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6 mos ago
Current Ok, when I said I had a new computer, what I didn't know was the software was broken, so I sent it back... And they sent me one with broken hardware... And Then Christmas happened. Oh well, i'm back!
8 mos ago
SUCCESS!!! I HAVE A NEW COMPUTER!!! Posting may be a little delayed whilst I get it going fully.
9 mos ago
Computer is in the shop for repairs. Now i have to post using my Wii U.
12 mos ago
HOLY SALAMANDER CUTTLEFISH! My internet is being a complete ass and has not been letting me post. Just keeps throwing up a "Cannot locate DSN address" page.
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1 yr ago
Internet is being shitty at the moment.


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I am thinking potentially a Cyborg William Wallace.
I'm up for either. Although I would prefer the former as it gives us the chance to explore the new and the old facets of Star Trek as well as maybe going back to known space at some point.
This is an old character that I have been looking for the right RP to use in and I think this may be the one.

@Member 00492 i'm gonna post a CS up on Sunday
Very much interested. I have a number of characters i'd love to bring in to help fill out the roster if need be.
@TheUnknowable Sorry about this, but the more I think about it, the more I don't really want to change the character. That leaves me with 2 choices, change to a character that I don't want to play (Which is not fun for me) Or ask you to change the rules of your RP to cater to a single member (Which is no fun for you) Being that it's not fair to do the latter and I really don't want to do the former, I will do the only fair thing and bid you all fair well and wish you an excellent and fun RP.
@mattmanganonWould you like me to try and find a way to work your character in or are you rewriting them?

If we could work to meet a compromise, that'd be fantastic. I mean, I don't want it to feel like I'm trying to dictate what is in your RP.
@TheUnknowable Well, it's not the full moon that does it, perse. The full moon gives off Blutz-waves that are a form of Alpha radiation that is absorbed through a Saiyans eyeballs. Due to how weak Blutz-waves are, they can't penetrate the eyelids, which is why a Saiyan has to stare directly into it to transform. Blutz Waves naturally form when sunlight is reflected off of a nearby celestial body and defracted through an atmosphere. Hense why the moon can only transform a Saiyan when it's full. They aren't concentrated enough to reach Earth unless it's a full-moon. Also why, in GT, Goku was able to transform by stating staring at Earth through Tuffles atmosphere.
@ZeusTheMoose if you give me the just of what you want to do, I can make a post with James' older brother moving them along. I mean, if you'ryou're busy.
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