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Teaching a Young Pup New Tricks

The day was gentle on the plains - the Su’une warmed softly, and the summer rain caressed the skin like a cozy embrace. The grass grew tall this time of year, and on an otherwise empty plain largely devoid of grazing life for the time being, it saw no reason not to. For the life that did exist, the grass provided some nice hiding spots to stay out of sight from any prying eyes. One such little creature was, in fact, little Ossurman, who had crawled away from his mother-father while they rested under a mango tree. The little boy was an adventurous soul, and did not shy away from the mud caking his hands and knees as he wormed his way through the grass, eager to explore the world.

The little boy crawled for almost an hour without pause, the divine nutrients in his daily meals strengthening him beyond what a normal human baby should be capable of. He crawled over stone and under tree, until he finally reached an opening in the grass, one where he could spy down into a deep ravine, which, too, was slowly growing together again thanks to the newly erected Clan Pillar.

“Goo,” he said into the deep.

“‘Goo’ indeed, little one,” said a voice from behind as Ossurman was picked up by his waist. Though he struggled, there wasn’t much the baby could do against this adversary. Cradling him in her arms, Koine looked down at the baby as she tickled his belly, inciting some quiet squirming. She had come to this part of the land to find potential sites of future development, but she instead found something much more interesting. A baby wandering around without any clear parental supervision was one thing, but Koine could sense that this one was of a direct divine line. Koine was always aware that there were other divine entities, but this was the first time she had actual proof of it. “I don’t suppose you could tell me where your parents are, now could you?” Koine asked Ossurman, using the tone of voice for babies.

Whether or not he could answer, it was a rhetorical question. The little Ossurman was clearly too young to speak. The only course of action she had was to locate his parental figures and ask for compensation. Koine was no tracker, but the trail of a baby wasn’t too hard to spot and she began following it back to its source. While doing so, Koine held up a hand and began flipping a gold coin over her fingers for Ossurman’s amusement. The baby eyed the gold with saucer-like eyes, chubby hands waving at them clumsily in bumbling attempts to catch them. Slimy spit bubbled at his lips and he unleashed another, “Gooh!” It was unclear if he was answering Koine’s question or not.

The trip was a long one, but Koine did her best to keep Ossurman occupied, from telling a story to trying to teach him basic arithmetic. Eventually, Koine made her way to a mango tree where there was a being with more than the standard amount of arms resting underneath it. Judging from the godly aura radiating from it, Koine believed she had found the divine parent irresponsible enough to let their offspring wander off into the middle of nowhere. “Hello there,” Koine greeted it. “I believe this child is yours.

The many-armed god stirred to life, blinking in a sleepy daze. “Wuh..?” Then they sat up, revealing their large, swollen belly. A groggy hand scratched their hair at the roots and their eyes suddenly flared up in realisation. They rocketed to their feet, albeit their balance was somewhat off, and summoned forth a myriad of sabres. ”My son! You thieving fiend! Unhand him at once and deliver him here, or your body shall be split into a thousand parts and sown across the land like bloody grain!”

Koine’s eyes widened in mild surprise for a second at their sudden aggression, then sighed in disappointment. She waved her hand across, transforming the sabres into gold and silver coins. “That’s not a nice example to be showing to your child, now is it?” Koine asked, smiling. “How about we have a nice calm discussion, like how this child was about to fall down a ravine?” Holding Ossurman up to eye level, Koine added, “Do make sure to keep an eye on him next time. I traveled more than an hour to get here.

”HMPH!” A pair of arms shot out to snatch the child from Koine’s arms. ”Don’t you tell me how to raise my boy. I happen to be the expert on raising children. I am, after all, Chakravarti, the parent of parents! And this child, as you so crudely referred to my son, is none other than the Ossurman vur Chakravarti, first of his name and emperor of these lands. You owe him and me some respect, you, you…” The many armed god seemed to briefly allow their eyes to affix to the rings of silver and jewelrious stones about her figure, and their face visibly lost its animosity bit by bit as the eyes caught more and more signs of wealth in and about Koine’s form. In a completely different tone, they said softly, ”Well, he~llo, o muse of exotics - what brings you here to these distant parts?”

Koine continued to smile, her business face fully on. “I’m glad you asked, Chakravarti,” she said. “I am currently searching for profitable business ventures, scouring the lands for optimal trade routes and potential customers. I have not found much success in this task, which is to be expected for a ruined world such as this. However, I believe you and Emperor Ossurman are quite the find. I see profit in both our futures, and my eyes don’t lie when it comes to good business.”

My terms are very simple,” Koine continued. “There is a race of draconic humanoids whom I call the Loong. Should they come to these lands, I expect them to receive safe passage and first priority in trade agreements. In return, you will receive profitable wares, ranging from basic necessities to luxury goods not found anywhere else. Do we have a deal?

The many-armed god pursed their lips. ”O-ho~! A lady of quality; a woman of wealth! What deals; what proposals!” They cast aloft two hands and cupped one thoughtfully under their chin. ”Your offer is most enticing, silver-ringed one, but I cannot simply avoid making a counteroffer - one that is worth much, much more than both mortal affairs and profitable goods.” They smiled and reached out a hand. ”Are you interested?”

Of course I am,” Koine agreed. “That is Business 101, and I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.” She then held up a hand before adding, “But before I take your hand, I simply must hear this offer of yours. If you can truly offer what you promise, then I don’t wish to miss it.

”Why, of course!” The many-armed god did a pirouette, kicking out a leg with surprising agility in spite of their pregnancy. They knelt down with the risen knee dodging the curvature of their belly and sent five arms out like the rays of the sun, two hugging Ossurman to their chest and the last extending forward with an inviting open palm. ”Oh, most beautiful and affluent lady from distant lands - would you do me, Chakravarti vur Chakravarti, the honour of becoming my wife?”

Koine gingerly placed her fingers on Chakravarti’s and answered, “I’m honored you would ask this of me, and perhaps under different circumstances I would have accepted. However, this offer would restrict my actions too much to realize my plans for the future. I do apologize, for I must decline your proposal.” With that said, Koine let her fingertips slide away from theirs, her smile turning apologetic.

The many-armed god recoiled as though struck by an arrow to the chest. They feigned a violent cough and keeled over onto all sixes, breathing as though choked. ”Alas, what directness! I am wounded! Second proposal in a row, no less!” They rolled onto their back and two hands lifted Ossurman up over their face. ”Am I losing my touch, o son of mine? Have I grown fat and ugly with pregnancy?”

Koine chuckled as she knelt down near Chakravarti. “I do hope this won’t affect our business relationship,” she said. “Speaking of which, as for my previous offer, are you ready to discuss it or shall I return at a later time?

”Leave me alone,” wept the god and rubbed away tears with four hands. ”Can you not see I am in mourning? That I am heartbroken? Alas, nothing can dyke this deluge in my spirit; what remedy can cure this wound to the soul?” A fist pierced the sky. ”Fate, how cruel must you be?!”

Koine knelt in place for a few more seconds, staring at Chakravarti, then decided there was nothing more to gain by staying here. Standing back up, Koine said, “Then I bid you farewell, Chakravarti and Emperor Ossurman.” Then she began to wander off, intending to continue surveying the land as her original goal.

Koine walked in an outward spiral from the place that would be the Loong's town, filling the area with plenty of tall grass and trees. While it was enough to get started, a civilization needed more than greenery to survive. It needed something for them to live off of. A few herds of cows and pigs would do nicely, providing a source of food for the primarily carnivorous Loong. A few birds and rodents here and there would help fill up the land as well. Other miscellaneous that Koine could think of were added too, provided they aided in providing a balanced ecosystem. It would do for now, but something was missing.

Koine then snapped her fingers, thinking that ways to obtain certain profitable goods were also necessary for the far future. Firstly, a few specific trees were needed. Koine continued her path around the land, setting up several mulberry trees with narrow light-green leaves while adding silkworms into each tree, which would feed on the leaves and propagate to the other specially-provided trees. Hopefully that would be enough to get the ball rolling when the Loong eventually discover them. The land would also need a body of water, and remembered seeing a river in the distance. Making her way over to it, Koine began to create a thin but strong stream for the water to travel, intending to use only enough water for the Loong's land and not ruin the river in the process. Koine had the stream extend far, heading near the center of the land while also having a few branches extend towards other parts, then dug out the land to form beds for the water to form ponds and lakes.

With that, Koine believed her work in terraforming the land was done and was going to head back to check on the Loong, when something caught her attention in a nearby mulberry tree. A large spider, as big as a dog, had caught a couple of the silkworms, wrapped in silk, and was climbing down the tree to run off into a cave in the nearby mountain range. Koine had heard of spiders that hunted for food rather than creating webs to lie in wait, but this was rather bizarre. Curious, she followed the spider into the cave, where it extended into a system of tunnels with plenty of silk and cobwebs lining them. Having been formed from the earth, Koine felt no discomfort from the new environment and continued on, wondering where the spider was going with its bounty.

It didn't take long to find the answer as it entered a large cavern covered in silk. She found herself mesmerized as she came face to face with an absurdly large spider, with dozens of smaller spiders and eggs surrounding it. Koine realized now that the spider she had seen was actually the giant spider's spiderling and had been hunting for its mother. The spiders, of course, were also aware of Koine's intrusion into their lair, and they turned towards her with a variety of reactions, mostly those involving hunger upon seeing their assumed prey and anger at Koine's intrusion. Food! Hunt! Wrap! were expressed among other monosyllabic words as the spiders lunged at Koine, fangs bared and eager to feed.

Koine waved her hand and shouted, "STOP!" Her godly aura leaked out as she shouted her command. The spiders, paralyzed, soon realized that what had appeared was not prey, but something greater. They did not understand exactly what, for their brains were too primitive, but they knew when something was to be feared, and so they remained still, fearful of Koine's next actions. Only the giant spider managed to keep her cool, and slowly approached Koine. "What... are... you?" the spider asked, speaking slowly. "You... are... not... prey."

"No, I'm not." Koine replied, smiling. "My name is Koine. To put it in simple terms, I am a goddess."

"A... god...dess?" the spider asked. She wasn't quite aware of what a "goddess" was, but it was no doubt something big, bigger than her. "Why... are... you... here?"

"Again, to put it as simply as I can, a business proposition," Koine answered. "Your silk is lovely, and I know some creatures outside who could find several uses for it. That makes you spiders worth investing into. Spread my message to the rest of your kind. Produce silk for the Loong, and keep good relations with them. In return, I can guide you to a path outside this cave, to a place where you can feast on enough food to keep you and your entire brood satisfied."

The spider did not even hesitate on her answer. "Silk... for... food... is... good. I... accept."

Koine gave the spider a satisfied smile. "Excellent choice," Koine said. "As a extra reward, let me give you another path of evolution for your species to follow." Koine proceeded to snap her fingers, transferring a small amount of energy into the spider's body. The spider soon began to feel that its exoskeleton was a little tight. It was a sign that she was going through a molt, but this one felt different. It was tighter than usual, and there seemed to be parts of her body that she couldn't move very well anymore. She felt trapped in her own body, and she wanted to be free. When her exoskeleton finally broke apart, she slowly peeled it away. Her body felt soft, as it always did after a molt, but there seemed to be something extra. She still had a spider body, perhaps a little smaller than before, but there was now a human-shaped body from the torso up attached to her, right between the abdomen and cephalothorax.

The spider looked down from her human head to her hands, then turned around to look at the rest of its body. This was unlike anything she had ever experienced. Looking back at Koine, she asked, "What did you do?"

"Oh, just a little something to speed up your agreement with me," Koine answered. "It's a little soon to actually be providing any silk, though. For now, just spread your species as the Arachne, and go beyond this cave. That is your mission."

"It will be done, Goddess Koine," the spider turned Arachne said.

"Pleasure doing business with you," Koine said.

"Pleasure... doing... busy... ness," the spider replied, unfamiliar with the new words.

Then Koine turned away and walked out of the cavern, making her way back into the outside world. Taking a look around outside the cave, Koine figured the area could use just a little more terraforming. She began to add plenty more trees, most of which had needle leaves but also have mulberry mixed in. The area soon became a dark forest, with plenty of shadow and trees. It would be a bit more welcoming to the upcoming Arachne than the rather open and sunny area from before. Koine thought the land was coming along nicely, and wondered what the future had in store for her and the new inhabitants of the world.

The precious gems and metals of the earth made their way through the ground, slowly oozing out onto the surface of the earth, where they proceeded to converge and mold themselves into the shape of a person. From the mass grew arms and legs, with the body morphing into that of a female human, and it also manifested a long, thin black dress. The being opened her eyes, her star sapphire eyes taking in the first sight of the sky. Getting up and taking in the rest of her surroundings, she uttered her first words, "Wow... what a wreck of a world to wake in. I see I have my work cut out for me."

Koine raised a hand to snap her fingers, her body then changing colors and remolding itself as she took on a form more resembling a human. Now that she had the proper form for her work, she could begin. Raising a hand, she raised a pillar of sand to head height, then began sculpting it, giving it a humanoid shape. Unlike a human, however, Koine made them a more serpentine shape, adding to its height, and gave them a few more reptilian features such as scales and clawed fingers. Their heads featured long scouts and short tendril-like whiskers on its nose. On their back were large wings, and they had pointed antlers that extended backwards. At last, Koine thought it was ready. With that one as the template, Koine began to create more sculptures resembling the first, but had stark features that differentiated them from the others. With each sculpture, Koine added a drop of her golden ichor, which spread throughout their bodies and held them in place.

Finally, Koine believed them to be ready. With a snap of her fingers, several dozen sculptures were transformed into flesh and blood, birthing the new race of the Loong. Their draconic forms were gone, replaced by a more human-like appearance. However, they still possessed short horns, large wings, more canine teeth, and a long forked tongue. Koine greeted them, "Welcome, Loong. There is much work to do, and I expect all of you to fulfill your duties. Rest assured you will be safe as long as I am present, and you will all be paid accordingly to your performance." Koine stomped her foot, forcing three items to pop out from the sand. Catching them between her fingers, she held them up to reveal a gold, silver, and copper coin, all of which featured the general shape of the side of her face on one side and the shape of the Loong's tail on the other. "With that, you are dismissed. Now then, you should all get to work." The Loong, with not much else to do, got set to work creating shelters and finding food. Meanwhile, Koine released more of her power into the world, having more plants and greenery growing nearby, and ensuring there were resources to collect and process.

Oh boy, another Divinus RP. There still room here?

And in case any of you guys forgot who I am, I did play in at least 3 iterations of this rp. Fergus the blacksmith god in the first, Niciel the light goddess in the second, and Arae the family goddess in the third. I can't believe I still remember them myself.
I've seen this RP's name pop up on more than one occasion, and boy am I surprised it's still going. Most of the other RPs I was in have already come and gone. Makes me wonder if I should give this a spin...

As Rumi watched through the camera he placed that viewed the hallway, he noticed a person running towards the door to the boiler room. He was quick to recognize the person as an ally and muttered, "Disable shock trap," which powered down the the two rods he had placed near the door. Not even a moment later, Maxwell came through the door and tried to make some awkward small talk. "Ehh, could be worse," Rumi shrugged in response, then proceeded to retrieve the two cylindrical traps near the door. "Let's move. Things are gonna get chaotic soon." As if on cue, the boat suddenly rocked, sending everyone off their feet.

Rumi was about to crash into a wall, but a cushion of hard light softened the impact. Rumi was quite fascinated with how much Brooke could do with her hard light ability, and wondered what the limit could be. Sadly, there was no time for proper examination at the moment. Something had happened, and he really hoped it wasn't one of Blake's over-the-top shenanigans again. While Brooke pounded on the door, Rumi used this time to check his equipment, making sure everything was still operational. Fortunately, it was, and the two cameras he had outside still had clear views of what they were seeing. Judging from the lack of concerning movement or water rushing in, Rumi assumed that the ship wasn't in jeopardy from sinking just yet, but that situation might change as time went on.

Looking at the hard light prybar in his hand, Rumi was quick to toss it behind him and raised his right arm, the nanobots forming a hollow rectangular chamber that began to glow. "Excuse me for a second, Victory," Rumi said to Brooke, placing his device near one of the hinges on the door. The device began to hum as a short light-blue blade extended from within it, quickly slicing through the hinges. Rumi began to cut through the rest of the door's hinges in a similar manner, and kicked the door outward once the job was done, which crashed down onto the floor with a clang. "Coast seems clear so far," Rumi reported. "Let's get going, shall we? We have a situation that needs resolving." Rumi took the lead, making his way out of the hallway and towards the nearest exit, where he could hopefully get some answers on what was going on.
Michael Angie

Michael took another sip of his drink and watched as Katherine walked away from the scene, the situation seeming defused. "And so that's that," Michael remarked. He had been hoping for something a bit more interesting, but it seemed there was already enough excitement between them for one night.

That quickly changed as Cassius came by and began antagonizing Rurik, leading to the two of them starting an altercation between each other. He peeked over at Christine to see her reactions.

Michelle and Belinda

Michelle sighed in relief as Katherine walked away. Then she placed her hands on her hips and straightened up confidently. "Another job well done, if I do say so myself," Belinda said, proud of herself.

"What do mean 'job well done'?" Michelle asked, exasperated. She couldn't believe Belinda sometimes. She always jumped into dangerous situations recklessly, and Michelle had to be the one to get caught in the middle of them all. "That could've gone very wrong, very quickly."

"But it worked out fiiine," Belinda countered. "And I say all's well that ends well."

She turned when someone very familiar to her came by. "Vala! You're here too, huh?" Belinda greeted her, slapping her on the shoulder. "Good to see ya again!"

Michelle wanted to add a bit of her own greeting, but was interrupted by the upcoming fight between Rurik and Cassius. Michelle was in mental anguish, wondering what it was about this ball that was bringing so much conflict. Fortunately, it didn't last very long, and both sides went their separate ways, though not without a surprise knife in her hands. "Huh?" Michelle said, switching her gaze between Cassius and the knife multiple times. Then she held the knife far away from her, panicking over what to do. Belinda was quick to take over again, saying, "I'll take care of this," before tossing the knife over to a nearby table, clattering loudly as it landed. Brushing her hands together, Belinda said, "There. That wasn't so hard, now was it, Michelle?"

Michelle, blushing, could only respond with a small, "Shut up."

Returning her attention back to Vala, Michelle sighed and gloomily replied, "It would've been nice to relax and enjoy myself here."

"I dunno what you're on about, Michelle. I'm having the time of my life," Belinda added.

More swarms of nanobots emerged from Rumi's clothes and crawled down to the ground, where they rearranged themselves to form several tiny metal beads that began to roll underneath the door and into the hallway. They began to seek dark corners of the highway to conceal themselves and mold themselves into place, transforming into tiny cameras and giving Rumi multiple points of view to alert him should anyone threaten to reveal his and Brooke's position. A couple cameras continued to roll away in an attempt to find the rest of the crew and give him some extra information about their situations. While that was going on, Rumi walked over to the door and pulled out a couple capsules from one of his pockets, mounting them near the door. The two devices activated motion sensing lasers, which would cause the capsules to open and fire a burst of electricity to stun whoever was unlucky to trigger the trap.

Returning his attention to the miniature cameras, Rumi had found they had arrived within the crowd of gangsters, where the Black Baron had announced his successor. Rumi remotely controlled one camera to climb up the wall and roll its way around the room, maintaining a good angle for observation. The group messages were also coming in, prompting Rumi to control the other camera to follow Malady, who was being led out of the room by Jim Rockferry, as discreetly as possible. Unfortunately, Rumi couldn't get the camera into the room before the door was shut, not wanting to risk it being discovered. As a result, all he had to work with was subpar audio as the camera tried to pick up anything it could through the door, but it was enough. The resulting interaction between the two did not go well, as Jim sounded like he was killed off by Malady, and the next piece of information about her coming to the boiler room was even more alarming.

Deciding that he had heard enough, Rumi ordered most of the cameras to return to him, except a couple to watch the gang members and the hallway outside the boiler room. He also typed out a message, Alert. Malady knows heroes are on the ship and is heading to the boiler room. Once they returned, Rumi activated his nanotech suit, covering him in its chrome armor. "We're getting company soon. The Black Baroness is coming. Be ready," Rumi warned Brooke, having the nanobots form a blaster barrel around his right hand.
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