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High tech, Low life... That is cyberpunk.

Greetings reader, my name is Dead Drop. I'm an avid roleplayer I'm between Casual and Advanced in skill level. I'm interested in roleplays that have a cyberpunk theme or sci fi theme. I'm also interested in military roleplay, fallout/ post apoc and some others I'll probably make a list for later. I'll try to expand this bio as my time here lengthens.

Haha my bio is so outdated.

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The Kingdom of Zellonia

Courage - Duty - Honor

A treaty was sent out to the nation of Tara from the Kingdom of Zellonia, The Monarchist party - the absolute monarchist power in Zellonia ran by King James Conrad. The party has heavy ties to Tara and is Pro-Tara in that nature so it only seemed fitting to get approval and perhaps benefit from them. While the treaty is taking place, or rather being read over by the Empress or her underlings the King wasted no time in effectively moving on and working on other areas of intrest. In this case being unemployment in Zellonia, some Zellonians were simply lazy!

This, was a problem and a problem King James Conrad would certaintyl fix. No Zellonia has gotten fat off another Zellonian's lazyness! No, this was not the case. Starting Mid July, the intitative would allow the government to help unemployed Zellonians to gain employment in viable industries like agriculture and services. Either by funnelling them in or assigning them to the industry, the plan wasen't clear as Minister of Labor Tyler Jenkins and his team were left to deal with and employment centres appeared to be the plan as of now.

Internationally the call for the Automobiles in Zellonia appeared to grow, as horse back carriages and the sorts were growing out dated. It seemed that everyone had a car, not everyone but every country had a car/automobile company. The idea of having their own in Zellonia was lucrative and the use of a car had many uses but at the moment the paper that was drafted for the automobile was simply a international bid and it was unsure if anyone would follow through. Companys the King had in mind were F.E.A. of Vigentino and A.C.T of Cadia, sources close to the king were unable to verify the rumors though.

(+2 Employment order)

June 16th, 1905

"Tepeste's Army group, on the move June 16th 1905"

"Commander Mark Killigan - undated photo"

"Commander & Author of 'The Julian War Hero' Eugene Kapelo"
This is our time

June 15th, 1905

"The final days, June 15th 1905 - Julia Captial"

"Viscount Zach Nato - May 1904"

The royal palace that once enveloped the state's cabinet, parliament and Viscount Nato himself was emptied out. The streets were rather empty aswell, besides the defensive emplacements inside the walls and on the walls of the giant city walls. Artillery emplacements lay inside the city with their crews while soldiers take position at choke points and on the wall's emplacements. War for Julia was terrible, now being spread open by the Vigentino horde from both sides, fighting was guaranteed to ensure and be the bloodiest this was has seen yet.

Viscount Zach Nato no longer wore his robes or royal attire but a muddied and worn officers uniform, presumably someone elses. It had been a while since he had done army operations, having done some basic officer and military training when he was younger in his teenage years. However life had not been what was promised by his father, a quaint small nation quiet and peaceful now that a series of wars in the 1870s-90s ended over various disputes of land. The wars that his father fought and his generals, all of them gone but one, Commander Mark Killigan. Despite the abysmal failures of Nato and his cabinet the Commander still stood with him and the home guard, now diminished after the road blocks were destoryed by the Vigentino force.

Earlier that day Etello Scianna was shot and killed by a firing squad, the reason - instigation of the war. If people truly believed that then that's what the history book would say. In reality the fat fuck was eating all the food, having failed to recruit any new guards besides prisoners who now have gone rogue to bandit the country side Etelo was nothing but a coward and a agitator for his own gain and nothing more. Regardless, Nato stood up and gathered around his garrision in the area (as summoning all the garrison for the speech would be stupid). About 100-110 men showed up after the call, Nato was standing upon an old Vigentino soap box called "saponem" by Jared & Skeltzer Corp in Vigentionian.

"Men, those who stand with me today and those who have given their lives for Julia let me say I am sorry. I apologize for the way things have been going, the war I've started and the stress I've brought onto us all. However, we as a nation had to stand up and show the world we woulden't be bullied anymore, by the Vigentino menance or the world. We've been on our own, the world has seen and watched us as we've fought for what we've beliefed in. This is our time and still is, we won't let the enemy win. History will remember us, our families will remember us. We were those who decided to defy the tyrants and stand tall united, we won't let the pope have the last laugh. Today, god is dead."

Later that day rationing of food was enacted for the remaining population, since a majority of civillians (women & children) were evaucuated as refugees there would be more food around, hopefully.

"Zach Nato the II, January 1905"

Treading along the flow of refugees, young Zach Nato the II continued along west with the horde of Julians who had been cast aside from the Captial. Feeling betrayed by his father for not allowing his wish to let him fight in the captial, Zach continued on west hopefully to find safety in the country of Vigentino.
truly epic
With the borders pressing in on the western front Zach Nato looked out the window of his estate to the city that once was Julia. The city had become fortified with the garrison standing tall as it had cleared out the refugees only to be ironically sent in the direction of the enemy. However, with the refugees now flooding the Vigentino army and had bogged them down from apparent reports from the west. On the eastern front, things were about to heat up like a volcanic Cadian King. The evacuation began for the women and children to head east towards Melgaria to avoid the savagery of the Vigentino Horde.

His son, Zach Nato the second also was among those fleeing the city for he should not have to see the brutality of war at home. Perhaps he'd make it to Melgaria but fate would serve the boy as long as it was in the Nato's favor. Returning to his throne room (which was relatively empty now) Nato reflected on what's led up to this, Etelo the agitator, poor government and choices, not de-escalating. It didn't really matter now, the walls from the west were closing in and alot of people could die.

Work was still left to be done, Nato got up and began to speak to the minister that still were around or alive. Maybe Foreign Minister makes it to the Helrox Empire alive, it will take a while but he may come back with success. Smoke billows in the west, the pillaging had begun on the western Julians, no one ever would of expected the Vigentians to attack from the west but now things had to be corrected. Quickly before the country fell to a religious fanatic who could possibly destabilize all of the region.

(+1 all orders)
Woah sierra is back epicm
You guys talked about fluff so much i kinda was like wow when will it end

Brothers Raymond and Gustaf Relmanto of the Julian Homeguard saying goodbye to their parents.

Foreign Minister Tyler Guborilli had been dispatched to the Helrox empire, with a guard of 12 Julian policemen as his security detail the old man had been dispatched through Melgaria and through Cadia to Helrox to avoid any unnecessary incidents should they occur. Meanwhile in the war room Viscount Zach Nato had finally got off his ass, his shoulder now sore and tight from the injury which was dubbed "The wake up call" Zach Nato had finally sent out the force the people had been asking for. Ironically though as he dealt with the refugees he may aswell of sent them back to Vigentino considered where they were relocated and what became of that location in such a sort peroid of time.

Meanwhile near Zilorno, clean up began of almost two thousand Vigentino soldiers who met a untimely demise. Julian Guardsmen who had rarely ever seen combat pat themselves on the back at such an accomplishment for a defensive force. The Thambers are set up after the battle and it's anyone's idea of what Commander... Nicholas Fabreezo would do, he wasn't a grizzled vet like Killigan not like the old guard at all. Things settled down for the day as the dead were looted (for military purposes) and disposed of. Unbeknownst to the unit, in the west a push was coming for the capital.

"Why do we have to go to Helrox" Complained senior constable Luis Martinez of the Julian constables. The minister was silent as they continued in his carriage under guard to Cadia through Melgaria. Hoping to turn the corner when they made it to Cadia and up to Helrox. "This war is a cruel, terrible war. I want this to end as much as you do, but we have to take the orders we're given. Lest we become Vigentinions or something worse."

(+2 Military order #2)

The Cyber

"Got the Chrome and enhancements.
Got the Attitude right.
Got the metal beneath my skin
Movin' faster than light"

Forget everything you ever thought about cyborgs. Everything. This is the 2000's. Today's cyborg is stylish. His cybernetics are designed for a streamlined, high-mover lifestyle. Whether equipped with implanted data chips in his nervous system to enhance his tennis game, or bioengineered mini-weapons for his personal protection, the cyborg of the 2000's is the cutting edge of high tech living. But he isn't a walking machine either. Cybertech is smoother than that-less obvious. You have to integrate your newtech gadgets into a slick, seamless whole… Of course, it isn’t all about skill.

It's hip and aware to have "hi-tech" grafted onto your body somewhere. If you can afford it, you probably have at least a couple "enhancements": a few software chips installed in your nervous system to interface with your computer, remember your appointments, and improve your racquetball reflexes. If you're "cutting edge," you probably have interface "plugs" to operate computers and vehicles mentally. Maybe your eyes are cyberoptic with a recording function and the latest iris tint, or your hearing is "boosted" to better hear the gossip in the executive lounge.

The Punk

“I’m not a man /or a machine.
I’m just something in between.
I’m all love / a dynamo
So push the button and let me go.”

The world of Cyberpunk is a combination of savage, sophisticated, modern and retrograde. Fashion-model beautiful techies rub shoulders with battle-armoured road warriors, all of them making the scene in the hottest dance clubs, sleaziest bars and meanest streets this side of the Post-holocaust. But more than anything, Cyberpunk is an attitude. You wear the coolest clothes, use the most advanced tech, know the right people, make the new trends. You plan your crimes in the most select clubs and bars; your enemies are Corporate armies, cyborg bike gangs, power-armoured assassins, computer-wired hackerheads, and sometimes the rival Altcult down the street. Your weapons are nerve, streetsmarts, bravado and the Minami 10 smart-gun on your hip.
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