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Current Just one more day again...one more...I hate long shifts...
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One more day on shift...then a half day to feel human again...adulting sucks.
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Starfield may have been the sci fi game I needed to replace Elite Dangerous
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My community needs an enema -.-
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I feel this. It's new expansion season for FF14 right now so it's hard to do.much more then play that and watch movies in my downntime

I get this. Really.
La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain
Team Sea God - Fire Team Poseidon
Frigga - Battle Goddess and Shimura - Yakuza Samurai

Freya bounced abit, too bad jiggle physics don't work through armor. She then perked up and her helmet folded open. She grinned brightly, "Well I do declare." She said with a faux southern belle accent. She swayed and sashayed towards Chuck. That big grin on her face, then leans forward until their faces are just inches apart, "What makes you think you've earned one?" She smiles, "Oh who am I kidding?" She chuckles then grabs Chuck by the collar, and despite being two inches shorter then him, she lifts him nearly half a foot off the ground, that grin going almost predatory, "Com'ere you!" Then, smack.

Their lips meet.

And for a moment or two it's sublime. Just two people, a man and a woman.

And then she's pulling back and away and hey is that a little blush on her cheeks, she coughs, "We don't tell my brother...or my sister. My sister will get in on me over it..." She shivers, "Jamie will try and kill you." She blushes even brighter. And quickly her visor and helmet snap shut to hide her face as she gets even more red.

But soon the pair are either side of the SDV, and with a nod and a count down they heave it out. She smiles and leaps out into the water, calling through the comms, "Armor sealed, rebreather activated." And then a clang clang as she magnetizes her gauntlets and seals to the outside of the hull, "I'm secure." And away they go.

Ban for his part had waited in line, and as the group files out he jumped into the water, hitting the water and swimming down and down, grabbing an outside hand hold, he'd be much better use to the team being able to egress quickly and get in and among the enemy. He was no use at range, not without a proper rifle, and though the throwing needles, and knifes he had, and the rapid fire machine pistol could do in a pinch, he's got not long range heavy hitter. But he can do alot of damage at short range. The chain spear, and the dual swords won't be stopped by any personal body armor. He'd have to get in close.

After a moment as the team boards his comms channel lights up, and in a poetic tone, "Kanpekina hana wa mezurashī monodesu. Jinsei o kakete sagashite mo, sore wa mudana jinseide wanaideshou." and after a bit he translates, "The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life." he swallows thickly over the comms, then continues, "I thought I had found a perfect blossom, by getting out of Raven, years ago. But I find myself back here, and realize, I'm more at home with the Red Spider Lillies. Thank you all for having this old Yakuza. As my Family fights a War, on the streets of Tokyo, I fight a war here with all of you, against the destruction of the Order of Life. If I die here, I'm glad it's with all of you."

Squad Nordling, Fireteam Viking Solveig Theta Mine, Tasiusaq, southern Greenland
Scion - Son of Gods

Jamie braced feeling the hover craft bounce and lurch. He chuckled softly "I like this thing...wonder if BlueSword would let me buy one and take it out into the Outback." He chuckles again and places a big hand on the cieling as the thing bounces.

He looks about, and then out of one of the view ports, seeing their target fast approaching, the hefty chug of the cannon. He hums, "Okay..." then steps over to a side door, this thing would barely be big enough to let him out. He calls, "Opening a hatch!" Then with a little effort, pops the door open, reaches out and slaps a safety harness strap with attached carabiner to one of the safety rails outside. Then...

Yeah he climbs out. He cackles abit over the comms, "Relax. I'll be fine." And goes hand over hand hold. Making his way to the roof of the craft. Chuckling the whole way, "Just want to...help." The last word drawn out into a mighty war whoop.

Warrior Souls

Climbing up atop on the hover craft he clamps his safety line down, standing just off to the side of the cannon. He calls down, "Just don't hit me with the darn thing please!"

He plants himself, a wide straddle stance for stability. And raises his HMGs, no he's not going to hit anything with it out here, but he levels the twin barrels and spits a prolonged bbbbraaattttt! of .50cal rounds towards their destination. He laughs, "And they say I'm the sane one!"

He bends down, getting even more braced up. The rocket pods on his shoulders shifting, and though it's not directly into comms, the team can hear him command, "Suit, Twin Fire, Both Pods, Ranging Fire!" And both rocket pods on his shoulders spit one rocket each, the rockets lancing up into the air, turning correcting then hissing off into the distance. For a moment Jamie stands on the top of the hover craft just seeming to vibe. Then grins, "Solid strikes!" The pair of HEDP rockets exploding within the facility, "May as well make some noise!" he shifted his stance once more, and took a deep breath commanding his suit again, "Suit, Full Barrage, Fire for Effect!"

And he disappeared in a cloud of steam and smoke and fire for a moment, as the remaining twenty two rockets in the dual pods kicked into the air, and whistled off into the distance. While they are in the air, one of four reloads he has on his suit begins to cycle, reloading the rocket pods. Soon he reappears as the smoke and steam is carried away on the wind generated by their travel. He lifts a great big foot and stomps on the roof of the hover craft, and calls through their shared comms "If one of you could, please see if you can find another, say, four reload canisters for my rockets? Please? if they loaded us up there should be a few more inside."

Upon finishing saying that he braces again and commands, "Suit, retarget, short, Full Barrage, Fire for effect." And he again disappears in that cloud of smoke and fire. But soon it's pierced as he unleashes another growl from his twin HMGs, "A Kanatariio comes! My father and mother were in this land once! And another comes!" He calls, another mighty war whoop, as his rocket pods reload.
Belial's character has 9-12 years experience but only officially joined up with the Family a few years ago, right? Is he Made yet or no?

Let's say 9 years then to be safe. And he's been a freelancer all this time. Why would he be Made? If he just joined? He's been a Freelancer Associate of the Family for all these years. A contractor. Someone the family went too when they needed him. He wouldn't be made at any point I think.

Personally love the idea so far.

I suppose a compromise is, he's got some knowledge of Goblin locks. Not fantastically quite yet maybe? Say enough to work at it.

But those Goblin locks are going to take a little longer to work through let's say. He still has to carefully step his way through it, Every Goblin lock is a learning experience. But with every Gobby lock he learns something new or gets to hone what he knows and gets better everytime.

I mean 38 is plenty of time to learn true. But it's still lots of time to learn and get better.

As for lots of students fighting during the BAttle of Hogwarts. You know the real implications right? Lots of Firsties fought...without any combat spell knowledge. Alot of them would have died because they didn't know how to cast anything more then MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE an Expelliarmus. 3rd year and up they have more experience with casting Reducto, and other combat spells. The 3rds and up would have had more likely chances to survive. But alot of 1sts and 2nds. Not so sure. So alot of those Firsties and Seconds? May have died during the BoH...

Makes ya think huh?

As awesome as it sounds to have those skills. I am beginning to think that's a little op boss.

Being able to feel out a mechanical and magilock with wand work and a lock picking kit sure. But I feel like having an in depth knowledge of goblin mechanical locks would be abit overboard for a 38 year old wizard. Maybe someone in then 80s who has had time and has stolen siblin, dearven and gnomish lock text sure.

But I'm trying to make my guy have a little experience not tons of experience. He still has some room to grow.

Personally feel like if he's got knowledge on how to crack a gringos safe he's been working way way way longer then I want to portray, you know?
The best? No no. That'd be someone else.

I do like how that little scene played out in my head though lol

From the movies and books there is evidence that alot of Wizarding security is based around magic yeah, but we see Goblin security uses mechanical locks too.

But I would imagine that wards and barriers would be something he needs to work at as well. So his safe cracking would be part mechanical lock picking, magical lock picking and ward/barrier breaking as well.

So a little bit of both of column A, B C and D more or less.

Was thinking my fella is in his mid thirties, and for a while, was a nonnaffliated case. A contractor for whatever family wanted to use his services. A fence and a safe cracker would be perfect for a neutral party. Until maybe a few years ago when the Serpeverde family talked him into helping with silencing a "Rat" and to make sure he didn't get pinched in the Auror investigation he joined up officially

He's likely got maybe 9 to 12 years of experience. Having done this since his late 20s.

It's a specific experience, though, so it's not like he's a super experienced gangster.
Ban Kingo, Shimura

Hannula Armory

It was a serious situation in the Armory after the briefing.

If he hadn't already lost nearly 50% of what he cared most of in the world it would have likely hit Ban alot harder. But his honored mother an accomplished lawyer and yakuza accomplice had past decades ago. And his great lamented father, killed by the family blade stolen from his hands. Ban had cleaned the blade since then, taken a stone and blade powder to it even. But as he knelt in the Armory in front of one of the kit tables, with the Kingo sword before him. He can almost see the blood of family still staining it's length.

The man knelt there then, dressed in a surprisingly traditional style. With a modern take. A dark charcoal hakama clearly armored, a white, the color of death and the afterlife in Japanese culture, shitagi. And a pair of white tabi. For all that it is the modern day Ban could be mistaken for a Shogunate samurai just abit.

This might be complimented when he gets to his feet and begins a war dance. A old Samurai practice, for safety and fortune in battle. Not luck, oh not a Samurai or even a Yakuza ronin wouldn't believe in luck in battle. As Ban turns elegantly in the movements, and a small battle fan is produced from within the folds of the sash at his waist. He dances, silent his gaze brilliant with purpose. And it's not clear when he picks up his sword. Only that he has it, and sharp, swift motions, turns and spins. The fan and sword lash through the air.

It lasts no more then a few minutes maybe. Or maybe hours. Those who watch him silent. Finally Ban stops and takes a single step back, the only time he intends to retreat if he can manage it. Sword held aloft as if prepared to strike down any foe. And then, a single echoing war cry.

Only after lowering his sword, does Shimura put on his armor. His old suit had been taken by Raven way back when, and he'd been prepared to go into this op with only his shirt and pants and sandals. But Samantha had come through. The armor looks like old o-yoroi. Black with a white Kingo family crest on the Do chest plate. Kote arm guards, heavy Haidate thigh guards and lighter Suneate shin guards. Finished out with shoulder guards menu face mask and a Kabuto helmet with six reaching spires of material reaching before sweeping behind his head. What makes this though is the color. Besides the black cuirass, every other inch of the armor, is a eye scorching bone white. He'd really had to tell Sam how important the color is. How white is the color of Death and the Dead in Japanese culture, and that he'd be bringing that Death on the operation.

If Shimura really is going to walk into battle again, he wanted to make that statement.

With the last element of his armor strapped on, and closer inspection showing the archaic armor is actually layers of ceramic plates on kevlar and titanium chain mail.

Lastly a pistol a quick firing machine pistol a concession he'd made. And then something of a trick but Sam and her people had managed. A chain spear. Callout to Scoprion. A short spear attached to a long steel chain that he could throw and pull back with ease. Reminding him of Flying Bullet training actually. And then finally the Kingo blade, bit it had a friend. Another blade. Slightly shorter, the Kingo Katana longsword and a shorter Wakazashi blade. Etched on its face, by his own hands the Japanese characters for ,"I belong to the Death that has been wrought anew". Ban had figured it poetic and appropriate.

He'd looked at Adam only then, "Ready? Yosh! Hai! As ready as we can be."

The Battle Goddess stands firm

With a shrug she works at her armor, to make sure it's all in place. She nods slowly. Yes this will do. And to finish it, the left arm already encased, another Mjolnir Contingency element, lowering and setling onto the right arm, connecting across the shoulder with reinforcing spars and metal elements. She'd be mostly prepared to protect against hurting herself again.

It'd be alot easier this time around. Less chance of getting hurt, more chance.of being able to cause so much more damage too.

With a push she's up eight and marching towards the team, "So then, how are we getting there?" Her face splits in a wide smile.

The Battle Goddess is back and it feels spectacular.

Walking in the Shadow of a Giants, Jamie Kanatariio, Scion

There is a certain.


All the Kanatariio siblings walk in it, even if a few of them don't let it overshadow them too much.

Where Freya blazes her way to the bleeding edge of science and beyond into the unexplored void. And Athena seeks ever more incredible heights of sass and adrenaline.

Jamie, Jamie is a little more down to earth. But because of this, he's forced to walk in a long deep shadow. The Shadow of their parents. Sure he's made a name for himself, meeting and breaking his father's records in the WSM tournaments. Becoming a champion Dancer on the Pow Wow Trail. He danced in a four way tie breaker in Albuquerque for crying out-loud.

He steps up and onto the platform of his armor. Unlike Freya's that comes in three pieces and now with the weapon harness and the armatures. Jamie's armor is all one big body emcompassing system. The surfaces of it, are rounded and smooth, unlike the blocky and angular surfaces of his sisters, or the old kevlar and ceramic plates of his parents.

With a stretch, he steps up onto the pedestal, turns and leans back into the armor, the entire assembly sliding over his outstretcheds arms, around his upper torso and waist and hips, then around his legs and with synchronized hisses all the pieces swing around and into place, the last part is the oblong help and head piece that closes like a hatch over his head. Then he steps free of all the hooks and lifts keeping the armor upright. He makes a few motions then brings his fists together with an almighty clang, "Systems synced. Ready." He grabs his weapons off their places and strides over to the team he's going with, "Yes. shall we go?"

The Water Crew Squad Poseidon
Shimura and Frigga

Frigga stood in the bay of the Osprey. Keeping atleast three points of contact as they approached their objective. She smiled brightly, "Ahhh nothing like a good ride to start the day!" She turned to look up at the cockpit, "You're doing great there Driver!" The head pilot turning and flipping her off good naturedly. She couldn't help but cackle a little.

Shimura in the meantime is strapping his helmet in place, along with rebreather and back up air tank. He makes sure his daisho is attached then nods, "Yosh." His voice is deep and angry, as befits a Samurai or Fallen Ronin before the battle, "Shimura stands ready." He nods and does one last check before nodding. Placing his left hand on his katana, this time, showing trust in the others. Unlike the last perhaps.

Team Northman Fireteam Viking

Scion stood in the lead position fully intending to be the first one off the craft once they hit land. He'd not allow any of his squad mates to be hurt immediately. True once they got out from his shadow they'd have to take care of themselves, but he would not allow the first shots to be on them.

With a roll of his shoulders the giant of a man loosens up, preparing to go. he looks forward where the lines attaching the hovercraft inside the A400 are taut. Crew bustling outside. One of them a technical crew member flashes him a thumbs up, "We'll be waiting for you boss. I think we're all owed a brew later on." Jamie gave a nod, the great flat head of his armor bobbing. He looks back then braces. Only a matter of time now.
I was thinking my charrie might be a magical safe cracker. Part time fence and "rat" catcher aka informant silencer. A sort jack of no trades master of none but still does good work
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