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I haven't done any writing in months, and I wasn't sure I wanted to start again. But for a few weeks now I keep coming back to this RP and looking at it and reading it. So I figure that must be a sign my brain is really hooked on this. So if this is still happening I'd love to join if you'd have me. I can post a writing sample tomorrow, it's nearly 1am right now and I just really wanted to get in here and say something tonight before I went to bed
October had rolled around soon enough. The last few weeks Aurora and Daniel had grown closer. Being around him, and thinking of him gave her butterflies in her stomach. Most of her work projects were almost finished, for the time being; which gave her some free time to spend time with Daniel and focus on coven duties between their dates. Their first date had been a fun one. Daniel had taken her out bowling. At that time, it was something she hadn’t done in a long while, and it didn’t take long for either of them to get playfully competitive.

With an important coven Party, Aurora had spent days picking out her outfit. With it being a formal event, everyone needed to look their best. Even though she was attending with Daniel, as his date for the evening, her nerves had been building up. Mainly due to the fact that her family members were also attending. Trying not to think about that; Aurora finished getting dressed in her silver dress. Just as she was starting to style her hair into light curls; she heard her phone beep.

Daniel had put on his dad's old suit for the occasion, his lack of nice clothes also applied to formal wear. But his dad's suit fit well and honestly it made him happy, almost like his dad would still be there to see in the new coven leadership with him. His mom almost cried, saying he looked just like his dad. She gave him a hug and said he could take the car to pick up his date, she would get a ride with some other friends.

Daniel texted Aurora letting her know he was on his way, it would only be a couple of minutes driving. Instead of a podcast he just had his Spotify playlist going. He and Aurora had spent enough time together for her to learn his music taste was all over the place, mostly seated in the early 2000s.

He arrived at her house and parked on the street. He got out of the car and walked to her front door, knocking with his right hand and holding a small box in his left.

Picking up her phone, Aurora smiled at the text. ‘See you soon.’ she texted back. Finishing getting ready, soon her hair was styled to her liking. Not going heavy on the make-up either. Keeping it simple; her best scented perfume and some light eye-shadow and some light lip-gloss. Simple, yet appealing.

From a young age; Aurora was used to having nice clothes and formal wear. Her parents had dragged her to a few formal coven events growing up. It taught her to be prepared later in life, for events such as this. Hearing the sound of a familiar car, pull up outside of her home. Aurora made her way downstairs with her small bag. Her phone tucked safely inside with a few necessities should she need them.

As she opened the door, she was met by a cute sight. Daniel in a suit bearing a small gift. From knowing Daniel, she didn’t strike him as a suit type of guy. But it was a look that suited him rather well. “Wow, you look great.” Complimenting his attire.

Daniel knew it was silly to think, but he almost felt underdressed compared to Aurora. "Wow yourself, you look like a supermodel. And before I forget, this is for you," he opened the box to reveal a simple wrist corsage of white and red roses. He took it out and waited for her to put her hand out so he could put it on. Daniel was glad he went with a wrist corsage because he was nowhere near comfortable enough to be putting it on Aurora's chest at this point in their relationship.

Once the corsage was on Daniel would take the opportunity to kiss Aurora's hand, "if you're ready to depart our chariot awaits. Daniel offered his arm for Aurora to take, leading her down to the car, opening and closing her door for her before taking his spot in the driver's seat.

Her cheeks flushed bright pink at his compliment. “Oh, far from it.” Aurora didn’t think she looked that fancy. Still she was flattered by his comment. Looking curious as to what he got for her, she smiled seeing the wrist corsage. “Aww, how sweet. I love it, thank you.” It was beautiful. As he slid it around her wrist, it fitted perfectly around her slender wrist.

“I am all good to go, Just need to lock up.” With that, Aurora locked the door, before putting her home keys in a small purse that she had on her. Her arm linked with his, following him to the car. As he opened the car door for her, she thanked him with a soft smile, sliding into the car careful not to trap her dress in the door. Buckling up.

“I should probably warn you, my family is coming to this party.” Not wanting to make him feel nervous, but she also didn’t want him to be surprised if they’d run into her parents or grand-father. It was a Coven event after all. It’s not like she could tell them not to come; everyone was expected to turn up for the naming of the new coven leadership. Hopefully there’d be enough people mingling at the coven house, that they wouldn’t bump into her parents.

”Thanks for the heads up,” Daniel said as he started driving them to the event. His music was on quietly, current Avril Lavigne was playing. Dan hadn’t met Aurora’s family yet, she had told him about how there was some tension there. Hopefully he could make a good impression if they happened to run into each other.

The drive to the coven was relatively short, Daniel sang along to his music as they went. He was comfortable enough around Aurora at this point to reveal he was a big dork who loved to sing along to songs. ”Oh we have to do karaoke at some point, I love karaoke, as you’ve probably guessed.” As Daniel approached the coven house he saw the street was getting pretty full, luckily he found a spot not too far from the house, only a couple minutes walk. He put the car in park and said to Aurora, ”don’t open your door, allow me, I insist.” He exited the car and made his way to Aurora’s side, opening the door and offering his hand to help her out.

His calmness at the news was something she had needed. Appreciating it almost in a new way. If he had freaked out, it would have made her more nervous. “Thanks for being so calm about it.” her hand reached out, giving his a soft squeeze of gratitude. Aurora had always felt comfortable around Daniel, maybe even more so in the last few weeks; so she was always honest with him. Especially when it came to her relatives. Not wanting there to be any secrets, should he run into them.

But she tried not to worry herself. She wanted to enjoy the evening with him and their friends. Smiling to herself as Daniel sang along to a song. His cheeriness did always put her in a better mood. “I could have guessed. You have a nice voice.” Aurora smiled at his suggestion. “I don’t think I did karaoke since I was a kid.” Thinking back if she could remember the last time she did. It’s been a long while. As they arrived, Aurora saw the amount of cars parked already; Spotting a familiar car in the near distance. Her parents and grand-father were already here; must have arrived shortly before herself and Daniel. Before she could say something, he was out of the car and by her door.

“Such a gentleman.” she beamed with a warm smile. Not that he needed to open the door for her, but it was still sweet. Getting out of the car with his help. Aurora shut the car door behind her, before her arm wrapped around his. It was a slightly breezy evening. Her blonde curls swaying back and forth in the light wind.

”Well it’s a formal event, this feels like the appropriate time to crank up the charm,” Daniel said as they walked to the house. They got to the entrance and Daniel noticed Carlisle had Mary at his side, not Amanda. Though given how his mother could be it wasn’t the most surprising thing. Speaking of Amanda, she was leaned against a wall, seemingly knocked out. ”Well it looks like we missed some excitement. Carlisle, Mary, good to see you’re both doing well,” Daniel greeted the two politely. Aurora did the same before they made their way further into the house so they weren’t blocking the entrance. ”How about I get us some drinks? Then we can theorise on what exactly we missed before we got here.”

In her eyes, he didn’t need to try so hard. As his charms seemed to come naturally when he relaxed.

The sight at the front door was an interesting one. She rose a slight eyebrow at Amanda’s predicament. “Looks like the party has already kicked off in high gear.” she mused lightly. Turning her attention to Mary and Carlisle, she greeted them both with a warm smile. Miles’s mother had always been more of a kinder woman, so no wonder she was here greeting everyone. It just made more sense. No one felt welcomed by Amanda’s coldness in comparison. After exchanging a few pleasantries with the pair at the front door, she and Daniel found herself further in the coven house.

“Wine would be wonderful.” Aurora said, at the mention of drinks. “My best guess, Amanda’s bitchy mode had turned on rather quickly already.” Only guessing what they might have missed, before their arrival. Having arrived a few moments after Amanda’s outburst.

"Red or white?"


"As you wish," Daniel went off to the refreshment table and grabbed himself and Aurora both a glass of red wine, before finding her in the room once again. "You know, some people swear by the health benefits of drinking a glass of wine everyday," Daniel said as he gave Aurora her glass. "I'm not much of a wine drinker myself, but it's interesting to think about how alcohol, which is technically a poison, can still be good for us in certain quantities."

As Daniel went to grab them their refreshments, her eyes scanned the room. For a second she had to do a double take when she spotted a familiar woman mingling in the crowd. It took Aurora a few seconds of squinting to make out the features to realise that it indeed was Claire Montgomery. How was she alive? Aurora might have not seen Liliths mother in years but she recognised her clear as day.

Finding herself a little distracted when Daniel came back with their drinks. "Oh yes, something about the tannin count in wine." She spoke once she snapped out of her shock. Thanking him for the refreshment. Taking a sip or two, trying to wash off her shock.

Aurora seemed surprised by something, Daniel glanced over to where she seemed to be looking before he got back. Daniel wasn't the most observant when it came to spotting someone in a crowd so whoever or whatever had caught Aurora's eye went unnoticed to him. "Well done on knowing your wine trivia, 10 points," Daniel said jokingly, "now back to what happened with Amanda, I wonder what it was she did that got her in that state? I'm hoping we didn't miss anything too exciting."
"Carlisle is dead, Cait.

Half an hour had whipped by. Cait sat in silence among the rest of the Coven. Gathered in the suddenly lifeless dining room, Cait had situated herself by Daniel; in an odd way, it felt like being near Jaz.

"There's nothing you can do to help. You'd best stay here where it's safe.

"Daniel," she whispered.

Daniel wanted to scream, all of this was just too much. But he couldn’t scream, not now. He helped how he could, eventually when everyone had gathered in the dining room he found himself next to Caitlin. She whispered to him, everyone was clamouring about but he heard her just fine. ”Ya Cait? What is it?”

"Jaz… She's gone. She left." She knew it might not mean as much to him as it did to her, but it was something she had to let out.

That was definitely not what Daniel was expecting her to say. ”What do you mean she left? She was here like, an hour ago. Where did she go?”

"Her dad isn't doing well. He was injured at work; he's in South America. They don't know that there's much time left."

”Oh wow, poor Jaz,” Daniel wasn’t that close to Jaz, they’d only really just started getting to know each other. But it’s not like you needed to know someone to feel bad when they suffered a loss like that. Daniel was actually relieved that Jaz had gotten out of there before things got worse, and get worse they did.

Suddenly the front door flew open, as a human led five shifted werewolves into the house. As he spoke Daniel grew more agitated, he squeezed his left hand tightly, digging his nails into his palm. This had to be who he had been texting. The reason everyone was now in danger was because of him. Daniel wanted to shout at him, to call him out as a liar, but he couldn’t do that. He would tell everyone later, but for now he couldn’t cause even more discord among the group.

Startled by the arrival of the entourage of werewolves and the man leading them, Cait made an effort to hide. She paced two steps back, and a step to the side to stand behind Daniel, but still see as the scene unfolded. Through the fear of facing off against creatures she was ill-prepared to stave off, came a twinge of validation; not running away earlier had been the right choice. She noticed Daniel's reaction to seeing the unwanted guests. He suddenly seemed rigid; it looked like the way she felt when she wanted to lash out but knew she had to hold back.

She let go of that thought before it sank too deep. Instead, she fixed her attention as best she could on the man in the doorway, and the werewolves, whose frames collectively seemed to fill most of the space in the foyer. Cait watched, agape and at awe as Victor made himself the first to confront his cousin. It was a side of her high school friend she had never seen; a stern posture and an assertiveness that made him seem a different person. More shocking was to witness him deep freeze the first werewolf in front of him. Everyone's gotten better but you.

Daniel watched as Victor approached the group, he looked like he meant business, which was very out of character for him. He then proceeded to freeze a werewolf solid. As it fell Daniel realized Caitlin was somewhat hiding behind him, ”stay near me Cait, I’ll do my best to keep you safe.” Daniel had already brought danger to his friends, but at least now he could do his best to keep people safe.

Seeing the frozen husk of a werewolf drop to the floor became the tipping point. The remaining four gathered themselves, the tension grew thick. You're no use here. Any semblance of calmness Cait had clung to spilled out. Against warnings and cautions, she turned on her toes and sprinted across the dining room, through the adjacent living room and out into the corridor; if she couldn't help in the fight, she would keep herself out of the way.

”Cait, wait!” But it was too late, she had already run off. At least she’ll be safe if she’s far away from all the danger, Daniel was preparing to take on the remaining enemies in the room when he noticed one of the wolves break off from the others and chase after Caitlin. ”Not on my watch you don’t,” Daniel muttered as he chased after Caitlin and the wolf.

Cait's plan unraveled as soon as she reached the hallway. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw one of the remaining werewolves looking in her direction. She sprinted faster. A shout, a howl, and the frantic cacophony of a skirmish rang down the hall. She looked behind her; the werewolf was bounding after her, its length and height covering the stretch with trivial ease.

Outrunning the beast wasn't close to an option. Cait's feet lifted from the floor. With a hurried spur of power, she glided the remaining distance to the library. Practically throwing herself into the room, she landed on all fours. She spun around on her knees. Throwing forward an open hand, she released a Telekinetic force that pushed the door closed… but it was a second too late. The werewolf's head barreled into the gap. For a second it got caught between the door and the jamb. Cait tried to muster more strength, that the tandem of her magic and the door's weight might be enough to buy her time. But as she crawled backward to hide among the stacks, the labor of projecting her power became harder to bear.

Within a painful few seconds on Cait's end, the wolf had gotten an arm through, and flung the door open. Its tall form dominated the threshold as it stalked toward Cait, who had ceased using her magic. I guess this is how I go.

The wolf was faster than Daniel, it was a good thing Caitlin had a head start or she’d be done for. It slowed down a bit as it got to the library door, was that Cait’s doing? She didn’t seem very comfortable with her magic, but fear and adrenaline were great motivators. As Daniel got to the door he saw the wolf making its way towards Caitlin. He didn’t have time to think of something optimal, so he conjured some shurikens and threw them at the wolf's back. He knew it wouldn’t do much damage but it would at least get their attention. The scream let him know this was a female werewolf he was dealing with. She turned to face him but he wasn’t there anymore, he had teleported behind her with a newly conjured wooden baseball bat and cracked her over the head so hard the bat broke. She fell to the ground but Daniel knew she’d be up again soon.

”Cait you’ve gotta find somewhere to hide, and if you see a chance to escape you take it. I’ll handle this,” if Caitlin responded Daniel didn’t hear it, he was too busy focusing on the sounds of the werewolf getting back on her feet. He conjured a sword and turned, swinging at her. Unfortunately she was more aware of her surroundings than he thought, and she knocked the sword away, sending it sliding to somewhere on the other side of the room. She slashed at his chest, Daniel moved back but not fast enough. The cuts weren’t deep but they hurt like hell and his shirt was ruined.

Making no comment or argument, Caitlin did as Daniel bid her. She retreated further into the library, hiding among the high bookshelves. As long as Daniel could keep the wolf distracted, she'd be safe where she was; if the fight came close, the doorway would be clear. I could get back to the others then.

"...now is the time to decide what you want to do with all the advice given to you over the years and whether you're actually willing to listen to it."

A sword clattered and clanged, and slid across the floor. Cait poked out from her hiding spot to Daniel taking a set of claws to the chest. She looked on the floor, where the sword had come to a stop a few feet away from her. Tucking herself back out of sight, she reached out her hand. The sword wobbled a second before sliding into her reach. With more than a little effort, she stood and held the sword up; her arms shook under the weight at first. Gradually, she steadied easing the weight of the sword with her magic; she might not have been powerful, but she had learned some control, enough to divert some of the labor to the control of kinesis.

With Daniel presumably still fighting, Cait crept behind the cover of the bookcase.

Daniel noticed Caitlin had listened and hidden away somewhere. Good, it meant he wouldn’t have to worry about standing between her and the werewolf anymore. The wolf swiped at him once more but this time he teleported to her right, throwing more conjured shurikens her way. She mostly evaded but one got her in the shoulder. She charged him again and once more he teleported, this time though he stayed close, stabbing her with a dagger he conjured. She reacted faster than Daniel had anticipated, giving him a bad cut on his left shoulder before he teleported away once more.

It wasn’t looking great, the werewolf was getting in some good hits, and all the teleporting in such a short time was compounding the issue. And while Daniel wasn’t drunk, all the alcohol in his system was catching up with him, making him
sluggish. All of that led him to one thought, I need to end this soon. Since this would be his last attack, he needed to go all out.

Daniel summoned a shadow clone and either side of him, all three of them with shurikens in hand. They all threw at the same time, the werewolf, with no other option, swiped them out of the air as best she could. This was his opening, while she was distracted, Daniel teleported in front of her, newly conjured sword in hand, and stabbed her in the gut. But she didn’t collapse like he expected. Instead, she grabbed him by the neck and ran him directly into a wall. She held him there, snarling at him, and Daniel knew he was going to die. This had to be karma punishing him, this whole situation was his fault, and now he would die for his sins. Daniel flailed but it was no good, at least Cait should have been able to get away by now. He just wished he could have apologized to his friends for all the pain he caused tonight.

Cait rounded the bookcase as the werewolf pinned Daniel to the wall. It's back was turned to her. As she inched closer, it paid her no notice, completely preoccupied with Daniel.

It's now or never. I must be crazy doing this. She stepped closer; she needed the right range. I don't like doing this. But now you have to. Three steps further Cait drew the sword back. All she knew was to thrust it. This thing is getting heavy. Then run it through and be done with it! Two more steps and Cait was right where she needed to be, the snarling lupine beast stood six feet away, back still turned.

Do it now.

"Aaah! Cait hurled the sword forward. It flew from her handed, guided by what concentration and strength of magic she had left to expend. It sailed straight and true, the added momentum from her kinetics giving it just enough force to pierce through the werewolf's chest, close to where its heart would be.

It howled in agony, dropping Daniel and turning around to face Caitlin. It lumbered forward; now with a stagger in its step.

So close. Cait dropped to her knees and chuckled a bit. "Welp. Nice meeting you Dan; good run bro."

Daniel fell to the ground, coughing as he struggled to breathe again, ”not yet, this is my responsibility. No one else is dying because of me,” Daniel stood and conjured swords for himself and his shadows. This truly would be his last gambit. Before the wolf could react he teleported himself and his shadows next to her, surrounding her, and they all stabbed through her simultaneously. She didn’t howl in pain, she just coughed up some blood, then collapsed.

Daniel fell to his knees as well, and everything he had conjured dissipated. He fell forward and lifted his head to look at Caitlin. ”Thanks for the save, he was breathing heavily, glad the fight was over, ”next time I’ll give you something more suitable to throw.” He laughed a little at that, everything was just too much and it had finally made him snap just a bit, all he could do was laugh.

"I gotchu. You bailed me out twice." Either of her own inclination or because Daniel's was contagious, Caitlin joined in the laughing; hers was accompanied by a shedding of tears. She looked at the collapsed werewolf, eyes sharpened on the blade sticking out of its chest. "Did… did I actually do that?" she asked, choking back tears.

Daniel adjusted himself so he was sitting up, that much at least he could manage. ”You totally did,” Daniel was still breathing heavily, but it was getting better, ”I know you said you didn’t really like your magic earlier, but you seemed to do alright for yourself.”

"It's different. Cait spread out, lying backside on the floor. "Harder, ya know? When it's fighting like that. It feels different; like I'm not in control; like I'm not me when I'm doing it.".

”You get better at controlling it the more you do it. You're still you, if anything that feeling helps you stay true to yourself."

Cait thought for a moment, coming to a question she hadn't realized was nagging at her. "What did you mean by 'no one else'"?

”Hm?" Daniel feigned not understanding the question, he didn't want to go into it right now.

"You said something about no one else dying because of you?"

Daniel coughed, partly an aftereffect of the fight but mostly to cover his discomfort at the question. ”Aurora and I are the ones who found Carlisle, I guess I just feel responsible. Like I could have done more." There was more to it, but Daniel really didn't want to ruin his friendship with Cait after what they just went through. He got up, offering his hand to help Cait up, ”come on, we should head back to the others."
Daniel sighed and rolled his eyes at the scene that had unfolded before they left. He had been hoping the high school rivalries had maybe mellowed out over the years but that appeared to have been hopeful thinking. But things had settled down soon enough and once Carlisle returned they were off to the woods.

Daniel hadn’t come in a car so he caught a ride with Carlisle in Miles’ car. Something he regretted as soon as he got a taste of Miles’ driving style. He had never been more glad for a car to be put in park. Carlisle lead everyone to where the breach in the barrier had been repaired by him last night. He explained what was going on, but halfway through went in to a slightly unhinged rant about no one understanding him.

He seemed to get it under control rather quickly which was good, because the barrier certainly hadn’t liked his mood swing. The group was told to go look around, or they could stay with Carlisle while he took care of the barrier. Daniel noticed Cat and Victor heading off somewhere. That was fine with him, they were closer to each other than he was with either of them. He had planned on sticking with Carlisle but it seemed both Miles and Aurora had that covered. So it seemed Daniel should look around for anything strange, but he also wasn’t supposed to go anywhere without a partner.

Danny thought for a moment then had an idea. Looking up and around he found what he needed, a tree branch that was definitely enough to hold his weight. It was also still in eyesight of Carlisle so he wasn’t even really going anywhere. Dan put two fingers to his forehead and focused for a moment, then he found himself sitting on the branch. It gave him a better vantage point to try and spot anything. Unfortunately the woods weren’t exactly thin so it was far from a perfect plan.

He took a look around and didn’t notice anything strange. He then felt a buzz in his pocket. He took his phone out to see who had texted. There was no name, but he knew the number. Whoever this was had been in contact with Daniel for a little while now. They wanted him to keep an eye on things. Of course that sounded incredibly sketchy, but they didn’t seem to have any ill intentions so he decided to go with it.

What is the status of the barrier? No greeting or anything, straight to business. At least Daniel could respect their efficiency. Mostly fine, Carlisle is fixing it up now. Daniel had asked multiple times who they were, he hadn’t gotten an answer, so at this point he was done trying to figure that out. They were someone who knew about the town and wanted to keep people safe. Again, incredibly sketchy, but if Daniel didn’t help and someone he cared about got hurt then he’d never be able to forgive himself.

Another text, Good, keep an eye on Carlisle. Let us know when his condition changes. Something about this text rubbed Danny the wrong way. After reading it over a few times he realized it said when his condition changes, not if. As if they knew something was going to happen. When?

Yes, when. Stay focused. The final stage is about to begin. Well that wasn’t ominous at all. Dan started to wonder if he had made a mistake in helping whoever this was, even if all he was doing was keeping an eye on things. But he didn’t have much time to think about that. Looking down he saw that Carlisle seemed to be done working on the barrier. Daniel put his fingers to his forehead once more and popped to the ground in front of his tree before walking over.

”Hey Miles, Carlisle. Man you look spent, hopefully that means the barrier is all good.” Daniel kept his tone light, trying his best to keep the fact that something was going to happen to Carlisle out of his mind.

"Yeah no. I am fine. Just need rest. Hopefully the barrier is secure. So long as I stay calm"

”That’s good. Other than being tired you doing alright? You seemed a little off this morning. And getting your head slammed in to the table like that couldn’t have been fun.” Dan was worried. He knew something was going to happen to Carlisle and soon, but he couldn’t exactly just come out and say that. Then he’d have to explain how he knew and it would make the whole situation worse. For now he just had to gently feel out the situation and keep vigilant.

Normally he wasn’t one to excessively drink, but at the party he planned on getting at least a little drunk. Not so much that he lost his faculties, but enough to have a good time.
Daniel was up a bit after the sun, ready to start the day before he had to be at the coven house later. He had been back in Tanner for a couple of weeks now but today was finally the day. His mother had given him the vague details of what would be happening. She also informed him she called him home early because she was going to start her retirement a little early and go on a European vacation. So Danny had the house all to himself until she got back. She had been sending picture periodically, checking his phone he saw he had a new one.

“Look at this authentic Italian pizza, good luck today, love you, mom,” Dan read the message out loud as he looked at the picture. The pizza certainly didn’t look like anything he would get from any of the local places, still looked good though, probably healthier than the local stuff too.

Daniel put his phone down and changed into his sweats, it was time for his morning run he enjoyed doing before breakfast. Popping in his headphones he opened up Spotify and put his playlist on shuffle. He didn’t have a specific workout playlist, he just had all his liked songs in one big playlist and listened that way.

He left the house listening to Avril Lavigne. He didn’t look like it but his music taste was very much centered in what people would generally consider “emo”. It was what he listened to when he was younger and his music tastes hadn’t exactly evolved a whole lot since then.

After a few miles he made his way back home and showered, making sure to be thorough. He really didn’t want to be sweaty around everyone today. He idly wondered how everyone was doing, Danny wasn’t exactly close with any of the others in the coven. They were on friendly enough terms, but the only one he really knew well was Lilith. But that was either here nor there, best he could do now is be ready. He put on one of his only nice shirts, a simple blue button down, along with some nice jeans. Hopefully everyone else was equally casual.

Dan went downstairs to make his breakfast. Since today was a special occasion he decided to make some hashbrowns and bacon to go with his usual omelette. He was careful not to dirty his shirt, in hindsight he probably should have worn something else until it was time to leave but it was too late now.

As he ate Daniel put on a Youtube video, something about what the best helmet for a medieval adventurer was, it was surprisingly interesting. He finished eating and cleaned up, then finished the video. Unfortunately it was longer than he realized, checking the time and seeing he was gonna be late if he didn’t hurry up.

He patted his pockets, confirming he had all his things, then locked the house and proceeded at a light jog to the coven house. Tanner wasn’t a smallest town, but it was small enough that Daniel didn’t feel the need to drive most of the time, especially with how the weather was now.

As Daniel got inside it seemed Carlisle was just starting his address. Glad he didn’t miss it Daniel just listened. When Carlisle was done there was a pause for a moment after he asked for volunteers. That was when Daniel spoke up, “I’ll go, I’m willing to help however I can.” It was only natural for Daniel to volunteer, the coven was his responsibility now, at least in part. “Also, hi everyone, good to see you all made it.”

There we are, hope that's alright. Let me know if I need to change anything
So this looks like a neat little thing. I've been looking for a chill project to get back in to writing, just gotta figure out a character
Excited to get started. Gotta workshop my character a bit so we don't have two artificers who feel really similar in combat.

Also, @ing people in the opening post of a thread doesn't work for some reason. So you'll probably wanna do that again to make sure everyone sees this @Thinslayer
That sounds great. Since a thousand years have based since our characters were alive he would definitely want to learn all he could about what happened to civilization after his death.

Also earlier you were talking about a DnD like system, and while DnD can be good for narratives things, there are plenty of other systems more suited to narrative play. There's a game called Dungeon World which would probably be better suited to narrative play. I haven't read it so I can't be sure but it's Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) and other PbtA games I've played have been very good for narrative driven stories.
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