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@fab ur a noob still are ur time dont mean sheet
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National dex gang
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Kinda back on the weekends maybe.
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If you ghost you are dishonorbo.


High tech, Low life... That is cyberpunk.

Greetings reader, my name is Dead Drop. I'm an avid roleplayer I'm between Casual and Advanced in skill level. I'm interested in roleplays that have a cyberpunk theme or sci fi theme. I'm also interested in military roleplay, fallout/ post apoc and some others I'll probably make a list for later. I'll try to expand this bio as my time here lengthens.

Haha my bio is so outdated.

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Need a Co-GM for this?
Sorry for the AWOL, have to step out of this sadly. Having alot of IRL problems rn :(
For the most part Johnny was out asleep for most of the day, while he had most of his gear unpacked with his battle buddy Kage the two had been good friends throughout the entire basic. Despite it being so fucking long he knew how to keep his head down and keep the shit shooting to maximum effectiveness. For now he was racking out and catching some Z's while the rest of the platoon got to talking. The rest was needed after almost more than half a year of training he was finished basic training. Hell yea, it was a good time - not really it fucking sucked but now it was over.

He woke up to the old man telling them not to do certain things as usual, he blinked a few times feeling the federal pressure of duties and people around him. It sucked and it was also loud, there was talk about that other unit the one that was posh and stupid, he didn't care for that he just wanted to hit the ground running. Right? You join up to do something you should do it not wait around in some bunk bed to do fuck all, regardless it was pay just to be here. The honor of serving was also a major part of it. Also some people spoke weird gothic even he didn't understand.

Emperor knew that the job was going to be tough but hell it's what he signed up for, killing warp scum and surviving maybe. He looked over to Kage fondly wondering what he'd do without such a smart partner, probably dead in basic mysteriously. Or something worse, he remembered that the two of the had a job and a job that they loved, the gear that they whad was not the best but it weould get job done if you put the right people behind it. For the unit, they had those two men.

im working... post soon D:
Was fat and forgot :(
Johnny was a young guy, a young buck who use to work the farm. He was until he decided to join up and enlist, his family needed a son in the guard. To bring glory to their crestfallen family, they simply did not have the glory they once had - far from what they once were, but now was a chance for redemption. No one would have thought joining up would place such men into a crazy training regiment, the longest that was ever heard out of the guard. It was intense but not something Johnny wouldn't be able to fuck up, in fact, he excelled in such stressful situations that were opposed onto him during basic.

Kage was a good battle buddy and they had bonded over their voyage of emotions, shitty days (all of them) and they had grown to be friends. Kage's display of fancy talking always seemed to entrance him in some kind of enthrallment. He shook his head and woke up from his fancy talk for a moment, they were about to get their equipment issued. "Naw, I'm fohn." He said going up to the other men and gathering his equipment, he was a strong as an ox as he picked his heavy lasgun and carbine along with the rest of his equipment before treading off.

It was true Kage was the ammo mule but he simply was able to move faster, carry more while Johnny was the gunner the crackshot so to say. Johnny just liked to shoot the big guns, and shoot the shit with the boys. A few minutes later he had all his shit organized and was weary to get the hell off this rock. "Les' go Kage." he said as he shuffled off with the rest of the platoon to the shuttle, not one to dawdle or idle around when work was to be done the brute headed onto the shuttle and hopefully, off to the next war.
What am I suppose to feel?
I'll respond tomorrow I've been busy being FAT
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