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Behind the door was a strange, ancient-looking tunnel that seemingly went on forever and ever… Lisa raised her hand and summoned a Tetrablemmid that was wrapped in a glowing cocoon of webs. Before it reached the size of a sedan, the spider burst out, and it was large enough for one person to mount on it. That one person was Lisa, who climbed on, and then waved her hand in front of her face a few times.

”... Man, it reeks in here!” Lisa laughed… before looking at the trail of dissolved flesh that Ignatius left behind. She pointed at it, before she silently followed….

”Whose fault is that?!" Ella shouted, covering her nose with her hand in the hope that it would help… but it just made it harder to breath. Gross! She almost stepped in a piece of dissolved flesh, grimacing.

"You couldn’t have made the spider big enough for another person?" Saskia muttered, at the back of the group.

”... I just like it when Ella walks in front of me, that’s all,” Lisa said, leaning forward on the spider.

”I’ll carry you, Saskia!" Before Saskia could complain, Ella scooped her up in a bridal carry. They were pretty light so it wasn’t difficult to carry them at all. She peered in the little stone… shelves as they walked. ”What do you think this place is used for? I don’t see any artifacts!"

Lisa shrugged, ”Who knows! We just need to get the Orange-Stone from the white-guy!” She said, as they proceeded forward… Eventually, meeting at a nexus-chamber that split off into eight tunnels that each went a different direction. The trail of dissolved flesh ended here.

”... Oh, this isn’t good,” Lisa groaned. ”We’re gonna get lost! Where did he go?!”

Ella stopped, squinting her eyes in the hope she’d catch sight of something, sniffing the air as if she’d be able to smell of dissolved flesh… but she couldn’t. ”Let’s try them all, starting from the left!"

"Or Lisa sends a spider down each," Saskia suggested.

”I mean… I don't have that Joint Cast with Kari anymore,” Lisa shrugged. ”It's not like I can see thro-”

A few droplets of magma from the ceiling cut Lisa off, before she looked up.

Ignatius was hanging from the ceiling. He opened his maw and spewed magma at the three. Lisa tried to dodge on the spider but it hit her in the shoulder and splashed on her face. The spider was cooked, and Lisa hit the ground screaming.

Ella screamed, pulling Saskia close to her chest and rolling to the side. Magma splashed across her back, burning her skin and through the magical girl outfit. She gritted her teeth at the pain, rolling across the ground with Saskia in her arms as she re-did her magical metamorphosis - narrowly avoiding baring it all for the world to see.

"You evil bastard!" Ella yelled, ignoring the burning agony across her back. She let go off Saskia, who was entirely unharmed, and jumped to her feet. With a brandish of her Channeler she shot a beam of burning light at him, and it hit the flesh that was weakened by Lisa’s acid, and he screamed in pain.

"Oh, looking to go another round?" Saskia said, standing and shoving another bone spear through her arm, snapping it off.

Ignatius didn’t even respond… he simply fell from the ceiling, attempting to flop on the three.

Saskia haphazardly threw the bone spear as she ran out of the way, leaping to the side with a grunt, foot getting crushed underneath him with a horrible snap. Lisa had to drag herself away to the unseen tunnels to cocoon.

"Saskia!" Ella had been far enough away she just had to keep rolling to avoid it. She got to her feet, running forward with a steel hard foot aimed for his acid damaged side. The attack ripped through skin and exposed his flesh and organs as Ignatius roared. He swiped at Ella with a burning claw. Ella raised her arms to grab the claw with strengthened hands, wincing as it burnt her. She shoved it to the side as Saskia twisted around, throwing the bone spear still in their hands at his other eye. Digging into his eye-socket, and he roared again, spraying fire wildly. Saskia pulled herself out, rolling away from the fire.

Ignatius whipped his tail towards Ella in a wild frenzy, his tail with an aura of fire. It slammed into Ella, sending her flying and burning through her leotard (thankfully she had a bra on).

"How could you!" Ella shouted after hitting a wall, picking herself up with anger burning in her veins. Her magical girl outfit! This was- it was blasphemy against the true saviour of all, Sailor Moon! And she didn’t have time to remake it! "By the power granted to me by the light, and my love of Sailor Moon, I will end your life as painfully as possible!"

Saskia rolled her eyes, hand raising to shoot a blood bullet at Ignatius - which penetrated his skin. Ella jumped back in, fist aiming for the bone spear still in his eye… which dug deeper into his eye, and made a squishy sound as it popped out through the other side of his skull.

Ignatius fell limp.

Ella continued to shove the bone spear into his eye brutally just to ensure he was dead, before pulling it out. Then, for good measure, she shoved it through the other eye, twisting it around to ensure she’d stabbed through his brain… who knew! It could be more protected in a dragon.

"Do you think he’s dead?" Saskia said drily, foot snapping back into place as they propped themself up.

"Can’t be too safe… maybe I should open his mouth and shove it up through there too!" Ella said far too cheerfully. But this bastard had burned her magical girl uniform. He had to pay, and she had to ensure he was dead to never hurt another magical girl outfit again. "Oh, where’s Lisa?"

”... Right here!” Lisa walked up… all of her burns were gone, though her dress was immolated, burnt to scraps. She walked over to Ignatius’ “body”, and then kicked him in the head. ”... I think he’s probably dead.”

She shrugged before clapping her hands together.

”Alright!” Lisa started. ”... Where the hell is this vault?”

"Ohhh I guess I’ll leave this then," Ella said, pulling herself away from the jaws she’d been prying open and dropping the spear. She then looked at the eight tunnels, then at Lisa and Saskia. Then at the eight tunnels again. "... down one of those?"

"No shit," Saskia rolled her eyes. Of the three she was the least worn, just visible limping but fully clothed. "Of course that bastard couldn’t go any further… He sure was weak after all that shit about beating Morningstar."

"Yeah! Well, let’s just go down a random one," Ella shouted, pointing to one in the middle.

Lisa shrugged, before turning to Ella and pointing in front of her, ”I like it when you walk in front of me, Ella.”

She took a step forward - but came to a stop when she heard a footstep. Lisa immediately turned around, only to see nobody. She shrugged, and began her journey into the depths of the tunnels.

Hours later…

The three were exhausted on yet another Tetrablemmid spider. Lisa lay down on her back before they approached another vault door. It was enormous, but Lisa groaned.

”... Another door?!” Lisa complained with a roll of her eyes. She hopped off the spider and walked up to it. She tapped it, as she looked back to Ella, ”It doesn't have a homosexual repellent shield. So you’re okay!”

Lisa gave Ella a thumbs up.

”... So kick it down already so we can get this stupid rock!”

"Phew, okay… sailor moon aurora, transform!" Ella shouted, spinning around in a very lazy transformation sequence (since it had worn off in the hours searching). "Take this, door!"

She slammed her glowing, steel hard foot into it. It connected, but the door didn't even budge. And the door was really fucking hard!

"Ow!" Ella moaned, pulling back her aching foot after another few kicks. "It's not budging, girls!"

"Guess we’re going to have to be smart about this…" Saskia frowned.

”... Kick it again! Lisa shouted without a single thought...

A fireball immolated the Spider that they had mounted earlier.

“... You three made it far enough!” They heard a voice behind them as what had to be a portal appeared… except that wasn’t any voice…

… It was Ignatius’.

The dragon-demon stepped through the portal, both of his eyes intact, and all the chemical burns that Lisa inflicted were healed. However, he wasn’t alone… he had an entire party with him. Flanking him at both sides were two bipedal demonic dragon-like creatures that stood over fifteen feet tall.

Behind them was a gathering of four, different, women that looked familar.

One of them waved at the three, all of them smiling.

“We look familiar, don’t we?!” She said, “You killed our sister!”

“So, we’re going to avenge her!” A different one said.

“We aren’t even going to kill you!” A different one spoke.

“We’re going to break you and make you our slaves for the rest of your miserable existence!” The fourth one spoke.

”... You don't look familiar at all," Ella squinted, trying to recognise them. Who were they trying to avenge? "Are you sure that was us?"

“You three idiots were in the PRA office, right?” One of them asked.

"Ooo, what are your torture plans?" Saskia asked, blood crawling across her skin to form armour.


Spiders crawled from out of everyone’s view on top of the ceiling… Lisa kept her eyes on Ignatius as she asked, ”... How are you alive?!

Ignatius laughed.

“... I have two brains,” He answered, before slamming a claw on the ground. “So…”

He opened his mouth, and sprayed a geyser of magma at the three… when he closed his mouth, he shouted.

“... DIE!

Saskia flipped herself over and away with a blood tendril, wincing as blood once again hit the tip and melted it away. Lisa hopped up into the air using her spider-legs, climbing on the ceiling.

”We should’ve stabbed him all over!" Ella shouted, as she dodged out of the way of what was a pretty obvious attack. She hit the wall to the side of the vault door and used it to push herself off. There were so many of them, who to hit first? The big one…

Ella ran right for Ignatius, if possible, bright colours of her remaining bracelets running down her skin and infusing her fists, aiming for a hard punch. A rock flipped up in the way of the punch, and the three strange women laughed.

You bested our sister with that?” They spoke in unison as the rock launched at Ella. The two dragons charged after Ella with a roar… however, the ground rumbled as spiders - specifically funnel-web spiders - burst out of the ground like a geyser and covered the two dragons. They were trashed as they were covered in hundreds of bites from one of the most venomous spiders on the planet.

Ignatius rolled his eyes, as he roared, spewing magma at Saskia. Suddenly faster, she both ran and pushed herself out of the way.

”I bested your sister- well I don’t really remember!" Ella shouted, straight up punching through the rock, ignoring the pain that came with it. Alright, those three really wanted the fight. She picked up one of the pieces from the shattered rock, throwing it at them - which was telekinetically caught in mid-air - before leaping forward with a kick towards the nearest woman. Which knocked her out of formation, and sent her skidding across the floor with broken bones. However, she was telekinetically pulled back into the formation by the others.

They stuck both hands out and sent out a telekinetic wave of force that had enough power to pull rocks off the ground and strong enough to launch Ella.

"I killed her,” Saskia pointed out. A bone spear pushed through her arm, leaving a horrible gaping wound, and they snapped it off… Doing what seemed to be their new favourite thing, throwing it at Ignatius. He stuck his hand out and caught it mid-air before he snapped it in half. He roared as he charged Saskia, horns first, leaving behind a fire trail.

Sweat dripped down Lisa’s forehead, as she hung on the ceiling - the two dragon-like creatures were still thrashing around. However, the spiders on the ceiling were wrapped in glowing cocoons as Lisa applied the Hybridization spell. She sighed as she focused on the chaos below and the dragon-like creature… she launched herself at one of them, which was getting eaten alive by the spiders, and landed on its back. With the wallcrawler spell, she attached herself to its back and then used the spider legs to stab it to death violently.

Ella was slammed against the wall, breath knocked out of her. She managed to land in a crouching position. Her kick had easily knocked back one of them, so she just needed to get close enough again. She formed a small, bright pink ball of colour from one of her rings, like a small, steel ball, and shot it towards one of the sisters. She then immediately made another, and another, shooting six in quick succession as she ran towards them.

Saskia waited until Ignatius was almost at them before launching themselves into the air with their tendril, foot kicking down towards his head with a bone spear shooting out of it. It collided against his head, but didn't penetrate as he chomped his jaws at Saskia. His jaws caught their leg, but they super reinforced the blood armour there, leaving them at a deadlock of no penetration.

The Pale-Chorus raised their hands and flipped a stone upwards to tank the attack. They laughed, and one of them spoke,

“... Do you honestly think you can kill all of-” She was interrupted by a hole appearing in her chest. She stumbled for a few moments before falling backwards.

“Sister!” The rest of the Pale Chorus shouted.

"What- who stole my kill?!" Ella shouted. She couldn't see anyone so she continued forward, straight up punching through the stone before flicking up her leg into a strong kick towards one of the remaining Pale-Chorus. Which knocked her over, but she flipped back up to her feet with telekinesis and threw both of her hands forward… before her stomach was cut open, and her intestines fell out and plopped to the ground. She screamed as she desperately tried to pull her intestines back in.

A bloody hand could be seen floating… and blood splattered against what had to be pieces of somebody

The dragon creature had fallen to the ground - dead from a mixture of the venomous funnel-web spider’s venom and Lisa stabbing it - and Lisa turned to the other one. She saw Saskia in peril from the corner of her eye, so she waved her hand at the spiders on the other dragon and activated the acid-burst spell. They exploded and dissolved the creature in acid, as it thrashed around on the ground. Lisa focused on Ignatius’s leg as the ground started rumbling, and spiders erupted from the ground like a geyser aimed directly at his hind leg. In mid-air, she applied the acid-burst spell to them, and they exploded into acid that sizzled when it made contact with his leg.

Ignatius yelped, letting go of Saskia as he whipped his head around. Saskia’s tendril shot out to curl around his neck before they fell, pulling them up towards him, bone spear shooting out their hand and jabbing towards his eye.

"THERE’S A FLOATING BLOODY HAND!" Ella screamed, punching one of the still living Pale-Chorus in the gut as hard as she could - making her gasp as she grabbed her stomach, kneeling over. The hand went upwards as if it was facepalming… leaving some blood on something.

Lisa whipped around towards Ella and shouted.

”... Punch it or something! I don’t know!” Lisa shouted back, leaving Saskia in the dark. Above her, the spiders burst out of their cocoons, and had wings… and they flew towards the member of the Pale Chorus on the ground. They landed all over her neck, before they exploded, and her head fell off.

Ignatius had put his hand up over his face and tanked the spear… before he quickly spewed magma at Saskia

"Oh fuck,” was all Saskia managed to say as she pulled herself up. Her legs got burnt in the magma, melting away her flesh until it was just the bones. She managed to shove herself away with the blood tendril, using it in the place of her legs to get onto the floor without snapping her neck. "Lisa…”

"AHHHHH!" Ella shouted, punching the bloody hand and whatever had blood left on it. She wasn’t going to let some spooky hand come steal her kill and possibly kill her friends!

The hand quickly picked Ella up by the collar of her shirt… Before throwing her at Ignatius.

"AHH- FLYING PRISM KICK!" Ella, battle hardened and thick skulled as she was, took being thrown in the air in her stride, twisting her body and stretching out one leg to fly at Ignatius with a super strong, flying super prism kick. Which collided with Ignatius’ side and sent him tumbling into a wall.

“... Ignatius! I got you!” The last member of the Pale Chorus said, sticking her hands out. But she was interrupted by a few bites on her thighs. She threw her dress aside, only to see her leg covered in Funnel-web spiders.

They all bit her.

“Shit, Ma-” She tried to call out to their teleporter before a spider leg pierced through her chest. She looked down, panicking… Before the leg retracted and she fell to the ground.

"Take this, you scaly bastard!" Ella yelled, absolutely pummeling Ignatius with her hard as steel fists.

“... Get away from me, you trash!” Ignatius shouted as he whipped his tail at Ella.

"You’re the trash!" Ella shouted back. She bent her knees, stabilising herself with enhanced legs. She caught his tail in her arms, moving back with it and managing to put the brunt of the force through all of her body. It hurt, but who cared! Not her! "And I’m going to put you in the garbage where you belong!"

She used the momentum of his tail to flip herself up, arms wrapped around it and supporting her, legs aiming right for his jaw. Which slammed his mouth shut and broke several of his teeth. He groaned, before opening his maw and spraying magma (and broken teeth) at Ella.

Meanwhile, Lisa applied the Enlarge spell to some of her remaining spiders.

Ella’s eyes widened and she let go off his tail, dropping herself to the floor. The magma skimmed over the top of her head… singing the tips of her beautiful hair and splashing across her shoulders. Her hair! This couldn’t stand. She was much more bothered about that than the magma painfully coating her upper arms.

"Die, you fashion destroyer!" she shouted, going for a stomach punch. Ignatius winced, before rolling over and swinging his head at Ella like an organic-mace. Ella brought her fists in front of her chest and took the blow head-on while slamming both fists forward at him.

After all, she was incredibly thick-skulled! Or so Lisa and Saskia kept saying. The attack caused Ignatius to flip and hit the ground with a thud. He growled, backpedaling towards the vault door as he sprayed magma at the floor between himself and Ella.

Ella was on her knees holding her head, incredibly dizzy. She felt something curl around her leg and yank her back before hot magma killed her, falling face first and being dragged across the floor. With a groan she rolled over to see Saskia, legs still incredibly damaged, hitting her with an incredibly weary stare.

"Saskia!" Ella quickly shot a healing light at her, ignoring the pain it caused her as Saskia’s legs were completely healed. Her head felt like it was being hit by a sledgehammer and everything was incredibly blurry. There were three Saskia’s, but somehow she managed to heal the right one, because they stood up in front of her with a grumble.

"You are so fucking stupid.” Saskia shot a blood bullet at Ignatius, which might as well been a cotton ball.

"Awww, you’re sweet, Sas-kia~" Ella giggled, swaying. Oh, there was still a massive, ugly lizard to deal with. But she couldn’t stand up, the whole world was going on some kind of psychedelic trip around her. She raised her Channeler and shot a burning light at Ignatius… well at the Ignatius that was on the ceiling, so not actually Ignatius, but the roof above him.

Ignatius looked at the ceiling, then back down to Ella before his tail hit the vault door. Lisa’s spiders had erupted from their cocoon, now massive and sporting dragonfly wings. He stopped spraying magma, and chanted,

“... Venmor, demos, kant’tar, ven, ven, ven, balkar, fen’ra, mar’shak, dra’catarnis!

The runes on the vault door illuminated, and the gears began turning. The door opened inward, and Ignatius limped inside and tried to close it with his front legs. However, the spiders flew between at lightning speeds and then exploded, spraying acid and chitin shards in all directions.

He roared as he ran deeper into the vault to escape. Lisa grinned.

”... Let’s go! Before he finds a healing artifact or something!” Lisa ran towards the door.

”He's not getting away this time," Saskia intoned, following after Lisa.

Ella, still very much dizzy and out of it, blinked as they suddenly left.

"Wait for meeeeeeee!" she shouted as she stumbled after them.

… Unbeknownst to them, someone was tailing behind them.

The Devil’s Fortune casino was peaceful after the fight there last week. The mess had been cleaned up, and the damages had been repaired. The upper floors of the casino were largely vacant.

… A flying spider (specifically of the Tetrablemmid Spider variety) crashed through the window.

It landed, with the trio on top… The spider was covered in millions of smaller spiders, many of which were decimated in their dramatic entrance. Lisa looked around. They were in a massive circular ballroom with a brown wooden floor, pillars, and everything except the blood-red floor. There was a red piano.

”... Shit,” Lisa began. ”... Thought there’d be more bad guys.”

Lisa shrugged before turning to Saskia, since she was the show's star. ”Lead the way, friend!”

"Aww…" Saskia pulled back in the blood tendril that had been ready to attack. "Let’s-"

”Wait!" Ella shouted. She was already in her magical girl form, and flourished her Sailor Moon wand. The blood red of the piano was leached out, coating her arms in a hard shell. ”In case it's all boring and grey everywhere else!"

"Right," Saskia shrugged, looking around. "Onwards."

They went towards what looked to be an exit, not even bothering to check the outside before storming through. "We need to get to the basement… can your spiders find it, Lisa?"

Lisa smiled.

”... Nope! Lisa answered. ”We’ll have to do the old fashioned way!” She pumped her fist, before the doors burst open and she whipped her head around towards them.

Two security guards in suits ran in, and they looked at what was going on with a look of confusion - before it turned into horror as Spiders rained from above and absolutely covered them.
”... Quick! Capture them! Interrogate them! Torture them! Lisa shouted as she pointed forward.

"Ooo, Lisa, you know just how to get a person going," Saskia intoned. They moved towards one of the security guards, getting close enough that their blood tendril could wrap around them.

"Let's ask nicely first!" Ella shouted as she ran at the other security guard, physically tackling them to the ground with colour enhanced arms.

”... Asking nicely is gay,” Lisa said as she hopped off the spider, walked up, the spiders covering the goons. They thrashed but Saskia and Ella did a good job holding them down.

”Alright, Hired-Goons!” Lisa began with a smile. ”Tell us where the Vault is?”

“... What fucking vault?!” One of the goons asked.

”You know, the one with all the artifacts?” Lisa asked with a shrug, the spider with wings she had summoned had reverted to its natural size and appeared and hurried off. Never to be seen again.

“... We don't know what you bitches are talking about!” The security guard asked.

”Okay! Torture time!” Lisa said,

Saskia smirked, tentacle tightening around the goon they were holding. They got really close, long and thing bone spear coming out of the tips of one of their fingers. They reached down and pressed the tip against his lower abdomen. "Did you know, if I pierce your bowel, you're unlikely to die today… but all of the sh-"

"No, I don't want to hear it!" Ella shouted, just pinning down her guy. "And I don't know how to torture people!"

Lisa, without a thought, hopped on Ella’s back - wrapping her legs around her - and turned her head so she can watch the torture.

”... But you’re gonna waaaaaaatch!” Lisa shouted.

"As long as it's not too gorey!" Ella wailed, with no choice but to watch.

“... Fuuuuuck!” The security guard screamed. “Fine, fine, okay! There is a chamber in the basement! Boss doesn't want anyone going near it! Not even us!”

"Aw, I had even gotten to the fun bit," Saskia sighed, bone spear ever so slightly poking into his skin. "Where's the basement?"

”... Down, of course!” Lisa teased, grinning ear to ear. ”Are you having an Ella moment?”

“I can take you there,” the guard said. “Just get rid of the spiders!”

What a baby. Spider deaths are rare! But to comply with the baby, Lisa had her spiders disperse. The man climbed to his feet… But Lisa kept a black widow by both the guards carotids. He dusted himself off before he asked,

“... You’re those crazy bitches that keep harassing Morgenstern aren’t you?!” He asked.

”And if we are?” Lisa kept that smile on her face. ”That doesn't change your situation, now does it?”

“... What about me?!” The other guard asked.

"You’re coming with us too! Can’t have you calling your boss!" Ella said, threateningly pointing a blood red finger at him.

"Or, we can kill you?" Saskia offered, bone spear lightly poking his back. They looked at the guard that had offered to take them there. "Lead the way."

Without another word, the goon led them through the halls of the casino’s hotel. Up until they made it to a flight of stairs, walked down it into an underground warehouse. There were rows upon rows of shelves with alcohol, casino games on pallets, and other items. While they walked, Lisa noted how barren the halls were down here, only barhands, janitors, and maintenance. That was the only thing stopping Lisa from grabbing a bottle!

It wasn’t long before she made it to a door, a large rusted, white metal door that said AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY. The security guard shrugged.

“Never seen this door open,” He said. “But boss doesn't want us near it, or if he sees it open, tell him.”

"Either its what we’re looking for, or its his torture basement," Saskia said, nodding to Ella.

”Could be where he keeps all his whores!” Lisa gleefully added.

Ella grinned. Prismatic light coated her legs, making them stronger, and she straight up kicked the door. Launching it off its hinges, and revealing a long, dark and mysterious staircase illuminated by torches.

”... Ella, what the hell?!” Lisa shouted, putting her hands on both sides of her head. ”We are supposed to be sneaky!”

"We were? We crashed through the window earlier, that wasn’t very sneaky at all…" Ella pointed out, legs going back to normal.

"If anyone comes that's just more fun for us," Saskia shrugged, stepping through the door and starting to go down the staircase.

“.. We’ll just be going now!” The security guard said.

”Oh no you don’t!” Lisa shouted as she summoned thousands of Darwin’s Bark Spiders. They covered the two men, wrapping them up from head to toe in a cocoon of webs. With a dismissive wave, the spiders skittered off as she walked down the staircase.

The architecture descended from modern service tunnels to ancient stone catacombs until they reached the bottom stairs. Then they saw the vault… Well, the vault door. It was a glowing door of spinning runes. Without a second thought, Lisa turned to Ella and shouted,

”... Ella kick down the door!”
"Super Prism Kick!!"

Ella yelled as she launched herself at the glowing door with a glowing leg…

Before she even hit it she was launched backwards, slamming into a wall next to the bottom of the stairs. She slid to the floor with a groan.

”Finally, a challenge,” Saskia said. They carefully approached the door, stopping just before where Ella got launched, squinting their eyes at it. "Maybe we can try shove one of those security guys through."

Lisa shrugged.

”Maybe it only launches homosexuals,” Lisa casually walked up to the barrier, and then got yeeted across the room at mach Jesus. She screamed at the top of her lungs before she skidded across the floor, face-fist.

”... Ouch, Lisa groaned before she pushed herself to her feet. She could see through the barrier, and summoned a spider on the other side - she then applied the Enlarge and Hybridization spell on it. It was wrapped in a glowing cocoon of magical webs as it grew bigger and bigger.

”Ella! Bring your fine-ass over here!” Lisa shouted, ”Remember our Joint-Cast? Remember Crack Spiders?”

"Ooo, yeah, I do!" Ella jumped to her feet and trotted over to Lisa. She pointed to the spider through the barrier. "You want to cast it on that one?"

The spider finally burst out of its cocoon, another tetrablemmid spider but with the long horn-like pincers of a hercules.

Lisa looked at Ella.

Then, at the Spider.

Then, back to Ella.

Then, back to the spider.

”... No,”

Ella just stared at Lisa. It was as if her brain was buffering. Finally, she nodded. "You’re being sarcastic."

She turned, pointing to the spider again, this time with her Sailor Moon wand. With a flourish of magic, it was imbued with pulsating, multi-coloured lights like a spider disco light. For a brief moment, Lisa made the spider dance (or something close to it), before it went berserk and began bashing at everything. Every rock, the vault itself, and whatever Lisa thought could be responsible for the shield.

She smiled as she wrapped her hand around Ella’s waist and watched the destruction.

”Our baby is doing such a great job!” Lisa said as the spider crushed a rock. ”... Isn’t it beautiful?”

"Aw, it kind of is," Ella nodded like a proud parent, putting her arm around Lisa’s shoulders. "Show that vault who’s the boss!"

Saskia was still next to the invisible forcefield near the door, squatted down and tapping random rocks while watching the spider. ”What if it needs a magical key?”

Oh. Good point. Lisa just shrugged as the monstrous spider threw a tantrum on the other side of the barrier… eventually, it displayed a glowing rock with a rune on it, and it hit the ground. Lisa noticed it cracked a rock with a glowing sigil, and the barrier dimmed slightly. Though Lisa turned to Saskia and said to them,

”Then we’ll just go find it,” Lisa answered, as she commanded the spider to break the rock. ”... Maybe it’s still at-”

The vault door opened… and out came Ignatius in his human form, wearing a black suit. He shook his head before he sighed...

“... You three, again?

”Yes! Us three!” Lisa shouted, throwing a fist into the air.

“You have become an annoyance…” Ignatius walked over to the barrier with his hands in his pocket. He ignored the spider as it slowly crushed the rock in its pinchers. Glancing at the Spider momentarily, Ignatius turned to the three and said, “Though, I should thank you…”

”... For kicking your ass?” Lisa asked.

“For getting rid of the dead weight,” Ignatius shook his head again before digging into his pocket, pulling out the Orange Stone, and hanging it between his fingers. “... Even though you used this cheap trinket, you three are a wakeup call that Morningstar has chosen weaklings to be his Endless Seven. Useless fools that were complacent… Morningstar is complacent.”

He laughed, “... Maybe after I kill you three, I’ll take Morningstar down and make the Society into something great.”

"Our evil rock!" Ella shouted, pointing a finger at Ignatius. "Just come out here and let us kick your-"

"Wait," Saskia held up a hand. They moved over to Ella and Lisa, grabbing them both and pulling them into a circle. "Do you think if we just let him kill Morningstar our job will be done?"

"... What, no way!" Ella stomped her foot. "We can't let an evil bastard like him take over either! The Society sucks!"

”… I meeeeeeeean,” Lisa intoned. ”We’ll be in Oregon; he’ll still be in Nevada. That’s cool with me!”

"I knew you'd see sense," Saskia nodded. ”That's two against one, Ella."

Ella pouted, whining, "finnnnnnneeeee."

”I’m trying to get back to a big bootied girl here, Ella!” Lisa shouted.

"You have a big bootied girl right here!" Ella shouted back.

Saskia ignored them and turned around to look at Ignatius, completely deadpan. "We'll leave if you're really going to kill Morningstar and take over."

“Oh no,” Ignatius said, grinning slightly, as he spun the Orange-Stone. “All three of you are not leaving this city alive.”


“Maw,” Ignatius said, and a portal was slashed open, and that white creature they encountered in the PRA office stuck his head through. He looked at the three and said, “Oh hey, girls, remember me?”

"Sadly," Saskia intoned.

”No, who are you?" Ella tilted her head. ”You can't expect me to remember all the unimportant evil minions."

Ignatius threw the Orange Stone into the Maw’s hand and said, “… Put that away for me.”

“Sure thing, Ignatius!” The Maw disappeared into the portal. Ignatius turned towards them and said,

“… We all know how this ends,” He began. “Are you ready?”

”... Yes,” Lisa nodded her head.

"Why do you all have to make spee-"

"Ready to defeat you!" Ella interrupted Saskia's complaining with a shout. ”In the name of all that is good in this world I, Magical Girl Aurora, will vanquish you! Your days of evil are over! Drop the barrier and fight us!"

While Ella made her cringy line, Lisa summoned more spiders and applied the Enlarge and Hybridization spells to four to create massive spiders… She knew she stood a snowball’s chance in hell against Ignatius; she knew that as long as he was made of flesh, he could be dissolved in acid. All she needed was for Saskia and Ella to make a big enough distraction for her to get close. As a preparation, Lisa lifted the back of her dress as lengthy black spider legs erupted.

Ignatius grinned.

The barrier dropped.

And in the blink of an eye, his glamour spell deactivated and revealed his monstrous dragon form. Ignatius opened his maw and spewed magma at them without giving them a second to get their bearings. Lisa’s spider legs pressed against the ground and launched her into the air before she connected with the ceiling… where her growing spider minions were.

"Why’s it always fire," Saskia complained as her blood tendril shoved her out of the way, tip caught and melting into a puddle on the ground.

Ella rolled to the right, magma catching the side of her arm, but she completely ignored it. She landed in a crouch, running forward with glowing, enhanced legs and aiming a bright red punch at Ignatius.

”I know! It’s like we’re fighting a demon-lord!” Lisa sarcastically responded to Saskia, as she opened her mouth wide and projectile vomited a barrage of spiders towards Ignatius. Mid-air, she applied the Acid-Burst spell onto them.

Ignatius exploded into flames, incinerating Lisa’s spider swarm before they could explode. In a swift motion, he bit down on Ella’s arm and then flung her at Saskia. Ella crashed into Saskia, both of them falling to the floor in a heap.

They were quick to get up, Ella twisting around and physically picking Saskia up. She half flung them at Ignatius. Saskia went with it, blood tendril catching herself and shoving her further forward, hand coming towards him with a bone spear shooting out of it. At the same time Ella ran behind her, going for another punch in sync with Saskia.

Ignatius laughed and ran forward towards the two. However, he turned sideways mid-stride. Both attacks hit Ignatius but bumped off against his tough scales. He swung his long tail at the two in a wide-arced swing. Lisa saw it with her own two eyes, but at least he wasn’t on fire anymore… the spiders she had altered had finally burst out of their cocoons; they were massive and had the wings of dragonflies. Lisa had an idea, but Ignatius could immediately fuck the entire plan if he burst into flames again.

Lisa summoned another swarm of spiders that covered the walls behind Ignatius. They formed the words DISTRACT HIM. FIND A WAY TO KEEP HIM FROM CATCHING ON FIRE briefly before they dispersed. The spiders slowly moved into position above him.

Saskia had used her blood tendril to launch Ella up above Ignatius’ tail before taking it, flying across the room and hitting the wall with a loud crack. More cracks were heard as their bones snapped back into place, blood spilling from wounds to form a solid armour around her. Ella landed on the ground on one foot, the other swinging around to hit his side.

Grimacing, Saskia snapped off a bone spear and threw it at Ignatius’ eye… which immediately penetrated, and he screamed before spewing magma wildly. He grabbed the spear and yanked it out of his eye (with his eye still attached to the nerve ending), before throwing it back at Saskia… or at least their general direction. It embedded in their shoulder, pushing through the blood armour. They barely flinched, pulling it out and clotting the wound immediately.

She then threw it at his other eye; however, he deflected it with a whip of his tail… However, as Lisa planned, he was oblivious that Lisa’s spiders were directly above him. With a flick of Lisa’s wrist, she applied the Acid-Burst spell to them, and then they exploded, sending acid and chitin shrapnel in all directions. Lisa hoped that the two of them saw it coming and had the sense to dodge or duck for cover - but due to the laws of gravity, most of the acid rained down on Ignatius.

He screamed as his skin sizzled, burning away at his natural armor… He looked around before seeing Lisa on the roof. He narrowed his eyes before turning and running back into the vault. He attempted to close the door with a tail whip, but he left it slightly ajar…

Lisa landed on the ground, spider-legs first, before smiling. She raised a hand,

”... We did it! High five!”

"Take that, evil!" Ella shouted, running to slap her hand against Lisa’s. There were some acid burns scattered down one arm from where she hadn’t quite avoided the edge splashes, but really, it was nothing.

"He’s still alive,” Saskia pointed out, walking over and limply hitting Lisa’s hand, then Ella’s. They then pointed to the door. "Let’s go in, we still need to get the stone.”

”... You’re acting like we can’t just hit him with more acid!” Lisa shouted as she casually walked into the vault with Saskia and Ella behind her.

Unbeknownst to them, someone was following behind them the entire time…
@Shin Ghost Note

Officially accepted.

WEAKNESSES ⫻ Certain elements can disrupt Todd’s incorporeal form. High electricity, intense heat, or extreme cold can interfere with his ability to phase through matter and cause injury. A powerful enough instance of these elements can even force him back into his human form, and he cannot pass through these elements. Black Lux and other magic dealing with Apparitions can affect Todd in ways such as warding, binding, etc. Since Todd's incorporeal form is tied to Catherine's essence, strong emotional disturbances or psychic attacks from Pink-Lux, for example, can cause him to lose control over his Abstraction, forcing him back into his physical form unexpectedly. If Todd holds heavy objects or people while trying to phase through matter, the strain on him increases exponentially. The more mass he tries to phase with, the shorter his duration becomes and the higher the chance of prematurely returning to his physical form. The moments when Todd transitions between his corporeal and incorporeal states are particularly vulnerable. If attacked or disrupted during this brief window, he could be caught in a partially phased state, causing him extra damage from these attacks.

Lisa came charging out of the arcade with an oversized cyan-blue teddy-bear with a giddy facial expression on.


She laughed as she bounced up and down. She walked out with the others and spoke to Ella.

”Shut up, Ella, I beat you!”

"You didn't! We were tied and then you cheated by throwing spiders in my eyes!"

”Nope! I beat you!”



”BUT YOU LOST MORALLY!" Ella huffed, stamping her feet like a grumpy child.

"Anywhere in here I can buy noise canceling headphones? Saskia muttered, pressing a hand to their forehead. While they'd been soundly beaten by Lupe they weren't bothered, because they just weren't that competitive.

"I want a teddy bear too!" Ella shouted, completely ignoring Saskia as she continued in her strop.

“C’mon, mami,” Lupe laughed as she touched her hip and gave Saskia a warming smile. “We’re in a mall. Go find some tech store!”

”... Then maaaaaybe you should have got good!” Lisa teased Ella back.

“... And what’s wrong with this, mami?” Lupe chuckled a little bit, before her expression went flat. “You should… enjoy them, while you got them. You lost each other before, right, mami?”

"I am good! I just follow the rules!" Ella huffed, folding her arms and pouting.

”We did… but Lisa was the one that really lost us both. I died before her,” Saskia said quietly, looking at Ella and Lisa without much change in expression. She did appreciate being alive again, with them, she just… wished they weren’t so goddamn loud. They couldn’t stop it getting on their nerves. "Just getting a headache with all the bright lights and shouting.”

They looked around and spotted a bench a bit away - close enough they could still see (and probably hear) their friends. They pointed to it. "I’m going to go sit over there a moment. Don’t kill anyone.”

“Ah, I understand, mami,” Lupe laughed before playfully sticking her tongue out. “You just need your alone time! To me, mami, alone time involves some tequila, a bath, and loud music! You got my number!”

”... If you’re not cheating, you’re not winning! Lisa shouted to Ella

Lupe gave Saskia a playful wave goodbye as she followed after the girls, and they disappeared into the mall’s halls.

Saskia let out a slight sigh of relief, rubbing her head. It wasn’t actually a headache, more a mental tension. The arcade had been fun but… too much. They made their way over to the bench they’d pointed out, slumping down on it and closing their eyes for a moment.

A few moments later, someone sat down next to her, and when Saskia opened her eyes, she saw Shayton sitting there. Except for wearing sweatpants, a hoodie, and black Air Force 1’s… he still had his sunglasses on. He had a black cane on his lap that he rested both of his hands on, and he just sat there for a moment.

“... Don’t make a scene,” Shayton commanded, his voice a low near-whisper. He pointed at the floor above him, and Shaquita could be seen leaning against the guard rail, wearing a green hoodie. Once noticed, she went in the direction Lupe, and the other Agents of death went in. Shayton stared forward as he spoke, “So, you caused a scene at the Morgenstern Manor last night, I heard?”

”... can’t I just catch a break?” Saskia quietly groaned, gaze moving from where Shaquita had been to Shayton. They were tempted to just close them again and ignore him in the hope he’d go away… but that was unlikely, and would just be more annoying. ”I did. It’s a shame I didn’t kill more of them, I think.”

“Hmph,” Shayton began, before he paused for a moment and then asked, “... Where is the Orange Stone?”

”Morgenstern Manor.” Saskia didn’t even bother trying to lie, shrugging one shoulder. ”Oh, are you going to cut me up into pieces for losing it?”

Shayton cracked a wry grin.

“... We’ll cut you a break this time,” Shayton began, “We put a tracking device on it, anyway. So we know exactly it is. And it’s not in the Morgenstern Manor anymore. Take a guess where it is?”

”PRA Headquarters?” Saskia suggested. ”Ah, we should’ve picked it up when we visited…”

“Nah,” Shayton shook his head. “It’s in the Devil’s Fortune… that casino where you and your friends caused a scene...” He trailed off.

“Deep underground. It has to be in a vault where Morningstar keeps the rest of his artifacts,” Shayton explained. “So… you’re going to go get it back for us, right?”

”Do I have a choice?” Saskia raised an eyebrow. Sounded like an absolute pain, but if it was with Morningstar’s artifacts… maybe they could take them all to. ”Obviously, so my friends can keep their limbs.”

“No, you do not,” Shayton shook his head, before he stood straight up. Not even looking in Saskia’s direction, Shayton said, “We got our eyes on you, Saskia Otten....”

He disappeared in a blinding burst of speed; the only sign that he didn’t teleport was the gust of wind that accompanied him.

”So much for relaxing,” Saskia muttered, standing up. As much as they wanted to actually get a bit of time alone, they also needed to make sure Ella and Lisa were okay… especially if Shaquita had gone after them. They pulled out their phone, and quickly called Lupe, rather than just trying to find them in the mall.

“... Hey mami!” Lupe laughed. “That alone-time was quick? Did you get what I really meant?!

”No?” Saskia hadn’t even realised there was another meaning behind Lupe’s words. Well, that didn’t matter. ”Something came up. Are Ella and Lisa safe?”

“Well, not safe from each other!” Lupe laughed. “... What’s up?”

Saskia looked around to make sure no one was nearby before she continued. "Dollhouse. They found me as soon as sat down… one followed you all."

“Shit, um, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Lupe panicked. “Um, mami, shit. Get outside. Now. We’ll get out of here in my car!”

"They're not going to kill us, they need us to do something for them." Saskia said bluntly, sounding a lot calmer than she felt. If it was just her at risk? Fine. But Ella, Lisa and Lupe? She didn't like that. "But yes, let's leave. I'm heading out now."

Saskia didn't actually hang up, pushing herself to her feet and starting to quickly walk out of the mall and towards the car park, where they roughly remembered Lupe's car being. They'd… had their fun at the Arcade, and they didn't want to risk the Dollhouse getting touchy about them wasting more time rather than getting the stupid stone back.

Lupe’s car sped in front of Saskia, and Lisa threw the door open as Lupe shouted.

“Get in, mami!”

Saskia jumped in, flat ass hitting the seats and offering no padding.

The very moment that Saskia was in the car - not even giving Saskia a chance to close it - Lupe floored it and sped out of the parking lot.

Back at the hotel, the three walked up to Kimberly and Jordan’s room, and Lisa knocked on the door… violently. Jordan came and threw the door open, a face of anger turning flat upon seeing the three.

“... Oh, it’s you three,” Jordan shrugged. “What’s up?”

"We’re going to get chopped into pieces and sent to our families bit by bit if we don’t raid a casino!" Ella wailed before anyone else could say anything.

"... It’s not as dramatic as that, but yes. We’re at risk of being killed by the Dollhouse if we don’t get something back for them," Saskia explained.

”... If they cut your head off, you probably wouldn’t notice it, Ella,” Lisa chuckled.

“Okay, okay, okay,” Jordan stuck her hands up. “Slow down here. What do you mean ‘back for them’? That implies they gave you something…”

Ella’s eyes widened, looking like she’d been caught by her mom stealing a shit ton of candy. Saskia wasn’t so bothered about being caught. They’d only hidden it because they knew Kimberley and Jordan would take it off them.

"They gave us an abstraction boosting stone. I used it to kill three of the Endless Seven, then Lisa threw it in a hole," Saskia explained with a shrug. "But they want it back."

Jordan facepalmed.

“... Girl-”

”Hey! They are nonbinary you scum!” Lisa shouted.

"Yeah, don’t misgender them!" Ella shouted too.

“... Whatever! Why in the world would you three accept it from them of all people?!” Jordan asked.

”Well, technically, they only gave it to Saskia,”” Lisa shrugged. ”When did they tell you this?”

"I was tied up, I had no say in it!" Ella said.

"Look, it helped," Saskia shrugged one shoulder. "I only got slightly destructive with it. Everything would’ve been fine if Lisa didn’t throw it away."

”Hey! It was making you crazy!” Lisa shouted, throwing her hands into the air.

“... Look,” Kimberly finally butt in, sticking her head onto Jordan’s shoulder, “Pointing fingers isn’t going to get anything done.”

Kimberly groaned, “Do you know where it's at? Then we can go get it.”

"Devil's Fortune casino, in some vault under it," Saskia said. "We can steal all of his artifacts while we're in there."

“So,” Kimberly shrugged, pausing for a second before she continued. “Let’s make a plan and go get it. Alright?”

“You’re making it sound easy, girl…” Jordan rolled her eyes.

”I mean…” Lisa began, before looking over everyone here. ”We clapped the cheeks of everyone we fought so far!” She shrugged.

“... So far.” Jordan rolled her eyes again.

”Oh!” Lisa turned towards Saskia. ”Do you think he has a love potion in there!? Maybe something that will give me big tiddies?!”

Saskia looked down at Lisa’s chest, then back up with a grim smile. "No potion can make something out of nothing."

"Can’t you just use green lux for that?!" Ella shouted. "But then more people will grab them, Lisa!"

"I don’t think the size matters when it comes to that," Saskia shrugged.

Lisa deviously grinned, tilting her head.

”... I’ll just have to deter them, won’t I?”

"Ohhh… yeah, torture anyone who comes near with spiders," Saskia’s lips twitched up into an evil smile. "Maybe put some poisonous spiders on your tiddies just in case."

”But what if they move and bite me while we’re spooning at night?!" Ella shouted.

”... That is a sacrifice you’re willing to make,” Lisa calmly nodded her head.

“No, no, no! We are not doing this right now!” Jordan shouted, before pointing back into her hotel room. “Come in here so we can make a plan!”

Whatever Ella had been about to say was cut off by Jordan, her mouth slamming shut into a pout and glare at Lisa. She let out a small huff and went into their hotel room. Saskia followed with a dry laugh, immediately flopping down on the sofa.

"I say we just break in like we did before, get the stone, steal his artifacts, done." they said.

“... If it was that simple we would have defeated Morningstar by now,” Kimberly shook her head.

“Know what? Let them do it their way,” Jordan laughed. “See how that works out for them.”

”It’s worked out great so far! We’ve killed so many of them," Ella said confidently.

"Yeah… easy," Saskia yawned, feeling a bit bored since they agreed so easily. "Can we go tonight then?"

Jordan sighed.

“... Knock yourselves out.”

The song played loudly in the car.

“... Alright, girls, repeat after me!” Lupe loudly said. “♫ La voz de mi mente te extraña, siempre habla de ti, cómo te amo, pensamientos intrusivos, hoy, ayer, ahorita y mañana, oh, oh, la voz de mi mente cuando despierto! ♫

Lisa tried singing along, even though it just came out a jumble of mispronounced Spanish.

"COO-ANDO DES-PERTO!" Ella very loudly sang, completely incorrectly, and completely missing the other half of the lyrics. It was just… so different from English! And she didn’t know any other languages… aside from a little bit of Japanese.

Saskia, on the other hand, didn’t sing. They intoned the words, perfectly pronounced, but without a single variation in tone.

"Why can we listen to Spanish songs but not my anime ones?!" Ella asked.

”Because Lupe’s not a weeb. Lupe deviously said.

“C’mon, mami! We can!” Lupe laughed. “Don’t be like that!”

"We can?!" Ella shouted excitedly. "Can we put on the Sailor Moon opening! Oh-oh- there’s so many songs I want to listen to!"

"If you’re taking requests, how about some heavy metal?" Saskia asked.

“Oh, God no,” Lupe stuck her tongue out in a fake disgust towards Saskia. “That’s for them…” She caught herself, and ended up trailing off

She looked at Saskia for a moment.

She was silent.

Lupe pulled out her phone, and as requested, she started playing the Sailor Moon themesong.

”... Awwwwwwwwww! Lisa whined, head slumping to the side.

"♫Gomen ne sunao janakute, Yume no naka nara ieru, Shikou kairo wa shooto sunzen,♫" Ella started to sing in surprisingly well pronounced Japanese, practically bouncing up and down in her seat.

"It’ll be over in a minute," Saskia said quietly to Lisa, reaching over and patting her shoulder.

"TSUKO NO HIKARI NI MICHIBIKARE, NANDO MO MEGURIAU! Ella was now absolutely belting out the lyrics, so loud it was hard to hear the actual music.

Saskia groaned, and held their head. "... how long till we get to the mall?"

Lupe looked down at her phone.

“My GPS says it’ll be like two minutes if we get off at the exit, mami,” Lupe responded.

She drove past the exit.

“... Now it’s fifteen!

Lisa grabbed both sides of her face and screamed.

"... you did that on purpose," Saskia muttered, covering their eyes.

"Anata ni… kubittake… Deatta toki… no natsukashii Ella was starting to get breathless singing so loudly, chest heaving up and down as she continued to sing. But they were over halfway through, she had to sing the rest!

"Maybe I can take a nap,” Saskia said, closing their eyes.

In the meanwhile, Ella sang the rest of the Sailor Moon song as best she could, regaining her energy for the very last lines. "Thank you… Lupe… Oh, I’m happy to play anything now! I need a break…"

“Let’s go back to Kali Uchis!” Lupe laughing, as she changed the song back to the old one as she kept driving.

Soon enough, they made it to the mall! The Desert Oasis, it was somewhat busy, but Lupe parked her car, hopped out and walked towards the mall as she gestured for them to come along.

“C’mon, mami!” Lupe said as she led them inside, and she looked around, before pivoting on her heel and she excitedly said, “... You three ready for an arrrrrrrrrrrrrrcaaaaaaaaaaaade?!” She laughed.

WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Lisa shouted, throwing her hands up into the air.

"ARCADE, ARCADE, ARCADE! Ella shouted like a little kid.

“Wait, do ya’ll got any money?” Lupe asked.

Ella paused midstep, dramatically turning around to stare at Lisa. They’d spent all their totally legally acquired money on phones and clothes and the like! "We don’t but we can… probably get some, right, Lisa?”

Lisa looked at the ATM by the entrance.

”... We can,” Lisa deviously said, as she looked at every camera.

"I have a dollar,” Saskia said, pulling a dollar bill out of the pocket of her jeans.

“Maaaaaaaami!” Lupe laughed, “Put that dollar away! If you flash that, they gon’ laugh you out the mall!” She threw her hands in the air, laughing.

”... Hold on,” Lisa walked over to that ATM, and a swarm of spiders came out of the cracks and crevices of the ceiling and covered every camera that was in sight. Then, when she reached the ATM, more spiders appeared, wrapped in glowing cocoons. They burst out with ant-mandibles before they crawled through the mechanics of the machine, and after some banging and clicking - they came out with dozens of twenty-dollar bills. Lisa grabbed them and walked back to the group.

”... How’s this? Lisa grinned, presenting the cash to Lupe.

“Oooooooooooooh, maaaaaaaaami!” Lupe stuck out her tongue. “You’re bad.

"You’re the best, Lisa!” Ella shouted, jumping forward and sweeping Lisa up in a bone crushing hug. "Let’s go!”

”... My spleen! Lisa shouted.

She put Lisa down, but grabbed her hand, and Saskia’s. She then looked at Lupe, frowning thoughtfully. How was she supposed to drag all three of them in if she could only hold onto two of them?

"I don’t have enough hands!”

"What are we, children?” Saskia mumbled.

“I’ll just hold mami's hand!” Lupe shouted as she grabbed Saskia’s hand and skipped alongside them before pointing towards a neon-lit place known as the Neon Oasis. “This way, mami! Don’t you want to go to the arcade?!”

She turned them inside…

Lupe led them into the neon-lit arcade, and the neon lights immediately assaulted them, sounds of games being played, and other sounds of games being played. Lupe let go of Saskia’s hand, walked in front of them, put her hands on her hips, and had a wide grin on her face as she said,

“Mamis!” Lupe shouted. “What do you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink?!” She said in a sing-song, waving her hands as her accent deepened. Then she leaned forward and said,

“... This is the best arcade in Mirage Springs!” Lupe began. “Oh! Let’s grab some snacks!”

"It’s amazing! Whooooaaaa!!” Ella shouted as she looked around with wide, excited eyes, squeezing Saskia and Lisa’s hands. "It’s way better than the Arcade back at St Portwell! I haven’t been to once since-”

She awkwardly cut herself as she realised when she’d last been to an arcade. When she’d kindled, when her two other friends had been controlled by the Stygian Snake and died. It wasn’t pleasant to think about.

"Right, last time I beat you at every game and you started crying,” Saskia intoned, squeezing Ella’s hand comfortingly. "Snacks sound good… ”

"Right, snacks! Let’s goooooooo!” Ella bounced right back, dragging Lisa and Saskia over to the concessions booth. "Oh- oh- do they do hot food?! That’s not really snacks, but I want fries!”

Lisa looked up at the menu. They had pizza, chicken wings, chicken tenders, nachos, burgers, hot dogs, and what have you. Lisa gave Lupe a devious grin as she said, ”No Everclear?” She began. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?

“Mami, you actin’ up!” Lupe laughed. “You gon’ be tryna’ to shake ass on top of one of the arcade machines!”

”I don’t know how to!” Lisa laughed.

"You won’t learn if you don’t try,” Saskia murmured.

“I’ll show you next time!” Lupe said. “For now, let’s grab some snacks, mami, and then we can play Nomadic Odyssey or something!”

Lisa looked between everyone present, ”... What do you all want?”

"Oh, oh, oh, I want a hot dog, chicken wings, fries and a coke! As large as I can get!” Ella shouted, bouncing from heel to toe excitedly.

"I’ll just have some nachos, and water,” Saskia intoned. They then looked at Lupe. "What’s Nomadic Odyssey? Some new game?”

Lisa walked up to order it.

“Oooooh, mami!” Lupe shouted. “It's a new fighting game! It's all the rage! You, uh, probably were dead when it came out…”

She clapped her hands together, “You gotta try it!”

”Ohhh… like against each other? I want to play against you, Ella and Lisa are bad losers,” Saskia said.

"Hey, no I’m not! I only cried that one time!” Ella shouted.

Upon hearing her name, Lisa craned her head backward.

”... Think I wouldn’t hear you talkin’ shit?” Lisa groaned.

“Oooooh, mami is spicy!” Lupe laughed. “But I’ll play you, mami! Don’t cry when you lose!”

Saskia gave Lupe a slight, evil smile. "I never cry."

| The Legacy of Alchemy |

"Capable of crafting the elixir of dreams."

| It's unknown who or what created the Alchemist Ring. Its origins trace back to ancient civilizations, where it was revered as a symbol of wisdom. |

| Ring of Alchemy |

| The Alchemist Ring is currently in the possession of Greta, having been passed down from her grandmother. It remains on her finger. |

| Greta's Grandmother A skilled alchemist who wielded the ring to protect her community until her death. She knew of the danger that it possessed, and she told her granddaughter to hide the ring on her deathbed. Her dying was ignored. |

| Yes |
The Alchemist Ring bears a legacy woven with the threads of countless adventures and quests across the annals of history. It's unknown who or what crafted the Alchemist Ring. However, it has an incredibly rich history dating to different ages. Throughout its journey, the Alchemist Ring has passed through the hands of remarkable individuals, each leaving its mark upon them. Greta's grandmother, a revered alchemist of her time, wielded the ring with a steady hand and a keen mind, using its power to safeguard her community from Paranormal threats from her youth to her death.

Despite its potential for good, the Alchemist Ring is not without its dangers. Its power to create potions is a double-edged sword, capable of saving lives or wreaking havoc. For every healing elixer the Ring has brewed, it has helped many create monsters. It serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between creation and destruction.

| The Power of Three |

"The Trinity Ring binds three women in an unbreakable bond, granting them the power of goddesses when united.."

| The Trinity Rings were crafted by the Amazons of the ancient island of Themyscira. Intended to protect their homeland from external threats, these rings were imbued with unity and strength. |

| Rings of Empowerment |

| Two of the Trinity Rings were previously owned by Sloane Faris but were stolen from her. Adora Phoenix-Prescott possesses one of the Trinity Rings, but the location of the other two is a mystery. |

| Guardians of Themyscira: Several different trios of warriors over the generations that defended Themyscira from external threats.
"The Trinity": The nickname for the trio of Adora Phoenix-Prescott, Clementine, and Vannessa Washington in the Old Coven.
Adora Phoenix-Prescott: The current wielder of the sole known Trinity Ring. |

| Yes. |
The Trinity Rings are a set of three powerful artifacts, each symbolizing a crucial aspect of unity and strength. Crafted by the skilled artisans of Themyscira, these rings were designed to forge a paranormal bond between three of the Amazons, granting them extraordinary abilities when they are near each other.

When worn by three individuals simultaneously, the Trinity Rings unleash their full potential, granting their wearers unparalleled physical prowess. They can fly at incredible speeds, exhibit superhuman strength, and withstand even the most powerful paranormal attacks. Though it's possible to go against their intended purpose and have one person put on all three rings, there will be side effects, and this sole wearer can only access a fragment of their true potential.

Originally intended to protect the island of Themyscira from external threats, the Trinity Rings were entrusted to the guardianship of the Amazons. However, they were eventually stolen from the island and scattered across the All-Verse, and much like many Artifacts, they have changed hands more times than they can count.

Throughout history, champions and guardians have sought the Trinity Rings to harness their power for noble causes. These individuals have used the rings to defend the innocent, uphold justice, and stand against tyranny. At the same time, they have been used to oppress, slaughter, and rule.

| The Seed of Nature |

"The wisdom of nature and the power to shape it."

| Created by the ancient Adepts who were the first to be deemed worthy enough to enter the Grove, a magical location that only lets in those worthy. These Adepts formed a cult known as the Verdent Circle out of different magical materials within The Grove and imbued it with their knowledge and the ancient knowledge that the Grove wielded. |

| Empowerment Artifact |

| It's located in St. Portwell, in the possession of the Temple of Charming and Graceful Individuals. |

| The Verdant Circle: The mysterious cult that created it, not much is known about them.
The Temple of Charming and Graceful Individuals: One of the tools in their arsenal. |

| No. |
The Garden Stone is a beautiful necklace featuring a glass pendant with a miniature tree inside. The tree appears alive, with tiny leaves that change color depending on the season and sway like a gentle breeze. When worn by an Adept, the Garden Stone’s power activates, granting them nature-based spells corresponding to their Lux.

The Garden Stone grants Adepts plant/flora/nature-based spells tailored to their specific Lux. These spells vary depending on the nature of the wielder’s Lux, offering a diverse range of abilities. The Stone is not abstraction-granting but instead amplifies the natural connection between the Adept and the elemental forces of nature.

When the Garden Stone is taken off, the Adept immediately loses access to these spells. However, if an Adept uses the spells granted by the Garden Stone extensively, they will become a permanent part of the Adept's spellbook. The Garden Stone is semi-sentient, possessing a subtle awareness of its surroundings. It chooses its wielders based on their affinity for nature and their intentions. Those who seek to use the Stone for selfish or destructive purposes find its power elusive and unresponsive. Conversely, those with a deep respect for nature and a desire to protect and nurture it are granted its full array of abilities.

Despite its versatility and power, the Garden Stone does not affect Aberrations and Apparitions.

| Ornaments of Elemental Mastery |

"Within The Elemental Bangles lies the promise of mastery over the primordial forces."

| Forged by a team of Adepts and entrusted to the Accordance. |

| Golden Elemental Bangles |

| Unknown. The last to have the Bangles were the Accordance; however, after their destruction, they were lost to the All-Verse. It's believed that some of the surviving Peacekeepers possess them but nothing can be confirmed. |

| The Accordance: A revered organization dedicated to maintaining order across the All-Verse, the Accordance entrusted the Elemental Bangles to their most skilled operatives.

Various Peacekeepers: Operatives of the Accordance who bore the Elemental Bangles in service to their cause, each wielding the power of a different element to uphold the organization's mission across the multiverse. |

| Yes |
The Elemental Bangles, crafted in an age when the harmony of the All-Verse was paramount, each bangle possesses a distinct power corresponding to one of the four elements: fire, earth, water, and air. These artifacts were revered by the Accordance, who recognized their potential to maintain the delicate balance between order and chaos within the All-Verse. The Bangles bore witness to countless pivotal moments in the All-Verse's history, from saving Brilliance from the Apparition Necron to fighting back the League of Luminesence for the battle of Radiance to defeating the Apparition Morningstar. The Elemental Bangles became instruments of creation and destruction in the hands of the Accordance's Peacekeepers.

Yet, despite their formidable power, the Elemental Bangles' true potential is veiled behind layers of mysteries. Each bangle possessed a dormant abstraction, a power waiting to be unlocked by a worthy wielder. Only those who demonstrated unwavering resolve and attunement to the elements could access the bangles' full potential. Being semi-sentient artifacts, the Elemental Bangles craft symbiotic bonds with their chosen wielders, their vague consciousness intertwined with the fabric of the All-Verse. Moreover, the Elemental Bangles possessed a unique ability when worn together. While each bangle can be used separately to wield its respective element, when worn together by one person, they bestowed upon them the ability to command all four elements simultaneously.

Despite the Accordance's fall and the dispersal of the Elemental Bangles across the All-Verse, their legacy lives on as a beacon of justice and power. Whether lost in the depths of the Pit, added to a Collection, or used to fight the good fight, the Elemental Bangles patiently wait for a new generation of heroes, destined to rise and wield their elemental might once more.

| The Legacy of Hope. |

"A sword that cuts through darkness and shields against despair."

| The Aberration Killer was born from the same legendary craftsmanship as its sister weapon, the Apparition Killer. Forged by the Hatanaka Family, a lineage of skilled Orange Lux users in ancient Japan, The Aberration Killer (Known as Murakumo in Japan) was created to combat a different threat. During the Shogunate Era of Japan, a massive war between humanity and the Onis spawned from hell. This war threatened to consume Japan and the entire world, as the Oni tide seemed unbeatable. Until a warrior named Hatanaka Takashi. |

| Aberration-Bane Weapon |

| The Aberration Killer’s current whereabouts are unknown. After Takashi’s heroic battle with the Oni Emperor Daisuke, the weapon passed through many hands, each wielder facing their trials against the Aberrations. It was last in the possession of Takashi's descendent, Goro Hatanaka, who fell into The Pit... |

| Hatanaka Takashi: The original creator and first wielder who used it to defeat the Oni Emperor Daisuke.
James Blackmore: A knight who wielded it to save his kingdom from The Maw.
Adanna Okafor: An African sorceress who used its power to defend her tribe from the Abominable that terrorized it.
Hatanaka Goro: The modern-day successor to Takashi, who recovered the blade from an Adept crime family in New York. However, Goro fell into The Pit and has not been seen since... |

| No |
Known as the legendary blade, Murakumo, in Japan.

Hatanaka Takashi created the Aberration Killer during the heated Oni Wars, where he and several other Adept-Bloodlines participated. The Hatanakas, however, took all the fame for ending the Oni Wars with a duel with the Oni leader, Daisuke, whom he cut down with the Aberration Killer. The Aberration Killer was used to turn the tide against the Onis and the other yokai for Japan. Afterward, the Aberration Killer was kept in the Hatanaka Compound and revered by the family, and it was only wielded by those deemed worthy of them.

However, the Aberration Killer was stolen from the Hatanaka family and changed hands repeatedly, sometimes ending up on the other side of the planet. One famous wielder was James Blackmore, an English Knight who used the blade to defeat the mighty dragon known as The Maw. Another was Adanna Okafor, a girl who found the Aberration Killer and used it to defend it from Abominable experiments that were sicced on her village. Many of Takashi's descendants, the Hatanakas, ventured out to recover the sword but had no success. However, one of them, Goro, fought his way through an Italian Mafia of Adepts in New York and recovered it - after besting them, he fell into The Pit.

Like its sister weapon, the Aberration Killer adapts its form to suit its wielder's fighting style and needs. It may take the shape of a sword, spear, axe, or any other weapon (By default, the Aberration Killer takes the shape of a katana). This physical and magical transformation aligns with the wielder's soul to maximize their effectiveness against Aberrations.

Upon striking an Aberration, the Aberration Killer inflicts wounds that defy healing, and these wounds will take three times as long to heal as normal. Even with magic, this effect trumps it and requires far more effort and energy to heal. The Aberration Killer will also weaken an Aberration's abstraction, as with each strike, they will lose a portion of their power until they are next to powerless. Much like the Apparition Killer, the Aberration Killer ignores any natural defenses and durabilities of Aberrations and can cut them as if they were paper mache.

The Aberration Killer is imbued with a unique enchantment that resonates with the wielder's determination and moral resolve. When wielded with righteous intent, the blade amplifies the user's Emotional-Field and attunes it to the Aberration's Abstraction. This allows the wielder to resist the specific Abstractions of the Aberrations they are facing, allowing them to power through any of the Aberration's attacks. Also, a strike from the Aberration Killer can weaken an Aberration's Emotional-Field, making them more vulnerable to external magic. Merely touching the blade will sap the Aberration's strength, making it near-impossible for Aberrations to use it.

The Aberration Killer is not merely a tool of destruction; it possesses a subtle intelligence and moral sentience that sets it apart from ordinary weapons. The blade senses the wielder's heart and intent, only granting its full power to those who fight with a true and just purpose. Those with malevolent or selfish intent cannot wield it, as The Aberration Killer’s magic will make the blade thousands of pounds, impossible to pick up. This ensures that the weapon remains a force for good, protecting its legacy and purpose.

While the Aberration Killer can cleave through Aberrations like nothing, it cannot be used on anything else. If used to slash through a human or Apparition, the blade will harmlessly phase through them.
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