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Playing through Mass Effect Andromeda, I feel like it would have been better under a Star Trek brand.
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As you know, madness is like gravity... all it takes is a little push.
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Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.
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Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary!
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The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.


▼ A B O U T M E:

Welcome to my profile!

I go by the username Lord Wraith, but most of my friends simply call me Wraith. I've been roleplaying since 2007, originally getting my start on Sprites Inc Forum. While I keep memberships to several different roleplaying forums, this is by far my most frequently used one and I have been an active member of Roleplayer Guild since 2010 before the event known as 'Guidfall'. I categorize myself as an aggressive roleplayer, meaning that when I post I proactively work to advance the scene opposed to waiting on a GM to direct my character or plot.

In terms of writing, I bounce between casual and advanced. My posts are rarely shorter than two paragraphs, but I don't consistently post at what some might consider an advanced length. I'd like to think my spelling, grammar and sentence structure however is consistently at an advanced level although I am liable to make mistakes here and there like most people. I enjoy a decent pace in an RP posting on a weekly or biweekly rate however with the right RP and/or players I don't mind posting at a more rapid rate.

In terms of genres I enjoy fantasy and science fiction but I have a particular fancy for superhuman based RPs. There's numerous sub-genres I enjoy however ranging from slice of life to romance to thrilling heroics. My characters do tend to fall into certain moulds, often being of above average intelligence and possessing leadership qualities. As an engineering student, I enjoy playing tech savvy characters ranging from engineers to gadgeteers. Although I also enjoy playing medical focused characters at times. I don't mind playing support characters in a group setting but I can also play bruisers if needed or if the whim strikes.

I'm not a fan of huge character sheets but I do understand the need for the a lengthier one. I enjoy fleshing out a history section along with skills and abilities. I don't believe in personality sections on character sheets however as I've always personally found that I need to write with a character to flesh out their personality no matter whether I had to prepare it ahead of time or not.

While I prefer original settings, there are numerous fandoms which I enjoy creating characters within or even acting out the part of a canon character. These fandoms often fit within my favourite genres, and as such there's a pretty long list of them. It's easiest perhaps to start with science fiction. Among my favourite science fictions are Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate and Firefly. Firefly perhaps of these four takes a special place in my heart as it does in the heart of most Browncoats. While I've only seen a handful of Firefly RPs, I'm generally a sucker for them. Star Wars on the other hand is probably the most common science fiction fandom that I've seen on the forum but I admittedly rarely join them. I enjoy Old Republic settings primarily especially those inspired by the Knight of the Old Republic and its spin offs. In these RPs I prefer to play either Jedi characters or pilots either smugglers or military. Star Trek Rps like Firefly are also rare but when they do happen I prefer to play medical or engineering staff members although I am prone to apply as a helmsman or Captain from time to time. Lastly there's Stargate although admittedly I've never actually seen or created a Stargate RP so thus far it's really only an ideal in my head.

When it comes to fantasy RPs, I find original settings far more appealing than those of fandoms but there are several fandoms I enjoy. The first of these would be Tolkien's Middle Earth, the setting of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Although I have yet to play one of these, the scale of these epics is highly appealing. That leads me to the world of the Elder Scrolls which has a similar appeal. In this setting I prefer to play a Bosmer or Khajiit character. Usually I play these characters as an archer, thief or swashbuckler, the latter of which being my favourite archetype for a fantasy character. Assassin's Creed is another fantasy fandom I'm rather fond of along with the world of Dishonored. An idealized RP of mine has always been one based on the world of Brian Jacques' Redwall but I have yet to attempt one or even come across a well done one.

Lastly and my preferred fandom genre is superhuman. Notably I generally only participate in Marvel and DC based games with a hard bias towards DC Universe games. The Batfamily are my favourite group of characters with Nightwing being my favourite canon character to play as. Although I do like playing the roles of either Batman or Superman if I have the chance. At times I have played the Flash, which while short lived has been a lot of fun. When it comes to Marvel my favourite characters are Spider-Man, Daredevil and Nightcrawler, although thanks to the release of the MCU movie, the Guardians of the Galaxy have a special place in my heart. I have in the past participated in games which mix the comic universes and while fun, they tended to be too reliant on independent plots for my liking.

Within these games I also enjoy those which allow for original characters, particular X-Men or Teen Titans/Young Justice based RPs since both feel more lore friendly to original characters than other teams and organizations present within the Marvel and DC Universes.

As much as I enjoy participating in roleplays, I also greatly take pride and joy in managing and running a roleplay as a GM. I categorize myself as a 'World Building', meaning that if you're coming into a roleplay I've created, particularly an original universe, then you'd best be prepared for a lot of lore and setting details. I almost have a sort of addiction to fleshing out cities and history as though they're their own characters. In addition to this, I try to provide my players with as many aids as possible including a character skeleton and a handy list of frequently asked questions. If possible I also provide graphics and other visual or auditory aids in order to round out or emphasize the information provided in the thread.

I often take the role of the sadistic GM, giving players choices which aren't always the best looking. Though there's always one player who manages to take 'the third option', it's guaranteed it will be taken in good sport. Notably, it's highly likely that if your characters are stuck in violent or dangerous situation, I will light something on fire and/or blow something up. That said, I always have a story I want to tell with my players and I aim to guide them through it while leaving enough room for every character to tell their own stories as well. When GMing, I will always have at least one main character of my own, but you can count on me playing several notable NPCs as well sometimes with those NPCs becoming more prominent than my own character as the story calls for them to be more fleshed out. The other character I generally choose to play as is the setting, often infusing a sense of sentience into the city or ship that the story happens to take place in.

You can bet my RPs are going to come with a long list of daunting rules but these are really just a process of weeding out players who can't commit to the ideas I have in mind. Honestly although my rule lists are long, most of them are basic RP etiquette and common sense. Along with these rules, I provide a character skeleton with predesigned code based on whatever formatting I fancy at the time. You'll come to learn that I appreciate a well designed OP and character sheet. This sheet can be somewhat long in length but it's only to ensure I'm acquiring the players I want.

Like you, as a GM I just want to have fun and play a game I'm invested in.

▼ C O H O R T S:

Over the years that I've been roleplaying, I've collected quite the group of friends and associates who either frequently participate in my roleplays or who I can always count on to bounce ideas between and catch up with on Skype. While users come and go this particular group of people have remained consistent in my life and have been there through both good times and bad times. Some names on this list I've RP'd with for years while others I've only met within the last couple of weeks, the impression they make on me remains the same and I'm happy to count them among my friends.

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I have not had time to work on my character, so I'm going to withdraw my interest and perhaps re-apply down the road when I do have more time.

All the best moving forward and looking forward to seeing what you guys write.
Apologies @FantasyChic, between computer issues and just general business I haven't had a chance to respond. And I'm afraid I will not have a chance to respond before the deadline.

Therefore I am issuing my resignation from the roleplay. I wish you all the best and look forward to watching the story continue to unfold.
Will definitely try to have my character up ASAP (totally was hoping 'Jump-In' was intentional so I didn't have to make a sheet :P)
The Home to the Spirit of Justice

G M: Lord Wraith C O - G M ( S ): GreenGrenade G E N R E: Superhuman, Modern Fantasy, Slice of Life T Y P E: Linear with Sandbox Elements
"You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor."

P R E M I S E:

Let justice be done, though heavens may fall.

For years, the superheroes of Earth have taken gifted youngsters under their wings to teach them how to not only fight crime but to use their talents to their greatest potential. Due to this, the world has seen such iconic teams as the Teen Titans and the Young Justice initiative, but with the number of meta-humans increasing every day, the world calls for something new.

While on a mission in Europe, the Justice League Dark discovered a massive ancient mansion in the depths of Scotland. This mansion was mystically enhanced, existing both in our dimension and yet not being present at all. Much like the Houses of Mystery and Secrets, very little is known about the Corrigan Estate in general. The estate is capable of appearing anywhere in the world or even anywhere in time. The architecture is indeterminate and changes periodically. The same holds true for the inside of the manor; the rooms constantly shift, and one never enters the same room twice. The Corrigan Estate possesses sentience, along with mystic powers, capable of possessing individuals or even completely merging with them.

Despite the estate being kept in line by Zatanna, the majority of the Corrigan's funding comes from Wayne Enterprises. Under the powers of the League's most notable magicians, the Corrigan's tether to our dimension was relocated to Star City where a site had been granted to the school by Mayor Oliver Queen. The school opened its doors nearly ten years ago and has been a thriving producer of Earth’s current heroes. Many of these heroes go on to join the Justice League later in their career, but the top of the graduating class always becomes the world’s newest team of Teen Titans.

Although mockingly referred to as the Justice League Academy, Corrigan has led overall to a higher than expected performance rate by younger heroes and as a result, crime worldwide has hit an all-time low. Though the school has its critics, they are few and far between with the superhero community as a whole giving it an approval rating that has only climbed over the last decade.

Enrollment for the upcoming school year reached a record high with the combination of both returning students and new attendees. With such high numbers, the competition between students is sure to be the most exciting it has ever been.

Just checking in to see if we're still good to go after the offline period.

Also @Tyler, the RP's Join Status is currently 'Jump In', not sure if that was intentional or not.
It seems our server issues of the last few days have, by and large, been resolved. That's a relief.

Can I get a headcount? Just a 'like' on this post will suffice to let me know I can still expect a character from you.

Still working on Aerick the Dwarf.

D E O N E N G E L H A R D T:

Wednesday, August 15th - 09:21 AM | Seattle, Washington

Getting out of the underground parking turned out to be more of an endeavor than Gideon anticipated. A nearby accident had caused traffic to be compressed into one lane and merging into said lane was easier said than done as traffic seemed to be lined from bumper to bumper. Finally managing to get his car into the line-up despite numerous honking horns, Gideon was on his way.

Passing the accident, Gideon looked on with the same morbid curiosity as just about every other driver in Seattle had before him. The two drivers were being questioned by one of Seattle’s finest as the officer stood there, notepad in hand, jotting down a play by play from the more vocal driver.

Turning his attention back to the road, Gideon looked at the onboard navigation as he ran a hand over the screen to filter for nearby restaurants. The closest was a Starbucks but Gideon had no interest in a chain store. The best coffee in this end of the city was served at a local bakery, ‘3.14 and Other Yummy Things’. Perhaps it was the smell of freshly baked pie that made the coffee taste better but whatever it was, it was leagues ahead of Starbucks.

Suddenly Gideon saw a woman appear in the passenger seat of his car. Not just any woman, but the one who had been looking back at him through the mirror. Already jittery, Gideon jumped in his seat, the steering wheeling yanked sharply to the left as the car was jerked out of its lane. The woman in his passenger seat was suddenly of little relevance as Gideon fought to regain control of the car, the roads suddenly becoming slick with rain as the sun disappeared without warning and the flood gates opened.

Horns honked and lights flashed as Gideon felt the car fight back against him, and other drivers swerved around the out of control vehicle. Breathing deeply, Gideon turned into the slide, releasing the brake and applying the gas lightly.

All he could do now was hope.

@Lord Wraith

Thank you! Your post was great, I'm excited for possible interaction between Cynthia and Gideon.

Yes very much looking forward to that!
Great posts so far @Nallore, @AmethystDagger and @LionHearted

D E O N E N G E L H A R D T:

Wednesday, August 15th - 09:04 AM | Seattle, Washington

He woke with a start.

Cold sweat clung to every inch of his body as Gideon slowly sat up. His chest heaved up and down as he tried to calm his heart rate, cradling his head in his hands. Up until six months ago, he could have sworn he was adjusting. The divorce was finalized, he had found his own place, he had grown comfortable with his body again.

But then he fell sick.

Gideon hadn’t been sick a day in his life up until six months ago. Sure, he wasn’t superhuman, he developed the sniffles or a cough like anyone else. But Gideon had never taken a day off of work, let alone been hospitalized for several weeks. It had used all of his sick days and most of his vacation time just to cover the event and he was forever playing catch up at work because of it.

The image of a woman’s head being split open was haunting. It was like he had been there, just watching, powerless to intervene. Her screams echoed in his ears as Gideon, stood up from the bed, slowly walking to the ensuite bathroom as he balanced himself against a nearby wall.

Ever since coming home from the hospital, it was although he was seeing things. Faces he didn’t recognize would appear in the mirror after he showered, in the car, even in windows as he walked by. Then there was the incident with the lights, Gideon shuddered as he recalled the time the light had evaporated from the bulb and materialized into the air as though drawn towards him. Even as a fan of science fiction, it was all too X-Files for his liking.

Splashing cold water on his face, Gideon allowed the water to run a bit longer, before bending over the black granite countertop and taking a drink from the stainless steel tap. His throat was dry and the water was cool and crisp. It was as though he was taking a drink for the first time in a week as he continued to hold his mouth under the water before finally raising his head up and looking at himself in the mirror.

Three years ago, the face that was looking back would have been nearly three times the size. Now there was only a face he barely recognized, a face that was greeted far more enthusiastically than the one he had previously possessed. But the eyes.

The eyes were still the same.

Noting the time out of the corner of his eye, Gideon resigned any ideas of returning to bed and instead grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt from a nearby hamper. Walking out of his bedroom, he looked down from the hallway balcony towards the living room below. The lamp from the night of the incident was unplugged, a decision made out of fear more than logic. Walking towards the stairs, Gideon paused at the top before changing directions and instead of heading to his home gym.

Nothing quite like exercise to clear the mind.

Emerging from the shower nearly two hours later, Gideon listened to the local Blues station while he dressed. Nodding his head along to one of his favourites songs while fixing his tie, Gideon reached to turn the radio off as the song ended only to stop as the hosts began to talk.

“In bizarre news today, a woman was found with her head split open.”

Gideon’s hand began to shake, unable to move towards or away from the dial as the story continued to unfold.

“It couldn’t have been real.” He muttered, slumping down onto the edge of his bed, bewilderment and fear consuming him as he caught a glimpse of himself in a nearby mirror.

Only there was someone else looking back.

Redhair and piercing eyes stared back at Gideon as he rose from the bed and scrambled out of the room, the sound of the news story unfolding in the background as Gideon hurried to get out of his apartment, locking the door tightly behind him. Leaning back heavily on the heavy door, his chest heaved up and down faster than any work out had made it in years as Gideon tried as hard as he could to compose himself. A hand reached into his pocket, feeling around until it grasped a plastic container. The lid popped open between his fingers and he tipped the container until two hard capsules rolled into the palm of his hand. Snapping the lid back, Gideon removed his hand and tossed the pills into his mouth, the powdery capsules exploding as his teeth bit down on them.

His heart rate began to slow, and Gideon pushed back a loose piece of hair as he nodded hello to his passing elderly neighbor. He and the woman weren't currently on speaking terms after he had failed to call her daughter back. The woman had insisted on setting the pair up and while the date had gone well, very well in fact but, Gideon or rather, Deon didn't feel the need for a second one.

Riding the elevator to the underground parking, Gideon controlled his walk as he made his way towards his car at a reasonable pace. Using the remote start on the vehicle's fob, Gideon felt a sigh of relief wash over him as the Hellcat purred to life. Climbing into the driver's seat, Gideon's head hit the rearview mirror. Rubbing the spot of collision gingerly, he made himself comfortable before reaching up to adjust the mirror back to its original position.

Only there was another set of eyes looking back at him.

"GET OUT!" He yelled, slamming the horn causing several others around him to also jump as Gideon quickly realized he was once again seeing things. Waving a hand of apology, Gideon put the car into gear and reversed out of his parking spot.

He needed a coffee.

A strong one.
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