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Location: Home of Tears
Level: 3
Experience: 42/30 (Level up available)
Word Count: <750 (+1 EXP)
Ganondorf @Double

Rubick chuckled at Ganondorf's words. "Oh, but a war story sounds absolutely delightful! I was in the middle of a war myself before all this happened," he said, waving his hand around and gesturing to the general area around him. He even twirled his staff around with a flourish, as if to prove something to the Gerudo King. Then Ganondorf proceeded to drastically change the subject by talking about the Thorn. Already forgetting his interest in Ganondorf's life stories, Rubick tilted his head to the suggestion, "Oh? Is this a stage to test one's might, perhaps?" For Rubick, his choice was clear. "Then I will accept your invitation and enter this 'Thorn' with you!" Rubick announced. "I could use some money as well. I spied some components in a magic emporium not too long ago, but they unfortunately do not take gold as payment."

Following Ganondorf to the Thorn, they eventually came across a female figure who greeted Ganondorf, evidently already familiar with him. Not wanting to be left out, Rubick also chimed in, "And so will I: Rubick, the Grand Magus!" He continued to enter the Thorn shortly after Ganondorf, excited to see what this arena had in store, and how Rubick could test his might against theirs.

Location: The Under - Ash Lake → Home of Tears
Level: 3
Experience: 41/30 (Level up available)
Word Count: <750 (+1 EXP)

Unfortunately for Rubick, Kamek didn’t have much of an answer to his question: ”I’m afraid you know just about as much as we do. That one we encountered on our naval voyage was our first encounter with one. They had been quite the non-factor before, and then all of a sudden we encounter 3 in quick succession.”

”Guess it took a while for us to catch those slowpoke’s attention.” Bowser guessed.

”Perhaps.” was all Kamek could offer in response to that. ”So other than having a lot of influence due to being embedded in the world, I really can only speculate. Some other, slower, defense mechanism of Galeem perhase? Its rulers by proxy? Some cabal that got free by some other means and simply took over. Who can say?”

”Well I can say that they are jerks. One where we were doing that boat stuff just stood by and let the people fight despite claiming to be on their side. Or maybe he was making shields and stuff, but I dunno if that was him or not. Either way, big full of himself jerk.”

”Given that F seemed to control time, and had incredibly powerful plant manipulation powers, it is perhaps best that he stood back. It's an odd pattern actually, all three haven’t attacked directly. Two by proxy, and one via dropping us down a pit he must have known we would survive. Including me despite the fact that I took him on directly after he stopped me from catching you all.”

”Buncha amateurs who think they're too good to get their hands dirty, and that they can toy with us instead of finishing the job. I’d say they’ll learn their lesson soon enough, but once I’m done with 'em, they won't be learning anything anymore.” Bowser declared, before clarifying, ”Because they’ll be dead.” very redundantly.

Rubick nodded, deep in thought. All in all, it seemed the Consuls were still quite the enigmas. This F and P were already intimidating enough, and he had no clue what the other members of the alphabet could do. It seems they would have to find information about them the old fashioned way, whether encountering one in the flesh or by other sources like the ex-king Asgore.

The next day, Rubick joined the others at breakfast and ordered a few things to eat. It was nice to enjoy the local cuisine, but the gossip around the table was plenty more enjoyable. The two separated groups of the Under, now together again, were sharing their knowledge of the areas they traversed, and Rubick noted Sectonia's descriptions of their experiences. It seemed like they did have a harder time, for which Rubick was saddened he had not been there. It wouldn't have been his first time encountering eldritch horrors; heck, he even remembered fighting such a creature or two back in the War of the Ancients. Their magicks were truly remarkable, and he regretted having not written their spells down.

Eventually, the group split off to perform their much-needed errands, and Rubick was left to explore the city. Unfortunately, he had no Geo to his name and the others were not around to spot him. Instead, he decided to wander and browse. A few knickknacks were around, and the sights were enjoyable, but each quickly lost Rubick's interest as he moved from place to place. The skeleton blacksmith's shop was also such a place, and it was there that he spotted a familiar Gerudo King.

"Ahh, we meet again!" Rubick greeted Ganondorf as he walked over to him, just as the man seemed to have just completed his transaction. "Ganondorf, was it? Quite the adventures this group has gone through, yes? Perhaps a few tales ought to pass the time as we meet back up! Maybe even a magical secret or two if you'd like."

Location: The Under - Ash Lake → Home of Tears
Level: 3
Experience: 40/30 (Level up available)
Word Count: <750 (+1 EXP)

"Well that was a sight to behold," Rubick remarked after all the excitement with the gigantified Bowser had calmed down. It was a shame they were from different worlds; with such power, the Koopa King would've stood among the top heavyhitters in the battle of the Ancients and be a fine ally to have. And that Flame Clock was certainly quite durable if it managed to withstand that onslaught of attacks. It made Rubick wonder just how valuable its contents were if it needed to be so unbreakable.

Asgore's tale was also rather sad, but more importantly, it shed a bit of light on the enemies the Seekers faced. This "F" was evidently a powerful foe and wasn't afraid to wield that strength. Everyone else seemed to know more about them as well, and Rubick hated being kept in the dark about such matters. "I would like to more about these 'Consuls' we're facing. It seems I'm the only one who knows less about them than everyone else here," Rubick complained. "You must tell me all you know about them soon."

Bidding their farewells to Asgore, they made their way to the green pipe that seemed rather out of place in this environment. However, the Koopa Troop were quite familiar with it, so it was likely safe to use. Curious, he observed the others entering the pipe, the structure making the same pattern of noises every time someone descended into it. Now fascinated, he stepped onto the pipe as well and was delighted to experience this new mode of travel.

When Rubick finally exited the pipe, he was about to drop into the water. "Oh dear!" Rubick said, quick to react by casting Telekinesis on himself, stopping just an inch off the water's surface. "Ah, that was close. I'd hate to get my robes wet. Well, wetter than now." Reorienting himself in the air with his spell, Rubick took in the sights of the city surrounding them. He was relieved to be in an area of civilization again, having quickly grown rather tired of the cave and root systems.

Setting himself back onto the ground and following the old Koopas Bowser and Kamek, Rubick took the opportunity to ask, "So, the Consuls. I've yet to face many of them myself, apart from that one back near the surface of the Chasm. Now that we have the opportunity... Please, tell me more about them."

Location: The Ruins - Dripstone Cave
Level: 3
Experience: 39/30 (Level up available)
Word Count: <750 (+1 EXP)

While the others began interacting with Asgore, Rubick made his way to the alters, examining each weapon on them. They looked impressive enough, and Rubick had the impression that they were quite powerful. But at the same time, he couldn't be sure. He would have to ask the only other sapient creature about them.

After the others had provided introductions, Rubick responded with his own and a flourish, "And I am Rubick, the Grrrand Magus." Rubick eyed Asgore up and down, trying to gauge the goatman's various characteristics. "Hmm... you carry an air of... regality about you. Are you a king of sorts?" Rubick asked.

Asgore regarded the mage with a far-off stare. "Not anymore, son. Not in any way that matters."

"I see." Rubick said thoughtfully. Truly, this man was full of questions upon questions. It was a topic for another time, however, as there was something more interesting to him at the moment. "Say, what are those weapons over by the alters? Do you mind if we take them?" Rubick asked.

"Fraid I do mind," the big goat told him, his face apologetic but his tone firm. "That said, I don't figure you got the reqs anyhow, so don't feel too bad."

"...What!?" Rubick yelled indignantly. To tell Rubick that there was a magical artifact that he could not wield was an insult to his title as Grand Magus. "I will not stand for this! I will claim the staff there as my own, for I am the Grand Magus!" Rubick declared angrily, and teleported over to the staff alter in a flash of white webs. Picking it up, Rubick grasped it firmly in both hands and began to concentrate. He tried to channel his mana into it and attempted to cast a few spells, but the staff refused to respond to him. "How could this be?" Rubick asked, realizing that Asgore spoke the truth. Distraught, he set the staff back down in its original position and returned to the group, his head down in shame.

Rubick then contemplated his choices of tea that Asgore had provided before settling on Crumbling Cheeseweed simply for how delightful its name sounded, and he began to sip it under his mask. He silently swore that he would return one day to claim the staff.

Location: The Ruins - Dripstone Cave
Level: 3
Experience: 38/30 (Level up available)
Word Count: <750 (+1 EXP)

Rubick made his way down with everyone else, zapping some Basilisks here and spraying burning venom on one there. It was a vile place, but at this point Rubick was already expecting the environment to be inhospitable. Along the way, Rubick spied the various items and pieces of equipment scattered around, but chose not to go for them. Rubick weighed his options and deemed the worn state of the items to not be worth the risk. The party eventually managed to reach the bottom, and they were greeted with a sight of sandbanks surrounded by water.

While the others began to do their own thing, Rubick summoned his Xweetok striker, Wiggles, who began to swivel his head around to take in the sights as he stood on Rubick's head. It was a rare occasion to have a little bit of peace Then Wiggles climbed down and into Rubick's robe, and then pulled out Silitha's Spirit. Rubick's eyes widened, having forgotten he had the Brood Mother's Spirit on him. Rubick laughed and gave Wiggles a chin scratch as he took the Spirit. "What do you think, Wiggles? Is it time to test this?" Rubick asked his little furry friend. To Rubick's surprise, Wiggles shook his head, then pointed at Kamek. Rubick turned toward the koopa mage, initially confused. However, this also awoke his curiosity, so Ruick went over to Kamek and asked what he should do the spirit.

One thing led to another, and Rubick now had the Snaktivator in one hand and Silitha's Spirit in another. According to Kamek, he could use the Snaktivator to focus a fusion into one body part to help mitigate unwanted changes. While Rubick was tempted to just let the Fusion happen and see what would occur, Rubick decide the folly of getting an unwanted weakness would not be worth the temporary euphoria of satisfying his curiosity here. It was already hard enough surviving in the Under, after all. Rubick set up the Snaktivator, and then let Silitha's Spirit fuse with him. It was a strange feeling, having this strange energy merging with his very being, and it left even Rubick lost for words.

But it soon passed, and Rubick found himself with an altered appearance. Turning his body around, Rubick could see that his fancy collar now resembles a bottom jaw with upward-facing fangs, and the lengths that trail upward are now more like Silitha's scythelike pedipalps. His robe is now primarily spider silk and now features chitinous armored plates, while the curled extremities of his cape look like upturned spider legs. The green gems in his armor and on his body now look more like yellow spider eyes. He also felt the sensation of new information flowing into his brain, similar to his Power Steal, but so different at the same time. He concentrated on the feeling, and webs of light surrounded him before he teleported over to the group, who seemed to be in the middle of explaining the topic of Spirits to Teemo. "Voila! Before you stands a new and improved Rubick!" Rubick announced as he lifted up jazz hands. "Still a magus, yet now much grander!"

Location: The Ruins - Dripstone Cave
Level: 3
Experience: 37/30 (Level up available)
Word Count: <750 (+1 EXP)

The Lightseeds were quickly eliminated, and Rubick walked over to examine what remained of the now-dead creatures. Rubick guessed that such creatures were meant to overwhelm foes with sheer numbers. It was a tactic he had seen employed by other creatures many times in the past. He wondered how many others had fallen to this "Infection". If it was as truly as virulent as Barnabee claimed, it was a wonder the other inhabitants of the Under didn't all fall victim to it by now.

There was little time to dwell on such speculations, however, as Primrose guided them towards their new destination. The trip through the swamp was rather unpleasant, and Rubick felt he needed to give his robes a thorough cleaning after this, but they otherwise made the journey unharmed. Rubick was most curious about the illusory wall, examining every inch of where it lay in an attempt to figure out how it worked. Making a mental note of it, they continued on and even found a small amount of loot that had been stored in a treasure chest. Rubick took a sample of the Gorajian Mushrooms for himself. The little scout Teemo evidently saw their potential, judging by the sheer quantity he had looted, so Rubick guessed he would find a use for it as well.

Looking up, Rubick noticed something off about the wall behind the chest. Of course, he had seen something like it very recently; the illusory wall hiding the passage they had just taken. Rubick extended his staff toward it, and it passed through the wall, as it too was an illusory wall. Walking through it, Rubick looked both up and down, taking in the sights of the new environment. "I wonder if the rest of the Seekers missed us while we were gone." Rubick thought out loud. "And if any of them suffered casualties, I hope I can obtain that Triforce of Power." Of course, a new environment also meant new foes, if the mushroom creatures and basilisks were anything to go by. "Well, it won't be my first time killing local wildlife," Rubick remarked, readying his staff. According to his mental calculations, he should have enough mana to make it through the area, but only tiume would tell if that was true.

Location: The Ruins
Level: 3
Experience: 36/30 (Level up available)
Word Count: <750 (+1 EXP)

After Rubick pulled Teemo out of harm's way, the Koopa Troop were quick to blast the giant bugs into oblivion. Even the little yordle he had saved joined the fray. Rubick was more than willing to let the others take them down, as he could sit back and conserve his mana. He nodded in appreciation, glad that such firepower was on his side. At last, the battle died down, and Rubick could relax. At least, as much as he could in this underground environment. He wandered around the room for a bit, already bored, and quickly locked onto the Snail Shaman attempting to cleanse the corpse of a bug near the entrance. Something seems to have gone wrong, however, as the bug began to spasm violently. Or rather, something underneath its surface began to do so. Rubick took a step forward, unable to contain his curiosity, but quickly took two steps back once the seedlings burst out and began swarming towards he group.

Barnabee quickly warned them not to let the seedlings touch them, which Rubick was quick to oblige. Rubick thrust his staff forward and casted, "Fade Bolt!" The green bolt of energy blasted one of the seedlings and began bouncing through each one. At the same time, Rubick grabed his Blink Dagger and teleported back over to Kamek, who had set up a Sphere of Protection. Rubick hoped it would last. Although he was curious what this "infection" that Barnabee mentioned was, he was not so keen to see its effects on him.

Location: The Ruins
Level: 3
Experience: 35/30 (Level up available)
Word Count: <750 (+1 EXP)

Rubick stared in wonderous curiosity as Kamek summoned a spider mount. When Kamek spoke to Rubick, Rubick replied with, "Ahh, an opportunity to learn more magicks!" Spell Stealing Kamek's ability, Rubick mentally sorted through the knowledge that now lodged itself into his brain. "Hmm, less variety than I expected," Rubick concluded. "But it is a wonderous ability nonetheless." Rubick began to wave his staff around and began to repeat Kamek's chant. Or at least, tried to.

Grow and grow, O loyal steed
Of you we have need
I require a steed quite nice
And what will do is a cockatrice!

At Rubick's command, an egg spawned on the ground which continuously grew until it hatched into a giant rooster. It crowed loudly as if to announce its appearance. Rubick gestured for it to sit down so he could climb atop it, and then he proceeded to ride it alongside Kamek's spider. They were mindful of the hazards in their path, avoiding them or blasting them away with spell and weaponry. Rubick found out that it was far more difficult than it looked to be shooting a Raygun while riding a mount. It was certainly different than if he would ride his staff. Rubick also found the gun to be out of ammo, as it clicked harmlessly every time he pulled the trigger now. He would've put it back in his robe, but an unexpected leap caused the gun to slip out of Rubick's grasp and poof into nothingness when it hit the ground. It was a curious phenomenon, but sadly there was no time to study it, and the thought soon left Rubick's mind.

As they traveled, the group discovered a small unconscious creature in the green goo, and it was under attack by the local wildlife. Rubick was the first to act, casting Telekinesis on the little furball and carrying it away from the giant mosquitos. Upon closer inspection, Rubick found that it was clearly humanoid in appearance. Perhaps it was more intelligent than it appeared, judging from the oversized head in proportion to its body. "Curious..." Rubick mused.
Hector vs Kaison

Hector’s parents greeted him with cheerful laughs and a hug as they came up to each other. Hector’s mother began fussing over him, making sure his hair was straight and whatnot, to which Hector responded by groaning in embarrassment and trying to brush her off. Hector’s dad, meanwhile, was laughing at this turn of events. Eventually, they began to talk about Hector’s performance in the school.

“I’m doing great, mom, dad,” Hector said. “The duels are tough, but even when I lose, I always learn from my experiences.”

“Good, good,” Hector’s dad nodded. “Always make sure not to get complacent. That’s a surefire path to failure.”

Jon watched his brother as he stared off at the horizon. He was back to wearing his default casual smile, though it didn’t quite reach his eyes. Their parents didn’t show up, which wasn’t really any surprise, though Jon still didn’t want Kaison to just walk away from the docks and go back to his weird dueling fugue. He’d been going on a proverbial rampage ever since his break-up, and after losing soundly to him, it didn’t feel right for Jon to continue trying to duel him out of his funk

Not that he would win, probably. Kaison’s deck was a hard counter to his, and he was always the better duelist besides.

As he started people watching the other students and their parents, he caught sight of his roommate Hector chatting with his parents. Maybe he could give it a try?

He walked on over to Hector, lingering awkwardly a couple steps away, looking for an opportunity to butt in and not really finding it. Eventually, Hector mercifully took notice of Jon.

“Oh, hey. Mom, dad, this is my roommate, Jon.” He turned back to Jon, giving him a pitying look. “Parents didn’t come?”

“No, but that’s not important. My brother is moping, and I was wondering if you could beat him in a duel.”

Hector raised an eyebrow. “And that would help?

Jon nodded like it was undoubtable. “It would.”

Hector looked at Kaison, then shrugged and readied his Duel Disk. “Then let’s get this duel underway,” Hector answered, grinning at the prospect of facing a new opponent.

Jon brought Hector over, said that he’d like to duel Kaison, and Kaison nonchalantly agreed without issue. The duel had begun, and all the parents gathered there would be their audience.

Kaison went first, simply setting a monster and ending his turn.

Hector began his turn by drawing a card. “First, I’ll activate Assault Teleport, allowing me to place my /Assault Mode monster back into my deck and draw two new cards,” Hector announced. “Not bad. Now I’ll play my Field Spell: Magical Citadel of Endymion!” The area around them changed, forming into a beautiful city with magic circles in the sky above them. “Next I’ll play Spell Power Grasp! This allows me to place a Spell Counter on one of my cards and add another Spell Power Grasp from my Deck to my hand! And I choose my Magical Citadel!” The Citadel in the distance then displayed a number 1. “And when a Spell Card resolves, Magical Citadel automatically places another Spell Counter onto itself!” With that, the 1 soon changed into a 2.

“Now I’ll Summon my Assault Sentinel!” A hooded beastman then appeared on Hector’s field. “And I’ll use its effect to Tribute itself, allowing me to Special Summon my Level 1 Tuner monster: Psi-Reflector.” The beastman dissipated, and was quickly replaced with a humanoid creature wearing a large suit, its arms glowing with green pulsating energy. “By revealing ‘Assault Mode Activate!’ in my hand, its effect allows me to Special Summon one monster that mentions “Assault Mode Activate” from my Graveyard, and increase its Level from 1 to 4. Of course, I choose my Assault Sentinel and increase his level by 2.” The beastman returned, and its level was increased to 6. “I activate Assault Sentinel’s other effect, which allows me to reveal one Synchro Monster from my Extra Deck and change one of my monster’s Type and Attribute to the revealed monster’s. I’ll target my Assault Sentinel for this effect, and change its Type and Attribute to LIGHT Spellcaster!” Hector declared, revealing his Arcanite Magician.

“Finally, the moment of truth,” Hector said, and he took a deep breath. “I Synchro Summon using my Level 1 Psi-Reflector and my Level 6 Assault Sentinel! Come forth, Arcanite Magician!” The two monsters formed into a singular ring and 6 glowing stars, merging to form the white-robed mage. “When Synchro Summoned, its effect places two Spell Counters on itself, and it gains 1000 ATK for each Spell Counter on it! And that’s not all! I activate Arcanite Magician’s effect! By removing a Spell Counter from my field, I can destroy 1 card you control!” The Magical Citadel’s counter dropped from 2 to 1, and Arcanite Magician fired a bolt of black lightning from its staff, destroying Kaison’s face-down monster. “Battle Phase! I attack directly with Arcanite Magician!” Arcanite Magician fired another bolt of lightning, this time white, striking Kaison and dropping his Life Points down by 2400.

Kaison LP: 8000 > 5600

“Now I’ll place 1 card face-down and end my turn,” Hector said.

Kaison drew a card for his turn. “I special summon Treeborn Frog from the grave.” He gave Arcanite Magician a strange look, (perhaps one of pity?) before turning his attention back to his hand. “I activate One for One. By sending a monster from my hand to the grave, I can special summon a level one monster. I choose Morphtronic Vacuumen.”

“A vacuum cleaner.”

“Yes. It has this handy ability where it can suck up one of your monsters, like this. Go!”

The dust-busting menace aimed its deadly suction hose at Arcanite Magician, and like a saturday morning cartoon and/or unfortunate astronaut in deep space, it started to spaghettify.

“In that case, I activate my Trap Card: Assault Mode Activate!” Hector countered, the card flipping face-up on his field. “With this card, I Tribute a Synchro Monster and Special Summon its upgraded version from my Deck! Behold, Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode!” Hector’s Arcanite Magician robe began to glow, and with a flourish the magician exploded in a flash of light, revealing its bright red-orange armor underneath.

Kaison put his hand on his chin, seemingly admiring the new armor. “Neat.” He pulled a card out of his extra deck. “Using Treeborn Frog and Morphtronic Vacuumen, I XYZ Summon Lyrilusc - Promenade Thrush. I’ll detach Morphtronic Vacuumen to target the Magical Citadel of Endymion, shuffling it back into your deck.”

The grand city and magic circles of untold power fade away without a trace.

“Next, I’ll normal summon Kinka-Byo, and use its effect to special summon a level 1 monster from my graveyard. Guess who?”

Hector grimaced. The stupid vacuum cleaner was back.

It’s not a hard once-per-turn.

“Let’s try that again. Suck up Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode!”

Like staring down the barrel of a gun, Hector watched as his strongest monster spiraled away into a black void of nothingness.

“Now, using Kinka-Byo and Morphtronic Vacuumen, I’ll XYZ summon Ghostrick Dullahan.”

A headless horseman appeared, riding a white steed with mad red eyes. It’d be more intimidating if it wasn’t so small, though.

“Promenade Thrush, Ghostrick Dullahan, attack directly!”

The bird girl and the ghostly cavalier charged at Hector, dealing damage, one, then the other. “Using Promenade Thrush, I can detach Treeborn Frog to increase Ghostrick Dullahan’s attack by 300.” Ultimately, their attacks didn’t hurt that badly, though

Hector LP: 8000 > 6000

“Main Phase 2, I’ll XYZ Summon two Downerd Magicians using Lyrilusc - Promenade Thrush and Ghostrick Dullahan. Your turn.”

Hector drew his next card, his mind lost in thought. Because his Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode wasn’t destroyed, he could not activate its effect to bring back the original, and the Magical Citadel’s protection effect was easily circumvented. “I’ll play Endymion’s Lab,” Hector said, the Continuous Spell appearing on his field. “Endymion’s Lab’s name is treated as ‘Magical Citadel of Endymion’ while it’s face-up on the field. And I’ll activate Spell Power Grasp, allowing me to place 1 Spell Counter on it and add another Spell Power Grasp from my Deck to my hand. Endymion’s Lab also gains 1 additional Spell Counter when a Spell Card resolves.” Hector looked at his hand once more, then sighed. “I’ll end my turn with that,” Hector said.

Kaison drew again. “I special summon Treeborn Frog from my grave, then normal summon Battle Fader. Using Battle Fader and Treeborn Frog, I XYZ summon Ghostrick Dullahan.”

His Downerd magicians giggled demeaningly. 1200, 2300 and 2500. He had exact change. This was it.

“Now, Dullahan, Downerds, attack directly!”

Hector’s LP: 6000 > 0

Kaison was smiling just the same as when he started the duel, but Jon looked troubled. Kaison was difficult to read, so he couldn’t say for certain Hector’s efforts were in vain, but he had just asked his roommate for a favor that ended up humiliating him in front of his parents.

Hector dropped to his hands and knees in defeat. He had been overwhelmed practically one-sidedly. It was so… so…


Hector raised his head, his eyes lit up with excitement at Kaison’s dueling style. The ability to swarm the field with Level 1 monsters and summon multiple Xyz monsters was new to Hector. “That was incredible!” Hector said to Kaison, leaping back onto his feet. “You made use of so many different effects to dismantle my field and establish your own! And they all came from Level 1 monsters! I’ve never seen anything like it! How’d you come up with all this?”

Kaison’s face didn’t undergo any drastic changes, but from Jon’s perspective, it lit up. “I just really like underdog strategies. I started with strategies revolving around certain low-attack monsters or a bunch of normal monsters, but I found I liked playing my level 1 deck more.”

Hector nodded, “I see, I see.” Taking out a notebook and pen from within his jacket, Hector began to write within it, jotting down notes like ‘Treeborn Frog’ or ‘must inves. fur.’ “I’m no stranger to underdog strategies myself, but it seems I’ve been too focused on specific archetypes. It’s good to keep in mind the individual cards themselves as well. Thanks for reminding me about that,” Hector said.

Kaison looked embarrassed, putting a hand on the back of his head. “Oh, thanks, anytime. I’m not too familiar with Spell Counter strategies, but they look interesting.” He glanced at Hector’s parents, gauging how much he was getting in the way but not coming to a definite conclusion. “Wanna exchange contact information? We can talk more about it later."

“Sure!” Hector agreed. Hector’s parents were laughing as they talked to each other. They had been initially concerned at their son’s loss, but it was clear they had nothing to worry about.
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