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“What do you call a male Mary Sue? … A protagonist.”
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The wise build bridges, the foolish build barriers.
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Sometimes a blunt instrument works better than a scalpel.
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Keep your friends rich, and your enemies rich, and then find out which is which.
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Every writer dislikes their own writing, thankfully we don't often produce it for ourselves.


"Y O U E I T H E R D I E A H E R O O R L I V E L O N G E N O U G H T O S E E Y O U R S E L F B E C O M E T H E V I L L A I N"
"I figure the turning point is around the age of thirty."


Lord Wraith
1990/02/21 | 29 | Caucasian
Married | | Heterosexual
University & College | Electrical Technologist

▼ The Lord's Tale:
I have been roleplaying since 2005,
and been with the Guild since 2010.
I am from Ontario, Canada.

▼ Ongoing Projects:
► Pacific Royal Collegiate and University
► The Yurazen Prince: A Tale of Redwall

▼ Future Projects:
► Section 31: A Star Trek Story
► Agents of H.I.T.: A Vigilance RP
► VIGILANCE: Brand New Day
▼ Roleplays I GM:

▼ Roleplays I'm Playing:
► None at this time.

▼ Genres I Enjoy:
▼ Fantasy
► Dark
▼ Historical
► Assassin's Creed
► Black Sails
▼ High
► Lord of the Rings
► Tales of Redwall
► The Elder Scrolls
▼ Low
► Game of Thrones
► Modern
► Mythic
► Urban

▼ Science Fiction
► Firefly
► Mass Effect
► Stargate
► Star Trek
► Star Wars

► Slice of Life

▼ Superhuman
► DC Comics
► Heroes
► Marvel Comics

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@Inkarnate, @ComradeMaxx, @Star Lord, @Dblade26, and @Ceta de Cloyes. Sorry to see each and everyone of you go. Best of luck with your future RP endeavors and each of you are welcome to return if the mood strikes.

Thanks for the time and dedication each of you gave to the game and each of you will be missed.
<Snipped quote by Nightrunner>

No other choice...

With that said, I'll be devising a way to finish the Crisis. Any and all questions regarding it can be directed to me.
Just a follow up to earlier. I have to apologize to everyone in the game, but especially to @ComradeMaxx and @Inkarnate. This matter should have been handled in private, and while I stand by my decision, it should never have been handled in public like this.

So once again, sorry to everyone but especially my remaining Co-GM. To Inkarnate, I'm sorry our time working together ended this way, but I have no intention nor want to make you leave the game. Supergirl is a critical component of this world, and you are a member of this community.

To everyone else, I just want to reiterate that while I acted brashly, I do believe I am acting in the best interest of the game. So I hope we can all move forward together and keep this game going.

Thank you once again and apologies for the way this matter was handled.
A N N O U N C E M E N T:


Hey everyone.

Going forward with Absolute, @Inkarnate will no longer be a member of the GM Team. I've requested to Inkarnate several times over the course of the season that they step down from the position but as they have not done so and upon reflecting on the last couple months, I feel as though I'm left with no choice but to actively demote them from the role of GM. Normally, I'd be against forcibly demoting another GM, especially in this manner, however, I feel in this situation my hands have been tied.

I realize this is not a desirable situation for anyone, and I apologize for any fallout that may come from this, especially to @ComradeMaxx, however, I am doing what I believe is best for the game in order to create a healthier environment moving forward. If you do not agree with my decision and feel as though perhaps your time with Absolute is finished, I understand. But if you trust that I'm doing what's best for the game and are willing to keep participating here, then I appreciate your faith and thank you for your continued commitment to the game.

I want to make Season 2 and onwards as successful as possible and I feel this is the first step towards making that happen.

<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>

And without a sample. I'm a goddamn legend.

(The sample which I will still be making... Eventually...)

Damn, these holidays really have me slipping.

Although I did consider dropping samples on secondary apps.

This is a bizarre concept but hey, accepted!

► All players will initially be allotted one Character Concept, to begin with. This concept may be any heroic character from the Marvel or DC Universe. If applying as a 'Team Concept', a combination roster may be allowed at the scrutiny of the GM Team. Characters originally appearing in Manga or Anime are heavily discouraged because of their incompatibility with western superhero comics. Other comic titles discouraged are those of belonging to science fiction genres such as Transformers, Star Trek, and Star Wars. We will judge all properties from outside of the Marvel and DC Universes on a case-by-case basis provided they fit the themes and tones of the game, but the above limitations are definitive.

► We will grant a second character concept to players at the end of their first season within the game, provided they meet the following criteria. We will grant secondary concepts to players who remained consistent throughout the season, posting regularly of their own accord. The player should not be abrasive towards either the GMs or the other players, instead, inspiring the community and helping the game flourish. To summarize, players need to meet three criteria:
-Be part of the game for a minimum of one Season
-Post consistently over the course of the Season preceding the application
-Contribute to the game and community positively (i.e. Comment on posts and discussions, take part in Crises, create Crossovers etc)

► Players can compete for characters if an application for your desired character is posted ahead of yours and has not yet been accepted. To compete for a character, you have a twenty-four-hour window to state your intent to compete. The competing application(s) will then be given a 72hrs deadline in which both players must submit their samples if they have no done so already. The GM Team will then judge the two competing applications. The winner will be selected by who the GMs believe portrays the character better and has a stronger concept. During this competition, the GMs may also vet a player's history to check for posting consistency or previous incidents of abrasive behaviours to better weigh their options.

► In terms of character creation, you are free to overhaul and redesign any canon character from one of the aforementioned publishers. This means you can tell the story of the character how you believe it should be told. However, there is one major limitation, the heart and soul of the character must stay intact. The character should not be changed so much that they're unrecognizable. This means that Batman can't be a cold-blooded killer any more than Spider-Man can be a rich, well off playboy. Every aspect of the character that isn't a key to their major identity is malleable, this can even include sex and abilities if so desired.

► Player characters are claimed on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the parent character (i.e. Batman to Robin), hasn’t been claimed, the legacy is just as available. If another player comes along and asks about playing the parent, it’s requested that both players be as accommodating as possible to allow the other to express their vision. It is understandable that sometimes two visions will not mesh, and in this case, we will give the player who came first precedence. If a GM needs to step in as a mediator or an arbiter, we can arrange this in a group PM.

► The 'parent character' or 'acting parent characters' has a veto or any further legacies being applied for. For instance, if you were playing Spider-Gwen, and another player applied as Ben Reilly, as the established 'parent' character, you could veto the application for Ben Reilly if desired.

► In regards to NPCs and supporting casts, it is asked that first and foremost you use those who come from within your character's franchise. Furthermore, the GM Team requests that you include any NPCs you intend to use on your character application, however, we also ask that you only include those which are relevant to your current story arc. NPCs from outside of your character's franchise may be used but should be asked in the OOC to avoid conflicting plans. It is requested that these characters only be borrowed, however, and once finished be set 'free' so that other players may also use them. If a character from outside of your franchise is critical to your plot, then it should be included in your application.

► Absolutely no 'OOC' chatter in the In Character Thread. If you have a question or anything to explain there is an Out Of Character Thread provided. You have no excuse to make an 'OOC' comment in the IC and if done it will be heavily frowned upon. If you require a more immediate answer, don't hesitate to directly ask the GM Team or relevant player in the Discord.

► Writing expectations for this roleplay are at least two (2) well-developed paragraphs as a minimum per post. Three (3) to five (5) paragraph posts, however, would be awesome so long as you're not simply chewing the scenery. Proper spelling and grammar is also expected but small mistakes here and there are understandable. Blatant offences will be called out.

► You are required to post at least once per character within a fourteen (14) day period. There will be a post-check-in, once per week performed by the GMs in order to ensure the IC is moving consistently. Extensions will be given in extenuating circumstances. Please recognize your limitations before joining the RP, if you are unable to post once every ten days, then it's highly likely that you do not have enough time to keep up with the RP. In the event that you do miss the deadline, your character will be listed as 'inactive'. After a further week of inactivity, your character will be expelled, and dealt with as necessary in the IC, whether killed or used as needed and then discarded. This whole process is simply easier if you just let the GM know if you're unable to keep up or simply have lost interest in the RP. If you find yourself in a plot with another player and they disappear, do your best to move on without them and quickly finish the arc to the best of your ability, or ask for the help of a GM.

► This is a Character-Driven RP, and as such you are encouraged and expected to take charge of your character's sub-plots and storylines. There will be a heavy emphasis on collaborative activities and team building as well. The GMs will be leading the RP in the traditional sense with a driving plot and will ensure the RP keeps moving however we do want to see you develop your characters and produce your own plots. However, we don't want to see you lock your character out of interaction and focus solely on your character and their 'world'. No one enjoys watching you play with yourself, it's always better to let someone else join in on the fun.

► If you join this RP, if you take the time to submit an application, I'm putting my faith in you that you'll be committed to it and that the character you play will be consistent with the one in the agreed-upon CS. Personally, I have a hard time with this sometimes and I understand that things just happen. That said I’m referring to suddenly giving a character new powers with no explanation or completely changing their backstory in order to add new skills. I’m okay with changes but I’d like a heads-up first so perhaps we can work a more natural way towards these things happening. In terms of commitment, dropping out of the RP randomly for whatever reason is a pain or a GM. Simply put, it wastes my time along with the other players. If you do not think you can join and you're sure something will come up, do not join. The tendency to not care about an RP after a while? Don't join. Simple as that. I will work with you when it comes to bumps in the road. If you think you're going to be out for a couple of days, that's fine. I'll find a way to excuse you from the story or play your character. However, please let the group known as far in advance as possible. If you're going on a trip, tell me something. Do not leave me wondering where you are. Let me know so I can keep things going. I will work around you if you work with me when you can.
@Star Lord and @HenryJonesJr, Punisher and Booster have been approved for Season 2
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