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Location: The Convention Center, outside
Interactions: @Hitman Blast @shylarah Oracle

Bastion did not like to assume things. He hadn't heard back from his previous request asking where he would be needed so he started acting on instinct and observing the situation around him. The crowd was scattering and there are fights breaking out in several directions. Sure he could go join the fray and help his fellow heroes, but the priority now is to evacuate the crowd and minimizing potential damage.

Thus. He would work himself into the crowd, assisting in whatever law enforcement efforts were present in getting the gathered crowd away from the fight scene while occasionally shielding those that may have fallen until they can get back up and avoid being trampled.

Hearing the message from Oracle, Bastion took a quick moment to respond "Roger that. Assisting heroes outside the Convention Center with Doc Holliday." Bastion said. Knowing that the villain he is now going after uses and is very adept with firearms, he put up a small, near translucent, shield around his body to at least deter any would be gunman from firing on him. Hearing gunshots ring out, Bastion determined that that would be the direction he would head towards. "Ardent, Blast, this is Bastion, en route to assist, I think I can see you." Spotting Blast taking cover behind a bench, he made his way there first and as soon as he was in range, he put up a shield directly in front of the bench. "Blast, you good!?"

Location: The Convention Center, outside
Interactions: @ManyThings Ardent @shylarah Amune @Blizz Wiseman

"This is Bastion, I'm on scene outside the convention center. I was able to listen in on the communication. Where am I needed?" Benji said while halting his car with a harsher stop than he would normally had liked. But the situation was rather pressing, as there are villains on the loose. "Our targets are the drones and the Fiendish Five, yes? There sure are a lot of civilians around. We got a contingency plan for them? I can't possibly shield them all should shit pop off out here..." Benji continued, stepping out of his car while putting on a bluetooth ear piece that is connected to his holo-watch.

Being one of the older heroes, Benji has at least some idea of what the other heroes present can do. Having been able to listen in on the director's earlier briefing, he also knows who are all present. "Wiseman, or Amune for that propose, where am I needed or where should I go?" Benji paused for a moment, trying his best to spot any familiar heroes around him. "Not trying to give out orders or anything, but, Ardent, which building are you looking to set up on? I can try to be close to cover you in case Doc Holiday really tries to shoot you down..." Benji said, doing his best to blend into the crowd as just another bystander.

"Yeah. The beta on that is off the charts, look at that shit. It's just fucking jumping up and down like a child hopped up on pure caffeine. Why the fuck would you get in on that? You told me you wanted to play it safer? Like. This is literally not it, man. Look. If you absolutely want to get in on this shitshow, I'll execute the order for you. As it is required of me. But, it is also required of me to to advise you to act in a prudent manner. Yeah I get the price is low right now. But, it simply doesn't fit your risk tol- Ok fine. A hundred thousand dollars market order on Doge Coin. Done. You should see it reflect on your profile in about 10 minutes. Yeah. Have a good weekend Joe."

Benji takes off his bluetooth headset and sighs. Why are people just fucking idiots that want to get rich quick? Why did they spend three hours pouring over risk tolerance, portfolio construction, investment suitability, allocation and all that shit, just to see a meme stock that has a sliver of a chance to make a decent return? Ah fuck it, Benji thought. It's their money. These shit meme stocks are precisely targeted at schmucks like this anyways. Ooooo a potential to turn a ten dollar investment into a thousand, over night! Fuck off with all that. There is risk, and then there is idiocy. This, most certainly, is the latter.

A message pings on his screen. Benji idly looks over, and clicks open the message...

"Hey, want to go get some food or a coffee at the caff?

It was from his assistant, Jeanie. An up and comer in the financial field herself, Jeanie is positioned to launch herself to stardom, but as with everyone else in the field, she needs to pay her dues. Benji paid his, grabbing coffee and dry cleanings and fulfilling other mundane tasks for a couple of years fresh out of school and now here he is, corner office, plush furnishings, and a client list full of people like Joe.

"Ah, I have a few more clients to call. Can you just bring me a bottle of water from the fridge? I also have some paperwork I'd like you to help me send down. Thanks, you're the best~"

Benji replies before turning his attention to his call list for the day. Denise. This call should be fun. She reached out to Jeanie and said she wanted some advice on retirement planning. This is the fun shit he gets to do because the clients is going to have money to play with, and the planning conversation should be structured around what the client wants to do and accomplish in their retirement. All Benji has to do is lay out the plan, and make sure the client has enough money to carry them through. These rich fucks always have monumental aspirations anyways. All he has to do is to gas them up, and put together a plan that will make sure they can take their quarterly trip to Martha's Vineyard or wherever the fuck.

"Yeah, definitely. The plan I've put together is actually on the conservative side of things, as if the market is going to slide back a bit. But, given what it's doing right now, we're sitting real pretty. Yeah. Oh yeah? Alaska this year? That'll be real interesting! No, I haven't been myself. Oh no I couldn't impose like that haha. No Denise, I'm sure Dennis wouldn't want me there to sour the mood with all the money talk haha. Yeah no. Hey did you guys end up getting that boat? Yeah, Dennis was real excited about it. Oh I'm glad. The weather has been so nice lately. Oh you've already taken it for a spin around Savior Island? Thats cool! Yeah...'

Benji was deep in conversation with Denise when Jeanie popped in. Benji gave her a quick way. As Jeanie set down the chilled bottle of water, Benji pointed at a small folder of documents and mouthed Thank You to her as she retrieve the documents and exited the office. At the same time, Benji's holo-watch pinged softly with a quick message. Benji did his best to listen to the message and Denise on the other side of his phone at the same time...

"Ok, yeah. Right. Ok. Yup. I'll have my assistant Jeanie email you guys the current plan, including all the adjustments we made today. Look it over. If it looks all good, go ahead and e-sign it, and send it back and we will put it in place. Yeah. If there is anything that isn't aligning, notate it, shoot the message back but don't sign it. Yup. Ok. Yeah. It was good talking with you Denise. Yup. Have a good weekend!"

Benji took off his headset again, finalized the plan changes and sent it over to Jeanie for her to forwards it to Denise and her husband Dennis. Turning his attention back to the holo-message, Benji brought the wristwatch closer to his lips and replied "Bastion. En route. I'll do my best to skirt around the parade haha."

Stepping out of his office with the bottle of water in hand, Benji said to Jeanie "Hey, go ahead and forward that plan doc to Denise. That's all I got for you for the day. You're free to go. Go enjoy your weekend, enjoy the parade. I'm out~ I'll see you Monday. Ciao~" Benji skipped off, taking the very corporate elevator down to the parking garage and hopped in his car, starting it to life with a satisfying low roar. Adjusting his blazer, Benji puts the gaudy sports car into gear and drove off, heading towards the convention center.

I was in a weird place when the first iteration of this came about. I'm still in a weird place, albeit a bit less so now. Putting my name back in the hat. I'm working on a character, and I will post it here to see if it fits when I have the sheet done.

Welcome back HERO folks~

Little edit, I think the character's abilities would be some sort of elemental manipulation, or, physical enhancement in the sense of transformation. Been rewatching some anime and drawing from inspirations from them lol~
Munir & Mina

Date: Morning
Location: Guest House

*Note: This takes place the morning of the current day*


"Where have you been, Mina?" Sebastian demanded, his voice low and dangerous. "And what are you doing with him?" He spat the last word, glaring at Munir.

Mina’s hand tightened around Munir’s, seeking reassurance. "Uncle, I—"

"Do you have any idea what you put me through? I searched the entire night for you!" Sebastian interrupted, his voice rising. He looked at Munir with pure contempt. "And you, Shehezade Munir, what have you done to my niece? Ruin her reputation more, perhaps?"

The tension in the hallway was thick, and Mina could feel the fury radiating from her uncle. She glanced at Munir briefly before turning back to Sebastian. "Uncle, please, let us explain," she pleaded, her voice trembling slightly. "There’s more to this than you know."

Sebastian’s eyes narrowed. "Oh, I'm sure there is," he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Why don't you start explaining then, Mina? And you, Munir, you can tell me why I shouldn't drag my niece back home right now. Let me guess, you’re in love."

Munir was quiet, but smiling as the pair walked towards the gate to begin their day. He felt Mina lean into him and both stiffened his arms and softened his stance at the same time, allowing Mina to feel his support but remain comfortable.

Then the happiness in the air seems to have evaporated into immaterium, as if it was sucked away by some shadowy cloaked figure.

Count Blackwood appeared behind the doors to Mina’s room and began bombarding the pair with questions, his disdain towards Munir was palpable. As Munir felt Mina pulling her hand away from his own, Munir instinctively stepped partially in front of Mina, shielding her with his own body. “Count Blackwood. Good morning. Allow me to answer your questions. Your niece was with me the evening before. As you know, we were at the event at Lover’s Lake where Mina was performing. After, she was essentially taken against her will. I was able to find and retrieve her. It is my mistake to not have sent word to you, for that I apologize.” Munir said, his voice was calm and steady.

“I know what my reputation says for me, Count Blackwood.” Munir continued, a tinge of sorrow in his voice for what he has done with himself. “But, on my family name, I assure you, nothing untowards happened between your niece and I. Yes, she stayed in my quarters. She slept in my bed and I the floor. I know how ridiculous this sounds, given what is whispered about me. I know you will not believe what I said but I know that I can face the gods with my head held high, having not lied about what I have told you.” Count Sebestian then mentioned the pair being in love and that word sent a shockwave through Munir’s soul.

Just what is it that he felt for her? Was it love? Or was it just lust for someone he has not had? Regardless, Munir knows he cannot influence what the count is deciding to do with himself and Mina at this moment. “I cannot stop you from dragging your niece back home. But, if I may, if you dragged her back, would it not defeat the purpose of making the arduous journey all the way from Kolonivka to Sorian this season?”

Mina stood behind Munir, feeling the tension in the air rise with each passing second. She could see the barely contained fury in her uncle’s eyes as he sized up Munir as he spoke and she knew that this situation required careful handling. So she stepped in before her uncle could speak, adding to Munir's words.

"Uncle, I know you’re upset, and I’m so sorry for worrying you," Mina began, her voice soft yet firm. "Munir is right. After the performance, I was taken by a woman as you obviously know and saw. It was terrifying, but Munir found me and brought me back safely. We should have informed you, but in the chaos, it slipped our minds. Please, believe me when I say that nothing inappropriate happened."

Sebastian’s eyes flicked from Mina to Munir, his expression still hard but showing a hint of consideration. "You expect me to believe that this rogue," he spat the word, "this scoundrel, did nothing untoward, as he said? After what I witnessed the other day of you two? I ran after you, Mina. I saw you being taken and I failed to save you. I spent the night searching for you, fearing the worst." His voice broke slightly, revealing the depth of his fear and exhaustion.

"I know," Mina said, stepping back around Munir and closer to her uncle. "And I’m grateful for your concern. But Munir saved me, in more ways than one. I had another episode and, instead of being frightened, he took it in stride. He showed me respect and care."

Sebastian’s gaze softened slightly, but his distrust of Munir remained evident and there was a hint of alarm hidden there upon her revelation, yet he said nothing towards thst. "And you, Munir," he said, turning his full attention to the prince. "You speak of facing the gods with your head held high, yet your reputation precedes you. You have already caused a scandal when I caught you in bed with her the other day. I am not naive, I know what happened then. How am I to believe that you have her best interests at heart and not just your own desires?"

Sebastian then sneered at the man. ”And as for our business of being here in Sorian, you know nothing about our reasoning. We aren't simply here for the courting season, in fact, before you came along, Mina cared little about courting or finding a husband. It wasn't something that interested her.” Mina winced as he spoke these words, knowing there was some truth behind them but not for how he was making it sound. A small bubble of rage began to brew in her chest then. ”I simply have business in Sorian and Mina comes along so she can learn and catch up with old friends. I do not need her here with me and could easily send her back with some of our trusted servants.”

“ And you would be well within your rights to send her home, Count Blackwood. But, in doing so, are you taking into consideration the feelings of your dear niece? You want her to learn the skill of being a diplomat, for that I applaud you. I know for a fact that Mina would make for a fine stateswoman. But, you sending her home without regards to her feelings not only halts this learning process but it also shows her that she can act on her impulses alone and not take into consideration the consequences of her actions. I am a scoundrel, a rogue, a capital R rake. This isn’t news to even me, what the common folk say about me. In truth, this persona of mine has been created by myself as a suit of armor. Mina has stripped me of that. She knows that. Yes. I know it is still so very early in the courting season and I will fully support your, and Mina’s of course, decision to keep distance between us. To let whatever rumors flying around society pass. But I must hear it not only from you, Count Sebastian, but you as well, Lady Mina.” Munir said calmly. His words were as true as they can be. However, he cannot make Count Sebastian and Mina believe them any more than he can curse the clouds to bring forth the sun. “Know this as well, Count Sebnastian. Regardless of how society sees me, I am still a prince of Alidasht. When I tell you I have not done anything untowards with your niece, know that I make such statements with the weight of the honor of Alidasht behind me.” Munir continued, his voice unusually stern and actually princely for once.

“So, what will it be? Will you allow your niece to join me and my retainer for breakfast and a promenade around town, so that I can show society my intentions with your dear niece? Or will it be that you would have us separate here and now?”

Mina listened to Munir, impressed by his words, however her uncle scoffed and pulled her attention back to him. "I need to speak with my niece alone," Sebastian declared, his voice tense and commanding. Without waiting for Munir's response, he seized Mina's wrist and ushered her into their rooms, locking the door firmly behind them.

As they retreated into the privacy of their chambers, Sebastian's demeanor shifted, his frustration palpable. "Mina, your actions have been reckless and foolhardy," he began, his tone laced with disappointment. "You're not in love with him. This infatuation will only lead to trouble."

Mina's eyes couldn’t keep from rolling as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Oh yes, because you know ALL about love. And excuse me for seeking some sort of enjoyment in my life for once." Her voice was thick with sarcasm and irritation.

But Sebastian was relentless, his anger mounting with each passing moment. "You're deluding yourself, Mina," he insisted, his voice growing sharper. "You're endangering yourself and your reputation for a fleeting thrill."

Mina let out a humorless laugh as she felt her own anger rising. “Well that hasn’t seemed to bother you in the past when it was to help you out.”

“THAT IS ENTIRELY DIFFERENT!” Something in Sebastian’s eyes flashed and he bared his teeth at her, causing a moment of shock to take hold of Mina.

Feeling a sense of unease settle in her stomach, she took a step back from her uncle, her heart pounding in her chest. "What's gotten into you, Uncle?" she asked, her voice trembling.

Before Sebastian could respond, Mina stumbled over something on the floor, her heart skipping a beat as she glanced down. Horror flooded her veins as she realized what she had tripped over—Sara, one of her young maids, lying lifeless on the ground.

Ice ran through Mina's veins as she looked up at her uncle, her eyes filled with disbelief and accusation. "What have you done?" she demanded, her voice barely above a whisper.

Sebastian's expression twisted with regret only for the briefest of moments before a chilling calme came over him. ”As I said, I searched for you late into the night. It used up a lot of my strength and when I returned I was utterly exhausted and feeling…ill. Young Sara here saw me and took it upon herself to try and offer me comfort. She even dared to be so bold as to offer herself to me. And so I took her up on it…I used her to my benefit.” His words chilled Mina to the core.

Anger and disgust surged within her as she chastised him, her voice trembling with emotion. "We have a system in place to prevent this," she reminded him, her voice tinged with desperation.

But Sebastian's resolve remained unyielding, his gaze unwavering. "The thirst grows stronger," he confessed, his voice heavy with resignation. "And if you don't end this with Munir, there may be consequences."

Fear clenched Mina's heart as she realized the gravity of the situation and she stared at him in shock. Was he really threatening to do something to Munir? Blackmailing her to control her? Tears welled in her eyes as she silently weighed her options, her mind racing with fear and uncertainty.

Finally, with a heavy heart, Mina nodded in agreement, her voice barely a whisper. "Fine. I'll end it," she conceded, her voice filled with sorrow. If this would protect Munir then she would do it. “But from now on, what I decide to do with my personal life is none of your concern. I’ll avoid creating any more attachments to anyone, but who I decide to spend my time with and have fun with, you will have no say in it anymore.” Her words were harsh and final.

As she rose to her feet, Mina instructed her uncle to conceal the body until she could address it later. In her room, she retrieved a small vial and applied its contents to her lips, her heart breaking with each tear that fell. She stared at her reflection for a long while, disgusted at what she saw.

With a heavy heart, Mina emerged from her room, her eyes red and swollen from crying. Without a word, she approached Munir, her heart heavy with sorrow. She then leaned in and kissed him deeply, but soon enough she was pulling away.

"Munir," she whispered, her voice barely audible. "This needs to end.”

“Count Blackwood! Wai-” Munir called out, as the count essentially dragged Mina into her room. A sense of panic loomed over him. He trusted that Count Sebastian would not do anything wrong to Mina but he still does not like where they are leaving off. During their conversation, Munir could do nothing but pace back and forth, just outside the room. In the meantime, he also sent word to Hakim, telling him there is definitely going to be a change of plans, if nothing else due to the time this is taking.

As voices rose in the room, Munir had to fight the urge to knock or even barge into the room. This would be something untowards, as the situation dictates. Munir tried his best to stay calm, pacing the halls to a point where it feels like his feet were wearing a tread into the marble flooring.

Then suddenly, the door swung open. Mina emerged and Munir made the same approach as her, meeting her half way. They shared a kiss and Munir felt his world shatter. Mina told him that they were over. “What. What are you saying, Mina. What do you mean? Was it something I did?”

”Munir, please I-”

Turning his attention slightly, Munir continued “Count Blackwood, please explain this to me. I humbly ask for an answer to all of this…”

”This isn’t love!” She all but shouted at him as she could feel her uncle watching from the doorway. His expression was unreadable as he watched them.

Mina's heart felt like it was breaking into a million pieces as Munir's pleading words played again and again in her mind. She had to protect him, even if it meant tearing her own heart apart in the process. Tearing his heart apart. Her face hardened, but inside, she was a storm of sorrow and despair.

"Munir, what we feel... it isn't love," she began, her voice steady but laced with pain. "Love at first sight is a fairy tale, a foolish dream. What we had was lust, a fleeting desire for something new and exciting." She took a deep breath, forcing herself to continue even as her chest tightened with every word.

"This isn't about something you did. It's about reality, about facing the truth," she said, her eyes momentarily glancing at her uncle. She turned back to Munir, her gaze cold but her heart screaming in agony.

"You need to understand that I don't love you," she lied, her voice barely above a whisper, each word feeling like a dagger in her own heart. "I never did." She stepped back, the distance between them feeling like an insurmountable chasm, her tears threatening to fall but she held them back, not wanting to break down in front of him.

Mina took a deep breath, steeling herself for the final blow. "This is over, Munir. It has to be." She turned away, her entire body trembling with the effort to keep herself together, knowing that she had just shattered both their hearts to protect the man she truly loved.

During this time, Hakim had returned from the gate but was standing off at a distance, not making an announcement of his presence. Munir’s breath was steady as he listened to what Mina was saying, eyes shifting from Mina to Count Sebastian and back. Munir nodded in agreement to what Mina was saying. What they felt, what they had, it was all too soon. It was all far too quick.

If hearts were to be broken today, then let them break completely.

“You say you don’t love me, that you never did. I respect that. After all, who would want a scoundrel, a good-for-nothing, rakish man like myself. You take care of yourself, Lady Blackwood. I bid you farewell. Munir said, his tone flat but determined. He took up Mina’s right hand and gave the back of her hand a small kiss before walking up to Count Sebastian and shook his hand quickly but firmly “May you find success in whatever dealings you may have, Count Blackwood.” Munir had put his armor back on, and shielded his heart once again. He was fighting every urge to stake his claim over Mina as a prince to a nation. A mere Count would hold no power over him. However, that was not the approach he decided to take. He loved Mina. Truly. Maddeningly so. If there was to be a chance at anything else in the future, this was the only way.

Mina stood there, Munir's words cutting deeper than she had anticipated. Each word he spoke felt like a knife, threatening to shatter her resolve. But she held strong, her face a mask of composure as she met his gaze one last time.

"Farewell, Shehzade Munir," she said softly, her voice steady despite the turmoil inside. She gave him a small curtsy, her movements graceful and controlled, before turning on her heel and heading back into her rooms.

As soon as she stepped inside, Sebastian closed the door and moved to speak, but she cut him off sharply. "You do not get to speak to me," she snapped, her tone cold and unyielding. She didn't wait for his reaction, striding further into the sitting room and then into her bedroom, slamming the door shut behind her.

The moment the door closed, the facade crumbled. Her knees buckled, and she fell to the floor, a hand clamped over her mouth as she tried to muffle the scream of anguish that tore from her throat. The sobs came hard and fast, each one wracking her body as the weight of what she had done crashed down on her. She curled into herself, her tears soaking the fabric of her dress as she wept, the heartbreak and pain overwhelming her completely.

Location: Where the magic happens
Interactions: @Taewifey

It's Munir and Mina. What did you think was going to be said here? Mature content warning!

"It is a promise of a threat, my love. I promise that my threat of ravaging you will come true..." Munir whispered back. As Munir returned to his bed chamber with an arm full of clothing items, he started to parse through them and hanging them on various surfaces around his room. Soon enough,, the backs of most chairs in his room were covered in various pieces of season-appropriate clothing items. "I'm going to assume my dear Hakim went to your ladies in waiting and told them we're going out... These are far too vibrant for him. I'm sure he had no hands in the choosing of these items... Though. I must say. These all look awfully nice... Just that they might look better if they had slipped off your shoulders onto the floor instead of being hung on these chairs..." Munir said in jest, stroking the fabric with his thumb and index finger.

"And what do you mean owe you one? Like you would stop at just one..." Munir said as he walked up behind her and wrapped an arm around her waist, allowing some of his weight to fall on her as he rested his head on her shoulders "We both know I'm not the only one that woke up with an appetite..." Munir said, once again whispering in Mina's ear.

Mina told him to stay and help her change. The intimate nature of that request is pushing him to the edge of his control, and he is already serious contemplating acting on his more primal desires when Mina stepped from him, and allowed his shirt to fall off of her shoulders and pool at her feet. The way the sun peeked through the half open shutters and the way it illuminated the small hairs on Mina's flawless skin was the last straw. He took in the sight in front of him. It was as if the Sun God took a piece of clay and molded this woman in front of him. How can a creature of God be so striking? Munir bit at his bottom lip and shook his head ever so slightly as he walked slowly up to her "You're tempting fate, my love... You're tempting fate at this point." With one arm behind Mina's lower back, Munir pulled Mina to him so they were face to face.
"You wanted this, didn't you?" Munir said before he quickly spun Mina around so her back was facing him and he swiftly gave her backside a crisp smack.

"But am I such a weak man that you think I'd take you right here and then? Normally, yes I would. I won't deny it. I want you. All of you. But. I also want to show you off. I want the world to see us together and be jealous. I want them to be envious of us. So get dressed, so we can get breakfast. Then I'll have you as dessert with the sound of rain drowning your screams of pleasure." Munir said confidently, in an almost commanding tone before he gave her a wink and found a chair to sit down, ready to enjoy the show.

Location: Where the magic happens
Interactions: @Taewifey

Mature content ahead. Readers beware

"Whore of Varian? Nonsense. The Jewel of Varian more like. There are no whores here. And believe you me, I've seen my share of...let's just say working women..." Munir replied as he sat down to Mina's self-deprecating comment. Whatever the public perception of Mina is, Munir will have none of it. Sure, Mina has a past, but so does he. In fact, who doesn't? It is not the past that should define a person, but their present and future that should be looked at to define them.

"Also. Don't think I didn't see what you did just now..." Munir said, wrapping an arm around Mina's waist and giving her side a playful squeeze. Leaning every so close to her cheek, he whispered to her, voice low but full of primal desire "If you don't stop toying with me, we won't have a chance to make it to breakfast... or perhaps even lunch...As ravenous as my appetite is for you." Munir finished with a slight growl to hiss voice as he gently bit down on Mina's earlobe before clutching Mina by her shoulders and pressing her down onto the bed, allowing himself to hover above her, hair tumbling down from his shoulder and hung loosely in front of his chest. The morning sun basked the pair in warmth and it made Mina even more radiant than usual. The sight of her drove him wild. He knows he should contain himself but in that moment he decided to throw his caution, and sense of time, to the winds. He grabbed the collar of the shirt Mina was wearing and pulled it roughly, leaving the crook of Mina's neck and upper shoulder exposed. He leaned down, breath hot with desire. Just as he was about to plant his lips against Mina's skin, there was a rapping at his chamber doors.

An annoyed growl escaped Munir's throat. "This had better be important otherwise whoever you are, you're dead. What is it?" Munir said in a cold tone. "Pardon me, my lord, my lady. I have gathered some clothing for Lady Blackwood." Hakim replied. "Hakim. You're lucky I like you. Wait there." Munir replied to his retainer, tone shifting to a softer one. Whispering to Mina, he said "I suppose the Gods want me to wait to ravage you..." Munir shifted slightly, allowing himself to give Mina a deep, passionate kiss before he slipped off the bed once more and collecting the clothing Hakim had brought back. "Now, please prepare the carriage and three horses. The lady and I will be visiting some local spots this morning." "Certainly my lord. The weather calls for rain, should I prepare for that? "Yes. Once you've prepared the horses, wait for us at the gate. Thank you, and fuck you for ruining my breakfast." Munir and Hakim smirked at each other before Hakim offered his lord a bow and quickly moved on to his next task.

Turning, Munir closed the door behind him and brought the items of clothing into his bed chamber and set them on his dressing counter, slightly beneath his polished bronze mirror. "Bertha's then. I supposed you'd want me to step out while you changed?...Or..." Munir said, once again testing his boundaries with Mina.
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