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Current I'm back, if you remember me, and would like to Roleplay again, Let Me Know!
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So sorry to all my partners. Did not think I'd be away for 9 days. Sheesh, I'll reach out and get in touch tonight or tomorrow morning!
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Sorry, it's been rough.
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My day off, and nothing to do! D:
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I need a fluffy RP in my life. Chilly weather, Pumpkin Spice, Everything Nice...


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In Her Emperor 8 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

"You remind me of her. Your mother, I hate you both."

Lumia Helltooth, daughter of Daru Helltooth. Her mother was a siren, who had seduced the Oni king. With soft words, and beautiful features, she lured him into a trap. He eventually became aware of her machinations, The Siren had stolen a hoard of gold from the Oni king. Realizing she was caught the sea witch left in the night, and was never seen again. Leaving the Brute King, to raise his daughter, and subjecting Lumia to her father's rage. As the pale skin, and blonde hair always reminded Daru that he had been made a fool.

Her early years were filled with loneliness, as few were permitted near her. The king only allowed certain servants to interact with the princess. She was quick to win the hearts of those who came face to face with her. She had inherited a world of gifts from her parents, the intimidation of an Oni, and the allure of a Siren.

A tear or sob, was enough to bend even the sternest of her father's chosen servants to her will. In the end this spelled doom for them, and it wasn't until years later that she learned why she had met so many caretakers.

When they spoke up about Daru's treatment of the princess, he had them sentenced to hard labor... or worse.

As a teen Lumia found that she loved her people, unlike Daru who appreciated strength. Lumia saw each Oni for their uniqueness, each soul brought something to their world. She would sneak from her captivity, and meet with the guardsmen. Howling tradition drinking songs, and finding laughter as they told stories and tall tales. The scouts brought her descriptions of outlanders! They even began to sketch interesting ones for the princess to see their stories weren't lies. The fisherman, and hunters... were a lawless group, who operated on the idea that Daru wouldn't know which fish and game were native to their large territory. They actually roamed past the borders, and even traded in secret with close nations. They brought the princess baubles and trinkets from forbidden lands.

Lumia became a regular fixture around the village when she could sneak out, she'd live a few days with the people before Daru found she was missing. He'd send his guard to collect her, and then he'd teach her why he was the king. Because he was the biggest, and could hit the hardest. Though he promised cruelly that he'd teach her how to fight, and she'd thank him for it someday.

She was a young adult when the first story reached her ears of the reptilian uprising. Her father, had just finished "training" her in close combat. Which just involved the brute throwing punches she had no hopes of dodging, and being unable to retaliate. A scout from her father's inner circle, brought word that the human's were fighting with the reptilians. Before she could hear more, they left the dojo. Leaving Lumia to bandage her wounds, and ponder if anyone she knew had heard of this conflict.

Luckily they had, apparently this was no border dispute... It was a war. The Queen of Reptilians had freed her kin, and made to rid the world of humans. She was gaining forces by the day, and it looked positive she would succeed if support continued to grow.

If humans were gone, the Oni could open their borders. With the help of the War Queen, the Oni-kin could be free. It was an opportunity they couldn't waste, even if they failed... She knew her kin would rather die trying to be free, than live in reclusion.

The next time she saw her father, she begged. She pleaded with him to seek, and aid the War Queen. To help her become Emperor, and free the Demi-races from the cruel hands of the humans. His answer for her, had been swift... and it had been savage. The silence that followed, led the king's guardsmen to believe the princess dead.

They had rebelled and killed their leader, and his inner circle. They stormed into Lumia's cell, to find her barely breathing. Medics stabilized her. King Daru was dead, Long Live Lumia!

"Our future will be bright, and peace will be brought to the world!"

In Her Emperor 8 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Figured we could talk about where we'd like to start!

I'm Citrus!

I've been roleplaying for several years! Mostly romance stuff, but general adventure has started to capture my interest lately!

I am not great at search threads, I actually hate writing them. These ideas I couldn't contain any longer, and I'd like to finds someone interested in them!

Reach out to me with questions, via PM.

Gwendoline Amelia Lavender Therrien Ghallagan

Lady Therrien

Professor of Transfiguration
Order of Merlin 1st class
Retired Chief Auror

Dark Oak, 14 inches, Core of powdered dragon bone

Age: 30

Race: Human

Pride, Ambition & Cunning

are the traits most aptly suited for those aiming for the stars.

House Therrien is an well off house in recent memory, in the last few generations the house has produced star pupils who shape and restructure the fields of their fancy. Gwendoline was no different, from a young age the girl showed a knack for shaping reality around her.

Her years at school were filled with excellent marks in Transfiguration, Charms, and Arithmancy. She was head of the dueling club, Prefect and Head girl. A quiet and studious girl, who wand arm was almost as quick as her wit. She left school with her eyes set on an Auror position, though her father wasn't going to have it.

She was forced into a marriage, she took the auror job anyways. Any complaints raised by her husband were silenced by a glare from her green eyes. She wrote in her free time, "Transfiguration Years 1-7: A revision in common practice" & "On their toes: A guide to Transfiguration in Combat" were among her first releases.

During her fifth year as an auror, she thwarted a major smuggling ring. Single handedly dueling the ring leader to a standstill, and arresting his entire operation. She was awarded her Order of Merlin shortly after.

During her final year as an auror at the age of 28, She was injured by a dark curse. It rendered her left leg pretty much useless. She walks with the aide of a cane now, she is more agile on the leg than she lets on.

Don't look at me as broken,

When a duel between us still ends with me using this cane for balance.

After her injury, people thought she would settle down. She didn't, Her husband was busy sowing the oats in the servant girls... to care about children. Did people think she was blind, three of the four servant witches had babies with sunshine blonde hair, and hazel eyes.

No, the woman locked herself into her studies. Printing out several more books on transfiguration, and continuing to revise and edit older books for a new generation. It was around this time Hogwarts approached her the first time. She rejected the offer, not wanting to deal with school children.

It took another two years for Gwendoline to accept the offer, and now she is prepared to start her teaching journey.

I'm willing to go a bunch of ways with this... but what I had in mind, was there is another newer/newish teacher who is/was mixed up in some dark stuff. Gwendoline thinks they are up to something nefarious, and investigates. Though the closer she gets, the more they become involved romantically?
I'm hoping to play some rebellious camp Counselors, who find summer friendship and romance! I'd like for this Roleplay to be set in like the late 60s or early 70s... A simpler time! Below is a theme profile for the camp, and kind of a Vibe check for the whole idea.

I'd be willing to add supernatural themes, or more suspenseful themes after the plot has been developed a little between our characters. If this interests you, let me know so we can spitball ideas!

Doesn't look like this is going anywhere, I'm going to pull out.
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