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Happy new year!
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Hey, witch doctor! Give us the magic words!
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I'm currently eating pizza in a nearly deserted Pizza Hut. It's amazing how quickly the threat of this virus that's been going around can empty a place that's normally very popular.
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One with cheese.


*Insert adventurous back story of adventure here*

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Would you accept people who have never played this game before?
"The Cathedral of St Anthony the Illuminated." January said with a bothered look on his face. "I suppose that means I should start my search there... Just my luck." Ever since the Roman Empire turned to Christ, January had despised the Christians for, in his mind, ruining the Empire. As such, he hated everything associated with the religion in question, especially the temples dedicated to the Lord. Needless to say, January did not relish the thought of visiting a cathedral. "Why didn't you keep this item of yours with the rest of your hoard? Is it something dangerous?" January asked. He noticed that the dragon didn't seem to want to tell January what her stolen item was, so he decided against asking her to tell him what exactly had been stolen.
When the dragon brought up the possibility of having Yuki assist him, January seemed somewhat uneasy about it. His playbook was a subtle one, and he hadn't really seen much of that from Yuki so far. Even so, January could see her being of some use should he need backup in a tough fight where discretion was not an issue. Her attire and loadout would have to be altered to something that would blend in a little more though. A magical girl cosplayer blasting j-pop and toting a heavy caliber machine gun was bound to draw unwanted attention.

January smiled and nodded gratefully to the dragon when she scolded Yuki for her disrespect of the statue of Venus before making her remove the gun and promise to treat the statue with respect befitting the likeness of a goddess from then on. "The gods will remember that, and so too shall I." January said. "But I digress. Is there anything you can tell me about these thieves or any leads I should keep in mind during my search? And if I may ask, do you have any thoughts as to why the thieves would come rooting around your hoard in search of Harold's will? I get why they'd want it, but I don't get why they'd come looking for it here. In all the time I'd been his friend, he never mentioned knowing any dragons well enough to trust them with his will."

I'm out.

I'm out.
Suddenly, Angus vanished in a puff of smoke and everyone forgot he existed.
<Snipped quote by rush99999>

You were on. When cullen was being attacked.

And that makes it ok to leave me out of the fight and then laugh at me for missing it? People have lives beyond the internet. Just because someone is online doesn't mean they are able to post.
Noticed new players miss out on battles lol

I would suggest waiting until all the players have posted to say whether they join the fight or not before starting the fight next time.
"Good to meet the lot o' ya." Angus said with a friendly smile. "My name is Angus and I am a man o' Clan MacAlister from the Highlands o' Dachaigh. Though I'm sure you already knew that last bit from me accent. How about you lot? What lands do you hail from?"
" I once knew a goat lady, whose feet were hooven.....
She had looks that not too bad lookin....
She stole me gold, near done took me heart....
Now I'm broke, not worth a fart....
And just when you thought my song was done....
Ow! Stubbed my fucking toe!"

Rolled 16+2=18 Performance.

Who is singing this song?
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