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"Florida Man wields Klingon Sword in Traffic"
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Norse Mythology
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Pull over here

We can't park here

Why not?

It's a yellow zone.

We're about to pull off the biggest heist in the world and your worried about parking?


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The part that sucks about all this is none of us will ever really know if ya won unless the thread gets locked because it'll just continue to be posted on until ya forget about it or lose interest.

Grognak hadn't been a 'resident' of the town long. For the most part he'd gotten to know about the head honchos of independence through rumours and hearsay but today would be the first day he could see most of them in the flesh. That was if he could wake up on time. While Independence was very welcoming to people from all walks of life, a Super-Mutant was still an oddity to most of the inhabitants though after he didn't try to rip anyone in half, the residents precariously let him stay. The brute had been spending most days wandering around town and his nights at the bar, passing out at the table and sleeping there over night. The lifestyle wasn't that much of a far cry from when he was on the road with Henry but all the free time was nagging away at Grognak as he yearned for a new calling, a new quest to occupy his time.

Eventually the chatter of Independence residents outside coaxed Grognak awake as the lumbering musculature with a face got up and stretched. He made his way out of the bar and into the streets of Independence as a crowd began to form for the Mayor's big speech this morning. Grognak listened somewhat impatiently, wanting to get on with the rest of the celebrations ASAP but his mood was soured as he heard the bad news. Though he'd never seen the mayor, Gorgnak still wished her a speedy recovery. Wishing to know more, Grognak scanned the crowd before his eyes settled on the Sheriff. A man of such authority would likely be in the loop right? Grognak weaved his way through the dissipating crowd as best he could before speaking to the Sheriff.

"Lawman! Grognak would like to know what knowledge you have about the mayor's ailment." The Super-Mutant exclaimed though not overtly aggressively.
I'd be down no matter what pitch you end up going with but my vote os for pitch 2
@Master Crim Sorry to hear that man, don't push yourself too hard!
I'll go drummer if nobody else wants it
Gonna throw a tentative interest into this. It sounds cool but slice of life is not my forte. What kind of rock are we going with of will we kinda decide as a group?
Sorry for the wait! Been working on my car all week and haven't had the time to flesh-out / finish my character.

Now it’s a party!
@rush99999 I second that Hypothetical.

Speaking of, when does all this take place?
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