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There will be only a few things you need to know and that i will tell
1. I am a guy
2. why are you interested on who i am?
3. i can be very easy to make a frienship but you need to learn how to live with some with Asperger a spectrum of autism
4. and also i am a bit of a quiet guy most of the times

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Oh yeah That is true
Did we lose Lone Wanderer / Morvakhin? Haven't seen them post in a while.

One of then is currently Travelling i think
Planetary Orbit of Agdemnar

06:21 hours homeworld planetary capital time

In the Orbit of the planet a fleet of almost 50 ships mostly destroyers and few cruisers with the companionship of a Yakasir class battleship although big in number their presence was almost non-visible thanks in part to staying close together using light distorters making the fleet invisible and also using most of their reactors energy to mask their sonar detection and radio.

In the Battleship Scitillam, the ship´s AI together with the individual's where all except the organic crew inside the Uteqx main frame of Coms installed in the ship the head of the fleet was talking with his second in command analyzing the situation of the planet and orbit.
The Captain said “Interesting the choice of the Ashtar, where to leave their last legacy” his second in command then replied to him “The Ashtar disappeared but they left their last legacy here how convenient that the other races would seek their power as well” The Captain of the ship analyzed the space around and saw the Commonwealth and the Ascendancy in orbital conflict seeing that he said “True be told they sought peace but they forgot conflict is natural for organics” he pointed at the space ships.

His second in command then replied, “What about our research stations on the planet are still is safe?” The captain then said with a tone of worry “Their status hasn't changed yet, they are still in secret in the surface locating the Ashtar secrets, yet if we showed that we found interest in the Ashtars legacy, it would show that their Impact was deep then firstly though.”

As the time ensued they received a message from the Installation saying “Emergency Commonwealth troops found main entrance Initiate protocol 5” The Captain of the ship processing through the warning said “Looks like it's time for us to show ourselves” The Second command contemplated “Can we fight their fleets after we deploy?” the Captain then said “No we deploy and enter the Stroclonos dimension warning the Capital then is basically hell” The Captain said to the Battleships “Sound the red alarm” The ship then said “Yes captain.”

In in the drop pod bay from the battleship, a human named Chris was writing in a book while sitting in his drop pod that was capable of carrying 20 people he wrote: “Although the ship had to keep its temperature it appears that my Power armor is keeping me warm for now…” When he was finishing the sentence he heard the alarms and the lights going back up making he to scratch the paper he then put the book on the inventory of his drop pod, he then he heard the Soldiers bodies awakening and booting up, he then said: “Hey guys what is happening.”

One of the Uteqx jumped from the awakening and said “I don't know Chris I just know it appears we are landing they didn't gave us the Information yet better put your belt on” as the Uteqx attached themselves to the seats Chris sited activating his helmet closing it while the sirens would play in the background, until a message came to all individuals in the pod from the captain “Attention all personnel, who is gonna land on the planet, hostile troops are inbound towards a installation in the planet, the objective is to protect it and secure the surrounding areas, due to that our forces gonna be deployed in five locations across the planet to make the enemy forces think we are making a capture of land good luck to all.”

The message then ended with hundreds of thousands of drop pods being launched, from all ships in direction of the planet accompanied with Strike crafts and even Bomber crafts some of the drop pods being big as buildings, targeting the five regions on his dropship was nervus due to the tremors of the launch one of the Uteqx across from him said “First time?” Chris looked at him with a face of worried and said “Yes” The Uteqx just said in a cold tone “There is a first time for everything, but if you don't calm down you gonna die first” Chris remained silent for a while he then asked “Hey I have a question” The same Uteqx from before then said “What is your question” Chris said in a sheeply manner “uh… the Uteqx are famed for not having galactic ambitions right?” The Uteqx looked at him and said again in a cold voice “Yes we are” Chris then asked, “Then why are we here?” The Uteqx then answered back with doubt also in his voice “I... don't know.”

The Captain of the Battleship soon realized the recent message arriving from a new kind of Comms at the same time that the fleet where opening the Dimensional gates and leaving thinking to himself “Hum… an interesting new achievement” as the ships entered into Stroclonos dimension they disappeared from realspace leaving only a trail of radiation while sending the message to 01010010 warning of the situation.

In the surface of the planet any radar begun to go wild detecting the entrance of multiple targets into the atmosphere while in the planetary facility commonwealth soldiers of a nearby where examining a steel door hidden under a rock until they heard explosions from above their heads until capsules began to collide around their position and in other locations around the planet from this initial pods SOC-13 begun to rise from then, extending their legs and weapons and beginning to fire lasers bullets and even missiles.

When some small drop pods finally landed soldiers exited from then screaming “For the Union” shooting against any troop that didn't had their recognition mark the commonwealth soldiers got knocked down with the impact from the bullets while some retreated although not very far because of the tripods as the remaining troops began to land in their sectors and fortify their positions one of the commanders walked to the steel door and said “Looks like it's time to enter this games.”

01010010 Homeworld, planetary capital

010:42 planetary location time

The Capital building of the union was the biggest building of the whole planet and so tall that it passed even the planets atmosphere being compared to a large space elevator in appearance with its lower base being the exposed size of a medium-sized city that then disappeared under the metal shielding that covered the majority of the surface the only buildings that raised above the shielding were the space elevators and towers that existed over the planet.

On top of the building there was happening a reunion of the amber conclave discussing the current status of the nation, in one of the seats of the council Cybel a human-sized been a code-21 he said utilising C.B “The reconstruction of the capital influence sphere has been 73% complete, in this pace reconstruction will be finished in record time, allowing resources to finally be diverted to other sectors of importance.”

Prism was hulking giant been a code-132 in appearance after hearing what Cybel said he then talked saying “In that case, I believe we should initiate, the second wave of military reactivation, especially since our neighbors, have been increasingly aggressive plus the piracy in the Outer influence sphere”

Codex was processing until that moment when he said “Expanding our military could easily make the other Main powers grow weary of our expansion” Prism hearing that said with disgust on his tone due to the organics “They are like rats and we are the lion we shouldn't bother with that” Helix during his computation then said “I mean piracy and illegality has been ramped in the Economic sphere we can use that pretext to increase our forces”

Aura then said, “Keeping peace should be our objective also the economic sphere had developed very trained militias to defend themselves...” Prim intervened saying “That is the most optimistic results the majority of planets are still under precarious situations although we should increase our military they are…” Prism made a stop of rationality due to his memories of the Civil war and said “Very worried.”

Codex then said “We might have purged the last officers but still need to keep our image absolute reactivating the army would start bringing tension but also doubts if we learned something about the civil war”

Cybel then said “Cast a vote then all in favor raise your hand” Prism and Helix said “Yes” Cybel then said “Against “With codex saying no and with Aura with doubts saying “No” Prim then said to Cybel “I guess with you brother” Cybel then after a small pause said “Yes”
Cybel then said “Second order of business is the rumored detente violations plus Agdemar” Helix then said “Why to discuss the Detente we barely have the power to enforce it” Codex picked up saying “Yes we don't still need to be vigilant in case we need to initiate protocol DTB” Aura wondering said “Who would violate the treaty Cybel?” Cybel then said “Rumors put forward of the nations that broke the detente treaty are The Imperial systems commonwealth, The Asrian ascendency, The Lokoid Hierarchy and possibly the Valerius federation” Prism then said “Lest look at that later we should focus on ourselves first” Cybel then said “Those in favor of skipping the Detente raise your hand" everyone raised their hands with the exception of Codex Cybel said “Passed by majority.”

Cybel then said, “The second order is Agdemar...” Everyone in the room got their attention back to Cybel when he said Agdemar. As Cybel continued talking “According to our reports Commonwealth troops were able to find the main entrance to one of our five secret facilities in the planet this led our escort fleet to have to engage to secure the facility at the same time a new race entered the system transmitting this message.”

He used his computation systems for a second until they all could hear a message constantly repeating “Hello.Hello.Hello” Prism then said, “Contact protocols ask us to initiate talks immediately but our ships are currently busy we shall postpone that now dealing with our revelation in Agdemar I support the concept of sending more forces there in my opinion” Codex hearing that said “The Ashtar left a big mark on this galaxy alone we need to make sure that their last legacy don't reach organic hands Or else.”

the others if they where on their bodies they would nod Helix would raise his voice with an idea on his mind saying “WE can try to claim overtime if we send a Space station there or build one, BUT what is the best to take organics of a planet?” Prism with positivity said giggling “Oh I know what you mean” Codex also knew and he said, “You plan on making an artificial nuclear asteroid and colliding it with Agdemar?” Helix then replied “Is the fastest way the atmosphere would be contaminated it would give us time to prepare” The room was filled with uncertainty until Cybel said “Anyone in favor?” All of then except Helix said “Unknow!” Cybel then said, “Idea will be put on hold, meanwhile send reinforcements to Agdemar.” Cybel then said I believe this finishes session Aura then said: “How much time this time?” Codex then said, “I believe we spend 254 hours in here.” Cybel then said “out of the room”
Everyone left the room except for Codex he waited for a while looking at the table he sighed and walked away saying "Wish you were still here brother.
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Some of us aren’t. Some have tons left 😐

Currently, since the world is almost filled I think people will just put money in Making their cults first then shape the land
Not to worry there are still Many idiots who still will have power and THAT WILL OBVIOUSLY SHAPE THE REMAINING LAND ONCE WE ARE ALL OUT OF POWER OR ELSE

EDIT: The good news is that we still have a power surplus if we use shape land at least once by turn
Well not thanks to SOME people
Changed my vote in favor
What’s the consensus on a Discord?

@Conrad you are a son of a...
Con I swear to god don't start the fire or else
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