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I'm an Interdiscplinary BA, searching for a job in the current market, and this site has been my introduction to role-play. I prefer medieval and/or sci-fi roleplays and am a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, RWBY, Fire Emblem Awakening, Superheroes, and Fairy Tail.

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Because if it is, I'd be interested in joining. My choices would be between a Kugawa Sollen mercenary of the Junchiro tribe who simply seeks adventure and to help others, a Naasaki Crow Laguz who was captured, enslaved, sold to Yvelstor mines, but keeps escaping and would join the quest for the Dawn artifact if granted his freedom afterwards, or a Faye mage who simply seeks to learn and to prove to those within the kingdom that mages aren't monsters.
Marigold huffed, standing near Bancroft who'd she'd run beside. "As if any vermin lord would honor that..." She muttered under her breath.

Surely these Abby folk wouldn't be gullible enough to fall for this ruse. Vermin 'lieges' never kept their word. And to give up that sword...Mother told her those stories before, though she could barely recollect them now. But the sword of Redwall, that always triumphed over any foe that fought against the abbey. If they just gave up that, how could they defend themselves?

Covertly, she crouched down, then rested an arrow into her bow and waited. When the time was right, she'd be ready.
This still a thing?
I'm still here as well. With my Marigold who likely had before suspected that Redwall was a vermin fort before (or was simply so hyperaware of her immediate surroundings as to not realize the fort was right there within running distance...)
"A, A hedgehog?!" She frowned, looking closer. Then she notched her bow and arrows away, then started down the large tree. Her jumps were slow at first, until she finally saw them clearly There indeed, was a hedgehog. Along with a mouse with a nick in his ear. She swallowed. Was that her doing? "So I now see..." Then she started jumping quickly from branch to branch before she came to gracefully land beside them. "My apologies. I didn't realize any good beasts were even near here..." She looked back to the sky, towards the raptor going to that fortress that had long been in the distance. She'd thought it must have been some old ruin, but if they were worried about people over there..."Won't they know to hide in your, abbey?"
"How'd I know you're fair?!" Marigold cursed herself, then went to clamber higher into the trees. "Stay, stay back! If you're vermin, the next arrow won't miss!" Her heart thudded in her throat. What if they weren't vermin? Oh gosh, had she about killed some goodbeast? But if they were vermin...Though, did vermin even team up with raptors?

...The raptor! She stopped at the next branch and looked up into the sky as she realized she was a good deal nearer to that threat. She skittered back down and behind the tree from it, then readied her bow again. Trapped, she was trapped! Potential vermin below, a raptor above...Whichever tried to take her, she wouldn't go without a fight.
Thank you @Fading Memory!
inwardly facepalming Why was Marigold accidently shooting towards them too much in character to ignore having her do it?
...Bancroft is actually still alive, right?
<Snipped quote by Cyrania>

Bancroft is already dead.

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