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"Ya, nice look man," Morthos said to Roxas, once again ignoring the fact that he was talking to himself. Before he found his god Morthos used to hear the voice of the evil god Asmodeus, maybe Roxas had a similar problem. They headed down to the lobby and while the girls were giving Roxas googly eyes they were giving Morthos the stink eye. He was used to it, people generally didn't like looking at him, whatever. He had at least one girl who didn't mind looking at him, and he gave Jax a smile as they met up in the lobby.

He agreed that the food sounded good and once they were all done he was glad Jax knew the best place to eat, as she should since she grew up here. Jax laid out her plan for them splitting up, this time the couples would be teaming up, Roxas and Ophelia in the woods looking for tracks and whatnot, Morthos and Jax in town talking to people. While he wasn't too keen on that particular activity he was happy to do it if it was with Jax. "That sounds like a plan, you know I love the library, I'll try not to be too weird while you work your magic talking to the townsfolk."
"Oh I know Roxas and I are both loners, I bet we could share a house and never see each other, and it'd be beautiful," he leaned in as she kissed him, and he heard the moan she let out. He wondered if she kissed all the other guys like that? It seemed a bit more intense than just a flirty kiss between friends with benefits. "Ya, see you," he said, slightly winded himself.

He headed up to his room and found Roxas didn't have the lights on. There was some music playing and...was Roxas talking to someone? He couldn't really make out what was being said but that was definitely Roxas talking. Morthos turned on a light and knocked on the door, "hey Roxas, you okay in there? We're probably gonna go grab lunch once you're out so don't be too long." Morthos wouldn't bring up the talking unless he did. He was sure it was nothing, sometimes Morthos talked to himself when he was thinking about something, Roxas was probably just doing the same thing.

Morthos took his bag and threw it on the bed further from the window and closer to the door, sitting down the bed seemed comfy enough. At least it wasn't as stiff as a board. He would just hang out in the room until Roxas was done, then they could eat and possibly get to work on the werewolf problem.
Morthos just scoffed and made no comment on the weights, instead just making his way in to the carriage. Lucky for him the horses only seemed slightly wary and were fine once he was out of their sight. They got to the hotel and Jax said there was only two rooms, Morthos thought the obvious thing would be to let the couple stay together. Clearly she had some other plans, and as Roxas made his way upstairs Morthos said to Jax, "what, don't wanna room with me? That hurts Jax, really, I thought we had something," he was being overly dramatic and was mostly joking, but he did wish he was sharing a room with Jax rather than Roxas.

"Anyways, after Roxas gets himself cleaned up what should we do? It's only mid afternoon, we have the rest of the day ahead of us." Food would probably be Morthos' first choice, he was starting to get hungry. Obviously they'd have to see the girls' parents, but he wasn't sure when that would be. He supposed it probably depended on how long this werewolf thing took to solve.
At first Morthos was a little annoyed that Jax was laying on Roxas as she slept instead of him. But after seeing how she slept he was glad that wasn't him. Instead Morthos spent his time on the train reading up on werewolves, he was fairly familiar with most monsters but it could never hurt to refresh his knowledge. Werewolves were weak to silver, so silvered weapons were the best thing to use. They were also quite fearful of fire, how convenient, Morthos thought to himself. Of course there were other ways to kill them, without silver or fire, brute force was always an option. After all, doesn't matter how strong you are, without a head you're done. Unless you're a hydra I suppose, Morthos mused as he put his laptop away and just enjoyed the scenery. He could have swore he saw a unicorn, but he thought they'd all gone extinct centuries ago.

Other than the possible unicorn there was nothing too interesting about the ride and it was nice to get some fresh air when they arrived at their destination. The girls went off on their own, Morthos assumed to find them transportation to where they were staying, and Roxas went off to get changed. Morthos grabbed his bag and Jax's, which was clearly a mistake as he nearly threw his back out thinking Jax's bag would be light. "By the nine hells, what does she have in here, rocks?" Morthos took a minute to perform a ritual, Tensor's Floating Disc, so instead of carrying Jax's bag he basically just pushed it around, much easier.

Roxas came up and started a conversation, asking if this was Morthos' first rodeo. "Nah, I've done missions before," he told Roxas, "nothing with a team, just some solo things. Haven't made my way out this way before though," Riverwood seemed like a quaint little town. They were still along the water so the familiar smell of the ocean was still there, but the town wasn't exactly at sea level, making the ocean seem like it was much further away than it was. They guys caught up with the sisters and Jax announced she had arraigned a carriage to take them in to town. "Hopefully that works out okay," Morthos said, "is this like a horse drawn carriage? Because sometimes animals don't take kindly to me. Also, unrelated, what in the holy name of the gods did you pack? Your bag weighs a ton, it was easier for me to do a ritual than carry it."
Morthos could definitely get used to random kisses from Jax, maybe this relationship but not really thing they had going would work out just fine. "Well, you know, you deserve it, plus you can't be having sub-par equipment if we're going to be fighting together." Morthos said to her, "besides, I never really get to splurge on stuff like that, my magic is mostly based on my own ability and not implement." Morthos was wearing his new standard outfit of jeans, t-shirt, and leather jacket, along with his staff.

Jax said the mission was in their hometown, "cool, train is fine with me, gives us time to see the sights, think about how to take down these werewolves." Thinking about it, Morthos wasn't sure how Jax would introduce him. Boyfriend? Teammate? Whatever, he'd go along with whatever she said. "Oh right, while I was at home I figured out something I've been meaning to work out for a while." He snapped his fingers and spun around, then suddenly he was wearing his cloak, with the potions and everything that he may want to use. "Summoned armour baby, usually for someone wearing heavy plate armour but works just fine for me too." With another snap and spin he was back to his normal clothes, "so when's the next train? And will I have to be the one financing our first adventure until we get our big payday for this one?" He was half joking, but he didn't mind using his money to make sure everything was good for their first few runs as a team.
"Break it up? It was just getting to the good part," Morthos jokingly complained as the other two came downstairs. Jax got off him and he sat up and ate his food, it was a little cold for his liking but a quick snap of his fingers fixed that problem. "Well I normally don't drink, so I won't be swearing off drinking since it's not usually penciled in to my schedule." He put his plate down and was going to take it to the sink when Ophelia came by and collected it along with Jax's, she was like the mom of the group, "thanks Ophelia."

Jax brought up being a team, and the fact Morthos would probably want to be with her. "Well, there's that, and also you guys are my only friends, you seem to keep forgetting up until a few days ago I was basically a hermit." She called over Ophelia and gave them a rousing speech about how much she loved SPA and wanted to be the strongest. When she was done Morthos stood up and put his hand on top of hers, "I'm in, honestly I don't think I'd rather be on a team with anyone other than you guys, it'll be great spending so much time with you all." He used his free hand to reach around and pinch Jax's ass, giving her a cheeky wink in the process. If they were gonna do this he'd be as flirty as he wanted, regardless of company.
"I..." Morthos took a deep breath. On top of being distracted by Jax and still being a bit drunk from the night before, he wanted to choose his words carefully. He had no clue if he could handle this type of relationship, he'd never even been in a normal relationship before, never mind one with all the stipulations of no feelings. Jax already knew he had feelings for her, so what was he supposed to do with those? It's not like he could throw them away. On the other hand, this was probably the best he would get out of Jax for now, and if she wasn't going to see anyone else it would kind of be like a normal relationship.

"I promise," Morthos spoke slowly, intentionally, he wanted to make sure he said this the right now, "I will not act like a crazy ex should we decide to end this. We will still be friends, nothing will be awkward," he made sure not to mention not catching feelings. He'd already caught feelings, but hopefully that was acceptable for Jax. "Now, would you mind getting off me? I'm feeling hungry now and the very nice breakfast your sister made is getting cold." He raised and eyebrow at her, "or are you gonna be naughty and I'll have to make you?"
"I vaguely remember you tackling Uma," Morthos muttered before Jax continued on with her apology. Ophelia brought some food, that was nice of her, "thanks Ophelia," Morthos called as she walked back upstairs. He'd grab the food momentarily, right now he just wanted to keep laying down, Then Jax was on top of him, quite literally, offering him what sounded like a relationship but she didn't wanna call it that.

"Yes, yes that's fine, uh, you do me, FUCK, you. I mean, not fuck you, I mean fuck me, uhhh I mean...." Morthos stammered a moment before giving up. it had happened, his red skin had somehow become redder as he blushed probably for the first time in his life. "I'm still kinda messed up from last night, you know what I mean, right?" He was sure Jax would be a good sport but gods that was a rocky start to their relationship but not a relationship. "So, you said no kissing or touching other guys, does that mean we will be doing those things?" He wasn't exactly sure what Jax had in mind, just that she had clearly made up her mind that she felt something for Morthos.
Morthos had drunkenly staggered his way to Roxas' house and had barely made it two steps before he collapsed on the couch and was out cold. At some point he woke up, it was dark so not morning yet. His head was killing him, he grabbed some water and downed three glasses before filling the cup once more and leaving it on the table near the couch, he knew he'd want it when he woke up again, but for now he was going to go back to being dead to the world.

What felt like a minute later he felt a blanket be placed over him, he cracked an eye open and saw Jax walking to the kitchen. He stretched and began waking up, figuring it must be morning at this point. Jax came over and gave a sheepish greeting. "Mm hey, how you doing?" What even happened last night? He was dancing with Jax, he got some strong drink.....oh. Oh right. All that with Uma. And Jax said she'd consider giving him a chance. It was hard to believe so much had happened last night, but unless those were drunken hallucinations all of that happened.
Morthos wrapped his arms around Jax and held her in an embrace, she was giving off a lot of mixed signals to him, but he couldn't just ignore what she had done. "Jax, I know how being drunk works," he said quietly, "it doesn't make you say things you don't mean, just things you may not normally say. I'm off my rocker tonight, and I can tell you that I won't break your heart."

He pushed her away slightly and cupped one of his hands on her cheek, "what happened to you Jax? Why is something like being with me so hard for you? Is there someone else? Jax I can be whatever you need me to be for you, but you seem to want me to only be your friend while at the same time not being with someone else."

He suddenly felt a burp coming on, he looked away from Jax and let out a belch, fire coming along with it, "oh right, that's why I don't drink." He looked at Jax and just smiled, "couldn't you just give me a chance? How many guys do you know who also double as personal space heaters?" He chuckled at the joke but his heart wasn't in it, so he sighed, "you don't have to answer now, but maybe think about it? If you give me a chance maybe you'll stop feeling conflicted and won't have to tackle your friends anymore." With that he turned around to head back inside.
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