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Current First RP iCheck since my mid-life crisis! CHECK IT OUT PLZZZZ...…
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My mom just passed away last night. I know I haven't been on much lately, but I haven't forgot about this place. I can barely talk to people right now let alone type...
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If I'm ever on life support... Unplug me and plug me back in again. See if that helps.
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I like to think he's not really dead. He's just traveling the multiverse now.... Excelsior.
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How many zombies could Rob Zombie rob, if Rob Zombie could rob zombies?


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Hello out there! My name's Mason. I enjoy comics, movies, and television as well as a good superhero themed role play! I'm more of a DC freak than a Marvel zombie but I did grow up on mutants and 3rd string heroes. Once in awhile I'll make a few micros in MSPaint for my RP's because I love designing heroes as much as I do writing/reading about them. I'm about to try and get another DC Universe themed game off the ground, if you're interested gimme a shout!

My top RP's on the Guild:

Young Justice 2020
Justice League Unlimited
Titans of Gotham
Champions of Engine City
Marvel Reborn
Legion of Superheroes Return [stat based]

Top Characters:

Ditto - Young Justice series
Bulleteer - Justice League Unlimited
Leviathan - Titans of Gotham
Fastlane - Champions of Engine City
the Thing II - Marvel Reborn
Ultra Boy II - Legion of Superheroes Return

I've been RP'ing since about '03 or '04 right around the end of my high school days. I mostly RP to keep my writing skills up to par, and I generally RP between Casual and Advanced. I've been a member of the guild for quite awhile, pre Guildfall even. Originally I'd come to the site to out a plagiarizer who took parts of my stat system from a Green Lantern Corps RP on another site, as well as bits of my posts as well as other players' work as well. Once I got that troll taken care of, I stuck around awhile.

Favorite DC heroes (I won't go into villains to save space) in no order: Aquaman, Hawkman, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Superboy (the clone), Swamp Thing, Starman, Animal Man, Impulse, Firestorm, and Batman Beyond.

Favorite Marvel heroes list: Human Torch I & II, Black Bolt, the classic Destroyer, Havok, Multiple Man, classic Scarlet Spider, Spiderman 2099, Nova, and Colossus.

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I like his full facemask starfield suit best...

@DrewVonAwesome Yeah, and I finished this up this morning...

Is a secondary character mandatory?

Only if you want to create an original character for the RP.

I'm having a hard time choosing my primary... I had intended for it to be Sun Boy but I've been playing with a few different ideas for Starboy/Starman as well...

@Omega Man
If you're still accepting players I might be interested.

Would a version of Rond Vidar, 30th century Green Lantern, be allowed?

Is bringing a modern day character into the 30th century allowed?

EDIT - Is Thunder/CeCe Beck available as a PC?

Thunder would be cool.

@role model Comet Queen is also a good choice!

A Vuldarian as a secondary could work so long as he had control and never used lethal force. Warrior was one of those things that when handled right was cool, but could get way out of hand way too quickly.

I've tried the whole imagining thing. The GM did not agree with me. This seems to be cooler. We will see. And, I read one of them. Chameleon Boy. It was a spark off the bat, but I've never been a shape-shifter. I'm going to end up being somebody who likes guns. That's a likely facet that will be part of my selection.

...nobody uses guns or any kind of weapons in the Legion. Everybody has to be an alien of some sort with an internal power. Originals are only allowed as secondaries, your primary hero has to be an existing character but you can make tweaks to make them your own [like giving Saturn Girl telekinesis on top of telepathy].
I like psionic and realistic characters. I know there's fifty in modern vocabulary, but I like peeps like Jean Gray, and Bullseye, and DareDevil. I love some Punisher.

The main thing with the Legion is they've always been inspired by Superman and they enforce a no killing rule. And each member has to have at least one power. You mentioned Chameleon Boy earlier, he'd be dope. Saturn Girl has telepathy like Jean Grey, just not the tk abilities or a flaming cosmic space bird possessing her body. You could reimagine her somewhat though and give Saturn Girl the tk abilities if you wanted.
Are you trying to let me in on something? Is this DCU? I've heard of the Imperial Guard, something to do with the Shi'ar Temple, but you're making it sounds like it's a Marvel-based thread. I've never heard of Chameleon Boy, he was the one I tried to look up. That's my real question. Can you link me to [whichever company]'s wiki?

There's a link to a list of DCs Legion in the opening post. I just figured if you'd heard of the Shi'ar you might be a fan of a certain type of character already...
@role model Here's a bit from the Imperial Guard wiki...


Resemblances to DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes
The Imperial Guard has many intentional resemblances to DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes. The original members seen in Uncanny X-Men #107 were designed by artist Dave Cockrum, previously best known for his work on the LSH, and all had direct counterparts among the Legionnaires, with similar super-powers and costumes:

Oracle = Saturn Girl
Electron = Cosmic Boy
Mentor = Brainiac 5
Nightside = Shadow Lass
Smasher = Ultra Boy
Titan = Colossal Boy
Astra = Phantom Girl
Scintilla = Shrinking Violet
Starbolt = Sun Boy
Hobgoblin = Chameleon Boy
Fang = Timber Wolf
Magic (later renamed Magique) = White Witch
Pulsar = Wildfire
Tempest (later renamed Flashfire) = Lightning Lad
The Imperial Guard is headed by Gladiator, the analog to Superboy.[1]

In X-Men #137, the Imperial Guard begins to move away from being strictly a Legion pastiche, introducing characters with no Legionnaire counterparts. More Guardsmen corresponding to the LSH were not introduced until the Avengers crossover "Operation: Galactic Storm" in the 1990s.

The real name of Kree Guardsman Commando that first appeared in Imperial Guard #1 (1997) is M-Nell; a nod to LSH member Mon-El.


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