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6 mos ago
Current Computer is broke AGAIN. Dog jumped on me when I had a glass of water in my hand, but some of it leaked in. Posts are going to be slow for the next week.
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1 yr ago
Ok, when I said I had a new computer, what I didn't know was the software was broken, so I sent it back... And they sent me one with broken hardware... And Then Christmas happened. Oh well, i'm back!
1 yr ago
SUCCESS!!! I HAVE A NEW COMPUTER!!! Posting may be a little delayed whilst I get it going fully.
1 yr ago
Computer is in the shop for repairs. Now i have to post using my Wii U.
2 yrs ago
HOLY SALAMANDER CUTTLEFISH! My internet is being a complete ass and has not been letting me post. Just keeps throwing up a "Cannot locate DSN address" page.
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Also, a Star Sapphire Ring can help to overcome the Red Lantern's heart takeover. In Darkest Night, Guy Gardner takes a Red Lantern ring, but a Star Sapphire ring also bonds to him, telling him that it'll stop the Red ring from consuming his heart.

Anyway, I would love to get in on this and have MANY idea's of what i'd love to play, but sadly, can only do 1... See, my favourite lantern is Mogo, and i'd love to do something along the same lines as far as "Non-conventionally sentient gets Lantern ring" idea goes. The other thing i'd love to play is a generally non-superpowered character. Way I see it, the Rings are so powerful, if it comes down to 2 Ring-bearers fighting then, regardless of what other powers are at play, whoever is most attuned to their ring's spectrum, will be the winner. So, here's a few idea's that I had:

Orange Lantern:
Ego (I know, he'd be insanely OP, but he'd be fun to play)

Indigo Lantern:
Lockjaw (I'd love to, but sadly, he can't talk, making him a bit difficult)
Aunt May (She is nothing if not compassionate)
Anti-Venom (The argument could be made that all Anti-Venom ever did was for the benefit of its host. Anti-Venom moreso as it wanted to cure all of its symbiotic siblings.)
Rom The Space Knight (His compassion was so powerful that absorbing it is what turned Rogue good... It's true, look it up. She was just an evil henchman of Mystique, until she tried to absorb Rom's powers.)

Mary-Jane Parker ("Go get 'em, Tiger.")

Yellow Lantern:
Frank Castle (Because why not?)
@NacNak Alright, thanks.

Pretty much my Xenoverse character. Even if this is full or he's not allowed (Which I completely understand if he's not) This was fun to make and I hope i'll be allowed in on this game.

How many characters are we allowed?
Calling Juggernaut.
USS Shran

The clone at the conn-station tapped the ear-piece and turned to Kiana. "General, we are receiving a transmission from the station... Wait one second..." He quickly tried to recall the controlls, then pressed several buttons and the faces of Deep Space Nine's command staff appeared on the screen. Kiana wasn't surprised to see humans, but Kira looked very strange. Almost human but not quite. She got up and straightened her armour a little (It seemed an instinctive thing when raising from this captains chair.)

"First of all, I wish to extend my most sincere of greetings to you. My name is Jedi Master Kiana and... I am afraid that I have a very strange tale to tell. Suffice to say, for now, that we are not here to engage in hostilities. We are in need of supplies and aid... I am afraid to say that the crew of this ship are almost all dead, save for one. We found this ship adrift in space and commandeered it in accordance with galactic salvage rights. Being that these are your people, we wished to return their remains. Might me and some of my staff be permitted to board your station to discuss the situation further?"
@mattmanganonso you're the one that messed up the site?

Well, I'm back and the IRL problems are sorted. Now that the guild is back up, I'll make a post as soon as I get home.
Ok, so turns out that this extra time I am spending at work wasn't just the 1 week I thought it was going to be and might actually turn into 2 or 3. In any case, I'm going to be extra fucking tired for the next few weeks because of working 5 days a week on 11 hour shifts. Sorry about this, I will let you all know when this is finished, but for a while, consider me on hiatus.
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