The whole process had a nostalgic familiarity of an old life and old job.


It’s from a GOT generator. Made it years ago for a game that never kicked off.
I think it sufficiently suits my new fief tho.
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