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Candy apples are my personal favourite.
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What do you mean? African or European swallow?
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recruiting one final player for dark fantasy d&d setting -
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Some days I really dislike my writing style


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In Marco Playdoh 17 days ago Forum: Test Forum
@POOHEAD189 Very much so! The first trilogy in particular is very enjoyable.

What have ya been reading lately?
Sorry for the dissapearing act! I'll have something up next few days though likely without formatting, due to typing slowly on the phone (and being a lowkey technophobe.)
Sorry for the dissapearing act! I'll have something up next few days though likely without formatting, due to typing slowly on the phone (and being a lowkey technophobe.)
@Cao the Exiled That's alright ^^. I'll accept this roll as a blip while we get into the groove of things but here's a rundown of how to do it in future. It's pretty straightforward when you get the feel for it:

At the top of the homepage opposite the Newcomer section, click Dice:

You'll come to the campaign screen with a list of all the site user's dice. You can only roll in your own campaign so click New Campaign at the top right. In future, you'll always be able to find your campaigns at the very top.

Open up your campaign and fill in whatever type of dice roll you are doing. For example, if Atanase made a Medicine check,you could write 1d20+2 in the box and add "Atanese Medicine Check" into the description.

Once you roll it, you can then copy it into your post using the Copy Link button:

And in your post it might appear like this:

I think this is still the most seemless method for the forum since it's in built. However if it's easier for people, I have the characters saved in a Roll20 lobby and people could log in and roll there if they prefer. That would work for me too as I usually have that open with the thread.

Another alternative would be setting up a Discord dice roller but my worry with that is backscrolling through results might take a little longer. Both alternate methods mean they won't be directly tied to the post via link, but it shouldn't matter too much I don't think.
@xXSINXx No worries :D I'll try to draw them the way you like to the best of my abilities. You can always request a few changes once the first draft is done if there are parts you want changed. Sometimes it takes me a little while but I get around to it eventually ;p

In [Domain] 1 mo ago Forum: Test Forum

Aaron kindly trades his whiskey to Fear as Pastor Jimmy warns of the dangers ahead.

Jamie moves up and is OOM.
I'm reading through Glen Cook's Black Company series recently. I'm up to the first book of Glittering Stone and I'm waiting for the second book to arrive from Amazon. I like the realism of the soldier's lives even though they're in a fantasy world, and I like how magic in this series is an exceptional thing. Having a mage in your group is a big deal and it does change what tactics you used and have used against you. I'm not big into intrigue generally but I quite enjoyed it in this case. In fact, this is probably the first book of this type that I've read and I was pleasantly surprised.

While I wait I've been listening to the Audiobook Second Hand Curses by Drew Hayes. I pretty much love everything by Drew Hayes, The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred from the Vampire Accountant series being a favourite. Second Hand Curses is a little more unrefined compared to his newer work but it's still got tonnes of heart and a really neat world. I'm onto the third mini adventure in it so far.
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