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There will be only a few things you need to know and that i will tell
1. I am a guy
2. why are you interested on who i am?
3. i can be very easy to make a friendship but you need to learn how to live with someone with Asperger a spectrum of autism
4. and also i am a bit of a quiet guy sometimes Specialy after a while

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Well depends if the Occupiers have a different state religion from the people they are occupying you can basically use that for your advantage The European wars of religion between Catholics and protestants are the best example you can pick.
If faith can be used as a magical boost that means that... well here comes my worldbuilder side So here is the question it means that gods can actually exist if you believe that they exist? OR you don't plan on having gods
According to that, and the few characters and posts I made until now It says i write like: George Orwell, James Fenimore Cooper, and Agatha Christie

And i only know the first

EDIT: And I can bet my left arm that is just trying to please me once it said Orwell in the first try...
I know a lot of feudal/medieval politics to know that having more than one heir of a kingdom is the biggest inviter for shenanigans to the extreme that we call a "civil war of nobles" during foreign occupation it might WORK they might work together but after the end of the foreigners control i am just seeing problems but ain't gonna lie that will be a hell of a funny situation.
I've always wanted to run a historical mystery/detective role play. Something akin to Name of the Rose, a locked room mystery set in a single local, where the players have to figure out who killed a particular NPC. Or alternatively something where everyone plays as a medieval peasant trying to find out who's responsible for acts of witchcraft taking place in their village.

The first one seems interesting enough although detective RP sounds more like something of a duo rather than a group now the second one I smell gasoline on the air on that because i know how people will generally react but who knows maybe it doesn't go so south...
The idea is basically instead of technology progressing towards mechanical Biopunk prefers to use Genetical modification and from what I heard creatures that seem out of the SCP the flesh that hates
An obscure type RP Genre...

I can only think Biopunk
Soooo, in other words, we play as a series of characters in a political struggle to gain independence, from the "Homeland/Imperial Power" in a series of political intrigues, Etc... Kinds of remembers me of an idea I had a long time ago but that is not the talk right now. the magic system is a bit confusing for me although I can wrap around the concept of being soft, although is a bit of a brand term, so you need to be more specific.
Almost 2 weeks and only you answered well that brings some thoughs.
Like the court of war crimes of the UN?
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