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12 days ago
Current 16 sounds right
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12 days ago
how many knees are in one hive of bees?
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14 days ago
PM me your pinterest boards of character art or aesthetic stuff I'd love to see some awesome pics today
21 days ago
posts incoming shortly
25 days ago
there is a tabletop system called Microscope where you collaboratively build a world together and play out key plots and characters together. I always thought it'd be a good match for play-by-post
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PSA: I can be a little slow over PMs, so if I miss something from you, feel free to drop me a line! I don't bite, I'm just a little scatterbrained sometimes, so please don't take it personally if I don't respond right away ♥

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@Dark Cloud woops forgot to ping. Let me know which option you like best ^
11 intelligence you say?

if it weren't for Dreeda the kitty would be the brain of the operation.

If you want a stray cat or dog that your character has had for a while we can do that IC, and I'll make you roll for how decent it'd be, since Swampmuck is basically the butt of the joke for the region (until you folks upset the natural order of things). Or you can travel to other areas IC during the roleplay to get more interesting creatures. You could even make a trade of it if you wanted to. If you're looking for a selection of Swampmuck appropriate pets, I can drop you a PM and one of the market stalls can be selling animals, we'll do a mini rp and I'd ask you to include it at the start of your first post (as a think that happens that morning at the start).

Heads up I'm looking to see if @Shovel still has an interest in the rp, after the last character is in we can get the IC launched.
@Dark Cloud

mule pros;
can ride it
can put stuff on it

cat pros:
can try to ride it and get scratched
can put stuff on it and watch it try to paw everything off itself and leave it up a tree
very fluffy, good to pet
@Dark Cloud enough to swap out your mule for a winged cat companion ;D?
@Dark Cloud holy smokes that cat is majestic AF
@Mae How possible would it be to get a winged cat as a pet? You know so my character picture will make sense and totally not because it would be freaking awesome.

that's totally possible ;D if you guys do some of the quests that lead into the woods... unless you wanted to buy it in town with quest money.

Also can you link me the pic? it's small on the CS
@Dark Cloud yeah I own a copy. To clarify, I'm asking if you're planning to do something specific with it or if you have something in mind for your character you'd like to explore, as I haven't planned in any downtime and wasn't really planning to explore it. But if you had something in mind you wanted to do that is thematic for your character then it's something I would consider.
I'd like to know if we use the Xanathar's Guide to Everything rules for Downtime? If you own the book the stuff I'm referring to is on pages 125 to 134 in the 2nd chapter for Dungeon Master's Tools.

@Dark Cloud I hadn't really thought about it to be honest & when I do use downtime in my games I have a homebrew system. That isn't to say we can't use it, but I'd like to understand better how you'd like it incorporated if I did decide to include it. What would you like to do with downtime?
@VeyrinDay no worries!

Her Alluring Eminence Baganaria

3 / 6 Stress || 0 / 9 Wicked XP || 0 / 3 Reckless XP || 1 / 2 Dark Hearts

2/4 Defiler's Clock

I believe this is up to date, we'll be doing XP soon and clearing stress at the start of our first lurking phase. Btw, do you still want to switch your Defiler ability for a different one?
@BrokenPromise that's so cool. Thankyou for taking the time to explain the math behind it. I think I understand the difference way better now, and it's quite a significant change!
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