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Trying to find the 'right' game.
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... Something new
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Ahhrrggghhhhh! Can't find a decent game to get immersed in! This place is just making me more grumpy lately...
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@Midnight drag

Not a dice system per say but I might occasionally roll the odd one to determine someone’s luck or likelyhood of something working out.
Stats are mainly a comparative. Influences the outcome but doesn’t always have final say. I’m also only just now thinking about letting players use CP to sway temp favour of the universe.

Like if you really want something to go your way, a battle, or you need your ship to hold together just a bit longer, slip by undetected.

CP, Startup would be a nice chunk to really get things going then maybe between 1 and 4 each week depending on your posts.
1 for new week (all players get)
1 for being active (3 decent posts)
1 for engaging/interacting with another character
1 for monster battle or registered mission.
@Midnight drag Yea it was!
It’s ok if you haven’t played cyberpunk, it was just a reference for the vibe.
So I imagine this is still a while off but would love input into the sheets/mechanics.

I am trying to build 3 aspects into the game.
1.) Monster hunting/fighting.
-This will be heavy combat T2, guided by stats. There will be money and fame to be won.
-Equipment will include upgrades, (biomechanical, cybernetic, ect) healing/storage tanks, weapons and catching equipment.

2.)Ship/Company build
-Here you take a more overview approach, As the captain you have to make recruitment decisions, build alliances, manage finances, balance a moral compass, direct your forces, ensure your people, creatures and aliens are fed and happy while keeping the ship maintained and in the air.

3.)Main character/world building
-Players should still have a social aspect. Drive, Personality, flaws and merits. This doesn’t have to be laden with stats but at least have a nice backstory. New locations and law will be built through this area.
I’m thinking a creation point system (CP) rewarded weekly.
2 points build a new monster species or rare alien race
3 points would be either stronger or more common
1 = new town/land mark
2 = major important location/landscape
3 = new planet
4 = major planet
5 = new system

Feel free to put forward any input, ideas or character sheets. It will be muchly appreciated. Look forward to your feedback :)
Faction sheet




Either by a steady career of dedication, consistency, sacrice and hard work or maybe just pure sheer dumb luck, at the turn of a new century you find yourself as a leader in command of a registered monster hunting ship and crew.
Will you lead your people to fame and victory, will your name become feared amongst the stars. Will your logo bring joy, hope, despair or will it even be recognised? The decisions are yours.

Feel like a timeskip to the Kappa pond is about due... *shrugs*

New pains

Drakus didn’t understand why he was feeling frustrated after that altercation. Something about it was bugging and toying with him, confusing unfamiliar feelings that he couldn’t identify surfaced beneath his skin, unsure how else to deal with them Drakus suppressed them and painted it as hate.
That was something he could relate to, that was something he could understand.

With all the ice he could muster Drakus pushed his way past the messy haired mumbling new comer.
”Pain, how fitting. A’pain it is then, now out my way, a’pain.“
Drakus lashed out in a cruel low whisper as he made his way to his room.

While he had committed to giving up his sleep in favour of watching the others at the Kappa pond, he wasn’t about to forgo bathing. He didn’t want to travel there with them anyway, much preferring to arrive on his own time.

Combat of words

Deflect, misdirect, retaliate, conceal injury and most importantly, never forget.
Rei was prodding open wounds with salt covered fingers. Drakus was greatly displeased with her ultimatum. If there was something he despised more than people wrongly challenging his skill or misguidedly gloating about a lack of, it was people trying to manipulate him.
Or at least thinking they could...

It irked a dark malicious rage deep within him, a vile displeasure that could not be hidden from his eyes.
It was a cold hallowed stare, one that emanated out wide and filled the air with an undeniable presence. Lesser creatures would tremble or flee, those sensitive to auras would be pained or washed over by darkness. His heart and mind truly held something unholy...
Yet he only smiled at her, it was a fake cruel smile but he held it well. Beside the glimpse at his soul through his eyes, the rest of his face remained emotionless and calm. A contradiction that only added to the eeriness of it all.

”Please, contain your emotions, your childish flirting and round about flattery won’t work with me.“
He said, voice filled with a self centred arrogance.

”I’ll come when I am ready, after all it could prove to be quite an educational opportunity, watching the Kappa devouring bone and flesh. “
A sadistic smile cracked through his blank face.
”But if you’re afraid, and just trying to egg me on as backup, don’t think for a second that my presence offers you any more assurance of safety. None of you are worth the sweat on my brow.“


Drakus had managed to finish eating without having to engage with another imbecile. However the latest newcomer gave him a growing headache with his continued rambling. Being one of proper etiquette and standing, Drakus had used more than his fair share of cutlery for his meal. As much as he hated a mess he also despised cleaning up after others. Methodically and thoroughly he cleaned up only that which he had used or touched.
After ensuring he had left no impact in the kitchen beside that which he had taken, he began to remove all the ice from the freezer and bag it.

His mind raced replaying earlier events. He had much to ponder and experiment on. But right now, while his classmates went out to ‘play’ his focus was rest and recovery. Tonight would be another gruelling night of training for him.

Drakus paused mid mouthful to glare daggers at the insolent remark thrown his way. However his disdain receded when he saw who it came from. Swallowing his mouthful of green gruel he sat up straight before casually and snuggly replying. “Was a nice morning for it so I didn’t see why I shouldn’t.” He gave her a smile as he shamelessly looked over her body. His face gave no inclination of his intention, reason or what he was looking at/for.
Arden’s competitive side come bubbling to the surface. ‘Alright a competition!’ He thought tohimself. Only it wasn’t... he had to do this as a team, and without magic. The more that was explained the more he slumped with disappointment. The fun was literally being sucked right from the test.
Only seconds ago he was about to dart of into the bush aimlessly in reckless pursuit of the unknown until he heard Helena’s words and stopped midway in his tracks...
She was right, they had to travel together.

With a loud sigh Arden rolled his eyes, turned back and he looked over the group inquisitively. ‘Just who was going to try take lead?’ He wondered.
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