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After the commotion in the hallway Red was happy to see people had calmed down. Although during this interaction he considered stepping in and his hand got all frosty again. After seeing all the strange things the others seemed to have going on he had a sneaking suspicion of what his deal might be, but he wasn't exactly ready to try and test it out quite yet.

Upon entering the cafeteria the first thing any reasonable person would notice would be the bodies against the wall. Something had come through here and it was not happy. There was a guy eating off to the side and a couple of the others were over there, Red started to make his way to the guy who may have answers, but it seemed like he was just out of it. He didn't talk, just pointed to where the food was then went back to eating. Like he couldn't see the mess of blood and other viscera that was just left in the room.

Red should probably have been freaking out, but he just felt a sense of cool and calm. And it made sense in a way, panicking wouldn't bring the guys back from the dead, and if he didn't eat he wouldn't have any energy to try and fight off whatever did this. So he heeded the silent mans advice and simply went to grab some food. He then proceeded to sit down at a table with some cereal and a few muffins. "I may not remember anything, but I do know that I'm hungry." Red didn't really speak to anyone in particular, he just sorta spoke because he felt like it.
Amid the conversation happening around him Zephyr noticed a young girl standing just outside the conversational circle looking rather awkward. Like maybe she wanted to say something but wasn't sure how to start. After being a bus driver for a while Zephyr got decent at guesstimating how old kids were, and judging by how this girl looked he would guess high school, maybe grade 9 or 10. Zephyr was once an awkward teenager, not able to talk to people, not many friends. And while under normal circumstances a 25 year old trying to be friendly with a high schooler would be creepy these were not exactly ordinary circumstances.

"What about you, Arizona shirt?" Zephyr said, gesturing to the girl so she knew he was talking to her. "How was your trip? I'm hoping at least some people had an alright time getting here."
Whatever that awful sound they heard was it did not sound good nor did Red want to know what caused it. When the lights were back on he glanced at his hand since it felt strange, was that...frost? He wiped it off and decided to try and figure out that mystery later. "Ya, food is this way, and I like you being Grey and I'll be Red, less chance for confusion that way if we run in to anyone else."

Red made his way to the cafeteria, or he supposed it was the canteen as the voice said. As he got there he saw a group of people gathering at the entrance, it seemed he and Grey were not the only ones in this facility. Among them the ones Red immediately noticed were a couple of younger kids as well as someone who seemed to be covered in some kind of shadowy miasma. That may have concerned Red before, but given Greys size and theory that people here might not be normal he figured this was just someone whose abnormality was more visible than others.

"Hello, hi," Red raised his hand in greeting as he approached the others. "I'm Red, the large gentleman behind me goes by Grey. I'm guessing you all are in the same boat as us and just kinda woke up with no memory of what this place is or how you got here?"
Zephyr shook Matthews hand and listened to what weirdness he had gone through. Honestly it sounded like his night was much more eventful, although Zephyr was sure everyone had strange stories now that all of their lives had been flipped upside down. "Well I didn't have anything like that happen, although I suppose I did have someone unintentionally buy me enough time to escape." Thinking back to that night felt so long ago now, how long had it really been? A day or two? Zephyr had lost track, everything had become a blur.

"In the lobby of my building, agents had already entered and some guy was completely on fire, keeping their attention off of me. I don't even know his name, we lived in the same building so I probably knew him. I'll always remember him though." Why was Zephyr the one chosen by the Violet Underground but not this other person. The likely answer is one Zephyr didn't like; that he was just lucky and was chosen randomly. He broke free from his thoughts and told Matthew a bit more about his night.

"Anyways, before we escaped from the city there was some rubble in the way. I made my skin hard as rock and moved it out of the way. So there's that, although with everything that happened that's probably pretty standard fare with people here."
The driving wasn't too bad, Zephyr had always enjoyed long car rides. Really the annoying part was digging the car out of the wreckage of what used to be a shed. At least, he was pretty sure it used to be a shed, the car really did a number on it. After that little hiccup though it was mostly smooth sailing. Zephyr offered to drive when Sam was looking a little groggy, not like the guy could handle driving the whole way to wherever it was they were going. There wasn't a whole lot of chit chat, it gave Zephyr a lot of time to think. Think about these abilities he had been gifted with and what his new role in the world would be. This wasn't like a movie, people weren't thrilled that people with supernatural abilities existed. People like him were hunted, he'd be a wanted man probably for the rest of his life. But the gods had blessed him with this power for a reason, and he'd have to figure out what that reason was. Maybe the people he would meet at their rendezvous would shed some light on the situation, even incidentally.

When he wasn't driving he meditated on what all his new abilities might be. During his meditations he found he felt very connected to the earth, and also to his own body. It seemed his talents lied in his ability to alter his physical abilities. At one point he looked out the window and sharpened his senses to an incredible degree, noticing tons of small animals in the grass and weaknesses in the road. At which point Zephyr nearly passed out from exhaustion. Mental note, don't use the Eyes of Horus for long or often.

Eventually the group made their way through another portal and had found themselves in a run down shopping mall. It wasn't much, but it seemed secure at the very least. Zephyr listened to the speeches and gave some mild applause when it seemed appropriate. Afterwards one of the guys around him made a comment about where they were, and how the mall was a classic hideout in an apocalypse scenario.

"Pretty sure that's when the mall still has food and stuff," Zephyr pointed out, "but I will agree it's a very defensible position. Kind of like a castle in that regard." The guy seemed worried about graffiti for some reason, "do I want to know about your deal with graffiti? Also, I'm Zephyr by the way." Looking at the others around they all seemed to have been picked up recently. One person caught his eye, they seemed to have a hand made out of moss and tree bark. He didn't want to go over and ask for fear of being rude but whoever did that had an incredible power, a blessing from one of the many nature deities.
"You know, I'm not sure if that question is something I should take offence to, but given our weird situation, I think it's a fair ask." Lil' Red (as he had decided to call himself for the time being) thought back to his short time before leaving his cell and meeting the others. Had there been anything strange about him? "Well, other than the memory issues we all seem to share, the only thing even a little weird is when I got up the floor didn't feel cold to my bare feet. And that could be from any number of things, but I like where your head's at Big Red."

Shit, he said the name out loud. Well, no taking it back now, might as well own it. "Until we figure out our names I feel like we need some kind of designation. I like Big Red for you," he indicated the large man, "Lil' Red for me, and Lady Red for you," he indicated the woman. "If anyone has better ideas I'm all for it." At that moment his stomach rumbled rather loudly, the intrigue of meeting new people had almost made him forget he was hungry.

"We should probably go find some food, I think the cafeteria is this way?" He said as he took a few steps towards the direction of said cafeteria, "not sure how I know, just kind of a feeling, y'know?"

The man had already been awake for several minutes, walking around his room and taking stock of his surroundings, when suddenly a quite annoying alarm broke the nice silence he had been enjoying. "Guess my body still knew when it was supposed to wake up," he said to himself, "really wish that would have jogged some kind of memory." Talking to himself felt good, at the very least his voice felt familiar. He had awoken with no memory of who he was or how he had gotten himself in this situation. He felt surprisingly calm for someone in such a strange situation, usually people should be freaking out about this, right? He decided to say his situation out loud, that might help him remember something, anything.

"So, I seem to be in a prison of some kind. Clearly I can't have done anything too bad considering they've given me a treadmill and some entertainment which I presumably asked for." Looking over the books and films nothing was triggering a memory, "I guess I enjoy fiction books and nonfiction documentaries as movies? Alright then. Anyways, counterpoint to not being that bad, the room having a camera and this weird collar around my neck say I might be real trouble." He considered trying to pull the collar off but decided against it, "that might kill me, it seems hefty enough to have something inside it."

At that moment he heard a voice calling outside the hallways. He had been so in his own head he had not even considered the fact other people might also be here. Although considering the tone of voice it sounded like they might not have any answers either. At any rate, he couldn't stay in here all day, he was starting to feel hungry. He stepped out of his room and saw the others, the man was huge, like this guy might actually be a real giant. The woman was much more reasonably sized, maybe a bit shorter than he was. "Hello, hi." He made his way up to the others, "hey there, this is probably a long shot, but do either of you know what's going on?"
@Lady Selune I'd say yes he can slow down carbon, but it's a lot harder and also wouldn't be as dramatically powerful. He could maybe make someone feel cold from a distance, and could maybe freeze off a chunk of skin if he was holding on to one spot on someone for several minutes. The worst he could do in any regular situation is maybe give some mild frostbite if he grabbed a body part for a few seconds. The main strengths of the power come from cooling non-living matter and making ice. Maybe if this RP goes on a long time he could graduate to doing cooler (pun totally intended) ice things

Lemme know if the powers need more explaining or anything like that
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