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Current I am still on RPG, so do feel free to message me. Just don't have the time or energy to actually join any RP's right now. Focusing on a LOT of other projects, including getting into Audio Drama.
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2 yrs ago
Computer is back, yay. I can post again :)
2 yrs ago
Computer is getting some much needed maintenance. Will be slow posting for the next week or 2.
2 yrs ago
Sorry for disappearing for 2 months. Life kinda went to shit and RPG was pushed to the back of my mind.
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3 yrs ago
Computer is broke AGAIN. Dog jumped on me when I had a glass of water in my hand, but some of it leaked in. Posts are going to be slow for the next week.
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"Impossible is a word that people use so they don't feel bad when they quit."

A bit of a weird one, and i suspect not many will be interested, but how about a Skies of Arcadia based Nation RP?

Essentially, i'm thinking of something based in the same type of world, same mechanics, same magics, same technologies, but more focused on the political climate.

Basic idea of how the world works:

Arcadia is a world of endless skies, a Gas Giant where people evolved in large floating island land-masses. To explore and expand, people have invented a Airships powered by chunks of magical rocks that fall from the 6 moons. Each moon is blessed with a different property and is in geo-stationary orbit with the planet, Most every moon has developed a civilization that thrives under it:

Red Moon is the power of Fire, under it is scorching deserts and people hardy enough to thrive in them.
Yellow Moon is the power of Electric, under it, lightning constantly blasts the surface, but those who live there have learned to harness its power to create more elaborate machinery.
Blue Moon is the power of Wind and Water. It's people find their ships have the power to harness the wind, travelling far higher and lower than any other nations.
Purple Moon is the power of Ice, the power to create great sculptures within great ice-sheets, making their cities almost impossible to find and even more impossible to attack.
Green Moon is the power of Nature, their lands are constantly blessed with the most lush and vibrant of jungles, farmlands, flora and fauna alike reign supreme.
Silver Moon is the power of life and death itself in its rawest forms. Everything is binary, either on or off. Their people are said to be the smartest, but this genius comes at a price of unfeelingness.

And then the final civilization, the Pirates, those who roam the skies taking what they please from anyone they please. The Pirates are split into 2 groups:

Black Pirates: They will rob anyone and take anything, they care nothing about honour or decency, only lining their own pockets. They especially love the unarmed ones that can't fight back.
Blue Rogues: They will fight with honour, they only attack armed ships to give them a fair fight and mostly raid Black Pirates. They steal from the rich and keep for themselves, but then use that riches to defend the poor.

I really think this setting could really lend itself to a Nation style RP for anyone interested, i'd love to hear some ideas.

Didn't think my CS was THAT bad.
@Retired Don't worry, Robbie's only means of Time Travel will not be built for another 17 years
Just need to finish the Sample post and it'll be good for review.

@Bounce You get brownies, i just get the juice box:

One question about this is, when in 1968 is this? I mean, is it pre or post Martin Luthor King Jr Assassination?
I got my basic premise laid out
That's actually a very good point. Now, my american history isn't too good for this time period, but in 1968, wouldn't most of the Teen superheroes be getting drafted to go to 'nam? I mean, guys like Peter Parker can feign having shit physical abilities, but i'm just thinking of how Robbie would be succeeding in his draft dodge, or just make it a major point to have him get shipped off to 'Nam at some point...
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