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Current Haven't updated my status for a while. Guess I'll do it now.
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It's my birthday today. It's my birthday today. There's a cat licking my birthday cake. It's my birthday today.
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Another year goes by. I wonder how many famous people will die in 2017?
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Name: Christopher Bowes
Alias/Nickname: The Terrorsquid
Culture: Scottish
Personal Ship: The Alestorm - Galleon - Minimum Crew
Reputation: Known across the world as one of the most fearsome pirates to ever sail the seven seas. A merchant's worst nightmare, a painful thorn in the Colonial Elites' side, and either the best possible friend or the worst possible enemy to his fellow pirates. At least, that's how it used to be.
Wealth: Very Little Gold
Background Type: Mythical Pirate
Backstory: There was once a time when the mere mention of his name could cause a packed tavern to fall silent, when the crews of entire merchant fleets would abandon ship at the sight of his flag, when the Colonial Elites would grind their teeth to a fine powder at reports of his activities on their shipping lanes. But that time has passed.

Christopher Bowes descent from legend began when he ambushed a lone schooner. Surprisingly, the crew of the schooner put up one hell of a fight. Inevitably, they were slaughtered to a man and the captain was keelhauled. But before he died, the captain of the schooner warned Bowes to leave the cargo be if he knew what was good for him. This vague threat wasn't nearly enough to dissuade the Terrorsquid. If anything, it made him even more eager to find out what they had locked in the cargo hold. But when his men got the shockingly well locked doors open, Bowes found the hold empty save for a blank scroll of strange blue paper. His curiosity piqued, Bowes took the scroll with him to see if he could find out if there was anything special about it. Three days later, the vast armadas of the Colonial Elites lay waste to the Terrorsquid's fleet in search of something they referred to as the Map from the Sky. Bowes flagship, the Alestorm, was the only ship to make it out in one piece.

With his reputation as an unstoppable force of seaborne extortion in tatters, most of his ship's crew killed during the fighting, and most of his wealth lying at the bottom of the ocean with the rest of his fleet, Bowes now seeks to claw his way back to his former glory, regain his lost riches, rebuild his fleet, and find out what the Map from the Sky was. All while the Colonial Elites' naval forces pursue him tirelessly and what little remains of the Alestorm's crew grow closer and closer to mutiny with each passing day.
Jacoby frowned when Mari suggested they just take a boat. He wasn't all that shocked by the paladin's suggestion that she get Cap'n Crossroad's attention by challenging him to a fight. Some of the faith's more militant servants tended to be like that. But he'd never known a paladin to suggest stealing until now. "I would rather we don't break the law unless we absolutely have to" Jacoby said before the friendly smile returned to his face once more "Besides, it won't be that hard to acquire a boat without committing a crime to do so. You need only place the right gold piece in the right hand, and you have yourself a perfectly good boat for the day. So there's no need to worry about that. I'll go secure us a boat now. The two of you can do as you please. We can meet back here an hour or so before noon and prepare to cast off once the City Father's ship appears on the horizon".
As does Angus.
Angus MacAlister

Angus stood still for a moment as he regarded the orc woman with a look bordering curiosity and apathy. He then reached behind his back, pulled out one of his Javelins, and handed it to Raugar. "I believe this belongs to you" Angus said to the dragonborn "Would've returned it to you in the temple last night, but I held off since I wasn't in the mood fer riskin' the wraith's anger". Angus then turned to the orc. "We ain't 'ere to kill you, orc" Angus said "Well I ain't anyway. I cannae say what the others think to do with you. I meself only came this way 'cause I thought there'd be somethin' interestin' to see. But if a dyin' orc's all there is, I guess I was wrong aboot that".
Angus MacAlister

"Och put that bloody dwarven contraption away, ye daft sod" Angus said as he drew level with Roy and noticed the musket he was holding "If ye fire a shot with that thing, there's no tellin' what sort o' nasties ye'll be givin' away our location to". With that said, Angus moved past Roy and joined those who had moved to inspect the corpse. "Anythin' aboot this stiff caught yer fancies?" Angus asked as he got within earshot of those by the corpse "Or 'ave I just wasted our time pointin' a completely uninterestin' corpse out to you lot?".
@Lucius Cypher

Would Angus need to pass a skill check to know that Roy's musket would make a loud noise when fired or would he know that right off the bat?
Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free! You are a pirate!
"It would be near impossible to get him alone" Jacoby said "Once his boat lands, there will be no end to the people wanting to speak with him. Even if we beat them all to the dock, we'd probably only get in a word or two before the rest of the crowds demand his attention". Jacoby considered their options. During the six days he'd been on the Flotilla, Jacoby had heard no mention of anyone ever getting the City Father alone. Only that there were a lot of boats and that Cap'n Crossroads would be sailing in.

Jacoby's face lit up as he found himself struck with a most brilliant idea. "That's it!" he exclaimed "We won't be able to get his attention once he lands. But we might be able to speak with him before he reaches the docks. We just need to commandeer a boat, preferably a swift one, and sail out to Crossroads' vessel when it appears on the horizon. Then all we have to do is convince him to hear us out".
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