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”So, Since your stuck here, might as well make the most of it.
You could always get yourself a room. Or share mine.”
he add with a playful shrug and a guilty teasing grin.

Clay found another mug of ale and continued to watch the tavern over the top of his drink.

”It does this.” he said, voice echoing in his cup.
”The excitement comes in waves. This place is like the ocean or the weather, never know when things are gonna start coming crashing down around you.”

So where were you trying to go?” Clay asked in his low gravelly voice. “Guessing it wouldn’t let you leave yet?” His eyebrows raised with the question but he was examining his bandages.
”Glad it didn’t.” he mumbled softly.

Then he didn’t have much to say, or do for that matter. He just lean back on the bar and looked about.

So was this a no?
Not sure if my character submission was missed or just not good.
Oooh, my first bumpity bump. Added two new ideas. One godly the other just a broadening of my earlier mercenary idea.

Both concepts would also really suit a small group. but I’m not sure if that is a feasible idea? Am I getting too greedy?
Idea 2?
Been a while since I played a vampire 🧛‍♂️
List me!
*sits patiently staring at the door*
With the peaceful music gentle thrumming off the walls, Dorian smiled as a new air filled the tavern. As his eyes scanned the room the tavern regenerated any damage before his gaze, and once again it was as good as new. The only signs of the recent carnage was the injuries and wounds still carried from it, and a few less patrons of course.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a single golden coin. It glimmered with the reflective light of the nearby candles.
Shooting a smile at Itotia, he gave her an approving nod before placing the coin into her jar. Her very first tip. @themadhatter420

He watched as Clay shirked his duties and confusingly relinquished control to two others so he could play doctor with a foxed-masked lady. Or maybe he was playing family with that child. Dorian didn’t rightly care, as long as there was at least a moments peace before his brothers antics would cause chaos again. Oil and water they had always been. Chaos and order.

With a precursors glance, Dorian studied the unusual mythic creature and absorbed the happenings of the god-like beings game with itself. It seemed to be an interesting bout.

Dorian takes her hand with a firm but gentle grasp. With a glimmer in his eyes he speaks.
”Pleasure to have you aboard, I have taken the liberty to have your possessions located in your room for you already. The cart is stored just out the back. I do look forward to enjoying your entertainment.”

He then gives an acknowledging nod to her bird as he studies it for a short moment with curious eyes.
”I’m sure you will find all you need, but if you have any questions at all, don’t be afraid to ask.”
Dorian, the finely dressed man sat in a corner of the tavern, feathered quill in one had elegantly scrawling across a fine white sheet of paper with a smooth fluency. Just as the extravagantly dressed Itotia approached him, he finalised his work with a full stop and gently dropped the quill back in the ink vial.

“Ah, pleasure to meet you.” He kindly said as he stood and gave an elegant bow. “Please forgive the formality, I prefer to leave agreements in words rather than paper but alas I must adjust to the times. Change is one thing that no one can fight off, not forever. I do hope you find the arrangement to your liking.”

He gave her a knowing grin, a warm smile, a caring look. But despite being as pleasant as one could be, he moved through the motions in a fluency like he had done it many times before, or simply knew exactly how everything was going to turn out.

Itotia would find his paper in her hand, it was a contract, and a fairly generous one, despite not being paid in any coins.
The hours were flexible and all food and accomodation was provided. She could even keep any tips made. In return she only need entertain the guests when the mood was right, be it through song, dance, story or conversation. And she need be willing to cover the bar at times.

Dorian politely awaited until her eyes had scanned the paper then held out a silver key on a small chain. “For your room.” He said, once again invitingly kindly. “You will find your things already there.”
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