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@Mae As sad as it makes me I think I'll have to drop, apparently I'm away from my computer in the summer a lot more than I thought I would be. So unless you want Jhimas to be on NPC mode for like a month and a half (which is always an option) I'll probably just have to bow out
Sorry about the delay, I’m still around. I just haven’t really been near a computer for a while, and I’m going camping soon so I’ll try to do something next week
I’ve basically been living with my girlfriend while her parents have been away so I haven’t had time to write anything. But I feel Jhimas doesn’t have much to do so I’m fine if we move forward without having posted
I've been good, really gotten in to Riichi Mahjong recently because apparently in addition to being a nerd I'm an old Japanese man
Jhimas gave Lady Esvelle a polite nod as she joined the group, "you're looking lovely tonight Lady Esvelle." He sat back and listened to Lady Esvelle tell them about her brother. She apparently thought he was probably doing just fine for himself, so why ask the group to help her? Jhimas didn't linger on that thought too long, if she wanted help with something she couldn't do herself who was he to deny that help?

She had looked directly at Jhimas when she mentioned falling prey to temptation. Was that because she just happened to be looking at the holy symbol on his shield a moment before or did she believe Jhimas to be one who would fall prey to such things? At any rate, Ardour was the first to speak up. Jhimas rolled his eyes, Ardour could barely hide that he would be more than happy to be tempted if the offer was good enough.

"Lady Esvelle I can assure you that I will make sure no one fall for these temptations, despite what the others may lead you to believe." He gave a side glance to Ardour before continuing, "but my friend does bring up a fair point, we can help more if you give us more details. I would hate for us to fail because of some trivial detail we did not know, anything more you can tell us will greatly increase the chances of your brothers safe return."
Good to hear everything is okay :)

My normal dnd group which plays Thursdays is on break for a bit while the DM makes the maps and stuff for the next leg so I’ll do my best to get a post up tonight
While normally Jhimas would have been the first to the meeting place everyone had agreed on he decided today he would try taking his time. He had been out that day, making sure all this equipment was sturdy and he had enough supplies for their mission. Many people in town either had umbrellas or were hurrying to find shelter from the wind and rain. Not Jhimas though, the cold and wet of the day reminded him of home, reminded him of Kholmos, the best friend that he couldn't protect.

The thing about crying underwater was that you couldn't feel the tears stream down your face, but on the surface you felt all of it. Right now Jhimas felt a tear going down his face, even with all the rain. But right now he had a small smirk on his face, thinking of his friend from long ago. He was in a better place now, watching down on him, probably mocking Jhimas whenever he missed his mark with a blade. "Lucky bastard, not like you have to fight anymore," Jhimas may have seemed like he was talking to himself, but he knew Kholmos was with him.

Jhimas then made his way to the tavern and dried himself off as best he could be going in. He wasn't the best when it came to understanding the ways of humans and the like on the surface but he knew that walking in to a place completely drenched was generally not appreciated. A man came stumbling out the door, clearly intoxicated, and eyed Jhimas before asking him, "hey buddy, why do you look like you're ready for a fight?"

It wasn't an uncommon question, Jhimas spent all his waking hours in his armour with his weapons on hand. "You never know when evil will rear its ugly head, I'm most comfortable when I'm able to defend those who need defending."

The man just scoffed and continued on his way, and Jhimas entered the tavern. It was a busy evening, that was no surprise given the weather. Jhimas wasn't the most observant person, so it took him a moment to notice Lin's music among all the other tavern sounds. But he did hear her and followed the music to find her sitting at a table right next to the portal, appropriate. "Good evening friends," Jhimas said as he took a seat opposite Lauk, "Lin your music is wonderful as always. Lauk...good to see you too." Jhimas always felt like he had no idea how to compliment Lauk, it didn't help that they weren't always on the most friendly of terms. He didn't know the whole story but he knew Lauk had a not so great experience with a demon of some sort and the end result was he didn't like cheese or fish. Good thing Jhimas was only a fish person or else that might have been awkward. They've warmed up to each other now, but Jhimas still felt like Lauk was a bit uneasy around him.
I’ll probably be getting a post up tomorrow, glad we’ve started :)
Sure, sounds good :)
I'm ready to go, any supplies will be purchased after we get our mission before we head in to the dungeon
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