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Current Sorry for disappearing for 2 months. Life kinda went to shit and RPG was pushed to the back of my mind.
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Computer is broke AGAIN. Dog jumped on me when I had a glass of water in my hand, but some of it leaked in. Posts are going to be slow for the next week.
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Ok, when I said I had a new computer, what I didn't know was the software was broken, so I sent it back... And they sent me one with broken hardware... And Then Christmas happened. Oh well, i'm back!
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SUCCESS!!! I HAVE A NEW COMPUTER!!! Posting may be a little delayed whilst I get it going fully.
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Computer is in the shop for repairs. Now i have to post using my Wii U.


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So... This thing still happening?
Greg heard the response from Lin. "I mean, she's right, but she didn't have to say it like that." He sighed. This day was turning out to be thoroughly awful. War had finally come to Advent, Martan was probably dead, he had come close to soiling himself on no less than 3 seperate occasions today... And yet, something was making him feel comfortable. Feel right... Like... He looked down at his hands. "Like i was born to do this..." He breathed.

He looked to the Einsamkeit as it blasted towards the end of the colony where the Admin blocks were. The problem that she would find is that this was by no means a military instilation. The administration blocks were located in the heavily shielded front part of the colony, not in the sealed, open-air environment of the inner colony. As such, there was only 1 real entrance and exit to the admin levels large enough for a ship or a Mobile Suit and most of the enemy forces were now moving to secure it. He looked around to see the forces from the Excalibur, the Federation warship that had landed a few days ago using the Military dock in Sector 75, moving towards the entrance as well... At that point, he saw the Gelgoog bellow him moving towards some of the Civilian sectors. "Dammit, if he gets in, he'll probabaly kill someone..." He grunted. It was time for him to nut-up or shut-up. He pulled the handle above his head to make Zeta reassume suit form, the suit then fell towards the ground, a puff of the thrusters cushioning the landing as he came down ahead of it. He pressed a button that released the beam-saber, the suit responded, the saber popping from the sleeve and into Greg's hand. "Hey, back away from the Civilian Quarters..." He ordered as the saber ignited. He was now shaking, he had no idea how he knew how to operate Zeta, but again, it all just felt natural. Like as he sat there in the chair, Zeta had become an extension of his own body and soul. The Gelgoog reached for it's own twin-saber, igniting both ends of it and slowly backing away. "Good, now, maybe you can get out of that thing and nobody else dies today."

"Wait, you're just some kid..." The Gelgoog responded, now adopting a more aggressive stance. "Look, moron, we're fighting for your freedom too. You're a Spacenoid, we're on the same side." He boosted forwards and clashed their sabers a few times, Greg easily deflecting the blows with his own saber, much to the shock of the Zeon pilot.

"I'm not on your side, just because i was born in space!" He yelled, pushing the Gelgoog back and forcing it to lose its footing a little, before stabilizing itself. "This is my home and you people killed my friend getting those suits. Now get out of it before I kill you. I may be a kid, but i've handled suits like this before." He lied "And your suit is substantially more out of date than mine." He wasn't wrong and the Zeon pilot knew it. He moved back a step. "Get out of the suit. The museum would like it back in one piece." He ordered, before boosting towards him, making them clash another 3 or 4 times, the sounds of Beam-Saber combat echoing through the sectors nearby. The Gelgoogs pilot knew he wasn't getting away from this, the Zeta was a lot faster and maneuverable. But, he had something on his side. He slowly started to step into one of the streets where people were still fleeing to the evacuation shelters. Greg knew if they faught there then people would be killed.

"Alright, kid, keep the suit. But i'm keeping mine. Like you said, no need for either of us to die today." He grunted. The Gelgoog then blasted off down the street, making sure to avoid actively hurting the civilians, but at the same time, keeping low to the ground so that the Zeta couldn't try to engage him. Greg sighed.

"Mom, Dad..." He turned and the Zeta took off into the air, heading for his home.


Advent Colony wasn't a military instilation, as such, it's defenses were almost completely ineffective. Maybe a few turrets that the well armoured Geara-Doga's just punched through with minimal effort. The NuSazabi walked with the Doga's, it's funnels scouting ahead of them. "Alright, we'll be at the end of the transportation lanes soon, from there, we'll have to proceed on foot." As they reached the end of the corridor, the Geara-Doga's stopped and stood firmly for a few moments. After a minute of standing motionless, the pilots came out with rifles and shock-armour, rappelling down and onto foot. Crimson watched them. "You go, men, i'll protect the suits and cover an escape, should it be necessary." He said. All he saw was his men place an explosive charge on the door leading to the elevators to the administration level. It exploded, then the men fired several warning shots inside, before storming in. Crimson saw an old mobile suit communications panel next to them. He raised the finger of the suit, which pushed inside of it, he then quickly made his way into the colony's comms systems. All over the colony, everyone was hearing the message.
"Attention, citizens of Advent Colony. I am Crimson Hold, leader of Fukushu Zeon. It is with a heavy heart that i inform you that your lives are in danger. Not from us. My men have been given the strictest of orders to not fire upon you. As we speak, marines are heading towards the administrator's office, to bring our take over of this colony to a speedy close. The danger is coming in the form of Federation Mobile Suits that will not accept loss as an alternative and are willing to sacrifice as many of your lives as they deem necessary to keep control of your home. That is why i am issuing, what i believe you will agree to be, a fair agreement. Federation Forces, cease all hostilities and allow us to take control of Advent. If you do, i will allow a 12 hour period for you to gather up your equipment and belongings and move your ship out of Advent's space. You will not be harmed or molested in any way, shape or form. If you do not comply, then my men will hold their ground and you will be forced to do a considerable amount of damaged to the colony and her people in order to dislodge us. In either case, i strongly urge the people to seek shelter whilst you can, the Federation aren't exactly known for their value of Spacenoid life. Are they, Doctor Cassidy?"
Crimson Hold

Crimson knew he shouldn't have said that last part, but damn if it didn't feel good. Putting the fear of god into a man that spent a considerable amount of his life putting the fear of god into innocent people. And now, he waited for their response.
I really wasn't liking how little i changed "NuSazabi" from the regular one so i overhauled it, giving it a number of the key features of Sinanju.
---ZSW A Baoa Qu, 20 minutes earlier---

Crimson had arrived and already entered the NuSazabi. The red light appeared on his console to indicate time elapsing "Alright, units, launch. Do not approach the colony in formation, their outdated sensors may mistake us for just meteors." He ordered. The NuSazabi stomped over to the catapult "Crimson Front, Launching!" He said before the catapult fired him out into the black void. Phase 1 of his plan was coming together. What nobody but him and Cromwell know, was that this wasn't just a mission to capture a colony with the help of some relics of bygone wars, but a rescue mission. "Remember, if you see the Wing Zero, do not engage it. Get close to, or inside of the colony, its main weapon is a pair of heavy particle cannons. A direct hit on the colony will tear it apart, so it won't dare use them. If you engage it, call me and i'll deal with it myself. Zero is powerful, but she's old. From here on in, radio silence. Do not break until i tell you." He said. The suits flew through space. "And to think... It was almost me." He sighed. "Mother, father... I'm doing something very wicked... But the Federation you knew is dead. The only way forward is to tear out the weeds at the root and regrow... Am i trying to convince you or me?" He groaned. No, he was definitely right. Everything the Federation had done, was doing was going to continue to do if he didn't stop them. He NEEDED to do this.

---Advent Colony, Control room---

One man sat at the desk, monitoring the communications going on in the colony. He barely glanced over at the radar, when he noticed 20 blips moving in. He scooted his chair over to the radar and looked at it. Probably a meteor shower... He pushed a few buttons to get of the remote camera's to reposition and have a look. Zooming in, he saw the strange objects. Although they were far too distant for him to confirm what they actually were. As he stared, the communications grid lit up with chatter of the Gundams being stolen, but he didn't notice. He finally got up and walked over to his desk, then, without looking at the monitor, punched in the call to the Colony Leader. "Hey, boss. Got some bogey's coming into view of the colony... Not sure, but we may need to prepare to close the mirrors if they're meteors." He replied. "Alright, i'll get right on that." He finished, before putting it down, he turned back to the monitor to see the comms having lit up like a christmas tree. "Holy hell..." He muttered, pressing several buttons, he got several transmissions. "Hijacking at the air-show?" he asked. He then sighed, probably a prank, but better call it in. He hated pranks like this, it meant more paper work. He then pressed a few more buttons to order police to the area, to either help out or arrest the little bugger that just made his day harder. It was that point that the office shook as he heard a thud. Looking behind him, he looked out of the window to see 3 Gundams floating outside. He waved, whereas the Gundam and ZZ Gundam flew down a tunnel underneath his office towards the docks to force the doors open, the MKII pushed a finger through the window, the man cowered and jumped over his desk, rushing towards the wall as the Gundam pulled the finger out.

"Alright, i want you to unlock all of the security gates to the outside, but do not open them. Comply and you will not be harmed." the voice came through the MKII's speakers. The man, shaking like a leaf in a strong wind, did as he was told, slowly approaching the desk and putting through an override to release access to the main gates. "Good job." The MKII said, before it dropped and began to fly after the other 2.

---The Airshow---

Greg sat at the controls of the Zeta, shaking a lot. He had never seen death before. And now, he was sat here, powerless to do anything whilst his families friend bled to death in front of him. He couldn't even get the cockpit to open. "Come on, we need to get moving." He said, if he could find someone outside, they could help. He had been a member of the under 20's Mobile Suit Club since he was 9 and had had countless hours of piloting the small mobile suits. But this thing was like upgrading from a childs RC car to an F1. The Gundam took a few simple steps to towards the big doors that led outside. "Ok, so far so good." He couldn't see a way through, the Zeta pushed its hand out to push the door open, but it simply went straight through the iron doors. "OOOOOOHHH!!! My bad!" He stammered. The doors fell down and he walked through them to the next room to see the engineers working on the RX-79. "Hello!" He called.

"Wait, who the hell are you? A kid, get out of that thing." the older engineer yelled.

"You have to help, Martan's been shot by some crazy lady that tried to steal the Zeta." He said.

"Yeah, a likely story." The engineer replied. "I'm calling the supervisor." He took out his phone and began dialing. Gregory sighed.

"Alright, well, whilst you mess about, my friend is dying in there. I'm going to go out and make sure nothing else happens." He said, the Engineers began dialing faster, as, as far as they were concerned, the Zeta was being hijacked. The Zeta pushed its way out of the doors and onto the field, Gregory looked around to see the place not as lively as before, with people taking cover in the stands. He could hear the unmistakable sound of battle outside. "Alright, let's see if we can get a bett-" He pushed a a button and the Zeta transformed into it's flight mode and blasted into the sky. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-" Greg managed to blurt out as he was almost crushed against his seat by the G-forces. He looked down to see the Haro's bouncing around, but also the battle outside of the stadium, where the Dijeh, Gelgoog and RX-79 had just destroyed a trio of GM's that were guarding the event. "Shit..." He groaned.

"POTTY MOUTH! POTTY MOUTH!!!" Red chirped. The 3 Mobile Suits immediately boosted upwards towards him.

"No time for that." He pressed the comm button again. "Mayday, mayday, mayday, this is Zeta Gundam, i am under attack by 3 of the suits from the Museum, i need help." He said. Luckily, he was substantially faster than them, so he quickly lost them. He then looked back to see a White mobile suit approaching them. "Hello, White suit, this is Zeta, can you hear me. Look, i'm just a kid who was messing about with this thing when some psycho bitch shot my friend, can you help me?" He asked. The stolen suits scattered, they knew that their only mission objective was to stay alive. Also, due to the antique nature of the machines, they knew that the security forces would be trying to disable and recapture them. So, giving them the runaround wouldn't be difficult.

---Outside of Advent---

The strike force finally arrived, just as the battleship came into radar-contact with the colony. Crimson smiled, turning on his comms. "All units, break and attack, Gaza-F's get to colony quick, secure a landing for the Geara-Doga's" He ordered. The Gaza-F wings immediately transformed and shot towards the colony.

Inside, the Gundam and ZZ had finally secured an Airlock for the suits to enter. The doors opened and 7 Gaza F suits landed, transforming back. "Alright, that's your part done, where's Zeta?" the Gaza pilot asked.

"She blew it, We got these though and the MKII is on its way. We'll return to A Baoa Qu and get back here with some Gaza's." The ZZ's pilot said. The ZZ transformed and the Gundam climbed on before they blasted off, towards the battleship as it approached. Soon, the rest of the strike-force made it to the hangar.

"Alright," Crimson said. "Nice dock, but the A Baoa Qu won't fit in here. Gaza's, go and secure one of the bulk transport docks. It'll be big enough. The rest of you follow me in and prepare for ground assault, if we can push our way up to the administration levels, we'll be able to force a surrender." He said. "Captain Cadogan, head into the colony and protect the entrances to the docks, buy us the time we need and remember what i said about Sector 78." He ordered.
@Double Yeah, I left out the dumpster fire, also because that's not really Broly, the character, it's a bunch of clones of him.

Also, yeah, i do like how Vegeta grew as a character, whilst Goku regressed. To the point where "And then he got cocky and fucked it all up" which is half of Vegeta's contribution to Z, Now applies more to Goku than Vegeta.

But, you wanted to know why people like Broly, that's my 2 cents on the matter.

@Double But he was so cool... But he was SOOOO dumb... BUT HE WAS SOOOOOO COOL!!! BUT HE WAS SOOOOOOOO DUMB!!!!!
@King Cosmos If we are bringing the movies into it. I get bagsie on To getting to take out Broly, I mean, Toe is going to see Broly and be like "Holy shit, another sadistic, out of control motherfucker to fight, Yay, a toy i get to break!" It'll be some good character building for him, as one of the plans for the character is to find someone that can meet him power-to-power. I like the idea of everyone standing around like "How long can those 2 keep this up?" when they have a gut-punch contest I'll concede any other win in the series, just give me my chance to play Toe scared shitless by something that is essentially himself taken to it's most extreme form.
@Lotrix Molick
Gregory was in Hogs Heaven. The relics of wars past stood all around him. The stadium that the exhibition was taking place in was one of the largest in the earth-sphere, with the Amuro Ray memorial museum attached to the back of it. Advent was the only space colony to ever host the Olympic Games. The ZZ Gundam stood to attention at one end of the field, whilst other gundams stood around it. Through the large doors, other Gundams were being slowly marched by the staff of the museum. He walked around with a big grin on his face, taking photo's with his 3 Haro's. "Hey, Red, get a good one with me and the ZZ." He called as he finally got to the front of the que to get their pictures taken. The little robots mouth opened and a camera popped out, He picked up the other 2 Haro's and held them up. There was a click and he put them back down. He was shooed away as other people came to get their pictures taken. He continued to walk.

"AMURO! AMURO!" The green Haro chirped as a child approached it. He had already programmed the names of the Whitebase crew into his Haro's, so it came as no shock to him, but the child looked utterly shocked.

"IS THAT THE REAL ONE?!?!?" The child screached.

"Yup, found him on a trip to Earth." He lied. "I stole it from the Museum in Odessa."

"MUMMYYYY!" He ran off screaming. "MUMMY, ITS THE REAL HARO, CAN I HAVE A PICTURE?!?!?" Greg grinned as he had made someone happy.

"GREG, YOU LIE! GREG, YOU LIE!" Chirped the blue one.

"Yeah, but it keeps the kids happy." He replied to it. The childs mother saw straight through it and took the child by the hand, leading him to the rest of the family, much to the childs protest. "Well, you win some you lose some." He sighed.

"YOU LOSE A LOT." Red chirped.

"Thank you, spam-can." Greg frowned. "Remind me to take the lump hammer to you when we get home.

"REMINDER SET!" It responded. At that point, Greg noticed one of the more advanced Haro's that belonged to the museum floating around. He approached it.

"Excuse me, do you know when the Zeta Gundam will be out? It's one of my favourites." The Haro looked at him.

"The current time is 12:13pm, the Zeta is due to come onto the field at 1:00. The re-enactments involving the Zeta Gundam today are as follows: Zeta vs ZZ, 2:00. Zeta vs MKII, 3:00. Gundam Vs Zeta. 4:00" It said in a much more natural voice than Gregs primitive Haro's.

"Alright, thanks." He replied. "Come on, guys, let's... Head inside..." He stammered as he began running toward the back of the stadium, where the museum was located. The Haro's rolled after him in single file. As he entered the building, he was passed by a man and a woman in sunglasses. He held the door for them.

"Thanks." One of them mumbled as they entered into the stadium pitch. Greg gave him a strange look, but he held the door as the Haro's rolled through. He followed them into the halls and saw several engineers working on one of the RX-79's. He went through several rooms until he found the Zeta Gundam stood in it's dock. He ran over to the guard who stood next to the rappel up to the cockpit.

"Hey, Martan." He called. Martan smiled.

"Greg. And what harebrained scheme are you up to today?" He asked. Greg reached into his pocket and retreaved a small plastic box.

"I need 5 minutes in the Zeta's Cockpit." He opened the container and showed Martan the contents. "Mum's Raisin and Walnut cookies." Martan looked at them.

"You serious?" He asked.

"Oh come on." Greg huffed, throwing his arms up. "I need this for the next meet. I said i'd get some pictures of the inside of the Zeta's cockpit."

"And if those show up anywhere, then my boss knows you got past me." Martan laughed. He then put a finger on his chin. "Alright, tell you what." He whispered, taking the box of cookies. "I'm going on piss-break. In 5 minutes, i'm throwing you and the bots out into the stadium. Greg put his fist up and Martan pushed his fist into it. Martan walked away, before Greg put his foot into the rappel's harness and grabbed the rope, the Haro's little hands reached out and grabbed on as the 4 were lifted up to the cockpit. Greg had a big, cheesy smile on his face.

"Holy... Moly..." He giggled. "Guys look at it." He exclaimed "Guys, get some pictures." He said, the Haro's opened their mouths and started taking photo's. Greg leaned in and got a photo of him smiling, upside down, in front of the chair. He then turned his head up. He sat down in the pilots seat and pressed a button. The suit's systems came to life. The console flicked up between his legs. "Oh crap..." He gasped. "Quick, guys, get a picture." He then saw the camera's turn on and he could see the outside. Looking down, he saw a woman in sunglasses approach Martan.

"Excuse me, let me through." The woman said.

"Wow, hold your horses, what's going on?" he asked.

"I'm piloting the Zeta today." she said, showing him a card.

"Oh... Ok... Ummm..." Martan laughed as he scratched the back of his head. "Look, cleanup crews are still working on it, can you come back in, like, 5 minutes?" He asked. The woman looked at here watch, before pulling out a silenced pistol and shooting him 3 times in the chest. Gregory's heart stopped dead as he saw his father's friend being cut down like his life had meant nothing to the woman. He didn't know whether to scream for help or remain silent. He daren't say a word for the following moments as the world stopped dead in its tracks.

"NASTY! NASTY!" Blue piped up, immediately, a shot rang out, aimed into the cockpit of the Zeta.

"FUCK, DON'T KILL ME!!!" He screamed, his arms flailing, as if his hands would stop a bullet before it reached his face. He pushed a button and the cockpit closed. "HELP, SOMEONE, MARTAN'S BEEN SHOT!!!" He yelled, before blindly pressing buttons on the console. He hit the intercomm "HELP, SOMEONE!!!" He screamed. The woman cursed as she ran out of the room, she held her wrist to her mouth.

"All units, Code Purple, Civ has taken control of Zeta. Begin operations immediately. Repeat. Begin operation immediately." At that point, on the Stadium Pitch, the Gundams that were on display began to move. Their Verniers roaring to life and they took into the air, there was a murmer of confusion, combined with a hoorah from some of the people in the stands, hoping that the show had started early. The Gundam, 2 Gundam Mk II's (One in AEUG colours, the other in Titan's colours), the ZZ Gundam, and an RX-79 as well as a Dijeh and a Gelgoog in Char's Colours soared into the airspace of the Colony. The ZZ Transformed into flight mode whilst the RX-78 landed atop its frame with the AEUG MKII and they shot off towards the gate.

"Umm... Hello!!" Greg said, pressing the call-button on the Zeta's controls. "Umm... Mayday, mayday, we have a..." He hit his head trying to think of the correct terminology. "2-003 (Hijacking) at The airshow. Ummm... We need a... Crash-cart, at least 1... Fuck it, look, my name is Gregory St James, some psycho bitch just shot my friend. You got to send help. NOW!" He called into the comm.
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