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Trying to find the 'right' game.
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Ahhrrggghhhhh! Can't find a decent game to get immersed in! This place is just making me more grumpy lately...
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I'm so Fuckin' broken...


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@King Tai

Hurricane!? Hope you weren’t hit too badly.
Man, 5 days without power...
@Dark Light
I think K12 was forgotten

Clay wouldn’t have seen him, I also put my post a lil vaguely in the future so anyone can wrap up anything they were doing, or continue it.
Can’t speak for the other two but looks like they might have disappeared.
A fair amount of time had passed since Clay last retreated groggily and grumpily to his room with a bottle of strong whisky.
The upbeat rhythm of his light footsteps, clear eyes and faintly smirking lips hinted to a different man returning to the bar.
He wore his usual jacket, open over his glistening wet tattooed chest. His hair and beard still held moisture and so too, strangely, did his soaked denim jeans.
Seemingly oblivious and unphased by his damp stature, Clay carried on behind the bar leaving wet footprints behind him in his wake. Rummaging through the draws he found and striked up a cigaret.
Puffing away he got to work wiping down the tables and returning dirty cutlery to the sink. Almost, nearly humming as he waited for customers.
Clay met anger with anger. It stained his face. He slammed his hand down on the baths edge as he came to stand up tall, towering over Evelyn he got right up in her face. His shadow cast intimidatingly upon her.
The broken glass crunched beneath his bare feet. His eyes stared intensely into hers. He had that predatory glare again. Then with a slow harsh whisper he replies,
”I said that thing wasn’t me, and I wasn’t lying. It might steal and use my body but I ain’t it! Ok!?”
Evelyn, if she is so inclined, might realise that the anger was not completely directed towards her but also the beast that Clay tries desperately to distance and seperate himself from. To him her accusations were an insult. Something he passionately denies and fights against.
I posted but no one listened

Don’t be disheartened, I just think the leaking oil went unnoticed.

Clay growled as the newcomer burst into the room, his loud obnoxious energy only further irritating and draining Clay. He ignored him, and seemed to be ignoring Evelyn too.
Without pausing he continued to stumble into the attached fancy bathroom, the immaculate pristine clean room laden with empty liquor bottles and crumpled bloody clothes.
Clay carefully navigates the shattered glass of a broken bottle on the floor as he steps towards the bath. With a load groan he slips into the empty tub.
With a swig and a sigh he finally turns his head to address Evelyn.

”That wasn’t me.” he replies flatly. Then with that goofy yet charming proud grin that he used so well, he continued.
”As promised, showers just over there. Don’t mind me.” Then he took another swig from the bottle and held it out in offer.
Answer you back?
Well he could hardly leave her without pants after cutting off the last pair to dress her leg wound.
The taverns old floorboards creaked slowly one by one, the sound descending down the stairs and continuing to travel across the room towards the bar. Clay, barefooted, in tattered old jeans soon appeared. His movements slow and lethargic like his breathing. His mood sour. His tired face hidden in the shadows of a hooded jacket.

Keep the pants, but that’s my drink.”Clay mumbles. Drawing Evelyn’s attention to the pants on her legs that weren’t hers.

Using the distraction he snatched the bottle from her hand.
Relax, I was a gentleman the whole time. At least in my actions anyway. ” he reassures teasingly, managing to muster a sly, playful, tone in his raspy dry voice, eyeying her from the corner of his eyes as he takes a deep desperate drink of the ale.

As he turns to walk away, bottle in hand, he is stricken by a heavy and sickly coughing fit that temporarily robs him of his breath. Using a nearby wall for support he slowly regains his composure and begins to make his way back to the stairs, rewarding himself with a swig every few steps.

@BoyMom69035 Your choice.
Don’t have to. It shouldn’t really change your post.

@Dark Light sorry I have been busy give me one more day and I'll be done

No problem :) life happens
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