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There will be only a few things you need to know and that i will tell
1. I am a guy
2. why are you interested on who i am?
3. i can be very easy to make a friendship but you need to learn how to live with someone with Asperger a spectrum of autism
4. and also i am a bit of a quiet guy sometimes Specialy after a while

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Neu Sachsen, capital city of königsberg

Katrin sited in a bench outside the department of Domestic Defense of the Saxonian People, a few days had passed since she looked at the flowers, outside of the department a moment of calm, from the chaos that had been happening, in the last few days she felt almost like crying, news had come her father had died she had to leave the capital back home after a moment “coffee” she heard someone say looking up seeing senator Lewis extending a cup of coffee with a smile Katrin looked for a moment and grabbed it saying “thank you...” Lewis then sat next to her saying “though you might need one especially due to all things going on…”

Katrin took a sip and then said “Your Saxon is improving” Lewis then smiled at her saying “thank you...” he drank from his coffee and then said “I don't understand why your cabinet has to move with you to your home?” Katrin Sighted for a moment and then said “it's our byzantine bureaucracy we have to deal with” Lewis thought for a moment and then said “wait…” Katrin extend her hand stopping him saying “it was made by the congress so it's hard to change it” Katrin clenched her fists at the thought of seeing her brother again she then said standing up “Be ready we will go this night to my homeworld aka the new capital” Lewis looking her fists and her tense face he then said “you know if you have problems back home you don't need to go there”

Katrin though for a moment and sighted calming herself and said “it's just family business” Lewis slightly nodded rising from the seat after she left he then turned a hologram and started typing sending a message to the capital of the dominion to the emperor himself about the ongoing situation he still needs some times he probably will have finished by the end of the month he already reported to the empire the recent terror attacks he hoped the situation would calm itself down.

Meanwhile inside the D.D.S.P

“you are sure about that?” Frederick asked the council the man looked at each other and at the papers, they all nodded Frederick looked at the window of the office after a moment of thinking he sighed and then said “send a report about this to all leaders of Saxony send then when I tell an order to do it” the members started discussing each other one-man hit the table with all his strength and saying with the top of his lungs “FREDERICK ARE YOU MAD?” Frederick turned around seeing the man who shouted at him. The man then said “once this leaves the only thing that is going to happen…” “I know,” Frederick said a moment of silence fell in the room the man soon sited back Frederick then said looking at the man “we can't keep this a secret it would only aggravate the problem and make our organization we must mainly make sure that the situation is kept stable we don't want slave revolts or popular revolts”

The man looked talked with each other for a few brief moments one then said “well I guess we should prepare for what is to come even against the cratek and Tratik...” one of then raised his hand saying “what about the Ocien” Frederick chuckled and then said “the Ocien can't revolt they just can't even go against an order” the man looked confused for a moment and then said “I don't know much about the Ocien but how is that even possible?” Frederick with a smile said “we don't know the Craetek possibly made then to be slaves the Ocien are slaves to their genetics they can't disobey a master to the extent they might disagree but overall they can't deny orders” the man shrugged and then said “sounds like hell” Frederick lighted a cigar and then said “it is for humans for then its everything they had.”

Garten der lichterbäume

The maids of the palace gathered together in the center of the main hall half of then were human the other half were Ocien in several lines the son of Fridmar was in the room talking with the detectives some men accompanied him none of then saw those men before after a few moments the prince got close to then he was thin lacking muscles wearing good clothes prince Eadwing then said “all human maids leave now” the human maids looked at each other and begun to leave.

After the human maids left they were accompanied by the investigators leaving the prince and his advisors after the boy sighted he then said “the last one of you who was with my father when he was alive step forward” the Ociens looked at each other for a moment until Minna left then walking to the front of the group she bowed and raised saying “I was young master” Eadwing took a look for a moment and then said “Left or right” Minna looking confused said “what sire?” Eadwing then said with a stronger tone while walking back “left or right” Minna thought for a moment and then said almost like a question “Left?” Eadwing then said grabbing something big enrolled in a cloth “Top or bottom” Minna then said more confused from before “Botton?” after she said he unsheeted the item showing an axe he then said “Hold her”
Some of the men who were more strongly held, Minna, in the ground forcing her into the ground holding her arms and keeping her still she didn't resist at all watching Eadwing walking her eyes widened with fear he then approached one of the maids and said “Cut her left bottom arm off” the maid looked shocked until she looked at the axe grabbing it almost without thinking Eadwing backing away the Ocien maid then approached Minna she then said raising the Axe “I am sorry” Eadwing turned his head seeing the other maids hearing the swing the clank of the axe and the screams of Minna the other maids looked in shock and fearsome of which almost trowed up he then said walking back to Minna seeing his guards letting go of her she screaming in the floor blood flowing off her severed arm.

The maid that cut it out looked shocked Eadwing grabbed the axe blood still in it he then said to her “Back in line and Silence” the maid slowly walked back to the line meanwhile Minna slowly stopped screaming and just heavily breathed Eadwing then said “This is what happens to those who fail me she failed in protecting my father so you all understand…” he looked back at Minna and then said to the front maids “...Take her and patch her up” the first line maids then rushed and grabbed Minna and quickly took her to medical he then turned to the maids and said “for those who weren't close to throwing up and those who don't have the stomach, in general, I can see it in your eyes stay here you will be sold to the breeding stocks in other planets the rest go” almost half of the maids went away.

In the medical bay, Minna had her arm sultured by a medic after bandaging her severed arm she looked at the floor in a near state of shock fear running through her veins her skin cold as ice until she refocused back into the world by the doctor saying “You heard me?” she shook her head and said “sorry I didn't” the doctor rolled his eyes and then said “try not to force yourself too much and rest also the head maid said for you to go back to work by just opening some windows and helping the others” she nodded for a moment and raised up from the Ocien medical bed as she left she said “thank you” she started working in the few places in pain she entered the room of Fridmar.

Minna for a moment looked through the windows of the room where Fridmar was killed the sun shines beautifully through the windows with the birds singing in the outside she opened the windows as it was her duty even though she was near to crying the body wasn't more in the room he other maids had finished cleaning the room and the blood after the investigators left a few moments ago as she opened the last window she approached the desk where Fridmar died she thought for a moment in what he said before his death “free” she whispered an odd feeling passing through her heart.

She put both her hands from her upper arms in the desk leaving the last one out she then said “rest in peace old friend” almost crying in the process as she let go and prepared to leave she spotted an odd illumination in the desk as she looked back she approached it again lowering herself seeing an information drive glued to below the desk she grabbed seeing droplets of blood in it she starts checking it a way to visualize it until she heard someone say “Girl” Minna jumped back to her feets turning around seeing Eadwig together with one of his advisors Minna quickly bowed down her heart pounding saying “My lord” as she looked down she heard Eadwig say “what is that in your hand?”
She looked up and extended her hand with the drive she then said “it's an information drive I believe it was from your father” she saw Eadwig quickly grab the drive and open it a hologram displayed with him and his advisor walking away from the room she couldn't hear their talk as they whispered but she heard a word “if my sister sees this I am done for” after a moment the advisor of Eadwig approached her and handed over the Pendrive to her as she grabbed it she looked at him and he said “destroy it”

“you are sure about that we can do it ourselves” Eadwig said in behind him the advisor smiled and said chuckling walking towards him “please a Ocien can't precisely deny an order even if she was raised by your father it's in their nature...” he turned to Minna and then said “ heard me destroy it” the both of then soon left the room after a small moment she looked at the drive for a moment and walked towards a screen in the wall pressing a button make the incinerator shaft appear she approached and pulled the door of the shaft and extended her arm holding the Pendrive over the fire the flames hot in the deep of the shaft a voice then echoed in her head once again “You never wished to be free?” Minna held her hand for a moment in hesitation looking over it thinking about what Fridmar said.

Goldfluß capital world of the duchy of Wenhausen

A planet quite similar to the capital of the confederation albeit less ecological in nature of its cities in its pangean continent mass industrialization already created a global warming effect in the planet storms were now frequent in its surface meanwhile in orbit space elevators formed a planetary ring of space stations in its equator allowing orbital industry and commerce to be more prevalent, a fleet of ships of the Saxonian Standing army led by Katrin was stationed in orbit since with Katrina move to Goldfluß led to a technical move of the capital, not an official.

As she entered the dukedoms palace she was saluted by the Guards accompanied by some of her cabinet and senator lewis he looked around and said “a very nice place must I say if you ignore some of the ominous clouds” Katrin looked at him and said “well we had a little industrial expansion so we kind of abused” a man approached Katrin and the cabinet he was wearing noble clothes with military-style the head of the dukedoms guards he approached Katrin the two stood being quite close to each other they both smiled and hugged each other they both laughed and Katrin said “Peter you seem to have grown up in the last years” Peter then laughed and said “and you grew smaller welcome home I wasn't expecting you to be in the coronation” Katrin´s smile quickly fade and she asked “coronation?” Peter's smile soon faded and he then said as he sighted “Eadwing, rushed the coronation and didn't tell you it seems you arrived before what he planned” Katrin sighted and then said “Did the council vo...” “yes” Peter said interrupting Katrin she took a look around thinking she then said “try to delay the coronation for a while” Peter rolled his eyes and then said “You know I can't…” Katrin walked away saying “just try” as she disappeared turning into a hallway Peter was looked to the left seeing senator lewis he extended his hand said “Pleasure to meet you” Peter shook his hand and then said “Welcome to Goldfluß”

Katrin walked through the halls of the palace of the dukedom as she walked. She relieved some of her old memories, some good others not so especially one involving her brother as she walked through the halls she checked her messages upon seeing then she kept on walking and thinking of the situation.

Throne room of the palace

In the throne room of the palace, an enormous room with gold columns and blue silk curtains in its room a party was ongoing before the coronation many leaders of different duchies and counts even the minor governors and counts of the dukedom were in the room some of them discussed politics others everyday life things and rumors many of such rumors about the recent terror attacks and assassinations.

Peter and Lewis were together. Lewis talked saying “A party always happens before the coronation?” Peter then crossed his arms and then said “No I guess Eadwing wants to rush the coronation so his sister doesn't make trouble” Lewis raised an eyebrow and then said “Doesn't that make it easier to…” Peter interrupted by saying “not if you make it fast” Lewis slightly nodded and then said “right well I hope things don't go worse since the attacks” Peter then said looking around “it's kind of odd they decide to attack after the speech of the emperor” Lewis though for a moment and then said “Do you know who could do that?” Peter looked at lewis and then said “I don't know”

Trumpets soon sounded off in a royal entrance through the main gate of the Prince Eadwing as he walked the people slightly bowed behind followed by four priests each one of the four divinities with one of them in his hands holding a platinum crown ornate with gems and diamonds and gold engravings arriving at the steps of the throne Eadwing turned around and said “Brothers sisters my father died protecting and serving his nation the best he could now time must change” after he said that he kneeled before the priests the man holding the crown approached and then said “As a representative of my god Lóthurr and speaking for my colleagues and their gods I be here proclaim you...” a scream from behind then and the crowd stopped the priest saying “A Usurper”

As the shout is given people start looking behind seeing Katrin in the entrance of the throne room the guests all chattering at each other Eadwing raised to his two feet upon seeing his sister he then said “Sister I believe that interrupting is a little rude don't you think” Katrin walked forward in the direction of the throne and stopping at the steps of the throne she then said “Unless its truth” Eadwing looked calm for a moment he then said his voice sounding annoyed “What truth that I ain't the new leader let me guess you wanted yourself in my position?”

Katrin felt nervous around her brother she felt unwell mainly because of the bad memories she had after hearing what he said she then said “Correction you took the position by force and deceivery” Eadwing smiled and chuckled and then said “How so?” Katrin then grabbed a holographic transmission and opened it showing a letter to the whole room together with the voice of their father saying.

“Eadwing, Katrin I wish I could be with you or you two be with me before what happened but my time has come to an end due to unfortunate events, I found myself in this situation I only see that I might need to do one last thing before I departure Eadwing you may be my first son and overall seen as my successor but I don't wish that you must understand that this is my decision for your own good must find a better way then what you currently have, as for you Katrin you were always haunted by demons when a child but you struggled to become the woman of today as for that I give you the throne of my land albeit you still have your demons to face I believe you can rule what I left to you with love from your father Fridmar” The hologram showed.

As the message closed the room erupted into talks Eadwing looked in to be in a silent dread Katrin then said her nervosity lowering the device she then said “I believe you are trying to usurp the throne from me in reality” Eadwing shook his feeling saying “It's too late the council already voted by definition I am the duke now” both looked at each other in a silent war until the silence was broken by someone saying “In actuality” both looked to the crowd seeing senator lewis the people around him looking at him he then proceeded by saying “... the council is only allowed to choose a leader in case the previous one hasn't chosen a successor so by definition Katrin is in full rights”
Peter stared at him for a moment and then said, “How do you know that?” Lewis rolled his eyes and said “I am a representative of the dominion to this place I receive almost 200 pages of complaints from people of the everywhere of the confederation some involve succession even though I am not responsible for that so I naturally looked over some rules about the thing out of curiosity and many other things” Katrin smiled for a small moment before turning to her brother she then said “I guess you are not supposed to be in there”

As Katrin stared at Eadwing her brother she noticed an odd calm it wasn't normal for him to be like that he soon walked off from the steps of the elevation of the throne he then said “I guess you win” Katrin kept her calm for the moment but she was surprised she then turned to the priests and walked up the stairs arriving at the last steps in the throne she looked at the priest he then said “Well I guess I should repeat then...” Katrin extended her hand and said “There is no need” she then grabs the crown of the priest's hand and then after looking for a moment seeing the engravings of wolfs the same symbol as of her family crest she then put the crown in her head and then turning to the public she then said “I Katrin Siegel von Wenhausen take the place of my father a new age is dawning in the duchy of Wenhausen and I swear that I won't stand idle against the darkness that dares to doubt that my father's legacy is one of weakness”

The guests started to applaud her ascension while some whispered at each other Lewis looked at that and then said to Peter “Now that is amazing...” “she just denied being involved with the churches” Peter said his voice sounding worried Lewis turned to him and then said “What?” Peter then sighed and said “well it's part of tradition having a religious leader giving the crown to a leader a way to say that power comes from the churches god and herself she just said that her powers come from herself and the gods” Lewis though for a moment and then said “well seems like something she can handle at least things can't get worse”

After a moment a holographic transmission began to be displayed in the center of the room, some of the guests even receiving transmissions in their comms. Lewis looking around then said “What is going on?” Peter looking around then said “Seems like… a transmission from the D.D.S.P?”

A hologram of Frederick soon entered the transmission he sighted and started talking, making small pauses, seeming to be reading a text from outside the transmission “Lords and Ladies of Saxony and its citizens who also might be receiving this transmission... It is with sorrow that the D.D.S.P discovered the perpetrators of the recent terror attacks, assassinations, and attempted assassinations in Saxony... after discovering such individuals and after Advanced interrogation… the perpetrators were discovered to be agents of the Dominion…” As he said that the room soon erupted into loud talking Lewis's face turned into a face of dread and disbelief peter soon was dragged being taken by peter not before hearing the rest of the pronunciation “...Its believed that the actions were taken in an attempt to force Saxony into remaining loyal especially after a rise in a new generation of leaders that are more independent from the dominion this is the information we are willing to give we give our deep sympathies for those lost in the attacks.”

Lewis and Peter sat in a place far away from the discussions happening in the crowded places Peter took lewis out mainly because of the chance of reprisal lewis sat in a bench in the palace until Katrin arrived followed by the Bodyguards of the Palace she sighed and then said “Please tell me that it's not truth” Lewis raised from the seat and then said sighting “I don't know but I am pretty sure it isn't real” Katrin sighted and then said “You need to leave” Lewis then said “What why?” Katrin then said walking both Peter and lewis following her “Because you are not safe here and also I am going to do something drastic to keep calm or else I might be targeted after all I am a now a duchess and Bundeskanzler at the same time”

Lewis stopped for a moment and then said “I ain't leaving. I am an emissary of the dominion so I have the duty of representing them here...” Katrin sighted and then said “You might get arrested if you stay” Lewis thought for a moment and then said “I am also partially Saxon so this is… Partially my home so I stay” Peter and Katrin looked at each other for a moment Katrin sighted and then said “So be it go to your quarter's things might get problematic if you are in public” Lewis nodded and then went with the guards to his quarters.

After that Peter and Katrin arrived back at the throne room the discussion has not calm down at all instead it has increased insults could be heard directed towards the dominion a man approached Katrin and then said “Your grace reports of the confederation are bad the situation is not a good one many lords are anger dukes are mobilizing armies and they demand action” Katrin noded and thanked the man she then asked “Is everything ready?” The man nodded and proceed to leave Katrin soon raised to the steps of the throne room and set on the throne a transmission system so started and the discussion began to end as the guard's order silence at the same time after a moment a transmission begun to be televised to all cities, planets, palaces, of Saxony but also a transmission sent to the rest of the galaxy.

“Brothers and sisters of Saxony, our nation in the last days were attacked by the hands of foreign powers the dominion the nation where our ancestors came from attacked us its goals seem to be mainly to put us back into their submission but I Katrin von Wenhausen the Bundeskanzler of our nation and duchess of the dukedom of Wenhausen won't accept this action from this moment onwards the Saxonian Confederation is now to be considered a fully independent state from the Dominion and as a further action as retribution against the dominions actions I here call all the sons and daughters of Saxony in a war of retribution...” Katrin stood up from her throne and then said “From this moment onwards Saxony and the Dominion now have their ties cut from now our nation is in state of war against the dominion for their crimes will now be paid in blood” the communication soon ceases their communication going towards the dominion the entirety of Saxony and beyond.

The room implodes in applauses towards Katrin then says after the euphoria calms down “Call the lords of the duchies and summon a war council as the head of the new Provisional Government due to our independence at the same time give orders for immediate mobilization of our armies we are going to war...”

As the news spread of the new declaration of independence and the terror attacks being actually made by the dominion the duchies of the confederation entered the state of war as the Saxony was now in the path of war against the dominion fleets were being mobilized and armies were gathering now the age of peace that the dominion had was now over.
Neu Sachsen, capital city of königsberg

Neu Sachsen a heavily urbanized world having cities spanning across its continents illuminating its night sky the capital world of the confederation space elevators in its equator creating a ring of space stations around the planet with trade ships going in and out while the planet is a very industrial one the surface still maintains the old nature that once lived in its surface.

A hologram displaying a recording of the emperor giving his speech it is displayed in an office, in the palace of lords the capitol building in königsberg, With Katrin the Bundeskanzler of the confederation daughter of Duke Fridmar Wenhausen, she listened to the speech beside, sitting on his chair Duke Ermenrich Von Hergenrother after the speech was finished Ermenrich chuckled and with a smile said “for an immortal he still looks like a rotted grape who still thinks he can rule over the protectorates” Katrin looked at him for a moment she then said “well he aims to keep humanity united but it's a little bit too late” Ermenrich then picked a cigar and lighted up saying “well, for now, we keep going as always I believe”

Katrin walked and picked the projector. It was the size of an amulet she then said, “for how long?” Ermenrich raised an eyebrow and after releasing a small plum of hot smoke from the cigar then said “well I for one…” Katrin then said interrupting Ermenrich “I meant how long the status quo will remain” Ermenrich though for a moment extinguishing the cigar in the table he then said “well if you say about the centralization issue I am pretty sure it will remain until the dominion collapses or we gain independence which is hard” Katrin faintly smiled for a moment and then said, “yes true but not all true by definition the confederation only unites in 2 ways first in fighting a common enemy...” Ermenrich raised an eyebrow and then said “...and the second?” Katrin then said to Ermenrich her eyes staring at his “the second being when someone gains too much power just like burgundy” Ermenrich then said with a small smile he then said, “still negative about our goals?”

“Centralisation is an uphill fight I already chose my stance in a lot of things,” Katrin said picking a bottle of scotch she always has been the logical and rational Ermenrich then said, “Your cabinet struggles truth be told all Chancellors have this problem but aligned with centralization with me as a leader that certainly puts our plans in motion don't you agree?” Katrin took a sip the warm of the liquor going down her throat she then said “I am technically your boss you know that” She takes a look at him for a moment smiling Ermenrich rises from his chair and then says “yeah you are… in name only” He says a tone ringing a bitter truth to her.
A knock on the door interrupted their talk having Katrin say “Come in” a man of mid-age entered he then said “Misses Katrin, Lord Ermenrich Senator Lewis reports that he has problems” Ermenrich rolled his eyes and then said "doesn't surprise me” the man then said “and also Lord Von Gesseler is awaiting in the next room”

Both Ermenrich and Katrin sighted Gesseler was a highly conservative noble with the backing of the majority of the minor nobles as Katrin looked through the window thinking of how to deal with him as she watched through the window towards the other side of the capitol building seeing aerial suspension platforms lots of then in the other tower she raised an eyebrow it wasn't supposed to have a cleaning today, as she looked she noticed the reflection of light upon something she widened her eyes and put her hand into Ermenrich´s shoulder he turned to her seeing her nervus stare saying “something wrong?”

She quickly turned to him grabbing with strength his shoulder and his back throwing him behind the desk she then grabbed the desk by the other end and threw it making cover Ermenrich scared for a moment then said as he hired the ground and started to get back up saying “what the hell was that?” saying that with Katrin hiding behind the desk for a single moment of second peace was shattered with the window breaking in thousand pieces bullets flying over their heads and hitting the man in the door falling from the gunshots Ermenrich seeing that ducked and crawled to cover as bullets were flying through the room with bullet holes in the walls appearing as the shots rang for a few minutes they stopped the silence returning Ermenrich looked around in the destruction of the room from behind the cover with Katrin she then said “RUN” grabbing him by the arm and running.

Ermenrich quickly got up to his feet and running alongside Katrin as they arrived in the corridor they ran past several bodies laying the ground nobles bureaucrats guards and others from the room they left a missile passed through the now open the door exploding in the corridor the explosion making then both and fire partially engulf the roof as they recovered their ears ringing the looked back seeing the flames and a crater in the former office they were in partially hearing fire alarms off and guards and screams in the distance.

Garten der lichterbäume

Gentle droplets of water rained and hit the window of the Summer Palace Garten der lichterbäume was a modest world in the dukedom of Wenhausen, an old man nearing his 90's duke Fridmar Wenhausen sited in a wheelchair, observing the rain his health already deteriorating a man, who lived mainly in peace for most of his reign, now an aging man with regrets if his life sitting in a room with guards keeping him safe, as he watches the rains he remembers the old times simpler times no war, no politics. no conspiracies simpler times in memories of old a knock took, away his attention looking slowly over his shoulder seeing his maid an Ocien, different from others in the palace and court Fridmar, treated her well her name was Minna a name gave to her by her parents, she approached duke after closing the door and then saying in a humbling manner “Lord Fridmar the Emperor of the dominion is…” “giving a speech?” said Fridmar his voice sounding tired like he heard that many times he then said, “you wanna know something Minna, about how the Saxon nobles react to this?” Minna stood silent for a moment thinking, for a second she then nodded slowly Fridmar said his voice crisp as he went back to looking into the rain beyond his window “we listen, complain about their politics, say we are superior and proceed to ignore anything that is decreed, by the Dominion the speeches of the Emperor are nothing but just wind...”

Fridmar though for a moment his mind shadowed by the problems of life his eyes looked partially to the guards in the room until he saw a guard with an odd familiar but dangerous silhouette quick thinking he then gestured with his hand and said in a calm tone “Minna could you bring me to my room I wish to be alone for a moment” she nodded with a smile after driving him outside of the room and closing the door she walked with him through the hallways of the palace after not seeing guards she whispers to him chuckling lightly “you know senator Wilhem would have a stroke if he knew that his work is for nothing” Fridmar chuckled for a moment keeping silent to not attract attention as he smiles he then says “he is a workhorse who doesn't understand that all the papers he received are mainly to keep him busy”

Minna smiled and then said in a friendly tone since she was now outside of the guards watch “reminds me of the first time i saw you, working with a desk filled with papers and almost exhausted” Fridmar smiling then said “that was 10 years ago a long shot from what i am now” Minna then replied saying “i must say you still looked quite old Methuselah” Fridmar started chuklin as she said that after accompanying him towards and entering in his room no guards were inside Minna then walked back to the door saying “have a nice night” as she walked back to leave the room Fridmar looked back and then said “Minna can you answer something for me?” she turned around for a moment and said “yes i can” fridmar then said “did you ever wished to not be a slave?” as he said that Minna took a shy look to the left thinking for a moment she never thought of that before her kind never been free or had choice, fridmar watched as she stared to a side of the room thinking for a few minutes he then said “Ah… nevermind you can go” She looked at him reawakening from her trance and walking away after bowing slightly and closing the door.

As Fridmar looked around he thought of the man with the silhouette he then sighed and said “So he is ready then…” he moved his wheelchair to a table in his bedroom with the realization of the great threat that he realized and after petting his pet eagle in the cage in the table he brought a hologram to start writing a series of texts that he thinks might need for the coming times after finishing such messages he though for a moment and started writing a message to his family as he wrote the sunsetted and he heard someone opening the door of his room and then closing turning off the hologram and picking drive behind his ear and putting in a hidden compartment of the table quietly and secretly as he put the drive away he heard a man say “It seems like time caught on to you” fridmar then said finishing hiding the small drive “did Hildenbrand finally started his plot?” The silence confirmed his assumption and he then said “I lived a good life... with regrets… that is how you live a good life...” he faced forward at the wall seeing a chest piece he nodded for a moment and whispered “Check” the last sound heard a rumble of thunder before he felt shots hitting him falling on the table his blood-shedding in the table dripping from his chest and hands his eyes drifting in his last moments he saw a picture of him and his family his wife and children in the wall he then said “... I leave... this world… to… join…… history” his eyes drift life leaving his body Duke Fridmar was dead the assassin then approached the body and then grabbed the chest piece leaving the room.

Location: Unknown

In the underground tunnels of a planet wet with water dripping from the roof and walls a Craetek, a human and a Tratik discussed in a table “is it over?” the Tratik said to the human hearing through an old radio he nodded and hanged saying “operations done our agents are leaving” the Craetek then said while hitting one of its appendages in the table “I can't believe we are working as mercs instead of fighting for what we dreamed” The human then said “they gave us the equipment and the task in the switch we gain much more is better for the long term”

The three looked a little worried that they sold themselves and their cause the Tratik then said “what shall we do now?” the cratek then said “I think we know what to do prepare our troops the man who hired us for this already paid us and gave us equipment I say we do what we need...” the craetek interrupted saying “I don't trust him I think we should go underground for now” the Tratik though for a moment and then said looking at the human “what you think Willian?” Willian thought for a moment and nodded saying “we just created a show and we can't show it was us by the contract… so hide for now”

“keep the shame and rise again then…” one of then said in the tunnels meanwhile in the other section of the tunnels several guns, ammunition, and even mechs began to be stored in large locations awaiting for the time.

Domestic Defense of the Saxonian People

The Explosions across the capital building had ceased police sirens and ambulances were in the area meanwhile a series of man gathered together in the table of national security older man in their 40´s agents to make sure that critical intel didn't leak from the confederation they all voted to keep the situation secret a good way to avoid mass panic or possible boldness of the attackers one of the members while talking about the situation said "The attacks were organized quite well... are you sure we can keep this a secret" the head of the D.D.S.P Frederick said "just along as we need if this wasn't made in other places as well for now make sure this doesn't leak until it is required"
"This information might already be out..." one of the council members said Frederick then said "if this information leaks to the wider public it is bad if it gets in the hand of the emperor or noble or whatever it isn't that bad" the people in the table all nodded at the prospects Frederick then said "gentlemen we are the defenders of our people make sure that things don't go down anymore then they alerdy are and also make sure our leaders have not been killed" the table nodded rising and leaving from the room as they leave Frederick poped a cigar and begun to smoke he though for a moment and then said "why this had to happen right now?"
There is you just go to the server and make a permanent one

EDIT: if someone sees the doubled thing is because of my shitty internet... if not at least you know that I am having technical problems
also just use the discord to make a permanent link to the server because if not you gonna need to edit everysingle time it expires
There is you just go to the server and make a permanent one
I should note to please specify if a sheet is completed.

already got you covered Fan just to make sure

I found it again! I found the thread! YAY!

Motherf*cker you know there is one that isn't in the Interest check right?
Feel free to join in discord
Screw it i am in i have a idea... that might include Germany for some reason its a idea never the less
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