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2 mos ago petition to have Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man Homecoming as a Pizza man
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I didn't think I'd like the new Magnum PI show but it was great. Changed enough to keep things interesting but kept enough to make it true to the original. Overall, efiin' rad outta ten.
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I wanna join an RP with a guy named Thog so I can go "Thog don't care"
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Pull over here

We can't park here

Why not?

It's a yellow zone.

We're about to pull off the biggest heist in the world and your worried about parking?


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I’m glad ya like good ol’ Liberty Prime. I’m super excited to write some Kaihu Clobbering.

I mean I don’t want anything to happen to New York but if something needs to happen somewhere it might as well be New York.
Gonna wait for a few more posts before doing one of my own.

Who's all still with us here?
Liberty Island

Donald clacked away at his computer as he bobbed his head to his music streaming from his earbuds. The day had been mostly relaxing save for some spilt coolant and a birthday. The day was just more business as usual with everyone settling into their routines.

That was until all hell broke loose.

Suddenly everyone was rushing and panicking despite preparing for the last six years for a day like this. Sure most of the faculty assumed the threat would be another country launching an attack in the form of missiles, an armada or even a giant robot of their own but they were fairly certain the appearance if monsters was perfect timing to release their own man made monster. Donald was currently rushing down to central control to help with the final start up procedures and get the Kaiju Fighting Machine online and operational.

"Don't start the show without me!" Donald said as he rushed into central control and took a seat at one of the computer terminals and began looking over the status of the various systems starting up in the main event herself.

Chet Charles, the current head of the project, turned around from standing in front of the giant monitor to address Donald. "Eggman! Do a final systems check. We don't know if or when another one of these things is going to spring up or where. We've got to be sure everything's worki-" Charles was cut off by the facility beginning to shake violently.

"Done and done Charles" Donald replied with a massive grin.

Citizens of New York watched in horror on their televisions as they saw the massive beasts begin to wreak havoc on their planet Earth. It was the dawn of a new era, one of fear of insurmountable opponents and beasts only seen in nightmares. Suddenly people began to scream as tremors shook the ground and the air was filled with the sound of squealing machinery and shifting metal.

To the shock and awe of everyone who could see it, the Statue of Liberty herself began to take a step off her podium and into the water just in front of her.

"Lady Liberty's up and kickin'" Eggman said with a grin as he watched the events from Liberty Island's base.

The massive mechanical beacon of hope began to test out all of it's joints and functions in anticipation for the many fights ahead of it in it's career of Kaiju fighting.
I’ll try to get a post up today. I’ve just got out for my Christmas vacation so I’ll have some more free time on my hands.
I'll probably get her poofed in my next post. Not exactly sure how I want to do it yet.
Hey, if you still got room I’d be down to join.

The Mighty Vlad Craznoh

"Nothin' good, I'll tell ya that. One of those poor souls that got turned in the middle at the Witch's trial damn near took the thing out!" Vlad explained pointing intensely to his eye. "I don't blame him though. That Witch's magic is strong stuff and I don't believe he had much say in his actions or any of those people for that matter." Vlad took a swig of the whiskey, recoiling slightly from the burn in his throat.

'Why do I always order this cursed stuff?' Vlad thought to himself as he took another drink from his glass.

Vlad leaned forward slightly, resting his arms on the bar as he toyed with his drinking glass a little like a cat with a mouse. He was torn up inside about putting that man out of his misery even if it was the right thing to do. He wished more than anything to go back to his relatively more blissful life at home but he knew full well going back wasn't in the cards right now or any time soon. He gave a small sigh before finishing off his drink.

"Another drink please."
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