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Current Summertime, and the job hunting ain't easy.
1 yr ago
Heading towards College. Once more into the breach.
1 yr ago
Starting to get back into action. Still have college and probably combining again this summer, but I think I can swing at least one campaign.
2 yrs ago
Going to be combining. Won't be up much.
2 yrs ago
Summer Break! Doing a bit of interning, but otherwise I'm free.



I'm studying information systems in a college within the state of oregon and this site was my introduction to role-play. I prefer medieval and/or sci-fi roleplays and am a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, RWBY, Fire Emblem Awakening, Superheroes, and Fairy Tail.

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Anyone still here or is this dead?
And gm post posted. If anyone needs a translation of Gwyn's butchered attempt at an accent, I'll be happy to provide.
Port Raventine

Cicero Bladewalker, Dalious, Nylah Aldaos & Gwyneria

"If she's what Dalious considers trustworthy, I'd hate to think where the point that someone is thought of as untrustworthy would be." Gwyneria mused to herself as she tried to figure out how they were going to get out of this. Everything screamed dangerous about this new elf, especially how Gwyn was sure that no coins were dropped. Call her paranoid, but this was the city for paranoia and it seemed like the best route was to lose this person.

Unfortunately, it'd probably be best to heed Dalious's advice on no obvious magic, at least nothing that could obviously be connected to her by someone else. And glancing around this side street, it was still pretty deserted. Saving an image of the three of them traveling together for later, she spoke, pitching her voice into some sort of different accent from her usual. "Yes, wesa most away. Thank yes for thes! I hoop ya hav nah truble wit thee man whoose purse ya stoole" With that she gestured behind the stranger, sneakily closed Dalious's mouth with ice for the time being, then headed away with Cicero. As they left the street for the next one, Gwyn prepared the illusions to go opposite the direction would go.
Will post in the next few days.

Sorry, this last week was unexpectedly rough.
*shakes head* It's official. Gwyn's the single braincell of the three.
Perfectly alright. This does provide a better segway for Gwen to do something.

*cocks eyebrow* And here I thought Dalious was suppose to be a bit cunning or at cynical enough to be distrustful of situations like this.
Perfectly alright. I'll get up a gm post soon.

After figuring out what to do here.
Yeah, we're waiting on @The Muse at this point.
Nortiz - Merunda, Mirica

"Around 15 to 20 men," Nortiz replied. "They're coming from over there," he said, pointing in the direction the army was coming. He then looked around the town for anything potentially useful for the upcoming engagement.

"I can definitely handle aerial attacks, as long as they're distracted." He then rapidly tried to remember if there had been any bowmen among the enemy.
Nortiz - Merunda, Mirica

"With pleasure." Nortiz bowed, then activated the beaststone, taking on his raven form again. He paused a moment, stretching out his wings as the shift finished, before launching into the air, barrel-rolling as he went. In an non-emergency situation like this, it was always so much fun to be in bird form. Let the air through his wings, be high in the sky where troubles temporarily disappear. But real world concerns had to take precedence and he had a job to do.

Shaking his head, Nortiz started circling around the town, on the lookout for who did this and/or any potential threats. As one circle revealed nothing but countryside, he spread out to a new circle. After a few passes, he spotted a group heading towards the town. Swooping lower, Nort spotted the various weapons and bandit apparel (not too dissimilar from pirates). The visages didn't look particularly friendly either, making him think that these were likely hostile. Nort briefly made a headcount (disappointed that their movement made 15-20 as accurate as he could get) before hurriedly flying back towards the town. If bandits were anything like pirates...Quickly finding the prince, he landed. "Sire, bandits coming this way."
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