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Current Graduated. And Job Hunting...
5 days ago
Graduated. And Job Hunting...
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Senior year of College. Once more into the breach.
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Summertime, and the job hunting ain't easy.
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Heading towards College. Once more into the breach.



I'm studying information systems in a college within the state of oregon and this site was my introduction to role-play. I prefer medieval and/or sci-fi roleplays and am a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, RWBY, Fire Emblem Awakening, Superheroes, and Fairy Tail.

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"The Fire Nation." Ayuka scowled as she forced her things back into her bags. "Barely a week here and I'm already being sent back home! Who the heck was in charge of planning?!" She threw the bag against her barely used barracks bed, then forced herself to take a breath. "Calm down, Ayu. No use getting all heated up over a little thing like this..." She took the bag back up, and continued to pack. "So what you barely got to know anyone here, or had time to know about the new change of plans...It's fine. You joined the White Lotus. You knew things weren't going to be easy or simple. You were going to be assigned elsewhere on missions eventually, and missions back to home. This'll be a chance to prove yourself. We're going to be looking for the Avatar and you'll be the one that knows the lay of the land. Be a big help if you don't screw this up, like by being late if this dumb bag won't take back what I need to pack. I just unpacked this stuff out of you!" She huffed, sending some of her black hair out of her face. Then sheepishly she looked around and sighed. "I also need to stop talking with myself."

The firebender shook her head and focused her attention back on her bag, finally getting everything packed and closed away. With a nod, she placed it on her back and left the building, bracing herself as the chill winds hit her. It always was so cold around here. She took warming breaths as she walked, heading for where she was sure the air bison stables were. That her team was told to meet here struck her with surprise, but it would probably be explained once there. At least with the air bison they were easy to find. She walked through the door and looked around. She spotted a guy petting one of the bison, really seeming to bond with the animal. A team member?

One way to find out. She walked to him. "Hello. I was told to be here as part of Haeo's team. Would you happen to be part of it as well?"
Seems like it'd be partially of all our making.

Also interested.


Thank you. I'll go ahead and change that.
Fixed now. I developed how she ended up joining.

Yeah, the part where she joined is at the end of her bio. She's basically a real newbie.

I'm in too.

Sex: F
Height: Tall
Physique: Lean
Skin tone:
I'm sorry, but is there anyone else that would take over as gm?

I'll try to hold on if we do want to continue this, but I'm really losing steam.
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