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Morthos noticed Jax's blush then realized why, in order to care for her the medics had taken off her top. In all his excitement about the match he hadn't even noticed. Luckily for him he didn't have much time to think about that as Ophelia came over and gave Jax the business. Morthos knew when to stay quiet and this was definitely one of those times. He moved his attention to the next match that was starting, and apparently Ophelia knew one of the contenders. Jax made a comment about the guy in the mask, "I've seen him at the job board once or twice, his name is Roxas and that's about all I know.

Morthos looked at both contenders, Neptune was always fighting, he was pretty good, so Morthos wondered why this guy would be challenging him. He seemed like a mystery man himself with that mask. Being in the arena made Morthos think about possibly challenging someone himself. Not today of course, he'd need to research his opponent, but he was sure he could be the top of E tier like Jax was now. He'd just never had any real ambition to get the attention before, but after watching Jax it lit a fire in him, he was sure he could be just as strong as she was. "My money's on Neptune, Roxas had the surprise factor of not knowing what he does but I think Neptune probably has the edge and experience."
For a second everything was silent, then the crowd erupted in to cheers, Morthos among them. He jumped out of the stands and down towards the arena, firing a small blast at the ground before he touched down to break his momentum. The seats were pretty high up, if he didn't do that he'd probably break something. He ran over to Jax as she was getting checked on by the ringside medic. "Jax that was incredible!" He went in to hug her but then thought better of it. Instead he was smiling ear to ear, that was probably the best fight he'd seen in a long time.

"I was wondering how you would summon, since clearly that's your strong suit, but there's no way he'd just stand there and let you do it." At this point Morthos was just going off, people probably thought he was this man of mystery since he never talked to anyone, but he was really just a huge nerd. "I didn't even notice you were fighting in circles for a reason, drawing the pentagram during the fight was so impressive. By the time he noticed he couldn't stop you, then you had a demon who's probably stronger than him. Then you just wrecked his shit, and, ahhhh!" Morthos took a moment to breath, "that's one thing about your magic, it's a lot more elegant than mine, I mostly blow things up."
"Clearly your sister likes me more than I thought if she's saying I'm devilishly handsome," Morthos spoke with a hint of sass in his tone. He gave Jax a knowing smile and said to her, "I haven't checked the board yet, I usually just take solo missions, maybe we could check it out later though." He turned his attention back to Ophelia, "So you're a vampire? That's very interesting, I'd love to ask some questions if you don't mind." Before he could get anything else in though Jax brought up Ophelia had classes and 'reminded' him he was going to get a book from the professor she was going to see. He of course had no plans to get a book, but in a second he realized what she meant. "Yes, of course," he turned to Ophelia, "I guess my interview with the vampire will have to wait, I'll see you later."

He went off with Jax so she could face her opponent, "ya, ya sure I'll grab her, don't worry about it." Jax sounded like someone who wanted to prove something, there was a fire in her eyes that wasn't there before, "I'll be up in the stands, good luck!" He called after her as she ran off, giving him a cheeky wink before she slammed her scythe down in challenge. Morthos made his way to the seating area, sitting away from the crowds, old habits die hard he supposed. The fight seemed close in the beginning, but as they exchanged more blows Titans strength started to give him the advantage. Morthos wondered how quickly Jax could summon a demon, because a quick summon could help her greatly. Even that little brat of a demon Hargul could help immensely.

Suddenly Jax flew across the arena because of a throw by Titan. She wasn't moving, and Morthos could smell the blood from where he was in the stands, another demon thing, a certain bloodlust in battle. The crowd had Titan as the favourite for a reason, but Morthos surprised even himself with what he did next. He shouted as loud as he could to make sure Jax heard, "Come on Jax! Get up! Don't give this jerk the satisfaction!" Others look at him, staring, but he didn't care right now, he was going to cheer on his friend. So much for keeping a low profile.
Morthos did not go to bed as soon as he got home that night. He lit a small fire, sat in his chair, and had himself a nice think. He'd made a new friend, a friend who wasn't some old person who ran a library. Morthos was feeling something he wasn't sure he'd ever really felt before, he was happy. He'd found someone who didn't judge him for how he looked, she just treated him like a person, she'd even confided something in him. Morthos just sat and thought about her for a while, Jax, quite possibly his first real friend. Certainly the first one who was anywhere near his age. Eventually he got tired and retired to bed, anxious for Jax's fight against Titan the next day.

Morthos woke up the next day excited to see Jax again, he was really curious how she intended to defeat Titan, or if the whole thing was possibly just a bluff of some sort. He ate his normal breakfast of cereal and cleaned himself with fire instead of taking a shower like a normal person would. Being a hellspawn did have some advantages, one of which was being pretty fire resistant. He then donned his cloak, grabbed his usual equipment and headed out. He was walking across the SPA campus headed towards the library when he saw Jax entering with someone else. Oh what was her name, he knew it....Ophelia, right. Morthos made his way over to them, why wait for Jax to challenge Titan when he could just be there when she did it. He wouldn't mention it though, as he wasn't sure she told anyone else. "Jax, hey." He raised his staff slightly in greeting, "sleep well last night? Ready to, uh, take on the day?" He was trying to be subtle about asking about the challenge, he was unsure how smooth he may or may not be.
"Well thank you for saying I'm not the worst looking hellspawn you've ever seen," he said with a bit of a smile, "and I'm grateful I look how I do for the most part, but some people don't need much. I have red skin, horns, and a tail, I look a lot different than most people, and that makes me an outsider." Despite saying this, Morthos didn't feel like an outsider right now. He felt good, maybe even a bit happy. Maybe people weren't all bad, maybe he just hadn't found the right friends yet.

He was going to say he would gladly call her friend but instead he was blindsided by announcement that she would be challenging Titan. He nearly let the flame go out he was so surprised, "Titan? Like, the Titan?" Titan was huge, both in terms of physical size and strength. In terms of a straight up one on one fight he was nearly unbeatable. Jax mentioned not being sure why she told Morthos when she hadn't told anyone else, "I think when it comes to something like this you just want someone to know, whether to give advice or talk you out of it." Morthos spoke from some experience, he'd done some dumb things in the past.

They'd reached her house now, and she'd thanked him, "walking you home was no problem. I'm not gonna say you're an idiot or try and stop you from facing Titan, this isn't something you decide on a whim, so you must have a reason. I will give you some advice however. Titan's power is from how strong he is, as far as I know he's never been beat, that makes him cocky. Use that against him, you'll have to be tricky, and keep your distance if you can, if he gets his hands on you it's probably over." Morthos chuckled after thinking about what he'd said, "I'm sure you have some kind of strategy, make sure you don't forget what it is while you're fighting. I'll see you tomorrow, if you wanna grab me before your fight tomorrow try the library. If not then I'm sure I'll hear about it and head over to the arena to cheer you on, good night Jax." He made sure she got in to her house before walking back to his place and turning in for the night, happy that he'd found someone he could call a friend.
Morthos didn't know much about Jax, mostly just her name and that she was a very skilled magic user. Given the pentacle tattoos on her hands and the small demon she kept with her he figured she specialized in demonology. Funny that of all the people he could have run in to it was the girl who knew what's what with demons. "Oh, this?" He gestured at the fire he was making, "this is nothing, you should see me if I'm in a fight. Fire comes very naturally to me, as you may have guessed from the, ah, horns." Morthos coughed feeling slightly awkward, he usually didn't mention anything about his demonic appearance to people. But Jax seemed nice enough, so he didn't mind as much, "and yes, I'm part of SPA. I'm not surprised you haven't seen me around, I make a habit out of keeping a low profile. People aren't usually as, ah, understanding, as you are with the whole..." He moved his hand gesturing up and down his body, "everything."

He considered bringing up something else but at that moment Hargul jumped in with a little rant of his own. "No, I'm not your brotherkin. I look like this because a long time ago some people made a deal with some archdemons and now everyone related to them looks like this." Morthos shook his head, why was he even entertaining this demon? "I'm Morthos, and don't worry about it, I've been called a lot worse than 'shit spoon', do you want me to walk you home? I don't mind, and I wouldn't want you getting sick."
Morthos was about ready to blast the little bastard off his shoulder before his own came and claimed him. She paused a moment before she finished her sentence, he could tell she was taken aback by his appearance. Nothing new, at least she didn't seem repulsed by him, just more curious than anything else. Morthos recognized her, he had been part of SPA for a little while now and had made it a point to at least learn everyone's name. He never talked to anyone, he just looked at the public registry of all the guild members and learned that way. He wasn't surprised she didn't know him, Morthos tried to stay away from others as a general policy.

"Don't worry about it, although I'm not from hell you little monster." The second part was clearly directed at Hargul. Morthos could see Jax was shivering from the rain, and while he may look the part Morthos was in fact not a horrible monster. He did a small flourish with his hand and created a small but warm fire and held it out towards her to warm her up. "Don't be getting sick now, otherwise the little jackass might escape while you're resting," Morthos grinned slightly, he was mostly joking, he doubted the demon could do much harm if left to his own devices. It sounded like the worst he would do is go in Jax's panty drawer. Morthos wasn't awful with people, he did have some social skills, he just really didn't like others so he didn't get much chance to use them.
Morthos sat in the library, it had been a long day of studying. Not studying anything in particular, it's not like he had any exam he had to take, just learning about monsters. He had taken a break part way through to play some shogi with the head librarian Mr. Isho. Morthos liked him, he didn't think Morthos was some kind of evil monster based on how he looked. But now he had left for the night and Morthos was basically all alone left to his own devices. He'd lived in Port Ashmer for a few years now and the first thing he did was find the library. Morthos had grown up in a town much smaller than this, thus the library was also smaller. When he first saw the Port Ashmer library he nearly fell over it was so beautiful.

Since that time he had spent almost all his free time there, sometimes not even learning anything, just sitting and admiring the place. He put the book on elementals away and made his way back home. As he walked he pulled up the hood of his cloak kept his tail hidden, he didn't want any stares. Despite living here for years some people still looked at him with the disgust he hated. And given the size of Port Ashmer there was also a sizable amount of tourists who may have never seen someone like him before. So he walked, trying his best to blend in, hoping his walk home could be as peaceful as his day had been.
Name: Morthos Xerxes
Age: 23

Weapons: Quarterstaff, acts as a magic implement as well as a basic melee weapon
Personality: He judges people by who they are not what they are, he's learned how bad it feels to be judged on your looks. He's a bit slow to trust but if people don't judge his looks he's willing to give them a chance.
"Or just don't say anything, that's cool too," Sam couldn't take the snubbing too hard though, clearly the house had been through something pretty serious while he was...incapacitated. Sam ignited his hand and looked more closely at the wreckage, there seemed to be chunks of metal everywhere. Were they attacked by a robot? How the heck did it even get in to the lodge?

Well Sam didn't have time to think about that right now. He wanted to get dressed because he figured his chances of getting back to sleep before morning were probably slim. He heard a voice behind him ask if he was alright. Sam turned around, flaming hand outstretched so he could get a better look at the person. The first thing he noticed was the blue hair, Sam always found non-standard hair colours fascinating. The next thing Sam tried to determine was if this person was a man or woman, they looked like a woman, or maybe just an effeminate man, hopefully a name would clear up his confusion.

"Um, ya, I'm fine, I think everyone is relatively fine," of course Sam had no clue how everyone else was, just the girl from the crash, and she seemed okay enough to ignore him and go to her room. "Not to sound rude, but who are you and why are you here? This place is pretty out of the way, so I doubt you came across us by accident. Just trying to be careful after this incident, hope you understand." Sam kept his hand ignited in case he needed to fight, after the explosion he was pretty sure it was over, but right now he was feeling a bit jumpy and paranoid.
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