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Michael watched as Diana's hair wrapped around the bristles on his toothbrush before seemingly replacing them. He gave it a small stroke with his thumb, wondering just how effective it was now, and how long this would last. There was no time for any more thought, however, as the cultist fell into his trap, and was subsequently defeated by Ulf.

Michael walked out of the room with Diana, following the path the Draugr made for them. He still felt wary about it, remembering the terror and helplessness he felt when he faced it, but he was glad it was on their side now. That was when they saw the head cultist, who immediately took control of the Draugr and began to turn it against them. Michael would have liked to believe that he would've stayed strong, maybe even stood in front of Diana in what would have perhaps been a futile attempt to protect her. In reality, though, he froze in fear. His past trauma was locking his limbs in place, and hindering his mind from thinking a way out of their predicament. His brain was a complete blank.

He may have even considered it the end for him, had a mysterious stranger come to aid them. Soon, Kheraket had frozen the Draugr in place, and by doing so, drawn all attention to him. It snapped Michael out of his fear, and he silently chastised himself for panicking so. First things first, Michael wanted to reassess his and Diana's current priorities, which was to get to whatever destination Diana had in mind. To do that, though, they needed to escape. Michael looked back at the cultist, and decided that Kheraket could probably handle it. Despite his timely assistance, Michael had no delusions nor intentions about being able to aid him in return, especially when he and Diana were still recovering from the recent tournament battle.

Turning to Diana, Michael said to her, "We should escape while we still can." With that said, he began to scan the area in hopes of finding a potential escape path.

10MP | 26FP

(@Kho Special mention to you, cuz this directly addresses Seihdhara)

When Arae opened her eyes, she found herself in an unfamiliar place. Rather than lying on her tree in her sphere, she was standing on a stone floor. The room she was in contained a large amount of portraits and mannequins, many of them worn out over time, as well as a few glowing artifacts of power. The room had no windows, but the ceiling was open. Despite that, little sunlight shone through due to a massive cloud of black smoke. The door shuddered at regular intervals from withstanding powerful blows from the other side, and it seemed like it wasn't going to hold much longer.

Arae was confused by this sudden development, but soon realized a number of things. First, the place was practically radiating the energy of a god she recognized as K'nell, the God of Sleep. In other words, she was dreaming, and presumably this was K'nell's handiwork. She wondered what could possibly make the scenario she was in. His sphere, perhaps?

Secondly, this dream she was having was a memory, and it was one of her worst ones too. She hoped she would never have to relive it, but apparently that hope was not going to be. This memory was the day her fate was sealed. The war was finally ending, and the world began its descent into oblivion. Arae shed a tear.

Everyone... I'm sorry I couldn't protect you... Arae thought to herself, closing her eyes just as the door finally broke down with a loud, splintering crash.

Arae woke with a start. She shakily sighed, trying to brush off the horrible feelings from her dream. It was a bad memory, but that was all it was now: a memory. A thing of the past. There was no need to worry about what had already passed. What she needed to do now was focus on the present and future. Arae looked around, admiring her handiwork with the Pantheon. The lake was clean and crystal clear, and the Familial Trees were standing tall. Some of them were a little damaged, presumably reflecting the gods' current states, but that was fine. Nothing a little time and recovery wouldn't fix.

It was then, however, that Arae spotted something that made her eyes go wide with shock. It was so unbelievable that she remained frozen for several seconds before leaping and gliding over to the source of her concern. One of the trees was completely barren of leaves, and the flesh underneath the bark was dry. If Arae had not sensed the tiny bit of life force remaining within the Tree, she would have thought it was dead. Arae recognized this tree as Seihdhara's, the Goddess of Martial Combat. If her title rang true, that she could hardly imagine anyone actually besting her in combat. The fact remained, though, that something must've happened to Seihdhara that brought her to a state of near-death, if not outright death.

First things first, Arae had to determine Seihd's current state, and see if anything could still be done. Arae placed a hand on the tree trunk, getting a lock on her familial bond. Then she climbed up Seihdhara's tree and used that momentum to leap into the air, shooting upwards before arcing back downwards into the Pantheon lake. As she dove into the water, her body began to disappear as she used her power to send herself to Galbar. Once she was through the Gateway she had made, the water began to settle, and her sphere was quiet once more.

The water began to shudder slightly, the tremors only increasing in strength over time. The ground underneath was rising, all the way up to the water's surface. Soon, a crown of dirt and stone broke through, and it rose high into the air, trapping a small of portion of water within it. The ground continued to rise, molding itself to form an island around the crown. Then, the tremors stopped, as the island finally finished forming. Things were still for a moment, before a tremor started again, but this one was different. It was weaker than the one that formed the island, but it still radiated power as the water within the crown began to glow and shake.

Arae burst out of the water's surface, roaring as she shot up through the opening in the crown's top, and stopping to hover in the middle of the sky. Under normal circumstances, she might have wondered why she had roared, or what she had just created on Galbar, but right now she was focused on following the trail of Seihdhara's familial bond. Being so faint, Arae was having a bit of difficulty following it, but it was still there, and she could still find it. With that in mind, Arae flew off across the water, traveling southwards until she came across a piece of land. Arae continued flying, continuing to follow Seihdhara's trail while looking for any sign of her, until she sensed her power coming from an orange river.

Examining the contents of the river, Arae wasn't entirely sure what she was looking at, but she was getting an uncomfortable feeling just looking at. She then began traveling upstream to locate the source, and soon came across a pool of the liquid. Peering through the liquid's surface, she thought she could see something at the bottom. It was certainly the source, but certainly not part of the landscape. In fact, it kind of looked like...

Then the thought clicked for Arae. This river was flowing godly ichor! Seihdhara's own blood made up the river! And what was buried inside the pool was Seihdhara's body! Well, part of it, at least, but it was there all the same. Arae was filled with concern, wondering how Seihdhara could have gotten herself into such a mess. There was so much power radiating out of the river that it was its own monument now. Arae's first thought was to retrieve Seihdhara's body from the lake, but she didn't know how she should go about doing so. For one thing, this river was already well integrated into the land, and it seemed like trying to haphazardly alter it would cause extensive damage. Even if it could be repaired, it would most likely take an extraordinary amount of time and effort. In other words, it was too late to clean any of it up.

Well, if it had to stay, then Arae figured that it might as well be protected. She landed near the Seihdh Lake and began to poke several holes into the ground around it, and a sapling began to grow from each one. As Arae continued to channel her power into them, they grew larger and larger, and a portion of their roots began to extend into the Seihdh Lake. When they made contact with the ichor, though, they began undergoing changes. Most of them seemed to suffer some backlash when they made contact with the ichor in the lake and were about to die, but Arae was quick to reinforce their bodies with her power to better withstand it and even overcome the ichor afflicting them. It was difficult, and the trees were barely hanging on even with Arae's power, but she hoped they would persevere. The trees continued to slowly take in the godly ichor through their roots, and overtime, they continued to adapt and recover, enough so that Arae no longer needed to aid them. In fact, once the trees had absorbed enough of it, they underwent some radical changes. Some remained thin and flexible while others grew thicker and taller, and some didn't have any bark while some had multiple layers. All of them, however, had extensive roots that burrowed deep and wide into the ground, and flexible yet sturdy branches that could move with plenty of freedom.

Arae was a little surprised at the current development; she hadn't expected them to form so differently from each other, and wondered if it was the result of the lake's power. Furthermore, they turned into something much different than what she originally intended. The trees were supposed to provide a barrier around the Seihdh Lake, using the lake itself as its power source and additional nourishment to sustain it. Instead, the lake seemed to have mutated them into something else, and each of them held quite a bit of power in them. Also, from the way they moved, Arae could have sworn they were much more alive than what trees should normally be. Arae approached one of the thinner trees and raised a hand to examine one of its branches. In response, the tree bent forward, leaning towards her hand and rubbing against it slightly, as if it wanted to be touched. Arae was very curious about this development. She could sense that the trees were still capable of performing their intended function of protecting the lake, so she decided it was alright to leave things as they were, but she did wonder what future these trees would bring.

With the trees complete, Arae felt that her job here was done, and was just about to launch herself into the air once more when she sensed Seihdhara's familial bond coming from another direction. And unlike before, the bond was feeling like a fresh and strong rope, far different from the faint and almost dead thread Arae had been following before. That could only mean that Seihdhara had managed to overcome her predicament, and was presumably alive and well now. At the very least, Arae hoped so. With no time to lose, Arae launched herself towards Seihdhara's location, angrily sending a mental message her way, Seihdhara!!! I'm coming over to you! Wherever you are, you better be alive, and don't you dare go get yourself killed again!

@Kho ^
@Dezuel, @supertinyking, @Scarifar, @AtomicNut

"Interesting..." Michael said to himself. That would mean that he'd need to come up with anti-magic countermeasures the next time he faced a magic user, or at least a way to protect his Trap Arts. It seemed like it was a topic that would be worth studying. "Well, healing's not my forte, but perhaps I could-"

Michael stopped, as he began to hear voices. Normally this would not have raised an alarm in his head, but there were many factors already contributing to it. For one, the place had been quite silent for some time. That alone was not really much, but there had certainly been at least some noise outside, whether it be footsteps or the chatter of some physicians. Also, there were voices now, and they did not sound particularly friendly. He was pretty sure he heard the words "most vulnerable."

"We have company," Michael said as he drew up a defensive buff on his chest, and enforcement buffs on his arms and legs. These would ensure he wouldn't get much more injured than he already was, or at least that was the plan. He then began to draw a Trap Art near the privacy cloth. It was small and simple, but it was all he had time for. If it went as planned, the would-be assailant would be entangled in black, inky tentacles, hopefully leaving him disoriented enough to be quickly taken out.

5MP | 20FP

Arae frowned when Sartr left. If her intuition was correct, then he wasn't going to follow her advice. She sighed. After a moment, however, she began to giggle. It really had been too long since she had these interactions, or even these emotions. She wanted to interact with some more of her family members, but quite a few of them had already gone off to the crystals, leaving the hall. Arae thought it was probably for the best; there was no need for her to stick around much longer either. She needed to create, just like everyone else, and create she would do. Making her way over to one of the crystals, Arae finally left, using the crystal to travel to the place that would be her sphere.

The place was rather dull. There was nothing here at all. However, that was not what there was at all. What Arae saw was a canvas of infinite potential, just waiting for a masterpiece to be created. All she needed was a plan. Possibly a bit of experimentation as well.

First up came the base. Arae needed some land to work with, something simple yet beautiful. She looked through her memories, trying to find a suitable landscape to create with. There was much she had forgotten, but still enough for her to remember. She remembered a few of the lands she had walked through, not including the wasteland she had been in until recently. She remembered the bright, sunny forests with tall trees and humid air, as well as the large, cool mountain ranges. There were the freezing, icy lands as well as the burning, sandy deserts. The one she liked best, though, were the lands of green grass. Occasional trees to rest in the shade, and cool breezes for the heat. Yes, Arae decided she would go with that.

She concentrated, visualizing how the land would look. She felt power welling up inside her. It was different to the one she had known, but familiar at the same time. Creating... she had not done it in so long, and it felt nice to be able to do it again. The image of her mind was locked, and Arae released her power, feeling it drain from her body and into her sphere. Grassland began to spread from underneath her body, extending all the way to the horizon. Arae thought it wasn't bad, but it wasn't complete yet. The sphere was still dark. She needed a light source. Arae concentrated once more, imagining light illuminating the world. Power welled up once more, and was released. The sphere began to light up as the sun rose from the horizon. At least, it was a close resemblance to a sun. Rather than a big ball of light, a band of light was rising from one side of the sphere instead.

Whoops, that's not right, Arae thought to herself. But it does work. I like it.

So the base was complete. A piece of land to work with and a light for her to see her work. Now for the actual hard part: what was her sphere going to be about, and how was it going to work? Arae knew she had to incorporate her family values into her sphere, but how? Ideas formed in her mind, but were just as quickly rejected. Some were too impractical, while others just didn't match her preferred style. Portraits of all families were a little too complicated, as well as highly impractical. Mirrors that provided a bit more detail and real-time imagery were discarded for the same reason. Perhaps a pool of water... now there was an idea. Arae thought it fit well in the grassland she had set up too. Maybe some trees as well to complement it... yes, YES!

Arae concentrated harder than she did before, trying to visualize just how it was going to be. She had to make this one perfect. This one would be a representation of her own family, and it would feature ALL the gods. She began to walk along what would be the edge, tracing the shape of her upcoming creation. This would go here, and that would go there. She could feel the power welling up within her again, but this time, she was releasing it more slowly, giving it a more careful form. Ripples appeared on the grass, and the land turned into water. Slowly, but surely, she had formed a large and magnificent lake. It was not complete yet, however. Now came the trees. She took her time with these. She used all that she remembered of her limited experiences with the others, as well as the power of her might, to capture the essence of them and manifest each one as the various trees.

When she was finally done, she inspected her handiwork. A fiery tree that raged with a temper, and only seemed to blaze even hotter when she got too close. A tree with long hanging, green dreads, as well as scaly bark similar to that of a reptile's. A tree with a plume of orange. A tree, lush and green, and seemingly had the primordial idea of a tree when one looked upon it. A tree with a warped, thin trunk and held a lot of color in its leaves and branches. A leafless tree that was covered in an aura of darkness. There were many more, all of them gargantuan, and Arae believed that she had done the best she could at creating them. She may not have liked all of them, but they were as honest as she could make them, and that was enough for her. She took a look at one tree in particular. It was a modest one compared to all the others. It had scaly bark along its trunk and the outside of its roots, and the leaves were a sky blue. On one side, though, it had a cluster of branches that were dead and leafless. Arae knew that this was her tree. It felt right to her, and it felt like her.

Still, she was not done just yet. There was still one thing to do. Extending a hand, she made a circular motion, and a wind began to blow. It gained speed and spun in a circle, creating a tornado, which touched down onto the lake. The waters began to rise from the surface, carried upwards and creating a waterspout. Arae then brought her hands together and split them apart again, and the waterspout began to split into multiple different spouts. Each of them began to travel to different areas of her sphere and sprinkle the water onto different areas of land, providing the energy needed for the sphere to fully function. Arae heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, her sphere was complete. Her sphere would track and record the families of others for generations to come.

"Spekatha... is complete..." Arae said, having decided on a name for her Sphere. Turned toward the giant lake, Arae continued, "The Pantheon is perfect. Everything is done." There was only one question left to answer: what was she going to do now?

Well, perhaps some rest might do her some good. All that work left her feeling rather tired. Going over to the Pantheon, Arae flew over to the tree that represented her and found a spot in its branches that seemed comfortable enough. From there, Arae wrapped her body around one and let out a yawn, resting her head against the bark.

Michael Angie


Michael raised his arms, flexing his fingers, then pushed himself up into an upright position. His body was still pretty sore, especially his arms, but he definitely felt better than before. It would have to do, and wherever he was going, it was a lot better than resting and recovering in bed. "Thank you, Diana. That feels much better," Michael said to Diana, nodding in appreciation. "And for the record, my name is Michael, but 'Trap Master' is not bad," He slid out of bed and got back onto his feet. There was a small but painful throb when he landed on his injured leg a little too roughly, but otherwise he was fine. Michael paid it no mind. There was work to do.

"There are a few questions I want to ask you while I still can," Michael continued. "First of all, how did you dispel my Trap Arts? I've never had that happen to me until now. Secondly, what are you planning on doing right now? From how panicked everyone's been recently I assume the trouble must be severe."
Michael Angie

Michael watched the screen with mild concern as one of the contestants seemed to be injured rather heavily, and the others rushed off in an alarmed frenzy. He would have joined them, but with his body as injured as it was, he knew he was in no shape to offer any sort of assistance. Both arms and a leg were too injured to move properly, and Michael felt lucky to have gotten away with just those injuries too, considering the thrashing he had gotten. Instead, he turned his attention to the patients who were still around. Ria and Diana were still around, but it seemed like they were asleep. He knew Diana was for sure, but was less sure for Ria. He briefly considered the possibility of waking her for some idle chatter and possibly a few pieces of intel, but decided it would be unwise to do so at the moment. Like him, she was recovering from whatever wounds she had gotten, and he'd rather not start unnecessary trouble for his own self-interest.

That left him to his own devices for the time being. He looked down at his own body and considered trying to apply some Body Arts to himself with a paintbrush in his mouth. A few attempts were made, and Michael tried his best to maneuver the stick with his tongue and lips. It ultimately proved to be harder than it looked, and Michael spat out his paintbrush in defeat. He pondered about what else he could do to pass the time. He hated having nothing to do.

Arae made her way through the hall, wondering who she should greet first. It seemed like some were already making friendly relations of their own with each other. Some were strange ones, and she wasn't sure how to interact with them. Others were already quite busy interacting with each other, forging new relationships already. All in all, Arae felt a joy she hadn't felt in literal millennia. She had a new diverse family to spend time with and interact with, and she wanted to spend time with them all. She really had to thank the Architect for this. Speaking of which, how was he doing-

Arae's joyful expression turned to one of shock as she saw a few of her godly family members confront the Architect, who in turn responded in similar ways to their actions. Alarmed, she quickly zipped over to the area, hoping that things would not escalate further than they already have. Fortunately, by the time she got there, the matter was already settling. Seihdhara was the one the Architect seemed to eye the most before he turned his attention to other things, but Seihdhara herself was otherwise unharmed. Chopstick Eyes was nearby, and had quite a foul mouth on her, but she was soon greeted by Shengshi. Arae breathed a sigh a relief, thinking that things were alright again.

But of course, her luck had to be pushed for thinking such thoughts. Sartravius had to try and stir up some more trouble. Arae turned to face him, and turned just a little more to avoid looking at certain... parts of him. Arae really thought he could do with a little coverage, at least. A little respect and decency could go a long way. "Sartravius, please, that's no way to act," Arae tried to mediate. "You shouldn't have flames engulf the world. See, follow Ashalla's example, and create something good for the world, rather than letting fire run free." Arae gestured towards Ashalla with a clawed hand, who was nearby one of the crystals that would send them off into the world.

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