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In case anyone missed it in the Discord, I unfortunately have to close down this roleplay due to overwhelming circumstances plaguing my personal life. I enjoyed getting to know all the new faces here and always enjoy reuniting with those familiar and from the past.

Hopefully one day I'll get to have another shot at this story but sadly for the time being it won't be possible.

Thank you everyone for your patience and participation.
PURGATORY - A Small Town of Mystery:
An RP where you play a character who suddenly finds themselves in a small town with no recollection of how they got there. As the events of the RP unfold, their memory begins to come back in fragments slowly revealing that they have in fact died and now exist in a plane of neither heaven nor hell. How did they die, who were they before their death and how do they leave Purgatory are all very real questions they must solve before the town itself swallows them whole.
M A T H E R M E M O R I A L H I G H S C H O O L:

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 - 08:16 am | Teacher’s Lounge

The morning sun shone over Mather Memorial Park as the American Flag blew proudly in the gentle Atlantic breeze. A new day had dawned on Crestwood Hollow and a new academic year upon Mather Memorial High School. The gentle lull of birds gleefully chirping was broken by the steady roar of an older muscle car as it made its way towards the school. Pulling into the school parking lot, the driver made his way into the faculty parking spots before cutting the engine.

Opening the large door, Dr. Jonas Lehrer ran a hand over his smoothly shaved head as he walked around to the rear of the car. Opening the near body-sized trunk, Jonas reached inside before withdrawing his leather messenger bag. Swinging the wide strap over his torso, Jonas approached the front foyer, pushing open the set of double doors before entering.

Numerous students lined the hall as they checked through the various postings on the walls, looking for their name and assigned homeroom class. Though Jonas quickly noted that none of them seemed to be in any particular hurry, the hallway rapidly growing more crowded. Those who had found their names stood in the way of those who had come later, blocking their fellow students from finding their own homeroom assignments, while they caught up with their friends who they hadn't seen over the summer.

“Welcome back, Mather Memorial Ravens!” The student radio was clearly broadcasted over the din of noise in the hallways as the host continued to speak. “I hope you all aren’t having any trouble finding your room assignments! If you are, look for the Student Council members in the black and blue. They’ll be happy to assist in any way they can!” The student's voice said with a slight chuckle as Jonas continued to walk the hallways.

Unzipping his jacket, Jonas noticed several of the students giving him a strange look. It wasn't to be unexpected; however, he wasn't a returning teacher. Jonas was a new face to the student body, and this was his first term at Mather Memorial. Continuing to push his way through the throng, Jonas quickly turned into his office upon locating it. Taking a seat at his desk, placing his bag on the desk before gently running a hand over the embossed leather.

Opening the bag, he reached inside. Pulling out a rather new laptop, Jonas logged onto the school’s network. Loading the daily schedule, he noticed that he had an assembly to attend. A soft groan escaped from between his lips as the new teacher leaned back in the chair. 'Welcome Assemblies' were hardly exciting, and as a teacher, he didn't look forward to them any more than the students did.

“...And in local news, the search for Kaitlyn Stewart still has no leads. Local authorities are asking for any and all information that friends and family might be able to supply…” The student radio suddenly caught Jonas' attention at the mention of the missing girl. Kaitlyn Stewart was one of the students that Jonas had selected to be in his Social Conscience program. Unfortunately, it seemed fate had other ideas for Kaityln, and she wouldn't be joining the class, at least not today.

Standing up from his desk, Jonas stifled a yawn while a hand absently scratched at the five o’clock shadow on his chin. Rubbing his tired eyes, Jonas moved away from his desk and into the Teacher’s Lounge. The rich, earthy smell of a fresh pot of coffee immediately drew his attention. Pouring a cup for himself, Jonas took a sip from the sharp, black liquid before returning to his desk. Time seemed to have flown by as the bell rang suddenly, signalling not only the start of Jonas’ day but the start of a brand new school year.

Taking a long, final swing, Jonas swallowed quickly. Gulping down the remainder of his mug, he placed it down on the desk and stood to leave. Rolling up the sleeves on his collared shirt, Jonas straightened his tie while he walked out of the office and made his way towards the auditorium. The dull roar of students chattering to themselves filled the halls as the student body proceeded towards the auditorium. Something tapped against Jonas' palm, prompting him to look towards his wrist.

A black woven cord secured a small vial to his wrist. The vial in question was practically shaking, the crimson liquid inside reacting to the student body around it. It was as though something was calling to it, the fluid moved in almost every direction, pausing to point the vial in one direction only to suddenly move towards another. No doubt, it had begun to detect those that Jonas had selected for his class. It was Crestwood Hollow's significant history with the witch trials that had been one of the primary draws for Jonas when he had approached Principal Fitzgerald regarding the Social Conscience Program.

Jonas had pitched the in-school program as a way to encourage ‘gifted’ individuals to grow and develop within their community, finding a way to contribute to society with their own gifts in their own way. Though if he was honest with himself, that wasn’t precisely what Jonas had in mind. Each individual he had selected for the program bore the blood of a witch, which gave them the ability to interact and manipulate magic in the world around them. It was Jonas' hope to harness this power.

"...And please give a warm Mather Memorial High School welcome to your new faculty member, Mr. Lehrer!" Principal Fitzgerald's voice echoed out through the auditorium. Leaving both his seat and thoughts, Jonas stepped forward, replacing Fitzgerald at the podium overlooking the student body.

"Greetings, Mather Memorial. I think we can all agree this year, the school will truly spread its wings." Jonas' gravely voice dictated, a slight chuckle appearing midst the travelled accent as he elicited a combination of groans, cheers, and laughter from the students with his reference to the school's chosen mascot.

The Mather Memorial Ravens.

"It's a pleasure to be joining the faculty here, this year. To some of you, I'll be teaching physics, to others; I'm sure I'll meet you later this year on the court as the new basketball coach. Still, more of you will be participating in my advanced calculus class, but there is a specific handful of you that I'm really looking forward to meeting." Pausing for effect, Jonas flashed a smile as he extended a hand towards Principal Fitzgerald.

"If it wasn't for the generosity and open-mindedness of Principal Fitzgerald, I wouldn't be able to have founded my pioneering Social Conscience Program here at Mather Memorial." A slight hush fell over the crowd at the mention of the new program. Looking out over the student body, Jonas continued to speak, hoping to win their affection back with his following words.

“I realize this might not be a class that anyone wanted to be taking this year. But, those of you who we recruited truly show great potential and I can't wait to work with each of you on an individual level. I do hope all of you take the time to attend, I'd hate for anyone who was recruited to miss out on the magic." He took a pause, scanning the audience for a reaction before continuing.

"Again, I want to express my deep-felt gratitude to Principal Fitzgerald and my new home here at Mather Memorial High School for allowing me this opportunity!" He finished, raising the microphone into the air as the student body exploded into cheers before Jonas returned the microphone to the Principle. Turning away from the student body, Jonas allowed a small, satisfied smile to appear across his face before he took his seat, quickly returning to a stoic expression as he turned to face the student body again once sitting.

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 - 10:40am | Physics Laboratory

The rest of the assembly went by rather quickly, which was surprising given the events that followed Jonas' speech. The student council performed a rather awkward skit on the dangers of unprotected sex, sexually transmitted infections and the meaning of the word ‘no.’ This, however, was topped by a closing rap performed by the school’s elderly librarian who somehow managed to twerk with a collapsed hip. Thankfully it didn’t go any further beyond that, and Principal Fitzgerald hastily dismissed the students to pursue the rest of their day and start their new school year.

Checking his watch, Jonas inwardly groaned at the agonizing wait he was still faced with until he could formerly meet the students who had been selected for his program. The school had kindly provided Jonas access to each of his students' records, and he had taken the time to look into and read their files. In fact, in many ways, Jonas likely knew the students better than they knew themselves.

Leaving the auditorium with the rest of the teachers, he took the stairs to the upper floor of the east wing. The hallway air immediately became fresher and crisper upon entering the school’s newer addition. Heading to the physics lab, Jonas entered the room with the rest of the students before standing behind the podium and addressing the surprisingly seated class.

"Don't you all look serious," Jonas mused, looking out over the class. "You all do realize this is the first day of class? I'm not about to tell you to do something ridiculous like take out your textbooks and turn to page twenty-three." He added, eliciting a nervous chuckle from the group before him.

"I'm also not lulling you into a false sense of security only to hit you with a pop quiz or some other stereotypical teacher bullshit." Jonas stated before gesturing to his bag. "Look, my books aren't even out." Jonas smiled disarmingly before standing up from the edge of the desk that he had been sitting on.

"How many of you took physics because you needed a science credit?" He asked, watching several hands go up in the air. "Okay, and how many of you think physics is probably going to be boring? Perhaps the dullest course you'll take this semester?" More hands went up in the air this time.

"Well, I'm going to tell you that's objectively false. Physics is interesting, and it's fun. In fact, I've got something here to show you just how fun it can be." Jonas stated, walking behind the desk before emerging with a mesh bag filled with dodgeballs. "Who wants to get out this classroom and blow off some steam?"

This time every hand in the room went up.

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 - 02:20pm | The ‘Loft’

As the bell sounded signalling the last break of the day, Jonas packed up his things and left the calculus classroom behind. An eager smile crossed his face, it was time to make his last introduction of the day, but it was also the introduction he had been most looking forward to all day.

Walking the aged hallways of Mather Memorial, Jonas made his way to the top of the main building. Unlocking the door to a musty, old classroom, Jonas coughed slightly. A cloud of dust met his nostrils, exhumed by the now ajar door. Entering the room, Jonas placed his bag on the antique desk and turned to look towards one of the school’s last operating analog clocks.

Within the next fifteen minutes, those attending the Social Conscience Program would be coming through the very door he had just unlocked. While initially the room had been set up with aged single piece desks, Jonas had arranged a more comfortable situation and instead, the classroom was now made up of several large leather couches arranged in a ‘U-shape’ adjacent to his desk.

Opening the pair of windows at the far end of the classroom in an attempt to make the room breathe, Jonas moved through the room, placing a passcard and syllabus at each seat cushion. Walking over to the storage closet in the back corner of the room, Jonas opened its doors as he found a new package of chalk before returning to the head of the classroom.

Turning to the blackboard, Jonas reached lifted the tab on the new box of chalk, pulling a piece out before quickly writing out a question on the sun-faded blackboard. A second bell rang, signalling the end of break and the start of the day’s final class. It was quiet for another minute, then on queue, the students began to file into the classroom. They each took a seat while Jonas stood leaning against the desk. He held his arms crossed in front of him, his eyes studying each and every one of his selected students. As the group settled, Jonas cleared his throat before he began to address them.

"Allow me to welcome you to what I hope will turn out to be the first class of its kind,” Jonas said as he extended with arms to add some showmanship to his introduction before beginning to sign his words. “Your principal has been gracious enough to allow me to use you all as my guinea pigs. This class is all about self-discovery and finding out how you can use your specific gifts to influence and change the world around you.” He paused for a second.

“I hope that by the end of this school year, each and every one of you will be able to testify how this class has helped you for the better.” Jonas flashed a quick smile towards the class before continuing again.

“As you should all be aware of by now, I am Mr. Lehrer, but that’s far too formal for my liking,” Jonas stated as he shook his hand beside his throat.

"Please, call me Jonas instead." He said as he boosted himself onto the desk, taking a seat on the edge while alternating between rubbing a hand on either of his wrists.

“Beside you, on your seat, you’ll find a passcard and a program syllabus. That card will allow you access to this room should you ever need it. I hope you’ll come to find this room to be something of a sanctuary.” Looking over the class, Jonas could see their minds at work, curiosity was a driving trait among them. They were just as interested in studying him as he was them.

“The syllabus, on the other hand, outlines our class and my expectations for you. Those of you who have taken a look already, likely noticed you’ll need parental sign off. I have several trips planned over the course of the school year, and since none of you are eighteen, I need your parents or guardians to sign.” He paused again before speaking further.

“Now then, as some of you might have already noticed, I’ve written a question on the board. I want to use it as an icebreaker, to begin to get to know a little about each other. It’s the last class of your first day of school, I’m not going to work you too hard today” He chuckled while pointing over his shoulder to the chalkboard behind him.

The words ‘Who Am I?’ were written in large letters across the board.

Jumping down from his desk, Jonas began to pace the front of the classroom as he extended his hands in an open invitation. "So what brave individual wants to be the first to take a crack at answering the question? State your name and anything else you feel is part of your identity to the rest of the group. Just a simple ice breaker, we go around the couches and introduce ourselves and who we see ourselves as.” He stated before turning the floor over to the class
"Life dealt me enough of a shit hand, I think it at least owes me a way out of Crestwood."

Crossroads Gym - Crestwood Hollow, NH, United States of America
Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

_Partly Cloudy Temperature: 68°F
_Precipitation: 22%_______ Wind:_____|6mph
_Humidity: 16% ____
__________ Everybody's acting like they're all alright
________ I can barely get myself to sleep at night, I'm sick of it
Yeah, I'm sick of it __________________

The song's beat synchronized with each punch. Swing after swing impacted with the heavy punching bag as Aiden took a sharp breath between each strike. The sound of leather against leather echoed across the empty community gym, reverbing across the bare brick walls loud enough that Aiden could hear it over his loosely fitted headphones.

The hour was late.

Or was it early? Starting work at midnight messed with Aiden’s head in a way he was not used to yet. But he needed the money, and this was the only way his foreman at the railyard could compensate his busy, upcoming school year. Between football practices, homework, and maintaining any semblance of a social life, working the wee hours of the morning was the only way he could ensure a steady revenue. The bonus of those hours was, Aiden took home the pay for eight hours even if he finished early, provided the work was completed properly.

That left him time to hit the gym and sneak in a work-out before the coming day. Sure, he probably could have used this time to catch an hour or two of sleep, but Aiden never felt like sleeping after working, and there was always coffee to keep him going throughout the day. If that failed, then he'd simply buy a Monster or two at the convenience store by the school. He could sleep when he was dead; right now, he was sixteen and at the top of his game.

Starting quarterback for the Mather Memorial Varsity football team, one of the most popular kids in school and he wasn't in a juvenile detention center. For a kid from the wrong side of the tracks, Aiden's life was looking pretty good. The only thing he wasn't looking forward to was seeing Rosalyn Osbourne.

Between the thoughts of Rosalyn and the chorus of his song kicking in, Aiden began to speed up. There was just something about her smug, smart, snark that Aiden couldn't get her out of his head. Maybe it was the way they bickered, maybe it was the fire like personality that perfectly complimented her long locks, or maybe it was the reluctant dance at last year's spring formal that had led to their first genuine shared smile.

Aiden gave his head a violent shake before unleashing a wild punch. The sharp 'crack' of his wrist told him it had been sloppy. Pins and needles began to swarm his right arm prompting Aiden to cradle his arm against his body. Nothing was broken or sprained, but the shock was enough for him to call it a night.

Er, morning.

Pulling his headphones off, Aiden paused the music before looking at the missed notifications lining the top of the screen. A small smile crossed his face as he scrolled through them. A new voicemail from Nessie accompanied by several missed calls also from his sister and of course, her bombardment of texts. Aiden appreciated the concern, it certainly beat the hell out of being on the receiving end of a belt buckle or a closed fist.

Quickly changing, Aiden splashed some water on his face before departing the gym and heading for home. He wasn't one of the fortunate souls from Mather Memorial who had received a car for his sweet sixteen, but he also wasn't hoofing it across the city. One of Aiden's first purchases upon gaining employment was a bicycle. It beat the hell out of Crestwood's somewhat limited public transit and was certainly faster than walking everywhere.

Pedalling rapidly, Aiden soon crossed over the Valley Bridge as he left the Northside and the Tracks behind. Beelining it for Vanessa’s apartment in the heart of the city’s downtown. Ducking into the alley that ran behind the building, Aiden raised his feet off the pedals before slinging his right leg over to the left side of the bike and hopping off as he coasted beside a fire escape. As he scrambled up the cold, damp steel, Aiden heard his bike come to rest against the brick wall below before it collapsed to the ground.

Rounding the fire escape, Aiden climbed another four floors before shimming open an unlocked window and climbing inside.


Suddenly Aiden felt his heart sink as he finished closing the window before turning around slowly to face his sister.

“It is six in the fuckin’ morning, you have been gone since midnight.” His sister’s face looked like it could explode at any second, the vein in her forehead bulging as her cheeks practically glowed a bright crimson.

"So, where the hell have you been?!?” She demanded. From behind Vanessa, Aiden saw the head of his sister's fiancé as Calvin peeked his head around the doorframe. Rubbing his tired eyes, Aiden watched Calvin's eyes suddenly widen as the older man realized what was going on before disappearing again.

“Start talking, Roth!” Vanessa stated, her arms crossed and her foot tapping impatiently while a sheepish Aiden rubbed the back of his head.

“I-” He began, thinking the words through carefully. “I took a job at the railyard.” Aiden stated as Vanessa shook her head, rubbing her temples before exploding again.

“In the Tracks? Aiden, that’s Sons’ territory. You can’t be caught there.” She said her volume lowering, but Aiden didn't forsee Vaness calming down anytime soon.

“What do you even need a job for anyways?”

“I need to pull my weight around here.” Aiden replied quickly. “I don’t expect to stay for free.” He continued as Vanessa stepped forward and hugged her younger brother. Releasing him, she tousled his hair before slugging him in the arm.

“I appreciate it, Squirt, but you need to focus on your studies and stay safe.” Vanessa reprimanded her brother softly, stepping back. “Now then, to more important matters,” Vanessa paused, pulling an envelope from behind her back. “Happy belated birthday, Squirt.”

“You already took me out to dinner a week ago. You really didn’t need to do anything else, Nessie.” Aiden replied, reluctantly taking the envelope from his sister.

“Oh please!” Vanessa deflected. “Well, don’t just stand there. Open it!” Vanessa insisted as Aiden slowly dragged his finger under the flap of the envelope, antagonizing his sister with a smirk. Lifting the flap, Aiden reached inside as he pulled out two tickets to the upcoming Clamfest. A smile crossed his face as he looked at them, Clamfest was a night of live music held in Crestwood Hollow featuring some of the biggest up and coming bands from the East Coast. It was an opportunity for Aiden to see some of his favourite independent bands before they were snatched up by a label, and their ticket prices soared with their success.

“Thought maybe you and a, uh, friendp could go.” Vanessa said in a sing-song tone as she elbowed Aiden playfully before he brushed her off, his cheeks slowly turning a bright red.

"I don't have any, 'uh friends,'" Aiden protested before cracking a smile “But thank you Nessie, I really do appreciate this.” Aiden said, before hollering over his sister’s head. “Same to you too, Calvin!” A thumbs-up in the doorway let Aiden know that Calvin had received the message.

Suddenly Aiden’s phone began to vibrate as he realized the time.

Shit.” He muttered while beginning to pull his sweater off, scanning the room for a clean change of clothes. “School’s today.”

“Keep your clothes on until I’m out of the room, at least.” Vanessa balked as she backed towards the doorway. “And take a shower, you stink.”

“Love you too!” Aiden replied before ripping his pants off while Vanessa covered her eyes and ran out of the room.

Mather Memorial High School - Crestwood Hollow, NH, United States of America
Aiden had missed the bus.

“Fuck me.” He muttered, looking around before he spotted the large vehicle in the nearby distance. Watching the yellow cesspool on wheels rolled away, a sigh of exasperation escaped his mouth before he turned around and ran back towards the apartment building.

Hopping Mrs. Gimble’s fence, Aiden ran across her terrace, racing around to the rear of the building. Pulling his bike off the ground where he had abandoned it prior, he jumped on it and took off towards the school, pedalling as fast as he could.

Cutting through alleyways and backyards, Aiden managed to only be sprayed by one sprinkler while he raced the bus towards Mather Memorial High School. Arriving at the school just ahead of the bus, Aiden jumped the bus lane, hitting the curb with all his momentum. Continuing to ride his bike, he brought it around to the rear of the school. Exchanging high-fives with several of his teammates on his way past, Aiden came to a stop beside a set of the athletics field bleachers.

Tucking his bike under the old wooden platforms, he reached into his jacket. Pulling out a small carton of cigarettes, he drew one out and lit it in one swift motion. Taking his first drag, Aiden felt the slight twinge of guilt forming in his stomach as he put the smoke to his mouth again.

He had told Vanessa he quit.

Three months ago.

But the truth be told, Aiden's addiction was only getting stronger every day. Three months ago, he wouldn’t have needed a cigarette for first day back jitters. But now, all he had to do was fumble the ball once, and the cravings started. Taking a long, satisfying drag, Aiden blew the smoke up into the air before a cough behind him caused the teen to turn on one heel.

“You know those will kill you?” Thomas Clark stated rhetorically. The older man stared at Aiden stern-faced before cracking a smile. Pulling out his own pack of cigarettes, the coach tilted one towards Aiden for a light. Obliging the Coach, Aiden watched him take his own first drag before Coach Clark spoke again.
“I see that Vanessa didn’t convince you to quit after all?”

“Yes, she did.” Aiden responded, taking another drag before coughing slightly. “I quit three months ago.”

“Your sister isn’t stupid Ace, you’d do well not to lie to her.” Clark responded, though his tone was solemn, there was a glimmer of underlying humour. “But enough of that, think you can fly my Ravens to victory this year?” He asked, turning to look at Aiden.

“No.” Aiden replied flatly. “But, I know you can.” He added, a smile crossing the coach’s face.

“Well, I’m going to need you and that arm of yours to do it. The boys trust you, you've earned that much. You’re our good luck charm.” Clark stated as he dropped his cigarette butt, extinguishing it beneath his boot.

“I’m no one’s good luck charm.” Aiden retorted, taking the last drag off his own cigarette before too extinguishing it. Lifting his bag, the zipper slid open, allowing the few books inside to tumble onto the ground. Brushing his hair back, Aiden knelt to pick them up while the coach dusted off one that had fallen towards him.

“Don’t recall seeing Nietzsche on this year’s reading list.” Clark smiled as he handed the anthology back to Aiden.

“Heard that everyone’s got a dark side.” Aiden replied. “Just learning how to live with mine.” He continued as he tucked the book back into his bag.

“I know when you're sixteen, it's easy to see the world from that cynical point of view.” The coach said with a smile. “But don't let that sour the world for you, there's a lot more out there you just haven't had the chance to experience yet.”

“I don’t think we have anything to worry about, Coach.” Aiden answered as the pair entered the school through the athletics wing. “Life dealt me enough of a shit hand, I think it at least owes me a way out of Crestwood.”

As the coach moved to enter his office, he paused at the door calling towards Aiden.

“Oh, one last thing, Ace." The Coach started, "You really should quit smoking.”

“I will if you will!” Aiden replied, prompting a smirk in response from the Coach. Waving goodbye, Aiden turned around to walk towards his locker. Reaching inside, Aiden slid his arms out of his oversized leather jacket. Stuffing it inside the locker, Aiden traded the jacket for the one hanging inside as he pulled on the navy-blue sleeve of his letterman jacket. Donning the school’s official colours of black and blue, Aiden ran a hand through his tousled hair and closed the locker door before making his way upstairs.

The main halls were lined with students of every grade scrambling to find their homeroom assignments. Moving through the throng of people, Aiden stopped to read his, making a mental note before being interrupted by a tap on the shoulder.

“Caw, caw motherfucka!” Dawson Rivers’ voice was unmistakable as Aiden turned around, high-fiving the taller teen before the pair bumped shoulders. Behind Dawson was the rest of the football team as the group began to unnecessarily take over the quadrant of the hallway they currently occupied.

“Who gonna make you black and blue!” Shane Parks piped up from the back of the group as the team went into a near frenzy.

“Ravens! Ravens! Ravens!” Each call of the team’s name was interjected with a corresponding double clap in rhythm with two stomps. It was the team’s pre-game chant, and no one in Crestwood wouldn’t recognize it. The stadium was electric during home games when it was performed.

“Ravens,” Principal Fitzgerald’s voice rang out clearly as it cut through the dull roar of the hallway. “If you could please move it along, that would be appreciated.”

“Sir.” Aiden said with a nod as the team complied. Moving to keep pace with Aiden, Dawson let out a low whistle as one of the new freshman girls passed the group.

“Damn.” He said approvingly. “Nice ass.” Any further commentary was cut short by a sharp elbow to the linebacker’s ribs, courtesy of Aiden.

“And that’s why you’re still single!” Aiden taunted.

“Said the virgin quarterback.” Dawson retorted. “Hell, I ain’t even heard of a quarterback who can’t get laid till I met you, Roth.”

“It’s by choice.” Aiden responded defensively. Aiden had received offers before, being a quarterback did come with the benefits that Dawson alluded to. But perhaps Aiden was just odd. A girl throwing themselves at him did little to interest him, but one he seemed to hate his guts spent far too much time running through his head.

“Yeah sure, whatever.” Dawson said, brushing Aiden off. “Look, we gotta talk about this year’s Scarecrow.”

“Do we really gotta?” Aiden asked sarcastically. “You know how I feel about that, man. We should just let the tradition die, someone’s gonna end up hurt, and I mean with what happened to Kaitlyn-”

Three nights ago, Kaitlyn Stewart had been reported missing by her parents. Crestwood Hollow wasn't a large city; in many ways, it had more in common with a small town. It didn't take long for people to suspect foul play, and why wouldn't they? No teen had ever been missing for more than forty-eight hours. Still, the Crestwood Police Department remained adamant that Kaitlyn would turn up. But Aiden had to admit, he had a bad feeling about the whole situation.

“What? You think just because Kathy ran away, we should call off tradition? Nah, man, I don't care about where Katy Stewart is, it doesn't matter,” Dawson continued, his mannerisms bordering on ranting. “The Scarecrow has been happening since this school was built, we can’t abandon it now.” He continued while the team was now moving through the hallway.

“Look at all the prime candidates this year! There's that fuckin’ new kid with the fancy accent!” Dawson obnoxiously pointed towards a student that Aiden didn’t recognize. “And there there’s that that burnout kid, Adam something?.”

“Nah, Kaynes is cool.” Shane piped in as Dawson shot him a cold look. “What about Felix Brooks?”

The Ravens let out a collective ‘Ooh’ as Dawson excitedly grabbed Aiden by the shoulders.

“What about Felix Brooks?” He asked, repeating Shane. Aiden’s nose crinkled in disgust as he waved a hand dismissively.

“Felix is off-limits, and you know it. Even by the rules of the Scarecrow.” He snarled in response, quickly losing his patience with the insistence of the other Ravens. The Scarecrow was a dangerous prank by most standards. It involved kidnapping another student, generally a freshman or social outcast and then taking them out to a nearby field before tying them up to a pole in nothing but their underwear. The Ravens would then leave them there for the night, not checking in on their victim until the following morning. Aiden was sure the experience had left more than one former student at Mather Memorial in need of a therapist.

“Well, you’re just no fun.” Dawson pouted as he released Aiden. “But don’t you worry, I’ll bring you around. I bet you, were the roles reversed, Felix would have you up on that pole without a second thought.” He added before disappearing into his homeroom.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Aiden continued down the hall towards his own home room.

Next! What Fresh Hell Is This?

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