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2 yrs ago
"Look New User, everything the light touches is a part of RPG for you to explore." "But what about that shadowy place?" "That's the 1x1 Section, you must never go there."
2 yrs ago
After nine years of writing together, I had the pleasure of finally meeting my good friend Stein in person.
3 yrs ago
Every writer dislikes their own writing, thankfully we don't often produce it for ourselves.
3 yrs ago
You either die a hero, or live long enough to become a villain. I figure that turning point is about the age of thirty.
3 yrs ago
You can tune a guitar, but you can't tuna fish. Unless you play bass.


The old Wraith can't come to the phone.

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-Catastrophic event causes civilization to crumble sometime in the 2020s.
-Massive changes across Earth in climate, fauna and flora.
-Vampires, werewolves and all sorts of other folklore monsters become commonplace across the Earth
-Magic exists although feats are minor and more utilitarian
-Entire cities are left in ruin while new frontier towns are set up
-Some larger areas still have electricity while others are reset back to the technological levels comparable to the late 1800s.
-Thematically a post-apocalyptic western with supernatural elements (RDR meets The Witcher meets Fallout).
-Game is set fifty to a hundred years after the fall.
-Horses are the most efficient way to travel, international travel is reserved for the extremely wealthy. Air travel is nonexistent.
-Diesel trains still operational?

-Barter system is predominant, physical money is a luxury. More means of tracking and using electronic funds were lost during the 'Fall'.

-Robin Hood-esque band of outlaws (maybe werewolves?) steals from the wrong person (powerful vampire?) bringing hellfire down on the same settlement they provide for. With their families and loved ones dead and/or captured (in the case of a vampire, captured for use like cattle makes sense), the gang heads for the city in a howling adventure of revenge and rescue.

-Zombies and various Undead
-Other sentients (something impish or goblin-like)

Lanky humanoids covered in a thick shaggy fur, these peaceful creatures often tower over nature,
rivalling trees in terms of size. Their glowing eyes give them away.

Pale humanoids that are recognized by smooth features, a bulbous head and long legs that make up over
sixty percent of their torso.

-Slide Rock Bolter
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free me from this pain

This is what you do now until you die.
Whatever Happened to the Superboy of Tomorrow..?

He made the mistake of joining the workforce.
Cowboys and Vampires
@Sep Yeah this leaves me in particular in the lurch pretty badly with Thor.

@Lord Wraith Any recommendation on how to proceed?

I'd suggest contacting Sep about those story beats to determine where you guys were going to go and then write out both parts or otherwise abandon the interaction with Steve and shift gears.
How are we all doing?

Just wanted to apologize for my radio silence. Fall has proven to be a much busier time of year for me, but I'm still hoping to pump out some posts. How is everyone else doing?
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@1Hawkeyes we're always open to new applications. No waiting required.
I should have another post up this weekend.
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