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I'd wanna see some more detail but this seems neat
Fear left the others, unsure of how exactly he would convince his troops to go on what would seem to be a suicide mission. They had already lost many trying to reach the demon in his cave. Luckily the answer came to him in the form of Morthos running up and asking what had happened while he was talking to his people. Fear quickly went over what the plan was and asked Morthos if he would assist in rallying the troops. Morthos agreed and they made their way to the barracks. Fear didn't need to do much as Morthos gave them all a rousing speech about how this battle would be different, how this time they would save lady Rieta. The main selling point seemed to be as soon as Lady Rieta was back that meant Lord Damakos would be getting the boot.

Within the hour they had all gathered at the east gate, prepared to march out. Yam had also gathered a handful of her best spellcasters. Morthos met back up with his friends before they split in to the horde clearing team and the team that would initially enter the cave to try and find Morthos' mom. "Thank you guys for doing this for me, now let's go kick some demon ass."
In [ C R A W L ] 14 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
>Johnny moves up to A12 and shoots the furthest away spider that he can (B17 maybe?)

>Fear moves to C3 and takes a peak in the next room
In [ C R A W L ] 27 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
>Fear is determined to hold back the darkness, and also stays where he is (even though the picture you put up still has him on B13 :P)
In [ C R A W L ] 27 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@Mae ya put him on team darkstone, start out nice and easy
In [ C R A W L ] 27 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
>Yes that’s Johnny
>He packs bandages, feeling like he might take some beatings on this trip
>Not only is the rifle good for shooting, it’s also good for swinging, baddies will feel the hurt if they stay close
In [ C R A W L ] 27 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
It’s probably best I don’t have much movement right now, don’t wanna go running off on to danger all alone
In [ C R A W L ] 29 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
>Fear moves to C5, feeling like the world is against him for some strange reason

@Mae does that mean I'm back to full DT though since I got a 1 from my bandito feature? I feel like that's a thing

@CollectorOfMyst I can take the lantern, I've got DT for days
>They call me Johnny, nothin' fancy, just Johnny
>I'm male
>I've got brown eyes, short black hair, and a nice healthy tan. I'm wearing a canadian tuxedo of jeans, a jean shirt and a jean jacket.
>I am a Rancher

Now I need to decide if I want to be able to heal myself or have a damage aura
>Fear is determined to move more than two gosh darn squares (watch me roll a 1)

Also I kinda wanna make another character, but I want like a tank. Who stands in the way and just takes hits like they're nothing, is there something like that @Mae?
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