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Current Who you gonna call reborn? Ghost Busters!
7 mos ago
We should make a rp where we look for Guild News like Guild Quest or smth
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7 mos ago
Is there a changelog for guild rule changes or what I dont know what's new in the new update aaaaaaaaaaaa.
7 mos ago
@TheGhostNote sorry pal! There wont be any bullying on this bar! I could take you, easy.
7 mos ago
Jones report The Ghost Note his esoteric idiosyncrasies must come to a fucking end.


High tech, Low life... That is cyberpunk.

Greetings reader, my name is Dead Drop. I'm an avid roleplayer I'm between Casual and Advanced in skill level. I'm interested in roleplays that have a cyberpunk theme or sci fi theme. I'm also interested in military roleplay, fallout/ post apoc and some others I'll probably make a list for later. I'll try to expand this bio as my time here lengthens.

Haha my bio is so outdated.

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Alex eventually woke up from her dream, she had apparently walked to the police cruiser SUV thingy and was sandwiched with all the people she was at the group sesh with. Well, most of the people since some had mysteriously went home, oh well. She woke up with an Alex-yawn, a funny sleeping nose-snot-bubble like you'd see in the cartoons. She'd rub her face knocking the sleep out of the pores of her body, she was alive again! Though in the back of a police cruiser, she didn't feel any safer then she did before because she was in a freaking police car! Though she remained silent for the rest of the ride.

What a bad dream...
Real post tmrw.. Maybe I'll beat mr Kino
The mirror consumes all.
I'll get something up tmrw, just been hella busy XD
Alex Porst coming
I knew her and we talked casually but probably not in the depths of friendship like others have expressed her, she was kind and a gentle soul and I'm mourning for her family's loss.

Rest easy Poly.
At this time the two had finally redirected their attention to the brute at hand, the big brute - the bad brute. Elna shouldered her rifle and fired upon the creature as its shields were simply corpsed, ripped apart though there was a 'friendly' Elite nearby, she simply had to take the chance to take the thing out, the other Elite had shields right? Though her aim was not shakey or bad by any means, she was a pro. Pulling the trigger a line of hate made its way towards The brute, flying at a break-neck pace it would hit his armor, hit him.. Where fate would roll its dice would simply but up to her aim..

For Roy he lacked the firepower to simply engage, opting to cover the duo in case any straggler rebels showed up he'd blast them into a million federal bits of death. He turned around sweeping up some stragglers but there wasn't much he could do now, they were dead and the show simply laid on the rest of the team. Would they corpse this brute chieftain? The sounds of war echoed out without too much remorse, soon enough this would come to a close.

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