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Current Man I suddenly want to do an elder scrolls rp
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Ma’am this is an Arby’s
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The only thing Edison was good at was gathering patents, that’s why you think Lewis Latimer didn’t make the lightbulb. Notch made Minecraft, Geb took the patent. Same concept either way you look at it
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It’s yeehaw time.…
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I don't want to alarm anyone, but I may or may not have made Gator Carriages a military tactic in a WIP rp that I am working on at the moment. Unrelated, but Florida is at least twice its former size.


Spread your wings and set the sky ablaze.

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Understood, I apologize for the amount of problems with the character, I’ll redo them again shortly
@LadyRunic I see, I’ll change it so she only traveled through the north and didn’t venture to places like the sea or the east or south and this is the next place in the north she’s appeared at

I’ll work on the appearance, I just liked the picture lol

I wasn’t really sure what to call her magic so that’s the one I went with, Necromancy and Druidism seem a little far apart, which is why I didn’t pick those two names, though I can work with that. She doesn’t always get to choose what they do, sometimes she doesn’t want them to talk to her, but they do anyway

The paper thing went over my head and that makes sense actually yikes

The part about her being from a western tribe was to convey how she has travelled a great distance through her years, and has seen a lot, but I can change that to a more northwestern location with some snow if that would be preferred

I just started reading this and I’m interested, will read more

Edit : oh yes I’m making a wizard I love the raw potential this is based in
@Dream Maker

I’m pretty sure everyone else is busy so I’ve been waiting on characters but he’ll welcome to the party
I’ve never played dnd in fact I only recently started reading the 5e book but it looks fun, if we do by post I’d be down for this if you don’t mind that I know very little so far. I’ve had a few character ideas but I’d like to run those by someone before I actually get down to making one
Waiting on other characters to be finished rn
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