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21 hrs ago
Current My new obsession is running posts through Grammarly to check them for their 'Readability'. Honestly far too amused with this.
2 days ago
Somewhere out there in the vastness of the Guild, is a VM reply I can't find.
15 days ago
I will now play the role of an encouraging GM, *ahem* "POOOOOOOOOOOOST!"
3 mos ago
RPG Status Bar: The site's longest running, most participated Jump-In RP to date.
5 mos ago
Every writer dislikes their own writing, thankfully we don't often produce it for ourselves.


D E E P I N T O T H A T D A R K N E S S P E E R I N G,
L O N G I S T O O D T H E R E,
W O N D E R I N G, F E A R I N G, D O U B T I N G,
D R E A M I N G D R E A M S N O M O R T A L E V E R D A R E D T O D R E A M B E F O R E.

Q U O T H T H E R A V E N, "N E V E R M O R E"

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Remember when Stark and Palmer merged...
I'm only aiming to put out a post once every five days, gives me enough time to write, edit and review a post and maybe even get another one started to begin building a backlog.
You people post too much

...Said no one ever.
*waits patiently for approval while finished post sits in the IC queue*

The Guardians of the Galaxy are accepted on the contingent that Rocket gets to find love with Lylla :P
TFW Wraith tells you to pace yourself:

@Byrd Man Congratulations, you're the new Batman.

Also in other news...

The Runaways as submitted by @TackyTaff is accepted!
Live footage of Wraith and our Co-GMs

Got to be able to adapt, man.

Absolute Comics' First Season is off to a strong start. I want to give special thanks to my fellow GMs; @Inkarnate and @Saint Maxx for a smooth and successful launch and a very special thanks to the numerous players who contributed their characters and expressed interest. There's far too many of you to tag but I want you to know that each and every one of you are appreciated and I look forward to seeing your stories unfold and cross paths with each other.

To a strong season and many more!
<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>

So just FYI, I’ll be away June 1-14,so looks like I’ll try and mostly finish my season before I go away

It's an approximate date, there's a good chance the finale will still be ongoing when you return. It's basically just a goal post that we can move as needed.
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