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Current I keep getting visitor message notifications but no new things on my wall. Anyone know what the deal with that is?
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I'm your Huckleberry
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I really wanna do a Kill la Kill RP. I'm addicted to that show.
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Aaaaand there's episode Juan of 'Life is Strange: Before the Storm'. Not as good as the first but still hella cool man.
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The mirror world is full of clowns


Pull over here

We can't park here

Why not?

It's a yellow zone.

We're about to pull off the biggest heist in the world and your worried about parking?


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Work in progress for the RP

Workin on a CS, hopefully I'll have it up soonish
The Rushed and Hungry...

"Just give me a minute Carter!"

Ted was frantically working away at his armour, pumping it full of energy and hoping it didn't start growing out of hand. His hands worked diligently as he poked and prodded the cracks in his red armour, watching them fill themselves in with a red ethereal glow.

"Champion's almost done with the food and nearly everybody's here already Ted!" Booster Gold exclaimed through Ted's earpiece as he sat at the Watchtower computer with his finger hovering impatiently over the teleport button. Glancing back at the security cameras directed at the kitchen and dining area, Micheal made an annoyed sigh before turning back to the comms.

"I'm callin' it Ted, just wear the broken pieces and you can finish it up after lunch." BG explained as he pushed the button only to be met with an error. "Hey Ted, something's up with the teleporter." Booster Gold asked as he began to look into the error.

Meanwhile Ted smiled as he turned his attention away from his smartphone and back to his nearly fully repaired armour. "You might need to try exiting out of the program and logging back in. It's a pretty common thing with Kord operating systems. Especially when your dealing with something as complicated as the teleporter. Ted explained as he finished filling the last crack in his armour. As Micheal booted up the teleporter program again, Ted put on his newly repaired armour and pressed another button on his phone before stashing it in his pocket. Ted turned to his old grandfather clock, seemingly checking for something, just as Carter began to transport Ted to the tower.

Ted swivelled his head back to a forwards facing position as he dashed for the kitchen in the hopes of still managing to make it to the lunch/meeting on time. "Hey everybody" Ted said as he skidded into the kitchen "What's happening?".
Tsar Omalatte

”I’m not going to pretend to understand what just happened."




He often wears a baggy crimson shawl and loose white pants over his Y-Harness to allow for optimal maneuverability. The Y-Harness has large metal bands around the shins and forearms of it’s wearer along with a ‘Y’ shaped symbol that fixates the harness to the torso.

The Beddars were genetically engineered and based on a race called the Peanceeks. The Peanceeks originally used the Beddars for manual labour but eventually the once powerful race got lazy and eventually all jobs were fazed out by the Beddar. The situation came to a boiling point when Cooler’s army attacked the planet. With a swift blow, Cooler’s forces seemingly wiped out all of the Peanceeks along with a great deal of Beddars. Some Beddar managed to flee their home planet but most were separated and as such the species has settled all over the universe, enjoying their newfound freedom.

Power Level

Omalatte has a fond look on combat. He enjoys proving himself against the odds but he mostly fights out of necessity rather than pure joy. He will gladly spar with anyone willing to fight with him but not many who come to fight him are doing so to just have a good time. His ego is decently large as he believes that he has a great mix of skill and power but he knows fully well that he isn’t the best there is and that there’s always room for improvement. He rarely spends anytime actually having fun or doing anything but fixing his family, eating, sleeping and training. That being said, Omalatte has a pretty laid back demeanour and will laugh maniacally when ever he does something especially amazing.

Omalatte was jettisoned from his home planet shorty after his birth due to the forces of Cooler tearing it apart. The young infant traveled through space for no more than a few months, surviving in suspended animation, until his ship crash-landed in the wilds of Balsora. His pod was left untouched by much of the wildlife due to it’s sudden appearance scaring off most animals but what it did not scare off was the mechanical scavengers of the forest.

A group of beaten and broken machines closed in on the capsule and took the baby and ship back to their home located in a long abandoned bunker. The robots had all come together for one reason or another and lived in relative peace with one another in their own mechanical society. Of course they often needed to be repaired and sometime rebuilt when they got damaged but after using up all the resources in their home they began stealing the pieces they needed from traveler or settlements nearby though their success rate was abysmal due to their broken down nature. They initially took Omalatte’s ship so that they could repair themselves and did consider what to do with the young alien. The automatons ignored the baby for the most part but after the constant crying they began to bring him food and take care of him. Eventually they warmed up to the infant and began teaching and properly raising him.

It quickly became apparent that Omalatte had the potential to become stronger than any of them, at least in terms of raw strength. The machines began training Omalatte at a young age in the martial arts or at least what they knew about it from watching others and analysis of writings about the subject. While not a great base for his training, Omalatte became a formidable fighter from the mish-mash of training he got from his surrogate family and eventually he was able to get his family more and more parts. Eventually word spread about the band of mechanical menaces and their alien leader.

People began coming around and trying to snuff out the group and put an end to their thievery. It wasn’t much of a problem at first but eventually the opponents began to become too much for Omalatte. He was going to need and edge in order to keep protecting his clan so he began seeking out people to train him so that he may learn proper martial-arts rather than his frankensteined style. Eventually his search lead him to a master that had hidden from the world ever since the war between the 6 groups ended. The master at first wanted nothing to do with Omalatte but was eventually convinced to help properly train Omalatte after a very short sparing match and Omelette explaining why he wanted to get stronger. Not only did the master of the wilds teach Omalatte how to properly fight, he also trained him in Ki-control.

Now Omalatte, Tsar of the Machines dutifully protects his family while leading raids on other settlements for parts and food.

Poly-Tentacle Arms: Omalatte’s physiology allows him to unravel his hands and feet into prehensile tentacles. These tentacles don’t have any form of suction like an octopus but can still pick things up in the same way a monkey can pick objects up with their tails.

Transformation(s): Beddars have never been recorded transforming in anyway but the Peanceeks, their genetic donors and enslavers, were once know to achieve greater forms of power before they got lazy and comfortable.

Mechanical Tinkering: Growing up around machines has resulted in Omelette becoming adept in the upkeep and development of machinery. His knowledge on machines is a lot less technical than an actual mechanical engineer and is more akin to splicing together various contraptions that he has into a new machine.

Chimera’s Domination: A fighting style that favours heavy attacks followed by catching and pushing away blows. Many of the more specific maneuvers are stolen from other fighting styles and more-or-less ‘glued’ together by the Master of the Wild’s own fighting style. In order to really ‘master’ the style a user would need to be a true jack of all trades which Omalatte is not.

Y-Harness: a mechanical set of limb augments that is worn at most times by Omalatte. It ups his strength and speed by a factor of 25% which allows him to go toe to toe with some enemy normally out of his league.

Name: Text Copy paste as needed

The Machines | Family
Omalatte loves every robot living in his bunker home like family. Having raised him since his infancy, the Machines have formed a similar bond with Omalatte and both would defend the other till death.
I'll put my late interest in
I think I'm gonna go with a human or an android if I'm able.
We should make an RP discord so we can all keep in contact better if the guild goes down again.

I'm down for some Dragon Ball!
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