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There will be only a few things you need to know and that I will tell
1. I am a guy
2. why are you interested in who I am?
3. it can be very easy to make a friendship but you need to learn how to handle someone with Asperger a spectrum of autism
4. and also I am a bit of a quiet guy sometimes Specialy after a while

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Yeah that sounds right.
If anyone asks why I have been off well my schedule is a bit Fucked, to say the least.
Bit of a stupid question, but can humans and Gaulletics interbreed?

Question of the century gentlemen. lmao
<Snipped quote by DX3214>

Paradise Falls?

oh forgot that one never finished the third game... i am blushing.
slavery before the time of Chattel is still bad but not as bad compared to well you know. actually, the status of slavery on the east coast has never been touched the Consortium practices but mostly serves as trader rather than retainers of many slaves.
A fun question for everyone: What is your faction's elite? Their Brotherhood Paladins, their Institute Coursers, their NCR Veteran Rangers?

besides the 5 families, leaders of groups, and some "bureaucrats" that generally keep things moving in the consortium on civilian levels, overall the consortium, operates more in the rule of might makes right with officers of the five families operating with high power and the bureaucrats that make sure things keep spinning giving me a sort of Oligarchic republic.
Fallout is very famous specialy in the east for borders being more of a suggestion anyway it will be a pain for a lot of people following that rule.
What the fuck did i lost?

Edit: okay i read everything cant belive i lose a good discussion fuck me.
Okay, my birthday weekend is over. I will totally finish my sheet asap.

Hi, mao happy late birthday.
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