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Current Catching up today. Yippee!!
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Shaping up to have one of the worst weeks of my life so that's fun
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Pop an interest check up! Plenty of people not interested in that kind of thing. It's less visible because 1x1 discussion happens mostly over PMs
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#DwarfSupremacy point me at the dumb elves boss
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TIL Texas has used AI to translate thoughts into text.


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So excited to have you here Nez! Love a little weird and wild, I hope you find what you're looking for here.
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Welcome!! I hope you find what you're looking for here!
Late Morning

The lazy morning dragged onwards as local folk congregated around Cornelius' stall, cautiously grabbing their groceries as they gave him odd looks, and skittering off or lingering a safe distance away to whisper among themselves as they watched him.

The boughs of the trees swayed lazily near Nibiri's garden as her fleet footed visitor paid a visit, the puffs of his pipe forming satisfying little clouds that dissipated away. Everything seemed to speak to the easy going nature of village life today. In fact, even from this distance from his Wards, Goh could tell they were quite safe racing around the market, playing whatever games children like to play. While not aware of the details, he could relax knowing they were coming to no harm. Another quiet and relaxing morning in the Hamlet.

Speaking of village younglings, one had been peeking around the corner of the library for a little while, her big green eyes gleaming with curiosity. A little out of earshot perhaps, but fascinated by the pretty lady in the purple hat and the forest man she'd seen around a few times. Big Boro was there too, and she liked him because he could make things fly like birds and sometimes he gave her fun picture books and he didn't even mind if she took a few days to bring them back. Something about that being what Lebberrys were for.

Little Lenya contemplated how to go about requesting another book. The three looked like they were doing Very Important Adult things in very Adult Conversation, so she opted for a stealth approach. She sidled up next to Saya secretly, and tugged quietly on the witches dress, attaching her little hand with all the power a 5 year old can muster and not letting go.

Meanwhile, in a little known hidey hole in the woods, the first experiment of many had started - and it appeared to be going well! The little rat twitched it's whiskers for a moment, then stood on it's hind legs, poking it's nose through the bars. Despite being fed a few moments prior, it was acting like it had never eaten anything in it's life to date. Ratty seems more then eager to wolf down as many tasty treats as possible!

The Adventurer's Guild

Throughout the plains, the ringing of an old rusty bell could be heard, originating from the north of town. It could only mean one thing.... The Adventurer's Guild was officially open and accepting new joiners!

Inside the building, Brisk creaked into an old rocking chair by the front desk, his droopy eyebrows concealing his expression.

"Jada, you've done such a great job of cleaning the place up, I'm truly grateful. It's delightful!" his voice crackled, "do you think we should put a ribbon up and cut it? Is it too late to do that? Hmm." He slowly patted down the pockets of his long robes, "I think I have some change here somewhere, to buy a nice ribbon to cut..."

@Zeroth Goh - might be surprised to learn that Nibiri seems genuinely unaware of what she's worth as a Doctor. No deception detected. However, she does seem exhausted and suspicious, though she has no Ill intent towards you.

@TimeMaster Training success! Your rat has learnt Perform: Beg very quickly and seems to take a training quite well. There are no discernable changes to it's form just yet. You think developing amorphous traits might take time. Despite being small for a Giant Rat, Ratty seems more then happy to accept any and all food coming his way, which will speed te process up.
Welcome to the forum! I hope you find something you like here. Everyone is very friendly here.
What a lovely introduction! Welcome to the guild!
@rush99999@Little Bill@Dark Cloud new post up! Also Command suggestions given in the new mechanics section are just guidelines. If you put some fruity flavour on your posts I'm not going to go "ho ho you've activated my trap card! I only accept commands of a specific case NatURe haha!" 'tis more fun this way
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