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@Crusader Lord No :( I looked forward finally interacting with you.

Carmina let out an annoyed grunt as she noticed that her skill didn't activate at all, causing the Goblin to run as far as it could in the opposite direction it said initially. A ruse perhaps? Maybe goblin were smarter than they looked.

She pointed to Svarok's spear and at the goblin before she started singing from atop of her lungs, activating her skill as she did.

"Beneath the forest's canopy, eyes heavy with the night,
Gently swaying hands, I bid you to take flight,
To realms of dreams, where fears take no leap,
In soothing silence, my command: sleep!

If the goblin would fall asleep, they'd have a hostage, if not, at least it would slow him down enough to allow Svarok to hit him with her spear before it ran too far while also letting the two not leave the sight of the other two dead goblins on the ground. They were in a forest after all, who knows what predators might be attracted by them and then they'd lose their prey.

This whole situation reminded Carmina, briefly, of home. Of her "formation" years as she called them. The times when she would have to hunt for food, pick pockets and whatever else she could to survive.
@Zeroth How does one gain a new skill? Like, let's say I want to be able to put someone to sleep with my voice. Would it a be contanst try to get do that using my current skill OR would it be more in the terms of what I eat? Just want to be sure.

PS: Wow, you were fast with your reply!
@Zeroth Hmm. I wonder what she'll get, if anything out of goblin meat + some whatever she gathered as seasoning.
@Zeroth Carmina will most probably cook and eat goblin. Would that kill her? 😅
@Zeroth @Rune_Alchemist

Carmina continued praising the goblins as Svarok killed one of them. Her distraction seemed to work. One down. The other one was scared...and spilled the beans straight away.

"So, you're...friend was spying on the orc camp, they've got a base in the south mountains and you're out here hunting runts. Good to know! See? I told you, you're smart! Smartest goblin in your tribe. You've got two options now. Option one, you come with us back to our camp where you'll be rewarded for your honesty. " started Carmina, while simoltainously activing her ability, hoping to encourage the goblin to trust her long enough for them to knock it out.

"Ooorrr...option two. We kill you, take your weapons and then I'll consume you. Always wandered how goblin meat tastes like. I've gathered some nice ingredients to spice your meat up too. Can't wait to use them. " continued Carmina while unsheating her weapon and slowly approaching the goblin, a hungry look on her face, teeth in the front, to be seen.

As she talked, she kept moving slightly to the right. Slowly, a step, a small hand movement in the opposite direction, anything that would distract the goblin from seeing she was circling around it. Keeping its eyes away from Svarok.

Post coming up today. Apologies once more!
As promised, post is up and hopefully, it'll be a bit funny too :)

Carmina approached the goblin with the spear from the back, realizing that her plan to calm everyone didn't exactly work as intended or better said, only worked partially. She made a stop sign towards Sarvok and started talking fast, hoping to catch the spear-goblin's attention.

"There, there. Calm down. It's all good. I'm sure my friend here just misunderstood your joke, you...beautiful goblin. Look at those muscles and your skin. Why, I think you're probably the strongest goblin in your tribe! A chieftain for sure. Hells, maybe even the Goblin King himself stands before us. While your friend looks like they're the fastest goblin in the whole of creation! You can probably run around the whole forest in under two minutes, don't you? I'm honored, no. More than honored. Humbled! Humbled! Humbled I said! Humbled to have met you. " said Carmina, her voice suave trying to get butter up the goblins.

Even if it wouldn't work, it would at least distract or confuse them until Sarvok had a chance to strike. Carmina moved her body low and raised her hands up in the air as she shouted humbled but always kept the goblins's feet at eye level; if they'd decide to attack, she'd at least see their feet and give her a chance to dodge or attack herself.

Lifting her head up a bit but still not looking the goblins in the eye, she continued her passionate speech.

"Now, please, tell us. Tell us what great business you have in this area? What task of probably utmost importance for all goblinkind, that you like, of course, brings you here?"
Still here guys, gonna get a reply today/tomorrow.
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