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Nation Name: Empire of Oswaria

Type of Government: The government of Oswaria worked in a form of an elective monarchy, where the ruling dynasty would have one of their members elected into the position of the emperor. Until recently, the position of Chancellor was also one that was voted on, however, due to the reforms of the previous Empress, the Chancellor is appointed by the current ruling monarch. Both these positions are held for life.

While the nation claims to have a parliament, this branch of government is more for show, with many of the decision being made by the Imperial Council instead. After the Ascension of Emperor Evandro and the increase of Imperial power, many expect a new constitution to be finally sent after the ashes have settled.

Head of Government: Emperor Evandro Ventura Rosário.
Government Chancellor: Emperor Evandro Ventura Rosário.
Emperor Evandro Ventura Rosário is the third emperor since the recentralization of the empire. He is a ambitious man that used his already existing power to give him unlimited power over the nation, ruling with an iron fist but with a deteriorating health

Imperial Regent: Agildo Takeda Moreira

Minister of Research and Development: Lucas dos Santos Bernardino

Secretary of Economy and Commerce: Teresa Galán

Head of the Special Investigations Agency: Darcy Peres Higashi

Minister of Defense: Pablo Gutiérrez

Minister of Foreign relations: Alessandra Reis Boaventura

Economy: The empire's main economy is heavily focused in industry, having major industrial centers around the Jade Sea, and also along the rivers that flow into the sea, allowing easy river access to the interior. Thanks to this infrastructure, the nation began to industrialize after a few decades with relative ease. Oswaria had major monopolies, after the Constitutional amendment 32 was created and enforced by the Emperor, the industries was then divided into a series of oligopolies. The biggest industries are Refining, machinery, and weaponry. The food and electronics industries has gained attention from both government and private sector. To a certain degree, Oswaria is self-sufficient in iron allowing robust steel industry.

After the volcano eruption, the farming industry collapsed leading to nationwide starvation and crisis. This led to the adoption of a rationing system, however, the damage was done and millions starved to death. The Empire established martial law to hold the nation together until the agricultural fields finally began to recover.

In the past, mana crystals had to be meticulously created by skilled artisans. However, in recent years, lead magicians and engineers were able to create a method that allowed for the mass production of these crystals.

Main exports: Military equipment, Food, Mana Crystals, steel, Manufactured goods, Machine Parts, Heavy Machinery, and computers.
Main Imports: Oil, raw materials, luxury materials.

Unique Technologies:
Mechs and spider mechs: Oswaria has taken great interest in mobile, leading to the mech projects that now make up the armed forces.

Magical powered Airships: Using magical crystals to power airships this technology allows the ships to fly far and high. This allows the creation of flying dreadnoughts and aircraft carriers.

Majority Species: Human
Population: 68,943,431
Minority Species: Elves
Population 843,234

Culture: The Oswarian origins date to the birth of mankind in this world first coming from the south of the continent and settling in the regions of Trienga,their culture has developed into first a form of Meritocratic Nobility,were a dynasty of an individual,would be elected to a position of power,even having merchants and poor people receiving jobs of power,early on as their culture settled their people prospered with occasional fights between kings and independent warlords and even inner fights, between pantheons this division made then don't think like a single people, for a time yet having a unified ethnicity and even faith to a certain extent.
"One people One Nation Undivided"
After the unification of their empire, the Oswarian have a high sense of nationalism together even the Elfic minority that lives in the empire saw support in this movement maintaining a sense of unity in the empire.

"The Other races are not to be trusted but some seem fine"
Due to the ancient fights between humans and dwarves for the control of the straight for millennia the people of Oswaria see the dwarves as an arch-enemy of their´s creating xenophobia towards their race, the elf minority that once lived in the region after time after the migration they become more tolerable in their society as a whole.

"All Oswarians are soldiers"
In the concept of militarism is considered an honor to join the military ranks for all citizens the concept of conscription although 1 century new it is considered an honor for many with certain nobilities sending 1 of their children to serve in one of the army branches.

"All are equal"
According to many traditions, it is believed that that by the eye of Gods all men and women are equal it is unknown when this practice started either in the migration or in the time of swords but after a while woman become in equal footing as men.

"Is this the right path?"
Although the nation exist under a nationalist militaristic society it was mostly formed under centuries of constant prosperity but when the volcano erupted together with Emperor Evandro and his extreme reforms, with the age of prosperity ended and now the people of Oswaria find themselves in doubt, about the future of their nation with many protesting for better Conditions since the volcano covered the land with almost 4 foot tall ash the people and the government,now faces a new challenge people now seek an answer to how the nation should go this answer,only time can answer but now for the Oswarian the future is Uncertain.

State Religion: Due to 3 pantheons existing and with the works of Gabriel Santos that suggested a separation of state and church the government adopted Atheism as the state religion
Religion and Other Beliefs: The faith of Chaos, Order, And Equilibrium or The Faith Zyrogar
The faith Zyrogar is the nickname given to the followers of a religion with 3 existing pantheons of gods more specifically The gods of Ynthar, Amos and Phiaris this religion involving many pantheons derives from the fact that the 3 pantheons evolved together consequently they are all interpreted to be real with members of one faith disrupting the other faith activities. Over the centuries this 3 pantheons crystalized believing it to all be real with members of society choosing one of the pantheons that most suits than in their beliefs this level of decentralization allow people to think what they want most of the time the most popular being the Pantheon of Phiaris that has attributes from both pantheons.

Location/Territories: The western peninsula of the northwestern
continent west of the mountains.

Climate: The empire consist of mostly plains and fields having a temperate climate as a major climate and also having some hot zones thanks in part from the hot waters of the sea.

Military: The Imperial Army is divided into 3 branches that form the bulwark of armed forces been named The Legionary Land forces, Imperial Royal Air Force, And The Sea Lions.

The Legionary lands Forces Utilize as a major military doctrine is The Rogérop Doctrine a form of mixing of mobile warfare and Superior Firepower having infantry, motorized and armored as a backbone of the army.

Infantry/Engineer unit, using as primary infantry equipment they use Automatic SV-25 rifles and Shotguns together with Anti-personal grenades and a Gas mask.

Assault Units are equipped with Sub-machine guns AR-31 and others are equipped with combat shotguns containing Antipersonnel, gas masks and anti-tank Grenades.

Anti armored Units Are equipped with Anti Tank Grenades grenade launchers, Anti-tank sniper rifles, and pistols using and binoculars.

Sniper Units are equipped with pistols, binoculars, sniper rifles, and Antipersonnel grenades.

Radio Units are equipped with pistols, radio transmission, and generally, they are deployed at all units to increase cohesion

The battle mages serve as a form of support force an offensive force due to their ability to manipulate energies of the arcane this ability mostly present in the Elven population made then suitable for this job but also in the human magic population that allows them to use their powers.

Armored divisions of the Empire has many different types using mechs, spider mechs and tanks having different kinds of armored for different situations.

The Titan is the heavy armored infantry containing a flamethrower and 2 heavy machine guns that can penetrate armored divisions due to slow its put together with infantry divisions. These units are often made up of “penal” battalions due to their risky design.

T32 Or the spider is a form of self-changing tank capable of changing from legs to tracks for needed terrain having a 57mm gun turret and machine guns.

ST- 21 is a mech build to be an anti-armor unit having 4 57mm guns attached to it.

ST- 24 is the more close range mech projected to fight in the harsh train having machine guns and artillery turrets.

ST-8 is the more available to the army crewed with one soldier inside an armored Carapace and sometimes the pilot is protected by a front armor only.

The Mercury class is the most powerful military class due to its size weaponry having the having 5 turrets, 55 machine guns, and 4 Heavy AA guns, due to its extreme agility is considered a threat to many and its ability to navigate in harsh terrain makes it very useful for all situations, the skirmisher on other hands smaller but more faster and agile makes it a good candidate for attacks containing only 1 turret and 4 machine guns

The sea lions Are the naval force of the Empire of Oswaria having a Medium navy at their disposal, the fleet consists of carriers, battleships, Battlecruiser, Heavy cruisers, dreadnoughts, destroyers and submarines the Sea lions favor a stance of a bigger fleet together with carrier primacy

The Imperial Royal Air Force consists of airships powered by magical crystals these airships form the principal force of the air military force having battleships and even Aircraft carriers having a more battleship emphasis on air the royal air force likes to use them to gain air superiority thanks to their high levels of firepower.

The more used force of the Imperial Air Force is the fighters and bombers of the Empire used to create havoc in ground forces and have close air support and also air supremacy but also serving to a strategic bombardment of enemy positions and infrastructure the Royal air force put more Emphasis in a mix of close support and air superiority.

Magic Prevalence/Usage: Magic although not common but not rare is defined for being hereditary with certain families even practicing incest to protect the magical lineage inside the family their powers range from abilities of healing and even conjuring elemental powers another kind of magic force that has been discovered over the years is Mana crystals that are synthetically made used mostly to certain extent some spells and even flying.
The source of magic have yet to be discovered but thanks to scientific endeavors were able to create a small quantity of magic without someone of magical descent indicating that magic is not restricted to blood.
The schools of magic teached are the schools of order, chaos and balance this schools are teached because the way they tap the arcane power and most of the time to discover what kind of magic you can tap.
The abilities Chaos allows the usage of more extreme kinds of magics such as Elemental and Illusion spells might include the ability to launch fire from your hands to literally creating a fog or a fake Demon other examples is literally calling upon a thunderstorm although not useful when lightning has a tendency to hit what is the more conductive for some reason the abilities of chaos does not allow the usage of frost powers.

The abilities of Balance are rather rare on to be inherited or simply be born with once you discover you have the ability to use magic this power is rather mysterious but like the gods it appears to be able to use both sides of the magical spectre but what makes it more intriguing is the fact that the user of this kind of magic has the ability of restoration or simply healing this kind of spell is barely understood except the fact that the use can heals itself and others.
The fourth ability is considered illegal due to its way to achieve they are some events were a individual can tap into the power but not use not even the 3 spectres but rather use the extremes of order and chaos the last good example was the vampire uprising of almost 600 years ago where magicians that could control the human body by literally absorbing life force although this kind of magic is more extreme of rare it is undocumented of what it can do and the vampire uprising and what such magic can do was lost to history mostly because of document burning of the region what such power can do is mostly considered unknown.

History/ Background Info:
The Oswarian people first arrived in the regions of Trienga about 8000 years ago with its people living between many kingdoms and warlords settling the lands and making the Isarian Ethnicity spread across the western mountains having to coexist with the elves and dwarves.
The Empire of Oswaria first was born almost 3000 years ago when Emperor Varsius, formed his nation after a few centuries he empire decentralized after losing conflicts against Elves and Dwarves, although in more than 400 pieces the empire maintained a sense of union working together to achieve goals such as defense against invasions and even collaboration of economic aid.
The Age of swords was the time when the empire was under a newly religious fervor and also expansionist growing to the greatest size it has been from the western sides to many zones in the mountains this time, unfortunately, didn't lasted forever as in question of a few centuries the recently conquered territories had gained independence or were conquered by other powers in that time the empire begun to decentralize.
The Second renaissance was the time when a cultural and nationalist boom in the Empire in this moment the first reforms that initiated the centralization of power to the throne once again this moment that lasted almost 120 years allowed the end of the Imperial confederation and the reformation of the Empire the reformation was established with the House of Rosário to assume command of the nation and establishing a tanistry succession system in a example of the ancient ways.
After the death of empress Sandra Ventura Rosário the throne was succeeded by emperor Evandro Ventura Rosário at first he was charismatic and maintaining the chancellor of her aunt but after his death he appointed himself as chancellor and passed laws increasing his power and giving him absolute command over the nation leading the nation over 4 decades of totalitarianism.
When the volcano exploded and food runed short the Emperor started to impose martial law as revolts spring up and many died as part of his plans to continue in power after many deaths the revolts finally begun to slow down over the years before the ashes settled many died of starvation or by Evandro actions after one decade after the volcanic explosion the decade long winter finally begun to end now with a world full of possibilities only the gods know what will come next.

Nation Relations: Oswaria likes to keep diplomatic relations with main power in an attempt to preserve peace On its main continent at the same time negotiating trade deals for resources.

S'laaeth: The Empire of Oswaria and S'laaeth have a certain cordial relationship with the Empire supporting their claim on the straight.

Bjergavjern: Bjergavjern as already existing monarchy state for years has been kept under the constant watch of the empire mostly because of the existing tensions between their races, religion and extreme government Oswaria in an attempt to ease tension made the pact of steel seeking to lower tension and increase commerce between states and also a formation of a possible DMZ in case their borders touch one day

Chirian People's Republic: The Chirian Republic although not like by the government due to its communist nature the need for their natural resources has let the Empire accept trade deals to receive needed ores and oil the Republic in Exchange decided to import machinery from the Empire for the Inner circle the republic is the only nation that seems to need the Empire and the Empire needing her.

Divine Empire of Hastur: The divine empire although backward has potential consequently the government send out a military/industrial mission to Hastur.

The Republic of Acrad: The Republic and the empire has a certain level of relations considered barely cordial although there is a envoy going to Acrad to negotiate a possible trade agreement.

Volssini Empire: The Volssini Empire together with The Oswarian Empire contain cordial relationships having more notably from the perpective of the Empire a import of coal and a export of food and Hevy machinery.
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