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After nine years of writing together, I had the pleasure of finally meeting my good friend Stein in person.


Got that Midas Touch and that going to the corner store for cigarettes energy.

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Description of abilities. This should explain how your abilities work and what they do.

Description of Limitations. Limitations are the extent of what your abilities can do. This can include statistical data such as weight limits or top speed. Limitations have the potential to grow and change with your character.

Description of Weaknesses. Weaknesses are exterior factors that make a Hyperhuman vulnerable in one way or another. These can be physical (think Superman's kryptonite), psychological (phobias, trauma) or emotional (anger, pride, loved ones).
Aiden Roth - Optic Blasts/Heat Vision | H.I.T. Agent-In-Training
Zebulun Michaels - Hydrokinesis | PRCU Student, Sophmore
Charlotte 'Charlie' St. Valentine - Teleportation | PRCU Student, Senior
Sebastian Swyft - Hyperspeed/Werewolf | H.I.T. Special Agent, Field Operative
Robert James 'RJ' Scott - Hyperstrength | PRCU Student, Junior
Noah Gallagher - Animal Mimicry | PRCU Student, Freshman

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We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.

Location: Gotham State University - Founder’s Island, Gotham City
Welcome to the Masquerade #1.03: Meet Cute

Interaction(s): None
Previously: Growing Pains

Chatter could be heard across the open campus space as it echoed between the buildings that enclosed it on all side. Words filled with gossip, weekend plans and the latest accomplishments of the Gotham Knights were all nearly indiscernible from one another as they rang out within the ever growing din.

A groan escaped from between the lips of Terry McGinnis as he lowered his head onto his crossed arms. The cold surface of the metal table was soothing against his tired eyes, the same eyes which now protested in agony as the sun continued to rise high above the Gotham skyline. For a brief moment, Terry had been able to forget about the Gotham State University student body that all around him hurried every which way. But the noise had brought him back to reality as Terry raised his head to watch the other students move between classes as they passed through the quadrangle.

Slumping back in his chair, Terry let his head fall backwards, squinting as the sun threatened to blind him. A disgruntled groan emerged from his loosely slung jaw as his personal pity party was interrupted by a familiar voice.

“You look like shit, Terry.”

“Good morning to you too, Max.” Terry replied before lifting his head as he corrected his posture. Smiling in response, Max flicked a straightened strand of bright pink hair out of her face before taking a seat across from Terry. For as long as Terry had known Max, she had always coloured her hair in the same shade, and it worked for her. The bright bubblegum presenting her with an eye-catching contrast between her hair, her warm, amber eyes and her rich, umber complexion.

Placing her bag down on the table, Max turned and smiled towards a nearby redheaded girl, who Terry only know noticed seemed to be waiting for an invitation. Before he could make the motion, Max eagerly waved her over, gesturing for the girl to take the seat directly beside her.

“Terry,” Max began gesturing to the girl beside her, “This is Carrie,” Max smiled before nodding back towards Terry. “Carrie, this is Terry, he and I have been friends since sophomore year.” She stated before quickly correcting herself, “Highschool sophmore year, not-”

“I follow,” Carrie replied with a smile towards Max as she adjusted the green frames on her almost comically large, oval glasses. “Be a little weird to introduce a friend from last semester like that.”

“Max is a little weird.” Terry smiled before realizing Max was shooting him daggers across the table. “Er, until you get to know her that is-” Max’s look only intensified as Terry scrambled to correct course only to thankfully be rescued as he felt an arm wrap around his neck.

“Hey, Babe,” Dana smiled as Terry turned to look at her. His eyes slightly widened as Dana’s nose crinkled while she looked down at him. “Terry, I don’t mean to be rude but-” Dana paused, lowering her voice to a hushed tone before continuing. “You look like shit this morning.”

“So I’ve heard.” Terry replied dryly as Max put a hand over her mouth, stifling her laughter while Dana took a seat.

“Mr. Wayne has you working all hours of the night, does the man not sleep?”

“I’m sure he does,” Terry replied solemnly before a smirk crept into the corner of his mouth, “‘Cept it’s while I’m at school.”

“Terry, that’s horrible.” Dana stated, her bottom lip sticking out in the slightest of pouts giving away her obvious dissatisfaction. “We’re young, and we’re fun, I can’t have my boyfriend falling asleep between every class and at every party.”

“Remember when he fell asleep with a drink in his hand?” Max interjected with a smile. “Spilled all over his lap, never seen Terry move that quickly.”

“Not my finest moment.” Terry muttered as Dana put a hand to his cheek.

“Forget about it, ask for this weekend off.” Dana pleaded, now emphasizing her bottom lip. “Everyone else is entitled to time off, why aren’t you?” She asked, “Besides,” She paused, leaning forward as her lips brushed against Terry’s ear. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Uh, guys? Right here!” Max exclaimed from across the table, waving her arms at the pair while Carrie looked down, the freckles dotting her face disappearing beneath a flush of crimson.

“I don’t think we’ve been introduced yet,” Carrie suddenly spoke up as she stood and extended a hand towards Dana, “I’m Carrie, Carrie Kelly.”

“Dana Tan, Terry’s girlfriend.” Dana replied, her tone almost icy as Terry looked up at her curiously. Drawing her hand back, Dana brushed a few strands of her dark hair behind the nearest ear as she waved a hand towards Terry not-so-subtly instructing him to move so she could sit on his lap.

“How’d you two meet?” Dana asked motioning between Terry and Carrie as Carrie’s face suddenly went red again. A small cough from Max broke the awkward silence, as Dana turned her eyes towards the other woman.

“I introduced them this morning,” Came Max’s voice as Dana turned her head towards her, “Carrie and I have been hanging out for a while now, so I thought it was time to introduce her to my friends.” She continued, reaching towards Carrie as she took hold of her hand and gave it an affectionate squeeze.

“Oh, you two-,” It was Dana’s turn to blush as flustered words tumbled out of her mouth, “I didn’t realize, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s cool,” Carrie replied. “Max already told me I’m her first.” She added, adjusting the lime coloured glasses again. “This was hardly the most awkward introduction I’ve had.” Carrie stated, allowing herself a small giggle as Max smiled.

“I’m happy for you,” Terry nodded towards Max, wrapping an arm around Dana’s waist, “Both of you,” He nodded towards Carrie with a smile. “Any friend of Max’s is a friend of ours.”

“Thanks,” Carrie replied before glancing at her cellphone as she looked at the time. “Sorry guys, I’ve got to run, but it was a pleasure to finally meet both of you.” She added, placing a quick peck on Max’s cheek, Carrie stood before disappearing into the throng of students that filled the quad.

“I like her,” Dana stated as Terry scoffed. “What?” She asked, her tone indignant as she turned towards Terry who held up in his hands disarmingly.

“Don’t mind him,” Max replied waving a hand towards Terry, “And thank you, Dana, I appreciate it.”

“The Dean’s Office does not reflect the wishes of the student body!” A voice suddenly roared over the din of the quad. Turning to look, Terry’s eyes were drawn to a figure who had climbed atop a central table, megaphone in hand as he shouted over the numerous conversations that filled the open space.

“Your school is managed by bureaucrats and magnates running back alley deals with your tuition. The highest bidder controls future, dictating who will receive their degree! It is sickening!” He was working himself into a frenzy now, “Education should not be a privilege held by gatekeepers, it should be a right to all!” The young man roared, his volume only growing as people stopped to listen.

“Who is that?” Terry muttered as he and Dana both turned to look at Max. Returning her gaze with an exasperated look, Max let out a reluctant sigh as she answered.

“His name is Lonnie Machin, big proponent of the old ‘anti-establishmentism.’ He’s all over all of the school’s boards under the alias ‘Moneyspider.’” She stated, raising her hand as she put air quotes around the alias. “But he’s harmless.”

“Good,” Terry replied in a low tone as Max smiled, acknowledging their shared secret. “Shit!” He suddenly exclaimed noticing the time. “I’m late for bio!”

Springing up, Terry hurriedly helped Dana to her feet before planting a quick kiss on her lips and scooping up his belongings.

“We’re still on for tonight right?” Dana asked pressing a perfectly manicured nail against his chest.

“You bet,” He replied before waving quickly towards Max, “Catch you around.”

“Will do, McGinnis,” Max called as Terry pushed his way through Machin’s listeners. “Ten bucks says he falls asleep in class,” Max muttered to Dana as the petite young woman spun around on her the heel of her ankle boot.

“Twenty and you’re on.”


M A R V I L L E, O K L A H O M A:

M O N D A Y, J U L Y 2 N D, 2 0 1 8 - 0 9 : 0 2 a m | S H E R I F F ' S O F F I C E

The buzzer echoed in his ears as Carl 'Crusher' Creel was marched from his cell to the interrogation room where a man dressed head to toe in black waited for him. The deputy on his left was practically shaking as he guided Creel to the metal chair and connected his handcuffs to the heavy reinforced table in front of him. It was quite evident that the metahuman scared the living daylights out of the deputy but none the less, the members of Marville's Sheriff's Department carried out their duties diligently as they delivered Creel to his lawyer. As the door closed behind the deputies, Creel leaned forward, hissing at the man in black.

"Why don't my damn powers work in here?" He asked as the other man leaned back, seemingly bored before addressing the man across from him.

"My disappointment in your performance, can not be overstated. We had made a deal." The man in black mused as he rolled a coin between his fingers, leaning back in his chair before slinging his feet onto the table. "But you failed to deliver on your end, the mortal, Blake Donaldson, still lives and therefore once the sun had set, your powers faded away to nothing. For the briefest of moments, I let you taste true power, but you squandered it on a petty robbery."

"I had that bastard dead to rights until fuckin' Sparky showed up." Creel retorted, his face twisted into a snarl. "I need a second chance."

"And what if Thor gets in your way again?" The man asked, a smile growing across his face as he anticipated Creel's answer.

"Then he fuckin' dies too."

"Excellent," the man in black exclaimed with a clap as a scroll unfurled from his left hand and he plucked a quill from mid-air. "Then we have an accord."

Taking the quill, Creel made a face before plunging the tip into the back of his hand. Blood began to spill from the wound as he made quick work of dipping the quill into the warm liquid and signing him name on the bottom line of the scroll. Almost immediately, Creel began to feel a change as the reinforced steel of the table was duplicated by his cells. The man's pale skin quickly turned silver, the bleeding from his hand ceasing as it quickly healed while his strength swelled. With a quick tug of his wrists, Creel snapped the handcuffs that held him to the table as he stood.

The man in black had disappeared but Creel was free, and this time, Blake Donaldson would die.

M O N D A Y, J U L Y 2 N D, 2 0 1 8 - 0 9 : 2 5 a m | S H E R I F F ' S O F F I C E

Barbara paced back and forth in front of the Sheriff's office as her level of annoyance rose quickly with each and every step. Blake had promised he would come down to the office, he had promised he would talk to someone, more importantly, he had promised her he would talk to someone. Blake didn't break promises to her, he had never lied to her about anything in the nearly ten years that had been together.

But then, he had been acting erratically for the last two days, the Blake she knew would never have picked a fight with his father, especially on Sunday and in front of his mother. It was like he had been possessed by an entirely different person.

Pulling her cell phone out, Barbara dialed Blake's number, the tone ringing in her ear several times before the automated messaging service played out the same recorded message she had heard the last five times she tried calling him.

"Just me again, call me." Barbara snapped before hanging the phone up and roughly shoving it back into her pocket. Looking up, she noticed a pair of deputies excitedly chattering between themselves as they walked from their patrol car to the office. As they neared the door, one of them looked up, noticing Barbara before tapping the other on the shoulder as the pair came to a stop together.

"Deputy Norris," The first deputy asked as he approached her. "You were there on Saturday, with Thor and the Absorbing Man right?"

"Yeah, I was there," Barbara stated. "What did you want to know?"

"Well, what'd he look like?" The deputy asked. "Thor, that is, Creel's ugly mug is obviously locked up inside."

"I honestly didn't see much, I was on the ground for most of the altercation and when I wasn't I was looking for Blake. There's a couple of photos that captured the altercation, looks like he had glowing eyes, blue lightning bolts coming right out of them." She paused, searching her memory for anything else, with everything that had been going on with Blake, Barbara hadn't put much thought into the appearance of Marville's first real 'superhero'. "Outside of that, I just remember a red cape, like the Superman in Delaware and some kind of fancy armor."

"Do you think he's who he says he is?" The other deputy asked as Barbara just gave him a shrug.

"Thor, the God of Thunder?" She answered the question with a question. "Who knows, far as I'm concerned though, there's only one God, and he sure doesn't dress like that."

The familiar sounds of screaming and gunfire echoed through the office behind the trio as Barbara's hand flew to her hip as she turned around. The doors in front of her suddenly burst open as Sheriff Lamb's limp body soared through the air, hitting the paved ground with a sickening 'THUD' before rolling down the stairs. Drawing her weapon, Barbara motioned for one of the Deputies to flank her while the other tended to Lamb.

Not even five steps inside the door, Barbara came face to face with Creel, coated head to toe in a metallic skin once again. Taking a step back, Creel continued to advance, smiling at her as she began to open fire. Laughter echoed in the hallway as Barbara emptied her clip into Creel, the bullets doing nothing to slow, let alone harm the hulking man.

"Donaldson will come for you," Creel stated before suddenly advancing towards Barbara, swatting her empty weapon from her hand. A steel coated hand shot out, taking Barbara by the throat as it carried her across the hall into the brick wall. The sound of bone on brick echoed in the corridor as Barbara's skull cracked against the wall. Slipping into unconsciousness, Barbara was barely able to register being slung over Creel's shoulder as he confidently sauntered out of the Sheriff's Office.

M O N D A Y, J U L Y 2 N D, 2 0 1 8 - 0 9 : 2 8 a m | F I N C H ' S U S E D C A R S & T R U C K S

Justin Finch had not expected a sale on a Monday of all days of the week, less so when he saw the small Prius drive onto the lot. But yet, he could practically smell the green as the large man sat on the Honda Valkyrie, revving the large engine.

While it wasn't a Chariot-Class Fighter, Thor was impressed by the mortal engine that went into the motorcycle. Blake had never been a fame of this particular form of transportation, Thor's memory recalling that Blake had once referred to motorcyclists as 'donors'. But Blake's fears and skepticisms towards motorcycles came from his own mortality and that was not something Thor, or Blake for that matter, needed to worry about anymore.

Feeling the phone in his pocket vibrate yet again, Thor quickly silenced the device before turning back to the salesman.

"What did you want for it again?" Thor asked as the salesman looked at the Prius and back at the Valkyrie.

"I'll call it an even trade." He smiled at Blake as he extended a hand.

"Pleasure doing business with you!" Thor replied, accepting the hand as he climbed off the bike. Human negotiations were still baffling to him. No doubt this man would now want Thor to sign some sort of papers when they had sealed their deal with a handshake. He failed to see the point in signing papers when he had already given his bond but Blake's memories told him that the world simply did not work that way.

"Does the Prius need any work done at it?" Justin asked as he opened the door to the small office.

"Nay, it's in great condition," Thor replied honestly, indeed Blake while not much of car person had, in fact, kept his commuter in near pristine condition. Taking note of the single desk occupying the office, Thor addressed Justin. "Do you do all the work here yourself?"

"Oh no," Justin replied dismissively. "My brother used to run that side of the business before he moved to Gotham. He was always more of a gearhead than me." He added with a chuckle. "Now I just hire the odd mechanic."

Sliding in behind the desk, Justin quickly printed off a couple of forms, starring with a red pen beside where Blake needed to sign. Quickly signing the forms, Justin shook Blake's hand one last time as Thor took hold of the keys and left the dealership on his new motorcycle.

Cruising along, it didn't take long for Thor to find his way back to Marville as the bike thundered down the main stretch only for Thor to bring it to a screeching halt as he reached the aftermath of Creel's assault on the Sheriff's office.

"What happened here?" Thor roared as he climbed off the bike.

"Prisoner escape." The deputy answered before turning to see Blake standing behind him. "Oh! Dr. D, haven't you heard? Deputy Norris was taken by Cre-"

"WHERE?" The sky began to darken and thunder boomed over the horizon as Thor took a hold of the deputy by the collar of his shirt.

"No one knows, we have a BOLO out for Creel, but the squad car he stole was found abandoned a mile out of town."

"What direction?" Thor asked already turning towards the motorcycle.

"West." The deputy shouted over the roar of the bike's engine as Thor nodded, kicking the bike into gear, the back tire squealed on the pavement and launched in the direction Creel had gone. Creel's grudge was with Blake and Thor only knew of one thing West of Marville that would matter to Blake Donaldson.

The Donaldson Farm.
When Pacific Royal Collegiate first opened, it only had 180 students, which led to the original 22 teams, including the infamous Team 1 'Bulltrue' and Team 21 'Blackjack.' As enrolment increased, so too did the number of teams at the school. As of 2014, there are 80 teams of 8 at the school, with each team consisting of 8 members of various ages. When the team system was first started, a team was made up of two seniors, two juniors, two sophomores and two first-year students. Each year upon the graduation of the senior members, they were replaced by incoming freshmen. The addition of University changed this. Now, teams are incredibly variable, ranging from teams consisting of one of every education level to teams made up completely of first-year students. Each team is considered a wild card for this reason, as students are sorted completely by random.

The other purpose of these teams is to give those who want to have more traditional athletics a chance. However, it's rare for a full team of eight to actually want to play the same sport, if any, as such teams can usually band together to field a full football team or any other sport. Due to the school's 'special' nature, the students can't compete with the other Universities or high schools in the area; as such, the Intramural Program was implemented to give the students as much of a full experience as possible.
Pacific Royal Collegiate and University employ a fairly strict dress code due to its military founding. Over the years, this dress code has become slightly more modern but is still regarded as strict. Enforced by every instructor on the campus, the dress code goes as follows.

Students are expected to wear their uniform to all classes and from 0800hours to 1600hours without exception during Monday through Friday. Casual clothes are permitted after 1600hours outside of the Academic buildings and on the weekends.
Students are to keep their uniforms neat and orderly, wearing a clean uniform every day. As such, each student will have to perform their laundry at least twice a week. Uniforms should be ironed and neatly hung up after washing.

Students are to ensure they wear the correct uniform for each appropriate environment. As such, one should not show up to a formal event in their Standard Uniform, nor should one attend class in their Dress Uniform. Casual Attire is not appropriate for any event unless specified in advance.


The Standard Uniform is to be worn daily, Monday through Friday, from 0800hours to 1600hours. After this time, casual attire is acceptable outside of the Academic Quadrangle and so long as another event has not been specified for that evening. Every student receives three sets of their standard uniform, which includes the following.

A black button-less blazer with Mandarin styled collar. On the shoulder of this blazer are straps that display anywhere from one to four bars. These bards are red for Collegiate students and gold for University students. The number of bars corresponds with your current year; thus, a Freshman has one bar on each shoulder, whereas a Senior has four. The blazer has two small pockets, ad over the left breast displays the P.R.C.U. coat of arms. Students may also opt to have their Team insignia attached to the outside of their right sleeve at the biceps area. For example, Team 21 'Blackjack' often has the Ace/Jack insignia placed on their jackets.

A Mandarin Collared long-sleeved Dress Shirt or Blouse is also included in the Standard Uniform. This shirt is available in four colour varieties, black, white, red or gold. Like the blazer, the shirt is equipped with shoulder straps identical to those on the jacket.

Both genders are a pair of black slacks, while men can opt-out for a kilt instead, whereas women are offered a pleated skirt. Both the skirt and kilt are done in a tartan style of black, red and gold.

Mandatory footwear includes a pair of dress shoes for both genders, with men being given a pair of black leather side gusseted loafers. Females are supplied a pair of black leather flats, while both genders are also given season-appropriate footwear for the winter seasons.

While it is optional except under certain circumstances, the only headwear allowed during 0800hours and 1600hours is the supplied black beret.

A black peacoat is supplied for the winter months, and students can have a thigh-length peacoat or a knee-length version. Peacoats include the school's coat of arms on the left breast and are customized to include the team insignia on either arm.


All students are provided with one Dress Uniform, which is reserved for special events. Among these events are Graduation, Formal, Parades or Ceremonial Displays. It's considered an offence to wear the Dress Uniform outside of these events and lead to discipline.

All students are given a black boat cloak complete with a red interior and gold trim around the edges and collar. This garment is to be worn over the rest of the dress uniform.

A waist-length dress jacket for both genders is included. The jacket is a red colour, with wide black labels and gold trim. The sleeves end in French cuffs, bearing large cufflinks, while the shoulders are adorned with epaulettes, red for Collegiate students and gold for University. Lastly, the right shoulder has a gold Austrian Knot that hangs from it.

A black collared dress shirt and gold cummerbund are also included as part of the dress uniform. The dress shirt has a standard collar and standard cuffs so as not to conflict with those on the jacket. A gold tie or bow tie also generally accompanies this shirt.
Both genders have the option of wearing black dress pants while men are also offered a kilt choice. Women, on the other hand, are offered the alternative of a long skirt. All three garments include gold piping along the side.

Additional accessories include a peaked cap, leather gloves and leather dress shoes. Men are to wear Oxford-style dress shoes while women are encouraged to wear pumps or heels. Heels are, however, discouraged from being over four inches.


It may be worn anywhere outside of the academic buildings after 1600hours. Casual wear may be permitted at some social events on campus. Aside from these minor restrictions, there are no further limitations on casual wear at Pacific Royal Collegiate and University. Students are free to wear or not wear whatever they wish outside of Academic Periods and other training events.​

The Administration Building originally started life as a great mansion built by an eccentric millionaire during the early 1900s. Left unfinished due to the Great Wars' interruption, it sat empty for numerous decades until the Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection Department came along and bought it both for its size and remote location on Digby Island. For the first couple of years, the school operated solely out of the mansion, with H.E.L.P. having finished the building before having it opened. Originally offering rudimentary courses to ensure the students had their basic education before having H.E.L.P. provide them placements through allied companies and workplaces. However, as enrolment expanded, additional buildings were commissioned as separate dormitories were constructed and eventually the Academic Quadrangle.

With these new buildings in place, the Mansion was converted into an Administration building and housing for the non-military staff employed at Pacific Royal Collegiate and University. Despite keeping the building's historical exterior intact and well maintained, the building's interior has been renovated and updated every few years since the Institute opened. Currently, the Administration Building interior is fully updated with the latest modern furnishings though styled classically to match the building's exterior.​


The Academic Quadrangle is perhaps the most interesting piece of Architecture on the whole P.R.C.U. Campus, if not the most interesting than the most complex one. Suspended above the ground are six floors full of classrooms and learning environments for the students to use. The Quadrangle is built in four long sections set up in a perimeter outside of a large courtyard containing numerous areas to study along with picnic spots and a pond.

The largest building on campus, the four sides of the Quadrangle, are broken into specific classrooms with the science labs and technology making up the Northern Wing. The East and West Wings are divided into various Language, History, Law, Social and Liberal Art courses. The Library is also found in the West Wing. Lastly, the South Wing contains the Math and Science classrooms.​


Built overlooking the mansion from the North, the Academic Quadrangle's front side is dedicated to the instruction of technology, communication and the practical application of sciences. Throughout its six floors, all institutes' educational programs are supported at every degree of understanding to ensure that each student can find the material approachable.

The technology programs are considered to be rather cutting edge due to the creations of many Minerva-type Hyperhumans allied with H.E.L.P., which are supplied to the Institute and in many cases used by the creator themselves in the classroom. These cutting edge technologies ranging from medical to robotics and even some military-grade technology for the students to get hands-on experience with.​


Built along either side of the Quadrangle are the Wings containing the Liberal Arts including but not limited to English, Linguistics, Theatre, Musical Theory and various Language Courses. These wings contain some of the more popular courses at the Institute and can often be found with numerous students chatting in the hallways between classes. Whilst class is in session, nearly every room is filled with students either hurriedly taking down notes, acting out classics or simply slacking in the back, believing that the arts are low to no effort courses. These courses notably contain the most normal human staff in the whole university, which some students find slightly unsettling. A school of law is also included in the East Wing, which produces some of the foremost fighters for Hyperhuman Equality. Lastly, a large library is included in the West Wing to provide the students with all the resources they need for their studies.​


While nowhere near as popular as the Arts, the Math and Science wing are among the more practical disciplines available at P.R.C.U. Given that most of the students are 'scientific wonders' themselves. Everything from the most basic to complex calculations and mathematic formulas is imparted into the students' minds. Figuratively across the hall, biology, physics and chemistry are instructed to the eager and not so eager students. Medical sciences are taught in this wing. They are vital as discoveries are constantly being made about the Hyperhuman genetic code and its ever-growing array of varieties.​


Originally a Coastal Defence post built during the first World War, when the Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection department took control of the facility, they had it renovated and updated, eventually becoming the primary headquarters for their own Specialized Hyperhuman Intervention Federal Taskforce. With the creation of S.H.I.F.T., H.E.L.P. decided to expand upon their educational offerings at P.R.C.U. and added the Military Academy to S.H.I.F.T.'s headquarters. Students enrolled in the Military Academy portion of P.R.C.U. Have the chance to join the Canadian Armed Forces upon graduation though most decided to sign up with H.E.L.P. and consequently the S.H.I.F.T. Division. Furthermore, the Military Academy is heavily involved in the Hyperhuman Education & Advanced Training Program, which acts as a fast track for students wishing to become H.E.L.P. Agents.​

MESS HALL (Cafeteria):

Constructed as the central point between the dorms, Military Academy and Academic Quadrangle, the Mess Hall is the first stop for many every morning. Consisting of several floors, each with its own unique style and blend of flavours, the Mess Hall caters to every food taste offering local and international selections. Aside from the interior dining rooms, the Mess Hall has several designated eating areas outside and balconies on each floor. To control traffic flow, teams are grouped and given designated meal times to ensure that everyone has a seat from which to enjoy a meal. As such, Teams '1' through '10' eat together, '11' through '20', etc. Not only does this ease the process of getting a meal, but it also allows the various teams to build camaraderie with the other teams outside of classes.​


Perhaps the most modern building on the P.R.C.U. Campus, the Recreational Center is a top of the line fitness buildings. Several highlights include an Olympic sized swimming pool, a climbing wall, a full gymnastics studio, and a top of the line fitness center. All students must spend at least one mandatory hour each day at the gym to ensure they stay in at least moderately fit physical condition. Outside of the Recreational Center lays a couple of basketball courts and a multi-purpose field. This field is used for all sports, but the most popular is football, naturally played by the CFL's rules. Removable bleachers are stored in the back of the Rec Center and are set up for the school's Intramural Games since P.R.C.U. can't exactly compete against other schools.​


The Collegiate Dorms were built to compensate for the ever-growing flux of students enrolling at Pacific Royal Collegiate during its early years. Erected in a townhouse style building, the dormitories are contained within one building. Although separated down the middle by a solid wall, on either side of this wall are the gender-specific dorms. Built-in a mirrored fashion, both sides of the building, are identical and contain four floors, each floor containing one grade, with the freshmen occupying the ground floor while the Seniors habitat the top floor. On the second and fourth floors, laundry rooms for the students to use, while on the first and third floors are two large common rooms that include a kitchen allowing students to have 'community' meals together. Each room houses two to three students, complete with a bed, desk and closet for each, and community bathrooms are on each floor to ensure that no dorm has to go too far for a shower.​


When the Collegiate expanded to include University, the University Age dormitories consist of three separate buildings, unlike the Collegiate dormitory. The dorm layout in these buildings is also notable, with a dorm consisting of four bedrooms, a shared bathroom, a shared laundry room, and a shared kitchen and living room. The first two buildings are gender-specific, each consisting of two floors of the above layout, while the third building is a Co-Ed facility and is actually larger than the other two dorms, having four floors. Another notable difference is that the University Dorms have a shared patio and outdoor pool for the older students to enjoy and relax upon. The University dorms were designed to replicate an apartment as much as possible without totally sacrificing the dormitory design.​


The Campus is surrounded by a beautiful forest that acts as a natural barrier between the Institute and the rest of the island. In truth, the forest is not entirely natural but instead was created by using Neptune-type abilities to manipulate the native plant life to create the thick bush surrounding the campus. There are several trails along the North of the campus along the coastal cliffs that can be used for relaxing walks, and often the students use them for dates. However, the rest of the forest is used for camping trips and wilderness survival training supervised by S.H.I.F.T. Agent assigned to School Teams involved. These such trips are often used at the beginning of each academic year to introduce new students to their fellow teammates and build bonds among the team members.​


Since the Institute is built on an Island, it's naturally surrounded by water. There are many beaches around Digby Island. However, the most notable one in the West of the Campus, just past the Military Academy. Throughout the summer months, the beach is frequented by many of the students, especially those who live on the Campus full time. A place of constant fun and relaxation, it's not uncommon to come to the beach to find the students using their abilities to manipulate the area with their abilities to create new aquatic sports and games.​

A.R.C. (Augmented Reality Center):

The Augmented Reality Center or A.R.C. is one of the largest Pacific Royal Collegiate and University campus facilities. A large circular building with approximately a mile radius, the A.R.C. stands close to a hundred feet in height to provide a wide range of simulations. The interior of the A.R.C. appears to be made up of many different panels, and each of these panels is attached to a series of columns that can expand and contract to allow the A.R.C.'s arena to change to all manner of shapes and layouts. Coupled with the cutting edge hard light projection technology, the A.R.C. can replicate and simulate all manner of environments and battlefield simulations.

Participants are needed to wear A.R. Suits, which aid in stimulating the other four senses. A.R. Suits also allow for pain simulation to prepare cadets for battle fully. A.R. suits are designed to act and feel like Hyperhuman Combat Suits; however, they're notably different due to the equipment required to operate with the A.R. Center. These suits are also equipped with glowing LED strips down the suit, customized to display team colours. During stealth activities, this feature can be disabled.​
The Pacific Royal Collegiate And University is a special institute founded in 1986 and led by the Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection Department. The goal of P.R.C.U. is to train young Hyperhumans to control their abilities and while working with the Hyperhuman Equality, Logistics and Protection Department to foster friendly relations between Hyperhumans and the general populous.

Originally a large Victorian High Gothic style mansion built on Digby Island in British Columbia, Canada, the mansion was built just beyond an old coastal defence built at Frederick Point used as a watch during the Great Wars. The Canadian Government decided to give it to H.E.L.P., who then re-purposed the fort into a base for their own Specialized Hyperhuman Intervention Federal Taskforce and another old coastal defence Dundas Point. At the same time, the mansion was converted into an academic building. As enrolment increased, H.E.L.P. commissioned the construction of gender-specific dorms. Eventually, the class sizes outgrew the mansion, and the construction of a new academic building was completed. P.R.C.U. Continued to grow and expand, adding the University component in 1999. This lead to the construction of three new dormitories, one of which was the first co-ed dorm on campus, a risky move but necessary to update to modern times.

Many students choose to live on the campus throughout the year as it is the safest place for Hyperhumans. Additionally, many of the students have been abandoned by their parents or can't return to their homes due to fear for their own safety. As such, the P.R.C.U. It employs many Hyperhumans as it constantly seeks out new teachers and advisers for the youth there. Not all the staff are Hyperhumans, however. Those who are accepting of "Hypes" are welcomed inside the campus walls as well. The campus also shares the island with S.H.I.F.T.'s main base, built around the two re-purposed coastal defences. As such, S.H.I.F.T.'s reserves patrol the campus's exterior to ensure that Pacific Royal Collegiate and University's students are safe.

Most students at P.R.C.U. are enrolled in the Hyperhuman Education & Advanced Training Program. H.E.A.T., as it's commonly referred to, is an experimental plan of action run at P.R.C.U. in addition to the usual educational programs. As opposed to the standard educational process of going through high school, then choosing a university major, H.E.A.T. combines a general education complete with a specialty and basic military training. Due to this program's specialized nature, it is overseen exclusively by the Specialized Hyperhuman Intervention Federal Taskforce. The goal of H.E.A.T. is to prepare its cadets for commissioning into one of H.E.L.P.'s three divisions while also preparing them with a general education degree. This ensures that its candidates have options in all walks of life and have the opportunity for immediate employment that will allow them to use all of their skills and ability. An additional bonus of the H.E.A.T. program is the extra emphasis placed on controlling and using Hyperhuman abilities. While all students get a chance to train with their powers, H.E.A.T. includes daily activities to hone and sharpen these abilities far beyond the standard exercises.



As the world’s leading institute for Hyperhumans and an advocate for equal freedoms and rights, The Pacific Royal Collegiate and University creates an exceptional learning environment that fosters global citizenship, advances a civil and sustainable society, and supports outstanding research to serve the people of British Columbia, Canada and the world.​

Academic Freedom
The Institute is independent and cherishes and defends free inquiry and scholarly responsibility.​

Advancing and Sharing Knowledge
The Institute supports scholarly pursuits that contribute to knowledge and understanding within and across disciplines and seeks every opportunity to share them broadly.​

The Institute, through its students, faculty, staff, and alumni, strives for excellence and educates students to the highest standards.​

The Institute acts with integrity, fulfilling promises and ensuring open, respectful relationships.​

Mutual Respect and Equity
The Institute values and respects all members of its communities, each of whom individually and collaboratively contribute to create, strengthen, and enrich our learning environment.​
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