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Current I celebrated 4/20 on January 5th because I know how to reduce fractions. But I still got baked LOL. Be safe out there today stoners.
5 mos ago
I like to think he's not really dead. He's just traveling the multiverse now.... Excelsior.
6 mos ago
How many zombies could Rob Zombie rob, if Rob Zombie could rob zombies?
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I am not an early bird or a night owl. I'm some for of permanently exhausted pigeon.
1 yr ago
I celebrated 4/20 on January 5th because I know how to reduce fractions.


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Hello out there! My name's Mason. I enjoy comics, movies, and television as well as a good superhero themed role play! I'm more of a DC freak than a Marvel zombie but I did grow up on mutants and 3rd string heroes. Once in awhile I'll make a few micros in MSPaint for my RP's because I love designing heroes as much as I do writing/reading about them. I'm about to try and get another DC Universe themed game off the ground, if you're interested gimme a shout!

My top RP's on the Guild:

Young Justice 2020
Justice League Unlimited
Titans of Gotham
Champions of Engine City
Marvel Reborn
Legion of Superheroes Return [stat based]

Top Characters:

Ditto - Young Justice series
Bulleteer - Justice League Unlimited
Leviathan - Titans of Gotham
Fastlane - Champions of Engine City
the Thing II - Marvel Reborn
Ultra Boy II - Legion of Superheroes Return

I've been RP'ing since about '03 or '04 right around the end of my high school days. I mostly RP to keep my writing skills up to par, and I generally RP between Casual and Advanced. I've been a member of the guild for quite awhile, pre Guildfall even. Originally I'd come to the site to out a plagiarizer who took parts of my stat system from a Green Lantern Corps RP on another site, as well as bits of my posts as well as other players' work as well. Once I got that troll taken care of, I stuck around awhile.

Favorite DC heroes (I won't go into villains to save space) in no order: Aquaman, Hawkman, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Superboy (the clone), Swamp Thing, Starman, Animal Man, Impulse, Firestorm, and Batman Beyond.

Favorite Marvel heroes list: Human Torch I & II, Black Bolt, the classic Destroyer, Havok, Multiple Man, classic Scarlet Spider, Spiderman 2099, Nova, and Colossus.

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@Weird Tales Digging up some oldies, eh?

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Sorry I haven't been online much at all, had a bit of a mid-life crisis and such and still dealing with some stuff. Completely understand if everyone's moved on, but thanks for the interest and posts we did manage to get. Trying to finish up an iCheck for an original universe superhero setting I'd been working on the last few weeks if anybody would be interested.

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Catching up on the reading then I'll be making a post soonish. I've got some time on my hands but I did't sleep at all last night...

@Dead Cruiser Remember to repost your CS in the character tab!

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@Cyrania I really dig your character being a bit standoff-ish based on where people are from. I'll have Aquaman respond to her soon, I just wanna give the other players a chance to get in on the scene.

@Mistress Dizzy I'll shoot you a PM tonight or tomorrow evening and we can discuss what sort of thing you'd rather happen in your mermaid kingdom. There's a couple things I need to happen in no particular order but I want to let you guys have a larger role in how we move forward in the first arc. Will [insert villain] attack [insert kingdom] or [insert kingdom]? Will [insert player] lash out at [insert player] when something goes horribly wrong? Could Aquaman ever trust [insert player] again after [insert player] put us all in danger?!

And who will be the female transformed into the Creature Queen with ties to Aquaman's past?!?

- Ω


1.) No back-to-back posting.


3.) Make sense. If we can't make heads or tails of your posts they're likely to get skipped over.

4.) Get permission before using another player's character in your posts if it involves changing the scene or making actions. Everybody will take beatings in this game in battle however, so don't get pissed if you get punched or blasted into a wall by the bad guys! Namely me or the Co-GMs controlling the badguys...

5.) Problems with the game or players should be sent directly to me or the Co-GM through PM's. I don't want a bunch of bickering in the OOC. And I don't particularly like it when some random argument costs the game players and story potential. So don't be dicks to each other, just send your concerns to us.

6.) Abandoned characters will be used as NPC's or killed off within the context of the story.

7.) “I was waiting for [insert player/character] to make a move” is not how this game is played.

8.) There is no rule #8.

9.) My word is law.

10.) Obey the law.

11.) In the event that I'm offline for any period of time, the Co-GM [need a new one already!] will take control and HIS/HER word will then be law.

Aquaman had gathered his team together in an undersea cave beneath an old Atlantian Colosseum outside of Poseidonis that was anything but natural. It looked like an extension of the Justice League HQ in Washington DC on the surface world. Complete with computer systems, monitors, living quarters, a training room, etc. the headquarters was something Aquaman had hoped to make a reality much sooner in his career. He was glad to see it nonetheless. For years Batman had his cave and various partners and sidekicks. Not all of the HQ was under water; some areas remained sealed off and dry for one reason or another.

“I’ve gathered you all here today to help me defend the Seven Kingdoms as well as Queen Mera. I’m sure you’ve all heard about her tour across the oceans to visit the kingdoms?” Aquaman asked in the submerged meeting room, blonde hair flowing in the depths.

“Basically like presidents do top-side, kissing babies and looking good for the press?” Leviathan asked.

“You’ve got the right idea. The League’s insider mentioned something about a possible attack on Atlantis, and attracting a few mercenaries. Anybody with the resources. I need everyone to stay alert in their kingdoms, while I roam the seas with Ariana and Orgaan looking for anything out of the ordinary.” Aquaman explained to the group.

“I’ve been living in the ocean now for three years, dude. Everything is out of the ordinary…” Leviathan mentioned.

Levi was admittedly an Aquaman fanboy. The hero has been active for over a decade, and was one of the reasons BA enjoyed swimming so much as a child in the rivers and lakes in Virginia. Kids pretending to be Superman couldn’t fly, but anybody could jump and splash around in the water and pretend to be Aquaman. It is what influenced the would-be sidekick to want to join the Coast Guard years earlier, despite not doing so. Now after two years of patrolling Sub Diego putting on his best Batman dark hero approach, Arthur helped the hero up his game with some decent duds. BA kept his mask though…

“The Queen’s first stop in her tour of Atlantis will be Tritonis. Mirage, I need you to keep your eyes open for anything coming in and out of there the next couple of days. The Justice League let me borrow these ear pieces to link us to one another. You just say the name of the teammate you want to contact and it links us. Or you can say ‘everyone’ to broadcast to everyone.” Aquaman said as he handed out the devices. “I can swim faster than anything in the water and I’ll likely be first to respond in any event.”

Somewhere in the depths of the ocean Black Manta waited. With several armed sea combat ready mercs at his side in his Manta Ship, he grew impatient with Deadshot. And word in the supervillain circles spread Captain Cold was trying to get in on this despite nothing really being offered as payment aside from a giant bag of odd golden Atlantian coins from the 1600’s delivered to the Secret Society. The top tier super criminals formed an alliance, and since Cold was over the most of the Rogues of the Twin Cities [Keystone and Central City] and wrote the book on organized crime in the age of the metahuman… he made the cut along with the likes of Black Mask, Deathstroke, Doctor Psycho, the Calculator, etc.

It didn’t matter, as it was another pro to help in Manta’s revenge against Aquaman. Deadshot and/or Cold was a win/win. Just as Manta began to get impatient a giant sea creature resembling an armored octopus grasped the ship in its larger than live arms.

“Manta what the hell is THAT?!?” one of the other deep sea ready mercs yelled as the men geared up for what may have been in store for them.

“THAT… would be the woman who wants the crown. She shattered the trident of Atlantis. And that severed Aquaman’s ability to control sea creatures. He’s more vulnerable now than ever... It's about to get Game of Thrones down here.” Manta exclaimed getting the port ready to visit with the Creature Queen outside commanding the giant octopus. His giant eyes glowed red hot with energy. “Lawton should have been here for this…” he thought upon his entering the depths in his suit with a few of his men.

- Ω
@Unknown100 That has the potential to be awesome.

I'm actually just now about to get the IC off the ground. Been a rough couple of weeks. I do the majority of my RP'ing Sat-Mon on my days off.

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I'm sad that this died before it started.

Sorry, I haven't had much time online the last few days. I'm finishing up a scene set-up for us to introduce our characters into the world, copy/pasting some rules, then I'll post the IC.

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I think @Double is the only one that reposted a CS that hasn't checked back in. You still game bro?

We got another recruit from the iCheck to make up for the lost player, so if we have a full cast we can still move forward. I half started a partial CS for our Aquaman just so everyone was on the same page knowing what he's capable of as an NPC.

- Ω
@baraquiel Totally accepted. I just updated the OOC so it should be easy to find and repost the sheet!

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So... How's the IC coming along?

I wasn't too sure anybody was around cause I know I've been absent a bit the last few days [works been kicking my ass with a lot of people laying out] and it already seems we have one drop-out. If everybody else is still game I can finish up the IC and we can move forward. I think the crisis at work will be over next week unless they seriously wanna cut back and make my department a two-man job full time rather than four or five and give me and my partner in crime raises. The last four days I've worked to the point of exhaustion.

- Ω
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