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Happy new year!
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11 mos ago
Hey, witch doctor! Give us the magic words!
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1 yr ago
I'm currently eating pizza in a nearly deserted Pizza Hut. It's amazing how quickly the threat of this virus that's been going around can empty a place that's normally very popular.
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1 yr ago
One with cheese.


*Insert adventurous back story of adventure here*

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How is everybody coming along? Are we ready to think about starting the IC?

If my character is accepted, I'm ready^^

What he said.
Seeing the unacceptable behavior of the people of Swampmuck, Bartholomew decided now was the time for action. After taking in a deep breath, Bartholomew called out loud enough to be heard over the din. "Your attention please!" Bartholomew called out. "Those of you who do not stop this nonsense immediately will receive a lifetime ban from the Tankard!" A lifetime ban from the Adamant Tankard was something dreaded throughout Swampmuck and was neither given nor taken lightly. The Tankard was the best tavern for miles in any direction, and whenever its keeper threatened a ban of any length, especially a lifetime ban, they meant it. And since Bartholomew knew everyone, those who were banned had no hope of slipping by him as just another face in the crowd. Needless to say, he saw hesitation on many faces in the mob after that.


I miss those times as well. And as for if I've ever played Urban Shadows before, I cannot say I have. But the system looks easy enough to pick up, so hopefully it won't be too difficult.
@rush99999 What's up Rush? Haven't seen you since the old mercenary RP!

Those were some good times, weren't they? Glad to see you again, man. I've been doing alright. How about you?
Awesome. Calling dibs on the Vamp.
If you're still selling tickets, I wouldn't mind a ride on this crazy train.
Out of curiosity, does Keratia have any kind of holiday similar to April Fools Day?
Would you mind if I retconned two of Talogan's daggers into saps?
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