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Sorry for disappearing for 2 months. Life kinda went to shit and RPG was pushed to the back of my mind.
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Computer is broke AGAIN. Dog jumped on me when I had a glass of water in my hand, but some of it leaked in. Posts are going to be slow for the next week.
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Ok, when I said I had a new computer, what I didn't know was the software was broken, so I sent it back... And they sent me one with broken hardware... And Then Christmas happened. Oh well, i'm back!


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With Taris heading to Alderaan, the others had asked for a royal representative to come with them, someone familiar with royal etiquette and of royal stock, was needed to convince them of their plight. Sonia had brought K'Tari with her, due to her also having noble stock (Being the daughter of the head of the Order of Mystics) She had also been the one doing research on the Jedi. They had been forced to stay down at the hangar as the Taris' engineers had been highly suspicious of the Eggmobile that they had come over on. They had spent quite some time having to answer some questions about it, before FINALLY, being allowed up to the officer's lounge where they could partake in the meeting. The pair had hung back as the others discussed Alderaan and these "Jedi" that they had heard so much about.

Finally, the pair approached and made their presence known. "Greetings, I have brought my aid, K'Tari with me." Sonia bowed to them. "I do wish to extend my thanks to you for allowing us to join you on this mission, that is a lot of trust to put in us. I also wish to extend the most profuse of apologies for the Doctor..." She sighed. K'Tari then stepped forward and courtsey'd.

"I have read the report on these "Jedi" and i have to say that they sound very similar to the Order of Mystics." She said, bringing her hands up and what looked like tiny, dancing fireworks "Although, i do believe that this "Force" that they believe in, might be the Gaia of this universe." She said. "Which explains why me and my brother's abilities to harness the magics of Gaia seem unchanged, despite being away from them. It also explains why they believe in a Light side and a Dark side. There is a Light Gaia and a Dark Gaia. The parallels seem... Uncanny..." She postulated. She then heard the large Lizard man mention a distrust of religious warriors. "Religion can bring people together for a greater cause, but it can be a force for evil as well. I should know, my people worshipped the Chaos Emeralds, up until our leader said it was our "Divine Right" to use their power to conquer Mobius... What resulted was the creation of a Destroyer God that wiped out most of us."

"Locating some Jedi will be a priority, but securing an alliance with these Alderaanians will be the top priority." Sonia replied. "But it might not be easy. Sometimes, people will start turning a blind eye towards tyranny in order to preserve the peace as long as possible. My Grandfather ignored Eggman until it was too late. These people might be wanting to do the same."
@Rockin Strings Accepted.
@AmpharosBoy Accepted, but one thing to note, this Xehanort isn't a moustache twirling villain like he is in DDD and BBS. This one is... Well, it's complicated, but just know that he legitimately has the best intentions for every Key-Bearer. So, he's not going to be trying to convince you to give into the darkness.
Game Central Station

A white portal opened and Kalak, in his armour, dropped through, into the center of the station. He looked at the piece of paper again "Meet me at Game Central Station. A matter of utmost importance - X". Looking around, he could see the vast amount of colourful characters walking around the station. He was quickly approached by a glowing blue man "Papers and ident, please." The man sighed as he approached.

"Umm... Excuse me, but i don't have..." He frisked himself. The Surge-Protector stared at him with an ever raising eyebrow. "Well, i'm sure that..." The Surge protector sighed, before 4 posts appeared around Kalak, with tape labelled "Un-authorized Program."

"Stay where you are, sir." The Surge Protector said, before walking away. Kalak looked at the tape and noticed that it was holographic. He took a cautious step through it, before smiling.

"Not so hard..." He laughed. He then saw several others enter through white portals, elsewhere in the station. Before finally, a portal opened and a man in Strange Armour fell through and rolled over a few times, before trying to struggle to his feet, but fell flat on the ground. Kalak ran over to him, throwing his helmet to the side and pulled the man over and threw his helmet off to reveal the distinctive face of Xehanort the Wise. Xehanort coughed up a little blood, before gasping for air. "Master Xehanort... What happened?" He asked. Xehanort looked at him, before leaning up by himself.

"That is of no concern to you, young one." He coughed in his raspy, yet soft tone. "In our lives, we have many crosses to bare, this is one of mine..." He coughed up a little more blood as he struggled to his feet, using Kalaks shoulder as a crutch, before dusting himself off. "One does not live as long as I and... Do the things I do without making some enemies along the way. I pray they do not become your enemies." At that point, the Surge Protector popped back up.

"Papers and ident, ple-" he began, before spotting Kalak. "Hey, what are you doing outside of your Quarentine Zone?" He growled.

"Do not worry yourself. I have his papers here." He said, handing a few pieces of paper to the Surge Protector. The man looked through them for a second.

"Seems to be in order, I'll direct your attache's to you upon their arrival." He said, before looking over at one of the plugs. "HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU, QUBERT!!! He roared, before disappearing.
@Vega7285 Well, we do have an OOC, but if you really want to discuss it, i recommend joining the Discord Server, as that's where the bulk of discussion is going on.

Eggman looked at Caldwell with a look of confusion. He was offering the man an advanced robotic battle-suit and all the man seemed interested in was the shielding. He rubbed his eyes before throwing his hands up in admittance of defeat on this. "I'll have Oglivie bring it over for you to look at, but i am warning you that the shielding on this thing isn't the best example of my work. I had to retrofit the energy shielding into this. I never designed it with that in mind. It's main defenses is the heavy armour, where i come from, the main problem i found was... Kinetic attacks..." He grumbled as he remembered that damned Spin-Attack of Sonics. "Also, you'd need facilities to create Elemental Gel of your own." He said. "I can also provide samples of the gel if you're interested."

Egg Carrier

tried to console him. "Again, he is a political refugee that we offered asylum to, that Egg is a queen of his species that he was born to protect. I mean, if you were born with only 1 purpose in life, i can imagine that i would be doing much of the same." She said. They finally made it to the large machine with the pipes leading into it. Thunderbolt quickly tapped on the computer panel, quickly checking pressure for all of the pipes.

"So, maybe once you've completed your scans here, you'd like to take a look at some of the fun things." Thunderbolt laughed. "Shields are all nice and good, but doesn't have the same luster as a giant robot.

"I know now, without a doubt. Kingdom Hearts... is light!"

At the beginning of time, there was nothing but darkness... Then, the first heart came to be. That heart shone so brightly that it almost completely wiped out the darkness. The first heart shone completely alone, however. The First Heart, wanting to not be alone anymore, split itself into millions of millions of smaller hearts, each heart becoming a world of its own and begatting other hearts. The remnants of the First Heart became known as Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts would shine down on the many worlds and people would bask in its glory. It gave passageways to travel between the worlds and those who travelled along it were given keys to open the doors along the way. But with it's diminished size, Kingdom Hearts could not shine everywhere at once, as the First Heart had, and so, the darkness came back. As the darkness crept into the hearts of people, they became jealous of Kingdom Hearts' power and sought it for themselves.

A war broke out between those with Keys, those who wanted to serve Kingdom Hearts as loyal protectors and those who wished to take the power of Kingdom Hearts for themselves. It is said that, in the end, Kingdom Hearts destroyed all sides, deeming itself a prize that would not be won by anyone. Then, Kingdom Hearts sealed the doors between the worlds, knowing that the worlds were now better off without knowledge of it.

However, Kingdom Hearts was not able to change the fact that, as soon as you found the roads, you were granted a key. Hearts flock together and seek to find meaning in meaninglessness. So, when people fell through a crack in their world and onto one of the roads, their heart would latch onto the first they would find and create a Key for the wielder. Naturally, there are very few with such an honour. However, with Kingdom Hearts not being able to shine everywhere at once, the Heartless began to make themselves known. An unstoppable force of destruction that plunge worlds into darkness and consumes it, now that the First Heart cannot stop them everywhere. Kingdom Hearts decided to bestow upon those who wielded the Keys, the power to destroy the heartless and release the hearts that they have consumed. Key-Bearers, as they are called, now find their duty is to travel to the many different worlds and destroy the Heartless wherever they can find it.

Every Key-Bearer knows of Xehanort the Wise, the oldest living Key-Bearer. Some say that he was the sole survivor of the War, others just say that he is the strongest and wisest man to ever pick up a Key. What is known is that most every master of keys was trained by him at some point.

List of Jobs for the Job system.

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