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Current Yeah, man. I want to practice my Walmart Roleplays publicly without fear of harassment.
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Why did Kenneth Branagh have to ruin Artemis Fowl? 2020 is a cruel mistress.
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Anyone remember that there was a live action Lady and the Tramp released on Disney+ in 2019? No? That's how forgettable these movies are.
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If you're going to do fantasy races, don't follow the example of Bright and make Orcs into racial allegories of African Americans.
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The Hobbit also led to a creation of an anti film industry union law in New Zealand which sucks.


- Walmart Apocalypse Roleplay
- Nightmare Gas Station
- Underrail/Fallout/Post Apocalyptic Roleplay. Codename: Clausterclysm
- Anthromorphic Grimdark Animal Fantasy Roleplay. Codename: Fallowbrook.
- Eldritch Abomination Garfield Roleplay. Codename: Lasagna.
- Infinite IKEA Roleplay. Codename: God Morgon
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Tyroden sighed disappointedly, like a child who had his toy taken away, when his spell burst apart the squid like overripe fruit. His mournful frown was replaced by a grin of exhilaration when he saw that the skysquid had reformed into smaller versions of itself. Yes. More to rip and tear. More to destroy. More flesh to savor.

“ You!” Tyroden pointed a finger towards one tiny sky squid. “ You think you can escape the wrath of - “

That was when the explosion hit him. It felt as though the ground had crumbled beneath his feet, the wind knocked out of his sails as he landed on the grass. Instead of one singular pixie dictator puppet, it was five different finger puppets that stood up. The Penta Posse had seized control of Nick Nack's platypus thrall who was now limping along.

“ Enough grandstanding from the warlord.” One of the fingers proudly announced. “ It’s now my time to shine.”

The clouds darkened as the platypus raised both of his hands in a T-pose. The five fingers began contorting and twisting into odd shapes and symbols, an eldritch language erupting forth from the platypus bard's maw.

“ I cast Ritual of the King! Arise from the pits of the Potato Planes! Arise the Bane, The Hamburglar of the Infernal Fryer!”

There was a crackle of aetheric energy surrounding the pentagram. The smell of corn syrup and artery clogging death suffused the air, the walls of reality began to crumble around them deliciously. An enormously large hand the size of a Arobrean mountain giant pushed through the crack, widening it open. Mailed in hamburger meat, the hand clawed its way through and stepped into the material realm, a head that suspiciously looked like a large chicken nugget poking through. Whatever the Penta Posse had casted, it was something nightmarish indeed, something to spook the minds of elvish vegans and dietary professionals alike.

Well, it was horrifying for five seconds. The opening quavered in place for a moment, the energy emanating from it carving trenches into the pastoral landscape. Like a blooper reel, it then collasped on itself, just as the torso of the Hamburglar was beginning to emerge. A brackish spray of jaundiced blood soaked the soil, the Hamburglar crying out in sheer agony. Its guts were strewn about, distended from its bisected torso. Instead of a monument to the sins of fast food, it was an abortion of high cholesterol proportions. It looked towards Clara and raised a meaty hand towards her in a begging motion, pleading with her.

“ K-kkiilll………...please…….” it warbled, coughing out globs of fry oil. Meanwhile, the Penta Posse stood in silence before one of them spoke out.

“ Bob, did you forget to charge your mana this morning?!”

"YOU IDIOT!" The index finger glared at the thumb. " LOOK AT HIM! LOOK! How is this supposed to inspire fear into our opponents."

“Ah, never mind that.” The Penta Posse strode over to the twitching and wracking body of the dying Hamburglar, taking cover underneath his body, the stench of ketchup and soggy french fries suffusing the air. They then shouted towards both the ratfolk and the necromancer. " we'll be taking cover under him if you don't mind! If you want to get hit by the next volley, be our guest!"
Wow, this thread blew up really fast! I hope I didn't offend anyone with my comments on -

Honestly, most of the writing advice here people post here are either people misconstruing what are meant to be guidelines towards writing and instead, taking them to heart in a draconian manner. None of the rules mentioned here are necessarily wrong, per se, barring a few minor wishy-washy platitudes. When mishandled improperly or misinterpreted, that's when the problems begin.
Alright, I feel like I'm going to slay a sacred cow here.

" Show, don't tell." should be changed to " Show and tell."

Yes, it's the number one golden rule of writing. It's what every English Lit teacher tells us in middle or high school whenever we get a creative writing assessment. I think the problem right now, barring first-time fanfiction writers who robotically write out every single line, is too much showing and not enough telling. In fact, I believe this rule is the ultimate source of purple prose that has plagued an healthy amount of literature. Summary and brevity can have its own dramatic effect as well and serves an essential role. There should be a balance between both. Obviously, this will vary depending on what type of genre you want to write and so forth but it's not something that you should follow dearly to your heart.
Well, fellas, it’s safe to say that I’m shutting down this RP for good. I might try it again some point in the future but at the current rate of posts, I don’t see this RP progressing.

Sorry if you were in the middle of writing up a post or if you were planning one but all of you now have more room for roleplays, better ones than this one.


After decades of border disputes, military standoffs and proxy wars between China and the ASEAN coalition of South-East Asian countries, the Dark Crash of 2035 was the death knell of the Chinese mainland power structure. Having transitioned most of its infrastructure to A.I firmware, the massive EMP effectively knocked out most of China’s economic and social capabilities. The civil war between the ROC and PROC, along with internal strife and corruption compounding the rot, only served to sink the knife deeper. With their position untenable and most of South East Asia’s infrastructure left unscathed by the global cataclysm, China’s political bargaining power was a pinprick of its former self. All other options exhausted, the only choice left was that of a diplomatic route with ASEAN. The negotiations almost failed when Taiwan and the Autonomous Region of Hong Kong were involved as parties but the Chinese government reluctantly agreed.

In the year that followed, negotiations followed more easily given that China’s political power was fractured and the economic prosperity of ASEAN's member countries outweighing that of China. Therefore, the SESE (South East Special Economic) Free Trade Zone was drawn up to allow a single exclusive economic trade zone which every country had the ability to use. When China dissolved its disingenuous territorial and historical claims, the SESE was signed almost immediately with countries bound to never once again engage in direct warfare with one another. Unfortunately, having been moderated by parties bought out by corporate interests, the SESE gave a huge leeway. Thus, the wars in the SESE shifted from international tensions to outright corporate warfare.

The effects were immediate. Corporations almost immediately made investments in the region in the form of natural gas mining, oil drilling and the building of aquaplexes - new habitable cities that were the new trend given the irradiated nature of most major cities after the Dark Crash and the lopsided battle against rising sea levels. Now, the SESE is a landscape of corporate wars, floating aqua plexes and piracy, a darwinistic terrarium of growth and greed.

Straits of Steel is set in the gigantic, burgeoning aquaplex of New Malacca, the self-proclaimed pearl of South East Asia that’s on the precipice of sinking yet always managing to just float above the waves.

Situated south of the Paracel Line and the Spratly Islands, New Malacca started as a simple ImperialChem refueling station built for tanker ships in 2000. Slowly over time though, it evolved into a self-sufficient environment as more and more of the corporation’s tasks would be outsourced to the station for greater efficiency, ImperialChem continual remodelling transforming it into a miniature city.

During the Nine Mile Dispute in 2010, the refueling station fell into disarray as ASEAN countries forced strict economic sanctions on Chinese exports. This effectively resulted in ImperialChem selling the remaining assets of its refueling station over to an ambitious startup company specialising in land development known as Baharu Developments. Its CEO, Kwan Chen, envisioned it as a corporate haven for ASEAN, where trade would flourish, free from governmental bureaucracy or urban rot.

Kwan set to work straight away, offering lucrative corporate welfare packages to ensure investment. Like a pack of moths, every rookie startup and corp in the Pacific and South East Asia flocked over towards Kwan’s. Putting their stock into Kwan’s ludicrous idea, New Malacca became more and more of a reality with each buoyant hull, syncrete panelling and high-fibre cable installed into the superstructure. By 2025, New Malacca was officially booming.

As economic growth ensued, growth of urban inequality and crime increased. Cyber gangs, yakuzas, drug traffickers and more lurked and grew in power as more and more ships illegally entered the borders of New Malacca. Finally deciding enough was enough, the Malacca Corporate Committee assembled their private security forces and began a war to stamp out gang influence within New Malacca. This resulted in the establishment of corporate owned public institutions in New Malacca such as a police force, firefighting force and social support services.

Since then, corruption, economic growth and crime have bloomed within the confines of New Malacca. It’s survived all the way through the Dark Collapse, the Nine Mile Dispute and the South China corporate scuffles while still remaining what it is. A beacon to all those looking for an unattainable dream.




What a beautiful day. A blessed day for Tyroden. The pixie warlord shed a single tear of happiness at what was in front of him. He hadn’t had this much fun since the Impaling of Bobbington in the Year of the Hrunning. Tyroden’s mouth watered at the thought of slaying such a humongous beast. It would be a tale to tell for the ages.

“ YES!” Tyroden bobbed his tiny hands towards the squid. “ YOU HAVE HUGE TENTACLES. HUGE MEAT. HUGE GUTS TO HARVEST!”

Lifting up his small tiny tinfoil appendages, Tyroden flailed his arms in a circular manner, apparently trying to invoke some sort of spell. Whilst the rat spat out a paltry storm of lightning towards the squid, Tyroden was making a storm of his own. The clouds parted from above, the sky cracking in two. Parting past the white was a warhammer that was falling down towards the skysquid at breakneck speeds.

In the middle of his encantation, Tyroden shifted back into Fred who gaped up at the sight of the cephlapod abomination.

“ Oh...oh….oh! I can help too!” Fred’s fingers flexed together, bunching up as arcane power coruscated through his entire being. “ I cast…….Miracle of Meadows!”

A golden ray spurted out from Fred’s hands and struck the skysquid dead-center. A second later, the skysquid’s entire body began to turn a brilliant shade of neon pink, changing color from the point of contact.
Are we considering Matt Ward canon and the part where the Grey Knights bathed in the blood of the Sisters of Battle to ward them from chaos?

The land and the sea. Only fools believe them to be different and only bigger fools believe the sea to be more free than the land. Fools. They are both cages, with the bait of freedom, security and power in both of them.

And who has the key? People too powerful for you and I to imagine. The question is whether or not you have the guts to break your bars……..

It begins with a date.

2099. The eve of a new century rising from the ashes of the old.

It’s been 60 years after the Dark Crash. 50 years after the Nine Mile War. 45 years after the signing of the SEAEZO Treaty. 15 Years After the Pan Pacific Agreement. It’s a miracle we’ve managed to make it this far.

2099. The twilight of the 21st century.

It is the age of the Cyber. Machine has consumed flesh and code has subsumed thought. Man and machine have become intertwined as one. Bone is shed in favor of reinforced titanium, eyes are replaced with fibre-optic camlenses and limbs with multi-axial nanotube assemblies. Fashion catalogues have been replaced with designer aug catalogues. Spider legged mercenaries march into the Congo to wage war. The head striker of the Palladium Posse shows off his new Mark 5 mechano-thrusters. The meat is obsolete whilst metal has become the new human.

The body is no longer sacred.

It is the age of the Gene. To fight back against the metal, life must be altered beyond its natural boundaries. The GMO fear-mongering of the twenties lacked imagination and in spite of the constant protests of gene purist groups, genetic engineering is now as commonplace as dollar store candy. The human genome and all of its possibilities are now a playground for alleyway geneticists and laboratory eggheads to tinker with. New varieties of New Babylon’s halophytic seaweed soy grow in the hydroponic gardens of soccer moms. Adverts for children’s kera-mods surge as halloween comes around the corner. Crowds part as a person screams out, his features half-man half-turtle, clutching a syringe of bootleg transcription stabiliser. The definition of human is quickly becoming more and more blurrier.

Life is no longer sacred.

It is the age of the Corp. Transnationals, mobile enterprises and startups permeate every facet of our lives, a capitalistic ecosystem of shadow warfare and trade deals. Though government institutions hold strong, corporate greed will soon erode it away like tides against a cliff. Your blue-collar livelihoods are dictated by the rise and fall of Lee-Platine’s stock values. Offers for university scholarships offered by a number of fast food industries dot the e-papers. Your package deliveries are sent over by an Iridium Heavy Industrial sky-bird, bristling to the teeth with anti-personnel smart guns. For your protection, of course. To be an individual underneath the yoke of the Corp is a paradox and the only way out is to fight dirty.

Your personhood is no longer sacred.

It is the age of the Deep. Everything and everywhere is interconnected by an ocean of encrypted servers and data transmissions ranging in the gigabytes. The physical and virtual worlds have melded together in two, forming a symbiosis of abstract and concrete. AR addicts doze off in the streets, trapped in a constant cycle of chip abuse and sensory deprivation. Poachers surf the forbidden territories of the Deep, hunting down wild malware to capture and reuse for their own purposes. Hidden deep within, remnants of malfunctioning intelligences roam around like lost children, enslaved to their own subroutines. Those who desire can sink deeper to search for the truth but at what cost?

Reality is no longer sacred.

Let’s take a closer look at the situation.

The South China Sea. An ocean of red and riches. It has been fought and contested over by countries in South East Asia since the beginning of the First IndoChina Wars. It’s not hard to see why. It’s the hub of maritime trading in South East Asia, worth more than the Suez Canal in asyuan. Borders have been drawn up, agreed upon, re-negotiated and destroyed more times than history can count. It’s best not to ask too many questions about who started it since finger-pointing is the usual response. SEAEZO is the only thing keeping the region from becoming the battleground for World War 3.

Where are you now?

New Malacca.

If there’s one word to describe New Malacca, it’s maze. It is a haphazard ramshackle arcology of docking harbors, hollowed out ships and hydro tunnels shifting in size and shape. Along with the ever changing assembly of warships and merchant vessels that come in and out every second, no sight in New Malacca is ever the same.

It is a land of the lost. The Great Flood spared few and sunk many. Those who remained either succumbed over time to the Corps or went on a pilgrimage of their own. Splintered sects of Buddhist monasteries live out a meek existence on shanty boats. In the hustle of the wet markets, you hear Tagalog, Hokkien, a zoo of endangered languages forming a creole. On the docks, you see a crew of Burmese pipe spanners play a homebrew version of Poker on shipping containers. When all other options are off the table, New Malacca is what remains.

It is a utopia of the illicit and illegal. Crime, poverty and gangs wrack those who float above on water whilst the corps lurk underneath the offal, biding their time to pull strings and influence the state of power in the floating city. Trafficking routes for black ganja and Hype Out can be found all throughout the city. Gang wars are the city’s morning alarm clock. Just last week, an Armalance convoy was robbed and assaulted by full body cyber-loons. Violence and lawlessness are a constant within its rusting walls whilst duplicity and caution are as essential as oxygen.

To be a part of New Malacca is to navigate this slippery maze. Most give up trying.

You didn’t come here to surrender, though.

You came here to rise.


June 15th 2099. 7:00 PM. Dead of the night.

Suraiboshen. Best five star omakase this side of the Indian Ocean.

That’s not why you’re here, though. You aren’t here because you got lucky on the ten thousand reservation list, nor did you have some fat cat pull some strings for you.

You’re here because you got hired for a job. Top secret. A job that promised a 500,000 asyuan payout. Just the thing needed to propel you back up this world.

Whether you were a discharged lawkeeper, a wanted script hacker or a news anchor stretching the bounds of investigative journalism, your background doesn’t matter. Your desperation and needs mattered more than your skills and now, you’re here.

The two guards standing by the side of the door cough and nod towards you, the ancient hinoki oak door sliding open. You walk inside to take a seat...........

Straits of Steel is a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk ® roleplay set within the region of SouthEast Asia. Players will be taking the role of a group of savory and unsavory individuals that find themselves wandering around in the floating aquapolis of New Malacca. Your adventure begins when an unknown power broker contacts you about a one-time job offer that promises high risk but high reward. With nothing to lose, you accept it and find yourself waiting at the entrance of a seedy sushi bar to meet your man. Too bad no one told you that this wasn’t going to be a solo operation…….

The roleplay will be a hybrid-sandbox linear group roleplay that revolves around a collaborative tight narrative centered around the personal interactions of the players with each other and the natural environment interspersed with sections that allow for limited open world exploration, albeit with certain caveats. This approach is meant to allow for a sustainable level of player freedom without compromising the cohesion of the RP. The actions of the player will determine their influence and position within the landscape of New Malacca along with their relationships to each and every faction. Every decision that you make will have consequences or repercussions further down the line if you do not think carefully.


一 )If you’re seriously considering god-modding, powerplaying or metagaming within a play-by-post roleplay, don’t make me the target of wasting your time on the internet. It’s rare enough around these parts as it is. If an attempt at any of these aforementioned actions is made within the IC, then, repercussions will follow. Depending on the severity, this can range to a stern warning to permanent removal from the RP.

二 )The genre of cyberpunk and adult themes are inextricably linked together. Therefore, this will be considered an 18+ RP in which adult and mature topics can be discussed and explored within the confines of the setting. However, all CS applications, IC posts and OOC posts must fall within the guidelines of RPGO’s terms of service. If you are seriously considering to engage in explicit NSFW behaviour with another poster, take it to the PMs. If not, I’m going to force you to take it to Pornhub via banning you from my RP.

三 ) Start shit, get hit. Wheaton’s law applies here in this RP, both within the confines of the OOC and the IC. There will be absolutely no toleration for any bigotry, assholery, harassment or bullshit within this RP. When the GM tells you to stop, you stop. If you have problems with how this RP is being run, discuss it within PMs with me. If you have problems with another poster in this RP, discuss it with me in PMs. If there is any way to approach a situation without escalating conflict, do so.

四 )When creating your character sheet in Straits of Steel, overpowered is not optimal. You are expected to create dynamic and fleshed out character concepts that fully embrace the nature of this world. You are not a former wetworks supersoldier packed with miniaturised thermonuclear weaponry. You are not the CEO of a Triple-A corporation. You are essentially a schlub near the bottom of the rungs of the socio-economic totem pole, attempting to claw your way up the food chain.

五 )As Straits of Steel is an advanced level RP, posting quality and length are of the utmost priority. A minimum of three-four paragraphs is required for a post along with a reasonable level of descriptive writing. Quality over quantity is best but when quality goes hand in hand with quantity, it’s even better.

六 )The rules for posting frequency are undecided as of now but a minimum requirement that all players must follow is to inform the GM of any discrepancies or possible IRL events that may interfere with post writing. The RP will be a mixture of regular cyclic posting order, collaborative Google docs posting and an experimental ‘free period’ posting where fast posting is allowed and there is no set order.

七 )Discussion about storybuilding and worldbuilding is not only encouraged within this RP but to be promoted. Forging your own possibilities in this setting and writing out the backstories of new factions is always welcome.

八 )Any questions or queries that have not been resolved after reading these rules can be followed up if you believe it to be necessary in the OOC or privately.


• In Straits of Steel, an emphasis will be placed on creating a closed sandbox environment for players to interact in within the confines of the narrative. To help accentuate this, interactive objects and NPCs in the environment will be highlighted with specific colored text.

• The status of objects and health of NPCs will also be illustrated at the end of an GM post as such below.

Yikil Borosky: Minor concussion, perforated femur, dislocated shoulder joint, in severe distress


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