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i wouldn't fuck god or anyone for that matter, I'm just a piece paper. Probably wouldn't even last long enough to give them a paper cut

Gonna be honest, I thought this was a Read Or Die joke.
I should probably pick a new color code since I foolishly assumed everyone wouldn’t pick blue in a boat rp

I mean, that's not gonna be a dealbreaker for being picked, let's be honest.
I'm perfectly fine with 'Person is unspecified teenaged high school year' for things here.
<Snipped quote by stone>

yeah this, i'm not too big on loads of text for something that will be mostly demonstrated in the IC, for me reputation is a way of seeing how other characters/NPCs might react to your character + for a bunch of 16 year olds, their reputation at school is really important to them

or maybe we're just lazy...

No, I don't think you're lazy. I've been an RPer over 20 years, and I simply never thought of a section for 'Okay, you know how your character thinks, how their motivated, and all that jazz, but what do other people think about them, right or wrong?'. Something to that effect might go IN a personality section, but it's never been its own stand-out thing, so I have to give kudos for that.
Sad to see we have to fight Noah's Ark.

Noah's Ark, eh? Does that mean it's Isamu from Nocturne or Emma from Strikers?
Out of curiosity...
Does the game start with the characters having their Personas already? Or would they awaken to their personas during the game?

(I did kind of write my app on the thought that they hadn't awakened to their personas yet. ^^")

We're going to be empowered by the might of Boaty McBoatFace.
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avi and i hate personality sections

they can be good but honestly it's just cuz people won't shut the fuck up and write like 6 paragraphs

anyway like. yeah. i guess i'll redefine it as "character interaction opportunity" or sumn

I tend to be an over-achiever, including on personality, but in this case, I did try to not make it extensive.
<Snipped quote by FalloutJack>

I'm running a Pokemon rp. I basically made up the region, the regional forms, locations, lore, encounter tables, and so on. I even made a map.

Not a game to my liking, I'm afraid.
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