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Current We should make a rp where we look for Guild News like Guild Quest or smth
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Is there a changelog for guild rule changes or what I dont know what's new in the new update aaaaaaaaaaaa.
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@TheGhostNote sorry pal! There wont be any bullying on this bar! I could take you, easy.
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Jones report The Ghost Note his esoteric idiosyncrasies must come to a fucking end.
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Emergency Meeting!
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High tech, Low life... That is cyberpunk.

Greetings reader, my name is Dead Drop. I'm an avid roleplayer I'm between Casual and Advanced in skill level. I'm interested in roleplays that have a cyberpunk theme or sci fi theme. I'm also interested in military roleplay, fallout/ post apoc and some others I'll probably make a list for later. I'll try to expand this bio as my time here lengthens.

Haha my bio is so outdated.

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In Nightland 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Done, can we post our CSes in the CS tab?
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Elna stayed behind cover near Aviza before she took off running elsewhere to go and hunt the brute leader and what not, the woman keeping her weapon trained on the rebels before her. Each trigger pull expertly executed any remorseful or ill-fated rebels that stepped out onto the mat that was combat, the bullets bursting through their skin as they tried to move, shoot or otherwise try their hand against the angel of death. Elna was truly a bad ass in the making, though she kept close to cover and reacted properly as the brutes took their fight to Aviza and Rex - oh shit invincibility shield! Though she would begin to back up along with her team ready to run away from the invincible idiot who just plowed through their lines.

Roy fired, bullet by bullet stacking body by body though he noticed that things were getting a bit more twisted as the brutes began there assault, he wasn't the first to begin the retreat but he saw it coming. Moving with Elna he'd manueveur to a better position albeit to their backs as there was no advancing to find new cover, they would have to go back. So he moved his feet hitting the ground as the pair made their way out of harms way, pulling back so the Spartans could do their jobs and the spooks could remain spooky. Roy wondered how Rex fared against the Brute!?
The two folded into the Aviza brute-killing group (foreshadowing) as they began their descent into the corridor, it would only be a matter of time before they would go toe to toe with a huge group of bad guys. Elna kept her head on a swivel looking around, looking like a paranoid bat of some sort as she expected for Rebels to come flying off the walls. For Roy (Ray) though it would just be another series of motions and actions he would be forced to go through, the two treaded through before Aviza called for contaaaaact! Roy moved forward and jumped behind hard cover before getting up to fire at the rebels.

Elna also followed quickly planting herself up against hard cover as she got her Br-55 up and sent rounds down range towards the rebels and it was only a matter of time before they routed and ran away! Aviza quickly corpsed a flanking brute, taking him out without an ounce of remorse. The whole group began to rout but not in full, it could of been a trap - maybe it was? They were nowhere near the crates at this time so they could possibly be safe, though Ray kept his finger on the trigger.

"Keep an eye out Corporal, thinks aren't as they seem." Elna returned a curt nod towards the spook she babysits, both got up and returned fired onto some nearby rebels quickly killing them as they stepped out of cover.
The doors caved in oh god oh fuck, the doors caved in. Trapped in the connector room with his pirate queen some funny glowing fuck appeared before them, talking about betrayal this, the election is fucked that. It didn't matter though she entertained the thing for a moment's time, his reassuring hand of Scrap grabbed onto her by her left shoulder. "Queen, let's go before they turn you into fish-chum." He'd yank on her shoulder pulling her towards the other door (!?) that lead to the adjacent warehouse. He kicked it in with a chachooooow! The door gave in as the exo-suited psycho walked through rifle raised, a few goon-lords (that's what he thought they were called) were already there. A few trigger pulls later they were fucking corpsed and were sent to the undergod without too much remorse.

After scanning the area for a moment he dragged the Queen out into the warehouse where they went to flank back around to where DD was, but he ard all sorts of scraping, dying and car related death killing sounds. Holy fuck, when it all ended the two were outside and he was with the Queen once more but there he was. A dying half heap of a car, the Demon's car and he was beckoning for them to come forward it was now or never and if it would be now then make it quick. With only one tire fucked, the other three were fine. With haste Johnny moved and practically tossed the woman into the back seat of Keah's car.

"Just drive, driver!"

Johnny jumped in the back, gun aimed out the window perhaps Keah would s-s-s-s-s-slam the gas and take off now but if anyone dared follow them he'd have to grease them back to the old 20th century. As for Bannerlord and the boombox, a funeral would be held later for the sacrifices they made today. Enough mourning, it's time to add to the bodycount!
The two would be the last to arrive to the fun house at the bird, there was a lot of death and despair more so on the side of the enemy than the task force. In the time that they were gone they had stacked up more bodies and held the line as the two peeled back now regrouping around with the hurt Spartan Aviza and crew. Elna reloaded her rifle making sure it was full of ammo for the fight to come, she eye'd the poor Aviza well she wasn't to poor she was okay now that she was patched up. She kept a watchful eye over the PO making sure he didn't get demolished by some cloaked hunter or a mysterious RPG that could cut through.

Roy looked over the motley crew as he nodded at them, covered in some blood that was not his and totally looking worn - well his armor looked worn now at least. He was tired from the combat, combat fatigued you could say as he stayed close to his orbiter which was the Corporal. When one of the AIs began to speak and finally he was recognized! The legendary PO, he could finally do his job and get intelligence for the mission. That is if they made it to their objective, he looked around for a ONI approved subject that could protect him besides the Corporal.

"Spartan Aviza glad to see you're okay, if I'm to head to the communications objective I'd like one of the Spartans with me and the Corporal. Perhaps I could take Spartan Ryker?" The request had been sent, perhaps he would finally get some Spartan bodyguarding!

Elna rolled her eyes in her visor though she didn't mind some spartan protecting them all she did mind if it was going to be one of the splitjaws, she couldn't relax if there was one of them watching over them. "Ready whenever." She ended up saying.
While the firefight edged on the two continued to fight viciously as ex-marines do, lot of shooting lots of death the bad part was there was no fucking cover. Quickly, the elite team seemed to dispatch useless URF thugs and the Spartans - well they did their song and dance with the brutes. Though the battle was waning and bullets were not so friendly, shields were almost at the point of popping at this rate. Roy grabbed one of the gauntlets that had rolled her way, he turned it on making a small shield for the two. Roy kneeled in front of Elna as she shot over him, Roy shooting back with his M7 simply in hand as they dealt with the onslaught of enemies. What a fucked up plan.

Yael started to run away, probably in the direction of the bird that went down citing "We can save them!" Though it appeared most of the group went for that kind of heroics at Lucas started bounding towards the bird corpsing everyone and everything in his sight at that moment. "Pull back with the splitjaw." Roy ordered Elna as they began to inch back towards Yael though not abandoning the fight entirely as they continued to put down firepower as the elites and Spartans did their rescue mission. Besides none wanted to get yelled at again by Spartan Mom Aviza, Elna ejected a BR mag dropping it hastily as it bounced off Roy's helmet with a satisfying clink.
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