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24 days ago
Current Sometimes I think "Why bother". The guild has gone to utter shit, especially in the Discord server. I've made and lost friends here, made enemies no less. I wanna believe they can change. "Why bother"
1 mo ago
I return. After God knows how long only to find that the chat is replaced with the discord. Good God. Why?
3 mos ago Let the status bar jokers shush.
5 mos ago
You might call patience a virute, but the real virtue is in being able to keep such patience.
5 mos ago
I wanna mech rp but I know nothing of sci-fi


Hello my friend.

I have quite a few nicknames on this website: "Blizzy", "Scrollbar", "Little Shit", "Blizz-Senpai" , "Lil' dude" and "Magnificent Bastard" but my actual name is Blizz. Things I like to do are to Write, to read, draw, game and role play. You can find poems by me in the gallery section scattered about if you like to read as well, something I think I should mention is that I am one of the people in the world who respect different people, if you are gay, I'm cool with it, if you are bi, I'm cool with it, if you are pan, I'm cool with it. Same goes for gender, if you're non-binary, I'm cool with it, if you're gender fluid, I'm cool with it. So don't be afraid to share your true colors around me as I won't berate you in anyway, otherwise I wouldn't call my best friend my best friend in real life. Nice talking with you!

Note: I am going to warn you right now so listen. Jokes about suicide are the best way to piss me off. I don't care if I just walked in 5 seconds ago. I see a suicide joke and I will go off on you. I don't care if you're Clint Eastwood, if you make the joke, you're getting called out. I don't care if you're Lord Ramses, if you make the joke, you're getting called out. And if you have a problem with me calling you out on a joke you thought was "funny" then that's far to bad because I don't like your sense of humor anymore than you like being called out for it. So if I see it you might as well deal with it. Like it or not.

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Thank you for spreading this.
In ... 5 mos ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay

Name: Damon wilson
Birthplace: Oakton, Massachusetts, United States of America
Date of Birth: October 6th 2027
Education: Mostly High School as well as a few elementary science textbooks and whatever he might find.
Former Nationality: American
Former Occupation: Student
Gender: M
Marital Status: N/A
Religion: Atheist
Sexuality: Aromantic
Damon, standing at 6 and a half feet tall usually wears a tattered grey hoodie with a torn black t-shirt underneath. The forearms of the hoodie are wrapped in several layers of duct tape, which appears to have several bite marks in it. There also appears to be a few easily seen blood stains all over the thing. Damon wears a set of black, scratched up boots that go up to his ankles. He usually carries medium sized, black backpack around with him that holds just about everything he might need. His skin is about the shade of paper, him being as pale as humanly possibly, his hair contrasts such a thing by being solid black and in a mess and his eyes are dark blue.
Personality: Damon is a loner at heart, he never stays in one place for long and if he does it's either because someone found and took him by force or he's injured. He almost never relies on other people for anything - food, water, directions, anything. - He works it out himself. While he never let's himself fall into other's hands, he will do everything he can to help someone else out. Other people might shoot someone on sight for talking to the wrong person but would wait to see if they're worth shooting at all, he doesn't judge someone on who they are, but rather what they've done. If you're whole family is made up of psychopaths you torture others, but you're not, Damon won't miss that little detail.
Damon isn't exactly antisocial, but does still prefer to stay away from other people, sure he's made friends in the past but not many if at all. Aside from this, Damon is also smart and dangerous. He has read several science books front to back and continues to if he ever finds anything. Damon knows how to handle himself in a fight with different weapons, ranging from knives to crowbars to pistols to rifles. If you pick a fight with him just to rough him up, expect a few deep, bleeding wounds, if not that then either a serious concussion from the nearest wall of a broken rib. Damon isn't just going to beat someone up for the fun of it, but he will do so in defense of himself or someone else.
History: I'll work on this section at another time
Other: He's bad at relationships and romantic interactions of any kind.
[@I'm a huge mess]

Damon shrugged Neither do I like listening to it, there are other ones if you don't like it. Damon played another one called "Last to Fall"

And I fly
further away
Then I've ever been before
it's safe to say
This sky
is lonely and grey
But every night I feel you gravity waves.

Anyway, sorry for ramming into you, didn't we meet earlier? Damon thought he recognized her.
@Im a huge mess

Jesus...that hurt. Damon bluntly commented as he got up and grabbed his phone. What? The song? It's called "Starli-" Damon stopped when he saw the look in the girl's eyes as well as the fire she had ready, his first reaction was to form a short but jagged icicle in his right hand, making sure his phone was in the other, he pointed it towards the ground in case she wasn't going to hurt him, the light in his own eyes glowing a bright turquoise. At first he thought he'd have to use it until the flames on her went out like embers. When this happened he dropped the frozen weapon to the ground and finished his sentence. Like I was saying, the song is called "Starlight". Here... Damon finished as he turned the volume up and restarted the song.

in you and in me
Fuse us
into unity
We're coupled
Born from the universe
The void is calling
Don't fear
for futures and dreams
They're fleeting, retreating
It's ok. I promise.

@Im a huge mess Oooooh shit, BvS be damned.
@Im a huge mess Damon blew out a sigh and stood up, thinking it was time for everyone to gather...wherever they were going to. He put his phone is his jacket's side pocket located a few inches below the very top and played the music from just loud enough the he - or someone close enough - could hear it. Damon pulled the door shut behind him, but before his hand left the handle, he stopped when the door clicked as his eyes lit up with a faint, hydrogen blue light as the doorknob froze over as if it were a few hundred degrees below 0. No chances. he thought before the light in his eyes dispelled and he continued, his hand was still ridiculously cold but Damon either didn't notice or didn't care as he never even flinched.

Okay...Just sit somewhere away from everyone else or just ignore them? Oh whatever, I'll figure it out whenever I get down th- Smack.

Damon fell backwards as he ran into another person, a girl his age lazily wandering the halls, causing him to fall backwards flat on his back as well as his phone to fall out of his pocket between the two, the music casually playing as if nothing happened.
@Im a huge mess Holy FUCK
@Im a huge mess You can do Damon if ya want o.o
>Atheist :p
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