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Current I am still on RPG, so do feel free to message me. Just don't have the time or energy to actually join any RP's right now. Focusing on a LOT of other projects, including getting into Audio Drama.
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Computer is back, yay. I can post again :)
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Computer is getting some much needed maintenance. Will be slow posting for the next week or 2.
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Sorry for disappearing for 2 months. Life kinda went to shit and RPG was pushed to the back of my mind.
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Computer is broke AGAIN. Dog jumped on me when I had a glass of water in my hand, but some of it leaked in. Posts are going to be slow for the next week.
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@thatguy Go for it.
@thatguy If you want to go after any Spider-Man villains, that's all good. Pretty much the only off limits ones are the ones on my character sheet:
*Doctor Octopus
*Michael Morbius
*Green Goblin

If you want to go after any of the other Spider-Man Villains, it's all good. I mean, i don't have any plans on using any of the Maggia characters like Silvermane, Eel, Kingpin or Hammerhead, also i have no plans on using Carnage if you want to go after him.
I am still really jonesing to play some Star Wars Saga Edition.
So, how is everyone's next posts coming along?

S P I D E R - M A N
S P I D E R - M A N
Location: Parker Industries HQ
Post #3: Little Gremlins

Normie slowly walked through the halls of Parker Industries, headed towards the Neogenics lab. The clacking of his walking stick echoing through the polished, metal halls. He frowned as some of the workers walked past him. For a moment, he found himself alone, before stopping dead in the hall and listening... He could swear he could hear something. He turned around, nobody there, just an empty hallway... That's when he heard a muffled snickering, before looking straight up and seeing the face of May-Day staring at him as she walked along the ceiling above him. "HEY NORMIE!!!" She screamed at him, Normie startled for a second by the sheer volume this little girl was capable of.

"Keep it down, neither of us are supposed to be here. It's just that nobody questions the crippled kid." Normie sighed, before slowly hobbling away, the clacking beginning to echo again. May skipped along the ceiling above him.

"Want me to carry you?" She asked, him, shooting a web from her wrist to his back and pulling him up to her.

"LET ME DOWN!!!" Normie roared, flailing wildly. May-Day found this, frankly, hilarious. That was until the flailing walking stick smacked her square in the forehead. At which point, she dropped him as she sat down on the ceiling, rubbing her forehead.

"OWWWW!" She moaned, not crying, but visibly distraught. Normie landed on his backside and rubbed himself, before staring up at the little girl. "WHAT'D YOU DO THAT FOR?!" She yelled at him.

"I've told you before, don't pick me up like that!" He replied. At that point, the sound of one of the laboratory doors opened and one of the scientists walked out to see what the commotion was. A web hit Normie on the chest and pulled him straight up to the ceiling out of harms way. The pair of them sat in the shadow of between 2 of the lights in the hallway. The scientist looked both ways, before shaking his head and closing the door. Normie looked at May who smiled smugly at him "Ok, when it comes to not getting in trouble, sure you can pick me up like that..." He sighed. She carried him over her shoulder as she walked down the wall and onto the ground.

"So, Whatchya doin' in here?" She asked, rocking back and forth between her heels and balls of her feet, arms behind her back. Normie shook his head and began to hobble away again.

"I'm doing research." He grunted. May-Day skipped beside him.

"Oooh, just like Daddy, what kind of research?" She beamed at him. "Can i help? Daddy won't let me do it after last time" She groaned, pushing her index fingers together.

"Uncle Pete isn't doing this kind of research..." Normie mumbled. May-Day continued to skip in her upbeat, chipper way. Normie didn't particularly dislike May-Day, but he had to admit that he was envious of her power. Not so much the super strength and the wall crawling, but just the fact that she could walk and pass for an everyday normal person. Eventually, they came to the Neogenics lab, Normie inserted the security card he had swiped from Peter's office and walked in. As he did so, he looked around the lab. Lots of computers, lots of test tubes, lots of experiments going on.

"Hehehehe, we're gonna be in trouble!" May-Day giggled. "It's been a while since I broke in here, although it was mean old Uncle Otto who caught me."

"Otto is in the Robotics division, this is Neogenics

"Indeed, this is my lab." They both stopped dead as they heard a familiar voice speak to them. The pair of kids turned to see Alistair Smythe staring at them.

"BUSTED!" May-Day yelled, before running towards the door, but being unable to open it. Smythe quickly advanced on Normie, towering over him.

"Young Norman..." He said, staring down at the boy.

"It's Normie. Normie responded. Alistair looked down at Normie's crutch, before looking him in the eyes. They stood, looking deep into each other for about 10 seconds.

"I know why you're hear. Trust me, it's not worth it." Smythe responded, turning around and walking back towards his experiments. Normie hobbled after him. but Mayday turned and looked at them.

"YOU READ MINDS?!" She asked, grabbing her own head.

"I recognize the look of a crippled boy contemplating doing something he's going to regret in a vain attempt at normality. There are days that i wake up and would trade anything for my wheelchair again." He sighed. "It is the reason i have agreed to work for your father. If i can mutate myself back to human, my legs will cease to work."

"Why would you ever choose that?" Normie asked.

"Young Normie, there are more things to life than just walking and running and..." He reached a hand up to the spikes raising from his shoulders. "Shooting laser beams... I want to be normal again. I would rather be stared at by people pitying the cripple, than people staring terrified of the mutated freak. Look, Normie, i'm currently working on something that, if it succeeds, it could cure BOTH of us. But let's take time and get it right. Neogenics has the power to do great good, but equally great evil and most of that evil has come from people refusing to have respect for that power. Your father always says that with great power comes great responsibility, well this is one of the greatest powers and it will require the greatest of responsibility to wield it for the betterment of mankind."

"And in the meantime?" Normie asked.

"In the meantime, we suffer and we learn to respect the power we seek." Smythe looked at Normie. He saw a kindred spirit. They had both lost their fathers in a super-powered plot and he remembered sitting feeling powerless as his Spider-Slayers were utterly useless at actually delivering the revenge he sought... But Normie didn't even have anyone to take revenge on. Harry died by his own hand. He knew that the boy needed something to latch onto to focus that anger. "Tell you what, why don't i show you how this works?" He said, the children followed Alistair over to his work station. Smythe pressed a few buttons and brought up a picture of a bunch of cells on the monitor. "These are my bodies cells." He said. The computer showed a breakdown of the chemical makeup of his body. "Neogenics is the science of breaking down our bodies cells and changing them to improve them"

"So... You made yourself a spiky guy?" May-Day asked.

"Precisely. Radiation can cause this at random, but Neogenics seeks to figure out how to do it targetted. Think of it like playing a Piano. If you press the keys randomly, you just create an awful noise, but if you press the right keys in the right order, then you make something beautiful."

"So, we need to press the piano keys in our bodies in the right order?" May-Day asked.

"It's more like we need to figure out what the keys are as well." He pressed a few buttons. "Radiation can be a little unpredictable. One wrong move and you're growing laser shooting spikes." He sighed. He typed a few buttons and the cell was blasted with something. It started to slowly shrink, slowly stabilizing towards something human... Except the shrinking didn't stop, until the cell burst and Smythe grunted. "My job is to figure out what instrument i'm playing, where it's keys are, what the keys do and how to make them do what i need them to do in order to play music." May-Day looked blank. Smythe had the feeling that none of this had set in.

"Can't you use Vita-rays to try and stabilize them? I've read a few papers, it's suspected that they had something to do with Captain America's transformation."

"Vita-Rays add energy to cells, i'm trying to take energy away from my cells." Smythe replied

"But they are somewhere to start. Neuton's third law, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We know that Anti-matter is real and cancels out matter. Surely there is some kind of Anti-Vita-Ray out there?" He asked. Smythe looked a little surprised at the 10 year old seemingly being able to debate him in the ways of science.

"Precisely what i was thinking..." Smythe answered slowly, trying to re-rail his train of thought. "But it's finding it that's the problem. In the entire of recorded human history, we have yet to document any and then it'll be the problem of finding a way to generate them safely. Until then, i'm working with what i can." He shook his head "Elementary School Science didn't teach you about Neuton's Third Law."

"My father home-schooled me. Elementary school wasn't teaching fast enough for me." Smythe nodded, looking impressed.

"Reading level?" Smythe asked.

"12th grade" Normie responded

"Favourite book?" Asked in quick succession.

"Great Expectations." Normie said just as quickly.

"I found it a little disappointing." Smythe responded equally quickly. Normie then actually cracked an amused smile, before the pair of them legitimately laughed. May-Day shuffled nervously.

"I just finished reading Gemima Puddle-Duck with Mommy." She stated as a matter of fact. Normie turned to her and smiled condescendingly. Smythe however knelt down to her.

"I LOVE the works of Beatrix Potter." As Smythe began talking with May-Day about Mr Todd, Normie quickly pulled out a pen-drive and stuck it into Smythe's computer, before silently pressing a few things and downloading a number of files, before quickly retrieving the dive before Smythe could turn around. "I shall give your mother a few of the other books i have when i come into work tomorrow." He then turned around, seeing Normie stood looking unimpressed. "I will talk with your Uncle and see if he wouldn't mind me tutoring you. You seem rather interested in Neogenics and i think you have a bright future in the field." Smythe smiled at him. Normie was a little taken aback, he could have swore Smythe was humouring him before, but this offer seemed genuine.

"I... Would like that..." Normie said.

S P I D E R - M A N
S P I D E R - M A N
Location: Oscorp HQ
Post #2: Turnabout Is Fair Play

Norman sat in his office, phone pressed against his ear. "Don't worry, Rob, i've got this... Hey, i understand perfectly, you've got a lot on your plate, but i'm here because limp-dick pissants like Creed and Krane have let you down FAR too many times before... Look, my 3:55 just showed up early, but trust me, we're gonna be laughing about this when we're in the Oval Office sipping whiskey together... Ok, bye." The moment Norman hung up, the smile on his face instantly disolved into his usual cold, emotionless, calculating face. "Officious little bureaucrat." He growled under his breath as he took a sip of Whiskey. Due to the Goblin Metabolism, it was pretty much impossible to get drunk, but he needed the taste in his mouth at the moment. Washing away the taste of defeat. It had been over a year and STILL, Parker had his grandson, almost a third of his companys wealth and his happy little family and here Norman sat, his fate was entirely reliant on a combination of word of Senator Kelly (Who he didn't trust) and the the stupidity of the American public (Which he trusted VERY much) A knock came at the door. His advanced hearing had allowed him to hear the heavy footsteps even when on the phone to Kelly. "Yes, come in." The door opened and Mac walked in.

"Hey, boss-" Mac began, but was interrupted by Norman.

"I was in a call with someone very important." Norman scolded in his dark and commanding way. Mac stopped dead in his tracks.

"Oh, sorry, boss." He stammered out. Mac was an unstoppable killing machine in a suit of nearly indestructible power armour and yet Norman still scared the bejesus out of him.

"Well, you're here now, what is it?" Norman sighed, swirling his whisky around the glass to lower the temperature as it splashed off of the ice-cube in the middle, before taking another sip.

"I, uhhh... I got a call from Parker." He scratched the back of his head. Norman didn't seem to register this, slowly spinning his chair around to look out of the window. "Said he was looking for someone with my specific skill set for something he was workin' on. You want me to take him up on it? Get some info from the inside?"

"Using your brain? How unlike you." Norman spat out. Mac clenched his fist at this response. He was sick of people treating him like a dumb animal. Norman, as if sensing that he had struck a nerve, span back around in his chair with a big, cheery smile on his face. "Kidding." He said, throwing his arms wide. Frankly the smile scared Mac even more than the scowl had. "Mac, i appreciate the sentiment, but i already have a guy on the inside who is getting me as much info on Parker's movements as i need. And it would look rather suspicious if you just up-sticks and join him without a fight. Look, buddy, i need you here." Once again, Mac was getting a little scared with how polite and friendly Norman was being. "In any case, that little thing on your leg is a stamp of ownership as far as the New York Supreme Court is concerned. Your parole is entirely based on you working your debt to society off in my care. Even if i was certain i had the political clout to get you transfered to Parker's care, he'd never trust that i let you go so easily. No, my friend, your place is here. Call him back, tell him as such, feel free to insult him, but make it clear exactly where you stand. Parker will feel more secure knowing where you are and i want him feeling as safe as possible at this very second."

"The old "False sense of security" thing, right boss?" Mac asked. Norman finished his drink before putting it on the table and letting out the signature "Whiskey wheeze" as it burned his throat on the way down, but in all of the most pleasant ways.

"Very good, you're learning." Norman laughed. Mac pretended to laugh, but he definitely knew Norman meant that and he had been a private detective long enough to know that Norman knew and didn't care that the laugh was fake. Because what choice did he have? It was be in Normans pocket or be in jail. "Anyway, I have a little something for you." Norman said, reaching under his desk for a briefcase, he pulled it out and slid it across the desk to Mac "A little trump card for when you inevitably come to blows with Spider-Man next." Mac popped the clips on the brief case before opening it and looking inside, his eyes lit up with pure awe and excitement. "We good?" Norman smiled a sinister smile.

"Oh yeah, boss, WE are VERY good." Mac laughed.
@ErsatzEmpress would you mind if the scenario between Kelly and Norman is an agreement that both of them will run and whoever fails at the presidential nomination will be the others running mate in order to get the Mutant Registration act pushed through?

In Kelly's Mind: "I'll use Norman's resources and public sympathy to my advantage, but he's not a politician, he has no idea how to navigate MY battlefield. There's no way someone who has never even held a public office will get elected President. Then i can get a leash around those damn mutants and deal with them at my leisure."
In Norman's Mind: "Kelly has the connections in the political world that i can exploit and abuse to my own benefit to get where i need to be. He's just a regular human being, no match for my superior intellect. And if he gives me any problems? Well, one "Rogue, unnamed mutant" can quickly make him a Martyr for my cause. Once i'm President and this Mutant Registration thing is through, Parker will have no choice but to come out as Spider-Man or give up wall-crawling for good. Either way, a few bribes here and there and before you know it, Parker Industries is gone and Parker will have no choice but to send Normie to live with me, then i can take my time crushing him like the bug he is."
@ErsatzEmpress I don't know exactly what your plans for Senator Kelly are, but i was thinking of maybe Norman working with him behind the scenes. Alternatively, i'm good with Norman just playing to the masses in an attempt to garner votes and their Anti-Mutant rhetoric's being unrelated.

S P I D E R - M A N
S P I D E R - M A N
Location: Parker Industries HQ
Post #1: Just a Friendly Board Meeting

Peter sat at the head of the table wearing his business suit. It was a light grey Armani suit with black shirt and red tie, he personally hated frivolous spending on such an expensive suit when he still had a few of Uncle Ben's old ones that looked just as nice, but he remembered an old conversation with Harry where he mentioned about how your suit was your weapon in the business battlefield, it was a symbol of control and power. If you wanted to survive, you'd need the best weapon possible. "$1000 on a suit now, can potentially get you that extra $1,000,000 at the negotiating table." Well, as he sat here, waiting for the others to arrive, he hoped that Harry was right about that.

Alistair was the first to enter, he was clad in a suit that accomodated his shoulder talons. He sat down, there were a few polite words, pleasantries that Peter was expecting. Damn, he had faced every single man that was going to be in this room on the battlefield before, most of them at the same time, yet this time it was going to be different. This wasn't going to be a friendly "How's the wife and kids?" this was a "I'm gonna need you to put your lives on the line alongside your hated foe." and he wasn't sure he had any right to order them to do so. I mean, technically he did, it was part of their parole agreements that they agree to do "Community Service" but he knew that most of them assumed it was the science that they were doing for him.

Next to enter was Otto, he gave Peter a friendly smile. Otto and Michael were the only ones who would be at the meeting that knew he was Spider-Man. Then came Maxwell. That one looked rather shifty, but that was normal for Max. Peter just hoped that the money was enough to keep him onside. Next came Michael and finally Adrien in quick succession, not enough time for Peter to really mentally comment on them before they sat looking at him. Peter took a deep breath before tapping the side of his neck right under the edge of his Jaw. He had heard it was a calming technique.

"Gentlemen. I have called you in here today for something that you're not going to like." There were a few quiet murmurs among the group. He had confidence that Alistair and Otto would side with him, but the other 3 would be a problem. "Last year when i managed to get you paroled at my company, i said that there would be certain Community Services that the 5 of you would have to perform. New York is our home and it's not exactly the safest place on the planet. As such, i have taken some steps to bring our criminal population down. I have talked with the Police and they have agreed to allow me to trial something." He took out his Spyder Phone and tapped on it a few times, the television screen on the wall lit up and a picture of 5 of them stood there, cobbled together from various mugshots with the words "Superior 6" posted underneath them. "The police in this city have to deal with Super Powered individuals that they have no hope of dealing with, Rhino, Grizzly, Scorpion, but we can give them the edge that they need." There was already a chorus of discord in response to this from the 5 men.

"Ummm, Peter, dear boy. May i remind you how well that worked last time some of us came together to form a team?" Otto asked. "We ended up pretty much killing each other. Now, i appreciate what you ask, but are you sure that this is such a good idea?" Peter looked in Otto's eyes. He could tell that Otto wasn't actually opposed to the idea, but he was voicing the obvious response to this idea in the most civilized way anyone in the room would. Peter appreciated that.

"The thought crossed my mind a few times..." He replied sullenly.

"Hey, i'm good so long as there's moolah in it." Max responded. This caught Peter offguard. He wasn't expecting Max of all people to be the first to unquestioningly agree. He assumed he'd have to bribe the guy... But then again with his response, maybe Max was offering Peter a way to bribe him onto his side.

'Oh Max, never change.' Peter thought. He then tried to re-rail his train of thought in response to the blindside.

"In any case..." He paused to collect his thoughts and decide how to proceed now he had 1 of the 4. "We need to consider public image. Parker Industries is paying quite a sum to get you 5 onboard-"

"Which begs the question-" Toomes butted in "That says Superior "SIX" with an emphasis on the number SIX!" He sneered. "Who you brought in as number 6? Oh don't tell me it's Chameleon" There was a chorus of groans from Max and Alistair

"Oh not Chameleon, that jerk still owes me money."

"It's... It's not Chameleon..." Peter swallowed hard before pressing a button and a picture of Spider-Man appeared in the center of the 5 of them on the screen. Max and Adrien immediately let out a great pained groan as both buried their faces in their hands. Alistair didn't seem to move. Otto and Michael simply stared at Peter.

"You know what, count me out." Max replied. "Ain't no way i'm working with Web Head. That jerk has beat me up too many times. Ain't no amount of money in the world could make me want to work with him. Peter stiffled a snicker, knowing that Max was unwittingly already doing that.

"Peter, we all have history with the guy." Otto stepped in as the villain liason again. "You should no more ask us to work with him than we should ask you to work with Norman Osborn. Too much bad blood." Otto had a point, and yes it was pretty common knowledge in the business world that Norman was utterly pissed at Peter for taking his money and his grandson. "Now, i don't personally have a problem with Web Head, sure the guy beat me up a couple of times, but let's face facts, i had it coming." There was a few murmurs of agreement. Peter suspected it was more them agreeing that Otto needed to be beaten than of them agreeing that Spider-Man was justified. "But..." He guestured around to the others. "Face facts, we are NOT heroes." Again, even though Otto was fighting him, Peter knew that this was a necessary fight that was going to happen one way or another and Otto was just getting in front of it to keep it civil.

"Alright, Alistair, Michael, neither of you have said anything, let's get an idea of where the room stands." He motioned to the pair of them. Michael talked first.

"I do not have a problem working alongside Spider-Man..." Michael began "But i am still... A little unstable at the moment. I cannot guarentee that i will not start... Feasting... If the opportunity presented itself. I will need more time in the lab to stabilize my condition before i can agree to this." Michael had a VERY good point. Peter was trying to change the public perception of these people and a vampire ripping a guys throat out with a big "Parker Industries" Label on him was probably not the best advertisement in the world.

"And you, Alistair?" Peter asked. Alistair looked down at his hands in response.

"I recreated myself as a machine to destroy Spider-Man..." He muttered in his deep, gravelly, mildly electronic voice "The Spider-Slayer i called myself. I wanted nothing more than to feel his heart beat its last in my hands... But now... I feel nothing towards him. No animosity, no hatred..." He looked at Peter. "I am willing to give Spider-Man a chance. I... I owe him that much for what i have done." Peter could see the genuine regret in Alistairs eyes. The man had turned himself into a spider-killing machine in the name of revenge for his father on a man who had never had anything to do with it. Alistair had played directly into the Maggia's hands and he could tell that it was eating him inside.

"Where is the bug anyway?" Adrien asked. "If you are so onboard with bringing in the bug to lead this team, then where is our oh so fearless leader?" The old man grinned.

"Spider-Man has agreed to join Parker Industries on the proviso that you 5 are all onboard. Naturally, he's afraid of this being a trap. I mean, last time..." Peter stopped for a second. He was about to say the wrong thing... It pained him to say the words, but appearances needed to be kept. "When Harry Osborn brought you together last time, he called Spider-Man in a similar manner. Can't blame the guy for being cautious..." There was a shift in Adrien and Max's demeanor. They both shifted a little uncomfortably... They both knew Harry wasn't the REAL Green Goblin. "I want to make sure that everybody is onboard before i bring him into the company first. I will not have my company becoming the battle ground of a Sinister 6 Reunion show." A quiet descended upon the room. "Alright, let's put it to a vote. Because of the nature of this, i will abstain and only a unanimous vote will carry." There was nods around the room. "All in favour?" Alistair, Max and Otto raied their hands. Peter was surprised, but then again, Max was probably thinking about the money and how it might dry up if he doesn't suck up to the boss. "All opposed?" Only Adrien raised his hand. Michael seemed to abstain. "Motion fails. Very well, is there any other business that we need to discuss?" He looked around the room. "Alright, meeting over. Adrien, can i see you for a minute?" The rest of them left. Adrien sat, elbows on table, fingers tented and chin resting atop them. "Strictly off the record, what do i need to do to turn that no into a yes? I need six people because alliterative names are a hassle and 4 already has a good one taken."

"I don't want to work with him, simple as. Find another." Adrien growled. "Maybe get Mac or Herman... Scorpion or Shocker, but not that guy." As Peter opened his mouth, Adrien butted in again "I'm not saying this because I hate him... Well, i do, but that's not the main reason. It's because you are trying to mix oil with water. It won't work. It's always been him vs us. And i'm still on the side of us and he's still on the side of him. And there's another reason. Web-head has it pretty good... Maybe give one of the other rogue's of New York a chance at something better." Peter wanted to argue and disagree, but Adrien did have a point. Maybe he should work on some of the others... At that point, Mary Jane walked in through the door.

"Pete- Oh hi Adrien-" She said, waving to Vulture who simply nodded. "I need to-

"MJ, Adrien here has had a good idea, can we maybe put out the feelers and see if we can get in touch with either Scorpion or Shocker?" The colour drained from Mary-Janes face as he said that. "What's wrong?" Mary-Jane looked down at her phone and tapped a few times, before up on the TV screen, a video appeared. Norman Osborn stood on a podium alongside Scorpion who was in a large coat that fitted over his battlesuit with the words "Security Detail" written on it.

"- too long, this country has stagnated and acquiesced to the wishes of the superhuman whilst completely ignoring US. Studies show that as few as 10% of this nations people are Mutants and yet with their freaky powers, they are able to take our entire nation hostage. Well we need to put a stop to that. Democracy is a system that benefits the many, not the few and it's what separates us from the dictatorships like Latveria and Madripoor... Such weak leadership led to... The death of my only, beloved son... As such, i officially announce today Peter's heart went through the floor as he realized the word that were about to come colourfully marching out of Normans mouth. "That I, Norman Osborn, will be running for President of the United States of America in 2024, for a better and safer America. Where Homo-Sapien need not live in fear of these so called "Homo-Superior" that the terrorist Erik "Magneto" Lehnsherr would have you call them."

"Well... He ain't getting my vote." Adrien stated as Peter and MJ stood slack-jawed at each other, lost for words. The pair of them looked at him. "Convicted Felon." He shrugged.
"My name is Optimus Prime. You have been sent to this planet as advanced scouts for The Arc. Cybertrons last, best hope for survival. I cannot guarantee your safety, i cannot guarantee that what you find on this planets local wildlife to be accommodating, i cannot even guarantee that you will ever see our beloved Cybertron again, but what i can guarantee is that your mission is of utmost importance to all Cybertronians, a fighting chance at survival. Your mission will be to arrive, evaluate the locals and survey. You are not to message home, lest the Decepticons find the location of our new colony, you are to gather intelligence and await further orders until contacted. May Primus protect you."

For those of you unfamiliar with it, Essence20 is Renegade Systems' D20 RPG system that is all about rolling bigger dice, as opposed to rolling the same dice with bigger modifiers.

The crux of this is going to be a "Kids on Bikes" Style RP where you all play as a bunch of kids living in a small city in England that one day, stumble upon some Autobots that have come to Earth. You befriend these Robots who then disguise themselves as vehicles around the town and work with the kids to defeat Decepticons and other threats to this little city. Of course, being that you have 2 characters, a kid and an Autobot, obviously, the 50 ton armour-plated warmachine is going to be better at most things than their human counterpart, but that doesn't mean your human is worthless.

Mostly gauging interest to see if anyone's up to this new system.
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