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1 mo ago
Current Harambe was just an animal and all of his supporters are hate-mongering SJWs that don't have anything else to call offensive and be hypocritical about.
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5 mos ago
As of today I have been around for two years.
6 mos ago
Sometimes I think "Why bother". The guild has gone to utter shit, especially in the Discord server. I've made and lost friends here, made enemies no less. I wanna believe they can change. "Why bother"
6 mos ago
I return. After God knows how long only to find that the chat is replaced with the discord. Good God. Why?
8 mos ago Let the status bar jokers shush.


Hello my friend.

I have quite a few nicknames on this website: "Blizzy", "Scrollbar", "Little Shit", "Blizz-Senpai" , "Lil' dude" and "Magnificent Bastard" but my actual name is Blizz. Things I like to do are to Write, to read, draw, game and role play. You can find poems by me in the gallery section scattered about if you like to read as well, something I think I should mention is that I am one of the people in the world who respect different people, if you are gay, I'm cool with it, if you are bi, I'm cool with it, if you are pan, I'm cool with it. Same goes for gender, if you're non-binary, I'm cool with it, if you're gender fluid, I'm cool with it. So don't be afraid to share your true colors around me as I won't berate you in anyway, otherwise I wouldn't call my best friend my best friend in real life. Nice talking with you!

Note: I am going to warn you right now so listen. Jokes about suicide are the best way to piss me off. I don't care if I just walked in 5 seconds ago. I see a suicide joke and I will go off on you. I don't care if you're Clint Eastwood, if you make the joke, you're getting called out. I don't care if you're Lord Ramses, if you make the joke, you're getting called out. And if you have a problem with me calling you out on a joke you thought was "funny" then that's far to bad because I don't like your sense of humor anymore than you like being called out for it. So if I see it you might as well deal with it. Like it or not.

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This cost me a few brain cells to read after like a year
We now have a discord server
@Holy Soldier He ^u^

And I know I should focus on school, but the thing is I spent roughly an entire year on this, deleting ideas, revising ideas, adding new ideas, mulling over lore, what have you. This is something I put my heart and into, I don't want it to rot away like my other roleplays have, it just gets under my skin to look at ny literary child and see no growth.
I've been busy with school, I'm so terribly sorry.

Come hell or high this roleplay is going to live I swear.
@Holy Soldier

Oh dear...Okay so Nature Magic is totally viable but it may become less useful as the further we go the more the land will rot away because the evil is "waking up"
@CollectorOfMyst M8

Darius is that doomsayer
Okay so I had an idea.

Darius is in a bar for certain things and then runs into a few characters that maybe walk in together. And the rest come in at any time.
@Hawlin You don't need a back story, just saying
My character is up front :)
@Hawlin omfg stahp tryign tu rosh meh rsr ex dee

Not quite yet, it'll arrive one way or another though, this rp is my child and I'll see that it's cared for.
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