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Current Heading towards College. Once more into the breach.
1 yr ago
Starting to get back into action. Still have college and probably combining again this summer, but I think I can swing at least one campaign.
2 yrs ago
Going to be combining. Won't be up much.
2 yrs ago
Summer Break! Doing a bit of interning, but otherwise I'm free.
2 yrs ago
Getting close to Spring Break.



I'm studying information systems in a college within the state of oregon and this site was my introduction to role-play. I prefer medieval and/or sci-fi roleplays and am a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, RWBY, Fire Emblem Awakening, Superheroes, and Fairy Tail.

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@The Wyrm

Looking over your character, a few things stood out.

For one thing, you have her as a spellsword yet also give her a berserk ability and have her outfitted like a paladin or knight. If she's going to be a spellsword, the berserk ability doesn't fit well and I'd think both that and her history would make her prefer not to have plate-chainmail armor for the ease of quicker and silenter movement as well as less hot in a tropical location, even if the priestesses could afford that. If you want her to be a berserker, then she could keep the berserk ability and a paladin of whatever order she joins could be a more reasonable fit for the armor and weapon while also allowing spell use.

For another, some parts of the backstory come out as being dark for the sake of being dark. At the very least, maybe allow us to read things between the lines more?
Thanks. Looking forward to it.

And I've just posted the DM post. Thank you @The Muse for the tavern pic.
Black Jack's Roost

Nylah Aldaos

"Coming up, miss." The barkeep replied as he reached down for a pint to fill. If one happened to look closely, a glimpse of some sort of tail could be seen as he moved before he straightened himself up pour in the ale. Then he slid it over to her and leaned forward, resting his head into his hands with elbows on the bar. "Now, what are you wanting lassie? Guys like me are not given those kind of eyes for the heck of it."

The observed pirates were either swimming in their tankards, observed in the paid wenches, or surrounding a game going on. One at the table did look her way that might look oddly familiar (roll a d20 for a perception check) though now he and a good many others are involved in a brawl. So they're most likely not going to be available sources of information at this time. So talking to the barkeep would seem to be the most worthwhile choice at the moment unless Nylah would love to join a barfight [if you get above a 10 in the roll, then you'd recognize Dalious and be able to act on that knowledge. If you roll a nat 20, you notice two suspicious people beyond him, a likely human male and a likely elvish female.]

The punch pushed Dalious back though his jaw was intact for now. Though the three other fists being aimed towards him might be of concern. The first puncher got attacked by one of the guy's watching the game saying, "Oi! You didn't think that dwarf was cheating before. What makes this guy different?"
"Who're you calling a cheater, Darrell?" The dwarf yelled out as he tackled the guy. The two rolled around on the ground while others started to join in with the chaos.
A sideline pirate though, a pipe in his mouth, had a squinty look in his eyes before sighing. "Yep, that sure looks like him."
Cicero Bladewalker & Gwyneria

Gwyneria rolled her eyes at the scene. Did the pirate really have to get into a fight now? And why hadn't Cicero fought of talking about secret identities before coming here? Of course, she should have thought of that before as well, but it was far too late for that.
"Are you sure you want to talk about this now?" She replied, though the fighting did throw out a lot of white noise so maybe they could get away with this. "Always heard that it's better to stick as close to the truth as possible when coming up with a cover story." She whispered back. "Though we also need a story that doesn't make us a target. We could just go with the story that we're adventurers out to seek our fortunes though we don't know how yet. Pretty simple. We could go with a story where you're my deaf and mute bodyguard while I'm a forest elf enchantress or something recently hired by your crew that doesn't speak common so requiring one of us to write everything down if they talk with us or Dalious has to act as translator. We could be random travelers that only met today or members of some sort of pirate crew. Or something you come up. If Dalious is with us long though, we'll have to let him and Graves know the story."

"As for names," she mused on that. It'd have to be something that they'd recognize as themselves without being super obvious to a bounty hunter. "Maybe Freda and Cyrano? Names are not a forte of mine, sorry."
@The Wyrm
How about you create a character sheet so we can look over it and then see how we are. We seek to do staggered introductions to new people in the party to get the sense of a grand adventure where the party slowly builds overtime, but right before leaving port could potentially still work if not later.
Keep in mind though that we've barely introduced The Muse's character into the game at this time and we are not a fast paced game here. It might take a while to introduce your character into the setting.
What kind of character would you be interested in being?
Great. I'll get on to the next post soon.

Classic Cicero to not think of getting a new identity set up until they're at the pub instead of before. ;)
Anyone still around?
Done. Sorry for including the other port then skipped past it, but I simply couldn't imagine any Knight Isle pirate haven-type ports actually being a place to turn in bounties. That'd seem like the thing you'd turn into law enforcement personal. I then simply wanted to get to The Muse's character finally and not have to deal with the turning in of 11 guys anonymously. If you want to, we could rewrite your part so that that aspect of the adventure actually happens.

Also, I'm simply striving for a far range of potential options. Feel free to ignore and choose your own idea.
Port Raventine

The sun was high in the sky as the large port bustled with life. Traders bartered and bought, merchants called out their wares in the street markets. Sailors, disreputable or not, recovered from their morning hangovers to spin tales, speculate in games of chance, or seek for the sun-tanned women. Every man smiled at his neighbor, preparing their daggers for when opportunity was right. Meanwhile, the breeze blew placidly over the lapping shoreline as seagulls cried overhead.
Black Jack's Roost

Nylah Aldaos

Within the major seedy pub, a red-haired elf leaned back and glanced through the available bounties. The time had come for her to take on a new job after all. Of course, the highest ones caught her eye and not simply for their price. It was also from Alvion's "covert" contractor and involved an assassination. Nylah looked closer at the drawn pictures and description. They were certainly amateurs to be so easily found out. The thing allowed for wanting them dead or alive, of course. It seemed like it could be interesting. Of course, going for the Dalious contract could be a decent challenge. He had quite the reputation, though he'd be technically safe in any of the Knight Isle ports. She'd need to consider her options.

Does she seek for more info on either assignment, does she choose to pursue some other target, does she start investigating some leads, does she sit a while and mentally prepare herself for her choose target, or does she enjoy herself a bit before the next hunt?

SS Libertalia

Cicero Bladewalker , Dalious , & Gwyneria

(While sailing, all injuries were healed and Gwyn rested until she got up to full strength).
After a slight detour to turn in the prisoners (all quite anonymously) in a port that would accept their arrest, the Libertalia finally arrived at Port Raventine, one of the largest hives of scum and villainy throughout the world. And one of the best places Dalious knew of to get information and to hide. Cicero and Gwyn couldn't refute that logic after finding out that there were indeed bounties for their heads, and rather high ones. Even though he hated his sea-sickness, Graves elected to stay and watch the ship once they arrived. His criminal contacts were more situated on mainland operations after all. (And it allowed him to make sure Gwyn didn't get more of Thorin's Revenge until times were desperate again. She'd been clearly pondering it during the trip and their party only had room for one full time addict at a time.) Gwyn shivered, made sure her hood was over her head, checked over Cicero's disguise, and checked again that everyone was in top condition. There was way too much that could go wrong here and she wasn't going to take any chances. She'd simply need to keep watch and be ready when they got attacked or double-crossed or something. Important thing was to stick close to Cicero and make sure he did nothing too stupid.

As Dalious was their guide, he could take them to a variety of places he thought of as fun and/or useful, such as the pubs or the marketplace. He could also potentially lead them somewhere to double-cross them if he wanted. Or he could ditch them and do something on his own.

Cicero also had options. He could choose to trust Dalious and follow him, choose not to and strike off into the port with Gwyn on their own, or decide to stay on deck. Gwyn would most likely stay with him unless it was a case of needing to make sure Dalious didn't go off alone and turn on them.
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