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4 mos ago
Current I am still on RPG, so do feel free to message me. Just don't have the time or energy to actually join any RP's right now. Focusing on a LOT of other projects, including getting into Audio Drama.
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2 yrs ago
Computer is back, yay. I can post again :)
2 yrs ago
Computer is getting some much needed maintenance. Will be slow posting for the next week or 2.
2 yrs ago
Sorry for disappearing for 2 months. Life kinda went to shit and RPG was pushed to the back of my mind.
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3 yrs ago
Computer is broke AGAIN. Dog jumped on me when I had a glass of water in my hand, but some of it leaked in. Posts are going to be slow for the next week.
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Sorry about this, but life just got busy and now my time on here is limited, so i'm gonna have to do the asshole thing and bow-out of this one.

Y'all have a good one.
@DragonofTheWest As i said in the opening post, world affairs are what the player-base makes them. This is a world ran by everyone playing in it, i'm just here to facilitate you guys telling the stories you want to tell. Post up the villains that you want your Superman to fight and what kinds of stories you want to tell with them. I mean, if you want to do a Superman vs SHIELD story, then feel free to have Nick Fury in the villains section.
Potentially interested.
@Shard A few nitpicks, but nothing that wouldn't make me say no. Can't wait to see what kinds of adventures he gets into.
@DragonofTheWest Good CS so far, but i'm gonna need a little more on the enemies, as well as some expansion on the "Where your character is going" part of the story overview. Pretty much, i'm gonna need this CS to tell me, roughly, where you want to take Jon in his story.
@FalloutJack Looked it over. I have no immediate concerns. All i ask is, try not to make your adventures have world-altering consequences, or that could really fuck up other peoples plans.
@FalloutJack Nah, man, i get that part, but what i meant was, i assume there is more than a single storyline you are gonna try and explore, i kinda want an idea of what the storylines are going to be, it helps me plan a narrative, as well as the most fitting world events to have. Even if it's just a couple of bullet-points. It's just that you've got all of these listed enemies, but your only immediately planned villain is Allen. I understand how Baron Von Madness and the Maniacs played into the past of this character, but how will they fit into the future? What's your plans for Zen showing up in this universe? Is the Hellverse coming to her or is she going to the Hellverse? Stuff like that.

Interesting CS. Only complaints i can see so far are:
1) Please only include in the Allies list characters that you plan to play. Batman's kinda a big one, so him serving as a tertiary character in your story is probably a no, due to someone probably wanting to make a CS for him at some point.
2) So, in the "Story Overview" section, you've done a great job on how your character got here, but i will need some detail on where your character is going. Some basic "These are the kinds of stories i'm planning to tell with this character"

Apart from that, it's looking good so far.
@Vatonage Really? The last 2 campaigns i ran went for at least a year, this current one that i'm running with friends is fast approaching its 1 year anniversary.
@SkittlezI'd rather you kept it to one story to start off with. That being said, being that this is a Sandbox, feel free to have as many people in your story as you need. I actively encourage Odd Couple pairings.
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