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Current I always feel like... Somebody's watching me!
3 days ago
Hello beautiful people of RPG!
4 days ago
Could the person who just replied to my visitor message please like this status? I can't seem to remember all the profiles I wrote on today...
4 days ago
With all the free time everyone has from Discord going out, there's going to be a bunch of IC replies right? Right?
4 days ago
I creep your profile, You creep mine back, I creep yours again and leave you message and now we're friends. Unbreakable bond of internet socializing.


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Suicide Squad still makes me angry.

And another!
Anyone see this yet?

Looks fun!
<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>

I don't know if it's the writing, or the acting but Patty and Barry had so much more chemistry on screen than Barry and Iris do.

I feel like it just suffers from the writers going "THEY MUST BE TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT!"

Welcome to the CW.
<Snipped quote by Byrd Man>

Real talk, after whatever the fuck that season one finale was, I haven't ever gone back to that show. And I was defending it when it first came out. I enjoyed the way they focused on the police procedural aspects. I liked the first half of the season. And then things started getting odd. But, okay, that's fine. It's a comic show. I can do odd. But then those final two episodes. And the last ten minutes of the finale. It went off the fucking rails, and not in a good way. As far as I'm concerned, they ruined a show with great potential for absolutely no reason. And it came out of nowhere. Haven't so much as glanced at it since.

I enjoy Gotham, once I get it out of my head it's a Batman show because they have no real interest in doing the mythos correctly
<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>

I feel like Flash had a reasonable Season 1, started to lose it in Season 2. Season 3... we don't talk about Savitar. 4 I loved the Thinker, but I feel like the Iris/Barry relationship ruined it.

Legends of Tomorrow is the only show in the Arrowverse I look forward to. I just love how it doesn't take itself seriously compared to the others.
A Batman: Hush animated adaptation was announced at Comic Con.

So... How are they going to screw it up?
<Snipped quote by Nightrunner>

That's not the only thing you wish you could blow.

It's comments like that which got James Gunn fired.
So for the Splatfest tomorrow we're all Team Octopus, right?

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