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Anyone up for a game of Urban Shadows?…
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What are these paper rectangles you speak of?


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Yeah, it is ironic, I should have considered that xP I guess I just wanted to use a very gentle-looking reptile as inspiration for her.

I never said that it was a bad idea. I think that's actually a good look for her. I just also found the difference in parenting attitude between Fogdance and the sea turtles that inspired her design to be rather amusing.
I actually took inspiration from a sea turtle for Fogdance

I do see that now you mention it. Which is funny considering how sea turtles aren't what you'd call nurturing when it comes to their young.
Fogdance kinda looks like a dinosaur.
@Guardian Angel Haruki should we tho? 🤔

Why would we need one?

"Don't worry about me." Skobeloff said in response to Tamba's words of caution. "I'll be back before you know it." With that said, Skobeloff focused his mind on the bond he had forged with Stargaze and threw the gem sand over himself. As the sand made contact with his body, it began to turn the parts of Skobeloff it touched into more gem sand. Soon enough, a Skobeloff shaped cloud of gem sand floated where the Trickster once stood. "Wish me luck!" The cloud exclaimed before zooming off out into the world beyond the Stronghold, flying faster than the eye could see. Through the woods, across the marsh, and down into the water he flew. Emerging within Echo's cave beside Stargaze as a swirling vortex of sand that eventually dispersed to revel Skobeloff in all his glory. "I return in triumph!" Skobeloff declared before looking around at everyone in the cave.

His eyes first fell upon his clutch, who he was quite happy to see safe and sound. "I see you're doing quite well for yourselves." Skobeloff said. "I'm sure you have stories to tell that are just as exciting as mine."

Skobeloff's gaze then found Echo and a gracious smile found the drake's mouth. "You must be our host." He said. "Stargaze speaks fondly of you. I'm happy to finally meet you."

Skobeloff's smile turned then to a malicious grin as he locked eyes with Kyte. "My my. It truly is a small world, no?" Skobeloff said. "I do hope you've been recovering nicely since the Amphora Incident." During the Trickster's campaign of merry vengeance against his clutch's bullies, Stonescale and those who associated with him had been among the targets that Skobeloff had hit the hardest. And he would have hit harder still had Stargaze not called him off. Even so, they had all learned fear that day. None of them had dared to draw so near as this since then.

Skobeloff then looked around for Garrock, and the drake's smile lessened considerably as he realized the dragon wasn't there. "Where's Garrock?" Skobeloff asked.

Jub: Has a spell that could make Aurora's rations take like truffles
Also Jub: Probably isn't nice enough and doesn't know care about Jingle Jangle enough to offer to do so

One day I'll play a nice character in one of these xP One day.

Good to see that Brutrumukk's influence hasn't stopped at Jub's racial dysphoria.

Brutrumukk accepted the key with a grunt of gratitude. Paying no heed to the goblin's words or rumbling stomach, Brutrumukk unlocked the cage and opened the door. "There you go. One unlocked cage. Courtesy o' the Spirit o' the Snorin' Stone." Brutrumukk said to Sir Talavar in common, before dropping the key and holding his hand out expectantly once more. "That'll be one blessed sword."

"I'll need to go get the others I came here with before we can strike back." Skobeloff said as he produced the gem sand. "I can teleport myself to them using this gem sand and then bring them back here. Do you three reckon you'd be able to hold out until my return? Even if you didn't have safety in numbers, whatever is out there doesn't appear to be interested in a direct attack on this Stronghold."

When Jingle Jangle was done introducing herself, Brutrumukk took Sir Talavar's cage from whoever was holding it and approached the key hoarding goblin. "I want this cage opened." Brutrumukk said in goblin. "The little dragon inside says you 'ave the key." With that said, the bugbear held the cage out expectantly.
@Guardian Angel Haruki

I'm good with heading straight there.
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