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02/22/22 Atleast in for me it was. We're not going to be able to experience such a confluence of time like this in our lifetimes again.
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Ever get the feeling you're being one in the room...then you notice there are a bunch of odd names on your RPGuild Profile page and then understand why? LOL
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@Ozzy Cross In the Matrix...well...that explains it. The BGS must have really fecked right the hell up if we're dealing with all this.
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YES! YES! My Security Certification has been confirmed! Certified Security Professional baby! YEAH!


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Hayden shook his head, it didn't feel right he looked at Sean incredulously, "I don't think that's true." Hayden waves his hand, "No we got a mission, somemore potential pay. We go after Melani then? We better do this clean then." He looks up, already Malkia's people have split up and are trying coordinate a defense of their neighbourhood. Chatter can be heard as some talk on phones. Some ordering groups of their gang members to tighten up on strongholds and chokepoints into the neighbourhood. Others are being ordered to get the civilians to safety at public safehouses. There is talk about arming up, and making sure none of the fighting gets to bad. And if they have too, make sure kills are clean and bodies quickly cleaned up.

Hayden motioned, "We better move. Let's do this." Edgar looks up at them and motions to a dark corner of the room they are all in, "There is a door in the corner, which will lead you into a walled in courtyard. It will be locked behind you but it should give you an easy way out without being directly in a fire fight." Edgar tosses Sean a set of keys that might look familar, "You're vehicle will be out there. But with what's happening out there do not rely on it too heavily. Go. And if you survive we'll talk more." One of the high rollers of Malkia's gang takes Edgar's attention showing him something on their phone.

The trip out through the hidden tunnel doesn't take long, and soon they are coming out of a steel covered door leading into a courtyard. A thick concrete wall about 17 feet away separating them from the road by the sound of it. And the fighting beyond.

As soon as Hayden is out, he pulls one of the pan mags off his harness and attaches it to his Bren. Racking the bolt with a load Ka-Chak! He nods,, "I think we all know this isn't going to be a simple run in and gun." As if to emphasize there's the sound of gun fire just on the other side of the wall and the large iron gate set into it. But soon who ever was firing can be heard running away down the street, "This city is going to go to hell in a hand basket really fast at this point. The gangs fighting and the corporations going at it. We're likely in for a few fire fights on our way to Melani. So how do we wanna play this?"

All good man! IRL stuff takes priority. Just wanted to make sure we wouldn't be stepping on anyone's toes if some of us started posting again.

Word thank you.

It'd been up at dawn for him. Just like some others. He'd grown up under the wings of Drakes and Dragons, who had hammered into him a regime of personal care and fitness.

So as Misa and Buki worked on their grappling. There had been a steady Clang....Clang....Clang Of a heavy bad and several hundred pounds of weights being moves. It's a leg day apparently as Jamie had been doing squats in a corner, the tall man grunting with each movement. No telling how much is on the bar, but it's enough to give the giant of a young man a work out.

As Misa continued to work, Jamie moved on to other exercises. Weighted crunches, working on his arms, more squats and leg work. Rowing. So much more. Even after the pair were wrapping up, the big man has a knee up on a bench and is working his arms, while weights are belted about his wrists and legs. It's grunts though no yells or growls, just soft grunts.

When Misa leaves Jamie has just started some cardio, running around the gym perimeter. This whole time not really paying huge amounts of attention to the pair, it's none of his business honestly. But it's interesting to see how Misa is training her AI, quite impressive really. He should message his uncle Carl, he's been working on an AI for the new suits the Blue Sword Juggs have been testing. Maybe he should mention Misa and what she's doing. It might help him.


After sometime and a good shower, as well as a change of clothes, the big man of mixed blood, but of nearly everything good his parents could have given him genetically, arrives in the Rex Room. Prowling in like an apex predator could, but with none of thje bravado of someone who is used to being a predator. In fact he looks almost diffident. Which well...could be seen as strange as the stories of the young man say he's already blooded on the battlefield with Blue Sword, so why would he be shy and unconfident?


He looks about the room, and quirks his head to the side, stepping over and sitting in an arm chair, ignoring the squeal of tortured springs as his big heavy frame folds into the chair. his attention is on the commander. And her music. A slow smile parts his features and he leans in closing his eyes and drifting on the music. The look of a giant cat maybe, trusting and quiet, but ready to spring into violence.

Jamie sits and enjoys the moment, mind on the music, fingers brushing his sweat pants in time to the fiddle playing, looking for all the world like nothing is the matter, and the people in the room aren't all trained killers somehow. With that fiddle playing, to Jamie anyway, known as Scion, son of Legends, it's just a gathering of like minded people, enjoying some time together.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Even Xander calling to him about something else being his callsign does not bring him out of the happy little moment. The mention of food, not that either. There is a certain nourishment of the soul when it comes to music. Food can wait, your soul and your peace cannot.
It's me running with information that has formed the basis of a whole background universe. Please don't feel like you need to search all the information down.


Let me know boss man.
Writing up a Male heavy over here. Give me a short bit
Well if you're willing I'll thrown my hat back in.

you know I'm always here to back your play brother.

Our Shaman who art not in Heaven

The fight had finally ebbed off. And people were beginning to pick up the pieces. Slowly of course.

The other OMR agents were tending to the bodies.

And here Micheal sat in the lee of a concrete divider, gathered around him looking annoyed are his three godly friends. Manabozho looking around to make sure nothing else is coming. Whiskeyjack sitting there bemoaning the fact one of those bullets had torn right through his jacket. And Raven is carefully applying some ointment to the rune burn on Micheal's arm. The flat thin tin of ointment is being applyed sparsely though as there isn't much there. Probably only meant for small burns but this one trails up and down Micheal's left forearm like a maze of blue flaming cracks. But the medicine seems to be helping.

He calls over to Scarlet, "Hey Red, how you doing? Boss Bot? Faye?" He sighs, and jumps when a medic kneels beside him and starts to look over his arm. Saying something about, "Stupid Rune users over doing it." A spray ointment being applied. Micheal just grinning, Raven blowing out a breath of relief.

Micheal winces as the burns is being tended too. He shakes his head slowly, "This motley bunch, I swear, wouldn't want to work with anyone else though."

He's an outside observer as the Doctor walks up to Madeline, Scarlet and Faye. The burly First Nations man glad they are getting tended too. He winces and shuffles as the medic looking him over pokes at the burn and sprays somemore healing ointment, "This is going to take abit to heal, no more rune usage for atleast the next day. Unless you want it to get worse." Mikey nods, "Sure sure. you're the boss." The medic glares at him and his gods begins to babble telling him they'll force him to comply. Mike just turns his head to look over at the other three members of the squad near by, "I'll keep it in mind, as long as we're all okay."
As they were released one by one Hayden looked around in honest to fucking god confusion. And then he could hear the fighting. Looking up at first as if expecting it to be in the room he wheels then spots the TV. Different clips of fight everywhere in the city. The SAMC and COGS compounds under siege. Check points in the city under fire. Foreign mercs not seeming to care too much as long as they are allowed to shoot and they get paid. It's not something someone who's gone through Special Operations training likes to see. They are goons. And it's disgusting. HE leans in to gather his heavy gun.

He nods slowly as the discussion goes about whether or not they should stay. He narrows his eyes, "I'm going to say this now, I can't leave this. Not just because trying to get out would be like trying to escape the Minotaur's Maze. But another reason, I don't get this Beast thing. These guys...see something in me. And I, I wanna figure this out okay." He growls, and is about to snap one of the 30 mags into his Bren, when one of Edgar's people lets out a hiss. Hayden hums and looks at the fighter and slowly very slowly slides the mag back onto his harness instead, "Fine...just wanted to be ready." He looks back at the others, "I, listen I know I'm not all here okay? Some shit happened back in my Spec Ops days that really worked me over I'll tell you, but now is not the time alright? Maybe that's what they mean beast. I don't know. But right now we got something to take care of here right. I like this idea of atleast taking out Melani. She doesn't feel like. And honestly the way she actted back there, I don't wanna come out like her somehow."

As the team stands up atleast seeming like they are in agreement Hayden hefts his Bren up onto a shoulder easily. His powerful form handling it fairly well. He hides his confusion when one of Edgar's people bites her lower lip as she looks him over even. It's interesting actually as the four stand there, well there are actually members of the people that are standing with Edgar right now looking at them less as prisoners and more like objects of desire. Maybe at the moment they are all exotic elements. And they do kinda exude a ferocity.

As Bethan outlines the deal, Edgar stands and watches, his hand resting on a large silvered pistol, something that must have cost a fair amount of gems and diamonds. He narrows his eyes, "I cannot pay you much. All of my assets are tied up in the community. But I can offer you relatively safe passage out of the city after the job is done. Kill Melani like you say, and cool the fued between our neighbourhoods, and I will do what I can. The rest and transport I think I can do, the radios easy enough. But Information? That depends on the information. Just as gemstones are the only thing worthwhile now, along with gold and silver, information is more valuable. And depending on what it is, well it's value rises or falls like the tides." He nods slowly looking around at his people there in the room with them, likely his administrative group really. They all nod. And one of them a squat dark skinned woman steps forward, "What are you looking for? When you go, I'll see if I can find the information you need."

Hayden nods slowly, and whispers to Sean standing beside him, "That worked, I honestly didn't think it would."
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