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There will be only a few things you need to know and that i will tell
1. I am a guy
2. why are you interested on who i am?
3. i can be very easy to make a friendship but you need to learn how to live with someone with Asperger a spectrum of autism
4. and also i am a bit of a quiet guy sometimes Specialy after a while

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I found it again! I found the thread! YAY!

Motherf*cker you know there is one that isn't in the Interest check right?
Feel free to join in discord
Screw it i am in i have a idea... that might include Germany for some reason its a idea never the less
We shall see... Yes we shall see
Ironically that sounds a little bit like the plot/lore of events in the crisis of the confederation but is not that similar true be told yours is quite different well in how things are made but how things end up is quite similar.
How big is this ship to accommodate everything?
So basically that means that you can choose even to be a colonial?
I majority of times don't hang around here but I feel interested in this but tell me how horror this will be its gonna be HP. Lovecraft horror or another thing entirely
<Snipped quote by DX3214>

You forget however that House Brigan is actually a bandit clan pretending* to be a great house. And bandits, being bandits, are not very knowledgeable in the meanings of crests. The colors actually have more to do with the words of House Brigan than the origins of it.

*I use the term loosely in this instance, as they are not as much pretending to be as they are declaring themselves to be and killing anyone who disagrees.

Understood... Coughts in attempt to hide laugh

just be know that the colors of your crest represent Red sacrifice or military strength and yellow... Generosity that is what it means in medieval terms...

not criticizing or making fun or anything I just understand that and it is funny when you know those facts
Well i guess this is the time i say something that a historical nerd would say WELP

House Veraleth sorry for possible pronunciation due to 4-way crest is a unified house of either 2 or 3 families judging by the crest and symbols... NOW Brigan... It's the same thing as Belareth but due to the half i belive its more of a union between 2 families


Is this bloody quarantine
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