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Current Binging GoT for the first time, it's giving me that world building itch.
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Playing through Mass Effect Andromeda, I feel like it would have been better under a Star Trek brand.
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As you know, madness is like gravity... all it takes is a little push.
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Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.
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Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary!


▼ A B O U T M E:

Welcome to my profile!

I go by the username Lord Wraith, but most of my friends simply call me Wraith. I've been roleplaying since 2007, originally getting my start on Sprites Inc Forum. While I keep memberships to several different roleplaying forums, this is by far my most frequently used one and I have been an active member of Roleplayer Guild since 2010 before the event known as 'Guidfall'. I categorize myself as an aggressive roleplayer, meaning that when I post I proactively work to advance the scene opposed to waiting on a GM to direct my character or plot.

In terms of writing, I bounce between casual and advanced. My posts are rarely shorter than two paragraphs, but I don't consistently post at what some might consider an advanced length. I'd like to think my spelling, grammar and sentence structure however is consistently at an advanced level although I am liable to make mistakes here and there like most people. I enjoy a decent pace in an RP posting on a weekly or biweekly rate however with the right RP and/or players I don't mind posting at a more rapid rate.

In terms of genres I enjoy fantasy and science fiction but I have a particular fancy for superhuman based RPs. There's numerous sub-genres I enjoy however ranging from slice of life to romance to thrilling heroics. My characters do tend to fall into certain moulds, often being of above average intelligence and possessing leadership qualities. As an engineering student, I enjoy playing tech savvy characters ranging from engineers to gadgeteers. Although I also enjoy playing medical focused characters at times. I don't mind playing support characters in a group setting but I can also play bruisers if needed or if the whim strikes.

I'm not a fan of huge character sheets but I do understand the need for the a lengthier one. I enjoy fleshing out a history section along with skills and abilities. I don't believe in personality sections on character sheets however as I've always personally found that I need to write with a character to flesh out their personality no matter whether I had to prepare it ahead of time or not.

While I prefer original settings, there are numerous fandoms which I enjoy creating characters within or even acting out the part of a canon character. These fandoms often fit within my favourite genres, and as such there's a pretty long list of them. It's easiest perhaps to start with science fiction. Among my favourite science fictions are Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate and Firefly. Firefly perhaps of these four takes a special place in my heart as it does in the heart of most Browncoats. While I've only seen a handful of Firefly RPs, I'm generally a sucker for them. Star Wars on the other hand is probably the most common science fiction fandom that I've seen on the forum but I admittedly rarely join them. I enjoy Old Republic settings primarily especially those inspired by the Knight of the Old Republic and its spin offs. In these RPs I prefer to play either Jedi characters or pilots either smugglers or military. Star Trek Rps like Firefly are also rare but when they do happen I prefer to play medical or engineering staff members although I am prone to apply as a helmsman or Captain from time to time. Lastly there's Stargate although admittedly I've never actually seen or created a Stargate RP so thus far it's really only an ideal in my head.

When it comes to fantasy RPs, I find original settings far more appealing than those of fandoms but there are several fandoms I enjoy. The first of these would be Tolkien's Middle Earth, the setting of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Although I have yet to play one of these, the scale of these epics is highly appealing. That leads me to the world of the Elder Scrolls which has a similar appeal. In this setting I prefer to play a Bosmer or Khajiit character. Usually I play these characters as an archer, thief or swashbuckler, the latter of which being my favourite archetype for a fantasy character. Assassin's Creed is another fantasy fandom I'm rather fond of along with the world of Dishonored. An idealized RP of mine has always been one based on the world of Brian Jacques' Redwall but I have yet to attempt one or even come across a well done one.

Lastly and my preferred fandom genre is superhuman. Notably I generally only participate in Marvel and DC based games with a hard bias towards DC Universe games. The Batfamily are my favourite group of characters with Nightwing being my favourite canon character to play as. Although I do like playing the roles of either Batman or Superman if I have the chance. At times I have played the Flash, which while short lived has been a lot of fun. When it comes to Marvel my favourite characters are Spider-Man, Daredevil and Nightcrawler, although thanks to the release of the MCU movie, the Guardians of the Galaxy have a special place in my heart. I have in the past participated in games which mix the comic universes and while fun, they tended to be too reliant on independent plots for my liking.

Within these games I also enjoy those which allow for original characters, particular X-Men or Teen Titans/Young Justice based RPs since both feel more lore friendly to original characters than other teams and organizations present within the Marvel and DC Universes.

As much as I enjoy participating in roleplays, I also greatly take pride and joy in managing and running a roleplay as a GM. I categorize myself as a 'World Building', meaning that if you're coming into a roleplay I've created, particularly an original universe, then you'd best be prepared for a lot of lore and setting details. I almost have a sort of addiction to fleshing out cities and history as though they're their own characters. In addition to this, I try to provide my players with as many aids as possible including a character skeleton and a handy list of frequently asked questions. If possible I also provide graphics and other visual or auditory aids in order to round out or emphasize the information provided in the thread.

I often take the role of the sadistic GM, giving players choices which aren't always the best looking. Though there's always one player who manages to take 'the third option', it's guaranteed it will be taken in good sport. Notably, it's highly likely that if your characters are stuck in violent or dangerous situation, I will light something on fire and/or blow something up. That said, I always have a story I want to tell with my players and I aim to guide them through it while leaving enough room for every character to tell their own stories as well. When GMing, I will always have at least one main character of my own, but you can count on me playing several notable NPCs as well sometimes with those NPCs becoming more prominent than my own character as the story calls for them to be more fleshed out. The other character I generally choose to play as is the setting, often infusing a sense of sentience into the city or ship that the story happens to take place in.

You can bet my RPs are going to come with a long list of daunting rules but these are really just a process of weeding out players who can't commit to the ideas I have in mind. Honestly although my rule lists are long, most of them are basic RP etiquette and common sense. Along with these rules, I provide a character skeleton with predesigned code based on whatever formatting I fancy at the time. You'll come to learn that I appreciate a well designed OP and character sheet. This sheet can be somewhat long in length but it's only to ensure I'm acquiring the players I want.

Like you, as a GM I just want to have fun and play a game I'm invested in.

▼ C O H O R T S:

Over the years that I've been roleplaying, I've collected quite the group of friends and associates who either frequently participate in my roleplays or who I can always count on to bounce ideas between and catch up with on Skype. While users come and go this particular group of people have remained consistent in my life and have been there through both good times and bad times. Some names on this list I've RP'd with for years while others I've only met within the last couple of weeks, the impression they make on me remains the same and I'm happy to count them among my friends.

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Lightning rumbled overhead as Joseph Thoreau exited the New Lilith College Academy. His tousled dark hair immidiately dampaned by the rainfall as the clouds opened up and rained down on the coastal city of New Lilith. Rain wasn't unexpected at this time of year, but the forecast hadn't called for a storm of this size or magnitude. Last Joseph had heard his father say, it was only a twenty percent chance of precipitation for the entire day. This felt more along the lines at at least ninety.

Bidding goodbye to his circle of friends as they boarded their bus, the highschool junior made a beeline for his bike, holding a heavy text book over his head in hopes the hardcover would somehow protect him from the downpour. Unchaining his bike, Joseph hopped over the saddle, his feet landing on the pedals, as he took off towards his parents' condominium located at the heart of the city. His father, Silas Thoreau, was the city's district attorney and as such, preferred to live at the heart of the city he strove to protect.

Taking his usual short cuts, Joseph couldn't help but notice the large black van following him. Ducking down a small alley, the teen smirked to himself, thinking he had evaded his followers only for an identical van to suddenly block his path as the boy brought his back to a quick stop. A man in a suit and trenchcoat stepped out of the van's sliding door, the majority of his face hidden behind a large pair of thick rimmed sunglasses. Tight leather gloves covered his hands as he approached Joseph while the boy tried to regain his momentum, pedaling the bike in the direction he had come.

But it was to no avail, as the other side of the alley had become blocked by the first van. Two men, dressed indentically to the first climbed out of the van and Joseph quickly realized he was surrounded. Fear gripped the heart of the teen, as his eyes rapidly surveyed the alley for another escape. Jumping from his bike, Joseph ran towards a fire escape, leaping off a nearby dumpster as his hands took ahold of the cold wet metal rung. Slipping as he tried to pull himself up, Joseph felt a pair of strong hands take a hold of his ankles. Flailing his legs rapidly, a primal scream for help managed to escape his lungs before the man ripped him from the ladder, dropping him onto the dumpster that had aided him previously.

Winded and dazed, Joseph lashed out at anything that moved while his three captors surrounded him. Managing to land a heel to the face of one of his attackers, Joseph saw a satisfying drop of crimson appear on the man's lip before he was suddenly backhanded.

"Our orders were not to hurt him." Snapped one of the other men as he pulled the first man off of Joseph, leaving the remaining attacker to restrain the teenage boy.

"Fuckin' kid cost me a tooth." The injured man swore as he spat the tooth in question onto the ground in a thick loogie of blood and saliva.

"Get the fuck over it. You can buy a platinum one when this is all over." The other man said as he turned to Joseph who was still flaying against his restrainer.

"Hold his head steady." The man ordered as he produced a syringe from within his jacket.

"Get the fuck off of me!" Joseph screamed as a strong hand pulled his head to the side. "No! No! NO!" He continued to scream as the syringe was injected into his neck. The world around him fading before his vision suddenly went black as he slipped into a state of unconciousnes.

"Get him to the van." The man ordered. "And you, regroup and get the others." He continued as the other man wiped more blood from his lip and headed towards his vehicle.

The Faulkner Estate was considered by many to be the safest place in all of New Lilith. Situated above the Demon's Valley, the ancestral home of New Lilith's elite was safe from most natural disasters. Built into a foundation of solid rock with acres of cleared forest all around, there was worries to be had from the worst that Mother Nature could throw its way. Mankind however was another matter, but Charles Michaels, the current heir and resident of the stately manor had spared no expense when it came to security on his mansion. To most, it was assumed he kept a multitude of wealth in his private home, to those in his private circle however, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Charles Michaels had, in a prior life, been known as the vigilante IllAdvised, one of the New Lilith's so called Mavericks. But time took its toll and so Charles retired the mask and settled down. Marrying Penelope Drusilla 'Drew' Scott in a private ceremony, New Lilith's former most eligible bachelor had been taken off the market. The two would give birth to a son the following year, a son who was now reaching the age of eight.

A chime sounded throughout the mansion indicating the opening of the estate's main gates as a black Grand Cherokee made its way onto the grounds. The garage door opened upon recognizing the vehicle and Drew steered the vehicle into its spot like she did everyday upon returning from picking Zebulun up from his private classes. Climbing out of the driver's seat, Drew brushed her blonde hair out of her face, the blue dyed tips catching in the breeze as the rain continued to pour outside while the garage door slowly shut. Opening the back door, she was nearly tackled as Zebulun exploded from his seat, wrapping his limbs around his mother.

"Can we play video games? Daddy always said that when it rains, I can play video games." Zebulun asked with excitement as Drew buried her brow in a mocking expression, pretending to think long and hard about her answer.

"Is your homework done young man?" She asked as Zebulun looked up at her, his icy blue eyes seemingly growing in size the further his bottom lip stuck out.

"I don't gots any homework Mommy!" He protested as Drew allowed herself a small laugh before putting Zebulun down on the ground.

"Then I guess you can play video games." She said with a false surrender, a smile covering her lips as the boy's tiny fists pumped into the air in celebration before he quickly ran inside ahead of her.

"Sorry about this Ma'am." A voice came from behind Drew as she jumped while hand landed on her shoulder. Old reflexes immediately came back to her as her own arm shot backwards, taking a hold of the wrist and spinning around just in time to avoid the syringe aimed for her neck. A gout of freezing air erupted from her hand, encasing the needle in a block of ice before it dropped to the ground and shattered.

"Fuck." The man cursed in a monotone voice.

"You don't seem particularly upset." Drew smirked.

"I'm not upset." He replied breaking his hand free of Drew's before tossing off his trench coat. "Just disappointed, I'm going to have to hurt you." He stated as a second set of arms was revealed as the long coat hit the ground. Four long curved knives adorned his belt as the man drew the blades, spinning each one around as he raised two arms above his head while two crossed his chest defensively. "The pretty ones always fight back."

"Four arms?" Drew stated with a tone of intrigue. "I bet you're a big hit in the bedroom."

"Most people can't get past how it looks in order to appreciate the benefits." The man replied as he lunged towards Drew who flipped backwards, landing on top of her Jeep.

"I can see that." She retorted.

"You're awfully curious for a married woman." The four armed assassin replied.

"Eh, just getting ideas for the hubby. He's really into toys." Drew snarked blasting freezing air towards the man who quickly side stepped the assault and charged the Jeep, throwing Drew off balance.

"You're out of practice." He taunted. "Bliss."

"Is that supposed to make me afraid of you?" Drew asked. "Oh no! You know my former secret identity." Drew retorted as she ducked under the Jeep, sliding across the floor before taking out the man's legs. "Look buddy, you come into my house and attack me directly. I'm going to assume you know who I am. Which also means, you know you can't win."

"If you're under the belief that you've been stalling me until your charming husband can return home, then you've miscalculated Miss Scott. Or is it Mrs. Michaels now?" The man asked.

"It's Scott, I'm a classy modern bitch." Drew replied as she encased her fist and ice and delivered a blow to the man's torso. "What'd you do to Chuck!" She screamed.

"He'll live." The man replied as he took advantage of Drew's unbalanced emotions, delivering a laceration across her bicep before catching her by the throat and spinning the woman around. One arm wrapping itself under her neck as the man spoke slowly and calmly into her ear.

"We're going to be taking your son now, Penelope, and there's nothing you, nor your husband, nor the rest of your super friends can do to stop us. In fact, and I dare say I'm wasting my breath, but it would be for the best that you do not attempt to follow us."

"F-f" Drew fought to spit the words out as the man's arm tightened around her throat. "Fuck you!" She spat.

"I'll keep the invitation under consideration on my way out if you wake up in time." The man snarled wickedly as Drew lost conciousness, her body slumping to the floor of the garage while the four armed man turned towards the door to the interior of the mansion.

"Oh Zebulun, come out and play!" He called in a sing-song voice as he entered the safest home in New Lilith.
L U C A S P I L G R I M:

Thursday, May 25TH - 11:38 PM | Corner of Third and Jefferson

A cat hissed as a dog startled it. The canine walking merrily along the back alleyway, a nondescript breed, the animal was clearly a mutt. It's fur was dark with a face somewhere between a Shepherd and a Husky. It's fur was plentiful and fluffy, bulking up its figure and hinting towards perhaps a Samoyed. But in terms of size, the animal was easily comparable to a Mastiff as it came to a stop just in front of the Officer. A growl rumbled in the dog's throat as a figure came over the fence behind the Officer but it vanished as soon as the dog put together that this figure was the vigilante from the news.

New Lilith's Angel.

A conversation occurred between the Angel and the Officer with the Angel departing in a rapid manner, his wings extended as he soared into the sky. A bark of excitement escaped the dog, startling the still nervous Officer who turned around in time to only see a raven taking flight into the night.

The darkly feathered bird soared through the cool night sky as it followed the Angel at a distance. Watching in awe as the winged man dove towards the ground, the bird followed suit, taking perch on a nearby ledge as it watched the Angel quickly dispatch several men assaulting a woman. One of the perpetrators however wasn't like the other two as the Angel blasted him with a shotgun. The man, or creature as the raven quickly realized with widened eyes, simply shrugged off the blow before being hit by a police cruiser. It left an awful mess but the worst part was that limbs were still moving, the Angel had encountered a real life zombie.

The raven cawed, fear and horror shook him to his core and he decided that this had been enough of an adventure for one night. Taking flight, the raven quickly flapped its wings as he made his way back towards the bell tower on St. Hillian's Cathedral. Landing on the ledge, the raven hopped towards a broken shutter before ducking inside.

The small room was empty, save for the bell that never tolled and a pile of clothes. A gasp of a man suddenly echoed in the room, as the weathers and wings fell away to reveal a young man, shivering in the night air as he reached for his clothes. Quickly dressing, Lucas Pilgrim, exited the bell tower, climbing down through the Cathedral, pass the confession chambers and making a beeline for the bike he had left outside.

Man, did he have a story for his blog tonight.

A T L A N T I C O C E A N:

August 02nd, 2017 - 06:27 | Atlantic Ocean - Atlantis

The Captain didn't seemed inclined to aggressively lead and so Rose stepped forward, making her past the newest Marvel as she ventured forth into the city. The haunting ruins seemed likely to crumble at any second and Rose could only pray to whichever deity was listening that the shield didn't give out and crush her beneath the ocean. Enhanced physical condition or not, she was not built for life under the sea anymore than Superman was built for life in a Kryptonite box. Looking over her shoulder, Rose noticed the others were keeping up but none the less, taking their time moving along after her. No doubt that the Captain wanted to ensure they took every precaution they could. Personally, Rose couldn't care less. Batman had put her in a foul mood, all she wanted was something to take her anger out on.

Coming to a fork in the road, Rose made a split second decision and took the path to the right. Stepping inside the tunnel like pathway, the walls suddenly shook as tectonic plate movement rocked the city. Dust began to cloud the water as Rose looked up in time to see a chunk of stone give way. Activating her wetsuit's propulsion system, she jetted out of the way as the mouth of the tunnel collapsed, separating Rose from the rest of the group.

"Fuck." Rose cursed as she kicked the rubble to no avail. Tapping her commset, all Rose heard was static before she tried to call out to the others.

"Lizard." She called over the radio. "Captain Marvel, fuckin' Clutch even?" Rose asked as the deadline only returned static to her headset.

"Guess, I'm on my fuckin' own then." Rose muttered as she turned around, calling up the map again. The holographic display indicated she was still on a direct path to the throne room, but the passage she was trapped in, dipped into the bowels of the city whereas the passage the others would be forced to take actually was a more direct path which would take them over most of the city between here and the throne room.

"So much for damn gut impulses." Rose cursed as she turned on her light and propelled herself down the dark tunnel.
A I D E N R O T H:

Tuesday, August 22ND - 11:25 AM | Voltaire University

Making his way around the buffet, Aiden felt his stomach growl at each new smell that wafted in front of him. The pleasant aroma of french toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, ham and numerous other breakfast foods was almost overwhelming as he continued to fill his plate with more than he could possibly eat. Returning to the table, Aiden noticed a cup of coffee awaiting him as he raised a slight eyebrow. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy coffee, it was that he was in turn a bit of a snob when it came to coffee. The smell of the dark beverage alerted him to the fact it was a medium roast, brewed for the average consumer. Aiden had to stop his nose from wrinkling, he valued taste above all else and medium and light roasts simply paled in comparison to a dark roast in terms of flavour. However, he didn't want to offend Whitney and so as he placed his plate on the table, he reached for the mug, taking a delicate sip of the beverage and swallowed slowly.

"Coffee's good here." He lied as he made a face of enjoyment before putting the mug down. "You should go get some food, you didn't have to wait for me to return." He said with a smile. "There's a lot of selection up there, and a whole lot of bacon. They've even got Canadian Bacon if you're into that stuff. It's too much like ham for me personally. Fruit too for the lighter appetites." He stated as he began to pour syrup onto a couple pieces of french toast and a Belgium waffle already doused in a combination of whipped cream and strawberry sauce.

As Whitney made her way towards the buffet, Aiden studied her slowly. She seemed almost off, as though coming here with him had been a mistake. Or perhaps he was laying on the whole date act a little too heavy. Maybe she was just looking for a friend and not a boyfriend. He did already know that Whitney had her life planned out, perhaps something like this was too much of an uncontrolled variable for her?

Naw, she can't be that much of a control freak.

He chuckled to himself as he loaded his fork full of hashbrowns, spooning the seasoned potatoes into his mouth before looking up and noticing Whitney's return. Wiping his face quickly with a nearby napkin, Aiden sat back and took another swig of the coffee, for a second forgetting it wasn't exactly to his liking as the tasteless brew hit his tongue.

"So, if Nirvana's just 'alright'" He said making air quotes, "What type of music does Whitney Carter actually enjoy?" Aiden asked leaning back in his chair as he studied the blonde in front of him. He had never met anyone who was both as confident as Whitney and yet seemingly wanting to disappear against the wall. She had a quiet air of mystery about her, and maybe that's what he was infatuated with, the idea of her. Perhaps she thought similar about him, but Aiden wasn't about to get his hopes up.

Maybe she's Mormon, magic underwear and all.

The thought was both entertaining and discouraging as Aiden pushed it from his head, turning his attention to Whitney as she answered his question.
So, busy week turned into busy month. If you are still interested, we can keep going. If not, I understand.
this feels dead

Well, you did kind of put a spanner in the works for Episode 8 when you did a solo post instead of contributing (or reading from the looks of it), the ongoing collab in the pad.
Been a busy week, should have time to write this weekend.

G M: Lord Wraith G E N R E: Superhuman, Modern Fantasy, Slice of Life T Y P E: Linear Sandbox
Street Level Heroes
Just starting out
Urban Center in a state of imbalance
Crime rates on the rise
Small cast
Ideally simple powers with broad applications
Cast should compliment one another
Ideally younger cast balancing every day problems with newfound responsibility, thematically similar to Spider-Man, Batman Beyond or X-Men Evolution
Crime will be more more caused by superpowers compared to previous RPs where organized crime has been the choice tool. Ideally there will be a nice balance between true villains and simply empathic but disillusioned people on their last whim.
Ideally the players will build a repeating Rogue gallery
Players should be getting their butts handed to them at the beginning
No millionaires, billionaires or the ilk (Looking at you, Wraith)
No aliens, the supernatural or magic.

I'll post here tomorrow. Promise

No worries! I've made you wait far longer than you have me.
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