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I'm still having fun, and for me at least the deadline is a good thing. It encourages me to post even when I think I have nothing to say.
I always find smaller groups easier to work with, but at the end of the day I'm pretty indifferent to if we recruit more people or not.
Cain appreciated that Juniper offered to stay with him, going through files with another person was so much nicer than doing it alone. He didn't even mind that she wanted to come up with some hashtag for her social media thing. Cain didn't really understand the whole social media thing, it just never appealed to him, but he appreciated that it was something she enjoyed so he wouldn't rain on her parade.

More exciting though was Albert opening the door to his secret Bed and Breakfast. Cain nearly jumped out of his chair, there was bound to be much more comfortable seating than the room they were in now. His current seat was fine, but his bottom was starting to go numb, there was a reason he enjoyed his coffee beyond the taste. It gave him an excuse to get up every couple of hours and get a reprieve from sitting.

Cain gathered up the files and walked through the door. The B&B looked quite cozy, and it seemed to have a mind of it's own. "Fascinating," Cain made his way to the couch and sat himself down, setting the papers on the table in front. "I feel this will be a much better environment for working. As long as Juniper has internet access I'm sure we'll be fine."
Got it, I edited out the reference to Ivan in my latest post
Since it seemed like everyone was going I left it up in the air if Cain joins or not. If it's decided he should come with then he'd go, so we can just get moving
Cain was a bit distracted by the feeling of what could only be the Detective's magic as it washed over the City. By the time the sensation had faded it seemed nearly everyone would be joining Argenti to go speak with his contacts, and do whatever else they wanted to do. Cain accepted the key from Albert, the flower on his was a tulip. Key took out his key ring to loop it on as he spoke to the group. "As much as I would love to join the adventure with everyone, I suspect they type of people you'll be meeting might clam up if too many people approach at once." He got the key on the ring, it looked nice, a bit showy, but not too showy.

"I'll stay here and go through the victims, hopefully I can find some kind of connection between them other than them all being Innocents." Cain glanced at Ivan as he said this. The shape changer hadn't mentioned if he was staying or leaving. Cain looked to Argenti and the others who would be leaving, "unless, of course, you think it would simply be easier and safer if we all went together. In which case I'll gladly join the escapades." As Cain waited for the answer to his question he took out his phone to add Juniper. He sent her a text, simply saying "It's Cain".
I've gotta say I really appreciate the post deadlines. It works well for me specifically. I know I'm always last but without the deadline I just might not post at all. Tonight after work I'm seeing someone but I should be home early enough to get something out before I go to bed. If not then I guess this is my warning that I might not post. Though Cain is on team "sit around and read the documents" so I feel like it's not a huge deal if I post in a couple days rather than tonight. But I'll do my best to do something tonight.
The thing with posts being slow (or in my case pitifully short) is that we're basically in the set up phase right now. Once something actually happens I'm sure posting will be easier.
"Ah yes, payment," Cain had yet to discuss exactly what it was he had wanted from the Detective. "We can talk about it once this is all resolved. I suspect what I want would take too much out of you before you go in to this sleep, whatever it is exactly." Setepenre's concern for her family was admirable, the fact she had so many that she cared about was something Cain envied. Ever since he killed his brother he never had a family. There had been others he had met, some of whom he got very close with, but none that he would call family.

His payment from the Detective would hopefully close millennia old wounds and allow him the closure he so desperately wanted. "And if it wasn't obvious from me expecting payment, yes, I will join this crusade to take down these Outcasts. Killing Innocents is grotesque and they must be stopped."
Cain was glad the others gave at least some hint of what they could do. Even if it wasn't much, having at least some idea of what everyone was capable of would help if they got in to a tight situation. Given the caliber of these Outcasts the likelihood of trouble seemed high, and Cain definitely wouldn't want to get in to a direct conflict with them.

"Perhaps for the time being we should take Albert up on his offer and spend some time in his B&B." It was a somewhat cowardly move, but Cain also thought it was the smart one. "If these Outcasts are powerful enough to hide themselves from the good Detective here then it's easy to imagine they could also be keeping tabs on them and by extension all of us since we all came to this meeting. Unless of course anyone has any leads we could investigate right now." Cain was mostly looking at Juniper with that last comment. She was doing something on her phone, he hoped it was research.
I was hoping to wait for Aodh to reply to Cain before I posted again but with the deadline tomorrow I just went ahead and did it
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