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Current Senior year of College. Once more into the breach.
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Summertime, and the job hunting ain't easy.
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Heading towards College. Once more into the breach.
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Starting to get back into action. Still have college and probably combining again this summer, but I think I can swing at least one campaign.
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Going to be combining. Won't be up much.



I'm studying information systems in a college within the state of oregon and this site was my introduction to role-play. I prefer medieval and/or sci-fi roleplays and am a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, RWBY, Fire Emblem Awakening, Superheroes, and Fairy Tail.

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And dm post posted. Sorry for the lateness.
Port Raventine Market

Cicero Bladewalker & Gwyneria

"Thank you Cyrano," she quietly replied. Now they just had to get to the ship and...

"...I lost him..."

She whipped around, "What do you mean you lost..." And indeed, Dalious had vanished into the crowd. "Rats! We better find him." She quickly tried to spy him through the crowd, but even her sharp elven eyes had a hard time piercing through a herd of people.

"Over here." called Cicero and Gwyn followed behind him to the vegetable seller. No good in them being split up now and she could hopefully have an easier time spying through the crowd from a stall, especially while Cicero covered their bases by appearing busy.

As he asked for a head of lettuce, the short, sharp human woman apprised him for his his probable worth through her spectacles. Then she crossed her arms. "10 copper."

Is Cicero going to want to haggle? Pay full price? Or act as if he's still looking? Or something else?


@Sol Grim

The sea of people was indeed large and noisy, with hawkers proclaiming their wares, buyers buying, bartering, and selling, pickpockets running about, and shady deals happening in the cover of the crowd. Some of the stalls at least were quieter and gave a better vantage for seeing the potential customers around.

How does Dalious approach the situation? Blindly searching the crowd, choosing a stall for a better vantage, or do something else?

Nylah Aldaos

@The Muse

Once Nylah arrived at the market, she could see that people were as thick as flies as far as the eye could see. And with the diversity of groups within the crowd, it wasn't going to be a picnic to spot the three strangers. How does Nylah go about finding her quarry then? Climbing up to a roof for a bird's eye view? Manually hunting through the crowd? Asking a nearby seller if they'd seen anyone of the group? Or something else?
Sorry guys. Been a bit busy with life. Will have a long weekend to do the next post for though.
Would Light Illusions then count as duplicates, like Loki's Light illusion duplicates? I was thinking that the turn would be taken up either moving them in sync with her movement or moving one of them individually as well as the fact that they would be energy taxing while in operation especially if there's more than one and that they would be taken out in one hit or if she lost her focus in keeping them up for whatever reason.

If so, that could be taken out of possible uses of her light manipulation.
We will be merging her in eventually. It just has to make sense storywise. Right then would not have made the most sense with two paranoids right there.
@The Muse With that, we'll say that she spots the illusion and is suspicious of it, but she follows the illusion anywhere due to not wanting to lose the lead.
New gm post.
Port Raventine

Cicero Bladewalker, Dalious, Nylah Aldaos & Gwyneria

"Drat. She's following us. Hope this works.

When the three of them hustled to the new alleyway, Gwyn led the others to quickly turn the corner. Once out of sight, she silently signaled Cicero to quickly come follow her one way while sending out an illusion of the three of them to go the other way, glad that Dalious had decided not to struggle too much, even if his grunts made her wince from the noise they still made and that she did that in the first place.

Hopefully, their follower would end up following the illusion instead of them. If not, Gwyn would need to come up with a different plan since major illusions like that were energy intensive. While the zig-zagging streets helped, neither she or Cicero really knew where they were heading and Dalious would have his work cut out for him if he noticed that they were heading someplace dangerous. Perhaps if they found the market, they could blend into the crowd? Gwyn keep her ears alert to see if she could hear market sounds.

(@The Muse Roll to see if Nylah falls for the ruse.)
Thank you. And sorry for gagging Dalious like that.

I'll try to get a new gm post up soon.
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