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Current Happy New Year!
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A very merry Christmas and and a happy New Year. Let's hope it's a good one, without any fear.
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My computer needed repairs, so I've sent it away for a few days. Expect slow replies until further notice.
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Why don't you try The Burning of Volstryggr again? I certainly enjoyed it.


*Insert adventurous back story of adventure here*

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Now that the chest is open, does Talogan see signs of any anti-tampering trickery that the crew was worried about?

Also, does Talogan know anything about sea lions other than what Nyx mentions?
When his question was met with silence and the Yuki looking at him like he was crazier than her, Keiji felt a little silly. He quickly shook off this feeling though. If no answers were forthcoming from the voice, then perhaps he could recall something helpful. Figuring that magic was at the root of this, Keiji began digging up any pertinent scrap of arcana and magical lore he'd picked up over the years. Keiji recalled hearing some bards singing of ghosts and spirits able to take possession of mortal bodies and control them as if they were their own. And what's more, the descriptions of the possessed people in the songs would align pretty closely to a description of Yuki. But there were differences with Yuki. And it seemed to Keiji that the old woman was in as much control of herself as she could be with her age and mental state. If there was something possessing her, it wasn't forcing her to do anything and she wasn't aware of its presence. Keiji then remembered that the stories involving possessions the bards had told all had strong religious themes. With that in mind, Keiji wracked his brain for all that he knew of religion as he followed the trio as stealthily as he could, keeping a minimum of 50 feet and a maximum of 60 between himself and the trio at all times.

@Guardian Angel Haruki

Hey there. It's been almost a month since the last IC post. Is all well on your end?
Has Talogan ever been to Red Shard before? If so, what can he expect to find there?
Those who certifiably survive at least a seven day voyage (And when you're in mana storm territory, surviving one day is a notable accomplishment) through the center of the ocean are often visited by strange ocean folk who would inscribe magic tattoos on them. Of course this is mainly just a rumor, and a lot of people have made fake tattoos as well. It's a tattoo across the forehead in the shape of a sea of clouds.

Do the rumors say what magic these tattoos have?
Out of curiosity, do you remember that game you ran a while back? Ruins of Nurn was its name I think. Was that set in Keratia or was that a different setting?
I just saw that map of Keratia you posted on Blade Maiden's Exploits and now I have two questions. First off, is Keratia flat? The Map makes the world look pretty disc-like. Also, what's up with that dent on the north eastern corner of the map?
Talogan watched as the prisoners were led back down to the brig by Hector and Oliver, with Derrick following them down to ensure the injured elf's ear didn't become infected at Tayang's request. Talogan was tempted to countermand Tayang's extra order. But he decided against it, knowing all too well that the elves would be worthless if they didn't survive the journey and that his neglecting to give the order himself and wanting to countermand the order when his first mate gave it for him were born of the hatred of elfkind that all hobgoblins possessed in some capacity. Talogan could control it most of the time, but it had a tendency to make him prioritize elven combatants in battle. Even if there were bigger threats or opportunities in play.

When his men returned with the chests, Talogan raised an eyebrow as he considered the choice of material used for the chest. Iron wasn't the best metal to make sea cheats out of. If you wanted something a little more secure than wood to hold your sea treasures, bronze was usually the way to go. Either way, Talogan nodded at his first mate's words. These chests could very well be trapped as a last line of defense against pirates and thieves. It was always a possibility, even with how laughably little the merchant vessel had in the way of defenses. When his first mate asked which chest they should try the key in, Talogan reached into his coin pouch, pulled out a single gold piece, sent it flying up into the air with a flick of his thumb, and caught it on its way back down. "I'll try the chest on the right." Talogan stated when the coin had come up tails. "Mr Hector, hand me the key." Once he had the key, Talogan walked over to the chest on the right, knelt down in front of it, and tried to unlock it with the key.
Was Hector the one who found the key or did he only ask what it was for?
Talogan stood back and allowed the prisoners to be searched. As he did so, he glanced about the deck. No man on board, be they crewman or captive, could bring themselves to meet the captain's gaze. After what he'd just done to one of the elves, Talogan figured his act of suddenly ripping an earring from an ear and eating the flesh that he had pulled off must have been quite unsettling to witness. Good. Unsettled captives were less likely to resist. Unsettled crewmen remembered the consequences of crossing their captain. Unsettling displays in general were necessary for building and maintaining the fearsome reputation that no true pirate can be without. And when your god commands you to rule with nothing less than a fist of iron, unsettling displays were pretty much par for the course.

When he finally managed to pull himself together enough to look at his captain and ask what was to be done next and how well the prisoners were to be fed, Talogan responded to Tayang's question with a dismissive wave of his hand. "I'm done with our guests for the time being." Talogan declared. "Have them returned to their quarters and then bring the locked chests topside. As for food, give them the standard fare from the bread bucket." Talogan then pointed out the elf who had explained that the key would open one of the chests. "But give that one a little extra." Talogan added. While the fear of punishment was effective enough, that fear coupled with the promise of rewards in exchange for cooperation never failed to be even more effective than either one used alone.
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