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Why don't you try The Burning of Volstryggr again? I certainly enjoyed it.
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Haven't updated my status for a while. Guess I'll do it now.
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*Insert adventurous back story of adventure here*

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I couldn't agree more. The term 'murder hobo' doesn't fit Roy in the slightest, 'daft sod' on the other hand fits him like a glove.

My thoughts exactly.
Well if you'd like some practice in DMing, I'm definitely down with being your player. Also, I don't have a mic and I'm not particularly fond of voice games anyway, so text based is definitely the way we'd go.
@Lucius Cypher

I'm guessing Angus' rooftop trek back to the temple has been pretty uneventful so far.
<Snipped quote by rush99999>

I could come up with something. Is this Solo?

This is indeed Solo.

Oh, you wanted to be a player? I'm afraid I'm only looking for DMs, not other players. Sorry for getting your hopes up.


No worries, I've forgotten to subscribe to my fair share of threads too.

Seeing as we have all we need on the guild, I say we should keep things here. But if you'd prefer Discord, I don't mind doing that instead.

As for what kind of story I'd like, recently I've been feeling partial towards terrorizing the high seas. Do you think you could DM a game about piracy?

Your enthusiastic response already has me excited. DiceCloud is where I keep most of my character sheets.
Arthur called to the elf softly, a few yards away to be safe. "Hey elf, what brings you here?" He could tell this elf was strong.

Mevoreth's ears pricked up at the sound of a voice calling out to him. He wasn't worried that someone had found him. He was one of the most dangerous people in the city. If they tried anything, Mevoreth was confident that they'd be quick to regret it. "Work" Mevoreth said in response to the new arrival's question. With that said, Mevoreth pointed his sixshooter at the sky and pulled the trigger. Instead of the bang firearms usually make when fired, the golden six shooter made a sound similar to that of a coin being flipped. A few seconds later, the corpse of the influencer that had been watching over the Monk's group hit the ground in front of the Monk. Before the Monk or any of his retinue could react, eight more coin flips rang out in rapid succession. The Monk's retinue fell to the ground, each with a hole in their heads. The Monk himself however was still alive. Though he had been hit by one of Mevoreth's bullets, the Monk didn't have a scratch on him. That didn't mean he was unharmed though. After being hit, the Monk had began writhing on the floor as his face contorted into a silent scream of agony. "You'll have to excuse me" Mevoreth said to the person standing behind him "I have a paycheck to cash". With that said, Mevoreth picked up the Monk and made to disappear into the alleyways. But before he could, Mevoreth saw the face of the person who spoke and felt a twinge of recognition. "Do I know you?" Mevoreth asked "I feel like I should know who you are, but I just can't seem to put the pieces together".
No, Arthur has no concern for money. He doesn't even need to eat or drink.

If you have a price on your head, it doesn't mean you have a concern for money. It means you're a wanted criminal.
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