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Current Recruiting 2 new players for a D&D Dungeon Crawl, newbies to D&D also welcome…
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9 days ago
I dislike the letter Q.
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11 days ago
For goodness sake, all my cat ever has to say to me is meow.
13 days ago
Gotta say I watched The Rising of Shield Hero recently and it got me back into anime. Really enjoyed it so far.
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I'm so excited a little dog ran into work today and dodged under the gate even tho no doggos allowed and I got to pet him then he fled into the night and no other staff know god speed little guy



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@kingeditor perfect! I still think Jhimas would be the most likely party member to accept you wholeheartedly, and then vouch for you as the team goes down. But it fits perfectly with your plan.

Also, with the new NPC turning up and eyes of the crowd directed away from the party, Vodalus could potentially sneak in before the church people clock him. So it might buy him some time down the line while they try to work out where in Waterdeep he went.
“Come, tiefling. I do not trust Achthend by himself and I don’t think the turtle is capable enough to handle him

This has given me a great idea for fanart


The horse is lowered down to much fanfare from the patrons. As things start to heat up, a tall gentleman with a steady, confident gait approaches Durnan and turns his head to Durnan's ear. The tavern owner's brow furrows, and then he nods. Jhimas looks over to Atanese, who had momentarily tensed.

There had been some small mention on the way to Waterdeep that Atanese had a lead regarding a personal matter, but the chance was small after all this time and he hadn't dare hope. As a few confused murmurs started to spread through the crowd, Lin pulled out her Dulcimer and began to play an upbeat, fast paced ditty. Several customers who had heard her play earlier whooped and hollered at the opportunity to hear her play again, and soon the Halfling on the balcony began to challenge her with his own lyre song.

People were rising from their seats to swing each other around, their excitement bubbling over to the sound of Lin's fine performance. Atanese and Jhimas slinked off now not all eyes were on the party, one final quick nod sent as an adieu as they dissapeared round the corner. They were skilled, and with Lin's exceptional deception abilities there was near no doubt they could tackle whatever would come at them, but an unspoken worry still hung in the air.

Everyone had been packing their things and cleaning their weapons for the delve when Jhimas had suggested earlier, the help of the admirable Vodalus should they party need to split for a while. A skilled healer and passionate follower of Bahamut's tenents, Jhimas had seen him speak one day long ago, and found in his speech a reminder of the noble pursuits of his people. You had only seen him for the briefest of moments, but now his silhouette emerged from the crowds.

There were other matters at hand to be dealing with, however. Lauk had grabbed the chain, tossed his gold to a nearby barmaid who had helped strap Achtend in, and followed shortly after the beast. His form disappeared down the shaft, and it was a wonder what awaited him at the bottom.

The tall gentleman who approached Durnan earlier placed a hand on Ardour's shoulder, opting not to risk touching the Lizardfolk unexpectedly. He looked between the two unusual folk, and seemed quite unperturbed, though his posture was tense and he spoke in earnest. "It may be best for you folk to head down lest the crowds want an explanation. I'm sure there will be plenty of time later to live under the limelight, if your delve is successful." He gave a small smile.

▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅

The Dungeon

Upon entering the dungeon you find Lauk, standing near the western wall of the tower. His crystal glows with a fiery light, illuminating the sand covered floors and graffiti caked walls. A number of shields of all colours and heraldry adorned the walls around you, all of them dented and ancient looking. The air in here is surprisingly clear, a breeze drifting down the well now and then, the chains cool to the touch in your hands.

Achtend whinnies and scuffs the floor with a hoof. He had been bribed enough to not wish to wander deeper into the dungeon just yet, at least. His harness lies in the sand around him.

A corridor stretches out beyond in the southwestern corner.
▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅▅▅

The circle in the centre of the map is where you may land after entry into the dungeon. Please let me know which square you're standing on and I will place you accordingly. Your location will also affect things like line of sight and obviously who can reach you in battle ect.

So far, here is who I am aware has paid the toll to enter the Dungeon. Please inform me when you have paid and how much (1 or 2 gp) and make sure to change your sheets accordingly.

Lauk - 2 gp
Aurix - 5gp for Achtend (hasn't paid for self yet?)
Ardour -
Vodalus -
Markus -

@POOHEAD189 I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I need a link to the stat rolls on RPGuild before I can officially accept the sheet <3 <3 <3

@Lauder That's totally fine in this case, things got a little messy there. I think if I was a player right now I'd have a bit of writer's block ;p


@kingeditor Looking forward to it! Let me know if you need any clarifications. Quick question: How long has Vodalus been hanging out in the tavern?

@Vertigo@Lauder@Ellri Right, so I think the best thing to do is I'm going to make a GM post interrupting Durnan's antics, allowing the party to enter the dungeon with minimum theatrics this time round. No need to name the party just yet as by the time you re-emerge party-wise we'll look alot different :D

In [ADVENTURER] 4 days ago Forum: Spam Forum

The bronzed platoon commander looked backwards and forwards between the two of you, and she seemed to relax slightly. She sighed. "we don't have the men for it." she looked behind her down the avenue towards a large building in the middle of the Fort.

"The Commander of Old Fort, Ulrand, will be privy to discussing this information, far more then I can. He may well have a job that will interest you, if you're concerned about the increase in beastman raids on villages in the area recently. You can find him in the Headquarters building, just down the avenue here."

In [ADVENTURER] 6 days ago Forum: Spam Forum

You group up and exchange what you've learned. The ten of you pass by the inn, bathhouse and the merchant's forum. As you approach the East gate, you realise the doors are open and the portcullis raised. Two guards patrol the walkway above, and a muscular woman in platemail eyes you up as you approach.

"Halt. Sheath your weapons and state your names and purpose for coming here." She says curtly, a was tablet in hand.

@Lauder No worries, just want to make sure it's not a confusing situation.

If you want to prep your post so that it ends with Aurix landing in Dungeon, that might be the best bet. Although if you want to spend longer in the tavern that works too. @Vertigo For you as well, actually. If everyone ends in the Dungeon next GM post will be the start of the crawl proper.
In [ADVENTURER] 6 days ago Forum: Spam Forum
Each Square roughly 10ft, not perfect to scale
Old Fort

@Shovel Buford approaches the Old Fort. Towards the Main Entrance, the Eastern Gatehouse, you spy an inn and two other buildings. You take a longer route along a dirt path, that curves the circumference of the fort, a far way down the hill. As you approach the Blink River, you climb up towards the awaiting gatehouse.

The thick, timber doors loom before you. No one is watching at the battlements, where you spy a balista pointing out from the walkway.

No one answers your calls...

@Duthguy Irene knows nothing about the old fort, and Flint is silent as usual. You don't think he's ever left the edges of the village, and Irene spends more time in the woods then in civilisation.

Old Man Smith pipes up:
"Been a long ass time since I've been this way. The fort still looks the same from what I can see though. In my time we had far, far more soldiers then the looks now - why, 25,000 and more of us called this here keep home, and that doesn't even count the horsemen. Shoved us in like sardines and worked us hard, mind you. The smell - I remember the smell most of all. They ended up building a bathhouse for us real quick like..."
You try to get him back on topic a bit, but he ends up reminiscing about smelly socks for a while.

Wily Natters is never short of things to say:
"The merchant's forum is on the East gate. Quite a busy little area too, with a comfortable enough inn (I suppose, I mean, it's quite good for this area, but there are certainly better ones) and a bathhouse. They don't let anyone but the military use the North and South gates anymore, no idea why."

His eye is twinkling, and he leans in closer to you.

"Well, nevermind all that. What *I'm* really interested in is that the Commander here is offering a big gold reward for a little nitty gritty work. Protecting the surrounding countryside or some such - I forget the details. But right up our alley, surely? After all, we're here to save the village... might as well get a wage for our work." He wiggles his eyebrows, his charm barely hiding his greed.

Quest Updated - The Old Fort: Investigate the rumour that the Commander is offering a reward and find out what the job is.
Beat me to the punch ;D A warm welcome to @POOHEAD189 and his eldritch knight character Markus Flintbrook!

I usually don't share meta information, but I think as we have some new folks joining the party, here's roughly what we're thinking when it comes to adding them in. @Cu Chulainn @kingeditor @POOHEAD189 Feel free to correct me or add your thoughts, that goes for any current players too:

@POOHEAD189 Markus will be following the party into the dungeon at the bequest of Esvelle Rosznar. Markus has worked with Esvelle and, particularly, her brother before, thus knowing what he looks like and what his usual tricks are. Esvelle has asked you co-operate with Markus.
@Cu Chulainn's character is a survivor of a previous delve gone wrong. They are near the very start of the dungeon, but might well have some information about some things to look out for.
@kingeditor's character Voldalus was vouched for by Jhimas, who considered him to be an upstanding Life cleric, unaware of his past. Voldalus is travelling down with the party. Your character has likely had a very brief meeting with him shortly before dungeon entry, as in a quick exchange of hello's, before you're all plunged down the well.

The hope is for the party to slowly organically mould into one cohesive group, but no need to force it.

Jhimas, Lin and Atanese had to splinter off after an emergency mission - Atanese discovered some information regarding his sister. Lin travelled with him for her deceptive abilities and Jhimas wanted to keep them safe.

Mechanically, @Lauder@Vertigo@kingeditor@POOHEAD189 can post their dungeon entry as they're ready. Once @Cu Chulainn's character is ready the party will either stumble upon them or they will stagger into the party.

Final thought - @Lauder@Vertigo do you need another GM post? I know the IC was left in a bit of an unsure place after we had the party change at a key moment. If you're struggling to work out what's going on, I can do a quick timeskip/slight retcon to make the situation a bit more manageable.

So everyone is aware, @Ellri has received some information regarding the Dungeon as he's the only one currently down there. No one else knows what he's seeing just yet, wOOOoooOOOOoooo *other spooky mysterious sounds*

Also a welcome to @Salty Spitoon, who might pop up in the OOC now and then. They're our first reserve and port of call if anything goes a bit squiffy <3
@Archangel89 it's funny, I started rewatching My Hero Academia yesterday ;p

@Shadow Dragon@Archangel89 It is likely I will be accepting the last sheet soon and closing recruitment up. I can ping you if this isn't the case or if a slot opens up in future?
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