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Current Rejoisers of mine, be brothers!
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@Demi I know EXACTLY how you feel. I've had 2 weeks off 2 months ago and nothing was done when I came back due to "not knowing how to" and then after a training session etc it happened again.
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Happy birthday me!
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That moment when you try connecting the mouse in the usb port and then being confused as to why you can't move the cursor with the USB cable....


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On the brilliant roleplay : Through The Gateways

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@Lucky Now that I had time to think. Got 2 more questions if that's alright.

1. How...heroic our characters will be pre-IC? Can they already be established heroes in whatever land they come from or are they fully new adventurers that just started their career?

2. What level will our characters start from?

3. Optional question if you can explain here. Can you expand a bit more on combat/stats? If you're gonna explain that in OCC, kindly ignore me.
Or maybe I'll do something else, not sure. I'll wait for the OCC to start up properly before deciding. All I can say is that I've got 2 ideas for now and that I'm very much interested.

The only problem I've got with DnD is that you've got so many races/classes/stories that can be told to choose from that it's hard to settle on one idea 😅

Maybe I'll bring my Goblin around. Have a proper "From 0 to Hero" story.
@Dog Ha! Somehow I knew you'd appear here as well.

@Lucky Based on "adventure where players have full freedom to do as they like", am I correct to assume that if we want our characters to establish their own kingdom, we can?

One more thing, what about Gods? Are we gonna go on the usual DnD Gods or you've got others as well? I'm thinking of a priest character.
The Return of Ashe

Time: Late Evening
Location: City Gates
Interactions: NPC - Caravan Leader
Mentions: N/A

Alright! We’re here! Good job with those wolves. If you need another job, I’m leaving in 2 weeks. ” said the caravan leader as he handed out a pouch of coins to Ashe. A meagre pay but money wasn’t what she sought in Caesonia.

She accepted the pouch with grace, shook her head and started walking. A moment later Ashe stopped and turned her head around and said “ I ain’t leaving Caesonia anymore. Not alive at least.

And so, she arrived in Caesonia. Nine years ago when she was forced to leave, she was merely a child. Now, she was back and a child no longer. The first years of her voyage away from home were hard. A woman that does sword work didn’t get jobs and most tried to take advantage of her but it never worked. She did what she had to in those first years. Stealing, begging, murder whatever was needed to survive. Things changed after a while as her reputation grew. More reputable employers sought her out and in only five years, everyone in the business knew her moniker.

That ended as well after discovering a passion for duelling lordings in the tavern or different brothels who couldn’t keep their mouths shut. Bets were placed and at the end of night, she’d be richer by a not-so-modest sum. Of course most of the coins were spent just a short while later on alcohol and entertainment in the form of sexual organs of all kinds. From that, her duellist career and reputation only blossomed. While still taking jobs here and there for an extra income, her mercenary career was in the past.

Time: Late Evening
Location: Streets of Caesonia
Interactions: N/A
Mentions: N/A

As she arrived during the night, not many people were outside but she remembered bits and pieces of where she had to go. First objective was to secure something to drink, eat and a place to sleep which meant only one thing. The Tavern! Guards were out and about, patrolling the streets and after a quick question to one to point her towards a tavern that’s closest, she arrived. The raunchy songs, the laughter and occasionally drunk made the tavern an easily recognizable spot. That and the sign that read “The Tough Tavern”.

Time: Late Evening
Location: The Tough tavern
Interactions: Barmaid - Marceline/Drunk
Mentions: N/A

Gripping her sword tightly and taking a deep breath to center herself, Ashe entered the tavern. The night was close to its end but there were a lot of people still inside. Taking a seat at an empty table, Ashe waved to the barmaid, a very cute ginger girl. Exactly Ashe’s type.

With a smile and a coin lifted into air, Ashe said, in what was her most charming voice :

Hey there. Bring me some ale and whatever food you make the best and for some extra coin, answer some questions perhaps?

A small girl with short red hair and black lipstick moved up to the bar and leaned on it with a smirk, looking her up and down a moment before declaring and retreating backward, “ Hey there…You can call me Marcy. I’ll have your ale coming right up. As for the questions.” Marcy paused as a few more guards suddenly burst through the door. She chewed her lip for a moment as they moved over to also speak to Olga. With a worried expression, she leaned on the bar again to crane her neck and watch as some of the guards broke away from Olga’s table and then proceeded to ascend the stairs.

Marcy cursed under her breath a moment then looked back to Ashe with wide-eyes and a huge grin, ”Sorry! Uh.... Sure. Questions. Oh wait for coin, eh? I like the sound of that.”

Ashe watched as the guards burst in the tavern and shook her head.Some things never change, no matter what kingdom she finds herself in. There is always someone in trouble, there’s always a game afoot. Returning back at Marcy, Ashe looked deep in her eyes and smiled.

Pleasure to meet you Marcy. As long as the information is good and you won’t lie to me, I will pay 2 coins per question answered. I hope that’s fair. First of all, what are the latest news? What’s up with those guards? Will you join me in bed later? Who are the important people in the city? ” all the questions came in rapid succession, one after another and 2 coins were put on the table after each question was asked.

Marcy pushed the ale across the bar to her, meeting her eyes as the girl piled on questions. She leaned on the table as she casually answered after a brief pause, “ There was a big ball tonight; some people from the Alidasht and Varian Kingdom brought their rich offspring over to spouse-hunt for the summer. Somebody was murdered and those guards are trying to find out who dunnit. I will not join you in bed. Obviously the King, Queen, their three-no four kids, the Duke, the other nobles from all over the place... And me. “ She poked both her own cheeks, ”Cus I’m the cutest they got here.” Licking her lips, she hungrily grabbed onto the coins, emitting a pleased giggle.
Listening closely as she started sipping on her ale, Ashe smiled. “ It was worth a try, love. So, we’ve got nobles from quite a few kingdoms and people murder each other stil. Drama always feels at home in Caesonia.” said Ashe while also thinking to herself that the ale was as bad as she expected.

Nodding a thanks to Marcy, she turned around on her seat and surveyed the tavern. The commotion the guards made could still be felt but it didn’t stop people from having fun. As she was looking over, a song started at one of the tables and soon others joined it. While not actively listening, it was hard to ignore it. A song about the great Caesonia kingdom. Ashe shook her head and spit on the floor.

A man that was sitting at a nearby table noticed her gesture and with wobbly steps made his way to her. Anger and drunkenness clear on his face.

Hey! HEY YOU! ” said the man, liquid dripping on his chin.

Initially ignoring the man, Ashe continued to look around and sip quietly on her ale while one of her hands rested on her sword. Seeing that he’s being ignored, the drunk took another step and raised his hand towards her.

In a lightning fast movement, the type that has been honed after years of constant training, Ashe’s sword went out of its scabbard and a small thin line of blood soon formed on the drunk’s cheek.

Raise your hand once more at me and I’ll take an eye. That was just a warning. ” her voice was curt and to the point as if it wasn’t a threat but just a fact that Ashe was stating.

With a hand on his face, blood pouring from the cut, drunk started shouting and a shush overcame part of the tavern as if they smelled the blood that was about to be spilled. Soon enough, a few more men stood up from their seats and approached.

Leaving a few coins at the bar, Ashe winked at Marcy, shook her head and started walking, if they want a fight, a fight they’ll get but outside the tavern.

5 coins that I win against these 4. To the first blood. ” shouted Ashe just before exiting the tavert. The drunk men followed her quickly, alongside other patrons. Some to watch, some to gamble.

Taking a position in the center of the road, Ashe closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The cool sting of night air on her skin giving her goosebumps. With her sword, Ashe drew a circle around herself and then waited, eyes closed. The drunks surrounded her and they all had makeshift weapons, farming tools or simple daggers.

Look at her lads! Falling asleep in the middle of the road. Dumb woman! No wonder why your kind can’t fight, falling asleep during a fight ” said of the drunks, followed by laughter from the others and other different types of sounds.

Breathe. Breathe. Wait for them. Don’t kill them. ” thought Ashe to herself.

Two of the drunks ran towards her, one armed with a sickle and the other with a wooden club. One step, two steps, three steps and they didn’t have time for the fourth step as Ashe’s blade sang its deadly song. A trained fighter would have no issues seeing her sword’s movement but for the drunks, it moved like a blur.

One cut, two cuts, three and then a few more. Each followed by a yelp of pain from two men that dared to enter Ashe’s circle. “ By the rules of the duel, you two are out. Step inside again and I’ll start cutting body parts. same tone as before. These were facts and nothing more. She couldn’t treat this as a real duel otherwise the men would die and she’d be in trouble for no reason.

The drunks looked at each other and one more stepped in the circle, only to be awarded with a cut just above his eye. A crowd slowly gathered from the tavern and others that came to see the commotion.

This kept going for a few minutes with each drunk getting a series of cuts at different places of their body but nothing that would impair their work the next day or that could lead to further trouble. The crowd soon got bored soon after as the drunks lost their fighting spirit.

Now, why don’t you men go over to your wives? I’m sure they’re wondering where you are. ” said Ashe in a friendly tone, her sword once more in its sheath.

Collecting her money from someone in the crowd who held the bets, Ashe nodded a thanks and walked towards the brothel. After every fight, she’d get the desires that only a brothel could satisfy.
@Lucky Hi! This looks quite interesting! Would our characters have to be natives to the islands or can they have come from other lands? Without spoiling the story etc, can you give more details about the purpose of the rumours? As in, will they have any other scope other than what was already stated?
Ashe smiled at Manzur, nodded gracefully and fixed her mask back on her face.

Looking at the group, she said " Let me try something see if we can do both at the same time. Maybe it'll work if lady Luck smiles on me. "

As she finished talking, she took out her pair of dice. Looking at them, she concentrated deeply and after a few minutes they began to glow slighly with a yellow light. She then shouted out loud, her voice distorted by magic " Let all the valuables in the camp appear in front of it. Let what is not know, be known!"


I've also made a discord server for us.
Ashe shook her head. She was used to this racism from non-demonfolk and even from each other occasionally. It was one of the reasons why she wore a mask on her face at all times to hide her nature. Not that she was ashamed of it but because it was the only way to stop people making comments like this.

" I'll appreciate it if you refrain yourself from racial comments but--", Ashe took a deep breath as memories of her imprisonment and savior resurfaced. She grabbed her sword and squeezed tightly to center herself and continued talking " I was once in a bad bind and saved by a human. Anyways, I suggest we collect everything we can from the camp. "

She then turned towards Manzur and asked " The offer for training still stands, yes? "

@CoffeeDrunk Hi and welcome to the guild!
@MagratheanWhale No. Anarchy will reign...SUPREME!
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