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Current Computer is back, yay. I can post again :)
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Computer is getting some much needed maintenance. Will be slow posting for the next week or 2.
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Sorry for disappearing for 2 months. Life kinda went to shit and RPG was pushed to the back of my mind.
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Computer is broke AGAIN. Dog jumped on me when I had a glass of water in my hand, but some of it leaked in. Posts are going to be slow for the next week.
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Ok, when I said I had a new computer, what I didn't know was the software was broken, so I sent it back... And they sent me one with broken hardware... And Then Christmas happened. Oh well, i'm back!


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@IceHeart Alright, first draft of the Character sheet. A lot to unpack, but i'm hoping that most of it's acceptable, if not all of it. I went for the approach of "Take advantage of the wide range of characters available."

The main problem character here is Varnae, who was made by Marvel, for Conan the Barbarian during his run with the company, but he is such a good character and one that has been absorbed quite well into the Conan mythos that i thought it might just count?

@IceHeart My big question is, what about characters that started as Independant comics, but were absorbed into one of the big 2, like Watchmen or Conan the Barbarian? Also, with characters that have had such an immense and widespread usage that have been in Marvel/DC, (examples: King Arthur, Hercules, Count Dracula, etc.) Would we be able to use any iteration of that character? Or would we be limited to any iteration that wasn't from the big two?

The third big question is what i like to call the "Rights Nightmares" like Rom the SpaceKnight, where he is an independent character, created and owned by Hasbro, but literally all of his backstory, side-cast, expanded universe stuff is created and owned by Marvel. Or Transformers, where a number of their characters and stories were created by Marvel, despite Transformers and all of its main cast belonging to Hasbro.
@Shoddy McCoyRemeber to join the Discord, as that's where most of the talks go on.
@Shoddy McCoy On one hand, I said I want to stick to Final Fantasy... On the other hand, I do actually love the silliness of your profile, also, I am a sucker for frog-men characters...

Ya know what, sure. I'll accept it.
@Shoddy McCoy Sorry, but with the absolute immense plethora of characters, worlds and stuff available, the answer is no to original characters and worlds. And ues, D-Links do need to be Disney/Square characters, because otherwise, it's not really Kingdom Hearts, is it?

Also, his Key does need to manifest in order to be used. There's nothing to stop him from using hand-to-hand speciality, like if it forms as a big-ass gauntlet or a knuckleduster or something. Also, do remember that Keyblades take form as a single item, so no dual-weilding until you have formed a second D-Link and got your second weapon.

With the confusion of the impending destruction of Alderaan, Sonia had decided to stay down with Lord Bail. She was a fair fighter, but she was a brilliant organizer and strategist. Organizing schedules and getting people martialed into evacuation procedures was something that her mother had been quite good at, managing to keep a guerilla movement off of the radar for years, it was something that she was very insistent on teaching her daughter. Egg Carrier was making best speed, but it would take them a few hours.

K'Tari, on the otherhand, had gone up to the Glasgow. She was going for the simple fact that she was one of the only one of them that had actually boarded an Assimilator previously. As she saw the rest of the teams suiting up, she looked down at her own bare form and realized that, she was probably under-equipped for this kind of boarding action. Making her way to the Glasgow's armoury, she passed several people running around, getting prepared for the boarding action. She arrived at the armoury and saw several teams kitting up. Closing her eyes, she reached out with her thoughts and found the Quartermaster among them. Approaching the woman she stared around. "These are some nice things you have here." She said. "After reading your report, i noticed that there were species of all different shapes and sizes of your world, i don't suppose you have something in my size that i can borrow?" She asked. The Quartermaster turned around and looked around before looking the echidna up and down. She then shook her head, unable to believe that some of their allies looked like something out of a saturday morning cartoon.

"I'm..." She looked at her datapad, before quickly sizing her up. "Not in the time alotted, I might be able to rig SOMETHING given a few hours, maybe a modified suit based off of the ones used by the Volus. Sadly a copy right now would be a little... Wide around the waist." The Quartermaster replied.

"I understand." T'Kari bowed. "I was rather interested, specifically because of your "Biotics" as you called them in the report. Sounds very similar to the magics i use, but most powered armours that i have used in the past have inhibited my powers more than they have helped, your Biotic soldiers seem to be enhanced by the armour."

"Makes sense... Well, i'll have to talk with the captain about next time, but to be honest, i'm not sure if he'll accept. I'll put in the order anyway, i'm curious to see if these "Magics" of yours are actually Biotics or something else." She quickly tapped the pad, before looking around. "Request sent. You want a gun? I can spare one of those." She suggested.

"No, most uncivilized forms of combat." She sighed. There was a blare from the ships intercomm, indicating that they should gather. She rushed through the ship, dodging crewmembers as she met with the other. She saw all of the teams making last second weapons checks. She was alone among Overlanders. She gulped a little. She knew that there was no ill intent from these ones, but... Old habits die hard. As they were finally teleported, she was familiar with how this worked, seeing how she had experienced Chaos Control. As they rematerialized, T'Kari saw a Kull trooper raise his arms and try to open fire with its wrist weapons. She instinctively raised her arms and shouted something in a long dead language as she thrusted her other arm out. The black armoured creature found itself picked up, slammed into the ceiling, then the floor, then the ceiling again, then the floor again, before throwing it into the one that Shepard had just tagged. The two of them getting dematerialized together. She then dived into cover, and poked her head up to see the Kull Warrriors and enemy Clones blasting them. She ducked her head back down, before placing a palm on the ground and beginning to chant. As she did so, a green energy field appeared around the immediate beam-in site. The bolts of the wrist-weapons bouncing off of the green field. "WHATEVER YOU'RE GOING TO DO, DO IT FAST!" She called as he eyes glowed green. These Kull weapons were more than she was used to holding off.
@Shoddy McCoy Throw up a character sheet and i'll review it, of course.
Kalak watched the others agree to the... Well, rather different idea to stop the Heartless, on the proviso that none of the Princess' were harmed or forced. "Well, obviously. How the hell do we create Paradise with murder?" He asked. "I ain't no Heartless. And Master Xehanort agree's with that, obviously." He replied. Xehanort looked down, before looking up and smiling.

"Obviously." He caught another drink as it slid across the bar into his hand. Kalak stared at him.

"Well, i don't need anymore convincing." Kalak said. "We don't do this, it's just gonna keep being a fight that our kids and their kids and their kids' kids are gonna have to do." Xehanort raised his glass in response. Xehanort then reached inside of his coat pocket and pulled out what looked like a book.

"This is a journal i have kept for a considerable amount of time, it has information on the many worlds of the multiverse." He said, putting it on the table and sliding it over to Kalak, who picked up the book and opened it. He started to read it... Very... Very... Slowly...

"Yeah, this is a slog, anyone else want a go?" He asked, holding it up. Xehanort got up and finished his drink, before sliding it back to Tapper.

"I do not promise that this will end well. I do not promise that this will work, but what i do promise is that there is a chance." He then heard something buzz and reached into his coat pocket, pulling out a Strange device he pressed a few buttons. "Damn..." He put the device back in his pocket. "I must go, i have matters that NEED seeing to." He grabbed the book out of Kalaks hands and put it on the table, he quickly flicked to a page. "My first suggestion would be to search this world first." He pointed to a page labeled Pays Des Aristochats "Last time i was there, i sensed a powerful heart. But i was unable to investigate due to more pressing matters. You should try there first. In the meantime, i must leave you." He said, before his armour appeared around him. He stepped onto a glider that appeared. He straddled it "Good luck" He said, before it disappearing in a flash of light.
Xehanort stared at the Pirate as guessed at the Heartless being the black creatures "The very same..." He replied "Although, your crew was unable to harm the Heartless with their weapons. That's because Steel doesn't effect them very much. The good news is that, because you were dragged away from your world, the Heartless may have sensed you and followed, hoping to take the heart of a Keybearer. They aren't very intelligent, but they are ruthless and i imagine that a number of your allies are dead." He sighed.

"Wow, you are just the brightest ray of sunshine i have ever met!" Kalak replied.

"I do not believe in lying to people about the obvious." Xehanort looked down at his drink. "I have saved thousands of worlds and watched tens of thousands of worlds consumed. I'm... Very tired... But onto the more pressing of matters, what i said earlier." He finished his third drink and then gasped. "I've been looking into a final solution to the Heartless... I could bore you with the details of how i'm going to accomplish this, but here is the abridged version... Some time ago, there existed The First Heart. This heart was the only thing in creation and the multiverse was full of the brightest of light. But the heart grew weary of it's lonely existance and it split itself into millions upon millions of other hearts. These hearts eventually created bodies and we were born. But, without the First Heart's light, darkness began to exist across the multiverse, and from that darkness, the Heartless were born. So, you see, the reason why the Heartless exists is because the First Heart no longer does. I have been doing some research with the assistance of an ally of mine and we have both come to the same conclusion... We need to recreate the First Heart." He looked at Kalak, who was smiling and nodding.

"Pssssst, he lost me ages ago..." Kalak whispered to Quentin.

"We have found a way to create a faximile. Throughout the multiverse, there are the purest of all hearts. These hearts are the strongest out there and cannot be corrupted by anyone. They are called "The Princess' of Heart" I believe that they each belong to the fairest and most noble of people from their plane. If we can find these hearts, bring them together, then we could use their power to gather enough stray hearts to create a new First Heart... I call this entity "Kingdom Hearts"."

"Wait, you want us to go rip the hearts out of Princess'?" Kalak asked.

"Of course not, their hearts, when exposed, will call enough wild hearts to allow us to create Kingdom Hearts. So long as they are willing and able, we will be able to pull this off and with no one else harmed. Then, with the radiance of Kingdom Hearts radiating throughout the multiverse, the Heartless will be unable to possibly stand against us. Now, i do realize how preposterous this sounds. But the question is this. Will you not even try?" He asked, looking around the table at the blank faces.
Depends on what you have in mind.
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