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[@A Ticklish Ralt] I forgot that ad-blockers were a thing. Thanks for reminding me. :)
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Who thought these new ad banners were a good idea?
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[@DrBright] That's the Plague Doctor you're thinking about, not the Witch Doctor. I don't think there even is an SCP called the Witch Doctor.
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Hey, Witch Doctor! Give us the magic words!
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The highwaymen are more than willing to point out where they last saw Cascade, so Aura and Flicker will find her soon enough without any need for rolling... But not before they meet someone else first.

Flicker is now inspired.
The Poetry Contest was currently being run by a tabaxi woman resting in the branches of a lone tree near the west edge of the camp. When the water genasi approached the tree, the tabaxi stirred, looked down from her perch, and smiled when she saw someone had come to match rhymes with her. "A new challenger approaches! Hail and well met!" The tabaxi exclaimed in greeting as she sat up and looked down at the water genasi. "How much, might I ask, are you going to bet? The coin that you wager I shall match with the same. And it all shall then go to who triumphs in this game."

They are indeed.
Chapter Two: The Four Elements

For seven days you stayed in the town of Ennton, where you sold off your loot and basked in the gratitude of the townsfolk for seeing to the threat posed by the deranged cultists. However, the celebration was soured somewhat when a message addressed to Arkisz arrived. He needed to home as soon as he could to help tend to urgent family matters. And so at the end of the week, you left Ennton two companions fewer than when you arrived.

You traveled northwards along the King's Road to seek other quests in other towns. But as the sun begins its final descent and you begin to consider setting up camp for the night, you crest a hill and see a sprawling campsite off in the distance. Campsites such as these are common along the longer stretches of the King's Road where traveling from one settlement to the next takes longer than a single day of travel. They are run by highwaymen, a friendlier variant of bandit. They keep the King's Road safe from their more violent counterparts. In return, they are allowed to live as they please far from the sight and sensibilities of the civilized and the long arm of the law.

You are received warmly at the campsite, especially when a bardic highwayman recognised Jørmund from the songs and stories of the folk hero that were known far and wide. You soon find yourselves in a veritable carnival of questionably legal delights. Games of luck and contests of skill offer you the opportunity to stake the takings from your last adventure for the chance of winning even more treasure. Some of the larger tents about the campsite serve as bars or brothels or other providers of less than legal goods and/or services. And for those who just want to rest, there are tents of varying quality further away from the more livelier parts of the campsite, the tent you're given depending on how much you pay for lodging.

Once you have figured out where everything is, the leader of the highwaymen makes an interesting remark to the genasi among you. "Y'know, it's funny that an earth, air, and fire genasi should show up now of all times. A water genasi also happened to wander into our camp a few hours ago. It ain't often that you get to meet a half-genie. But it's even rarer to see one of each type in the same place... Well either way I'll leave you to it now. Enjoy your stay!"

What do you do?
Hot damn Rush... I think that's the most I've seen earned from a lvl 3 job at once ever!

Hags can be surprisingly generous when they're not trying to screw you over.
How cute are they?
@Guardian Angel Haruki

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. You are now inspired.
My only real gripe is that, during combat, I did have trouble figuring out where everyone and everything is in relation to each other… but then again, I do have trouble visualising spaces in general, so that might not even be your fault ^^;

If it helps, I may be able to create a rudimentary map using MS Paint.
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