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Computer is overheating today o_o
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For goodness sake, all my cat ever has to say to me is meow.
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Gotta say I watched The Rising of Shield Hero recently and it got me back into anime. Really enjoyed it so far.
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@Lugia I know, I'm sorry, I'm behind. I was hoping to catch up last weekend but we had guests around for several days longer then expected. Posts will be this weekend.
@Lucius Cypher oh! I'm with you now. Where did her grandfather practice cattle breeding/serve as a Chef?

@Lugia Wellp

Heads up the best bet in future is to set up a Dice Campaign on the guild here, name them something logical, and then just link your rolls at the bottom of your post / OOC

In the meantime I'll drop you a PM with all of Theldrik's deepest secrets. What in particular are you rolling Insight to work out or detect?
Thanks for sticking with me folks!

@Lucius Cypher She looks great, add her up to the CS tab. I couldn't find her Rustic Hospitality background feature anywhere so pop that on somewhere too.

Gotta love the symbol for Cheese Time farm...

Just so I'm clear on the details, Shura's family has owned a farm in Swampmuck going back a few generations, correct?

I imagine Shura would be no less then living a Modest lifestyle since she owns a farm with animals and can produce a variety of goods.

Haven't seen @Lusus Naturae around for a little while so moving them to NPC mode.
Sorry for the MIA guys, covered some extra shifts and it threw off my schedule more then expected so I've been playing catch up

Posts this weekend at the latest
Sorry for the MIA guys, covered some extra shifts and it threw off my schedule more then expected so I've been playing catch up

Posts this weekend at the latest

"So you're looking for adventurers then? What might I ask are you looking for adventurers for?"

"All considering, it's not the most dangerous work. I don't even need anyone with adventuring experience really. Just people who aren't of too delicate a constitution and can knuckle down and get a job done, you see." He reached over and patted an inoculous oak barrel standing down one side of the cart, nestled among the rest of his ecclectic mix of junk. His expression softened for a long moment. Snapping out of it, Theldrick looked between Einkel and Bartholomew. He decided to give them a moment to themselves and gestured to Jhank, his eyes bright.

"I don't suppose you know anything about magic? I heard there are all sorts of lizardfolk clans who have a wide variety of practices. Quite unusual ones too. I have to say, I've never had the best knack for it, but I've always been fascinated by it. It's a mysterious beast, magic. This here is our latest and most ambitious project."

He looked around the cart at the mix of Swampmuck villagers, a grin spreading across his face. "I'm looking for a group of good people such as yourselves to test out 300 Wands of Magic Missile for the Mage's Guild. It's not the most glamorous work and it comes with it's own challenges, and we know that." He looked across the village square, and leaned in, his voice quieting. "The payment is 1000 gold pieces upon completion of the work. What do you think of that? Not everyday I get to make that sort of offer, let me tell you." Theldrick's eyes sparkled, though it might of been the touch of the booze.

Example Rolls:
Perception may give you more information about the environment.
Insight may flesh out more of Theldrick's motives.
Persuasion may lead to more information about his background.
(Note: this list is not exhaustive, feel free to request skillrolls and include your goal for them)
@rush99999 it can be shortened considerably with good booze, I hear
What a beautiful friendship is forming
@Lugia yeah, since this is a forum game though it's unclear if people have moved onto other things from this.

Would you and @Duthguy and anyone else who's still lurking be interested if I moved it to the Free or 1x1x1 section? I'm still very much interested in running itn and I'm slowly getting the hang of bits and pieces.
Looks like interest is waning. Project closed.
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