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Current I am still on RPG, so do feel free to message me. Just don't have the time or energy to actually join any RP's right now. Focusing on a LOT of other projects, including getting into Audio Drama.
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5 yrs ago
Computer is back, yay. I can post again :)
5 yrs ago
Computer is getting some much needed maintenance. Will be slow posting for the next week or 2.
5 yrs ago
Sorry for disappearing for 2 months. Life kinda went to shit and RPG was pushed to the back of my mind.
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Computer is broke AGAIN. Dog jumped on me when I had a glass of water in my hand, but some of it leaked in. Posts are going to be slow for the next week.
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Maybe interested. See how the OOC looks.
Robert Linden

"Yes, I was over at the explanation, however it isn't surprising that there was no one there, there aren't enough people to have someone there all the time, and as of this moment, no, everything seems structurally sound at the moment." Magneto replied to him. Well, he didn't seem angry at him, that was a good start. As Guin decided to, dismantle not specifically his plan, but a dumbed down and stupid version of his plan. He simply sat and patiently listened to her. Yes he realized that the movie trope of "Excuse me, does this rag smell like Chloroform to you?" wasn't entirely realistic, but as he had said in his plan, Chloroform was the general gas anaesthetic used in medical procedures for a good reason. Very quickly renderng the patient unconscious. It wouldn't take too long to rig something up, it was mostly just changing the air intermix ratio in Life Support in a specific area, say a confined area, maybe one of the smaller rooms they could lure him to, then they could keep him bottled up in until he went to sleep. The Major weak point of the plan was less the gas and getting him to the specific place then needed him. But as he had said, setting up the plan relied entirely on Pietro on using that super speed to grab him stuff and set it up and from the sounds of things, that was completely out of the window. He grunted. He sat back silently as everyone became 100% convinced that a wild bum-rush was the only answer. He smiled as he remembered back in the day when he thought exactly as they did. 17ish years old when he had a death wish and was the first person to voice his "Let's just take his head off. Last one alive is a pussy!" mentality. But he had priorities now. He looked over at Magneto again. First priority was keeping that man as far away from Earth and Humanity as he could. Partly because he had proven too many times he couldn't be trusted to let the nature of natural evolution take its course, but mainly... He feared that Jasmine had a little too much of her mother in her... That man could NEVER be allowed to get his claws into his daughters mind. Fill her with the idea that the only way this could end is with one big, decisive battle between Homo Sapien and Homo Superior. That was the reason for M. The only way this battle was going to be avoided. Magneto had to leave and never come back. As they began assigning jobs, Rob sighed.

"Attack Pattern: Suicide, my favourite... I'll give a pre-apology in case i accidentally absorb anyone's eyes out of their head." He groaned, preparing himself mentally for when they left. Suddenly, the walls began to rattle. "Ummm, Eric?" He asked, looking around... No if Eric was doing it, his Wheelchair would also be affected "Ummm... Eric?" He asked again, this less accusatorily and more questioning if his weird "Sight beyond sight" thing could tell what was going on. He grunted, he hadn't had enough time to rest, but hopefully it had bought him enough time. He suspected that end-game was about to happen. Falling backwards as he re-absorbed his Wheel-chair he lay for a second, re-alligning all of the absorbed molocules and his skin turning to metal, his spine reconnecting. He pulled himself back to his feet. He looked at Magneto "Whatever happens, M NEEDS to survive." This place was the last, best hope for peace. At that point he was thrown against the bulkhead in a blast of rainbow flames. Some days he missed the X-Men life, but it was at times like this when he had been punched, electrocuted, barbacued and now barbaqued again that he didn't... He got to his feet again. "What in the name of the sweet baby jesus was that?" He was unburned, aluminium skin was always a good thing for quick bursts of flame and being slammed against a bulkhead. While the others were looking around for their friends, he was more concerned with the rest of the station. "Sprinklers?" He asked out loud, as if commanding them to come on. Maybe they had been damaged by the burst. He had been staring at Magneto when the flames exploded him so he hadn't seen Max being the epicenter. He was about to try and rush off to one of the computer rooms, but as he saw the others were far more damaged than him. He walked over to Carolina "On your feet, lass, you're an X-Man and you've got a job to do." He had a quick feel over her to make sure nothing was broken. "You'll live, come on." He helped pull her to her feet just as that orange magical effect fell over them and Caroline would start to look a lot better. He looked over at Ed "And where's my healing?" He laughed a little. He then looked around to count off "Ummm... Aren't we 3 people down?"
Robert Linden

Rob immediately got a bunch of threats to punch him in the face. Probably not the most compelling threat, considering that his face was made of solid steel at the moment. Thing is, these kids may know this guy now as another glorious and brave member of the team, but Rob hadn't had the luxury of growing content with the kid. Considering every single time he had heard about this kid, it was because he was committing terrorist attacks with his Brotherhood allies, those hypersonic punches of his had put quite a few of his friends from the main X-Men as well as Gold Squad into the infirmary. Was he being an asshole? Maybe... Definitely... He did live by the rule of "If you're the only one in the room saying that you're not being an asshole, you're DEFINITELY being an asshole. At the same time, a simple "But he's changed" isn't enough to undo years of resentment. That being said, Rob could easily tell his position here was becoming a little untenable. He was stressed to all hell, his spine was starting to get that dull, tiny throb that was his bodies way of saying "T-Minus 30 Minutes until body shut-down." Being that when that happened, he had 2 choices, rely on these kids to protect him or throw himself on the mercy of Magneto and his Merry Murderers... Then again, if someone likened him to his own father, they would definitely be likened to equal threats of face punching. He put his hands up "Alright, that was uncalled for, i apologize." It was a half hearted apology to Pietro. One that they'd both be able to tell was really saying "I'm not willing to forgive however many years of terrorism because a bunch of people i don't know told me you're very sorry for hospitalizing my friends, but right now, the situation calls for everyone to be happy-families. So let's just draw a line under this and move on. Who knows, you may prove them right later on"

He stood and watched Guin explain her "Madly rush in and hope for the best" (What was known in the Historical community as the "Operation Barbarosa" strategy. And everyone knows how well that one ended.) Mary explain in great detail why allowing her to be in the same room as Cortez was probably the single worst move they could make right now, punctuated with her insistance on still going and he couldn't help but scrunch his lips, but then reminded himself of what the creature had turned Professor Grey into and then the terrible reasoning all made sense again. And being that he was content to leave his atoms in the current configuration as they were instead of disassembled and made to orbit the sun, he decided to let this one go... Nope, it was either his atoms splayed across deep space now or when Cortez made the Phoenix go nuts. At least right now he might be able to save someone else. "Look, before anyone has a go at me for "Trying to take over" I'm not, i'm just trying to make sure as many of us as possible survive, as well as this station." He brought his hands up and scrunched them into fists as he tried to get his train of thought past the minor pain in his spine, but then gave up. The Steel was re-absorbed into his skin and suddenly a wheelchair started to appear out of the back of his legs before he sat down. "Oh me mother tilly..." He gasped in relief as he sat down. "Anyway, Cortez is SMART. He didn't get where he was today just by allowing any old group of people to bum-rush him. Plus, the massive cavernous hole in your plan is that, whereas you are right, he probably can't get all of us if we bum rush him, he only needs to get 1 or 2 of us." He pointed at Mary "If he makes the Phoenix's power go ape-shit, we're all gonna be dust in seconds." He then pointed to Pietro "You're fast enough to beat us all up in the blink of an eye. If you get even faster, then the sheer force of kinetic-energy of your speed when you move past us would probably ignite the atmosphere by accident. And with any of the rest of us, frankly, we have NO idea how our powers will react to him pumping us full of his juice, any one of us could kill all of us depending on how our powers react. For all i know, i might start absorbing everyone around me's skeletons without even touching them. No, we need to outsmart him before we can out-muscle him..." He thought for a second. "Either we need to figure out how to make us immune to his power, or figure out how to control it when one of us inevitably does get hit." He continued to think as the party started moving on. He rolled along in his chair, trying to think his way around this. He was a scientist now, not a punk like his old days. Phoenix's power didn't melt Professor Logan's claws when she tried to kill him, so Adamantium must be able to resist it, but that only covers a small part of my body and i can't walk if i do that, also, that helps absolutely nobody else. Maybe generate some kind of electromagnetic field to screw with the targetting of his powers? Enough Radiation has been known to disrupt- No, it'd screw with us too, plus we don't even know if it'll do anything, too big a risk to bet everything on... Maybe use some of the Jeffreys Tubes to sneak around and ambush him... We'd need to get him into the right position, plus most of them are located close to the floor and not enough of them close enough together for us to all burst out and ambush him... We need a way to hold him, kinda like- It was at that point that the group ran into the other party He waved over at the people he recognized from before as well as...

"Eric..." He tried to play this off as he saw the man who was technically his boss. He was with the rest of the group. And Rob was in his old X-Men outfit... "Eric, i can explain. There was explosions, i couldn't find a space suit so i grabbed the only thing with weather protection." At least he was confident that Eric wouldn't accuse him of being a traitor, being that Magneto seemed to be working with the other X-Men as well. "Were you over at the explosion? I heard it but your goons abandoned the command center and i wasn't able to reach them for a sitrep. How's M's structural integrity?" He asked. He knew Magneto had a weird connection to the asteroids natural electromagnetic field, he had used his powers to detect problems the computers couldn't before. if Asteroid M was still in one piece then they were golden, but that was the problem with Asteroid M to start with. Building a space station was hard enough, making it able to survive hundreds of pissed off beings with the ability to spout fire or brimstone or nuclear blasts from their finger tips was an entirely other thing... It was at times like this when he specifically was annoyed Magneto had vetoed his idea to have Power Dampeners in the holding cells. He could have stripped them out, installed them in a cargo bay and lured him in. Then it's as Guin said Gangland beat-down. He might be able to cook some up, but it would take time, not exactly a commodity at this juncture. Currently the only thing he was focused on right at this very second was continuing to make sure everyone kept breathing...

"Wait, breathing, that's it." He mumbled. "Someone needs to make a run to the infirmary." He looked at Quicksilver, seeing that the supersonic runner was the most obvious choice. "Grab as much of the anesthetics as you can, preferably chloroform because of it's low vaporization point. If we can distribute it into the right part of the life support system in the section he and his croneys are in, we can render them all unconscious. And even if it doesn't take them down, it's gonna knock them for a loop at the very least, make them a little easier to take down." He looked around as if to ask for approval. "I know i said i wasn't gonna give orders, but if anyone has a better idea that doesn't involve blindly charging at him and half of us trying to kill the other half, then for the love of the almighty, PLEASE tell us so we can do that instead." He asked. The plan had plenty of things that could go wrong, but at least it was a start and it was the least suicidal plan that didn't involve bugging out yet. Then again, Rob was the first to admit, he was a scientist, not a strategist.
Recently got back into Star Trek Online and now i'm craving something Star Trek related.
Could be interesting, would everyone just be playing different Disney canons or Disney themed OC's?
Robert Linden

Was a little taken aback by the sudden outburst, falling on his backside as his body reacted, his skin turning to steel, with the adamantium keeping his spine together all flooding to his face in some kind of instinctual attempt to protect himself from the inevitable vaporization. This had the unfortunate side-effect of making him conductive again and writhed around, rather ungracefully in pain, until someone managed to stop the guy generating it. He at least managed to hold back the indignity of screaming. He grunted as he regained control of his power back from his instincts and the pain, shifting the molocules back, his adamantium once again reattaching his spinal chord. He slowly managed to wobble back to his feet, before seeing the others who had showed up. He panted heavily. He had been holding his spine together for 20 minutes, 20 minutes of near constant use. He was starting to feel the strain, it didn't hurt yet, but he could feel it was gonna start soon. Like tensing a muscle.

Personally, he didn't understand what part of "I'll follow your lead, but i'm just trying to help!" was trying to order people around, but again, the galactic god of genocide was not exactly known for allowing its hosts to think clearly. Frankly, the fact that his atoms weren't disassembled and then splattered across the hall was something anyone should consider a win at this point. He slowly jogged towards the group as they met back up. "Magneto Jr, i know you." He managed to pant out, pointing at Pietro, clearly a little winded from the few zillion volts that had danced across him "You and you i don't know-" He pointed at Guin and Bethany. "Robert Patrick Linden, A.K.A. Upgrade, Xavier Institute Gold Squad class of 2007, at your service" He stopped again to catch his breath as he extended a hand to the 3 of them, even if he had already met Pietro, he still believed in good manners. "I think bidding a hasty retreat is probably for the best. Again, leave Magneto and his people up here to think their smug, superior thoughts without bringing the rest of us into it." He sighed. Honestly, anything to get the X-Men off the station. While they were here, the chances of a fight that punctured the outer layer of the asteroid base was high and he rather didn't like the idea of ANYONE getting turned inside out via explosive decompression.
AWWWW SHIT! We back in action? Because I would LOVE to continue this.
Robert Linden

As everyone funnelled past his attempt at self sacrifice and several of them berated him for his concerns that people were dismissing the fact that an unstoppable force of purest death that could instantly disintegrate any of them at any moment was taking their friends body for a joyride and the ONLY one of them that seemed to actually address that fact was said girl who's body had been hijacked. "Am i the only one on this damn rock not taking crazy pills?" He asked himself. "Cortez is a danger to himself and people immediately around him. Stay away from him and he's not that much of a threat." He stared at Mary "That thing is so dangerous that multiple galactic civilizations have warrants out for its imprisonment and destruction because it has single handedly wiped out LITERAL GALAXIES!" He stared at the others. "But i suppose that if it decides to murder us all that ground zero is probably the safest place to be. At least it's over quick..." He scrunched his lips up in contemplation. He grabbed his face with his outstretched fingers and pulled down, this not stretching his skin due to the steel plating surrounding him at the moment. "Fine, fine, fine. Look, there is no pity-party in this. It's all, what i think we can all agree, is legitimate concern about the unstoppable god of galactic genocide and holocaust that has hijacked your friends body." He then walked towards Mary only to be electrocuted by the walls. He stopped for a second to change his skin from the steel he had absorbed to the leather and fabric from his Wheelchair. The electricity no longer effecting him as his outside was now made of non-conductive material. He then ran to walk alongside Mary

"Might i suggest we do the sensible thing, though. The rest of us go and deal with Cortez? If he gets us and makes our powers wig out, we could hurt someone. If he makes the Phoenix's powers wig out, then it'll be quicker to list the people of this solar system it doesn't hurt. I'm not saying that you shouldn't be doing something, but there are other things that need doing and you tackling Cortez in your current condition is like trying to put out a forest fire with Petrol. I met your other friends, Carolina, Max and the others. Last time i saw them, they were running over towards an explosion. They might need your help more." He asked. Anyone looking at him could clearly see this was someone legitimately trying to keep everyone around him safe. "Look, you guys are Professor Xavier's X-Men. He wouldn't have sent you guys if he didn't have complete confidence in you and i'll follow your lead, but i'm just trying to help."
Robert Linden

As Mary finished boiling the water away, Rob ran over to the computer and quickly put the dehumidifiers up to max to counteract the fact that she had just turned this entire floor into a sauna, rapidly super-heated steam being sucked into the air-vents to have the moisture recycled into the resevoir. He looked at the others as she walked out into the hallway. He was the first one into the hallway after her, he put his hands up to the others, a look of total and utter fear across his face "STAY BACK!!!" He looked at her talking to the boy who had made all of the water and then to the others "That's not your friend in there anymore, that's something VERY dangerous and we are all in mortal peril. We have got to make our way, VERY slowly away from here and to whatever ship you have, because if she decides it, we're all going to be dust within seconds..." He said. "Trust me, don't trust me, think i'm one of Magneto's stooges all you want, but you weren't there... You didn't see what that... What that thing did to Professor Grey... How many people it made her just... Vaporize... No warning, no mercy." He thought back to all those years ago... over at her and smiled, trying to keep the illusion that he wasn't afraid of what it would do the moment he turned his back. He remembered the burning... The Fire...
9 years ago

Rob had had quite the day at Nasa. 2 years since Master Mold's attack had taken Asari from him, 2 years it had been just him and Jasmine and the nanny he had hired to look after her. He was living in Yonkers at the time and had been working in New Jersey that day, checking on the manufacturing for one of their new Satilites. He was hoping to swing by Annandale-on-Hudson on the way back, trying to see if Professor Logan was in one of his old favourite bars, try to catch up on it. His old Buick attracting the novelty of a 60 year old car. He was just driving through one of the suburbs towards the bar when. A bright flash in the sky, a large fireball, a meteorite? Either way, it touched down in a park near him. In order to drive, he had to focus on the adamantium keeping his spine in check, but acting on instinct, he put on the hazards, turned off the ignition and jumped out of the car, running into the park, he grabbed a metal trashcan, and absorbed it, getting a new alluminium coating over his body. As he ran through the treeline, he ran into the park, seeing the flames, the destruction, civilians running away, turning to ash as they did so and he saw her...

Tall, Inferno Red Hair, black, red and yellow costume, slowly walking forwards, her beautiful face twisted into an enraged sneer. "Pro... Profes-ssor Grey?" He shook. Rob wasn't a coward, he had faced down powerful foes before... But... The casual brutality of this, the utter barbarity... He stood there, paralyzed by fear... He... He couldn't do this... He couldn't just charge into battle, especially not against such overwhelming odds. As he saw the fire burning in her eyes, just casually disintegrating another man who broke cover to escape her wrath, he seemed to black out, everything went... Fuzzy, the next thing he knew, he was in the car driving at 80mph down a country road, he looked in his wingmirror to see a bright light lighting up the evening sky. He knew that an epic battle was going on back there, but all he could think was the need to get back to his daughter and be there to protect her when that... When that monster came for them... Came for all of them...

That thing had made him feel powerless on that day... He found out later when he had talked to Professor Logan and Summers that it had been a creature called Phoenix. But he had ran that day and had survived. He had no reservations about running on this day too, but this time, there was no Professor X or Logan or Storm coming to rescue them. The only way these kids were getting out of this one was with his help. "I'm not playing around with you kids. If you want to live, long and happy lives, we need to get away from that thing that has taken your friends body for a joyride." He seemed to turn around and put himself between the others and Mary. "I bet you don't even remember my face..." He mumbled under is breath.
Robert Linden

Rob listened to Mary starting to complain at him, he was listening for the most part, but mostly was trying every trick he knew of with the computers in order to get some of the pumps active... Failing that, he was hoping he may be able to open one of the airlocks in the entirely flooded area and vent the water harmlessly into space and then repressurize the area... But then he stopped. The kid who created all that water was still probably in the flooded area and that was consigning him to death. "Look, i appreciate that, but the simple fact is that i am a man who believes in fixing problems first and then assigning blame later. Right now, i am focussed on exactly 1 thing, getting everyone on this station through this day alive and for anoth..." He stopped mid sentence as he watched Mary start to get more noticably angry. "Crap he got to you, didn't he?" He asked. He set the computer to run a diagnostic on the pumps to figure out why they weren't working, which would take a few minutes anyway. He then jogged over to her. "Usually, i've just been confining those going through withdrawls to a quarters, but-" He then saw the fire blaze from their hands and stopped dead... "You..." He seemed to back off a little, before the metal from his wheelchair started to creep over his face and through his hair, as well as across his suit. He had no idea how the Professor had managed to design the suit to act as almost a second skin to him, but he suspected it had something to do with Unstable Molocules "Now, you gotta be careful with that, there is sensitive equipment in the walls, i insulated them as best i could, just be careful or we are getting either crushed by water pressure or turned inside out due to decompression."

If this one was suffering from withdrawl he frankly didn't trust her to open a tin of beans that was already open without turning said tin into a nuclear inferno, but he also doubted he had the power to prevent her from doing it anyway. So, better to try to aim her in the right direction. Talk calmly and try not to aggravate her. "Just keep in mind that-" He pointed to the others in the room with a broad sweep of his arm. "-Your friends are all in here with you."
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