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There will be only a few things you need to know and that i will tell
1. I am a guy
2. why are you interested on who i am?
3. i can be very easy to make a friendship but you need to learn how to live with someone with Asperger a spectrum of autism
4. and also i am a bit of a quiet guy sometimes Specialy after a while

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Unknown location in Saxony

Frederick was in a space station after hearing Katrin conforming was good, a grim smile raised across his face after checking the time he waited until 8 AM after a few minutes was reached he then opened comms to the Solar priest once answered he then said “Good morning young man… I hope you don't mind this interruption in the early morning but from orders from high command it's a go now it's now or never good luck” he turned the comms off and an officer then said “Sir… about the…” Frederick sighed, saying “...I know about the suicides I ordered to be silenced in the media and not told…” the officer then said his face looking worried “Who would train Saxons to suicide if found out?”
“Burgundy'' Frederick answered immediately the officer turned to him his eyes with dread Frederick then said with a sigh “Call it a opinion but i believe that Hildenbrand orchestrated the terror attacks and the planting of equipment aiming to launch Saxony to war against the Dominion to expand his dukedom and possibly start the current power struggle…” the officer in a shock of horror then said “We must do something!!” “do what?” Frederick answered with a second sigh he then said “The engines of war have been turning for too long if there was an option to settle this peacefully it was outside of Saxony and the dominion just followed the flag of war there is no stopping this now”
Frederick stayed looking at the stars he felt weird about how Hildenbrand told him that the senator was deceased he knew it was a lie something was off, but he knew something else Burgundy had a perfect grip of Saxony in spies so it might be good to focus on finding then

Speerwand a few minutes before

Katrin watched a painting she was calming herself for a moment the painting was of a renaissance style made to represent the war between Katrin’s ancestors and the alien civilization that lived in this area for her it felt was oddly familiar she shrugged that feeling away for her in the palace back home there was so many paintings there might be a copy back home.
Footsteps were soon heard. She looked to the right, seeing Mina a smile soon appeared at Katrin’s face. Mina then said a small smile in her face but a voice of curiosity “taking a break?” Katrin nodded saying “you know me i need a moment of reflection before doing speeches” Mina soon said her smile retaining “you can do this you did that many times before” Katrin nodded on she saying that she then sighed and said “... i wish this year hasn't been this riotous” Mina thought for a moment one of her hands rubbing her now missing arm not wanting to put the conversation down she then said her head thinking of the things that Fridmar once told her “Sometimes history likes to make moves that are unseeable for some people” Katrin smiled hearing one of the quotes of her father after a long time she then said “Thanks” Minna knew it was for the good until Katrin said her mind drifting towards something else raising from hear seat “I nearly forgot about him” she then hugged Minna who then said with a smile “I will be waiting for you in the ship” Katrin nodded hearing this from her.
After walking away for a while Katrin found Lewis he was leaving a room he looked better compared to a few months ago she then said “Senator you seem better” “don't call me that…'' Lewis said immediately after she said he then proceeded by saying “I lost that function when my country didn't ask about me or even cared for a ransom so...” Katrin nodded and she knew he was still bad about the situation of his other home. She then said “You know you don't need to come with us or comply with my officers” “They are a bunch of soldiers and they need and also it might be good to stop them from bombarding places so…” He said Katrin interrupted him by saying “providing intel to the enemy state of your homeland is treason, you know that right?” a moment of silence was noticed before he slightly nodded in confirmation Katrin sighed in a worried sign thinking that Lewis might have lost it he then said “I will be waiting for you in the ship” before walking away after seeing him walking away she puts her hand in her head a ache of pain suddenly rushed through her head and then calmed itself thinking for a moment she then remember something and opened her communicator asking for information about lewis to be sent to her personal computer in her room in the flagship after closing she then continued thinking she then whispered “If i can find why he is acting like that maybe i can help him” for a moment she thought if it was a good idea until she heard a whisper almost ethereal in nature “if you think its good idea” hearing that she looked behind her and around the room was empty she closed her eyes and sensed the psychic nature of the room around her as well nothing it was empty she opened her eyes a trick of her mind she thought before she could think more a call come in saying “we are ready”
Her mind jumped on the message saying that she sighed in a nervus manner nearly forgetting what happened wondering to her position she thought on what she would say while she was good with speeches she knew exactly what to say and what to do if the Solar forces were ready the invasion would be easy according to Frederick as she thought of him a call came from him she answered saying “what you need?” Frederick answered he sounding a little excited “I wanted to tell you that i activated the cell i had about the solar problem right now the invasion led by then will start Operation Retribution is a full go” she nodded when he said that stopping in front of a great door roughly four times her size a red carpet stretching from the hallway to she then said “good i shall now require you leave me be as i must give a speech” “understood” Frederick said cutting comms after a brief sight getting her marshall uniform a military uniform of black and red in order the doors were opened for her snow blowing through it she soon stepped up a few stairs entering a podium.

Gathering grounds of Speerwand

A massive legion of soldiers stood still flags of Saxony flew above her head put against the walls of the Podium, above in the skies transport vessels stood still while others in the distance were in the ground tanks were present mechs and viewed in the distance by the camera drones recording a Titan Mech one of the few that existed in Saxony could be seen right below troops were in formation some holding banners of the different dukedoms and counties but beside then lied a flag of Saxony in unity they all stood Katrin soon stood up seen by all she looked around seeing the troops saying.

“Today! Brothers and Sisters of Saxony! we march against the Decadence of the Dominion and Tyrani! Here we Stand Brothers and Sisters against the Tyrant who Oppressed our ancestors so long ago! and this we shall triumph over then and bring their glory to shambles!”

The armies cheered, raising their flags high and tall chanting “Glory to Saxony! Death to the Dominion!” their ecstasy subsuming after a few seconds after the situation calmed itself again Katrin then said her voice thundering thanks to the microphones transmitting her voice.

“Our Nation is a Nation of warriors forged when we migrated here, warriors that I am proud to see standing in front of me we are marching today and we shall not fail in our Solent duty of defeating our ancient oppressor and this name in the name of our Ancestors and of our grandparents and our fathers we Shall succeed!!” She said in a very her eyes starting to look like shining yellow stars instead of her normal brown as her psionic powers awoke by accident a small thing she quickly made disappear as she finished the speech but it was a little late and it was caught on camera.

The soldiers cheered while small only lasting a single second they turned around and soon started to march singing along in a war song of the motherland marching into the transport ships above the skies the ships started to mobilize and take flight across the skies Katrin walked away from the podium walking towards her Flagship after a while it soon takes off the mobilization now ended now Saxony was on the march.

Hundreds of thousands of ships flyed across space Battleships, Dreadnoughts, Carriers, Corvettes, transport vessels, and others flew together all led by Katrin their objective was simple attack as fast as possible and conquer important locations and drive the dominion out of the borders of Saxony and if possible take place where it all began a goal that was not much optional, but the overall goal as the ships entered FTL the war had finally entered its main phase if there was a chance of peace in the beginning of it all it is now total victory or defeat.

Dominion Space planet of Jovian day 1 of Operation Retribution

Meanwhile, in an observation post close to Saxonian-dominion contested borders in a small world called Jovian observing the activity and enforcing a quarantine of the sector some soldiers watched the situation one then said “Barely anything happens besides some ships raiding the border?” an officer nodded saying “yeah it's just an open revolt it will blow over after a time from what i heard they don't have much in there besides…” “I am seeing hundreds of signals…” The officer replied, interrupting the man and an eyebrow was raised seeing the screen detecting something moving through space after an FTL opening and closing very close to the station. By what the systems detected checking it he slapped the system after a moment the blips began to disappear leaving only a couple dozen.

He then said “see nothing bad just call the…'' an explosion echoed through the outpost making the talk end seeing through the window a massive flotilla of ships many of which warships the old man then shouted “Call central command its a full Bloody In…” before he could finish a shot hit the command deck where they were sucking then into outer space.

The fleets destroyed the very limited force in the planet starting a small-time siege in the surface bombardments from space begun as early as possible meanwhile in other star systems the fleets moved after a few hours of bombardment the planetary governor surrendered soon after when the cities of the planet were nearly reduced to rubble due to lack of preparation

This was all but the beginning in the first day of the invasion the barely equipped armies of the dominion or better the peacekeepers a force to suppress small revolts and some garrisons could not resist the initial invasions at all they were not facing insurgents they were facing armies and fleets marching in speed and strength with barely any power to be stopped and those few fleets that tried were either captured or destroyed the former contested area of the dominion and Saxony ended with Saxony achieving total military control of the region and the world's following said border begun to fall one world after another soon met not the usual sunrise under the dominion but a fleet of ships and Saxonian parade and Saxonian flags in their streets but at that moment the dominion finally awoke and begun to move their armies as fast as possible.

The rest of the days of the week was common with resistance steadily mounting by the day but too slow to stop the advance from day to day the Fleets and armies marched on swapping away in the small resistance or trapping it and taking prisoners for now it seemed like the offensive was on full swing towards a single place the perfect line for a defensive attrition war starting at the south OPAO border and ending at the southernmost regions of the dominion even though it was possible the offensive by the fourth day had begun to stoll as they need to wait for the troops to catch up casualties in the thousands.

By the second week of the front line movement the armies of Saxony finally had restarted but this time slowed down the Dominion had finally begun to get its front lines in order and troops were now more ready a final offensive was declared in the final 6 days after being realized by Katrin the situation at hand of how the objective might not be reached in time a great offensive was called to get into the objective line the cost of said act many lives as the ships breakthrough and begun to move as fast as the beginning of the operation.

Orbit of the Planet of Othea Dominion Space 9 days into Operation Retribution Final line

The flash of light Eplonyx cannons illuminated the darkness together with the flashes of machine guns laser weapons and plasma weapons as the fleets of Saxony battled a fleet in orbit of the planet the world itself was a industrial planet but due to the long time of peace of the dominion it didn't had many defences yet those who existed and those who could be build in the limited window of time there was were doing their job as the first assault on the planet had failed in the flagship of the fleet officers rushed in their screens seeing the situation the commander and captain of the fleet a man with blonde hair and green eyes he was 30 years old by the looks he was calm but sweet could be seen in his forehead they reached their objective but it was the second week he then said “Status how are we doing?” a hologram displaying the battle in orbit hundreds of ships were fighting to take command of the planet “Our forces are pushing then back…” before he could say one man then screamed “Enemy ships breaking through our left flank” the displayed showed the front being pushed back the enemy forces getting close to the flagship and center fleets the commander soon screamed “All Battleships and dreadnought charge your eplonyx cannons!” “But sir this will leave us expo…” an officer said looking worried. The commander then said “... we need to do this now or never prepare them!” the officer nodded.

As this happened corvettes were being destroyed as the battleships charged their main guns the fleet begun to approach the flagship shots coming from the dominion were beginning to be seen and hitting some ships after a few concentrated ships one battleship close to the flagship exploded the bridge being illuminated one officer then said “We lost the battleship Colossus…” The officer said the commander soon sweating slightly as the shots grew in intensity he then saw as the corvettes also begun to prepare a wave of shots as the command was to be given he then heard the words “Eplonyx cannons charged sir” without losing a second he then shouted “Open fire!” the bridge was illuminated by the blue light as the shots flew destroying the enemy fleets explosions in the distance an officer then said “enemy forces repealed sir” a sigh of relief came to him he still had things to worry but not as many he thought to himself until an officer then said “Sir enemy forces in retreat across the whole region” “what?” he said seeing the hologram as the advance was being made he smiled and then said “Blessed be this day send the second assault wave we need to end this once and for all”

Meanwhile in a carrier outside while a hell existed as ships exploded loose inside it a dropship was sitting still in its docks Yeager had finished training his first time in combat while he heard some of his companions in other groups saw it but this was his group he was second in command of the commander of a small team of 7 people the only good thing being that he knew everyone in the ship except for the commander the bad thing was he was going to war many looked worried and scared of what was going Yeager couldn't say wasn't after a moment the message came in take off in a few minutes Yeager took a deep breath meanwhile the Commander Ezachiel said while standing up “everyone attention our goal is simple we are to land and aid in the taking of the planetary capital we will be assisted by thousands of soldiers we can do this” They all nodde when he said the dropship then flew through the window it could be seen the fleet before disappearing in the clouds of the planet the dropship then appeared seeing the streets of the city dust and papers being blown by the ship, everyone jumping off and leaving the ship soon she took off back into the skies.

Around then hundreds of other dropships could be seen deploying soldiers as they looked around and shots began to fly above their heads, then they soon took cover behind a car Yeager looked gently taking a peak outside seeing soldiers in the streets taking cover behind cars he then said seeing one of then reload “Open Fire!” He raised with everyone opening fire and spreading the soldiers dying falling he sighed thinking for a moment while looking around seeing smoke rising in the distance possible other vehicles or house fires he shrugged it off he then whispered to himself saying “This is war...” He then heard Jonas saying “To where now because I wanna a place that doesn't look like a desert…” Yeager looked seeing the dust in the air giving the impression of an arid place he chuckled saying “I didn't know you still hated your homeworld after spending time in that training jungle…” he then moved forward following Ezachiel who then said “At Least it isn't snowing it's much worse” the squad moving behind him Jonas as he followed said “I just hate sand… and pollution” he groaned to himself Emma following the group then said “Tell me something that isn't new since the training camp”

The group advanced through the city arriving in the park in front of the planetary capital building with other groups the capital building was large roughly akin to a monument meanwhile the park in front of it was large after a moment they advanced shots being shot from the palace before Yeager could move he was held by Ezachiel saying “I think we should go around…” Yeager then said “Why?” he pointed to the soldiers hiding behind trees, statues and even benches. He then said “We might look for a better place for better cover, maybe we should go through there'' he pointed to a series of buildings in the streets “Through the buildings?” asked him he nodded he then sighed gesturing to go there the group went through the buildings slowly to not drag attention after arriving, in the end, they bashed through a window shooting some soldiers in the front door.

They soon entered through the window into the building some soldiers of other groups arriving together while other remained to call attention in the outside Yeager and his squad went upstairs cleaning the building entering each room and clearing with together with group Yeager opening door shot a soldier dead after going inside with the rest the room was clear it was just a man Yeager approached the man he killed seeing a man of roughly the same age as himself after checking the body he noticed the smoke from the window close to the body piles of smoke were raising at a distance Ezachiel noticed Yeager after hearing a shout from behind him saying everything was clear he approached the kid saying “Something wrong?” Yeager after hearing him did a quick turn of his head towards him before facing forwards again saying “No… I… I just wasn't expecting to be like this'' he says grabbing a photo of a girl from the dead body family or wife he thought to himself “It will never be like they say…” Ezachiel said putting his hand in the Shoulder of Yeager he then said “But you will get used…” Yeager looked out of the window into the park and in the streets, there were bodies being covered many of them also burned cars and even combat vehicles after seeing Ezachiel walking away he then said “I hope this doesn't go very far either…”

After a moment Yeager went to the roof the group splitting up as the combat slowly goes out of the area and into other city zones while keeping an eye out for possible remaining pockets in the roof he could see the clouds and above ships could be partially seen moving across space he then saw a flag of Saxony being raised over the center of the park in a pole that existed he sighed ‘a victory’ he thought ‘hopefully one that won't be so bloody’ he continued before going downstairs again after a day the planet was conquered albeit the resistance took the life of many people due to the Saxonian approach of quickly taking worlds no matter the cost.

In the last days of the operation, the frontlines finally stagnated with millions dead on both sides, the frontline began in the OPAO border and ended in the south of the dominion in the unexplored regions having undulations while the goal of the frontline isn't achieved Othea being one of the few frontline worlds taken of the original goal the war, for now, had stagnated into a frontline with salients and undulations more common in the center force.

Flagship Valkyrie

Katrin and the general staff were behind the frontlines seeing the map the borders had stabilized Katrin then said “Seems like we cant push forward is time to change tactics…” a young officer then said “the forces of the Solia Ecclesia also report their armies stopping their advance from our information…” an older officer then said “Our tactic of lightning warfare paid off now i believe we should change our main tactic to a more attrition style conflict like planned” Katrin nodded saying “We achieved our goals the best we could now we have to deal with the occupation of dominion worlds and dealing with the frontlines…” The young office then said “As of right now i suggest strengthening the defensive line in the center”

Katrin nodded while looking at the map. She yawned for a moment. It was nearly midnight and she then said “how long do you gentlemen expect this war to last?” an officer then said “we expect maybe in a year,,,” the older officer then said “Maybe a few years if we are unlucky” she nodded she then said “if you excuse me gentlemen i must take my leave they all nod slightly.

Katrin begun to walk to her room she was tired of the weeks the first stage was over and her head finally calmed itself from the constant thinking of what to do now her thoughts were more on other things but the war was still center stage on her thoughts but others as well majorly politics and family entering her room thinking that she whispered “family…” she looked at a mirror for a moment in her room “I only have one person in my family…” she thought her minds flashed with images of her brother she quickly brushed it off wanting to forget taking of her military clothes and getting ready to sleep after a moment she blinked seeing a black space taken by surprise she gave a step back looking around seeing she was a under a partial illumination of something surrounded by a sea of darkness her heart pounding heavier soon very bright images flashed through her eyes before she took a small jump her eyes blinking fast looking around seeing she was in her room laying in her bed “a dream?” she wondered.

Colab between DX and Arawak
a few weeks ago

Peacekeeper Base Fred Minor

The mood at the base was dismal.

The grunt enforcers in the cafeteria tables were deathly silent knowing how much of a burden they had ahead as the TV blared, “Today the Imperial Executive at a productive senate meeting made the proclamation that all sectors are on lock down due to secessionist activities across the outer colonies. Please report all interstellar movements between sectors to your local administrators or risk capital actions against your vessel.”

One of the grunts just asked their colleague, “Do we even have the numbers to enforce that?”

The colleague replied, “Of course we do, it’s just what we’ve already been doing in Beau being applied elsewhere. We just need to make sure Captain Vuttiger gets the right intel from Senator Orange. An intelligence failure on part of her administration led fellow Peacekeepers to die to those warlords!”

The grunt just nodded along as the sound of ships taking off were heard.

“Well, there goes the brigade to catch up with the Captain.”

Planet Beau, The Palace

Maria Orange was just bored out of her mind. The animated dolls lacked any new plays to act out. They just didn’t do all that much.

“At least it was not having to go to that senate again…” she groaned as the animated dolls were chasing each other around the floors of the palace, as the faint echoing of their movement in the spacious chamber is completed by the haint hums of activities going on in the lower bureaus.

The silence of the palace had some tranquility about it, but the liveliness of the frescoes that adorn the walls spoke to Maria of a time she can barely recall. A time when these palaces were full of people.

“Why did they have to rebel?” she wonders out loud, “Couldn’t they have at least waited another century?”

One of the animated dolls then entered the chamber. It was serving Fructbarene style tea.

“About time that arrived.” she said with relief as the animated doll assisted her in sipping the tea.

Solar Space/Planetary Orbit of Beau

Meanwhile In the outer regions of the star system a rift in space opened the illumination of it shining green bluish lights for a moment before ships start jumping from it and appearing from it before the portal itself closes 10 ships in total leaving it the as thrusters cooled down the ships got busy with officers running around.

In the flagship of the fleet the female knight of Burgundy sighed, taking a sip of coffee after a long journey she then said “This took long enough...” while sitting on a bench the admiral of the fleet said checking the data in a console “we had to take the long way or else they would find out about us...” She then said taking another sip saying while looking at the beverage “More surprised you stored this much coffee for this travel”

“I knew it would be a long journey” he replied immediately after an officer soon then said his energy following “Captain your Highness we have arrived” Upon hearing that the knight slammed the cup in the support saying “About goddamn time!” a display of the star system soon appeared showing the target of the operation the palace planet of the senator.

seeing the situation the Admiral then said “Miss Sophia i think we should make a quick and swift attack we cannot hold our defenses in case of enemy reinforcements come towards us” Sophia nodded she knew that she then said to an officer “Warn the troops…” she then turned to the admiral saying “Try to keep this fleet good captain i hope we can land all forces” the admiral nodded at her she then left the room getting ready to get into action.

The fleet soon began to quickly approach the planet for radars, it seemed like a group of asteroids or a comet and its tail with erratic movement until the image became clearer as its interception orbit was now aimed at the palace world and approaching quite quickly.

The fleet soon started to slow down to be caught by the planet's orbit in the sensors. It could be seen ships in orbit soon began to fire their guns aiming to disperse, scare or destroy the ships too close to their goal or around then to create a small buffer zone the ships soon begun lowering themselves orbitaly and get close into the atmosphere to begin the landings.

Planet Beau, The Palace

The tranquility of the palace was suddenly pierced. “Vuttiger…” she mumbled, knowing well the sound of those footsteps. He walked into the chamber, uninvited as per usual. The ghoulish peacekeeper looked at her with contempt.

“Senator, why would you not go to the Senate?”, he rhetorically asked.

“I did not want to go. Seemed like a waste of time to go there, as we both know there are more pressing matters in this sector.” She explained to him, rather dismissively.

One of the larger human sized animated dolls stumbled about the chamber, much to Vuttiger’s disgust. It was uncanny to even see, walking about wearing those robes.

“Very pressing matters, indeed.” He chided.

Maria did not like hearing that kind of talk from Vuttiger, not one bit.

“you have no business being here right now! Don't you have those warlords to kill, or as i've seen, get your goons killed by?” She yelled at him, knowing of his failures out in the field.

Vuttiger was rather taken aback by that statement, for a bit. Then, he grinned as he noticed a paleness in Maria’s face.

“You bastar-”, She stammered with what breath she had, before the chemicals got to her body too much for her to articulate much at all.

“Is there something wrong Senator?” Vuttiger asked, feigning the slightest bit of sympathy for the senator.

The senator then fell to her knees, coughing repeatedly before collapsing onto the ground. Vuttiger couldn’t help but notice the slight echo of the walls from some of the animated dolls in the room who continued playing with each other as if nothing had happened. The design of the ‘dolls’ Vuttiger knew to just simply be that of androids underneath. Dressed up, as if such metal can be rendered charming. At least one of them had their use, with how easy it proved to subvert those poor substitutes for servants.

Vuttiger looked at the senator with a bit of pity, before saying “You should have gone to the senate, Maria.”

Then he walked out of the chamber unceremoniously and to the local peacekeeper garrison to continue the rendezvous.

As Vuttiger Walking through the halls a rather unusual darkness fell into the palace the guards that were outside could see a ship blocking the skies. It was very low then usual after a moment small glimpses due to the sun being high in the sky.

Soon dropships were visible and they stopped on top soldiers wearing full power armor dropping from them and landing before opening fire at the guards of the palace soldier being deployed in several areas of the palace gunfire begging to be heard at a distance.

The Knight soldiers soon began to kill the guards getting inside of the palace and moving in killing nearly indiscriminately bureaucrats, officers, soldiers the aim of the raid was simple Senator Maria, and the data banks and files of the palace.

The guards of the palace started to return fire with gauss rounds as whatever bureaucrats the Knights didn’t get to escape further underground. Plasteel Barricades were set up by the palace guards, but they proved of little use against the breaching charges, and Plasma cutters some more easily thanks to the incredible strength of their power armor. Vuttiger was not seen in all this, having already left through some secret palace passages some invaders wouldn’t immediately know of.
Then, some of the local androids emerged from one of the windows and started blasting at the intruders from a balcony. Some of those toy-like androids, still wearing the dresses and gowns the senator had out on them just a few hours prior, the fluff on them flayed from gunshots revealing the metallic innards of the so-called ‘dolls’. The walls of the palace accrued new gunshot holes in the process of the firefight, especially as the grenade launchers that destroyed the ‘dolls’ left new holes and smoking places.
As the raid went on Sophia´s group after killing a few guards began approaching Maria´s room she then asked in comms in a small stop due to resistance of other guards “All forces this Alpha report what is the situation” “This is beta we are taking care of the resistance in the gardens behind the palace no casualties so far…” forces beta answered “Charlie here we are about to breach the information vault in a few minutes a few casualties due to the hallways…” Charlie forces answered “Delta here front yard of then has turned into a battle zone might need heavy support sustaining a lot of casualties here…” Delta forces answered Sophia nodded saying “Understood all force explosions being heard outside

As the Alpha forces of the raid arrived at Maria´s door after killing more guards one soldier put a small breaching charge after he stepped out of the way he handed the detonator to Sophia who then said “Attention everyone this is the senator so it might be 20 other guards in this room and possible battle droids… everyone ready” The team nodded she then said “Cleared!” The explosion opening the door someone quickly throwing a stun grenade trough it after the flash they all come in seeing an empty room some holes due to a grenade launcher hitting to the droids in the balcony after looking around Sophia worried was this an ambush she then said “Check it”

The soldiers moved forward, one looking next to the bed saying “Over here!” The group came in checking the room carefully in the floor next to the bed covered in robes was senator Maria Convulsing in the ground foam in her mouth Sophia seeing that for a split moment said quickly knowing something was wrong “Doctor check her” a soldier in power armor with red crosses in his shoulders got close into her after checking her vitals he turned her to the side making she start breathing for a moment after that he said after checking for a moment using a few instruments he then said “She was poisoned…” Sophia´s head began to quickly think ‘poisoned how? why? By who?’ she quickly brushed saying after seeing the situation at hand “Can you take care of her?” the doctor nodded saying “I might need time”

Sophia nodded at that saying to the troops and in comms “All troops make sure the palace is clear we control of it for now but we need a few minutes all forces in this transmission copy” all Forces copied the soldiers in the room also nodded many leaving while other gathered positions in the room especially in the windows using sniper rifles the doctor making sure that the senator was alive for the time being after grabbing a syringe and injecting in her lungs Marina felt she could breathe again albeit quite painfully Sophia seeing the situation at hand then said in comms to the ships “Prepare extraction ETA 5 minutes i don't think we might have enough time to take data from the servers… but we have something good”

Meanwhile, the Vault of data was breached the knights gunning down all inside the leader of the group seeing the Computers and physical files after the dust settled then said “I want everyone to grab anything in the files and put a hacker to unlock that goddamn thing we need to be quick…” the soldiers began to hurry in the search meanwhile in their visors a new thing appeared ETA to evacuation 5 minutes ticking down almost immediately the commander sighed saying “what else can happen now?”

The sounds of more guards coming up the stairs is than heard, the echoing chamber having made the steps all too clear. They were not happy of the massacre below and had sought to corner the raiders in the chamber, the senator presumably having already evacuated.

Despite seeing the senator on the floor, the guards were quick to open fire into the chamber. One of the palace guards stood back to report the incident, which was presumed to be the cause of the raiders. Something Vuttiger from the base of command on the other end of the line was very glad to hear, however much he tried to had that the chaos of raid indeed would work as cover for his own actions. The guards continued to try to surround the chamber from all ends, however much the spacious chambers could be surrounded.

One of the injured bureaucrats in the data vault, it turned out, was alive just enough to fire a personal pistol at the hacker they saw at the terminal. With a bloodied mouth, they uttered before bleeding out “my computers…”

The room of the senator was closed outside a few knights remained shots could easily be heard outside of the doors and around the palace, Sophia grew worried until a transmission coming in from Charlie saying “Captain we lost our expert so we had to ditch the archives while taking just a few papers and leave since reinforcements began to arrive…” the transmission ended with Sophia kicking the bed making it move a few feet due to the power armor she sighed and then said “All forces full evac Alpha is going to attempt to transport the senator remaining forces get to your Evac zones carry your dead with you if possible” after the transmission ended she then said to the medic “So what is the situation?”

The medic after injecting a syringe into senator Orange then said “She will live right miss?” he said to the face of the senator breathing difficulty in the ground she looked bad with a high-level whiteness in her skin almost like she caught a bad disease or bad bleeding under her breath it could be heard a small profanity for the medic something he smiled behind the helmet he then grabbed her into his arms and said “We better hurry…” Sophia nodded at that and then said to the knights in the room “All personal high priority target stays in center we shall guard around it understood” The soldiers then said “Ura” confirming her

Evacuation and Orbit

Dropships were beginning to re-approach the palace Meanwhile in the palace the raiding team of knights begun to concentrate in the evac zones as the knights mounted defensive positions across the zones to make sure that time was bought well Sophia and her team soon arrived in their dropzone with Senator Orange Sophia then said after the team arrived with Beta squad “All forces defend perimeter” Shots from machine guns and laser weapons damaged the walls pillars and to an extent the art of the palace.

After a last few seconds of tension with peacekeepers beginning to get more and more numerous the dropships arrived providing air support and soon landing the troops loading in organized and disciplined as instructed by their trainings the dropships around the palace soon take off back into space leaving behind the palace now with small piles of smoke rising from fires caused by the raid.

The timing of the peacekeeper's arrival could not be worse to Vuttiger, who could only look with disappointment at the slowness of the peacekeeper dispatch arriving only as the raiders left with the barely alive body of that Senator. Vuttiger however, could pass it off as a sudden attack and point out how much information they couldn’t retrieve due to the rapid response of local enforcement. Not to mention, Vuttiger had been discussing already with others who were not ones to care for Maria Orange’s rule as to who should replace her with the cover story being that warlords carried off a corpse. Plans begin quickly on the matter of tracking the raid back to where they came from, in part to perhaps take down the warlord Katrin, in part to ensure that the loose end Maria truly has perished...

Meanwhile, in orbit The admiral kept the fleet in order shooting the small resistance in the planet after a moment someone interrupted him as he checked the situation of reinforcements beginning to arrive “Captain Assault team has begun its return” “Thank god…” He said to himself but also the crew he then said “Was a success the 3 points where achieved?” The officer opened a holographic message he then said “First point capture of Senator and sector ruler Orange was a success albeit it had complications, Second point the capture of intel a possible failure, point three the deployment of a nuclear warhead if full palace control was achieved was a failure as well…”

The admiral sighed ‘Sophia won't be happy’ he thought to himself ‘neither Hildenbrand well it will depend’ he continued thinking after a moment he then said “Once aboard prepare the engines we are to get out as we can” the officer noded after a minute checking the situation the dropships entered and the fleet began to disengage after taking off He then said “we might need to do an FTL hyperjump to make we are followed...” An officer close to him then says “But that is very risky traveling the safe lanes is for the better getting off the path is a quite bad option sir if we use full speed” the admiral thought he was right he thought and then sighed saying “We will still try…”

Sophia punched a box she sighed, she and the leaders of the squads were staying in the hangar as the fleet moved she then said “So the info we got is?” “Useless well except if you consider some corruption and taxes important...” The officer of the Charlie squad said Sophia sighed again saying “At Least we have the Senator but i think she will die by how…” “she will live in reality” The medic of her group interrupted her after realizing what he did he silenced himself Sophia nodded saying “well let's call a half victory everyone back to their posts” The knights soon left the hanger.

Southern border of Saxony and burgundy Classified location

A sigh came from Hildenbrand´s mouth as he looked over the window to the vision of a gas giant. He turned on his chair seeing Sophia in front of him and he then said “Is that all?” Sophia had sweat in her face she was worried on the results she then slightly nodded Hildenbrand then said “I hope your next mission goes better miss Sophia you are dismissed for the time being” She nodded leaving the room the guards opening the doors for her and then closing then Hildenbrand then pressed a holographic button and then said “So when you will start?”
A voice through the comms then said “Not to worry your highness we will follow the three rule protocol to extract the information of Senator orange…” A shout of pain from a female person could be heard through the comms Hildenbrand said “Understood don't worry about the means and how you will do it, i will take the precautions” the person on the other side of the communication then said “Understood sir i will keep up” a second shout of pain could be heard before being cut with the communication being ended.
Hildenbrand then said to a guard in the room “Inform the media and some nobles as a success in regards to the operation and we have some information regarding planetary defenses thanks to the operation…” the guard bowed Hildenbrand soon continued by saying “And prepare protocol 21A just in case and order to prepare the resettlement orders i wanna rush the colonization of this area…”
Hildenbrand faced the window once again as he closed his eyes he opened again seeing a chess piece being taken off by his adversary in the game in the darkroom he sighed for a moment saying “i don't understand why you help and then work against me.” “Wasn't this the bet?” The old man says scratching his beard with a small smile on his face almost like he was having pity for Hildenbrand meanwhile he picked a knight piece and put forward the face of the old man grew wary he then said “How did you?” Hildenbrand then said his face still blunt “The ancients might be good at hiding things but not against me.” the light of the room flicked a little bit and the old man then said “But our game is still going through” “Indeed…” Hildenbrand said his voice sounding worried as the old man moved a rook rising and putting on the board its sound echoing the dark chamber Hilden reopening his eyes seeing the darkness of space.

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The Republic of Prabog

Alternative name

The National Reconstruction Government of Prabog


Prabog was once a prosperous world in the times of the confederation the first daughters of earth some called it a heavy industrial and technological world marked by its output and technological marvels thanks to its amazing minds philosophers and many others it wasn't made to last

In the times of troubles of the confederation Prabog was thrown into anarchy initiated by a nuclear first strike who did it why is still a mystery this lead to a age of blood and war a time of warlords lasting for nearly a decade and a half ended by Alexander who forged the republic in his 30´s and launched a final war unifying half of the planet before dying arising to the position of hero and guardian of the nation

After finishing the unification the republic now faces its greatest challenge rebuilding what was left by the events of the past but where some may simply settle and wait for better times, hope is now back on people's hearts as now the nation and its people wish to not only rebuild their homes but every world and reunite with mankind under a single flag

As of right now the economy still lies in ruins and the politics grew divise due to the aim of ambitions and priorities in politics while the situation has been stabilized the armies now aid in the reconstruction of the cities and states something new compared to the times before where they just fought warlords this is now relied to pacification of regions that still are hold by rebels.


The planet of Prabog
is the world and capital of the republic while much of its natural beauty was destroyed many returned but many of its scars are still seeneble from space a world with nuclear craters radiation areas and ruins that can be seen from space.
Population: 6,4 billion

Military forces:



  • Sons of Alexander - The army being forged by a great man would be a understatement the armies of the republic of Prabog are very war experienced due to the past of the republic made much better by the hands of Alexander the man who made the republic the people also hold a high resilience mainly due to the conflicts that the planet itself endured.
  • Technological and Industrial Potential - While Prabog was devastated many ruins can be restored and the former glory of the planet put again ontop making Prabog while week hold a great potential to be a giant of economy once again like in times past but for now the world lies in ruins
  • A dream larger than us - Even though the republic was brought up from ruins its ideals of freedom equality for all of mankind as spoken by Alexander still sing across the planet something that now came to symbolise what they wish to move beyond not to just end chaos in this world but end it in the stars where mankind as well might be oppressed as a solene duty to spread liberty and unite mankind under a flag that will bring prosperity to all.


  • Devastated world - a limited Nuclear exchange and ten years of warlords and war can do a number at infrastructure and economy therefore more than 60% of the planet is in ruins leaving zones of radiation in several areas that still need to be cleared up

    Devastation level is currently high
  • Rather inefficient economy - Due to the collapsed economy of the planet something showed by how bartering it is still a main form of use by the people thanks in part to the nations coin being virtually useless in the field of economics is in desperate need of reforms.

    The coin of the nation is mainly useless at the moment thanks in part to an initial mass printing and making of then in an attempt to aid in the stabilization through the creation of a universal coin instead it became useless.

    A lack of reforms or an address of said issue can lead to severe consequences and possibly a dark age for many.
  • Divided Government - While united in communalities and ideals many of the leaders still need to grasp unity and work together especially since the parties were forged by different ideas some by artists who lived isolated from the conflict, others by scientists who survived the chaos, some by politicians from the few regions who didn't faced too much warlord damage, others by nationalists who gained a renewed sense of nationalism under mankind and some by the Order who were the original party of Alexander while conservative in name they literally aim to maintain peace and order

    As of right now politics are partially divise


The Government of Prabog

The Republic itself and its administration is ruled as of the moment the congress and senate who legislate debate and others with the judicial maintaining the rule of the constitution the government is led by a five party system the leadership of the whole republic befalls the president of the republic a system of government that only works based on coalition governments of two or more parties to form a majority.

persons of interest

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Planet Boffzen in Saxonian controlled space
Idustrial outpost Girdenau, in the town square
Priest Jules (Citrix) Randvi

Jules surveyed the small gathering before him, his arms widely outstretched as if he was embracing the small crowd.

“ Brothers and sisters of the stars! lend me your ears, eyes and hearts for I bring the word of the solar truth! These beautiful, incandescent, heavenly bodies are the alpha and omega of the human species and we as humans are their chosen people. The solar warmth of love is given to all humans, not just those of the Solite faith.” he finished as he points up towards the partially obscured sun.

“ All of you feel its strength, even through the industrial progress of this land the stars still provide its love and warmth to all humankind! Who are we to refuse such unconditional love, who are we to reject to word of the solar truth!” he finished again, producing a book from a fold in his dingy robes before handing it to the priestess standing next to him.

“ My sister of the stars will give you today’s word as spoken by the high clerics of old, we shall hear the gospel of beginnings and discuss its meaning in this increasingly modern world.” He finished again with a nod towards his colleague

“ Beginnings, chapter three, verse one to thirteen” he said quietly before stepping down from the makeshift stage and walking through the small gathering to the other side of the dirt street.

Of the 10 priests that were sent to this world, only 6 remained, the rest were lost due to disease, exposure or other natural phenomena. He had been here for three years, watching the size and scale of this planets industry grow until is engulfed their formally isolated camp of shacks. Now they were one of many in the small slum community that existed around them, in between the foundries and smoke stacks of the planet.
Jules, dug into the folds of his robes again producing a small grey box, spackled with OD green chipped paint from years of use. Inside were two small reservoirs with what appeared to be contacts inside, floating weightlessly in a self cleaning fluid. Jules, quickly captured one of the contacts on his index finger and expertly placed it on his eye, blinking a few times before the contact found its proper place.
Code flashed across Jules’s vision as the contact booted up, before his vision cleared again, showing him multiple unread messages in the corner of his eye. Using the interface on the grey box in his hand, he slowly began reading through them, mentally taking notes of what was important and what was not as he sifted through a couple days of briefings and updates.

“Nothing here…” he said quietly to himself before his vision flashed again, flashing with a recently arrived urgent message.

Jules raised his eyebrow in concern, this was far outside of the norm. He knew that sending an urgent message was important, commonly mission critical to what he and the rest of his priests were doing. He scrolled to the message and selected it, taking note of the recipient list. Once again his eyebrow raised in concern as he realized it was only sent to him. ‘Why…’ he thought to himself before scrolling through the contents of the message.
As he continued to read his eyes became wider as the look on panic became increasingly evident on his face.

“ High Priest Barca was coming, accompanied by two complete carrier groups” he said under his breath, reading what was in the message verbatim.

With a shaky hand, Jules slowly removed the contact and placed it back in its reservoir before looking up towards the sermon in process.

“ As we were born we shall return to ash!” the priestess yelled to the now decently sized crowd before the pair locked eyes.

Jules quickly tilted his head to his left a few times before walking in that direction, indicating to his colleague that we needed to go, the panic on his face making it evident that something was not normal. As he began down the muddy street, his mind began racing, they had a lot to accomplish in a relatively short amount of time.

Cop sirens could be heard the planet was very urban but because of it crime was quite rampant due to a lack of planning on the development of the planet, riots were breaking out in news in televisions that could be seen in the streets a small group of individuals gathered in front of the priests blocking their way it was quite obvious who they were to then the Holy militia one of the gangs formed by the church to fight the spreading words of the Solar truth one man sticking out of the group a man wearing priests clothes he looked young too young to be a priest having black hair and a missing nose and equipped with a bat by the looks saying “look what we found in this place Heretics of all peoples”

“ We are all of the sun brother” Jules responded with a smile and a slight bow.

“Well let us see if your god favors you then” He says to the gang readying weapons.

Jules raised his eyebrow again, and stuck both hands in the air slightly. He was older than the man in front of him by at least 10 revolutions and slightly taller and more built. He was under strict orders not to cause trouble however and received extensive training in de escalation and diplomacy. The priests were trained of course, basic weapon handling, advanced combatives, use of blunt and edged weapons, but this was not a fight they could win. They were both outnumbered and out equipped.

“ Brother, please we are not all too different from your people. The gods do not like to see human fight human, their love is for all of us to share, and there is plenty of it” he said in a reassuring tone as he slowly backed away with his hands in the air.

“ Please tell me, what can I do what do you need, I will gladly give what I have” he said again, eying the young priest in front of him.

There was a tense standoff for a moment on what could happen in the next movements, before it was cut by the illumination of a light from a police car floating above the ground behind the Solar priests two cop cars landed officers leaving the car and pointing pistols a voice could be heard “everyone hands in the air this is a order!” In front the gang soon ran away, the leader screaming “scatter!”

The sudden noise made Jules jump slightly as they were spotlighted by the police car. The urge to run was nearly unbearable as he heard the commands from the officers. As Jules already had his hands up he just raised them further, quickly instructing his colleague to do so as well.

“ We mean no harm!” Jules yelled in the Saxonian language, his normally near perfect Saxon accent broken by hints of his mother tongue. “ We are but simple priests!”

Officers approached the priests while others at the same time runned after the gang after a moment Jules was grabbed by the hand and then said “You are under arrest sir anything said can and will be used against you” after being blinded by a device to avoid seeing things and possibly being a threat his eyes returned to seeing in the police station put in the interrogation room and left to wait for a moment.

Jules felt disoriented as he blinked his way back to where he could see again. The lights of the room seemed blinding for a moment, before returning to their normal glow. He was alone and still handcuffed yet unhurt, ‘a small blessing’ he thought to himself.
Almost instinctively, as a result of years of hard training, Jules began assessing his situation. Testing the strength of the cuffs and studying them for any structural weakness. Finding none, he began to look around the room, trying to find something he could use to escape or defend himself. A pained sigh passed through his lips as he realized there was none, he was resigned to his fate, and he knew what his fate will probably be.

Opening the door of the room came a detective seeing a file Johann was an experienced man in his 30 years on the job of policing had brown eyes and darkened hair seeing the priest he sighed looking quite tired or just annoyed by something and then he said to the priest “Riot or illegally entering a place?” taking a seat in front of him at the table.

Jules eyed the man as he walked in, sizing him up as he came to a stop in front of him. They looked to be the same age, maybe a little older, and of similar build. Jules’s expression hardened as the man pulled out the chair and sat, staring directly into the man’s eyes.

“ Neither” he said in a blunt fashion, his saxonian accent returning.
“ My colleague and I were preaching our faith and were accosted by a group of thugs as we left” he finished without breaking eye contact.

Jules was no stranger to staring down death. He gained prominence during the early days of the Mordant campaign and saw some of the hardest fighting of the rebellion. He had learned to face his end as all Solites should, with dignity, ferocity and rage.

Johann sighed reading the files he then rolled his eyes for a moment before saying “understood mister Jules from the Solia State emigrant non the less well the problem is...'' reading the file and seeing Jules partner he set it down saying leaning forward “Your so called colleague is a spy she was caught inside a place she shouldn't be i hope you know what that means right?” Johann was blunt during almost like he had dealt with that more times then someone could ever count.

Jules smirked as he sat back in his chair, adjusting the cuffs so they cut into his wrists less.

“ She is? I was not aware….as I said when you arrested us, we are simple priests.” he finished, his accent still stable.

“ Besides, she was with me when we were could that be possible sir?”

A blank stare remained in johann face before pressing something in the table seeing a holographic display showing Jules partner literally invading a factory by jumping a fence followed by a cut straight towards a archive of sorts and a second cut of she leaving after which he raised a grey box inside it containing file after file of things made by her and putting on the table he then said “You know… when saying that make sure to hear everything the other persons says not just the beginning...” the image in the holographic system then cuts to her carrying the same grey box in the table seeming to have been converted to carry the files of the woman Johann then said “Would you like to say anything else sir?”

Jules was fuming internally, but maintained his friendly smile, his eyes betrayed him however as they resembled a caged animal more than a human. Either this is fake, or his partner broke one of the biggest rules they had, never….ever…..collect information yourself. Either way, the atmosphere in the interrogation changed suddenly as Jules began to speak again

“ Do as you must….officer” he said bluntly, his Saxonian accent fading almost completely to make way for a strong Solite accent. “ We are not spies….but simple priests…. Are you sure you have the right woman…”

Jules was far too loyal to sell out his comrade, and fellow Solite. Even if she was in the wrong, he would deal with it later, if there was a later.

“Yes we do…” He replied immediately he then sighed saying “well you know the situation but since you seem to not want to confess you can go to court after all you didnt commit much but you will be arrested for 5 years because of this at best unless the war rules declare longer your friend on the other hand will be deported back to your country” he reads the paper and then saying “but if you say it happend and admit you walking free obviously” he says with a smile he then sighs saying to himself “I wish this wasn't so common”

“ Your want me to confess to a crime that I have committed, or testify against my own people” he said incredulously, his smile slowly fading from his face. “ Eat shit and die….” he said in the Solite language “ I will not betray my people, and I will not confess to crimes I have not committed” he continued in Saxonian with a heavy accent. “ Do as you must..”

Staying put for a moment Johann sighed saying in Solite “I understand your language, you fuck” he then continue in Saxonian “I also follow your religion aswell” He does a very small smile before fading away he then continued by saying “Well i hope you like prison i shall…” a knock hited his door opening seeing a officer saying “Mister Johann someone is wants to speak with you…” Johann raised from his chair and left the room after a moment saying “excuse me”

“ In the end we all return to ash brother” He said in the Solite tongue, before his friendly smile returned with an evil tinge. He watched as the man left the room before dropping his smile again, as loud sigh escaping from his lips.

“ How fucked am I” he said under his breath as he looked up at the ceiling. This was catastrophic mission failure, if he left prison, or this room, alive he shouldnt even bother going back home. They would just kill him and those under his command anyway. He was probably better off dying here a hero than a disgrace back home.

Jules looked towards the door again with a raised eyebrow “ I wonder what they are doing out there….” he said in his mother tongue turning to looking towards what he thought was a mirrored glass window at the other end of the room.

“ Always watching...hmmm” he quipped.

After a time the door opened seeing Johann walking back to the seat he then said in Solite “You are free to go…”

“ What…” he responded in his Solite, his normally professional demeanor dropped for a moment, being replaced by genuine surprise.

“If you answer this man’s questions” He replied after the man said looking to the door seeing a man with medals entering the room he wasn't a cop a soldier or even a military officer he was a noble Frederick Von Zaschen one of the leaders of the current government and for all Jules knew the head of the Intelligence service he was a old man with grey hair he looked ot be in his 50´s or 60’s he had a very white looking beard he smiled saying “a pleasure to meet a man of god”

Jule’s face still exhibited his surprise as he turned to look towards the noble entering the room. His identity was only known to Jules through intelligence reports and pictures in passing, but he was a lot taller in person than the pictures let on.

“ It is a pleasure to meet someone of your status Lord Von Zaschen…” he said switching back to the Saxonian language and accent. “ What do I owe the pleasure sir?”

“The pleasure is mine is good saying a spy from Ecclesia reminds me of the times when i was a beginner infiltrated a ring of your group and dismantled it good times where those” he says sighing looking to the ceiling it could see it was a long time ago by how he says about then he then continues by saying and taking a seat next to Johann “Ironically that is a thing your people need to solve you have bad infiltration tactics” He soon smiled to see the response of the priest about his statement leaning back on the chair

Jules grinned, his eyebrow rising in intrigue as he listed to the man, he was clearly his senior in age, rank and status. Jules had knowledge of the events that Lord Von Zaschen was talking about, but it was before his time.

“ Yes, I have heard. We use that as a training lesson now, to remind us of the importance of good tradecraft. You Saxonians were on the cutting edge of intelligence and espionage…” he said with a nod

“ I will welcome any lessons you want to teach...but first, I was told that if I answer your questions I will be set this true? he finished with a smile.

“It is true well free to go but it a but… and as a lesson i could give you right here and now actually” He says with a smile doing a small hold on gesture he then press something in the table making the holographic display in the wall show Jule and the entire missionaries he has been soon images changed this time showing a literal text of the plans of the operation they had soon followed by several images of agents images files and others some of him others of other Priests he didn't know looking forward seeing Johann looking shocked at that and Frederick looking bluntly to the screen a almost bored face constantly mashing the button showing you what feels like the entire operations of the Ecclesia in saxony after a moment he stops saying in the video of someone stealing something “You know your organisation might need some restructuring its not bad but somethings are easy to find once you know the pattern…” He coughed for a moment and then said “Well here is the question who is your boss?”

Jules sighed “ I report directly to the naval high command, the solar church and the minister of information, a high solar priest….” he finished in Saxonian. “ These are the only entities that know of my presence here” he quipped again, looking at the noble sitting across from him.

“I see well tell me if I were to ask would you be able to enter in contact with someone high in the politics of your country. I believe this would prove good to you and me” He says with a smile he looked quite happy with the man's response.

Jules tilted his head to the side slightly “ Yes...I suppose I can” he said quizzically “ Those in power ready my reports with great scrutiny” he finished before looking back at the holographic pictures.

“ Why?” he quipped

Smiling with the answer Frederick then said “Oh nothing special i just want to know if you would like a small in field promotion from Spy to… Diplomat” once frederick said Johann stared at him for a moment Frederick then said “You see our people are war with the Dominion and your people are also at war with then but we were first the Dominion made sure that contact between its protectorates was always small and relative to just leaders visiting each other…” Frederick then sighed saying “well i wish you to talk to your leaders that saxony wants to make a pact…”

A large smile stretched across Jule’s face, suddenly it all made sense. The message, the coming crusade, all of it. He didn't know this was a galactic effort however.

“ The galaxy never felt so small” he said quietly in the Solite language before nodding affirmatively towards the noble.

“ Lord Von Zaschen I can do this with great joy and purpose” He said, switching back to Saxonian. “ I must inform you that our people have answered your call and are currently en-route with two carrier groups and a number of strike forces. It is a vanguard force, but certainly more will come” he finished, as he shimmied in his seat slightly, attempting to regain feeling in his hands.

“ They are commanded by a high priest, Lord Barca, I am sure he will be very grateful to hear from a Saxonian Lord, they set off Maybe three weeks ago, and are making best speed to this system.”

Continuing with his smile Frederick knew everything would be good from now on he then said “well good to know that mr Jules… mind taking the chains off” he said to the officer he raised and soon took off the cuffs this soon led to Frederick saying “It would be good if our states could establish diplomatic lines between our peoples after all is better to be organised rather then chaotic don't you agree?”

Jules nodded “ Until our vessels get into range, communication can flow through me and my team, we have direct links to communicate with those in command and these messages will get to Lord Barca. There will be a delay of a week between sending a receiving, but they will be looked at…..I am assured of this”. he finished with a curt nod.

“ah this is truly marvelous i will warn about when your team gets released albeit there is a small catch in there since your group hasn't had much of a good history on our nation i am afraid you will be kept under observation you know how politics go hope you don't mind that small thing” He says his smile retaining the officer Johann leaving whispering “...time for bureaucracy”

Jules chuckled and looked at the noble with a slight grin “ Do I have a choice” he said in the Solite language before nodding towards Lord Von Zaschen. “ These terms are acceptable sir, I am sure my team and I are truly blessed to leave with our lives”

Frederick relaxed on his chair saying in Solite language “Good to know i hope you like the staying for now” he then raised from his seat continuing saying in his language “by the will of the sun it will be a fruitful deal don't you agree?”

Jules nodded curtly with a small grin “ The will of the stars was fulfilled by these actions and their warmth shines bright on us today. I'm sure the gods will look down on this moment favorably”. he finished, eyeing the man as he stood

Frederick nodded saying “Well let me take you to your friends you might want to speak with then” He says you notice a small chuckle in his voice like he knew what it might happen next.
13 days later

The priests where given a small apartment to live not a very good one by their requests of their faith while better then living in shacks there was observation every day by cops and sometimes the feeling of been watched when walking outside due to making sure after in a moment 13 days after the talking with Frederick someone knocked on the door of the small apartment.

The priests were not unaccustomed to being watched, but the surveillance machine of the Saxonians were immense. The solar priests noticed surveillance tools and techniques at all times no matter whether they were inside their new apartments or out preaching on the street. They did so with a renewed sense of duty however, their focus now on providing information to the oncoming crusade force and strengthening diplomatic ties with the Confederation.

A tablet was soon delivered to Jules in his apartment it contained instructions on read me when dealing with information inside was the number of contact of someone.

Jules, received the delivery of the tablet and studied it for a moment. his training had instilled in him a permanent paranoia of traps and assassination, something that is a common practices for elite solar priests and naval recon platoons. Tablets could contain bombs, lethal doses of radiation or worse some biological agent or poison. With a sigh, he slowly opened the container containing the tablet and sighed in relief.

“ Im still here”, he thought to himself, before reading the contents of the tablet.

The tablet only contained a singular number, without any supporting information, raising his eyebrow quizzically, he tapped the number of the screen and it began a video feed call.

A holographic display of Frederick immediately appeared after tapping it saying “took you long enough well now that i you answered here is the thing” a map of the region was displayed showing saxony their neighbors, the dominion and the obviously far Ecclesia frederick then said “we are ready to start the situation the army provided by the information your government and your group gave us is currently ongoing towards the union our plans according to our high command for Ecclesia are simple” the map soon showed the forces going and attack the dominion through the gap between the Union of Oros and the OPAO the targets majorly being industrial planets and fortress areas displayed on the map Frederick then said “this areas are believed to be good zones for initial conquest splitting the dominion into two fronts allowing us to slowly and steadily win trough attrition over a long period of time” the map displayed the Dominions armies or better what it is believed to be splitted up and losing ground over the passage of time victory believed to be achieved in a year in a best case scenario according to the holographic display.

Jules was no tactician, but he understood the benefits of forcing his opponent to fight a two front war. He studied the holographic map for a moment before nodding towards the holographic image of Lord Von Zaschen. “ This makes sense, is there any more information on Dominion forces in the area? Unit composition? defenses?” he finished, before looking at the map once more.
“Speaking in the best term possible there is no resistance… the Dominion is refusing to fight they don't want to be ready for a civil war they don't wanna fight it even though they need this is why Saxonian mobilization was not interrupted at all by any army of the dominion no attacks just a few raids'' Frederick says the map shows the region empty of forces besides stationed in a few important locations mainly outposts and industrial worlds of importance but still a very small fraction compared to the dominions whole military armadas distribution Frederick then say “according to the leader of our expedition to go she calculated we have precisely 2 weeks once the first world falls before full response is activated if we are lucky of in our attacks your armies need to be quick need to be swift we have a 2 weeks window once the attacks begun without any opposition to capture as much land as possible” The map display the invasion you notice extensions and salients formed in a very fast form in a blitzkrieg form aiming to take the best sectors as fast as possible Frederick then continued by saying “this might sound hard to believe that the most powerful state of the galaxy is refusing to fight but its the truth that exists you have this information including more in the laptop as its being uploaded send it to your armies and be ready i hope you understood”

Jules nodded “ I have no reason not to trust you, you have been true to your word with us, we shall be there when you need us” he said in a flat tone. Internally, he wondered if his was sending his forces into a trap. The Eclissia, has been far removed from the politics and affairs of the dominion for ages, but the idea of leaving something undefended was alien to the Solite psyche. He didnt want to be the one to lead his crusade force into a trap, that would be a fate worse than death.

“ I understand completely Lord Von Zaschen, I will be sure to pass these plans onto my forces” He finished

“May i ask you to deliver one thing to your men once things begins?” Frederick said he seemed blunt compared to the first time both met more worried rather then confident.

Jules grinned widely “ I'm sure you will have the ear of all the Solite forces in the area, we are at your disposal. You will also have the ear of Lord Barca himself, you should find him…...very willing to help.”

Jules narrows his eyes again, looking at the holographic map and pointing to the collection of worlds they needed to conquer first, “ Are these human worlds? Xenos? Mixed?” he aksed quizzically.

“for the location, it's mainly human worlds albeit there is Xeno minorities there is some worlds where there is a mix but just a few” He says showing data about the worlds in question especially in the area itself mainly the public ones available for people in the area since saxony was close to the dominion some of its nobles had access to local public sensus on populations.

After a moment he sighed and then said “send this to your forces…” He paused and then took a deep breath and realised he opened his eyes a feeling of discipline could be felt in Jules almost like saluting an officer of high rank he then said “your gods allowed you to have a sword to strike down a corrupt decadent state with the might of your rightness your enemy is week and thinks himself unbeatable his legions rest worrying about other things while you march in the light of the sun guiding your path the light of your god shining in your eyes do not waver and do not give up as your war is holy...” he stopped and then said “I believe this is everything i had to give anything you wish to know more about the plan?”

Jules nodded as he finished writing down the last of the message “ No sir, I think this will be sufficient, my admirals will be able to fill in the gaps with their expertise. This message will resonate well with the troops, you are a talented statesmen” he finished before looking back towards the holographic image of Lord Von Zaschen.

“ I will send this immediately” he finished

“Marvelous the rest of the information is on the tablet it has been downloaded and is now in the tablet send it all if needed be to then have a nice day Mr Jules” He says with a smile before turning off the communication in the tablet.

Jules sighed, and walked towards a large rucksack towards the back of his simple room. Kneeling down to open it, he revealed what looked like an oversized radio with an attachment for a large collapsible satellite dish. Before, Jules would have to walk for miles into the wilderness to get enough privacy to transmit messages. However, subtlety was no longer necessary and Jules grabbed the rucksack and began his ascent to the roof.
It took him a little while to extend the satellite dish and place it on its tripod before he began to boot the communication system. As the system calibrated, it automatically aimed the dish toward the closest known communication hub and began transmitting the plans laid out by Lord Von Zaschen. Once complete, Jules began typing the personal message from the Saxonian noble, before sending the entire package. He could hear the electric whirring of electronics working as the communication system transmitted its message as he waited on the roof, looking out towards the dusk sky.
Neu Saschen Capital world

Following the raids of the southeastern border of Saxony the debates stopped for the time being due to threats in some of the nobles homes for a time it seemed like the debate would take a time to continue but after a moment of peace the congress of nobles returned not in physical form as some did but as holograms at first the congress was majorly against the motion of making taxes obligatory and other policies of military and governmental expansion but following the event the room seemed more in favor Ermenrich looked into the congress around him he knew the majority of then because of his father's education it was rough but thanks to it he knew pretty much everyone in the room but thanks to his personal experience he could tell one thing it was a close race what was once a lost cause seemed close to achieve while he was more in favor of centralisation then his peers in the Nobelic Order different from then he saw the benefits of centralising Saxony while keeping some things in place after a moment in his thought he heard that a recess was called.

Leaving his seat with the other sighing he said “I feel like this has been going on forever” Frederick hearing that replied, “In actuality...” Interrupting him Ermenrich said “you don't need to tell me the date” Katrin then said her voice sounding relieved from the pause but also in some moments a worry existed “well no worry by next session it will be the voting and then it's done…” Ermenrich stopped walking in the hallway his co workers walking away without notice after all they needed some time from the constant debate Ermenrich though it wasn't enough by what he saw there wasn't enough he then opened comms as they went off sight and hided in the hallways scrolling through his contacts he called a number without name after a moment a man answer his voice sounding old and crisp by age Ermenrich then just said “Hello Uncle i need your help” the man in the other side said his voice sounding not surprised and tired “odd… dont you said that now you were the head of the family leader of the four branches and head of the Hergenrother dynasty afterall you seem to have been able to convince your cousin to go that diplomatic meeting Or…” Ermenrich sighed and said “Yes… I know but I had to have a long talk with her to go there and say how good it would look for her being the first diplomat to a lost human state. You know I still don't have the power or influence to…” The man in the comms interrupted saying “But you should and you have to...” Ermenrich stayed silent he was surprised his uncle never would have said that he always felt under his thumb since he became a duke sidelined but now he said that he should have the power and influence “a new generation is taking the reins if like it or not, my time is ticking down and now you should take the reins, you have to be assertive upon the four branches, the High born, the low born, the middle born, and the blind born, must be kept on line and for that our family needs a head of the same generation, as yours not of the previous one that is dying but tell me what you, need because this will be the last favor i do to you” Ermenrich remained silent partially stunned but keeping a poker face in case he is being watched he then whispered in a blunt manner “I need you to convince the members of the nobelic order to vote in the new bill” a moment of silence followed by him saying in comms “understood” and then cutting out after the request Ermenrich put away the comms sighing and walking to the balcony to get some fresh air.

After the end of the recess the congress once again gathered together after the final words of the leader and maker of the bill Katrin the voting begun to happen each member state of the confederation had two representatives and two votes from each representative based on the congress of nobles before the revolt making it 196 voters as the votes begun to be cast and the numbers were counted the room fell into silence in the brief minutes the room had before the result was shown after a moment the computer showed the results 125 in favor against 71 the motion the bill was passed the members rising in their holograms applauding while some raised but didnt out of respect it could be noticed in their faces the bill of national unity was passed from it new reforms were made from now on taxes on member states of Saxony was obligatory at the same time there was to be a expansion in the government bureaucracy and the formation of Zentralgouverneur des Herzogtums governors that live in dukedom counties and others with the objective of keeping a eye on taxes to the government and a special governor of the region in the matters of government owned lands.

When the situation calmed itself down and the nobles turned off the gang of four was alone in the room again Katrin then said her voice happy and even surprised she even spoused a smile she then said “Well with that i think we have everything done for the next months in the government” Frederick upon reading some documents then said “Indeed without that attack in our borders the bill wouldn't have passed and we definitely wouldn't have the fundings to field a large army for the war or fight in two fronts” Ermenrich sighed and said his voice sounding tired “And also this isn't the end... there is still much to be done...” Brunna then breaking her usual silence said her voice sounding sheeply since she didn't talk much due to Katrin in the room letting go of the worries due to her excitement “It's still a step in the right direction now comes a more direct problem right now” Ermenrich quickly said “...and what that is?” Brunna just said shortly and quickly “Who shall lead the 1’s expeditionary force once its ready” the room fell into a small silence it was truth there could be a general appointed but many nobles would wish to be in that position it could lead to another debate a sigh came from many but not from one instead Katrin Said “I shall lead then” the whole council looked at her Frederick scoffed saying “Yes you can lead then but you will be literally working two…” Katrin interrupted him saying “I can deal with that easily i am experienced in balancing things and you gentlemen know i was trained for war” Frederick sighed looking to Ermenrich he shrugged his face looking confused he then said “I guess you can” Frederick turned to Brunna she just nodded in agreement with Katrin after that he sighed and said “So be it i will just wait for the report of damage, on the mean time are we sure that the forces in the southeast should be in command of the you know who?” upon he saying the members of the room eyed at each other none showed concerns except for Frederick he then sighed saying “I don't trust Hildenbrand he triggers some worries on me” Ermenrich replied to Frederick understanding his concerns saying “nobody really trusts him but right now we can't bargain due to the current situation” Frederick nodded after a moment of silence Brunna cuted the silence saying reading the documents in front of her “Thanks to the bill we can now field a larger army the mobilization was already at 50% and was speeding up we would have been forced to stop it if it wasn't for the new law now i believe that by now our mobilization will be completed in a few days to a month tops”

Frederick nodded upon the situation he then said after thinking on the military organization “We might need to choose a Gran Reiksmarshall soon enough because as of right having me as in that job isn't good” Frederick chuckled for a moment he then said “odd didn't you said you liked to be a weapon” “A dagger...” Frederick replied quickly “... i am a dagger what we need is a axe i will work on finding a replacement for me on the military side of things unless somebody here is better” Frederick said Katrin then said her mood returning to her usual emotion she then said “We must also choose a ambassador for the Romans” Frederick upon hearing that just said “I take care of that dont worry about it” from the entrance to the congress the door swung open violently a diplomat rushing in the four in the room turned to him as the man runned he puffed in exhaustion due to a rush he then said his voice ecstatic and nervus upon the catch of his breath he said “Solia Eclisis declared war on the dominion” the four looked at eachother surprised and amazed by that Frederick then said his voice raised from the normal startled by the news “any other news from there” the diplomat then said “Our embassy on there reported military movements it's possible that a expedition” Katrin then said “Tell our diplomat to start talks between they and us this could lead to a formation of a alliance” the diplomat noded leaving the room in quick hurry Ermenrich than said as the diplomat left “Thing are moving fast thank god we are equally ready” Katrin raised from her seat saying “If you getelements excuse me i have to appoint someone to take care of some business as i get ready to leave” the three noded as she left.

In the halls of the palace Frederick walked over the empty halls it was a quiet afternoon of the day while walking he noticed a part of the hallway with a lack of illumination walking towards it and stopping in the middle of it he then said “So what did you find out?” from the darkness a voice responded its tone calm and blunt “The agents i investigated don't match their credentials like you said it seems like the Domestic Defense of the Saxonian People has covert agents from somewhere” Frederick nodded and then said “Keep yourself down we might have already dug out something we shouldn't have dug” the voice replied to Frederick “you don't need to tell me that i more worry about you” frederick looking to the right didn't see anyone else in there ‘those people’ he thought to himself not seeing his agent anymore he continued walking away his worst fear was confirmed a organization had infiltrated the DDSP after checking he was alone by looking around he grabbed a file from his paper file in it the title ‘Operation Darkened Sun’ reading this words his heart began to race he never thought this was going to be needed, initiating a call someone answered by saying “Yes sir?” after a moment of silence frederick then sighed and said “Initiate preparations for Operation Darkened Sun” “the light has dwindled” the man on the other hand said Frederick knew the code word he then said “But the light still will live on” after a moment of silence the man then said “The preparations for the purge will begin in a few days sir” the communications were soon cut frederick continued on his way.

Planet of Talinia/ the core worlds

Talinia wasn't the most prosperous or industrial of all worlds in the core sector a majorly agrarian planet with barely a couple hundred million living residents while not a massive population it was still a important world due to its ability to feed its neighboring systems with its exports in a farmhouse a young man got his things into a bag a voice from the door said to him “you Yeager know last time i checked you weren't very keen to join the army” looking at him a smile appeared across his face he couldn't stop but say “...and you as my little brother seem to have forgotten the amount of times you said you wanted to join” the boy scoffed on that saying “it was when i was a kid…” rising up the man walked to the door the boy then said his face growing sad “do you really need to go?” raising a hand and patting his head he then said “you know i have to go i was called for war you don't need to worry i will be back listen to our mother and try to stay out of trouble you promise?” nodding to the question he then gives a warm hug to him and then say “don't worry about me brother”

Giving the warm goodbyes Yeager entered a bus going off saying the last goodbyes to his brother he would be in good care of his friend after a few days he is taken off-planet arriving in the training grounds in a space station he was left in a barracks to organize his stuff several man and woman being in such place, while Yeager organized his stuff someone told him “so where you come from farm boy?” looking to his right seeing someone sitting on his bed raising an eyebrow and then say “I am not a farmer but... Talinia” a smile ringing in his face. A young man like him then said “still is an agri world I am leon” “Yeager” he replied shaking his hand. Yeager then said “where do you come from?” The man then said taking a laydown in his bed “Kronen an industrial world” Yeager then said “polluted to need a mask or...” “need a mask Jonas by the way” he replied immediately extending his hand Yeager then said shaking his hand “pleasure to meet you” “you two be ready training aint going to be easy” Yeager turned to left trying to see who said seeing a woman Jonas then said “that is Emma, Yeager she is the experienced one they say”
Emma stared at Jonas with a smile it could notice a level of anger in her eyes and a obvious fake smile she then turned said “pleasure to meet you Yeager as for the why experience is because my brother served” Yeager smiled saying “at least you know more than us” “attention you Pigs!” A shout came from the other side of the room looking back seeing a drill sarge all man and woman lined up in front of their beds the sergeant then walking forward said in an authoritative manner something normal for sergeants “Listen here you useless swines you are going to be pushed in this station to last the longest in the hell called war as I come from burgundy don't expect me to pick any easy compared to your normal sargeants do you understand?” “Yes sir” They shouted for that moment the training had begun and would continue as Saxony was getting ever closer to its offensive against the dominion while its armies were split thanks to the new rule their number of soldiers began to double by the day as the armies expanded.

South Eastern Saxonian Border

A dark void surrounded a partially illuminated table no sound could be heard from any direction on top of the table a chessboard existed the pieces moved the game seemed to barely had begun sitting on one side with the other chair empty a man in his 30´s Hildenbrand his eyes closed his black hair barely moving and shining slightly due to the light illuminating his area he face clean as he shaves his face to make sure it is in perfect harmony with his proportions, he opened his eyes seeing a man roughly looking old he has a large beard covering his face his beard and hair is grey he then says “Kinda of odd continuing his game” Hildenbrand looked down at the table he then grabbed a pawn and moved saying “it's a game we prepared for a long” “agreed” the man said moving a piece in the table he then says “She and her gang are being a problem” Hildenbrand thouged for a moment and then said “they are a problem she was supposed to die but we still can deal with” The man nodded saying “Indeed…” After a pause, he then says “this land will require more laborers and infrastructure…” “It will be easy to deal with, we just do a few deportations.” Hildenbrand says moving a piece in the chess after a moment of silence he then says answering Hildenbrand “don't you sometimes think that mankind is more than just evil?” Hildenbrand scoffed saying “Mankind is wicked and you know quite well-plotting killing war only through a strong leadership we will triumph even if that means...” “if that means what happened those days especially with you know what.” He said proceeding with him after a moment Hildenbrand nodded he then closed his eyes for a moment opening then seeing the bridge of his flagship in his mind he then though ‘hate closing these thoughts of mine’

Looking around the flagship the crew worked their way effectively under his vision many were afraid of what Hildenbrand would do if he saw someone doing something wrong looking around a message in a visor appeared close to him it was about the capital reading his eyes widened he then sighed whispering “can they not…” he then typed “activate protocol blind eye” the message was soon sent he then sighed again saying his voice sounding impatient “How long until the operation is ready?” an officer soon approached him he shook with fear a man had been shot just this morning by his hand he then said his voice gagging a little “...we …we are sir” Hildenbrand remaining silent nodded and then pressing a button a transmission for the rest of the fleet he then said “To all fleets begin the march towards holdings of the F.D close to our territories we are to exterminate this plague and then conquer whatever is good and burn whatever is left all forces advance”
The fleet has soon begun to depart into FTL arriving in the outside of the border a full-on military offensive or better a full-on military attack against what would be considered pirates the fleet moving southeast aiming to destroy capture anything that is a danger and expand the borders to the southeast the limited resistance begun to be pushed aside as the fleets moved forward to create a buffer zone and at best gain some new lands while not a formidable force mainly deployed in hurry from the garrisons but still an army capable of fighting quite effectively.
<Snipped quote by DX3214>
Really? This is the first time I heard of it. Do tell.

I don't remember many of the details i majorly just remember mainly Giuseppe Garibaldi the mad lad BUT from what I remember the plan was that Italy was to be unified around the papal states forming a nation with the pope at its head I think it was a confederation or something I don't remember the only thing that ruined that plan actually it was 2 things first the popes really didn't care about unifying Italy they had a kingdom so they didn't care even with a lot of support and the second reason, was the mad lad Giuseppe Garibaldi who literally after spending too much time hearing the debates put on the military gloves said "fine i will do this my dam self" and proceeded to unify Italy trough fucking volunteers and no support whatsoever
I am basically just trying to figure out a means of making sure those pesky italians don't get italy and instead the pope gets it. Because it's fun to imagine such scenarios.

I mean there was a plan for the unification of Italy to be centered around the papacy.
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