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@TheLazarus Changed her personality part. Kindly check now.
Thank you 😉
Alexis let herself smile for a second before stopping. Noemi was calm, a bit too calm for Alexis's liking. She either had tricks under her sleve, which made sense for a bounty this big on her head. A million alive, half a million dead. Both could make her very rich and carefree.

She thought about it very hard, she could snap her spine or just put a bullet in her and be done with it. No fuss, no threats. A part of her stopped her though. If this girl wasn't the one the client was looking for, she would just kill an innocent. She done it before, many times but innocents always came back to haunt her when she went to sleep and another one to the count wouldn't make her feel any better.

" I don't know who you are, nor do I care, to be honest but you're worth enough both alive and dead. Let's try to avoid the latter, shall we? If you're not who I've got the bounty for, you'll be free to go. No problem. " said Alexis. Her spoke the truth and her tone indicated as much kindness she could offer for a possible innocent.
" Now. Move. Slowly. Hands in front of you. No funny business. " her tone was like steel now and she said one more thing before pushing her slightly with the sword in the spine. " I'm doing myself a big favor. "

She guided Noemi slowly through the ship and after two minutes, they arrived at the brig. Not a proper brig, but it was remade to look similar to a prison cell from the prison Alexis was in. Two layers of bars, one of the same metal the ship was made and another one of energy. Even if the ship would run out of power, the metal would keep the prisoner inside.
Alexis pushed Noemi inside the prison cell, closed the metal door with an physical key. Something not very common these days but it short of stealing the key or breaking the metal, the door would remain close and yelled to JV to close the energy wall too.

" JV. Keep an eye on her and tell me if she even approaches the cell walls. Also, call client 24@41!. "

The call went through in a matter of seconds and the face of a male man appeared. His face was hidden from view with encryption software.

" CFD agent - Alexis reporting in. I heard you placed a bounty of a million credits on the girl behind me. " she switched the view to the one from the cell's camera and for a second, Alexis thought that the man smiled but it was gone too fast to be sure.
" Be at 425.12557. these coordonates in 2 hours. A ship will meet you there. The prisoner will be taken in and then the credits will be transferred to your account. " the man said. His voice was like 10 people talking in the same time, the same thing. A strange way to hide one's voice but Alexis didn't care.
Before she could say anything, the comm window closed.

" Heard that? The mystery client is ready to take you home or wherever he'll take you.

JV ! Plot a course to the received coordonates but be sure to stop 50 kms before them. I want to be sure we're not walking in an ambush.
" said Alexis. Her voice no longer being changed by the helmet.

She then went back to Noemi and after taking off her helmet, said " So, we've got about 2 hours until we reach the destination. First of all, thank you for the repair. It would've cost me a lot more on a starship. Second of all, do you mind if you tell me, why is there a million credits bounty on your head? Who did you piss off that high in the GN Council? " her voice was calm and steady. There was no sign of the harshness with which she spoke to Noemi before.
@TheLazarus Here she is. Let me know if she needs anything changed.
Also, what is possible by using Arcane magic?

The alarm kept showing up in Alexis's HUD, over and over again. The target was moving around the docking bay then disappeared for a while then appeared again. If this was for real, then that's it. Alexis would be out of her debt and could live with no problems anywhere in the galaxy. Hell, maybe in more places at once.

As the tracker was not very precise, she spent a lot of time looking around at each face of everyone around the starport. Human, AI, Android, she didn't even knew what she was looking for. Just a blurred image of a woman. She took out the picture again and displayed it on the HUD again, making sure she didn't forget any detail.
That's when it hit her. The girl. Noemi, she has the same body shape and if zoomed a bit, it looks like...she let out another string of swear words. That's her! The girl everyone was looking for. Noemi. Alexis couldn't believe her luck. What where the chances of finding one of the most wanted people in the galaxy by mistake?

She was excited and knew that she couldn't let it show. She still needed the girl to fix the ship and then...that's it. Just call the client, something very strange, as any prisoners are usually left at the nearest CFD spaceship/office and the client can pick them up from there and then, that's it. Meet with them and get paid a fortune. Luck finally smiled upon her. Karma or whatever it's called.
Waiting patiently was one of Alexis strong suits when hunting. An ability she honed in the military as being what was known as a "Ghost Warrior". They would go behind the enemy lines, soften them up and sabotage what they could.

After about an hour, she saw Noemi climbing down from the fuel fuselage. Dirty but it was worth a shot. Even if she wasn't the real person, a call was enough to clear things up. She went behind Noemi's back and put CFD badge on.
Her sword went out from it's holder very fast and came down towards Noemi's spine, stopping a hair-length away. A simple move of her wrist and Alexis would impale her. Alexis's other hand had a pistol pointed at Noemi's legs, just in case she wanted to run.

" CFD! I've got a bounty on this person. " yelled Alexis as loud as she could so that no onlookers tried to intervene. No one was stupid enough to do it anyway but she had to be sure. A million of credits was standing in front of her.

" Noemi, I'm placing you under arrest under the GN's laws. If you move, I'll kill you. You are worth the same to me, alive or dead but let's try to keep things civil. Shall we? " Alexis's tone changed from before, she was dark, threatening. She was putting a show, of course, one that usually made people double think if it was smart to try resist. Most of the times, they didn't.

She put the pistol in it's holder, always having the sword ready to strike and activated the cuffs. She then threw them in front of Noemi and said " Put them on and rise slowly. I don't want to have to wash my sword of blood, today. ".

Someone that didn't charge even for a scan was something too strange for Alexis to grasp. She grew cold in prison and learned how the way really worked and this Noemi was a child in that way. Strange. But, if she didn't charge too much, who cared?

The fuel part was something she didn't know about, most of the times the engineer would fuel it up and be done with it. Has Alexis been away from a colony for so long that she forgot how things are done? Or was she simply, too used to crooks, thieves and the like? A soldier turned prisoner then bounty hunter was not one that lived in colonies like this, where not everyone is out for blood, credits or the next fix.

Noemi was fast in doing the initial scan which meant less time spent staying out in the open. She knew that a bounty hunter will probably track her down eventually and make her pay the debt. A debt of 10000 credits plus interest was way out of Alexis's reach even if she sold everything she had. Staying out in the open like this wasn't good for someone that's hunted's health. She should know, she did it herself as a living. Most would do a mistake similar to what she was doing right now and would get caught.

After Noemi's last words she let out a few swears words common on the moons of Malaria. She was cheated on 800 credits.
" Perfect. I'll give you 700 credits if you can repair the ship in less then an hour. I don't care how you do it. I want to be up in the air as fast as possible " her harsh tone could be felt even through the voice modulator she used but she didn't care. It wasn't like she would see the girl ever again.

She then went to the AI to arrange the fuel loadup and then went inside the ship, waiting for the repairs to be done. That's when an alarm came up in her helmet's HUD. Alexis had JV to scan everywhere around the ship which was not guarded against instrusion for signs of the "Mistery Girl" that was worth a forture. The program was not very complicated as there wasn't much information on her but nontheless it was worth a shot. Curious, she opened it up and the program got a hit. The woman is somewhere in a 50 meter radius around the ship. Alexis eyes lit up even though she knew very well that it was probably a false positive.

Alexis went outside the ship and started looking around. A good way to past time while waiting for the ship to be fixed.

I'm trying to make a character today but I don't promise anything. look at my title and you'll understand

Thank you for the explanation ! @TheLazarus
@DrowsyPangolin I changed the ending of the backstory into :

"Seeing that Mortimer has magic of his own, albeit, very weak magic, one of the Witchhunters convinced him to enrol in the Arkus Academy for the studying of magical powers."

I understand that he should be careful. Golemancy can be used for non-necromancy stuff from what I understood of the setting, so, he can rely only on that. Soul Sight is a minor spell which doesn't have any visual effects or in other words something which can be hidden very well.

I'll have the PM up in a few moments about the staff.

@Lord of Evil Yep. I don't mind. Go for it. I can even change the second character's name if you wish ^^
@DrowsyPangolin I'll just leave this here. If 2 characters are accepted, then great, if not, use him as an NPC or if anyone needs a character...take him 😉

@DrowsyPangolin Done. Thank you 😉

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