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Bump! Added a bit regarding House of the Dragon. Would love to write a beautiful, fantasy story with some dragons involved!
Really, REALLY craving Crime Boss x Crime Boss pairing!
Bump after a hiatus with some new ideas!
Definitely interested in this! Even as a 1x1 roleplay too, if you’re interested!
Added a new FxF RP idea called ‘In Cold Blood’. Check it out, y’all! :)
Quick bump with some new edits and new cravings!

The name is Balalaika, and I know that is a bit of a Russian mouthful so feel free to call me Red! I am 23 years old and have been roleplaying for right around 10 years now (those first couple years were crude excuses of writing and we don’t think about those, ok?), which I suppose is not very long compared to a lot of the people here on The Guild, but don't let that scare ya away from starting up a conversation with me!

A Quick Run Down...
- I am very active, I will try to post at least once a day, and I would appreciate the same in return. If I am unable to post for whatever reason, I will be sure to let you know. Life gets busy for all of us sometimes!
- I will only roleplay over PM, just a preference of mine!
- I tend to play primarily FEMALE characters. I apologize if this is an inconvenience to some, but this does not affect my pairing preferences at all. I will happily play out both F x M and F x F pairings. The sexuality/gender that my partner's characters are does not at all matter to me, play whoever you desire!
- My post length varies intensely, but generally falls anywhere from High Casual to High Advanced. I am similar to many other writers in that it truly depends on what is going on in the RP at a given time.
- I am looking for long term RP partners, and hey, maybe even long term friendships if you like OOC chatting as much as I do!
- I am skilled and experienced in writing smut and do enjoy it and actually would love to incorporate it into a roleplay if it is logical and fitting.
- Depending on the plot, I can start out with one or two characters or perhaps even five or six. Regardless, I am always open to adding in new main or side characters. My side characters are not strictly female and I will happily play side characters of any gender.

Plots & Cravings...
For starters, I am open to so many plots, so if my criteria from above interests you, don't be afraid to throw some ideas on me, no matter what they are! I love trying new things, so odds are I would probably find it really interesting!

Disclaimer: I Watch Too Many Crime Shows
  • Crime Boss/Crime Boss (P L E A S E)
  • Female Assassin/ Her Rookie (P L E A S E)
  • Detective/Detective
  • Agent/Criminal

If you hop into my messages with a plot that offers any of these three pairings, I promise you we'll be able to create something amazing. This is most likely always going to be a constant craving for me, and I always have different plot ideas bouncing around in my brain for this!

Yes, I Am Late To The Hunger Games Trend
I have a very loose idea for a potentially extensive plot that takes a few concepts from the Hunger Games and combines it with a high fantasy or kingdom setting. This would be geared toward a multiple character RP with a lot of world building and extensive thought. Essentially, It would be a modern/futuristic setting that the concept of the Hunger Games would come into play as a method by which the nation (currently unnamed setting) would select their next heir. Kingdoms select their finest tribute to enter into the games, and if their tribute is to win, they hold the nation's 'seat of power' with the winner as King/Queen.

Much like the Hunger Games, our characters could come together to break this cycle, or perhaps we create characters that run and manage the games to ensure order. Maybe both?

Again, this is totally just a shell of an idea that I would love to dive into and expand on with someone!

Supernaturals Galore
Almost all roleplays I delve into have a supernatural element to them, including the plot ideas listed out above! Vampires, werewolves, elementals, shapeshifters, you name it! I love to incorporate different and unique powers to characters, so feel free to do the same. I play plenty of human characters too, once again, it depends on the sort of plot we're dealing with!

  • Crime Boss/Rookie.
  • Crime Boss/Crime Boss. While I mentioned this already, I have been craving this pairing for quite a while. I don't have a particular plot in mind for this and would actually like to create one with someone!
  • In Cold Blood. This is my most fleshed out RP idea and I would love to partake in this current craving. Feel free to PM me with some ideas of your own, I truly think that this could be something wonderful— YC is a part of an elite group of murderers. Murderers that target people who have slipped through the system, and so they take justice into their own hands. They find, track and kill some of the most ruthless killers/rapists/etc. when the criminal justice system fails to do so. It can be considered an admirable, albeit ruthless cause. This group of murderers that YC belongs to is nearly untraceable, elusive and precise. The FBI have been after these criminals for months, years even, but to no avail. After a series of murderers have taken place in the West side of Chicago, the FBI finally gets the shred of a lead they've been after: finally, at last a vague location as to where these elite killers could be hiding. This is where MC comes in. She's an agent of the FBI's finest crop, sent to go undercover as a Sergeant at the 31st precinct in the South-Western side of Chicago and further scope out the area first hand. But oh, she does much more than that. After a mere two weeks as acting Sergeant, a serial killer slips through the system on a mere mishap of a rookie cop. YC is sent to the precinct MC works undercover at to gain information on this killer in order to finish what the law could not. With plans to break into the precinct, gather what YC needs and leave, YC's plans are sorely interrupted when she breaks in to discover MC working on some late night paper work. Pulling out her gun, YC demands the killer's address, meanwhile MC sees this as an opportunity- for she may never see this man ever again. MC sees YC as the key to shutting down the entire operation she has been sent to gain information on. Thinking quickly, MC works hard to convince YC that she too is outraged/personally effected that the serial killer got off without even a slap on the wrist and not only offers YC the address of the killer, but MC’s service as well. The two proceed forth and act as partners to end the life of this lowly serial killer, and MC strikes up a deal with YC to keep the connection going. MC agrees to keep offering addresses/info on various killers/etc. that were not upheld by the law. Of course, this is all a part of MC undercover work with the FBI, YC is subject to thinking mine is a dirty cop with the same fiery passion for justice, but alas it is all apart of a greater plan. However, as YC and MC grow close, MC struggles with the end goal of her undercover work and the attachment she develops for YC.

    An angsty, burning romance with a dose of crime! ;)
  • Harry Potter Universe I am honestly open to a lot here, but a romance between two Hogwarts professors is my latest and greatest craving. OC or Canon, I do not mind, just reach out with your thoughts and I am sure we can dream something up together. (This is probably my biggest craving at the moment!)
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe Much Like what I outlined about Harry Potter, I am open to a TON of stuff regarding the MCU, OC and/or canon! Got a particular craving? The beginnings of an idea? PM me, I would love to brainstorm with you!
  • House of The Dragon Now, this is a very loose header but certainly encapsulates the craving. I would love to do a Dragon Rider/Dragon Rider pairing. I have seen Game of Thrones and read all of the books therein, and if you love Westeros like I do, we can totally run with that world and the Targaryen/Velaryon Dynasty. OR, we can totally create our own world with our own lore and really make it our own. Even the pairing itself can be adjusted, if you'd like! It doesn't even have to be a pairing- it can be a plethora of characters! You do not have to be condemned to a dragon taming Targaryen. Long story short, I would be enthralled to build and craft a story with someone who has the same excitement that I do when I see dragons on screen.

Did I snag your attention, gamers?

The name is Balalaika, annnnnnd if that is too much of a mouthful, Red is fine too! I am new to the site, though certainly not new to RPing. I have been writing and roleplaying for over 10 years now and have made some incredible, life-long friends in the process. Perhaps you can be one, if you don’t happen to find me insufferable, XD !

Preferences? Oh, preferences... My tastes range wide from crime shows, to the Game of Thrones universe, to the deep dark depths of anime. You can expect to find me in the throes of action, drama and romance based roleplays. I tend to stick to one-on-one adventures, but if you can tell by my taste in plots, I have quite an open mind! I am truly versatile in that I can play one character in a loosely-discussed plot OR several in a world that we build together.

At the moment I am truly craving a one/one, F/F roleplay, (* curls up lips into a Lady D snarl * Stupid manthings! ) mind you, I am not looking for this to be a smutty one shot, although the romance aspect is overly enticing and I expect a grueling slow burn, I do have the formations of a plot in mind that I would love to share! In this instance, I truly do not mind to play Lady D or the female OC. If I had to choose, Lady D would be my preference.

I’d love to get to know you, so don’t hesitate to shoot me a PM!

All the love,

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