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As the combination of blows landed on the rabid beast, Munir kept his distance and one arrow nocked the entire time, ready to let loose the arrow and tumble away from potential danger as needed. Munir let out a slow exhale as the bear finally collasped, life leaving it's crazed eyes once and for all.

Even though the beast seemed crazed, Munir still took a knee where he was, and offered a quiet prayer in Alidashtian for the felled beast. "May your next life be peaceful and filled with the grace of the Sun Goddess Arinna." He finished. Shaking his head, he lamented on the fact that the bear was more than likely rabid, and thus called for the dramatic actions of the trio to quell the danger. The beast's pelt has absolutely been ruined. Also given the sudden nature of this attack, Munir essentially threw down the beaver Roman had given him. He first looked up and made sure his sister and Roman were both still alive and about, before turning his attention into seeking out the beaver.

However, before too long, a dagger flew past him and caused him to stumble back a few steps. The dagger flew past him harmlessly but it still alerted him. With his bow in his left and the fletching of an arrow in his right hand, he naturally turned his attention to the direction where the dagger came from. Seeing a princess follow by her guards and retainers, he relaxed slightly. Since if he was to be harmed by another royal, his Father would not take lightly to the situation. The figure started speaking, first checking in on Roman, confirming what Munir though and revealing themselves as someone of the court. She then turned her attention to Munir and his sister, offering them a curtsy. Munir bowed back in an Alidastian fashion befitting of a prince. "I'm fine. But I do not believe we have met. I am Munir Ibn Raif Al Kadir, Son of Sultan Raif, Prince of Alidasht..." Munir's voice trailed off, waiting for her to respond back.

Interaction: Mayet @13org Roman @ReusableSword

Munir's tumble gave him some distance between him and the feral beast. His arrows, being the first to be fired off, found their target. Most of them anyways. One that was aimed dead center of the bear missed, much to Munir's annoyance. The two arrows that struck were not clean, nor were they killshots. They seemed to have only acted to further provoke and infuriate the beast as it now charged at him with ferocity.

Munir mouthed in annoyance as he tumbled backwards several times to narrowly avoid the bear's paw strikes. The two arrow he nocked previously were snapped in the process of his tumbling and dodging. As he was gaining space, he noticed that the other two nobles, his sister Mayet and Roman both attacked the bear, who in turn focused it's attention at whoever was attacking it. Each member dealt what could have been the killshot to the bear but it persisted. Munir watched as Nala tore a hole in the neck of the bear, dislodging it's spine in ht process. Munir smirked and shook his head once at the brutal nature of the world. Exhaling, Munir fired off another volley of arrows as the bear charged at Nala. Munir fully understands that Nala is agile enough to move out of the crazed bear's away so he was not shooting to defend the tigress. He was shooting to hopefully end this madness...

Interaction: Mayet @13org Roman @ReusableSword Hanna @potter

Munir chuckled at his sister's dismay and expense. In truth, he wondered about his sister. She tends to prefer the company of Nala than to other members of the court. Sure the royal siblings of Alidasht appeared at gatherings together but they all lead fairly separate lives. Munir sighed contently as he stepped away from Mayet and Roman to begin removing the fur from his prize.

It should make for a fine lining for a pair of gloves he intends on making for Mina.

When Roman spoke to him regarding his mistake with his name, Munir merely chuckled. "Oh no, Lord Ravenwood. Of course not. We surely are on friendly terms. I do not have any underlying ailment that I am not disclosing nor did your jest from earlier touch any nerves. It was merely done in a jest, you see. A jest to relieve whatever tension that existed in these hunts. Also, if you do not mind, allow me to purchase that beaver pelt from you. I would like to fashion it into a hat for...a friend of mine." He said coyly. As he was reaching for his coin purse to offer Roman whatever payment Roman had deemed necessary for the pelt, the huntress leading the event praised him and his work. Munir simply offered a smile and a nod as he waited for Roman to give him a price for the pelt.

Not long after, Munir heard his horse whinny and become very agitated. That is abnormal. Munir at first paid it no mind, before hearing a guttural growl. Munir looked up only to see the huntress be swatted aside like a wet cloth and the sight of the menacing, possibly rabid, bear charging at them. Munir left the half-skinned rabbit on the ground and dashed his coin purse aside as he tumbled back with the grace of a trapeze artist and grabbed his bow and quiver in the same motion. Deciding to keep enough distance between them, he first called out the command "Kill" in Alidashtian, hoping that his sister had trained Nala to do so in a dire pinch. It would not matter to Munir if Nala obeyed his command or not, Munir was drawing back three arrows at once from his bow and letting loose. As soon as the first three arrows were fired, he nocked two more, ready to fire...

Rayland crossed his arms and listened to the queen blather on and on about the mission and whatever else she wanted to talk about. He kept his hood drawn over his head, looking at the ground. Leaning against a pillar in the great hall, Rayland secretly hoped that there was somehow a magical fast forward button that he can push so the queen can be done and they can set out already.

"...Bruja... Lizard..."

Those were the words that caught Rayland's attention. So they're hunting a bruja, a magic user. His arrows can kill those, he supposed. However, this reptilian creature... Depending on what it actually is, he may have to resort to brute strength and conventional weapons to take care of it. However, just as he was beginning to formulate a plan for tracking and killing his targets, the queen had decided to split all those that have gathered into two teams. He quietly took over his slip of paper and took a quick look. The number one was clearly written on it. Rayland had not planned to be working with others on this mission. He has always worked alone. Seeing as this is a condition that the patron of this mission had set, Rayland sighed and paced over to the rest of his 'team' when Nikolai had began boisterously calling for the rest of them to gather around him, as if he was de facto team leader.

Rayland assessed his 'teammates' and let out a small "tsk". What a hodgepodge of demon hunters. Elves, mountain man, a dwarf, a fox-kin. Just what the fuck is this group... Would he really be the only competent one? He did not like the idea of having to split whatever rewards that is coming his way AND having to drag a bunch of second-rate demon hunters through a mission. As soon as he reached the rest of the group, he would fix his posture and stand straighter than before, letting his hood fall back slightly to reveal most of his face.

In the moment, he did not even want to waste his time or energy to create small talk. He looked at the other team and deemed them to be unworthy as well. Just other no name demon hunters that thought they can step up to the big leagues and try their luck with something like this...

Rayland sat alone in a tavern tucked away in the Silk Steps. The music that played in the tavern was relaxing, and just what Rayland needed. After hearing about the royals seeking out the best monster hunters in the lands, Rayland matter of factly made his way to Abona. After all, he is the best monster hunter in the lands.

If not him, then who?

Finishing his mug of ale and whatever morsels of food left on his plate, he dropped a few coins on the table and flicked one more coin into the hat of the musicians, he stood from his table and daftly sifted through the other patrons of the tavern and made his way into the streets. Lightly tugging on his bow and quiver, the morning sun was far too bright for Rayland's liking. All of his years of working as a monster hunter has made him more accustomed to the dark and the gentle moonlight. By contrast, the sun's rays were a harsh reminder that he must still sing for his supper...

Meandering through the streets, Rayland made his way into the palace, where some other monster hunters have gathered. Very quietly, Rayland took mental notes and studied those who would set out on the same mission as him. The Varo sisters. He has heard of the elven sisters. Their feat of killing a vampire lord is very well known, though Rayland doubt it's validity. Nest was a giant of a man. Easily over seven feet tall. Rayland is not aware of another monster hunter of that build. Nor was he familiar with this man. If he had to guess, Rayland would guess that this man came from the mountains. A bumbling oaf, that is for certain. Next was a man that had near identical build to himself. This could be none other than Nikolai Maximillion. The one that rid a dungeon of it's lord in years past. An impressive feat, for average monster hunters. Finally there was a man that was smaller than his weapon. This one would be the first to die, Rayland guessed. Rayland shook his head softly as he walked and 'approached' the gathered group, making sure to keep his distance should any one of them gets any ideas.

Interaction: Mayet @13org Roman @ReusableSword Hanna @potter

Munir made his way back to the clearing where they were all gather previously, squeezing his horse's belly with his calves to get it to slow itself into a walk. Once he was back at the clearing, an attendant trotted over and took over the reins of the horse and Munir lightly hopped off the horse, his prize in hand. Noticing that his sister made it back before he did, he glided over towards her and took a look at the small creature in her hands, one not dissimilar to the one he held by it's ears.

"Sister Mayet, it would seem that we had taken down a similar prey. Though, Nala seems to want to take your prey as a her snack, eh?" He said, smiling as he walked over to Nala to give her a boop on the snoot. As he did so, he made sure to keep his kill away from Nala's nose, as to not let the blood awaken something unintended in Nala. "Though, I feel as though thats not the only prey you're after this day, is it Sister Mayet?" Munir jested and looked in the general direction of Roman. "Lord Ravenwood is truly a specimen to behold. A man built like a mountain, of which we're not used to seeing in Alidasht..." Munir said in a hushed tone, "Though, would he be used to not being the dominant one in bed? Are you willing to submit to him? Or would I, and the rest of our siblings, be subject to...let's just say raucous behavior and sounds... from your chambers at all hours of the night? Hm?" Munir said with a suggestive smirk on his face.

Looking down at his own prize, he felt the soft fur between his fingertips. "Hm. I have an idea what to do with this. Nala can have the flesh, I would simply keep the pelt, or what can be salvaged from it anyways... Then perhaps I will stay out here a bit longer, to gather more, and fashion it into a coat..." He said to no one in particular. Mina was on his mind. His fiery damsel. Even though Munir has never been, he can still imagine the unbearable cold Mina has had to live through. If nothing else comes from this royal gathering, Munir wants Mind to at least take back some warm clothing. Not that she had a shortage on such things.

Seeing Roman from a fair distance away, Munir called out "Lord Deepwood, has your first hunt proved fruitful?" Munir was not able to see if Roman carried a prize with him and he was genuinely wondering. Whispering to his sister, Munir said "Though, if he plays his card right, he might just end up with the biggest catch out here today, eh, Sister Mayet?" Munir finished with a small smirk and a quick flourish of his hair, letting the sun's beams shine down on his forehead and face.

Interaction: Mayet @13org Roman @ReusableSword Hanna @potter

"Oh my, lord Atwood. I'll be sure to visit your lands to to see these stone crabs for myself... Surely they would make for a wonderful trophy... As for the hunt today, I'll be sure to stay out of your way. Lest a stray arrow pierce my chest." He returned the jest in kind, with a soft, inviting smile.

"Ah Sister Mayet, but the thrill of the hunt comes from the knowledge that one must wait for the prey to lower it's guard then deliver a precise blow, or suffer the consequences of missing one's strike." Munir responded to Mayet with a small smirk. Of course, he would never hunt a giant scorpion for game. Munir would only attack on should it present a danger to whatever, or realistically whoever, he was doing at the time.

"The caress of the Alidashtian sun and the embrace of the sands has always made your already radiant beauty shine that much more, Sister Mayet. Wouldn't you agree, Lord Atwood?" He said, giving Roman a small nudge. "Besides, I'm sure your bath after that hunt was filled with milk, laced with golden honey, and covered in desert rose petals. Otherwise, how else would your skin make such a miraculous recover after such harsh conditions?" Munir said to Mayet, trailing the back of his right index and middle finger from her wrist to her elbow.

"Anyways, on to the hunt." Munir turned slightly and placed his right index and middle finger against his lips. Munir whistled as he tilted his head up slightly, panning from right to left. A swift shadow appeared in the skies, descending rapidly. In one smooth motion, Munir brought up his bow from the left side of the horse and nocked an arrow against the gorgeous ebony bow. The raptor dove towards a patch of tall brush, about 150 yards away from Munir. By this point, Mayet had mounted Nala and took off after her prey. "Well, Lord Atwood, thats my cue. Please do not shoot me in the back." Munir said, ending his sentence with a wink.

" HA "

Munir squeeze the belly of his steed with his calves and gave it a small kick with his heels. The horse neighed and took off. Munir's prowess at horseback riding was in full display. He bounced on the horse with grace, lithely dodging branches and other obstructions. Munir worked the horse into a gallop, taking a parallel course to the course the raptor took during it's dive. The tall brush swayed and rustled as a small figure can be barely seen coursing through it. Munir fully drew his bow, arrow at the ready. Leaning his upper body slightly to the left of the horse to keep his balance, Munir took aim and traced the path of the small figure in the brushes. Aiming ahead of his prey, Munir took a moment to steady himself against the galloping steed. With a quiet whoosh, the arrow was loosed from Munir's bow. Munir's target was about 25 yards ahead of him and his horse took just a few steps to close the distance. Holding on to his bow with his left hand, Munir pulled back on the reins and slowed the horse slightly. The arrow impacting the ground kicked up some dirt and dust. Munir did not fully stop as he rode past the arrow stuck to the ground. He released the reins and leaned towards the left of the horse and pulled the arrow from the ground, aided by the momentum of the horse.

At the end of the arrow was a small rabbit, brownish in color, still twitching as it's muscles spasmed from the sudden shock of having it's life taken from it.

Munir sighed slightly, mumbled a small prayer in Alidashtian and started his slow trot back towards the group. The shadow of the raptor circled him hungrily as if saying it deserved the kill that Munir had gotten.

Interaction: Mayet @13org Roman @ReusableSword Hanna @potter

"Now now Sister Mayet. You surely are not actively hunting the armored scorpions, are you?" Munir called out as he rode closer to the group. Him, with his horse, circled the group which consisted of Mayet, Lord Roman, and an unfamiliar woman that seems to be leading the hunt. Grinning slightly, he reached a hand down and let Nala smell him, trusting the beast to not make his arm a pre-hunt snack.

"I would be very disappointed if you were. They're such majestic creatures, matter of fact, they should be the national symbol of Alidasht, eh, Lord Roman?" He said, offering the large man a small wink.

"So, the hunt. Does anyone know falconry? How are we tracking our prey? Not that the ever-lovely Nala wouldn't be a terrific tracker today..." Munir said, the slight sheen of sweat on his forehead glistened in the sunlight. If one was observant enough, they would spot the modified gauntlets on Munir's left arm. It was beautifully crafted, made of exquisite leather and thin golden threads. "I do wonder what sort of game this country offers... A forest, hm. Probably not many big game... Disappointing..." Munir mumbled slightly, randomly thinking back to the ball and his dance partner.

Just why was a servant girl a part of the selection anyways...
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