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I'm an Interdiscplinary BA, searching for a job in the current market, and this site has been my introduction to role-play. I prefer medieval and/or sci-fi roleplays and am a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, RWBY, Fire Emblem Awakening, Superheroes, and Fairy Tail.

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Gwyneria pursed her lips. "We could try. But it would need to cover us getting all the way to there." She pointed across the hallway, a wide open airy space far different than what else they'd seen before. "The walls seem to say to step only on the friends of demonfolks...Though there might also be a pattern up there for how to get across."

Cicero spotted where the first poor guard fell through the ground, noticing the pegasus tile was back upright after dropping him through the floor. Examining the tiles closer to him, he could see that several had those spring mechanisms and only a few did not. In fact, in front of him, only the dragon seemed safe while the griffin, unicorn, and eagle all would open up if stepped on.
@Kaga Classs

Perhaps in the future. We're just about to have another person join.

"I would say not..." Then darted beside Cicero, drew out her rapier, and lunged for the guard that Ashe was not attacking.

The guard raised his sword to react, but her blade pierced right through before he could block the attack then she stood back upright, withdrawing the sword as well. The guard stumbled back, stepping onto a tile of a pegasi. The tile shifted underneath and he screamed in terror as he was swallowed down.

Gwyn blinked, then looked about the room more carefully. All the tiles were very specifically decorated with different creatures, some of which seemed to match those on the walls. "...Another puzzle?"

The other guard, meanwhile, leapt towards Cicero. "Infiltrator!" His scimitar then swiped towards Cicero.

The sword missed Cicero by inches.


Gwyn's eyes furrowed as she took in the map. "That way would be the way out." She pointed back the way she and Ashe both came then showed it down on the map. "Unless they had a guard change, they should be able to clear it on their own. However, there do seem a number of guards that way." Her finger pointed the opposite way, through a door that she and Ashe had not gone through. "So if we don't want them to be attacked from behind, we should seek to take them out."
All looks good to me.

If you could, it might be better to size down the picture to be more of the size of the others in the character sheet. And perhaps fill in the ??? with Merchant unless there's a different class you're thinking for there.

Otherwise, I'd say it's good to go in the character posts.
We are at an interesting place within the rp.

I would like to see your character sheet first then Spiffy and I can see.

"Indeed..." She peered over his shoulder to look over the map. "Currently, we seem to be here...At the bottom of the spiral staircase between the main dungeons and the area you fell in." Her finger pointed to the bottom of the map's spiral pattern, below a larger area to the north and what seemed to be a pit to the south, both areas the slaves knew full well. "The only way back up to the upper level seems to be these stairs. We know we already took care of some these guards in the first room, though we don't know how often that position is rotated."

Gwyneria stilled a bit in surprise at Cicero's hug, then finished healing Dalious and returned it as she could. "As I am you. Then swiftly looked to see the injury. "Especially with how you keep managing to injure yourself. She placed her hands over the wound and started to heal what she could, thankful that Dalious hadn't been as much on the verge of death as he'd seemed.

Her touch instantly healed the wound, thankfully also minor. She then listened to the others before glancing over to check if the newcomer, Fyr, was injured. She'd need to work to spare herself some for what might come ahead, but she could still take care of what she could. She nodded at Fyr's greeting. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Fyr would notice that her feet were clad in finely made, light, but travel-worn boots in the style of the same frozen land he called home, though of high quality make.
@Timemaster@Sol Grim

"Yes...Of a sort." She moved ahead of Ashe and knelt by him. "He helped us against some, former crew of his. He then sailed off without us though. Her hands glowed as she started healing the worst of the wounds. "This is far from the sea...How did he end up here?"

She then shook her head. Focus. They could gather answers like that later.

She leant by Dalious. "Cicero was with you? Where?

Gwyneria solemnly nodded, grasping the arrowhead tightly. "I will."

As they descended down the stairs though, a commotion could be heard from below. A figure rested down at the foot of the stairs.

Gwyneria's eyes widened. "Dalious?!

@Sol Grim
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