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Current Hey, witch doctor! Give us the magic words!
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I'm currently eating pizza in a nearly deserted Pizza Hut. It's amazing how quickly the threat of this virus that's been going around can empty a place that's normally very popular.
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One with cheese.
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It's my birthday today. I'm 21.


*Insert adventurous back story of adventure here*

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I'm cool with it.
As quickly as he was brought back up, Angus was put back down again with barely enough time for an exclamation of "Oh bugger!" before the drake was upon him. On the bright side, it looked like he was handling it a lot better this time.

Angus returned to consciousness with a pained groan. "Bloody dragon-likes." Angus muttered as he pulled himself to his feet and picked up his javelin. "Thanks fer that." Angus said to Azzen with an appreciative nod. "Once we're outta here, I'll buy you a round at the first tavern we find." With that said, Angus turned to the drake, took aim with his javelin, and hurled it deep into the beast's flank. "GUESS WHO, YA SCALY BASTARD!" Angus roared.

With a rapier in his main hand and a hand crossbow in his off, Talogan led the way down the gangplank as the ship pulled into the harbor. There was a strangeness to the hamlet that was putting most of the crew on edge. All was quiet. No signs of life could be seen or heard, not even the usual caw of the seagulls were present. It seemed to Talogan like all life had simply vanished without a trace. But then Kulee pointed out a bucket of fish that had been knocked over, its recent happening proven by the still living fish that had spilled out. Soon after, Talogan noticed foot prints around the temple. "Ms. Orocho." Talogan said. "I need eyes in the air. Have Nox fly a ring round the hamlet, then send him down through the chapel rafters. Let me know if anything notable is spotted. The rest of you, let's go investigate the huts and see if this hamlet is truly as abandoned as it seems." With that said, Talogan led the way to the nearest hut. Once there, Talogan knocked on the front door and waited for an answer while listening for any signs of life inside.
@Dark Light
You still with us?
Would a perception check of 15 allow Talogan to notice anything other than what has already been mentioned?

Having finished his drink, Halvar decided it was high time he got to the Wolfwind. After taking a moment to pick up his warhammer, Halvar left the tavern and looked around. He quickly spotted the man who has called for the raiding party to meet on the boat. He looked to be standing with a few members of the party already. Halvar moved to join the others, waiting quietly for something to happen.
Out of curiosity, can the sound of seagulls be heard or is it eerily silent save for the sea?
When the hamlet came into view, Talogan opened his mouth to order the black flag hoisted up the mast. But before he could, he took notice of something rather odd. The hamlet was empty. Not a single soul could be seen among the huts and cabins of the hamlet. Talogan raised an eyebrow at this. Where was everybody? At a time like this, they should have been working. But nobody was there. Something wasn't right. "Captain, don't see any villagers here." Tayang said as the first mate ascended to the bridge to speak with the captain. "Tis the middle of the day so I suspect most of the fishermen ain't here, but I don't see no fishwives or anything. Ought we moor and find out where everyone is at?"
"Bring us in." Talogan said with a nod. "And have the crew ready themselves for anything. There might be more to this hamlet than I originally believed."
I just realized you mentioned that in the IC. My head does not seem to be screwed on properly today.
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