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Current Hey, witch doctor! Give us the magic words!
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I'm currently eating pizza in a nearly deserted Pizza Hut. It's amazing how quickly the threat of this virus that's been going around can empty a place that's normally very popular.
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One with cheese.
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It's my birthday today. I'm 21.
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Happy New Year!
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*Insert adventurous back story of adventure here*

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What kind of armor is the Orc Kaptain wearing?
Holland sat in the warmth of the fire, sipping a bottle of Sunset Sarsaparilla. Ever since he parted ways with Sheriff Dalton, the concerns that Holland had filed away were slowly but surely bubbling to the surface. The fact that almost everyone was talking about what he had those concerns certainly didn't help matters. What was wrong with the Mayor? Was she going to be alright? Had her days finally been numbered? Was there nothing Holland could do to help? Holland's thoughts were abruptly interrupted by a single gunshot ringing out over the festivities.

Holland just sat there for a moment, blinking in shock. Had he really just heard that? Was there something wrong with his ears? Who would be shooting at a time like this? Why would they be shooting at a time like this? Holland regained focus just as a burst of gunfire rang out. Followed by a resounding boom as something exploded near the gate. Holland jumped to his feet. Something was going down. Something he should probably be helping with. All previous concerns forgotten, Holland dashed for the gate as he readied himself for a fight.
Would it be easy to guess how long it'll be until the storm is upon us?
Out of curiosity, how many slaves are there and where are they on the map?
Talogan watched as his foe charged him with the speed and aggression he had only ever seen in orcs like the one bearing down on him. Talogan watched as the orc reached the railing of his warship and cleared the five foot gap between the two ships to meet Talogan on the Kraken with a devastating downward swing. Talogan made no effort to dodge, instead simply allowing the power of Maglubiyet to shield him from the blow. "Surrender and you will be taken prisoner!" Barked the orc. "Fight, and you will feed our hogs!"
"You still believe you can kill me?" Talogan asked as he squared off against his opponent. "Even after witnessing the divine power of the Mighty One swat aside your strike as if it were nothing? No. It is not I who shall die today. It is you!" With that said Talogan lunged forward and stabbed at the orc's neck. But rather than allowing such a fatal blow to land, the orc attempted to deflect the attack. Though he succeeded in deflecting a lethal hit to the throat, Talogan's rapier still connected with the orc's collarbone. And while he had the orc distracted with his rapier, Talogan also shot the orc in the gut with his hand crossbow.

As they continued to duel, Talogan glanced about at the surrounding battle to see how things were going. So far, the Pirates of Maglubiyet's Kraken had a solid lead in the fight. Three orcs lay dead already and all they had achieved in return was wounding Tayang, an act the first mate ensured the orcs paid a heavy price for. Three more orcs had also been blown off the deck by a timely Gust of Wind from Nyx. Only one of the orcs had managed to get back on the boat so far. 'That's what happens when you don't use lifelines.' Talogan thought to himself before raising his voice to be heard over the battle. "Ms. Orocho!" Talogan called. "Have Nox distract any orc that Mr. Iron Guts tries to attack!" Having said that, Talogan prepared for the next exchange of blows between himself and the lead orc.

Talogan finished his prayer just as the two ships collided. After taking a moment to steady himself, Talogan marched up the deck, calmly drawing his rapier and unhooking his hand crossbow from his belt as he went. Talogan came to a stop as he drew level with Oliver. He took his place at the railing next to his crewman and surveyed the orcs arrayed against them before glancing towards Oliver. "Mr. Collins." Talogan said as a halo of blood red light began to glow dimly around the pirate captain, shining brighter with each passing second. "I suggest you cover your ears." With that said, Talogan looked back at the orcs and unleashed Maglubiyet's divine power upon them. "DOGS OF GRUUMSH! COWER AND DESPAIR!" Talogan roared louder than even the greatest claps of thunder from the approaching storm. "MAGLUBIYET HAS COME FOR YOU! AND WITH HIM, YOUR DOOM!" With his declaration delivered, Talogan turned towards the leader of the orcs and raised his rapier tip first towards his foe, openly challenging the strongest of the greenskins. "Deal with the underlings!" Talogan called out to his crew. "The leader belongs to me!"

I've just found this game's official theme music.


Azzen was at 10 HP and the kobold only did 9 damage. Shouldn't that mean he still has 1 HP left?
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