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The night had carried on. Dancing, flirting, touching, whispering. All the things Munir enjoy doing on a regular basis. Oh and of course imbibing in the myriad of cocktails available to them. Sure, Munir was used to drinking but it was never with this sort of abandon. Many glasses of wine, champagne, and more wine were consumed. However, there was just one slightly green drink. Just one Noble's Venom.

At first, Munir felt overwhelmingly energized. Like he wanted and could run from where he was all the way back to Alidasht just to catch the sunrise. The sweetness of the drink seemed to fill him with vigor. With Callum and Anastasia, he ran, danced, joked around. It seemed like the party would never end.

But of course it does. And End it did.

First, Munir felt extremely fatigued. More than he has ever felt. He chalked it up to the day finally catching up with him. He was at the ball, then only had the briefest respite before he was roused and made his way to this party. All the drinking, and moving about, surely did not help. But this was a fatigue unlike any other. He looked around the party, and everything seemed to spin. Callum was nowhere to be found, neither was Anastasia for the moment. Just where was he, even? He breathed in deep and exhaled, trying his best to maintain his composure. He tried to seek out a glass of water in the hopes of washing away the nauseating taste in his mouth, but alas no luck. He walked on what he thought were steady steps but in reality was nothing more than quaking knees. His footsteps were so unsteady at this point and simply crashed against a wall and slumped down into a stool.

Then the nightmares really began.

Munir could vaguely make out the shape of another person next to him but his mind was too clouded at this point to care. All he heard, and saw, were the pointed fingers and sharp tongues of the Alidashtian people.

"Look at him? Such a lecherous little beast. Ungraceful, inelegant. Him? A future ruler? I'd rather be face-down in a ditch in the Street of Sisters than be ruled by him. Why can't he be more like his brother Amir? Regal, powerful, becoming. Instead, we're left with this heap of shit. This heap of wine-loving, woman-wasting, good-for-nothing shit. Good Gods where did the sultan go wrong? All his years of rule and just service and he gets this. So sad. He would never be good enough. All the women he has been with? Ha. He was never man enough to satisfy them. All the boasting he does is just to boost his ego. Is he even a man? He simply will never be good enough for anything. He is the epitome of disappointment. His father only tolerates him. He doesn't love him, so I've heard. He just isn't good enough."

Fingers kept pointing, voices kept jeering...

Munir took a few deep breathes, and the aftertaste was not any better. He heaved slightly before slinking down for a moment. That moment was all he need to gather his mind enough to have all the things he saw and heard come back and hit him like a caravan of camels. It broke him. Through the exhaustion and tears, he simply leaned to his left and started sobbing...

The person, as Munir would discover, was Anastasia. Not that it mattered to him in this moment...

Interactions:@princess Anastasia @Helo Callum

"Aw for fuck sakes. Is this bitch soft in the head? Thats not why I want to ge-" Munir thought to himself. He was just trying to get on her brother's good side in order to get into her sheets. Now she is openly asking if he was gay? Not what he was planning. Alas, he decided to turn a disaster into an potential opportunity. He was not going to fail in his mission...

He smiled at Anastasia, as she was calling out her questions to Callum. He moved her hand from his cheek, gave it a soft kiss before saying "Ah princess. You're too sweet..." before lowering his voice and leaning close to her ear and continuing "So sweet, that I might want to take a bite myself. Don't go stray too far. I'll want to sample your sweetness before night's end." He offered a small bow before turning his attention over to Callum, not noticing he is already under the influence of some sort of concoction.

A servant passed the group by, with a tray carrying a variety of drinks. He grabbed himself a pre-made drink that was green in color, with black tendrils at the bottom of the glass. "Interesting. This must be the Noble's Venom. How fitting..." Munir thought to himself before taking a deep sip of the drink and setting the glass back down on a nearby table. Turning towards Callum, Munir put on his more seductive and charming smile and said airily "Prince Callum Danrose, I have heard of your majesty and dashing looks, and now beholding them in person, one must say that you're awe inspiring... Say, what are your thoughts in doing something more... exotic...? Hm?"
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Time: Night time
Location: On the deck of the Harem
Interactions: @Potter Tigerlily @Helo Nym @princess Helio
Equipment: The clothing on his back: A unbuttoned dress shirt of the pirate-y variety, leather breeches, matte black in color, leather boots, in surprisingly good shape. Dagger, borrowed from Tigerlily

Tesoro returned from setting down the plate of food in what used to be Lizzie's quarters. A room he assumed Nym would take over. Thats fine. He is the captain now, and that room is befitting of a captain. Him? It is more likely than not that he sleeps on the deck, under the stars and being caressed by the sea breeze.

Just what he likes anyways. It just feels more free for him.

As Tesoro walked out onto the deck, he heard Nym's plans of sailing for Roshmi. A sound plan. A goof port city to take on more recruits and for the weary crew to enjoy some comforts of 'home' on land before returning to the sea to hunt the one that killed their captain. He walked by Nym, patted him on the shoulder and nodded quickly before walking further away, giving some of the other nameless sailors some simple instructions about tightening the riggings and keeping an weather eye on the horizon. He does not put it past Ardyn to ambush them at night.

He walked up to Helio and Tigerlily and unwrapped the sheathed dagger and held it out to Tigerlily. "Thank you for letting me use this. I'm sorry I barged on you and just took it in the heat of battle. That was not gentlemanly of me. I do apologize." He said in a somber tone.

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With his mask, Munir made his way to the table where drinks were being served. Wanting to party later into the night, Munir knew not to choose a strong drink. Instead, he requested a glass of iced wine, to simple whet his palate. With wine goblet in hand, Munir sauntered around the crowd, exchanging pleasantries and other greeting while not being hampered by status and allegiances.

Seeing a figure in the distance, he recognized it as his sister Nahir. Peering around the crowd, he did not spot Mina. Such a bummer. Munir had planned on interacting more with her, in a more informal setting. Regardless, his mind snapped back to Edin's daughter, Anastasia. Perhaps he makes a go for her. Callum, her brother was also present. Maybe he goes to butter him up so ease his way into his sister. Near them was a bear of a man. He chuckled inwardly, taking a small sip of his iced wine. That man there must have been on of his sister's preys, Roman Ravenwood. Maybe he can prod some information from him, to see what he wanted with his sister. during the dance.

So many choices. Good thing the night is still young and no one has died of anything yet. Right?

Picking up another filled glass of iced wine, he made his way to Anastasia, trailing a hand across the small of her back and said "Princess, I'm most pleased to be in your presence. You look of so splendid tonight. I have but one humble request. May you introduce me to that man there? Surely you know who that is?" Munir, trying to be coy, pointed towards the man he assumed was Callum Danrose.

He was going to set his devious plans in motion all by his damn self he need by. He needs revenge for that that fool Edin did upon their arrival into the Caesonia Court.

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Munir was idly chatting with his siblings when Layla had to abruptly return to her quarters. "Aw Sister Layla! I was just kidding about not seeing you at these sorts of things, you can totally come along~" Munir said, again in jest. In truth, he doesn't care if Layla was present or not. She knows how he is at parties, he knows how she is at parties. This was just a party, after all. No surprises, no new developments.


A Princess Anastasia walked up to Munir and his siblings and introduced herself. As she was walking over, Munir had already 'measured' her up and down. He chuckled inwardly. She was a Danrose. An issue of Edin. Oh how glorious it would be if he were to rendezvous with dear Princess Anastasia tonight, only to have to stories of it whispered to old Edin, the arrogant fool. From the moment Munir and his people set foot in their great hall, it was not hard to tell that Edin disliked their grandeur and would have preferred it to have them arrive like the sandy cave dwellers he thought they were.

There was no way Munir suffers that unspoken insult, by the name of the Sun Gods.

"The pleasure is all mine, Princess." Munir said as sweetly as possible. As the princess moved away form them, Munir definitely saw that she blew him a kiss. Was she serious or was she going to be as easy as it seemed? Munir smirked and made a mental note to himself to find out at the party. Soon, the carriage that will take them to the venue had been prepared. As it was never meant to accommodate a party of their size, Munir shifted a bit and tried to take up as little space as possible without actually sitting on the floor.

Part way through the ride, Anastasia had the carriage stopped as she looked to pick someone up who was walking. As the other person entered the carriage, Munir saw that it was the person he thought was the court jester. As Munir thought he was going to have to shift more to accommodate one more passenger, Kazumin grabbed on to the back railing and the carriage set off again.

The man sang some inaudible words the whole ride to the venue...

As they arrived at the venue, a masked man came by and offered Munir a mask. "A masquerade, huh. very well. Even though my radiance will easily shine through this facade, I shall play along for now..." Munir said to the masked man as he grabbed a mask that was more mundane than he would have normally chosen, to nay a reaction at all.
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Time: Night time
Location: On the deck of the Harem
Interactions: @Potter Tigerlily @Helo Nym @princess Helio
Equipment: The clothing on his back: A unbuttoned dress shirt of the pirate-y variety, leather breeches, matte black in color, leather boots, in surprisingly good shape. Dagger, borrowed from Tigerlily

They gave Lizzie the 'best' burial they can muster up in that moment. She didn't need to die like that. She should still be at the helm, barking orders and laughing with all of them. Alas, she isn't. The ship is now captained by Nym, with him as his second mate. Not an ideal situation but given the overall experience levels on the ship, it was the only one to be made.

There were no songs. No jolly chatter, and more importantly, no excessive consumption of rum. It was all so weird of a pirate ship. But, given the events, it simply made sense. Tesoro, upon being made second mate, began giving out orders, not in a barking sense, but still quite direct. Nym was off dealing with something else it seems. So, it falls on him to get the ship in shape and underway, away from whatever potential danger that still lurked. He went and had words with Barboda about defensive assignments and the fact that they should probably keep some cannons loaded and ready to fire in case of ambushes. With Tigerlily, he didn't say much. He gave her a comforting pat on the shoulders and felt like that was enough to get her through for now. He did tell her that she can come to him, should she need someone to talk to.

If they were sunk here, Lizzie's efforts and bravery would have been wasted. There is no way Tesoro is going to allow that. If he had to, he will sail this entire ship by himself to safety or die trying.

When Helio called down what he was seeing from the Crow's Nest, Tesoro looked up and gave him a wave, acknowledging his words. Dinner was going to be simple tonight. Stew, bread and ale. Out of respect, he took an extra portion and set it in the captain's quarter, regardless if Nym has eaten or now.

He wanted to keep the memories of Lizzie alive and with them as long as possible...

Interactions: The Alidasht contingency,@13org Mayet @Potter Layla @Rodiak Nahir @princess Anastasia

Munir had returned to his room, prepared for him by the servants of Edin's house, to get a moment's rest after the ball. His mind was filled with Mina, and their conversation while at the ball. The trip to Kolonivka would obviously be reported to his father the Sultan, but Munir did not see a reason for him to deny him of the trip.

If anything, Munir will frame it as a diplomatic trip to strengthen their ties to the Northern country.

Once he returned to his room, Munir got out of the formal evening attire that he was required to wear, and changed into a set of clothing that is more normal to him. A flow-y, thin body-lengthed tunic, adorned with stitching of gold silk around the collar that started at the base of his neck and plunged to just below where his chest ended. The cuff of the sleeves, which stopped at his elbows, were similarly adorned with gold stitching. Around his waist, he went with a simple silk sash, with leather fasteners that were tied loosely and left hanging just above his left thigh. As his own custom, he kept the earrings and wrist accessories that he had on for the ball.

At one corner of his room sat a copper bowl of water. Munir walked over and splashed some water on himself, across the face and neck/upper chest area. Letting out a heavy sigh, Munir walked over to the specially prepared table and drawers setup and took a look at his pets. The carapace and hardened shells of his scorpions glistened under the candle lights. With whatever water droplets were left on his hands, he sprinkled it over the top of the metallic cage. Opening one of the drawers, Munir took out one of many small glass containers of insects. Giving the glass bottle a small shake, the crickets inside jumped to life, buzzing and moving about frantically. Through a circular hatch at the top of the scorpion cage, Munir snapped the glass bottle in place. With a nonchalant motion, he removed the glass partition that kept the crickets contained and the contents of the glass bottle emptied into the cage. The cricket, upon landing, started jumping about, looking for places to settle. The scorpions, however, remained still and waited for their dinner to catch a false sense of security.

Walking away, just as he was about to settle in and call for a slave to inquire about Lady Mina, Munir hears a unfamiliar female voice call down the hallway, speaking about a secret party. "This must be the party Mina spoke of. I suppose I'll just see her that... Standing up, checking the bronze disk against the candle light, he made sure he looked presentable and stepped out, only to be ushered to the stables.

"Ah. Sister Layla, Nahir, and Mayet. How surprising to see all of you here... Especially you, Sister Layla... These events are usually not your cup of tea... But, a pleasant surprise nonetheless... Sister Mayet, please, I don't know if you're going to be able to sneak something like that in... " Munir said in jest, giving his 'sash' a small tug in the meantime.

Mina & Munir

After her dance, Mina had moved over to one of the food tables and started looking over what was available. As she was looking at the fruit and grabbing some strawberries, someone trailed their hand across her lower back. She glanced over her shoulder and heard Munir speak, "Oh mistress, how I've missed you." She smirked at him as she picked up a strawberry. ”Good, just how I want it.” She said to him before biting the strawberry and licking her lips. He moved on and she continued her task at hand of picking food.

Once she’d gotten what she wanted she moved to the side of the room and began eating. When she was finished, a masked figure approached her and handed her a letter. She thanked the man and quietly opened the letter. She read the contents and grinned as she tucked the contents away. As she did so it was announced that the second dance was to begin, but she didn’t move. If someone wished to dance with her then they would have to find her and ask.

Munir smirked at Mina’s response. When she bit into her strawberry, he reached out and took her hand and took the rest of the berry into his mouth before letting go. For the moment, Munir had moved away from her to mingle with his sisters and a lady in blue who had a slight accident from overeating it seems.

During this time, Munir got himself some finger food and took small sips from his wine skin, deciding to forgo the drinks they were serving. He just could not get used to what these Northerns drink regularly. As he was tucking his wine skin away in his waistband, it was announced that the second dance would begin soon. This dance was to be a ‘free-for-all’ it seems. Munir chuckled slightly as he definitely has his target in mind.

Lithely making his way through the crowd, spotting Mina through the drones of nobles present. There was another man who was speaking to her and asking her to dance. When he would reach her, he offered a proper Alidasht bow to the pair and addressed the other man sharply. “Sir, surely there is another lady that would gladly be your dance partner. I’m simply here to claim what was promised to me, what was given. This woman here is mine, you see.” He added a small smirk to his words, one that dripped with poison. Munir then proceeded to pay the other man no mind, turning to Mina and said ”Lady Blackwood, may I have this dance?” He would also right out his right hand in anticipation of her response.

Mina’s attention quickly turned to Munir, an odd sense of relief crossing her features as she went to take his hand. ”Um, excuse me, but I believe I was speaking to Lady Blackwood first. I’ll be damned if you were promised anything.” The man began to object and Mina looked back at him. ”Oh I do apologize, Lord Vauthry, but as the Shahzade has pointed out he was promised this dance. So I’ll be damned if you think you have any right to me.” A sweet smile never left her face, but her words dripped venom and the man looked baffled. She then turned back to Munir, taking his hand now, and allowing him to lead her to the dance floor.

”It seems I may owe you now for rescuing me from that pig of a man. How can I ever thank you?” She asked once they were far enough away, a playful smile on her face now.

“Oh, were you? I’m sorry Lord Vaulty Munir said, making sure that he mispronounced the other noble’s name. “But quite simply, I don’t give a fuck who you were talking to before I got here.” The tone switch must have been quite jarring for the other noble, for the expression on Munir’s face turned from his previous jovial, carefree look to one of quiet anger, as if another opportunistic predator is creeping up on his prey. “Now piss off back to whatever backwoods you spawned from, before you meet more of my dear friends…” Munir said as he gently put a hand on the noble’s shoulder, a golden bracelet with an ornate scorpion on it.

As Munir and Mina made their way to the dancefloor, Munir chuckled slightly at Mina’s question about repayment. “Ah Lady Blackwood, you already know how. As for Lord Vauthry , he won’t be a bother anymore. I’m sure of it.” Munir said as he shot two quick, inconspicuous glances at his personal bodyguards, notifying them of the other nobleman. Turning his attention back to Mina, and as the soft piano sounds filled the hall, Munir gracefully took Mina’s waist and began moving to the ethereal music of the second dance. “Though, as Lord Vauthry clearly has no rights to you, does that perhaps mean the right to claim you has already been taken by another?” Munir quipped softly in Mina’s ear as the pair swayed slowly to the music.

Mina had taken note of Munir’s bracelet and found it quite interesting. The scorpion was quite the contrast to her own spider choker. She found it funny that they both favored those arachnids. ”Well I do truly appreciate your help and I’ll be sure I sufficiently make it up to you.” She said as she followed his lead in the slow dance. At his next question she let out a small laugh and grinned mischievously at him. ”While there are a few like Vauthry that wish to claim me, none have succeeded in doing so. I won’t be claimed by a man…” She then leaned in closer to him and softly said back to him, ”Because I’ll be the one to do the claiming.``

”Oh, is that so?” He quipped back at Mina’s answer as the pair spun slowly to the music. ”Would I be one of the ones you claim? Not that I would mind that very much. It would be a nice change of pace… Munir said as he turned slightly and gave Mina a small dip. When she would stand back up, Munir quickly brushed some of the stray locks of hair behind Mina’s ear. With a small, light push, Munir extended his right arm, ‘pushing’ Mina out from where she was previously. Of course, Munir was cautious as to not throw her towards another pair of dancers. With a small tug, Munir ‘pulled’ Mina back towards him, this time placing his hand at the small of her back a bit more firmly than before.

“Do tell me though…” Munir practically whispered to Mina “What would it be like if I was to be claimed by you? Would you use me, ruthlessly? Would you lock me away from the world? Would I be the tool of your pleasure?” Munir’s expression did nothing to hide the voracious fire that burned within him.

Mina followed his lead in the dance, allowing him to dip her and then unfurling out into an open position. "If I were to claim you…" She began with a devilish grin on her face as she stepped in closer to him, pressing their bodies together. "I'd have you on your knees, worshiping me as a goddess." She'd leaned in, speaking softly into his ear with a sultry voice. She then took a step back, resuming the proper distance of the dance.

Munir, along with Mina, continued to sway to the music, slowly. When Mina answered Munir’s question, it did nothing but further stoke the already raging fire. All Munir could do was offer a guttural, almost beast-like, grunt in reply. ”My my. How ever would you do that? I wonder…” Munir quipped back. Continuing, he said ”But enough about what we both know is bound to happen later on this season. Tell me more about your home. Tell me more about yourself. Afterall, I’m not just some sort of animal. I have more on my mind than carnal desires.”

Munir took a small moment while Mina was formulating an answer to his question to study the room. There were other nobles dancing, of course. He also noticed some of the non-nobility had joined them in the dance as well. Being that this second dance was not prearranged. Of course, Munir spotted his siblings, all dancing at one point or another. Not to be outdone, Munir smirks slightly and added some Alidashtian flare into his steps.

”Keep up, Lady Blackwood. Surely you’ve noticed my siblings dancing with their partners as well. We’re not to be outdone here. Munir, ever jovial, let his competitive side shine through this one rare occasion.

”I suppose you’ll just have to wait and find out.” Mina said with a devilish grin in response to him asking how’d she get him on his knees. She enjoyed the flirtatious banter, but she was mildly surprised when he asked her to tell him more of her home. Was he truly curious? She took a moment to ponder this before opening her mouth to speak. ”My home is a place many in this ballroom would consider harsh and ugly, but to me it’s that harshness that makes it beautiful. We’re surrounded by snow capped mountains all year long and the sun rarely shines, but it fits the area. It’s cold most of the year, but we keep our homes cozy with a nice fire.” She knew she probably wasn’t selling it, but to her it was her safe place. It wasn’t extravagant, but she loved it.

She was about to speak a bit more about herself when he told her to keep up and she let out a small laugh. ”I believe it is you that needs to keep up with me, dear Shahzade. Do you need a lesson in our northern dance?” She teased him, but kept up with him easily.

“Very interesting. I’ve only ever heard of this weather pattern called snow. As you know. My country is one of sun and sand…” Munir responded back. Even though he is one of the royals, it was rare for him to have traveled so far, let alone even further North. “And to think, somewhere that some in this room will call harsh and ugly as produced a beauty such as yourself. I must make it a goal of mine to visit. Perhaps even ask you, my dear Lady Blackwood, as a guide, to see all there is to see in Kolonivka” It didn’t matter how Mina described it. It genuinely interested Munir. Growing up, all he has know is the sands of Alidasht, and the occasional visit to the woods of Kisoma. But never snow, or mountains for that matter.

“Is that a challenge, Lady Blackwood? I think you will find I’m a worthy partner, and in this case, student, to this Northern dance. So, if the music fits, please lead on.” Munir said with a smirk. It is true, Munir fancies himself an above average dancer, one that learns quickly and eagerly. In the meantime, Munir kept their pace and movement to the waltz the music was meant to be paired with. “Come now, tell me more about Kolonivka. Surely snow and cold aren’t the only things you can talk about…” Munir prodded on, waiting for Mina to add on to what she said previously.

”I do love a good challenge, don’t you?” She asked teasingly as she took some control of the dance. While it wasn’t traditional by any means for a woman to lead the dance, she wasn’t about to pass up the challenge. ”Prepare to dip me.” She instructed, waiting for him to do so before continuing on with talking.

”Also I would be happy to be your guide, then I can keep you warm if you get too cold.” Mina responded with a small giggle and devilish grin, but she found her heart warming a little to Munir as she picked up on his genuine interest in her home. It was nice to know there was more to this man than just flirtatiousness and desire. ”Oh there are a great many things I can talk about regarding Kolonivka. Like the people are warm and welcoming. Someone will always invite you in and offer you a nice hot bowl of stew. We all care for each other, we’re like one big family.” The love and adoration of her people was clear in the way Mina spoke of them. She smiled softly to herself as she thought of her home. After a moment of silence she was pulled back to the present as she realized she was still dancing.

”And what of yourself and your home? I’ve read of Alidasht in books, but I’ve never been there. I’d love to visit at some point, though.” She asked, genuine curiosity of her own shining in her eyes.

“Oh definitely. I love a challenge. Munir quipped back, matching her energy. Munir then allowed his body to relax even further, letting Mina take the lead. When she asked him to dip her, he replied “Yes, ma’am. and slid his right arm to the small of her back and swung her down towards the ground. In one smooth motion, he brought her back up so she was standing.

“Keep me warm huh. I think I’ll have enough furs with me for that. Perhaps you can join me inside those furs. Munir responded. “A guide would be most welcome though, seeing as I would be as lost as new born camel in the great vast sands.” When Mina talked more about Kolonivka, the genuine smile on Munir’s face was evident. The way she spoke of her people showed Munir that there was more to this woman than her outer appearance. She genuinely cared for her subjects, the same thing cannot be said about many of the other nobles present. [color= ffce00] “One big family, huh. That would be interesting to see…” [/color] Munir allowed his voice to trail off. The idea of commoners not bowing and immediately backing away whenever he approached was very novel to him. It is something he has never experience.

“Ah Glorious Alidasht. What can I say. Sun, sands, warmth, to be simple about it. Though not as approachable as your people, as it would sound anyways, the people of Alidasht are as prideful of their country as any in the lands. They understand how to exist with nature, to take what she gives and making the most of it, since there usually isn’t much. Sure there is the wooded area of Kisoma to the Northwest, but that is only a small piece of the country. Most of it is quite barren, I must say. Though, that has bred toughness, and resourcefulness, over the years. The palace is, of course, as grand as any in the lands, if not more so. You must come visit the Hanging Gardens, an architectural marvel in itself. Father explained it to me as the creation of some genius engineers by the order of one of my forefathers to appease his queen who has apparently come from a land far more green than our own. The royal bathhouses isn’t bad either. Somehow, some engineers centuries ago were able to figure out how to route fresh water from the coasts to the royal palace, and keeping it cool in the process. We have our own private reservoir of cool water whenever we should need it.” Munir paused, noting that he has been blathering on. “I’m going to stop myself there. I can’t reveal all of our secrets and pleasures without you paying us a visit yourself. When you do visit, I’ll be sure to guide you through them all. This next part was kept in Munir thoughts, and not spoken, “And maybe I can see just what exactly are you hiding underneath that ball gown you’re wearing right now…

”Or you could just join me under the furs on my bed.” Mina said with a wink and then a giggle escaped her. He went on to talk about Alidasht and she listened in wonder, having always been quite intrigued by the place. ”How about I make you a deal? If you come visit me and my home then I’ll come visit you. Then we can show each other the wonders of our home. Does that sound fair?” She asked, a genuine smile on her face, finding as the conversation went on she liked Munir more and more. There was just something about him that was drawing her in and she couldn’t quite figure it out. Did she dare allow herself to get closer to this man? Only time would tell.

”Oh! I wanted to inform you that there will be a…well, a secret after party tonight. It is required to leave all titles at the door, in case you were interested. I’d be happy to give you the details as I feel you’d really enjoy it. Besides, it’ll be a good way to learn more about this country.” She said, her voice lowered so that only he could hear her.

“We can save that for after the tour through Kolonivka…” Munir replied, offering her a small chuckle. Munir noticed the music was starting to wind down. For one reason or another, he did not want the dance to end. Munir had been with countless women in his past, both nobles and commoners. However, he found himself irresistibly drawn to the woman in his arms right now. There was just something about her. She does not cower in his presence. She does not simply submit to his words. She lets herself shine through, despite Munir’s ‘radiance’. All that was new to him, and oh so attractive. Its was like placing a lit torch in the dark night, and Munir was the moth.

Munir listened to Mina’s proposal. Of course he was going to accept. There was no way he would decline that. He had been meaning to visit the Northern kingdom for some time now. This would not alter his plans at all, only enhance it. However, for the time being as the dance approached it’s end, Munir simply smiled. Mina also seemed to have presented him with an invitation to a party at the end of the ball. It was only logical for Munir to make an appearance there. It would be outside of his character if he didn’t go.

As the dance concluded, Munir released his hold on Mina and took a small step back. Offering her a proper Caesonia bow. Beneath the bow, he unclasped a small golden scorpion ornament that was clipped to his waist. He stepped up to Mina, took her hand and kissed the back of it softly. In one smooth motion, he stepped slightly closer to her and whispered “That is a deal. I’ll plan a visit to Kolonivka immediately. I wish I could depart and take you with me right this second, but, as you know, duty calls…” As he was close to Mina, he reached up swiftly but gently and clipped the small scorpion ornament to the top curve of Mina’s right ear. Continuing to whisper “With that, I claim you as mine…” Munir offered a small wink “I’ll be looking for you at this party you spoke of, Mina.

Stepping back to a more ‘respectable’ distance, Munir spoke up in a more normal volume “Lady Blackwood, I thank you for the pleasure of this dance. I bid you farewell.” With that Munir stepped back and away from Mina, fading away into the crowd.

Interactions: @Potter Percy

Munir was briefly distracted by King Edin. What a pompous fool. He gathered his courtesans to come and shower him with affection. The young Shahzade sighed. The way he reveled in this foolery, this facade of wealth. Munir wanted nothing but to leave the ball and go back to his tent, or Alidasht for that matter.

Stepping away from his sisters slightly, he turned his attention to the girl in blue in front of him. She was stuffing herself to the brim with whatever food she can get her hands on. To the point where her nose started to bleed. Sure, he was a bit taken aback when this happened and the girl grabbed some random cloth to dab her nose with. Munir reached towards his waistband and took out a fine silken cloth and offered it to the girl. "Here, you must be more gentle towards an injury such as this. This... rough linen simply would not do..." He snapped his fingers and flagged down a passing servant. "Bring me more silk napkins, please." The servant bowed and hurried off. "What is your name?" Munir casually asked as he reached for a glass of wine from the table and offered it to the girl.

She probably needs with, with how much she was eating...
In Avalia 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Time: Morning
Location: On the deck of the Harem
Interactions: @Tae Lizzie @Potter Tigerlily @Alivefalling Barboda @Helo Nym
Equipment: The clothing on his back: A unbuttoned dress shirt of the pirate-y variety, leather breeches, matte black in color, leather boots, in surprisingly good shape. Dagger, borrowed from Tigerlily

Tesoro cringed inwardly at the sound Tigerlily's tail made as it transformed back into a pair of legs. He would have subconsciously admired the woman in front of him. She may have even caught him staring. "No. Not leaving you to the sharks. Though I can push you back into the sea if you'd like? Then maybe I'll dive in and join ya for a swim. Seems like a good day for it." He said with a mischievous grin on his face as well. When Tigerlily thanked him, it felt oh so odd. The pair were at each other's throats not 24 hours ago. Guess a skirmish really changes people. "Don't...mention it" Tesoro said, his tone elevating ever so slightly at the end as even he doubted the genuineness of what he had just said.

There was more commotion from the other ship, and a sound that could be taken as a gunshot. Tesoro looked towards the direction of the sound, feeling rather uneasy. The deck of the other ship looked empty previous, as it still does. However, if a shot was fired, that means there were more hostiles below deck. However, he does not doubt the combat abilities of the ones that made their way onto the ship.

However, it would seem their nightmare was just beginning.

The crew made their way back to The Harem. Tesoro took notice of the ones that walked back. Nym, Helio, Barboda...carrying Lizzie? When Barboad set Lizzie down and said what he said, Tesoro looked about slightly, seeing if anyone sprung into action to treat her wounds. "I-" He began to speak. "Tigerlily, can you please bandage her the best you can? Regardless of how much effect it will have. I'm sure she would not want to go out with gashes on her body... Please." He said calmly. Then he looked at the rest of the crew that came back to The Harem. Afterwards he peered over to the other ship which was still afloat. He made a small "tze" noise through gritted teeth and calmly walked below deck...

When he would return, he would be carrying two kegs of powder on each shoulder, filled to the brim. Previous injury be damned. He set the two kegs down with a thud against the side railing of The Harem. Snatching a nearby botefeux and some scrap cloth, he unplugged the kegs and stuffed the bits of cloth back through the holes. Using the lit botefeux, he lit the cloths. As the cloth burned, he stepped behind one keg, squatting down and hugged the wooden barrel. Pushing himself and the barrel up with his legs, he hinged his hips back and with one forward motion, he thrusted his hip forward and his upper body followed. With a roar, he tossed the first keg at the bow of the schooner. The barrel flipped through the air and landed at the front of the ship. The impact caused the wooden barrel to crack open and the cloth ignited the powder contained within, causing an explosion. "Nym, get us underway, anywhere. The next barrel is going to sink the bitch." He looked at Nym once then turned away. He then walked up behind the other barrel, cloth burning away. Standing off to the side of the keg, he hugged the barrel and hefted it up to the point where he was standing with in against his chest. Torquing his body and rotating his arms and shoulder about 90 degrees, he spun forward violently and 'curled' the barrel towards the schooner with another roar. The barrel tumbled smoothly through the air and landed at the base of the main mast of the other ship. The impact caused the keg to explode and severely damage the mast, if not blowing it clean off.

Tesoro stood where he was, huffing and seething with rage and simply stared at the battered schooner.
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