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The drive up to the lodge was really nice, Sam was glad he was doing this. During his drive he had lots of time to think and he realized this was exactly what he needed. Just some time away from work and family just to collect himself. He had seen the ads for this place but he hadn't considered coming up until his almost incident the other day. After almost losing it he knew he needed to change something, if he continued just trying to force his powers down he knew that wouldn't end well. His boss seemed pretty keen on the idea of Sam going on this retreat, and he insisted he take one of the company vans (Sam preferred calling them what they were, short busses), probably to get in on the PR stunt.

So there Sam was, driving up a country road in what was little more than a re-purposed school bus with the words "E Z Port" on the side, the name of Sam's bus company. Off in the distance he thought he saw smoke rising from in the forest. He didn't pay it much mind, probably someone camping, he just wanted to get to what would be his new home for the next while. He idly wondered what the other people inhabiting the lodge would be like. He hoped he didn't have a problem with any of them. This relaxing retreat in the woods would be much less pleasant if he accidentally burned the house down.

Finally he pulled over a hill and saw the lodge, and it seemed he wasn't the first one there. He pulled the short bus up to the group, noting the garage attached to the lodge. "Hey, uh, should I park the bus in the garage or just leave it here?" He just kind of addressed his question to the group, as he wasn't sure who would be able to answer his question, maybe the mechanic guy? Or should he have been asking the scientist looking woman? Either way he would wait for an answer to either park in the garage or not before leaving the bus and joining the group.
Just saying, sorry for not posting yet. I was gonna post this morning but I fell in to Darkest Dungeon then I got called in to work 2 hours earlier than I expected. I'll probably get something up tonight
Not ten seconds after Sam sat down there was another knock at the door. When he answered he was greeted by a police officer asking to question everyone in the apartment. Sam quickly explained to the officer that Michael was a bit special, and probably wouldn't be much help answering questions, but if he insisted Sam would call Michael over too.

The questions were easy enough to answer, "Yes I live here. I'm Samuel Deniel. Yes I was here all last night. No I didn't notice anything strange last night. I see them around sometimes, but I don't really know them. I'm not sure who would know them. No I didn't know anything about a murder last night." Finally the officer showed him the picture of the girl, "no, I don't think I've ever seen her before. Will that be everything officer?" It seemed he was happy with what he asked and was on his way. Sam turned to Quinn, "sorry, that's not a normal occurrence, but you know, New York. It's gonna happen every once in a while." He noticed she was basically falling asleep standing in the doorway, "um, I don't mean to pry, but why haven't you been sleeping well? I used to have sleeping issues, I might be able to help."
@Tergonauti like the idea of her as an npc, I've still got no ideas for her. And now I really like the idea of Sam being the driver, so I think I'll do that, a van works
@Dark Light I have not said where the apartment is, so sure, it can be on the corner of 3rd and main
@Tergonaut updated Samuel right here

Still don't know what to do with the sister, if I can't think of anything in the next few days she'll just cease to exist.
@BlessedWrath I'm sure in peoples posts it'll be clear enough which Sam they mean, in universe though it might be fun, so I don't mind them having the same name
@Tergonaut so some feedback on your feedback, first off thanks for the feedback haha. So in order, first I'll work on expanding personality, what could set him off, how that works.

Next, the sister. Honestly I didn't put much thought in to her, but the idea was kind of his dads half of the family has the phoenix blood, and the mom has something else, and that's what his sister got. I know I'd never play her because really I can only handle 1 character in an RP at a time, I meant to open it up to someone else being able to play her and pick what her deal is but forgot to mention it. If no one wants to take her I'll either think of something for her or just get rid of her.

You've got it right on why he's going to the lodge, he may want to pretend he's not a big deal but he's more powerful than he realizes. Before making his decision he nearly had an incident while working, so that's why he needs time away from the world for a bit.

Finally, I think I'll be changing his eyes to orange to indicate the phoenix bloodline, maybe something else but I can't think of anything right now.

Also, just read the first post, nice work by the way, just making sure, are we all going to be arriving on a bus? If so do you think the bus could stay at the lodge? Because now I have an image of Sam driving the bus but no one knows he's a lodge resident until he gets off and starts unpacking like the rest of them haha
The only thing Sam found on TV that he felt like watching was one of the Harry Potter movies, but that was fine with him. For some reason he felt the urge to listen to the message Felicity had left him again. He did and something about it He couldn't pinpoint it exactly, and he couldn't explain why he felt that way, he just felt like something about the call was weird.

He didn't have much time to think about it as he heard the knock at his door, must be them. Sam got up and opened the door, "hey Felicity, hey Michael. I've got a movie on the TV right now, how about you go sit down, I'll be there in a sec." It was strange talking to Michael, partly because he was taller than Sam by a few inches when so few people were, and partly because he had to remember Michael was a lot more like a kid than an adult. "I have someone over, she's sleeping, so just try not to wake her," he was off and he turned to Felicity. Before she could say anything about a girl sleeping on his couch he explained, "possible new roommate, she was really tired and just kind of crashed." He hoped that didn't sound too weird, it was the truth after all.

The reason he sent Michael off first was because he wanted to talk to Felicity, but now that she was here he wasn't sure what to say. "So, you're off to do....something," the spot on his neck started tingling again. Why was it happening again? "Just, be careful out there," he wasn't sure why he was saying this, but something inside him was telling him he should, to make it sound less weird he added, "you know, it's a big city, weird things happen all the time, so just don't get in to too much trouble."
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