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[@Dinh AaronMk] What is this fado you speak of?
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Thank you for your regards, old friend
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Happy Birthday to me! I am 24 today.
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@Cao the Exiled
Plasm's search of her Cerebral Library only reveals the most commonly known details regarding Juiblex. That being that Juiblex is the Demon Lord of slime and ooze, a noxious creature that cares little for the plots and schemes that the more powerful types of demon are usually so fond of. It exists only to consume, digesting and transforming living matter into more of itself.

As for the skull, Plasm can find no damage when she checks in on it. However, she does notice something off about it... and herself... and everything else that is currently in contact with her body too. It seems that everything Plasm touches takes on a measure of her amorphous nature. Plasm gets the feeling that she will no longer need to be wearing and carrying nothing to make use of her knack for squeezing through small spaces. Though the things Plasm touches gain only a measure of her amorphous nature, not all of it. Plasm feels that she would do well not to spend too much time in tight spaces if she decides to take all her things with her, lest she suffer painful consequences.

Plasm then finds herself pulled from her thoughts by one of the highwaymen waving a hand in front of her eyes. "Hello?" The highwayman in question says. "Anyone in there?"

"I think that is enough for the intended purpose. Can we also purchase some feed for the horses. Ya know, beast gotta eat too."

"We do have feed for sale, but I'll give you a week's supply for free as a token of appreciation for your party's assistance in fending off the attack." The leader of the highwaymen says to Aura.

"Do I pay you or?"

"Yeah you can give me the coin for the wagon and horses." The simic hybrid answers Aura's question. "I'll get it where it needs to go.

"I have kegs of booze that need to be picked up so if everything could be ready as soon as possible. I am ready to get the heck out of here. No offence intended of course just don't like staying in one place for too long."

"No offense taken." The leader reassures Aura as gold changes hands. "I've dealt with enough adventurers to know that itchy foot of yours isn't meant as an insult... Bull!" At the leader's call, Bull - who was assisting in clean up efforts nearby - perks up and looks towards its source, smiling in recognition as he sees Aura too. "Find a spare wagon and a pair of drafts."

"Right right." Bull confirms before moving off to do that.

"We'll have your ride ready for you as quickly as we can." The leader tells Aura.

@Guardian Angel Haruki
"Tents? But of course!" Lucas all too happily obliges. "Let me see here..." The giff falls quiet for a moment as he begins to rummage around the stall in search of something. "...Ah! There you are." Lucas rises with a bundle of collapsed tents in his arms, more than enough for each party member to have their own tent. "Each tent I have here costs two gold and is big enough for two people." He says to Cascade. "Would these be to your liking?"

@Lurking Krog @Birdboy @XxFellsingxX
The moonshiner laughs good-naturedly at Rala's comment. "I'll drink to that!" He exclaims. "Or I would if I wasn't currently severely hungover from all the drinkin' I did last night."

It was then that the sound of heavy footfalls and the clunk of heavy armor becomes audible. Those who look to the source of the sound would see the warforged who was leading the defenders last night approaching the stalls. An iron chest inscribed with various arcane markings sits in the construct's arms. The warforged marches over to the grocer's stall, stands behind it, places the chest down on the counter, and waits silently for a customer to approach.
Sorry for taking so long. I'll have something up some time tomorrow.

Upon noticing what replenishing the forest had cost Fogdance, a wave of remorse immediately crashed over Skobeloff. If he had known that was the price that needed to be paid, he never would have suggested performing the ritual. Shortening Fogdance's lifespan to bring about something that would have come to be on its own given enough time was a raw deal if Skobeloff had ever heard one. And it was all his fault. He'd been the one to insist on the ritual, and now Fogdance would be aging sooner than she was meant to because of him.

In an attempt to take his mind off what he had done, Skobeloff tried to enjoy the view. He tried to look out across the Moonlit Isles as he flew over them. He tried to take in its beauty and perhaps glimpse some insights into how to unlock its secrets or from where next the Darkness might strike. But again and again, his thoughts returned to the consequences of his impatience. Unable to concentrate, Skobeloff learned nothing from his surveying as a profound feeling of gloom set into the rawscale Trickster's mind.

Can confirm that this is exactly what would cross Tsak's "teenaged" mind.

Teenaged? I thought she was 29.
If it's any consolation, Jub's going to be too busy blaming himself to be upset with Gabe

Why would Jub be blaming himself?
@Cao the Exiled
It's on page one of the IC tab.
@Fionponk9 is a bot.
I'll post in a minute

I think it's still Krog's turn. I only posted to make the pushing of Jub happen IC. Sorry if that was the cause of the confusion.

Confusion and pain. That was what Brutrumukk awoke to when he felt Jub's hand jostling his shoulder. His waterlogged lungs were screaming for air and the harpoon wounds were all to eager to make their presence known now that the bugbear was able to feel pain again. And to make matters worse, the dangerous situation he had so suddenly found himself in was more than enough to sober him up. So now he was also hungover and could barely remember the events that led up to this moment. Something about... drakes? But there was no time to think about that now.

In front of him, Brutrumukk saw that a pair of monstrous looking fish things that sort of looked like Palasha were bearing down on him with hunger in their eyes. Brutrumukk immediately got the sense that the skiff would be his best bet at survival. But before he could disengage and make for the surface, one of the monsters lurched forward to attack with a downward swipe of its claws. Brutrumukk raised his shield and readied himself to block the blow. But the blow never came. Instead the swipe turned into a grab, the monster's claws dug into the shield and held it in place. By the time Brutrumukk realized its reasoning for doing this, the claws on the monsters other hand were already punching clean through the bugbear's chest. Brutrumukk didn't even need to look down to know how bad it was.

He was already dead.

Brutrumukk wasn't all that bothered by it though. Since Skiggaret hadn't had enough time to take hold of him before the end, Brutrumukk actually had the chance to enjoy the fact that the end had come and soon he would be fighting the Eternal War against Gruumsh's lot, alongside his gods and his old gang. It was pretty annoying that he was dying now though. He had wanted to save his Fairy Godmother from the hags' shenanigans, but he was fairly certain his companions could make it the rest of the way without him. Speaking of...

Brutrumukk took hold of Jub one last time and shunted him back up towards the surface. Using the last of his strength, Brutrumukk had left Jub with a simple ten foot swim to safety. Strength well spent. As the monsters teeth closed around his neck, Brutrumukk closed his eyes and a peaceful yet eager grin settled onto his features.

He could already hear the iron cubes of Acheron clanging together and the din of the endless battle that he would soon join.
@Guardian Angel Haruki

BTW, was Brutrumukk out of drunk vision in those last moments before he lost consciousness?
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