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Current Browncoats unite!
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“What do you call a male Mary Sue? … A protagonist.”
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When you want to play in all the roleplays but it involves work so you play in none.
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The wise build bridges, the foolish build barriers.
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Sometimes a blunt instrument works better than a scalpel.


"Y O U E I T H E R D I E A H E R O O R L I V E L O N G E N O U G H T O S E E Y O U R S E L F B E C O M E T H E V I L L A I N"
"I figure the turning point is around the age of thirty."


Lord Wraith
1990/02/21 | 29 | Caucasian
Married | | Heterosexual
University & College | Electrical Technologist

▼ The Lord's Tale:
I have been roleplaying since 2005,
and been with the Guild since 2010.
I am from Ontario, Canada.

▼ Ongoing Projects:
► Pacific Royal Collegiate and University
► The Yurazen Prince: A Tale of Redwall

▼ Future Projects:
► Section 31: A Star Trek Story
► Agents of H.I.T.: A Vigilance RP
► VIGILANCE: Brand New Day
▼ Roleplays I GM:

▼ Roleplays I'm Playing:
► None at this time.

▼ Genres I Enjoy:
▼ Fantasy
► Dark
▼ Historical
► Assassin's Creed
► Black Sails
▼ High
► Lord of the Rings
► Tales of Redwall
► The Elder Scrolls
▼ Low
► Game of Thrones
► Modern
► Mythic
► Urban

▼ Science Fiction
► Firefly
► Mass Effect
► Stargate
► Star Trek
► Star Wars

► Slice of Life

▼ Superhuman
► DC Comics
► Heroes
► Marvel Comics

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So there's a couple issues I see with this application off the top. If I'm understanding the sheet, you're hoping to tell stories set primarily in 2099, which really isn't the name of the game. Secondly, the sheet references Superman who does not exist in any capacity in this universe as Supergirl landed first and is only now emerging as a hero in the IC.

Lastly and probably the largest issue is that this sheet is a couple days too late unless you and @Ceta de Cloyes can come to somedort of compromise. Ceta had previously applied for and been accepted as a Mon-El from the future and his sheet and story revolves heavily around the Legion.
And then it was 11.
I had this crazy dream that we got nine new IC posts in one day.
I apologize, but I noticed that Lex Luthor himself has entered the building. I might be jumping the gun, but is this the introduction of the bad guys to like 30 good guys??

No, it's the player who controls Supergirl making a post from their villain's perspective. Which anyone is allowed to do so long as they're still primarily playing their hero.
@Simple Unicycle Where's my damn Question application? That's the real question here!

Crisis on Paradise Island
We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.

Location: Gotham State University - Founder’s Island, Gotham City
Welcome to the Masquerade #1.05: Curiouser and Curiouser

Interaction(s): None
”I can’t believe you cost me twenty bucks.”

Dana shook her head in mock frustration while she and Terry watched Max walk away. Each step was emphasized with victory fueled swagger as she caught up to Carrie before disappearing into the ever-growing throng of students.

“Your ass is definitely mine tonight, McGinnis.” Dana said, turning towards the dark-haired young man with a mischievous smile across her face. Running a hand across his jawline, Dana paused for a second, her hazel eyes studying Terry’s face as her gaze was met by his own piercing blue eyes.

“You must be spending way too much time with Mister Wayne,” Dana chided with a giddy giggle, “You’re even starting to look like him.”

Scoffing, Terry brushed Dana’s hand aside before wrapping an arm around the petite raven-haired woman’s waist. Walking with Dana under his arm, Terry felt his heart skip a beat as he futility wished this moment could last forever. Dana and Terry had been considered an item for longer than either of them would honestly acknowledge to each other. Most of their high school years had been spent in an on and off relationship until they finally became an exclusive item in the second semester of their senior year.

While there had been others in Terry’s life, some even who were more kindred souls than Dana could ever know, Terry always found himself coming back to her. Dana complimented Terry in ways he couldn’t have imagined and were it not for his ‘nightlife,’ the pair could have even been living together by now.

“Whatcha thinking about there, tall dark and brooding?” Dana teased as Terry’s mind was brought back to the present.

“Sorry D, that last class just put my brain on the fritz.” Terry replied, feeling a slight burning in his cheeks. Despite the warmth, it would appear that his fair skin hadn’t betrayed him as Dana moved on, swatting him playfully as she responded.

“Oh no, you don’t, I don’t want to hear about how tired you are. We are young and fun, don’t you start acting like my dad who needs to nap after an ‘exhausting day’ at work.”

It’s actually my nights that are exhausting.

Smiling as he dismissed the thought from his head, Terry replied as he took hold of Dana’s hand and continued forward with her.

“Don’t you worry, I am one hundred percent with you in the here, and now, you have my full undivided atten-”

“McGinnis!” A voice yelled from across the parking lot as Dana and Terry turned to see a familiar face moving towards them. The source of the voice belonged to none other than the Knights’ starting quarterback as Nelson Nash approached the pair.

“Hey, either of you seen Chelsea?” Nelson asked, relaxing his broad shoulders before tucking his hands into the pockets of his letterman jacket.

“Haven’t seen her since before practice, and she’s not answering any of my texts, not even the good ones.” The jock smiled, nodding towards Terry while giving him a nudge with an elbow.

“Can’t think of what the hell I did to piss her off.” Nelson added as Dana pulled out her phone and began to scroll through her texts. Scoffing, Terry shook his head towards Nelson as he replied dryly.

“Not even one thing?” Terry asked with a raised brow.

“No man, I’ve done fuck all that would have pissed her off,” Nelson retorted, “She’s got no reason to be ghostin’ me.” He added before muttering under his breath, “I don’t think.”

“Not all that surprising, Nash” Terry replied dryly as Nelson shot him a dirty look.

“She hasn’t texted me either,” Dana interjected, her expression confused as she continued to look down at her phone. Her thumb scrolled along the screen as she continued to speak. “Nothing on her Insta or Snap either,”

“That’s not like her.” Terry stated as Nelson nodded eagerly in agreement.

“Something’s up man, told you I didn’t do nothing!”

“Yeah, you’re a real saint, Nelson.” Dana smiled wryly, “Though, this really isn’t like her.” She added as her brow crinkled in concern.

“Maybe she took a day off from everything?” Terry suggested as his phone began to ring. Avoiding eye contact with Dana, Terry slid it out of his pocket before quickly swiping his thumb across the screen as he answered the call.

“Detectives Gage and Ramirez just picked up a body, heavily mutilated.” The voice on the other end growled as Bruce skipped the pleasantries. “Early analysis suggests he’s the missing ‘Wolf’ from last night.”

“Anything else I should know?” Terry asked as Dana shot him daggers from a few feet away.

“Victim was identified as Richard Cunningham, upper middle class, Wayne/Sionis employee-”

“And Chelsea’s father.” Terry whispered as he cut Bruce off, turning his back to Nelson and Dana before continuing. “Wayne, Chelsea’s gone off the grid.”

“Then you’d best suit up.”

Next Issue: Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat

All five of the above character sheets have been accepted. Please post your sheets in the character tab and feel free to begin your first IC post whenever is convenient.
Look at all these shiny sheets and pretty posts!
So I always kinda had the plan to rebuild the LOSH in a kind of reimagined way, is there any objections to any of those chars being used? Aside from like Supergirl and Superman who I think were honorary anyway. I saw the X-Men was a group played by just one person, so I assume it's fine, but is there a cap on the number of chars I can use? Thinking about it I probably should have verified this before my app lmao, but tbh I don't think many people know or care about LOSH ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you don't want to spoil anything here, could you maybe PM @Inkarnate, @Saint Maxx and I? We're a little lost on what you mean by reimagining when the sheet has the LOSH as canon in the future.
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