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Apologies; a short reply. I'm really busy these days!

Anath Homura

"Hmm... this shall certainly be an ordeal, and I am afflicted with anger already." Anath Homura said, bristling with indignation before she shared a slightly more gentle glance towards Arterius and their dragon. "I apologize: Allow me to affirm my enthusiasm as well, for I am looking forward to traveling with you."

Elation and anticipation were evidently absent as she spoke - lacking a smile and any lighthearted inflection - then afterwards she accepted the hand of the goddex gratefully. She was struggling so to be cordial and subtly cheerful, such was the way of the strict scarlet goddess.

"Let us leave, and endure whatever Agthalan has intended for us..." Anath Homura stated with a slow sigh, followed by swiftly stepping out of the diner. She was feeling afraid of whatever the other four deities were doing while out of her sight.
Also - I've returned from house-sitting finally!

We await the lady of light now.
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A Night To Remember

Anath Homura had awaited a reply from the reticent bartender... as he tested her patience for a prolonged period of time. How many hours had passed? She almost huffed aloud when she swiftly processed the number, and ascertained that she was being brazenly neglected by this bogus bartender, realizing now why the tavern was nameless - always absent of appropriate service and professional staff.

The Creatrix became content with watching others once more, observing much of the current commotion with her searing sight. Studying people proved an arduous challenge, as she became confronted with numerous errors while everyone engaged in communication: conveyed intent often lost in the clamor of otherworldly language. It was both brutal and beautiful, savage and serene, such a paradoxical performance played by hearts swollen with hypocrisy.

Her children sought to connect to this cosmic chaos ironically called civilization, so abstruse and alienating, always straying from the Sacred Path... and she wondered why they would when it was annihilation which awaited all that were gathered in this tavern.

"Surely, you know the answer to such a simple question." Anath Homura answered softly as she suddenly addressed that another had approached her. The thief that was fleeing from the fiend outside, alone and afraid, lost and lying as she spread sin along wherever she went. Honor must be upheld, thus the Usurper adopted an auspicious smile and adorned herself with an affable aura.

"I am Anath Homura, and I ask; how shall we satiate our hunger? How to quench our thirst? Shall we speak awhile?"
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Dark Magician - VI

"Your academies allow external forces to coerce them; affecting which courses are available? Hmm... how submissive to the tyranny of obnoxious ignorance, and quite dismaying. However, you still have yet to tell me why you study the arcane arts."

The terrifying resentment remained in her ruby-eye though the rest of her composed visage conveyed calmness instead of contempt - she seemed to be struggling to choose between releasing a calamity upon the aforementioned general public, and absolving all of them of their supposed crimes.
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I could write a small post, since it seems like the scene within the diner has come to a close - does anyone have any qualms or objections?

The next person supposed to post is DX3214.
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Fortune favors me, I suppose. I'm only house-sitting from the 20th to the 24th now, so I can write a little!
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Apologies; I'm going to be house-sitting for a friend for about a week, so I won't be able to write in the meantime.
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Dark Magician - V

"Hmm... have you been banished before from school? The study of sorcery and magic means conventional methods should be placed aside, and all paths accepted in the pursuit of truth. Please tell me, why do you study spellcraft and the arcane arts? Then please tell me where you have studied, as I am intrigued by these schools that shoo away the scholarly so that they spend their time here in a tavern instead of a supposed proper edifice of education."

There were hints of anger in the sole orb of Anath Homura's gaze, as she asked about assumed establishments and societies; the systems and structures that taught and nurtured knowledge. The goddess glanced around their current surroundings, and her ire increased as she shifted upon her intricately bejeweled throne. Her features slightly softened, as her attention returned to Alwen, and she showed that her anger was directed towards the decision of others, and not towards the wizard himself. She stared at him with worry and wonder mingling, more and more curious about his story and awaiting for him to continue with an answer and further details. As a deity - she would wait with perpetual patience.
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