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4 days ago
Current The mirror world is full of clowns
4 days ago
I'm immune to the internet
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15 days ago
I'm a ghost named Mike
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23 days ago
1 mo ago
I want nothing more than to play a video game as a car without any other cars in it.
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Pull over here

We can't park here

Why not?

It's a yellow zone.

We're about to pull off the biggest heist in the world and your worried about parking?


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@Demon Shinobi I'm doing alright. What about you?
@Archmage MC Wowza. Thats some pretty heavy duty stuff.
@Member 00492 I'm still around. Just been slow.
@Burning Kitty I think Lord Wraith's Rose Wilsion has something about developing Telepathy
@Lord Wraith My tentative guess is Rose Wilson

@Lord Wraith yeah Dark Knight Returns is what I was talking about, thank ya Wraith.
@Burning KittyThe best example that comes to mind for me are those Batman Movies set in the future (cant remember the name) but it had an old man Batman and a still-in-his-prime superman.
@Burning Kitty That whole slower Kryptonian aging thing always confused me. I mean I know in a bunch of different superman renditions he doesn't age a whole lot (if at all) past his prime but how come he wasn't effected by this when he was a baby or a kid?
@Sir Lurksalot Yeah, must be an east and west thing then. I didn't even find out that this was a stereotype until something like two or three years ago.
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