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The spider slowly descended in a clearing.

Lisa couldn’t hear any of those giants anymore, so they were probably too big to fit into this forest. However, they had to land to get their bearings, and Lisa landed the spider right by a lake. This forest was thick, green, lush, and they landed right by a lake with a river. However, there was still that persuasive scent of death, and the red sky that never seemed to dim…

Lisa hopped off Saskia and sat down on the grass, staring up at the glass.

”… Where should we head next? Lisa thought out loud. ”This place has no rhyme or reason! I’m not sure if we’re even heading in the right direction!”

"I don't know if there even is a right direction," Saskia intoned, frowning. They pulled their wings back in with a grimace, two massive holes left in their jacket and blood staining their clothes.

”Maybe we could follow the river?" Ella suggested, pointing to it.

Saskia shrugged. "I wonder if it's drinkable. Flowing water is most likely to be fresh."

”I mean it's also Pit water,” Lisa shrugged, trying to hide that she was definitely thirsty. ”... Well, only one way to find out.” Lisa said as she walked over to the water, knelt down, and cupped some into her hand. She sucked it up with a loud slurp, then looked over her shoulder.

”... It tastes fine,”

"Normally you don’t taste waterborne diseases," Saskia said, lips pressing together. "You won’t know until it’s too late."

”It can’t be any worse than what we got from Lupe,” Lisa laughed.

"We have magical healing, it’s fine!" Ella shouted, running over to next to Lisa. She bent down, scooping a bunch of water into her mouth, and then more, drinking like she was parched. "Maybe we should wash while we’re here too?"

"We’ve barely made any progress."

"Who knows when we’ll next find a lake!"

”I mean, I don’t feel all that dirty,” Lisa shrugged. ””I agree with Saskia, we sho-

Something burst out of the water, roaring at them with its monstrous frame as it reached for Lisa and Ella to pull them in. Ella screamed, shoving her hands out in front of her to absolutely blast it with fire. Because it was covered in water and slime, it blocked most of the fire.

"Lisa, Ella!" Saskia's blood tendril wrapped around Lisa to pull her back. Lisa grabbed on as she looked to the left and right, desperately for some way out. Out of the ground, a chitinous spear ruptured through the creature’s arm, making it yelp in pain, yet it persisted. The Chitinious spear retracted, only to launch into the creature again and again… but it regenerated each time.

Saskia grimaced, forming a blood whip with their other hand and wrapping it around Ella, falling to their knees to try not to get pulled in too. Ella swapped tactics, bright pinks coating her hands as she punched the creature. Which tanked each hit.

Lisa opened her mouth and vomited spiders directly at the creature - mid-air, they spelled up with her modified stomach acid. They exploded against the beast, loudly and sickeningly sizzling as it roared again, finally letting go. Ella then shot it with a burning beam of light, and it stumbled backward right back into the water…

… Only to dramatically rise out again.

While dealing with that creature, a swarm of strange human-sized butterflies descended from above to snatch them into unknown parts. Ella screamed again, throwing her hands above her head with fire shooting out of them at the butterflies, trying to torch them. The butterflies scattered for a moment, hovering above them.

”Stop screaming; you’re going to attract more monsters!” Lisa screamed.

"You're screaming too!" Ella screamed back.

Saskia's wings burst back out through their back, splattering more flesh and blood around them, and came up to cover the three of them from above. "We need to get out of here."

"No shit!" Ella said, going back to trying to pound the water creature with her fists.

”I have an idea,” Lisa shouted as she turned towards the monster in the water. ”Ella, get back!”

"Okay!" Ella backed away towards Saskia, fire dancing around her fingers in case she needed to shoot it at anything.

Lisa stuck her hand out behind her, and sighed, before a web comprised of thick, pulsating, human-flesh, and then whipped it at the creature. As planned, it got caught in the web, and hopelessly thrashed around as the webs bound to its flesh. Perfect. Then the butterflies grabbed her and she began floating in the air.

Not perfect!

"Lisa!" Ella shouted. She raised her hands to blast it with fire, but Saskia interrupted her.

"I’ve got it, make sure to catch her." With a powerful flap of their wings, Saskia launched themselves into the air, slicing at the wings of the butterfly holding Lisa with sharp blood blades. Lisa descended and Ella caught her, with the Wretched Web still attached to the monster, which was convulsing in pain. The other hitch in her plan came when the monster the web was attached to began retreating into the water - with her still attached..

"Ahhhh!" Ella fell on her ass, holding Lisa tightly. Her feet dug into the ground, trying to get some kind of traction to stop them from being pulled into the water.

Saskia wasn’t much help either, in the air surrounded by butterflies.

”Just… hold… on!” Lisa shouted as the two were about to be dragged into the water - and this idea didn’t seem all that great now! However, the creature fell to its knees, violently convulsing and bubbling, and then it ruptured outwards. It sent blood, guts, and spiders in all directions - however, the spiders were imbued with acid-burst and when they collided with the butterflies they exploded. The butterflies were ripped to shreds by the explosions and then dissolved by the acid, which was such a devestating atttack that it took out a majority of them. The rest of them fled.

The only problem is that the Agents of Death are not immune to acid so it splashed on them.

Saskia's wings were completely taken out by the acid, but mostly protected the rest of them, melting away as goopy flesh spilled to the floor and they were sent hurtling towards the ground. They landed with a crash and nasty crunch, groaning.

Ella's eyes widened and she spun to try and protect Lisa, acid covering a large portion of her body and burning away at her clothes, flesh… everything down to the bone. She fell on her non dissolved side, weakly trying to push them back to land.

"Fuckkk…" Saskia rolled onto their stomach, grasping at their backpack for a potion. "Let's not do that again."

”Hold on!” Lisa shouted as she ran over to Ella and put her hands on… whatever wasn’t dissolved. The Healing Spiders forced their way out of Lisa’s pores and onto Ella, which they began digging into her flesh to heal her. Lisa sighed in relief before she turned to Saskia,

”… Let’s save the potions,” Lisa said as she walked over to them…

"Sure," Saskia groaned, face twisting in pain as their bones started snapping back into place and they pulled their damaged wings back into their body.

"My clothes" Ella sobbed as she got healed enough to react… but she was now practically naked because of the acid burning away most of what she was wearing.

"At least you brought plenty to change into," Saskia said drily.

”There’s no one here to see, Ella! Relax!” Lisa rolled her eyes, as she threw Healing-Spiders at Saskia. Though they were wasting time, the butterflies were probably recuperating and ready to attack again. ”We should find somewhere to take five.”

Then blankly looked at the lake.

”… Away from water, though.”

Saskia nodded tiredly, getting to their feet. Ella dragged herself away from the water, opening her backpack to at least pull on a purple hoodie that covered enough.

"Let's follow the river but keep a safe distance?" Saskia suggested, pointing to where it went into the forest.

”Sounds like a plan!” Lisa shouted, gesturing for them to follow after them. She walked into the forest… this place was honestly kind of beautiful. Like a magical forest in the movies! Every step she took here was gorgeous! Except they’re literally in hell, Lisa sighed as she kept her eyes open. Every cricket chirping could be a monster…

There were footsteps approaching. Loud. Distinct. And odd for this place, mechanical. Lisa quickly gestured towards a downed tree and dove underneath it.

Saskia grabbed Ella and pulled her under it, squeezing in tight beside Lisa. They carefully pulled their knife out of their pants, making a small cut on their thumb, blood just coating their hand. Ella put her hands over her mouth as if to even silence her breathing. While a slick, black exoskeleton covered Lisa… However, she grew extra eyes as she poked her head over the tree branch out of curiosity - a dangerous move she knew.

A group of… robots? Scrolled by… there had to be around a dozen of them as they robotically marched by wielding various weapons. Thankfully, they were gone as fast as they showed up, and Lisa sighed as she sat down.

Saskia pointed up behind them, then held up, mouthing, ‘gone?’ Ella dropped her hands, rolling forward and putting her head on her knees with a heavy sigh. Saskia silently patted her.

Their footsteps were in the distance before they disappeared.

”... I mean, you don’t hear them anymore, do you?” Lisa whispered, laughing as she stood straight up and the exoskeleton disappeared. Lisa gestured for them to follow her and continued down the same path she was going before the weird robot knights appeared. Giving the river a healthy distance, they eventually made it to another lake… and down a path to their left was a cozy looking cabin. Strange down here, yes, but Lisa looked to her comrades and said,

”You all want to take a break there?”

"Beats being outside," Saskia intoned, looking at the cabin with a good deal of suspicion before they shrugged.

"Hopefully there’s somewhere comfy to sit!" Ella said cheerfully, skipping over to the cabin. She paused in front of the door, hesitating a moment before just straight up going to open it…revealing a mess of a place where furniture was tossed all around. However, there were large scratch marks on the walls and floor, and some of the furniture. Other than that, the place looked alright. Lisa walked in and looked to the left and the right,

”Let’s make sure this place is safe before we settle in,” Lisa nodded her head.

Good plan!" Ella ran ahead, starting to search the cabin. Saskia rolled their eyes and followed close behind her as she checked all the other rooms, and properly searched the main one. "All clear! Let’s take a break!"

Ella, somehow full of energy, picked up a few chairs that had been thrown around and righted them. Then she took off her backpack, pulling out a pair of pants and putting them on so she wasn’t just wearing a hoodie.

"We need to find a way to actually navigate," Saskia said as they sat down, frowning.

Lisa sat down next to Saskia… ”Like how? A map?” Lisa scoffed, before she poked her finger onto the table, as if she was navigating on an invisible map. ”Here’s death. And here is death. Here? More death!”

"A direct path to the All-Blade so we can fight less would be nice," Saskia rolled their eyes.

"Maybe we’ll find someone who knows!" Ella said, taking her own seat with a sigh. "This is so tiring! I think I preferred fighting Morningstar and his minions…"

”We haven’t even met another person!” Lisa said, before she clarified, ”.., Other than Chloe.”

Lisa stretched, ”We’re on our own here, I’m afraid. No one is coming to save us.”

"We don’t need saved, anyway, we’re capable by ourselves! Except we don’t know where we’re going… but we’ll figure it out!" Ella said with a grin.

"I think, before we go out again, we should agree on some things," Saskia said. "Hand signals, plans… in case we can’t talk again. It worked last time, but we might get caught out."

”Yes, what should this one mean?” Lisa said, before she flipped off an empty space.

Saskia threw their hands up, looking a bit frustrated. "Fine, we won’t preplan then. Let’s just die."

”I’m just lightening thr mood, re-lax,” Lisa laughed. ”What did you have in mind?”

"Some are obvious, like stop, be quiet and the like," Saskia started, tapping their fingers on their legs. "But others… ‘monster here’, attack, safe. I suppose a thumbs up works for when somethings safe. Really we need a way to coordinate without talking. We-"

"Oh!" Ella jumped up. "We can use cool hand gestures like sailor moon would!"

She posed, pointing forward with her right hand while her left hand crossed in front of her with the middle two fingers down.

"... And what would that mean?"

"Attack, obviously!"

”… That’d throw the monsters for a loop,” Lisa chuckled. ”We definitely need a hand gesture for ‘haul ass.’”

Lisa looked at Ella, ”…One that’s not from Sailor Moon.”

"... Aw," Ella pouted, hanging her head.

Saskia put their hand on their chin as they thought. "What about this?"

They held up their hand, first two fingers up, then rotated it sharply once. "Noticeable enough, not something we’d normally do, not obvious to monsters. Or…"

They chuckled. "We just flip each other off to mean ‘haul ass.’"

”No, we should be flipping the enemy off,” Lisa laughed, before she put up two fingers, ”What about two fingers like deuces!? I mean, you wouldn’t get that, Saskia, beeeeeeeeecause…

Lisa looked at her.

”... No reason.”

"I get the reason," Saskia laughed, shrugging. "Sure, let’s do that."

"But Sailor Moon is cooler!" Ella shouted.

Saskia ignored her. "What about a sign for ‘I’m about to blast the area with acid get away’?"

”That could- shit, what could that be?” Lisa rubbed her chin, before she raised a finger as an imaginary lightbulb (with spiders, of course) illuminated in that deranged head of hers! She hopped up and threw her hands in the air like it was a surprise. Lisa looked to Saskia and Ella before she did it again, hoping that they would get it.

Saskia narrowed their eyes as they watched, before nodding. "It does look like an explosion. It’ll work."

"It’d be cooler if you spun while doing it and struck a pose at the end!" Ella said.

Saskia rolled their eyes yet again. "We’re not doing this to look cool."

”I mean, while Ella is posing, she can distract the monsters so we can get away!” Lisa laughed before she yawned. ”So, do you all just want to lock this place up and nap for a while?”

"True, it’ll be a necessary sacrifice," Saskia laughed, while Ella pouted. "Yeah, let’s nap while we can. Who knows when we’ll next get the chance?"

"I’ll block the doors!" Ella said, already lifting up furniture to move towards the front door.

Darwin’s Bark spiders came from the hidden corners of the room and began weaving a thick web… around the furniture they placed against the walls and front doors. Some extra on the windows and vents, and once they were done, Lisa summoned a mass of venomous spiders and positioned them around the room, commanded to attack anyone who entered. With that done, the bed was still in one piece, and together, they flipped it over and cuddled.

Lisa was peacefully sleeping as the littlest spoon.

A bang on the front door awoke them. Lisa’s eyes shot open.

“... Come out!” They faintly heard the voice. “We have the building surrounded!”

Ella let go of both Saskia and Lisa, sitting bolt upright with wide eyes. She gestured to the door, then held her hands up in a shrug position.

"Go out, set them on fire, cover them in acid, haul ass?" they whispered.

”If they have the building surrounded, that might not work,” Lisa said as she stood straight up and looked to her left and then the right. ”We might need a flying spider, so we can just burst out the ceiling.”
“Come out!” The voice spoke again, sounding oddly metallic. “... Or we’re coming in there.”

"Make the spider," Saskia said, frowning, properly getting up.

"Do we go outside?!" Ella whispered, looking panicked as she got up.

”Yes, we’re going outside… when we fly through the ceiling and escape,” Lisa said as a tiny spider was wrapped in a glowing cocoon with both the hybridization and enlarge spells applied to it. It began slowly growing in size, as Lisa shook in fear. ”Okay, we just need to chill, and we can we just-”

Then it burst through the wall, which was not what Lisa expected. She was expecting a human being, but this thing… this thing… it was some type of robot. It stood over twelve feet tall, had shiny metal armor… and held an oversized musket in both hands.

“By the order of the King,” The robot said. “All magical users must submit to the King’s Rule and join the Kingdom’s armies. Do you accept?”

"What's the army's uniform?" Ella asked immediately.

Yes, stall! Lisa thought to herself as she glanced at the glowing cocoon, which grew bigger and bigger.

“If you comply,” The robot said, “Come with us and we can induct you into the Kingdom.”

”That doesn't answer my question!" Ella said. "What's the uniform like? Is it cute? Or do we have to wear metal suits?"

“There is no uniform,” The Robot answered.

"Oh, so we can wear whatever we want? Like this?" Ella spun, and as she did her clothes magically transformed into her magical girl outfit. She then struck a pose. "Super cute, right?!"

The robot lunged for Ella.

“... We have no time for these games!”

"Awwwww," Ella pouted. Her leg was coated in a rainbow light and she kicked right at the Robot's stomach as it went for her. It left a dent, stumbling backwards, and dropped its musket.

”The Spider’s almost ready!” Lisa shouted as the spider was almost sedan sized…

… Then other robots burst in, brandishing oversized muskets, swords, and even… a fucking cannon.

”Fuck, fuck, shit, fuck, fuck! Lisa hissed through her teeth as she immediately attempted to use the Chitionious Spear… only for it to bounce off their armor immediately. However, Lisa switched to using Snare which… was just as effective against them.

Ella ran towards the robot with the cannon, going to bring her foot down on the cannon itself. Saskia grimaced, blood tendril forming on their back and lashing out in front of them to try and smack the robots aside.

”Keep the spider safe," they said to Lisa.

”I’m trying here!” Lisa shouted, knocking a sword free with her chitinous spear. ”Nothing is working!” Lisa hissed.

“… Fall back!” One of the robotic knights shouted before funneling through the nearest exit. Lisa was perplexed.

”… Well,” Lisa shrugged. ”That was easy.”

"They barely put up a fight!" Ella shouted, running back over to Saskia and Lisa. Her legs were still surrounded by prismatic lights.

"Maybe they went to get a trebuchet?" Saskia intoned. "We should still leave."

The spider burst out of its cocoon, and Lisa smiled… up until a cannon round blew through the house. The house was lit up by a barrage of musket and cannon fire. Lisa immediately hit the deck, fearing the worst for her spider.

Saskia dropped to the floor, turning their head and frowning. "Close enough to a trebuchet."

"We can't fight guns!" Ella yelled, lying on her stomach and starting to awkwardly army crawl towards the door.

"You have ranged magic. Throw a fireball at them."

"I'll burn the house down!"

”The house is already getting blown to bits!” Lisa shouted, throwing her hands over her head. ”We gotta protect the-”

A cannonball blew The spider in half before her eyes, and it fell over.


”... Shit.

However, the gun and cannon fire stopped, and a few heavy steps from the robots approached...

"Get back!" Ella shouted, getting to her knees. She pushed her hands in front of her, large bursts of fire shooting out of both of them. She spread them to the side to torch the whole area in front of her… burns appearing on her own hands and arms as the flames got larger than normal. The footsteps stopped.

… Then, the sounds of reloading started.

Lisa looked up; the roof was still mostly intact despite the house getting blasted to bits. She had an idea. It's a crazy idea, but it's still leagues better than getting their teeth kicked in by a group of robots. She crawled over to Saskia and said, ”... We need to cast Blood Rain. It’s the only way we’re getting out of this!”

Lisa summoned spiders with pulsating blood sacks in the sky; Saskia had to activate the blood rain part. Then, they hoped the cabin's roof could withstand acid. Saskia held up their hands, expanding the blood sacks in the spiders until they exploded, raining down acidic blood on everything underneath them. There was that sizzling sound as the robots outside were dissolved - and unfortunately, so was the cabin's roof. Lisa screamed in pain as some of the acid hit her in the back. It burned holes in her back, but she was still capable of standing up.

Then, it began binding, which was the entire plan. Lisa looked up at a hole in the wall, climbed to her feet, and immediately darted to it.

”... Run! Lisa shouted.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Saskia muttered as they jumped up, blood and flesh sliding off their back onto the ground as they ran after Lisa.

"YOU DIDN'T USE THE GESTURE!" Ella screamed as she followed behind, acid coating her shoulders and chest, some splashed on her face. She practically shoved the other two through the hole in the wall, using the ice scepter to fill it with a massive block of ice.

FUCK THE GESTURE, JUST RUN! Lisa shouted as she hauled ass through the hall and into the woods… she caught sight of the robots and, as planned. They were dissolved in acids, then bound, which immobilized them enough for Lisa and the gang to haul ass into the woods…

The Greenwood Coven.
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Outside the House on the Hill.

A breeze traveled through St. Portwell, carrying leaves and foliage, from northern St. Portwell to the south... past the boardwalk, past Melon Collie Hill, and to the House on the Hill. Outside the location, the winds crescendoed and appeared seemingly out of thin air. All the leaves and other pieces of plant life gently fell to the ground. One fell on the shoulder of the leader of the Greenwood Coven, Ruby White... before she turned her head and blew it away. Various members of Greenwood were holding pizza boxes and bags of food - wings, mozzarella sticks, garlic knots, and whatnot - that permeated the area with the alluring scent of food. The first thing that Ruby did was turn to Autumn and ask,

"Autumn, how many Adepts are in there?"

"About thirteen," Autumn quickly answered, holding some pizza boxes - with the Apparition of Al Slaughter beside her also holding some pizza. "The colors are consistent with what we've seen of Sycamore."

Ruby turned towards the rest of the Greenwood Coven and said, "Now, before we go in there, do not bring up that white-haired bitch." Ruby narrowed her eyes. "I sorted all of that out with her people."

"Ain't she their-" Naomi tried to say.

"... No, she ain't," Ruby said. "It's been deaded, we clear?"

All of Greenwood nodded.

"Let's go," Ruby said, walking towards the front door. "We're already an hour late."

"We would have been there already if you didn't tell them you were getting the food!" Naomi snorted, rolling her eyes.

"We already left their meeting with how much pizza?" Ruby rolled her eyes.

"Hey, man! They were giving it away like it was free!" James laughed.

"Look, you all know me," Ruby stopped and turned on her heel. "Someone does good by me, I do good by them."

"You know," Jessica said. "I respect that!"

"We all do," Naomi cracked a grin.

"Aw, you're making me blush," Ruby said as she proceeded up the stairs into the House on the Hill, her pockets stuffed with these business cards for a therapist - a Temple therapist. Ruby knew what Lynette (Richoux) was trying to do, but at the same time, she also knew that pissing her off after she did such a massive favor for them, well...

... That wouldn't be right, shady intentions or not.

So, all she had to do was make up some bullshit and distribute these... business cards. However, Lynette would understand if they wouldn't take them anyway, and Ruby was smart enough not to be aggressive about it, or else she'd ruin this good thing they had. Though, Leon's ass should be there, and he should (key word here) help her out if he was as big of a mother's boy as Ruby knew him as. Ruby sighed as she pushed the doors of the House on the Hill...
"... Have Greenwood betrayed us!?"
An Anime

Ruby rolled her eyes.

"... Sweetie, we just-" Ruby cut herself off when she looked around the room... There was a kid battered and bruised, someone was on the floor unconscious, and everyone looked ready for a fight. Ruby scanned everyone's emotions; there were various mixes of panic, fear, concern, anger... The rest of Greenwood walked in behind her.

"... What happened in here?" Ruby asked nobody in particular.

"Aw shucks," Jessica awkwardly laughed, tugging at her collar. She then raised the three pizza boxes she was carrying in the air. "Um, pizza's here!"

| The Key to Luminescence |

"The White Compass points to where humanity ends and magic begins...."

| Unknown. Likely spawned by some belief. |

| Teleporting-Artifact |

| The White Compass’s last known location was in the Pit, but now it's believed to have been taken to St. Portwell, Oregon. |

| Edmund the Seeker: A renowned Adept who first discovered the White Compass and used it to journey to Luminscience, gaining unparalleled magical insights.
Edward Elrich: A scholar of the Accordance who documented the properties and potential of the White Compass, though he never used it himself.

| No. |
The White Compass is an artifact of unparalleled significance, designed with a singular purpose: to teleport its bearer to the realms of Luminescence and the Oasis. When activated by merely touching it, The White Compass emits an ethereal glow, transporting its user to the very heart of the All-Verse. It functions as a gateway, effortlessly bypassing the barriers that separate dimensions and leading directly to Luminescence or the Oasis.

The creation of The White Compass is shrouded in mystery. Legends suggest it was a gift from above intended to provide a means for select beings to access the essence of all life. It resonates with its wielder's deepest desires and intentions, ensuring that only those in need or those destined for higher purposes can harness its power.

Throughout history, The White Compass has been sought by many but possessed by few.

| The Key To All Gates |

"No door remains locked, no realm remains hidden, and no threat remains unchecked. "

| Human hands or other sentient beings did not forge the Kingdom Key. Instead, it was born from the collective belief and desire for security and sanctity across the All-Verse. This artifact embodies the primal need to protect one's domain from unwanted intrusions.|

| Sealing/Key Artifact. |

| The last known location of the Kingdom Key is shrouded in mystery. It appears only to those with a true and desperate need to seal away a dimension. |

| Throughout history, the Kingdom Key has passed through the hands of various notable figures, each chosen for their unwavering dedication to preserving the balance between realms. |

| No. |
The Kingdom Key is an artifact of immense power, taking the form of an oversized key that, despite its grand and intricate design, feels utterly weightless in the hand of its bearer. This paradoxical nature underscores its unique capabilities, which extend far beyond its physical form. The primary power of the Kingdom Key is its ability to seal entire dimensions, making them completely inaccessible to any form of teleportation or magical entry.

When activated, the Kingdom Key channels the latent energies of the All-Verse, firing a beam of light that weaves an unbreakable seal around the targeted dimension, regardless of whether the user is within or outside the dimension. This seal is impervious to tampering or destruction other than the Kingdom Key. Additionally, the Key can break seals placed on dimensions through other means, restoring access where it was once restricted.

Beyond its primary function, the Kingdom Key possesses several other abilities. It can unlock or lock any ordinary or magical lock with a tap. The artifact is supernaturally protected, rendering it indestructible by any known force.

| The Withering Cirlet |

"They rise and bloom, but all shall wither in my sight."

| Yoko Hatanaka forged the Jade Ring with the help of Luca Olivera. It was designed to combat the terrifying Calamities, specifically the Vulture and the Floral Wreath. |

| Decaying Ring |

| The last known location was in the Hatanaka Sanctuary, where Yoko stored it in case it was ever needed again. |

| Yoko Hatanaka, the creator, who used the ring in several fierce battles against the Calamities. |

| No. |
The Jade Ring is a small yet incredibly potent artifact, crafted from a rare, vibrant jade gem that glows with an ethereal green light. The ring's magic is directly tied to its creators', Yoko's, intent: to counter the relentless destruction of the Calamities - specifically the Vulture and the Foral Wreath.

When worn, the Jade Ring can emit powerful blasts of concentrated decay. These blasts have a unique property: they specifically target and wither undead beings and plant life, causing them to rot and disintegrate almost instantaneously. This makes the ring an invaluable weapon against the armies of reanimated corpses raised by the Vulture and the monstrous flora controlled by the Floral Wreath.

The ring's decay power is not limited to direct attacks; it also creates an aura of decay around the wearer. Any undead or plant-based creature that comes too close will begin to wither and weaken, their life force rapidly drained by the ring's influence. The Jade Ring's power, however, comes at a cost. Prolonged use of the ring can take a toll on the wearer's own vitality, causing physical and emotional fatigue.

Interactions: Lynn (@NoriWasHere), Aislin (@Estylwen), & Clancy (@Zombiedude101)
The House on the Hill.

Jack began yapping, and Adora tried to pay attention, but some details slipped through the cracks. Pale Horse, this. High-Priestess, that. They were going on a mission to find an artifact to help Luca and Lila - that was great, but he also brought up a great point: he would be useless without the Rot (Just like me). However, Adora knew better than to tag on a mission like that. Most of it didn't sound useless, and Jack just wanted to hear his voice...

“Isn’t this great? You, me, and our friends? My, I really feel like I’m part of the team. It’s really great. And all done without you. While you were busy wasting the coven’s time, I found out key information that’ll push us down the right path. The path of the victorious, pushing us one step closer to that Father Wolf you hate so much. And now I’m off to find a way to track down the Pale Horse and the High Priestess. Enjoy sitting around being useless.”

... Of course, Tsukino had to go and stir the pot. Adora stared daggers into the girl as she spoke. She knew that Drake had fried her at Kari's house - but as far as Adora could tell, it was entirely justified. Though, what was not justified was Luna insulting Drake and trying to push his buttons. Adora facepalmed. The girl finally got back in, and she let it get to her head. Adora was desperately hoping that she wouldn't have to put up with Tsukino's bullshit every goddamn meeting. However, Sully stuck up for his boy, and Adora suddenly didn't feel the need to say anything. She apologized to Drake and didn't get turned into a lightning rod. Adora sighed as she crossed her arms, leaning against the bar counter.

All they had to do was stay focused on the task and wait for Greenwood...

“Speaking of journeys, the future points towards one filled with horror and tribulation. There is one artifact that can answer all our questions and needs for security. One that would tell us where Kari is, one that would find all of the stolen artifacts, one that would reveal the location of each and every member of 8th street in case a war to break out, where farther wolf truly is. Kari’s Wayfinder. That, or one of its replicas. I know where they are, I know we will be able to get them. Do you all remember Goro? They have a sibling named Yoko. Goro has been missing since searching for the Abberation killer in New York. I believe he found it, but can’t get away from where he is at. As such, his sister has departed with the Wayfinder and several replicas and we will be able to get one or the other. And we will find all of them. In a place where hope goes to die. The Pit, and in each ten possible futures I’ve narrowed down it is a vital piece of the puzzle to solve this Kari drama.”

... Then this bitch started yapping.

Adora went back to facepalming. Now, she had no clue about the Wayfinder or the Pit, but she knew about Yoko and Goro. She thought highly of Goro, not so much his little sister. Adora was surprised he wasn't there, but she found out why. Everyone immediately shot down the idea, and Adora shook her head at Lynn. Adora wasn't sure if it was just a ploy to get some attention, but the Coven was doing so good at staying focused, and then this bitch comes and fucks it all up.

Adora stepped forward and then spoke to the group, ”Yes, we all agree it's a stupid ass idea. Let's get back on topic and-”

A shadow creature burst through the doors, and Adora's heart almost burst out of its chest. She was prepared for a fight, only to recognize it somewhat. Her eyes fell on the part of the creature's face that was still intact. It was Clancy's face, the boy she had seen earlier today. She was not sure if it was Clancy or... a monster that ate him and assumed its identity. Adora was careful and sighed as she glanced at the seemingly extra Trinity Ring that had entered her possession - no one would have noticed. Well, it was time to put Sloane's work to the test. Adora raised her ringed hand, her palm facing her, as two copies of herself appeared next to her in a cloud of smoke.

Adora wasn't expecting much, but this was the best that she could do. All three Adoras stuck their hands out at Layla and shouted at Layla.

Layla! Don't touch that thing! You don't know what it's trying to do!”

Interactions: Luna (@Estylwen), & Lynn (@NoriWasHere)
The House on the Hill.

Drake didn't listen to Jack at all; it was a lot of yapping because, ten years later, Jack still didn't know how to get to the point. Though he didn't stand there twiddling his thumbs...

“Isn’t this great? You, me, and our friends? My, I really feel like I’m part of the team. It’s really great. And all done without you. While you were busy wasting the coven’s time, I found out key information that’ll push us down the right path. The path of the victorious, pushing us one step closer to that Father Wolf you hate so much. And now I’m off to find a way to track down the Pale Horse and the High Priestess. Enjoy sitting around being useless.”

... All of his attention was on Luna. The audacity of this bitch made Drake grit their teeth, and his right hand started crackling with electricity. Charging up a bolt of lightning to fry her. The fact that, just like Britney, Luna had the nerve to show herself after hurting the Coven just pissed him off - but unlike Britney, she had the decency to keep her mouth shut. Though, Sully stepped in and put a hand out in front of him - immediately, Drake deactivated the spell, not wanting to shock his homie as Sully went and got on her ass.

Soon enough, Luna came over...

“Shit. I got ahead of myself, Drake. I'm sorry. I'm still sore about what happened at Kari's House, but I realize you were just trying to keep people safe. I came to the meeting with information, and no one has chased me away, yet. I'm… just trying to be useful. That doesn't give me the right to try and lord it over you, though.”

Drake crossed his arms. He knew it was bullshit; she didn't mean any of it and was only doing it because she got called on it. However, the rest of the Coven, for whatever reason, didn't immediately throw Luna out the door (like they rightfully should have). While Drake wanted to throw her out, he knew better than to push against the wave - which was the entire Coven. Drake shook his head as he pointed a finger at her and said,

”... Don't let it happen again, okay?” He commanded. ”I don't want you here, but obviously everyone else doesn't see the same way, so let's just stay away from each other.” He rolled his eyes.


“Speaking of journeys, the future points towards one filled with horror and tribulation. There is one artifact that can answer all our questions and needs for security. One that would tell us where Kari is, one that would find all of the stolen artifacts, one that would reveal the location of each and every member of 8th street in case a war to break out, where farther wolf truly is. Kari’s Wayfinder. That, or one of its replicas. I know where they are, I know we will be able to get them. Do you all remember Goro? They have a sibling named Yoko. Goro has been missing since searching for the Abberation killer in New York. I believe he found it, but can’t get away from where he is at. As such, his sister has departed with the Wayfinder and several replicas and we will be able to get one or the other. And we will find all of them. In a place where hope goes to die. The Pit, and in each ten possible futures I’ve narrowed down it is a vital piece of the puzzle to solve this Kari drama.”

Unlike Jack, Drake listened intently to Lynn because she spoke something essential and exciting... the Wayfinders. Drake had no clue what the Wayfinders were, but Lynn answered a burning question: What happened to Goro and Yoko? Now, Drake knew all about the Pit because Adam (Papa Blackmore) told the Blackmore siblings all about the Pit when he was trying to get them to learn teleportation. He warned them why it was essential to be careful with teleportation because they might accidentally end up there. So, were those two in the pit of all places?

However, from Lynn's speech, all she spoke about was the Wayfinder - either get the Wayfinder or find Goro to make one. But what about Yoko and Goro? That didn't sit right with Drake for a number of reasons. Sure, Yoko was a pain in the ass back in the day, but that didn't mean she deserved to be stuck in a hell dimension. And Goro would have done everything in his power to get them out if they were stuck down there. Bastards.

Drake sighed, turned to Lynn, and laid out his terms,

”... I'm only going down there if we're getting Goro and Yoko out, damn the Wayfinders,” Drake narrowed his eyes at Lynn.

That was when a whole ass monster burst through the doors; Drake immediately created a Voltblade, crackling with blue electricity as he faced the thing down. It ran in, collapsed, and then begged for help... it had pieces of a face, and Drake recognized it. It looked like the kid, kind of. Drake tilted his head as everything seemed to want to help it, but Drake was prepared for a fight.

Adora said what was on his mind, calling for Layla to get away from the thing before it killed her!

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| The World Ending Parchment |

"Look. You don't know what you're doing. If you find this thing, find some way to destroy it."

| Who knows? It probably came out of the All-Verse's butthole. |

| Cursed. That's all you need to know, idiot. It's cursed. |

| Long as you're not in the same universe as it... don't worry about it. |

| You know, they're all dead. |

| No, but it does things to you. Things to your soul. You won't last long after you touch it. |
Hey there, you don't know who I am, but you'll thank me later.

I am the last person to hold the Black Envelope. I thought... I thought it was the key to gaining the power I always wanted. I thought it could be the solution to taking out threats like the Stygian Snake, the Rampage, and the Deathpile. I thought it could solve all the problems. I thought it could help people. I thought it could help me. I thought it could help me. But, I didn't realize - until it was too late, of course - that it's worse than every Multiversal threat put together. Whatever this artifact is, it's easily the most dangerous thing in the All-Verse.

It does things to your mind. It gives you power, yeah, but it makes you a slave to its power... and the scariest part is that you won't even realize it. None of that "a prisoner in your own body" bullshit; it alters your mind, your memories, and your personality to suit its dark needs. With the help of others, I managed to break free, but I realized that this thing was too dangerous. So, I made it my mission to spread the word of its danger... and erase all knowledge of what it can do.

It's powerful; it can change the world, but it changes the world in its image. So, I tracked down the Compendium, tore the page out on it, and burned it. I replaced it with this warning: Please. Don't look for it. It's gone. I took it somewhere where nobody will ever find it.

I'm probably dead by the time you read this.












Interactions: Layla (@Estylwen), & Lynn/Aaron (@NoriWasHere).
The House on the Hill.

“Hiii, Britney. Uh, can we talk later?”

Britney noticed the hesitation in Layla's voice but disregarded it as Britney just smiled at her and said,

”... Sure thing!”

However, Jack began a long-winded yapping spree, and Britney rolled her eyes as Jack went on and on. Man! For all his genius, Jack never heard of the word brevity, now, did he? She chuckled at her joke as she sat by Greyson, though she zoned out for a bit. A lot of it was shit she already knew, except for their expedition into Gloom. She would volunteer herself to go, but she and Kenshiro... yeah, they don't get along, and it probably be would be best if Britney remained in Shimmer. However, the next person to speak up was Lynn...

“Speaking of journeys, the future points towards one filled with horror and tribulation. There is one artifact that can answer all our questions and needs for security. One that would tell us where Kari is, one that would find all of the stolen artifacts, one that would reveal the location of each and every member of 8th street in case a war to break out, where farther wolf truly is. Kari’s Wayfinder. That, or one of its replicas. I know where they are, I know we will be able to get them. Do you all remember Goro? They have a sibling named Yoko. Goro has been missing since searching for the Abberation killer in New York. I believe he found it, but can’t get away from where he is at. As such, his sister has departed with the Wayfinder and several replicas and we will be able to get one or the other. And we will find all of them. In a place where hope goes to die. The Pit, and in each ten possible futures I’ve narrowed down it is a vital piece of the puzzle to solve this Kari drama.”
Lynn (Who's now a Moderate Liability!)

So that psychopath did yeet herself into the Pit… Britney spoke out loud to nobody in particular. Britney tried to get Yoko to realize that going down there was suicide, but she wouldn’t listen. That was on her - though Britney couldn’t help but admire Yoko’s dedication to her brother. However, Lynn suggested they go into the Pit - taking Blackmore, Luna, Leon, and herself down there for the Wayfinder. While Britney could care less about Luna or Leon, she wouldn't send Blackmore down there (woman-beater or not). Now, Britney had no clue what the Wayfinder was or what it did, but from what she could infer, Kari and Goro made it. Britney stared at Lynn like it was the dumbest thing she’d ever heard….

”…. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

It was. Lynn had no clue what she was even suggesting! Were they all so desperate that people were throwing out crazy ideas just because? Britney tilted her head at Lynn. Unfortunately, Aaron entertained this craziness instead of just treating it as one of Lynn’s intrusive thoughts that she let out. This meant the others would join soon, but Britney wanted to tell Lynn why it was a lousy idea politely. So, it was time for the Coven’s magical expert to magical expert.

”I mean, look, Lynnie, I know you probably put a ton of thought behind this,” Britney lied through her teeth because it was just the most head-empty ideation she ever heard, ”But, it’s not going to be that simple. You know the Pit is not just full of monsters, right? It’s big, like huge. It’s the fragments of several worlds colligated. Going through it hoping to find one artifact is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but the haystack’s on fire. And the needle is infected with HIV.”

Britney then clapped her hands together, hoping that Lynn would finally get it. Get what she meant, and stop wasting ”But, let’s say you do find the Wayfinder or Goro or…” Britney visibly cringed, before she said, ”... Yoko. How do you suppose this ‘expeditionary party’ gets out? The Pit redirects any teleportation back into it. Meaning it's going to be next to impossible to get out.”

She shook her head before she added”Look, I don’t know what makes this ‘Wayfinder’ so special, but all we have to do is find a half-decent Artificer, and we make our own version of it. I know Goro's work was special, but it can't be that hard to imitate.”

Then Britney turned to Aaron.

”Aaron, let’s stop humoring this,” Britney began. ”Like Jack said, we finally have a tangible plan. Let’s stick to that then start coming up with these crazy-ass ideas if they don’t work out. Which I doubt, but I don't think we'll ever be desperate enough to enter the Pit.”

Lisa climbed back down, gracefully landing on an upright computer desk. She looked to the left and then the right, as she whispered,

Lord, She began. ”I never thought I’d say this, but making a flying spider would be a bad idea.”

Lisa looked to the left and then to the right.

”I don’t think we should leave the way we came”

Saskia had also climbed up, dropping back down beside Lisa and pulling the blood tendril back into the cut they’d made on their palm. "Agreed. We need to be stealthy… quiet and unnoticeable."

They turned their gaze to Ella. "No magic."

"Hey, I’m not stupid!" Ella threw up her hands. "I can be stealthy too."

Saskia snorted. "Sure. Let’s get to the ground level and walk."

”Sounds like a plan,” Lisa whispered as she slowly and surely made her way to the staircase. It was still intact enough for all three to climb down, and Lisa was the first down - however, slowly and carefully. The stairs shook with every step that those giants outside took, and Lisa stopped when the stairs got wobbly - however, she kept pressing on until they reached the ground level. With every step those monsters took, it felt like an earthquake was going on…. Lisa stumbled before she pushed herself back to her feet.

”... We came from that way,” Lisa pointed to the left before she pointed to the right, ”.... And we need to go this way.”

Ironically, the direction the first monster was going.

"Great," Saskia frowned. ”Let's try to stick close to the buildings…"

Ella gulped, didn't say anything, and nodded. Saskia started towards the right, eyes narrowed as they looked for a way out - before the building collapsed on them. Not guaranteed, but definitely a possibility. Lisa pushed the door open and opened the door into the main lobby. Lisa carefully raised a finger as she walked to the door and poked her head out. The monster was already down the street… but two more were approaching, so she quickly dipped inside. Lisa carefully walked back over to Ella and Saskia, as she said,

”... I think,” Lisa thought out loud. ”They’re looking for something. I mean, look at how they’re moving and how many of them there are!.”

"Maybe we can just wait it out, then?" Ella suggested.

"Or better, we leave the city, if they're looking for something here. Hopefully they'll ignore us," Saskia shrugged.

”Let’s just leave,” Lisa whispered. ”One, we don’t know if they’ll ever stop searching. Two, we don’t know if they’re looking for us. And three, we don’t know if they’re going to start trashing the city.”

With that final word, Lisa nodded as she added, ”There’s two coming down the street - should I make a spider we can all ride on? Even the giant ones aren’t that loud, just in case it can also have wings.”

Then she paused, ”Or would it be easier if we went by foot?”

Saskia frowned. They’d be fasted on a spider, but it also gave them more limited mobility. It was much more difficult to hide when they were all on one. "Let’s go by foot. We’ll have an easier time hiding if we need to. Let’s wait for the two coming to pass, then go out."

They went to the door, carefully looking out. The two walked past, shaking the earth with every step, and Lisa walked up behind Saskia and nodded.

Saskia nodded back, holding a finger to her lips - namely in Ella’s direction, who took up the rear. Then they stepped out into the street. They went in the same direction as the two creatures, sticking close to the wall of the building they’d come out of. Lisa grabbed onto Ella’s hand and tailed behind Saskia as they tailed behind them. They approached an intersection - however, one of those monsters was coming from the right.

Lisa lunged forward and tried to yank Saskia into an allway they passed. Saskia wasn't that far ahead, silently pulled back into the alley. They pressed their back against the wall, frowning. This was going to be difficult when they had no idea where they were even going.

She shoved her hand into one of her many pockets and pulled out a small notebook and pen. She scribbled on it and held it up to the other two.

'Let's try take small alleys they can't fit down.’

Lisa nodded as she continued down the alleyway; it wasn’t long before they made it to the other side… and she poked her head around the corner momentarily before quickly darting back. Lisa put her hands out, fingers open, and then summoned spider webs from underneath her clothes that quickly weaved webs in the shape of words:

A few are coming down this way. Let's go through this building.

Lisa nodded her head in the direction of the metal door that was slightly ajar.

Saskia nodded. They very carefully pushed the metal door a little bit more open, wide enough that Ella would be able to fit through, before slipping in. It was darker inside and took their eyes a moment to adjust… they gestured for the other two to come in too.

Ella held up her hand as she stepped in, head tilting questioningly. Saskia shook their head. Better to deal with the poor lightning than risk drawing attention with a bright pink flame. The door led to a convenience store… the building had been ransacked before, with only a few snacks and rotting food lying across the floor. There was glass shards scattered all throughout the floor…

Lisa immediately grew spider legs out of her back and climbed onto the ceiling. She looked at Ella and then at Saskia. Then back to Ella. She grabbed her chin, before making a gesture with her index and middle finger - a walking motion but veeeeeeeeeery slowly. Then she put her hands together and gave Ella a closed-mouth smile with a pleading look.

Ella held up her hands with a pout, looking a bit upset. Saskia rolled their eyes. Lisa was right to be worried. They went first, bones lightening to make it even less likely they'd make any sound, carefully stepping their way through the broken glass. Hopefully Ella could follow the same path… they checked behind them as they walked to see Ella following them at a very slow pace. Painfully so, really, but it was better than stepping on a piece of glass.

Saskia made it to the other side without incident. Ella was still going, carefully twisting her body and going on her tiptoes. She made it to the other side, letting out a sigh of relief, lowering to her heels.

And immediately put a heel on a shard of glass. Thankfully, it didn't shatter, instead it just shoved right through Ella's shoe and into her foot. Saskia immediately threw up her hands, shoving them over Ella's mouth before she could shout in pain. Lisa gently lowered herself to ground level, waving both hands downwards pointing at Ella’s foot. Ella silently lifted up the foot with glass embedded in it, hands gripping Saskia's shoulders for support.

Lisa put a finger to her lips as she looked up at Ella and Saskia, then her healing spiders came out of her pores and onto Ella. She then grabbed the shard glass with both hands and yanked it out - and immediately, the healing spiders went to work and began healing Ella’s foot.

Saskia still had her hands over Ella's mouth, and pressed them harder to once again stop any screaming. Ella's whole face was scrunched up in pain, which quickly relaxed when the healing spiders did their work. She put her foot back down and Saskia finally moved her hands away.

They looked around, then at Lisa, gesturing back to the ceiling, and then forward. It would be safest for her to lead them through from up there. Lisa nodded her head, and climbed back onto the ceiling, though her footing was shaky due to… all the shaking from the titanic beasts outside. One of them approached, and Lisa gently lowered herself to the ground for a few moments to wait for it to pass by. When the coast was clear, Lisa poked her head out through the front and quickly gestured for the other two to come along.

Across the street was another alleyway; no monsters on the street could see them. Lisa raised her hand in the air and then used her opposite hand to count each finger. Then she pointed at the alleyway and smiled at the other two.

Saskia nodded, finger and thumb pressing together in an ok symbol. Ella looked between them both, looking confused… but that didn't matter. Saskia reached behind them and grabbed Ella's hand, before raising the other one. Five fingers up.





Saskia ran across the street, dragging Ella behind her - she quickly got the message and ran fast enough to get just ahead of Saskia, practically leaping into the alley opposite. Saskia immediately got close to the wall, looking down the alley to make sure there weren't any nasty surprises - Thankfully, none. All three of them got across, and Lisa sighed out of relief.

However, there was a door to a reasonably large abandoned apartment complex, and Liea pointed at the door, sticking a thumbs up and rotating it up and down, waiting for approval.

Saskia looked at the apartment complex, thinking about it… yes, probably safer to go through that. They gave a thumbs up, as did Ella.

Then they carefully went over to the door, pushing it slightly open to peer inside. This revealed a primarily intact hallway illuminated by a dim overhead light that flickered on and off. Saskia motioned for the other two to follow them in, beginning to make their way down the hallway. They glanced into any doors they passed… just in case. Most of the doors were closed, but the few that were open were just typical apartment rooms - some of them wholly trashed and others too dark to see into.

However, as they proceeded down the hall, one of the doors they passed opened…

Saskia stopped, immediately spinning around and holding an arm out… primarily to stop Ella immediately blasting the door with fire. They wriggled their fingers before a long, thin blood whip formed from it. They carefully manipulated it so that they could wrap it around whatever came out of the door.

… It was nothing.

Saskia shuddered, hair on the back of their neck standing on end. They didn’t like that one bit. But they gestured forward with one finger to keep going, proceeding slowly and carefully, listening for anything. And keeping the blood whip formed.

Lisa silently grabbed onto Saskia’s wrist and pulled them down the hall. Lisa then stuck her hand out and summoned a hundred Darwin-bark spiders that quickly created a wall of webs that blocked the hallway. Then she kept proceeding with the group until they made it to a staircase. Lisa put her hands together, and this time used Snare to make a message out of webs.

Maybe get up to a high vantage point so we can decide where to go next?

The ground began shaking more intensely, signaling a monster was close.

Saskia nodded in agreement. They needed to figure out where to go so they weren’t just running around hoping they’d get out. They gestured up the stairs, moved two of their fingers and moved them quickly to signal walking fast, then put a finger on their lips again, looking at Ella. Ella threw her hands up silently, before folding them over her chest with a pout.

Then they started to climb the stairs, as quickly and silently as possible. Followed by Lisa, who had her Spider-Legs already coming out of her back.

A door was slammed on the ground floor, and Lisa stopped dead in her tracks to look over her shoulder…

… only to see nothing.

Ella jumped, eyes wide, trembling slightly. Saskia grimaced. She once again gestured up the stairs, motioning for them to go quickly. They grabbed Ella’s hand and tugged them, taking two steps at a time, assuming Lisa would spider leg her way up faster. As expected, Lisa left the stairs and ascended to the top floor with lightning speed - but never left their sight.

Once the other two made it to the top floor, Lisa pointed at an open door.

Ella was the first up the stairs, going to run right through the open door… Saskia caught her, and went in more cautiously, still ready to attack at any moment. The room was completely untouched by the chaos of the Pit. It had all the furniture you expected to see in an apartment, and the windows, as Lisa expected, gave a great view of the surrounding area.

Out the window, there was a forest, a thick, lush, green, paradise… Just a few miles away.

Saskia frowned, approaching the window and looking out. It looked… nice. Too nice. The apartment and the forest. The pulled back out their notebook, scribbling down something before holding it up to Lisa and Ella.

‘Isn’t it strange this room is fine?’

Lisa quietly laughed as she stuck her hands out and used Snare to cast another message on the walll…

Only if THIS is the only room that’s alright.

The webs dissolved as she made another message.

Maybe we can make a flying spider and jet… Me and Ella can use Crack Spiders. The monsters don’t seem to be that fast.

Saskia flipped to another page and wrote, ‘Worth a try. If we fly high enough we can avoid them.’

Ella nodded her agreement, having no way to communicate beyond that.

A spider crawled onto the ground, enveloped in a glowing white cocoon, and grew larger. The webs dissolved, followed by another message.

Ella will have to punch the wall down or something.

There was a faint growling down the hall…

Shit. Saskia gestured to the wall, and made a punching motion to Ella, before flicking out their blood whip to shove the door to this room shut. Ella shook her head, pointing to the cocoon, even as her legs started to glow with prismatic light.

Still not wanting to draw attention to them, just in case whatever that was didn’t know they were there, Saskia crouched down, blood running along their back to form their blood tendril. They pointed it at the door. Meanwhile, spiders came crawling from all the hidden corners of the room, and pooled right above the door…

The growling grew louder, as they heard slow footsteps approach, sounding as if whatever was coming dragged its feet with every step and it was heavy. Though, it stopped directly at the door… the growling continued.

Saskia looked up at the spiders, then down at the door. She raised a hand to shoot through it, before pausing, getting a much better idea. She quickly pointed to the Ice Scepter, then the door.

Ella grabbed the Ice Scepter and shot a beam of intense, cold energy to freeze the door. The creature could be heard pounding on the wall - loudly roaring - hard enough to knock over some items on top of the furniture. The spider was at half size, but the noise was attracting the sounds of the bigger monsters - which were now heading their way. Lisa bore teeth as she looked to the left and the right.

"Shit," Saskia swore under their breath - wasn’t exactly louder than the roaring. She jumped away from the door, and pointed to the wall, motioning again for Ella to kick through the wall. Then to Lisa, she pointed to the spider, then the wall, and finally to her own back.

As Saskia shifted their backpack to their front, wings started to push through their back.

”... But-” Lisa tried to protest before she shook her head, and the spider burst out of the cocoon. It had dragonfly wings half the size it typically was for when to ride it - and all the spiders on the ceiling fell onto its back. Lisa hopped onto Saskia’s back.

Saskia let out a quiet oof, but their wings had finished growing and… it should be fine. Probably. Ella kicked the wall, making a sizable hole, before kicking it again so that it was big enough for them to get out. She turned back around… freezing in confusion for a moment.

Saskia just pointed to the spider. Ella threw her hands up and jumped onto the half sized spider.

"Sorry if we die," Saskia said before stepping through the hole, sinewy wings stretching out fully… and just about stopping them from falling to their deaths after a few flaps. They wobbled a bit, grimaced, and just flapped harder. Fuck, this was harder than they’d expected, but they tried to get as much height as they could.

The spider with Ella on top trailed behind, as Lisa nuzzled against Saskia,

”... At least we’ll die together,” Lisa said.

As they flew through the skies, all of the giant monsters in radius began following after them. Lisa looked down, and her eyes shot open.

”I’m not sure if they will follow us into the woods!” Lisa shouted. ”But, I have an idea!”

The spider carrying Ella flew right in front of Saskia, one of its eight legs in arm’s reach.

”Grab on!”

Saskia frowned, reaching forward to grab onto the leg… it couldn’t exactly make things worse.

”Ella! Crack Spiders! Lisa shouted.

"Got it!" Ella shouted, pressing her hands against the spider, imbuing it with dazzling rainbow lights. Saskia had to close their eyes to not get blasted in the face with them.

The Spider cut through the air at lightning speeds, taking them both far into the air - and out of the city into the woods…
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