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I’ve been on this site since 2015, not quite Guildfall age but I’ve been around the block a few times. I like just about any kind of setting that I can get interested in as long as it’s fun, over the years, I’ve written a lot of them too, fantasy, modern, sci-fi, whatever sounds fun at a time. You might remember me from the time the guild had a chat room, that was fun.

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Interactions: Sully and Auri
Flowers and Canvases

Stormy was a bold and protective man. He was willing to forgive people who did bad things when they were pushed into a corner. Even a worm will turn, but Britney ruined lives for years to come. Luca was right here as living proof of that. The shields hanging off of his arms practically radiated a kind of unpleasant, suffocating sensation that only the red Lux users in the shop would be aware of. It was a decade ago. He knew that. But right now, all he could see was the person who hurt others because the had her little god complex. ”How do you-“

Butterflies. Fucking butterflies.

A whole wall of them. That was definitely Auri, alright. Stepping through them, she took the blame for Britney’s presence, staring him dead in the face. Stormy glared down at her, going through a bunch of thoughts right then and there as to wether or not he should be mad at her. And of course, dear old Sully stepped around and took his mind off of Britney as well. They were standing up for her. Sully and Auri were good people. If they thought she deserved a second chance…

”If she makes one wrong move, I’ll deal with her myself.” That was his concession. The shields dissolved into a faint shimmering glow, until there was nothing. He wasn’t the kind of man known for blind rage in any way, so it was easy enough for him to put Britney out of his mind. He could write Britney off as a bad person for as long as she gave no one a reason to think otherwise. But he couldn’t stay mad Auri, or Sully.

”It’s good to see both of you,” he said at last, clapping Sully over the shoulder, with a genuine smile on his face.

Interactions: Auri
Flowers and Canvases

It was almost funny, seeing everyone doglike Greyson. He even broke down into tears. If Greyson was anything more then a face in a small crowd to Jack, then he might’ve laughed or spoken up about the whole thing. But the more important matter was the fact that Auri’s attempt to unify this absolute wreck of a group went about as well as some of them expected. Auri was not Ashley, that much was true. But she could’ve at least tried not to talk about the endeavor like it wasn’t a “family.” That was her first mistake. Everyone digging up their own bad blood certainly didn’t help. Most people seemed to decide that they were done with this for now. They’d likely come around as some point of another. Jack certainly hoped so.

Once people were off to dinner, the shop was quieter.

The ones who stayed seemed to be a bit more willing to entertain this mystery. That was good. Jack needed to have a word with Auri about this, though. So he waited for everything to calm the fuck down.

”It wasn’t a waste of time, calling us here. If I knew we were being picked off sooner, I’d have Father Wolf buried by now. And I know you had high hopes for reuniting us, but we haven’t been a family since we sealed away the Snake. The coven was a family for many of us, myself included, but what we have now is nothing more than memories. The longer we spend dwelling on the past, the less time we have to focus on what is happening right now. Give them time, they’ll return sooner or later, once they’re ready. They won’t let this stop them from finding who is trying to kill us all.”
Leah Jordan

Location: Training Room B
Gear: A hot ass dress
Skills: The insurmountable will to not lose her cool under any circumstances
Oh god oh fuck

She suddenly really, really wanted to turn everything above Danni's neck into a fine, red smear on the ground. Being called hot by him was weird[, sure, but Leah was trying to play it cool and NOT scare people away from their ideas of fun because of her. Did Danni really have to remember the one time she damn near killed someone by accident? Madalyne went off to get some drinks, and suddenly both of her girlies were trying to... Comfort her? About her not wanting to be here? Oh no. Oh hell no. This wasn't gonna work. Since the others started leaving, Leah figured she'd need to stop this before it snowballed further. So before anything further happened, and sensing that April was about to get fidgety, she wrapped one of her superhumanly muscular arms around each of them, gently bringing them in closer with a surprisingly lack of neck-shattering pain.

"Hey, girls, listen. I know you're nervous about me being, well, me about this. But I'm here because I wanna be. And I wanna be here, because both of you are here. Between the three of us, I never go to this kind of thing because I don't know how to talk to people like you guys. You two were always way better at the whole socializing thing than me. I'm not just tolerating this, and I don't feel like I'm being held hostage. I'm just out of my depth here."

And this was the truth, ultimately. For Leah, this was effectively stage fright. "But the reason I'm out of my depth, and not running off is because I want to spend time with both of you. Sure, this is new to me, but I am not letting that stop me from having fun with you two, okay? This isn't a burden to me, I promise." Ordinarily, Leah would just chill in her room, and hope people didn't know she existed. But it was different now, and she wanted to be close to April and Sabine. Overcoming her anxiousness towards large groups of people was a part of that, since they were, ultimately, social butterflies in their own ways.

Mads came back with the drinks, and Leah took hers without drinking from it, or pulling her arm off of April, who seemed like she could use a bit more grounding. "Nah, we're just standing around. Let's eat something."
Beedrill lookin’ ass


Jack Hawthorne

Location: Limbo
Spells: Shadow Scythe

At last, they seemed to be forming a coherent plan. Annika managed to form a connection for Max to speak through, and he had a good idea in mind. Using three of them, who had an affinity for other worlds, they could stabilize part of the Veil just enough to get the hell out of here and give Magik of piece of their minds, using Madalyne's connection to two separate worlds as a conduit. It sounded less risky when three of them worked in tandem. Three was an important number in magic. Thinking about it, Jack liked the idea. "That could work. Let's expand on that. All of my magic is derived from a dimension called the Everdark. Also known as the void, it's a place where all other universes and realities spill into slowly. The Veil works differently there, and I use this to go anywhere in existence, constantly. This means that any portal I make will first lead there, and then out to my intended destination through another. There are an infinite number of stable rifts there, which someone could simply walk through like a hallway to enter another world. I've mapped many of these rifts extensively; Opening a singular portal there is easier than two linked portals. And if we do, I could minimize our risk of failure by directing our passage through known territory."

The Everdark was a place that even the most powerful Sorcerer Supreme could not access normally. It was a place that only its own Shadowtouched had the right to step in and out of. But Jack has brought others there before, some willingly, some by force. As far as his antics with interdimensional travel went, this one was pretty interesting. Idly, he fidgeted with the scythe still in his hands, "It would be an extra step, but we'd be less likely to stray off course, and we need all the stability we can manage in a time like this. Assuming we go that route, we'll need to move quickly once we're there. My home world is alive, in a sense, and doesn't appreciate outsiders lingering longer than temporary."
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Gamers here’s the OOC

The rp will begin one week from today, meaning anyone else reading is more than welcome to apply still!

First and foremost, every parahuman develops superpowers during a trigger event. This event is when they're brought to the lowest possible point they may ever experience when they can't take it anymore, and something finally gives. The specifics of this incident dictate the nature of the granted powers. All powers originate from entities referred to in canon as Passengers, Agents, or Shards.

Shards are fragments of incomprehensible, abstract lifeforms that exist in a separate layer of reality, disconnected from our own. This fact is entirely unnecessary for the working knowledge of Earth Drega, but the important takeaway from it is that the powers granted by them do not line up with our reality. The powers that parahumans receive are foreign, have their forms of logic that they play off of, and are rarely as simple as they appear. Most powers tend to have an "And" or a "But" associated with them, having a degree of depth and complexity that goes beyond the surface. An example of this would be a teleporting mover cape, someone who can go from point A to B in an instant with some effect connected to this power.

The teleporter may not have any issues appearing somewhere on the other side of the country, regardless of sight or distance. Still, the catch to their power is that they can only teleport so often, so many times in an hour before their power stops working, and they must wait again. Or, they may be strictly limited to extreme distances, only able to teleport a minimum distance of a mile.

These complexities are what set most powers apart and tend to play into the way they are applied and the way the PRT classifies them. The PRT has a system of 12 classifications they assign to any known powers, used to identify the broad expression, how it behaves, and the potential their users can get out of it. Powers can have multiple classifications and often have subratings derived from them. For example, if the teleporter produces an explosion upon arriving at their destination, they would be classified primarily as a Mover, with a shaker subtracting.


Earth Drega is an AU roleplay set in the world of Parahumans, a web series written by John “Wildbow” McCrae. This roleplay is based on the canon universe and placed in the period of the first work in the Parahumans series but is not based on the canonical storyline. Prior knowledge of the story is, therefore, helpful but not explicitly mandatory. You will not be turned away for not having read the Parahumans series.

Discord - Parahuman Wiki

One year ago, a villain named Confessor unleashed an army of ghostly monsters on the city of Bridgewater. The incident lasted two weeks, with Confessor slowly growing into an S-class threat that resulted in the deaths of eighteen parahumans, five of whom were members of the city’s Ward team. The remaining survivors, only two teenage heroes, were transferred out of state once their injuries were healed.

Bridgewater grieved heavily, and most people spent the following months expecting the other shoe to drop when it would turn out that some of the phantoms hadn’t been killed and were simply replicating in the shadows. Some didn’t leave their home for weeks, still paranoid that they’d be met with monsters or a more ruined city than the day before. Known villains stepped up and took advantage, capitalizing on the chaos to grow their influence over the city. Some even left outright and haven’t been seen since. The city wasn’t the same after Confessor’s reign of terror ended. In the following months, damage to the city was repaired, families got back on their feet, and additional workforce was requested from nearby cities.

But most importantly, the people picked up the pieces and moved on, as they always do. The planet still turned, and time passed. There were scars, but they faded to the background.
Bridgewater has relaxed a little, and the PRT has determined that now is an excellent time to try and fill the gap left behind by the former Wards team. Bridgewater is the largest city in Maine, with roughly 800,000 people. It would be straightforward to miss another villain rising in the background. The Confessor disaster caused a lot of chaos across the city that could have easily resulted in trigger events, meaning there are young parahumans who can be recruited and turned into the city’s next generation of heroes. You are those heroes. The PRT and the Protectorate are starting from square one to rebuild their numbers and ensure Bridgewater has heroes to defend it in future years. Many people are afraid to throw children into the line of fire after so much loss, but a lot is riding on this. If the Wards aren’t reinstated in the city, then Bridgewater could suffer in the future.

That can’t happen again.

Welcome to Earth Drega. This is an RP set in the Parahumans series, as stated above, with our alternate lore. Our purpose in this story is to rebuild something important that the Confessor took from us- The Wards. In every city across America, the Protectorate oversees teenage heroes with their own vulnerabilities and troublesome backstories. These kids one day grow up to join the Protectorate while being trained and kept safe from a world full of monsters in human form. Their dissolvement in Bridgewater left a power vacuum, but we're here to change that. The lack of a Wards team is an unusual problem, meaning there isn't any precedent for building one from the ground up. But the good thing about not having a precedent is that we can make our own rules. A branch of the PRT or the Parahuman Response Team oversees every branch of the Protectorate. Their responsibilities include handling the "politics" of capes, preventing the good guys from going too far when stopping the bad guys, and working with heroes of all kinds to ensure evil doesn't win. The PRT's director has come up with his plans to set the Wards for success, plans that break half of the rules in the book and get him fired if these were normal circumstances.

Typically, Wards have to follow rules that their adult counterparts wouldn't, such as the number of hours they're permitted to be on duty. This was the first rule to go out the window for Bridgewater's new team, as they can't get up to speed if they're constantly taking mandated breaks. Wards are given a standard paycheck at the end of every month, which is docked if they break the rules. In canon, it is said to amount to $50,000 a year, but this money will be effectively tripled as an incentive. This money will be theirs to use how they see fit, within reasons. This additional budget also extends particularly to any tinker-class heroes who may join the team, along with absurdly lax limitations on what tech they are permitted to build and use on the job, provided it passes safety testing as usual. The wards will also receive special permission to access PRT information that would otherwise be classified for anyone in their position. This information includes schematics for high-level tinker-tech access to PRT records regarding villains, to name a few. They won't have complete access to the entire PRT database, but they are encouraged to use their available resources.

Lastly, arguably the most important to some is that the usual probationary measures for Wards with a criminal background will be nonexistent. Canon examples of these measures include an ankle bracelet used to track someone's locations for the first six months after they join, restraining orders, curfews, and specific limitations on what someone can use their powers for. None of these will be enacted on a Ward, regardless of their history, as long as they are honest with the PRT and take their new role seriously. This decision was made to encourage more would-be heroes to "come clean," knowing many people were pushed to desperation in the wake of Confessor's rampage. This is also meant to encourage players to write characters that are more rough around the edges, as no one ever gets superpowers in this world by being a well-adjusted individual. They can get away with this without being thrown into a jail cell, thanks to the circumstances.

With a population of 80,000, Bridgewater is the largest city in Maine. You can cross the border to Canada and reach Montreal in just 90 minutes by car or take a boat further up east. Bridgewater received its name for this reason, being a port city for ships going up to Canada. The city has a primarily defunct shipyard where cargo vessels used to come in bi-yearly, but they’ve stopped coming in after Confessor’s rampage. The city was hit pretty hard when the Confessor attempted to take over, and this shows in the less populated districts, now left to crumble to dust. These are typically the areas most likely to see villain activity.

PRT HQ: The main base of operations for the Parahuman Response Team. An ugly, utilitarian building with dozens of floors ran with the vigilance of a federal prison. Numerous sublevels of the PRT building are dedicated solely to holding nefarious parahumans for detainment and questioning.

Protectorate HQ: Partially inspired by the canon Protectorate base of Brockton Bay, the BPHQ is a large, heavily fortified complex with multiple buildings, surrounded by a specialized forcefield system and armed with tinker-made weapons. This is where the city’s heroes plan their day-to-day activities. Everything from public relations patrols and more is plotted here. This is also where the Wards will be when they aren’t off the clock, or on a mission.

The current lineup of heroes protecting the city are as follows:

  • Grandmaster: With a superhuman mastery of all melee weapons and a knack for strategy, Grandmaster leads the Bridgewater Protectorate by example.
  • Axiom: Axiom uses her custom exosuit to effortlessly warp the laws of physics. The universe yields to her intellect.
  • Nightstalker: One of the few Case 53s, and never letting his background get him down, Nightstalker prowls the darkest corners of Bridgewater. Under the cover of shadows, no villain is safe when he finds their trail.
  • Hellstar: This fiery striker leaves nothing but dust in his wake with a single punch. Anyone left standing is sure to be blown away by the force of solid matter going supernova when he throws a punch.
  • Gatecrasher: The villains won’t know where to look. Gatecrasher tears open doorways into an alternate reality where no one else can survive. She enters a partial breaker state to teleport across the battlefield and compromise even the most secure locations in a flash.

Eastwood Park: It’s a half-mile-long park full of things to do. Have a picnic, ride bikes - and hope a villain doesn’t come out of the treeline and start setting things on fire, or just lay in the grass—your choice.

Bridgewater Harbor: Formerly just an industrial sector of the city, the harbor was renovated in the last few months to allow smaller ships and boats to come through. It was a mostly wasted project that made the city look nicer since most people don’t go out on the water in a city where the warmest day is 50 degrees.

Heroes Memorial: A monument of metal and stone in the heart of downtown, dedicated to the lives lost in the Confessor disaster. Dozens were killed in the attack, including a staggering 18 heroes: five Wards and thirteen Protectorate heroes across three cities.

  • 1) Be considerate of other players, above all else. No one is the main character. We will not be entertaining the idea of our characters dying, but our actions may have consequences if we aren't careful. If an issue comes up, I'll help solve it so we can prevent it in the future.
  • 2) We will be using Discord as our primary method of communication for this RP, as most people do these days. Discord is excellent for contacting people for reminders, asking for extra time to post, or coordinating with one or multiple people for a collab post. I'll post a permanent link at the top of this thread if you don't see it when you're reading this.
  • 3) When posting your character for approval, post them to the OOC first. If you post an in-progress sheet, do me a favor and state that in your post when you drop it. I'll be shooting for a maximum of 9 characters. Anything more, and it'll get hectic. You will be allowed to write multiple characters. But as a rule, I'm limiting people to a single Ward, with any additional characters being NPCs, members of the Protectorate or PRT, or possibly something else. Our primary focus is rebuilding Bridgewater's Ward team, so these characters won't typically be the center of attention.
  • 4) Going back to rule one, there are certain things we'll avoid for this RP. This alternate universe is based on a world where people get superpowers from awful things happening to them. But for obvious reasons, some things are best left out. When in doubt, use your best judgment and fade to black.
  • 5) I'm gently pushing for a post a week, but I know we live in the real world. Things happen: people get rushed to the hospital, your car stops working, and no one's manager is paying them to roleplay. Therefore, this rule will be very flexible. If it turns out that we don't have any issues or get into a rhythm where we post slowly but consistently, I'll probably redact this rule entirely. All I ask is you at least keep me informed so I can accommodate your absence in character as needed.

Interactions: Way Too Many Fucking People
Flowers and Canvases

Well, everyone seemed mostly fine with Kali staying. Unsurprisingly, Tayla left. Good for her, she didn't seem like she could handle this. The damn gun was an escalation that didn't need to happen. This other coven that the others seemed worried about was a surprise to Jack. "What unkillable horror from beyond this world are they trying to kill?" That was, obviously, a joke about them stepping on the Sycamore's toes, but he hoped it wasn't really why 8th Street existed. "If they'll test us, then we should just deal with them as they come. If we need, we can bait them into fighting this Greenwood coven to keep them both distracted." One old coven banding together to solve a murder mystery shouldn't intrigue what sounded like magic political wars.

He would've added more onto that, but the doors swung open. And Britney was there.

Jack and Britney were on... Odd terms after her secrets were revealed. Luca did not deserve what she did to him, but the others didn't seem to care that much up until the moment she showed up. Despite that, he had so many fond memories of that girl guiding him down the path he took.

"You're... Alive. I didn't think you would be." It's hypocritical coming from Jack fucking Hawthorne, but maybe that's the joke.

And of course, all hell broke loose as Luca lost his shit on the floor, and the tensions in the whole room flared. One thing stuck out in particular, to Jack, though. That would be dear old Greyson's magic. For a brief moment, there was resistance, and then the door fell through, as Jack willingly let him stumble into Jack's emotional field long enough clumsily feel confidence, stillness and a sense of superiority. One that was target at Greyson specifically. Jack's consciousness was like an old monument; Standing in spite of countless weathering that mere human beings were incompatible with, riddled with damage from exposure. By travelling in the Void as he had, Jack was... Different now. He had seen things that most would go mad from, and embraced them. Edict was a fly on the wall to him.

"I agree with Sloane. Do you want that time with the cactus to be the second worst thing to happen to you, Greyson?"

Interactions: The Group
Flowers and Canvases

Stormy tapped his fingers against the steering wheel to the beat of the radio. He always thought this day wasn't meant to come, that the coven was just a memory from a time with a dire situation. And yet, here he was a decade later, rolling down the streets of his old stomping grounds. St. Portwell held many mixed feelings for him. His father died in obscurity, but so did several of his friends. Who the hell could do that from so far across the world, at the same time as somewhere in another country? Another hemisphere entirely? How did you track someone like that? Stormy rolled up to a parking lot on the other end of town, and took the long way to Auri's place. It was getting late, and he really should've arrived sooner. He would have, but it took forever to set up his course for the online format. He answered six different emails while leaning against the driver door, and then took in a deep breath. This shouldn't have been making him feel jittery. Stormy had nothing to fear, he never had anything to fear.

Walking down the streets, Stormy kept a low profile as he flicked his eyes from one lane of buildings to another, looking for familiar faces. Anyone who might stand out, who might've been lagging behind. Stormy wondered, just how many of them were still alive right now? How did Father Wolf know which of them were from here or not? What if-


In the corner of his eye, he saw it. Flowers and Canvases. A car or two were pulled up already, maybe there weren't that many people inside? There could be two people on the other side of that door, or 10. He wouldn't know until he opened it. And Stormy wished he hadn't opened it. Stormy walked in, quietly, with his head held up. Body language told everyone who looked at him, that he was confident in showing up. Looking around, he saw a lot of them. A lot of his old friends.

"I tried to get here sooner. It's great to see all of you, how much did-"


His eyes fell on the woman who most of the coven cast out. The one none of them trusted, the one he wanted to snap in half for ruining lives.

And so, like any normal person would do, he got mad.


A pair of glowing green shields manifested across Stormy's forearms, both laced with chain-like patterns of red energy to match her lux. This was the same spell that he used to hold back monsters summoned by the Stygian Snake years ago. If he started throwing these at a person right now... "What are you doing here?!" His voice went from that of a gentle giant, to a war horn that spoke English. Forget Kali, forget Judas. This was what he was fixating on now, in front of everyone.
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