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Current I was born with natural sun screen, its called not being as pale as a sheet of paper.
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I love you, Momma.
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Word of the Day: Overcome.
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Also checked out Myriad Reality, I think they are trying to build some kind of computer consciousness over there via IC posts.
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Get ready for an unusually low volume of likes then, you so-and-so.


Hello, You've managed to wander on to my profile page, Welcome!

My name's Voltus_Ventus

I've been on the guild for 2 God knows how long now, my first day being the 23rd of March and I've got decent English skills.

I'm always open for a conversation, so if you want to say something to me, just drop me a PM.


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I’m sorry for the general lack of activity, I’ve been spending some time with my family recently and have not had much time to myself. Posting will be slow, but hopefully will come.
Mond’s tablet began to ping and chirp as the lift drew them closer to their ship, his eyes darting around at all the other vessels they passed, marveling and judging in equal measure. For Mustafa the choice was signed and sealed, Lucy would be theirs and they likely would not survive to get another if they lost her. So there was no reason to admire the others. He did regardless. Looking down at the tablet that hung in his hand, he was being bombarded with ship information and specifications, systems and data sheets on every aspect. He brought the tablet to his face and gave the information a glance. On the outside he held his poise, on the inside he was being overwhelmed, as information streamed across his vision. He would need a Cake plugin for his tablet, this much was for certain.

In the meantime he fiddled with the settings, running an algorithm to simplify it to something he could more easily and quickly absorb. Before settling in for the night and giving everything an in depth appraisal. Mond returned to the documents to find that they had all been filed away and instead replaced with a simple but efficient read out.

The previous owner of the ship seemed to be a no-nonsense kind of man, this directly went against what he saw as they approached the ship. ‘Sentiment, indeed.’ Mond thought to himself, he would have to get Astrid on inspecting the hull’s integrity rather soon. The ship was built, it seemed, for bearable, long term voyages, upgraded to improve upon its glaring weaknesses. It was fitted with upgraded hygiene facilities (showers), and automated dispensaries which interfaced with the recyclers somehow (vending machines). Mond approved of the first, hygiene was important, and if he had to suffer the same vacuum ‘showers’ he had to use for six years, he would be very upset. The cafe was also a choice which he could appreciate, it seemed like on that long journey it was one of the few things that kept him sane, good food, there were days when the food prep AI went awry and they had to subsist off of the ration powders. Had he needed to do that the whole time, he most likely would have lost his composure.

Vending machines were a strange choice, but the more he thought of it, the more sense it made, they were much more convenient than any recycler, they could be reprogrammed as a reward system, and they could host a whole menagerie of goods. Though the read out did not seem to say what they stocked. He would have to check them individually, as much as he wanted to trust the inventory that was supplied by the party, he wanted to take a look at everything himself. However, there were still the added utilities to take into consideration. An improved radar system, with improved capabilities regarding more detailed scans; as well as added external thrusters for tighter maneuvering in times of finesse and egress.

Mustafa was happy with the added extras, though he was sure there would be room for improvement farther down the line, especially as he scrolled through the other aspects of the ship. He frowned, the AI would need more processors, as much as he knew it wasn’t a person, he felt like with its role it needed more space than it had. Mond looked up from his tablet as the ship approached, tucking it under his arm and picking up his luggage case. As the platform eased to a rusty stop at the door, he reached forwards, touching the door.

“Shall we rename her?”

Are the vending machines utilities that take up a whole room?
Mate, we’ll be getting a post from me soon. I’ve just been inundated with family things. I’m sorry bois
So two utilities but only as many facilities as I got space? And what about the AI upgrades?
Wait, so how many am I allowed to choose again?
I'm not sure what more there is to do?
This will be the time. Count me in.
@ScreenAcne Ayyy he’s back!
Picard. Void Treader. Angel Dust. Red Room. Lucy. Soup Server. Harpoon. Picard. Void Treader. Angel Dust. Red Room. Lucy. Soup Server. Harpoon. Mond’s eyes flicked between each one, glancing about at the exteriors. The long and slender yacht, the body and robust cargo ship, and the multipurpose vessel grabbing his attention the most. Though without knowing what was going on in each individual ship, all the choices were basically going to be made on face value. Mustafa considered each one for a final time. The yacht would be nice, but likely the insides were stripped clean by servicers over the years; the cargo ship, a repossessed vessel, would simply make them a target for any Corsair looking to make a quick buck. But Lucy. There was definitely potential.

“I suppose, with a lick of paint and a new name Lucy could be adequate.” He spoke, over the rabble, minimizing the AI’s sprite to occupy a small corner, apologizing to Cake, as he brought up a slowly spinning projection of the Ship. “Why someone would want to get rid of it is also a small concern, as it doesn’t seem to have been repossessed, and no reason for sale is given.” Agreeing with what Astrid had said about perfectly good ships. He mulled over it a little longer, before knocking a knuckle against the display, confirming his choice in his mind. With no small help from Cake’s Prognosis and Astrid’s, who seemed tech savvy, agreement with the AI. Mond was reasonable, and airing towards the Lucy anyway, if the rest of the crew liked it, then certainly it would be the best choice.

“And if it turns out to be utter garbage, well, I suppose if we all pick it there will be no one to blame.”
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