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23 days ago
If it's one big ongoing paragraph of everything together or 2 vague sentences I likely won't be interested.
23 days ago
A good visial hierarchy/ information split up clearly. Give me some IC lore. Some OOC considerations / rules /posting expectations, and any inspiration/flavour stuff.
25 days ago
TIL Texas has used AI to translate thoughts into text.
29 days ago
This begs the question, what crazy telephone game 1x1 roleplay could you get with two people who RP but don't ready any posts...
11 mos ago
Baileys in coffee or hot chocolate is glorious


Forever towing the line between 'is this better in RP or forum game format'

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Sims 3 is hands down the best Sims game despite being a buggy mess sometimes
I swear I will fight heaven and earth and die on this hill
Hundreds of hours of gameplay and I'm still finding new things
Although I love running it with the mods that improve automation for non active Sims

Also welcome!
Nested Tables Breaking:
Wormwood is my spirit animal person
@Crimson Flame no worries, always a place for Mary if you change your mind.

@Wayward that's okay! It's just open posting at the moment. People chatting and starting to interact with each other. I know work's been crazy on your end, IRL always comes first.

If you need help getting started I can do an NPC post? Otherwise happy to give a cliff notes edition of who's where doing what if anything strikes your interest to jump into. I'm starting to think about doing the next event post (kinda enjoying everyone getting to meet each other so I've been a bit hands off) if you'd rather have a clean jumping off point, but it might be a little longer.
Wish I kept whatever experiment I recently rage quit on but I can't find it :(

Edit: today I put the [table][/table] tag in the wrong place and it did something weird. Looks to me it still made the cell/row without it nested in a table.

Here's the wee bab having a meltdown over it. Bless:

If you're looking for more rapid fire posting you should look around the forum and find people who have similar expectations. Most people tend to fall into the few days/once a week mark, but there are people around who can match shorter or longer speeds. Discord RPs are also a good bet for that, you might find more luck in that kind of medium.
My goodness I just started Ranking of Kings with its cute little art style and it is bruuutal
@Enkryption I absolutely love this. The urge to play into Nibby's suspicions is overpowering XD
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In RATTLECHOMP 23 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Yay! It’s @Mae-Mae!

SCREEEE ello!! How have you been??

//Wavewave hello everyone, I have mercilessly infiltrated this awesome roleplay and can't wait to go on this journey with you!

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