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It's my birthday today. It's my birthday today. There's a cat licking my birthday cake. It's my birthday today.
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Another year goes by. I wonder how many famous people will die in 2017?
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Say hi to John Lennon for me, Castro.


*Insert adventurous back story of adventure here*

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Border Lake

With a monthly tribute from the elves of Môrogoed secured and safe passage along the river guaranteed, the entire kobold raiding fleet made its way to the lake that separated the elves from the half-elves. Upon arrival, the kobolds brought their rafts together to form a floating campsite on Môrogoed's side of the lake. With a base of operations established, the kobolds began making preparations. Under the cloak of darkness, the kobolds intended to send raiding parties across the lake and into Lorea. There they would then seize meat and treasure from where ever such things could be found, before crossing back over the river to Môrogoed by the 1st light of day to send their loot back to the mountains. Nightfall wouldn't be for some time yet, so the kobolds had time to think about where they would look for raiding targets. According to both the initial scouting reports and general kobold superstition, targets that were further to the east were harder yet more rewarding. The least experienced raiding parties weren't planning to put to much distance between themselves and the lake. The more experienced raiding parties planned on hitting Lorea's central regions. Only the most experienced raiding parties would attack the eastern plains. There was also talk among the veteran raiders of making an attempt on the trade caravan passing through the area and the large group of mounted soldiers who were probably led by someone worth a hefty ransom.
I'll keep an eye on this.

This dead then?
I'm interested.

Busy. But don't worry. I'll have something up soon.
@Cu Chulainn

Whodenkainen's Tome of Whatnow?

Good luck trying to find them. Pokemon don't exist in D&D.
Once the whistle sounded, Tekdek perched himself on top of a nearby vantage point to listen to the words of the former Hero Guard. He quietly chirped with confidence when it was revealed that the new Hero Guard would be selected through a race. Few land bound beings could keep up with an aarakocra in flight. Tekdek had this in the bag. When Askia destroyed the palisade wall, Tekdek took to the skies and was off towards the forest. But as he soared further and further away from the palisade at great speed, Tekdek couldn't help but feel that he had forgotten something.

Tekdek's rushing ahead above the ground-walkers with a whopping 22.
<Snipped quote by rush99999>

I'll admit that I misremembered the tone of your post, but I did get the impression from the last sentence.

I can kinda see why.

While it is true that it is the only way you'll find out, it's just not as satisfying to reveal it as things are now, and it's frustrating. I have seen RPers reuse their characters for other RPs, so it's not like you'll never get another chance to find out their secrets. Save the joy of the surprise for that time!

There's a chance they won't though. I've had a few characters I only used once and never plan on using again. And in my opinion, an unsatisfying reveal is still better than no reveal.

I apologize for my mistake on the tone of your post.

Apology accepted.
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