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Current PSA to those who like cute cartoons that Bee and Puppycat exists and is adorkable, that is all
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Is it nap nap time yet
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My pet rabbit was a monster truck in a previous life.
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Recruiting for a 5E D&D Dungeoncrawl -…
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@Vertigo history check is your best bet~
thanks to @Lauder for reminding me~

During the timeskip period, you will all have time to do one main action. This could be: checking out another area in the tavern, checking out an NPC of the tavern you have noticed, buying yourself a drink or meal before heading down (though it is expected that you will be well rested and fed and Esvelle has bought you a drink by this point anyway), making a skill check, adjusting your supplies in some way (not buying new things, but you could, for example, write some stuff down or use an item or leave something behind) ect.

You could also just chill out if that's your preference~
In [Domain] 4 days ago Forum: Test Forum
In [Domain] 4 days ago Forum: Test Forum

@Cao the Exiled@Lauder@Vertigo@duskshine749@Ellri@DTHar

Esvellee took in a sharp intake of breath between clenched teeth, paused, and then relaxed. "Yes, I do suppose so," she replied under the weight of Ardour's charm and Jhimas' gentle coaxing, "I did hire you for a job, after all. The matter is sensitive in nature, so your discretion is appreciated."

She leaned in, her gaze flickering between some of the patrons beyond their little table, opening her mouth to speak as Aurix leaned in herself, revealing some frank observations. Despite well rehersed attempted decorum otherwise, Esvelle visibly shivered as her eyes widened. She watched the lizardfolk with poorly concealed fear, regarding her properly for perhaps the first time this evening. Pulling her dress a little tighter around her chest, her expression cooled back into something more calm and collected. The noblewoman replied in a low and steady voice,

"Quite adeptly recognised, Aurix. There is more to you then meets the eye, isn't there?"

For a moment, the conversations of the tavern weaved between them, along with a quite pungent (and now retreating) smell of strong goast's cheese. Mugs clinked, voices bellowed and after collecting herself, Esvelle began to recount the story of Kressando Rosznar.

"I have worked very hard, these last few years, attempting to restore the Rosznar name to glory. You are travellers so I don't expect you to understand our sordid history here in Waterdeep - and in more exotic reaches - but we are, frankly, a disgraced house. You see, before my lifetime, there were quite a few nasty characters among our ranks, a fact that seems to damn every Rosznar generation. Our downfall was our intimate involvement in slave trading, among other scandals. The conditions, I hear, were quite horrific." Esvelle bristled as she spoke, all but spitting the last words like a cobra, despite their articulate veneer.

"We wish to be an upstanding house of integrity and honour. It is to this end that we struggle daily under the yoke of our ancestor's reputation and cruelties, holding our heads high. But there are those among us like my brother, who support fully the sinister acts of our forefathers. This dissentuous faction diseasing our ranks have sent my brother on a covert mission into the Mad Mage's Dungeon to begin again these nefarious practices."

"Deep in the depths of the Mad Mage's dungeon, is a town known as Skullport. It is here that my brother Kressando has been sent to set up a slave trade with a local guild. I need my brother returned to Waterdeep before he ruins us for good."

She reaches into her cloak and pulls out a tied parchment, unravelling it to reveal a well rendered image of a handsome young man with cruel, startling eyes. His hair falls in dark curly locks around a sharply angled, dinstinctly noble face, and his skin is fair and umblemished. The family resemblance between him and Esvelle is clear. She taps on the image with a long slender finger once everyone has had a good clear look, drawing attention to the silver signet ring she wears, glittering in the light.

"This is the Rosznar Crest," Esvelle explained, the ring depicting a diving white falcon against a blue field. "Kressando has a ring just like this, only his is made of platinum. The family motto, 'Fly high and stoop swift', is inscribed on the outer rim. Be very careful, my brother is a skilled thief, deceiver and stealthy weasel, so he may wear other disguises. Keep your wits about you, and don't let the deal go through if you find him in the middle of buisness down there."

She wrapped up the parchment and passed it to Lauk, shaking her head. "I don't know what dangers you'll face down there or what you'll need to kill, but whatever it is I'm sure you can handle it." Esvelle finished with smile, "after all, I wouldn't have hired you otherwise, no?"

>>Lauk receives Inventory update: Parchment (picture of Kressando Rosznar) tied with stauched red ribbon
Incoming GM Post today, more exposition heavy (and slightly railroady) then I'd like so apologies for that, should definitely have been split between two posts in the last few weeks I should think. I dislike having an NPC talk excessively in D&D as you guys should be centre in the limelight, but given the good rolls I think it was apt to get the information out. Perhaps in future we'll do some sort of group collab over OOC, just short bursts of dialogue then condensed into one GM post, to get it more in line with how these conversations tend to go over an irl table.

We will be moving onto the Dungeondelve shortly, your next posts will be the last before a short timeskip (you guys at the well ready to descend with your gear) so feel free to wrap up. Following Ardour's high persuasion and Aurix's Insight check, we've made our decisions about which information we're interested in and got Esvelle to talk and reveal her hand, and you won't be able to get anything else too significant out of her in today's conversation (in the form of another GM post with Esvelle). If there are things you want to tie up in your post, let me know what you're discussing with Esvelle and I will give you her dialogue for you to slot in as you see fit. It must be on the public post as everyone present would hear it.

Once you get down into the dungeon the railroady aspects of the setup will be done and you'll have free reign of the dungeon! I swear! Best of luck~~


Thanks for taking part everyone, I'm going to close this thread since I want to tinker with this project a bit and take it in a different direction. I missed the mark on a couple of mechanics I wanted to execute and I kinda want to iterate this idea into something a bit more concrete. And more purple.

Let me know if any of you want a ping when it's launch ready, still undecided if I want to run it in spam or in free (those extra tabs make inventory management so much easier...) If not, that's cool too!

It's been fun <3

Howdy folks!

Sorry I havent been active, Been job searching irl and might have a chance at something pretty good so fingers crossed.

I am looking to have a proper poke through & hopefully post IC either today or tommorrow. But if not it might be after the weekend since I bagged tickets for the Isle of Wight festival and I'll be mia during that :D

Thanks for the patience so far everyone, how have you all been doing?
@Alamantus@Dusksong sorry for the wait, got so swept up in some things I blanked. I've just become aware of the fact I might be holding progress back because of it ><

Will have a finished sheet together by tommorrow at the latest. If I am holding people back, feel free to get started. I can have my character either unconscious for a bit longer in the corner so she's less noticeable (if she gets accepted) to account for possible discrepancies

This is likely the second time I've slowed the thread down a bit and I'm aware of that, I'll try to be more conscious going forward. I think once I have an IC post up it'll be more cemented in my mind that I need to keep better track of this thread :D

Still very much looking forward to exploring a modern character in a new interesting system.
@Cao the Exiled grats dude that's awesome! Glad to hear mum and baby are doing okay.

@Ellri Got any more of those disclaimers?

Glad to see everyone looking forward to posting. Can't wait to read your replies!
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