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I’ve been on this site since 2015, not quite Guildfall age but I’ve been around the block a few times. I like just about any kind of setting that I can get interested in as long as it’s fun, over the years, I’ve written a lot of them too, fantasy, modern, sci-fi, whatever sounds fun at a time. You might remember me from the time the guild had a chat room, that was fun.

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My Hero Academia
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Parahuman Worm

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Scraprig - Jane Rosner
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This is Nocturne's entire characterization in one image.

I got bored lmao

I am roughly halfway through my character sheet

A shadow wizard is about to enter the party

Location The Patch. > The Forest.
Interactions McDonald @Bartimaeus | Simon @Prosaic | Manon @PatientBean | Phalko @CasLink
School of Magic Abjuration & Evocation
Items ???

Stormy didn't have an Instagram account.


When Hanna stepped out for a phone call, Stormy grabbed one of his brownies and took a bite. "These are good. Whoever made them should be proud." He said with a bit of sarcasm as if someone else made them and not him. "Well, anyway. I'm going to go and join the others at the campfire. Help yourself to the brownies if you want. They'll stay warm for a while. And maybe make sure Hanna doesn't give the new one too hard a time when I'm gone." He said to Kelly before heading out that way. He took a seat by the fire and relaxed momentarily. The night was cool, and the flame was just the right amount of warmth to balance it out. Stormy watched the light show that some witches were putting on. The witches of this coven always put on some of the best light shows around. He wasn’t paying much attention to the people around him as he finished off the brownie, until he overheard a conversation about herbs in the forest. Another tradition some people did for Ostara, from the part of the world where Zhalia happened to be from.

After they all got up and left, Stormy considered that for a moment and thought he should attempt to get to know that Zhalia girl. If anything in his talk with Hanna from earlier was true, she probably needed some friends. With that in mind, Stormy decided he didn’t have anything to lose and got up to look for wherever it was that the three of them went off to. He followed the others who were making their way over into the trees, having been here long enough to know that it wasn't a good idea to stray into the foggy woods alone, or far from civilization. He wasn't quite sure why, but he trusted Lina and the other witches enough that he wasn't about to go pushing into a mysterious forest alone.

He caught up with them once they all made it past the houses. That hole in the wall still hadn't been entirely patched up. "Hello, you three. I hope you don't mind, but I thought I heard what you were saying about herbs for the celebration. I'll help." He vaguely recognized Simon and Manon, as they were around for a bit now, give or take, but he hadn't really had much interaction with them up until this point. The dark-haired person with an Asian look though... They must've been new. This would be a good chance to make a friend or two, he thought. "My name is Scott, but a lot of people usually just call me "Stormy." You're Zhalia, right? We were just talking about you back at the patch." He said to Zhalia in particular after he was in front of a wall of trees. Actually, no. What he saw was a veritable ocean of trees wrapped lowly in thick arms of fog.

It was an unironic thing to say he wasn't a superstitious man. Stormy was a witch who could flick his wrist and make an impenetrable dome of green light as long as that wrist was wrapped in magic chains. He spent most of his life learning about magic and occult lore surrounding it, but he wasn't the type to throw salt over his shoulder or avoid walking under ladders. No, Stormy understood things about magic that took the enigma out and made them factual. But the edge of this forest looked like he had stepped to the edge of another world untouched by man or witch. Something about the way the land looked so isolated and dense in spite of witches living at its edge made Stormy pause and just take it in. He couldn't see past a few feet, but surely this was just a beautiful sight and nothing more... Right?

"Nettle, garlic and dandelion. I'll look for Nettle. Don't trip over something, it's hard to see around here." And so Stormy set about picking the ground for patches of Nettle as best he could in low light conditions and fog rolling through from the north. It was times like this when he wished he did more with Evocation than just thermal magic.
Well well well

You got me interested


Location The Patch.
Interactions Hanna @Prisk | McDonald @Bartimaeus
School of Magic Abjuration & Evocation
Items ???


People did like to talk during celebrations, Stormy couldn't argue with that. What good was an Ostara gathering where you couldn't share the joy with another person? A trick question, really. "I'm sure that you mere mortals enjoy it. But, yes, the "eating people" thing does seem a little extreme, really. We'd probably know already if something like that were true." To say nothing of the fact that he heard they sacrificed newborns. Rumors usually didn't sit well with Stormy, especially when he was a witch. Over the years, he heard a lot of rumors about witches; that they were an evolutionary crisis, that they were signs of god's existence, threats to national security, the list went on. Whenever Stormy heard such rumors about witches, he typically went out of his way to discredit them and anyone who was considered a "source" on such supposed facts. His favorite "rumor" was the one where witches were the result of scientific experiments and that they owed their existence to the American military as a result. That one made him laugh. A lot.

"I think being in a cult would be a pretty bad thing, cannibalism or not. People only really enjoy being in a cult when they're on the inside. You'd be brainwashed among other things. A lot of humans think covens are cults, if I remember right." Stormy was mostly just following along with the conversation so Hanna wasn't talking non-stop for nothing. "At least, I hope most people don't like being in cults." That was a joke. Of course people don't like cults. Stormy cracked a grin when Hanna tried the brownie. "Go ahead, help yourself to them. There's enough for everyone." Back when Stormy had first been introduced to Shipden, he was in an absolute mess. He hadn't eaten in days and was living out of a car that was probably only half a mile from running empty. He always enjoyed baking or cooking, and it was one of the first things he did when he had the chance. That was the emotional equivalent of peroxide on an infected wound for him, and it was even better that people actually liked the taste of what he made.

Oh, selfie time? Selfie time. Stormy tossed the now empty plate into the trash and leaned in beside Hanna and Kelly and smiled for the picture. It might've been just a touch difficult to actually see if he was smiling, seeing as he had an entire lion's mane draping down from his face, but he was smiling. And it was a genuine smile. The world outside this coven was often a nasty place. People hated witches, and wanted them dead and gone at every turn, but nights like this were a reminder that there wasn't a single witch on this earth who had to just lie down and die. They deserved a good life too, even if they had to struggle to get it.
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I was also referring to banjo and gisk with their characters
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There sure are a lot of people coming in from the previous versions of the rp, huh? Lol
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