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What are these paper rectangles you speak of?
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[@A Ticklish Ralt] I forgot that ad-blockers were a thing. Thanks for reminding me. :)
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Who thought these new ad banners were a good idea?


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The ball is in your court.
When Aura cast her spell, she didn't hit any of the attackers this time. Instead, her spell fire struck the trees themselves and set them ablaze, creating a wall of flame along part of the treeline.

"Yoseph you fool!" A voice barked out in the Terran dialect of Primordial. "I don't know how you convinced me this was a good idea to begin with, but I have no intention of letting it go on! Archers, cease! Melee combatants, charge!"

In response to these words, the stream of crossbolts from the trees came to a halt and more people charged from the treeline. They were of various races, but each of them were missing features that their respective races were known for. Elves and half-elves were missing their pointed ears. Orcs and half-orcs were missing their prominent tusks. Dwarf men were missing their beards. All of them wielded mauls made of stone as they advanced... to very limited success.

Of the nine attackers that made up the first wave, three of them were stopped by the fire started by Aura's casting of Scorching Ray and four more were halted by the impassable fog given off by Cascade's Marine Layer. Of the two attackers who actually managed to get close, only one of them was able to make an attack, and even then the attack was utterly ineffectual.

...Would that make Jub...

*lowers sunglasses*

...A Dice Goblin? XD


"Well if it's the second thing, I 'ope I'm there to see the wallop when it 'appens. Sounds like it'd be fun to watch." Brutrumukk said when Sir Talavar was done talking. "Either way, we've been sittin' around fer about an hour now. I'd say it's time we got movin'." With that said, Brutrumukk finished his meal and began to tidy away his things in preparation for the journey to Telemy Hill. "You said some goblin what lives on some 'ill can open yer cage, yeah?" Brutrumukk said to Sir Talavar as he worked. "What makes you so sure she can, does she work for the 'ags as some sort o' magical cage maker or somethin' like that?"
In other news, I found a really cool song that I can't help but put on repeat. It's a lot of fun to listen to,

Feywild casinos in a nutshell.
@Vertigo @Digizel

Orbital Boop Cannon fully charged. Locking onto target...

Target locked. Firing sequence initiated. Orbital Boop Cannon firing in five.. four... three... two... one...

Shit, now I have to come up with something to do on my action. I'll probably just shoot an arrow or something

Sorry about that. If it's any consolation though, you still have that inspiration you got from going for Cascade over Paxton.
@LostDestiny @Guardian Angel Haruki @Birdboy @Lurking Krog @XxFellsingxX
Good news, everyone! I have just discovered that the map is still there! Furthermore, after updating the map to match what has happened, I've discovered that only Paxton and the Attackers were caught in the fireball. The watchtower has still collapsed, Flicker was still hurt in the fall, and Paxton is still unconscious; but all PCs are still in the fight and Jørmund and Cascade took no damage from the fireball.

@Birdboy @LostDestiny
I have updated my last IC post to reflect the situation. Feel free to do likewise if you so desire.

"Past tense: a use of language denoting that something happened at an earlier point of time," Jub explained.

"Yeah, I know that bit." Brutrumukk said while making a 'get on with it' motion with one hand. "But why didn't you like the tiny dragon usin' it jus' now?"

"Basically, he's implying that while this Zybilna would have been okay with us foraging and hunting in her lands, this Hourglass Coven likely won't." Jub finished.

"Oh." Brutrumukk said thoughtfully. "Well seein' 'ow we jus' killed two snakes, ate one of 'em, an' no magical shenanigans 'ave turned up to get us back fer that, I think we're fine on that front... 'Ang on." Brutrumukk then turned to Sir Talavar and asked a question. "If these 'ags stole this place from this Sip-Ill-Nah lady you mentioned, why 'aven't the magical shenanigans come after the 'ags?"
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