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@shiro Battle Brothers. I can't even beat it when it's a game. I am 100% dead in some gruesome way but I'm just hoping I don't get killed by a Nachzehrer
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Eyy I'm Mae. Welcome to my lowbrow profile.

I mostly lean towards the "rpg" style roleplays right now. I'm not the strongest writer but I do enjoy storytelling. My other relevant hobbies include worldbuilding, reading and illustration. I'm not one for writing bios, but drop me a PM if you feel like it.

I'm not currently looking for Rps but here are themes I ♥:
Humour & Madness • Fantasy • Isekai Manga / Lit Rpg & Dungeonbuilding • Absurd stuff • Worlds with Fae or unusual magic systems

Books/Authors I also ♥:
Douglas Adams • Neil Gaiman • Terry Pratchett • Fred, the Vampire Accountant Series • Divine Dungeon Series • The Black Company Series

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“ The woods are just trees
the trees are just wood
I have no fear
nor no one should...

Hi there. I'm looking for a female character for the following story:

YC was offered as a sacrificial bride from the village to appease the woodland and nature spirits. Doing so, they believed, would grant them good harvests, strong births, fair weather and abundant fortune. It is an ancient tradition, but one only recently reinstated. One ill omen and catastrophe has befallen the village after another, and eventually, the people called out in desperation for a return to the old ways. And so, YC was dressed up on ceremony and sent off to enter the deep woods, forbidden from returning to the worlds of man.

It is after or during a night of long horrors, near death and a ruthless storm YC and MC meet. Reluctant to get involved at first, MC is a being of the forest. He begrudgingly offers aid, thinking to be free of YC soon. Even though they have a dislike for each other, MC eventually decides to offer safety, as many creatures of the forest are baying for YC's soul and blood, even more then usual...

A little about me & the setting:
- We can worldbuild together as we go. Likely the village is medieval in style but I imagine there may be far off kingdoms that are more industrial, think ghibli style.
- I am an enthusiastic partner but I lose track of time easily. Sometimes I can manage several posts in an evening but often with long waits in between those days. Reminders now and then are appreciated if necessary. I promise I don't hate you, I'm just scatterbrained <3
- Work best on roleplays 2 paragraphs long, for the most part. My setup or starting posts are usually longer. I find it alot easier to keep pace consistently with a solid casual basis of 2 paragraphs to both write and respond to.
- Eager to get started ASAP with this one. Perhaps CS's can be in the works as we go.
- Third person only. A thread is heavily preferred.
- I will be playing a main and background characters, but you are free to solo a main or play multiple characters if you like.
- I prefer to roleplay with people past 18+ even without adult content. On the matter of adult content, if the matter comes up, in this setting I would prefer fade to black to focus on plot elements rather then smut. Not that I'm against classy literature.

You know I'm down
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hider=Miranda Holloway

Name: Miranda Holloway
Age: 20
Birthday/Zodiac: Aquarius - February 18th
Gender: Female
Occupation: Gymnastics Club Assistant, Health and Fitness Student


Height: 5" 7
Weight: 130 lbs
Build: Mindy has been obsessively health conscious since her mid teens and her body reflects that. She has a filled out athletic build with strong musculature and a friendly, oval face. She has longer limbs and well balanced bodyshape otherwise.
Eyes: Almond shapped green eyes.
Hair: She wears her hair in a short blonde beach-kissed look. Side view example, though slightly shorter.
Skin Tone: Tan
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: Ears - Lobe.
Clothing: Usually denim shorts with baggy vests over tanks/crop tops. Occasionally caught out in ripped denim jeans and graphic tees. Usually wears a plethora of boho style jewellery - wristbands, friendship bracelets, and a trinket bracelet with several charms.

Passionate ♦ Outspoken ♦ Peppy ♦ Imprudent

Sexuality: Untested Bicurious
Relationship Status: Single, free & non-committal

Personality: Mindy is very passionate about health, fitness and the effect humanity has had on the environment, and will quite happily talk about such subjects at length, building off her own excitement. She is a lifelong vegetarian having grown up in a vegetarian household, and converted to veganism when she was 14. Mindy is generally very upbeat, but at the detriment of not truly understanding the level of suffering taking place in the world around her - currently most notably in relation to Deathware. She has had quite an affluent and sheltered upbringing, which has granted her a can-do attitude and a deep belief in her own ability to enact positive change. Currently she stubbornly believes she can simply beat her Lycanthropy through sheer force of will, and she doesn't fully understand the very real nature of her condition.

She adamantly defends her worldview and is exceptionally stubborn when it comes to people trying to change her mind. Generally speaking Mindy is a caring person, and can be very empathetic, but this usually comes across in situations where her ideals are not being questioned or criticised. As a person she is happiest when action is enacted, and doesn't like sitting around talking about things if a good-sounding plan has already been presented. Mindy is quick to throw herself on board with things that sound like they should be good ideas, without properly thinking things through. People are able to take advantage of her in this regard, if they present things in the appropriate way. She is not traditionally academically intelligent, but on occasion surprises people with a more direct intuitive thinking.

Miranda on occasion can be pretty blunt about things, though usually without meaning hurt. She says what she see's first and her filter for what is appropriate behaviour seems to be way off, unless she is in a coaching situation. Mindy is definitely a more emotional then logical person, for better or worse.

Fears: Trypophobia, Fear of Rotten flesh, putrescence, fear of certain insects - maggots, large numbers of flies or cockroaches.

Likes: veganism & vegetarianism, the early morning, vision boards, organisation, clean air, fitness, food prep, konbucha, optimism, skinny pigs, cute stationary, plans of action, making progress, adventure, new experiences, journaling.

Dislikes: Pessimists, nay-sayers, mess, strong smells, overly aggressive people, big dogs, sitting around when there's things to be done, people not getting to the point over long periods of time, aggressive meat eaters, conditions found in food production industry.


Pre Infection Skills:
Athleticism: Miranda has good stamina and strength. She does not tire easily.
Flexibility: Miranda has been doing gymnastics since she was 4 and yoga since she was 12.
Determination: Miranda can be very bull-headed. When she sets her mind to a task fully, it's difficult to sway her off course, even in the face of adversity.
Decoration: While not an interior designer by any stretch of the imagination, Mindy has a knack for making spaces she finds herself in pleasing to the eye.
Coaching: Mindy was studying to be a Lifestyle Coach, her plan to start with fitness and then take up nutrition down the line. While she was diagnosed mid training, she has still developed some coaching and time management skills, and her upbeat attitude is certainly helpful in that regard.

Post Infection Skills:
Miranda has yet to consciously realise any developing skills.


History Before Deadware: Mindy was an active, high energy child, and an only child until she was five years old, when her younger sister Suzie came along. They both had a settled childhood, with many of their relatives living closeby, there was always family around to visit or events to attend. Her father was a youth councillor and her mother an art teacher, and their home was a quiet and stable one for the most part. Mindy did not excel at school although she was passionately involved in various clubs, and particularly enjoyed hands-on activities. Being a kinesthetic learner it was inevitable she would take a route towards something physically-orientated, and eventually she started directing her studies towards Health and Fitness, with an eventual aim to being a Lifestyle Coach. Mindy had always had a few close friends and larger circles of acquaintances from her various activities. She was neither overtly popular nor shunned during her teenage years, experiencing a pretty healthy social life. She was tested for Lyncanthropy recently during a routine checkup following an interlude with a crush just left to backpack around Europe, and was horrified to discover she had contracted it.

History Since Diagnosis/Arrival: Mindy is still in the very early stages of developing the disease. She is currently travelling to Deadware.

Other: She has two pet skinnypigs at home called Jellybean and Mr. Jiggles.

@SubjectVision Accept trade from Lime: 3 Dirt, 3 Infused Dirt?

Here's my sheet so far @ReveTheDreamer. Still a few minute details I might be tinkering with and prettying up but it's pretty much a finished sheet in terms of info.

@SubjectVision Thanks I've had it in my head since yesterday and I'm playing it right now

Cube continues to build and uses up the remainder of the dirt in it's inventory. More dirt is required to finish the sculpture - it is just under 50% completed.

Cube is advancing a discovery by performing theese actions. (1/3)
Cube is advancing a discovery by performing theese actions. (50%)

Cube's Mass 1/10:
0 - Dirt
1~ Flint, Ash, Pebble.
(5x Petrified Seeds are currently in the Slime Pool)

@Scarescrow Truly Lime is the wisest of the slimes. Lime starts to absorb the bottom of the pool in a more uniformed way and gains some dirt.

By taking this action, Lime's arcane abilities have coalesced into it's first spell!

Lime can summon a concave plane that can carry loads for Lime. Lime is the first to discover this spell. What would Lime like to name it?

Lime's Mass 6/12 -
3 - Infused Dirt
3 - Dirt

@The Elvenqueen In the name of adventure, Wibble keeps absorbing down through the charred ground.

Wibble absorbs Dirt!
Wibble absorbs Ash!

Wibble's Mass 8/15:
1 - Dead Wood
4 - Ash
2 - Dirt
1~ - Charcoal, Dust

@ScreenAcne You walk through the gateway...

You find yourself standing in the south corner of a room near the magical gateway you entered through. To the North is a doorway filled with rubble. To the west, a large wooden door with a metal knocker. As a Curious Slime, you notice a grate in the west wall.

This is cool. Count me in. Thinking of playing a vegan yoga practitioner who's initially entirely in denial about her condition.
@Admythaus That's perfect, thanks!
@The Bork Lazer ;D! haven't seen jojo's bizarre adventures and out the loops with the memes, should I reconsider naming my character that?

or maybe I'll just redesign my CS o be a crazy buff blonde dude
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