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What's the market value per unit of all the types of cargo we just stole? Also, does a unit have a fixed weight or does it vary from item to item? Also also, were there any units of things on the ship before we brought the cargo aboard?
So is selling items of dubious origin and suspicious quantity to ordinary merchants considered more than just a minor criminal offence then?
Talogan reached the top of the stairs to see Derrick and hector busily working on a door that was much more secure than any other seen in the ship. Talogan was just about to sigh over the futility of his crewmen's actions, but stopped when he noticed something that looked like it would be important. After ordering his men to hold, Talogan took a closer look and found a convenient key just inside the bar door. After claiming the key and unlocking the door, Talogan found that the two chests contained within were unlocked by a different key. A key most likely carried by the captain. Talogan made a mental note to get someone proficient with thieves tools on his crew before a lock with a less easily locatable key was brought to bear against them. With no other loot to be found on that part of the ship, Talogan went to make his rounds in the dining area and finally above deck. Unfortunately, there was nothing to be found there that hadn't already been found.

When the loot was gathered up and all brought topside, Talogan regarded it with and satisfied expression on his face. The ship had yielded a good haul. The amount of weaponry they found was nothing to scoff at. Not to mention the suits of scale mail taken from the sea goblins. Once Tayang had made the necessary adjustments, there'd be enough armor for each crewman interested in such things. It didn't take long after searching through the cargo to find out that the elves were textile traders. Though the mystery chests received much more attention from the crew. Talogan could already hear them wagering over what would be found once they were opened. The plunder from the ship's larder would see the stores of Maglubiyet's Kraken much better stocked at the end of the day that it was at the start. Especial interest was taken in the Coimas loaf found among the rest of the food. All in all, the taking was good and it could only get better. "Get this all onto the ship and then assemble below deck where we faced the last of the sea goblins" Talogan ordered "I found a trapdoor in the captain's quarters. Chances are it's where the last two elves are hiding, so be ready if they resist, and try to take them alive".

Once everything was secure on their ship, Talogan led his crew back down into the elven merchant ship to where he found the trapdoor. "Mr Boulder. Mr Collins. Move the bed out of the way and open the door" Talogan said as he drew his rapier "The rest of you be ready in case anyone below decides to sally forth as the trapdoor opens".

Are any of the looted weapons different from their regular counterparts in any meaningful way? Do bronze or elven weapons have any mechanical difference from regular steel weapons? What about shell tipped arrows or sharp horn tridents?
As he went from room to room in search of anything that may be of interest, Talogan pondered how much the exact worth of their latest haul would be. First there were the captives. So far, they had only found four of them. But that didn't mean there weren't any more hiding on the ship. After all, there were six beds on this floor of the ship. That meant there were two more elves possibly hiding somewhere. The elves looked like they would be worth at least 20 gold a head among his Ransom Broker acquaintances. So that meant from the captives alone, Talogan was looking at an impressive 80 to 120 gold piece haul. And that was before loot was taken into account. Weapons and armor were always a welcome find. If not for their use to the crew, then for their use to those with more gold than steel. Valuables needed only their name to explain why they were just as welcome as arms and armor. They were the bread and butter of many successful pirates. As for cargo, Talogan wasn't expecting much. While this was a merchant vessel, it wasn't a freighter. Still, what cargo they did carry could still have its uses. Maglubiyet's Kraken always appreciated extra food in her stores, especially fish that her helmsman could use for one of his much loved soups. The rest they could sell on. Even if it didn't get much, profit was profit.

Talogan pulled himself from his thought as he noticed that something was out of place in the captain's quarters. After some careful searching, Talogan discovered a hidden trapdoor under the bed. No doubt there would be something interesting beneath. Possibly something dangerous too. Deciding to wait until the less well hidden areas of the ship had been swept and his crew was reassembled, Talogan moved the bed once more. This time, he positioned it so that one of the legs of the bed was on top of the trapdoor to keep any potential hiders in the room below from sneaking out when no one was around. With that done, Talogan ascended to the floor above where their first below deck skirmish had occurred. Loot had already been discovered on this floor. Specifically, a chest of elven shortbows and a chest of silver arrows. But that didn't mean there wasn't more to find.

Also, do any members of Talogan's crew have a piece of Deadman's Gold?
Quick question, were any of the elves or sea goblins wearing a piece of Deadman's Gold?
I rolled a 16.
Talogan sheathed his weapons as the last sea goblin dropped its trident, thanked the captain for his mercy, and fled. "And should anyone ask" Talogan called after the sea goblin "Tell them you were beaten by Talogan Malgrogar and the pirates of Maglubiyet's Kraken!". Once the sea goblin was gone and followed out by Oliver and Hector, Talogan turned to Tayang as the dwarf asked what they would do next. "I will search for any survivors" Talogan said "The rest of you start looting. Mr Iron Guts, you're on corpse duty. Once you've taken everything of value from the dead, bring them topside. I have plans for them. And when you see Mr Collins and Mr Hector, tell them to get back down here and bring the cargo up on deck". Talogan then turned to Derrick and Johnathan. "You two go secure the cargo on the floor above" Talogan said "And none of you forget about the weapons. Sharp steel is more valuable than even the most precious of trade goods". With that said, Talogan went to go look for anyone else who might be lurking about the ship or failing that, anything else that might be of value.
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