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4 mos ago
It's my birthday today. It's my birthday today. There's a cat licking my birthday cake. It's my birthday today.
6 mos ago
Another year goes by. I wonder how many famous people will die in 2017?
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7 mos ago
Say hi to John Lennon for me, Castro.
1 yr ago
We meet again, spambots. FOR THE LAST TIME!
1 yr ago
For the last time, we did not order a giant trampoline!


*Insert adventurous back story of adventure here*

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That is generally the case.
You know the formula: MC is a guy that gets suddenly sent into a situation were he's spending a lot of time around a bunch of eligible girls, he gets to know them, hijinks and romance ensue, ect.

That is what usually happens in stories like this.
There is a vaccine, but it is dubious, and runs the risk of infecting the person who takes the vaccine.

Out of curiosity, how easy is it to get your hands on this vaccine?

I wouldn't mind hopping aboard this crazy train.

EDIT: Quick question though, what exactly is a VN?
Mine too.
Can I just say how hilarious that character sounds in the beginning to a stranger?

Which character are you referring to?
"You had me at storming his manor!" a loud booming voice called out from the corner of the tavern. The source of the reply was a hulking Goliath sitting alone at a table with many weapons on his back/strapped to his sides and 4 large Mastiffs at his feet. The Goliath rose to his feet and walked over to the man who had just entered, his dogs following closely behind. "Thanath Thundermaul Thenalekali!" The Goliath boomed in an introductory manner "If you're looking for a fight, I'll be more than happy to help you with that so long as I get the lion's share of aforementioned fighting!".

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@The Mighty Hero

Will we be kicking mayoral butt cheeks anytime soon?
@The Mighty Hero

I'd just keep everything here.
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