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6 days ago
Current I really wanna do a Kill la Kill RP. I'm addicted to that show.
25 days ago
Aaaaand there's episode Juan of 'Life is Strange: Before the Storm'. Not as good as the first but still hella cool man.
2 mos ago
The mirror world is full of clowns
2 mos ago
I'm immune to the internet
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3 mos ago
I'm a ghost named Mike
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Pull over here

We can't park here

Why not?

It's a yellow zone.

We're about to pull off the biggest heist in the world and your worried about parking?


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"What the fu-" William yelled, breaking character as he quickly brought his blue blazer BB gun up and began taking shots at the enourmus fowl that seemed to be protecting its family. The suddenness of the whole situation took its toll on the gunslinger's aim as he missed most of the shots he took at the bird.

As it finally came within pecking range William opted to drop his trusty gun and instead try grappling with it in the hope that his robotic nurse would assist somehow.
@Member 00492( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@The Angry Goat ditto, we can just add bit by bit whenever we have time.
@The Angry Goat so where do ya wanna collab? In the pad?
@Kazemitsu I think it's in game days and not real life days if that's your issue though I'm not positive.
@The1Rolling1Boy in the arms of an angeeeeeeeel
William had enjoyed the walk to the old ranch and was full of awe when he saw the run down area. He thought back to good ol' 'Dead-Eye Dan' who had a shootout in a Ranch not to different from the one the party now found themselves in. Even with all of the part reclaimed by mother nature Will still observed the place in all it's real world beauty. This awe was stifled as he heard something in the distance.

"Do ya hear that Nurse?" William asked his robotic companion as he drew his Blue Blazer BB gun and began to cautiously head towards the source of the noise.

"Keep yur wits about ya." he whispered to K4TY.
@The Angry Goat Ton is actually weaker than Patrick/Megaton (not by a whole lot but he would have had a lot more trouble dealing with Sentry) but it might be more interesting if Patrick stays in control for the fight so I'll change that later today.

@Shard I think so but I'm not certain. The GM's been having a lot of stuff to do IRL but I think we're still open for business.
@JesseJ Definatly and sorry about making things more difficult, I kinda began to think that may have been the case but I wasn't sure. I'll try to get a reply up later today!
@JesseJ hey, just wondering, but are you waiting on me for something? If you just have t gotten around to posting yet then that's completely fine and I understand but I don't wanna unwittingly be holding us up
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