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4 mos ago
Current No spoilers but endgame punched me right in the gut. Great movie. 10/10. I hate it. Best movie
4 mos ago
What was Woman's day? Was that a real thing or did I make it up for my last status?
4 mos ago
What was Woman's day? Was that a real thing or did I make it up for my last status?
5 mos ago
happy womans day
7 mos ago
Just finished Spider-man ps4 and now I’m going into withdrawl


Pull over here

We can't park here

Why not?

It's a yellow zone.

We're about to pull off the biggest heist in the world and your worried about parking?


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@tobiax sweet! I’ll get to stepping on making a CS!
I’d be down to join too. Can’t remeber if I stated my interest earlier or not but if this isn’t dead I’m down to join
Are you guys still looking? I don’t know jack about digimon so I think it might be fun going in almost as blind as my character would. Also will this be a case of everyone getting together on discord or something one day and having sessions or playing it out more so like a form RP where people post and wait?
When I was wee my mom got me a Webkinz and I needed to set up an account to play all the games and stuff online so I went with ‘robie2’ since it was the name of one of my imaginary friends (there was robie 1 and robie 2) and the name stuck. Somewhere down the line though robie2 was taken so I just tacked rocket on there and just rolled with it from there on. And now, Badda bing badda boom, I’m here!
@Lord Wraith I'm still interested! I've been plugging away at my post but I've been knackered from work.
@Lord Wraith Sorry for the radio silence. Been plugging away at a post but my hours at work got upped and I haven’t had the piss and vinegar to get it finished. I’ll try to get something up by this weekend and sorry for not giving a heads up.
Hey guys, been lurking around for a while and finally cobbled a CS together. I got it approved in PMs so I posted it here. Looking forward to joining in on the RP!
@Lucius Cypher Sounds good! Just wondering, how are stats handled? Are they rolled for or the point-buy system?
Hey, can I be put on the wait list to get in on this? I've been looking for a 5e game on here that hooked me and this seems pretty cool
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