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@Song Book Still around?
So you can just jump in then?

Also, has anyone made a Time Lord character?

Yup, just jump in! ;)
I’m sure there was a time lord once, too many characters been and gone to be sure. But... big but, the tavern governs it’s own flow of time, so don’t think you can manipulate or navigate it.

It never behaves. :p
Perfect time for a new arrival. Got something up :D
Let’s see where this goes.
The playful friendly lie dropped from the woman’s face. In his current stay Clay might be clumsily and slow but she was not. A snarl took her face as she effortlessly crushed the fine goblet in her fingers, the liquid within splashing up into the air and raining down upon the bar.
In a blur the chair she was once sitting on crashed to the floor behind her and she re-appeared halfway across the room in blinding speed.

Seemingly only pausing her actions upon noticing the newcomer as he entered. Quickly switch on her pleasant endearing smile she turned towards the Travelled warrior and in her sweetest sultry soft whisper of a voice, she spoke to him. @Mogget
”Oh welcome, hope you had a blessed trip, thank the lord for your timely arrival. You see, we are having a problem with this wild thief.”

She points at the young lady in furs clambering around over furniture.@Song Book

”We need a strong good man to sort this. Think you can help?” Her eyes meet the newcomers as they dig into his soul searchingly. She wears the face of frailty and distress, too proper and feminine to handle such matters.
Lol, poor Anya.
And I forgot to tag you so here. @Dark Light

Hmmm, not sure where to take this now... 🤔
Clay who was surprisingly agile for his size still stood dumbfound and empty handed in Anya’s vacancy. He watched the vial fall and shatter to the floor, the smell bringing forth that glimmer once again to his eyes.
Another click echoed out and all life and emotion once again drained from Clays face and he began clumsily fumbling after Anya.
Her whimpers caused a clear hinderence to his movementss.

”ENOUGH!”The woman looked dissatisfied as she rolled her eyes and sighed.
”Ugh, little girl, come sit back down and have your drink.”
She gestures to the seat beside herself before reaching over the bar and taking the challis by the lip of its edge, her fingers delicately lift it by the rim and she holds it out above the seat.

”Come dear, tell me about your journies.”
Her voice now deciptfully kind, caring, welcoming and alluring.

At Anya’s sudden reaction the woman tilted her head back slightly and let out a surprised startling laugh. Seemingly both delighted and amused by Anya’s reply she laughed longer and louder than was necessary or required.
Catching her breath and composure she slyly reply’s, malice filling her stone cold gaze.

”Oh poor mistaken dear, nothing here is yours.” A sudden ‘Snap’ rings out like the clicking of fingers although the woman hardly seemed to move. However, the sound had caused Clayton to move. He lunged feircly at Anya, grabbing at her wrist and or drink vial.
@Song Book

”Us too.” she muses with a dismissive smile at the comment of just waking up here. She no longer presses the matter instead focusing on the girls furs. With a wave of her arm she signals Clayton who quickly pours Anya another drink.
With a new smirk the woman reaches to inspect the furs that she had been so greedily eyeing.
”Ooh I do love taming a wild growling beast.” her tongue sensually slides along her lips as her gaze twists to Clay and then back to Anya. Her voice slips into a husky whisper as she leans closer.
”Especially ones with such fine and rare fur.”
Suddenly and gently a soft sound arose from all around the tavern. Subtle and sweet it haunted its way through the building, resonating passionately as tensioned strings vibrateed in slow taunting melodies.
It was beautiful, like waves of the ocean the song rolled over itself as it came in and washed away, always pulling on the emotions like a moon on the tide.

Then, it abruptly stopped.
A fair skinned lady with dark hair and an elegant dark red dress steadily descended the staircase. One hand held an old violin wile the other hitched her long dress. Her heals clicked against the wooden surface of each stair as she took them gradually one by one.

”Servant.” She calls out aloud to no one in particular as she holds out her instrument expectingly.
Before Ahha can follow what is going on, Clay was at the woman’s side taking her burdensome equipment without hesitation or thought. His eyes even more empty and void of color than before.

The woman was of fair height and stature. She continued down the stairs at a leisure pace and eventually came to sit at the bar, close to Ahha. Very close. Her every movement seemed deliberate and calculated, seductive in nature. From the sway of her hips to the pausing before a sinister curl of her luscious red lips, even the mischievous and daring glint in her eyes seemed to be turned on at will. She was surely an intimidating and playful creature.

”The doors are locked and we are closed for business.” she says flatly, not yet looking at or acknowledging the girl she sat so close to. Then turning to face Ahha, her eyes rolled over her entire body as she stared intently in silence with an unnerving wide smile.

”So... how did you get in, more importantly. Why?”
It was either in her words that called upon his memory or her distant familiar scent reaching his lupine nose that caused a stir deep with inside of him.

”I am sorry m’am, you must be mistaken.” The deep flat words come out almost autonomously as he politely shakes his head. But inside...
She could sense it, she could see it, the beast didn’t want to lie dormant anymore. It was awake and it was fighting furiously.

The hairs down Clay’s muscular arms shuffled and stirred.
Cracks appeared through the iris’s of his dull and blank empty eyes. A vibrant angry orange. Furious and enraged. Thin barely visible slithers gave hint to the awoken caged beast.

Silently, frightened and scared, it howled for freedom. Help me! It would say if it could communicate from within its endless prison.
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