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Current One ticket to a slow burn bone chilling erotic cartoon sex 1x1, please.
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25 days ago… still accepting badasses for the cool airplane rp.
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air combat drama coming soon??? also i'm replying to my 1x1s soon omfg sorry my life is busy.
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Replying 2 my partners and rp soon simply busy with irl
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@fab ur a noob still are ur time dont mean sheet


High tech, Low life... That is cyberpunk.

Greetings reader, my name is Dead Drop. I'm an avid roleplayer I'm between Casual and Advanced in skill level. I'm interested in roleplays that have a cyberpunk theme or sci fi theme. I'm also interested in military roleplay, fallout/ post apoc and some others I'll probably make a list for later. I'll try to expand this bio as my time here lengthens.

Haha my bio is so outdated.

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Still hiring gamers.

Name: Alex Murkoff

Age: 24

Appearance: Alex stands at about five foot six, she usually is wearing a pair of cargo pants and a band t-shirt. Her hair is of medium length usually in a pony tail or cut down when it's too long.

Para Category: Alpha-2 (Currently)


Healing: Alex is able to heal injuries on touch-contact with them, by channeling the powers she was given after the accident she can close up wounds and begin healing of internal injuries. She is able to stabilize most patients, for example forcing shrapnel out of a gun shot wound victim and closing up the wound and stop the hemorrhaging of blood. Her limits are she cannot reverse mental illnesses or stop disease such as cancer and other physical ailments.

Time Shift: Alex is able to age the things and people she touches very rapidly, she is able to focus her powers to excel the flow of time on what's she grabbing. For example she could age a young adult into a derelict old senior in the matter of a minute or two, the downside to the power is that she can only age things/people forwards and time and her power does not work on people who are immune to aging or have an infinite life line. One of the biggest draw backs of this is it takes energy from Alex making her tired and weak.


Intelligent - The Tower blowing up was the best thing that could happen, it gave Alex a bit of a boost to her intelligence.

Athletic - Alex continues to train day by day, she's in good shape and training to get better.

Silver Tongue - Alex seems to be able to be charming and well spoken, she can get her way if she tries.


Wanted - Alex is wanted for crime committed with the Church of Para, she's been involved with some of their activities in her time.

Untrained - Alex isn't trained in any cool firearms fighting techniques, infact she rarely uses weapons at all.

Loner - Alex isn't known for her fondness of duos or groups, while she participates in some group action with the Church she usually pushes people away unless it benefits her goals.

Brief History:

Revelry, that was Alex's alias. It's a name that would ring in anyone's ears in the under ground world, Reverly was a criminal doctor - or medic, medical student? She use to be one before the Tower exploded and turned the world's head on it's ass within a matter of seconds. She was studying to be a paramedic, and it would of been a decent job too a job where you could earn your own in the public but fate had other plans in mind. When it went off, all bets were off and her life would be changed forever. In the early days it was everyone for themselves as anarchy had briefly taken over, in fight for survival Alex would cross upon parahumans who would later associate with the Church of Para in later times.

Together with this brief group she survived with them, using her powers to heal the group as they went off and gathered 'supplies' for their existence. Once the dust settled and Marlon had been stabilized by the MCPD and other entities, the worst para's had been removed from society put in the Box and left there to rot. Alex pulled herself onto her feet, no longer really wishing to return to relative normalcy and obscurity she decided to open a business for the underground Paras, servicing those of Church and Para Protection for a fee of course. No para could walk into a hospital in these days.

Since the attack she's worked up her reputation as a skilled street doc, healing wounds from bullets to burns her powers allow some of the most complex surgeries to be done with relative ease. Of course she isn't able to fix everything, but the supply and demand right now is growing with all the fighting that has been going on and it will surely grow once one of the factions tries to take over the city, how it will go who knows but Reverly will be around to make sure people keep fighting and that the money flows into her pocket.

Yes the post is smol (i cri) but not much going on, that's fine I dont expect big posts, we're winding down to the POST MISSION FUN.


Two out of the four missles had hit it's mark and it was almost game over for Rose, but what Winkoop didn't expect was the bold move that he was about to pull the 20mm ran through the cockpit taking him out in an instance, it was dark and simply over. His plane started to veer down but was caught by the crippled Tomcat which collided with the plane - now causing a collateral explosion the sky lit up orange for a moment before it died down, raining scrap metal all over the plains below.

A sign of what's to come.

Devil-1: "..."



While Carter had the upper hand on Zarkev's back, he fired but Zarkev evaded with a sharp turn - the LRAAM locked onto him and tracked his Su-27 which Zarkev responded to with a few flares. The LRAAM chased after one of the them now flying off in a different direction, Zarkev turned his head towards the explosion nearby, seeing it he cursed. Nothing was going according to plan today, but he would be the one to change the tide.

Devil-1: "It's over ant."

With that he pulled a loop right behind Felix and fired off his 20mm guns towards his rear, in an attempt to take him down and pull off into the sunset with his tail between his legs.

*sad violin*
No problem and no rush fellow pone. Just wondered if you died o.o
Also happy 1 month anniversary.
New post today or tomorrow, fellow flying gamers.
I might join.
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