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1 mo ago
You either die a hero, or live long enough to become a villain. I figure that turning point is about the age of thirty.
2 mos ago
You can tune a guitar, but you can't tuna fish. Unless you play bass.
2 mos ago
Shout out to the GMs of Ultimate One Universe: Year One, congrats on creating a thriving and enjoyable game. Looking forward to another 200 posts.
2 mos ago
With all the free time everyone has from Discord going out, there's going to be a bunch of IC replies right? Right?
2 mos ago
I creep your profile, You creep mine back, I creep yours again and leave you message and now we're friends. Unbreakable bond of internet socializing.


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Location Marville, Oklahoma - The Donaldson Farm
Issue #2.01: Title

Sorry, I'm magic. No need for Kryptonite here.
<Snipped quote by AndyC>

Didn't Supergirl make out with a horse?

Don't kink shame.
<Snipped quote by some news website>

Read- a bunch of DC folks wanna write an erotic fan fiction and put it into actual publication.

Shush, don't talk about my day job here.
So apparently DC's new 'Black Label' imprint is kicking off with a story where you see Batman's wang.

I assume we won't be seeing MB all that much for the next couple of days.

First Harley's tits, now Bruce's dick.
Hey, writing my post, and something I’m not totally clear on/might have forgotten: is SHIELD public knowledge?

I've always treated them as such in my posts, at least to the same extent the FBI and CIA are public anyways.
All y'all finishing your fights like "Yeah, I'm Pumped. It's Surfer time!"

Iris be all like "PlzNoImHurt"

I don't seem to recall anything like that in my post.
Barrys Dead, get over it. STOP LIVING IN THE PAST. It's Iris that fucks up the timeline now.

We all know it's Barry crossdressing.
I don't think the banner is big enough for all of these characters.
<Snipped quote by Sep>


What does Vigilante even look like?

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