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Ahhrrggghhhhh! Can't find a decent game to get immersed in! This place is just making me more grumpy lately...
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Monster/Creature sheet.

So, inspired by a short on Netflix where in a cyberpunk-esque setting people linked minds with monsters and battled them.
I would like to continue and grow on this.

I want money to be a big thing.
From buying and upgrading your space ship (there will be battles)
Enhancing yourself with aug’s.
To even fitting out your monster with latest biotech or simply getting better monster hunting tools.

You will have to choose your battles wisely.
Money can be made in arena battles.
Bounty hunting.
Or simple errands (think firefly)

You will function as a team.
I’m thinking some sort of Cha sheet, perhaps like cyberpunk (or simpler) just so everyone has their own skills unique to the team.

This is still a very early wip
Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading 😉🙏
What time period, Magic/tech level?
Real world, what country?

What themes can we expect and how often and large do you expect posts to be?
I simply used you’re map (3month travel time) and divided it up.
Three hours is ridiculously close.
Hurruh simply shook his head, grabbed his sister by the sleeve and started walking towards the edge of the town. Sunfire was approximately a two week journey so that meant his bugfairy friends home was at least a weeks walk away. If what Hurruh expected was true, his little friend was going back to fight and get hurt again. He did leave in a hurried rush after getting healed.

There was something import and dangerous back there. What ever was troubling the bug fairies Hurruh knew his sister could help them. He didn’t want to waste anymore time. He just didn’t want to be too late.
The seeker and her slave

Protective wards on one self while traveling were one thing,
but they were nothing compared to what these witches had ingrained deeply over time into the very earth beneath their feet.
Already the intricacies of its design
delicately picked and peeled away slowly at all unfamiliar magic.
It tested and withered anything it didn’t recognise,
and for Ryleth, that was his wards.

Once in the clearing a faint song could be heard resonating from up high in the great tree that overlooked the forest. It was a sad and slow song. Haunting and eerie in its sullen despair. It was a song of mourning and apology.

One witch stood in the clearing. Scantily clad in loose sheer natural coloured fabrics, her hair curly, wild and free, red, but not as red as her plump soft lips. Her body held womanly curves proportionate to her tall height. Her head hung low and unwilling to look at the herald, her eyes remained to the floor. She walked slowly towards Ryleth. Hips swaying with every small step as she slowly neared the phylactery on the grass. Silence consumed her and the forest, only the sorrowful tones of the sad song in the tree above fell to the floor.

”I am quite fond of this body.” she whispers as she looked up to Ryleth and suddenly slams her bare foot down on the crystal container.

Her eyes...

Blood spilled into the earth around her foot.

Shuffling could be heard above.

Her eyes were alive with a fire burning within! Flames lapt at her face escaping her skull through the sockets where eyes should be.

The blood continued to roll out around her foot in an unnaturally growing puddle crawling across the floor.
A violent scream erupted from the commotion in the tree above him, something approaching fast!

Violent flames leapt from the Witches mouth as she screamed viscous hate at Ryleth in heated reply, giving him her response.

@Legion02The ‘Seeker’ is breathing a fireball at Ryleth as someone launches at him from above. The magic in the land is slowly picking at and weakening his wards.
@Rai It’s my own quest, I just used an NPC to give us a reason for grouping up.

Gonna hunt down that bug fairy. As soon as it was healed it raced back to where it was found. Presumably to finish trying to protect what ever it was protecting when it incurred its injuries.

You did say free roam and gave no other directions so I just made one. 🙂

What happens along the way and what we find at the destination is up to you.

”Right!” Said Hurruh. Looking down at his expressionless monsters cradled against his chest.
”Defending and healing, that’s what we’ll do!” He spun around and ran back to his sister.

”Jo-Jo, I wanna go find my fairy friend Jay-Jay and make sure it’s alright. I think it would have gone back to its friends in the forest.” He grabs her hand and starts tugging on it.
”C’mon, it’s not too far. Just in between here and Sunfire.” He had a slight worry and urgency to his actions.

Just then one of the remaining bystanders, an elderly simple man who overheard Hurrah’s plea, decided to interrupt with some news and wisdom.
”Youngins, dem roads ain’t the safest path at moon light right now, some bad stories been coming out of em and the next few nights will be the worst. Ain’t got much moon left right now. Best ye be getting a guide, going by cart or waiting till the nights are brighter. At the very least, and as you always should, travel in a group.”

As the siblings turned to look to each other, Jones knew they couldn’t afford a guide or carriage on short notice and Hurruh made it abundantly clear he didn’t want to wait. Turning their heads to look back towards the man they would notice he was gone. Nowhere to be seen. Completely out of site.

Instead, about 10 feet behind where he stood was the young mage, his female friend and the water spriggan...

”well, go ask him.” Hurruh says to Jones nudging her along in the direction of Bidzil who may have just heard everything.
I’m gonna give us a quest!

Will post soon
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