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Hunter master race, bitches.

Now that I’ve got the attention someone who probably doesn’t care...

I’ve been on this site since 2015, not quite Guildfall age but I’ve been around the block a few times. I like just about any kind of setting that I can get interested in as long as it’s fun, over the years, I’ve written a lot of them too, fantasy, modern, sci-fi, whatever sounds fun at a time. You might remember me from the time the guild had a chat room, that was fun.

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My Hero Academia
Naruto: Shippuden
Elder Scrolls
Spiral Knights
Bakugan (The OG version)

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The Sisters of The Dying Branch
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”Hm, only to do their best when they’re in a foreign country...” A tall proper looking woman dressed in black with daggers strapped to her sides and white hair walked behind the number one hero. The sound of her boots clacking against the floor announced her presence. This was the number two hero, and class 1B’s teacher. Penrose. Her quirk was a mess for most to handle, but her students no doubt knew that better than most. Her quirk involved hyper realistic illusions and sensory manipulation, once you’re caught, you’re subjected to whatever she makes you see.

”It’s as Zeal says, you should all strive to better your skill as heroes. You are my students, so I will be coming with you on this trip, after all, someone has to keep Zeal in check.” she joked. Penrose was eye level with Mizo, yet the two of them physically were very different, while Mizo was built like a tank with legs, Penrose was a lot more spindly and spry. She was a very mobile type of person. ”Aurora, you’ve come very far for someone with a quirk such as yours, you should be proud.” She told Aurora, knowing how strange and annoying her quirk was for the girl. She watched her struggle and suffer a lot but she never gave up.

”As for the rest of you, keep improving and one day you’ll all be great heroes.”
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Mizo Aberashi

Being sapped of her speed from moving at nearly 140 mph to a screaming halt, Mizo was a little wobbly standing behind Mei, but she had a surprisingly respectful smile on her face. Mizo got beat by a quirk that allowed her opponent to drain momentum, and she caught Mizo just in time before she got blown through like a cannon. Mizo had her black and white helmet under one arm, which matched the color scheme of her entire tactical armor set. She looked dizzy as she stood among the rest of her friends, oddly upbeat for someone who got folded like a lawn chair before she could do anything. Was she laughing? "Oh yeah, that was wild alright, that girl has an awesome quirk! Woah- Hah, I could've beat her if I was a little quicker, no trouble though. I'll get her next time!" Mizo had an aggressive and prideful energy to her, she didn't take defeat lightly, but she was also pretty confident in herself, so she took solace in knowing there was a damn good quirk out there to match her own. She was the tallest among them and stood behind Mei like a shaky pillar of dignity and positivity in the face of defeat. "Zeal's agency? Sounds good to me."

Mizo never picked an internship, but Mei's father was the best of the best, so she wasn't about to refuse a chance to intern under Zeal himself.
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