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A sentence you wasted 5 seconds to read.
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Who came up with the idea to make our statuses quotes from philosophers, anyway?
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We could be doing something productive with our lives... instead, we're here.
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Michael Angie

The burning continued to torment Michael, but his body was still in one piece. Michael figured out rather quickly that whatever he was covered with was not going to come off with just his hands, and that he needed the stuff off him now. Michael's mind raced furiously as he tried to come up with something to get rid of whatever was afflicting his body. The liquid burned his body wherever it touched him, as if it were acid. Wait, what was he thinking, it was acid! What else could Gilliam have vomited out at them like that?

With the substance on his body identified, Michael had an idea on removing it, or at least rendering it ineffective. Michael got to work drawing a Trap Art on the ground below him. A circle drawn here, certain symbols drawn around, and it was soon finished. The Trap was sprung at once, and Michael found himself lying face-up in a pool of water-based ink. Michael hoped that at least the ph level of water-based ink was enough to counteract the properties of the acid. It seemed to have worked too, considering the burning feeling began to lessen. The stinging from the inflicted wounds continued, though not as much as he had expected. Perhaps his durability Body Art had provided some needed protection. It still hurt, though.

Michael sighed in relief as his Trap Art pool expired. The worst of the crisis seemed to be over, and Vittorio was no longer in sight. Alexander came over to him with a first aid kit. Michael wasn't sure what could be done about acid burns, but Alexander was evidently doing the best he could. "Sure," Michael responded to Alexander. There didn't seem to be anything more to do, anyway.

Lifting himself off the ground to sit upright, Michael noticed that others were arriving, and they were Vigilantes as well. "Oh, you guys were here too?" Michael asked as Aram and Nasaraph came over. "What made King so interested in this place? Besides the obvious, I mean."
Yo @Dezuel, the barrier was already long gone. Just so you know.
Michael Angie

Michael tsked at the opposing tentacles that rose up to intercept his. Michael's Trap Art had the numbers advantage, but Gilliam's could react faster and were smarter, allowing them to quickly take down Michael's tentacles and dismantle his Trap Art. To make matters worse, Vittorio retaliated with his own attack. "Shit!" Michael swore while turning and leaping away from the incoming rubble. The rubble had narrowly missed him, and Michael roughly landed on the ground, rolling a bit before recovering and getting back up.

Alto was now dealing with Gilliam, which Michael appreciated, and he took this time to analyze the situation. Lise and Andriem were no help. Alexander continued to deal with Vittorio, who was powering up for the fight. Gilliam was also getting ready for something, his body expanding. Michael, fearing another intervention from Gilliam, decided that the best possible course of action right now was to prevent that monster from supporting Vittorio. Michael rushed back into the fight and began drawing up another Trap Art, drawing up two circles, one within the other. Just as Gilliam unleashed his rain of acid, Michael activated his Trap. A dark-film barrier began to form from the ground up, enclosing Vittorio, Alexander, and Michael. The acid splattered harmlessly on the barrier at first, but it soon began eating away at it.

Perhaps that should've been a sign to Michael, because he was still underneath it when the Trap Art barrier expired. Realizing he was in trouble, Michael scrambled to get out of the way, but he was slow to react, and was soon covered in it. At first there was nothing, and Michael thought he was fine, but then the burning kicked in. "Ahh, jeez!" Michael yelled out as he tried to brush it off with his hands. "This frikin' burns!"

@RoflsMazoy@Dezuel@Bartimaeus@Gentlemanvaultboy@Letter Bee
Michael Angie

Michael nodded, and began to head toward the stairs. Only then did things begin to get hectic as a hole was blasted through from the floor above, making Michael jump back in surprise. Whatever was going on, it was not gonna be easy getting through it. As Alexander ran off, Michael was about to go after him, only to be distracted by a scream coming from the hole. Looking towards the scene, Michael saw Lise falling through it, as well as the resulting aftermath. Well that's embarrassing, Michael thought, turning away almost immediately.

Another scream brought his attention back to the hole, this one full of anger. With all the information he had on hand, Michael made an educated guess and assumed that the guy jumping down through the hole to confront Alto was Vittorio. Michael backed off from the chaos, right into the company of Alexander, Lise, and Andriem. "Well, shit," Michael said, still facing toward Vittorio and Alto. Michael gave a small wave to Lise and Andriem as Alexander introduced him to them, barely paying attention as he tried to figure out what to do. Alexander's suggestion, however, made him yell in surprise, "You want me to what!?" Michael had not had any experience dealing with astral bodies, so he had no clue what sort of Trap Art could even interact with them, let alone restrain them. Michael did know that it was possible in theory, but the problem was finding the right solution.

"Ugh, you know what, whatever! I'll come up with something!" Michael said, summoning his paintbrush and adding extra speed Body Arts to his arms and legs, as well as a durability-enhancing Body Art on his chest, just in case. He then morphed his paintbrush into one with a long handle and a wide brush. Michael crouched down as he ran in a wide circle around Vittorio, running his brush along the ground to construct the Trap Art. The inside of the circle's edge was then lined with more circles. This was one of his standard design for a Trap Art. Activating the Trap, the circles at the edge immediately filled up, and dark tentacles emerged from them. The tentacles then shot towards Vittorio, intended to wrap around his limbs and rob them of movement. Michael hoped it would be enough, but for some reason, he doubted it.

@Letter Bee@Dezuel@RoflsMazoy@Bartimaeus@Gentlemanvaultboy
Michael Angie

Michael watched the two exchange dialogue. At first, the introductions and questioning went on as expected of a man of authority. Clarification of uncertain pieces would be helpful. As time went on though, Michael began to feel somewhat... unsatisfied toward Alexander. Not just for the fact that they were getting nowhere, but also because it was quickly turning into something that was definitely not a mere questioning. The rising agitation between Alexander and Alto made that clear. As much as he wanted more info from Alto, Michael didn't want to waste more time than he already did with Ascot, so he decided to interject before the argument rose any further.

Michael placed a hand on Alexander's shoulder, giving him a stern look. "Alexander, we can get info on this demon some other time. Right now, you have a job to do, remember?" Michael said, all while drawing Body Art on Alto's arms and legs, creating the same designs Michael had on himself. The act took a couple seconds, and Alexander would feel a surge of strength and lightness on his body once the Art was finished. Giving a quick look-over, Michael decided it was satisfactory and suggested, "Let's go get Vittorio, shall we?"
Michael Angie

Michael stared absentmindedly out the window of the car as it drove along. It had been a long day, and he was getting tired. He let out a long sigh. Maybe if he just closed his eyes, let them rest a little.... yeah....

He jolted back up as Alexander snapped. Oh man, how long was I out? Michael thought as he tried to clear his mind and eyes as fast as he could. It seemed the excitement of the day was not quite done yet. Michael listened in on Alexander as he talked into the phone, and got a few bits of notable info out of it. Samoth... Samoth... the name sounded familiar to Michael, yet he couldn't quite place it just yet. Then it came to him: Samoth the Nullifier. So Alexander even had a connection to that guy. Interesting. Michael immediately summoned his paintbrush and applied Body Art to his arms and legs. The designs were simple, just basic strength and speed enhancements, but they would do for now.

Michael followed Alexander into the lobby, feeling slightly uneasy. It was Vitorio they were dealing with, among other things. Michael had never actually met the guy before, but that too was an issue, as he had very little idea what they would be up against. At least with Alexander around, things had a smaller chance of going wrong. Right?

Michael returned his focus to the world around him, seeing that Alexander was now speaking to Alto. Michael took a good long look at the guy. Rarely did he have an opportunity to see Alto Ganze this close, and he would make full use of it.
Guys, slow down, jeez. I can barely keep up in my old age (read: laziness) these days.
Mephisto: I like the pickpocket one, and the "normal-looking" one is good too. So is "tired and occult", actually.

Alto: Probably your favorite's the one I'd go with, though the short n soft one could work too. For reasons :P

King: Not a fan of any of these. If I had to pick one, though, I think I'd go with the action one.

Clara: I've always pictured Clara to have black hair and red eyes, making the red eyes Clara my favorite. Ethereal Clara (bottom one) is a close second though. Demon Clara and "occulty schoolgirl" ain't bad either.
Man, there's nothing quite like reading a bit of the ol' SCP wiki. So many weird things in there. So many unspeakable and unthinkable horrors, both literally and figuratively, and all of varying kinds.
((Part 2 of the Collab between Scarifar, Letter Bee, CavnderOHeart, and RoflsMazoy.))


Vernon exhaled. "It wasn't natural, chances are it was his murder." Vernon told her, not taking into regard the emotional stakes. He took out this phone, which had an active redlight where the camera should be. "I was recording our... adventure prior to this. Not for the faint hearted, few." He pressed on the upper volume button and it started to play. Vernon quietly thought to himself, and said. "Excuse me I need to go outside." Vernon had handed Michael the phone and walked outdoors.

In the cold he began to sing his own song. This time focusing on others in Rhea, he wanted to draw out the attention of the Gods that had given them all their powers. He was planning this attack for a full month, and had fought in his dreams; only to remember in real life. Vernon began to use blizzard here and hurled a snowball at someone across the street. His sheer energy and emotions from singing reached people the joined him.

Vernon finished his song with clean\singing vocals. "Dear, God. Dear God. I will find out who uou are! Dear God! Let's see what your purpose with us, mortals lie. Dear God. Let's see! What we're all made of." He sent his everything to the sky, to the places he believed the God's reside. Vernon, tired now, sat down, and waited for Ascot and Michael. His phone was blinking green, which meant as they-ascot and others-a few months learned Vernon and Mafia recruits were in need of help. As vernVe was a son, mafia Recruiter, and a boyfriend .he wants to become a leader; a Deityologist a few months ago ernon had proved to others that these God's and Goddesses even Evil's exist. All Vernon was have Willy reveal them with his AOF, as he used Scream For My, which as a emotional and trapping weapon accentuated Willy's summoning Ability as Vernon called it.


Michael stared at Vernon as he left, briefly wondering where he was going before returning his attention to the girl. There was a lot of uncertain information he had just learned from this exchange alone, and undoubtedly there was much more to learn. Meanwhile the phone continued to play the video, with Michael still holding it up for the girl to see.

"..." The girl said nothing as she watched. "I don't understand... What have I got to do with all of this?"

Ascot looked sad, "Because you are the only person Baumann holds dear; or at the very least, he values you. What we want to know is...why? That and his killer might go after you."

The girl paused for a few seconds.

"...I was created." She said, quietly. "In the facility, one of their projects... That's what he said. I don't have a gift... A name... He never told me why he took me here either."

It seemed like she was having some trouble coming to terms with the situation. Currently she had nothing to her name, and once discharged she'd be homeless. She didn't understand why she'd be worth something, especially to the one who had left her here.

Perhaps it was out of only love that Dr. Baumann had put her there, but would that really be the case? If there was some other reason then it was lost with his death. The spirit of his house couldn't read his mind in life. And the girl most certainly didn't know.

Ascot closed his eyes and furrowed his brow, as if seeking something inside himself. Once he opened them again, he would smile, and say to the girl, "Then I'll give you a name. A name and a family." His shoulders relaxed, "How do you like the name 'Christine Ascot'?"

The boy was already making arrangements in his mind...

Michael was already putting away Vernon's phone and taking out his own to jot down new notes when the girl began to speak. This was quite the find when it came to information. Sure, it wasn't much but a bunch of loose ends, but perhaps something may come of them. Finishing up, Michael finally looked up from his phone and looked towards Ascot. "You know, you guys are just dropping bombshell after bombshell here."

Turning to the girl, Michael said, "We're very sorry about this; this is rather sudden. We promise to explain everything later and answer all your questions. Right now, though, we need to get you someplace safe, and a hospital is definitely not a safe place."

"..." The girl seemed to be considering her choices.

"...I'll come then," She said with a sigh. She still didn't understand why anyone would be after her, but she didn't feel like staying here much longer. "If you're going to give me a name then I want my father's last name at least."

A nod from Ascot. "I can give that. Christine Baumann." He then took out his phone to call Alexander, only to be met with a series of yells.

"Little Bro!" the older man's voice was saying, "Your boyfriend is causing a large crowd to do nothing but sing! What's happening here?!"

A brief explanation from Ascot later, Alexander would say: "Oh, so you know nothing of what Vernie is doing. And now you want me to adopt someone with connections to a clandestine facility operated by an unscrupulous scientist." A pause. "You are lucky I am such a softie. I'm coming right now; in the magic-resistant armored car."
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