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A sentence you wasted 5 seconds to read.
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Who came up with the idea to make our statuses quotes from philosophers, anyway?
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We could be doing something productive with our lives... instead, we're here.
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A random quote from some philosopher that we'll forget in a few moments.


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Sir E. Brum

"Begin test in three, two, one..." Rumi counted down, typing in a command on his keyboard. In the testing chamber, behind a sturdy glass window, an automaton began to crouch down and raise an arm, lifting up its watch-like device. Several sheets of metal then unfurled from it, forming a circular shield. It began to expand and shrink in diameter several times at differing speeds, as well as fold itself in and out. Then a pair of turrets appeared from a wall and began to fire at the shield, one firing bullets while the other a high-powered laser. They stopped firing after 5 seconds, and it was clear neither of the weapons were able to damage the shield very much.

"Success... I guess," Rumi said, sighing. There was nothing wrong with the device itself, Rumi made sure of that. He was just quite bored with creating such a mundane device. It was only a durable and lightweight shield one could bring anywhere and deploy at any time. There weren't even any fancy bells and whistles added into it. It didn't provide a challenge to his intellect at all. Absentmindedly spinning around on a rolling chair, Rumi hoped for something exciting to happen soon. An alarm then sounded on his H.E.R.O device, and Rumi kicked a wall to roll his chair over to it.

"I fucking called it!" Rumi exclaimed, reading the news about Ambleweeds appearing. "I told them the increase in pollen was a sign of the upcoming arrival of the Ambleweeds, and they didn't listen. It's a good thing I had Polamor Inc. stock up on extra pyrotechnical supplies." He had no need to worry for his company headquarter's safety, but he had to answer the call of a hero... and also begin the field testing of his personally upgraded gadgets.

Sir took long strides with the aid of his nanomachines pushing him along, using their miniature size and powerful swarming capability to slice and tear apart any Ambleweeds he came across. The maneating plants had rather simplistic thought processes, so it was easy to avoid their more lethal attacks and lure them into areas where they could be more easily dispatched. Any citizens he came across, Sir quickly aided them and directed them to the nearest shelter.

Sir made his way to a street and found quite a sight to behold: the ever-so-famous Starbright fighting a robotic automaton. Well, maybe not so much "fighting" as opposed to "trying to survive against". And the automaton was not actually an automaton, but a person wearing the GEN1MKII Advanced Combat Suit. He recognized this piece of tech; it was of particular interest to him at the time he read the articles due to one mishap involving a "melding" of the suit to a human body. That very person had also betrayed the H.E.R.O organization for unknown reasons. "Phoenix", he recalled the ex-hero's name, now renamed "Phantom". Sir snuck his way closer, hiding himself behind a large truck and sending his nanobots over in secret, keeping them near the two while having them stay hidden. First he would get a feel for Phantom's fighting style, and/or if he determined that Starbright was in danger, he would deploy to form a protective barrier around Mr. Lightshow while he would swoop in to create a distraction. A wave of nanomachines and a few tarbombs (small devices holding a very sticky substance that quickly hardened in the air) would serve as an opening.
Alright, I changed his Tier from A to D.

Sry guys, I think I'll be stepping away from this rp. My brain can't keep up with all the different storylines (a problem I've had even in mk3), and I myself am just not feeling it anymore. My motivation is gone. I think I'll stick to being a lurker in the discord channel now.

As more and more sentient life was formed, their thoughts began to influence the Lifeblood slightly. Their thoughts of gathering more resources and amassing large abundances resonated with the Lifeblood, with a portion of it beginning to have thoughts of its own. Thoughts of amassing its own fortune, its own self. And from those thoughts bore shape. The Lifeblood began to form an arm, a leg, a well-sculpted face with flowing hair. With this new shape, this portion of the Lifeblood began to separate. The Lifeblood itself seemed to resist, struggling to retain this mass of thoughts and feelings within itself. It could not resist for long, though, as this portion broke free. It fell to the earth, and it- no, she, was born.

As Koine lay on the ground, she took in the world around her for the first time, breathing in the fresh air, feeling the grass on her back, and staring at the sun. "So this is what it feels like... to be alive. I think I like it," Koine said to herself, bouncing up off the ground. She then began to examine her body, quickly taking a liking to her gold skin and sparkly, diamond fingernails. It was a body to be proud of, to be composed of such... wealth. Finally, Koine turned in a full circle, trying to figure out exactly where she was. It was then that she finally noticed the primitive buildings and the beings nearby that were staring at her in wide-eyed wonder.

Ah, humans. Perfect, Koine thought out loud, and smiled cheerfully at them, showing off her pearly teeth. "Hello~" Koine barely managed to utter before they exploded in a flurry of emotions and reactions, from running away in panic to getting on their knees and babbling. One brave soul, however, was calm enough to come up to her and respond back, "H-hello, um... Shining One. What brings you to our village?"

"Hmm... Shining One... I like that, but please, call me... Koine," Koine said with a chuckle. "Right now, I am a being with nothing to my name. No need for a title yet." After a dismissive wave of her hand, Koine continued, "So, what is your name?"

"Oh, i-it's um... Ailsi," she managed to stutter out.

"Well, pleasure to meet you, Alisi," Koine said. Walking up to her and placing a hand on her shoulder, Koine continued, "Show me around this little village of yours, won't you? Tell me what this little slice of the world has accomplished."

"I don't think there's much to tell, but I can try," Alisi nodded, and began to lead the way.

"I'll be the judge of that," Koine followed closely behind her.

"Well, that was an interesting tour, to say the least," Koine said, nodding as she made her final judgement. "This seems like a good location. Large enough space, with a decent workforce. Given enough time, it may even become a center of trade."

"A what?" Alisi asked, confused.

"Thank you for your service, Alisi. Here, this is for you," Koine continued on, ignoring Alisi's reaction as she flicked a gold coin toward Alisi, who barely managed to clap her hands together to catch it. Alisi's eyes were wide with surprise at the fact that she had just received something from Koine, but was also tinged with confusion. "Umm... Koine, what is this?" Alisi asked.

"Payment for your services, of course," Koine said, with a matter-of-fact tone. "Is there anything wrong with it? Because there shouldn't be. I would know, I made it."

"N-no, it's just..." Alisi stuttered. "I, um, don't know what this is."

"It's... money," Koine said hesitantly. Alisi's continued look of confusion already made Koine dread having to ask her next question. "How far along are we in the development of businesses? You know, the... exchange of goods and services for profit? I do hope it's more further along than those two neighbors exchanging vegetables with each other."

"...Ummm..." Alisi looked away, unsure of what to say, which was all Koine needed to hear.

"...I see I have my work cut out for me," Koine sighed. "I will be staying in this village for a while longer, it seems. I will teach you the ins and outs of the world of business, and you will in turn help me spread this knowledge to as many people as you can. You're a smart enough girl, you should be able to do it."

"Uh, wuh, but-" Alisi tried to stutter out again before being quickly interrupted by Koine. "No buts! This must be done, for the sake of the world."

"...Yes, Koine." Alisi resigned herself, wondering what she had gotten herself into.

"That's the spirit!" Koine said, placing a hand on Alisi's shoulder and giving a wide pearly smile.

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