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Trying to find the 'right' game.
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... Something new
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Ahhrrggghhhhh! Can't find a decent game to get immersed in! This place is just making me more grumpy lately...
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I'm so Fuckin' broken...


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Not at all, been pretty quiet lately. Should be easy to slip back in.
Sorry to hear about your family member. Thatโ€™s rough.
The large wolf, as if detecting Lavenderโ€™s gaze, turned to stare at her fox mask. Familiar eyes staring back at her in a familiar cocky way. It almost smiled at her, until in the distraction a wraith got close and clawed at the beast. The powerful blow sending the wolf scattering across the floor with a high pitched welp.

The wraith then seized its prize. Picking up the bag container the dagger.

... would it leave now that it had its possession back? Was it right to allow such an evil creature to have such an evil device?
Should anyone do anything?
Would anyone do anything?

Wraiths, the dark, coal eyed, life hating shadows, since their first appearance had dwindled in number, then risen again as the dagger began its evil work of turning other creatures into more of their own.

Then with the dagger secured away, their numbers began to dwindle once again.
Even though the wraiths seemed few in number now things only grew more chaotic as fear either subsided or set in. Both a good enough reason for men to grow foolish.

Arrows, bolts and bullets would seemingly fly through the air at random. Some passing through a wraith like shadow, many not. The room flashed with the warring of light and darkness. Effects and side effects of spells. Tables crashed and people cried, war cries and cries of pain, some hard to tell apart. A small fire smouldered on one wall, threatening to take a curtain soon.
A large wolf had appeared from somewhere, growling deeply and lashing out at multiple wraiths trying to close in on Vendrilโ€™s backpack. Trying to reclaim their knife.

The process sure enough halted and the man fell into some semblance of sleep. However...
In that time a wraith emerged from beneath the ground and had plunged the dagger, still in the womanโ€™s hands, deep into her stomach. The deep wound caused a much faster transformation and she started wildly slashing about, catching two other patrons with just a small scratch before turning on Ghair.
But a small scratch was all they needed...

โ€Restrain them!โ€ the boy cried.
There was a loud โ€™crashโ€™ as Clay suddenly went hurtling through the air and came down heavily onto a table, wood and splinters flying everywhere. He groaned as he squirmed around in the wreckage. A wraith hovered slowly closer, its malevolent gleaming eyes glowing hot with hatred.

Clay reached for the dagger that had escaped his grasp but it was gone, in the hands of a woman who was crawling around on the floor. Now armed with a magical dagger she grew confident and daring, she stood and stalked back to where her friend struggled profusely with one of the undead. With a scream she charged and struck at the wraith, missing, and scored a thin red line across her friends shoulder.

The effects of the dagger were almost instant. The mans features grew gaunt as his skin paled and shadows started to gather around him while his eyes grew red with an eerie intensity.

โ€œOh god. Get the dagger off her!โ€ The waiter boy yelled from elsewhere.
@Marmalised Junk

โ€Protecting the rest of the tavern!โ€ the boy shouted as he squirmed about.
โ€Now let me go, there are other people here too that arenโ€™t aware.โ€

Fire and silver, while not instantly fatal, devastate the wraiths and tear holes or slashes through their shadowing form. The wraiths are powerless as they coalesce back into shape. With enough blows their glowing red eyes fade away as the darkness of their shadows diminishes to nothing.

While sleep seemed to be a thing the wraiths did not know of, the one fighting Ghair seemed to slow and slightly even pacify.

More than one wraith turned its attention to the blade, but before any could claim it, Clay snatched it way from beneath the outstretched ghostly hands.
He gives Lavender a mischievous grin as he recklessly makes his way across the room towards the bar, barely dodging multiple angry wraith or frightened fleeing customer here and there.

โ€Yesssโ€ the undead creature replied with a low raspy hiss as it grabbed Ghairs shoulders with its sharp shadowy hands.
โ€Your soul!โ€
Itโ€™s red glowing eyes stare flare brighter as it inhaled deeply sucking at Ghairโ€™s life force.

Meanwhile, as the strange creatures mighty roar settles, it is replaced by the commotion and screaming of the average patrons.
A young man teeters precariously on the railings atop the stairs as he tries to backaway from a lodge shadowy wraith.

A young woman scrambles frantically amongst chairs and tables as a wraith rots them to dust with a touch, steadily following her.

Dorian has vanished.

The young server boy is kneeling, eyes closed and chanting. To what effect, it is unclear.
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