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Yeesh, I'm out of action for like a day, and suddenly the thread blows up.

I'll start putting my CS together once I'm home and on my computer instead of my phone, which should be around midday tomorrow.
@AndyC kind of curious about your plans with Supes because I'm slightly leaning towards a Thor who is bored and wandering the nine realms in search of a worthy foe.

Right now I'm leaning towards his early adventures basically being a modernized version of the old Fleischer Bros cartoons (minus the WW2 propaganda). Power-wise he's probably just learned to fly, cutting loose with Heat Vision drains him, and he's roughly on par with his strength and speed in the DCAU Animated Series-- strong enough to catch a crashing plane, not able to bench-press the planet just yet. Like in the Fleischer cartoons, in costume he's a no-nonsense man of action, and hasn't really learned to calm down and approach situations carefully yet. I'm picturing him fighting like a heavyweight boxer, and a lot of the early villains cooked up by Lex Luthor will feed into that image of Superman as sort of a bull-headed brawler.

So yeah, this version of Supes would definitely be down for a tussle with Thor.
What's the acceptable extent when it comes to crossover stuff? F'rinstance, if I were to incorporate the Inhumans into the backstory of Krypton, or say that Asgard was bottled up by Brainiac or something like that, which might preclude other people's ability to use a character or a major mythos in a way they want. Essentially, where do we draw the line between 'mixing it up' and 'stepping on toes?'
I may or may not be inclined to join up as a certain Boy Scout (or I guess just 'Scout' now) of a biggish and bluish persuasion.
I think I'm going to go ahead and call it on this particular iteration of the game. I'm not giving up or considering it a failure; if anything, this was a decent proof-of-concept and learning experience. I'm going to take the concept into the workshop and hopefully come up with a new approach in about a week or so.
So, with the world's safety on the brink of ruination, and the pace of the game having suffered from some badly-timed absences and roleplaying ADD, and Nightrunner outing the Mastermind already, the question is: do we want to finish this out or try something else? While I think keeping things on a timer to encourage the pace was a good idea, I think the "(x) amount of posts to solve this crisis" method wasn't the best approach. I'm leaning towards employing a simple die-rolling system instead, with me taking a more hands-on role in the IC thread to play the villains and NPCs and whatnot, but that idea needs time in the workshop before bringing it to the table.

You know, I agree about that second point. Maybe the trouble was splitting it up between two locations?

Also, what's worth 13 points in your eyes? Is it like pornography and you'll know it when you see it?

Splitting it up certainly didn't help; neither did not being clear about the time limits, which caused the players to lose momentum.

I don't really have a set criteria on what 13 points would be 'worth,' honestly. I'd like to still be able to give y'all a way out of the Boston fiasco without just completely backtracking on what the rules have established.
It's a threat level 13. What if I did 13 posts today that met the criteria, trying to resolve the issue and being the appropriate link. Besides spamming the fuck out of the IC thread, would that work?

I'll tell you what: you put out a post that's worth 13 posts in quality, and we'll see.

In hindsight, a TL 13 was probably way too high for the encounter, but given that the first encounter was wrapped up in like a day, I had thought it wouldn't be a problem if people had kept the pace up.
You've got til midnight EST tomorrow to finish out Kingston. At this point, yeah, Boston's screwed.
What gives you that idea?
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