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Current It's a Chuck Palahniuk quotes kinda night.
10 mos ago
Trying to find the 'right' game.
12 mos ago
... Something new
2 yrs ago
Ahhrrggghhhhh! Can't find a decent game to get immersed in! This place is just making me more grumpy lately...
3 yrs ago
I'm so Fuckin' broken...


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I could give it a go. None of my games really last that long though :/
So interested in VTM but nothing helpful on discord or the wiki link. Now I just feel lost and confused and am gonna go wander around somewhere else.
@A Lowly Wretch
Four points overall and the positive doesn't have to be under the same attribute as the negative

Edit Added to the OP ;)

Awww man, I lost my image...
@A Lowly Wretch
So kinda like a merits and flaws for talents. Where you take a negative to gain a positive. Ok I will allow up to 4 points done this way with no more than 3 points being under a single attribute.
@A Lowly Wretch
Interesting, can you give me an example so I'm sure I understand.
@Gobby Update! Update! Update!
What's going to happen next? Do our relics activate?
Is it gonna be a one at a time thing or all at once?

Ooh and I added 'Scoundrel' as my third talent thing.
Lol, that's probably a good thing. If he kept that style for the whole game I imagine he might not live to see it through.
Any of our attackers specialise in range?

Hmm I think my attack style will be fast and hard, not in it for the long game. A bit reckless, close quarters, end it and move on.

Kind of like if a raging barbarian had improved initiative, sneak attack, flurry of blows and dodge. The first hit is a really good one that hits them right in the sweet spot before they're even ready.
Next he just wildly pummels, throwing attack after attack, amped up on adrenalin and rage. Only focusing on defending against one attacker.
And at the end of that he really hopes they are down. He's a bit exhausted, trying to catch his breath and now he can feel the impact of the attacks he shrugged off earlier.

Now it's the Tanks turn to step in... Hopefully we have a healer.

Just a thought, could end up in a totally different direction depending on what happens.
@A Lowly Wretch

Can't wait to see it!
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