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Who came up with the idea to make our statuses quotes from philosophers, anyway?
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We could be doing something productive with our lives... instead, we're here.
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Nozunali - City Streets

@King Tai@EchoicChamber

Natalie smiled back at Marcus, and bid farewell to him before he left, "By all means, go to your family." Natalie then turned her attention to Esperanza, saying, "Of course. I'd be happy to share what I know."

Natalie finally turned back to Teka, who was looking at her body with a curious gaze. She looked down at her dress where Teka was looking, wondering if there was something on it. Natalie didn't recognize his gaze as perverted, as she still knew little of humans' social behaviors. "As for Coffee Cake Muffins...." Natalie muttered thoughtfully as she gently tapped her forehead, trying to remember where such items were being sold. Then, a thought came to her, and she turned her attention back to Teka.

"I do know of a cafe called 'Ursula's Brew'," Natalie answered. "I've only visited it a few times myself, but I've heard it has a reputation for having strong coffee and many coffee-related food items available. That is most likely a good place to start, if anything, and it's not too far from here, either."
Hey, what’s this about 4 npc’s in the character sheet?
I suppose I could wait if a space ever opens up, assuming there aren't people already ahead of me.
What, how long has this been up? Damn, I missed the time to join.
Ehh I was never satisfied with how my "storyline" with my characters turned out. Never did have a solid plan for them.
Yeah I’ve barely done anything myself, tho that may just be due to my combination of laziness and college.
Nozunali - City Streets

@EchoicChamber@King Tai@Rodiak

Natalie turned her attention away from Teka to see someone coming to greet her. Specifically, a rather frightening-looking ghost of a little girl. Startled, she recoiled from the sight of the girl and jerked back her body several inches, but a closer inspection revealed that the little girl meant no harm and merely came to greet her. Quickly realizing there was nothing to fear, Natalie smiled warmly and waved back. "My name is Natalie, little one. Please excuse me," Natalie greeted her back as she leaned down, but she was quick to end the interactions for her. The little girl seemed sweet, and in different circumstances Natalie would have spoken to her more, but there was a pressing matter she had to attend to right now.

Returning her attention to Teka, Natalie put on her business face. First up came introductions; it made no sense to begin a conversation without knowing each other's identities, after all. "I am Nozunali Grinmsborinith, but you can call me Natalie," Natalie said, introducing herself. "I'll get to the point. I am quite interested in your ability to create portals. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions, Mr..." Natalie said as she tilted her head ever so slightly.
Nozunali - Bookstore -> City Streets

@EchoicChamber@Rodiak@King Tai

After a quick check, Natalie confirmed what she already knew: there was nothing new in the bookstore. No new information to gain. It was sad, but expected. She made her way out and went off to find something of interest. What that could be, Natalie had no idea, but there had to be something the day could bring.

As she wandered the streets, she focused her attention on the people around her. Some things caught her attention more than most, such as a family of three interacting happily with each other. The sight put a smile on her face, though it was tinged with sadness as well. It was a reminder of her time on her home planet, and served to remind her of her homesickness. Sometimes she caught people staring at her, and a wave and a smile tended to make then turn away in embarrassment. She did not mind such people; Natalie reasoned it to be merely curiosity, and she doubted many beings with blue skin like hers showed up on Earth. Others still were the typical sights of human society, whether it be the group of friends conversing about the latest trends or the solitary figure too engrossed in his mobile device.

One sight caught Natalie's attention, and it was a sight like no other. She could hardly believe it, but a portal had opened up in broad daylight, and a man stepped out of it as if it were a mere doorway. Natalie's company had still been researching portal technology, and that man that came out could be the salvation she had been looking for. A chance to go back home. Excitement washed over her. She was a fair distance away, so it took a small amount of time to make her way over to them, but she made it without much difficulty. As she did so, she noticed that the other two in the group were quite different from normal humans, but it was such a minor concern to her that hardly paid any attention to them.

"Excuse me, sir," Natalie said as she approached Teka. "Did you- did you use a portal?"
Michael Angie

@Letter Bee

The day had been long, and Michael was due for a good rest. His tired brain was screaming for it, but Michael forced himself to do one last thing before flopping into bed and passing out. He made his way into his bathroom and opened up the cabinets, searching through the various medicines to treat his burns while looking up how to actually treat them on his phone. That guy before had also said something about a method to treat his burns, but his brain was so tired he could barely remember any of it. Nevertheless, he persevered, and managed to finish the bandages after a good while. Now for a good sleep...

Michael yawned as he woke up, still feeling sore and tired, but at least a little better than yesterday. A quick trip to the bathroom later, and he was soon freshened up, ready to start a whole new adventure. He began making something to eat while opening up a browser on his phone to catch up on the latest news. Something caught his eye on the news; in fact, it was all the news was screaming about right now.

"What the..." Michael muttered as he tapped on one of the headlines. "The Ascots: Parasites of Society... William Ascot's powers... 'Narrative Role of Familiarity'..." The article went into quite a bit of detail about his powers, and made some clearly exaggerated tales of potential misuse. Michael opened up more articles, a lot of them saying similar things. At the top of many of the articles was a video, presumably of the one spreading this information. "Galbrek Ravenovich... what a dangerous guy..." Michael said as he watched the video. The information Galbrek was revealing was too detailed to easily disprove, and the slander and libel coming from the news articles was undoubtedly going to damage the Ascot family's reputation.

"How unfortunate for them," Michael said, sympathizing with the Ascots. Michael sent a brief text to William:

To: William Ascot
From: Michael Angie

I saw the news about you, and it's not looking good. What are you going to do?
Uh oh

Naturally, Michael was going to aid the Ascots however he could. He had gone this far to gain their favors, and he was not going to let all that effort go to waste just yet.
Nozunali - Bookstore


"I see," Natalie said, nodding. "It's nice to have something you enjoy." There was not too much that was particularly interesting about Ky so far. Quite ordinary, really. Natalie was about to say more, but a nearby disturbance caught her attention. Turning to look, Natalie found the store clerk and another customer having a quarrel. Natalie briefly wondered if she should go help, but it seemed like the matter was quickly resolving itself, and she decided that there was no need to intervene.

Returning her attention to Ky, Natalie said, "I'd love to stay and chat more, but I'm afraid I must get going. Much to do today." On that note, she smiled and gently waved at Ky as she moved away, making her way over to the Science section to recheck the bookstore's stock.
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