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Current One more day on shift...then a half day to feel human again...adulting sucks.
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Starfield may have been the sci fi game I needed to replace Elite Dangerous
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My community needs an enema -.-
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Pokedex Entry #591
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02/22/22 Atleast in for me it was. We're not going to be able to experience such a confluence of time like this in our lifetimes again.


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mikey Mikey MIkey MIKey MIKEy MIKEY

Micheal had watched his friends head off to the back then looked around, without his magic he's just a set of muscles, in a pretty package. He takes a deep breathe and then starts to check the house out visually, "So this place is Morgana's families place huh? Dang girl you must have lived well for abit right?" He smiled a little over at Morgana, "Sorry if I'm touching old wounds. When I was a kid on the Rez, we all talked about living in really swanky and amazing homes someday, when we made it big somehow. This is one of those dreams I guess." He chuckles and shrugged.

He's stepping up curiously to the bottom of the stairs up to the front door, looking them over curiously.

He's not at all prepared when the others make their way up to the door. He waved, and then felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. He grunted, not realizing that happened to be the connection he shared with Raven, Manabozho and Whiskeyjack. He staggers. Trying to catch himself on a statue at the side of the pathway up to the house. Micheal shook his head, "Guys...g...uh..." He took a step forward then everything went dark.

When he came too he's being held up by a T-shape of wood. He gave a grown and tried to move. Feeling weight. With a groan Micheal heaved his eyes open, then tried to take a step forward. And heard a clatter. He looked down.

His shout of, "What the hell!?"

Chains and weights hung off him, wrapped around his arms, waist, thighs and shoulders. And even with his magic low, he could feel the sapping effect on him. And right now, all he is, is a hefty powerful guy in a pretty package.

He looked around spotting Amanda, and Faye and the others about in other situations of distress, "What's goin...oh..." As the woman appeared, "Oh...okay that answers things..." He finished and pulled at his bindings.
Souk souk a dook souk a dook a dook

Jamie nodded, "I'll back Boomer up. Never know when another pair of hands is needed." He jogged along to catch up to thr other man. As they went he peeked out a window and slowed. A wall of flames and screaming outside a short ways off. Only a few people he knew could do that kind of thing. When a wall of force...death...go with a little column A and B roared he nodded, "Thena's about. Just one more and the whole team would be here. Then it'd be a party..." He chuckles and runs to catch up. Passing by Chuck as he worked. Peeking outside again. Then whistling randomly.

The team of Artemis and local army who walked to the beat of the enemy organization looked up. They had been sure they were in a safe flank ready to.jump that tent one of theirs had spotted. They leveled weapons and fired up at the giant thing up there. Rounds whispering and hissing off the armored form. Jamie frowned and almost casually looked back at Boomer as he worked, "Almost done? Good." Jamie reached out the window and dropped several grenades out after he pulled the pins from them. The fighters below scrambling and a quintuplet of thumps from the concussion grenades went off. Jamiebthen leans over and blazed several seconds of rounds from his Vepy down onto them sending a few to meet their makers. And a few more to scramble away their ambush foiled.

Scionnquickly rushed to get out with Boomer, hearing orders to rake point and move for extract. He sighed , "Scion copies." He growled out, back to business. His armor whirring and the power pack buzzes enhancing his speed as the big man zips forward to get ahead of the starting exodus.

And he starts it by dropping a barrage of rockets into the area between them and the extract area. Flushing enemy out of hiding. The big man chuckled, "A good start."

A certain Battle Goddess

A medical trainer stood beside the tall woman.

"Careful now..."

The chain on the exercise machine unspoiled as Freya pulled on the bar, exercising her arm. She'd had enough rest. The team is still out and about. She didn't want to keep them.hanging doe too long.

She let the bar fall them again.

"Careful is one thing sir...ahhh...I need to be ready. I need...uh...to stand by my team and friends again!"

The trainer nodded, " I understand that dear. But you don't...." She trailed off ad Freya pulled again and the thick steel pin holding up near 450 pounds sheared off and the weights slammed to the ground....again.

Freya grinned, "Getting there."

The gym sergeant collated, " Damn it woman! The next one is out of your pay cheque!" The trainer sighing, "fourth one this week..."

Freya rolled her shoulder smiling brightly.

May or may not be canon


The sound of the work out room foe the big people in Perth is a buzz. Three giants work up a froth.

Jamie pounds the dumbells. Arms heaving as he goes.

Athena on her back, big beautiful and bodacious as she works at the heavy bar, lifting no less then 400.

And Freya works at the power lifting bar. Snatching and grabbing better then some world competitors.

The sound of their work out, like the beat of a song.

After abit. Jamie starts to hum a bass beat. "Ba da da dum..." over and over. The click of thr bar as Athena lifts is joined by lyrics, " Oh...sweet dreams are made of these..." And soon joined by Freya as she heaves her bar over her head, "Ah, who am I to disagree!"

Jamie coniutes to provide the bass to the song as his sisters sing. " We travel the world and the seven seas..."

Curiously Blue Sword mercy stop at the door. Listening to thr impromptu show within. Victor and Natalie stopping during their business to listen to their talented kids.

"Every body looking for something..."

The trio kept.working out, joined in a sibling moment. None of the mercs or their parents would say anything later. A beautiful moment of family really.
Honey Badger
The Badger Sett
Sometime Later

Sounds of cars in the distance. People moving about in the Backstreets of the City. A shop hawker calling out, "Clothes and Weapons! Armor and Food! Here, low prices! Good quality! Here! All here!" Punctuated by the roar as a mag-train rips by overhead, showering sparks from a faulty mag-lev assembly where the train touches track briefly. The relative glitz of Metro Street maybe a short kilometer away is an interesting contrast. Telling a cleaner story to the story that is being told back here.

And it is here more curiousities reside.

As a citizen, slumming for the day steps into the Backstreets. They are struck by the difference, the relative safety and shine of Metro Street is taken over by the dull grinding fall, rust and grim. Looking about they shy away from E Street toughs. And the E Street folks motion and start to follow the poor person. For about a block, before even they stop. The civilian letting out a slow breathe. The E Street folks motioning to the person, trying to get them to come back, they no longer seem to be wanting to jump them, more like they are worried and concerned.

The civilian turns to see what it is, when out of a run down shop, steps a giant. Decked out head to toe in combat gear, one arm from the shoulder down replaced with black metal and carbon fiber composites, ending in mean looking bladed claws. The other arm holding a massive rotary machine gun. But all of that is topped with a Kodiak bear mask. Blazing blue eyes looking out from the mask at the person. Kodiak grumbles, "You can go to them, maybe get jumped. You're safe here though. Welcome to Badger Sett territory. You can get back to Metro street that way." THe bear motions with his augmetic arm further into the territory. Past a massive Red, and Grey painted building. holo-tags reading, "Pack Territory" and "The Badger Sett" flare and blink and glow on it's walls, atleast six stories or so of a building. Black smoke billowing from windows and piping. The distant roar of foundries and furnaces. The sound of metal work and the sound of tools from within. Kodiak chuckles, "Go on then."

Alot of this really doesn't matter though.

As the erstwhile civilian is more or less unimportant.

It's what's happening within though that's interesting to anyone who might be watching. The Badger Sett administration team is meeting. Honey Badger himself sitting at a large meeting table, facing 4 other Pack members. A Wolf Mask, a falcon mask, a jackal mask and finally an otter mask. The leaders of the Sett in meeting.

Otter leans over the table looking at the list Honey Badger returned with. She hums, "We don't have any of this that isn't already claimed. Though Scavanger Team Beta has called back to say they found some copper piping and slabs that we can render and turn into those fittings. Shouldn't take more then a day and a half. We have five of those heaters in storage but they're all spoken for. Though, if you yourself went to go ask one of the teams working with them they may be willing to wait until we can trade for another or wait for one of the three that are being made. Those being made are about eight to ten days out though." Honey Badger nods, "I'll go ask Team Crow later, he does owe me a favor, he may be willing to part with his promised heater." Falcon coughs then, "It's those gravity filters that are going to be interesting though. We have seven, but each and everyone is spoken for, and none of those teams are likely to want to part with them, their projects are all too near completion. Though we can put you top of the list for the next one we make or find."

Honey leans back in his chair and nods, "I guess that's the best I can hope for. I'll go talk with Crow, and I'll wait on those fittings. I wonder if Ma'am Piety will take the order piecemail." He rubbed the chin of his mask, "Well for now we know what we are doing for this order. In the meantime let's proceed a pace. And send word to the Burners, if they need Pack assistance, they can call on the Badger Sett."

The leaders of the Sett nod in agreement. And the meeting starts to break up.
We are not
Honey Badger
ing the witness your honor

Honey Badger nodded slowly as Alese spotted him. He then jerked. What was...? The cup first with a tinkle. The being looked around for the source, then the plate. He peered up at the small bot, "Interesting rudimen..." And the splat of the sandwich, which slid off his mask trailing what ever sauce was in it and a piece of iceberg lettuce left in its wake. Honey Badger sniffed, "Commendable rescue instincts for something clearly so young innthe state of understanding. I look forward to seeing ita growth." No trace of offense, just interest.

The masked fellow could only be grinning judging by the inflection and tone of his voice, "We regret to say, that no we are not attempting to give you a cardiac medical situation Madam Piety, in fact we merely wanted to expedite the greeting situation...yes that is it...yes." The Badger masked person sets the crate of items atop a table and looked to the vehicle.

And vocalizes curiously, "Oh...a....puzzle...wonderful...something new to study." As Alese ventured off to find somethings to trade Honey Badger leaned in and checked the section of the vehicle he is shown. His left arm flexing and shifting, then opening up into a myriad of various tools. Miniature pistons crackling and firing and gears turning a few screws whizzing as a manipulator arm slides around and into place while a small light flickers on. By the time Alese returns, HB is shoulder and head deep under the vehicle, looking at the tank and its connections, "Interesting all the connections are reinforced and safety welded. The tank it self is not MCPD Stan..." Thean leans up and out his left arm shifting and folding up in on itself, the sheer number of tools that were on display folding up and sliding away until his arm looks as normal as anyone else's, "Ah the...trade, yes."

He was looking over the items Alese had offered in trade, when she rushed to the door. He looked up from her perusal of the items for trade as Chandi entered. He stood stone still as Chandi approached. He then almost purred, "GEOnet connection established, profile Chandrilla Jocelyn Rae Thibodaux...verified. CybertronRx...heir...apparent...confirmed." the eyes behind that Badger mask briefly flare. And he nods, "It has been a fair amount of time Madame Chandi...it is...nice?...yes nice to see you again." He shifted again, "Clearly you have plans. I believe this trade is fair Madam Piety. The technical manual is worth its weight in platinum at least!...yes. We accept in the...interest of the Badger Sett. And look forward to our next interaction." He gathered up the items that Alese had presented, "If there is nothing else we shall leave you two...lovely...yes...lovely ladies to your fascination?" Uiney Badger waited a moment or two just in case there is more. Clearly ready to melt away into the darkness just as he appeared.
A Healing Shaman...and his dancing deities

Micheal had spent the time traveling all the way to England, Jolly ol England and all that,home to the people who oppressed his peoples for a good long time back in thr day. He kept his mouth closed upon arriving. Nine of the people today had anything to do with the forced marches, tribal massacres or small pox blankets. But like hereditary memories almost Micheal had to really work. Even if the Shamanic rules taught peace and inclusion hundreds it not thousands of years of suffering still leaves an imprint.

Mikey made his way along with the team, rubbing at his arm occasionally and getting swatted on the back ofnthe head by Manabozho. Whiskeyjack muttering ,"No scratching" Micheal sighs and nods,"Yeah yeah..." As they came up to the house. Micheal looked up at it, "You know always wondered what annold world villa would look like...and here is see it."

After abit Boss Bot asked for his friends help. He looked over at them, "Well?" The trio bristled and Raven geumbled, "We can be subtle." Micheal quirked an eyebrow curiously. And Manabozho coughed a little, "We can..." He said without much confidence. Micheal sniffed Go then and report what you find. I'll believe you if you can do it without any problems. I know all too well how much you and the other tricksters like to make noise." Whiskeyjack blinked, "Oy! We can be quiet and subtle you'll see!" And then the trio trotted off.

Micheal grinned, "I think that worked out."

I'll be honest I forgot about this.

But rereading it I remember why I was interested and will gladly tag along if it's still on the table.
@ParadoxShark There's a main thread somewhere if you want to check there
Honey Badger
Running Errands and Attending a Meeting

The room is...dull. And dark. Wafts of smoke or fog maybe peel up off the floor, float up and disappear up into the dark expanse of the area above a single small tea table in the dead center of the room. Apart from the darkness and lack of furniture, the room is not empty. Oh no, not at all. Animal shapes of varying kinds of cute, sweet or adorable roam about the room. Lupine, canine and canid forms derp about. Mustelid, rodent and lapine forms hop and skitter around at random. Feline forms lounge at random. Avian forms lighting upon invisible perches at random.

But it's the voices at set this apart from some strange cyberspace cartoon serial.

"The death on the Spire, this death will likely cause ripples." This said by a petite pachyderm avatar.

"Worrisome this is indeed. Do we have some clue how he died?" His said by a crow avatar, that perches on the shoulders of a tired looking panda.

"Nay merely that he died performing some courier job. And no package on his corpse." A wizened looking snow hare says this.

"What do our elders advise?" A small vole calls.

And the room turns to.look at a few animal forms sitting among them all. All too a one chibified or cartoon-like in look hut each one a pillar of their community. The Elders sometimes called the Master Fabricators of The Pack. A dragon speaks, his voice pitched up to an almost silly degree, Dr4co, who heads Dragonshead Fabrications, "We are missing some faces. And we do not wish to make a ground breaking decision without atleast half the Elders here. We need atleast...-"

Dr4co stops talking as the ground beside him mounds and folds, and out of a hole dug out of soft earth that was not there before climbs, a cartoonishly annoyed looking Honey badger. With a shake and a cartoonish lick of his chops Honey Badger looks around then stomps on the floor, "Trying to leave us out are we?" A chibi mako shark swims over and nose butts the Honey Badger saying, "You got the same invite we did old man. We're just all on time." Honey Badgers dramatic death emote causes some laughter. Getting up he grumbles, "if we need an ambassador to Sk@te for whatever is happening..." A cacophony of voices go up as a discussion erupts over this. Badger calls into the din and the talking almost stops entirely, "I volunteer!" This is answered by Dr4co coughing out "Wait...you volunteer!?!?" And the Honey Badger avatar begins to laugh.

Back in the Now, the world of the Meat. Honey Badger looks about the old service tunnel he's in, "Yes this should be...it." and presses the button to activate the small lift.

He came up, in a near invisible alcove just outside Alese Piety's current location. The Badger mask seeming to just casually and nonchalantly appear out of a wall, and looking down at Alese, his voice sounds warm, welcoming, but still I all monotone cleansed tone, "Hello ma'am Piety, we come bearing gifts today. Mayhap are you...buying?" The neon edged Badger masks quirks to one side, "Behold a brand new set of Lifter arms, great for the laborer, six wonderfully honed vibro blades, a newly sewn armored vest of the best quality my best shapers can make. As well as a few extra sundries." He finishes showing off a few other weapons, articles of clothing and ammo bundles. He tilts the box he carries it all in towards Alese, "Yours for the right price. Or trade." He makes a curious friendly sound, almost as if the masked man is smiling.
Scions Stride

The drum is the heart of the native people, or so an Elder said long ago.

But sometimes you need another beat.

So somewhere between one beat and the next. A near iconic sound changed coming out of the speaker on Jamie's armor. He slowed his dancing and took a few steps back, stepping over the prone form of a fighter who had tried to.jump him a few moments earlier.

A few enemy looked out as the sound of the drums began and the sound a historic guitar solo began.

And much to their horror as the guitar took front stage and as the drums.kickrd back in Scion had unshipped the devil contraption of his linked dual HMGs. A pull on the linked loading handle and by the time the lyrics began a steady roar from the paired barrels began to growl.

As the likes of Knopfler and Sting began to belt out the sound of Money for Nothing began. Jir strode forward. Keeping to his lane. Lead flying from his guns. The big man could only Bob his head in time to the music. As much psychological warfare as it set a nice tone to what's happening.

As he walked he reached the other end of the souk. Taking a moment to look over the situation. And as he strode on he came around a corner far too late to help take out the heavy. He gave a pout. But soon the call that things are moving ahead urges him on. Hitting his comms paddle with his chin, Jamie responds, "Scion copies. Proceeding."

He walked along falling into the rear position for the heavies, calling to Nord and Boomer, "Take the spear point. I'll cover the rear." He put his back to Nord and Boomer and walked backwards steadily ripping rounds at the fighters still remaining behind the in the ravaged souk. Clearly it still held some significance as fighters still fired from within it, ducking when the raking fire from Scions guns neared them.

He stepped into the compound proper, planted his feet and for a moment looked like some pillar of a bastion against a hail of fire against his smooth almost icthythian armor in that moment. Channeling his father maybe he roared and randomly targeted into the area behind them, the rocket pod onnhis shoulder opening and two whole rows of the small high yield rockets hissed off. Plumes of dye, fabric and other goods blossoming up into the air moments later as the rockets hit out among the souk exterior.

And only then did he start walking back to follow the other heavies into the building and beyond.
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