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Responses should be up tomorrow guys! c:
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Don't mind me. I'm just living my best life with a face mask and dauntless queues.
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Some of the things that I see on this site.
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Sorry, I can't. It doesn't fit my aesthetic.
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Don't ask permission, just ask forgiveness.


Best way to reach me is to ask for my discord/trash tumblr.

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Just gunna casually bump this

Welcome to my search. I'm on the prowl for a good RP, and maybe you could help me with that. So let's get started with the basics! I'm 24 and I work full time, so I can usually only respond about 3 to 4 times a week, on my downtime. (Maybe more or less depending on how my life is working out.)

I'm interested in something along the casual side of things. I usually work with what I got and I have no problem dishing out 3 paragraphs in response. I like attention to detail, character development, and world creating. I do abide by the basic rules- no godmodding, no one liners, if there is to be mature themes/gore you must be 18+ please, and no Mary/Gary Sues. Proper spelling and grammar is a plus, but mistakes happen, so don't worry about being perfect.(I'm sure I'll make my fair share of misspellings/grammatical errors.)

I'm a huge fan of romance, si-fi, supernatural, fantasy, historical, and adventure themed RPs, but I'm pretty open to suggestions and other ideas. I do have a couple of original plot ideas for a couple of my pairings! If you're interested in hearing one of those lemme know! I am interested in a couple of fandoms, but I usually prefer non-canon settings/characters. When it comes to characters I prefer to play female, but I'm not opposed to doubling up to fit our needs. As for pairings I'm most comfortable doing mxf or fxf. I like adding extra characters to the story to help move the plot and make the world more developed. The majority of these characters can be played by both of us. I'd also love if you'd be able to contribute to the plot line and help me create the world we are playing in. If you're interested please PM me.

Now for the master lists of pairings and fandoms! (Bold are the ones I'm currently craving)

All of my plots are adjustable and can even be crossed over into each other. These are just a couple of them that I've been particularly keen on.

Make sure to send me a PM! <3
Opening this back up
Let’s see
Hello there.
Looking for a couple more partners!
Updated Plots! <3 I'm ready to pick up some new RPs <3
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