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There will be only a few things you need to know and that I will tell
1. I am a guy
2. why are you interested in who I am?
3. it can be very easy to make a friendship but you need to learn how to handle someone with Asperger a spectrum of autism plus several mental issues.
4. and also I am a bit of a quiet guy sometimes Specialy after a while but if you manage to catch my attention I can be very close and talkative sometimes.

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As I read all these essay-length posts, I am reminded as to why I stopped joining these in the first place. So much to read and so much to keep track of.

Just read the sumaries and tldr's and hope they are just indepth enough but not too big if you don't wanna stress too much.
Civilization and Cataclysm

Arriving back at the dwarfs in the tree of life they were left to their own devices their numbers already had multiplied. El’zadir approached the group of the dwarfs rising from the base of the tree seeing El’zadir once again some of the older ones remembered her saying. “You miss… we remember you, you were with that scary guy.” El’zadir looked at them thinking for a moment she never was much of talks like this most of the time it was rather a go to duty she sighed saying. “Yes I was… part of a small meeting between us deities.” “So you our goddess darken one…” A younger dwarf replied to her she thought quite quickly for mortals it wasn’t a second but for her it felt like an hour almost. She didn’t make them but she was given to them by death a gift from him making them his. Yet a gift was for her meaning they are hers thinking for a long time at the implications she looked at then again young naive and wishing more very adventurous they seemed as well in the cold. At least they were happy thanks to the gift of beer plants by Allianthé she simply smiled for a moment and soon said. “Yes… I am your goddess making you all my children.” “Why don’t we look like you?” One of the older dwarfs asked her, raising an eyebrow to her crossing his arms. “Hardy children come out in their own way… even then… i am not that vain my child” She replied with a smile to him the group seemed rather accepting of her now she sighed thinking where to even put then in the world as things were rather already crammed around the rivers she could feel the urge by many peoples for her giving her a bit of a view. Impressively she could even feel civilizations rising without her by the help of other deities she smiled at the rise of order to herself but she soon turned once again to then saying. “Well… i need to help you all out of this place, the island is getting to be cramped and you all need your own land to live on…” The others gave nods rising up to her one soon an ancient man then said. “So… Mother goddess, where do we go?” The question still scratched at her head she then said. “I guess across the lake to the coast line it's occupied but is not like…” She soon froze over as she felt the sting in her back feeling the world the others could notice she looked different worried and scared. Through her senses connected to the southern tribes and the Saloshenos from the south and also she could feel it next to her the Khodex inside the great tree. Something incredibly big just happened and through her light glimpses of the feelings she could feel a horde of monsters pouring from south where the blood rains came from. “Is the surface even safe if that is happening?” She said out loud to the confused dwarfs. “Where do I even put them?” she thought there was nowhere safe for her people to be safe. The planet would begin to enter into crisis mode; she even could feel Saleve'nios beginning to face whatever was coming from the south even if lightly.

Looking at her people, she tapped her feet thinking while biting her thumb. “What do I even…” she soon stopped thinking once looking down she had a plan now she soon shouted with confidence. “All! gather seeds, plants and others and come near me now!” As the dwarfs all gathered close to her she then said. “Let us go to where no one will reach you and you shall rule” With a few hand gestures a hole formed and the group began to fall into the underground. Right below then the goblins were still doing their usual chores after seeing oddities near the khodex. But soon they saw the ceiling collapse, seeing a large boulder fall with several dozen people on top of it and a large woman as well before the floor below then also collapsed and they began to fall again with the woman shouting. “Passing by!” As they looked closely with the smoke clearing the new hole that emerged was closed already as if divine power demanded it. As they seemingly sinked through the ground they soon stopped as El extended her arms and a large cavern opening was raised. The island of creation soon began to quake from the beginning of the underground. Standing in the brand new cave the dwarfs looked in awe at the giant opening she then said. “In here you all shall prosper… in here you all shall grow, and become strong just like the stone of this cave. This is your new home and in this place you shall prosper.” The dwarfs were rather shocked but still applauded her as she helped then settle in the new underground lands. But this was still just the beginning from the roots of the tree; the caves would be expanded mostly by El’s realization that the dwarfs would need more than just a large hole, especially as their numbers grew and especially since they had… “13 fathers… and matriarchs therefore 13 clans…” She mumbled with a gesture as the cave grew again. She could feel the chaos above increasing as well. She didn't even know what to do, the mortals of the civilized world needed something and all she could do was hunker down with her children in the underground. With a hand gesture the cave once again expanded and she paced forward walking forward she felt powerless for a deity of all things. “You look pensive my mother…” Turning to the side was a dwarf; he was one of the group going with her towards a new cave opening she was making. He was rather young but he seemed to barely age. Time went on looking at him, she said. “I am…” She thought if it was good to continue exuding confidence but she soon sighed saying continuing the tunnel. “I am struggling…” “God's struggle?” The boy asked confusedly, accompanying her she chuckled at his question, thinking of the odd events of meeting the other gods she then said. “Yes… we are not all perfect… we also have our own struggles…”

The boy looked surprised accompanying her as she pushed the tunnel again. “That’s impressive… I thought you folks had no flaws.” “We are just as flawed as mortals…” She replied, pushing the rock continuously. “It is our dominions and power that sets us apart, the only difference between gods and mortals is just a power difference at times. Other times its wisdom and knowledge… and immortality” He gave a nod saying. “My name is Dastot Momuzlimul, my mother…” She chuckled at his curiosity and boldness; few mortals engaged with her if she didn’t try it she then said. “I am El’zadir, Dastot, a pleasure to meet…” He looked happy for a moment, he soon said. “With all respect mother but… what you struggle with.” El’zadir touched the rock to move it but stopped for a moment to think before moving the tunnel forward she then said. “As you know there is above and there is below here… above lies a great war that threatens to destroy order… I am the goddess of civilization and order many of my followers and the other nations are fighting and here I am helping your people settle… I think they wish to hear me to comfort them but i do not know what to say…” She gave a light sigh at this it would be something simple yet she doesn't feel like it's easy for some reason. Dastot stood thinking for a moment accompanying her as she seemed more tired than before while putting her hands in the wall seemingly wanting to take a break, something unusual for him he then said. “You know, queen mother, my mother of birth, once told me in a rainstorm that all storms eventually end when I see my first rain.” She stood thinking for a moment before breaking another large opening for a new cave she then said. “Grabbed the mushroom seeds?” she said to the others as they readied their sacks.

As a new lake was formed by accident as she expanded the cavern again she sighed helping them set in mushroom farmlands and also plantations of Ale nuts provided by Allianthé the liquor they produced helped the dwarfs get by on a work day she smiled seeing their seeds saying. “Thank you Allianthé…” It was one of the few luxuries underground, well besides the giant amount of cobweb left by spiders where she went that were turned into silk by then and others such as stone tools she helped then create. Tools used for farming, mining, adjusting things, collecting, and defending themselves it was the only thing she could help then especially as she felt weaker in her overworkness. She carved for them the great underground parts of the caves connected to the surface. A series of large tunnels, caves and open terrains that connected the lands of creation together under the land to the Khodex and the tree of life as its roots stood at the ceiling of the first cavern entrance just below the goblins. Walking back she looked around the caves now populated by dwarfs the earth quaked for a bit, looking up she wondered how much the surface must have quaked due to her tunnel digging. Arriving at another cavern entrance she continued wandering through the land. She gave the dwarfs the knowledge to make tools from the small resources they had but also how to farm the plants they picked in the surface and mushrooms from below for sustenance. As she arrived in the cavern of clan Zasitmebzuth she moved forward seeing the small settlements and camps set up in the caverns in the distance. Seeing from a large distance what was accomplished she wondered the words of the boy; “A storm will always end…” She thought while looking at the settlements she sighed sitting down for a moment thinking. “he is right…” sitting on a rock she forged it for a moment in the form of a throne as she felt she would need to settle for a moment. Concentrating she could feel her connection to the civilized forces, her domain giving a hand in reaching out to the beings that reached technological advancement and seeked order from the chaos even if not all life it was at least something she could do for the mortal races, while concentrating she soon opened her eyes and said her words commanding and strong. “To all who can hear me…”

Meanwhile in the Saleve’nios city states, a goblin king or auzocra as his people called his role overlooked a map of the southern lands monsters were being heard across the lands south a general saying. “Several reports from nomads south of the southern river report the coming of monsters coming from the south where the blood rains came from… my lord…” looking at it he sighed the room was barren of decoration being a war planning room looking at it he soon said. “That is bad, see if…” as time itself seemed to freeze all across the nations that existed with cities they could hear the words of El’zadir. “To all who can hear me…” turning around in panic the Auzocra soon said “who was…” the voice once again boomed with authority and power the voice of a goddess. “I am… El’zadir The queen mother of civilization. To all peoples who follow the wills of order, progress and prosperity, the world lies in danger from the south monsters march north seeking to destroy and feast on reality. The gods are already doing their best attempts to fix and help this crisis to end but for now to all who can bunker down… hold out in your fortresses, and wait for the storm that is coming and wait for it to pass and once the storm passess prosperity once again will rise” As troops readied in the frontier south of the river the Auzocra’s awaited the incoming storm.

Undeath and Civilization

El’zadir finally stepped out of the tree life she sighed looking back at the elfs she helped uplift for life was a task already done. Her instinct new drew to the gift she received in the form of the dwarfs. She soon began to walk down the large vines that covered the tree of life so large that were more like wooden trunks.

Reverion had spent most of the time underground amidst his creations, watching the creatures gradually become less thick headed through trial and error. But this had been fine, his attention soon however was set upon exploring the large piece of dirt. If that was the right way to describe the world of Galbar.

His eyes wandered, and it didn't wander long, for sticking out like a sore thumb was a gigantic tree.

"Oh? What manner of thing is this? Someone else is spreading their wings. Well then. I'd better go and say hello." He mused as he allowed his large blackened wings to spread as he took flight very quickly towards the tree, using his initial jump to propel him through the air like a cannonball. He had wrapped his wings around him to further amplify the speed and when he touched down on the little landing plateau of the tree of life it was done with a crashing sound. Various black feathers would softly dangle down towards the ground towards the figure which was now wrapped fully in his dark feathery wings.

He opened his glowing eyes and scanned what was before him. This thing was... incomplete. This large construct. It was like many of his creations, flawed. Abit of unlife would do it well, but such would have to wait until later. For someone else who was present.

"My my, what have we here then? You do not appear to be a mortal, are you the one who raised this... construct? I must say you are less... concealed than I thought one would be." Reverion's eyes wandered over El'Zadir's form, taking in every detail of it.

"Not that I complain about the sight, it is simply... otherworldly." He stepped forwards, his taloned toes clicking on the wooden 'floor', his wings gradually spreading to reveal his entire form, with one of his wings reaching out to almost attempt to wrap around El'Zadir. "Such beauty should not be for mortal eyes to behold, lest they prove themselves worthy. What is your name? I am Reverion, he whom reveres all things which grow into greater things..." He softly mused and formed a smile.

El’zadir stood in place seeing Reverion, the wind being quite strong for her. As she stepped back looking back again she could see the deity in front of her. She stood for several moments thinking before saying. “Hello… well i am El’zadir goddess of civilization and order.” She seemed quite stunning as the wind’s parted.

"Pleasure is all mine~ El'zadir, as a token from one like yourself, here take this as a gift from me to you..." He reached for the finest feather on his wings and plucked it, holding it up with just two of his fingers, before twirling it around abit, creating a mantle of black feathers.

"While this cannot compare to the obsidian hue of your precious shell, perhaps it shall nonetheless the eyes of the unworthy quell." He softly mused as he stepped forwards, circling around her as he attempted to put the cloak over her shoulders and carefully tie it with a strand taken from his own hair.

The god of undeath smiled faintly. "I am the god of mortals which seek to exist as long as we gods can. To give them the gift of... not facing oblivion. For to have something, will always be better than to have nothing... isn't that so?" He softly walked around her and reached out with his taloned finger, seeking to place one of his fingers under her chin to lift it up abit.

"There's beauty even in flawed things, but you are no such thing. You are indeed perfect, let us find those which are not and see what can be done to improve on it hm? If you seek to build this world up, allow me to be your closest companion. My talons may be sharp, but wouldn't you say it's better to have things which are sharp, rather than things which are dull and blunted? I can imagine there has to be some amongst our kind whose not been blessed with such refined... capabilities." He softly said as his eyes stared into El'Zadir's.

As he looked back he soon froze noticing El’Zadir’s face seemed to blush extremely to even steam seemed to leave as she was quite flustered in her mind she thought. “He is courting me? God's court for each other?” She opened her mouth only saying. “Mhmm…” Continuing to blush this was rather not normal; she knew the concept of love and as such. Leaving generally for mortals to figure out the rituals around it. But in her mind gods were more tied to their duties meeting life and death this seemed like a case. There was an oddity in them but undeath the opposite of death but not the same as life wouldn’t behave as such she thought. At the same time she didn’t expect gods to also have romantic feelings for eachother as her domain seemed to take more hold into her to just work. She kept on hold of the feathered coat Reverion gave to her the only words she could say blushing and with a much more meak voice. “Thank… you…”

The blackwinged god allowed himself a soft upturn at the corner of his mouth.

"You are most welcome.I think red suits you well too, El'Zadir, It makes me wonder what is on your mind... go on.. tell me..." He gave a smug smirk, reaching out with his taloned finger, trying to twirl her hair abit. "How about you and I working a bit together? Think of the great things one may accomplish? The world could use more order and become less... primal. To become more like you and I. How about you accompany me to the place where my mortal creations dwell? They would surely serve your designs as well as mine..." He walked up and blew some air into El'Zadir's ear, reaching out to try to trace the smooth back of his taloned finger along her neck.

"But I think you also could answer a few questions of mine, have you met others akin to us? And what do you know of this... vast... construct?" Reverion stretched out one of his wings to point towards the large tree.

"The more we know the more it affects our judgements, to delve too deeply for knowledge may corrupt you, yet find yourself lacking in too much as you'll be foolish. So.. how about we both experience things together hm? In an orderly and civilized manner? To better predict the future of this... world and all things within and outside of it. Whatever there may be." He stepped up and attempted to pick up her hand, with his taloned hand.

“i… i… i… i…” She replied first before shaking her head, her cheeks still blushing heavily. “Oh this place was made by Allianthé goddess of life.” She replied in quite speed after her question she then continued. “But its also the home of the god of death and no besides they and you i haven’t met anyone else…” Her blush continued the same after his offerings of going with her she then said. “I… I… I… I might be inexperienced a lot but i don’t think i need to give so much trouble to you… he~ he~” She continued blushing heavily averting gaze hoping that such would die down the feelings she felt. It was quite shameful but also interesting and exciting to feel this for the first time. But she also didn’t felt like she should be feeling like this.

"Goddess of life hm? Life is the birth, but it isn't the final form of existing. Death is the end, the oblivion beyond and should be avoided if possible. For whom would ever chose to be nothing compared to be something? To protect and serve life, one must.. evolve it into undeath. To avoid simply becoming nothing. I am sure it must be as frightening for the mortals as it would be for the gods, to think of returning to which was before us." Reverion spoke softly as he pondered on the existence of the two other gods, that they would somehow be working together? How could such be when one stood as desiring the opposite of the other?

"Thank you, El'Zadir for telling me these things... how may I return such a favor hm?" He leaned in closer, his eyes wandering over her obsidian skin and looking into her eyes. "Your mouth seems to be having some... difficulties. It is slipping. Perhaps I can help you with that?" He gave a soft smile, slightly amused as he reached out again to try cup her chin. "Inexperience hm? Well, sometimes trial and error is a way of learning, no? At least that is what I have learnt by watching my creations, alongside others.. vivid yet orderly things. But one thing at a time, let me see if I can help you with the trembling... perhaps this will do the trick." He leaned in and attempted to kiss her directly on her divine lips, his blackened wings rising and almost engulfing the area around the duo.

The immediate approach and attempt at kissing sended shivers but also froze her in place as the lips began to get extremely close. She soon snapped and soon Raverion could feel the impact of an extreme punch sending him flying by her as she was still blushing. After the impact and as he flew in the sky she then shouted. “I’m sorry!” She didn’t want to punch him just to not do it.

Bloodbeak was busy investigating his fellow fowlfolk in Harrowfane when all of a sudden a section of the large cave gave in and their god, praised by his unholy self, came crashing... crashing? He had landed.

"My lord! Our lord has come! Kneel and praise him! Give us your divine command!" Bloodbeak cawed out to the flocking fowlfolk.

Reverion sat up as the smoke settled, his taloned finger reaching up to his face. "Hm. Not bad." He said to himself, the goddess had indeed some physical strength. "Impressive. Bloodbeak. Fix the ceiling. I am having some... civilized differences with another of my kind." Reverion brushed off his feathers and then leapt back out through the hole in the cave, up into the air and landed back at the tree again.

"That wasn't very orderly of you, El'Zadir. You might have harmed one of the mortals by relocating my body across the skies. Your strength is impressive however, perhaps it may be enough to keep your lips from being all shaky." He smiled softly and wiped off some dust from his feathered wings and attire. "I did get abit dusty however. Perhaps a bath would be useful, care to join me?" The blackwinged figure asked, with a smug smile.

El’Zadir took a second look, surprised he returned quite fast. She was still blushing but once he offered the bath she soon after taking a quite long breath said. “No…” She stood still for a few moments before breathing out again after holding for a moment she then said. “You are sweet… but you are going fast…”

"Sweet hm? How would you know, when you eluded me so well?" He softly chuckled as he wandered up closer again, his clawed feet tapping the floor.

"But as you wish. I shall be... slower with you. But afraid I cannot give the luxury to the rest of the world. Who knows how many more of our ilk that came to be? And just what are they up to at this very moment? I am convinced there's some out there who would like nothing more than to see everything... gone. Much to the appease of this god of death no doubt. Ahh, but you can aid in stopping much of the plans of these others if you aid the mortals and yourself ofcourse. Ward yourself well, there are those who would try to use your divine power for their own wicked ambitions, not to worry. I will not let them have their way. So if you are not in for a bath, then tell me, what is it that you would do instead?" He softly smiled, tilting his head to the side slightly, very crow-like.

She tilted her head hearing what he said was a possibility of being used due to her powers. What would people even use her for? she was the goddess of civilization and by that extent order she brought to the primal world. That was mostly it but he had gave her a bit of a warning she kept on looking to the horizon she then said. “Well i was gonna go continue my duty as my dominion demands of me”

"Well then, why don't we work together hm? Surely you wouldn't mind that right? And what your dominion demand? Have you no will of your own? Look out there, the world and all of existence as we know it... are ours for grasp. Much like the mortals will grasp for something, so must we. How about you come with me to my creations? Perhaps you find it to your liking. It would be a good experience at the very least..."

He offered a sly smile as he stepped up next to her. "Shall I carry you there?" He made a dramatic spread of his wings, like a male bird displaying it's many colors to it's mate. But in his case. There were no colors.

She felt odd and awkward being bombarded by questions that he proposed to her and she felt strange as well. Many of then were rather interesting as view points especially since he seemed to barely resemble his dominion’s personality or at least what she imagined. But his request about helping him with his creation his people need a bit of help she soon said. “Sure?” It was the closest she could get to an answer especially with how she felt in the moment.

Reverion leaned down briefly and swept El'Zadir up in a princess carry. "Best hold on tight, don't want you slipping. You can do that right?" His glowing eyes looked to hers and then he leapt up into the air, his wings spreading wide as he began to fly towards the claimed land of the fowlfolk. Harrowfane.

Upon seeing the vast cave and it's various entrances, he noticed that the hole, in which he had ungracefully flown through earlier, was not fully repaired. It would serve as a swifter point of entry than the usual entrance. The god and the goddess he carried in his arms crashed through the ceiling.

The fowlfolk began to rush back and forth, cawing and screeching until their leader would take notice and shush them, calling out. "It's our lord! He has come back! With a mate! Praise the lord of Neverdust!" Bloodbeak raised his taloned hand and chanted, and was soon followed by the others.

"Bloodbeak." Reverion said in a stern tone, his voice echoing.

"We shall prepare for your mate, master! Your great chamber shall be expanded!" Bloodbeak explained in an eccentric and eager tone.

"Bloodbeak! This is not my mate." He said sternly, then gave El'Zadir a look. "At least not yet.” Then his gaze fell back to Bloodbeak. "You may resume repairs. And inform everyone that none is to bother this goddess. She is free to go as she pleases." Reverion explained as he softly let El'Zadir down to the ground.

"Y-yes my lord! You heard our master! Go and repair it! Shut your beaks and move those feet!" Bloodbeak yelled out to the other fowlfolk.

"Welcome, El'Zadir. Welcome to Harrowfane, home to the barrow-birds, the fowlfolk. I made them in my image, not fully so. If I had seen you before, I may have made them in yours. Would have been fair no?" He smiled.

“They seem very similar to you indeed…” She said to him looking courteous even after staring at him when hearing the words mate. She then took a look around walking towards the fowl folk exhibiting a few friendly gestures they seem to take her as quite a friend almost immediately. She seemed to have a large charisma as his people seemed to like her already being curious about her.

"You seem to have a fine hand with younger beings, perhaps you've ought to bear offspring of your own." He softly mused. "A mother of civilization, of order and therefor... existence as a whole. For what good can there be in complete and utter chaos? And without civilization, beings would be unable to proceed onwards towards the place of their longing. Bloodbeak, the one bearing the crown is the first of the undying. He is similar to us, not a god however. But his existence is between life and death itself. The others have yet to be given such a boon, however some of them are displaying... talents for various things, and talent must always be rewarded. For it is the reward which many things crave is it not? Not the journey, but the destination. What is your destination, El'Zadir? In my own case, I seek to ward this world, our... sphere of influence if you so wish, from those which seek to destroy it. That is my primary desire and purpose. So it comes naturally for me to want to protect such a wonderful beauty like yourself from others whose designs are far more vile." Reverion explained and motioned with his taloned hand, inspecting the somewhat crude artwork the fowlfolk had drawn on the cave walls of him. But it wasn't the result that mattered in this case, it was the effort.

"I have put in a fountain which nourishes them, to save them from having to go and kill things. Death is not the solution, it's more akin to a resolution. To simply... dissolve." He motioned to the meat and blood spewing fountain which many fowlfolk were grabbing food from happily.

"I trust you will not reveal to any other of our kind the location of these mortals, they must be warded til they are stronger. Others may otherwise try influence, defile and corrupt these... peaceful things." Reverion said as he watched a young fowlfolk draw a drawing on the cave wall of what could only be described as Bloodbeak holding a spoon of bonding and acting as a communer between two non-descript gods. Would he have had a more keen eye for art, he may have believed it to actually be himself and El'Zadir being depicted.

"Mostly peaceful." He added.

“It's close to where I was…” She said out loud looking in the direction she remembered this area. She has been close by planning something for this region before being whisked away by death.

“Where you were? Go on.” Reverion motioned with his taloned hand for El'Zadir to continue. "Tell me more..." His eyes latched on to Bloodbeak momentarily who was gathering what looked like a regiment of Fowlfolk in a line. Things were starting to take shape. The god of undeath was pleased.

She seemed to ignore his question as she soon shouted. “I need 200 strong men, women tanning and already there is work to be done.” The fowlfolk all bowed to her following her command. As she began to work her duty cracking her fists heading to start working with Reverion reneging to watching as she began to intrust and seemingly take over the entire society with barely any resistance.

She didn’t just stop at the place where he landed with her as she seemed to influence even those further away as her work began. A clock moving forward in tick and tack, she soon teaches them how to tame the animals of the greenery that formed upon the new rivers sprouting around the land. The animals were large but easy to be domesticated with a few of their children taken and raised by then. At the same time she began teaching them how to carve the stone of their underground homes into more complex ways at the same time helping them rise up from the ground. Into towns and cities in the wastes as the people grew, helping them also organize in the lands from living in small groups into living large groups.

As time grew on she also taught what she teached to the southern goblins she helped to find copper veins underground to take the copper, smelt it and turn into new tools and materials using the copper. At the same time the race was very dependent on meat and flesh so she trained then using better tactics a race of hunters and warriors they would become over time. A culture dedicated to the hunting and worship of their father god while hiding in the darkness in more dense towns on the surface while some of their homes were underground. But also people that had buildings that were more shut in.

Reversion sat on a stone throne ornate with copper decorations as El’zadir wrote a series of laws asking his advice since he ruled over his people together with blood beak. The transformation was quite fast for him as it seemed like a blink of an eye had passed. At least things were more interesting as some of Harrowfane now fought with copper weapons below she soon said. “Stealing of the imperial crown jewels as you describe your throne is punished by death then…”

"Ahh.. you've certainly brought change... well.. I thought you said I was too hasty? And then.. I look at.. this. Not that I am complaining. Speaking of the crown jewels, suffice to say I think that would be fine in your care. But you should take a little time off now, just briefly. How may I show my appreciation to your hard work hm?" Reverion said softly, leaning in over El'Zadir's shoulder.

“Perhaps by offering some hard work of my own…” He gave a sly smirk to the dark skinned goddess.

She stopped for a moment thinking for several minutes before saying. “well i had that thing with…” She then shot up after stopping shouting. “CURSES!” drawing the attention of all in the room she sighed walking down the steps saying. “I forgot about the dwarfs… I need to go…”

"What... if I may ask... is a dwarf? Is it something edible?" Reverion asked with some surprise. “Also why don’t you make yourself at home here after your… dwarf business is concluded? There will be enough space, and besides.. wouldn’t you enjoy company that talks of similar things? And not hitting each other with wood? Not saying that my creations, with your aided guidance, are violent at all. They may however not be quite like the two of us, just yet. I expect to see you soon. Anew.”

“They are a gift given to me, a race of short people without a home to live and also because the entire planet is already very occupied and I am in charge of them.” She said as both left through the front door walking through the hallways of the town as he proposed living with him she then said. “Sounds good but I have a duty to uphold and my domain calls for me. My duty is not to sit in the things I build and wait, it is to spread the gift of civilization to progress to all corners of the planet.’

"A race without a home to exist in. I suppose they are not too different from us then? We too had no home, til this one came along. Yet even you must recuperate at times and enjoy existance, if there's something watching my fowlfolk has taught me is that life, or in this particular case, existance is meant to be cherished, for it is everything, and death is nothing. After all, why else exist at all hm? Think about it will you? We may teach the mortals plenty, but they in turn shall also teach us. Remember that El'Zadir, that you too may evolve. As may I." He smiled softly and then leaned in to whisper a few non-orderly things into her ear not meant for mortal ears. "Well, you know where to find me, goddess of beauty and order." He smirked.

She stopped as the doors of the palace opened and she stopped to think before saying. “Thank you…” she soon began to walk away as walking staff suddenly manifested as she headed northwest. The sands feeling fresh again as she wondered what she has learned well besides the sudden events that she was not ready to deal with something rather unique. Turning her head back she saw him getting distant saying. “A rather energetic god…”

A problem between Death, Life and Civilization stuck between then.

Death searched and searched each door, and he found one that seemingly could assist him, he took a deep breath and sighed looking down as he placed a hand over his heart, and he looked up as he reached forward through a door. He had done this once and it felt natural, but now it did not. He took a deep breath, and stepped through back into the realm of the living.

From a shadow a figure came out, cloaked in white a hooded figure appeared there ageless, sunken blue eyes with the tears of a lifetime upon their corners as he looked at the figure he saw in his mirror. He took a deep breath and reached out with his hand as he had tried once before with life. For death had come seeking something he could not do. He looked off in the distance to see a proud statue, and then back at the woman in front of him.

“When I saw the beginning of life, I was astonished by it’s beauty, and I tried to create my own but couldn’t. I need help…”

Turning to the woman he soon noticed she seemed fixated in a paper she wrote. He could notice she had divine energy but she seemed to not even have noticed him. The paper in question seemed like plans for the region involving the local tribes of the harrow.

Death took a deep breath, and marched forward, his hand reached out with only a few fingers pointed out as he stopped before touching the paper, he retracted his hand and sighed, repeating his original statement. “When I saw the beginning of life, I was astonished by it’s beauty, and I tried to create my own but couldn’t. I need help… and maybe, with that, I can help you with your plans.”

Turning back to the woman, she seemed to still stare at her paper, blankly like nothing had happened. In fact she seemed to barely even have a soul.

Death just looked at the blankly reached for her hand, and she would feel cold before he even touched her, his pointer and middle finger barely touching her as the cool skin touched the goddesses hand. “Hello there.”

Her eyes finally turned seeing him. A moment of respite at least until she jumped. Surprised and scared the goddess jumped back landing in the sand on her feet looking around in shock. Seeing she was alone with him she then said her first words since being born to a god. “HOW? You!? Where did you come from? when?”

“I just walked out from there.” Death said as he turned his head towards an empty spot as if there was something there, and then back at here. “I am sorry if I have offended you in any way, but you are the first I have spoken to. I tried to speak to another… but, I am afraid I offended her as well by destroying that which she created.”

She looked curious seeing things after realizing things. Her face and mind seemed to calm down as she returned to a light smile and look she then said. “So…” As she said that in a long form she seemed to examine him before saying. “You are like… me?” She soon stopped examining before saying. “Never met one of us before…”
“There seems to be many of us… scattered, and spread apart. The one which I am a reaction to is that which created many beautiful things, she can do things that I cannot.” Death said as he reached forward once again, “I seemingly change things, I cannot truly create, only manipulate, or mimic something beautiful. But you seem to be in need of assistance, how may I be of service? Because I know that you may help me as well.”

“You are the manifestation of death?” She said in interest she pondered for a moment giving just a nod she then said. “It’s logical… life begets its opposite… what happened to life that seems to be the one you met before me to cause her to be offended?”

“Death… I would rather seek life.” he said quietly as he looked down, “Death is a word I have not heard until now. It is a fitting, it is a sad word, it is… the opposite of life. But when I left her sight, I touched her creations and watched them wilt, they broke down and were pitiful as I fled from her sight into the place that feels natural to me.”

“That sounds sad… but you are death…” She said confused thinking again of a god that disliked its own domain of responsibility that seemed wrong to her. After thinking she soon realized the sadness of him it felt she should say something at least anything she soon said bowing for a moment. “Forgive my lack of manners… i am El’zadir goddess of civilization…” She smiled softly to him; her eyes were red like ruby stars and her obsidian skin seemed to shine a bit, her silver hair being an interesting contrast.

There were eyes that went from blue, to red, but to gray, as his skin went through a few darkening shades but kept to a pale white beneath the sheets he wore. His smile was not as large as hers, but he looked at her, “I would rather seek life… seek something beautiful, death is so cold… I decided, I wanted to make it something else. I created a place for death it seems, and I want it to be joyous, I want it to be celebrated. But, I realize I have a purpose, and it is one that… is so… final, but needed.”

She looked confused for a moment at his remark after a pause she then said. “Maybe our gifts can be beautiful in their own ways?” She said looking quite confident but inside she didn’t know how to address him. She was, civilization and for all peoples death or the final door of existence was difficult to be seen as a good thing besides the life someone lived until ending.

He nodded and his hand reached out towards her, “I am a necessity, I can mimic, and while what I create might be, beautiful. But that does not mean it does not feel cold. It does not feel… like me.” Death whispered.

“But, for a civilization what do you need?” he asked looking down at her.

She looked at him for a few severe moments. She could use a hand but she noticed he seemed more needing help with life. For some reason both seemed close friends perhaps? or he saw them as friends and wanted to be in that relationship. But still his offer was an offer that she would have difficulty turning down since it was an offered hand turning it down seemed bad. She took a long breath and after a sigh she then said. “How about this… i make something for life… a portrait of her in the form of a race… in switch you make something for me to make a civilization for?” it made sense she could use more living space then just… looking around at the desert. Looking for a time and thinking she actually stopped for a moment thinking it was stupid the surface seemed very habitable she soon started saying. “Actually no that sounds st-” As thunder could be heard by both the sky, soon began to rain blood. As she stared up she then said. “No… that… ye do that please…”

“I will create you something to make a civilization for, and find others to do the same with. But, I must see you create this image. I must have a basis, something to mimc because then I can make something… it will not be perfect, but I will try to do right by you and what you wish to honor. But, she is similar to yourself, beautiful and fair, but her skin is white and her hair red. She seems bountiful to create something like you, but I will do my best to do right…” Death slowly lowered his hand as his white cloak became black with the blood that soaked it, and he looked down and up at her as he tried to smile but he felt cold. He felt frozen in that moment though he was not.

As El’zadir thought while soaked in the blood rain she then said. “So like me but fair skinned and red haired?” After thinking she gave a nod she then said. “Fine i will craft and let you see in time maybe you will find ways to not mimic.” She said with a smile. After trying to concentrate she sighed before saying. “One second.” She soon lifted a cover for the blood rain to not hit her as she drained her hair she said. “Who did this?” she asked confused before sighing.

With a deep breath she lifted the sand rising a large stone as the stone cracked and shaped as she moved her hands, her divine power crafting a being. She focused on what life might be, beautiful to the sight, fair, red haired, a connection to nature and magic. As the sculpting was done of the boulder a elf was made as El looked at him curiously as he awoke she then said. “Oh hey there…” from the sand below others suddenly awoke as well from below confused. El’zadir was confused for a moment before saying. “Oh i see… seems like i can’t just make one just influence a whole…”

Death just looked at the creations, and all he saw was beauty in the sands as he watched the Goddess created this by herself. He stared at them, they were beautiful, they came in pairs, a male, and female. He reached out towards them, his face covered by the dark cloak as his hand was all that could be seen reaching out towards them. They saw death, and he was coming for them, but not for the reason they thought. He saw them, and they ran from death. They would be long living he knew, they were perfect as a gift, but he knew that he could not do it himself.

He looked at the Goddess, and lowered his hand, “I will show you where she is, where a civilization can be built if you take these to her. For your creation, I will make it there before I leave… in shame for I cause fear in those that are beautiful.”

As they were panicking over death she soon whispered to herself. “Thank creation I also made then long lived…” To their panic she soon clapped as everyone around fainted. She soon sighs in relief before saying. “Sure I will help you take them to life… where is she?”

Death ripped the sleeves from his robes as he held them out towards her, “Blind fold your beautiful creation. Blindfold the elves and yourself for they are beauty, and I do not wish for them to see darkness before they reach the beauty of life. I will take you through my realm, and deposit you at the tree, where you will work best, where civilizations will be created.”

What?” El asked, confused dealing with his speech.

He held his sleeves out to her, “Blindfold yourselves and those you created… I will lead you to somewhere where you can create a beautiful civilization.”

“Ah sure?” She snapped fingers as all the unconscious elfs would be blindfolded she then grabbed the sleeves wrapping around her eyes saying. “I just hope this isn’t bad…”

Death took her hand, and made sure the elves were ready before he turned and he stepped through into his realm. His hand, went from cold to almost warm, it was much different than he is in the mortal realm. But, all around him, and those around him it felt as if there was only cold things. They would move by the trees, but then minutes later, they were back into the mortal realm.

“You make take them off…” he said quietly as they appeared beside the tree of life, under one of it’s mighty branches. He looked at her, and backed into the shadows so that he did not scare the elves, but his eyes still shined in the darkness. “I will make you something… go now… I will start.”

With that he stepped back into his realm, and started to form in his hands something in imitation, it was masterful but simple. A simple creature, from the things she created. Death created something stouter, something, shorter, and with something that she did not give. A life span, it was long, but it was nowhere near the almost ageless beings of the elves. He created the dwarves, and with the cold stony interior of where they were made, their love to craft.

Meanwhile El’zadir dried her hair off the blood that was still pouring outside. She looked above and soon thinked. “Who is making this?” as she was confused the elves were beside her. She put them to sleep again. It was easier than to have a lot of questions and chaos around the ongoing blood rain. She was already feeling the panic of sapient beings in the first civilization she sprouted in the world. Awaiting death she wondered what he was doing.

He stepped back out with twenty dwarves, all stout short, and strong. Ten males, and ten females, five pairs to begin her civilization. He smiled softly, “They will try to do what I cannot… But, they are yours, they will be strong. They will age, and be free with you showing them how to grow.”

“That’s good…” She said looking at the dwarfs she then said. “I am surprised you said you can only mimic it looks quite good and…” She soon also clapped making the dwarfs sleep as they soon seemed confused by the blood rain she then sighed saying. “Okay I just need to find a place to put them since the world is very occupied.”

Death smiled, “This is a small part of it, but, I can take you to a place once my gift is delivered.” he said as he smiled, “we will be awaiting your return, and I can take you anywhere you wish to begin your work.”
“Um… sure I will wait outside here…” She said looking around the tree in the rain not knowing where even she was she then said. “Just be quick as I have a duty to uphold just my job you know.” She finished with a nod and a smile.

Death nodded softly, as he looked at her, “I was… hoping you might do it, I do not wish to damage them. Or, harm them in any way, that is why I had you hold my hand instead of them. ”

“Okay so you want me to go with you while walking hand in hand with the elfs? as you talk with life?” El’zadir asked death.

He shrugged and nodded as he looked at her, “I am just giving her a gift in reparation for ruining her creations. It is… something I guess I should do, yes. I will come with you instead.”

With that he stepped out leaving the dwarves in his realm surrounded by stone, and he started walking towards where he last saw the woman he named life.

Death took a step forward, his hand outstretched to the goddess beside him leading the train of those he would give as gifts. He looked back behind him, then forward once again, his clothing like a flag around him fitting to his form as he wore thin cloths of his home. This was not his home, it was something else. He stared up at the tree, and stared at how enormous it was, it was beyond what he had seen when he had one focus, when he decided to see something besides just life. But now, he was back to make amends for what he did wrong.

“Life… are you here?” he asked, “My opposite, I am here with a gift, something created just for you.”

Civilization, El’zadir walked behind death escorting the elfs with her looking around the giant tree she was wandering inside. This was a new experience for her especially as things in the past couple days were not rather strange. Meeting life was an interesting prospect especially as she was a product of sapient life she wondered if life was technically her mother.

“I am everywhere.”

The voice echoed from all around. From the grass on the ground below them. From the titanic tree before them. From the small shrubs next to them. Allianthé stepped forth from her tree to meet her fellow divine. She met them with clasped hands and a bright smile. “I’m sorry.” She said, her voice restrained now only to her form. “If I had known you would visit I would prepared a feast.” Then her eyes darted towards the elves and her smile became just a little bit brighter. But her attention quickly shifted back to the two gods.

“My name is Allianthé, goddess of life. And you are?”

El’zadir took a step back seeing Allianthé she soon said with a bow. “I am El’zadir, goddess of civilization, Allianthé.”

“I am Death.” Szukaj-Zycia said in a flat tone, “The one born in reaction to you, the one who turned these red flowers to nothing with just my touch when I wanted to gift one to you. I… am sorry for ruining your creations, I am envious of you, you do everything I cannot. So, in my hopes to give you something… I found one who can do what I cannot, and had her make something in your image… Something to repay you for what I have done. I have thought nothing of it, but to find a way to do this, thus I found her…”

For a few while now Allianthé felt that something had been amiss in the world. Something at the edges of her senses was plucking away at her creations. It put a stop to their growth forever. For a while she didn’t want to acknowledge that. Now that she was confronted with the truth, she couldn’t ignore it anymore.

“Death?” There was a quiver in her voice. Like it was about to crack. As she said it, she was filled with a realization of what it meant. The finality of it shook her. A tear fell from her eyes and she fought herself to stay composed. Who was this pale reflection? This cruel tyrant? Who dared to put a stop to her children? To life? To her? Death!? She would shove such an insignificant concept aside! Her thoughts reached out towards the Khodex. Yes, should could break open that stone. She could scratch out the very idea of death!

And then she caught her temper. It was eating away at her. Yes, she could be as spiteful and uncaring as the wilds but she did not have to be. Death apologized. He admitted to his sin. He saw the error of his own way and brought her creation, even going as far as bidding another goddess to help him out, to rectify his mistakes. “Forgive my temper.” Allianthé said, though there was still an edge in her voice that she was trying to suppress. Then her eyes turned towards the elves. She needed to fill her heart with something else than sorrow for the lost flowers. “They look beautiful.” She said to the two gods. “Come, be welcome to Arbor. Home of the Khodex!” She said, her cheerful and friendly demeanor returned as she motioned towards the Tree of Life and the Khore within.

Behind him, as a shadow came through, several blue lights appeared in the darkness as his flowers bloomed, but he did not know. He just took a step to the side, and smiled softly. “If my creations were doomed by the touch of something I too would likely have a temper with that touch. I am angry at myself for not knowing what I am… But, I do now. I envied the beauty of your creation and work. I could only mimic it in my own world. Your flowers I touched are safe there, along with branches of this tree, and it’s seeds. My own place mimics this, and is behind walls to confuse those that try to harm it. I just hope… that… you find beauty in her work, it is something… Your creations are as beautiful as you, and I hope that they enjoy this life given, they will live long as I have not touched them, likely as old as us. But, if you wish to see your flowers again, I would be glad to show them to you.”

His eyes looked back at the goddess that stood closest to him, “I thank you… again, for aiding me.”

El’zadir looked at him giving a nod with a smile looking at Allianthé on the other hand she seemed a bit less than happy to learn of death. At Least for a moment she then said. “It is always good to help someone…” She then turned to Life bowing again saying. “It is a pleasure to also meet you Mother of life.”

The goddess of Life led the other divine and the elves towards the Tree of Life, but she bid the elves to stay outside. The conversation the group of divine were about to have would weigh too much on their newly born psyches she reckoned. It was better to spare them. So she explained how they could pluck the fruits from trees and eat them without fear.

Once inside in the Khore, Allianthé spoke up first while walking towards the center where the Khodex was still held. “I believe there are a great many things to discuss. Some more important than others.” Her eyes turned towards Death. “But allow me first to make a small request. This is the Khore, it is where the venerable Khodex first landed. All around you can see the alcoves. I would love it each of you could chose one and place something that represents you. So mortals who visit this place can learn about the divine.”

“And then I would like to make a request of you, lady El’zadir. I am but a simple goddess. Omnipotence still elludes me. So I need mortal followers. I thank you, both of you, for your gift of sapient mortals but I fear I am ill suited to give them more than full bellies and safe places to sleep. Frankly speaking, I need your help to make Arbor into the prosperous center of harmony that I wish to spread across the world.”

Death smiled softly as he looked at her, “I was written in to existence besides you life… I did not know my purpose when I stood beside you as you made this beauty… I knew nothing of myself except for I was different from you. I found my purpose because of you, and I found a way to create something… It is not as beautiful, but, I was hoping that one day, you would wish to see it once it was full… Death… I found is, just the beginning of another journey. Another part of life, I saw your beauty, even in death.”

The two could feel or hear the equivalent of machinery moving the clanking of machines on the march. El’zadir seemed hyper focused again but snapped as the clanking stopped before saying. “Of course I will help you Allianthé but… could you help the dwarfs that lay at the roots of thy tree make a home for them as I work on helping the gift for you?” as she finished speaking the sound of clanking of old gears returned. As she drifted following the elfs only saying. “Come please there is much to do…”

“I dearly wish to believe that death is beautiful.” Allianthé said, now left alone with the one other deity presiding over a primordial function of the universe. Her voice was solemn. “But it is an end to life. Whatever dies cannot grow anymore. What comes after can be beautiful but in its own right.” She stepped up towards Death and reached to touch his cheek. “Death is no path that should be taken. When I envisioned life, it had no end. Will you help me restore that vision?”

Death smiled softly, and he slowly reached for her hand, it was likely cold, but sincere, “I love life, but that is not my path. I do not control how something dies, only once it does. I will give back to you what life needs to nourish itself. With what all is written, I can only do so much to assist you my opposite.”

His eyes closed as he looked down, “But, once it dies, it spirit goes to me, I give it back, or I take it to where it can grow… where it can see it’s past, and enjoy what it was. I am building it still, I built some, but it is new, and I already have several occupants to my home. They cannot come back without effort. But, I do not think they wish to either…”

“You and them can remain wrong for now I suppose. As long you do not stop me on my quest to restore the original vision, I’ll be happy.” Allianthé offered Death a faint smile. As long as he wouldn’t resist her. A part of her believed he might though. As much as he claimed to love life he seemed to enjoy making its mimicry. What would happen once the living stopped dying and thus stopped visiting. She took a step back, restoring the distance between the two. “Feel free to chose your alcove. Mortals should learn about even you.” With that and an small, apologetic bow she strode outside the Tree of Life.

The dwarves she found were small and stocky. Already they looked as if the green lands above were a both to them. Below was their home and Allianthé knew it in an instant. With nothing but a thought the very earth began to move and sink. Smaller roots of the Tree of Life curled around the tunnels below. Making sure that they’d be supported. The goddess’ tunnels soon reached deep enough to find the tunnels already made there by another, and populated by another sapient species.

This was not enough to Allianthé. These dwarves would not remain content with fruits and simple vegetables. She saw in their eyes a need, a desire, for something stronger. So she manifested that desire. Deep within the hallowed root halls, she bid a new plant to come forth. It was little more than a shrub growing on the ceiling of these great halls, fed by the Tree of Life’s influence. Of course, the shrub could be planted above ground as well, in the nourishing warmth of the sun. Allianthé smiled as she sensed the new life already flourishing and producing the soon to be sought after nuts. In her heart she hoped El’Zadir would enjoy love it.

El’zadir meanwhile dealt with the elfs above, her first experiment was with the Saleve'nios and with that experience she started working she had little energy as of the moment. But she knew that Allianthé would help them in the long run. So she worked in setting up a law system amongst the elves, teaching them and instructing them in ways of order. Creating a society focused around the sanctity of nature, the importance of family, and the veneration of life. At the same time she began to teach them to use the tools given by death to make arts in the walls. To make ink and craft beautiful items to be in their hands small wooden sculptures to grand paintings that would put awe to the eyes of many. She then teached then how to tame the animals of the wild and use then to their needs, riding to transportation to others. At the same time she used their skills to teach them and their curiosity on how to craft and create great tools and items from the little materials they could find around. She worked on following Allianthé’s request followed by her focused mind and fully guided by her domain.

Death just watched the others leave, and he looked for a small spot in the hall as he found the outcove across from life, and he slowly placed a hand to where it was as he moved a part of his cloak from his shoulder and tore it off before forming something to look like him pointing across the room. He sighed softly, and knew the other two were gone. He knew that life, likely did not trust him, and that was a fair statement, and thought. He was not of a domain to be trusted, he was death, a finality. But he believed it didn’t have to be, that you should cherish your life. He knew life did not think that way, and he only saw it as life, and death. Then, he thought of her words, a way to end it, there was a way. He smiled softly, and left the treet, touching it with his cloak instead of his hand.

He raced around to find the dwarves had left his world to enter this one again, well some of them, not all of them. He followed them down to where they were now going to live. “Allianthe, I may have a way… It… will not look good, but it is another necessity if, I wish to be like you, with how many things are in this world, there is one thing that can control it. It is a hard one, but if you trust me. I will forever be yours.”

The Birth of El’zadir and The Birth of Civilization

From the darkness of early primitive minds the world was dark and fearful. At first they broke stones to make spears and with it progress began. With the spreading of the races it became strong their chants as a call seemed to echo around the world. A collective echo calling for order, security, unity, prosperity and many other calls. As their calls began to collect divine energy seemed to dance around it, converging in the night as flames harvested from thunderstorms, illuminated tribes scattered in the dark. The divine power followed a will, a path straight into a desert; they soon all collided into the floor and the will of thousands of living beings coalesced in the dark as the winds blew the sand into a dust devil. But soon the energy faded as the sands settled again; it seemed like nothing had come until the sand shifted and an arm obsidian skinned as the dark sky lifted up, from the sands seeking air from below attempting to grasp like it just learned to move and grab. Lifting from the sands and falling off a pristine and beautiful body was a woman obsidian skinned. Silver haired and red eyes like star rubies as the sand cleared off her not being able to hold it self she took a breath, her first breath. As she turned around seeing the world around her godly vision could see far and wide. As she felt the cold wind in her lungs she lifted herself from the sand looking around seeing the arid land and the great lake in front of her. Standing up she looked up to the starry sky as winds shook her long straight hair. Her long pointy ears twitched the small amounts of sand in then twitching to hear every detail.

As she stood looking at the stars she felt a pull. A duty to complete, a clock could be heard beginning to tic and tack. As she wandered near the lake she could see a fire of a tribe looking from afar she could see the goblins in the land. The local tribe was just controlling a fire from a thunderstorm. They had stone tools and attempted to hunt the small animals in the area. The recent hunt wasn’t good as they tended the flame as one kept watch. The watch soon grabbed the stone spear pointing at the tall figure of 6 meters approaching from the dark. Once the light El’zadir dropped a large alligator as the tribe stared at her she soon said in their tongue. “ka iona ar eareio ni zas?” (So are we eating or no?) The group for some reason trusted her almost like something she radiated as she sat down; the others seemed to increase their trust on her after some light hearted talks. The arid lands around from the great lake to here would be changed a lot. As under the hand of civilizations things would begin to change.


From her mind she had a drive her domain called for her to act. Even if she was a goddess her domain talked louder than her and so she began to act. She soon began to teach the tribe and neighboring clans how to manage and make fire. From the flames spreading through the many tribes across the region she labored for months and years. After a time as well she soon began fostering a level of cooperation between the tribes seeking to unite them in bigger and bigger groups around areas of interest. Either with large fertility or resources to bear for the future. Even as she labored, many of them saw her in awe, a woman rising and bringing many together in unity from nowhere. Solely focused on said goal, a goal that was just beginning she would tell many of them.

As time went on and years built upon with the stone tools they had she teached and guided them how to use their primitive tools to chop wood and stone in other workings they had. From pottery, carpentry, and stone working with tools. Used in the expanding of their tribes from simple huts into complex buildings guided by her will even from a distance. With time passing a new society began to arise.


From the early starts of stone and wood, El would guide and teach many of the tribes into farming and agriculture. From planting plants to grow into wheat, barley, fruits and vegetables to be eaten. But at the same time how to plant trees and watch them grow over long months. The lands were arid and desert meaning trees were rare to use this gift, the many tribes began to grow in the back of agriculture into small towns and some into cities. From there she would then use those more available to search minerals in the land. From the dirt many would come to know how to use copper as a better metal to use as a tool instead of the always breaking stone or scarcity of wood.

Tick tack

As the cities would develop over time she would teach and guide many of the goblins into learning construction from not just houses but larger structures. From buildings meant to house many, to large edifications. Architecture that although very simplistic and even brutalistic in places would be allowed to grow past many generations into complexity. At the same time statues would be erected of El by the people she teached as respect and tribute for her gifts to them. From small towns they would grow into cities with many residents over the years that would pass and many still paid respect to who they would call the builder, even praise she cared not for or seemed to not acknowledge with only a smile.

Tick Tack Tick Tack Tick Tack

Soon she stood in the rooms of many leaders as the tribes grew large and fat that many systems of old could not sustain. So she helped the elders, clan leaders, chieftains and many others advised and guided them on how to rule. Setting up laws in accordance with each city's needs, what not to do, what to take, what should be a punishment to those that break said laws. Some of the divine, some of man at the same time she would set up those who would rule. Some would rule by councils, others would rule as kings and queens and as such the last of her gifts would be given in the last city she would meet putting a crown in a goblins head to the jubilation of a crown. She stared overlooking the horizon. She felt the pull again move forward and do it again and so she readied to do it. Grabbing only a staff and a cloth to cover her groin she would march in work.

Walking through the desert dunes she would stop for a moment. Thinking for a few moments she looked back through a city she passed through goblins fought in the distance on a battlefield, copper weapons and blood spilled for rivalries or slits some out of confusion as their goddess continued their work. Others out of greed she looked on and sighed such as the burden of civilization for war is one of its thorns, the bloodier it will become. Walking through the sand dunes leaving the lands of the Saleve’nios as the lands called themselves. she pondered why she did that, why not explore the world first? Why begin all with the duty she was born for? she pondered long as she wandered before saying. “This is my duty, this is the duty of a god… to serve their domain to work till the end…” She walked forward thinking soon enough “This is who i am…” She stopped for a moment thinking as the words lingered in her after the sun set and rose again she continued wandering.

Bless you my man

Primordial of civilization, The Queen Mother of Civilization, Architect of Nations, Mother of Races, Queen of the first kingdoms, The First mother, The Lady of wisdom, The First Queen, The Builder, and The Mistress of People’s.


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Primordial of civilization, The Queen Mother of Civilization, Architect of Nations, Mother of Races, Queen of the first kingdoms, The First mother, The Lady of wisdom, The First Queen, The Builder, and The Mistress of People’s.


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