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Current For the time being, I will be taking a hiatus from GMing for an indeterminate length of time. I will still be participating in one or two RPs at a time however.
21 Mar 2017 13:07
I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against.
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14 Mar 2017 19:52
As you know, madness is like gravity... all it takes is a little push.
31 Aug 2016 2:05
Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.
15 Aug 2016 22:50
Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary!


▼ A B O U T M E:

Welcome to my profile!

I go by the username Lord Wraith, but most of my friends simply call me Wraith. I've been roleplaying since 2007, originally getting my start on Sprites Inc Forum. While I keep memberships to several different roleplaying forums, this is by far my most frequently used one and I have been an active member of Roleplayer Guild since 2010 before the event known as 'Guidfall'. I categorize myself as an aggressive roleplayer, meaning that when I post I proactively work to advance the scene opposed to waiting on a GM to direct my character or plot.

In terms of writing, I bounce between casual and advanced. My posts are rarely shorter than two paragraphs, but I don't consistently post at what some might consider an advanced length. I'd like to think my spelling, grammar and sentence structure however is consistently at an advanced level although I am liable to make mistakes here and there like most people. I enjoy a decent pace in an RP posting on a weekly or biweekly rate however with the right RP and/or players I don't mind posting at a more rapid rate.

In terms of genres I enjoy fantasy and science fiction but I have a particular fancy for superhuman based RPs. There's numerous sub-genres I enjoy however ranging from slice of life to romance to thrilling heroics. My characters do tend to fall into certain moulds, often being of above average intelligence and possessing leadership qualities. As an engineering student, I enjoy playing tech savvy characters ranging from engineers to gadgeteers. Although I also enjoy playing medical focused characters at times. I don't mind playing support characters in a group setting but I can also play bruisers if needed or if the whim strikes.

I'm not a fan of huge character sheets but I do understand the need for the a lengthier one. I enjoy fleshing out a history section along with skills and abilities. I don't believe in personality sections on character sheets however as I've always personally found that I need to write with a character to flesh out their personality no matter whether I had to prepare it ahead of time or not.

While I prefer original settings, there are numerous fandoms which I enjoy creating characters within or even acting out the part of a canon character. These fandoms often fit within my favourite genres, and as such there's a pretty long list of them. It's easiest perhaps to start with science fiction. Among my favourite science fictions are Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate and Firefly. Firefly perhaps of these four takes a special place in my heart as it does in the heart of most Browncoats. While I've only seen a handful of Firefly RPs, I'm generally a sucker for them. Star Wars on the other hand is probably the most common science fiction fandom that I've seen on the forum but I admittedly rarely join them. I enjoy Old Republic settings primarily especially those inspired by the Knight of the Old Republic and its spin offs. In these RPs I prefer to play either Jedi characters or pilots either smugglers or military. Star Trek Rps like Firefly are also rare but when they do happen I prefer to play medical or engineering staff members although I am prone to apply as a helmsman or Captain from time to time. Lastly there's Stargate although admittedly I've never actually seen or created a Stargate RP so thus far it's really only an ideal in my head.

When it comes to fantasy RPs, I find original settings far more appealing than those of fandoms but there are several fandoms I enjoy. The first of these would be Tolkien's Middle Earth, the setting of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Although I have yet to play one of these, the scale of these epics is highly appealing. That leads me to the world of the Elder Scrolls which has a similar appeal. In this setting I prefer to play a Bosmer or Khajiit character. Usually I play these characters as an archer, thief or swashbuckler, the latter of which being my favourite archetype for a fantasy character. Assassin's Creed is another fantasy fandom I'm rather fond of along with the world of Dishonored. An idealized RP of mine has always been one based on the world of Brian Jacques' Redwall but I have yet to attempt one or even come across a well done one.

Lastly and my preferred fandom genre is superhuman. Notably I generally only participate in Marvel and DC based games with a hard bias towards DC Universe games. The Batfamily are my favourite group of characters with Nightwing being my favourite canon character to play as. Although I do like playing the roles of either Batman or Superman if I have the chance. At times I have played the Flash, which while short lived has been a lot of fun. When it comes to Marvel my favourite characters are Spider-Man, Daredevil and Nightcrawler, although thanks to the release of the MCU movie, the Guardians of the Galaxy have a special place in my heart. I have in the past participated in games which mix the comic universes and while fun, they tended to be too reliant on independent plots for my liking.

Within these games I also enjoy those which allow for original characters, particular X-Men or Teen Titans/Young Justice based RPs since both feel more lore friendly to original characters than other teams and organizations present within the Marvel and DC Universes.

As much as I enjoy participating in roleplays, I also greatly take pride and joy in managing and running a roleplay as a GM. I categorize myself as a 'World Building', meaning that if you're coming into a roleplay I've created, particularly an original universe, then you'd best be prepared for a lot of lore and setting details. I almost have a sort of addiction to fleshing out cities and history as though they're their own characters. In addition to this, I try to provide my players with as many aids as possible including a character skeleton and a handy list of frequently asked questions. If possible I also provide graphics and other visual or auditory aids in order to round out or emphasize the information provided in the thread.

I often take the role of the sadistic GM, giving players choices which aren't always the best looking. Though there's always one player who manages to take 'the third option', it's guaranteed it will be taken in good sport. Notably, it's highly likely that if your characters are stuck in violent or dangerous situation, I will light something on fire and/or blow something up. That said, I always have a story I want to tell with my players and I aim to guide them through it while leaving enough room for every character to tell their own stories as well. When GMing, I will always have at least one main character of my own, but you can count on me playing several notable NPCs as well sometimes with those NPCs becoming more prominent than my own character as the story calls for them to be more fleshed out. The other character I generally choose to play as is the setting, often infusing a sense of sentience into the city or ship that the story happens to take place in.

You can bet my RPs are going to come with a long list of daunting rules but these are really just a process of weeding out players who can't commit to the ideas I have in mind. Honestly although my rule lists are long, most of them are basic RP etiquette and common sense. Along with these rules, I provide a character skeleton with predesigned code based on whatever formatting I fancy at the time. You'll come to learn that I appreciate a well designed OP and character sheet. This sheet can be somewhat long in length but it's only to ensure I'm acquiring the players I want.

Like you, as a GM I just want to have fun and play a game I'm invested in.

▼ C O H O R T S:

Over the years that I've been roleplaying, I've collected quite the group of friends and associates who either frequently participate in my roleplays or who I can always count on to bounce ideas between and catch up with on Skype. While users come and go this particular group of people have remained consistent in my life and have been there through both good times and bad times. Some names on this list I've RP'd with for years while others I've only met within the last couple of weeks, the impression they make on me remains the same and I'm happy to count them among my friends.

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Well, I guess we find a new GM or move off to another RP.

Sorry to disappoint, but the option to find another GM is not available. I've never been comfortable with giving my intellectual property out to others and while I can't technically stop anyone from copying my ideas and claiming them as their own, I still would never give my blessing on another filling my shoes.

I've worked a very long time on this lore and I just won't hand it over to another. Apologies to anyone who was hoping for a new GM to fill in.
In Crestwood Hollow 20 May 2017 21:23 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Well everyone, I'm happy to say we had a good run here, however due to a multitude of new responsibilities in my life, I do not have the time to commit to leading this or any RP at this time. I still intend to RP, however unfortunately I do believe it is for the best that I shut down all the RPs GM'd by me for the time being.

Thank you to those of you who have remained on for Crestwood, I have enjoyed reading the stories of our study group. But alas, it's time to bring this to an end. Hopefully in a couple months I'll be able to GM again but for the time being I'll be taking a hiatus from this role.
Well everyone, I'm happy to say we had a good run here, however due to a multitude of new responsibilities in my life, I do not have the time to commit to leading this or any RP at this time. I still intend to RP, however unfortunately I do believe it is for the best that I shut down all the RPs GM'd by me for the time being.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Vigilance, I have enjoyed reading the stories of our rather large and diverse cast. But alas, it's time to bring this to an end. Hopefully in a couple months I'll be able to GM again but for the time being I'll be taking a hiatus from this role.

G O T H A M C I T Y - 0 8 : 1 9 P M
A rush of emotions flowed over Dick as he walked up the steps to Wayne manor. As he climbed the front steps, his shoulders sagged as a weight hung over him. Bruce did not lie beyond those doors, even though the Joker had re-appeared, or at the very least now had a convincing doppelganger, Bruce was still missing. If Bruce had been available, Dick would have at least considered revealing the plans of the Court to him, but he couldn't risk putting the other Robins in danger.

Raising a hand, Dick knocked on the door of the manor, knowing that within mere seconds Alfred’s familiar face would open the heavy oak door.

“Master Richard,” A familiar voice called out as the door swung open, “It’s been far too long.”

Alfred smiled at Dick, looking as impeccable as ever. Age treated the butler well; despite the seemingly never-ending barrage of stress and emotional baggage that came with working for Bruce Wayne, Alfred looked almost lively – a refreshing difference from Bruce’s trademark scowl. But yet, even with his cheerful greeting, Dick could clearly see the sadness born of worry clouding the eyes of Bruce's ever faithful father figure.

“Please,” said Alfred, “Do come in. Would you like anything to drink? How have you been?”

"Like you Alfred, I've had better days." Dick said as he embraced Alfred. "Tim around? I could use his help."

"I'm afraid Master Timothy is out at the moment. I'm unsure when we can expect his return. Master Damian should be in however if he could be of some assistance." Alfred stated as Dick raised a questioning eyebrow noting the corner of Alfred's mouth fighting to curve upwards. Alfred's dry sense of humor had always been a source of amusement for Dick and he failed to disappoint even in these dire circumstances.

"If I need a loose cannon, I think Jason's in town." Dick replied with his own brand of humor. "But I'll still need to drop by the cave."

"I trust you know the way Master Richard." Alfred asked, this time an amused look crossed his face as he awaited Dick's response.

“Through the grandfather clock, down the winding flight of stairs, across the drawbridge and watch your step around the guano?” Dick replied with a smug smirk. “Oh who am I kidding?” Dick winked before continuing, “You keep the cave far too clean for there to be any guano.”

“Indeed, Master Richard. Indeed.”

“Always good to see you, Alf.” Dick said with a nod as he patted Alfred on the back, bidding him goodbye for now. The smell of the manor brought back waves of memories as Dick could recall the very first time he had stood in this very lobby. Everything had seemed so much bigger then, but now it almost felt like home. Showing himself the way to Thomas Wayne's study, Dick turned the hands on the antique grandfather clock to ten forty eight as a click let him know it was open. Climbing through the hidden passage, Dick closed the door firmly behind him as he took the elevator down to the main cavern.

Screeches of bats echoed all around him as the elevator disturbed their slumber as it shuddered to a halt allowing the former ward of Bruce Wayne to exit.

"I don't seem to recall an elevator when I was Robin, looks like your father is getting soft in his own age." Dick called out playfully, seeking to aggravate the fiery young Damian. However his taunt wasn't meant by any reply as Dick continued through the cave towards Bruce's central work station.

Sitting in the center of the cave was an array of screens that made up what a younger Dick had smartly dubbed the 'Batcomputer; – just as he had christened the cave 'the Batcave' and Batman’s endless supply of cars 'the Batmobiles'. Expecting to find the younger Wayne al Ghul playing the latest video game on the numerous screens, Dick was surprised to find the seat empty however a nearby note caught his eye as the original Robin picked up the message.

Dear Pennyworth,

Have been kidnapped by Helena Bertinelli, who is possessed. Will likely miss breakfast and lunch. Attempt to prepare something adequate for dinner before my likely return. If not back, Send Grayson. Do NOT send Drake.


Damian W.

Helena Bertinelli.

It had been a long time since Dick had been involved with any dealings with Helena. The two had worked together on more than one occaision, the woman being more than capable. But their relationship was not meant with approval from Bruce and thus working with Helena had been difficult. The two had parted ways, Dick did his best to keep it amicable but there was no doubt in his mind that Bruce's rejection influencing his own opinions left a bitter taste in her mouth.

But Dick couldn't just leave Damian in the hands of an efficient mafiaso. No doubt the younger boy's mouth would put his life in danger sooner rather than later and as much as the team had yet to accept Damian as one of their own, Dick wouldn't have the chance forcibly taken away from him.

"Alfred." Dick said as he connected into the Batman's communication channel. "Damian's been taken, I'll be going after them."

"Master Dick, before you go." Alfred's voice replied. "Bruce had something made for you, it might be worth your while to check the costume cases."

"What did he-" Dick began to ask as he stopped in front of the of the case, the black and blue suit staring back at him. It was definitely based on his design but it was refined, the suit was more enforced but also lighter. Collapsible glider wings were mounted on the back of the suit and several pouches were streamlined onto the boots and gloves. A smile crossed Dick's face as he began to change.

Tonight was not a mission for the Court's Talon.

Tonight was a job for Nightwing.

Pulling out his phone, Dick went through his contacts until the familiar name appeared. Tapping out a message, Dick read it over one more time.

Helena, we need to talk.

Hitting send, Dick headed towards the Redbird, revving the vehicle's engine before launching towards Gotham.
Sorry guys, been going through the interviewing process but in positive news I got the job. Going away for the weekend though, so I will try to update early next week.
| NAME: |
Vrill Narezz​

| AGE: |


| RACE: |

The image to the left illustrates Vrill in his casual attire. Vrill is a Nautolan of average height, though his body is more chiseled and toned due to a very active life style. He has a blue complexion and often paints his face in the manner displayed. Vrill's tendrils are often decorated with black bands and are worn tied behind his head if he's working on his ship. His casual attire consists of a black MK 45 Protective Vest paired with a set of matching Drelliad Leggings and Drelliad Boots. Vrill often wears a utility belt equipped with a Inertial Inhibitor, as well as occasionally a Kama. Wrapped around his arms are Echani Fiber Armored Gauntlets which were passed down to Vrill from his mentor. These gauntlets house his Vibroknucklers, keeping them concealed on the back of his hands. When ashore from his ship, Vrill dons a long Greatcoat made of Reinforced Fiber Armor and Nastah Leather. This coat also includes a large hood which can even cover Vrill's many long tendrils, however aside from the hood, Vrill will often don a scarf which he wraps around the lower half of his face and a pair of tinted goggles.

Glee Anselm​

Snarky and sarcastic, Vrill possesses a very dry wit though he's not without a sense of humor. He can be quite charming when he needs to be, possessing a silver tongue and a certain degree of charm which he's used to get himself out of many tight situation. Irrepressibly confident, toeing the line of extreme arrogance, Vrill is the kind of guy to never worry about the odds but whether or not he believes the task at hand can be accomplished. Often Vrill comes across as very cold and untrusting, but of those who gain his trust his is the most loyal companion. Vrill never leaves his crew behind nor his ship, willing to risk, life, limb and tendril to save them. All that said, Vrill is never one to turn down a drink of Juri Juice or the occasional Deathstick. While he doesn't show prejudice towards any particular species, despite the fact there are some he doesn't think too highly of, Vrill has a deep rooted hatred and mistrust towards droids preferring to rely on the possibility of organic error before a droid any day.​

| SHIP: |
The Krakana

The Krakana is a modified Mon Calamari MC-18 Light Freighter. The Krakana measured 23.6 meters in length, and could transport up to five passengers and was originally built to hold 50 metric tons of cargo. However due to modifications by Vrill, the vessel can now hold 75 metric tons without sacrificing her speed. The Krakana has a hyperdrive rating of 0.6 making it one of the fastest ships in the galaxy and more than capable of outrunning most ships which give chase.

Like all Mon Calamari designs, The Krakana was custom-built, and no other MC-18 is exactly the same. Though in the case of The Krakana, it was further modified after production by Vrill. It also was equipped with a backup shield generator, as was standard Mon Calamari practice. Vrill installed both Particle Shields and Ray Shields into the The Krakana, as well as a second back up generator to ensure that both the Particle Shields and Ray Shields have a reserve source. It had a landing claw, standard landing gear, and inflatable puncture-proof pontoons for water landings. The MC-18 was also submersible (maximum depth 1,000 meters). When submerged, its shields had to be reconfigured to handle the strong exterior pressure and this weakened the shields versus other attacks, though Vrill's later modifications helped to balance this with the second back up generator.

With travel routes becoming more and more dangerous, Vrill had to upgrade The Krakana's armaments. Originally the MC-18 only was armed with single laser turrent. Vrill had these replaced with dual modified retractable Corellian AG-1G Quad Laser Cannons as well as a Ax-108 "Ground Buzzer" Surface-Defense blaster cannon. Furthermore, Vrill had two Concealed Dymek HM-8 Concussion Missile Launchers installed on to The Krakana, each with a standard load of eight heavy missiles each. Other counter measures included in the ship are the Sensor Jammer, a False Identification Transponder and a Sensor Decoy Cloaking Device.

The last counter measure that Vrill added was a modified Amphibious Fighter or Amphib dubbed the 'Colo'. The Amphib docks at the top rear of the ship, with an attached airlock to allow for instant travel between the two.​

| WEAPON(S): |
Model 22T4 Hold-Out Blaster Pistol (2)
S-5 heavy Blaster Pistol
Dissuader KD-30 Slugthrower Pistol

Neutral, Vrill will work for whomever provides the credits providing the job doesn't require him to compromise his own personal morals. As such he operates a wide number of jobs only refusing jobs which directly involving him killing someone or trafficking persons. Vrill isn't against killing however, he's just against being hired as a murderer, if you need that done get yourself a bounty hunter, that said Vrill will avoid killing children, innocents or bystanders at all cost and generally hesitates towards killing a woman whether she's an assailant or not.​

| BIO: |
Vrill was born to his parents on the aquatic world of Glee Anslem, and was raised there until the age of four. His parents were merely humble fishers and was more than thrilled when they were approached by the Jedi Order who informed them that their son was Force Sensitive. The idea of their son being raised to be a Jedi was seen as a great honour and they immediately agreed despite the fact they were informed that they wouldn't be able to see their son again.

The Jedi took the young Vrill onboard his transport and while the majority of the journey was fine, the ship was tagged by Aqualish Pirates just outside the planet's atmosphere. Pursued by the pirates, the Jedi's transport was eventually shot out of the sky and during its descent was ripped apart. Vrill never learned what became of the Jedi, but he, himself managed to survive the crash despite the ship coming to a stop in Coruscant's dangerous lower levels. With only a will to survive, Vrill used the ship's remains as a hovel and learned how to steal to survive. Managing to survive four years on his own, Vrill was eventually recruited into a swoop gang called the Gundarks, where his piloting skills were first realized. The leader of the gang, a Twi'lek by the name of Tam Rao, was impressed by Vrill's skills and quickly put them to use, using Vrill to win numerous swoop races which only allowed the gang to expand and grow thanks to the race winnings. In exchange for the race winnings, Rao taught Vrill how to con and steal, skills which would completely shape the young Nautolan's future. The time with the swoop gang also taught Vrill other necessary survival skills including how to handle a blaster and brawl with the best in some of Coruscant's shadiest taverns. Eventually however, Vrill outgrew life as a racer and upon abandoning the Gundarks was forced to find a way off planet or otherwise risk execution. The gang looked upon its members as a family, and leaving the gang only ever happened by death. Walking out was considering betrayal, and the Twi'lek didn't take betrayal lightly.

Stealing aboard a transport bound for Coreilla, Vrill left Coruscant and the Gundarks behind seeking a new path in life. Once he had arrived on Coreilla, Vrill found small jobs in the spaceport and once again took up underground swoop racing in order to earn extra credits. Quickly finding himself bored with racing each night, Vrill took his winnings to the bars where he eventually overheard spacers talking about a rather interesting job, they were intending to rob a dreadnaught while it was in travel. The idea of spaceflight intrigued Vrill and he approached the spacers offering his services. They looked down upon the young Nautolan before reluctantly bringing him aboard. Put to work in the engine rooms of the spacer's cruiser, Vrill was introduced to a young Chandra-Fan by the name of Drekl. The small rodent like creature happened to be the mechanic for the pirate ship and the two became quick friends, Drekl teaching Vrill what he knew about ships while Vrill taught Drekl how to handle a blaster. Eventually after serving aboard the pirate's cruiser for several jobs, Vrill began to become discouraged seeing the pirate's brutal methods and eagerness to kill. When Vrill had escaped the Gundarks he thought he had left such thuggish behaviour behind only to find himself once again tangled up in it. Ascending through the ranks of the pirates, Vrill eventually found himself the ship's pilot. Vrill eventually came up with the idea to come into business for himself, seeking out Drekl and offering his friend the opportunity to escape the pirates and acquire their own ship. Planning their escape, Vrill and Drekl laid in wait until a job took the pirates and their ship to the planet Dac, more commonly known as Mon Cala. Between the Chandra-Fan and the Nautolan, the pair were able to cripple the cruiser and imprision the few crew on board while the majority had gone ashore to perfom their heist. Taking whatever supplies and weapons they could carry, Vrill and Drekl struck out on their own, stumbling upon an MC-18 Light Frieghter. Drekl was easily able to bypass the ship's security and the pair made off with the ship, dubbing it The Krakana.

The pair eventually earned a name for themselves as Smugglers, retrieving loads of spice and other illegal goods for numerous crime lords ranging from Hutts to Mandalorians. Never trusting anyone else but Drekl, Vrill refused to expand his crew and kept his operation small. Drekl was more than capable of pulling his weight as he continuously tinkered with The Krakana, upgrading the ship successfully make the smuggler runs in faster times while being capable of holding its own in a dogfight. The pair are known to attract trouble and have numerous bounties on their heads but they prefer to keep a smile on their faces and fly each sector as though it was new territory each day.

Force Reflex: Vrill is Force Sensitive unbeknowst to himself, and with that Force Sensitivity comes enhanced reflexes which allow him to effectively slow the world around them, heightening his reflexes and perceptions. This is most notable when Vrill is piloting The Krakana and manouvering the ship accurately and tightly at high speeds.

Vrill was hired by the native Geonosians to deliver smuggled goods to the Petranaki Arena. These goods consist of a young Reek, an unhatched Rancor and a rare black Nexu cub, all of which are intended to be raised and trained for use in the Geonosian Gladitorial Games.​

G O T H A M C I T Y - 1 1 : 5 8 P M
The city stunk.

The constant rain only seemed to aggravate the odor as it pummeled the ground, stirring up the rot and sin hidden beneath the carefully sculpted architecture of the city. In a city obsessed with appearance, it came as no surprise that the Gothic aesthetics was nothing more than a mask, pleasing on the eye but hiding the fractures within. One mask sought to protect the city, casting its long shadow over the city, night after night. The other mask controlled the city from the shadows, a hidden parliament ensuing the loyalty from the city's elite, a covert oligarchy.

The Court of Owls had grown bold, threatening the lives of those Dick held dear. Now under their thumb, Dick was between a rock and a hard place. He could have told Bruce, together the pair could have worked together and likely defeated the Court. But, Dick had no idea how many they numbered, nor the extent of their resources. Now with Bruce missing, Dick couldn't risk the lives of the others, not even Jason's.

The armor of a Talon was heavier than Dick was used to, the familiar attire of his suit had been designed specifically to make use of his natural agility. The armor was designed to intimidate and kill, ancient craftsmanship lost to modern armorers, the interlocked plates and rings still stood against modern firearms with relative ease.

Looking out over the city, memories of another time haunted Dick as a familiar echo hovered over his shoulder. Now a grown man, he shouldn't have felt like there was someone looking over his shoulder, but yet after years of training under the Bat, Dick always felt the long shadow looking over him.

I trained you better than this.

Bruce's voice rung out in his head as Dick pulled the goggled cowl over his face.

"I know you did." He replied, muttering beneath the hood as he jumped from the rooftop. Suddenly an alarm went off on Dick's private channel.

Wayne Enterprises, R&D Firing a grapple line, Dick launched himself into the air. The glider wings on the Talon's armor were a nice addition, something he'd have to keep in mind for his own suit once this unfortunate situation was over with. Wayne Enterprises was only a short distance from Dick's current location. Arriving promptly, Dick clung to the side of the building as he surveyed the unfolding situation.

Bursting inside, the Talon stuck to the shadows as he made his way along the building's corridors. People shambled through the corridors but they weren't employees, no these were civilians, civilians acting in unison. Not a word spoken between them, merely a buzz in the air that hung like the hum of the florescent lights illuminating the hallway. They didn't seem to pay any attention to Dick as he stalked the group. Instead they worked like a cohesive unit, a machine as they made their way into the laboratory.

Then Dick spotted him.

The pale skin, the purple suit, the green hair.

It had to be him.

Moving quickly, the former Robin broke from the shadows as he moved into action. Flipping off a nearby wall, Dick delivered a flying kick to the Joker. The Joker however, didn't move and Dick grimaced as his leg impacted with the other man.

"I could have swore you used to be softer." Dick muttered from beneath his cowl as the Joker turned to look at him. Normally the Joker was off putting with his permanent grin and cruel, mirth filled eyes. But this Joker was devoid of emotion, the skin of his cheeks sagging on either side of his jaw as his grin was absent, no emotion filled his eyes, even his hair seemed to be missing a certain amount of humor as he turned towards Dick.

"Do not interfere." The alleged Joker said, no quips, puns or punchlines accentuating his speech.

There's that buzzing again.

Suddenly the others with the Joker turned on Dick, his presence now a known threat as they moved towards him. Fighting to keep them at bay, Dick was caught off guard by their speed and strength, his skill barely able to stay ahead of them before he quickly found himself overwhelmed. Glass shattered behind him as Dick found himself hurled with ease through one of Wayne Enterprises' reinforced windows. Dangling several stories above the street below, Dick moved quickly to climb back inside the lab, but the mob was already gone.

"What were they here for?"

The lab in question was used for microchip development, and the mob had managed to rummage through each of the draws and cabinets while still sacrificing enough members to keep Dick busy. No doubt they had made off with what they had been looking for. Looking back towards the city, Dick decided it would be best to let the others know.

But first he was going to need to change.

T H E E M P E R O R I S D E A D , L O N G L I V E T H E E M P E R O R !

In 4 ABY, a decisive victory in the Galactic Civil War was fought above Endor as the Rebel Alliance confronted the Galactic Empire's second Death Star. While the battle at first seemed to be going in the Empire's favour, it ultimately turned in favour of the Rebels. This lead not only the destruction of the Death Star but also the deaths of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine himself. With the Emperor dead, word quickly traveled across the galaxy, riots and celebrations breaking out as Imperials were forced to retreat with the Rebels declaring the Galaxy at last free.

But the Empire was not broken, merely fractured.

The First Order, the Emperor's personal Special Forces team immediately seized control of the Imperial fleets, regrouping their forces back to Coruscant which still remained predominantly loyal to the Empire. In the event of his death, the Emperor had several fail-safes put in place. Using the cloning facilities on Kamino, the Emperor had prepared several successors to take his place. The most successful of these had been taken to Dathomir and left in the care of the Nightsisters. Like they had during the Clone Wars with the warrior known as Savage Opress, the Nightsisters had enhanced the young man with the planets mystical ichor and Sith Alchmey, growing him into a formidable warrior.

Retrieving the young Palpatine, the First Order soon discovered that the Sisters had given the boy a new name, no longer was the clone identified as Sheev Palpatine, the sisters had instead honored him with the title of Sheev Ren, a Dathomirian term for a warrior king. The First Order returned to Coruscant with Sheev Ren in two, taking the new Emperor to the former Jedi Temple. Before his untimely death, Palpatine had felt a shift within Lord Vader following his confrontation with the younger Skywalker on Bespin. Fearing betrayal Vader's hands, the aging Palpatine refounded the Inquisitorius. Where the original Inquisitorius was trained under Vader's watch, the second iteration was trained by Darth Sidious himself. Put through much of the same training regime as the fallen Sith Darth Maul had entired, the Inquisitorious produced several strong hardened warriors but none quite as powerful as a woman known as Mara Jade.

In order to strengthen the Empire, Sheev Ren was introduced to the galaxy as the Emperor. The Rebels claims of his death merely propaganda to strengthen their win at the battle of Endor. Deciding to use the Inquistorious as positive propaganda to combat the alleged return of the Jedi, the First Order makes the order public, now under the title the Knights of Ren. Sheev Ren chooses Mara Jade to act as his right hand and liaison between the Knights and himself while an extremely gifted tactician from the Unknown Regions is called back to Coruscant. With the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Imperial forces are strengthened as the Rebellion is forced to put their New Republic on hold.

No longer a Rebellion, but now a full Resistance, the former Rebel forces continue to lead the charge against the Empire. Their numbers growing daily as strike teams with assistance of legends such as General Han Solo and General Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker bring down Imperial outpost and lay claim towards freedom for the galaxy. With no true world to cal their won, the Resistance is based off a fleet of Calamarian Dreadnoughts, travelling where they need to be. Horrified at the emergence of a new Emperor, the Resistance is struggling to maintain their claims that the true Emperor died above Endor.

With the emergence of the Knights of Ren, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker realized that there is much he does not yet understand about the Force or the Jedi. Returning to the former Jedi Temple on Devaron, Luke found himself drawn to the planet of Vrogas Vas. Travelling sectors, Luke eventually arrived at the planet of Vrogas Vas only to find the Jedi Temple there in ruins. Sitting in the rubble of a long forgotten past, the Force reached out to Luke and he opened his eyes to find another man staring down at him.

These eyes belonged to Jedi Master Mace Windu.

Having survived his confrontation on Coruscant with Lord Vader and Sidious, Master Windu eventually found his way off world and followed the Force to the temple of Vrogas Vas. As with Yoda and Obi-Kenobi, the spirit of Jedi Master Qui=Gon Jinn had reached out to Mace Windu in order to teach him the principles of the Living Force. Founding a new Jedi Order, the Vas Jedi adhered to the ancient code of the Gray Jedi, a reflection of Master Windu's own struggles with the Dark Side.

Hidden under the surface of Vrogas Vas for nearly thirty years, the Orders' numbers were small but none the less, Luke was understandably surprised to learn that he was not the only Jedi in the galaxy. While the temple had been devastated on the surface, much of it remained underground. Due to Vrogas Vas' climate, the temple was primarily built underground in an effort to maintain a more comfortable climate. The ruins on the surface were no more than a few rooms including the grand foyer. When Mace had discovered this, he took full advantage of it and eventually made a home for his apprentices.

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"You'll never know if you can fly unless you take the risk of falling."
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"I know it's hard, but try to stay whelmed."

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"The criminals, the monster, the ones who dedicate themselves doing wrong need to think he can't die. They need to think he's still out there. Batman lives, always."

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"The Batman taught me, guided me, trained me. What I am, I owe to him."

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