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It's my birthday today. It's my birthday today. There's a cat licking my birthday cake. It's my birthday today.
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Another year goes by. I wonder how many famous people will die in 2017?
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Say hi to John Lennon for me, Castro.


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Is it cold in the temple?
@Lucius Cypher

How many torches would it take to get a decent fire going?
Angus MacAlister

Angus was glad to be out of the storm and possibly safe from the troglodytes. It was very dark inside the temple though. Angus in the process of lighting a torch when the skeletal warrior appeared from the shadows. Angus' claymore was halfway out of its sheath in the time in the blink of an eye, but soon moved back in when the warrior made it clear he wasn't an immediate threat. When the warrior claimed to be a wraith, Angus raised an eyebrow. He'd heard stories about wraiths before, but Angus couldn't quite remember all the details since they only appeared in the less interesting stories. But he did remember a few things. "A wraith ye say?" Angus asked as he finished lighting his torch "Ye seem a little solid fer a wraith. And not nearly as 'ostile either" Angus shrugged "Either way, ye kept yer head when ye came back an' didn't just start tryin' to kill anyone who crossed yer path" he added "So good on ye fer that, lad...Or lass. It's 'ard to tell, what with ye havin' two voices an' all". Angus then remembered that its generally a good idea to introduce yourself when you're a guest in someone's home. "I am Angus MacAlister" Angus said before pointing at Raugar "He's a dragonborn who can make javelins glow" Angus then pointed at Thokk "He's a half-orc who cannae make javelins glow" Angus then pointed a Roy "And he's a daft sod who spends so much time sayin' 'ello that the fight's already over by the time he's finished his yammerin' and drawn his sword".

Arcana: 6

Religion: 11
@Lucius Cypher

Is there anything I can roll to try and recall knowledge about wraiths?
Though he'd prepared himself for another round of attacks, it soon became clear to Durwith that no such attacks were going to come. One of the remaining two Mercers in the fight had broken off from the assault to pick up his incapacitated fellow while the other Mercer still standing kept Durwith at bay. The Mercers were falling back. Durwith had other matters to deal with, so he let them run. Once the Mercers were out of sight, Durwith turned to the old man and helped him to his feet. "The temple of Melora isn't far from here" Durwith said "The clerics there should be able to heal your injuries. Once you're ready to move, I'll see you there safely".
Durwith laughed as he watched the third Mercer fall over. Not allowing himself to let it distract him though, Durwith weathered a further two attacks before seeing a good opening. With a mighty upwards swing of his axe, Durwith caught the first Mercer square in the groin with the blunt head. The pain was enough to send the mercer crumpling to the ground with no sign of him rising again until long after the fight was over. "Who's next?!" Durwith asked the remaining Mercers as he prepared for another wave of attacks. Once again, the Mercers attempted to strike Durwith. And once again, they were unable to get past the dwarf's armor and shield. Upon seeing another opening Durwith took a swing at the Mercer who hadn't fallen prone a moment ago. But the Mercer had caught onto Durwith's attack pattern and moved out of the way. Durwith cursed as he prepared to weather another volley.
Durwith growled at the threat and made to swing at the Mercer who issued it. One of the Mercer's fellows noticed however, and managed to make Durwith abandon his attack to block a dagger swing with his shield. This gave the first Mercer the perfect opportunity to draw a shortsword and go for the eyes, Durwith deflected the blade away from his eyes but was still cut across the cheek. Though the wound stung, Durwith gritted his teeth and ignored the pain. There was still work to be done. Before a third strike could be dealt upon him, Durwith finally swung his axe at the Mercer who had threatened him. Had Durwith not been using the side of his axe he kept blunted for non-lethal attacks, that would have been it for the Mercer. Instead the blunt axe head connected to the Mercer's side with a dull thud and the Mercer himself staggered back a pace, clutching his side and grimacing in pain. "Honestly, menacing an old man like that" Durwith said as he prepared to fend off more attacks "Don't you Mercer bastards have anything better to do?".
Durwith left the Tavern and proceeded along his patrol route through the Dockyard District. Durwith kept his eyes peeled as he walked the darkened streets. He encountered danger more commonly during the nighttime leg of his shift, so he was always on the alert when the sun went down and the world turned grey. Sure enough, Durwith soon encountered trouble. A trio of humans were attacking a fourth human in an alley way the dwarf was passing by. Durwith made his way into the alley, his battleaxe and shield ready to dispense justice upon the guilty. "What's going on here?!" Durwith barked as the trio turned to face him.
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