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"Florida Man wields Klingon Sword in Traffic"
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Ayyy, I got the goofy PM too!



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Gonna toss my hat in the ring, I don't have any idea going in but I like the setup and I like comics so I can get down with the idea.
@Eviledd1984 sorry to say but it kinda died out
@Blackmist16 Yes I spent two minutes reading his wiki personality page and chose Bill
Suddenly Bill walked over, joining the group. "Hank how is your wife Peggy, Hank." the casanova asked intently, aluminum can of alcohol clutched tightly in his grip. "Tell me Hank." Bill once more asked, nay, implored.

<Snipped quote by rocketrobie2>

Don't say sorry!

Ok, sorry
@rocketrobie2 Why it was funny.

Sorry about that
@Blackmist16 I'm sorry

Wine behind the slaughter
Just bought Cyberpunk 2077 on my standard PS4

Wish me luck when it's finished downloading in two days
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