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"If I jumped out right now would I be okay?" Zephyr mumbled to himself after Ryteb caused an explosion that was sure to make them tons of friends. Why was he here, in this deathtrap with his overexcitable crewmate? Probably because Ryteb had asked right after Zephyr had his morning coffee, and he just didn't want to disappoint. Also Ryteb didn't seem like he would be taking no for an answer but that was beside the point.

"Ryteb I know you're having a good time but think we could focus the fire on the guys trying to bring us down?" Zephyr pointed his hand out and fired a firebolt at an oncoming ships engine block to bring it down as he tried to get Ryteb back on task. He also enjoyed the distraction from the fact some civilians were caught in the crossfire. He had to ignore that for now, he told himself that if they hadn't escaped by now they were probably done for anyways.

Or perhaps he could focus on the fact that he could hardly believe this glider was holding the both of them aloft currently. At least is had seatbelts, although that was less surprising than one might think, seatbelts did help with all the flips Ryteb tended to do. The man was nearly twice Zephyrs age but that didn't stop him doing crazy maneuvers. You got used to it if you flew with him enough, used to it to the point where you didn't get sick at least. You never really got over the lurch you'd feel when Ryteb decided to kick it in to high gear. Despite all that though Zephyr really liked the guy, and would be sad if they ever parted ways. He was a loose cannon, but he was also a damn good pilot, despite what other people might say.
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>Fear moves to D10
>"I don't think I'd be able to live with myself if I didn't at least try to help"
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F**k it, let's get some action going.

>Fear reveals the next room

Good to have you back Mae :)
@vietmyke I mean, my character is also a technomancer, so if you really wanna do a concept that's already covered just do it :D also here's a discord link for ya
Marauders or Dragon at the Gates definitely have my vote. As for discord I always like having a server just to be able to chat easier
I’m excited for us to get started. So here’s hoping we get another person or two. It’s friday night so maybe people will be around
I'm interested in this universe, a small group sounds really cool
Morthos decided not to say anything about Jax's demon friend she summoned and instead just stayed close to her. He knew that she was their key person who would be able to subdue the archdemon. He enjoyed the feeling of Jax's hand in his as they walked further in to the cave. Eventually they came to a room which reminded Morthos of some kind of arena. Before he could say anything everyone started to become separated, being dragged in to the darkness. Jax screamed and was pulled off, "JAX!" was all Morthos could shout before he was also dragged away, his light going out.

After being dragged several meters and reorienting himself Morthos blasted a flame at the tendril dragging him and it let go, slinking back in to the darkness. He stood up and dusted himself off, his chest wound not exactly appreciating the trip he just went on. Suddenly someone came out of the darkness and slammed in to him, grabbing him. He was prepared to ignite his whole body before he heard Jax's voice, oh Morthos thank goodness, I was worried the demon got you."

Morthos wrapped his arms around Jax, "ya, same, I'm glad you're okay. Now come on, I'll cover you while you do the ritual to get this guy." Morthos let go of Jax but she didn't let go of him.

"Morthos I'm scared I won't be able to do it. We could just leave, you and me, together."

"Leave? Leave where? The others are still here Jax, and we still don't know what's happened to my mom."

"I know you want to go with me Morthos. You might be with some other girl but I know how you really feel. And I feel the same way, I want to be with you Morthos, so let's go, and be together forever."

Why was Jax acting like this? And why now of all times? Then it hit him, and he knew what he would have to do. "Ya, ya we can just be together." He wrapped his arms around her once more and started focusing, warming up his entire body.

"Ha ha, Morthos I know you're hot but this is getting a bit much," Jax tried to get away but Morthos gripped tightly and held her close.

"You're not Jax, the real Jax would never want to abandon our mission like that. She would also never admit her feelings that way. You're just part of the demon, sent out to distract me. Now die." There was a small explosion and then Morthos was alone once more. A single tear fell down his face, he knew it wasn't Jax but it was still hard to do that to something that looked like her, and to admit she'd never be able to reciprocate his feelings.

There was no time to sulk though as he heard Jax call his name from across the arena. He focused his power in his feet and launched towards her. He saw the demon bearing down on her, about to strike her with his claw. Morthos used a small blast to change his trajectory and just as the demon swiped it hit him instead of Jax. Morthos cried out in pain as he hit the ground, but stood up, looking back at Jax to make sure she was okay, and she was.

He just smiled as he looked at her, he'd deal with the pain later, he couldn't help but crack a dumb joke, hey, if you needed more blood now you've got some of mine. You best hurry up now," he gave her a wink and turned back to face the demon.

It snarled at him, clearly not happy his strike missed. "You dare challenge me puny Tiefling? I am Urabrask, I am the-"

Before he could monologue any longer Morthos threw a fireball right at his face, "And I am unimpressed with your titles. Now fight me Oogie Boogie."

"IT'S URABRASK!" The demon shouted as he made a swipe for Morthos. Morthos quickly dodged out of the way, but it seemed the demon wanted to go for Jax again. Morthos shot several quick shots in succession, "hey, I'm your opponent. You afraid of a little tiefling whose already been beat up plenty? I thought you were the great Urban Trash?"

The demon growled, Morthos had clearly hit a sore spot for him, "fine. I was going to let you live out of respect for your bloodline, but now you get to die first." Urabrask turned away and started after Morthos, Morthos deftly dodged his attacks and peppered him with fire balls. He hoped Jax would be done soon, he could feel the adrenaline wearing off and the pain kicking in. But he had to do it for Jax, just a bit longer.
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