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I'm an Interdiscplinary BA, searching for a job in the current market, and this site has been my introduction to role-play. I prefer medieval and/or sci-fi roleplays and am a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, RWBY, Fire Emblem Awakening, Superheroes, and Fairy Tail.

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Just saw this, but thought I may as well throw my hat into the ring.

Gwendolyn sighed, taking Oskar by the arm. "I won't tell Wersk, if you tell my father what you told me." Then followed after Arn, dragging Oskar behind her despite any protest. Of course it was them...Had they even been allowed to hunt on their own with a potentially dangerous beast about? Surely not, not when they were still young and inexperienced. Though, given who their mother was, they may have had no one to tell them not to. Not that they would have likely listened even if they had.

She glanced back at Oskar. "Any idea where Durin ended up?" She could at least help him with his finger after getting the man safely to her father. Then she or someone would need to do something about Wersk. His behavior was going far too far.
Been sick recently. Will post soon.
Gwendolyn looked over Oskar carefully. "Did he try to attack you?" Clearly, he knew what was going on here. And she had recognized the arrows...But what had happened between them. Had the man been minding his own business, or threatening Oskar? "How about you come with us and see, Oskar." She frankly stared. "I am sure that my father would love to hear the whole story of what transpired in the woods."

She prepared to grab him if he tried to leave. Whether the man was the beast, or if what had hurt Lutter was something else, she wanted to give him a chance to be seen by her father first. He had the most level head in the village. He would know how to go about what had happened.
"...That would be best." Quickly, she finished with preparing the wound. "Hold him carefully. He needs to be as still as possible."

She knew Arn was strong, and could be careful. But, would he be careful enough? Nope, can't over worry here. Have to just go.

And so she helped Arn to get the man onto his back.
She hummed as she considered Arn's words, finishing off the bindings. "That would be wise..." She stood to her feet, steadying herself as quickly as possible. Healing always took a bit out of her. "We'd have to be careful though. Any movement could cause him to bleed out more, and that leg still needs to be set. We could bring my father here..." But that carried its own risks. These were still the woods after all, still filled with wild beasts that could decide to attack. But if they carried him back, he'd need to be as flat as they could get him and lower any chance of jostling. Something easier to do with four strong men with a rug between them than for one strong man and one woman to do alone...

She looked closer at the, now more man than beast before her. Maybe she could stabilize him more before they started on their way. She would have even less energy to help with carrying him, but he would be less at risk from being improperly carried back.
Gwendolyn blinked for a moment, taking it all then, then was on the move. She crouched down by the arrowhead and crafted from the herbs in her bag a poultice to help stem the bleeding. As soon as it was done, she pulled out the arrowhead along with the now wolf hide and applied the poultice, wrapping a bandage around to keep it there and help stem more bleeding before she went on to check and take care of other wounds throughout the body.

As she went, she ran her fingers along him, subtly encouraging the blood to stop flowing and the broken skin to reknit itself together. This was going to be close, but she had to do what she could to help him live!
Gwendolyn winced. Poor man. What sort of fate had wrought this life upon him? Yet if they were to save his life, they needed to act. There was far too much bloodloss.

"Its alright..." She tried to sound soothing, a lyrical quality coming to her words. "We only want to help you. That arrowhead is buried deep within and needs to be taken out." She came closer. "What is your name?"
Because you guys have been great. I just know that I have been the shorter poster of everyone, even as I try to streatch out what I post.
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