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I'm an Interdiscplinary BA, searching for a job in the current market, and this site has been my introduction to role-play. I prefer medieval and/or sci-fi roleplays and am a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, RWBY, Fire Emblem Awakening, Superheroes, and Fairy Tail.

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Star Wars - Rise of Crusade


Think they're two Jedi you're sending elsewhere.
Heading Off Planet//AHCH-TO

Percivalyn nodded. "Master Skywalker would not send us on a doomed mission." Would he? She shook her head. This was not the time for talk like that. She prepared for the journey then quietly reflected in the shuttle as she waited for them to head into the ship.

Alastrina frowned. "You mean the Clone Wars. Yeah, none if that sounded good." Then she smiled again. "I'm sure we won't have those kind of problems though. As for me...Well, I'm good with a blaster and not a bad pilot if I do say so myself. I also know some things about surviving in the wilderness and first aid. If you're talking about Ranger experience though..." She swallowed. "This would be my first mission, but I'm perfectly willing to pull my weight and prove myself!"

"Oh, not at all!" Alastrina grinned, patting her pack. "I got everything I need right here. Thanks though!" Then she ran into the gestured shuttle with her, the twi'lek Jedi only a bit behind her. Alice then went followed after Lakras. "So...What kind of ship do you have? My parents had a YT series, but they always debated over keeping it or exchanging it for something else. Ended up keeping it thankfully. I was born and raised in that ship."

Percivalyn though went into a corner, crossed her legs under her, and started meditating. Her first mission, and she with her companions would have to find a Jedi that was lost. Master Luke expected great things of her, as he did any other Jedi. She dare not disappoint. At least there was also Knight Dante with them. He had some experience in missions before. Once her nerves settled, she came out of meditation then moved closer to where Dante was. "What do you say to the odds of our success?"

Alastrina could barely contain her excitement. It was Luke Skywalker himself! Come to debrief their mission! Though it did sound serious...She hoped this Bridger guy was okay. She swallowed back her squeel, tried to appear as put together as possible, then asked. "So...The lightsaber was found and nothing else? No footprints or tracks of any kind?"

Percivalyn rolled her eyes. "The planet is a rain world, isn't it? There would be no tracks then." Man, the girl was getting on her nerves. Who the heck was this excitable?! She was like some overgrown lothwolf pup!

Privately though, she was still unnerved by the images sent. She had gone through so much. Been rejected by the *Order*. Her soul roiled with guilt, but she kept her shields secure. She...She couldn't share back. No one else had to know about then. Instead, she just sent apology in her field towards her.

I had. Just wanted to make sure.
Are my characters also headed with them, or someplace else?

"I am sure I can be glad to make your acquaintance, Captain." She walked on, glad that they were not too far away from the council room.
Percivalyn then stoically went to sit in a chair, looking towards the doorway and where Captain Tagrate leaned against the wall. Every part of her wanted to bristle, but it would not be very Jedi-like. She was considered ready to be on assignment. It would not do to ruin that with her temper.

Still, she wondered where everyone else was. Surely there would at least be someone to give the debriefing if nothing else. The Zabrek's mind was surprisingly guarded from her. That could only mean trouble or...

A figure rushed through the door. "Oh, am I late?" A human came in, looking around. "The shuttle was a bit late, but I got here as soon as I could. Glad everyone here's so friendly. Otherwise, I'd have never found this room." Her green eyes landed on the Zabrek. "You a fellow Ranger?" Then she offered her hand. "Alastrina Rogers. Pleasure to meet you."

Percivalyn stood frozen for a moment, nearly stepping back before she got back a hold of herself. She was a Jedi for crying out loud! She looked back sternly into her eyes, driving pure ice to meet her daggers. "The reason for my lateness was outside my control, but thank you." She would not be intimidated by this, Ranger?

Oh dear...She swallowed. "As it happens, I am headed that way myself...If you would follow me." She then walked on for the meeting room, making sure she always had a clear sense of where the Zabrek was as she went.
RANGERS HQ - Some days ago

Ratta-Ratta-Tap-Tap. Her leg bounced against the wall as the redhead sat up straight to attention, green eyes taking in everything around her. Clerks were at their desks, tapping away at their computers. The secretary across from her sighed deeply as he tiredly looked over to her. "They will see you now."

"Fantastic!" She rose to her feet, smile blindingly. "Thank you." Then she near fly to the door as the secretary merely rolled his eyes and continued with his work. He gave her less than a week. Then she'd either be here filing a resignation, or in a body bag...

JEDI TEMPLE//AHCH-TO - present day

Alastrina still couldn't believe her eyes. Her first mission. And she was seeing the Jedi Temple up close! Her eyes hadn't left the window of the shuttle from the moment they entered through the atmosphere, eyes fixed on the building as they came closer and closer. She could also spot the people as they went too and through, so many in those distinctive Jedi Robes. She bit her lip, body thrumming as the shuttle finally landed.

"We have just arrived at the AHCH-TO starport." The shuttle loudspeaker proclaimed as the doors slid open. "Please make sure -" She was already out the door, jostling and bumping into people as she went. Once outside, she looked up to her destination then started to speedwalk there, taking in the sights as she went. It really was a beautiful place. And a beautiful morning!

Now to just find this meeting room.
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