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i havent played warframe since railjack dont remind me
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If ur a titan main I must ask: What kind of glue do you eat with your crayons (if you know you know)
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I don’t have the energy to mess around on here rn
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Hunter master race, bitches.

Now that I’ve got the attention someone who probably doesn’t care...

I’ve been on this site since 2015, not quite Guildfall age but I’ve been around the block a few times. I like just about any kind of setting that I can get interested in as long as it’s fun, over the years, I’ve written a lot of them too, fantasy, modern, sci-fi, whatever sounds fun at a time. You might remember me from the time the guild had a chat room, that was fun.

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Now that Var had set up sentry detail around the place, they were ready for grabbing. "Alright, get t'snagging whatever ain't nailed down, let's start with that carrier first. And keep a gun handy, might be someone clinging to stuff inside still." "With that, the crew fell upon the downed vessels, taking every valuable thing they could from arms to goods. Frost went to the carrier’s cockpit first, it seems it came into orbit at a narrow angle, so it skidded across the ground very smoothly, but the winds knocked the glass out as it tumbled through the upper atmosphere. The cargo ship actually had a pretty good shot at survival, but the weather made the force of the crash too much to bear. If anything wasn’t taken out from the original shockwave of smacking the ground in a ship, the cold and something else would.

Frost ducked under some shards of glass to dive into the cockpit, the whole ship was turned somewhat on its side, enough to walk, but awkwardly so. The pilots were gone, literally and figuratively, and all the electronics were blown out, the heat from electrical shortages melted some of the snow, and water damage salted the wounds. Wires were hanging from the mangled thing. There wasn’t much to see here. Overall, the entire thing looked to be roughly a size and a half bigger than the Pegasus. What they needed to get to was the heart of the derelict vessel, where crates upon crates of supplies would be stashed. ”Headin’ in deep from the front, nothin so far. Who’s got the APC?” She asked over the comms they brought (did they?) just for this. The whole thing was dark and chilly, every now and then the overhead lights would flicker, but the scarring along the hull let in enough light to see. After a bit of trudging through wreck and snow, she found the cargo bay, the lower half of the ship, where dozens of dozens of crates were stored. ”Found the goods.”

While everyone was smashing and grabbing, the Skala had rounded the mountain and crossed the openings, there were roughly 10 to 12 in an on-foot convoy coming into view as a blur to anyone without any kind of scope or camera. Maybe Varzyrin had some sort of telescopic tech in his broody, fleshy circuits he was yet to inform the group about. They were coming closer and closer, one could give them maybe another half hour before they came into the immediate vicinity of the downed ships. They appeared to outnumber the scavenging criminals a good deal, but none of them were very well armed. Not even half of them had a spear, or some manner of walking stick in hand, and the rest carried a sack or something to contain something over their shoulders. One stood a few feet in front, a large and bulky one with a stout spear in hand. The rest of the Skala appeared to be following the front one. They were heading for the crash to observe the area. Perhaps they could snag something to, you tend to take what you can find on Formalis.

Meanwhile, there was no one inside the ship to ping the radar, so they could not notice that a large, electromechanical signal was being emitted from a particularly high wavelength machine of federal design hovering only a mile outside of Formalis’ upper atmosphere. The Ivory Flash was on the trail of the group. From where he was above the skies of the planet, Micheal was unable to see anything whatsoever through the vast and snowy clouds that churned throughout the air of the planet. There was no way to discern ground from sea, as it was all a solid, hazy white. The federal agent would only be able to get a clear view of the place upon entry, which could run the risk of Varzyrin’s sentries picking up on something in the sky.
A new day had arisen, and the morning air was nice and cool. Another decent day in Singapore, thanks in no small part to the safety maintained by the hero commission of the region. After the commotion from yesterday, things were dull. Everyone had a day to rest after such a hectic ordeal, most of them, anyway. The Amur Tiger had his hands full with a case of murder. The victim being a pro hero...That day, Zeal himself was notified that a telekinetic hero by the name of Matterbender had been declared dead by the large amount of her blood spilled in a tucked away corner of town. There was no body, there was no witness, not even so much as a fingernail or anything else to denote a face - or even an assailant - to connect with what had happened. Whoever had killed this hero was gone like a ghost. All that remained other than the blood to even suggest someone had been in a scuffle was the surrounding area. Damage to the facades of buildings, chunks of concrete scrapped and dented in ways no ordinary citizen could handle. Trash cans were knocked over empty, and their contents scattered violently. It showed an intense afterimage of a fight, but all the same was the lack of a body. DNA testing showered Matterbender's blood, but no body. All of this, the Amur Tiger was made aware of, and Zeal as well, but the results were ultimately fixed on one thing: There was a murderer on the loose with the capability to take down heroes and get away without a trace. It was only a matter of time before this happened again. In the meantime, the early morning news report had somehow caught wind. Perhaps someone tipped off the press or the authorities passed it along for everyone's safety. In any case, word of the uncharacteristically vague killing was being broadcasted at this very moment all across Singapore. Anyone watching the tv would see it, such as the young heroes visiting their friend, Yi, on this otherwise peaceful morning in their city.

"Good morning Singapore, today we bring troubling news of a hero presumed dead."

"Late last night, reports of screams and fighting led the hero Amur Tiger to a crime scene. What was found was little more than a large pool of dried blood and evidence of a fight between an attacker and a victim. No body has been recovered, but the 23rd hero of Singapore, the Matterbender, has been identified as the one who the blood came from. Currently, Matterbender is nowhere to be found, but was last see patrolling the area where the scene of the crime was found. She is currently presumed to be dead."

The video feed showed an image of Matterbender in her hero gear, as well as a set of knives collected for evidence as it continued.

The only other evidence to show that Matterbender was present is these knives, records show they were her weapons which she used along side her quirk. Some of them are broken, but all of them show heavy, recent damage. The assailant of this attack is nowhere to be found, and reports say the authorities were unsuccessful in finding any leads or clues as to who Matterbender's supposed killer is, or where they have gone. The number one hero, Zeal, has requested that we pass along a message to the public: Be careful when walking into less populated areas, and try to avoid travelling alone or at night. If you suspect anything abnormal, or have information that could be important, report it to the police or the hero commission as soon as you can."

Mizo wasn’t even awake yet, let alone watching the news, Penrose was watching intently, a hero killer wasn’t good. It couldn’t just be an average person, especially not in a place as tight on military heroism as Singapore. Something about the whole situation was unsettling to her. This could be a one time thing or it could be that every hero in the country was at risk. Would this villain stop there? Probably not.

Bad things were coming.
Wrong rp whoops
@Letter Bee

Do what you gotta do, no sweat my man.
Frost checked her gun's mag near the door as Vorra's ship touched down, her emotionless face told nothing of her instinct to stick to an in-and-out plan. This was unknown territory, even for a neutral planet. "If the crew's still kicking, leave 'em. They're feds anyway, no skin off our backs if they freeze to death while we're here. If we run into somethin' sentient like a human or a Spryzen, keep 'em at a distance- don't shoot unless they're reachin' for a gun. Varzyrin, you're packing the most heat out of all of us, so you're best watching our backs. Rest of us'll set to scrapping things. If it's breathin' leave it. If it's shooting us, light it up." That was the plan. Reactionary self defense only. Frost's tone was clear and concise, she was clearly used to leading operations like this before. As the door opened up to fill the ship with cold, dry mist, Frost took a step out onto the fresh-fallen snow. The dead mass of ships in front of them.

"Alright, let's get grabbing." And so they did.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the ridge...

Dozens of footprints added together more and more, a mass of furs and bodies trudging together towards the noises they heard further away. Skala. Scavengers, to be precise. Word began to circulate that something fell from the sky a good few moons ago, yet to be touched. The Skala making their way past the mountains were nomads, hunters who didn't take to civilization that few ever take to. They were not carrying guns, they had spears, and bows made from nature in anyway they could manage, animal sinew and bone, trees, whatever one could scavenge and work with on Formalis, one did. It would still be a while before the two groups of individuals met face to face. They were too far away in the snow and hills to be seen by their lookout, much less the rest of them. Skala were in great many numbers on this planet, but they had a tendency to cling together in groups, so they were difficult to come across. The noise of an intact spacecraft landing on their planet, which was otherwise dead silent, only perked their ears more than the prospect of unclaimed scavenging.

im under the impression someone's been fooling with magic and that's what happened

anyway im not sure where to take Mira rn so she's just kinda vibing at that tavern, i'm not quitting im just not sure what else to do until something occurs in town

so if i seem quiet im still here dont worry

In the following week...

The cold of Formalis had seeped into the crashed, rimed ships on its surface. Skala wandered about them thinking them to be something curious, but ultimately they were nothing but wonders that served no purpose to the wandering people. As quickly as they appeared, they were lost to the snow. The metal and plasteel that composed their twisted and mangled frames froze and warped as rocks and permafrost pressed further down on them. It would take some considerable effort to dig the snow away from the ships, but all that salvaged material could put a team of scrappers up for months if they got everything they could. This was the break Frost and Vorra had been needing for a while now, low on credits, bad luck, and running from heat. Not good for their type. Vorra found them and all was smooth, though recently the radio chatter on the less well known sides of the airwaves were talking about some white-knight-complex-having federal toady calling himself the "Ivory Flash." Some guy in a huge robot running around clearing places out for the Feds or something. Apparently his robot was packing major heat, wouldn't be good to run into that even if they had a Vrexul communist running with them.

Vorra had picked Frost up after a mildly long explanation explaining their new...arachnoid accomplice as well as carpooling for Molly who they had all met up with. Molly was her usual chill-vibed self around Frost, they hadn't spoken in a while. Frost and Varzyrin worked on getting everyone caught up to speed on the job and what Formalis actually was. It was a little awkward trying to get a Vrexul and two fugitives out of orbit, but then again, it wasn't something any of them weren't used to. once they were all aboard Vorra's ship, Frost got in front of everyone who was gathered around, for the sake of a briefing. She had a glock visible at her hip with a knife and magazines for said glock put up in her coat. While Vorra soared the lot of them through the less regulated pieces of the Federation's skies to get out from under their watch, she spoke to get everyone up to speed. It wouldn't be long before they got there.

Alright, listen up for a second, if I ain't told you already, we're going to a place out of Federal space called Formalis. Vorra says it's colder than hell there but we're going to loot a bunch of federal ships that crashed there. Big ones. They hit lower orbit at a sharp curve and the clouds threw 'em off their game. Pilots'r probably on ice by now but we dunno how much time we'll have until someone sends a rescue team out there or something. The plan is we get down there and take everything that ain't nailed down, haul ass to Kastrack or some other black market where the Feds won't look, split the cash, and go one about life like normal afterwards."

They had all spent a week's worth of time together so everyone by now was well acquainted, on a first name basis and background. Varzyrin was an anti-fed war hero, Molly was an anti-fed spy of a sort and Frost just a straight up criminal with good contacts. Since they were all familiar with one another, they knew everyone was here for the money, and more people meant smaller shares but more ease of shares at all. If anyone wanted to stab someone else in the back, that could put everything in a messy state. Formalis was coming into view on the horizon.


A dreary, foggy atmosphere of grays and whites which could barely be seen by the snow clouds. Of far behind the planet was an orange, mopey glow that could debatably be called a sun. This was it. "Okay, we're here, everyone. Get ready fer'a landing." As Vorra hit the landing protocol on her dash, the planet slowly began to grow bigger off the windshield, which was progressively getting foggier and foggier. They emerged from the sky near a valley with the sun high in the clouds, the wind blowing hard against the ship, but unnoticeably so; their targeted place wasn't very far. Formalis was a very quiet place, herds of oryx-esque mammals big enough to mount as steeds lept away over hills into peace as they descended. Off in the distance stood high, stoic mountains that broke the pale background with their dark, gleaming colors. There wasn't much in terms of civilization, but humanoid figures could be seen in small groups, off far away with staves to walk through the snow with. Once they made contact with the ground, roughly 30 feet of space between them and the two ships that had crashed, it was time for work. One of the ships was an aerial APC designed for transporting workers, everyone inside being dead with missing bodies. The other was much bigger and bulkier, it was for cargo. One could assume that they were going to set up shop here and take the place over for the government.

"Well, here we are."
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