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Current Summertime, and the job hunting ain't easy.
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Heading towards College. Once more into the breach.
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Starting to get back into action. Still have college and probably combining again this summer, but I think I can swing at least one campaign.
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Going to be combining. Won't be up much.
2 yrs ago
Summer Break! Doing a bit of interning, but otherwise I'm free.



I'm studying information systems in a college within the state of oregon and this site was my introduction to role-play. I prefer medieval and/or sci-fi roleplays and am a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, RWBY, Fire Emblem Awakening, Superheroes, and Fairy Tail.

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I think Nort might be on the verge of adopting Nova right now.
Nortiz - Dawn, Mirica

Nortiz's eyebrow rose. "And what sort of magic and 'stuff' can you do?" He then proceeded to give him a once over. At the very least, the boy was able to distract his thoughts from how either route required going by or through Ganon (and the possibility of seeing him again).

This newcomer was certainly young, definitely from around here, showed some measure of tact with his timing, and was prepared for a long journey, books and all. The folks at Derak (especially in the radical crowd) might eat him alive though if he didn't have a stronger backbone. But, if he truly stuck around, the long road was the one they ended up taking, and he wasn't an utter bigot, he could potentially get him ready for that. At the very least, this mage made a better first impression than the one at the tavern.

"Though if I may say so, your highness," he began, making sure that all possible revarance was paid. This was a suggestion he wanted taken seriously after all. "If he truly is qualified enough, it would be appropriate for the beroc of Mirica to have a representative on this investigation as well as the laguez." At the very least, he would be someone listened to if the beroc king did turn out to be the murderer.

He squatted down to the boy's eye level. "What's your name, mage?"
@Cojemo So, what kind of character are you thinking of playing?
Opps. Thanks, I'll fix that now.
Nortiz - Dawn, Mirica

Nortiz shrugged his shoulders, putting on an air of non-calance. "Clearing King Temerius's name would be one step closer to finding out the truth. At the very least, he'd know some of the answers we seek. Besides, I know my way around Derak. As you have protected my life this day, it would be ungrateful of me to not offer what assistance I can give to your quest, especially as it concerns my people." His fist tightened at that last thought, but he held it in, as he'd held in his anger in front of the seated king.

He was more sure than ever that Jacob had killed his father. Just the way he didn't even allow this new prince to even know the details of the murder, how easily the laguez bias came to him. If he hadn't held his tongue, he was sure that his lack of real diplomatic immunity would have brought his investigations to a halt. As this party seemed to want to solve the mystery once and for all yet didn't seem to consider Jacob as the possible guilty party, he may as well hang around. It was the laguez of Mirica that dealt with the after affects more than anyone else.

Besides, the guards would probably arrest him again if he didn't go with the prince and that would mean no chance to investigate at all (as well as the probable happening of other things). He'd just have to be wary and hope that the prince and his knights were truly the type of beroc they seemed to be.
Is Nortiz still in bird form or human form?
Nortiz - Dawn, Mirica

The raven straightened up behind the building, bracing for the sound of the mage's magic overhead.

Only for it to never come.

Nortiz puzzled through the mystery as he mechanically flew through the streets. The man had been ready to strike, his posture shouted that. There ought to have been a missed shot at least. They couldn't have given up on him already, not with the amount of guards. Maybe they were content to let him get away? Doubtful, but given they did have other prisoners, there should be some time before some would be sent to...

A brief glance out of the corner of his eye was all the warning he had before the net engulfed him. Frantically, he struggled to bite or claw his way out, but he was also falling to the ground. Progress was made, but the crash to the ground stunned him long enough for the guards to swarm. His wings were pushed together and tied first, even as he scrambled to fight them off. Then some wrapped rope around his neck and beak before it became his lead line while the rest hobble roped his legs, restricting his kicking range. All he could do for now was glare, fighting the helplessness and visions that rose up in his head. But of course, that glare would cause the sergeant to chuckle.

"Fiesty little bird, aren't you,"commented the sergeant as he stroked Nortiz's head, smirking as the raven failed to control his flinch. "I can see why a prince would claim you for himself." He then stood up and jerked on the leadline, causing Nortiz to stumble forward. "Form ranks around the prisoner and get ready to double-time to the palace. We wouldn't want to cause a diplomatic incident now, would we?"

Some of the men chuckled and the raven focused on the feel of cobblestone on his talons. He couldn't panic now. Panic later when alone (if he was left alone for long enough). He couldn't escape now (he'd simply be more tightly bound if he was in beroc form especially with his current lack of clothes and had no chance against all the guards right now), but if he kept his wits about him he could escape later no matter what happened before then (even if it took years). No telling why a foreign prince would claim a random laguz that flew away, but he could survive whatever came (he had before). There was one little bit of comfort he could think of as the guards dragged him to the castle. He'd managed to get into the palace after all.
I honestly feel like going with the first option. Simply seems to have a lot of story potential and actually get him to be part of the group sooner. Besides, he'd probs be captured anyway on a solo expedition into the castle.

Do you want me to make a post for that or would you want to have that happen in your post?
Hey @TheLazarus, how do you want to handle what happens with Nortiz? I'm sort of thinking that he lets his guard down after getting away from the mage and gets captured in a net, but whatever works for you.
Go for it.
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