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This looks pretty interesting. Quite keen.
Can I be a pain and ask for some brief details of the current active team composition?
I'd like to fill a gap and don't really wanna accidentally copy another players character.
Oooh, consider me interested. :D
"Is there room for more?"

24 new posts in 3 days! Wow, nice work 👍
I really need to pay more attention to it.

Hope everyone is going well, ping me if you need anything or have any questions, or if you are waiting on a reply.

Otherwise keep being awesome and having fun.
Thanks all! 😃

@themadhatter420 I said "Blonde" Man, but I see Dorian isn't a Blonde Man. My apologies.

@Dark Light Is that a brown?

Haha yea, dark brown.
I do have a blonde character but he is not around at the moment.

The daunting stairs before them practically greeted her every unsteady step, taking, supporting and seemingly guiding her feet gently, even though such a thing was not possible since they were merely unmoving stairs, yet still the journey down them with the confident, sharp dressed gentleman at her side was near effortless.

”Wouldn’t do good to have you falling now.” He said subtly as if reading her thoughts but answering nothing. Then they were at the table.

@Pasion Pasiva

Dorian cut through the gazes as he made his way to table. His own dark eyes falling upon the apparently frail meek young woman. For a split passing moment their eyes connected and a world of depth reflected in them back upon her.

She needs a seat.” He simply said with a soft apologetic smile as he helped Alex into a nearby chair.
Keep an eye on her and everything is on house for you tonight.”

“Here you go.” He said to Alex as he finished helping her down. Half embracing her as gently he assisted her.

Without waiting for any further reply he was gone. Traversing across the tavern floor with the soft clacking of his shoes. His head nodded in greeting to the others he passed. Flashes of a warm welcoming smile being handed out generously.

@MasterLinkI hope your horse found his way to the stables out back, we have a surplus of carrots at the moment that I’m sure it would love. You didn’t leave it out in this stormy weather did you?”

He didn’t wait for a reply, carrying on to the bar where he began busily pouring a multitude of various drinks into an array of different styled drinking containers.
Her swears and demands only brought a faint smile to his lips, any hint of concern quickly vanishing as though it never existed. With a casual yet elegant motion he firmly took her arm in his. Through gentle pressure he offered a surprising amount of support.

”Sadly, I can only guarantee you one of those things. But we will see what we can do.”

He said as he gently led her away from the door. As soon as neither were in its way, silently the solid wooden structure began to close, as if remaining open had put some invisible strain on it. Before it could come to a complete close however, Dorian’s eyes quickly scanned the internal of the pod, an intent gaze searching for something that wasn’t there.

Step by steady step they made their way to the top of the staircase from where they could see over the whole tavern.
You’re going to be ok. he whispered reassuringly to Alex without turning her way.

Addressing @everyone in the tavern, he spoke in a calm, kind voice that carried further than expected without being loud, it gently demanded attention yet held no arrogance. It was a voice you wanted to listen to. Soothing and somehow simultaneously important.

And with this entrancing smooth voice he simply asked.
“Is there by chance a medic or doctor in house tonight? One preferably not yet inebriated. This lady here could use your assistance.”

The faintest slither of a frown touched the tavern owners brow, hearing the commotion and moans beyond the door. He had not worried over anything for over a century, so why did he feel worried now.
With firm kind words he continued, his voice offering the occupant in the space beyond the door a point of focus.

“Alex are you injured? Can you get out? You need to open the door. Alex.”
The finely dressed bartender had a distant look in his kindly eyes, there was a slight tension beneath his smooth sharp features as if he was listening or concentrating on something distant.
Itotia’s words did not go unheard however as he politely replies.

“Of course you can have a break and some food, order anything you like. You may be amazed by what we have available, unfortunately however I can not serve you this evening as I have someone to see.”

Punctuating his quick, sudden departure, a loud thud boomed from somewhere distant outside causing the walls to momentarily rattle slightly.

The escape pod that just traveled through space, through a rift and crashed violently to the ground, may have been a half mile away, but distance was one of the many laws that the tavern did not obey.
Dorian made his way up the stairs and to an old hallway with doors on either side. With a purposeful stride he made his way down along the soft lush carpet to a door long untouched. This door once belonged to one of his first employees, and beyond it was the room they had made theirs and all their belongings, now however, on the other side was the interior of a nearby space pod. With three delicate taps he knocks on the door.

“Are you ok?”
”So, Since your stuck here, might as well make the most of it.
You could always get yourself a room. Or share mine.”
he add with a playful shrug and a guilty teasing grin.

Clay found another mug of ale and continued to watch the tavern over the top of his drink.

”It does this.” he said, voice echoing in his cup.
”The excitement comes in waves. This place is like the ocean or the weather, never know when things are gonna start coming crashing down around you.”
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