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As Morthos wandered the streets he found himself actually feeling pretty good about himself. His chat with Edwin had him thinking about Jax and thinking that he was more okay with her not feeling the same way he did than he realized. Maybe one day she'd come around, but for now he was actually just happy having someone like her in his life. In the moment when Jax had ended their friends with limited benefits relationship he felt devastated, but now with some distance from it and time to think he was happy to let Jax do what she felt she had to, at least for now. Ever since he'd met Jax Morthos had been feeling more confident in himself, and his life was a lot better now. He had a few good friends and that was really all he'd ever wanted in life.

As he was walking he found himself by the church where Jax got her blessings every morning. Speaking of Jax, he was pretty sure he saw her rounding a corner away from the church. Morthos jogged a bit and rounded the corner after her to catch up. Upon getting close he used mage hand to tap her right shoulder and stood on her left side. "Hey there good lookin', what are you...oh." He started with a cheery greeting but when he saw the look on her face he could tell something was up, "what's wrong? Something go down at church?"
A new place had opened while they were away, it was called Red's and the food looked really good. As he was sitting and checking out a menu he heard a familiar voice, "hey there good lookin', glad you like the duds I picked out for you." Looking up it was the elven guy who helped at the store when Morthos did his makeover,, Edwin. "You don't mind if I join you, do you?"

"No, go ahead, I'm alone tonight, feel free," Morthos wished he wasn't alone tonight but that's how it was. He was sure Jax was busy with something at the church anyways.

"Oh same for me, my boo is out of town for a few days visiting family. Where's the cutie who came shopping with you? You guys were cute together."

Morthos sighed slightly, trying to keep himself from sounded downtrodden, "she's busy with something else tonight. And we're not together, we're just friends. She made that abundantly clear," he mumbled that last part, but Edwin still heard him.

"Oh honey, I could tell from when you were in my shop that she's in to you, with good reason too. Just don't give up on her, girls are complicated."

Morthos didn't really want to get in to it with Edwin, luckily a waiter came up to take their order which was a welcome distraction. The rest of the meal went off without relationship talk, they moved to something Morthos was much more comfortable with, magic. Edwin was skilled with illusion magic. Morthos was a bit familiar with that type of magic, his ghost sound ability was a form of illusion magic, and illusion magic paired nicely with charm magic which his mother was quite adept at.

"How come you never used a glamour to change how you look if you didn't like the looks people gave you? I could even do one for you"

Morthos had considered something like that before, just to make him look more like a normal person, but he never would have really done it. "I guess it's because I'm not ashamed of who I am and where I come from," Morthos said to Edwin, trying to articulate exactly how he felt, "my people were nobles. We hailed from a great and powerful empire, I'm proud of that history, and if other people don't like how I look they can deal with it. I kinda just figured that out recently."

"Well I'm glad you're feeling better about yourself"

Morthos smiled, he was feeling better, talking with Edwin had really cheered him up, "thanks for sitting with me Edwin, I'll pay for dinner. Don't you protest or I'm never shopping at your store again."

Edwin just rolled his eyes in an exasperated way but smiled slyly, "oh alright. But I'm getting the bill next time, maybe a double date when that girl figures out you're a great guy."

"We'll see, I know where to find you," Morthos paid the bill and they went their separate ways. After that Morthos just kind of wandered the town, not sure where he would go next.
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@Mae not sure if you saw it
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Well 7 is much better than 1

>Move up to C7 and take a peek in to the next room
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Morthos just stared out the window for the train ride back to SPA, he wasn't angry at Jax, she could live her life however she chose. They got back and everyone got their payday, they were all pretty excited, Morthos already had lots of money so it wasn't as big a deal to him. Of course he didn't have infinite money so it was good to make money, but for now it was just like a little bonus.

He managed to give Jax just the faintest of smiles, it was still nice hearing her say she wanted to see him, "ya, maybe I'll come by tomorrow, right now I just need some time to myself. I'll see you around, and Roxas I'll be seeing you too bud, peace." With that Morthos left to go back to his place. He tossed his stuff next to his bed and took a minute to do something he hadn't done in a while, call his mom back home. It wasn't exactly a normal phone call though, his mom was a bit old-fashioned so they only talked using a type of scrying ritual. Morthos basically needed a dish with some oil and the magic would do its thing so he could talk with his mother.

It was a mostly normal conversation, he told her about the mission, but something seemed to be on her mind. Apparently her brother, Morthos' uncle, was visiting for a bit. He was sometimes a handful, Morthos wished her luck in dealing with him and let her go. He then went to his bookshelf and grabbed a book that had been in the family for generations which contained spells secret to the family bloodline. Even if someone else were to find this book only those descended from house Zolfura could cast these spells. If Jax wanted someone strong he was sure something in here would impress her. Flipping through he found just the spell he wanted to be his next focus.

Morthos made sure his house was kind of on the edge of town for a reason. He had it custom made with a basement only he could access where he could train and practice his magic. He went down and began his training, after several hours Morthos felt he was starting to get a feel for how this spell went. Unfortunately he needed food, as he felt like he may pass out. He ascended back to the normal world and left the house, wondering what he would decide to eat.
@Camey I’m always down for RPs having discord servers
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