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Current Baileys in coffee or hot chocolate is glorious
5 mos ago
When you want to rp everything but time is linear so you cant
5 mos ago
Thinking of running a Sci-fi horror game soon
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6 mos ago
Bring down the sun! All hail the usurper!
6 mos ago
I am not convinced I know or understand the English language


Forever towing the line between 'is this better in RP or forum game format'

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Looking to continue this..%
Mostly been rolling behind the screen but since we're just chilling out right now

Y'all roll me 1d100 ;DDD

>slam the door shut

Spooky guy is spooky and I don't like me no fox deer bears
@Exit ohboyohboyohboy I've always looked up to your bbcode. I can't believe I got a mention ;_;

Also always happy for anyone to use my codes, although my style is a little more out of date now. It is 99% likely I saw someone else doing something cool and tried to replicate it.
It was a radical
@Dark Cloud no worries! Haven't posted myself in a while.

Also I swear these wands have quirks guys... seriously can't wait until you start picking up on them..
@Duthguy You hear a snap as you fall, your full weight bearing down on the limb as you hit the ground. It's gory, and while your heart was racing, you had the dim realisation that should you survive this the limb would be easier to remove.

Scrambling for your items you grab a wand. Three orbs of swirling light shoot from the tip, and as the brightness dims from your eyes you can hear the creature yelp as the magic hits your mark.

You see a pair of madened eyes staring back at you. The mangy creature leaps forth. It is no ordinary wolf...

The smell hits you first - fetid, coppery. You feel its hot breath as it rips at your arm, but only manages to snag a mouthful of cloth. It's on top of you, pinning your Torso to the ground, but it's head snaps back and forth unnaturally. You catch a glimpse of milky eyes. It's nostrils flare at being so close to the carcass.

@POOHEAD189 The magic missiles hit with a hiss. A ripple of electric blue-purple energy pulses across the door. It subsides. All is silent. The ornate skull almost seems to be grinning at you...

You reckon you could possibly pry open the wretched thing if you could get something to help with leverage.

@Cao the Exiled It isn't everyday that teleportation magic goes wrong, but when it does, it tends to be a little bit of a spectacle. Usually a gory one.

Deedra shot through the sky like a bullet. It wasn't like this was her first time in the air, but the speed was... definitely a new experience. You think there may have been a few different realities that you phased through as well, but it was hard to tell with everything moving quite so fast.

After the length of a blink or perhaps a short sneeze, your eyes start to successfully transmit what they're saying to your brain. Was that a forest you were hurtling over? And a clearing? And those three little ants - no, people - and that brown blob is now a..

You crash into the cart in an uproar of flying wands. You are, thanks to the 'benevolence' of magic academy, fortunately in one piece. Unless you died in transit and they teleported your corpse away before anyone saw, but that would be ridiculous.

@rocketrobie2 Carl makes eye contact as the last of the straw dissapears into his mouth and, presumably, belly. There is a long silence. He'll never tell.

@Dark Cloud whatever confounded sadist had provided these supplies had inconveniently left off backpacks and sacks. There were crates, of course, but they were unwieldy to carry. There was, thankfully, a bedroll, rations, various bits and bobs for cooking, a small kit for identifying gems. You grab a pickaxe, and just after jumping off the cart, turn to see a Pseudodragon-sized comet come crashing into it.
@Zyx hi sorry, got a bit of writers block on my character so I think I'll pull out ^^'
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