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I’ve been on this site since 2015, not quite Guildfall age but I’ve been around the block a few times. I like just about any kind of setting that I can get interested in as long as it’s fun, over the years, I’ve written a lot of them too, fantasy, modern, sci-fi, whatever sounds fun at a time. You might remember me from the time the guild had a chat room, that was fun.

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Tenebrae City
The lab


Not good…


This was bad to say the least.

Everything fell on them all at once, the ceiling caved in, as armed attackers flooded the area. The hallway was filled with the same men, and to make matters worse, red lasers flicked on them. They were pinned. Ellie’s nerves were on edge, her eyes darted around them, trying to process everything at once. Whoever launched the smoke bombs was either hiding or in the crowd. Out of instinct, her hands lit up enough to throw a few punches, but she stayed crouch down to keep a semblance of cover being Linus’ shield. The attackers outnumbered them at least 20 to 3, there was no observable way they could get out.

"Friends, not sure where you're trying to go, but I think we might be able to help each other."

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

"Hand over the heart, and I can grant you safe passage."

That confirmed what had to be on everyone’s mind, these men weren’t high level security, they had the same goal.

Ellie’s voice dropped to a near whisper as she concealed herself somewhat behind Linus. ”Distract him.”

Linus set to work on striking a conversation with the man who emerged from all the smoke in front of the gunners behind him. He held a remote in his hand, and that needed no thought.

Meanwhile, Ellie turned her attention elsewhere.

”Dream, slowly- slowly move your hands out forward like you’re gonna surrender. When I broke those cuffs, we’re making a beeline for the nearest door we can find.”

"If the heart falls, it'll be destroyed. If you push that, they might back off and we can figure a way out of here."

”There’s no chance they’ll let us out. Look at the guns they brought. You draw, you shoot. Just get ready, when it happens, we aren’t slowing down.”

The entire time, light passively was collecting in her hands.




Tenebrae City
The lab


Make the play.


”Distract him.”

When the kid had a plan, trust her, he thought.

The man with the ink, who stood tall like he ran the place was in the middle of explaining how the reactor could be blown up when Rainsinger stopped him mid-sentence. ”Nice speech, did you write that down?” You blow that thing, you’re dead, you didn’t swoop in to steal dust. If I knew goons like you were packing, I’d have retired already. Look, you want this little toy we picked up, and we wanna get home.

But the way you’re carrying those guns, big as they are, It don’t look like you want witnesses. It’s smart, really. But you know how you get witnesses taken care of? Risk. Let me ask you something, whoever you are, what’re you getting paid for the box?”
He stared the man dead in the face, no less apathetic and collected than the say the King tried to put a leash on him. His voice was raised, and carried a tone that commanded respect and demanded to be listened to.

He was well aware of the gas creeping in them, his shield wouldn’t brush it away, it would just collect it.

”I dunno if you and all these guys are big in Tenebrae, I’ve been out in the world. What’s this heart mean to you? What’s a No-Witness card gonna run you, and what’re you gonna risk for it? Then again, I don’t think you’d have all those toys if your boys weren’t disciplined.”

They raided this lab easier than him and his companions, they meant business. Anyone could see that. His words were unlikely to do anything, but it had to just be enough so Ellie could spin up. ”Do you want to make this ugly? In a lab full of security? The longer we stand here, the longer those guards’ll have to wake back up.”

And so came forth the Hail Mary.

”You went all in when you don’t know your opponent’s hand, and you want to blow up a reactor you’re standing in.

I think you’re scared this ain’t gonna work.”

If this bluff works out, the drinks are on him.



Nora Gales

Location: Lacrosse Field.
Interacting With: Eretia Simmons (@Vicier) and Anastasia Hopkins(@MarshiestMallow).


There she is


Nora found herself standing beneath a tree for a considerable amount of time, rather than socializing with people, and running around the lacrosse field during the Welcome Back stuff they had arranged for. She just didn’t feel like it. All the running around and possibly getting sweaty before noon didn’t sound terribly fun. It was the same stuff every year. She was waiting on Tria to come around, they were old friends that go back to their first days of high school, bonding over occult subjects and “satanic” practices, depending on who you asked. No doubt they both had a number of memories of being looked at like a pair of unicorns from time to time.

Nora stayed put, leaning on the tree beneath the shade like that until she spotted someone in the corner of her eye- her other eye- who happened to wave at her. There she was. Tria and Ana! Nora and Ana were somewhat decent friends as well. They bonded over Tria being a mutual friend, who introduced them to each other a couple years ago. They got along well enough, and any friend of Tria was a friend of Nora. Tria was in her cheerleading uniform, so she assumed that’s what she was doing with Ana, they were going over somewhere else, Nora would be right behind them. It had been a while since they saw each other. She could brood under shady trees later.

Nora made her way across the field behind them, slowly catching up by the time they were at the place they were going. Nora looked around at people she had met and no longer talked to, people she’d never seen before getting to know Delbrook for the first time, and more. It felt strange, being back for the last time, she didn’t know which was up around here once, now she’s seeing students who were just like her step onto the grass for the first time. By this time next year, there’d be four grades of students who didn’t know the names of the people her age. She didn’t know how she felt about that, but it was going to happen eventually.

She caught up with them.

”I was wondering when I’d find you.” Nora spoke up, with a rare, warm smile on her face. This girl didn’t smile very often. ”It’s nice to see you two again. Have you seen the others yet?” Contrary to expected belief, Nora had friends. She wasn’t as closed off as one might expect, she was just a bit hard to see through at times, but she enjoyed Tria and Ana’s company.

Just out of curiosity, would it be okay if I made a "no girls allowed" RP in the public forum? If this is "ladies only", surely the opposite type would be equally permissible. I don't mean to be confrontational, I've just never heard of the concept outside of one-on-one RPs on this forum.

Molly West

Pun dulce...conchas...honestly, Molly was hung up on every word that came out of Monse's soft, immaculate face. It had been weeks since these two girls had laid eyes on each other in person. Molly was absolutely enamored by Monse. Their hands wrapped together as they strutted down the Day One Shabam as Molly put it. "Shit, babe, you gotta eat. Did your mom give you a hard time about it? Ah, don't worry, let's get you something good. There's usually some alright funnel cake around here each year, I have some water I can run in and get. Ooh, wait, I saw something on the school's Headbook that they'd have ice cream out here- the good kind, the one with the chocolate in the middle. I fuckin' love that stuff. I got cash, I'll get it if you want babe, we can- Shit, where was it?" Molly felt visibly giddy with Monse's arm wrapped around her, she was usually chill and cool, like the usually "cool kid" attitude, but now that she's been reunited with the love of her life, her lady of the night, her queen, She struggled to contain herself.

All the while, Molly had a cute, sappy smile on her face as if they were on a date and not at school. Really, any day felt like a date to Molly when she was in the general vicinity of her girl. Enough gushing, she thought. "C'mon. Let's find something to eat, babe." She said after a long, huge slurp of her coffee. Maybe this year wouldn't be so bad after all.

Ellie and Rainsinger

The gate came crashing down like a stack of boxes.

Pieces of metal flew off in various directions as the warm glow of Ellie’s foot faded, the gates flew open with the loudest sound since a dead man’s rampage. As it echoed all throughout the halls, they all marched forward. They found themselves above a pit of choking heat. Rainsinger stared down into the earth, Ellie searched around them.

”That’s what’s powering this place. Geothermal.”

”Feel like I’m being boiled in here.”

”Yeah- no kidding.” Said Rainsinger, the one not wearing a leather jacket underground. ”They put down a gate that big for this? That don't square.”

”Yeah, well, we gotta move. They’re behind us, and we’re at a dead end. I think we can jump on those, and find a way at the-.”

”Shh!” Linus craned his head towards, he could hear the sound of whirring, as bits of concrete fell from the ceiling. It was quiet in comparison, but it was noticeable. Eventually, they could all hear a loud thump as the grand prize itself just fell before them all by sheer luck. A glittering cube, a matrix of unprecedented metaphysical ability, said to have the ability to store meta powers within like a battery. The one, the myth, the legend. The heart.

It was housed in a glass canister, at least it looked to be glass. Something falling that far and hard couldn’t be housed in just ordinary glass. ”Is that…?”

”It’s gotta be. Grab it an-“ They weren’t alone. Ropes began to drop, they were about to be confronted. That was before the smoke bomb fell next to it. Ellie’s eyes darted to it, and Rainsinger leaped for the heart. The smoke bomb exploded in his face, as he started coughing profusely.

”Shit…here!” Linus managed between hacking as he shoved the heart across the floor before picking himself up and stumbling out. It landed by the gate, between Ellie and Dream. ”We’re pinned.” He finished as he composed himself, dropping his knees slightly into a more defensive and ready stance.

Ellie picked up the heart, on its own, it was small, but the contained made it noticeably larger. It fit under her arm well enough, but the hard part was getting out. ”This isn’t good. Where do we go now?”

”I’m thinking’ we’ll have to bust a way out.”

Ellie backpedaled and glared down the hall they just came from. Nobody had ran this way just yet. Not one of them had noticed the ninja who tossed the smoke down at them. They didn't have long before they would be completely surrounded at all points, the only possible way out was through. A long corridor of hallways they came through, or a vertical shaft that leads to an unknown part of the facility. Rainsinger stared up the shaft through which the heart fell. The sound of drills getting louder and louder. If they were trying to drill a hole in the ceiling, did the shaft go to nowhere? Could they go up the way the enemy was coming down? Ellie could always stun the guards again, but they'd surely expect that move twice, and Linus didn't have enough water to make a platform. What would they have done if they were still here...

Ellie's face perked up after a moment as she turned back to the others, specifically Linus.


Linus looked at her in total silence for a solid three seconds, he didn't expect that.

"Shinerush." He said confidently, as he brushed past Ellie outside the gate.

From the metal water bottles in his pocket, every drop flew out and formed a vertical wheel in front of him. The shape changed as the center of the wheel stretched forward. Ellie got right behind him as she spoke to Dream. "We're going to run out of here, if you see someone behind us, try to make a barrier out of your powers, kind of like the one he's doing. They won't be able to hit us as long as we stay in front of them." The wheel of water that Linus formed was now a hollow, foot long cone that seemed to vibrate profusely. Enough to distort what was being seen through it, but not enough to obscure their vision. Ellie reached forward as a clump of sunlight formed in her own hand. She reached into the water as it began to shimmer like the sun over the ocean. There was damn near nothing that would get to them now, as long as they stayed in front of anyone who tried to fire on them. "It's ready, let's go if we're goin'.

The water began to spin like a whirlpool, causing light to refract off the walls like rocks.

"Stay behind me, let's go!" She told Dream as she clutched the heart under her arms.

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