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"Vivi, get the creature onto the corner table. Blue fire, light the chandelier above." The commands rung out from the opening kitchen door as Dorian emerged rolling up his sleeves. His voice was never raised but held an affluence of authority and urgency. There was no hesitation or second thought, in his actions or his words. With a purposed efficiency he gathered some utensils and clothes upon a dining plate and made his way to the mentioned table.

The first thing he placed down and organised was a small candle which sat under a metallic stand holding a bowl of water. Then he proceeded to lay out a mix of what looked like kitchen cooking utensils and neatly folded bandages.
That's old, been and done :)
I just wanted to get in before blueflame and he gave me the space to do so :)
Post away ;)
Brushing the dust from his suit Dorian quickly interrupts Vivi and the Flames conversation.
"Right, I'll see to this mess. If you two are both ok you can start tending to the customers. Consider this your official trial. I shall remain busy back here."
Dorian looked around at the debris that surrounded him. A large chunck of an over head cupboard crashed to the floor as if highlighting the damage. He gave them both a very quick rundown of where and how to find particulars amongst the extensive range of beverages and then hurried them out to the front.
This time Dorian moved with some haste. He wielded the key with a samari's precision. It slipped straight into the barrel instantly and twisted, ending with a click. The door continued to shake for a short time before settling in silence.
The creature could tear apart the kitchen, ripping through the furniture and walls like they were nothing, but it didn't so much as scratch the door.

Dorian continued to act calmly and collected as if this was no more of a bigger deal than some insignificant regular chore. He watched Vivi closely, while he held no concern for the event, the welfare of his patrons was always a priority. While he didn't display it, he read the situation intently to determine when or if even he would need to interupt and how much. This wasn't one of those situations, but none the less they had other things to attend to.

With a faint flick of his wrist a fine glittering powder littered the air around Blue and was quickly absorbed into his body, vastly increasing his size with a flaming wave of heat.
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"Miss Vivi, Mr Blue. If you could be so kind as to hurry this up, I believe we have some customers. Customers waiting to be waited on." Dorian says calmly ending his sentence with a smirk. He side steps a lashing tentacle that tore a strip out of the roof.
"Anything you require just ask of it, oh and Mr Blue, never travel into or around the pantry cellar with your teleportation."
In a display of divine favour or simple coincidental luck, as Dorian motioned to the pantry, the solid heavy door swung wide open, leading into the small room with packed shelves and a spiral staircase that disappeared underground.

Without words his intentions were clear. 'Throw it in there.' He had already began reaching for the keys dangling on his belt.

The only problem was that the creature was on the opposite side of the room.
The mans brow furrows as with every few steps towards the entrance he is forced to take just as many backwards. Gaining no ground he seems to tire of this dance.

"Very well" he pauses to reply, "If you can assist you may do so." Just then a piece of heavy chandelier crashes to the floor while the unbalanced remainder swings from the roof, setting the room in the flickering shadows of dull mood lighting.

The creature on the other hand shows no signs of slowing down.

Suddenly a loud clash rattled from somewhere behind the closed kitchen door. A thud followed shortly after along with some more bustling commotion.
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