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Hey yโ€™all, gonna be indisposed until around Monday but then I should be back at it again with the white vans
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I do not use "ya'll" in real life nearly as much as my writing would make you think
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Instead of creating a fake argument I started this bad boy…
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Yo anyone want to get into a fake argument
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As if on que (if that que was 50 minutes late) the real estate agent had arrived. Before being seen, the loud roar of an unmuffled engine broke the quite mid-day serenity. What eventually came into view (lightly obstructed by large plumes of blue tinged smoke) was a car old enough to rent a car and looking even older. Mismatched panels, very few working amenities and a hand-full of half-baked fixes to essential components made the the sickly yellow sedan look like a junkyard reject and it's driver wasn't much better.

After the car came to a stop with one last POP from the exhaust, a larger man in his mid forties popped out from the driver's seat, quickly popping the hood of his car to let it cool down faster. The man sported thin, greasy black hair though after a long shower most would call it brown. What hair he had (on his head) was pushed over with expert precision into a comb-over. The man sauntered over, wearing a suit and blazer matching the palette of his car with a wide grin on his face that to anyone not familiar with the man would say looked predatory, like a shark going after it's prey. The smile quickly left once he saw the camera.

"Hey! No flash photography! You want picture's I'll get my guy to do it but I don't want my face plastered on the web!" The man called, holding his hand out in the hopes of obstructing his face from the possible view of the camera.
@Jerkchicken How's the backlog coming? Just want to make sure you're still game.
I defy.
"I think that's a very good idea Dale." Bill uttered, his grip getting ever tighter on the branded chalice his own clutches bore. His head shook vigorously as he concered with his long time companion Dale.
I'm still down to clown with this though admittedly I've been stretched a little thin with classes starting up again.
@Duthguy Can do, I'll see if I can crank it out tomorrow for ya. As for the picture I'll try to get that fixed before I go to bed in a bit here.

EDIT: Should be good now!
Just want to make sure you guys are full. This looks really cool but I saw the join status set as full.
@Dark Cloud Sure thing! Do you want me to fill out a card like Jerk's CS or do you want me to tell ya what you need to do and make a more traditional CS like Duth's?
Alrighty, we're good to go! Leaving it a bit open in the beginning to flesh out how much you two know eachother off the bat, once the Agent shows up he'll show you guys around the building and two others and you can pick which one you guys like the best.
Ghostbusting was setup to be the next wave of public service, with the world's history of spectres and spirits one would think a way of dealing with the nastier ones would be wholeheartedly embraced. To some extent it was but only when something really bad was on the horizon. After their boom in popularity following the defeat of Vigo the Carpathian, the Ghostbusters got calls from all across the country at a volume they couldn't keep up with. The ever business savvy group decided to licence their brand and tech to expand their service all across America. The 90s turned out to be the golden age for the Ghostbusters.

Today the Ghostbusters brand is more or less forgotten, a fad of the last century. Turns out the business flew too close to the sun and the volume and severity of jobs began to decline, leading to many franchises closing their doors. The business is in a state of limbo right now; not growing at all but also not losing enough money to shut down. Every once in a while there'll be a spike in 'paranormal' activity in an area, leading to a group buying into the franchise, setting up and almost immediately going out of business due to a lack of consistent work.

This is a story of one such group of would-be Ghostbuster franchisees, unknowingly stumbling into something bigger than a get rich-quick scheme.

It had been about 45 minutes since the real estate agent said he would show up so now Go-za and Dave had to mull around the first property, a three story building that was once used as a pub/residency. With the free time they now found themselves with, the duo could get to know one another a bit better or maybe surf the web (assuming they had a phone capable of doing so) for a ride for their budding business venture. There was also the small formality of actually signing the franchise agreement that they had brought along.

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