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A sentence you wasted 5 seconds to read.
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Who came up with the idea to make our statuses quotes from philosophers, anyway?
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We could be doing something productive with our lives... instead, we're here.
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A random quote from some philosopher that we'll forget in a few moments.


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Mission Assignment: Teacher's Pet
Location: Lighthouse Island

Gematria crossed her arms and rolled her eyes at Blaze, letting out a "Hmph!" from her speakers before turning her attention to Principal Lee. From the lost of delinquents, she was concerned with Michelle the most, as she had no idea what electrokinetic superhumans could do to her. Still, she wasn't about to let that stop her form doing her job as a Hero, and she followed the group to the classroom with the expected delinquents. Gematria took a look around the Academy, taking particular note of how well fortified the buildings were. It made sense, considering this was a place meant to contain rowdy superhumans.

Upon arrival, it seemed that the delinquents were uninterested in the Hero group. Gematria wasn't sure what to think of them either. Her school life wasn't exactly the most social. However, there was precious little time to react to first impressions as Stray began asking them about the act of killing. Gematria visibly recoiled from Stray's seemingly out-of-the-blue questions, shocked that he would bring such a topic up. Already her mind raced as to why he would do so. Perhaps he wanted to teach them the horrors of life, or maybe he was planning to assert dominance through his vast wisdom and experience. Whatever the case, Gematria thought it was an extreme approach.
Interactions would certainly be interesting.

Mission Assignment: Teacher's Pet
Location: Lighthouse Island

Inside the ship, Megumi could not have felt more miserable. Megumi thought she had been used to the effects of motion sickness when playing VR games, but the moving ship proved otherwise. She could swear her stomach had gained a life of its own and wanted to crawl out of her mouth. It was a shame, too, as she had packed some snacks she wanted to eat on the journey. In a desperate attempt to escape her seasickness, she issued a command to her robot companion Gem, "Gem, enter- ugh, enter 'Gematria' mode." Gem then began to transform, quickly taking on the humanoid form that made up Megumi's hero persona, Gematria. Grabbing its left hand, Megumi's body then turned into a mass of electric sparks as it entered the the Gematria android. On its face plate, two blue eyes lit up and blinked, signifying that Megumi had taken over and become Gematria.

Patting her stomach area, Gematria felt relieved that she could no longer feel her stomach doing flips. She still couldn't eat any snacks, but that was a problem for another time. She made her way up to the ship's deck, and saw that the ship was already nearing their destination. Like Blaze, she too was eager to get off the ship, though for a different reason than her. "Yeah, Blaze! That's not appropriate language to use on a principal," Gematria scolded her. Turning to Barbara Lee, Gematria bowed her head and addressed her, "Apologies for our rudeness, Principal Lee. My name is Gematria, and I will do my utmost to succeed in our mission."
@Thinslayer "Well, no," Afki said hesitantly. "At least, I haven't. This is very strange..." At the same time, Parshath shivered a little upon seeing the Voidspawn, overcome with a sudden desire to strike at it, to wipe it out of existence. Afki, noticing the slight tremble in her hands, asked him, You ok, Parshath? The desire soon faded, and Parshath's mind cleared once more. Oh, um, uh, y-yeah. It's all good, Parshath chuckled. You know how it is with Voidspawn... Afki frowned, but decided not to pursue it. It's that again, huh? Well, as long as you're okay... She said, remembering the last time they encountered a Voidspawn. It was dispatched easily, of course, but Parshath's reaction had been the same as before. It's just an instinct, I guess. And hey, it could be helpful if we come across more of those things. I'm telling ya, Voidspawns are more dangerous than what most people think of them. I'm not wrong on that... probably, Parshath said.

@Thinslayer While the lots were going on, Afki and Parshath were having their own mental conversation. Well, someone's popular, Parshath remarked. To think I'd see the day my little girl would-

Ugh, not this joke again, Afki thought, rolling her eyes at Parshath. You already used this joke when the party first formed. You could at least come up with something new.

Gee, when did you become such a critic? You got no sense of humor anymore, Parshath sulked.

Maybe if this wasn't the 10th time you've tried to use it, I'd actually want to hear it again.

Their argument continued on until the party finally settled on the groups, and Afki set off with Hallim and Budam in tow. The tunnels remained as lifeless as the rest of the city, but that didn't make the situation any better. Honestly, the more we stay here, the more I'm sure we should get out while we still can, Parshath remarked. Me too, but we should at least make an effort to find Cho. Who knows what's happened to him? Afki responded.

I'd rather not stick around to find out, Parshath answered. Turning to Hallim, Afki responded, "Not too long now. With any luck, we'll find Cho and be out of here before you know it." She flashed a smile at the two before turning her attention back to searching for their missing party member. She really hoped her sense of danger was wrong.
As have I.
@Thinslayer Afki took a quick wide scan of the current party, her mind deep in thought, and quickly made a conclusion, "Let's form 3 groups of three. We'll each search a different area of the city for Cho and come back within, say, an hour and a half." Parshath silently agreed with Afki's proposal. If his train of thought was correct, the group of three rule was perfect for ensuring maximum search coverage while maintaining a sense of safety in numbers. Theoretically, at least one member would be able to rejoin the main party even in the worst case scenario. "We should keep an eye out for each other, as well as for Cho. And if we don't find him with the time limit, we can discuss what to do after we regroup. How's that sound?"
@Thinslayer well I’m waiting on you, at least. Dunno about anyone else.
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