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Current Heading towards College. Once more into the breach.
11 mos ago
Starting to get back into action. Still have college and probably combining again this summer, but I think I can swing at least one campaign.
2 yrs ago
Going to be combining. Won't be up much.
2 yrs ago
Summer Break! Doing a bit of interning, but otherwise I'm free.
2 yrs ago
Getting close to Spring Break.



I'm studying information systems in a college within the state of oregon and this site was my introduction to role-play. I prefer medieval and/or sci-fi roleplays and am a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, RWBY, Fire Emblem Awakening, Superheroes, and Fairy Tail.

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@Omega Man
Thanks. I thought it suited her and her background. And I'm totally alright with waiting till other's post for the ear thing to be addressed. It was simply a funny thing I realized as I was typing out my post.

Would you mind if my character had a bit of a negative reaction to your character, due to past experience to your character's race? I wouldn't imagine wandering gypsys and wandering raiders would have many positive clashes. Mostly thinking at this point that she's more seen the aftermath of attacks then actually experienced any though.

She still has a bigger gripe against surface humans than his race though.
Arianna aka The Drifter

The silvery seal scoffed at Leviathan's comment. "Things are only out of the ordinary when they're not where they belong, human."She mind-whispered to him. Then she swam over next to Aquaman and did her best to copy the Atlantean soldier salute with fins. "Ready for duty, sir" Even if that duty was going to involve serving with a raider. Her skin crawled, thinking of the aftermath of Exsules raids she'd witnessed.

Such were the prices though for managing to join Aquaman's Justice League. She wasn't going to screw this up for the rest of Selkie kind. She'd definitely have her jabs at the surface men that managed to invade the team, but nothing that would truly harm her place. Meanwhile, she would do her duty and prove her worth and that of her race. While also having to respectfully disagree with king-consort Aquaman on a few details of how things were going to work. "Sir, I don't think this earpiece will work for my seal form." She stated while precariously balancing the thing on her fin. At the very least, she could quickly shove it under her skin for her surface form to be able to grab a hold of when it came out.
Posted. Did a bit to mesh things together better. Though, we might consider doing a more conversational order for this round to help speed things along where a person talks and another responds to what was last said based on who its directed to and/or if they'd reasonably have a response to that.
SS Libertalia

Cicero Bladewalker , Dalious , & Gwyneria

The gruesomeness of the kill shook Gwyn, but she was grateful that Dalious had taken the situation out of her hands. The mutiny leader would have been too dangerous to keep alive in any case. She would have to learn how to not freeze if the situation happened again though. That wasn't here or now though. Right now, Dalious was offering to get them to the next port and travel with them. She shivered at the callous mention of having his former crew walk the plank, but she could see the logic of it. She nodded her head in agreement with Cicero, not seeing a need to add any more words in. Then she dissipated the remnants of her light ribbon, feeling that bit of drain finish off,before checking that Cicero and Dalious weren't too injured, only really able to stop bleeding at this point. She helped Cicero as well as she could get the crew into the brig as Dalious ran the ship before going with him to get her equipment back. The feeling of her wand and rapier back leant her a better feeling of security that she'd been solely missing as well as her book.

As they walked towards the Captain at the wheel, Cicero whispered to her and she whispered in reply. "Don't worry. We will." Then Cicero went and protested Dalious's plans for his crew. On the one hand, yes killing so many at once like that was terrible. On the other hand though, what other options did they have? They'd be facing a worse death if turned into a port. If kept alive, there was a high chance one or more of them might come back for revenge. No way to trust them since she barely trusted Dalious. Really though, what would they do with them? Besides, this seemed a little early to be deliberately provoking a fight. "What were you thinking of doing with them then?" She asked Cicero, hoping she came across as a neutral at this point and could calm things down before they got heated up.
I'll be making my post tomorrow.
I'm still game
That's alright.
SS Libertalia

Cicero Bladewalker , Dalious , & Gwyneria

"On it." Gwyneria called. Knife at the ready, she slashed at Josh's sword wrist. The captain cried out in shock as his cutlass fell clattering to the deck. He started punching blindly, striking the elf once in the stomach as she tried to dodge. She stalled for a second, then forced herself through the pain to continue dodging his flails. Finally, she moved behind him and swiftly set the knife below his Adam's apple, her hand and body braced against his left shoulder so he couldn't easily turn around and attack. "Don't. Move."

The pirate rested his arms against his side, trying to force himself through his remaining drunkenness, blindness, and pain to figure out what to do now, especially since he now had a mage to contend with. There was no telling what a she witch like her would do.

Meanwhile, Gwen noted the state of her allies then stalled on what to do next. Killing him now would be the most sensible, but she'd never...She knew how to in case of need, but to actually, take a life? Have his blood stain her hands and leave her marked forever? He'd have no conpitions about taking her life or that of Cicero or Dalious. Ugh, what to do, what to do?

What happens next?
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