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2 mos ago
Current No spoilers but endgame punched me right in the gut. Great movie. 10/10. I hate it. Best movie
2 mos ago
What was Woman's day? Was that a real thing or did I make it up for my last status?
2 mos ago
What was Woman's day? Was that a real thing or did I make it up for my last status?
4 mos ago
happy womans day
6 mos ago
Just finished Spider-man ps4 and now I’m going into withdrawl


Pull over here

We can't park here

Why not?

It's a yellow zone.

We're about to pull off the biggest heist in the world and your worried about parking?


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@Lord Wraith I'm still interested! I've been plugging away at my post but I've been knackered from work.
@Lord Wraith Sorry for the radio silence. Been plugging away at a post but my hours at work got upped and I haven’t had the piss and vinegar to get it finished. I’ll try to get something up by this weekend and sorry for not giving a heads up.
Hey guys, been lurking around for a while and finally cobbled a CS together. I got it approved in PMs so I posted it here. Looking forward to joining in on the RP!
@Lucius Cypher Sounds good! Just wondering, how are stats handled? Are they rolled for or the point-buy system?
Hey, can I be put on the wait list to get in on this? I've been looking for a 5e game on here that hooked me and this seems pretty cool

Up until this point Rubin hadn't been in much of a real fight with an Oni. He'd beaten on a few of the smaller ones before but he tended to avoid the big ones since he didn't have any formal training with fighting with anything let alone a Katana. He figured he would work his way up to the more heavy duty baddies over the course of the year but that looked like it wasn't going to be in the cards.

Humpherey turned away from his stream as he heard something scuttle behind him down the road. The rolling trash can and ash was a little off putting but the voice was downright scary enough for Rubin to pause his stream and listen for anymore mutterings from the voice. He nearly screamed as he felt the massive hand grasp his helmet and he came face to face with the strikingly bland mask of the Oni. He tried to reply of move but he couldn't manage to force his muscles to work. Then came the voice again, pushing Rubin over the edge of his fear induced paralysis and into fight or flight.

The ronin who tried to go by Jack quickly clutched his sheathed sword and brought his legs up to kick off of his scooter and onto the ground. He quickly clambered to his feet and readied his Katana before noticing it was still sheathed. Rubin swung the sword and sent the sheathe flying to the ground as he let the cheap sword greet the cool evening air. Wasting no more time, Jack ran at the ivory irritant sword kept low before putting all of his weight and strength into an upward slash at the thing's neck.
@Deskais32 Looks good to me man! And congrats!
@Omega Man No problem man, real life comes first.

The day was starting to wind down in Burokun City. The busy streets began to thin out as the day goers went home and the night crowds prepared for whatever they planned on doing tonight. Rubin enjoyed this lull as he find a nice spot to park his scooter and take a load off before making his way to his next delivery for the evening.

Humphrey parked his scooter up on the shoulder of a bridge and cracked out his battered headphones, the same ones that he had since he was little. They weren't anything pretty to look at but they still worked plenty fine for Rubin. He plugged his headphones in and started up his music as he sat back in his seat for a well deserved break.

Rubin was no more than half way into the song before a buzz from his phone brought his attention back to reality. His boss texted in that he had another delivery waiting to be delivered. He gave an exhausted sigh but took his headphones off and popped his helmet back on and burned off back to work. His place of employment was a little post office that specialized in cheap and fast deliveries. Their lack of government backing meant they had to take every advantage to undercut their better funded competitors, one such advantage being hiring employees who could deliver goods with their own vehicles as was the case with Rubin.

Rubin lightly jogged into the store, helemt still on, to pick up the package left for him by his boss who was nowhere to be seen but likely just in the back. Without a word Rubin took the package, read the address and left once more on his scooter. He hoped to be able to ditch this job once he made a name for himself in the street samurai community. He figured he was good enough to get a few sponsors if he could just get a break but his lack of skill with a sword and it's overall cheap quality would likely railroad him into his current line of work for longer than he'd like.

Riding along one of the longer stretches of road, Rubin went over his game plan of getting discovered for the millionth time as he thought about the katana he had slung and sheathed away on his scooter just below him. Despite the odds, Rubin was determined to make a name for himself without needing to default to one of the gimmicks used by most of the gangs out there today. He was brought out of his own head as he arrived at the address. Package in tow, Rubin rang the doorbell of the home a few times before settling on leaving the package in front of the door and heading out. Rubin once again repeated the process of finding a spot to park and cracking out his headphones only this time he got a notification. Bones was going live and as a fan of the up and coming Street Samurai, Rubin opened up the streaming on his phone.

"What's up guys?" the phone rang out as Rubin got settled in on the seat of his scooter, one hand holding his phone and the other idly playing with his sheathed katana.

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