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Mae you know I love all of your RP ideas, even if they're less RP and more like this one where we're just playing a board game through the internet.

A Co-GM would probably help you not feel so stressed about everything. Although with a project like this one they'd be a bit limited since in the end you're the one who has to draw the tiles every time.

Anyways, whatever you decide to do next I'm game to give it a go :)
Zephyr was glad Ryteb was as good a pilot as he was. He kept them out of range of most of the weapons being fired at them, emphasis on the most. What had Zephyr worried wasn't the missiles headed their way, it was that after blasting one with fire it did nothing, meaning they had some kind of heat shielding and he needed a new plan. Luckily for them, fire was Zephyrs secondary trick, his main one being messing with computers. Unfortunately he had to wait for the missiles to get closer in order to change their targeting, which was clench inducing to say the least.

The missiles got closer as Ryteb flew them upwards, and as soon as Zephyr could sense their computers he made a minor easy enough change to angle them towards each other. They collided several hundred meters from the glider but the shockwave was still enough to jostle them. And that was when Ryteb informed Zephyr to not mention what was about to happen to Mal. The glider was in a free fall and Zephyr inadvertently reverted to the native language of his people as he shouted every swear he knew and cursed Ryteb for keeping this thing together with the magical equivalent of duct tape.

The crash was expected and Zephyr shielded himself as best he could. His thick scales were a bit like old fashioned chain mail, at least for little scratches. He felt a bit sore but was overall fine, he glared at Ryteb for a moment before just sighing and letting it go. He couldn't stay mad at the guy, or anyone really, Zephyr was notoriously bad at holding a grudge, he just couldn't bring himself to stay mad at anyone for longer than a few minutes. "Come on fox face, your crash landing was one floor too low, roof access is this way."

Zephyr made his way to the stairs and up on to the roof where he saw The Molotov along with the rest of the crew. They were all around the elevator at this point, "oh good, elevator's working, real glad we won't have to take the stairs. Sorry if you were waiting on us, we ran in to...delays." Delays was one way to put it, Zephyr thought as he side glanced Ryteb.
"If I jumped out right now would I be okay?" Zephyr mumbled to himself after Ryteb caused an explosion that was sure to make them tons of friends. Why was he here, in this deathtrap with his overexcitable crewmate? Probably because Ryteb had asked right after Zephyr had his morning coffee, and he just didn't want to disappoint. Also Ryteb didn't seem like he would be taking no for an answer but that was beside the point.

"Ryteb I know you're having a good time but think we could focus the fire on the guys trying to bring us down?" Zephyr pointed his hand out and fired a firebolt at an oncoming ships engine block to bring it down as he tried to get Ryteb back on task. He also enjoyed the distraction from the fact some civilians were caught in the crossfire. He had to ignore that for now, he told himself that if they hadn't escaped by now they were probably done for anyways.

Or perhaps he could focus on the fact that he could hardly believe this glider was holding the both of them aloft currently. At least is had seatbelts, although that was less surprising than one might think, seatbelts did help with all the flips Ryteb tended to do. The man was nearly twice Zephyrs age but that didn't stop him doing crazy maneuvers. You got used to it if you flew with him enough, used to it to the point where you didn't get sick at least. You never really got over the lurch you'd feel when Ryteb decided to kick it in to high gear. Despite all that though Zephyr really liked the guy, and would be sad if they ever parted ways. He was a loose cannon, but he was also a damn good pilot, despite what other people might say.
>Fear moves to D10
>"I don't think I'd be able to live with myself if I didn't at least try to help"
F**k it, let's get some action going.

>Fear reveals the next room

Good to have you back Mae :)
@vietmyke I mean, my character is also a technomancer, so if you really wanna do a concept that's already covered just do it :D also here's a discord link for ya
Marauders or Dragon at the Gates definitely have my vote. As for discord I always like having a server just to be able to chat easier
I’m excited for us to get started. So here’s hoping we get another person or two. It’s friday night so maybe people will be around
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