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4 yrs ago
Current I am still on RPG, so do feel free to message me. Just don't have the time or energy to actually join any RP's right now. Focusing on a LOT of other projects, including getting into Audio Drama.
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5 yrs ago
Computer is back, yay. I can post again :)
5 yrs ago
Computer is getting some much needed maintenance. Will be slow posting for the next week or 2.
6 yrs ago
Sorry for disappearing for 2 months. Life kinda went to shit and RPG was pushed to the back of my mind.
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7 yrs ago
Computer is broke AGAIN. Dog jumped on me when I had a glass of water in my hand, but some of it leaked in. Posts are going to be slow for the next week.
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@Crimson Flame Yes, preferably. Sorry, i saw the Salmon and the egg and my brain filled in the blank by itself.
@Forsythe Pretty much, the Egg is going to be something of a item that drives the plot and helps you and your partner achieve higher forms. If you want to say that, for some reason, the Egg serves the function of the Totem, then i'm ok with that. It's just that introducing the Totems into this would just be... Narratively superfluous. It's another item by another name that seemingly has no origin or revelance to the plot, but it's there to provide the exact same narrative purpose that the Eggs do.

@RickyG85 Yes, gonna need some more about Rick's past.

@Forsythe Hmmm, the main problem is, as i said, there is going to be a heavy emphasis on the kids relationship with their Digimon and the Digi Eggs will play a role in that relationship and i'm not really seeing how that relationship can develop alongside their connection to the Egg.

Pretty much: "It's not a No, but you're gonna have to sell me on it"
@Forsythe Sorry, was just going over the character sheet, sorry for prematurely approving this. Couple of questions:

1) What's this about Spirit Totems?
2) What's the Armour Digivolution for Cutemon?

@RickyG85 Goblimon will enter Rick's life in your first post. Gonna need a little more about what he did in his past.

@Aku the Samurai Seems good. Can't spot any problems.
@RickyG85 Right, as i said, i'm not against you making new variations of existing Digimon, but can you at least put in their abilities? Because i need to have a record of what you think they can do?
@Forsythe Yours are pretty much just variations of existing digimon. That im OK with.

@RickyG85 pretty much what I said above. Variations of the existing ones. Like a Lightning version of Greymon or a Fire version of Ikakumon or something like that are all good, but full on original digimon lines I'm not comfortable with because it'd hard to judge how they work.
Sorry it took so long to get around to answering this:

@Crimson Flame Nice. Bit tall for a 12 year old, but i'm still good with that. No problems.

@Forsythe Looking good. Very indepth. Hopefully she's not going to be helping the Yakuza with that digimon.

I'll throw up the IC post on Wednesday, give people the chance to throw up a character sheet.
@Sep Was trying to be metaphorical. Like, a wave of nanoites as in "So many of the bastards that they look like a tidal wave."
Coruscant, Surface

The moment Jack saw that smile, he knew things were going south. "READY!" He called.

"READY" The others yelled in unison, presenting their morphers. Asami, jumped down, firing her blaster at the child. The Replicators were banking on the idea that their bodies were immune to energy weapons, but hadn't taken into account the weapons power source being literal magic. A load of nanites splashed across the floor behind him as he looked down in confusion at the hole in his chest. Asami landing with a roll and her morpher in hand. "READY!" As the ETA-2's flew up to the window and fired in, the shots seemed to miraculously go wide, large explosions forming around the rangers.


In a bright flash of their colours, they each began to change into their morphed forms.


Jumping in the air, the 7 struck their own unique poses

"WE ARE" They all summoned their weapons and took a step forward. "THE POWER RANGERS!" They roared in perfect unison, large plumes of smoke in their assigned colours appearing behind each Ranger, before an explosion ripped through those colours as if to puncuate their transformation.

Their transformation sequence finished, the rangers scattered as a new volley of cannonfire from the fighters ripped through the archive. Jack and Kai both charging Eight. Jack's with a sword in one hand and his blaster in the other, Kai had summoned a knights lance and a shield. While Phil, Jay and Mele attacked the fighters, a Mace in Phil's hand, Jay summoning a pair of knives and Mele a pair of Tonfa's. Asami and Michelle jumped atop the book cases, Asami drawing a large laser cannon while Michelle had a staff.

Jack attacked Eight low with the sword, going for the legs. Ducking down, he swept the sword, only for the nanites to temporarily part around the legs to allow the sword to swing effortlessly and ineffectively through the now air. But Jack had presented his back for Kai to jump and use as a stepping stone to leap off and behind Eight, rolling with his shield on the floor, before getting back up and using the momentum to thrust the lance straight into Eight's back. Eight, not being limited by such minutia as skeleton or skin, simply created a second front out of his back with the nanites running up his body from the floor, grabbing the lance mid thrust.

As the fight between Red, Gold and Eight unfolded. Jay was hit by cannon fire, flipping him onto his back, sparks flying from the hit area and him letting out a scream of pain, while Phil and Mele both jumped onto the fighters, Phil smashing the laser cannons on one side with his mace, before smashing the other side as well, only for the nanites to quickly repair and realign the cannons "HEY, THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Mele yelled, smashing the cannons with her Tonfa, before watching them be repaired just as quickly.

"Enemies tend not fight fight fair. Phil responded. He then jumped as he saw Asami take aim with her cannon and fire. The cannon hit did seem to knock a couple of the nanites off of the ETA-2s, but the rest of it remained intact, before both fighters began firing at Asami. Michelle threw herself in front of Asami, her staff twirling and a magical barrier appearing. deflecting the blasts into the ceiling and parts of it beginning to collapse

Meanwhile, Jay had finally got back to his feet and ran towards the edge of the building and jumping, both daggers out and pointed down as he drove them both through the heavy armour and into one of the wings, raking them down the side, before pulling them out. Looking down, he could see the nanites beginning to flow up the side of the building. "Um, guys, i think we've got company!" As if to puntuate that remark, he saw Jack being thrown clear across the room behind him, before Kai slid, both feet firmly on the floor, shield out in front with the Lance dug into the floor to keep him stable.

"Kid's a lot stronger than we thought!" Kai growled. "Put 'em together?!"

"PUT 'EM TOGETHER!" Jack grunted, getting back to his feet. He thrust his sword out front. "RANGERS TO ME!" At that point, Michelle twirled her staff, a pair of brilliant white chains burst from the temples floor and wrapped around Eight's wrists. He attempted to disengage the trapped nanites, but for some reason he couldn't. Some unknown factor was interfering in his ability to control the nanites. He watched helplessly as the rangers jumped together into the middle of the archives, before putting all of their weapons together into some kind of large cannon that they all held, pointed straight at him.

"TEMPUS CANNON FIRE!" They all yelled together, the weapons feeding all of their energy into the tip, before a rainbow coloured wave of energy lanced straight out and towards Eight. Eight quickly sent an order and the Eta-2's smashed through what remained of the walls from their cannonfire and straight into the oncoming path of the blast, the energy blast ripped through both, before continuing towards Eight, who quickly uploaded his consciousness back into the main hive-mind before the childs body was destroyed in the ensuing blast. The 7 Rangers celebrations were almost immediately ended by the approaching wave of revenge. walls of nanites swarming from every which way.

"Trypticon, we need to teleport out, now!" Jack yelled into his communicator. As the crashing waves of nanites came down upon them, the 7 disappeared into balls of their associated colour of light and shot up through the ceiling and back towards space.
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