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8 mos ago
[@Punished GN] you taught me that lifting is important and you're the reason I'm jacked but what are you lifting...?
8 mos ago
The grass at Stockbridge academy.
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8 mos ago
Alright I touched grass, now what ?
8 mos ago
Tap in little note, US army inspector general RP will blow your socks off.
9 mos ago
Knew a guy who loved dojacat. Big dojacat simp, after he found out she was 'possessed' it was over for him.


Hey what's up, my name is DeadDrop if you know me from RPG Guild then you know that I'm a true survivor. Maybe you roleplayed with me with on one of my successful roleplays series, or with me on another roleplay hosted by someone else. I have a way of presenting roleplay that is considered southpaw in traditional roleplay circles.

My favorite roleplays of all time would have to be the following:

BLEAK by @Mirandae.

Divinity Lost & Nightland by: @Poet & @Kino End (These are the same people).

...That's it, no runner up. I wracked my brain trying to find a third, but since Elron Koltrey is retconned well - guess we don't have a runner up.

Admittedly I trolled every roleplay I've been in on Guild up until a few years ago, I found none of them spoke to me and didn't treat them like they mattered. Only BLEAK and Nightland/Divinity Lost actually spoke to me, evoked emotion and made me think - of course the roleplays I'm still in do the same, and can't be added to the GOAT wall.

My current roleplays I'm enjoying and giggling in are:

𝔽𝕦π•₯π•šπ•π•šπ•₯π•ͺ: 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔾𝕣𝕖𝕒π•₯ π”Ύπ•’π•žπ•– by: @Opposition

The Envenomed by: @LustForDecay

Besides those two roleplays, I'm pretty much inactive. Alot of my day to day is moved off away from the guild, and I come back to service the above roleplays with insane imagination, bravado and dedication. In real life I'm an insane go getter motivated by a passion to continuously win, here I'm just a laid back roleplayer.

When I look for roleplays I find myself drawn to sci-fi, big story arcs and something that makes me feel. Needless to say, you don't find that alot on guild anymore, just downbad 1x1s and GMs with deadly aim.

Thanks for visiting my profile, leave a comment show some love and stay creative.

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Walking into the briefing room was Kleo, in the flesh pale and all. She was wearing her normal combat trousers, but noticeably different she had a tight black t-shirt on that said "I'm Spacist" with a picture of the robot, an insect thing that had once greeted them on the ship after the first mission. Not actually, an exact picture of the thing but close enough - she seemed to have a whole wardrobe of spacist apparel but this was the one she wore today. Walking in she was tekked the fuck out with her new gun attachment among other things (being alive after that hell of a mission). She looked around nodding to the fellow aliens she had served with in the first mission, it was true she was kind of a bad ass.

"Hey.. I hate Space so uh - how can we make this mission 'easier' for us there, alien-thingy." She said addressing the shot calling ship alien head on.

Waking up in the healer tank or bacta tank (whatever these alien fucklets call it), the ooze and goo began to drain from the tank as Kleo was plopped out - born again. Writhing like a worm in her dream state of sorrows, she awoke with a gasp before the bug people approached her almost as if they were going to murder her they turned on their pressure washers and sprayed down the woman on the tiled floor of the medical bay washing away the pain as well as the gloop. "Aaahhh!" Kleo called out, the water was cold - ice cold and not of the friendly variety. The sound of the drain sucking up all the blood, sweat and tears from Kleo's body echoed the room as the bugs gave the woman some space.

She was healed, free from the damage the previous mission brought her - at least physically.

Kleo was brought her clothes and equipment as they were, eventually one of the buglings brought something new. It looked like it attached to her SMG, a head squisher and crusher of sorts of the explosive and deadly kind. "Holy moly dewd... It's the Alkaline Armor Buster, Head Exploder 9000!" Kleo said foaming over the equipment, she had been elevated from just a lowly worm to a warrior of death and destruction. Alien and human alike would feel the wrath of her explosive armor-piercing rounds, total destruction and all that would be left as the smoke cleared was the only Human that worked for robot kidnappers and angry aliens. Such was-..

Before her thought was finished she was hit in the face by a towel. One of the bug things said something (Put some clothes on, whore!) but she didn't know what it said. "Thanks dewd.. Can't wait to use this thing." She said, an evil smirk growing on her face as she put the towel on and reached for her glasses. Realizing she was talking to aliens, she frowned - tricked again by the undying, ever-moving occultic clans that tormented her and mankind.

The gates are closing...
If ur char isn't popular u die icly... Hurry up
@Eviledd1984 quick hurry up
Need more humans.
While it should be uneventful it wasn't, Kleo was taken down to the medbay and given preem treatment for her injuries and wounds. The docs were even so nice to fill her back up on that red kool-aid she was living on, no one else here was bleeding red kool-aid like Kleo! Laid out on the table some minor work occurred before she was swiftly taken away, for anyone lingering in the medbay they wouldn't get to witness the rebirth and fixing of Kleo's wounds but rather heard the sloppy and evil sounds of saws, beakers and the like working away. After it was all said and done she was plopped in a tank for 'healing' as various chemicals for recovery filled up the tank. Kleo slept in a dream like state (again) with a rebreather strapped up to her mouth, she'd be tucked away for now.

Ralph awoke underneath the deck of the ship like he had many moons before, he didn't have the money to enjoy the upper deck and the fuckery that ensured with it. Being a poor folkin, he ended up in the depths of the deck - once he arose from his sleep he geared up and went to look around. They had to hit Hawaii eventually, right? While exploring the metal creature of an underbelly he came across a situation, a super mutant, thugs, and some hero. Now a normal person might throw themselves in head-on, like some good-doing hero but this seemed like a bloody mess in the waiting so Ralph simply turned around and made his way to the top of the deck. He squinted as he made it to the top, the sun was bright and boiled down on the survivors of this aquatic wasteland.

While everyone seemed keen on doing their own thing, a news crew of all things was patrolling and stalking the top of the deck. Despite where he may go, there was always trouble lingering nearby. Ralph let out a small sigh as he made his way to the railings near some other 'rich' adventurers, looking into the distance he swore he could see the horizon of the fabled island nation. Riches awaited the patient after all.
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