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Current It's a Chuck Palahniuk quotes kinda night.
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Trying to find the 'right' game.
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... Something new
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Ahhrrggghhhhh! Can't find a decent game to get immersed in! This place is just making me more grumpy lately...
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I'm so Fuckin' broken...


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might this still be running by chance? if so would you mind if i wandered in every once in a while?

Jump right in XD
Seeing activity in this thread is honestly the best thing that's happened today (for me)

You either
A) really like this idea and/or fallout.
B) have had a really bad unlucky day.
C) a little of both above.

Lol anyway I'm glad your excited. :)
Wow, so after a hiatus from RP guild I'm interested in writing again here, kind of for the sake of nostalgia. The whole thing seems like it's died down now though.

Died down... It's completely burried, but nothing a raise dead spell can't fix ;) speaking of...

Interested in jumpon in, just have to go make a profile.
Thinking of using two old and characters, one of who have had (traumatic) experience with pocket dimensions.

Sounds great! Please do. Look forward to seeing them. Any character sheet format will do XD

Interesting idea. It is a lot better than the last Fallout idea I read, i.e. suicide mission.

Everyone starts out at the same level?

Yup! A big Lvl 0,

I'd like to eventually play as one of the factions, but that depends on if this RP takes flight or not. Still, I'm interested.

I really hope and will encourage faction play. Once the game is running I will try build a faction system where you treat a faction as a second character. (Or just let everyone have multiple cha's)
I’m interested, but if we come up with a vault we should also come up with what the experiment was for that vault. After all most vaults had a specific experiment (I.E. Vault 111- Cryostasis) or is that what was meant by Vault quirk?

Yup! So if be really happy if you guys started a conversation about that. I have a few ideas

Vaults could also specialise in tech and not everyone has to have the same quirk, it just needs to fit in the vaults theme.

Sorry about delays, works been a killer. If I could see some character sheets it would help me build the initial exit events and get a vibe for game style.
This will eventually go sand box but I will lead/direct the start.

Sorry and thanks for hanging in there ;)
Vault dwellers yes, and with so few people I'd prefer from the same vault.
But anything could have happened in that vault.

Region - uh something untouched by lore so anything can go.
This won't focus too much on region specifics except for maybe the odd landmark. (My geography ain't too good.)

As for time I was thinking early 2200's. Depends on your vault story.
@timelord1101 Well I'm kinda excited about the new fallout so I was thinking of hosting a slice of life in that world :D


Thanks guys, I had sorta thought this was a flop.
Any ideas or suggestions?

I normally over complicate things so I would like to keep these character sheets pretty basic.

Problem with starting on the night of graduation is that so much has already happened for our characters, at the school, personal pivotal teenage moments. For most of us our entire relationship is already built between each other. We will have to try back fill events and feelings.
@Dark Light Keep in mind they lived in Ireland until a few years ago but I like the idea if we can work it into their parents' backgrounds somehow

Easy, where did she grow up/study teaching.
I'll put him there too. But he moved away long before her.
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