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Also known as : Ashevelendar/Ashevelen/AsheTheReborn

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Playing as the Goddess of Trade in Divinus 7

Playing as the Goddess of Shadowy-Trades in Divinus 7

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"I will avenge those that I have lost."

N A M E Ashevelen
A G E 28 - 99,977 TK
G E N D E R Female (she/her)
R A C E Elf
S U B -R A C E Mereai


T O W N Morgana
R E G I O N Foggy Isle
P O P U L A T I O N 1586
C E N S U S Elves
T R A D E Fishing
N A M E S A K E Named after Fata Morgana a complex form of superior illusion visible in a narrow band right above the horizon.

✦ ✦ ✦

P A R E N T Mora
S I B L I N G Wilham (half brother, human, MIA)


W E A P O N ! A long staff made of wood with a metal implement at the core
W E A P O N “ A small knife
A R M O R A dark blue robe with a hood
T R I N K E T A mask covering her face

T H E F L E S H & M U S C L E
T H E F L E S H & M U S C L E


Maybe one the weirdest combinations of magic, at least in the town of Morgana, is those that study both the ancient magic of time manipulation and the phantasmal powers of illusions. The power to bend time to one’s will together with the power to make the unreal-real. A successful phantasmancer will be able to create solid illusions and slow down time around their targets or make solid illusions which can stand the test of time.

Y O U R B R A I N & N E R V E S
Y O U R B R A I N & N E R V E S

/// Moraa Ashevelen has studied the two types of magic which run into her family. The elven magic of her mother and her hometown was first. Illusionary sounds, images and even messages were part of her education but as she reached adulthood and met her brother, she discovered herself being drawn to Chronomancy.
/// 99,983 TK to 99,991 TK

/// Mentor - Wilham Wilham, already an accomplished chronomancer, found a willing student in Ashe and while he was not able to teach her everything he knew, he managed to teach her the basics from where she only improved herself.
///99,999 TK to 100002 TK

/// WORK Learning any other type of magic that wasn’t of the Purple type made Ashevelen a pariah of her town. Having to leave her town of birth behind, Ashevelen joined Wilham’s mercenary band, “The 8 Fingers” and became the last “finger” of the group. The 8 Fingers were a mercenary band formed solely by mages of each magical school. The band was well known in the Foggy Isles and also the Holy Isles as one of the best mercenary bands to hire if you’re dealing with magical issues.
///99999 to 100002

/// BATTLE Also known as the “Amputation of the Hand”, this event marked Ashevelen’s career but also ended it. On a particularly dangerous contract, the 8 Fingers were sent to clear out a den of liches which were abducting people in the area and turning them into thralls against their will. While usually this would be a cleric’s job, the groups that were initially sent were never heard from again which prompted the local authorities to issue a contract on them. Ashevelen’s job was to create powerful illusions to mask the party yet when faced with a crazed thrall that recently fed and was covered in blood, Ashevelen froze. Her powers faded and the party was discovered. While successful so far, 3 of the Fingers were killed off before they even fully entered the den. The rest soon followed. Wilham used everything he had to save Ashevelen before he disappeared too. Never to be heard again.

/// JOB Retreating from the world after the destruction of the 8 Fingers and the apparent death of her brother, Ashevelen made a vow with herself to wear a mask for the rest of her life. Hiding in shame. Hunger soon came and she needed a job wherever she wanted one or not. She got herself hired as a shopkeeper’s assistant until a few weeks before the present day.
///100005 TK

Y O U R S O U L & H E A R T
Y O U R S O U L & H E A R T

CARING CAUTIOUS INTELLIGENT Racist against Thralls/Liches

Ashevelen is a friendly, compassionate friend to those that aren’t a lich/thrall which she hates with the passion of a thousand suns, blaming them for the death of her party and in part hating herself for it. She’ll always think twice before acting and will always try to put herself in danger if it means saving one from their demise, a way to atone for her past.

✦ Mastrix, Goddess of Magic ✦
✦ Mastrix, Goddess of Magic ✦

Ashevelen’s belief in Mastrix is one of logic more than devotion. It makes sense for her, as a mage, to worship the Goddess which made it possible for her to use her gift. Made it possible for her hometown to exist. While she believes in Mastrix, Ashevelen partially puts the blame of her powers fading at the wrong moment on Mastrix too. Surely Mastrix was a true Goddess, she would’ve made use of the powers of magic wouldn’t fade when extreme conditions are present.

M O T I V A T I O N & I M P E T U S
M O T I V A T I O N & I M P E T U S

There are two very important reasons as to why Ashevelen joined the expedition even if she initially left the adventuring life behind. Atonement for her past actions was one of the reasons. Nightmare after nightmare, night after night, she experienced the loss of her friends and family. Ashevelen felt that if she joins another group of people and gets them to succeed, maybe she’ll be able to sleep.

The second was more simple in nature. If she couldn’t find atonement, at least she would find the second best thing. Death. She would give her all and if she died, that was alright for her. From Ashe’s perspective, she should’ve died years ago.


Ashevelen wears a mask at all times combined with the dark blue robe that she’s never seen without. She’s wearing nicely cleaned boots made for walking on uneven terrains but also uses her black wood staff to walk with at times, not because she needs to use it but because it gives the illusion of someone who’s no danger to others. Her staff is kept in pristine conditions and Ashevelen is known to wake up half an hour earlier than most people to polish her staff and when time allows it, to wash her clothes.



Penumbra and Pyrrha

Destiny & Destinations

In the skies, she soared upon the Stria that Desire created - the shimmering river between the stars and the scorched earth - and she played with the coin that Ashevelen had passed onto her; flipping the currency between her fingers, while wondering what the price of freedom truly would cost. A funny thought to be had, as the avatar of the Hanged One, when she flew freely upon the Sunset Orange. Pyrrha then purposely thought of Penumbra, summoning her shadow companion from the Bazaar.

Penumbra was…busy in the Bazaar. Enjoying the hard earned benefits of almost fulfilling their Creator's quest. Even if said quest wasn't fully finished, Ashevelen deemed it so.

Power flowed into them as their spirit grew in power. Once, for those that could see the power flowing in a champion's soul, it was barely a flicker…a spark of divine essence. Now, it was a torch. A bright light. Not enough for a full divine but enough for them to be recognised as one destined for greatness and eventually, divinity.

But then, their break ended. Penumbra felt the power of the coin and soon found themselves in the company of Pyrrha once more but as Pyrrha would look at them, she would notice how different they looked. Their shadows were dark from the waist down but their upper side was as if made by light. Solid light. Only their face was split in two, one of shadows and one of light.

"Pyrrha, greetings. I take it that the business with the Lady's sister has concluded? " they replied, their voices; not one but two, different from before. One that felt calm, and the other darker, reminding one of the old Penumbra.

“I cannot say with certainty since change comes and well - changes the world; changes all the contracts and supposed conclusions. I lack your calm, cousin. Chaos is coming and I worry about my familia. Do you believe the Bazaar will be a bulwark against corruption when war covers the cosmos? Do you think you could win against such an ancient and accursed calamity - the Unraveling.”

Pyrrha murmured, then motioned with her hand at the horrid sight of blighted stone and darkened debris far below them, forming a vast devastated landscape. There was something about the simple gesture which gave the impression that the world was going to suffer a much more foul fate than what she and the changed-Penumbra could see from the skies.

The Hanged One grinned as her gaze turned to the deity in development, ruby-emerald eyes glittering dimly, and indicating the inner arrival of Desire once again. The scarlet goddess glanced at her hand slowly, silvery strings suddenly appearing in a pile upon her palm and woven around her arms, though they stretched unseen beyond physical boundaries.

"Let's just say the Lady has a plan. A way to leave this plane of existence. The Lady hasn't seen fit to reveal the whole extent of her plan but what I know is that the Umbra won't be left behind. As for this corruption? I've been gifted with a new power. It won't matter to me for now. Yet, I can't stop myself from wondering, what is the purpose of it? What's the other side of its coin? " said the two voices of Penumbra before noticing the eye of Desire.

"Goddess Desire. A pleasure to meet you. The Lady spoke of your encounters. How can I assist you? "

A smile; swiftly shown and then sent away. The silvery strings stirred, shifting and singing softly. A series of sacred symbols; seven threads, slender and still stretching into the unseen - into the Sea of Shadows. Akin to a hand stretching outwards, attempting to Hang onto something. Terribly - the threads seemed so tight against her skin, coiling like serpents that sought to choke the life of a small creature that was caught.

Desire did not speak even as the silvery strings scarred her with sanguine intersecting stria. She simultaneously shone like a star in the heavens, while she was simultaneously shrouded in secrets, as a demonic darkness touched the devout darkness of the divine. A twisted shaping of sanctified shadows that turned into a sinister scripture written upon her blood-stained skin. The sundry trails of blood grew along the gangrenous goddess, rippling away and ripping her apart into sections secluded.

She became suspended over Sunset Orange, hanging herself as the shimmer-board serenely halted. The Stigma screamed: An interlacing language, abhorrent and agonizing, appearing before the agent blessed by Ashevelen. The flowering fragments and fractals sprouting from the seeds sinfully sown in sacred-flesh, too perplexing to decipher for even divine eyes, for Penumbra. However, they did see the similarities to the ruby roots of Hades, and an appalling reminder of how one always stays.

“I’m sorry if I hurt somebody…”

Time stood still, though scarlet tears still fell - sinking from the open skies of freedom to the depths of despair. The screams of strings; an otherworldly orchestra, the symphony of sorrow, overwhelming to mortal minds. How many times could an immortal mind endure the torture of descending into the Abyss? Seven strings seared her skin, and the goddess gasped. Reflected in her ruby-emerald eyes were seven simulacrums - sisters - shattered into shards of shriveling spirit. Slain by their source, by the terrifying source of this tapestry…

Anath Homura the Creatrix. Annihilation was coming.

Penumbra chose to meditate. Locking their legs onto the Sunset Orange, they closed their eyes and took deep breaths. Their spirit flaring like a light-house, a light in the darkness of the world. With a simple thought, their spirit molded into a sword then a kettle, then a ball…bouncing within themselves. Malleable spirit, changing from a bright light to a dark and threatening shadow. The duality of Penumbra now made evident on their whole body.

Goddess Desire?” said Penumbra, awakened from their meditation from the whispering voice of the Goddess.

“I’ve never been the best at giving a good-bye… I think that saying; “see you tomorrow…" hmm, sounds so much more beautiful.” Desire mused aloud as she showed the shadow a smile suffused with such sorrow, submerged in solemn serenity - she had seemingly meditated as well and adorned herself with a mystical mask. The swift spell was a stalwart shield against the adversary assailing all aspects of her mind and spirit.

The sinister sigils of the Stigma screaming across her skin, her small and soft shape - her soul surely suffering such torture that the term “Hurt likes Hell” did not begin to convey the excruciating essence of what was happening to her. The stigma shrieked with insanity; with weird baleful babble, with Goddess-defiling gibberish, malicious molesting madness. So all of the silent sinful sigils were seen as thus, except for a substantial sentence seared into the flesh of the Hanged One: A profane proclamation purposely provided for Penumbra.

All of Honor shall be annihilated.

“Yes, Penumbra?” Desire asked, abashed and ruefully shaking with laughter - attempting to hide when she shuddered with agony, however subtlety had simply never been a skill she acquired all throughout the eons of her existence. She suddenly held the Jade Knife in her hand, calling upon all of its curative power, halfheartedly praying it would ease her pain, as she shared in the current conversation with her cherished companion.

Your pain is obvious. Where are you going? Can I help somehow? Is there anything I could do or the Lady? I can call upon her at a moment’s notice if needed. If…you’re ready to pay the price for her help, of course. ” replied Penumbra. The words were jumbled, fast. Before they could even finish talking, Penumbra approached the Goddess and took a very deep breath, the curative powers they received, the power to cleanse corruption were being primed. Their whole body started to beam with dark light. A combination of darkness and light. The Duality is what they called it.

But they knew they couldn’t help, they knew she was in distress. Whatever was happening, it was enough to bring down a Goddess of her power. Enough to make her…almost scream in pain. Their distress was obvious on their faces, they wanted to help, they wanted to help the Goddess somehow.

“I… She… I have to go back, but I don’t - no; I can’t - and if I don’t hurry, she’ll be here to take me too. I won’t let that happen.” Desire answered, attaining a sudden amount of dignity and decisiveness at the end. She stood with a surge of beautiful and baffling defiant-acceptance, as the Sunset-Orange started to soar along the Stria again.

As they sailed towards the southern lands; the discordant-tranquility of Desire turned to stare at Penumbra, those ruby-emerald eyes of the goddess glittered with joyous-sorrow, and reflected the duality of their partner. The Hanged One offered her hand, holding the Jade Knife outwards; the verdant blade of the healing artifact precariously positioned upon her palm. The power to cure all wounds was changed then, and the artifact became a true blade, capable of cutting through skies, seas, and mountains.

“Should you wish to summon Ashevelen to witness this exchange, then do so. Indeed; do as you desire, my friend. I have a favor to ask of you - a request. Please release me from our pact. Let me be free. Let me go.”

The Jade Knife hummed with horrific knowledge. The Goddess. The Hanged One. Desire - daughter of Homura. The epithets of her essence. How she laid herself upon an unseen altar, seeking to sacrifice her thoughts and memories, her divinity and immortality, so that Penumbra and she were unbound by a promise made between them and a being that existed in the past, as she became the self-appointed princess of nothing now. No longer possessing the names she held previously.

To be nameless… She did not tremble at all as she approached her death, either decided by herself or by the baleful being awaiting the two of them beyond.

Penumbra saw the distress on the Goddess’s face once more, this time stronger than before but it changed, decisiveness taking its place. “[color=]Having a divine being tied to my own being isn’t something I wished for in the first place. I’m more than happy to release you from our pact if it were in my power, but the Lady’s power may be needed here. [/color]” said Penumbra, their voice trembling before sticking a hand within themselves before pulling out a coin. A dark gold coin that seemed to be constantly moving. Taking a deep breath, Penumbra imbued some of its spirit on the coin and…they disappeared. Ashevelen appeared as soon as Penumbra was gone, using a change-places coin meant to extract Penumbra at a moment’s notice and exchange their place with Ashevelen wherever she might be…if so she wished.

She turned her head towards Desire and shook it. “When I gave Penumbra that coin I half-expected them to summon me for some unimportant mortal business but it looks like I was right to give it to them by the state of you. Talk to me, sister. What’s going on? It feels like this world is ending and I have pressing matters to take care of.

“It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that the world is coming to an end. My mother comes hither to annihilate me, as I have taken her tribute away from her. I don’t wish for her to hurt Penumbra as well, whom accidently forged an accord with me. A primeval pact that was wrongfully wrought and what shall not be their weird, if I can challenge the Fates. Will you, Ashevelen, Lady of the Swift Shadowy Trade, release Penumbra from their pact. Will you free us?”

Again - Desire held the Jade Knife outwards, its serpentine handle presented to the second deity with tenderness. The second-sight granted to the gods and goddesses allowed Ashevelen to see the truth The Hanged One spoke of: the imminent arrival of Anath Homura - after recently announcing her intent to reshape the world - and the precious possession that Desire had taken. The flames of Hope to rekindle the hearts of humanity.

The Creatrix would come and adjudicate the crimes of the Flame-Thief, and perhaps the Hanged One will be punished before all those that are still gathered. Desire only sought to separate herself from Penumbra prior to the torturous performance, potentially preventing them from feeling pain. She could extemporize until the end of her existence, offering an ersatz solution to those she had come to swiftly cherish.

Ashevelen laughed for a few seconds at the mention of a primeval pact. Such pacts were rare and powerful but easy to break. She found in her existence that the stronger the pact, the easier it is to break. True brilliance is creating a pact that’s very simple and impossible to break.

Her laugh stopped tho’ when she realized what Desire actually said. Death, destruction of a divine. The Creatrix coming to kill Desire. A plan formed in Ashe’s mind and she swiftly put her business face on.

I can offer you salvation from your mother, if you so wish. It’s just the type of trade that you can only do once. But first, let’s break that pesky pact between you and my champion. ” said Ashevelen as she waved her hand and a tiny invisible-until now- string appeared. Leading from Desire all over to Penumbra.

This pact is linked to Penumbra’s life force. It’s a simple matter of extinguishing that life force without killing either of you. If you would’ve been linked to any other creation, it would’ve proved harder to break but these are my creations. I just have to…multiply Penumbra or better said, have them procreate. ” continued Ashe as she snapped her fingers. A few mere seconds later, the string started moving, pulling left and right until eventually it stopped.

A mirror appeared and in it, two Penumbras could be seen. Looking quite bewildered at one another, they mimicked their moves and circled one another. The pact’s string could be seen going into the first Penumbra’s body while the second one was free of the pact. Another snap of Ashevelen’s fingers and the first body disappeared. Unknown to Desire, they weren’t killed. They were simply sent away, far into the cosmos. A plan for later, a chance for one Penumbra to experience life, even if it’ll be a painful existence at first.

And done. Penumbra is dead and they’re alive at the same time. Same as before, just younger or at least their body is younger, they are the same person. Now, are you ready to hear my deal? A way for you to be free of your mother. Once and for all, you just might not…enjoy the drawbacks. ” said Ashe with a charming smile.

“I’m ready. I cannot see a cure to this ache in my chest, or to the hatred in the heart of Anath Homura. I just… wish to flee from the curse of family and all of the pain.” Desire answered, appreciative of all that Ashevelen had done, and anticipating what she would do as well. Whether her choice was wrong, or correct, she wouldn’t be certain until she at least attempted this. She simply contemplated all of her decisions prior to this moment, and mused whether she had walked the path she wanted to or not. Her namesake was absent, enigmatic and elusive, in this abstruse state of existence seemingly steps away from eradication.

Very well, your divine spark in exchange for freedom. I’ll say it’s a good deal. Let me just add, if I do this, you will never be able to claim back this divine spark you’ve got and I will not allow you to kill yourself or purposely put yourself in danger. Now…” said Ashevelen as divine power gathered around her “ Let’s start, shall we?

Desire gave a nod of consent to the other goddess, and then took another leap of faith as she freed the fiery seeds of her divinity from her flesh, the fractured sacred sparks sifting through fair skin similarly to the sundered soil spoiled by scavengers. Soon, all of the seed had come together and formed the flames of her spirit which she offered to the Lady of Swift Trade and Shadows. “In exchange for freedom from my fate and family, I accept your trade.” The Hanged One affirmed.

Power surged around Ashevelen’s form, all it moving towards her hands until they glowed with the same golden power. In an instant she closed the distance between the two and pushed a hand deep within Desire's body, all while grabbing the divine seed with the other. Words in thousands of forgotten languages could be heard, chanting. On and on until eventually Ashevelen pulled her hand out and took the divine seed away from Desire. Her body slowly losing its divine look.

"Choose a new form quickly before everything divine leaves you, old sister. " said Ashe, sweat on her perfect face dripping. Her voice sad yet hopefully.

The second choice startled Desire, and she floundered amongst a series of shapes and forms, deliberating which would be suitable when she would no longer wield divine strength and sorcery. So she shed the visage of her sisters - she was fond of their shared faces, however she wished to avoid being a simulacrum of Anath Homura - her straightened hair became black, freed from being tied back in a bow, and more minor changes were added to her mien. She stood slightly taller than before, and the features of her face were more angular, appearing almost ambivalent, as opposed to the fierce and fiery aesthetic of old… A face which showed her absence of faith. Her attire shifted into something simple and primarily snowy white with shades of grey and accented black - reflecting her removal of all ties to the past and the unknown path of the future.

As soon as the divine spark was taken away, it disappeared and appeared back in the Shadow Bazaar. Its light shining bright from atop the tallest spire. A light-house in the Bazaar.

"You are mortal now and within my power, old sister. You might not agree with my next decision but you'll come to understand it, in time. " said Ashe with a gloomy voice as she pinched Desire’s head. Every memory of Desire’s life, origin and life was taken away in a flash. Tiny shards appeared as they were being plucked from her mind. One by one until there was nothing but the most basic things left. Those and a message, "find the shards, reclaim your destiny."

With a clap of her hands, the shard started to levitate and each went in different directions around the world. Another clap spelled doom to Desire as she'd find herself in a ball of shadows. The ball started spinning and spinning until Desire fell unconscious. With a strong kick Ashevelen sent the ball to the ground from where Desire will have to find her own path.

"Let me talk, you just grunt when asked questions. " quickly whispered Ashe to Cicero as she took the lead.

"Yes. They don't need these downstairs, different job for them. Jas? I think that was his name, not sure, I'm bad with names. Average guy, nice smile, you surely know him. He said that there's a potential cave-in risk. Taking these over to check it out. " replied Ashevelen in the demonfolk language with ease. It was a language she hasn't spoken for more than a few sentences in years but, with any luck, she would be able to fool those two.

Ashevelen took a close look at the map and mapped it out in her mind. Doing her best to commit the map to memory. It always paid to be wary on one's surroundings, especially in tunnels like these. It was easy for one to be ambushed in the dark or get stuck in a trap.

" Who goes first? Isn't it obvious? The one that has a guard's armor. The one that can easily pass between them with a prisoner and if Cicero would be so kind to see if he can find one for himself, we can drag the three of you around. Apologies Fyr, Dal, but you've been here longer than Cicero, they would recognize you and that's too big of a risk. I'm sure we can find someone naïve enough who can tell us where your equipment is stored and even if we don' least we'll have the element of surprise on any that might come to see the commotion that you and the rest have surely caused. Sounds like a good plan, yes? " said Ashevelen. Talking fast but carefully looking at each member of the group in the eye as she mentioned their part in the plan.
@Zapdos The whole "I'm a pure innocent woman that belives killing is bad" vs "I'm a blood-thirsty monster that has seen billions killed, tortured in the worst ways possible" spiel also stroke a cord in me. Two personalities that are at odds with one another. Two people that are wholy different. From a story perspective, they'll both come to terms to whom they are now. They'll grow into a strong pair. They will start discovering that they're not as different as they think they are.

Yes, at the start of the story, they would be average. Maybe even weak (the human part at least) but that's the point, right? Have characters that are novices/a bit above that grow into real heroes or so.

Blood magic - control of a person's blood in different ways. Stopping it to flow for a few sec, forming blood into solid forms and flinging it at targets.

@Zapdos At the start of the RP? She will have some weak healing magic and cooking skills and knows which part of the knife to avoid (stabby part) but that's it. Him though...well, considering that he's trapped in a body of a girl, he'll be tiny bit faster than someone who didn't train that much, stronger too but at the risk of putting too much strain on the body. Neither of them needs normal food and heal a bit faster than a normal human.

Towards the end, when they'll actually be strong adventurers? She will have strong healing magic and know how to fight with a weapon (depending on which other character made by other players would want to train her). He will faster, stronger and (not sure yet) either get some blood magic or persuasion skills (control the mind of a person for a few minutes).

The main thing is that while they're a vampire, he can't be in control for too long. She will be in control of the body until they finally learn how to co-exist and share control. As at the start of the RP, she'll be afraid of letting him have control for long periods of time.

How does that sound?
@Zapdos The Templar idea forms stronger and stronger in my mind already BUT, I've got yet another idea that might prove quite interesting and that I've been meaning to play for a while.

A vampire but not in the traditional sense. In a CYOA book I read vampire were people who's souls have been replaced by a demon. So, one soul goes on, other soul is destroyed but not in all cases. In very rare cases, a person's soul was very strong (lots of willpower) and instead of being replaced, they fused together. 2 souls, 1 body. They didn't drink blood but drank on the soul of the creatures.

The character I'm thinking will be a girl, young and innocent while her demon is the opposite but they co-exist. Each with skills that are opposites to one another. Two characters in one, basically. How does that sound? If it's a no-no, then I'll go for the templar.

The templar's abilities are that of negating magic, sensing magic and of course, fighting with different weapon. Haven't decided yet on a backstory but I'd probably go somewhere within the lines "Land from far, far away where people avoid magic like the plague. Templars were made as a counter weapon against magic users. " My char would've probably been a squire that learned bits and pieces of their anti-magic powers but then *something, not sure yet* happened and they left the templar order to roam the lands.

The Siren is a specialised class of the Bard. Using their magic to convince people, monsters to do things. Something like this.

The Luck mage is the most random of characters. I can do it in two different ways (more but these two are the main ones).

1. They use a dice to cast magic. They simply need to say what the spell needs to do and then roll the dice. If the roll is a high number, spell works. If it's neutral, nothing happens and if it's a low number, the spell backfires horribly. The magic can be of any type of magic school and do pretty much anything. Dice can only be used twice a day.

2. A duelist luck mage. The luck mage has a passive luck field around them which makes them...lucky. An arrow shot by a master pushed by the wind and just narrowly misses the target. A sword that was sure to stab the char, hits the exact angle where the armor is the strongest. A spear thurst dodged by moving the arm/body whatever at just the right time.

@Zapdos Thank you for the answer. I won't be doing either of those, it was more to see what other people might. Got into one too many RPs where the setting was loose and people ruined it with custom races that were...too much or at least made me lose interest.

I've got a few ideas.

1. Orc, Templar class - inspired from the templars from Dragon Age (anti-magic people)

2. A Changeling Siren class

3. Whatever race, Luck Mage which I'm already playing in a different RP. The least likely from the 3.
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