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Hey y’all, gonna be indisposed until around Monday but then I should be back at it again with the white vans
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I do not use "ya'll" in real life nearly as much as my writing would make you think
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Instead of creating a fake argument I started this bad boy…
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Yo anyone want to get into a fake argument
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Not back yet but just wanted to pop in and say I’m glad this is still going strong!
Ah I'll throw in some official interest finally. It'll take me a bit to get a CS up but I'll get to stepping with it
Nigel sat in awe of where he now found himself. One minute he was in the clinic and the next he woke up in a much more foreboding land. Just as he was beginning to get accustomed to his current surroundings in the clinic, he wakes up just to start the process of relearning once more. If not for the smell of the substance raining down on him Nigel may have continued his shocked silence. It hadn't really clicked in the clinic, his senses having been dulled from his deep sleep, but he could now take in the smell of the 'rain' much better and, to Nigel's internal disgust, in a more positive light.

Nigel turned his attention more sharply to the duo in front of him. With the spectacle of a setting he now found himself in Nigel had more or less made the two figures blend into the background of the normal-ish looking house.

"Quite alright. This is all new to me as well." the Goliath said, finally getting to his feet "I hate to intrude but would you mind if we continued this conversation inside? Blood is terribly hard to get out of clothing."

Truth be told Nigel more so wanted to get out of the 'rain' to avoid the draw he felt to it. Like a siren's song to a sailor, Nigel felt the call of the blood and for the moment he wanted to keep it at arms length.
@Dark Jack I'll do you one better and try to get a post out today as well. I'm sorry to have thrown a spanner into things and I think I've had enough of a break to start rolling into writing again.

I will have Nigel continue to look at the lantern.
@Dark Jack I'll try to do some power R'n'R so I can get back to this ASAP. I was really looking forward to seeing what was in the Hunter's Dream now too.
@rocketrobie2 You got time to try at another MotU game?

Man, right as I burn out you come in with a new game. Perfect timing. I'm taking a bit of a hiatus from the site but assuming you'll have me I'll probably apply late to the game.
Hey guys! Sorry for falling off the face of the Earth but I'm going to be continuing that for a bit. I'm going to be going on a hiatus from the site for a bit because I am absolutely burnt out from writing. I still love the idea of this RP so if you'll have me I'd like to jump in late but if not, no hard feelings. I know the story is pretty intricate and jamming a piece back in halfway might throw things outta whack so no hard feelings.
Just a bit of warning on my end, I've completely burnt myself out on writing and I'm taking a bit of a hiatus from the site. Hopefully won't be too long and I'll be back in action as the game starts but I figured I'd warn ya just in case I'm not up for it by then.
Sorry for going MIA for a bit but I think I'm going to make things official and say I'm going on a bit of a hiatus from the site. I'm completely burnt out from writing just about anything at the moment. Sorry for the silence and dipping out. I'd love to keep going with Dino-land once I get my mojo back though!
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