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Doesn't look like this is going anywhere, I'm going to pull out.
I spruced up Chiharu's overall character, hope you enjoy it!
Jostled from her sleep as the plane was struck by the bolt, Chiharu sat up in her chair. Short black hair disheveled, Auburn brown eyes searched the cabin around her. The mask fell to her face before she could really gather what was happening. The words emergency landing sent a cold jolt through her spine, as she pulled the mask on.

Wasn't there just water below them, a bottomless ocean how could a plane land on that... She was panicking, she didn't want to die... She hadn't bored this plane realizing that it would take her to the feet of the reaper. Her breath quickened and she held the yellow cup to her mouth pressing it against her face.

When the plane was struck again, though the dream haunting sound of the metal creaking before giving way and the plane broke in half. Chiharu felt her stomach turn dizzyingly, as she watched the front half of the plane fall away. She felt their momentum increase, and she knew this was the end...

"I'm sorry mother, I'm sorry. I just wanted to get away for the week, Forgive me." She prayed, hoping her mother would forgive her for taking this secret trip. She started to apologize to her father, certain death changes your views on grudges... When a piece of falling luggage slammed into her chest, she felt the air in her lungs leave all at once... and could barely focus on their now violent decent towards the ground.

Ground... Ground, was that land... an Island. The rapid decent and inablity to restart her breathing caused the word to swirl together, maybe the plane was spinning. Before she passed out, the last thing she remembered... was the sudden halting of all motion, as the plane slammed into the ground.

She woke with a sharp intake of air, as if after the hours she had been unconscious her brain remembered how to breathe. It took a few seconds for her brain to catch up and her eyes fluttered open. Auburn darting from one thing to another... Then the pain settled in. Everything was sore, and ached... The air was hot, and humid. They hadn't made it far into their flight.

She pulled the buckle of her seatbelt, even though her body protested with pain. She stood, her hair clinging to her face she pushed it off, to get a better look around her. She wished immediately that she hadn't... and counted herself lucky that an entire body pain seemed to be the only thing wrong with her. She stumbled to the edge of the plane, where it had split open and emptied her stomach over the edge.

She wiped her lips with the back of her hand, and focused her eyes out on the beach. Bits of plane, and she was sure passenger littered it as far as she could see, in either direction.

'Hello!? is Anyone there?' A person, she turned to look back into the plane. "I am here!" She called, standing up. She was short for her age, always had been... inheriting her mother's frame.. but her father's appearance. Inside she was relieved to not be the only one who had survived... the plane wasn't filled with success stories, Chiharu was thankful it was just some over weight luggage that had struck her chest...

"Are you injured badly?" She called to the woman who was standing in the aisle of the plane.

Chiharu Miyamoto

Full-Time Student

Part-Time Barista


Goody Two-Shoes

Age: 19

Race: Human

Judge me not by the sins

of my father.

Chiharu's parents were not prepared or equipped to become parents when Chiharu entered the world. Her father had been a bad boy, from the poor side of town, and her mother the daughter of a doctor... They had tried to make it work, but her father fell into the wrong crowd trying to provide for them.

When she was young her father disappeared, and it fell to her mother to raise her. They lived with her grandparents, and Chiharu adapted to life without her father. She had always found school and studies to be a relaxing disconnect from her life. Especially with her Grandparents and her Mother always fighting.

When she was about 15, she found out what had actually happened to her father. Imprisoned for life, no possibility for ever being free again. She wanted to believe he was innocent at first, but after visiting him just one time... she knew he wasn't innocent. He wasn't heartless, and regretted the horrors he had committed, but he wasn't innocent.

She committed her self to obtaining a degree to prosecute criminals, upholding justice and what was right... became kind of a sticking point for the young woman. After getting into Law School she doubled down into her studies. Pushing herself for perfection, and sitting in the top five of her class was pretty close to perfection.

Her largest secret, is her father's arrest.
She will often refuse to speak of him, or acknowledge that she even has a father.

She enjoys:





Liana Merci

Hand of the Queen
Ringer of the Bell
Bringer of Light

Age: 25

Race: Human

Occupation: Captain of the Crown's Sword

Class: Paladin
In the service

Chosen from birth, Liana was raised to serve on the Queen's guard. In the country of Ires, the most inner circle of the Guard are chosen on the day of their birth. This inner circle is called the Crown's Sword, and there are only 10 members, 5 for the Queen and 5 for the King. When one of the Crown's Sword falls, another is chosen.

When a babe is chosen, and lifted into the grace of the Crown's Sword. They are given a new name, and the parents a fine sum of gold. Who they were going to be, completely changes. As they are raised among their peers, the others of the Crown's Sword. They are educated, fed, clothed... Treated like nobility, even though all of them came from common backgrounds.

They are trained in combat, a style decided by fate. They are trained in all styles they show aptitude for until their 15th year, when they are sent to the armory of the Crown's Sword. A large vault filled with relics of past members. Liana chose a longsword, a dark worn golden hilt and simple black sheath... The blade flawless, like it had been sharpened and maintained with an expert hand daily. Just like herself, the blade had lost it's name.

She breathed life into the sword, and named it "Light. No one need fear the dark, as I'll always bring Light." She said, Belting the sword to her waist. It was vigorous training in sword play after that, five years past... Day in and Day out, until she had surpassed all of her peers in sword play.
of my Queen.
Who I was going to be, erased...
In my servitude to my country.

During her 19th year, there was a coronation. The princess had become Queen, the ranks of Crown's Sword suffered it's first losses since Liana had joined. Little babies Marco Silver and Jeanine Fairflight. The boy, replacing Ser Quincy, who suffered a massive injury at a tournament. The girl replacing the old Hand of the Queen, whose age had finally knocked on her door.

Liana was chosen, to replace Merina... Being close to the same age as the Queen, the young ruler chose Liana for her most personal guard. This began a twisting, and gut-wrenching path for the young warrior. She was now the person responsible at all times for the safety of her queen. There wasn't a room the Queen visit that she wasn't joined by Liana. Liana even moved into the chamber attached to the Queen's room.
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