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Current I'm sorry guys but today I will be Joker again until further notice
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Bleat Boxing
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Big Brother Canada is coming
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Someone grab Todd
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Oh! Gtocha, sorry I had it mixed up on how how false palebloods were created. I'm gonna think about it because I like the idea of playing a human who's completely outgunned with all the stuff going on but long-term I'd like to explore the mysteries of false palebloods.
@Dark Jack Sorry for the double mention here but I have a quick question after reading through all the OP stuff. If I play a human from the start, am I able to become a False Paleblood hunter or am I only able to become a regular hunter?
@Dark Jack I'll try to get something up soon-ish. Got a lot to read through in that OP first post before I really have a lay of the land.
Are you guys still recruiting? I've had my eye on this game for a while and just recently started seriously playing the video game again (didn't get very far the first time) so I figured now might be a good time to throw my hat in the ring. I'm just going to warn up front though that I'm heading into finals season so I'll try to post frequently but I can't make promises in that regard. I'm also more at home in the casual section of the site but I'll give it my college try at writing above my weight here.
Sorry about the wait guys! There's a post for ya.
Tonight's show wasn't the best.

Despite his best efforts, Steel missed a few cords and wasn't emotive enough to keep the crowd engaged. The bad played well enough to still get paid but the boss man said he wouldn't be hiring them back for next week "diversify the talent" he said. Steel took his cut of the cash in pride and headed for the door before a familiar face caught his attention at the bar. He sauntered up to the bar where the out of place socialite sat, idly holding her glass of whiskey that they both knew she had no intention of drinking.

"Didn't think I'd see you around here again. I thought grimey bars like this weren't your scene." Steel said, taking a seat next to the woman and laying his elbow on the bar.

"I can assure you I wouldn't be here if I didn't need to be Stanley. I'm just a messenger tonight." the woman said, fishing around in a large handbag before pulling out a manilla envelope and handing it to Steel.

"I'll be glad to leave this place behind for good after this." Steel didn't take the envelope initially, instead eyeing it and the vampire suspiciously.

"What's this?"

"Below me, that's what it is. Just take it so I can get on with my night alright?" the vampire asked, annoyed as she shoved the envelope a little quicker this time into Steel's chest. Steel finally took the envelope and the woman got up to leave.

"See you next year Sarah." Steel said, watching the woman walk away as she ignored the rockstar. He couldn't believe it had been over a year since he'd kicked the bucket so to speak. The former mortal chuckled as he tore into the envelope and look at it's contents.
@Necroes I'm ok, just haven't had the time to check here in the last two days or so. I'll try to get something up today or tomorrow.
<Snipped quote by Dark Cloud>

Not super sure how feasible that is but happy to give it a shot.

There's some supplemental rules in the book about using regular dice instead of the custom ones right? The discord bot is way easier I think but I'm pretty sure it's doable using the RPGuild dice roller. I also know of a website that lets you roll the dice but it'll take me a minute to remember what it's called and find it.

EDIT: Found the site!
@Necroes No problem!
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