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4 days ago
Current Monday is the day I sit around, eat chimichanga's, and watch the Deadpool movie again.
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1 mo ago
I was probably listening to Smashmouth before half of you were born LOL ( I miss the 90's)
2 mos ago
I celebrated 4/20 on January 5th because I know how to reduce fractions.
2 mos ago
Ducks are just all-terrain chickens. That is all.
2 mos ago
I drink Pepsi out of a wine glass when I wanna feel fancy... LOL


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Hello out there! My name's Mason. I enjoy comics, movies, and television as well as a good superhero themed role play! I'm more of a DC freak than a Marvel zombie but I did grow up on mutants and 3rd string heroes. Once in awhile I'll make a few micros in MSPaint for my RP's because I love designing heroes as much as I do writing/reading about them. I'm about to try and get another Justice League themed superhero game off the ground, if you're interested gimme a shout!

My top RP's on the Guild:

Young Justice 2020 - 151 IC posts
Justice League Unlimited - 126 IC posts and counting...
Titans of Gotham - 113 IC posts
Young Justice 2021 - 96 IC posts
Champions of Engine City - 91 IC posts
Marvel Reborn - 86 IC posts
Young Justice 2022 - 76 IC posts
Justice League: Futures End - 66 IC posts
Batman: Gotham Knights - 58 IC posts
Legion of Superheroes Returns - 56 IC posts [stat based]

Top Characters:

Ditto - Young Justice series
Bulleteer - Justice League Unlimited
Leviathan - Titans of Gotham
Fastlane - Champions of Engine City
the Thing II - Marvel Reborn
Super Beast - JL Futures End
Skeleton Jack - Batman Gotham Knights
Ultra Boy II - Legion of Superheroes Return

I've been RP'ing since about '03 or '04 right around the end of my high school days. I mostly RP to keep my writing skills up to par, and I generally RP between Casual and Advanced. I'm not gonna bother posting a list of folks I like RP'ing with, takes too damn long and honestly I don't think I've seen my name on anybody's list. I've been a member of the guild for quite awhile, pre Guildfall even. Originally I'd come to the site to out a plagiarizer who took parts of my stat system from a Green Lantern Corps RP on another site, as well as bits of my posts as well as other players' work as well. Once I got that troll taken care of, I stuck around awhile.

Favorite DC heroes (I won't go into villains to save space) in no order: Aquaman, Hawkman, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Superboy (the clone), Hourman, Animal Man, Impulse, Batman Beyond, Metamorpho, Secret, Ragman, Blue Devil, Outburst and Loser(from Supermen of America), Swamp Thing, classic Alan Scott/GL, Bulletman, the Ray and Human Bomb (from Freedom Fighters), Jakeem Thunder, Longshadow, Static (technically Milestone but he WAS in the DCU awhile), Starman and Duplicate Girl(from Legion of Superheroes), Ultra Boy, Comet (formerly Capt. Comet), Capt. Atom, Deadman, Lightray and Orion (from New Gods), classic Guardian, Firestorm, and Zatanna. 33 total, DAMN.

Favorite Marvel heroes list: Human Torch I & II, Black Bolt, Hank Pym, Ka-Zar, Starbolt, X-51 the Machine Man, the classic Destroyer, Havok, Rogue, Multiple Man, classic Scarlet Spider, Iceman (pre ANAD), Juggernaut (from X-Men and Excalibur), Capt. Mar-vell (and his son Genis), Iron Fist, Northstar, Spiderman 2099, Jack of Hearts, Punisher, Captain Universe, Luke Cage, Thunderstrike, Angel, Starhawk, Nova, Justice/Marvel Boy, the Thing, US Agent, Sandman (when he reformed), Wasp, and Colossus. 33 again, DOUBLE DAMN.

Most Recent Posts

I think I 'Liked' everyone's posts who submitted CS's. I'm going to go over them again and start accepting some of you into the cast while also trying to finish up an OOC and a Character Sheet of my own.

- Ω
Welcome aboard, friend! If you're lucky, maybe we can be catty Frenchmen together!

Also, Omega Man, could you link me the Ultra game? It sounds interesting.…

Fell asleep super early last night. I'll see if I can stay awake longer tonight after work.

- Ω
@Omega Man It feels kind of silly to hold off on at least making the OOC in the RP section when you've already got 8 dedicated players. I totally get not wanting to immediately approve the first 8 that pop in, but if you start getting things moving then you'll get more potential interest from people who don't scan the ichecks, and we'll be ready to kick things into gear as soon as you say "go."

Ill try and get to it tonight, but the main reason I wait to start an OOC until I have a few approved CS's is because in my experience it never pans out. I had a good bit of interest in an Ultraman themed RP iCheck, and even a couple completed CS's. I got too enthused about it and started an OOC... and then one person posted their CS and nobody else came back. It's probably happened 6 or 7 times now. Off the top of my head the Ultraman game, Uncanny Avengers, WWII Superheroes, a Power Rangers RP, and at least two stat based RP's in Tabletop. As well as a couple RP's based on video games....

But yeah... I got off work a little early and after I help with some cleaning and dinner I'll see what I can work up.

- Ω
That kinda plays on shapeshifting though, since cybernetics couldn't just make a guy double or triple in size. I thought about teleportation or energy absorption/projection. I thought about a flyer as well, but rather than flight like the original 002 he'd be a wind manipulator and his arms and legs could produce whirlwinds.

Opinions on ANY of that are welcome. I'll also go ahead and let somebody apply for a UN sanctioned Guardian to play good cop/bad cop whenever the government finds out Adam is another Cyborg.

- Ω
I updated the episode listings to include some stuff I've worked out with the Co-GM's. This is gonna be a helluva season 2nd volume.

- Ω

@DrewVonAwesome Right. And I'm probably gonna give this a few more days since more people are looking in on this iCheck. I don't just wanna accept the first eight players who submit CS's. Still deciding on a power and personality for my American...

I like all of the CS's I've seen thus far and they're everything I could've asked for in a multi-cultural cast.

- Ω
If we don't get somebody for 003 I'll make a new take on 008 and make him like a mishmash of 008 and 002. Make him an all terrain kinda cyborg. And non-Caucasian. Maybe make it a female. We'll give it till the end of the weekend though in case @rocketrobie2 is still submitting a CS.

I should go ahead and mention my schedule only permits me to do much of my RP'ing between Saturday and Monday, and then from Tuesday through Friday when I'm working I just check in, answer PM's, etc. The idea is over the course of the RP the group will come together whether they want to or not because Adam is THAT much of a threat. I'm thinking he'll kill an important person in government somewhere, then tank a few fighter planes, etc. during his reign of terror. But fair warning, he's already looking for us. His main directive is to wipe out the existing cyborgs to recreate himself as a super cyborg.

- Ω

So... I suppose I'll take 009 from America then... LOL

This is a pretty nice rounded cast from around the world. I'm glad a non-superhero RP is going somewhere for once!

- Ω
I know they mentioned 007 being in MI6 in the computer animated Netflix series.

Where does the Cyborg 009 vs Devilman series fit in? I've quite literally just got into both of these franchises so I was at a loss for words when finding out they crossed over. The anime is I'm guessing more like the original in that Jet Link/002 has ridiculous looking dark hair as opposed to the more recent blonde hairstyles.

In the various series, have any of the cyborgs actually been hurt badly enough to the point you can see their cybernetics?

- Ω
I listen to a lot of synthwave too LOL

- Ω
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