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19 May 2017 18:38
Current Itsa my birthday!
10 May 2017 1:48
29 Apr 2017 19:20
Ey, I was on a CSGO stream yesterday. If ya wanna see look up LANifield on twitch and watch the day 1 video. My team was Spahgetti.
26 Apr 2017 3:48
I'm running in the 90s
25 Mar 2017 21:19
DNA or Olais


Pull over here

We can't park here

Why not?

It's a yellow zone.

We're about to pull off the biggest heist in the world and your worried about parking?


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Samurai Jack spoilers

@alexfangtalon I second this idea
I'm gonna post my wip here to prove I've got something in the works. I feel like a real shite for not gettin it done yet

Sorry for taking forever to get a post up.
Speed Demon

Arthur was decently relaxed aside from the thought of the hooded man trying something and getting someone hurt but all shreds of calm were immediately dashed from Arthur when Nightwing bumped into him. Arthur tried to keep his cool as he tried to think of something to say but he quickly followed Julien's mentor's gaze to the hooded man from earlier. He didn't need to be the worlds greatest detective to read the look on Nightwing's face which told Arthur that the hooded man was no good.

'Quick! Strike first! Action is always quicker than reaction! L'Iego thought to Arthur which Arthur was willing to agree with if it got him out of his somewhat awkward situation with Grayson. Not having his helmet on hand, Arthur rummaged around in his provided back-pack and pulled out a hat with the school's logo on it. Hastily Arthur tore a hole in the top and ripped two eye hole in it, turning the headwear into an impromptu mask. Speed Demon pulled the mask on and began letting lose some blasts of energy.

[color=darkpurple]"Ldritchea lastba!"[/color] Arthur whispered furiously as spells flew from his hands and at his target. Unluckily for Arthur, the hooded man had powers of his own and began returning fore with bolts of electricity which Arthur was just barely able to stop with a force field spell.
In The City of Gems 19 May 2017 3:50 Forum: Casual Roleplay


No but seriously its true! I'll link the video in a minute here.

EDIT: Bada boom
As Will left the vault he chuckled a bit at his robotic companion's comment. At first he thought it was sarcasm but he began to consider that the machine might actually think it was a wonderful day out. The thought of this made Will shudder a little as he began to imagine all of the other things that the robot may see as 'wonderful'.

"Ah' say we get followin' this trail. Get ourselves goin' somewhere other than here." Will suggested as he began walking down the road.
In The City of Gems 19 May 2017 3:27 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hey, I just found out DONTNOD is making another 'Life is Strange' game.
In The City of Gems 18 May 2017 1:38 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Akayaofthemoon I'm really sorry to hear that Akaya. No need whatsoever to be sorry with that going on in your life.
Hey, are you guys cool with me having the hooded son-of-the-bolt cause some ruckus in my next post? I don't wanna do anything with him without everyone's consent since I wasn't the one that introduced him.
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