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Current Happy new year!
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Hey, witch doctor! Give us the magic words!
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I'm currently eating pizza in a nearly deserted Pizza Hut. It's amazing how quickly the threat of this virus that's been going around can empty a place that's normally very popular.
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One with cheese.


*Insert adventurous back story of adventure here*

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By the way, how much is six pounds of silver worth in gold pieces?
Talogan raised an eyebrow when he received the response to his message. He had only invited the former slaves around for breakfast, and yet they were replying as if he was inviting them to join the crew. Talogan figured that someone among the former slaves was insightful enough to discern his intent to offer places on his crew to them during breakfast. The crate of books arrived shortly after. The hour was late, so Talogan only read the first few pages of each book. Every time he found a holy text, he cast it scornfully into the ripping pile after confirming that each book was dedicated to a false god. When he had a free moment in the future, he would find no small of enjoyment in their slow and systematic destruction. Talogan stored the rest of the books on his bookshelf. The lore tomes, biographies, and manuals on crafting would all be read in time. The manuals on swordplay would probably be read last, if at all. Talogan had learned all their worthwhile lessons long ago under the instruction of his former captain. That didn't mean they were not of interest to Talogan. Though they didn't seem the type to be so, hobgoblins were just as prone to nostalgia as any other race was.

Having finished reading for the night, Talogan had the now empty crate stored in the cargo hold for later use before retiring for the night. As he slept, Talogan dreamed that he was back at the fishing hamlet. Unlike when he was there previously, the hamlet a lot emptier than it was before. The buildings were still there but any sign that people had ever lived there was not. Talogan's crew wasn't there either. Neither was his ship. However, dream induced ignorance left him oblivious to these differences as he proceeded towards the temple and opened the door. The temple interior was deserted too. The corpses were not there and the room was completely empty save for the pool of holy water, the altar, the elven priestess, and the message written in blood. Much like when he wandered through the hamlet outside, the dream kept Talogan from noticing any of the differences as he approached the priestess. Soon enough, he was standing where he had stood only a few hours ago. But this time, without the potion to give to her, Talogan could only gaze down at this woman who had suffered so much simply because she had devoted herself to a pretender. Talogan began to do something. But before before he could do enough to know what he was doing exactly, the dream ended.

Talogan awoke to the warm scent of Kulee's fish soup cooking nearby. Judging from the scent, he'd have just enough time to go sell off his loot before breakfast was ready. Talogan readied himself for the day, then knelt before the shrine to his gods and said his morning prayers. As he prayed, memories of the dream he had last night passed through his mind. Wave of unease washed over him, though he did not allow it to stop distract him. Once he was finished praying and all his gear has passed morning inspection, Talogan made his way topside. They had made port somewhat later than had been predicted due to difficulties in finding somewhere to dock. Most likely due to the fleet that had arrived yesterday. As he surveyed the surroundings, Talogan caught sight of the port guards poking around the ship and speaking with the slaves. “Hmm, seems that the port authorities are questioning the slaves.” Tayang mentioned as he drew level with Talogan. “Ought we explain the situation to em captain? Could help put the new lads in good faith if you cover for them.”
"Ms. Orocho! With me." Talogan called out before looking to Tayang. "Ms. Orocho and I will handle the guards. In the meantime, have the wood, salt, and sailing canvas made ready to move. I intend to have it sold on before breakfast." With that said, Talogan went ashore with Nyx in tow and made his way over to the orc vessel. "Good morning." Talogan greeted as he moved within speaking range of the guards and former slaves. "These people are with me. Is there a problem here?"

You say that like I haven't been prodding you constantly all through those two months.

Either way, thank you as well for DMing this game. I'm really enjoying it so far. Can't wait to see where this goes.
Sorry for taking so long to say this, but I hope you have a happy new year.

I am also sorry for not being the most patient person in the world over the course of the previous year. It is a failing of mine, and I have made overcoming it my new year's resolution.
Out of curiosity, do loxodons exist in Keratia?
"Very well." Talogan said once Tayang had finished speaking. The captain then rose to his feet, approached his first mate, and placed a single glowing finger on the few parts of Tayang's injuries that Derrick missed, causing them to close up in the blink of an eye. "Thank you for the rundown, Mr Iron Guts." Talogan said. "That will be all." Once Tayang was gone, Talogan looked out the window and observed the former slaves at work. The dwarves he was definitely going to offer work to. Experienced or not, people who could swing a weapon would always have a place on the Kraken while Talogan was in charge. He'd have to speak with the gnomes before he made his final decision on them. Tinkerers had their uses, but only certain tinkerers had the uses Talogan was after. As for the halflings, Talogan decided he'd let them walk. Stout and hardy was all well and good, but Talogan preferred the sort of people who either knew their way around a weapon or had skills grander than tilling a field.

Turning away from the window, Talogan walked over to a small wardrobe he kept in his quarters. After using a sliver of the Mighty One's power to heal the last few cuts that hadn't healed up on their own, Talogan took a spare set of clothes from the wardrobe and changed into them from his current bloody attire. After that, Talogan took his blue studded leather coat and washed out the bloodstains. Once he wasn't looking like he'd just been in a fight, Talogan left his quarters and ascended back up above deck. "An exceptionally fine outing today." Talogan declared as he arrived topside. "We set out to plunder holy water from a hamlet temple. But tomorrow, we will return to port with a far grander bounty than we initially expected. A bounty everyone on this ship will share in." Talogan paused to let the crew's cheering die down before continuing. "I've also been told that three barrels of fish were among the prize we took today. And so tomorrow morning I shall have Mr. Fishbones prepare us one of his excellent fish soups for breakfast." Talogan paused again to let the crew's even more enthusiastic cheering die down before continuing again. "Mr. Collins. Dr. Boulder. Bring the crate of books we plundered to my quarters. Ms. Orocho. Have Nox take a message to the former slaves on the warship. Let them know that they are invited to join us for breakfast in the morning. The rest of you, back to work."

With that said, Talogan descended back below deck and returned to his quarters. Once there he sat at his desk and waited for the crate to arrive, intent on perusing its contents to see if any useful knowledge could be found within the collection, as well as to single out any holy texts of non-goblinoid deities that lay within the crate and add them to the pile of books that Talogan ripped pages out of and tossed into the sea to pass the time.

So there's still a few hit points missing then?
Is Tayang still injured or has Derrick patched him up off screen?
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