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Just letting you know I am here and present. Will post my character closer to her introduction. :)
Hope I get to rp soon!
Interest in playing non-magi
<Snipped quote by Dark Light>

If you'd still like to try and get in, I'll let it slide since you were already making a character 😉

Thanks 🙏😬

I’m going less combat type and a bit more nerdy computer hacker type. That is if you don’t already have that role filled. More scout-ish.
Awww man, I’m in the middle of making a Cha but never said anything... :(
My bad.
Despite Knutiks intentions to retreat and hide, as he filtered through the dirt earth beneath them he would soon find himself surrounded by walls. No longer simply outside looking in. Wooden walls, polished and oiled giving a deep red coating to its old face. Intricate patterned wallpaper of sharp grays, light browns and thin glittering lines of gold hugged tightly to the lower third of the wall, faded and peeling in the small patches were it began to fail the endless fight against time.
The room, which seemed more of a hallway, had no doors except for those at either end. More red wood like that of the walls. An ornate candle chandelier hung centre of the roof. A long plush rug acted as a floor covering.

So confident and sure the voice was. Although the door behind him had only just started opening, the word sounded like it was spoken beside him. All around him. In stepped a man. Dorian. His eyes intent but gentle. Hands folded behind his back.
“What brings you to my establishment?” He asks kindly with a gentle curiosity, but at the same time strictly to the point.
“Good” Clay replied without an answer. He leant forward resting an elbow on the table, the smile taking his lips disappearing behind his mug. After another heavy gulp the empty mug came down with a ‘clang’ on the table and Clay sighed. “I’m exhausted, tired, and there is much to do. The room and food is yours in exchange for the odd job here and there.”
Clay slouched a bit further, toying with the second mug.
“You can start by seeing who or what is creeping outside by that window.”
Clay motioned, without looking, towards the glowing green orbs floating in the nearby window. With that settled he went back to his drink.
“No one is from around here.” Clayton chuckled in reply, his voice deep and rough. Amused equally by this creatures words and his taste. Reaching over the table he happily took back the mug of ale and dropped his gaze to the satyr’s drink.

“You need a room and a meal.” He spoke after a gulp of his own ale, his words somewhere between a question and statement.

While people may be watching them, the two newcomers left at the door just watched the satyr with a raised eyebrow. Their heads following his path through the tavern, faces expressionless and impossible to read. It was only once he had sheepishly settled that they finally continued with their own entrance.
Skin smooth and pale, eyes deep and intense, Dorian, the shorter of the two, garbed in an immaculate fine suit strode quickly towards the wide staircase with steady strides, only giving the faintest smile of acknowledgement to those he passed.
Clayton, the larger of the pair, was a lot more aloof and casual in his entry. The floorboards groaned under his heavy steps as he strolled slowly to the bar. His eyes flittered around the room, falling more often than not onto the female occupants. Unlike his brother, Clay’s clothes were tattered and simple. Tattoo’s and scars littered his sun kissed skin and a fair beard hung from his chin. Some might say he held a rugged charm.
As Dorian ascended the stairs and disappeared, Clay found an empty jug and filled it from an unmarked barrel. The liquid was a dark golden colour and had little froth or bubbles. Seeing it fill its container the large mans eyes grew wide with excitement. Unable to resist any longer he took a large long drink from the jug before filling it back up and replacing what he had drank.
A sated smile took his face as he gasp for a breath.
Collecting two mugs in one hand he made his way to the Satyr where he sat and poured the drinks. Saying nothing as he stared at the creature, pushing a mug of ale towards him.


The old tavern doors burst open with such force and urgency that the sturdy large hinges cried out loudly, groaning as they strained struggling to hold the doors to the walls.

Light suddenly flooded into the otherwise dimly lit establishment bringing with it a sudden and sharp silence.
In the doorway stood two silhouetted figures. Men, one just below Average build and stature, the other larger. For and endless moment they just appeared to stand still and take in the sights. A fresh breeze billowing around them bringing new life into the old place.

It was done, they were finally home.
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