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Roses are red, violets are blue. Hope labs have a mission, annilate you.
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A sign of whats to come.
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When I roleplay its all serious.
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Started the year with new roleplays.


High tech, Low life... That is cyberpunk.

Greetings reader, my name is Dead Drop. I'm an avid roleplayer I'm between Casual and Advanced in skill level. I'm interested in roleplays that have a cyberpunk theme or sci fi theme. I'm also interested in military roleplay, fallout/ post apoc and some others I'll probably make a list for later. I'll try to expand this bio as my time here lengthens.

Haha my bio is so outdated.

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um BRO where is this!?!?!?
Learn 2 prove the gun safe
@DeadDropI'm awake now, was in a bit of an emergency but didn't end up hospitalized so I decided I will come back and play instead of leave.

Sorry 2 hear... didnt know
I'll post this weekend

What a FUCKING bitch.

Zack ran his left hand through his hair of slick, sexy dirty blond hair. God people kill for this shade of natural hair, hell even fuck for the genes. If only looking were a crime, Zack could rack up so many arrests seldom did he anymore though. He was a thug, a good thug - a good hired thug. Who was this bitch to order him around, heck she was a hot-shot. Get it, hot? He chuckled at the thought before turning back to the tanned baddie. He closed his locker with a satisfying CHUNK. He walked over to his pilot seat, ready to KO any trespassing feet on the Troye Darcy.

He looked out the cockpit's window, he could practically see Troye fucking fuming.

"Listen you ice queen... We don't play fucking games that's why Addision got the best, toughest PubSec cop this side of China on board. Hell... I bet our team is fucking sick, rad, cyro. Besides your bossy piece of ass from Corporate Command I don't see much of a team here, where is the dream team. TEAM ETA? What's that mean, something stupid like Elite Tactical Agents. Heh, I think Evil Thinking Assholes is a better name. You know the grave is fucking protected, we need firepower - firepower in general. I need a rifle and cool body armor, maybe some decals but that will be my end to handle. I don't mind playing by your rules, I'm all for getting paid and shit. Don't act like you can do this by yourself cuz you can't, hence my muscles and the rest of the boys."

He flexes, exposing his somewhat lean arms. A Killchain tradition perhaps.

"It's Killchain for a fucking reason! Listen you want to go silent as fuck down there, sure whatever.. You can run around seducing every guard but you'll be the one calling a nine-line medevac that I'll fly to the garbage disposal when the whole team fucking dies down there. You got me ? You on my wave frequency? Good, fucking GOLDEN CRYSTAL CLEAR example of leadership. You don't have to terminate any of us, hell we'll die before you punch that fucking paper to the old man. I just got ideas babe, good ones. Maybe you don't like 'em, others might but I'm here to fucking win.

That's why I got the job, winners only - sorry losers. "

He laughs, before looking over the pilot systems.

"God where are these clowns - hey if you need my signature of the agreement, you can shake my hand. Don't worry I washed it before I got here, the fucking chicks here are messy I know."

She made the cockpit such a fucking mess, women you can never trust them to clean their boots.

Corporate chicks are the best hands down.

posting by friday

@Mariana CollieWAKE UP U
Lol 5 star wanted

The Troye Darcy looked so sexy.

Zack stepped into the blockade runner and looked around his ship, damn it looked fucking smoking. The interiors were just too good... Too good. It was quiet, maybe the whole crew got fucking iced while Zack was getting laid. Of course not, there before him was one of the baddies on his crew. Kirkwood, the Addision chick - corporate slugger or whatever. Hitwoman, there she was fucking fucking about on the Troye Darcy. If Troye had seen this, he'd be so fucking pissed. No one puts their feet on the console, Zack adjusted his neon-tie - yes neon-ties were fashionable in Saturn.

She was fucking smoking.

For those who didn't clue in, Zack was wearing his special - very special casual clothes. A yellow neon-tie with sweatpants and a pink wife beater. "Damn, look what Addision Corp sent in... C.K the crazy corp-for-lifer... What's up babe, you see the clue.
If not, let's clue in. I'm thinking big guns, military hardware. God we fucking fly in and strafe any fuckers unwise to death-from-above and take the corpse and the stone yea. Hell yea."

He undid his tie and moved it to his locker where his PUBSEC uniform was, the neon tie turned off - it knew not to fuck around when it wasn't ready to party. He looked at his .357 PUBSMAK revolver - he'd teach any psycho-choob to pull the trigger. Imagine the cylinder clapping as it turned your body into a corpse? Yea... That's going to be happening a lot, mess with the best die with the rest back on earth. Treasure hunts fucking SUCKED, but thank god for easy clues. Haha, so what you got a death squad or the best tech?

Addision got the thugs and skills to send you to the body bank.

"Fuck... We need some RAT-TECH rifles if we're going in blessed my endeared, crewmate!"


Your move, punk
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