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5 days ago
Current Yo when did No More Heroes get rereleased?!
11 days ago
You know what? Screw it. Ghostbusters.…
16 days ago
Also I am the weakest man in Bulgaria
16 days ago
You Ghost Note, was that Neon Rainbow a reboot of an old Interest Check? I feel like I remember applying or stalking one like that
17 days ago
Any of y'all remember Spider Riders?
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Gonna have a company sheet up hopefully later tonight, glad this is getting off the ground!
Here's my backup! Sorry for the post in the Char tab, assuming I don't get accepted I'll make a post to the mods to get it removed.

Mistake sorry
I'm down to give the reception a once over! I'll try to get a post up later today to help keep things moving.
@Byrd Man That’s fair, I’ll try to have my back up posted later today.
Speaking of getting my arse in gear...

Let me know if this guy's good or not. I've got a backup sheet in the works that I'll post too incase Frank's no-go.

I'd better get my arse in gear and settle on a char then! Sorry for the wait.
Thanks for the heads up on that! I don't think I've made any filler so far but it's good to know it's not an expectation. I don't know about the rest of the group but I'm ready to get a move on towards the Cathedral Ward (unless someone else decides they want to try to make it on our own).

One quick question though (not sure if I should do something IC to check or not) but are there any weapons left in that barrel and if so what are they?
What's The Fred movie?

A gem of a movie. I only say that because I liked it when I was little and refuse to ever watch it again because I know it's not good.
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