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2 yrs ago
Current I am still on RPG, so do feel free to message me. Just don't have the time or energy to actually join any RP's right now. Focusing on a LOT of other projects, including getting into Audio Drama.
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4 yrs ago
Computer is back, yay. I can post again :)
4 yrs ago
Computer is getting some much needed maintenance. Will be slow posting for the next week or 2.
4 yrs ago
Sorry for disappearing for 2 months. Life kinda went to shit and RPG was pushed to the back of my mind.
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5 yrs ago
Computer is broke AGAIN. Dog jumped on me when I had a glass of water in my hand, but some of it leaked in. Posts are going to be slow for the next week.
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Right, sadly, i'm gonna have to pull out of this as i have just taken over responsibility of GMing the new Power Rangers Essence20 RPG for friends and i'm gonna be putting my Power Rangers creative juices towards that.
@Dead Cruiser The way i was going to plan it was that he'd get possessed by the blue ring and immediately head over to their ship. And as soon as orientation is out of the way, he goes back to apologize for getting shanghai'd and request permission for detatched duty to the Last Hope. Make it nice and legal and above board.

@Sep As i said, i couldn't really figure out a compelling character for a low levelled Sapce Marine battle brother and i know sod all about Halo or RvB. Plus... I mean, i was really looking forward to a Goa'Uld doing some proper golden Egyptian shit with the ring. Making Horus Guard and Palm Weapons and shit using the yellow energy... As a counter proposal. Would it be ok to say that Janice is a Tok'Ra? I was thinking something along the lines of Janice having been in a combat scenario and nearly killed when a Tok'Ra parasite does it's usual trick when it finds a human missing most of its internal organs and vital fluids.. Naturally Janice didn't want to leave Earth or SG1 because she's got a family back home and the US Government decided that keeping an alien on call that knows everything about their enemies technology at a moments notice isn't such a bad thing.

Jack: "And why the heck wasn't i told about this?"
Janice: "Because you'd have said "I don't want any of these damn snake-heads anywhere near my damn ship" and would have kicked up a stink"
Daniel: "Jack doing something impulsive and disrespectful of the chain of command? What gave them the idea he'd do anything that childish?"
Teal'C: *Raises eyebrow*

If not then i'll probably change it to another Star Wars character.
@Sep I dunno, i mean, in Atlantis, Caldwell was established to have been Goa'ulded for at least long enough to go to Atlantis, back to Milky Way and back to Atlantis and that slipped straight past everyone. They did establish that the screening process is anything but foolproof and a few agents do slip through the net. It kinda makes sense that at least one or two would be able to make their way onto some of the ships. Hense why i said it was only a low-level spy there to keep on the ships movements and not do anything like sabotage.

I did talk to Martian about Hotrod, but yeah, i assumed that Dead Cruiser wouldn't miss a nameless redskirt.
@Sep Alright, i've added all of the characters i immediately wished to use. Sadly, a few character sheet entries that i couldn't really take a character from due to the small crew compliment... Or in the case of Vengeful Spirit, i literally could not figure out what to do there. But i rounded out the rest of the list with logical Star Wars characters. I know that Satine is currently being used by you, but i put her up because i see 3 ways of sorting that:
1) I play Satine from now on and continue the story you've got going on with her.
2) You continue to play Satine, but now she's got a Star Sapphire ring.
3) You tell me no dice on Satine and i go with my second choice of the ring grabbing Anakin due to his love of Padme.
Essentially, i wanted someone that would prevent Maul from just taking the red ring and murdering Obi-Wan with it. And i could not justify the red ring grabbing anyone other than "Man, literally, too angry to die"

This is the CS as the ship gets picked up by Daniel, do you want me to write out character bio's for the Crew Members it picks up when it arrives?

Not sure if non-human rangers are allowed, but i've had this idea in mind for ages and wanted to try it out.
Always up for Power Rangers
@Sep Hense why i said a background character. Nobody that they would plan on using. Definitely taking Mr Redskirt and his powerful Chad Stride from Enterprise
Hey, this is back. Seeing how the power ceiling is higher, would you mind me trying that idea i discussed last time we tried this RP? Essentially, the Green Lantern Guardian Ganthet has his hands on one of each of the Lantern Rings, so when he arrives in this universe, he recruits a nameless background character from each of the other ships as well as from the Star Wars universe at large to be his Lantern crew?
After a short argument, the party had decided to search for the Princess and go back for the supposed mirror later. The forest was lush and thick, their first entrance seemed a little difficult with vines and other knotweeds preventing easy incursion. As they finally managed to find a way into the forest, the dense cannopy began to block most of the light, the photosynthesis-starved smaller branches and bushes grabbing at their clothes as if the claws of demons. Cio-Cio began to glow as a lightsource as the forest quickly began to look as if night had fallen. Finally it opened into what looked like a maze of paths. The Dreameater seemed to lead the way, seeming to sense the pure heart off in the distance.

Following her down a path, they could each feel an evil presence emanating from further in. As they continued to walk, Kalak would quietly pick at the strings of the guitar. Suddenly, they would hear a familiar sound before a scream. "What in the heck?" The party set off at a run towards where the sound had come from. As they reached the clearing, they found the body of the green man they had met back at the castle, laying in a slowly expanding pool of blood, his chest impaled by several a large spears of wood. "Ooooooh..." Kalak winced. "Who the heck did that to you?" Cio-Cio slowly buzzed over to the body and began looking it over.
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